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June 6th, 2008, 3:19 PM
Okay, you've been contacted by GameFreak, and they want you to think up some new Pokemon for the next generation of games.

So, basically, what would you call it, what kind of stats would it have, how would it evolve, types, moves, what evolutions (if any) etc, etc.

I'll do mine later, as it's past midnight where i am.

The Bringer!
June 6th, 2008, 5:55 PM
I guess I'll try this.

Cystryll Type: Ice
It looks like a floating diamond shape with eyes made of ice.
Crystal pokemon
Ability: Ice Body
Lv.1 Ice Shard
Lv.1 Gem Body (Type: rock, pp:15, same as harden but for sp. defence)
Lv.6 Harden
Lv.7 Rock Polish
Lv.14 Hail
Lv.17 Powder Snow
Lv.26 Reflect
Lv.26 Light Screen
Lv.30 Mirror Move
Lv.32 Ice Beam
Lv.41 Flash Cannon
Evolves Lv.20

It has average HP, Sp. Attack and Defense, below average Attack and Speed, and a little above average Sp. Defense.

Stalagstyll Type: Ice
It looks like a stalagmite made of ice with eyes and arms with no fingers.
Crystal Pokemon
Ability: Ice Body
Lv.20 Ice Punch
Lv.30 Reflect
Lv.30 Light Screen
Lv.40 Mirror Move
Lv.45 Ice Beam
Lv.50 Flash Cannon
Lv.60 Sheer Cold
Evolves by trading with Hard Stone

It has average HP and Attack, above average Defense and Sp. Defense, and Sp. Attack, and below average Speed.

Spikrystll Type: Rock/Ice
It looks like a more jagged and dark version of Stalagstyll with three fingers on each hand.
Frozen Stalagmite Pokemon
Ability: Ice Body
Lv.30 Spikes
Lv.34 Spike Cannon
Lv.40 Stealth Rock
Lv.46 Stone Edge
Lv.50 Power Gem
Lv.60 Sheer Cold

The same as Stalagstyll except with more Defense, Sp.Defense, and Attack.

Egg Moves:
Rapid Spin
Iron Defense
Icy Wind
Magnet Bomb
Rock Blast

June 6th, 2008, 11:02 PM
Milktank evo:
caught at lvl 31 with 76 hp

Zen headbutt
giga drain
Milk cannon (new move)

Name: milktanker

Plant Princess
June 17th, 2008, 12:47 PM
Farfeathere'd (Farfetch'd evolved form)

Evovles through trade


Grass Whistle
Seed Flare
Air Cutter

Hiroshi Uwishicarwei
June 22nd, 2008, 8:54 AM
Pokemon Name:
Japanese: Fideai
English: Transdit
Type: Normal/Psychic
Egg Type: Ditto/Monster
Evovles from Ditto at Level 23 with Base Happiness and Dawn Stone. Level up to 23 at mountain terrains.
1: Transform
1: Transform
1: Transform
8: Copycat
19: Mimic
24: Sketch
37: Detect
42: Protect
51: Barrier
51: Light Screen
51: Reflect

July 9th, 2008, 12:34 PM
spiritemple (spiritomb evo, use dusk stone)

ghost, dark

I'll post a pic later

July 9th, 2008, 1:39 PM
Blazcanid, Evolution of Arcanine, evolve with Sun Stone.
Types: Fire/Electric

Ability: Serene Grace / Super Luck

HP: 100
Attack: 130
Defense: 85
Speed: 130
Special Attack: 120
Special Defense: 85
Total: 650


Lvl 42: Flamethrower
Lvl 48: Tunderbolt
Lvl 58: Heat wave

Solazor: Evolve from Solrock with Sun Stone
Types: Fire/Psychic

Ability: Drought

HP: 100
Attack: 80
Defense: 100
Speed: 85
Special Attack: 120
Special Defense: 70
Total: 555


Lvl 39: Flamethrower
Lvl 46: Psychic
Lvl 55: Solar Beam *Remember, there's drought!*

Type: Normal

Ability: Ten Power: All attacks that have 10 PPs do 1.25 times more damage.

Base Stats
HP: 90
Attack: 90
Defense: 90
Speed: 90
Special Attack: 90
Special Defense: 90
Total: 540


Lvl 1: Dig
Lvl 1: Confuse Ray
Lvl 1: Lock-On
Lvl 10: Brine
Lvl 20: Razor Wind
Lvl 30: Psychic
Lvl 40: Ice Beam
Lvl 50: Hammer Arm
Lvl 60: Heat Wave
Lvl 70: Thunder
Lvl 80: Megahorn
Lvl 90: Beat Up
Lvl 100: Sketch

July 10th, 2008, 6:21 AM
I have two:

Mrs Mime(Mime Jr evo)

Evolve by: Lv up Mimic +female

Type: Psychic

Hp: 100
Att: 45
Sp A: 90
sp.d: 85
Speed: 75


lv 1. Confusion
lv 1. Sweet Kiss
lv.4 Lovly Kiss
lv 10 Double Slap
lv 17 Psybeam
lv 25 Mimic
lv 31 Ice Punch
lv 38 Psychic
lv 47 Magical Leaf

Pokemon 2:

Skarwing ( Skarmory baby)

Type: Steel, Flying

Obtain by: Egg

Breed with: ditto + Bird family

hp 40
att 60
def 40
sp a 15
sp d 25
speed 55

lv.1 Peck
lv.1 Growl
Lv 6 Wing attack
lv 11 sand-attack
lv 17 Quick attack
lv 25 Spikes
lv 32 Brave Bird
lv 36 Swift
lv 41 steel wing
lv 45 Slash
lv 51 Drill peck
lv 54 Aerial Ace
lv 60 Sky attack

Thinking of more

Z o M B ii 3
July 10th, 2008, 9:52 AM
Name: Picciotto; The Musical Pokemon.
Type: Normal
Abilities: Super Luck/Soundproof/Own Tempo
Egg Type: Field/Human-Like
Location: Only 1; Found at level 30.
Lv1: Pound
Lv1: Roar
Lv5: Sing
Lv12: Quick Attack
Lv17: Supersonic
Lv25: Howl
Lv28: Fake Out
Lv32: Thunderpunch
Lv32: Fire Punch
Lv32: Ice Punch
Lv40: Hyper Voice
Lv47: Rock Out
Lv55: Tri-Attack
[Rock Out: User creates vast sound waves that may raise all stats]
[Rock Out: 80 Power/100 Acc/ 10pp]
[50% Chance: Raises base stats by 1.5x]
[30% Chance: Raises base stats by 2.0x]
[10% Chance: Raises base stats by 2.5]

Egg Moves:
Close Combat
Blaze Kick
Cross Chop
Belly Drum
Bullet Punch
Dizzy Punch
Sucker Punch

Base Stats @ 30:

Focus Punch
Bulk Up
Hidden Power
Ice Beam
Brick Break
Double Team
Aerial Ace
Focus Blast
Drain Punch
Stone Edge
Swords Dance
Grass Knot
Sleep Talk

Rock Smash
Rock Climb

July 10th, 2008, 10:42 AM
Totenmeister: Evolves from Sableye with a Dusk Stone
Types: Ghost/Dark

Ability: Rock Head

Appearance: Looks like a Sableye, but bigger and with a Skull on its head.

Base Stats
HP: 70
Attack: 110
Defense: 110
Speed: 60
Special Attack: 85
Special Defense: 85
Total: 540


Lvl 1: Scratch
Lvl 1: Leer
Lvl 8: Night Shade
Lvl 12: Knock Off
Lvl 19: Thief
Lvl 24: Faint Attack
Lvl 30: Take Down
Lvl 34: Night Slash
Lvl 39: Shadow Claw
Lvl 45: Power Gem
Lvl 47: Earthquake
Lvl 50: Zen Headbutt
Lvl 57: Beat Up
Lvl 62: Punishment
Lvl 68: Mean Look
Lvl 75: Flare Blitz
Lvl 82: Perish Song
Lvl 90: Last Resort

Z o M B ii 3
July 10th, 2008, 3:24 PM
Name: Kanjiyuu
Looks like: Boo from Mario, except purple flamed body w/ Yellow eye.
Type: Ghost/Fire
Abilities: Aftermath/Flash Fire
Egg Type: Amorphous
Evolutionary Chain: Evolves into Kajiyurei Lv35.
Lv1: Lick
Lv1: Ember
Lv5: Fire Spin
Lv7: Haze
Lv13: Flame Wheel
Lv21: Pursuit
Lv27: Confuse Ray
Lv35: Shadow Sneak
Lv41: Flamethrower
Lv49: Destiny Bond
Lv53: Curse
Lv61: Explosion

Name: Kajiyurei
Looks like: The same except flame is a darker purple and eye
is now gone. Its replaced by a mask simular to a skull. Fangs
are present as well as long thin arms.
Type: Ghost/Fire
Abilities: Aftermath/Flash Fire/Unburden
Egg Type: Amorphous/Monster
Basic: Fire Fang
Basic: Bite
Lv1: Lick
Lv1: Ember
Lv5: Fire Spin
Lv7: Haze
Lv13: Flame Wheel
Lv21: Pursuit
Lv27: Confuse Ray
Lv38: Shadow Sneak
Lv45: Flamethrower
Lv54: Shadow Punch
Lv59: Curse
Lv66: Shadow Ball

Same for both:
11.Sunny Day
15.Hyper Beam
22. Solarbeam
29. Psychic
30. Shadow Ball
34. Thunder Wave
35. Flamethrower
36. Sludgebomb
41. Torment
44. Rest
46. Theif
51. Roost
58. Endure
61. Will-O-Wisp
64. Explosion
65. Shadow Claw
68.Giga Impact
70. Flash
77. Psych Up
82. Sleep Talk
84. Posion Jab
85. Dream Eater
89. U-Turn
90. Substitute

Base Stats @ Lv 30:

July 10th, 2008, 3:45 PM
CHARKOAL(Pre- evolve of Toarkoal)

Type: Fire
Abilitys: Blaze
Evolves: Level 16
Lv. 5: Scratch
Lv. 5: Leer
Lv. 7: Ember
Lv. 10: Howl
Lv. 16: Slam, EVOLVE


Type: Dragon, Rock
Abilitys: Pressure
Evolves: N/A
Lv. 50: Vulcan Drill (I made it up XD, PP: 5, Hit foe with 2 heavy drills. Leaves foe on at least 1 HP)
Lv. 50: Ancient Power
Lv. 50: Dragon Claw
Lv. 50: Dragon Dance
Lv. 58: Super Power
Lv. 67: Mega Impact
Lv. 79: Dragon Breath
Lv. 92: Fissure

July 10th, 2008, 7:18 PM
Mergaltist (Evolves from Smeargle)

Appearance: Looks like a Smeargle, But wearing a art cloth colored rainbow body using that wooden thing with colors on it as its shield

Type: Normal

Ability: Point of View, Artist Sence

Already Learnt: Paint (NEW) (Paints a picture of the opponent making a clone of it and making it the Pokemon Trainers New Pokemon) (The pokemon lasts until battle ends)

Already Learnt: Fury Swipes

Level 1: Leer
Level 3: Bite
Level 7: Paint Brush Throw (Throws a paint brush at the opponent) Normal type
Level 11: Paint Storm (Inflicts 10 damage to all Pokemon except You and Normal Types every 1 turn) Normal Type
Level 13: Quick Attack
Level 14: Feint
Level 17: Shadow Sneak
Level 21: Zen Headbutt
Level 26: Rainbow Punch (Normal Type)
Level 32: Mean Look
Level 40: Roar of time (Joke) Dizzy Punch

Evolves into ArtiSeargle

Level 49: Painting Breathe (Breathes out a rainbow with stars)
Level 58: Mega Voice

(Thinking of more xD)

Z o M B ii 3
July 10th, 2008, 10:37 PM
Name: Technonaut
Looks like: The uper half looks like a human-like body covered in what seems to be
electronic cables, the lower half is like dragging a lot of cables. Has a computer-like screen for a face. He walks around almost like he is slithering.
Type: Steel/Electric
Abilities: Download/Sturdy/Motor Drive
Egg Type: Monster/Human-Like
Lv1: Tackle
Lv1: Harden
Lv5: Disable
Lv8: Thundershock
Lv13: Bullet Punch
Lv17: Glare
Lv21: Iron Defence
Lv28: Thunderbolt
Lv34: Lock-On
*Lv47: Reboot
Lv50: Trick Room
Lv55: Flash Cannon
Lv62: Zap Cannon
**Lv70: Shutdown

*Reboot: User recovers 1/2 HP, Loses status conditions.
[All user's stat changes are reversed for 2 turns]

**Shutdown: Whatevers 1/2HP turns into Base Power.
[20% Chance of raising base stats by 1.5x]
{Special Attack}

Base Stats @ Lv30:

Has anybody liked mine?

July 11th, 2008, 6:57 AM
Pokemon Name: Cento

Type: Ground/Normal

Species: Centuar

HP: 60
ATT: 60
SP A:20
SP D:30

Move Set:
- Mega Kick
- Spear Shot (Throws a Spear) like Fury attack
- Leer
lv 6 Tackle
lv 11 Agilty
lv 15 Sand Attack
lv 20 Tail whip
lv 27 Stomp
lv 32 Quick attack
lv 38 Faint attack
lv 43 Sky uppercut
lv 47 Lock-On
lv 52 Mud Shot
lv 56 Take Down
lv 60 Earthquake
lv 67 Horn Drill

Half man Half Horse, On Four legs

Name: Mino

Type: Ground/Fighting

Species: Minotaur

HP: 100
Att: 120
Def: 90
Sp A: 70
Sp D: 65

Move Set:
- ThunderPunch
- Fire Punch
- Mud Shot
- Mega Kick
lv 8 HeadButt
lv 15 Iron Tail
lv 21 Axe Throw
lv 26 Iron defense
lv 29 Take Down
lv 34 Agility
lv 39 Lock-On
lv 44 Double Kick
lv 48 Rock Slide
lv 54 Earth Power
lv 59 Megahorn
lv 65 Earthquake

Appearence: Bull Head rest human, Stands on to Legs, uses and Axe

July 12th, 2008, 4:35 AM
Name: Crosbone


Other Moves:
Bone Slash

July 12th, 2008, 6:21 AM
Name: Koopa (As in Koopa Troopa)
Type: Rock/Normal

Ability: Pickup/Rock Head

Base Stats:
HP: 55
Attack: 70
Defense: 125
Speed: 35
Sp. Attack: 40
Sp. Defense: 125
Total: 410

1: Rapid Spin
1: Withdraw
5: Tackle
8: Leer
10: Rollout
14: Slam
17: Rock Smash
21: Body Slam
24: Take Down
27: Bulk Up
30: Iron Head
32: Evolve into Parakoopa

Parakoopa, Evolve from Koopa at level 32
Types: Rock/Flying

Ability: Pickup/ Rock Head

Base Stats:
HP: 60
Attack: 95
Defense: 125
Speed: 95
Sp. Attack: 40
Sp. Defense: 125
Total: 540


34: Aerial Ace
36: Air Cutter
40: Defog
45: Swagger
52: Brave Bird

Name: Koopatrol, Evolve Koopa by Trade w/ Metal Coat
Type: Rock/Steel

Ability: Battle Armor

Base Stats:
HP: 80
Attack: 120
Defense: 200
Speed: 50
Sp. Attack: 0
Sp. Defense: 100
Total: 550

16: Metal Claw
18: Rock Smash
20: Iron Tail
23: Metal Sound
26: Iron Defense
27: Body Slam
29: Iron Head
32: Take Down
35: Dig
38: Earthquake
43: Glare
49: Bulk Up

Name: Goomba
Type: Normal

Ability: Oblivious

Base Stats:
HP: 40
Attack: 50
Defense: 40
Speed: 20
Sp. Attack: 20
Sp. Defense: 60
Total: 230

1: Tackle
1: Growl
5: Leer
9: Headbutt
13: Bulk Up
17: Swagger
20: Confusion

R a i n n s a n雨
July 14th, 2008, 2:53 PM
Basic Pokemon
Evolves at Lv. 20

1: Pound
3: Leer
5: Bubble
8: Bite
10: Ice Punch
15: Ice Beam
19: Steel Wing
21: Wing Attack
29: Avalanche
35: Earthquake
40: Fire Blast
50: Sky Attack
100: Fissure
100: Sheer Cold

The Bringer!
July 14th, 2008, 4:21 PM
Type: Ground/Dark
Evolves from cubone if it has a low base happiness at level 28. (split evolution with marowak)

Lv.28 Spite
Lv.28 Payback
Lv.28 Knock Off
Lv.28 Pain Split
Lv.33 Punishment
Lv.37 Torment
Lv.43 Bone Rush
Lv.47 Glare
Lv.47 Mean Look
Lv.49 Screech
Lv.53 Grudge
Lv.56 Bone Slash (Damage: Physical, Type: Ground, Power: 70, Accuracy: 100, PP: 10, Has a high critical hit ratio.)
Lv.56 Night Slash
Lv.60 Perish Song
Lv.65 Outrage

Base Stats:
HP: 60
ATK: 110
DEF: 80
SPA: 50
SPD: 50
SPE: 75
Total: 425 (Same as Marowak)

July 14th, 2008, 9:24 PM
Type: Water/Poison
Base: Lion Fish
Qwilfish -- Lv. 30 --> Liovinum

Base Stats:
HP: 80
Attack: 110
Defense: 95
Sp. Atk: 55
Sp. Def: 55
Speed: 85
Total: 480

Lv. 1 - Spikes
Lv. 1 - Poison Sting
Lv. 1 - Tackle
Lv. 1 - Toxic
Lv. 9 - Harden
Lv. 9 - Minimize
Lv. 13 - Water Gun
Lv. 17 - Rollout
Lv. 21 - Toxic Spikes
Lv. 25 - Stockpile
Lv. 25 - Spit Up
Lv. 29 - Revenge
Lv. 36 - Brine
Lv. 40 - Pin Missile
Lv. 44 - Take Down
Lv. 48 - Aqua Tail
Lv. 52 - Poison Jab
Lv. 57 - Destiny Bond
Lv. 60 - Hydro Pump
Lv. 64 - Poison Pin [15 PP | 70 BP | 100 AC | High Crit | 10% Poison]
Lv. 70 - Aqua Jet
Lv. 77 - Neuro Dart [5 PP | OHKO | Accuracy derived like all other OHKO attacks]

Pokedex Entry:
Lion Fish Pokemon.
This POKEMON has a powerful poison, enough to easily knock a human out for an hour.
Height: 3 ft 1 in
Weight: 14.6 lbs.

El Softo
July 14th, 2008, 11:19 PM
This Pokemon evolves from Machamp only if you trade it over, it's happy, holding that fighting belt, and it's over level 45.
If you meet these requirements you get the three-headed, four-armed, four-legged being of awesomeness known as MaGod
Attack: A
Defense: B+
Sp. Atk: C
Sp. Def: C
Speed: C+
It's quadpedal and can easily change direction, just like a spider.
By leveling up:
Level 46 - Dynamic Punch
Level 48 - Cross Chop
Level 55 - Focus Blast
Level 66 - Royal Beatdown (Move I made up, 5 pp. It hits the target each turn in addition to the attack you execute (You're basically attacking twice per round) until you miss, or some condition preventing the attack happens. Once it's over, you must recharge.

This is a man-made pokemon that is composed of scrap metal, broken toasters, lamps, stereos and other assorted and broken up electronics/equipment. A contraption pokemon. You can only get one in the game, and that's by talking to some guy who likes electronics and is willing to trade your magnezone for it (Level of it is the same as the magnezone). It's a pure steel type.

The closest way I can describe its looks would be a medicham looking thing except it's solid steel and with a muk/grimer-like bottom (it has no legs and moves like a muk/grimer) made up of the same material only loosely packed.

Attack: B
Defense: A
Sp. Atk: B
Sp. Def: B
Speed: Slow

Learnset by Leveling up:
Start: iron defense
Start: tackle
Start: recycle
Level 10: Self Destruct
Level 18: Metal Claw
Level 25: Explosion
Level 36: Thunderbolt
Level 40: Lock On
Level 48: Zap Cannon
Level 57: Iron Head
Level 66: Blunt Force Trauma (Made up normal-type or steel-type 50-50% move 5pp, slightly inaccurate, very damaging move that paralyzes and might cause confusion)

July 15th, 2008, 12:25 AM

Type: Ice/water
evovles into Iceless at level 25

1 sand attack
1 tall whip
1 tackle
5 growl
10 icy wind
15 quick attack
21 Water gun
30 Ice beam
36 Ice Kick
48 Hydrocannon
59 Blizard


Type: Ice and water
pre evolution: Icyle

1 growl
1 tail whip
5 tackle
12 quick attack
17 icy wind
24 Water gun
36 Ice beam
40 Ice Kick
50 Hydrocannon
65 Blizard

Z o M B ii 3
July 25th, 2008, 6:51 PM
Absol Evolution: Evolve while holding the fighting plate.
Type: Dark/Fighting
Egg Group: Field
Abilities: Super Luck/Pure Fear*
Basic: Fire Punch
Basic: Ice Punch
Basic: Thunderpunch
Lv43: Zen Headbutt
Lv50: Close Combat
Lv58: Shadow Punch
Lv63: Cross Chop
Lv67: Pain Split
Lv73: Dark Void

*Pure Fear: Each turn you have a 30% chance of having
the enemy pokemon flinching from fear.

July 26th, 2008, 7:38 PM

Appearance: A Living Flame but with small tough dragons next to it. It is colour black flame with golden dragons, Its eyes shines but the little black dot in the middle of the eye is not there. It is a black flame.

Description: Phyflame is a Pokemon that lives in deep volcano's, It is said this Pokemon is very rare and the Golden Dragon were found out made by a Pokemon named " Mewking ", It sometimes hides in the dark to stay away from Its foes, When ever It is alerted by an enemy It suddenly vanishes

Highest HP: 386 (When It is Lv. 100)
Type: Dark, Fire

Catched at Level: 48

Learnt Moves:
Perish Song
Shadow Sneak
Shadow Punch

Lv. 55 = Camouflage (NEW!) (In the 1st turn It disappears on 2nd It randomly unleashes any move It already knows)

Lvl. 61 = Subsitute

Lv. 63 = Fire Punch

Lv. 65 = Evolves into Phyburntend

Appearance: Same as Phyflame but Golden Dragon Is more bigger but with Rainbow Sparks around the flame

July 26th, 2008, 11:53 PM

water starter
(i'll think up a name later)
type water
lv 1 water stream (30 atk power, 20 pp water type and confuses enemy 100 acc)
lv 4 scratch
lv 8 water gun
lv 12 bite
lv 16 slam
lv 18 evolves gains physic type. can't stop evo
lv 20 confusion
lv 25 extrasensory
lv 32 water blast (basically a water version of flamethrougher)
lv 38 evolves cant stop evo
lv 40 hydro pump
lv 43 mind crasher (100 power, 15 pp, psychic type. 100 acc)
lv 50 drown (same as sheer cold except water pokemon survive and it hits every pokemon on the field.
lv 52 lock on
lv 55 mind destroyer (psychic type leaves oponent on 1 hp 30 acc)

fire starter
lv 1 ember
lv 4 scratch
lv 8 bite
lv 14 evolves can't stop evo gains dark type
lv 15 hypnosis
lv 20 dark punch (same as ice punch etc. except dark type and can leave enemy terrified (might not attack with same probability of attacking as if your pokemon was in love and double it.)
lv 25 flamethrougher
lv 30 heatwave
lv 32 evolves cant stop evo
lv 40 fire blast
lv 45 light destroyer (every pokemon the opossing trainer has on them wich isn't a dark type gets destroyed. 5pp)
lv 50 burn (same as drown except exception to fire type)

i'm thinking of a grass starter

July 27th, 2008, 7:55 AM
Name: Imaesp (Psychic) (All Imaesp forms are Legendary)

The Imaginary Type Pokemon

Type: Psychic (Duh)

Looks like: From the head down it looks similar to Gardevoir, only without the Triangle thing. It has a human like head only what appears to be hair is thick and dangels over the back of its head. It is white all over except from its Icy blue eyes.

Hunting Techinque: When seen by any living creature, It changes to what would be that Creatures imaginary freind. It feeds of the happiness.

Egg Group: Human Shape/Fairy

Other: It faints instantly if the Mind Plate it holds is taken away from it. They can be found in the wild holding either a Mind, Dread or Spook plate. It can not hold ANY other item.

Move Set:
Lv 1: confusion
Lv 1: quick attack
Lv 1: Screech
Lv 8: Luster Purge
Lv 15: Future Sight
Lv 23: Psywave
Lv 27: Zen Headbutt
Lv 32: Roleplay
Lv 35: Psychic
Lv 39: Transform
Lv 48: Imagine (Makes the foe use a different attack that it already knows than wanted. Acc: 80 Atk:--)
Lv 75: Psycho Boost

Name: Imaesp (Dark)

The Imaginary Pokemon

Looks like: Very similar to Imaesp only a dark purple colour. The "hair" writhes about and looks like tentacles. It has visible cheek bones and two sharp fangs.

Hunting Techinque: When seen by any living creature it looks like that creatures imaginary freind. It feeds of the life esence of the creature until they die, using there body as a host for a different creatures Imaginary Freind.

Egg Group: Human Shape/Monster

Other: It faints instantly if the Dread Plate it is holding is taken from it. It can be found in the wild holding either a Dread, Mind or Spook Plate. They cannot hold ANY other item.

Move Set:
Lv 1: Screech
Lv 1: Knock Off
Lv 1: Faint Atack
Lv 8: Absorb
Lv 12: Assurance
Lv 19: Flatter
Lv 24: Mega Drain
Lv 29: Sucker Punch
Lv 34: Giga Drain
Lv 40: Dark Pulse
Lv 48: Imagine (Makes the foe use a different attack that it already knows than wanted. Acc: 80 Atk: --)
Lv 98: Doom Desire (Releases a beam of pure evil on the foe but lowers the users Sp Atk. Acc: 80 Atk: 120

(Not done will post 3rd form later :))