View Full Version : Looking for Electirizer and Dragon Scale

June 5th, 2008, 6:48 AM
Hello there ^^ I'm looking for an Electirizer and a Dragon Scale. Does anybody have one?
If you want to get a Pokémon in exchange, please tell me, which one you need and I'll see, what I can do.
And I can offer these items:
Odd Incense x4
Full Incense x1
Mind Plate x1
Spooky Plate x1
Oval Stone x1
Poison Barb x1
Fist Plate x2
Smoke Ball x1
Wise Glasses x1
Razor Fang x1
Shed Shell x1
Protector x1
Life Orb x1
Sticky Barb x1
Icy Rock x1
Heat Rock x2
Damp Rock x2
Smooth Rock x2
Everstone x2
Shiny Stone x2
Dusk Stone x1
Fire Stone x1
Hard Stone x1
Thunderstone x3
Water Stone x2
Leaf Stone x5
Moon Stone x3
Heart Scale x2
Soft Sand x1
Light Clay x1
Please write me (´;ω;`)