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June 2nd, 2008, 1:05 PM
Welcome to Future Warfare, soldier.

RPG Plot

The world is in utter chaos. Natural disasters have rocked the Earth to the core for a solid century to this date, and the world's united leaders have decided to form the World Senate to maintain their chokehold of world order pressed upon the throats of their people - but even then, they had no answer to give their desparate citizens in their hour of need. At the darkest trough of the following years, a splinter faction of the World Senate turned against Pokemon, the very creatures they vowed to cherish and love.

Bloodshed ensued. Many died in the war that followed out of raw, unyielding resistance - groups of rebels began to organize to overthrow the new commune that ruled over their once sacred land, and legions of men and women, even children, had grown in secrecy. But unfortunately, their victory would not come without a price.

It has been almost twenty years since Kanto has fallen, and fifteen since Hoenn vanished off of the face of the planet. Kanto's ruling party was assassinated in 2088, at what the resisting factions hoped would be the turning point of the war, with that region as their home land; their morale crushed, many teams were lost in the fires of a brutal crusade by the United Earth Military to silence the resistance once for all - and to mercilessly eradicate all Pokemon from the face of the Earth, and reclaim their saught-after "perfect dimension".

Hoenn... Nobody is sure what happened to the region. Rumors have arisen as of late that a scout team codenamed Fireteam Specter infiltrated the region and established contact with a yet-unknown rebel faction based in Sinnoh, and ventured deep into the heart of the ravaged landscape that was once thriving with life. The horrors of the stories... Buildings left abandoned, human and Pokemon corpses ritualistically stacked in piles throughout open fields... It is said that the last that was ever heard of Fireteam Specter was when they encountered a thick mist; there was some slight confusion at first, then suddenly, all contact was lost.

It is now 2108, and all that remains of the batallions of the resistance forces are several straggling cells of commandos, waiting to die, or going on certain-death missions against waves of UEM forces. Sinnoh is the last region that quarters any resistance members at all. As Pokemon fear for their lives, they have learned to communicate in plain English - or any other local languages spoken by their human companions... And they have joined the war.

Pal Park has been converted into a graveyard, and the stagnant waters of the lakefronts have been sucked dry, the hydrogen content acting as fuel for the UEM's plasma-based weaponry. In the place of water lay seas of blood and murdered dreams, and where once flowed lush foliage and imposing man-made structures, the UEM has laid waste to it all. What is left is nothing but a series of tunnels that run underneath the entire region, unknown to the UEM.

As was the case with the Ho Chi Minh Trail, though all-but-forgotten in the day and age we live in now, was the basis for the resistance's new frontier of battle. In all three dimensions the tunnels run, over and under each other, to newfound territories to take over. The resistance murders the UEM's forces just as mercilessly as they did vice-versa, at times much more cruel and unfeeling than those they fight. It is unclear whether their motives are to save Pokemon or to dominate the world...

In the end, there is only one group remaining that stands for what can truly be agreed as "right", and they take pity on the UEM. Instead of killing when not necessary, these few give hope to the UEM soldiers who fear death and give pride to those fallen in battle, friend or foe. They have converted many of the enemy's soldiers to neutrality or to their own resistance side of thought... It is still unsure whether they will triumph.


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Just be reasonable with detail. I'm not asking for a whole lot. All that's really necessary is the following. I'll give my own characters' sheets out as an example. As for Pokemon usage, of course you are encouraged to have fun with it - I also would greatly appreciate if you use Pokemon you have captured in one of the games, but any will do really.

Name: Andrew Xavier Cassatt
Callsigns: Dark
Gender: Male
Age: 19 (Feb 20 2089)
Height: 5' 10"
Species: Hedgehog
Role: Resistance Lieutenant.
Unique Traits: Crack-shot with a pistol; accurate as a marksman. Heightened sense of hearing (since he's a hedgehog). Above-average stamina and reflexes.
History: Joined the military at age 15; achieved highest entrance score for precision firearms range with 100% marks. Quickly accelerated position in faction to Lieutenant for outstanding conduct and heroism in the field.
Pokemon: Jaydin (Linoone)
Appearance: Normally wears a standard desert-ops military outfit; jet black fur, striking sonic-blue eyes. Has a long scar reaching from his right cheek to his forehead. Wears splitter facepaint.
Other: Favored weapon is the M4A1/SD SOPMOD assault rifle, although archaic, is quicker than today's plasma rifles and ammo is easy to come by.
Nature: Lonely.

Name: Arlene Marie Sanders
Callsigns: Blackfox
Gender: Female
Age: 19 (Feb 20, 2089)
Height: 5' 3"
Species: Red Fox
Role: Resistance Tech-Sergeant.
Unique Traits: Eyes are a sharp green not normally found in her species due to genetic defect. Heightened senses of smell and hearing because of species. Extremely agile.
History: Joined the military at 16 with her Pokemon, and became the lover of DARK at age 17. Together the two formed Fireteam Viper and combat the UEM in Kanto, alone.
Pokemon: Fate (Ninetales)
Appearance: The first thing most are normally drawn to - as it is after all a very unique "feature" - are her breasts, which are uniquely larger than most others, especially for her stature. Long blonde hair, usually worn down, and usually wears woodland camouflage.
Other: Favors the M16A2, fitted with an M303 "Less-Lethal" oleo-resin capsicum grenade launcher and a custom noise suppressor.
Nature: Volatile.

The Roleplay

Scanning the dense wilderness carefully, Dark held up one gloved paw to signal his Pokemon companion to cease movement. The hedgehog lifted his nose to the air, sniffing intently for the scent of humans and charged plasma rifles. He found nothing out of the ordinary stench of rotted flesh and dead foliage amidst a heavy mist that had settled out on the countryside several weeks ago. Jaydin looked up to his comrade, concerned. "What do you smell?"

"...Nothing. It's a Pidgey," Dark responded, his voice deep and gravelly from days of travel. He lowered his assault rifle and surveyed the scene once more, concerned at the branch in the road ahead. The fog gave them no clear indication of which way was the "right way" to civilization. The hedgehog almost jumped out of his skin, aiming his M4A1 in the direction of a Pidgey that had just taken flight; the one he'd sniffed out moments earlier.

"Damn, calm down," Jaydin said coolly, giving Dark a very off look. Unconcerned with his friend, Dark merely lowered his gun again and continued walking towards the fork. Even at close range, the fog was too thick even to use heat vision through, which also hindered his sense of smell somewhat. Knowing it useless, he would instead rely on his sense of hearing, which was also above normal.

Nothing. Not even the slightest creak of a twig or rustling of leaves. It was... Unnerving. In the silence, that's when he spotted it - the hedgehog could faintly see a building poking just barely through the fog, towards the sky. It was so faint that he would not have caught it at all if he had just happened to be looking a little to the other direction. "Hey, Jaydin, look... I think we found Pallet City."

"Y... Yeah... But... Something's wrong..." Jaydin said, obviously nervous. He could sense that there were things lurking in the city that he and his hedgehog leader were not prepared for. Seeing this as an opportunity, Dark checked his radio. "Arlene, where are you?"

No answer. Shaking his head with further disbelief, he raised his weapon of choice one more time and crept forward into the fog, heading for what they guessed was Pallet City. The sight that greeted them was one of unimaginable horror and unspeakable desolation... What used to be a laboratory was entirely turned over on one side, and most of the buildings of the city were burnt to a crisp, destroyed outright, or were merely hollow husks devoid of life.

"Hello?" Dark called out into the empty street, awaiting a response.

Whi-Lin Thorne
June 9th, 2008, 9:59 AM
Alyxa walked along the streets of Pallet City, Tracker and Artemis gliding along in front of her. Sliver and Luna went behind her, glancing back every now and then to check if anyone was following them. "Aly, are you sure that this is where we should be-" Sliver started to say, stopping dead in his tracks as someone called out.

"Shh! Luna, check it out really fast. Resistance or Military?" Alyxa said softly, looking at Luna then to Artemis. "Go with your sister, Artemis. Sliver, Tracker and I are going to go around behind the noise." She said simply, taking her pistol out.

"Yes, Black Rose. You will know as quickly as possible." Luna smiled, floating off with Artemis behind her. The two gazed out over Pallet City, spotting a hedgehog and a Linoone from where they were.

'Aly, We have to get closer. All I can see is a Linoone and a Hedgehog. I have no Idea if they are UEM or Military.' Artemis said telepathically, moving closer to spot an assault rifle.

'Damn. It's a Military unit, Black Rose. Be on the defensive! Artemis and I are coming to join you.' Luna said at Artemis' floating a no to her.

"What...What should we do, Alyx? There's five of us and only two of them that we know of. What do we do if there are more hidden?" Tracker asked, closing his eyes. He couldn't sense any more people but them and the Linoone/Hedgehog pair.

"What we do is this--We stay put. Artemis, Luna, come back to me. If they want to fight, we'll give them a fight." Alyxa said calmly, Kneeling down to make herself a smaller target.

June 10th, 2008, 8:28 AM
Sensing other presence, Dark fingered off his safety and stepped forward cautiously, watching each husk of a building as he passed. There were so many open windows, so many openings in the walls; he was easy sniper bait out in the street... It unnerved the hedgehog so greatly that he was almost ready to piss his pants. Stopping at the middle of the street, he crouched on one knee and gave Jaydin a signal with his fist, which was at level with his head; he was giving Jaydin an order to stop immediately. Scanning the area again, his M4 raised and ready, the hedgehog's nerves tensed and his muscles tightened a bit, his fear starting to rise in his belly. Unsatisfied with his search of the area in front of him, the hedgehog lowered himself a bit more in his crouched position in an attempt to make himself a harder target to hit, and reached for his communicator that was fastened to a strap over his left shoulder again. This time, he flicked a switch on the device's side to the 'All Channels' position, and began speaking in a hushed voice.

"This is Lieutenant Cassatt, 101st Resistance Unit, I am in Pallet City. No tangos sighted yet. Requesting fireteam support, Sector Charlie-18 north end."

The communicator he used transmitted his message on all known Resistance comm frequencies, skipping over known UEM channels. Hopefully whatever was in the city was not an entire platoon of UEM troops, and hopefully the hedgehog's commander would respond... He waited a few moments, listening in on his earpiece. Once again, nothing but static... He took a wild guess and supposed that only proximity communication was online in the region, meaning that whatever was nearby could hear him but nowhere else. It stunk like rotten meat, but he'd have to learn to live without fireteam support for now. Even though it meant that likely he would be facing death soon.

June 10th, 2008, 2:57 PM
Blaine stopped dead in her tracks. She thought she heard something but to be sure she signaled Lycan to come forth. Lycan the Houndoom snuck quietly towards Blaine, the grass beneath its paws barely made a sound. As he reached Blaine he looked at her and said in a whisper, "What is it?"

"I'm not sure. I thought I heard some one. Scope out the area and report back."

Lycan slowly swayed across the grass remaining behind old buildings and huge rocks. He crept along to check the strange sound Blaine heard. Meanwhile Blaine stayed behind to keep an eye on Lycan. She had packed a pair of high-tech binoculars with night vision. The area seemed clear enough.

"Not to rain on anyone's parade but where are we going to sleep in tonight? All these buildings are far too crippled and it looks like it may rain." Said Cyanide the Sandslash. Her concern was also the group's concern but one they had not thought of yet.

Blaine put the binoculars down and said, "We'll come across that bridge when get to it, sweetheart."

"Nothing out there, Blaine. Couple of corpses and a few Pokemon running about. Guess we can keep moving forward, I saw an old house we can spend the night in."

"Nice going, Lycan." Blaine praised Lycan and the group moved forward. Pokemon fully alert and weapons at the ready. The hunting knife at Blaine's hand shun as light hit it. They moved quietly unaware that there was some activity not too far from them.

June 11th, 2008, 11:38 PM
Fearful, the hedgehog began to panic. Nobody had answered him yet... Usually, he would remain calm, but he'd heard stories of strange beings neither alive nor dead lurking the Kanto region. He had believed he was alone out here with his lover, Arlene; then it turned to him just being alone, then back to terrified to the point of pissing his pants. He stood again after flicking his comm unit to the 'All Channels' position. This time, maybe he'd have better luck, and someone on the Resistance side would be carrying some kind of comm device. By the nature of the devices, anything that would pick up radio waves would do, which was useful in Kanto - most of the technology in this particular part of the world was fairly decrepit and generally outdated or obsolete. At the same time, though, it enabled the Lieutenant to wield more combat-effective weapons than the UEM troops.

"All callsigns, please respond. This is DARK speaking, Lieutenant of the 101st Resistance unit. I repeat, Lieutenant DARK speaking, all callsigns respond," he spoke clearly and in as normalized a voice as he could muster. Though he was almost visibly quivering in fear. He could see distant figures moving in the haze, waiting to strike him down, probably... Just biding their time for the perfect chance. He was, after all, dead meat out in the open street, with such crappy visibility.

June 12th, 2008, 2:35 AM
"All callsigns, please respond. This is DARK speaking, Lieutenant of the 101st Resistance unit. I repeat, Lieutenant DARK speaking, all callsigns respond," Toby radio buzzed to life. Dark had to be close. Toby whipped out is radio.
"This is Captain Sliteye of the 66th Division of the Restitance Squad. I hear you loud and clear, Dark. I'm closing in on you postion. I'm am closing in on your postion. Respond." He flicked a switch on his com unit. A small radar appeared on the screen. Dark was approximately 200m north-east. A swarm was close by, he'd have to be carefull."Speed is the key." he said producing 2 pokeballs.A beam of light shot forth from the pokeballs. A Ninjask and Aerodactly appeared. "Jack survey the area" The ninjask sped off into the sky. "Carlos, lt time to fly." He hoisted himself onto Carlos's back. Carlos erupted from the ground, sailing through the sky.
"Lt Dark, This is Captain Sliteye. I am homing in on your postion. Find a safe building to take refuge in, Then report back. I Repeat, Find a Safe place, then report back."

June 12th, 2008, 1:52 PM

From above, the eye of God was crying. Droplets of rain began to flitter down from nonexistence onto the hedgehog, at first doing nothing more but clouding up the scope of his weapon. The next thing he knew, he was in the middle of a hurricane, but it had seemed for a moment that time had skipped a tick or two. He had no idea how the rain had picked up so quickly; but he didn't have alot of time to argue. Instead, he turned to Jaydin, who was beginning to shiver from the cold rain in his fur. He looked in his leader's eyes, begging him silently to find shelter quickly.

Turning about-face, Dark set his sights on a Butcher Shop. Though just as dirty as the rest of the city, including boarded-up windows and all, something seemed out of place about it. He had never seen a Butcher Shop anywhere else in Kanto, and... The building seemed fairly... New? The paint on the stone surfaces of the building were not peeling or missing any part or whole, and strangely, it had a door. The door itself looked like it had just shown up out of nowhere while his back was turned; it did not even appear to be wet from the rain. But... It seemed the only viable quartering to ride out the rainstorm, he digressed to himself, trying his best to outweigh the ominous building with another, more suitable lodging. With a sigh, he shook his head, seeing none.

The fog began to thicken to the point where Dark was forced to flick on his standard-issue thermal vision goggles. Though the image was fuzzy and slightly pixellated by outdated technology, and the lenses somewhat occluded by rain, it was an acceptable surrogate for real vision at the moment. Then the hedgehog turned to the door of the Butcher Shop, and with a tensed grip, he opened the door as quietly as he could manage. Despite the door being very new, even to the touch, it creaked and moaned in discontent, as if it had been rusting for years.

"Captain Sliteye, good to hear a friendly on the line," Dark began as he scanned the entrance to the dim, mostly unlit corner shop. Inside was much different from outside; though he could not see this very clearly with his thermal vision goggles, the paint was all but gone and what remained of the sonic blue coat was peeling or moldy; parts of the ceramic tile floor were ripped up, and the two fluorescent light fixtures present were hanging from the ceiling by one wire instead of two. Tables were overturned and spattered with human blood, and cobwebs clung to the chairs as they blew with the mild winds that the rising hurricane was generating. It was not a pretty sight; though he was unaware at first. Swapping vision modes, the sight finally occurred to the hedgehog, nearly causing him to soil himself.

"I'm in a Butcher Shop near the old lab. But be on your guard, sir... Something's out here," Dark finished, his voice almost a whisper.

June 12th, 2008, 2:24 PM
"I better call Jack back then." He tapped a button on Jack's Pokeball. The Ninjask came hurtling back to him.
"I couldn't see through the fog, but there could've been troops, boss." This was Jack speaking.
"Alright, well Thank you Jack, You may rest now" Toby said, recalling his pokemon. He was closing in on Pallet Town now. "Lower Carlos." He jumped on Carlos as he descended, and landed with a roll. He produced a pokeball, and returned Carlos. The city was destroyed, decimated. What had once been a city of new beginning, had become a rotting hellhole. Toby whipped out his pistols, and looked for the Butcher shop. He couldn't remember there ever being a Butchers in Pallet, but he hadn't been here for so long. He crossed the town quickly, hoping to not be seen. There was a whizz and Toby leaped to the side. You never forget the sound of bullets. He sprinted harder, and burst through the door, almost barging into Lt Dark. "Are you the lieutenant? Never mind the Formallities, I'm Sliteye. We need to board up the doors. There a small force of UEM troops coming this way. I was almost shot down by a scout. How much equipment do you have on you? We'll need as much firepower as we can get."

Whi-Lin Thorne
June 12th, 2008, 5:45 PM
Alyxa rose to her feet, her pistol held in both her hands. "Are you sure that it was a UEM and not a Resistance?" She asked Luna, being neither accusing or foolish.

"I cannot be certain. Artemis and I didn't want to be spotted. You could always confr-" Luna said, cut off by the sounds of bullets.

"Black Rose! Run!" Sliver shouted, making Alyxa turn around.

"I will never leave you alone! We go together!" Alyxa growled, turning away and walking into the middle of the street. "Luna, Artemis, Tracker, Sliver! It's time to protect Pallet City!" She declared, using her finger to draw a map. "Luna, Sliver, you both take the east side. Protect the city but DO NOT DIE. I won't let you die. Artemis, Tracker, you are with me. We're a team and that means we all WORK TOGETHER. Luna, if there is any trouble, any at all, tell me. Artemis will do the same."

"Roger, Black Rose!" The four Pokemon said, starting to split up. "We should all stay low, become harder to hit. No way are any damned UEMs taking any of us down!"

June 13th, 2008, 1:32 AM
Blaine's ideal plan of action was to scope out the land since she knew there were others in the area. Whether they were friendly or UEM, she did not know. One thing she knew for certain was that because of the massive rain she and her Pokémon needed to find shelter and quickly. Unfortunately this made her run through the field which was something she despised given the fact that anyone could be hiding in any of the buildings or amongst the tall grass.

For times like these Blaine had Lycan go in front of her, while Cyanide ran to her left and Statix on her right while Frost ran off behind her. Blaine knew her Pokémon could handle themselves better than she could. Statix's speed was unmatched, Cyanide's power was overwhelming, Lycan was both powerful and surprisingly fast and Frost was an expert in covert and sneak attacks. Blaine knew her team well enough to know their pros and cons and how they worked better. With the Desert Eagle in both hands and both eyes over the field Blaine searched the buildings for one not too torn down so they could pass the storm in.

"Over there! Next to that house!" Frost pointed out to what looked like a barbershop. The group acknowledged the building and ran towards it.

Once outside Blaine looked in through the windows and said in a whisper, "You guys stay here. I'll check the area out."

"Roger that!" The Pokémon exclaimed all at once. Blaine went inside while Lycan and Cyanide kept an eye on the area and Statix and Frost looked inside for any signs of trouble.

The rain looked like it would cease any time soon and the surrounding area gave the Pokémon an uneasy feeling. Something told them they were not the only ones in that field but regardless of anything they were in no condition to check it out. Clear weather would prove useless to find enemies or friendlies quickly and in that terrible weather it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack so laying low for the moment was the best option.

"All clear guys, come on in." Blaine's voice was a relieve. Frost and Statix walked in while Lycan and Cyanide walked in after them checking to see if anything out there would move.

The barbershop was surprisingly warmer than they had anticipated. Not at all in the best shape but it looked like the only edifice within their reach with a roof and walls. Frost made herself comfortable in Blaine's arms while Cyanide took this opportunity to get some sleep. Statix and Lycan sat on some old furniture beneath a window and looked out into the field. Statix then noticed another building about 40 feet from their location.

"Wow, a butcher shop. Haven't seen one of those in forever. Yo Blaine, check it out."

Blaine placed Frost gently on a chair and walked towards Statix and Lycan. "What's up?"

"Butcher shop over 40 feet from us. Looks strange, not as old or as screwed up as the rest of these buildings." Said Statix while looking straight at the butcher shop.

"Hmm..." Blaine stood thoughtful for a minute but then realized sitting by the window was a clumsy move. "Come on guys, let's get away from the window. Some one could see us. We'll check the butcher shop as soon as it clears up. Let's get some rest for now."

June 19th, 2008, 6:48 PM
That's when Dark realized that Jaydin was missing. The Linoone had somehow gotten out of line-of-sight of the hedgehog in the heat of rushing to hide from the approaching UEM, and now Jaydin was most likely cannon fodder, sitting out in the street or what have you. Angry, frustrated, the Lieutenant stood and shook his head. "I have four 5.56 clips, and a set of dum-dum rounds, if it's any help." Chuckling inwardly as the captain looked at Dark with bemusement, the hedgehog reached for a pouch on his side, unclipped it, and tossed it to his human comrade. Within were two 9-millimeter magazines traced with a strange, metallic red trim, and from the opening at the top, one could see that the bullets themselves were encased in crimson cartridges, and the rounds themselves appeared to be of some make of Jacket-Hollow Point. There was no tip, and the inside of the round itself was hollow; the bullets were designed to flower out on impact to cause severe internal damage on soft targets and to extensively fragment against hard targets, like a grenade.

"Those things can take out a tank in three shots. High-velocity rounds like that will play hell on a small barrel like that. Conserve them." With that, the hedgehog turned to the door, frowning. "I have to go back out there. My Pokemon and my girl are lost out there. I'll be back."

Opening the door and exiting the establishment, Dark looked northbound, where he'd come from; it sounded like a large force was headed their way, but the footsteps were very off-beat and irregular. The UEM, being a large, organized army, were not about to slack off just because the job was nearly done; they were professional to the end. Something was not quite right. Looking overhead, the Lieutenant was greeted with an abhorrent sight unlike any other - opaque clouds of the deepest red were approaching at high speeds, overtaking the rest of the landscape with darkness, swiftly creeping across the decimated land... The fog had cleared, but now, Dark was almost begging for it to return to cover up the nightmare that was approaching.

He could see them, through the thin haze that still lingered, roaring over cliffs as quickly as olympic athletes. Hordes of the living dead shambled across the countryside, not even fazed in the slightest by nuclear warheads and bullets alone, decimating all life in their wake. They could smell the blood of the injured, and were merciless hunters whose sole goal was to exterminate all life from the face of the Earth. Their only link holding them in the world of the living being a strong hate for mankind, their vengeance was blood red in their eyes as they staggered and shuffled in unorganized clusters across mountain ranges and valleys of darkness.

It was too late to go back to the captain. Dark was already across the street, secluded in the darkness of the shadow of a building as he watched in horror. Turning about-face, he ran directly into the last standing building besides the butcher's he could find. He did not know it was inhabited, and as he barged through into the shadowy emptiness, he was still unaware Jaydin had already taken refuge here, and so had Arlene and Snake - somewhere.

[[This would be where [Technya] is located. Also, to set the mood, this is the theme of the Exmortis. (http://youtube.com/watch?v=O8DGfx5vRP4)]]

Whi-Lin Thorne
June 20th, 2008, 8:25 AM
Alyxa glanced around, her eyes focusing on a small row of building. She knelt down and smiled to Tracker and Artemis, spying the red clouds. "Ohhh....****...." She whispered, nodding to Artemis. "Tell Luna and Sliver to get into a building and hide. They have to stay away from windows." She said, staring at the closest building.

"Where do we go, then, Alyxa? To that butcher shop? We wouldn't be seen if we moved separately..." Tracker said softly, looking at the same building. She put her hand on Artemis' back, feeling the cold stone of the psychic Pokemon's body.

'Selene, Sliver, hide in the closest building you can. Far away from the windows if you can!' Artemis said, dropping to the ground. He wanted to get to inside to safety as much as anyone else.

'Roger, Artemis. Sliver and I are already inside a house...It looks like it was once home to someone famous...' Selene said softly, keeping her eyes on Sliver. He had fallen asleep quickly and wasn't bound to wake up any time soon.

"Let's move. Remember to keep low. We will die otherwise." Alyxa said, letting Tracker lead into the butcher shop. Once they all reached the building she smiled, ducking behind the counter with the two psychic types. "This is cozy. We just have to wait here for someone from the resistance to help us out." she whispered, finding some soft blankets and laying them out.

"We're going to sleep here? Well...as long as we're safe, it will be nice." Artemis said, picking the orangeish blanket. Tracker sat beside Alyxa on the sea blue blanket, laying her head on her trainer's arm.

June 23rd, 2008, 12:57 AM
"Units." Sliteye's voice buzzed over the Radio. "All Units report back. This is Captain Sliteye of the Resistance. All friendlies report back. Repeat, This is Captain Sliteye of the Resistance. All friendlies report back." Toby pocketed his radio. There were at least 3 or 4 allies close by, he needed to know how many. He poked his head out of the butcher shop. "Holy $#*!", he mummered as he saw the scene outside. Zombies. They were everywhere.
The field outside was littered with them. Toby jumped from the building and into another. This one had significantly better cover. Toby walked into the shadows, producing his rifle. He settled into position, and waited for a response from the others.

OOC: Sorry I've been away for so long.

June 23rd, 2008, 2:02 AM
Rain, rain and more rain. Not that it surprised Gibbs much, every time it rained now a days it rained for extended periods of time. The mercanary was strolling through a forested area, a rather large Granbull walking beside him. Gibbs glanced to the right, looking at his dog like Pokemon, Jawz, and then continued to stare forward while walking, silence being the tune of the hour.

"All Units report back. This is Captain Sliteye of the Resistance. All friendlies report back. Repeat, This is Captain Sliteye of the Resistance. All friendlies report back." The sound of the resistance member emitting from Gibbs' com, the one attached to his right ear. Interested in what was going on, Gibb's decided to respond, and he quickly pushed the button on the side of his ear piece.

"Captain Sliteye, this is Vincent Gibbs Merc for hire. How may I be of assistance to you today? If the mission is dangerous enough, I just might do it free of charge."

The Granball had stopped and had laid on the ground to rest her feet, so Gibbs pulled out her pokeball and recalled her. The Granbull had been walking around aimlessly with him for hours, so he knew she deserved a rest. Returning the pokeball to his belt, Gibbs produced one of the other ones and click the red and white spheres button. The ball opened, emitting a white light, and Gibb's Luxray Zipz appeared. Immediately, the pokemon began to sniff to air to make sure they weren't in any danger.

"It alright Zipz, we're in a safe place for now. Jawz knows what she's doing."

Gibbs held up his right arm, a small watch like device resting there, and he pushed one of the various buttons. A small map like picture appeared on its screen, a red dot blinking. This had been focused to Captain Sliteye's radio frequency and gave Gibbs his exact location. So instead of waiting for him to respond, Gibbs headed off in that direction.

"Looks like we're off to Pallet Town. Should be interesting." The Luxray just moved in the direction her trainer walked, a serious attitude about her.

Whi-Lin Thorne
June 27th, 2008, 2:04 PM
Alyxa closed her eyes and smiled, hearing a dull roar outside of the window. "Damn! Stay down! We have to work together....and get to the resistance somehow..." She whispered, moving the sleeping Tracker gently. She knew Sliver heard her by the way his tail twitched and his head turned up, her pistol drawn from under the blanket that she had been sitting on. With a sigh she rose to a crouching position and made a low run to the window. She focused on the closer zombies, shooting them down and crouching back to reload her gun with the last of her ammunition. "****....Sliver, wake up. I need a Solar Beam!" She said, waking him up to cause him to totter over to her.

"One solar beam, in the works. Try to protect me, Alyx. I can't do this alone!" Sliver muttered, watching his trainer strategically take out zombies to keep him safe.