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June 7th, 2008, 10:48 PM
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Professor Willow sat frozen at her computer, staring at the riddling letter the Uma Sisters sent her. She thought it a bit foolish to be following the instructions of some elusive girls she didn't even know, but when the Pokevices containing the legendary Pokemon appeared magically in front of her that one day, she had no choice but to reconsider this issue as quite an important one. What did it all mean, giving legendary pokemon to trainers? How did these Uma Sisters capture or call upon these legendaries? How did they get the Pokevices here? For a while, Willow thought about psychics, about evil organisations who played games with people's heads... or maybe these Uma Sisters were spies for Team Alpha? There were many possibilities, but she couldn't tell which one was correct. So she stared, making only the occasional motion of adjusting the rim of her white hat, something she often did while thinking.

Just then, Willow heard a knock on the door--a glass door with a poster of Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf on it. Looking to the door, she saw that it was a boy who looked to be in his teens... ah, perhaps one of the "chosen ones" the Uma Sisters mentioned...

Let's backtrack a little first...

Gon was sitting inside a blimp--one that looked like a giant red Drifloon. This blimp was flying over the continent of Kanto, headed south for Pallet Town--it had come all the way from Floaroma Town in Sinnoh and was nearing the end of its journey. Looking outside, Gon could see the Pokemon Tower standing in an ominous position near the coast of Lavender Town. Even further, he saw a ship depart from the docks of Vermilion City. But not only were things going on outside; things were going on inside as well. Gon had just finished putting away his laptop--he had never been to Kanto, and therefore felt like taking in the scenery a bit. Besides, the blimp trip was almost over. Beside him, Kaiser was looking out one of the windows as well, making the occasional tapping noise with his beak on the glass. Puffy would have had her eyes glued to the window had she not been asleep in her Pokeball--one of the disadvantages of this flight being in the afternoon. Oh well, you snooze you lose...

While looking out the window, Gon was thinking about a few recent events... First was his sister Ari's strange disappearance. Really, where in the world had she gone?? The way she vanished, the way her bedroom door now opened to a solid wall... strange, very strange. Somehow there was a hole in the house where Ari was, and perhaps a hole in Gon's daily life as well. He had grown so used to having her around for so long--ever since she was born in fact. They had done so much together, from silly happenings in video games to wanderings about town to IM chats and cooperation on MMORPG's... Well, ever since that disappearance, Gon and his parents did everything they could to try and find her (without success of course), and now, even the police were searching for her, and a detective would be on his way to the house to see if there were any clues to Ari's location. Gon was worried for a while... but deep down inside he knew that once he got his Pokemon journey started, he wouldn't be worrying as often.

Ahh yes, his Pokemon journey. It was so convenient that Professor Willow told him to come to such a faraway place. In the past, Gon had meant to start a Pokemon journey throughout Sinnoh, but he kept procrastinating on it. Now, this trip was an incentive to finally get that journey going. Ohh, how Kaiser would love this indeed. Looking over at the Piplup, Gon could tell that Kaiser was excited. Perhaps he was a little worried as well about Ari's disappearance (after all, she was his original trainer), but perhaps he had more in common with Gon than Gon thought, and easily forgot how to worry. This was a time of opportunity, a possible turning point in his life...

~ ~ ~

It wasn't long before the blimp landed near Professor Willow's lab. Specifically, it landed next to a lake, the very one Professor Oak used to own for the Water Pokemon's enjoyment. This lake really was close to the lab; there it was, atop a hill, the exact spot where Professor Oak's lab was.
"Plup! Piplup!" Kaiser announced, jumping down from the window and running out the door, dashing in between the pilot's legs in a hurry to get out. Then he landed on the grass, did a somersault, and stood up, brushing a few grass blades off his feathery body. Hahaha, what an excited little Piplup indeed (wait, little was not the right word--Kaiser was actually slightly bigger than the average Piplup). Gon just had to grin broadly as he too exited the blimp.
"Have a nice journey," the pilot assured Gon as he bade him farewell.

The gate in front of the lab was open that day, a nice surprise. Had Professor Willow been waiting just for him? Nevertheless, Gon still had to knock on the door--a glass door, with a poster of Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf on it.
I guess it really is true that Professor Willow knows about every Pokemon in every region, Gon thought as he waited for the professor. These three are legendary and are from Sinnoh.
When the door opened, out walked a tall woman wearing a white hat and a white labcoat. Gon's eyes grew wide for a second, for at first glance she looked a bit like Ari--the same almond-coloured skin tone, the same glasses, the same black boots, the same hair... wait, that's not right, Ari's hair wasn't that shiny or that long, and since when did she ever tie it back? Both relieved and regretful that it was not Ari, Gon concluded that this woman was Professor Willow.
"Hmm, lemme guess, you look like a Hiroshi Tsukimaru, am I right?" Willow greeted.
"Haha, Gon, call me Gon," Gon replied rather sheepishly. "Only my parents call me Hiroshi nowadays, and my sister occasionally. Gee, I'm sorry--at first I thought you were her. ...Though that's probably because I'm kinda looking for her... she's been missing lately."
Willow nodded in understanding. "Why don't we go over to the gate and wait for the others?"

As the two approached the gate, Willow saw that a few more people arrived--perhaps even more of those chosen trainers. Gon also noticed the Drifloon blimp he arrived in flying away.

June 8th, 2008, 3:49 PM
Issac Rendell arrived to Pallet Town along with a fairly number of other trainers, many of them slightly younger than him. He stood leaning more so on his right leg tapping his left due to a lack of patience. Why am I here anyway? I got a stupid call to travel all the way to Kanto for seemingly no reason., he thought as he stood in a large crowd. Issac hated feeling that he was going to join some trainer parade.Once I figure out why am I here, I am gonna get the hot girl's numbers and leave. I might as well take the League Challenge here. Issac was avid battler, as he enjoyed moderate success in Hoenn, placing within the top 8. Issac had planned on venturing to other regions and take their league challenges. He originally decided on Sinnoh since it was close to Hoenn. Hopefully this detour will not take forever. His white collared shirt and black pants, sporting ruby stripes and chains made him stick out like a sore thumb, but he enjoyed the fact that he looked like a non-conformist.

Issac's patience wore thin and soon began fidgeting while turning up the volume of his music player. Due to Hoenn's awkward placement as a island, Isaac was forced take a ship to Vermillion and fly the rest of the way. The cruise was pricy and absorbed any profit he made from the league tournament. The cruise, though, was luxury and he was able to enjoy the sights of Sinnoh's mountains and lush environment and Kanto's city skylines and gorgeous combination of human construction and nature. Upon arriving in Vermillion City, Isaac had to wander and ask for directions to Pallet Town. A crazy old man from some fan club eagerly gave him directions in exchange for cuddling with Issac's Umbreon. Apparently he was part of some fan club for Pokemon and he scared every bit of Issac's body.

Summoning Staraptor, Isaac flew over the large bay full of clear water and large bike path and finally reached the small little village. The only thing worth noting in the town was the fairly large lab accompanied by a small pond. After leaping a decent distance from midair, Issac mingled himself in the group of trainers, shoving himself to the front of the crowd. He eyed the girls in the group since he found to be decent looking. Maybe the trip won't be that bad, hopefully I can at least pick up a few chicks. He fixed his hair and hat, before settling down. The wind from the cruise and flight shifted his hair out of place and he need to tidy up before he was 100% ready. After a few moments, a tall woman in a hat along with a short child emerged from the lab. Issac said in a loud, annoyed voice shaking his head back to actually reveal the covered half of his face.

"It's about time you showed up. Now care to explain why exactly we are here?"

June 8th, 2008, 7:04 PM
Jemima Clarke stepped off the train and onto the platform at the Viridian City train station. The platform was crowded and Jemima pushed through, watching the stares from multiple boys from out of the corner of her large, hazel eyes. Her Duskull was hovering over her shoulder protectively as they made their way off the station. It was colder in Viridian City then it was in her home town of Pacifidlog. Her outfit of a blue tank top and a white mini skirt seemed absurd in the colder weather, but Jemima pushed on. She couldn't even remember if she'd packed a jacket or not.

Viridian City was a large town, but it wasn't particulary imposing or impressive. It was just there, standing before the Viridian Forest. But today Jemima's journey had her headed south, to the lab of Pallet Town, to meet the famous Professor Willow. The young woman had contacted Jemima and instructed her to come to Pallet Town as a matter of urgency.

Jemima and her Duskull made their way down Route One, a breeze picked up and ruffled her nut-brown hair over her bare shoulders. Above Pidgeys soared through the air and Rattatas rustled through the grass, but Jemima wasn't looking for a battle. She just wanted to make it to Pallet Town before nightfall.

It took them four hours or so to make it to Pallet Town from Viridian City, it was midday and Jemima was very hungry, but she pushed on and looked for the lab. It was a large building, on a slight hill, with a lake and trees beside it. Jemima approached the lab and knocked politely on the door, which immediately swung open. A tall, pretty woman wearing a labcoat stood in the doorway.

"Hello, I am Professor Willow," the woman introduced herself and offered her hand.
Jemima took it, shaking it and said

"I'm Jemima Clarke, of Pacifidlog. You called me, and here I am." The professor nodded, and ushered her into the lab, closing the door behind her and they walked down the hall together.

June 8th, 2008, 7:52 PM
Bobby walked along Route 1 with Flygon overhead and Roserade to his right. In his left hand was a bag of chips and in his right was a chip about to be eaten. Roserade was looking at him cutely. "I've told you before Roserade, you've already had your snack. You're not getting mine." Bobby said in a dissaproving parent tone. Roserade on the other hand had other ideas. He whipped out his poison whip and was going to take the bag. "You take these chips, you're back in Pokeball." Bobby said warningly. Roserade pounted, but didn't try again.

As they neared Pallet Town, Bobby reviewed the note he had gotten. "So she wants me to come to the lab eh?" Bobby said returning Roserade and calling Flygon down. She rubbed her head against him and he returned her to her ball.

When he got to the lab he noticed a girl and two guys already there. "Looks like I'm not the first here!" Bobby said happily. He knocked on the door and the good Prof. let him in. "Hi I'm Bobby..." he said shyly.

"Welcome Bobby, I'm Prof. Willow. Please, come in." Bobby came inside, wondering what she was up to.

June 8th, 2008, 9:15 PM
Rin sat silent on a jet that was taking her to pallet town. She was holding a a baby teddiursa who was fallnig asleep in her hands. Rin sighed and looekd out the window with her frail pink eyes, the people around her began to stare at her oddly but rin hadn't noticed.

"Why do I have to go to this stupid town anyway.." Rin mumbled still looking out the planes window as clouds rushed by.The teddiursa had now fallen asleep. Rin sat theyre petting the teddiursa quietly and waitied for the plain to land. "Ugh..I still can't believe I have to go to a begginner trainer town..its so stupid!" Rin cursed to herself not wanting to cause a seen.

People were stareing at the various scars on her face and Rin started to become angry and then shouted. "Look all of you if you wanna stare thats fine but do it more quietly and don't mumbled okay!"

The people on the plane fell quiet and they returned to what they were doing, they did not want to make Rin angry again. Rin sat down once more at let out a slight cough, she was still not feeling to well but had to make itt to Pallet town. After several hours the plane landed in pallet town and Rin left the plane, as she held the sleeping Teddiursa. "Return Teddiursa.." Rin mumbled and put the sleeping Teddiursa back in its pokeball. The young women leaned against a wall and tried to relax. She was feeling unusually weak and couldn't bring herself to stand straight for a few minutes. As soon as she was feeling strong enough to bring herself to stand up she let out a slight cough and entered the lab holding a pokeball in her hand. "So whats the all about?" Rin said to Proffeser Willow as she held the pokeball in her hand. Her frail pink eyes watched everyone in the room and she looked at a nearby boy who was in the lab and smirked.By judging him he looked strong..but he also looked like a flirt, but before she could think of anything else, a women was introducing herself to everyone and then the women saw Rin.

"Hello I'm Proffesser Willow..Whats your name?" Proffeser Willow held out her hand and Rins pink eyes looked upon her hand. Rin didn't say anything for a moment.

"Look if your gonna try and be friends with me..I don't need it. I'm just here cause I was called." Rin yelled and slapped Proffeser Willows hand back. "Don't even try to be friends with me.." Rin yelled once more and began to lay against the wall. She was feeling dizzy again and she knew its because she had gotten angry. Rin closed her eyes for a few moments and kept leaning against the wall, cause with out the wall she knew she would surely fall over and make a scene.

June 9th, 2008, 9:38 AM
Please come to Pallet Town immediately, it is for an urgent matter that concerns you. This was what was written on the letter that arrived yesterday for him from one Professor Willow of Pallet Town. Jacob found this extremely odd, he never that he would be apart of any urgent matter. The one thing that continued to puzzle him was why Pallet Town? Jacob had never even been to Pallet Town when he was in the Kanto region, the closest he had gone was Virdian City.

Nevertheless, Jacob figured that since she took the time to write him a letter that he would humor her and make the trip out there. Jacob had been in Veilstone City of the Sinnoh region, but he quickly climbed onto his Flygon, Draiga, and made his way towards the Kanto region.

As said, that had been yesterday when all of that took place and now Jacob was flying high above Cerulean City, memories of capturing his Milotic, Serenity, there coming into his head. The Feebas, back then, had just been swimming around when Jacob had Jewel, his Dragonair use a hyper beam to catch it off guard. It was an easy capture after that, Serenity had been knocked unconcious since it had been a direct hit.

As Pewter City came into view, more memories floated through Jacob's head that still involved Serenity. It was somewhere down below that Serenity had evolved from a Feebas to a Milotic and saved Jewel from being knocked off a cliff by a wild Golem. All these memories were emotional for Jacob, and he decided to push everything from his mind after finally passing Pewter City.

It was about an hour or so later that Pallet Town finally came into Jacobs view, and mere minutes later Professor Willows lab did aswell. Jacob had Draiga land just slightly down the road, deciding that he'd like a few extra minutes by walking. Jacob returned Draiga to her pokeball, placing it back onto his belt, and then reached up to his necklace, the one with a single pokeball attached to it and pulled it off.

"Come on onto Jewel," said Jacob aloud to himself. It was after the flash of white light that Jewel, Jacob's prized pokemon and best friend the Dragonair, appeared and gave a slight yawn, it seems she had been sleeping.

"We're here Jewel, now lets figure out whats going on and maybe it'll be quick so we can return to the Sinnoh Region." Jewel gave a joyful cry right as they reached the glass door, posters of Legendaries Jacob knew well: Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. Jacob knocked on the door, and a woman in a white lab coat came and opened it.

"Welcome, I'm Professor Willow. Please come in and meet everyone else."

"Everyone else?" asked Jacob slightly confused. It was then that he noticed a group of other people. "Oh, that everyone else" he said to himself, Jewel still having a confused look on her face.

June 9th, 2008, 4:50 PM
"Aryan, would you please just sit still?!"Addison requested frantically, in an instant leaping wildly from one side of the hot air balloon she was currently traversing in to the other. In that same motion, she quickly snatched the tiny Eevee up from his perilous position balancing on the very edge of the basket.

"Vee.." The Eevee responded quietly, seemingly apologetic as he snuggled affectionately up against his trainer, eyes closing blissfully as he burrowed up underneath her chin. Addison sighed, her heart racing from the close encounter, and uneasily, she stepped away from the edge of the balloon.

"Do you know how high up we are?!" Addison demanded nervously, golden eyes awidening as she lifted the Eevee up to eye level, her mouth falling open to dispel a weary little sigh.

"If you would've lost your balance, then all you'd be right now is a giant puddle of Eevee splatter! Please.. just don't sit on the edge of the basket and I won't have to be such a nervous wreck.."

"Vee, Eevee.." Aryan responded sheepishly, his tail wagging in the slightest. His large, chocolate eyes radiated an excited glow, and happily he dove for his trainer's face, his short pink tongue flying out and lapping rapidly against her right cheek.

"Why don't you just return him to his pokeball?" A rather gruff-sounding voice interrupted the two's affectionate display, and Addie only grinned in response, for she knew that he was only teasing.

"Because, dad. You know how Aryan gets when he has to be away from me for even just a few seconds."

"Isn't that right, Aryan?" Addie crooned to the little Eevee, causing the pint-size pokemon to grin wildly, his tongue again shooting out and attacking her face in a series of rapid licks. Addie only laughed, burrowing her face playfully into the Eevee's thick, shaggy fur.

"Are you sure it's Aryan?" Addie's father queried, approaching his daughter's side and laying a callused tan hand gently along her delicate shoulder. A slight breeze picked up at that moment, ruffling his chestnut hair, mussing it so that several strands fell into his sparkling golden eyes.

"Because I don't think Aryan would mind resting in his pokeball for awhile. I'm starting to think that you're the reason he's always out."

"Squirtle, Squirt!" The tiny Turtle-like pokemon butted in, appearing randomly inbetween Addie and her father. Addie smiled at the Squirtle, shifting Aryan over to the crook of her other arm and scooping him up, cuddling him against her as well.

"Since when did this become a huddle?" Addie laughed, turning away from her father and looking out over the horizon before them. The sun had just begun to set, casting a beautiful rustic glow over everything in sight, including a large building that loomed just in the distance. The building caught Addie's attention, and immediately she began to tense up, knowing in the back of her mind that this must be the place, this must be the infamous Professor Willow's Laboratory. The journey from Cinnabar Island across the Ocean to Pallet had been surprisingly long, and as there had been nothing but a big puddle of water to survey the whole way there, Addie was more than ready to take in the sight of some Kanto scenery. She had never been to Pallet town before, as with most of the other cities of Kanto, save for Lavender town of course. She and her father had never had much of an opportunity to travel, but today marked the beginning of a completely new lifestyle for the both of them.

"So you're sure you have everything you'll need packed?" The question broke Addie's line of concentration, and raising an eyebrow, she just hugged Aryan and the Squirtle closer to her body, shivering as a passing current drifted through the balloon, raising goosebumps upon her bare skin. Addie just tossed her pigtails back behind her shoulders, glancing back behind her at her dad.

"What about you, dad?" Addie responded, her cheeks flushing slightly pink as she attempted to draw attention away from her own belongings. Truth be told, she had done the exact opposite of what her father had instructed her to do. She had brought the cute, tiny backpack as opposed to the practical yet bulky one her father had bought her at the Pokemart, the one most trainers used on their adventures. Also, she hadn't brought any Potions, Paralyze heals, or even a single Antidote. She figured that since she had never had to use one before, it would be the same now. Little did she know that the broad Kanto region was completely unlike the sheltered life she had led on Cinnabar Island. And that there would be times when she would be alone, completely alone, just her and Aryan, and should anything happen to either one of them their fate would lie in her hands.

"Did you pack everything you need for your Ranger mission?"

As Addie brought up the mission, her dad's eyes began to shine with a child-like enthusiasm. Addie smiled inwardly, not having ever recalled her dad looking so excited.

"Squirtle!" The tiny Turtle chimed in, not wanting to be forgotten. He beamed proudly, and turning beside him to look at Aryan, began carrying on a conversation complete with dramatic gestures that neither Addie or her father could even begin to comprehend.

"All right here." He replied, patting the gargantuan backpack that rested at his side, huge, bulky and plainly a dull, earth brown.

Ugh.. Addie thought to herself as she snuck a peek down at her own backpack, which sat at her sandaled feet, the backpack only about as big as Aryan in size, in the shape of the head of Mewtwo, who had been her favorite legendary for as long as she could remember. His violet eyes were narrowed, as would be expected with an encounter with the powerful pokemon, and a series of anger marks Addie thought adorable dotted his forehead. Biting at her lip, she quietly slid her backpack out of sight. All that was contained within it was a couple of bags of pokechow, a bottle of shampoo, and Addie's favorite Umbreon plushie.

"Mister Avalon, we're preparing for descent" The man piloting the massive Balloon informed Addie's father, to which he gave a polite nod and turned back to his daughter.

"Let her down, then!" He laughed.

"So where will you be going next?" Addie asked quietly, her gaze shifting up to lock upon her father. Though the two had done nothing but chatter in excitement about their upcoming adventures, now that the time had come to actually be seperated from her dad, the dad she had never been away from for more than a few days in her whole life, she was feeling very glum, and a little apprehensive.

"Well, after we get you all set up with Professor Willow, me and Squirtle here will be heading off to the Ranger Base in the Fiore region. We'll be spending two weeks at training camp, then we'll receive our Fiore license and get to work. After that, I don't really know, honey."

Addie's father smiled, a bit sadly down at his daughter, and his morose expression was almost too much for her to bear. She quickly looked away as her eyes began to fill to the brim with tears, and then inhaled a deep breath of air, hoping that it would help her settle down. Her attempt failed though, and her cheeks only reddened as the tears began to splash down her cheeks.

"Oh, honey.." Her father murmured, wrapping his strong arms around her thin body.

"Vee?" Aryan questioned, concerned, again jumping up to begin licking at her face.

"No, dad. I'm fine. I'll be alright." Addie responded, feeling somewhat embarrassed as she pushed away from him.

"I'm sixteen, now. It's high time I started my own journey.. and me and Aryan caught some new friends. Right, Aryan?"

"Eeeeeeve!" Aryan chirped excitedly, pushing off from Addie's shoulder and lauching himself high into the air. He landed back down upon his trainer's bare shoulder, just in time as the Ballon finally made contact with solid land.

"Veee!" Aryan squealed, leaping again from Addie's shoulder, tumbling head over heels out of the basket and into the lush grass. Addie couldn't help but giggle as Aryan immediately popped back up, jumping back in obvious surprise as he realized that the grass was taller than he was.

"Just make sure that you actually make some friends, if you know what I mean." Addie's dad continued, helping her out of the basket.

"Not every friend you'll meet in life can be won over with a hard battle and a pokeball. Promise me that you'll take the opportunity to make some friends.. of the human variety."

"I promise, dad." Addie grumbled, lifting her backpack and slinging it over her thin shoulder. Her father raised an eyebrow, but said nothing else.

"Good." He replied simply. "That's what I like to hear. You won't have anyone telling you what to do anymore, Addie. It's going to be just you and Aryan looking out for each other now."

"I know, dad. I know." Addie responded, flashing him a reassuring smile as she waved, and then turned away from him, beginning to walk in the direction of the Laboratory.

"I'll take good care of him, okay? Don't worry about us."

Addie's dad nodded, waggling a finger down at the Eevee as well.

"You take care of Addie too, Ary. You hear me? Don't let her get too touchy-feely with any boys."

"Dad!" Addie hissed, her face darkening to a deep shade of beet red as a boy on a Flygon flew by directly overhead the Balloon. Her father laughed.

"I love you, baby girl. And i'm proud of you for finally deciding to go on your own adventure. You know where to call if you need me."

"I know, dad.." Addie responded, her golden eyes again shining with tears as slowly, she began waving at him. The hot-air balloon had again begun to ascend.

"I love you too! Bye, Squirtle! Keep my dad safe!"

"Squirt!" The tiny Turtle called out in response, jumping up upon her dad's shoulder and waving down at her. Addie stood motionless, waving as the Balloon drifted further and further away from her, until it was nothing more than just a tiny speck in the sky. And even after it was a speck no longer, Addie continued waving, tears rolling down her pale face. To anyone in sight, Addie knew that she probably looked completely senile, but she didn't care.

"It's not a goodbye.." She told herself, drawing in a deep, slow breath in an attempt to get herself back together.

"More like a 'See you later'"

"Vee?!" Aryan cried out in worry, noting his trainer's obvious distress as he fought his way through the tangle of grass to reach her side. Addie turned her gaze away from the sky, kneeling down to run a delicate hand through his soft, brown fur.

"Ready, Aryan?" She asked, sniffling once and through her tears managing to flash him a half-hearted smile.

"Let's go meet Professor Willow! She's waiting for us!"

Addie began to walk in the direction of the Laboratory, which was only a couple of yards away from her, coincidentally. Addie's head hung low, her gaze dragging the ground. Her face was a bright crimson red, as she realized that anyone and everyone inside the Laboratory must have seen her rather embarrassing display. Her head jerked up as Aryan zoomed past her, darting at a flock of Pidgey who stood before them, placidly grooming one another and pecking calmly at the ground.

"Aryan.." Addie muttered darkly, shaking her head as she raced after him.

"Aryan, don't! Leave them alone!"

As Aryan continued racing through the flock, yipping excitedly, nipping at the wings of the docile birds. Thankfully, every Pidgey managed to take flight before the Eevee could get ahold of them, and before Addie knew it, the duo had reached the door of Professor Willow's Laboratory. Addie scooped up Aryan, her brow furrowing as sternly, she frowned at him. As Professor Willow approached the door, she raised an eyebrow curiously as a conversation was audible from just outside.

"Aryan, listen to me, you cannot chase the Pidgeys! You could've seriously hurt one of them! Or one of them could have have seriously hurt you! You may be fast, but in case you haven't noticed, you're not very strong..." An obviously infuriated teenage girl, from the waythe voice sounded.

"Vee.." Now the voice of an Eevee.

"No, I know it's fun! But that doesn't mean you can just run off and do it anytime you want!"

"Excuse me?" The Professor laughed, opening the door and taking in the sight of a petite platinum-haired girl who looked much younger than what she sounded, and her Eevee, who sat sheepishly in her arms.

"I'm Professor Willow.." She introduced herself, extending an arm as she cocked up an eyebrow.

"I'm Addie, and this is Aryan, my Eevee as you can tell! Who is currently in trouble for chasing off a flock of Pidgeys. Were those your Pidgeys, by the way? If so, i'm so sorry! I'll go help you look for them, if you want.

"No, no!" The Professor laughed, caught off-guard as she suddenly realized that this seemingly young girl wasn't from around here. If she was, she would have known that Professor Willow didn't let her pokemon run wild, they had their own virtual environment to wander around in just indside the lab.

"All of my pokemon are kept inside.. Why don't you come in, Addison? I mean, Addie. The others are waiting. And you can bring Aryan too, of course."

Wow.. She keeps them all inside the Lab? It must get pretty chaotic in there. And what about the ones who have to stay in water? Addie's inqusitive mind was already putting itself to work as silently she followed the Professor inside her Laboratory. She and Aryan exchanged glances as they stepped inside, and both immediately froze up when they were greeted by a rather large mass of other trainers.

June 9th, 2008, 6:09 PM
Rin fell silent for a moment and opened her eyes to see more trainers coming through the door one caught her attention though.She had been apprently chased by a flock of pidgey and looked rather frozen stiff that she was in a room fool of other trainers. Rin sighed and said

"Just another begginning trainer.." Rins eyes drifted across the room. She looked at a nearby trainer who had a dragonair out and she smirked but her gaze drifted back to the girl who was frozen stiff among the crowd of trainers.

"If your gonna freeze up then don't make a fool of yourself." Rin said to the frozen girl and smirking.

She lifted herself up off the wall and walked over to Addie. "Your new to the pokemon journey aren't you?"Rin said to Addie coldly.

"In any case..if your new or not..it doesn't matter. I don't care about some new trainer like you your not worth my time." Rin said coldly and smirked again and returned back to leaning against the wall.

"Now Rin..I bet she just doesn't like big crowds.." Proffesser Willow said making an assumption by the way Addie froze up.

"Save your advice for someone who cares." Rin said coldly to the Proffesser trying to make her mad.

"Now Rin.." Proffesser Willow said to Rin once more.

"I said save your advice for someone who cares." Rin said to her once more as a teddiursa came out of its pokeball with a slight yawn.

"Oh Teddiursa your awake." Rin said looking down at the tiny bear pokemon.

"Teddi Teddiursa!" Teddiursa replied happily and otioned that it wanted to be held. Rin picked up the Teddiursa and began petting it gently which the Teddiursa was content with.

June 9th, 2008, 8:03 PM
"I am so sleepy today. I wish we could have had some breakfast before I ran out the door. No matter I have to get to Pallet Town in two shakes of a lamb's tail." Kazu said as he yawned. He was really tired and his stomach was growling. His Pokemon were inside their Pokeballs resting up. They had just completed their combinations and were resting for their trip. He fell on the ground after he couldn't block out the growling of his stomach. Kazu got up, but just couldn't find the strength to walk. As he felt his legs ready to snap, a group of Tauros came rushing by him. They were all out of control and Kazu felt he needed to stop them.

"Alright Burst and Spiner, time to run the show!" he threw his Pokeballs and from the sphere came a white light followed by a ball of fire. The next Pokeball had only stars come out then form into an Ambipom. Chimchar emerged from the fire and returned to her owner's shoulder. "I need you to use Flamethrower on the Tauros. Spiner, use Shockwave to try and paralyze them." Kazu ordered while pointing at the targets. Chimchar and Ambipom jumped into the air. Fire shot from the Chimchar's mouth anhd created a line to stop the Tauros in front. Ambipom followed up by using Shockwave on the Tauros, which did paralyze them.

As Kazu stood with his victory pose ready a young girl came and hit him with a frying pan. "Kazu, you idiot those Tauros belonged to me." it was Cy, Kazu's cousin. "What are you doing here, Kazu?" "Looking for a ride to Pallet Town. Can I borrow one of your Tauros?" "Alright, but you better send it back as soon as you get there." "You can count on me." Kazu got on the bovine's back and began his journey to Pallet Town. The trip took quite a while and he was getting hungry. He even tried biting Tauros, but found himself stomped into the ground. After a lot of travel time Kazu had arrived in Pallet town.

First, he returned Tauros to his Pokeball, then walked to the lab. He was so hungry and tired he barely realized the poster on the wall. He walked in, since the door was unlocked, and stumbled upon a group of trainers and a woman. The woman was wearing a lab coat and so Kazu concluded she was rather chemistry teacher or Professor Willow. The Professor walked up to him and exteneded her hand. Kazu checked his heart and then his pulse. "I'm surprised at this development." he thought to himself. "My name is Professor Willow and you must be Kazu, the flirt." "You bet your dear Aunt Sally I am." Kazu shook her hand and immediately let go. He had caught sight of some fine young female trainer and rushed over to the girl holding the Teddiursa. Somehow his hungry had vanished after seeing the cute girl. He went up to her, "Oh my God," he poked her on the shoulder, "I didn't know you existed outside of my dreams." Kazu dropped down on one knee and extened a random rose to her. "I know it's too soon, but before some steals you away. Will you be mine till the end of time?"

June 9th, 2008, 8:42 PM
Rin stood there for a mere second. She looked at the man who had just bowed before her and was admiring her saying "Oh my god I didn't know you existed outside my dreams!" and other such things. Rin gave an angry twitch and stood there for a second letting out a slight cough. Teddiursa began to growl and gave out a slight "ursa.." and glared at the man who had bowed before her.

Rin stood there. Her pink eyes quickly scanned the man. Rin closed her eyes and gave out a slight chuckle through a cough.

"Pssh..I know people like you.. You think you can win me over with petty compliments.. then dump me later when I don't do something right..Hah! People like you make me laugh!" Rin said sarcastically and coughed again.

"Besides why would I want to date. Its nothing but hurt in the end anyway!" Rin held teddiursa very close. As she laughed some of her neck was revealed showing some scarring but she pulled it up quickly.

"All kinds of love are nothing but trouble!" She scoffed back and then turning back to him. "Your a flirt right? wanting to get all the ladies..well.." Rin cut off her sentence and slapped him hard enough to make a red mark.

"Take that Mr.Flirt.." Rin smirked as she leaned against the wall.SHe was feeling dizzy again and closed her eyes still clutching the Teddiursa who was a little bit worried about her. Somehow insticitively a dragonite came out of a pokeball that she had and glared at Kazu. It stood there guarding her, and it would till kazu would stop talking to her.

"Dragonite enough..He's just a boy..He's not worth our time." Rin said returning the dragonite to its pokeball.

She glared down at Kazu and said to him. "Stay away from me or next time you'll more then a slap on the cheek."

June 9th, 2008, 9:06 PM
Kazu looked up from his knees and saw that the girl, like the others, wasn't impressed. To show him that she wanted nothing to do with him she slapped him on the cheek. The slap was so hard Kazu could fell his cheek burning red with pain. He lyed there for a few moments and saw a Dragonite looking down. He knew that his flirting ways would get him killed. He closed his eyes and waited for the worst, but nothing happened. The sound of a Pokemon returning to it's Pokeball was heard and Kazu looked up. The girl was leaning on the wall and giving him the glare to leave, or he would have to worry about more than a slap on the cheek. Kazu immediately sprung up and ran to the other corner of the room. He searched around the room again and saw a girl holding an Eevee.

He jumped at this opportunity, "Excuse me, but is it hot in here or is that just you?" Kazu said again on one knee with yet another random rose. He could feel something watching him as he stood on that knee and he looked up to see the Eevee was not so happy. "Come on, are all little Pokemon so protective these days? I just want a nice wife, three kids, and a big house. How can anyone expect me to find a nice wife if I don't look around." Kazu thought while the Eevee stared daggers into his heart. "This going to get bad before it gets better." Kazu's face started to prepare for yet another powerful slap and another big Pokemon staring him down.

As he was about to continue his charm attack, his Pokemon came out. Burts and Spiner grabbed him and pulled him away from the girl to a dark corner. The two monkey Pokemon began to yell as they ordered Kazu to take a time out. They reminded him he was there for a serious mission and not for a flirting party. "You two always ruin my fun, because you act like my sisters or something." Burst and Spiner took offense and began to charge their attacks. Professor Willow finally stepped in, "If any of you break this lab, then I expect you to pay for it." the two Pokemon stopped, but refused to return to their Pokeballs. Kazu stood in the corner crying over how he was missing an opportunity to flirt.

June 9th, 2008, 9:27 PM
Jemima watched the exchange between the thin, pale girl and the short boy with dark hair; she found it mildly amusing, but not enough to detract from her increasing boredom. She looked around at the trainers that were also invited by Professor Willow to her lab, only two of the boys appealed to her. One was the tall blonde, but his looks were ruined by wearing a hat, who wears a hat anyways? Jemima asked herself; and the short boy carrying a laptop, he was obviously too young for her, but Jemima was appreciating the fact he was eyeing her. She liked attention, especially from boys.

Boys, boys, boys, she chanted in her head. For a split second Jemima regretted breaking up with her most recent boyfriend Rick, he was tall, tan and blonde, but Jemima knew she couldn’t stay faithful. Her motto was out of sight, out of mind, and she really disliked breaking boys hearts.

Jemima noticed that the short boy with dark hair who had been flirting with the thin, pale girl had moved onto a tiny girl with white-blonde hair, clutching an Eevee. Jemima rolled her eyes on behalf of the girl, the boy was clearly desperate for any female attention and no girl liked to be anyone’s second choice. Jemima turned her attention to the pictures on the walls of the lab. Many of them were legendary Pokemon she’d noticed, most of which she had learnt about at school. Pokemon history was Jemima’s favourite subject, alongside with sport. She noticed the young boy with a laptop inspecting the posters too, with keen interest.

“They’re all so amazing, aren’t they?” Jemima stated, staring at the picture of the Pokemon known as Dialga. The boy nodded and Duskull hovered anxiously by her side, out of the corner of her eye she could see the lake by the side of the lab. Knowing no one would notice her absence she slipped out the side door, Duskull following her and ran to the waters edge. Jemima slipped off her thongs and sat onto the soft, spongy grass, dipping her long tan legs into the clear, cool water.

Jemima sighed “This is the life,” and fell back onto the grass, dozing lightly, waiting for everyone else to arrive.

June 10th, 2008, 1:32 AM
Jacob had been standing near the opposite wall since arriving, Jewel curled up on the floor to catch some more rest for whatever was going to happen here in Pallet Town. Keeping his sunglasses on, Jacob continued to watch everything that had unfolded in the lab and he was very entertained my Rin and Kazu's scene, Kazu himself being equally hilarious.

Jacob looked down at Jewel, her body moving slightly to show she was breathing, and cracked a small smile, but then returned his gaze to the other trainers. The one named Jemima had made a comment about all the posters on the walls, them beings of the Legendary pokemon. Being a lover of female pokemon, Jacob's favorite legendarys had always been Mew and Cresselia.

Jacob decided he was going to go let his other Pokemon get some fresh air, they had been cramped up in their Pokeballs since he had made his journey, that of course is minus Draiga, his flygon.

"Jewel, just because we have limited space, I'm returning you to your pokeball to let everyone else catch some fresh air. You can continue sleeping in your pokeball."

The Dragonair opened one of its eyes and then sat up slowly, a yawn escaping her mouth as she nodded in understanding. And with that Jacob pulled the pokeball off his necklace and returned her back up near his heart.

Now who to let out first, Twiggs and Aroma are the smallest ones and Serenity is the largest. Just because of the limited space, I'll let Twiggs and Aroma have their air for now and bring out Serenity later. So after pondering, Jacob reached onto his belt and produced two pokeballs similtaneuously.

"Come say hello to everyone, Twiggs and Aroma," and Jacob pushed the two buttons on the pokeballs and two flashes of white light shot from them and hit the ground in front of him. Mere seconds later his Leafeon and Roselia stood in front of him, glancing around at the new location and became instantly curious.

"Feel free to roam around, just don't break anything or I'll make you battle trainers until we get the money back," threatened Jacob kiddingly. Both Aroma and Twiggs glanced at each other, both realizing they better be careful with where they stepped. It was then that Twiggs noticed the Eevee in Jemima's arms and she quickly made her way over and nudged Jemima's leg, looking up at her and the Eevee, and gave a smile.

Aroma hadn't found anyone interesting enough to go say hi to alone, so should stood next to Jacob and mimiced his pose of standing next the the wall. Aroma had never been one to take her own adventures, and prefered to go wherever Jacob pleased.

"You really are no fun Aroma, but since you don't want to roam on alone we will go say hi to that girl over there," and Jacob pointed to Rin. Slowly he made his way over and then stopped just short of Rin's arm distance, he had no intention of being slapped by this rambunxious(sp?) girl. "Hey there, it seems you've had lots of interesting encounters since arriving."

June 10th, 2008, 4:24 AM
Candice hummed a tune to herself, the wind running through her hair and blowing against her whole form. She sat on the large blue body, legs dangling precariously out from either sides of her Mantine. However, the young female didn't seem the slightest bit fazed by the fact, as they flew over the region of Kanto, towards their destination located in one far corner, near the sea. Passing by Cinnabar Island, the girl knew that she was drawing nearer and nearer to her goal. Hands gripping tightly onto the neck of her faithful Iara. The Flying type yawned loudly, blinking her eyes as she focused on the approaching town in the distance. Small, blurry shapes planted to the grassy ground represented the tiny buildings located in Pallet. The biggest block of all, being that of Professor Willow's large lab. Upon seeing the wondrous sight of such a simple town with no large skyscrapers and comforting greenery, Candice couldn't resist the urge to squeal loudly from atop her Pokemon. Releasing her hands and waving them franticly in the air as the duo began their descent to the lab. The Mantine croaked in a worried voice, an anxious look upon her face.

"Mantine! Man!"

"Haha, I won't fall, don't worry so much, Iara!" Candice chuckled lightly, incredibly tempted to stand up on the Water type's back. She decided against this, rooting her hands back onto the Mantine as they gracefully descended somewhere near Professor Willow's lab. The girl leaped off Iara, immediately recalling her back into her respective Pokeball in a scarlet flash of light, accepting the fact that the Flying Pokemon really did deserve a decent rest. She quickly summoned another companion to accompany her into the lab, her choice being a bubbly, tiny creature with two large lights growing from her blue head. The Chinchou blinked her yellow eyes, gazing curiously up to her trainer. Candice gestured for the young Pokemon to jump into her embrace, and that was what Orah did, releasing a delighted "CHIN~!" as she did so.

Upon entering the area where all the other selected trainers had gathered, she saw one woman of tall stature, clad in a white lab coat, her long, shiny hair pulled back and tied. The beautiful lady opened the door of the lab, welcoming Candice into the sheltered room.

"You're Professor Willow, ya?" Candice inquired, a blank look on her face.

The older female nodded, a soft smile upon her features. The girl flashed a toothy grin in reply, skipping merrily into the room and waving one hand high over her head, as if to announce her arrival. Already, many people had reached the lab before her, the sixteen-year old counted silently in her mind - Five boys, and three girls, as well as their respective Pokemon. Most of them were deep in conversation; one particular boy looked as if he was sobbing to himself in one tiny corner of the lab. Candice smiled sheepishly, hugging her Chinchou in her arms as she waited for someone to approach her. The girl found that it would seem easier for a person to confront her, rather than the other way around.

June 10th, 2008, 4:55 AM
Still waiting for Rins response, Jacob turned and looked at the newest arrival, a young girl around the age of 15 or 16, he guessed, holding a Chinchou that seemed pleasantly happy. He glanced in the direction of Kazu, wondering if he was going to try and break free from his pokemon, and react as he did with the other two girls. Jacob smiled at the thought of this, something he rarely did, as a mental picture of the new arrival stomping him into the ground.

Aroma had noticed the smile, then gave a confused look as to why. She couldn't help but wonder what was going through his mind, and decided to grab his attention by using a small Leaf Storm. The leaf storm blasted him in his face, after finishing an evil look appeared on his face, it slowly turning towards Aroma's direction with fire in his eyes.

"No excuse me Aroma, but next time you want my attention you can always tap my leg!" Jacob was pretending to be angry, he always loved to tease his pokemon. Aroma gave a tiny cry and had the saddest look on her face. It was then that Jacob starting laughing allowed, not being able to control himself any longer. "I was just teasing you, as always, Aroma." Jacob smiled and then turned to Rin, still waiting for her response.

June 10th, 2008, 6:03 AM
Rin looked around and saw another person talking to her. "Yes it appears I have.." She replied as the teddiursa began to growl again.

"Ursa..teddi..teddiursa!" Teddiursa growled at Jacob.

"Sh..teddiursa." Rin said petting the teddiursa.

"I'm not one who likes to be flirted with..." Rin replied to Jacob, as she looked at him.

"I just...don't like having people around me.." Rin admitted to Jacob quietly. Not wanting to go into that matter she quickly changed the subject saying.

"I saw you dragnair...I remember when I had a dragnair..but it evolved.." Rin said to Jacob trying not to sound saracastic, or trying not to smirk because Jacob had said nothing to upset her or anything of that sort, she felt rather guilty the way she had cruelly replied to the the young women who entered recently.

"Anyway..You seem really interested in those legendary pokemon..are those your favorite?" Rin asked him curiously.

June 10th, 2008, 6:19 AM
(OOC:Its getting harder and harder to respond, it'd be pretty awesome if other people joined in again!)

"Yes I am interested in the Legendary pokemon, but my favorite ones are Mew and Cresslia. I don't know if have guessed by now, but I train only female pokemon." It was then that Jacob pointed out how all of his pokemon seen, so far, were female. Jacob turned his attention to the Teddiursa, so protective of its trainer and very admirable. Jacob reached into his pocket and pulled out a small handful of pokefood, leaving it in his palm he helf it clost to Teddiursa.

"If you would like some little one, you are more than welcome to take it. I am here only to make friends, it seems we will all be working together or for the same goal, so its a wise decision to find someone to trust." Jacob gave a half smile, trying to show to both Rin and the small pokemon he was there to be kind.

Aroma had watched the entire scene, it had secretly been ready to counter attacked the Teddiursa might have launched had Rin told to to be quiet. Aroma decided to run off to find Twiggs, and joined her along side Jemima and her Eevee.

June 10th, 2008, 9:38 AM
Isaac stood in the middle of the room, tapping his leg consistently out of frustration. First I am called to a town with nothing in it and now I am forced to sit here. Stupid adults being all high and mighty. I hate when they try to control me. The only good thing was the mild entertainment that the others provided. The one guy, who seemed to be from the ranching parts of the world, was constantly talking to the girls begging for marriage or something. The kid was slapped right across the face by a pale girl who seemed as she had her period or something. "Heh..." Isaac chuckled. She reminds of my ex from Rustboro and that was the reason our little fling lasted all of a week. Isaac thought to himself. The kid staring at the poster seemed out of place and the fact he held a large bag that likely held some device, possibly a computer, gave Issac the impression that he was a total geek. Nerds and rookies. This place is a melting pot of inexperience. The rest of the men didn't make Isaac impressed or they simply fell under the radar. Most appeared to be rookies or at least trainers Isaac could probably beat in a manner of a few seconds, even with his weakest pokemon.

The girls, however, Isaac kind of cared about and actually bothered to notice from his position in the middle of the room. As mentioned before, the pale girl reminded him of a relationship was better left in the past and never brought up again. The one girl who briefly talked to the geek had apparantly disappeared. Shame, I was going to try to get her number. Stupid nerd must of scared her or she got impatient. The girl with the eevee seemed busy with the ranch kid which left one open target.

The only individual who interested Isaac who wasn't being a total geek staring at a run down poster, slapping uneducated ranch kids or being a ghost and vanish was standing holding some water pokemon Isaac failed to recognize, which apparently had Xs for eyes and antennas coming out of his head. It appeared as if a fish had ate a bug and as a result fused together. She appeared to be tall and fairly skinny and much like Isaac bored. Isaac removed himself from his angry position, stuck his hands in his pockets and causally walked over to her. The girl held her pokemon and eventually noticed him as Isaac was a few feet away.

"Hey, name's Isaac. You seem kind of bored, much like myself. So...what's your name?" Isaac said. He tried his hardest not to sound cocky or disrespectful, which his unrefined personality was a bit of challenge. Issac tended to treat girls with a slightly larger amount of respect, especially with his first impression. Isaac simply looked at the girl with a bit of a smile on his face. Not a big toothy grin, but a casual smile as he tried to make friends.

June 10th, 2008, 10:15 AM
Hand still outstretched towards Rin's Teddiursa, Jacob stared at the new boy that walked over. Apparently, to this boy, he had turned invisible and was not even anywhere near him and Rin. Most likely, just like Kuza, he was trying to flirt with Rin, and it was because of this thought that Jacob smiled yet again.

He thought to himself, This will definitely be amusing to watch and hopefully he'll get slapped in the face aswell, especially since he felt the need to act as if I didn't exist. Jacob kept his hand extended, not wishing to anger the little Teddiurse still nesteled snuggly in Rin's arms.

Twiggs and Aroma had noticed the presence of the other fellow and immediately walked over to Jacob and stood by side, Twiggs letting out a growl at the boy to let him know that he had angered her. Aroma looked him up and down, sitting there pondering whether or not to unleash a magical leaf attack on him as revenge for the "attack" on her trainer.

"Easy you two, don't do anything drastic," said Jacob as he saw Professor Willow give him a look that said, if you break my stuff I'll break your face.

June 10th, 2008, 2:33 PM
Teddiursa gladly took the the food and bean eating it. "Teddi..eddiursa" It yelped and had a big smile on its face and loved the food. in stared and appeared surprised.

"Wow thats the first time I;ve actually seen Teddiursa eat from someone elses hand.. Thats pretty amazing..." Rin said petting her teddiursa She looked around and saw Isaac who had appeared to try and talk to someone she turned back to Jacob though more interested in what he was saying.

"So you train all females huh..Thays cool I guess..And you like Mew and Cresselia?" Rin looked at him before saying something again. "Well I'm a fan of mew too I guess..but the one that amazes me the most is Ho-oh..I would love to see its rainbow feathers.." Rin said to Jacob bu with a slight cough again.

Teddiursa looked up her and and was seemingly worried" Teddiursa..Teddi!"

"Its okay Teddiursa i'm fine..Its not as bad as other days. " Rin said petting her Teddiursa.

"Teddiursa?" Teddiursa said still a little bit worried.

"I'm fine Teddiursa..Its not big deal.." Rin said turning her attention back to Jacob.

"I'm sorry but i need to get some fresh air.." She apologized to Jacob and left the lab to see if she could get rid of her lingering dizzyness. She found a lkae outside the lab and sure enough another girl was sitting there with some type of ghost pokemon but Rin didn't give it much thought and continued to the lake and sat near the edge. Teddiursa hopped out of her hands and sniffed the lake because Teddiursa had never seen a like before.

"Teddiursa..its okay its just a lake.." Rin mumbled to Teddiursa.

"Teddi?" Teddiursa asked.

"Yes a lake..is a hole basically filled with water.." Rin said to Teddiursa patting it on the head.

"Teddiursa!" The bear pokemon laughed as it put its feet into the water.

"You wanan swim do ya?" Rin mumbled and picked up her Teddiursa and put in shallow water where the Teddiursa splashed around for a few moments and asked Rin to join her, but Rin was in her own personal thoughts.

She thought of how Jacob had been so nice to her..Did she really deserve that? Or was he just fooling her? Rin kept thinking these thoughts and she only came to one conclusion. That she didn't deserve any kindness. Her thoughts raced back to a time was little and the utter horror she experienced. "Mommy..Daddy..don't get angry please.." Rin mumbled as she tucked her head into her knees and Teddiursa got out of the water and ran to hug her. Rin let out no tears not even a slight sob, she just stood there looking at the water..and hoping to see some good thing about her..Something that would make her feel worthy to live.

"Teddiursa?" Teddiursa asked with a sigh and hugged her.

As Rin stared at the lake..all she saw were her own flaws..her own imperfections...her own faults..everything she had done wrong..She couldn't find anything to make her feel happy with herself. Nothing she felt was happiness. Only mere hatred,sadness,and guilt for herself. She felt she wasn't worthy to live.

Rin did no response. She knew that she was close to crying. She knew everything that her parents said to her were true. That she was useless and would never be able to become anything. Only hurtful things came to her if she tried to find something good about herself.

"Teddiursa!" Teddiursa replied hugging her and Rin picked up the Tiny bear pokemon and held it close like a child clinging to a stuff Teddiursa when they were scared.

"Teddiursa..Thank you.." Rin said smiling at her Teddiursa as she cuddled it and looked at the water which sway back and forth once more. A slow breeze began to blow and Rin felt the calming effects. She knew that Jacob had been kind to her because he wanted to be her friend or something along those lines but Rin didn't need friends. She wanted to keep her pain to herself and not share it with anyone.

"Ursa?" Teddiursa said as it was being cuddled.

June 10th, 2008, 3:16 PM
Bobby watched the flirting going on between some of the people that just arrived. "Heh, since she's not really doing anything might as well take a nap!" Bobby pulled his goggles over his eyes and set them to night mode, and he started to fall asleep against the wall.

Suddenly Feraligatr bursted out of his Pokeball and lifted Bobby in the air waking him up. Bobby snapped awake. He looked down at his old friend who gave him a look that said "Go over there and introduce yourself!"

"Allright, allright! I'll go mom!" Bobby said with a smile. He knew Feralgiatr was just doing that to make sure he would have friends in Kanto.

Bobby stretched his arms back making them back. He was worried the other people wouldn't accept him. He walked over to a group of them. There were two boys and one girl.

One of the guys had a Roselia and a Leafeon about him, and they growled as Bobby drew close. The other guy looked like a punk. "Better watch out for him..." Bobby said in his head.

The girl however was pretty, if not withdrawn. She was playing with her Teddirusa in the pool nearby. Bobby noticed that Feraligatr went into the pool. "For once don't try to scare the poor thing..." Bobby muttered.

When he saw the others looking at him he put his arm on his shoulder and started rubbing it. "Uh, he he my names Bobby..." he said nervously

June 10th, 2008, 3:43 PM
The girl tried to stifle her laughter as she saw an Eevee-like Pokemon launching a playful attack at her trainer, a young male. The Leafeon was a new species of Eevee evolution for her, she had only seen five of them with her own eyes before, and had overhead once that there were two more had been discovered in a neighbouring region. Aroma was one of them. Candice turned away from the adorable creature as she heard footsteps approaching, her face lighting up the instant she saw that someone was closing the distance between her and the others. It was one of the young men, this one, however, had not belonged particularly anywhere in the conversations when she had arrived.

His eyes hid behind his blonde hair, giving her a hard time figuring out what exactly where their colour. With a strong frame and a neat hat to top off the look, Isaac looked like a decent person indeed. One might even suggest the word 'handsome' or 'cool'. Candice produced a sincere smile the moment the older male started talking to her. That was right; he seemed a fair bit more mature than a small portion of the people. The girl slowly realised that everyone seemed to range between the ages of sixteen to nineteen. She had to conceal a frown, wondering that, with such a large gaggle of teenagers nearing adulthood, would they consider having fun and playing games? In fact, she noticed that Isaac was one of the oldest. She stared intently at the tall male who had positioned himself in front of her, completely forgetting that he had posed her a question about her name and launching an entirely different inquiry on her own accord.

"Do you like to play Hide-and-Seek?"

June 10th, 2008, 3:51 PM
Jacob had watched as Rin left, turning towards the boy who had ignored him and glaring for a few moments, and was then distracted by the arrival of another boy, his Feraligatr creeping in the backround, and made an attempt to talk to Rin, but failed as she had walked away. Twiggs and Aroma had begun to growl at the second boy, adn Jacob returned them to their pokeballs before they caused anymore problems. So Jacob decided it was time to let Serenity out, and he tossed her pokeball into the air, the white light flashing and the shape of a Milotic forming.

"Why hello there my friend, how are we doing?" Serenity just stared at Jacob as if he had gown an Ambipoms two tails, and then began smelling the air. With each sniff, Serenity began to recognize the scent of a small pond, possibily a lake, and began rushing out the door to find it. "Ugh..just like her to run off when I want to have a conversation." Glancing one more time at the two boys, Jacob made his way after Serenity, coincidently being the same direction Rin had taken mere moments before.

As he pushed through the door, making his way outside, Jacob saw as Serenity had leaped past the baby Teddiursa and Bobby's Feraligatr, who had apparently fled its trainer aswell. Jacob just place his hand on his head, hoping to go Serenity didn't splash Rin or the Teddiursa, it would be a grave mistake that she would NEVER forget. Jacob decided he better get over there just in case, atleast being in range to return her to her pokeball would save possible damage.

"I swear I am not following you Rin, but my water addicted Milotic, Serenity, just ran off the second I let her out. It so hard to control pokemon addictions now a days." Jacob gave a slight chuckle trying to carry a conversation, the one from earliar ending abruptly. "How's the cough? Is it any better? Nothing to serious I hope." Suddenly a huge splash of water rained down upon the three of them, Jacob looking at Serenity with an unpleasant face. She just looked at him like he was crazy Mankey being woken up.

June 10th, 2008, 3:55 PM
"Hide and seek eh? Depends on what variation you are speaking about?" Malic posed a return question. Unlike most kids, his childhood wasn't the most functional so fun little games were played often. However, he was lucky enough to know the basic rules. Of course, he modified the rules a bit when he ditched girls or escaped from the law in Hoenn.

The girl seemed to have to hard time reading him, probably because of his look. Aw crap, I forgot about my hat and hair. It might scare her a bit. "Excuse me for a bit." Isaac removed his winter cap and stuck it in his back pocket. He pushed the hair out of his face using a styling comb. Isaac's hair was fairly shiny and its blonde hue glowed despite the limited light that entered the room. The hair flowed to the side with great ease, so it became obvious that Isaac cared greatly for it and dedicated long hours of his life to make it was perfect as possible.

"Sorry about the hair. I had to learn to tame it since my parents never bothered to pay for a haircut. I wouldn't worry about lice or anything. I clean myself up frequently." Isaac laughed when he uttered the words attempting to sound cool. "Now to answer the question, instead of delaying with annoying questions or my own desire to look good. I find hide and seek is the best fun when hiding from evil ex-girlfriends or scary law enforcement officers who chase you because of the way you look." He said with a fairly big smile. He had hoped he said the right thing. He had honestly believed that she wanted to escape from the conversation by hiding and never coming back. So a feeling of fear of rejection overcame him, so a nervous chuckle was unintentionally released.

June 10th, 2008, 4:09 PM
Kazu was still in his corner and under the watch of Burst and Spiner. He was feeling a little down. The girl he was flirting with had accepted some background character. "I get a slap on the face, but he gets a hello. I was just trying to break the ice and make contact. That Eevee girl is kind of cute." he said as his Pokemon stood by his side. They had decided to let him out of the corner for good behavior. Kazu went to her, but then he turned around. He felt like he had lost the time to flirt, but he went to her anyway. "I'm sorry about that little interruption, but since I'm msuch a good boy I've been let out. Now I can spend my time with you. As a free man my first act of justice is to give you the greatsest date of your life." he returned to his one knee and random rose tactic. "So how about we go out after this meeting."

Burst let out a sweatdrop as she heard Kazu speak. Spiner was looking at the Eevee. It loved smaller Pokemon and it remembered her days as an Aipom. "Ambipom' said the little monkey to Kazu. "Yes, you were that adorable when you were little." Kazu patted her on the head. Spiner continued to stare at the Eevee. After she had started enough she started to pull on Kazu. "Spiner wants to know if Eevee will play with her. She loves to play since she evolved." Kazu waited for the girl to respond.

Burst got bored and jumped out the window. "Not again, I hope she isn't trying to run away." Kazu looked out the window and saw that Burst was lying outside enjoying the breeze. He smiled as he saw her relax in the sun. "That is my little Burst, ready to fight and always relaxed." as he felt his knee start to ache Kazu wondered if the girl would respond soon. He was really hoping not to take another slap attack. Then he looked across the room and saw another girl holding a Chinchou. "I wonder if she would attack me with Thunderbolt. Better stay away until I'm sure I won't be hurt."

June 10th, 2008, 4:18 PM
Candice was about to reply his first statement, about the variation of Hide and Seek, before the older male took off his hat and began to neaten his hair, after he had done so, it was easier for her to see his eyes. They were an emerald colour, and looked quite friendly and warm. The girl stood frozen for a few seconds, stunned by how he had managed to change his look so fast. As she regained the use of her body, she fingered her messy brown hair consciously, wondering if it seemed alright. The girl nodded as the nineteen-year old explained about his unkempt hair, though Candice kept it to herself that she had found no problem with it initially and currently. However, the moment he mentioned about ex-girlfriends and law enforcement officers, did she show him a puzzled expression.

She stared blankly as a bright smile appeared on Isaac's face, as it slowly clicked in her brain that what he said had been a joke. The girl burst out laughing a few seconds after he had finished his sentence, the Chinchou in her hands chuckling along with her. Orah smiled up at Isaac with a dreamy look, this was the first trainer who obliged to answer her quirky owner's questions with no hesitation. The Chinchou clapped her blue fins together with approval of the new friend made.

As Isaac produced a nervous chuckle, Candice gave him a genuine smile, "My name's Candice. Nice t'meet you."

June 10th, 2008, 4:39 PM
"It is a pleasure to meet you, Candice." Issac said in a relieved tone, letting out a sigh of comfort. Kind of a tale of irony here. The first girl that denied me was called Candice...or was it Betty. I can't remember. Isaac noticed the happy bug fish as it clapped its fins together after Isaac answered the question that probably deterred most people way.

"It seems your little pokemon buddy doesn't completely hate me. Isn't that right you little cute pokemon." Isaac leaned over to the pokemon and got in its face, making a few funny faces. The fish laughed or at least appeared to laugh before shocking Issac after smacking him with an antenna. The shock wasn't full force, but enough to make Isaac jump back and land on his lower body parts.

"I hope that's normal." Isaac said. He wasn't angry just surprised at the fact the seemingly happy pokemon "attacked him", in fact he found the shock a nice change of pace as it kept the waiting from becoming boring. Issac fixed himself up by rubbing any dirt off his clothing and tidying up his newfound hairstyle. He was still on the floor, partially paralyzed. I guess that was a little more powerful than I had first estimated.

June 11th, 2008, 6:35 AM
Rin flinched as she regained her compuse. A young man was behind her and said "Hi I'm Bobby Baker.."

Rin let out a slight sigh and teddiursa growled as seemingly to say "Get away from her she's mine!"

Rin looked at him and coughed a little bit. She examind the boy named "Bobby Baker"

"Well nice to meet you..I guess" Rin let out a sarcastic comment but before she could say anything more a milotic jumped into the bond and got her all went.

"Ah.." Rin mmbled looking at herself which is was entirely drenched in water and Teddiursa was drenched as well. Being a playful pokemon all Teddiursa did was laugh and fall back into the shallow water, Rin on other hand..Did not like being covered in water.
She began squeezing the loose water out of her hair and shirt.

"A milotic..who's miltic is that beofre I make dragonite give it a thunderbolt.." Rin said with an angry twitch forgetting all about Bobby Baker who could have gotten wet as well.

"I'm sorry Rin I'm not follwoing you I swere but Serenity ran off into the water and..its so hard to control pokemon addictions now a days" Jacob said with a slight chuckle trying to carry on a conversation. "Hows the cough is it better? I hope so!" Jacob said and slightly glared at his Milotic.

"I'm not happy about being wet..but I won't slap you like that other kid.. This was an accident..so I'll let it slide." Rin replied trying to calm his nervous.

"And actually no. My cough isn't better.. I've always been in weak health so me coughing is nothing serious. Sometimes its good sometimes it worse.. Its the reason why I have pale skin i guess..." Rin said to Jacob still trying to dry off, but Rin did find it rather humourous that the Milotic didn't listen to Jacob.

June 11th, 2008, 10:27 AM
Jacob continued to glare at Serenity, Serenity still looking at him because she wasn't afraid of her trainer, as he reached onto his belt, producing another pokeball. Serenity saw at and knew what was coming, but she was a very smart pokemon and wasn't going to let her trainer just put her away because he got wet.

"Milotic..Mil..Milo" yelled Serenity, mere seconds later unleashing a water gun attack and blasted Jacob right in his face. She laughed playfully and then dove down, deciding she was going to explode this small lake a bit more. She saw a few water pokemon, guessing they weren't wild and belonged to Professor Willow, and thenn continued on her mini journey.

Jacob just stood their, his expression being unpleasant, as he was soaking wet and dripping everywhere. Jacob realized why she had attacked, the pokeball still in his hand, and let out a laugh because she had assumed something she shouldn't have. Jacob was merely going to let Draiga out to use a tiny flamethrower to dry himself off.

Clicking the pokeballs button, Jacob's Flygon appearead, looked around, figuring it would be time to fly off on another adventure, but was sadly disappointed when Jacob shook his head no about flying. It was a very sad face, so Jacob walked over to Draiga and began petting her head gently, Draiga loving every second of it.

"Okay Draiga, lets use a small flamethrower to help dry me off. Serenity was being a little rambunxious again, you know how it goes." Draiga gave a slight yell, and then prouduced the smallest flamethrower she could, Jacob standing close as it began to dry himself.

It was then that Serenity poked her head out of the water, an evil scheme running around her head. So, with evil plan in mind, she swam closer to the edge and then splashed water onto Draiga's back.

"Flygon..Fly..gon" screeched Draiga not expecting the splash, accidently losing her focus on the flamethrower and causing it to become the normal sized attack. Jacob stood there, face covered in ashes and a small burn, merely a sunburn type of burn, and again glared at Serenity. Flygon was crying, feeling like it was her fault Jacob had been hurt, but then realized it was all Serenity's fault.

"Fly..gon..Flygon" she yelled, then she used a hyper beam attack on the water around Serenity, it disappearing in a cloud of steam. Serenity was confused at first, thinking that Draiga had missed, but then realized that the lake continue a few less inches of water, Serenity not being able to hide it in anymore. Serenity shruged and the made her way over to Jacob and Draiga.

"Well that's what you get for trying to be fresh" said Jacob, a finger waving around as she approached. "It time for you both to go back in your balls." So he quickly pulled their pokeballs out and called them back in, not ging Serenity a chance to run away again. "Maybe this will teach you to get me wet."

Jacob turned back to Rin, the distraction lasting about all of 5 or so minutes, and tried to pick up where they left off.

"I'm sorry to hear that, about your health. I'm also sorry for the splashing, and then the distraction of Serenity. She's not a baby anymore, but she tends to act like it occassionally." Jacob just gave a slight smile and then sat cross legged a few feet away from Rin, staring at the now slightly evaporated lake.

June 11th, 2008, 4:07 PM
Candice let out a loud, unrestrained laugh as her Chinchou shot Isaac back with a tiny Spark attack. The young Pokemon clearly didn't notice that she had harmed the young man in anyway, clapping her fins in a delighted manner, the two antennas above her head flashing brightly with zest. Orah chuckled and giggled along with her trainer, before giving Isaac the most adorable look she could muster within herself, blinking her yellow eyes cutely and cooing in her soft voice. It was as if the tiny little Electric type wanted to continue playing the 'game' she and Isaac had accidentally stumbled upon. Her trainer shook her head, chuckling and sighing at the same time.

"I hope that's normal."

"It really is, Orah gets too excited sometimes, and doesn't know her own strength." Candice replied, hugging her Chinchou close to her cheek. The Electric type cried with joy, relished every moment of it, snuggling close to her beloved owner in response. Now, it just didn't seem possible that she had just unleashed an unintentional attack. The young girl noticed her newfound friend still sitting upon the floor, sprucing himself up. Candice smiled sweetly, once again, incredibly happy that the older male had proved her wrong, showing her that he was rather fun to be with. The female held out a hand towards him in assist.

"Let me help you up."

June 11th, 2008, 5:08 PM
"Heh. Thanks." Isaac took the help without hesitation or thought. He struggled to grab her hand despite his body's resistance to move. The electricity that rushed through his system was a tough opponent, but one that Isaac could overcome through determination. Upon grabbing her hand, Isaac made sure to be gentle. Lacking the knowledge of her strength or ability, he was unsure of how much weight she could handle. Eventually, Candice and Isaac managed to muster the ability of getting Isaac's paralyzed body off the ground.

"Nice to know you two enjoyed my electrifying display of pain." Isaac made sure to laugh a bit to make the statement not to sound rude or anything like that. He didn't want to outright hurt her emotionally as he caused enough pain to his long list of girlfriends. He never had a stable relationship and he never dated twice, mostly because the girl ended up wanting to murder him due to some reason.

"So Candice...where did you get the name Orah? Sounds a bit unique. I definitely couldn't think of a good one like that, and that's probably why I don't nickname my pokemon." Isaac placed his hand behind his head and laughed upon the conclusion of his statement. (OOC: Very anime-ish) A hint of honest curiosity was in his voice as he spoke. After his laughter, Isaac returned to normal yet ironically warm smirk while he looked into Candice's face.

June 11th, 2008, 7:03 PM
After hoisting the male up, Candice laughed along with Isaac's comment about pain, as did the excited Chinchou in her arms. Orah seemed incredibly enthusiastic, probably getting the same vibes from her trainer. The Electric type wriggled her fins, struggling out of Candice's arms and began circling the two humans. The girl chuckled for the third - or was it fourth - time since she had entered Professor Willow's lab. Inwardly, she was giving the young adult an approved nod of the head; she had chosen a group of appropriate people to invite over. Orah glanced up as Isaac mentioned her name, cocking her head to the side with curiosity.

Candice produced a blank stare as the older male placed his hand behind his head, "You don't? Giving nicknames to Pokemon is like... giving them their identity." she said in a saddened tone, collecting her Chinchou in her arms before returning her gaze to Isaac. In Cianwood, a large number of the people had nicknamed their Pokemon, excluding the Gym Leader of the island, Chuck. He had to hold his professional name in check, and decided against giving his Poliwrath any potentially embarrassing nickname.

"Orah... means light, I learned about it from a book, if I remember clearly." Candice replied, recalling how she had come up with the Chinchou's pet name. After claiming the Electric Type as her own so many years ago, on their first meeting, little Orah wasn't as comfortable with the idea of being someone's Pokemon. She released a violent Spark attack in retaliation. It was beautifully blinding and astounded the girl a great deal. Immediately upon returning home, she began a short research to determine the interesting Pokemon's new name.

June 11th, 2008, 7:36 PM
"Light....that makes sense then. At least you didn't call him Sparky or something unoriginal like that. Orah suits the little fishy." Isaac said in a fairly cheery tone. "I would give them nicknames but....well....," he blushed a bit as he was embarrassed about something during his pause that lasted roughly a minute. It seemed as if he was trying to gather his thoughts so whatever he was about to say wouldn't come out awkward, "I don't have a great imagination so I have really bad with nicknames. Also, I am a battler so nicknames may ruin my whole punk image if I call one of my pokemon something cute or pretty." Isaac joked. Reputation was a vital ideal to Isaac due to his troubled history. Having a good reputation and name would make him stand out amongst the regular man which is his lifetime goal. Having cutesy nicknames he felt was something that would hamper his goal.

Isaac reached to his belt and grabbed a pokeball. The belt was nearly full, carrying 5 total pokeball, most were high end pokeballs such as Ultra Balls. "Well maybe you could make up a name for him. If its good, I may call him by it. Make it cool though, he is my first one so I cared alot about him." However, from a regular one an Umbreon emerged from the red flash of light. Isaac kneeled to his level and pet him on the end. The pokemon enjoyed the attention but it wasn't apparent at first. Umbreon proved to be calm and down to earth, and didn't use excessive energy to express itself. "Candice, meet Umbreon. Excuse him for not being energetic like your pokemon. He seems to be a mellow guy." Umbreon chose to stand in one place and stare at Candice. The dark pokemon didn't show any aggression, but instead wagged its tail at her while saying its name with a low level of happiness, but joy nonetheless.

June 12th, 2008, 6:56 PM
OOC: Okay, time for this RPG to go somewhere...
During the time the destined trainers were interacting with each other and letting their Pokemon out, Professor Willow was at her computer in the other corner, sorting some Pokemon in their boxes, checking email... all the usual stuff. She occasionally kept an eye on the Pokevices in front of her, mildly surprised yet relieved that nobody had noticed them yet. She also occasionally glanced at what was going on with the trainers. One of the boys had tried to flirt with two of the girls but got slapped in the process. A few people and Pokemon had gone outside, probably the lake judging by the splashing going on. Apparently a Milotic was causing a raucous out there... Some people had noticed the pictures of legendary Pokemon on the walls, and some had had their Pokemon interact...

In all this, Gon turned his immediate attention to the pictures of the legendary Pokemon, and began to look at each one individually. Articuno... he had heard about that one, that it inhabited the Seafoam Islands here in Kanto. Mewtwo... It had been genetically altered from another legendary, Mew. Palkia... that one he knew well; there was a statue of it and Dialga near his home in Eterna City, Sinnoh. Arceus... that one was actually worshiped in a church near his house--the creator of all Pokemon and quite possibly the universe, even.

Gon's attention was interrupted by a pretty-looking girl who looked to be an avid swimmer, or perhaps a volleyball player who really enjoyed parties and spending time in the sun. His eyes followed her for a while, and he smiled as she talked to him, about the pictures on the wall, above all else. It certainly wasn't some cheesy pick-up line Kazu had employed with the other two girls. This meant that this girl was not a desperate flirt, but still might have been mildly interested in him... Unfortunately, Gon had no idea what to say to her, so she just left the lab... Well, that was nothing new--it had happened with several girls his age in school. Apparently several girls had found him mildly attractive at some point, maybe even fascinated by the fact that although he was probably a geek, he had the sense to spend some time outside, whether to take a stroll in the park with his Pokemon or to run from base to base in a baseball game.

Nevertheless, eventually Gon decided to follow Jemima out the door, to see where she went. Besides, this would be a good excuse to let Kaiser out of his Pokeball, perhaps even let him take a swim in the lake he bassed before entering. But just as he was about to walk out the door, he noticed two things. First, there was a newspaper stand just outside the door, with a picture of a cute, robotic-looking Pokemon on the front page. Second, Professor Willow was standing up, turning off the computer, and gathering... something... into a large black bag. Then she started to head outside.
"Come on all of you," Willow announced to everyone still inside the lab, "come outside--we'll meet just at the edge of the lake. I have something to give you--something that I think you'll all find fascinating."

There needed to be no other explanation. Gon rushed out the door behind Professor Willow, eyeing the newspaper on the way. This was worth getting out his laptop and checking out the news later on... First of all, Gon spotted Jemima, sitting with her legs in the lake, letting the playfully lapping waters splash their way against them. There was also a Milotic, a Teddiursa, a Flygon, and a boy and a girl present, and a thick cloud of steam hovered in the middle of the lake. Apparently one of the Pokemon had attacked it.

Gon sat down next to Jemima and let Kaiser out of his Pokeball. The Piplup landed in the water, swam around a bit, then jumped out of the water, did a somersault midair, landed in a small cannonball splash, and did the same thing all over again.
"Erm... sorry for not answering back there..." Gon commented with a slight stutter to his voice, which was very common when he talked to any girl other than Ari. "By the way... you look very pretty near the water. I take it you like to swim?"
While Gon was talking and looking at Jemima (well, primarily her legs), he pulled out his laptop and set it down on one of the dryer patches of grass. After waiting a short while for it to boot up, all he had to do was click on an internet browser, hit another button... and he got to the news page, which showed the same Pokemon picture as the printed newspaper did. After noticing the title ("What is this Pokemon?!?"), he remembered Jemima and said something else to her.
"Oh! Oh! You might not consider guys like me to be stupid, but I suppose not asking what your name is is stupid, no? Hehheh, I'm Gon..."
A pause.
"No, no, not like that. I didn't mean I was going to leave you... I mean my NAME is Gon. Or at least... well, whatever. What's yours?"
Gon couldn't believe he had already made a joke within the first few moments of a conversation. Why did that always seem to happen?

Gon skimmed over the news article for a while, which talked about the discovery of a mysterious Pokemon in Hoenn...
"...Researchers are still unsure about whether or not this creature really is a Pokemon; who knows, it could be a robot created by Team Alpha or its E-Gang companion. Nobody really seems to know anything about this 'Pokemon' at the moment, nor how people found out about it. It's never been seen before; it appears as if this picture was either a joke by a Pokemon fan or stolen from some secret organisation... Whatever it is, the assistants to Professor Birch and the scholars of Rustboro Academy are working on this issue..."

While waiting for the lovely girl's response (maybe she was peeking at the screen?), Gon clicked on a link to another article, the second on the list. This one showed the Indigo League stadium and a crowd of panicky people, and bore the title "Indigo Panic: Unusual murders prompt police to evacuate civilians".
"Starting a few months ago, strange things have been happening here in the Indigo Plateau. Dead bodies have been found in the most peculiar of places within that time, the most peculiar being the unlit torch where the sacred Moltres flame burns during the Indigo League; three have been found dead there. It is rather obvious that all these killings were caused by the same person, for the methods in which they died are always the same. There are always three bodies, all pale and stationary with no visible wounds or anything. All three are always surrounded with a circle of rainbow-coloured dust, lately found to be ground Arceus plates. How the killer obtained these, the experts currently have no idea. Also inscribed in each circle is a message in another language that has yet to be deciphered. Below the circle, though, are always the words 'Arceus bless ye all'. This has left everyone from linguists to paranormal researchers perplexed, but Pokemon experts have claimed that it might be a Pokemon who did this. One such person, Vincent Estrel of Lavender Town, claims that it was a legendary Pokemon of the Psychic-type. He went on to explain that the appearance of..."

This cry got everyone's attention--people turned to see Professor Willow, standing near the lake with an Altaria next to her.
"Greetings, chosen Pokemon trainers," Professor Willow announced. "By the way, this is Cornflower--she helps me out on adventures and deliveries occasionally, but it's a long story."
"Chirut," the Altaria agreed.
"The point is, I have something for all of you. I just received a letter from this mysterious trio called the Uma Sisters, who mentioned something about a journey you're... destined... to take."
Willow paused a bit to try to think of a better word than "destined", but even her wonderfully intelligent mind couldn't come up with anything.
"...They told me this:"
Willow took out a piece of ancient-looking parchment, and read a sort of poem off it:

"Deep below you lies a secret
Solemn though it may well be
The fates seem determined to keep it
Hidden safe from you and me.

A message from our divination
Came to us to tell you this:
There's a cure from this complication
Which you can't afford to miss.

The fates have given us some names
And have called upon them so
Now they come to play these games
You shall show them where to go.

So you shall help them start
Before on a journey they're gone
Free the legends in their heart
Give them each a Pokemon."

There was a long pause in the audience; some swore they heard Kricketot chirping in the background, however uncommon they are in Kanto. (OOC: Totally cartooney, but...)
"...I think even a Bidoof will be able to figure this poem out, however mysterious its origin. Now I know you all have Pokemon already, but do you have one of these?"
Willow took out a Pokevice, one that was a brilliant shade of glittering sky blue and had a small bird icon on the front. Then she put it back in her bag, regarding it as unimportant for the moment. Then she looked around the room, to find out that not everyone had arrived yet. There were twenty-four names on the list; I only see nine of you here so far. But no matter--there are probably incidents out there which are preventing the other fifteen from arriving here by now, not to mention I made it rather ambiguous what time you should get here by. As you can probably tell, I don't come into contact with large groups of people very often, and I have no assistants in my laboratory. So forgive me for being new to the task of delegation and summoning... But anyway, if you will all come a little closer, I can give you your Pokevices. Now, before you open the single Pokeball inside of them, let me warn you--you will be surprised as to the kind of Pokemon that's inside. And yes, the Pokemon is yours to keep--it has agreed to help you on this journey the Uma Sisters speak of. However, I would advise you not to show it off to other trainers; they will become suspicious and probably extremely jealous, and you wouldn't want anyone to hate you that way, would you?"

When all the trainers were gathered around, Willow started handing out the Pokevices:
- Addie's was a bright yellowish orange in colour, with a pinkish flame design on it. The background of the screen showed the Indigo League Stadium, with the giant torch burning in the middle.
- Jemima's was as pink as a Clefairy, with bright blue trim around the main window and on the buttons. The background on the screen showed a starry night sky with faintly glowing blue clouds below.
- Candice's was ashy brown, with jagged lines across it, and had a design of a star with seven points--yellow on top, red on bottom. The background of the screen showed a volcano.
- Rin's Pokevice was rainbow-coloured, standing out against the others. This one had a little bird icon on the front, and the background on the screen showed the Tin Tower.
- Bobby received a brick-red Pokevice, with spooky-looking green circles all over it. The background on the screen showed a double helix pattern.
- Isaac also ended up with a pink Pokevice, one with purple stripes and a pearl icon on it. The background on the screen was a picture of the observable universe--thousands of galaxies were present.
- Gon's Pokevice was half yellow and half white, with what looked like a trim of green trees around the screen. The background on the screen was a picture of Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.
- Jacob's was misty blue when viewed from one angle, and bright lavender from another. Little yellow moons were also present. The background on the screen showed a bunch of Clefairy gathered around the Moon Stone.
- Kazu's Pokevice was white and green, with pink flowers all over it. The background on the screen showed a meadow.

After that, Willow highly anticipated the sound of Pokeballs opening and people gasping or cheering...

Gon stood there with his laptop in one arm (at that angle, most people could see the news article still visible on the screen) and his Pokevice in his other hand, examining the little device from all angles. Then he glanced at Professor Willow, who nodded encouragingly, and looked back at the Pokevice. He pressed the button on the front to open it, upon which he saw a screen with a picture of Regirock, Regice, and Registeel in the background. This one listed information about his Pokemon, so he saw a Piplup icon and a Venonat icon on the screen and some information--their type, their attacks, their level, their status, their original trainer ("Mariko Tsukimaru" was listed as Kaiser's original trainer)... Puffy even had a bunch of stars next to her icon, indicating she was shiny. There were some buttons underneath the screen that probably led to the other features of the Pokevice, including one button that flipped out a side screen. Above the main screen, though, were six Pokeball-shaped buttons. The first one had a question mark on it as well.
"Hmm, I wonder what this button does..."
Gon pressed one of the other Pokeball buttons, and a message appeared on the screen: "Please touch the button on your Pokeball to the desired button on the Pokevice."
Ah, this must be the Pokeball-storing feature.
Gon took out Puffy's Pokeball and did as the screen instructed. When he did, the entire Pokeball vanished into the button, and a Venonat icon appeared on the button. Figuring it out, Gon then did the same for Kaiser's Pokeball, except the Piplup icon that appeared was a silhouette. This meant that Kaiser was outside his Pokeball.

But as for the Pokeball button with the question mark on it... what was that? Did this release the mystery Pokemon Professor Willow had just been talking about? Gon paused a moment, his thumb trembling with excitement...



Gon nearly dropped his Pokevice when he saw what came out of the Pokeball.
"...R-R-Regigigas?!?" Gon stammered. He shut his eyes tight, shook his head, and looked again--sure enough, there was Regigigas. It was half the size Gon thought Regigigas was (only about six feet tall, as opposed to twelve), but still...
"Hello Hiroshi. ...Arceus sent me to find you. Don't worry about it--it's a long story I don't feel like telling. What? You know, even though I'm uberly rare and you wouldn't expect to see me every day, you don't HAVE to keep staring at me as if I were some new video game that came out."
Regigigas was talking telepathically to Gon.
"Are you for real?" Gon decided to reply telepathically. "Oh, can you hear me?"
Regigigas nodded.
"Oh, sorry... I just didn't expect a Regigigas to come out of that Pokeball, was all. But really... did Arceus itself really send you to find ME, of all people? Me, just a humdrum trainer in this everyday world? ...Why?"
Regigigas shrugged.

Gon took this moment to see how the others were doing.
"You have to press the button with the Pokeball and the question mark on it," he explained. "You won't BELIEVE what'll come out."
Gon pointed to Regigigas as he said this.
"By the way, I just read an article about some incident going on in the Indigo Plateau. Apparently there's... oh."
Hardly anyone was listening to him--they were probably occupied with their Pokevices. All Gon could do was admire his new Regigigas... Regigigas, a legendary Pokemon... Wow. Lucky him. He had only to wonder why he got such a Pokemon...

June 12th, 2008, 7:11 PM
Issac stared at the pink device in his hands. "Why did mine have to be all girly?!" he yelled at the professor who simply shurgged her shoulders in confusion. He mumbled something in response, but it sounded like gibberish. After seeing the size of the nerd's pokemon, Isaac decided to step outside of the lab depsite the pleas to show off the pokemon. "I wish this damn thing had a good manuel. Too many user errors." Isaac attempted to follow the directions, but ended up slamming the Pokevice with his fist and suddenly lights flashed and figure emerged from the light.

The pokemon towered at over 13 feet tall, making it more than double of Isaac's height. It had appeared dragon shaped with a long tail and oversized shoulders with pearls embedded in them. The neck was elongated and feature a head with a large mouth. The pokemon was mostly white with pink stripes decorating the Pokemon. "Is that Palkia? I never imagined I would get this." Isaac was fairly uneducated on the topic of Sinnoh legends, knowing about as much as the old man who ranted about the untold legends that surrounded the region. He was clearly awestruck by the pokemon who chose him. He knew it had contained unspeakable power. The only question he had was whether or not he could control the legendary. He had enough trouble trying to tame his Tyrantiar, let alone a mighty legendary such as Palkia.

"I guess you choose me because must of heard of my record as a Champion trainer." Issac stated proudly with overwhelming confidence. "Now Palkia. Are we going to be partners or will this relationship be stressful?" Isaac was not scared by the sight of the Space Dragon. Palkia simply stood and roared with some force and volume as if to get notoriety in the small town of Pallet Town. "I'll take that as a yes."

June 12th, 2008, 7:25 PM
Rin got out oft he water and took the Rainbow pokedevice. "Whats this?" Rin asked looking at the rainbow colors around it and a bird icon with a tin tower backround.She examined it or a moment and looked through the option. It seemed to tell everything abou her pokemon and stars next to her Gardevoir which indicated that it was a shiny pokemon. Rin looked at it and suddenly began to think of ho-oh because of the rainbow coloring.

She saw a pokestoring device which would make it easier to store her pokeballs so she took out Swamperts pokeball and follwoed the instructions given to her, and sure enough the pokeball vanished and a swampert icon appeared on the screen. She tried it with all her pokemon and their icons were now on screen and teddiursa tugged at Rins pant sleve.

"Teddiursa...!" tedidursa grumbled and didn't wanna go in soem didgital device.

"Don't worry teddiursa everything is going to be fine." Rin said to her Teddiursa petting her gently. Rin looked at the PokeDevice again but didn't recognize one pokeball on it. "I don't remeber having 5 pokmon.." Rin mumbled as she tapped the mysterious pokeball something poofed out.


"Eh.eh..EH?!" Run yelped in surprised she was standing in the presence of a bird. It had rainbow feathers and Rin automatically knew.. "Ho-oh?!" Rin mumbled in starteldly.

"These Pokemon are yours to keep if you agree to go on the journey that the Uma Sisters sent to you." Willow said.

"Greeting Rin.." A voice popped into her head.

"Ho-oh?" Rin thought back to the rainbow bird.

"Yes..I was chosen by Arceus to help you on your joureney.." Ho-oh thought back to her.

"W-wow..." Rin thought to the bird utterly stunned.

"I'm assuming you know me already?" Ho-oh thought to her. Rin nodded slightly still shocked.

"But..why me?" Rin thought to ho-oh.

"its a very long story that doesn't deserve to be told right now." The bird thought to her.

"O-ok.." Rin mumbled.

June 12th, 2008, 8:17 PM
Kazu was summoned outside and so he jumped out the window. He believed that using the door would be bad luck. He gathered around close with the other trainers. Then he got his eyes on the girl with the Eevee and went to her side. Once again Burst and Spiner stopped him and informed him to Professor Willow's talking. "I didn't really come to learn. I came to flirt." said Kazu putting Burst on his shoulder. As he petted her gently the professor called him over. She gave him a Pokevice that was white and green, with pink flowers all over it. The background on the screen showed a meadow. He looked at the Pokevice strangely and opened it up. There were six Pokeball slots, but one was filled with a question mark. He looked around and watched the others place their Pokeballs inside the machine. Kazu copied what they did, but first he let all of his Pokemon out.

Soon Jabber (Croagunk), Brawler (Elekid), and Courage (Corphish) were out of their Pokeballs. Jabber delivered a Poison Jab and Brawler delivered a Thunderbolt to Kazu. It was their way of showing affection for their trainer. Kazu lyed on the ground in pain and accidently hit the Pokeball on the Pokevice screen. There was a flash of light and when he got up his head felt heavier. Kazu grabbed what was on his head and pulled it to his face. He looked at the white and green Pokemon with the flower in its hair. Kazu thought for a minute and said. "Did someone lose their dog?" said Kazu to the crowd. They all turned to him with faces of anger. Professor Willow went over and whispered into his ear. "Kazu, that is the legendary Pokemon Shaymin." said the professor. Kazu looked closer at the smiling Pokemon and put it on the ground. "Hello Flowers, which is your new name, I am Kazu and this is your new family." all of Kazu's Pokemon gave a warm hello, except Courage. He was too afraid to go near Flowers.

Flowers jumped up onto Kazu's head and started to laugh. "Kazu and family, my name Flowers." it said in an adorable voice. Kazu pulled Flowers off his head and gave it a big hug. "I am so glad to have you in my family, Flowers." Kazu signaled a group hug, but only Spiner joined in. Jabber, Brawler, and Burst were jealous while Courage, was hiding behind Kazu's leg.

June 13th, 2008, 10:13 AM
Jacob had taken his pokevice, admiring the colors of it, and began to fool around with it. The device was misty blue when viewed from one angle, and bright lavender from another. Little yellow moons were also present. The background on the screen showed a bunch of Clefairy gathered around the Moon Stone, Jacob loved this part the best. He opened the device and saw all of his pokemons stats listed, all of them having stars next to their icons except for Twiggs. This was used to show that they were all shiny pokemon, there not so normal pokemon appearances.

"And what have we here," Jacob said aloud to himself. Clicking a button, the pokevice told him about the pokeball storage system and how to work it. Following the speaking instructions, he placed all of the pokeballs, except for Jewel's, in the storage part. Not noticing it at first, Jacob saw the button with the question mark. Glancing at the other buttons, showing all of his pokemon as mini icons of themselves, he wondered why this one was a question mark. Being so distracted, Jacob hadn't realized all the Legendary pokemon that had been released. And if he had been paying attention, he probably would have figured it out by now, but sadly he wasn't.

"Lets figure out this mystery button shall we." After talkng to himself yet again, Jacob pushed the question mark button and an extremely bright flash of light emmited from the pokevice. Jacob's eyes had been closed, the light being so overpowering, and he hadn't noticed Cresselia appear. She stared at him, waiting to see what his response would be to being in the presence of a Legendary pokemon.

"Ow that light hur..um," Jacob began to mumble slightly. "Ooh, maybe its a cool holographic button that allows me to pretend I have a legendary. And they gave me Cresselia, such a good choice for me." Jacob glanced around, now finally noticing all the other Legendary "holographics". Cresselia just continued to look at him, now realizing that she got stuck with a slightly slow trainer.

"I'm not a holograph Jacob, I'm a real Cresselia and I've been sent by Arecus to help you on your journey. Your companions have all also recieved a Legendary Pokemon to help aid them. You should count your blessings, you got a very skillful one. Not to mention I'm magnificently beautiful."

Jacob realized she was in fact real, and instead of freaking out like some of the others who he now noticed, he rolled his eyes coming to the conclusion that Cresselia was a little full of herself. Nonetheless, he did give her credit for the beauty part of her rant.

"So now your my pokemon, and your job is to help aid me on this journey" thought Jacob, telepathically linked to Cresselia for the moment.

"Yes, the story is much longer, but we will discuss that most likely at a later time." Cresselia then looked around, taking in the rest of the enviroment and seeing all her Legendary comrades.

"Well since your my pokemon now, you need a name. How about Spectacle? Does that sound great enough for a Ledgendary so magnifiscent as you?" Jacob laughed to himself, realizing Cresselia would probably attack him for the sarcastic remark.

"Ineed it does Jacob, and it shall be my new name. Spectacle." Cresselia, now Spectacle, gave what appeared to be a smile, but Jacob couldn't really tell. Jacob then realized he had to introduce his other pokemon to Spectacle, if he didn't they'd probably all get revenge later.

"Now its for the best part of new pokemon, the introduction to the old ones." Jacob first took Jewels pokeball, the one hanging on the necklace, and released her. Quickly, he pushed all the pokemon icons on the pokevice, the remaining of his pokemon were released. All of them, except for Jewel, gawked at the sight of Spectacle and quickly ran over and begain to examine her, sniff her, etc. Jewel just sat back, not being shocked seeing as she is already apart of a "legendary" pokemon line. Spectacle, not wanting to anger her now future friends, gave that weird smile again and began to play with the pokemon.

"Good, now we have a final friend." That was what Jacob said before turning to Jewel, who appeared jealous. "Don't worry my old friend, not even a Legendary pokemon could replace you." And with that, Jacob began to slowly pet Jewel's neck. Jewel giggling in pleasure.

PkMn Trained
June 13th, 2008, 2:03 PM
"Come on Celebra! You can make it!" Jiran was urgeing Celebra to not faint. He was in the middle of a heated battle against a luxray. Luxray was strong. He had already taken out Shroud. Jirans Espeon, whom he recived as an Eevee.

At this point Jiran was despret, Celebra was very weak. Luxray was still going strong. His only pokemon besides celebra that could battle was serrate. Serrate was Jirans lucario. Serrate was special. What collecters called shiny. The blue areas on a normal lucario were yellowish on Serrate. His chest was tinted with blue. His fur sparkled as he came out of his pokeball. Thats why he was called shiny.

"Celebra! Use Dragon Rush!" Jiran ordered. Celebra launched herself at the luxray. At the last minute twisting in the air and soring above the Luxrays head. The wings on her head expanding. Then. As the Luxray could only watch despratley. Celebra slammed her tail aginst it. Sennding it flying. Finnaly the luxray fled.

"Great job Celebra!"exclaimed Jiran. Suddenly there was a rustle in the bushes next to them. Back for More? Thinking it was luxray again. Jiran had celebra dragon pulse the budsh. Unfortunatly, it was onll one of proffesor willows lab assitants.

"Excusing the rude hello..."Said the assistant "I do belive you are Jiran Myule, correct?"

Thats me!" Jiran proudly stated.

"Proffesor Willow would like to see you" Said the assitant.

"Why?" Asked Jiran

"She wouldnt ell me." Said the assistant "She just said to send you."

"Okay then! Im off!" Shouted Jiran. Already a little ways down the road tword Professor Willows lab,
Which was thanfully only about 200 yards away. When he arrived He knocked three time very loudly. How ever the Loud sound of growling and the deep cry of "Regggggiiiiii" Almost deterd him.

June 13th, 2008, 2:20 PM
Jemima sat with Gon for a short while, watching his Piplup frolicking in the lake, Gon had mentioned something about her being pretty by the water and asked if she swam.
“Yeah, I grew up in Pacifidlog Town. I swam all day, every day,” she explained resting her head on her perfectly tanned arms. He went on about introducing himself, confusing himself in the process. He was rather awkward and it was cute, Jemima was used to boys acting this way around her.

“I’m Jemima Clarke, “she offered her hand to him and he shook it. Jemima then dipped her slender hand into her woven tote bag and retrieved a Pokeball. She through it and a red beam shot out, a blue figure formed. It was her beloved Surskit, the blue spider like Pokemon skated happily on the clear blue water. Professor Willow joined them then, with her beautiful Altaria. Jemima tried hard to listen intently to her speech about the Uma Sisters and the poem, but her mind wandered like it always did. She’d always had trouble focusing on things she didn’t understand.

Professor Willow then distributed the Pokevices, Jemima took her pink one and examined it, liking the colour scheme. She wondered what Pokemon she had received, Jemima fiddled around with the buttons and accidentally released the Pokemon. It was small and pink, hovering above the ground, flicking its tail around. Jemima cocked her head, examining the mouse like Pokemon curiously.

“It... can’t be,” she whispered incredulously.

“Yes it can, Jemima,” the Mew responded to her telepathically whilst still circling her in the air.

“But you’re a Mew. You’re a legendary Pokemon. I know, I studied you,” Jemima murmured, struggling with the concept of communicating with something using her mind.

“I know. I remember. But I’m yours now, I chose you,” Mew explained, staring deeply into her hazel eyes.

“But why me?” Jemima asked, with her mind this time. The Mew cocked its head at Jemima, examining her and then let out a cry of its own name and zipped into the sky. Once it was barely visible its response came.

“Because I know what you can do. I have seen it,” Mew answered vaguely and Jemima watched the pink Pokemon in awe.

PkMn Trained
June 13th, 2008, 4:13 PM
He was greeted by a tall woman. She had long hair and wore glasses.

"Are you Proffesor Willow?" Ask jiran

"Yes, i am." She replied. "Are you Jiran Myule?"

"Yes" That was his reply.

"Your late..."

Late for what?"

"Nevermind. Come in come in!"

Proffesor willow had a large lab. Full of strange dvices. On a table wear several PDA like Devices. Each had a diffrent desighn incorparated into it. He looked over to his right and saw a crowd of people, ages varyying widley. He also saw. What he thought at the time. Holograms. Each a diffrent legendary pokemon. Cute he thought to himself. We get a virtual pet to!

"And over here" Said proffesor willow. Taking no notice that jiran was deep in his own thoughts "We have the pokevices." She pointed to a table. She picked on up. "This one is yours."

"Cool" He said, taking out of her hand. He walked over to a chair and looked at it. It had a screen with a wishing well backround. Ledyba themed, no less. The main peart was a light yellow with small stripes of green on it. It had a large pokeball button on the front and arrows next to it. He preesed an arrow and the screen changed. It Read: Calender and displayed a calender. He cycled throughe the funtions.

"Calender, Day care checker, marking map, clock, note pad, address book, phone book, cellphone, radio, storage system? " He reapeated to himself. He slipped his pokeballs into the small binn that came out. Three slots were taken up. There was a question mark button. He ushed it. A wide beam of light came out of the back of the Pokevice. Startiling him. Slowly it moved upwards. Reavealing somthing as it went. When it was finnaly done, There was another hologram thingy. It was small. Looked like a shibi person. Except it had a lage starshaped head peice. There were three green tage on the three tips of the headpeice. There was also a line on its stomache.

"Jirachi!" It exclaimed

A talking hologram.... How cute.

"Im no hologram!" He heard in his head.

What the?!" He said, chocked. "Am i crazy?"

Your not crazy. Its me. Down on the table! The voice said.

Jiran looked. There on the table, the "Hologram" was staring at him with a huge smile on its face. Its body was faintly glowing blue.

"What are you?" Jiran asked, shocked.

"Im Jirachi. Im the wishing pokemon. Wishes! Wishes! wishes!" It started cheering.

"Can any one else here you? Is every pokemon here real?"

"Of course. And guess what else! Im yours now!" Before jiran could stop him. Jirachi jumped into his empty pokeball. Then. After the ball clicked, showing jirachi was caught, it burst out again.

"There" it said Now i have my own pokeball!" He exclaimed happily.

"Your over peppy, you know?"

"I know." Jirachi flew off twords what Jiran would have previously called hologram mew.

Sir Aaron1017
June 13th, 2008, 7:24 PM
((OOC: Sorry for not posting at all yet... Life can be very hectic!))

Derek Kingston was sitting at home, a place called Sootopolis City in the Hoenn Region, when he hear his mother yell "Derek!" "Coming!" he replied, and jumped out of his chair, as he was sitting at his computer looking at the news. A mysterious "Pokémon" had been discovered, and there were tons of articles about it. When he finally made it to the kitchen downstairs, he saw his mother sitting at the table with a pile of mail in front of her. When she saw him, she picked up a letter, and handed it to him.

"This just arrived, from Professor Willow in Pallet Town, in the Kanto Region, remember?" She said.
"Yes I remember, thanks," He said, then reached out and took the letter, tearing it open as soon as his hands got a hold of it, and he read the contents.
"Mom, this says that I need to go to Pallet Town on an urgent call" he said.
"Oh, really. Well, that sounds fun, go pack your things, and head out. You don't want to be late!" She replied with hardly any concern.
"Thanks mom, I guess I will," and with that, he turned on his heel, and walked back up the large half-spiral staircase, not stopping to see the pricey artwork, or stare at the large statues of his ancestors, but gave a brief glance at the large stained-glass window at the top of the stairs.

In the picture it depicted the three legendary Pokémon; Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza in a scene where the two elementals were fighting, and the extravagant Rayquaza descends from the sky and calms the two, just like what happened not to long ago due to the interference of Team Magma and Team Aqua.

After looking over his room, he grabbed his pack and his miscellaneous items, like potions and antidotes (not forgetting to grab his saved money), definitely not forgetting to grab his belt that held the pokeballs of his Pokémon, his trusted friends and companions. He looked over his room again, and with a sigh, descended back down the stairs, stopping in the kitchen again to hug, and say goodbye to his mom, before calling out his shiny, black Charizard which he found in his dad's old stuff, an old premier ball abandoned and dusty. "Hello, old friend. We are headed to Pallet Town in the Kanto Region, do you think you can fly me there?" Derek asked, holding up his Pokenav to show his Charizard where it is. He nodded his head in agreement, so Derek climbed onto his back, and he took off.

Eight hours later, they finally landed, and it was very late, and they were both tired and hungry. "I promise I will give you some food later, but for now, why don't you rest?" Derek said, recalling the black dragon in to the ball. With that out of the way, he climbed the rest of the way up the hill to the lab formerly owned by Professor Oak. When he finally reached the top of the hill, he saw a large gathering of teenagers and a woman in a white lab coat. She was distributing some small devices to the group, and they were all holding their pokeballs to the device, and with a small flash of light, the pokeballs were placed into storage inside the new devices. When he finally decided to approach the professor, she saw him, and approached him first, after stopping to talk to another boy that arrived late also.

"Ah, you must be Derek Kingston, I am Professor Willow, and it was me that sent the letter to you. I see that you have arrived late, but I Will forgive you for your tardiness, and request that it never happens again," She said. "Yes ma'am, sorry, I had to come from Sootopolis City, and we ran into some trouble in finding our way... we ended up in the Sinnoh Region by accident, and then had to turn around" He said quietly. "Well, thats okay, here you go, this is for you" She said, and handed him one of his own devices. "This is called a Pokevice, given to me by the Uma Sisters. It is yours if you decide to accept the task at hand. Also, there is a gift inside also, but be wary to use it, for others may become jealous and hate you for it." And with that, she walked back to the group, leaving him alone to look at it.

It was dull green with a pattern of yellow circles, and red trim around the edged. When he opened the device, he saw that the background on the screen showed a tornado blowing on top of the Sky Pillar. "This is very interesting" he thought, examining all of the applications, "This updated map would have really helped get here, well, thats just too bad that I didn't have it before". In a few moments, he had discovered how do store the pokeballs, and how to release them also. But one thing puzzled him, and it was a Pokémon that was already in the storage, and also there was no information on it, so he pushed the release, and in a flash of light, a green dragon with yellow markings appeared in front of him, floating above the ground. "No way! This can't be for real!" he said aloud, and started backing away slowly from a smaller sized Rayquaza!

"This is for real, and I am very pleased to meet you, Derek. I have been sent by Arceus to aid you on your journey" he heard inside his head.

"Can this be happening, I don't understand, how did you get here?" He asked the Rayquaza telepathically.

"This is happening, and you will understand, but for now, I have chosen you out of the millions of people in this world, and you and I are destined to be partners" It replied.

"So... why me?" Derek asked mentally.

"Because you are capable of extraordinary feats, and that is who I want as a master" Rayquaza stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

"oh..." he said out loud, and that is when he noticed all of the other legendary Pokémon around, all smaller forms of what had been recorded by those who had seen the originals.

This was just too wild. There was no rational way to explain this at the moment, and he wanted to know the whole story, and he couldn't wait to find out.

Sweet Dreams
June 13th, 2008, 11:44 PM
The salty breeze whipped back her naturally lanky hair as she sped across the ocean between Cinnabar and Pallet. Sharky had noticed before that somebody else from Cinnabar had flown on a balloon into the same direction some time ago, and she remembered talk about a man going to become a ranger and his daughter starting a journey. This was her second day on this stretch of water, as she had been going at quite a leisurely pace compared to what the speed boat could do. However, her destination was near, although she had yet to catch sight of the mainland.

Looking over the side of the small, white boat, she spotted her Lanturn, Kros, pacing hard to keep up with the vessel, her stamina wearing thin after swimming at the same pace sporadically for two days. Sharky decided that that was enough and cut of the power, letting the tide slowly wash her up onto the shore. Kros swam in slow, tired circles, happy that she had beaten the game.

When the boat neared the almost unused dock of shore, Sharky grabbed the end of a rope and gestured at the Lanturn. Splashing, Kros rose up in between the boat and the dock, prepared for another game when her human friend stepped off the boat and transferred herself onto the Pokémon. Sharky was carried onto the docks and knotted the rope around a wooden pole tightly, securing her medium of transport.

Her Lanturn was tiredly exuberant at completing another game, and even more so when Sharky crouched to stroke her head and nod approvingly. After a treat, the Pokémon was returned to its ball. Sharky stood up and stretched, noting the fact that her legs were slightly wobbly on solid land. She paced slightly to get used to having firm, unmovable ground under her sandalled feet and then strolled in the direction of the lab. She had heard her father praise the Professor there highly, calling her a genius and almost living up to the old professor’s standards. He had shown her a picture of Professor Willow as well, exclaiming that she would be the one to surpass even Professor Oak, if given time.

As she passed the lake, she observed a gaggle of trainers were exclaiming loudly over some kind of device each of them held, and several were summoning Pokémon. Sharky took no notice of this, because she had spotted the said professor whom had called her to cross the relatively small distance between Cinnabar Island and Pallet Town. She tried, in vain, to flick her hair away from her eye as she increased her pace and arrived in front of the professor, who looked up from her clipboard.

‘Welcome, and what is your name?’ She asked, looking back down onto what appeared to be a list.

‘Andrews, Sharika,’ Sharky replied, giving her surname first as she had been taught to, to any professor. Surnames counted more than first names in the lab; it stated your line, your heritage and your family. Then she noticed that the professor, whom was expecting people not quite as used to the idea as she was, was looking for a person with the surname of “Sharika”. ‘Surname’s Andrews,’ she added, helpfully.

The professor looked up, confused for a moment before her face brightened and spotted her on the list.

‘Alright, Sharika, this is for you,’ Professor Willow handed her a silvery green device. On closer examination, she made out traces of a lot of trees; more than she had ever seen in real life, at any rate. The screen showed a kind of shrine amidst even more foliage, and she hazarded a guess that whatever she was given was about plants. After more assessment, she thought she figured out how it worked and hit a button, instantly causing a shape to materialise in front of her. The small, green, plant-like Pokémon opened its bright, cerulean eyes, ringed with a black line, and upon seeing her, proceeded to zoom about ecstatically.

If Professor Willow had been expecting a gasp of surprise or awe, she was sorely disappointed. Sharky knew that there were Legendaries, but since she had thought they would never intrude upon her life or concern her, she had not bothered herself with learning about them, much to her father’s exasperation. So, she just stared at the Celebi blankly.

‘What’s its name?’ She paused, furrowing her eyebrows, unsure about her feelings at being given an unknown Pokémon by a complete, although famous, stranger. The Pokémon looked frail and soft, and on Cinnabar Island which hosted many Fire and Poison types, Grass Pokémon were slightly looked down upon. And it was definitely a Grass type. The professor looked slightly disconcerted at the lack of a reaction. Even if a girl didn’t know what it was, most of them would’ve been cooing and cuddling the Celebi on sight.

~Hi, Sharika, I’m Celebi! This is so awesome! I finally get to meet you! Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this day? Well, actually, I’m not sure myself, because you can’t really tell the time in those box thingies, but it feels like a looong time to me. Well, I like to be known as Cil, but I don’t mind if you call me “Celebi” to start with. It’s just that you get tired of being called your own species all the time, you know? I know there’s usually only one of me at the same time, but still… If you were the only one of your species, you still wouldn’t like to be called “human” would you? They don’t even make a distinction in the name for male or female! Well, anyways, enough about me, do you have a nickname?~ The floating plant sent a babble of eager exclamations into her mind, accompanied with fast gestures and vocal calls of “Bee”.

Sharky blinked rapidly, digesting the fact that the new Pokémon knew her name and could invade her private silence any time it wished. This, to her, was the ultimate violation. But the, uh, Celebi seemed hopeful, enthusiastic and sincere, so Sharky just shrugged.

‘Call me Sharky,’ she said, glancing around at the other assorted trainers.

June 15th, 2008, 6:52 AM
Ryan Ward clutched his Pokemon egg as Skarmory flew through the Johto air. In a few hours, he would be in Kanto. He wondered what Professor Willow wanted with him, he hadn't seen her in so long. Ryan could feel his beanie slipping off of his head. He grabbed it and stuffed it in his bag, to allow his messy brown hair to flow in the wind.

"Hey, there it is!" Ryan said.

Skarmory grunted and then saw that they were landing in Pallet Town. Skarmory touched down as Ryan checked his bags and Pokemon. The trip should have taken another two hours at least, but it seemed that Skarmory was getting faster. Ryan returned the steely bird to its pokeball and sent out Growlithe, his best friend.

Growlithe barked in approval as jumped around playfully. Ryan smiled and the two walked off towards Prof. Willow' lab which was right down the road. As he entered the lab, he saw around 10 other trainers, male and female, many different ages as well. There were several very attractive women, but none that Ryan would ever make a move on. Ryan was never good with women.

"Ryan, Growlithe, good to see you again!" Professor Willow exclaimed as she saw the two.

"You too, Professor Willow," Ryan added.

The much older women bentdown and gave Growlithe a Poffin and then took something from her pocket. It was a Pokevice, but a unique one at that. It had a black coating and then golden stripes all around. She handed it to Ryan, who accepted it. There was a flash of light, and before him, was a Giratina. But it wasn't just any Giratina, it was around 5 feet tall, it was almost like, a baby legendary. But how was that possible?

"What is the meaning of this?" Ryan asked.

He looked round, and saw that all of the other trainers had Pokevices, and miniature legendaries too. This is impossible Ryan thought.

"You are one of the chosen ones Ryan. I have to say myself I was shocked when I saw you on the list, as you were one of my relatives. Anyways, the Uma Sisters, have chosen you and all of the others as holders of these Pokevices. Why? I'm not sure," Willow elaborated.

Ryan stared down at the baby Giratina, and then at his egg, which he held in his hand.

"The Uma Sisters? Those are the twins that gave me this egg...." Ryan told Professor Willow.

June 15th, 2008, 8:32 AM
Jacob clicked all the buttons, excluding Spectacle's and Jewel's, returning all of his pokemon to the storage system. Jacob then walked over to were Rin was standing with her legendary, Ho-Oh, and looked the pokemon up and down. It was a beautiful rainbow colored bird, of course miniaturized like the rest of the rare pokemon, and appeared to be talking to Rin telepathicly.

"That is how all us Legendary pokemon communicate with our partners. When talking to anyone else we sound like normal pokemon, saying are name over and over," said his Cresselia reading Jacob's thoughts.

"I don't like the idea of you being able to ready my thoughts when you desire, it doesn't make me feel safe. The bonus, however, is that when we battled we wouldn't need to talk and could surprise our opponents."

"Don't worry Jacob, I only pick up on thoughts that I can answer or you choose to let me hear in my mind. Spectacle then focus her attention on the other Legendary aswell, and began to telepathically talk to her. "Hello old friend, how have you been? Its been sometime since we spoke last.

"Hey there Rin," said Jacob aloud this time, "how's the new legendary partner treating you? Mine seems to have an attitude and superiority, but what can you do?" Jacob gave a small laugh as he waited to hear Rin's response.

PkMn Trained
June 15th, 2008, 9:47 AM
(OOC: Im going camping for a week. Ill be back soon)

June 15th, 2008, 12:36 PM
The sun beat down on the back of Danny's neck as he walked through Route 1 towards Pallet.

"Note to self: Get a strong water Pokemon so I can go through the Tohjo Falls..." he sighed. He had been travelling for a couple of days now; he walked to Goldenrod City to take the magnet train to Saffron, and then walked all the way from there. "Either that or a big flying Pokemon..."

A couple of Rattata scampered away as Danny fought his way through the long grass, until he emerged into a pleasant little town. Danny pulled a rolled up map out of his red rucksack, and quickly skimmed over it. He sighed, looked around, and then back at the map.

"I never was good at map-reading. I think it's... this way." He made his way down along the main street of Pallet, until he spotted a building atop a hill. "That's the one."

As he made his way towards the entrance, Danny heard the sounds of people and Pokemon coming from up ahead. As he got closer, he was able to recognise more clearly the cries of the Pokemon. 'Very odd... I could have sworn I heard...no.' Danny shook his head and approached the door of the lab. Finally, after his long travels, he had reached the lab of Professor Willow according to the request.

After adjusting his red hat, Danny examined the poster on the door. It depicted three similar-looking Pokemon... one pink, one yellow and one blue.

"I suppose they must be rare Pokemon..." he wondered aloud. He then knocked on the door, he had guessed that all the other people that were there were gathered outside but he didn't want to just barge straight in. A few seconds later, the door opened revealing than Professor Willow. Danny extended his hand.

"Hello Professor. It's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Danny Pent." Professor Willow smiled and shook his hand. "Please, come straight through."

Danny followed the Professor into the lab. He noticed a lot of odd-looking and complex equipment, presumably all the research equipment.

Willow turned, and she was holding a strange-looking device in her hand. Danny recognised it as a Pokevice, as he had seen a few trainers in possession of them. Although, he noted, this one had a strange blue and white theme. Willow held out the Pokevice to Danny, and he took it, consfused.

"Why don't you head outside where the other trainers are, and fiddle around with your Pokevice?" Professor Willow led Danny out to the lake, and Danny did a double-take.

"Woah... a Ho-oh???" Sure enough, there was a Ho-oh, albeit a small one. It seemed to shimmer majestically. Danny saw that the Ho-oh was with a pale-looking dark haired girl. He then looked around and saw numerous other trainers, each with Pokemon. He recognised a Celebi.

"This is unreal... why are there Legendary Pokemon outside Professor Willow's lab?" Danny didn't recognise some of the Pokemon but guessed they must be Legendaries also. He looked at his own Pokevice, and saw a button with a question mark on it. He took a breath, then pushed it. A bright light burst forth, and Danny was temporarily blinded. A few seconds later, his vision returned and he was staring into a pair of red eyes.

"No way... Latias? Or is it Latios? Sorry, I always get those two Pokemon names mixed up..."

Danny was startled as a voice suddenly entered his head. "It's LatiOs, thank you very much. Latias is the red one."

Danny didn't quite know what to say to the undersized Legendary. "...well, it's an honour to meet you Latios. But why were you in the Pokevice that I received?"

"I have been sent by Arceus to aid you." Latios then preceded to do a somersault in the air and then skim over the lake's surface.

"Well, that's the strangest thing I've seen today."

June 15th, 2008, 1:52 PM
OOC: (yeah been gone for the weekend and very busy so i'll try to keep up)

Bobby recieved the Pokevice that was a deep red and had weird green circles all over it. "Whoa, trippy," was the only thing he said. Bobby walked out towards the pond and sat near Feraligatr and opened the strange device. The background on the screen showed a spirling helix that looked like DNA. He hit a button and out popped a hologram of a pokemon. "Whoa! Who are you?" Bobby asked surprised.

"My name is Deoxys..." the hologram started, but Bobby cut him off by saying " Deoxyribonucleic acid."

"What?" Said Deoxys confused.

"Thats where your name comes from right? DNA, Deoxys, Defense Forme, Normal Forme, Attack Forme?" Bobby said with a smile.

"Oh, well I've been sent by Arceus to be with a human." Deoxys said in a robotic voice.

"O-kay... why me?"

"No reason, you were lucky."

"Ok, that makes sense. Does that mean you are appart of my team?" Bobby asked, a sly smile on his lips.

"Yes it does. But I would reccomend not showing me to other people often."

"Makes sense. Here you should meet your new friends." Bobby released his other pokemon. Feraligatr got out of the water and lubbered over to stand by the other pokemon. Flygon, Roserade, Snorlax, and Combusken all said hello to their new team member.

"Hello..." Deoxys said shyly.

Bobby laughed at his pokemon warming to the legendary but wondered why the Prof. gave him such a rare pokemon.

June 15th, 2008, 2:46 PM
As Addie let out a startled little laugh in response to the boy’s awkward proposal, her cheeks flushing pink in the slightest as she simply just stared after him, momentarily intrigued with his boldness. She marveled at how quickly he had bounced back from the blow the pale girl standing in the corner had dealt him.

Speaking of that girl... Addie thought to herself, absently lifting an idle hand from her side to run along Aryan’s soft fur. Trying to make herself appear casual, Addie lifted her eyes from her little Eevee’s body, for the first time since entering Professor Willow’s laboratory beginning to survey her surroundings. However, her interest wasn’t in the surroundings themselves. It was in the people contained within them. Her gaze settled almost immediately upon the pale girl who had assaulted her earlier, not surprisingly, as she did stand out in a crowd of average-looking people. Her snowy skin clashed beautifully with her ebony hair, which in turn seemed out of place framing a pair of bright pink eyes. Addie was surprised to see that another boy had approached her, and now seemed to be conversing quite pleasantly with her about something. Addie was unable to take her eyes from the girl, hostile as she may be, and the uniqueness of her out-of-place look in combination with her harsh attitude amazed her, though any sensible ordinary person would’ve been scared out of their wits by her. It had been several minutes since Addie’s gaze had fallen upon the girl, and transfixed as she was, she forced herself to look away from her and the other boy. Addie’s cheeks flushed pink with humiliation, and she smiled sheepishly down at Aryan, who didn’t notice her look of embarrassment as he too checked out the others, his focus being particularly on the Pokemon in the room. Addie followed his gaze, and she again found herself looking at the boy who had quite literally proposed to her, curled up in the corner directly diagonal from where she was standing, lamenting over something as he rocked back and forth seemingly insanely. At his sides two Pokemon stood supervising him, an Ambipom and a Chimchar. Addie perked up instantly as she caught her first glimpse of the two new Pokemon, her heart rate beginning to accelerate considerably as gently, she nudged Aryan.

“So what do you say, Ary? Give him another chance?” Addie begged, her golden eyes pleading as she put on the sweetest smile she could muster.

“Vee.” Aryan replied simply, his expression emotionless as he just stared up at her, appearing unfazed by her attempts. Addie sighed then, her smile vanishing into a defeated pout as she crossed her arms around the Eevee, her brow furrowing as she just hunched her shoulders over.

“No fair..” She muttered, her eyes narrowing down at Aryan as her tongue protruded from her mouth several inches, sticking out very childishly at the little Eevee.

“Whenever you try to Charm me, it always works. Can’t you just humor me for once and at least let me think that I’ve won?”

“Vee.” Aryan responded again, this time an amused little grin popping out across his face as slowly, he shook his head up at her.

“Fine,” Addie sighed.

“But you have to admit, he might be kind of humorous to have around, you know?” She continued, hoping to sway her furry little friend of his current opinion of the flirtatious boy. Aryan’s initial response to the boy hadn’t gone well. The boy had approached Addie with a Rose, and no sooner had he begun throwing cheesy pick-up lines her way, Aryan had warded him off with a growl. Addie shuddered to think what her over-protective little pal would do next.

“Come on, Aryan. You know he wasn’t serious about the whole ‘wife’ thing. I mean.. I’m sixteen years old and I’ve never even had a boyfriend. What does that say about me?”

Upon mentioning this aloud, Addie’s heart sank, as again she was reminded that she had indeed never indeed had a boyfriend. She wasn’t particularly sorrowful over this fact; she had really never been interested in squandering her time away trying to commit to a relationship anyways. Unlike most girls her age, who seemed to have nothing better on the brain than their current boy toy, which boy toy was taken by what girl, and how their conniving best friend had stolen their favorite boy toy right out from under their nose, the only ‘boy’ Addie was really interested in was Aryan, and her father of course. (OOC: Aww! ^^) The only thing that really bothered Addie about her whole ‘single’ existence was that most everybody had already had at some point in time, and if they were a guy, a girlfriend, and that she hadn’t.. So again, what could that say about her personally?

Maybe I’m like, really gruesomely ugly or something. Addie thought, a sweatdrop forming alongside her face, as horrified, she self-consciously began fiddling with a few stray strands of her platinum mane that had fallen down into her face.

“Still...” Addie continued, not realizing that she was speaking aloud, therefore giving off the appearance that she was talking to herself. Aryan stared thoughtfully up at her, peering seemingly innocently into her golden eyes, though Addie only narrowed them down at him in response.

“I know what you’re trying to do, you little devil.” She muttered suspiciously, shifting her gaze away quickly from the little Eevee

“Vee?” Aryan replied, chocolate eyes growing ever larger as again, he feigned innocence.

“Good thing you’re not an Alakazam, or you probably could get away with reading my mind.”

Aryan had no time to reply to his owner’s quick accusation, as before either he or Addie knew it, the boy in the corner had again begun to approach them. A tiny smile appeared across Addie’s lips, escaping her notice completely, though it hadn’t quite escaped Aryan’s notice, and as he caught sight of it, instinctively let out a low warning growl in the direction of the boy. When the boy continued in his rapid approach, however, Aryan leapt forward from Addie’s arms, landing just several feet in front of her, snarling protectively as the hairs running along his frail little back stood straight up, signaling that he was preparing for combat. Instantly, the pleased little smile vanished from Addie’s face, and before she could reach out to snatch the little Pokemon up, Aryan made his move. Baring his teeth, the furry little Pokemon bravely launched himself up at the boy, mouth flying open as he clamped down upon one of the boy’s idle hands. Addie could only stare on in horror at the behavior of her Eevee, but the boy appeared to be unfazed, just flashing her a sheepish smile.

“I’m sorry about that interruption, but since I’m a good boy, I’ve been let out.” The boy spoke, and as Addie realized that he wasn’t teasing, he was dead-serious; she let out a startled laugh that was rather loud, much to Aryan’s dismay.

“I wonder how long that will last.” She retorted playfully, a wild grin now appearing across her petite face as she winked over at the boy’s Ambipom. The Monkey-like Pokemon grinned back at her, seemingly delighted that Addie had chosen to interact with it.

“Now I can spend my time with you.” He continued with a smile, and all three of the Pokemon in their little huddle tensed up, knowing full and well what would come next.

“As a free man, my first act of justice is to give you the greatest date of your life!” The boy beamed, and everyone, including Addie sweatdropped, as their predictions were proved right. Addie quickly recovered though, and accepted the flower he had offered her.

“Does this date include a trip to the emergency room?” She laughed, her cheeks burning with humiliation as she looked back over at Aryan, who remained fiercely anchored upon the boy’s hand.

“Because I think my furry little comrade over there just did a pretty nasty little number to your hand.”

“So how about we go out after this meeting?”

The boy persisted, and to this, Addie just smiled, lifting the delicate rose up to her face, and closing her eyes as she inhaled its sweet aroma. Coyly opening her eyes, she stared playfully out over the Ruby petals of the flower at the boy.

“So why is it when a guy’s trying to entrance a girl he always offers her a Rose? And not a bunch of Roses at that, but a single Rose! Do you guys all just have this false image of a girl’s favorite flower being a Rose?”

At this, Addie paused, arching up an eyebrow as she crossed her arms over her chest, the Rose still hanging carelessly from one of her delicate little hands.

“To tell you the truth, you would’ve had a better chance winning over my heart with a Lily.”

No sooner had these words left Addie’s lips than the Ambipom at the boy’s side let out a cry of its own name, staring what seemed to be longingly over at Aryan, who was still dangling from the boy’s hand, then taking the hand of her trainer and tugging anxiously upon it.

“Spiner wants to know if Eevee will play with her. She loves to play since she evolved,”

“Just a sec,” Addie smiled warmly at the little Ambipom, finding herself already falling in love with the cuteness of the little Monkey Pokemon, and wondering why she herself had never thought to go out and catch an Aipom. Turning away from the Ambipom and back to her own troublesome Pokemon, she quickly snapped a hand out, seizing the Eevee by the cuff of his neck and bringing him up to eye level; where he could only sheepishly wag his bushy little tail. The expression written across her face clearly warned him to play nice. Setting him down gently before the Ambipom, the little Monkey began jumping ecstatically up and down, reaching out to try and grab the little Eevee up. But Aryan was much too quick to allow that to happen, and leaping just out of her reach in one bound, he turned his back to her, waggling his bushy little tail in her face as he darted away.

“Veeeeeee!” He squealed, glancing behind him to poke his little pink tongue out at her. Spiner only giggled in response, racing after the Eevee, her tails swinging along behind her as she struggled to keep up.

“Vee! Vee!” Aryan called out, springing from his tiny haunches to leap over the Monkey’s head in a single bound. He laughed aloud, thinking he had foiled the Ambipom for good, until she surprised him by snatching him up with one of her slender tails, raising him high into the air and dangling him there by the hand placed conveniently at the end, jumping up and down in what seemed a victory dance of sorts, clapping her paws together while in mid-air, beaming broadly over at Addie. Aryan could only stare pleadingly up at his trainer, hoping that she would rescue him.

Ha. Serves you right. Addie thought to herself, as again, she turned to look over at the boy who along with her, had temporarily been distracted by their two Pokemon’s play.

“So, I don’t believe I ever caught your name..” She smiled at him, extending a slender arm forth.


“Come on, all of you!” Professor Willow announced, stepping forth into the center of the room everyone was gathered in, waving them toward her as she began to make her way toward the door leading outside, a curious black bag in tow.

“Come outside- we’ll meet just at the edge of the lake. I have something to give you, something I think you’ll all find fascinating.”

At this, Addie turned back to the boy, but he in his excitement over Professor Willow’s words, seemed to have forgotten about their conversation. He turned from her and hurled himself quickly out the window, in his haste not seeming to see the door located not three feet to its left. Addie chuckled to herself, turning to relieve his Ambipom, Spiner, of her Eevee, but she was a little too late as the Ambipom, with Aryan still clutched firmly in her tail, climbed up to the window and jumped out after her trainer.

“Aryan!” Addie cried out, going into an instant panic as she dashed for the door, crashing into it in her effort to get outside, throwing it open as she darted out in search of the boy. She skidded to a stop almost immediately after springing out the door, golden eyes squinting as they adjusted to the sudden bright sunlight. It didn’t take long for Addie to locate the little Ambipom and her trainer, who stood at the very edge of the large mass of people gathered around the Professor, all straining to hear what she had to say. Addie had forgotten that the Professor was supposed to be giving them something, and therefore she should be paying attention to her every word, but in her anxiety over Aryan, she couldn’t hear or see anything but him. Walking over to Spiner, Addie knelt beside her and smiling in a friendly manner, began gently stroking the top of her head. The Ambipom began to chatter happily in response to the affection, and while she was distracted, Addie quickly reached around and lightly began to tickle the hand that was gripping Aryan. With a startled loud cry of laughter, Spiner released the Eevee, and collapsed onto the ground, beginning to spasm wildly from all the tickling. Quickly snatching Aryan up, Addie clutched him against her body, standing in hopes of catching what the Professor had to say. To Addie’s dismay, the Professor was just finishing her speech up.

“I advise you not to show it off to other trainers; they will become suspicious and probably extremely jealous, and you wouldn’t want anyone to hate you that way, would you?”

What..? Addie thought, but before she had time to try and make sense of the statement, or to even ask someone what she had missed, Professor Willow placed a strange-looking device in her hands. The device looked similar to a Pokedex, but was obviously much more advanced. It was a yellowish-orange in hue; much to Addie’s delight, and had a peculiar pattern of pink flames dancing across it. Upon opening the device, there was a screen; the background being a rather prestigious-looking Pokemon Stadium, Addie recognized it as the stadium where the Indigo League tournaments were held. The picture was honed in on a single giant flame, burning so jubilantly and with such a passion that upon sight of it, all Addie could do was gasp and stare on, awe-struck. But that wasn’t even the best part about the device..

June 15th, 2008, 7:43 PM

Before Candice could even begin to concoct a worthy nickname for Isaac's Umbreon, Professor Willow's Altaria broke her train of thought. The young female was delighted to be called out to the lake, as she stepped out of the lab and relished the fresh air and warm breeze of Pallet. It invigorated her entire being, and reminded her of home. She began striding towards the group of trainers that were starting to gather around the older woman, her young Chinchou waddling behind her with much joy. As soon as Candice joined the crowd, Willow had already begun her speech, mentioning about some sisters, who had sent her a message of some sort. The woman started to recite a poem, and a hush fell over everyone as she did so. When she finished the last verse, the still silence seemed to linger for a while more. A look of uncertainty plastered itself upon the young girl's face. She found the short poem hard to contemplate, what made matters even worse was the fact that Professor Willow was comparing her to a Bidoof!

Freeing Legends? Fate?

Candice proceeded forward to receive her Pokevice, still not entirely grasping onto the situation at hand. Her personalized device was an ashy brown shade, with jagged lines streaking along its shiny body, with a design of a radiant star that possessed seven points painted upon it, the screen's background pictured a volcano. A childish twinkle flashed in her eyes, as she took to poking the various buttons on the screen and watching with interest as Pokeball icons depicting Iara, Orah and Lyulf appeared. She cooed in response, unsure how exactly her Pokevice functioned.

" - I would advise you not to show it off to other trainers; they will become suspicious and probably extremely jealous..."

At Professor Willow's words, Candice hastened to unlock the tiny compartment that stored Pokeballs, after pressing in confusion for quite awhile, Gon came to her aid, as he shouted out to the whole crew. The girl willingly followed his instructions, pressing the Pokeball icon with a question mark pasted over it. In that instant, a new Pokeball popped out from a compartment for the Pokevice, bursting open in a flash of scarlet. The light erupted a majestic red, as a four-legged Pokemon materialized infront of the bedazzled female. As the glow died down, the new creature regained solid form and stood proudly before his new trainer. He was no taller than her, though Candice had a feeling that his original size would probably be double his current stature. The furry Pokemon gave off a stately feeling, and commanded respect, his long mane blowing in the passing wind, his yellow mask flashing brilliantly under the sunlight. He glanced into Candice's eyes, as if inspecting her for the first time.

The Pokemon circled the girl two times, before settling down on his hind legs and seating himself beside Candice, all the while maintaining his royal air. For what seemed like hours, a dead quiet hung over them, before the girl's blank expression twisted into that of unrestrained mirth, as she squealed with delight, hugging the Entei's long neck. The Fire type was taken by surprise but otherwise, did not seem to mind the contact.

"I'll call you Edan. My name means fire-white, and your name means little fire." She said softly into the Legendary's mane.

"Doesn't that sound nice?"

June 15th, 2008, 9:48 PM
Toby walked into Prof Willow's Lab, after a three day wilderness trek. His tracksuit was dirty and his shoes were muddy. But he had gotten good training in. This wasn't an unusual exercise for Toby. He'd been known into the wilderness for days on end, especially right before an important battle. He walked up to Willow.
"Hey Prof. What did you want?" He asked, not noticing everyone else in the Lab.
"Ahh, Toby. Right on time, as usual. The Uma sisters wanted you to have this." She gave him a pokevice. The top half of it was aqua in colour with a bubble pattern; the bottom was a misty purple. Toby looked closely at the back ground. It showed a misty lake, leaves blowing around it. He placed his pokeball into it, and a detailed report came up showing which pokemon he had on him. An extra pokeball was already stored in there. He plucked it from the compartment. "Cool" He muttered, pressing the button. A red light erupted from the centre, and Time stood still. The Pokemon came forth from the Ball.
"No.Way. This must be a dream." Toby exclaimed, looking at the Suicune. "You're Suicune. You're a Legendary Pokemon. What....How....What the hell is going on? Is this some king of joke?!"
"No Toby, Its not a dream. I'm real. I have chosen you, because you are worthy. You have been chosen to release the others. You are one of them."
"You mean, all these people have legendary pokemon aswell!?"
"Yes. Yes they do." Suicune Laughed. She nudged the button with her nose, and was returned. Time unfroze.
"Awesome," Toby said, grinning at the Pokeball.

June 16th, 2008, 4:10 PM
Kazu looked at his little Shaymin and began to cry a little. "I feel so honored to have you on my team. Then the honor continues knowing that I was chosen to have you. I am so sorry you have to see me cry like this." said Kazu still letting the tears come out. Flowers finally rubbed up against his leg and let Kazu pick it up. Kazu held Flowers close as the other Pokemon looked on with jealous eyes. Spiner realized that the Eevee was no longer in her hand. "Ambipom? Ambipom?" said Spiner crying out for the Eevee. "Spiner, I am sure that Eevee is with that girl over there. How about we both go over there." Kazu said already dragging Spiner over to the girl. The other Pokemon followed their trainer. As Kazu dragged Spiner his hand started to hurt. He looked at it and saw bite marks. "That's right the Eevee did bite me when I was looking at that girl. Her eyes were so beautiful that I guess I got lost. Of course, if I said that she would probaly but a mark on me." he thought to himself as he finally reached the girl.

June 17th, 2008, 7:37 PM
I am Giratina, and you shall be my guardian. The small dark dragon said to Ryan.

"What, he can talk?" Ryan asked.

"Yes, they all can, they are special gifts," Professor Willow stated.

The Professor's thoughts still wandered back to the egg that Ryan held in his hands. Could the Uma Sisters really have given it to him? Why? Who were they really? The questions on the subject seemed clearly too hard to answer so she left it alone.

She could see that Giratina was already getting to know Ryan and Growlithe. It appeared that the whole team was out now; Flaffy, Wooper, Bayleef, and Skarmory. The Pokemon and their brilliant trainer played around with each other and such, but Willow couldn't help but notice Giratina's slight discomfort. The Legendary Pokemon had probably expected an experienced trainer, with a powerhouse team, something along the lines of Gary Oak. But instead it got this life loving boy, full of pride.

"Do you want to have some Poffin with the rest of the team?" Ryan asked Giratina.

Outrageous! You expect me to dine with these filthy Pokemon. There is a slim chance of that. The arrogant baby dragon said.

Ryan was taken aback. It appeared that working with Giratina was going to be harder than he thought. This Legendary had a superiorority complex over his fellow teammates. He was going to have to teach him equality. But that was for another time, not in front of all of these fellow trainers. One thing Ryan did not like, was being ridiculed or embarassed for his training methods.

He stroked Growlithe's fur as the others ate; Giratina sulking in the corner of the room.

June 17th, 2008, 10:30 PM
OOC: Bigfoot: HEY! You stole my Poffin idea! Ah well, never mind. More Poffins for Ryan's Pokemon, then!
Just as everyone was admiring their new, awesome, legendary Pokemon, a Mime Jr. showed up in their midst. It looked a little bit bigger than the average Mime Jr, the blue swirl on its head was big, and its eyes looked a tad bit puffy and stayed open all the time, but it still had the jolliest look on its cute little clown face, giving it the appearance more of an animated Mime Jr. doll than any ordinary Mime Jr. Also, it had a tray of muffins in its hands.
"Whoa! Where did you come from?!" one of the trainers blurted.
"Ma-mime mime," the Mime Jr. said in an unusually gentle and misty voice, while it pointed to a street sign which read "Drury Lane".
...Silence. (and probably sweatdrops)
"Mi-ime!" the Mime Jr. cried once more, still sounding sort of like a wise old faery, but trying as best as it could to sound as jolly and squeaky as the typical Mime Jr.
All the muffins flew into the air, held aloft by Mime Jr's telekinesis. Each person near the lake (except for Professor Willow) ended up with one dropping into his or her hands (or on their heads, if they didn't have their hands out or mouths open), but some of the Pokemon felt left out...
The Mime Jr. spun around and reappeared with a tray full of Poffins, and repeated the procedure, this time with the Pokemon that were out. When all was done, the Mime Jr. spun around one last time, then lifted itself into the sky, a bright blue aura enveloping it as it rose, higher and higher... until it vanished into a cloud.

Hee hee hee, Chople flavour, my favourite... Kaiser thought, not wanting to talk with a beakful of Poffin. Too bad Puffy had to miss out on her Mago Poffins.

Heyyy... I didn't get a Poffin... Regigigas thought, glancing at the other legendaries to see that they didn't get any either. Does the Muffin Clown hate us or something?

Through all this, Professor Willow looked like she was pondering, although even she couldn't help but grin a little at the stunt of that Mime Jr. However, when she looked away from the group for a moment, she noticed that the street sign Mime Jr. had pointed to now read "Apple Street", as she thought it usually did. Upon seeing this peculiar sight, Willow frowned, pondered some more... then all of a sudden, she spun around on her heel and faced the group.
"Well, I can certainly see that you are all enjoying yourself. The appearance of the mysterious 'Muffin Clown' was not part of my plan, but this shows us that other parties are out there to make our day. However, there are also parties that are out there to rain on our parade. I'm sure some of you have heard of Team Alpha and/or the E-Gang?"
Some people nodded; some just stood there with blank faces.
"Yes, this is one reason why I advise you not to show off your Legendaries," Willow continued. "Team Alpha has already taken Regirock, Regice, and Registeel captive--it it rumoured that they want to use their powers to power up their own Pokemon, and take over the world with these forces."

"Psst! Hey Gon!" Regigigas whispered telepathically (if that makes sense) to Gon. "Do you think that maybe we could, you know, ...fight against Team Alpha eventually? Erm, play superhero? Those Regi's are practically my brothers and sisters, and I'd really hate to see what awful things Team Alpha would do to them... I mean, if it's not appealing to you, then I suppose maybe I could fight them alone, but..."
"We'll see, we'll see," Gon replied impatiently; he wanted to listen to what else Willow had to say, and after that, maybe head off with Jemima to save the world from the clutches of Team Alpha?

"Hmm, speaking of Team Alpha," Willow continued, "just a while ago, I received a phone call from some unknown man. Whoever he was, he claimed to know quite a bit about the intentions of Team Alpha, and the hackers known as the E-Gang which side with them. Judging by his tone of voice and the type of information he gave, he seemed to be a spy for them... Anyway, he mentioned the Power Plant just north of Lavender Town--apparently a whole faction of Team Alpha are planning to gather there tonight to capture the source of Zapdos' power. Of course, my take on this is that in their failure to capture a real legendary, they're studying its remains, its origins. One can suppose this team differs from the more forceful and silly Team Rocket. It appears these Pokemon-related criminal organisations are becoming more serious and complex..."
Here Willow paused for a moment, realising that she may have just placed targets on these trainers' backs. If they have the legendaries, then they would be easy targets for Team Alpha...
"Well, of course, I'm no expert in the military or the police--I feel all I can do to help is watch over boxed Pokemon, invent Pokevices, and go out and find starter Pokemon to capture. Obviously the choice is up to you whether or not you want to do something about Team Alpha and the fate of the world. I'm not convincing you to do anything in particular--all I know is that the Uma Sisters have willed the legendary Pokemon to join you. That is all."


All having been said, Gon glanced again at the news article on his laptop before turning it off and facing Jemima. Immediately he noticed her Legendary.
"Ahhh, I see you got Mew, huh?"
For a while, Gon stared into Mew's beautiful blue eyes, which reminded him of the vibrant blue colours of his sister Ari's hat... Ari. Where was Ari? That question had stuck out in Gon's mind during his trip here, a question he yearned to have answered sometime soon. Of all the girls in the world, Ari was and would always be the most special one to Gon, although the chances of them being love interests were practically zero. And now... well, Gon had no idea where she could possibly be. Maybe Team Alpha had used one of their methods to kidnap her? Maybe she put up the solid wall behind her bedroom door as a prank? Maybe she...


Startled by this unified shout of several voices, people looked around to see that the area which included Professor Willow, the trainers, the lake, and all the Pokemon (including the legendaries) was surrounded by a ring of Wobbuffet, all holding hands in a circle. Curiously, each Wobbuffet wore what looked like a shiny red vest, and had what looked like a TV antenna atop its head. With this Pokemon barrier, nobody had any way out of the circle...

Save Cornflower (Willow's Altaria), who flew out of the circle out of panic. One of the Wobbuffet looked up at her and watched her fly away, but then focused its attention back into the circle.

"Plup!" Having finally found a worthy battle opponent, Kaiser dashed at one of the Wobbuffet, mustering one of his most powerful Aqua Jet attacks. He launched the attack so quickly and unexpectedly that the Wobbuffet would not have time to...

"Wobba!" These were some quick-witted Wobbuffet... Immediately, the Wobbuffet used Counter on Kaiser, halting the speeding Piplup completely. The poor Piplup went flying a hundred or so feet into the air, apparently hit by a force at least five times as strong as his original attack was.
[i]Five times as strong--is that possible? Gon thought. I thought Counter dealt twice the amount of damage the user receives! Either these are some ridiculously high-level Wobbuffet, or some other force must be acting to strengthen these Counter attacks...

Meanwhile, Regigigas ran backwards, gazing up at Kaiser. Gon glanced back to see a scene that reminded him of an outfielder in a baseball game, backing all the way towards the wall in order to catch that little ball--especially with the way Regigigas was holding his hands in front of him for the catch.
"Regii... gigas..."
Finally, Regigigas jumped, and caught the little Piplup in his arms. However, he happened to jump right at the edge of the lake, so he landed in the water with a huge splash. This splash depleted half the water in the lake--in fact, it became shallow enough so Regigigas could stand up in it and have the top of his head peek out from the surface. Regigigas placed Kaiser atop his head, to rest from the impact of the attack.

"Great--how are we going to get past the Wobbuffet now?" Gon wondered.

June 18th, 2008, 3:27 AM
Still cozied up in Entei's warmth, the girl had seated herself comfortably onto the grassy meadow, leaning against her lovable new companion. The large Legendary of Fire didn't seem to mind very much, he himself lying down and resting in silence, all the while maintaining his royal air. He blinked, golden eyes flashing as he saw a little Psychic type joining the group, muffins in tow. Eden raised his head in suspicion as the larger than average Mime Jr. playfully tossed his baked confectionaries into the air. Candice clapped her hands joyfully, as she saw a muffin soaring towards her direction. Sliding towards the left and opening her mouth wide, she caught the tasty treat accurately between her teeth. Taking a large bite from the muffin without any hesitation whatsoever, she chewed and swallowed, grasping the rest of the confectionary in her left hand, her other hand on her hip.

"Blueberry!" Candice beamed with joy, taking another hearty chomp.

Orah hopped on the spot, waving her tiny fins vigorously towards her trainer, crying out in her chiming voice, whining for a piece of the delectable goodie. As a puffy ball of bread flew in her direction and smacked her squarely in the head, the Chinchou tumbled to her side and began breaking into tears. Candice lowered herself to carry the crying youngster, cradling the bawling Water type in her arms as she motioned for Eden to pick up the Poffin that had bounced off Orah's large head. The Entei rolled his eyes, releasing a disgruntled sigh as he forced the food into the crying Chinchou's open mouth.

Orah widened her eyes, nearly choking on the Poffin, before swallowing it whole, her tears stopped spilling as she licked her lips, clapping her fins as her two feelers fizzled with delight. The Poffin was incredibly tasty. The Water type nudged her trainer, just as Candice finished licking the crumbs of the muffin from her fingertips. As the Chinchou and the girl exchanged looks of seriousness, they instantly agreed on the same thing.

"After that Mime Jr.!" Both the female and her Pokemon raised a hand (and fin), pointing at the spot that the cheeky Psychic type had vanished at. Sure, that thin cloud of smoke was their only lead, but, for the sake of the Muffins, they would find out where the Pokemon-Baker had fled to, and they would demand for more confectionary sweets and the like.

"Well, I can certainly see that you are all enjoying yourself. The appearance of the mysterious 'Muffin Clown' was not part of my plan, but this shows us that other parties are out there to make our day. However, there are also parties that are out there to rain on our parade. I'm sure some of you have heard of Team Alpha and/or the E-Gang?"

Candice raised an eyebrow, allowing Professor Willow to see her trademark 'blank' look. She hadn't the faintest idea that there were other evil teams running amuck. As the Professor continued on and on, talking about the whereabouts of the team and their motives, the girl only had one clear goal in mind. She swayed impatiently on the spot, tapping a foot on the ground as she waited for the Professor to finish her briefing. The young female wanted to follow the Mime Jr. as quickly as she could manage. However, as soon as the older lady completed her piece, another interruption took place.


The girl turned to see that a large ring of Wobbuffet had encircled their entire group, preventing them from escape. Candice sighed in an irritated tone, they did not have time to waste on playing such silly games, watching on as Cornflower ascended into the air, and Kaiser getting blown back by a Counter attack for unbelievable magnitude, the girl had taken the hint - something that was of rare occurrence. It must have been the sheer drive to get more muffins that pushed Candice to create an escape route. Swiftly withdrawing her Chinchou without question, she held Eden's Pokeball out, waving it before the Entei's face, a curious look upon her face. The Legendary gave an approving nod, disappearing in a flash of red light into his respective Pokeball, as Candice retrieved another spherical device and released her sleepy Mantine.

Iara gave a lazy yawn, floating as she adjusted to her new surroundings, noting the number of people and Pokemon, as well as the circle of Wobbuffet constricting them. Candice jumped onto the Flying type's back, readying herself to leave as soon as she'd see someone else doing the exact same thing.

June 18th, 2008, 5:48 AM
"My own legendary eh? I am surprised that I got one mighty as you, but hey I ain't complaining. Well if I am supposed to carry you around, then you need to get in this." Isaac said raising an Ultra Ball towards the Palkia's head. The Palkia leaned back as if feeling insulted.

"Do you honsetly believe I will enter a man-made device as despicable as that?! Clearly I was misguided when I selected you as a partner, young Isaac." Palkia beamed the harsh thoughts into Isaac's head. His facial expressions revealed shock as the Palkia could talk to him. Then again, he was not that surprised as Palkia is indeed a powerful legendary.

Wait a minute, selected? What is that supposed to mean? Isaac wondered telepathically. The Palkia sighed as well as a Pokemon could do and prepared his reply.

The God pokemon, Arceus called upon all the legendaries he could in order for us to choose human partners. I cannot reveal much more than that, so do not bother asking. Palkia explained in a calm and polite beam, well as polite as he could be.

Clearly he had a goal in mind and in order to get there, you need to get inside the pokeball. It may seem all cramped and evil, but isn't that bad. Isaac demanded, but did not reveal any violent intentions as he had a smile on his face. The Palkia roared before placing himself on the same level as the Pokeball of which reeled him in. Isaac brought the pokeball to his face as it began to shake back and forth as if Palkia was resisting the orders of his partner. Soon enough, Palkia gave in and the ball halted its movement. He turned to his Umbreon who was still out and dediced to leave him out a bit more. As Isaac redirected to his attention to the lake, a muffin smacked him across the face.

"Ow..." Isaac muttered. He picked up the flying muffin and examined it, revealing it to be a corn muffin. "Bah, I hate corn. You want it Umbreon?" Even the dark pokemon rejected it so with no options left he tossed the muffin away with no hesitation. With the muffin gone, Isaac mingled himself inside the lake group parking himself next to Candice. Soon enough the professor spoke about some factions called Team Alpha and the E-Gang. Argh! More stupid organizations. I bet they are lead by a munch of morons who think they are all high and mighty and know everything. Isaac's thought transmitted to the rest of his body, forcing him to clench his fist tightly and his teeth nearly fuse together in anger. As Isaac was about to stomp away in rage, a stupid pokemon emerged from nothing yelling out: Wobbuffet.

"Out of my way!" Isaac stomped into the path of the insane pokemon, only to be sent flying landing on his backside. From his ground position, he watched as the little penguin of a pokemon was defeated in a matter of seconds. Fixing up his clothes and placing his hat back on with his bangs covering his face, Isaac chose to join Candice in her escape plan summoning Staraptor from his pokeball and returning Umbreon back its own pokeball. "I see you are smart, Candice. So how about we get out of this place?" Isaac asked, perching himself on his loyal bird.

June 18th, 2008, 7:23 AM
(OOC: Just FYI! I've decided that Cresselia is just going to be called Cresselia. Spectacle is weird, i don't know why.)


Jacob was just about to continue his conversation with Rin, now including the Mime Jr Muffin Attack, when he heard the group of pokemon announce their arrival. Sweatdrop. Jacob hated Wobbuffet with the passion of seven suns, the impossible creations making him want to step on a baby Bonsly's head. The vein near his temple began to throb, if anyone was paying attention the probably would have noticed and backed up a few feet. Stupid creatures make me want to unleash Cresselia on them and wipe them off the face of this world. But I can't, she must be used as a last resort only.

"Cresselia," Jacob turned and said aloud to his legendary pokemon, "you need to return to the Pokevice before whoever these Wobbuffet knows how capture you from me." The floating pokemon nodded, and Jacob clicked all of the storage buttons except for Draiga's and Aroma's. He quickly climbed onto Draiga's back, Aroma in his arms, and asked his Flygon to float in the air, mimicing Candice just a few feet away, until he figured out exactly what he was going to do. Jacob glanced back at Rin, waiting to see what she was planning on doing in order to defeat or escape the Wobbuffet. Jacob then noticed a bunch of trainers attack the Wobbuffet, to no avail as they were launched into the air or backwards onto their butts.

"Fly..gon..flygon" whined Draiga, not wanting to just sit here. Jacob knew she was right, they had to do something and fast. Stupid Wobbuffet, who do the actually work for? Team Alpha? The E-Gang? Some other entity that we haven't heard about yet. And once we escape, where to go? The Power Plant? The Indigo Plataeu? All these choices and I don't know which one to choose. All I know is I'm going wherever Rin goes, we've connected somehow and I want to make sure nothing happens to a new friend. Jacob was caught between a rock and a hard place, but he made his choice.

"Rin we need to get out of here and fast, there's no point in fighting the Wobbuffet because they'll just counter our attacks. Our best bet is to fly out of here and then decide where to go from there. Your new companion would be the best suited, from what I've seen of your pokemon, to escape. But then again, its always your choice." Jacob glanced around again, wondering what the other trainers were going to do. Some looked ready to fight, others to flee like Jacob was planning to avoid a pointless ,and most likely neverending, battle.

June 18th, 2008, 7:25 AM
"Exeggutor, go!"

Danny released his first Pokemon from its Poke Ball. It a mighty yawn from its several heads and blinked a few times.

"Latios, I'd like you to meet Exeggutor. Exeggutor, this is..." Danny sighed, as Latios wasn't paying any attention at all, and seemed more content with swooshing around. Exeggutor's faces adopted confused expressions.

"Ah... well I'm sure we can work something out..." Danny turned at the sound of "Mime!"; there was a Mime Jr. stood nearby carrying a tray of muffins.

'How odd...' Danny thought, as a muffin landed on his head. He removed it and began to eat it slowly, not really paying attention to the taste, as a poffin soared through the air and into one of Exeggutor's open mouths. The other faces looked sad as the fortunate one chewed away happily. Danny listened carefully as Professor Willow expained about Team Alpha and the E-gang, but he wasn't too familiar with the goings-on of the criminals, Johto didn't seem to get much action nowadays.

Professor Willow finished her little speech. "That is all." Danny turned to see Latios fly towards him and stop by his side.

"Did you get all that?" Latios transmitted.

"I think so... sounds like trouble. I have a feeling things are only going to get tougher from here..."


Startled, Danny noticed that all of the trainers and Pokemon were surrounded by a ring of Wobbuffet, save Willow's Altaria. 'How did they appear so fast?' Danny wondered. He gritted his teeth as a small penguin-like Pokemon charged at a Wobbuffet and was thrown back with ridiculous force. He saw a flash of light out of the corner of his eye; a girl with brown hair had released a Mantine from its ball and climbed onto its back. A male trainer with a black hat over blonde hair released a Staraptor and mounted it.

Danny looked doubtfully at Latios. "Do you think you are strong enough to fly me?" He asked. Latios shook its head, its eyes fixed on a Wobbuffet. "Right... I think I have a plan. I don't think we can fight the Wobbuffet, not this many." Danny held out his Pokevice. "Latios, return!"

A bright light engulfed the Legendary as it was sucked back into storage. Danny took out Exeggutor's ball. "Return, Exeggutor!" Exeggutor was drawn back into its ball.

"Go, Onix!" Danny released the huge snake-like rock Pokemon, which gave a roar of approval. "Onix, think you can dig us a tunnel out of here?" Onix grunted.

Danny took a deep breath. 'I hope this works...'

June 18th, 2008, 10:36 AM
"Plupppp... Plup? Pip pip pippp!!!" Kaiser jumped to his feet all of a sudden, realising that he had just been hit by a powerful Counter attack. He felt highly embarrassed--he had attacked using one of his best Aqua Jets, and all those people and Pokemon watched the Wobbuffet deflect the attack as if it was nothing... and beat him up pretty badly at the same time. Now, he jumped to his feet because the last thing he wanted to do was appear weak and defeated. But it didn't last long--after a few moments, Kaiser wobbled around on his webbed feet, and fainted.

"Reg!" Regigigas grunted, as the Piplup's beak poked him on the top of the head. Then it wandered over to the edge of the lake and placed Kaiser on the soggy bank, and then rubbed its head where it had been accidentally pecked. Then it proceeded to climb out of the lake and shake itself dry--the process showered some nearby trainers (including Gon) with a few rain-like water drops.

Gon, meanwhile, was gazing at the strange-looking Wobbuffet. Why were all these Wobbuffet wearing vests, and why did they have antennae atop their heads? An immediate thought came to his mind:
Team Alpha! I read that they power up Pokemon somehow, and this must be one of the ways that they do it. Who else do I know who can make Pokemon this powerful by cheating?
Also, Gon managed to notice Cornflower flying over the Wobbuffet, and that the Wobbuffet didn't do anything about it. A few other trainers decided to follow suit and fly on their Pokemon over the Wobbuffet; again, the Wobbuffet took no notice. Danny, one of the trainers, the one who received Latios, even used his Onix to dig a tunnel underneath them, and again, the Wobbuffet took no notice. What were they, sitting ducks?

"Hey I have an idea," Regigigas offered as he looked at the Wobbuffet, "let's play leap-frog!"
While Gon struggled to fathom why Regigigas would want to play some child's game at this point, Regigigas ran over to the Wobbuffet barrier. Three Wobbuffet standing there braced themselves for attacks...
"What are you doing?" Gon asked Regigigas. "They'll just Counter you back!"

But Regigigas did not attack the Wobbuffet--instead, it placed its hands gently on one of the Wobbuffet's heads, and vaulted the big blue Pokemon. Crushed by the weight, the Wobbuffet used Counter to retaliate, sending Regigigas flying in the air. But Regigigas did not change direction, and instead landed on the other side of the barrier.
"That was fun! Why don't you give it a try?"
Gon remembered a time when Ari used a similar method to leap over benches when she was younger, and times when Puffy tried to jump clear over his head. Well, it was worth a try...

First, he tossed Regigigas the bag containing his laptop, so as to prevent it from getting broken. He also did the same with Kaiser--Regigigas placed him atop its head again. Then, he took a few paces backward, jogged towards the Wobbuffet, placed his hands on its head, and hopped over it. For a short while he felt a force press against his hands, but other than that, he too was sent flying into the air, though not nearly as high as Regigigas was because he was lighter than it.
"Well, if we didn't have an Indigo Plateau to head to, we could spend all day playing leap-frog with all these Wobbuffet. Kind of like an amusement park, isn't it?"
Regigigas laughed in response.
"Is that where we're going, then--Indigo Plateau?" it asked Gon after it was done laughing.
"Well, I am interested in what's behind all those killings there... sounds like a fun ghost story to work out. (I just hope it doesn't turn out the same way Mr. Wheezy did... but that shouldn't matter because now I have Regigigas.) Of course, we'd have to stop at Viridian City along the way--besides, Kaiser needs a Pokemon Centre."

Gon took a few steps away from the crowd... and halted and turned back around to face the remaining group.
"I'm headed off to the Indigo Plateau--apparently some weird things have been going on there. Anyone wanna come?" Come on Jemima, please come...
Gon waited for a response while walking backwards alongside Regigigas.

Meanwhile, by this time the Wobbuffet began to take notice that people were avoiding them completely.
"Wobba? Fet?" some of them muttered as they glanced upwards at the flying Pokemon, or at the tunnel Onix dug.
"WOBBA!" all the Wobbuffet suddenly shouted in unison. Then they began to run towards those remaining inside the circle, punching and flailing their arms at any living thing they could find. However, they didn't even put a bruise on even Rin or Flowers. They just flailed their arms at their targets without doing any real damage--to most it felt like two large ribbons hitting them. Well, the advantage of this was that now there were spaces available through which the Guardians and the Pokemon could escape. It also helped that Wobbuffet can't run very fast. There goes that little nuisance...

June 18th, 2008, 1:47 PM
Kazu looked around at what seemed to be falling muffins. He immediately jumped into the air. He was like some dog, but he remmebred he hadn't eaten anything. After he devoured the muffin poffins came down for his Pokemon. All of his Pokemon grabbed one, except Flowers who couldn't get one. Brawler gave half of his Poffin to Flowers. "You see Flowers, Brawler is the big brother of our group. He is your protector. While Spiner is the best friend you will find. Courage is like our family's cheerleader. He is always ready to cheer you on to do your best. Jabber is the protector and watches the group.And last but not least is my Burst, the leader of the family. You can count on her to make sure you never lose your way." said Kazu lifting Flowers back into his arms. "This is your amazing family, Flowers. We are here for you everyday and all day. Welcome to the family!" said Kazu as Flowers finished eating the Poffin.

As everyone enjoyed the soft mushy moment Professor Willow began to talk about the Team Alpha. Kazu and team didn't play attention. Kazu was busy flirting with the girl with the Eevee. While his Pokemon were playing with Flowers and telling it about the contest world. As they all got to know each other a sound tore them away from their chats. It was the sound of a group of Wobbuffet surrounding them. Kazu and the others had not noticed them until they began to attack and when all the other trainers ahd used their Pokemon to escape. He was a little annoyed, but then felt a strange sensation. "Alright, you want some come get some." he said as he put Flowers on his head and gave Courage a cheering headband. "We are about to take this to the next contest level. Spiner use Swift around the team and the girl, which will be followed by Flamethrower, by Burst." and so Kazu's Pokemon performed their moves. The Wobbuffet moved back away from the Swift, formed their ring, and prepared to counter. As the Flamethrower came at the Wobbuffet in the center it put up a Mirror Coat.

However, from the Flamethower, which was inches away, were Brawler and Jabber. The Pokemon got on the side of the Wobbuffets and knocked them over with Brick Break. The Wobbuffet had tried to quickly react, but they fell and created a domino effect. The Wobbuffet continued to knock each other over until they were all out. "Sometimes it isn't about overpowering your opponent." Kazu took a pause and had his team gather around, "It's about out performing them." and with that Kazu asked the Eevee girl if she wanted to go out on a date. While he asked he put all his Pokemon around him as a barrier against the Eevee.

June 18th, 2008, 2:23 PM
Seeing how most of the others had the Wobbuffet problem under control, Bobby released Flygon. He hopped on her back and sped North East. Bobby took out his red Pokevice and pressed a button on it. The button released Deoxys. Bobby looked at it and realized that Deoxys was rather small. "Hey Deoxys, I thought you'd be bigger."

"Well I'm actually a baby Deoxys." He muttered. Deoxys was still a little edgy around Bobby's pokemon. They had acted warmly at first, but they started giving him the stink eye. Deoxys figured it was because he was a virus turned pokemon.

Bobby took out an empy pokeball. "Here, I don't want a lot of people knowing about you, so get in here." Deoxys was sucked into the ball and Bobby placed it next to his other pokemon.

Soon they were flying over Rock Tunnel, and Bobby saw the Power Plant. "Land there Flygon!" Bobby yelled over the wind. They landed in the shadows to stay out of sight. Bobby returned Flygon and stole into the abandond Power Plant.

June 18th, 2008, 11:13 PM
"Wobbuffet!" Wpbbuffet came up to Rin began hitting her. Rin left a glare. "Hit me and I will make sure that you will end up buried in the ground..alive." Rin said coldly with a death glare impression of course she was bluffing. The Wobbuffet sweadropped and backed away not wanting to induce the wrath of this trainer.

"Rin we need to get out of here and fast, there's no point in fighting the Wobbuffet because they'll just counter our attacks. Our best bet is to fly out of here and then decide where to go from there. Your new companion would be the best suited, from what I've seen of your pokemon, to escape. But then again, its always your choice." Jacob said to her.

Rin looked at Jacob. "Your right fighting is useless against these things..even though they are are cowards.." Rin said coldy glaring at the wobuffet who once again had a hgue sweatdrop on them. "Dragonite knows fly but I'm not sure e's strong enough to carry me. I only use it in battling." Rin said to Jacob. "I must wonder though..why are you asking me to escaape with you? I'm not trying to be rude or anything but..its just..nevermind.." Rin mumbled.

"Go ho-oh!" Rin mumbled as she released the ho-oh from her device.

"You know fly right? the mvoe that can carry people from place to place?" Rin thought to her ho-oh

"Yes..I do just hop aboard." Ho-oh thought back to her.

"Okay Jacon lets go." Rin said to jacob before getting on ho-oh and it took off as she escaped from the weird circle of wobbuffet. "We should msot likely meet in Viridian." Rin said to Jacob making sure they could meet up somewhere close by.

June 19th, 2008, 9:42 PM
Jemima giggled as her Mew circled her, floating through the air. Jemima's Surskit and Duskull watched on curiously, wary of the new Pokemon. The two were Jemima's shyest Pokemon, so she was not suprised.
Mew, however approached the two, calling it's name out in it's high-pitched voice. This reminded Jemima a lot of herself, she was an expert at stamping out tension. She'd never felt awkward in any situation, ever and she was pretty sure she had never been embarassed.
Surskit on the other hand was very anti-social, she only liked Pokemon after being around them for a long time and Jemima was the only person she'd ever warmed to quickly. Duskull was just shy, and got embarrassed easily.
Jemima watched as Mew played with Surskit and Duskull, smiling warmly.

She looked around, at the other trainers standing with their new legendaries. Jemima did not know most of their names but she was sure she would learn them. They were all different sizes, different shapes and colours. Just like their trainers. Just like all Pokemon.

Jemima heard Gon ask his question about the Indigo Plateau, she considered it momentarily and shrugged her bare, tan shoulders. Cute boys and boredom often held weight in her decision making process.

"Okay," she said, nonchalantly.

Sir Aaron1017
June 20th, 2008, 4:03 AM
Derek was so confused with the ordeal of the legendaries and the events that have taken place so far.

"I still can't believe that I just got a legendary!!! There is no way!!! I can't think of any reason why these Uma Sisters picked me, or even why Rayquaza picked me, but I feel honored just to be apart of this!" He thought to himself, and then began to ponder possible explanations when he was smacked on the head!

"WHOA!!! What was that!" he said startled, and rubbed his head, knocking something off from the top of his head, which he caught due to his natural reflexes.

"A muffin?? Where did this come from? Oh Chocolate! My favorite!" And with that, he took a large bite, and then another, until he had completely devoured it, and that is when he heard it.

'Mime, mime!" - the call of a Mime Jr, a psychic type that loved playing games and creating illusions.

"What is it doing here?" he said loud enough for anyone to hear that was close enough to do so.

Can this day get any more weird? If so, before anything else happens, I will call out all my Pokémon. I promised Charizard that I would give him something to eat, he is so hungry! We haven't had anything to eat for a long time! Plus, they still haven't met Rayquaza!

"Go team!" he said, holding all his pokeballs out at the same time. In a brilliant flash of light, his team appeared before him. "Guys, this is Rayquaza, it is joining our team, and I want you to give it the up most respect, which I know you guys will do!" he stated clearly, making sure that they all understood his order, and he was met with a chorus of the cries of Milotic, Charizard, Grovile, and Dragonair. "Good, I am glad that we are on the same page, now before anything else..." he started, but was interrupted as a bunch of poffins came flying at his Pokémon, and they snatched them out of the air with a look of delight on their faces, revealing that they were pleased with what they received. "Okay, never mind..." he started when Professor Willow started talking, so he stopped to listen.

Okay, Team Alpha is doing stuff that they are not supposed to do, what's knew? After she was done, yet another interruption followed, and he heard the cries of a large group of Wobbuffet approach, and then blast a small Piplup into the air, which was caught very nicely by a Regigigas, but then it fell into the pond. It was kinda comical to see, but he resisted the urge to chuckle.

"What am I going to do with these little idiots? I have no time for this!" thought out loud, when he saw the Regigigas play leap-frog over the Wobbuffet, followed by it's trainer, who then announced he was headed to Indigo Plateau, and asked if anyone wanted to go with him.

"I guess I will go with you, My name is Derek, Derek Kingston, what's yours" he said after he got past the nuisances of the ring by flying over on Charizard after recalling Rayquaza and the others.

June 21st, 2008, 12:11 PM
OOC: Xia, is short for Xiapher, just that you know =P

Xia walked up to the lab, prof Willow's lab it said according the postcard he got over the Pelliper mail in this part of the country, it wasn't an invitation of some kind, it was just a card the poor bird dropped and just flew away and didn't mind anymore, weird though, you would've thought post carriers like them would be more cautious, and still he dropped it, must have been sleepy. There was a map on the backside of it, pinpointing the lab an a few other building in this neighborhood. He scratched his backside, again looking at minuscule map printed on the right below corner of the backside of the card. Xia was still amazed that he could read it. The picture on the other side of it was stunning though, a beautifully picture of a Zapdos and Raikou in the midst of battle. Pretty but not really his taste of pictures.

Before he knew it, he was in front of the door, he didn't mind to see if anybody was outside of the building, as he gently pushed the door open. Several other people were in here, girls boys, and a bit older ones too. Some looked stunned and amazed, he wondered what for. He just walked on, trying to find a name tag or something for that matter, that said 'Prof. Willow'
No name tags, but he soon was spoken to, by a woman in a white coat, well you could safely say that would be the professor.

“Are you Xia, perhaps?” she asked.
“Uh, yeah, I- I am” Xia answered a bit stunned, firstly because she knew him, but he didn't even recognize him. “What can I do for you?” He asked rather stunned. He had just arrived, and didn't know what was happening. Already a wave of questions were entering his head. He had no idea that the wave would become a tsunami in matter of minutes.
“Oh nothing, I just want you to take this Pokévice.” She said reaching him the device. He had no idea what it was. Looked like something he could place his pokéball in. It was metallic above, and magma like on the bottom. He hated the skin of the thing, but he decided to ignore that, since it wasn't all fire-based. Steel could've been made with fire, but afterward it's not anymore.

“The Uma sisters wanted me to give this to you” She said afterwards.
“The Uma-who?” Xia asked confused. He didn't know what the prof was talking about. She handed him a small paper, with on it a text explaining it all. He read it, and he thought he got it. He didn't really read it 'that' good, but nobody had to know that. He placed him pokéball in the socket, and all of his five he had with him, including his boxed one, were registered to something. To his surprise, a sixth ball was in there. He carefully grabbed it, and pushed the button. And with a flash of light, and a little heatwave, or so it felt for him, if he was the only one to feel it, the bit armor plated magma pokémon appeared. Before him stood the big-jawed legendary pokémon Heatran.

Without even seeing it, he turned around to the people that were around.
“Did anyone loose this?” He said, making sure that this 'thing' wasn't his, he detested fire pokémon, it might be legendary, and it might be half steel. But that didn't matter, he hated all of them, every single one.

'No you own me Xia, I have chosen you to be worthy.'

“Shaddap, you ash-crunching piece of--, wait did you just talk?” He asked surprised.

'Of course I can, we all can.' Heatran answered.

“We all, do you mean every single one in here, has a legendary of something” He laughed.


He soon stopped with laughing, and he just stood still.
“So I'm stuck with you?” Heatran nodded, as it pressed the button of the ball it came out, and returned.

Xia picked it up. Great just great, I just 'had' to be chosen by a freaking fire pokémon. He thought, having no idea, that his connection with fire pokémon would improve faster than he would expect. He was a bit enraged right now, so he didn't even notice the Mime Jr., or thought about introducing his pokémon to 'it'.

Sweet Dreams
June 21st, 2008, 4:26 PM
Other trainers had been receiving their own Pokévices, all with different Pokémon attached. Professor Willow seemed to be everywhere at once, patiently answering the questions directed to her. The Celebi had been disregarding her short questions in favour of games, flowers and other Pokémon. A Mime Jr, of which she had only seen once in a book, suddenly popped up, a merry expression on its face. All she was aware of next was the sight of brown blobs being hurtled through the air and a soft thump on her head, causing her to reach up and grab at what turned out to be a muffin before it fell to the ground. No poffins were directed in her vicinity, however, because all her Pokémon except the talkative stalk floating beside her were in their balls.

The Grass-type had a crestfallen look on its face as it watched the other Pokémon receive the treats, hanging its head. Sharky’s attention was diverted, however, when the Professor started speaking again, and so settled herself onto the grass to listen. She mentioned some kind of team or gang which, judging by the expressions on some of the trainers’ faces was bad news. As for the teen, she had no idea what the lady was talking about, having lived on an isolated, peaceful and uninteresting island. Heck, until the Professor had just mentioned that the Pokémon were Legendary, she hadn’t been aware of that, either.

Something was said about a power plant and a Team Alpha, although she couldn’t quite concentrate on the words. She’d had little sleep on the small boat the night before; the stars were too bright, the rocking motions unsettling and the blanket too stuffy. Just as her drooping eyes were beginning to close, however, she was rudely interrupted by a loud cry.


She scrambled up and noted that a ring of extraordinary blue Pokémon had surrounded them. They looked slow, clumsy and dim-witted, quite ridiculous in their costume of vests and antennae. Her first judgement of easily by-passed beings was quickly proved wrong when a Piplup headed straight for one and was flung high into the air, obtaining considerable damage. Sharky was really quite impressed when the trainers around her showed that, unlike the usual teenagers, weren’t arrogant hot-heads and didn’t continue to try to knock them down. A couple soared over the Pokémon, one and their legendary swung leap-frog style over them, and there was even another that dug their way out. However, the Wobbuffet proved to be as dim as they looked, flopping forward to try and feebly slap their opponents.

The Celebi rested itself on her shoulder, watching the foe with interest. One of the creatures was heading straight for her, but tripped over its own bulb-like feet. Sharky calmly walked towards the other trainers that were talking about something.

~One of them wants us to go to the Indigo Plateau because he thinks something weird is happening there. Sharika, where’s the Indigo Plateau? I’ve never heard of it, even though it sounds important because its name is really long. In-di-go Pla-teau; it’s got five syllables, I think. It sounds fun; can we go? Please, I wanna go!~ Celebi chirped into her head happily, seated on her right shoulder.

Sharky rolled her eyes at the Legendary. She had no desire to travel to the Indigo Plateau just because a teenage guy says something suspicious is going on there. And if she had to travel there, she could at least wait until the Championships so she’d have something to do when she got there. That, and the road would be tough for her Pokémon, whom weren’t exactly the strongest that you could find.

‘Why should I?’

~Why shouldn’t you? It’ll be an adventure and everything! We’ll have fun and games, and meet new people and fight baddies, and tell stories around a campfire and everything! And I wanna meet your Pokémon! Please…? Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease?~ The small Legendary begged, launching itself off her shoulder, opting to fly face-to-face to get its point across.

‘Please what; Pokémon or Indigo Plateau?’ Sharky asked, irate. Why couldn’t she have gotten something that didn’t babble on inside her head so much? She liked peace and quiet, especially her own.

~Both!~ Celebi zoomed around in the air in front of her happily. Then the Celebi, having taken the question as permission, sped off to find the Legendary of the guy whom had asked for people to go with him to Indigo Plateau. This happened to be Regigigas.

Sighing wearily, Sharky walked slowly in the direction her new Legendary had sped off to. Yes, she knew that most other females would probably be pleased to get a cute Legendary and delight in its talkativeness. However, she was one of those trainers whom didn’t expect to amount to anything in the Pokémon world, or ever have anything to do with the Legendaries. Meanwhile, Celebi located Regigigas.

~Hey! Me and Sharika would like to come along! Can we? Please say yes! It sounds like loads of fun, and like a huge adventure. But I have one question… What’s an Indigo Plateau?~ Celebi blinked before settling itself on top of Regigigas. Locating the person whom Regigigas seemed to have chosen, it waved jovially.

June 22nd, 2008, 1:51 AM
For several long moments that seemed to Addie to last an infinity, she just stared blankly down at the strange device given to her by Professor Willow, the device that was supposedly the latest invention in Pokemon technology, and was extremely sought-after, or as she had been told, by trainers of ages. She had remembered birefly reading a article on the new devices while rifling through the 'Daily Ranger', a Pokemon Ranger magazine her father had received quite frequently in the mail back in their home on Cinnabar, but had only glimpsed momentarily at the words before she was overcome with boredom. Now, Addie turned the lightweight device within her delicate hands, an eyebrow raising as she tried to figure out why on earth the Professor would summon all these trainers (including herself) out to Pallet just to give them some customized Pokevices.

"Vee." Aryan replied flatly upon examining the Pokevice, leaping down from her thin shoulder back into her arms as he glanced away from the strange device, seemingly unimpressed. Addie didn't blame him, though as she had been quite impressed with the unique designs of the Pokevices (her own, in particular), especially with the chosen color, now that she had gotten a glimpse inside, she really had no clue what to do with it. Addie shifted her gaze, glancing up and over at the pale girl with the Teddiursa, to see what she was making of the whole situation. A sweatdrop formed alongside Addie's face, and she cringed with embrarrassment to see that the girl had figured her own Pokevice out, and was even slipping all her Pokeballs inside it.

"Okay, Aryan. We could start with putting your pokeball inside this weird thing." Addie muttered, noticing several buttons alongside the main screen of the device, and pressed one simultaneously as she withdrew the tiny Eevee's minimized Pokeball from her backpack, and held it up to the strange-looking machine.

"Vee?!" Aryan asked, a seemingly worried expression marring his face as his entire body stiffened, tensing up for some reason completely unknown to her. A shudder racked the tiny Pokemon's body, and Addie's eyes widened in concern as her furry little friend began shaking all over, chocolate eyes emanating an obvious fear.

"No, I know that you don't like to stay inside your Pokeball.. And i'm not about to make you start living inside it, either. It's just that.." Addie lowered her voice as she brought a hand up to her mouth, bending her face over so that her lips were pressed against the little Eevee's slender ear, the hand serving as a barrier between her lips and the view of all the surrounding trainers. The rubious tinge was still clearly visable upon Addie's cheeks.

"I don't really know what else to do with this thing. I mean, everyone else did it, and.. well, I don't want to look like a complete noob trainer on my first day of meeting everyone by just standing around and staring at it" Addie self-consciously admitted to Aryan, to which the Eevee just scoffed, and grinned wildly up at his trainer. He, of course, being the overconfident spunky little creature he was, didn't understand for a second why his trainer would have insecurities over something so silly. Leaping down from her arms, and shaking himself out, a carefree smile plastered upon his face, he just glanced up at her, winking once before whipping his tiny body around and taking off in the opposite direction. He dashed toward the way in which they had come from, back toward where the boy from earlier, Spiner, and his other Pokemon, the little Chimchar stood. As Addie's eyes followed the quick movement of the little brown flash of fur that was her Eevee, she noticed with a pleased little smile that at least four new Pokemon had gathered in the boy's little group. All were Pokemon she recognized almost instantly, but just like the Ambipom and Chimchar, had never been privelaged enough to catch a glimpse of in real life. An Elekid, a Corphish, a Croagunk and.. and something else?! Addie squinted her eyes to in an attempt to get a better look at the fourth new Pokemon that sat at the boy's side. It was nearly microscopic in appearance, at least compared to the boy's other Pokemon, and even compared to Aryan, who as an Eevee was known to be one of the tiniest breeds in existence. Curiously, Addie began to set forth, ignoring the loud squeals and cheers that went on around her, as strangely enough, muffins of all different colors and flavors rained from the sky. As she approached the boy and his menagerie of Pokemon, including her own, a Muffin flew fiercely from the sky at an alarming speed, and hit her smack in the back of the head. As the muffin had been flying quite forcefully, its impact was enough to send the petite girl flying forward into the compact earth.

A loud "Oomph!" was heard as escaping from her, as to Addie's relief, she noticed the Muffins stop falling, only to be succeeded by a multitude of Poffins. The Pokevice flew forth from her hands, and a loud thud was heard as it landed just in front of the strange Pokemon belonging to the boy, the strange Pokemon that in fact proved to be just as small as Addie thought it would be, its maximum height proving to be only about four inches tall. It was small, and round, and the top half of it was green with the bottom half being white. A miniature pink flower appeared to grow from the fine grassy hair at the top of its body, and upon noticing this, Addie's heart swelled with delight. She could only stare, seemingly infatuated at the little Pokemon, wondering what on earth it could possibly be. It was obviously a grass type, though she had never seen nor heard the likes of it before. Glancing up from her position on the ground to the boy, she opened her mouth as of to say something, but was interrupted by the high-pitched squeal of her own Pokemon.

"VEEEEEEEEE! EEVEEE!" Aryan cried out anxiously, rapidly licking her across the face as worriedly, he turned his face away from her own, and pointed in the direction of her fallen Pokevice.

Oh no..! What if I broke it already? I think the Professor would be pretty peeved if I managed to screw up the Pokevice she called me all the way out here to receive on the first day..

But the Pokevice was anything but broke. Instead, it erupted with a brilliant beam of white light, and from it, the silhouette of a Pokemon began to form. Addie's brow furrowed in confusion, as she was obviously aware that she had no other Pokemon besides Aryan, and Aryan was standing right there beside her. She considered that maybe she had received a Pokevice meant for someone else, but as the light dissipated, and instead a noble bird-like Pokemon stood gracefully before her, burning fiercely with bright flames of orange and red, Addie knew that this Pokemon, which was no other than the great legendary bird Moltres, save for being slightly smaller, had to be hers. His eyes settled immediately upon the girl, and turning up his beak in a display of pride, he slowly unfurled his great wings, holding them out at his sides as the flames flickered upon them, dancing powerfully along the edges. Addie gasped, and as her mouth fell open, could only stare from Aryan, who seemed just as flabbergasted as she did, to the boy who stood not three feet away from her, and then back to Aryan, whose gaze was locked completely on the Moltres miniature. The grassy little Pokemon Addie had been examining on the ground quickly scurried away, understandably terrified, and Addie was vaguely aware of the boy picking him up and placing him on his shoulder.

Addison Bailey Avalon, that is you, correct? The great bird of fire finally spoke, ackonwleding her presence in the dirt before him, though Addie was sure only she could hear him, as his words created a slight tingling sensation within her mind.

Yes.. She responded, not quite used to having internal conversations with another being. Her golden eyes shone with a fresh excitement, and she smiled ecstatically, slowly picking herself up from the ground as she stood straight up, realizing that the bird only stood about three feet, three feet shorter than what a Moltres was supposed to stand.

But.. who are you? You look like a Moltres, but you're kind of puny to be one.. So are you some new kind of breed of legendary?

NO! The bird cried out, sounding just a tad offended as a brief flicker of rage danced within his narrowed eyes. The flames lining his slender wings and tail flared briefly in anger, yet Addie was not surprised, the childish grin still splayed out across her face as she stared adoringly down at the haughty little bird. Though it was obvious she was far behind all the other trainers who had been summoned here, and she knew she was obviously outmatched when it came to firsthand experience of most Pokemon, Fire types were the one type of Pokemon that Addie understood, and loved with a passion. The haughtiness and pompous attitude of the bird so far didn't faze her, and didn't intimidate her, as it would've most other trainers by this point.

I'm a baby Moltres. The legendary continued shortly, shooting a glare up in Addie's direction. I was formed from the flame of my parent Moltres, the Moltres you're accustomed to seeing. And i've chosen you, Addison Bailey Avalon. You're to be my Caretaker and Guardian, and my trainer, though it's come to my attention that you're lacking a bit in that area.. I didn't realize you would still be at just beginning level..

Addie's face fell then, but she didn't let the bird's comments get to her, as she just flashed him a sheepish smile and shrugged lightly. Aryan, meanwhile, had arched his back up at the newcomer, teeth bared as the same warning growl emitted from his parted lips, the same growl that had escaped him the instant before he had attacked that boy.

June 22nd, 2008, 5:29 AM
Danny shook himself as his eyes started to drift shut. He was sat on a sofa in the Viridian City Pokemon Center, leant forward with his chin cupped in his hands.

‘Hopefully someone will be along soon…’ he thought. Onix had burrowed to a field near Viridian, and Danny had made his way to the Pokemon Center using the logic that the other Trainers would probably show up here to have their Pokemon checked up before heading off to the Power Plant, or wherever else they planned to go.

Danny slumped back and sighed. ‘I hope that the other Trainers are reasonable people… I hope none of them just charge into the Power Plant to take on Team Alpha by themselves. It sounds like a feat that no-one can accomplish alone, not even a Pokemon Master.’

His train of thought was interrupted as a Chansey rushed past pushing a stretcher with a beaten-up Sandslash on it. ‘I should phone Professor Willow and apologise… I must have caused quite a bit of damage to her garden by using Onix’s dig. But, if there is a chance this “E-gang” are hacking the telephone lines, it isn’t safe.’

Danny yawned and stretched himself out on the sofa. ‘If Team Alpha get their hands on Zapdos’ power, who knows what will happen…’

June 22nd, 2008, 9:14 AM
Jacob, Draiga and Aroma just stared as the Wobbufet began charging, and flailing their arms, towards them and the other trainers. Jacob tapped Draiga, and Draiga got the hint to float up a little higher and they continued watching as the strange pokemon began to slap at the trainers still standing around. It was an interesting sight, not much damage being caused and just a total annoying display.

What the hell is wrong with these pokemon? Yeah they're buffed up frmo the antenna's, i'm guessing, but they only get the power boost when using counter. Okay enough of them, now to decide where we are going. I know I originally said I would go with Rin wherever she wanted, but I think its best to go off on my own and let her do her thing. Jacob pulled out his pokedevice and began looking through the phone directory installed in it. Jacob quickly called Rin, who's number was luckily programmed in, but was displeased when he got the answering machine.

"Hey Rin its Jacob from Professor Willows lab. I just wanted to let you know I am going to head off to the Indigo Plataeu to figure out these murders, but I'll catch up with you another time. Hope your journey goes well, and be safe. Bye." Jacob hung up the call and returned the multipurpose device to his bag. Jacob tapped Draiga and pointed towards the direction of Viridian City.

"Flygon..fly...gon?" The pokemon seemed to be confused at his request, having just heard him say they were going to the Indigo Plataeu.

"We need to stop at the pokemon center in Virdian first, get you guys up to full strength, grab some food and supplies, and find out if any other trainers are making their way in that direction. While we are one of the more advanced trainers of the group, this job is far to risky to handle alone, atleast the Indigo Plataeu one is. So lets get over there and hopefully we can finish this up quickly."

"Roselia!" Aroma was very happy that their destination had been decided, she'd been getting extremely bored just sitting at the lab. Draiga flexed her wings and then sped off in the direction of the Viridian City pokemon center, their first stop on possibly many for this journey. It was sometime later that they slowed down, but Jacob didn't know the reason for this.

"Draiga, whats up? Why are you slowing down, we need to get there as soon as possible. We don't want to miss the other trainers."

"Flygon..fly..fly..gon" the pokemon began to yell in a worried tone, the dragon pokemon looking around the skies as if to find someone.

"Draiga, there's no one here we're all -" it was just then that Draiga swerved to the left, a flash of orange light speeding past causing Jacob to stop in mid sentence. "What the hell was that and where did it come from!?" Jacob began searching the sky to see what was going on, a few seconds later his eyes landed on a Charizard. At first glance it seemed to be wild, but then after focusing on its back there was an older gentleman riding it. After closer examination, it could b seen that he was wearing a similar outfit that the Wobbufets had been wearing. "Oh great, someone from Team Alpha/The E-Gang has come to attack us."

"Ros..elia..roselia!" Aroma adjusted herself in Jacob's arms and her two flowers began glowing a bright white color. A few seconds later the Roselia released the attack, Jacob recognized it as a Solar Beam, and it began racing towards Charizard and rider.

"Quick Draiga, use Hyper Beam to aid the Solar Beam attack!"

Draiga quickly unleased the attack from her mouth and it moved at an incredible speed and caught up with the plant pokemons attack. Mere seconds before they reached their target, the man had his Charizard launch, what appeared to be, an Overheat attack and the blasts exploded into a huge cloud of smoke. Jacob had Draiga wait, not wanting to rush forward and be ambushed, until the smoke cleared. One it was vanished, the man and his Charizard had disappeared and Jacob looked around to find no one in sight anywhere.

"Good job you two, lets get the heck out of here before he cmoes back." The Flygon then used her agility to boost her speed and began flying as fast as possible to get to Viridian City. Little did they know, the man on the Charizard hadn't left and began to follow them.

Sir Aaron1017
June 22nd, 2008, 1:51 PM
((OOC: I am changing the name of Derek's Charizard because it can get a little confusing! ha ha, it's now Midnight Blaze, or just Blaze for short. I know it's not original, but who cares? Oh, and another thing, I accidentally put in his Bio that Charizard had no gender, so I will make the changes later. Thanks!))

Derek waited a second to catch his name, but with the sudden explosion above him marking the appearance of a man on a Charizard, Derek thought that it might be fun to play a little aerial combat, and his Charizard was just shaking with the impulse to prove he was better than the other dragon, and couldn't wait anymore.

"Okay, I will meet you in Viridian, but right now my Charizard wants to play 'King of the Sky' with another Charizard, so meet you there!" Derek yelled as the black Charizard shot off from the ground at top speed trying to catch up with the man who mysteriously disappeared, then reappeared a short distance away.

"Are you sure you want to do this? You know I am not one to start a fight, but if you insist!" he said to his Charizard. "You know what, I think I am going to call you Midnight Blaze, or Blaze for short, just cause I think you need a name that distinguishes you from the other Charizard, and you are so much cooler than the others!" he said after thinking about it for a moment.

"what do you think?" he asked, and 'Blaze' roared with agreement, and continued to fly at an alarming speed.

"When we get near them, shoot a flamethrower, and follow up with slash! But be careful not to hit the other kid on the Flygon, he was at the lab with us, so he is a good guy, OK?" Derek said into Blaze's ear.

With a roar of acknowledgment, he went even faster, if that was even possible, and neared the man on the back of the other Charizard.

"I don't want you to hurt them too badly, just let them know that we mean business, and that we don't appreciate that they think they can do whatever they want! OK, GO!" Derek yelled as soon as they were pretty close. The man hadn't seen them yet, but the Charizard ahead seemed to know they were there because he flew up at the exact moment Blaze launched the flamethrower.

"UP! GO UP!!! We have to get above them! Use Aerial Ace!!!" Derek commanded, and boy did Blaze respond! With blinding speed, he took them above them, and then launched Slash, catching the other Charizard in the wing, instantly dropping them, but this is when Blaze went overboard with rage, and used Dragon Pulse while shooting down after them, and little did he know that the other Charizard had just used Feint, and was playing hurt, so while they were shooting down-wards, they were met with a Fire Blast from the left side.

"OK, take your momentum and use Fly to get up to them, then use Heat Wave! This time, it's personal!" Derek said with anger in his voice.

With outstanding speed, Blaze flew up underneath them and let his full rage power the attack, causing it to have enough force to do normal damage against the other fire type, causing it to drop rapidly, but this time, it was from damage.

"Okay, follow up with Focus Punch! We are finished with them! GO!" He said with fury now.

With enough force to knock over a building, the attack landed on the back of the dragon, right behind the other trainer, and in a large cloud of dust and debris, they slammed into the ground, both unconscious.

"Okay, now that they are taken care of, we need to get you to the Pokémon Center in Viridian City to get you rested up for our journey to the Indigo Plateau."

When they continued again, it was much slower because Blaze had used allot of energy during the fight.

"You were magnificent! I am proud to be your trainer!" Derek praised, and rubbed the black dragons' neck, making him start to hum in response.

((OOC: That was a pretty grueling battle! XD that was fun though! ha ha!))

June 23rd, 2008, 12:21 AM
(OOC: Sorry I haven't posted in ages :()

Toby glanced at the Pokeball again. It was real. This wasn't a dream, This was real. He had a legendary pokemon, in his hand. He pocketed the pokevice, and looked around. Many trainers had been given a pokevice. Did they all have legendaries as well? Toby assumed so. He didn't have time to ponder it, as a Mime Jnr had materiazed out of nowhere.
"Mime! Mime!" it yelled, throwing muffins at the Trainers. Toby's landed in his mouth. It was triple chocolate, his favourite.
"How did he know?" Toby said through mouth full of muffin. The Mime Jnr had produced some poffins, throwing them at the trainers. Suicune burst from the pokeball, and swallowed the poffin. Toby looked the pokemon, astounded.
"What, I can't have something to eat?" Suicune giggled.
"Of course you can. Just give me some heads up next time." He smiled. He was getting lip from a legendary. "So, where to now?"
"Thats for you to chose. Why don't you ask....her." She said, pointing at a random person with her finger.
"Okay, sure." He walked up to them. "Umm, excuse me? You wouldn't by chance happen to know what the hell is going on?" He asked, smiling at the person.

June 23rd, 2008, 2:46 AM
(Sorry for the short post, just wanted to get to Viridian.)

More time had passed, the wind still blowing across Jacob's face, as the Flygon continued to transport her trainer to his desiered destination. A city had just come into view, and the dragon pokemon had begun to make a slow decent as it neared. Viridian City. This is the last stop before the, most likely, magnificent journey Jacob would take part in. There were just a few things that he needed to do before hand. The flying pokemon touched down just outside the city, and Jacob quickly lept of Draiga's back.

"Thanks you two, you both were a great help with that attack. Time for a rest." Jacob clicked the buttons on their pokeballs, the red light surrounding them and sucking them into their respective spheres. Not wanting his other campanions to feel left out, Jacob pulled one of the other red and white balls out and clicked the button, the white light jumped out and began taking its shape, finishing up a Leafeon.

"Leaf..eon..leafon!" The eeveelution pokemon began to jump around gleefully, circling her trainer.

"Yes Twiggs, I know your excited but now is not the time. We need to move fast to the pokemon center so lets go." Jacob began a slow, but steady, pace towards the city and the pokemon center to stock up on supplies. His lovely companion Twiggs bouncing down the path after him.

June 24th, 2008, 1:45 AM
((OOC: I hope this makes up for me not posting at all until now!))

Shooting across the ocean in a really old row-boat powered by a Kabutops with a rope tied around his waist, Ethan held on for dear life, greatly afraid that the boat might capsize and send him under the surface of the stormy water. To calm his nerves, he withdrew a pokeball and summoned his Azurill, a small blue mouse that he adored so much.

"I won't fall in, I won't fall in!" Ethan repeated to himself over and over again until Azurill jumped onto his lap and rubbed it's tail on his face, making him smile.
Finally the ocean started to calm down making him less on-edge. "Keep going Kabutops, your doing great!" Ethan shouted out to him "Azur... ill!" the mouse agreed.
"See, even Azurill agrees with me.." He started, but was almost thrown overboard when a large wave smashed into the right side of the boat, tilting it the opposite direction.

"Start using your scythes to cut any oncoming waves, I don't think this boat can take anymore hits like that one without falling apart!" Ethan said fearfully.
"Kabu!" Kabutops acknowledged, and slammed his long, bladed arm into a large wave that was approaching from the left. "Good job! Now, let's go faster, I want to get out of here!" Ethan yelled above the wind, and the crashing waves.

But fate has a funny way of delaying people, and as it would happen, Togepi released himself, waddled over to the edge to get a look at the water, and fell overboard.

"Ppiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It yelled at the top of it's high voice, trying to get Ethan's attention, and it worked. But he was none too happy!

"Hold on Togepi! I'm coming!" he said, diving off the back of the boat into the chilling water, landing right next to the egg Pokémon. "Are you okay?" he asked with obvious concern in his voice. "Pii!!!!!!!" it cooed happily.

"Kabutops, get us out of her......" he started to say, but was pushed underwater by a wave that slammed on top of his head. Kabutops, sensing immediate danger, turned around at the exact time the wave hit. "Kabu!" it cried, and rushed over to the spot where he last was, cut the rope to the boat, and dove underwater after him, but he was no where to be found..

"Wailord!!!" a large blue whale said as it pushed all three of them above water. "What the?!" Ethan said, for he had never seen this Pokémon before, and it was now saving his life! But one problem, Azurill was still in the boat! Well, that was until he felt something smack him in the back, and when he turned around, the tiny mouse was laying on it's back, relaxing, giving him the cheesiest smile he had ever seen. "How did you do that? OH! Yea, now I remember! To travel long distances quickly, you can use your tail to throw yourself! Is that what what you did?" Ethan said with a smile on his face. "Azurill!" it replied with an even larger smile. "Ppii!" Togepi said, and clapped his hands together, ran over to the blue mouse, and gave him a large hug! All Ethan could do now was smile, and let out a small chuckle.

"Will you take us to the shore?" Ethan asked the whale Pokémon.

"Wai!" It said deeply, and used it's large tail to propel itself faster than Ethan had ever been over water before.

"Togepi, will you try to be more careful from now on?" He asked.

"Ppii" it answered as if it were ashamed.

"Don't be sad, I know it was an accident" He said, trying to cheer it up, and to help, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pokeblock case, and opened it, retrieved a special one made just for it, and handed it to it. "Better?" he said, grabbing two more and handed one to Azurill, and the other to Kabutops.


Before he knew it, they were within sight of land, and he also noticed a dock with a boat tied to it. "Will you take us over to the dock?" Ethan asked, hoping that it would continue to be nice and help them all the way to shore, instead of making him swim the rest of the way. "Wailord!" is said and swam right to the dock, like asked.
"Thank you so much!" Ethan said with apparent gratitude in his voice.

"Hey, you! Is that Wailord yours?" a boy said, walking out of the bushes, wearing blue pants, an white shirt with a red cross on it, and dazzling platinum hair.

"Who are you? and no, it's not mine. It helped me when I was pushed under water, why?" He replied.

"I am Maikeru, and I am glad to hear that the extraordinary Pokémon doesn't belong to a wimp like you. Out of the way, it belongs to me now!" He said with obvious distaste in his tone, and then started walking toward the whale.

"If you win a one-on-one battle against me, you can have it, if not, leave it alone!" Ethan said, demanding respect that he had yet to earn from the other boy.

"Oh, yea, fine! GO! Golbat! Take the field!" he said, throwing a pokeball out of thin air.

"OK, Kabutops, let's teach this jerk a lesson in HUMILITY!" Ethan yelled in reply, and so the battle began.

"Golbat, use Wing Attack!" Maikeru commanded.

"Kabutops, dodge it and use Ice Beam! Take it down!" Ethan said, calmly until the end, when his voice turned completely serious.

With one hit, the large bat hit the ground, eyes spinning in it's head declaring that Golbat was unconscious.

"NO WAY!!! HOW COULD YOU BEAT ME IN ONE HIT!" Maikeru yelled, obviously in disbelief of how strong Kabutops was.

"Ice is super effective against flying type, so it did double damage in a single attack. Sorry, but you lose, you have to leave this Wai... wait! Where did it go?" He stammered.

With a slight smile on it's face, Togepi pointed toward the horizon where they could only see a hint of what had used to be a Wailord. "Looks like you lose either way!" Ethan said smugly. "Oh, and by the way, can you tell me which way it is to Pallet Town?"

"Why should I tell you?" He said, and then noticed that Kabutops was two feet to his left, and then pointed behind him quickly. "Back there! You can't miss it!" he corrected quickly, then grabbed his Golbat, turned around, and ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

"Wow, that was easy!! Ha ha!" Ethan said, almost rolling on the ground from laughing so hard.

When he recovered he pointed the direction of Pallet Town and started walking there. When he rounded the corner, he saw a large lab sitting on a hill. "I guess this is the place, and walked up to the front door after looking at a letter he had received a few days ago requesting his arrival in the small town.

He opened the door, and found the building was deserted, but then he heard a commotion from the back, so he walked toward the back, when out of the corner of his eye, so peered out the window, did a double take as he saw a large ring of Wobbuffet dressed like some weird clowns or something! And to top it off, literally, they were wearing antennas on their heads!

Without a second though, he ran out the back door, and ran into the back of a woman dressed in white.

"Ooph!" Sorry! I didn't... see you there" He apologized, paused for a second, and continued in a daze. The woman was absolutely beautiful!

"Oh, hi! You must be a late arriver, I am Professor Willow. What's your name again?"
"It's Ethan..." he said, still dazed.

"Oh, Ethan White! Here you go!" She said, handing him something that looked like a pokedex, but it was a different color, he took a brief look at and it was Deep blue in color with red lines all over it. When he opened it up, he saw a logo against an undersea picture.

"What is it?" He said.

"A Pokevice. Inside is a gift from the Uma Sisters. I must warn you not to abuse your gift, as some might become extremely jealous and hate you for it. You don't want that, do you?" She explained

"Don't want that..." he repeated, but was snapped out of his daze as he was swarmed by the blue punching bags, and then he finally noticed the other trainers there, they had somehow moved out of the way before the Wobbuffet swarmed, and were now getting ready to leave. "Hey! Wait up!" he yelled, jumped over a Wobbuffet, one of the last ones standing anyways, and ran full speed to a boy next to a large white and green thing that towered above him. "Where is everyone going? And I'm..." he started, but his shyness took over, so he whispered, "Ethan..."

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June 24th, 2008, 6:55 AM
Seeing how everyone was heading north for some reason or another, Isaac was tempted to follow but then remembered how most of them were your typical goody two shoes trainers who probably a week's full of experience. Flying over Pallet, he tried to remember the map he had glanced in Vermillion moments before heading towards Pallet as well as the rumors that he heard while sailing here from Hoenn. A few minutes of deep thought and concentration led to the discovery of his next destination. Right. Cinnabar Island. A nice resort is there. These stupid gangs are probably nothing major anyway, and if they are where the hell could be they anyway? Not saying I wouldn't help. It's just I am too lazy to do anything. And I REALLY don't want to get lost here. Nothing in this region. With his mind decided, Isaac directed Staraptor to the south. Oh crap, I should tell Candice. Just in case she wants to follow me. "Hey, Candice! I am heading to Cinnabar. Feel free to join me." With his farewell complete, Isaac flew towards the southern island.

Due to Staraptor's ability to remain streamlined, it pierced the air clean through with her tight and focused body causing it to fly at a tremendous speed. Flying close to the water, it had appeared as if Isaac was surfing rather than flying. The water was fairly warm, likely because Isaac was heading to a more tropical region, and less temperate. However, it was particularly clear and calm giving him a good first impression. "Oh yeah, I am going to enjoy this for sure." Isaac laughed at the genius idea he gave himself. Rather than wasting time getting lost in Kanto, he would enjoy life in a resort island known as Cinnabar. You never know maybe trouble will strike there. The winds however were rough, probably due to the fact Staraptor was flying at a ridiculous speed even for her and the winds brushing off the tropical waters. In response, Isaac guarded his face and hair with his arms. The flight lasted a minor amount of time compared to his flight from Vermillion to Pallet, leaving Isaac fairly happy as well he could enjoy the fine tourist attractions that lie within the Southern Island. In the distance, Isaac could see the island and all its glory. Bright lights were emitted from all the tourist attractions, large buildings blocked out the horizon and white beaches went hand and hand with the clear and beautiful waters. Isaac stared in amazement, as he just met with paradise. Cinnabar is one hell of an Island. Screw the terrorists, I have perfection here.

Arriving in the afternoon, Isaac realized he had plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day and he gave his chances of leaving were a nice zero percent. Unless the island explodes, I ain't leaving for no reason. However, a loud tremble engulfed his sense of hearing. He could feel the ground shake and the world appeared to be in grave danger. What the hell? No, this is impossible. Isaac feared for the worst, but slowly glanced to the sandy white beach below him. The earth wasn't shaking at all, but his stomach sure was. A sigh of relief came from Isaac's mouth and he began to scout for a fine restaurant, coming across a traditional restaurant that served fine sushi, noodles, and meat. After probably a few hours though Isaac wasn't sure at all considering all of eating made him lose track of time, he wandered back to the beach in order to relax under the evening sky in a large recliner than happened to be set up on the beach. Closing his eyes and napping, a sudden beam of thought forced its way into Isaac's tiny little processor called his brain. The thought woke him up suddenly and he had no choice but to listen.

This wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Palkia stated despite being in his pokeball. Yes, I can still talk to you through this terrible device. Now please explain what the hell you are doing in this tourist camp. Anger could be felt in Palkia's mental voice. Yet Isaac was more confused than scared and it showed on his facial expression.

Chilling, relaxing, enjoying life. The usual. Got a problem with it? Cause if you do, I probably won't care. Isaac replied with a rebellious yet calm tone, as far mental talk can go.

You could at least show some concern for the world. The terrorist gangs don't exactly seek tea parties with the world. They seek world domination or something typical of humans. So why don't you some care and seek them out? Maybe fame and fortunate will follow, if you are into that stuff. Palkia forced itself to calm down and speak at Isaac's level and notable effort was taken to do it.

Alright, but where to start? I am not getting lost here in Kanto and I highly doubt you know where to go as well. Random roaming won't get us anywhere. I rather get results and get them fast. If the teams are that big of a problem, then time is not on our side. Isaac replied and he seemed to finally care enough to speak back.

Well, if humans enjoy these luxuries so much why don't you wander the resort and seek out anything out of the ordinary? We may as well check here while we are in this place. Isaac didn't bother responding and removed himself from the comfort of his recliner and wandered the city and all its glory, attempting to find anything "weird". He had hoped for one of two things: A huge find to keep him entertained or nothing so he could go back to relaxation unless Palkia had some other duty to throw at him.

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June 25th, 2008, 12:40 AM
Rin arrived at Viridian and a cold wind swayed and she assumed Jacob had went to the Indigo Plateu to invistigate something. Rin didn't know what to look for or anything. She hid the Ho-oh in her pokevice and waited.

"Well what am I supposed to do now..?" Rin mumbled. "If I go investigate the indigo plateau I wouldn't know what to look for..urgh this is so frustrating!" Rin thought to herself angerly. "I wish I knew what to look for..no bodies were found with the deaths of the two crazy proffessers..maybe they are still alive? Arggh..this is too frustrating!"

"Miss are you lost?" A voice called out to her releasing Rin from her thoughts.

"Um why do you say that?" Rin hissed angerly at the man.

"Well you seem to be making a variety of weird faces Miss." The man said to her. His uniform indigated that this man was someone to be weary of..because he was eyeing her pokevice eagerly.

"Oh I am? Well what buisness is it of yours?" Rin hissed again.

Still eyeing the pokevice he looked back at her and said.. "Thats a pretty strange device Miss..where did you get it?"

"Thats none of your buisness." Rin said coldly.

Soon the idle conversation turned into a glaring contest. The both were feeling uneasy at each other so they continued to glare...the uniform made her think this was a member of Team Alpha.... So Rin just continued to glare at the man uneasily..

Sir Aaron1017
June 25th, 2008, 4:16 PM
((OOC: REALLY SORRY FOR THE SHORT POST, but I wanted to get there, and maybe interact with Rin))

"Okay, take us down gently, I know you think you have the strength to make it all the way, but I don't want to risk it." Derek said, loud enough to be heard over the wind which whipped at his face now, stinging his eyes, so he pulled a pair of black sunglasses out of his pocket.

"Good, they aren't broken! After what happened today, I couldn't be sure!" He thought to himself.

A few minutes later, Blaze reached the ground, and almost collapsed under his own weight. Seeing this, Derek was quick to jump off. "Blaze, thank you for your hard work, I think you deserve a rest," Derek said, recalling the Charizard. "Okay, come on out, Grovile!" He called, and pushed the small button on the pokeball to release his companion.

"Gro....?" it questioned as soon as he was sent out with a look of confusion.

"We are headed on the way to Viridian City, and I didn't want to walk alone." Derek replied.

"Grovile, Gro!" it said, a smile beaming across it's face now.

So another mile or so, and he reached a bend in the road, and when they turned the corner, they saw the city, almost as large as Lilycove City in the Hoenn Region.

"Wow, compared to Pallet Town, this place is enormous!" Derek thought aloud, only to be met by the "Gro!" of his Grovile in agreement.

So, without any more words, they continued their journey, but something caught Derek's eye, so he stopped, and stared. There was a girl giving one of the dirtiest looks he had ever seen, and then there was this guy, glaring at her in return.
"Hey! Can I help you with anything?" Derek called over to them. He sure hoped so, cause the glares were giving him the creeps.

June 29th, 2008, 10:33 PM
Pallet Town

"My name's Gon," Gon said to Derek, just as he started to fly upward on his Charizard. He wasn't even sure if Derek was listening if he said it. But, he was happy that some of the other trainers had decided to go with him to the Indigo Plateau. Just as he had hoped, Jemima had agreed, so at that moment Gon was walking over to where she was. Beside her, a Surskit and a Duskull, quite possibly hers, were playing with another legendary, Mew.
Mew? Gon thought. ...Does that mean everyone else has a legendary as well?
Sure enough, Gon looked around to see that one of the girls was talking to Moltres, a boy who had apparently just arrived was about to put Heatran back into his Pokeball, and there was also a tiny little Shaymin, someone else had Palkia, etc. etc... Strange--all these Pokemon seemed to be half their usual size.

Gon took the moment to look at Regigigas, to see that Celebi was talking to it.
"What's an Indigo Plateau?" it asked in an almost childish way.
"Uh... it's a place, where the Pokemon League is held," Regigigas replied, rubbing the back of his head. "We're planning to go there now, but I think we'll stop in Viridian City first. And yes, you're right--we can go camping, fishing, traveling, playing... whatever you like. Hehheh, I can't wait to see if any more of those Wobbuffet appear again, so I can play leapfrog with them again. So whaddaya think? Are you as excited about this journey as I am?"

Also at that moment, another boy arrived--one who looked to be in his teens and was wearing a washed-out-looking Team Aqua bandanna.
Team Aqua? Gon thought as he inspected him further. I thought they disbanded long ago...
"Hey! Wait up! Where is everyone going?" he called after Gon as he approached. Then he spoke in more of a whisper. "And I'm... Ethan..."
"Oh, so you're not in Team Aqua," Gon commented in a tone that implied relief. "We're all going to the Indigo Plateau, because... well, there have been very strange happenings there. Hey, wait a minute, take a look at this article I just read on the news..."
Gon whipped out his laptop once again, and showed Ethan the article he had been reading a while before, about the strange incidents in the Indigo Plateau.


"...so I'm thinking it might be interesting to find out just who is behind all this," Gon explained just as Ethan (and perhaps a few other people who happened to be looking his way...) was finishing reading the article. "Besides, it's really not a good idea to be sitting around here doing nothing."
"How are we going to get there?" Regigigas asked Gon.
"I dunno, I'm looking I'm looking... Hey! That's it!"
Gon looked in Jemima's direction and saw Mew. He looked in Sharky's direction and saw Celebi. This gave Gon an interesting idea... but would it work?

Gon walked towards Jemima.
"Well well, first of all, thank you so much for deciding to come. The more the merrier, with all the ne'er-do-wells running about, no? Well anyway, I just had this..."
"Regi gig?" Regigigas called, interrupting the group.

"Hey Gon! I just had this idea! Maybe Celebi could use telekinesis to carry us all to Viridian City, where all the others are! Those cheaters, flying on their dragons and whatnot... It doesn't have to carry me though--I can get there, no problem! So how about it?"
"Erm... I was just about to suggest the same thing to Jemima," Gon replied, "because she has Mew. But I suppose both of them could carry us. But why do you want to stay behind?"
"You'll see!" Regigigas replied, sounding very confident. "Off I go!"

Regigigas jumped, landing forcefully a few feet forward. Then it started to run... or jog, really, really, slooowwwwlyyyy... it looked as if it was running almost in place, in slow motion. It took him ten seconds to move ten feet.

Gon's jaw dropped. "Uhhhh-h-h... D-d-do you think you could run faster?!??!"
"It's called patience, Gon!"
Gon just stood there, staring wide-eyed at the slow-moving Regigigas as it inched towards the far edge of town...

This went on for at least two minutes, during which Regigigas disappeared behind a group of trees. But after a while, the group saw Regigigas run faster, going up a hill. It appeared to be running just a tiny bit faster than the average person. Then, when it got to the top of the hill, it jumped, and ran even faster down the hill, kicking up a shower of dirt as it went.
"Regigigas?" Gon asked telepathically. "Do you realise how long it's going to take to reach Viridian at that speed? No offense, but..."
"You'll see! I bet I'll be there long before you!"


Viridian City, a few minutes later

As Rin glared, the man she was staring at eyed her Pokevice with a sparkle in his eyes. He was dressed rather elegantly. His black top hat looked like it had just been polished, his navy blue overcoat had gold satin trim and a black rose sticking out one pocket and nicely complimented his black trousers, and although Rin couldn't see it, on the back of his coat was a fancy-looking bright blue A. Derek could see this A rather clearly. Oh and speaking of Derek, Derek spoke as he approached.
"Hey! Can I help you with anything?"

"Oh, no..." the man replied. "Zis fine young lady and I are 'aving light conversation, is all. Zat is a very good-looking Grovyle you 'ave, by ze way."
He winked at Grovyle, then turned back to Rin.
"Zat really is a fascinating device. I 'ave never seen anyzing like it before. I am specialty in electronic devices like zese, but zis is a breakzrough! May I see it for a moment?"
The silly yet kind-sounding man held out his white-gloved hand, waiting for Rin to show him the Pokevice.


Power Plant

The Power Plant was filled with a pinkish glow, the illumination that penetrated the front windows to the left of the entrance and told all the little Pikachu and Voltorb that night would soon fall. A few occasional "Pika pika"s and soft clanking noises or buzzing noises could be heard, and a Magnemite occasionally floated down one of the halls. But, a Magnemite (or any Pokemon for that matter) instantly fled whenever it came down one particular hall, down which two people were walking. A boy and a girl, looking to be in their late teens, also looking to have just come out of either a crazy high school clique or the stage of a rock concert. The girl wore lots of black eye makeup and had hot pink streaks in her otherwise black hair, and dressed in a very punk-ish fashion. The boy dressed more casually except wore sunglasses, and his blond hair was in a spiked mohawk. But the common thing about them is that they wore black shirts with a fancy-looking blue A on the front. Anyway, these two rather showy individuals conversed as they walked down the hall...

"Okay Diego, which way do we go after we reach the end of this hall?" the girl asked.
"I dunno, don't you have a map on you?" the young man named Diego replied, sounding agitated and crabby as usual.
"Why didn't YOU think of that, Mr. Smartypants? And besides, I don't think there even is a map of this place."
"So what, Carmen, are we supposed to use intuition to find it?"
"That's what Gabe or Lupin might do, but... ah, speaking of which... Heyyyy, try using Toady."
"What are you up t... Diego muttered as he took out a Pokeball. The girl named Carmen snatched it right out of his hand and released it. A Breloom came out.
"Bray loom!"
"Hey Toady, use your wittle Sweet Scent!" Carmen commanded, as if she was talking to the cutest baby she'd ever seen.
"Don't tell my Pokemon what to do!" Diego snapped, but the Breloom used the Sweet Scent anyway.

A Magnemite was drawn by the Sweet Scent. It drifted slowly towards Carmen and Diego...
"Gotcha!" Diego whipped out a rather sophisticated pair of clips to hold the Magnemite in place; probes were beginning to sprout out of them and attach themselves to the Magnemite's head. But before they could...
Magnemite used Thundershock, which not only electrocuted Diego, but caused him to spasm out for a while. Sparks occasionally flashing about him, he staggered several stepd backward, lost his balance, and fell into the main doorway. He lay there for a few seconds, more sparks flew... and when all was over, he began to rise to his feet once again. But when he did, he spotted a boy walking towards him, about to enter the Power Plant. Uh-oh, did this mean that he also saw what he and Carmen just did through the window?
"Uh, excuse me?" Diego said to Bobby as he allowed him to pass. "Oh, main part of the Power Plant's to the right."

Carmen saw the onlooker through the west windows as well, and began to lead the Sweet-Scenting Toady around a corner...
"Hurry, before that boy sees us!" Carmen whispered to Toady as the two of them began to disappear around the corner.


Cinnabar Island

As Isaac was walking down the streets of Cinnabar, there came one street lined with the edge of a flea market on one side, and a row of boring-looking office buildings on the right. In the middle of the street, in plain sight, was someone familiar... It was the same Mime Jr. that had served all those muffins back in Pallet! Except this time, it appeared to be looking at a young woman sitting atop a motorcycle. This woman looked as if she ought to be a superhero in some comic book world, due to the stunning yet form-fitting nature of her red and black outfit, and the pretty golden P on her shirt. Her hair was blond and in a short, almost bowl-ish style, which reminded one of the goofy hair all Team Galactic members used to have. But she had a rather alluring and sunny expression on her face...

"Hey there you little clown you," she greeted in a rather cutesy way, taking out a Pokeball. "I'm a big fan of Psychic-type Pokemon like you. Better watch out, for I'm gonna catch you..." She almost sang the last five words.

And then she balanced atop the motorcycle seat, and jumped, doing a back flip and landing gracefully at its side. Then she extended her arm out and released the Pokemon.
"Go Nimerta!"
What came out was a shiny Medicham, who immediately levitated herself and spun around in an elegant spiral. She landed on the ground to face the Mime Jr.
"Medi chammm," she said in a soothing voice.
"Let's do it the mysterious way," Lina commanded, sounding like an over-enthusiastic and over-confident performer.
Nimerta hovered in the air, surrounded by an aura of psychic energy, the tip of her toes barely off the ground, her palms together, her eyes closed in concentration... Then, in a sudden instant, she opened her eyes, landed, and opened her arms to the sides. As she did, blades of psychic energy came off her arms--a Psycho Cut attack.

In response, the Mime Jr. used Psychic to push the Psycho Cut back. The glowing purple blades hit Nimerta and made her fly straight into one of the buildings.
"Wha...?" the young woman stammered. "Goodness, that must be a high-level Mime Jr! But that's not gonna..."
She paused when she saw the Mime Jr. glowing with an eerie red aura...

The Mime Jr. put its hands together and concentrated, just as the woman's Medicham had done earlier. However, though its eyes ought to have been closed, they were wide open, just as they always were--apparently this puffy-eyed clown didn't blink. Anyway, the Mime Jr. thrust its hands at Nimerta, causing her to become surrounded by the same red aura.
"Cham!!" Nimerta winced.

"Come on Nimerta!" Nimerta's trainer announced. "Looks like we'll have to get down and dirty with this! Use Force Palm!"
Nimerta jumped towards Mime Jr, beginning to thrust her palm at it. But just as she was doing that, the Mime Jr. threw an Enigma Berry at her.
"What the... Block it with Psychic!"
"Medi... cham, cham... cham?" Nimerta tried to use Psychic, but for some reason she couldn't... and thus got hit by the berry.
"Darn! How in the world could a Mime Jr learn Imprison?!? Unless it belongs to Team Alpha, it must have cheated somehow!"

The Mime Jr. growled, apparently offended by what this strangely comical woman just said. Then it glowed with a rippling purple aura, and sent a wave of energy flying towards the woman.
"What... wha? Mime Jr. can't learn Extras..."
The Mime Jr. held her mouth shut as the rippling psychic waves engulfed her. Then it threw her telekinetically against the wall, just like it did with Medicham.

"Miiimmme!" the Mime Jr. shouted, its voice sounding strangely misty and echoed. Then it turned and began to run away...
"Nooo... it's getting away..." the woman muttered, sounding unusually weak...


OOC: Keep in mind that Isaac's able to see the above scene, if Got-a-plan-B so wishes.

June 29th, 2008, 11:07 PM
Rin still glaring at the odd man when she heard something that removed her glare from the man.

"Is there anything I can help with here?" A trainer said, he was obviously confused by the dirty looks the two people were exchanging. Rin thought this man looked to elegant to be any average trainer and the way he was eyeing her pokedevice made her feel uneasy.

"...Theres nothing here..but some creepy man who is eyeing an object of mine.." Rin scowled at the trainer who seemed to want to intervine some how...

"Oh, no...Zis fine young lady and I are 'aving light conversation, is all. Zat is a very good-looking Grovyle you 'ave, by ze way." The man suddenly turned to the trainer with the Grovyle but then turned back to her."Zat really is a fascinating device. I 'ave never seen anyzing like it before. I am specialty in electronic devices like zese, but zis is a breakzrough! May I see it for a moment?" The man said and Rin scowled at him even more as he held out his hand expecting to see the device. Rin took the pokedevice out and held it firmly in her hand not intending to let the man hold it in anyway.

"There you seet you happy?!" Sakura yelled at the man slapping him her sharp nails giving hm a deep cut along his face. She held the Pokedevice firmly in her hand.She knew if she gave it to the man that it would be stolen. Rin turned her attention to the trainer who had tryed to intervine. "Why did you care so much anyway? I don't even know you." Rin scowled at him awaiting to see if the boy would respond in an angry manner. She was very accustomed to bringing out the anger in people with her sarcasm and cold responses. Her gaze looked at him. She wasn't impressed. The scars she beared made her trust no one.. She put the pokedevice in her bag and zipped it up tightly so the odd man couldn't steal it. She looked at Derek a smirk emerged on her face she wanted to slap ham but he didn't seem to be doing anything wrong so she resited the urge to slap the trainer. She heard his name was Derek so she decided if she could provoke the worst in him.

"So Derek..Why were you intervining in our glare stareoff... the man is an obvious fool.. A thief in disguise, most likely. Anyway why do you want to intervine in something you had no part of? You could get in some serious trouble if you do that..but alas..I guess some people have NO common sense.." Rin gave a sarcastic smirk seeing if this Derek person would have some patience to deal with someone like Rin. But as she was almost going to finish taunting Derek her mind began to take over her spirit.

"Your such a failure!" a voice called out and a whipped crack was heard..

"Stop it...just stop it.." Rin looked down she began to feel a lump in her throat, she had never feel her self begin to start crying in a long while. "Stop it..your of no help! No one can help me!" Rin yelled running off silent tears fell down her face. She kept running.She cursed at herself crying.And in front of people too. She ran as far as her body could carry her but then she began to cough making it harder and harder to run and more difficult to breathe. But her body kept running until she came upon a lake. She still felt her eyes becoming more and more wet as the tears welled up in her eyes.

"FAILURE!" A female voice called out as she heard another whip in her mind. Rin looked at her reflection in the water and closed her eyes her eyes still filled with tears. She wished to have someone that could understand her pain..but no one among the group knew anything about what it was meant to be hated by your own flesh and blood..No one knew..

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June 30th, 2008, 3:33 AM
OOC : Promise a better IC next time, I'm sorta busy now..

IC :

Candice watched on it awe as the Legendaries and their trainers interacted in interesting ways. Most of the group had attempted to escape from the ring of Wobbuffet using different means, some called upon their Pokemon, a Flygon being one of the Flying types that appeared first. One of the trainers even asked their Onix to dig an escape tunnel for him. Candice's eyes began drifting here and there, as she soon found herself seeping in the luscious greenery once again. Oh, how she missed her family...

"Hey, Candice! I am heading to Cinnabar. Feel free to join me."

"H-HUH?" The girl snapped out of her trance, raising her head to see Isaac and his Staraptor flying off in the distance. She struggled to contemplate where that pesky Mime. Jr had gone to, but after a few seconds of fruitless results, she shrugged her shoulders and nodded towards the tiny dot that was Isaac and his Staraptor. "Follow them, Iara," she swiftly ordered the Mantine, who had nearly dozed off. The Water type shook her head vigorously to regain full conscious of her surroundings, before wiggling her slick tail and ascending into the skies at her trainer's order

June 30th, 2008, 5:17 AM
"GO AWAY I DON'T LIKE YOU!" Jacob was yelling, but staring completely forward, as he walked through the sliding doors of the Pokemon center. "Please leave me alone you sad and lonely creature, I have my team of six and can't fit." It was here that Jacob looked down, the small pokemon just staring up at him. The skull that surrounded its head giving it a slightly powerful look, but the occasional squeal and smile combo destroyed the remaining evidence. The Cubone gleefully swung the club back and forth, making sure not to hit its new obsession, and continued to stare at Jacob. "If you don't leave me alone, I will be feeding you to my Milotic, Serenity, and she will love to eat you." The Cubone recieved a sweatdrop, this threat scaring it, but it stood its ground and remained where it was standing. "UGH! GO AWAY YOU EVIL STALKING POKEMON!" Jacob made a tackling motion, still trying to scare the pokemon away, but only initiated a laugh from the short and stubby pokemon.

"So Derek..Why were you intervining in our glare stareoff... the man is an obvious fool.. A thief in disguise, most likely. Anyway why do you want to intervine in something you had no part of? You could get in some serious trouble if you do that..but alas..I guess some people have NO common sense.."

It was hearing the sarcastic, yet cruel, comment that caused Jacob to, momentarily, forget about his new friend and focus his attention on the person who had spoken. Completing his rotation, Jacob began to smile as he saw, knowing in the back of his mind, Rin mocking, yet another, boy. The Cubone looked around Jacob, curious to what its new obsession was looking at, and focused on Rin and wanted nothing to do with that girl. Jacob, who had glanced back, hoping the Cubone would be gone saw this and decided to be evil.

"Well, if you're going to follow me, I hope you don't mind her," he said pointing to Rin, "because she's one of my friends and I just might be traveling with her." Jacob looked down again at his new "companion."

The Cubone had the greatest face a pokemon could ever have, as it was mixed with both fear and just plain old dumb. The pokemon looked like it was about to wet itself, and then immediately began running out the door screaming as loud as it could. Passers by were very confused, but continued as they were thinking it was just some little kids first pokemon or wild.

"Thank god! I was getting very close to punting the little jerk out the window." Jacob then went to head towards Rin, but when he looked back she was running away with, what looked like, tears in her eyes. "Normally I would go check on her, but she would probably feed me to her Dragonite and I'm good with being dragon chow. So I guess I'll just head out." Jacob started walking towards the door, but then stopped remembering the last time he was outside.


Jacob had asked his Flygon to land just on the outskirts of Viridian and then took out Twiggs and returned Draiga and Aroma. Taking off down the path, the eeveelution pokemon all joyful, to head to the pokemart. Ten minutes down the road, a wild Cubone had strolled onto the path and began staring at Jacob and Twiggs. Not wanting the Leafeon to maim and maul the tiny pokemon, Jacob returned her. As he got closer, he realized the pokemon was not scared of him and decided to pet the cute creature.

"Hey there little guy, what are you doing?" Jacob knelt down and began petting the pokemons skull helment, a smile and gleeful noise escaping. "Aren't you just a fun little pokemon. Well I need to get to town, so I'll see you another time." Jacob then took off, running at a light pace, towards town. It was only after fifteen, maybe twenty, minutes that Jacob noticed the small dino like creature had been following him still smiling. "No, go away! You can't come with me, I already have enough pokemon. Go home to your family." Jacob glancing back from, time to time, hoped the pokemon got the hint, but of course it didn't and continued following him. Some time later, arriving in the center of town, Jacob had to stop at a few stores to stock up and the creature was still following him. Through all of the stores it followed him, and the entire time Jacob yelled at it.


A sweatdrop formed on the back of Jacob's head, and he decided it would be best to kill some time before returning to the outside world again. He turned around, and then noticed a guy who he thought had been at Willows lab with them. Walking over, Jacob decided he was going to see where he was headed. Also, he noticed a strange looking man and didn't like the looks of him.

"Hey," Jacob said to the kid, keeping an eye on the guy, "you were at Willows lab right? What are you up to, and where are you heading from here?"

June 30th, 2008, 6:04 AM
"What the?" Isaac walked into the usually bare streets of Cinnabar. Apparently the small section of the city he was in wasn't particularly popular. The flea market to his left, saw better business and to his right were generic office buildings that he had seen before. It brought back memories of Slateport, Isaac's least favorite city in Hoenn. However, this little road that belonged in a horror movie had a small little street show. A strange superhero lady had been doing battle with a small clown-like creature. He took a stab in guessing it was a Mr.Mime, based on its features but at the distance minor details that could clearly define the pokemon were nothing but a blur. Taking care in hiding behind an abandoned cart in the flea market, Isaac watched the battle from a distance. Slowly advancing closer to the battle in cover, he was able to define each combatant. The first one was a Mime Jr. and it looked nearly identical as the strange muffin-giving Pokemon. It's that little annoying piece of crap of a Pokemon. Come on lady, beat it up! That brought him to the woman, which Isaac was intrigued by only because her tight red and black costume showed off her womanly body. Whoa....she's pretty good. Isaac's clear view of the battle was a bit on the late side, judging by the fact the Mime Jr. was more or less done beating up the shiny Medicham. Due to his hertiage and life being spent in Hoenn, it was common knowledge to him that Medichams are fairly strong Pokemon and awe had consumed Isaac at the sight of the total domination of the little baby Pokemon.

"Darn! How in the world could a Mime Jr learn Imprison?!? Unless it belongs to Team Alpha, it must have cheated somehow!"

That statement grabbed Isaac's attention. The Professor Willow, who took far too much time preparing the legendaries and explaining the trainer's primary objectives should they accept, had mentioned Team Alpha in her speech. Palkia, your take on this? Isaac asked in a mental beam.

It is probably worth checking out, I would follow the Mime Jr. see where it is hidden. It could have some connections to them, and if not, its worth a capture. It isn't as pathetic as most baby Pokemon are. Isaac physically nodded in agreement, and then brought his attention back to the epic battle at hand...even though it had basically ended. Torn between chasing down the sterioid-induced Pokemon and the dying Superhero, Isaac dediced to multi-task. Releasing once again his loyal bird pokemon, he made a decent plan. "Staraptor! You follow the Mime Jr. After I pick up this dying lady and place her on your back, you follow. I will steal the motorcycle and remain in pursuit." Isaac turned to the Superhero and lifted her towards the pokemon. "Don't worry, lady. We follow that ugly nuisance. BythewayIamstealingyourbike(OOC: Indicates he is saying it quickly.) The superhero seemed weak and losing touch with reality so Isaac ordered Staraptor to rush and begin its pursuit. In turn Isaac sprinted towards the motorcycle. "Nice ride. Lets make this baby go." Playing with the keys, pedals, and the handles, Isaac appeared to go to berserk with the vehicle before hearing the engine roar like an angry Arcanine. Isaac joted back in shock at the bike's sudden ignition.

You don't have a license do you? asked Palkia.

Nope. But who cares? Isaac smirked and begin to ride the motorcycle with decent control, then again he wasn't going too fast to seem cool. Isaac was bothered by that, but then again he stole a bike from a dying woman. He began to pursue the clown pokemon, but not a great speed, as to see if it would lead to something important.

OOC: Hope this post was okay, I am sick and tired from lack of sleep.

June 30th, 2008, 10:15 AM

Danny's eyes, previously half closed, opened suddenly as he realised there was someone speaking to him.

"You were at Willows lab right? What are you up to, and where are you heading from here?" said the newcomer.

Danny jumped to his feet, embarassed at being caught taking a nap, brushed himself down and shook himself. He took a look at the guy talking to him and, sure enough, he was one of the Trainer's from Willow's lab.

"Sorry about that..." Danny scratched the back of his head. "Yeah, I was at the lab also." Danny put on a more serious face, and lowered his voice slightly. "Well, from what we've been told today, I think something isn't right in Kanto at the moment. We've been given these Le...special Pokemon to try to put things right... though I don't know why it's us in particular. From what Professor Willow told us, I'd say that the best course of action would be to head over to the Power Plant and see what Team Alpha are up to."

Danny stopped to catch a breath and looked around. "Though, I'd hoped that more of the Trainers would have come here." Danny started suddenly. He turned back to the blonde-haired Trainer, who looked slightly puzzled. Danny extended his right hand. "Where are my manners? My name is Danny, what's yours?"

July 4th, 2008, 2:47 PM
Viridian City, near the entrance

The fancily-dressed man appeared to be a kind fellow at first, but he was also the kind of "chameleon fellow". If his surroundings were kind and friendly, so he too acted kind and friendly. But that all changed on a dime when Rin slapped him, leaving a visible gash on his face.
"Owww..." the man groaned. What was with ladies these days--a slap feels like being attacked by a Persian!
"Miss, vy did you..." the man started to ask, but at that point, Rin ran away.
"COWARD!!!" the man called after her. "FILZY, CAT-SCRATCHING COWARD!!!"
When he was done, he turned back to Derek, rage showing itself in his face.
"Vot?" the man stammered, trying to sound calm but obviously failing in places. "You 'er boyfriend or somezing? You and 'er will pay for zis yumiliation! Just look at my face!! Tell you vot. You and I will 'ave a Pokemon battle. 5000 Pokedollars to the winner! You can't run from me now!"

With that, the man took out a Pokeball.
"Come on out, Mademoiselle Pinky!"
The Pokeball was gold in colour with a fancy blue A on it. When it opened, an Empoleon came out. This Empoleon, however, was a foot taller than the average Empoleon. Her feathers were a brilliant pink in colour rather than blue. Her wings and chest were covered in a blindingly shiny golden armour. The pitchfork design on her head was made with crystal, and Derek could have sworn he saw electric sparks flashing inside it.
"Empa!" Pinky said, sounding much more like a whiny little girl than an experienced fighter.
"'Aven't I told you to speak wiz confidence??" the man blurted--apparently this Empoleon's sweet little voice embarrassed him.
"Pinky 'ere will take on any Pokemon you might zrow at 'er! It's you and I, Alex the Great versus... I dunno, twerp. Votever!"
As ...Alex... spoke, he took out two more Pokeballs...
Just in case ze rat tries to escape, he thought.

A lake just outside Viridian City

As Rin sat there at the edge of the lake, she wished beyond all wishes that there was someone out there who would understand her suffering, maybe even someone who suffered even more than her. She chose a good location, for most people wouldn't come out here, so as to disturb here. What's more, this was a pretty lonely lake... no wild Pokemon were out, due to the lack of food sources near it. The trees around the lake were unusually barren for a fine day in May, and not a berry was in sight. And overhead, clouds were closing in on the sun, which was getting ever and ever closer to setting.

But it didn't mean that the scene was conpletely devoid of inhabitants. Across the lake, an Arcanine walked to the edge of the lake to take a drink of water. Something white in colour was sleeping near it, and a tree nearby shook as if someone was in it. But all this was across the lake--it couldn't have concerned Rin, right? Well, something else did... for soon enough, a reflection that didn't belong to Rin appeared in the lake. Instead, it belonged to a young man dressed in black, though with long and curly blond hair. He appeared to be looking at the Pokemon accross the lake, and upon closer inspection, turned out to be just as thin and pale as Rin was, if not more so.

Whoever he was, he made a gesture to the Arcanine across the lake to keep quiet--the Arcanine had been wagging its tail at the sight of him. What had formerly been a speck of white turned out to be an Absol, and was gazing right at Rin. A Honchkrow flew out of the tree that had been shaking, across the lake, and landed behind the man. Speaking of which, as soon as he saw his own reflection in the lake next to Rin's, he backed away from Rin, although by that time, Rin had probably already noticed him. But still he didn't speak. However, he kept looking at Rin, a pensive yet rather curious expression on his face.

Then, out of nowhere, a Lucario emerged from behind some trees and sat down next to Rin.
"Cario?" he asked, as if wondering what the matter was. He kneeled down next to Rin and started to reach his hand out, probably to pat her on the back.
"Sage!" the man whispered, taking on a rather harsh tone. "Be careful! It's probably not a good idea to..."
"Lucario cario," the Lucario named Sage interrupted, looking back at who was probably his trainer and shaking his head. "Cario luca. Cari cario."
Then the Lucario turned to Rin, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. He continued talking to her in Lucario language, momentarily forgetting that she couldn't understand a word he was saying. But if anyone's interested, what he said was something along the lines of this:
You seem to be feeling something similar to what my trainer feels whenever he's in a crowd. Not that that matters, but... And don't worry--we're not here to make fun of you or... steal from you... or... well... never mind that. Don't feel bad. Don't you have Pokemon with you? They might help with... nah, never mind. What you need is either to be alone or a friend who understands your situation. I think my trainer can, erm... help you with the latter. You're not the only one who has reason to feel miserable.

At that moment, Sage's trainer was sitting down on a log. The Absol from before was sitting next to him, looking between him and Rin and Sage, and shook her head in humiliation.
"I know--imagine if someone did the same thing to me... wait, someone did, long ago, back in Lavender. You know, the night when I..."
The young man ceased his deep and serious whisper when he noticed that Rin might be able to hear him.

Cinnabar Island

The woman was completely unconscious by the time she got onto the Staraptor's back. However, upon hearing the sound of the motorcycle's engine starting, Nimerta leapt to her feet, forgetting momentarily how dizzy and beat-up she felt. As she did, she saw some (though admittedly handsome) crazy, punk-ish young man riding on her trainer's motorcycle.
"Chaaaammm!" she cried. She tried to stop the motorcycle with telekinesis, but somehow felt too weak to do so. That battle had taken a lot out of her... Besides, she knew that if she wasn't careful with how she used her telekinesis, she could break the motorcycle with it; in fact, her trainer had told her that many times.

So instead, Nimerta ran after the motorcycle, occasionally faltering in her step, yet still running. Fortunately, Isaac wasn't riding at top speed, but still, the blue-legged Medicham had a hard time catching up to them. Finally, after a few moments, she managed to gather together a good bit of psychic energy and thus used it... not to stop the motorcycle, but to shoot herself into the air. She did an elegant mid-air flip, flew in a perfect ark, and landed in the back seat of the motorcycle. She used the remaining psychic energy to prevent the motorcycle from falling over. After all was done, she held onto Isaac's waist as he kept on riding, his Staraptor flying alongside him and carrying Nimerta's trainer.
<"Where are you going?"> Nimerta asked Staraptor. (OOC: Everything in triangular brackets is in Pokemon language) <"Are you after the Mime Jr. too?">

Meanwhile, the Mime Jr. flew under a few kiosks at the flea market, taking the opportunity to steal some things from them--some money, a Pokeball, a handful of Poffins... (What was it with its obsession with Poffins anyway?) Unfortunately, when it left the market, there came a moment when Staraptor spotted its with its sharp, eagle-like eyes. It was using telekinesis to keep itself aloft, something normal Mime Jr's didn't often do... It held a basketful of Poffins, and even more strangely, its blue "hat" had a rip in it, underneath which part of what looked like a yellow turban showed.

Thinking quickly, the Mime Jr. dove into an alley, scuttled into an underground space just barely big enough for a motorcycle to fit through...

ARF! Heru heru GAAA! Houndoom cries sounded in the underground space, followed by screams and moans and the cry of "DIIIIIEEEE!" By the time Isaac and Staraptor entered, the space was filled with a purple smoke which gave the effect of feeling a bit lightheaded... Anyway, when the smoke cleared, they could see the back of the Mime Jr, and a few faint shadows of Houndooms lying in the corners. However, there was something strange about this Mime Jr... The bottom part of its "dress" was torn a bit, and even more strangely, two tails poked out from underneath--thin, light blue tails, and at the end of each one was a sort of light blue fan with a red gem in the centre.
"Yuu... mime? Mime?"
The Mime Jr. quickly turned around, while the odd tails disappeared underneath its dress again. It began to back up, towards a small hole that opened to the outside. This hole looked just barely big enough for the Mime Jr. to slip through...


OOC: I'm kind of waiting on either Lauren or Sweet Dreams before having Gon do anything... so this is a side-plot post.

July 4th, 2008, 3:15 PM
The wind swayed calmly and Rin looked at her reflection still cursing at herself for crying still not noticing the Arcanine in the distance. As she let out a sigh to her surprise she saw another reflecion in the water.He looked very thin and pale just like here and she scoffed, and thought. "Please don't tell me I have a wtin of some sort." Of course the man backed up when he saw his reflection and behind him stood a honchcrow. As Rin was about to leave a Lucario came and sat by her, Rin flinched and looked at the pokemon.

"Cario?" The pokemon asked. It seemed to know what was wrong with her and it seemed to be outstretching its hand as if the pokemon wanted to pat her on the back and comfort her.

"Sage!,Be careful! It's probably not a good idea to..." The man whispered to the pokemon in a very harsh tone which made Rin shift her gaze to the man who owned the Lucario.

"Lucario cario,Cario luca. Cari cario." The pokemon said interupting its trainer which caused the boy to shake his head.

After a short amount of time the Lucario turned back to Rin putting his hand around her shoulder which caused her to flinch once more. Rin couldn't understand the pokemon speaking because it was only saying "Cario..Cario.."

Rin turned away from the pokemon, only to here this which was coming from "Sages" trainer.

"I know--imagine if someone did the same thing to me... wait, someone did, long ago, back in Lavender. You know, the night when I..." The mans voice ceased after the sound of the ''I''.

"How do you know what happened to me..being disowned..battered and broken..Yah like you really know how I feel." Rin retorted back continueing looked at her own reflection.

"And imagine..being hated..y your own flesh and blood..my own mother and father did this to me!" Rin yelled pulling up her sleeve which revealed a large of deep scarring.

"This is because they hated me!" Rin began to become angry she stood up and faced the man. She was gritting her teeth angerly.

"Imagine looking at your own reflection and seeing only the scars of what your own family gave you! Imagine that!" Rin yelled.

July 4th, 2008, 3:52 PM
The lake just outside Viridian (OOC: Because I just HAVE to reply to this)

The young man nodded during the whole time Rin spoke, understanding every word she said. Interestingly enough, she seemed to come from an abusive family, and bore many scars as a result. However, unlike him, this girl seemed to speak in a rather cranky and snappy voice, as if it was nobody else's business to even try and understand how she felt. He himself looked mildly surprised as she said this. At various points during what Rin said, he pointed to a random spot in the air, opened and closed his mouth a few times, fiddled with his glasses, even put on a tiny awkward smile at one point. Which was indeed surprising, as he seemed like the kind of guy who wouldn't even think about smiling most of the time. As Rin spoke to him, she must have seen him as either a moderately wealthy young man or a member of some secret organisation, rather than some battered old bloke who could identify himself with the likes of her. Thin and pale though he was, she could see no scars on him, that is, unless the long, form-fitting black jacket he was wearing covered some up...

When Rin finished talking, he spoke to her, in a voice that was deep yet soft, devoid of emotion.
"Ah, so you make the decision to actually show people those scars of yours. You don't hide them like I do. Very interesting indeed--I can almost say that symbolises a bit of bravery. But you're wrong about one thing."
At this point a smirk came across the man's face.
"Actually, it's quite a coincidence that we seem to come from roughly the same type of childhood. My father hated me too. I would make a challenge to see which of our fathers could cause more pain to their children, but that's going a bit too far, isn't it? Lemme guess... did you run away from your parents too? Did your mother try to kill you? Did you have to... well..."
He frowned and shook his head, a bit surprised at himself for revealing a bit about his past to a total stranger. Or, by now, was she a stranger? They seemed to have lots in common...

There was a pause, during which time the two trainers stared at each other...
"Ab? Sol?" The Absol, who spoke in a sweet and girly voice, looked at her trainer, then at Rin, back and forth between them again...
"Absol sol?"
"What, Scout? Should I... oh."
Then he turned to look at Rin again.
"Erm... what's your name by the way?"

"Absol ab-sol! AB-sol," the Absol named Scout said to her trainer, although at that point she sounded a bit more like his big sister (if he had one).
"...And Scout wants me to tell you my name first..." he said flatly. "I thought the phrase was 'ladies first', but... anyway, you can just call me Lupin."

July 4th, 2008, 4:03 PM
"Whoa! What the hell?" Isaac yelped in shock. Apparently his slow riding, as to not loose track of the Mime Jr had bit him where it hurts. The Medicham had caught up to him and had leaped unto to the stolen motorcycle. However, much to his delight and surprise the Medicham simply grabbed instead of ripping Isaac to shreds for his felony of robbery. He had assumed the Medicham read Isaac as an ally considering he attended and aided the superhero trainer lady. A sigh of relief was emitted, which Isaac mentally congratulating himself for his good soul and desire to aid hot women. Continuing his pursuit, Isaac had seen the annoying clown of a Pokemon steal from various stands and experice a small rip on its hat. Poffins, Pokeballs, cash. Items that no Pokemon needs. Why were those targets? Isaac, being fairly intelligent especially when it comes to street smarts and life experience, figured out that his theory of this Pokemon being either a fake or modified some way was all but confirmed. Weird, I thought the hat was part of its body, not covering something. This Pokemon has to be special or at least different that it lets on, Isaac thought. He didn't study Mime Jr., mostly because psychic Pokemon as a whole don't interest him. He rather use the untamed power of the Dark type. Shortly before entering the alley, he noticed the brief conversation between the Medicham and Staraptor. Of course, Isaac did not understand a single word, considering that Pokemon yell at each other with their names and somehow it becomes an universal language.

<"Where are you going?"> Nimerta asked Staraptor. <"Are you after the Mime Jr. too?"> All Isaac heard was different parts of Medicham repeated over and over in different patterns.

Staraptor replied with his own name spoken in a similar style. <"I assume so. After all my master is chasing after it on your trainer's bike. He is a good person so it would make sense."> Coming the alleyway in a dramatic full speed slide as seen in most action movies, purple smoke enveloped the area and it left Isaac in a daze similar to that of Psyducks. Coughing out the bad smell and sickening fog, Isaac chased down the troublesome Mime Jr. The sight of defeated and terrified Houndooms put Isaac in a nervous state. How could a small annoying Pokemon that loves Poffins and Muffins beat up one of the most deadly of Pokemon in existence. He remembered a Houndoom giving his Kingdra a hard time in the Hoenn championships. After the struggle, thin tails came out of its "dress". Ok thats not normal. Mime Jrs don't have tails. Charging full speed, Isaac almost caught the Mime Jr., before missing it with his hands as the little Pokemon slipped into a hole, and a small one at that.

"DAMN IT!" Isaac yelled with enough force and volume that all of Cinnabar probably caught a small piece of it. Disembarking from the bike, Isaac kicked the wall that was home to the hole. "Piece of crap. Now what? None of my team members can fit through there." Needing an idea, Isaac beamed a thought into the mind of Palkia: Any ideas? The Mime got anyway and it wasn't a regular one either. Had a yellow turban and weird tails coming out of its clothes.

Thats impossible. Can't be....those things aren't supposed to be around. Isaac was about to ask a question before Palkia rudely "hung up". Isaac was annoyed by his parther's gesture. "Jerk...." Isaac turned to his superhero ally and gently pushed her arm trying to wake her up. "Come on...I need help here."

July 4th, 2008, 4:28 PM
Candice whistled in a chimerical way, her eyes close as she enjoyed the sea breeze and the salty air. Yes, it seemed that everything about this day seemed to remind her of her origin. As the Mantine she was riding out released a short squeak, indicating that they were fast approaching Cinnabar Island, the girl's eyes flew open, alert and ready for her next adventure. The Flying type glided over the island, as her trainer looked down at the ant-like people below, trying to discern anyone of them as people she recognised. Where was Isaac now? As Iara circled overhead the city, she suddenly noted that a hauntingly familiar bird had ascended into the skies over Cinnabar. The Staraptor, she had most definitely seen it once before. Without further hesitation, the Mantine changed course, slithering out of her circle in the air and shooting straight forth, flapping her cascade wings majestically as she followed after the Staraptor, who had an unconscious woman with blonde hair upon his back.

"HEY~! We aren't looking for a bird, we're looking for Isaac!" Candice howled loudly, playfully banging her fists against Iara's back. The Mantine rolled her deep, black eyes, ignoring her trainer's statement, quickly snapping her attention back to the Flying type in front of her to see it land in what seemed to be a small alley. Iara landed swiftly, nearly forcing her trainer to jump off her back, immediately gesturing into the thin walkway. Candice blinked, a blank stare upon her face as she heard the roar of a motorcycle resounding from deep within the depths of the alley, she seemed adamant to move, despite the Mantine's constant prompts.

Without warning, the cries of Houndoom reverberated off the walls of the alley and out into the streets of Cinnabar, and the girl quickly clapped her hands together, a smile forming upon her face. Withdrawing the frustrated Iara back into her Pokeball, Candice drew out another from her pocket, flicking the sphere into the air. The large burst of scarlet soon died down, revealing a stately Houndoom standing on the pavement before his trainer.

"Look, Lyulf! Family!" Candice clasped her hands together with bona fide interest and joy, running into the alley with no further hesitation, her frantic Houndoom dashing after her, barking at his trainer, as if he was trying to warn her of something. As the entered what seemed to be an underground located at the end of the road and violet smoke shrouded itself around them, Lyulf jumped before his coughing trainer, bearing his fangs as he saw two strangers, one male, one female. His brow tightened as he saw his brethen, defeated, pitiful, helpless.


"Isaac~!" Candice recognised that voice all too well, waving at the familiar male in a melodious tone, reluctance showing as she witnessed him touching the beautiful woman.

July 4th, 2008, 4:33 PM
Cinnabar Island (OOC: Because I HAVE to reply to this one too!)

To Isaac's relief, once he poked her arm, she sprang awake almost as suddenly as Nimerta did.
"Wha-huh?" she muttered as she fell off Staraptor.
"Come on... I need help here..." was all she heard from this young man.
"Help? Huh? Where am I? Where did you... HEY! Is that my motorcycle??!? RAWWR!"
She jumped, and landed with her hands on the motorcycle seat. She then proceeded to settle herself into the seat, as if getting ready to ride it.

Nimerta, meanwhile, had dismounted the motorcycle as well, feeling even more dazed than usual due to remnants of the smoke.
"Medi medi chammmm?" she muttered, rubbing her head.
The woman nodded. "Of course you can go back in your Pokeball." With that, she took out not a Pokeball, but a Pokevice--a red and white one--and returned Nimerta to it.
Then she patted the back seat of the motorcycle and looked at Isaac.
"Come on you, I wanna show you something. Oh, don't get on yet--wait until after I do this. You see, when you stole this bike here--I forgive you by the way, my brother's friend's a thief himself--you missed out on its awesomeness."
With that, she revved up the motorcycle's engine, pressed a few buttons on its little dashboard (here the headlight came on with an eerie green glow around it), and...

BOOM! She ran the motorcycle right into the wall, shattering it so that she could go through. Then she had the motorcycle jump right onto the street above, where the oddly-tailed Mime Jr. was running away. Upon reaching the street, she sat still, took out her Pokevice again, and pressed a button on it.
"I'll show you who's super! After what's-its-face, Peppermint!"
Then she turned to Isaac.
"Come on, hop on, we can follow them from here! Don't mind Peppermint--she's a... special gift. I'll explain everything later."

As she proceeded to start following the Mime Jr, she said one more thing to Isaac:
"Oh, by the way, lemme give you a name to call me by, other than 'lady' or some rubbish like that. How 'bout Panther."

By this time, the Mime Jr. was heading for a deserted park, perhaps hoping to hide among the trees. (Arceus knows how those trees can survive volcanic eruptions...) Trailing it was Latias... a half-size Latias.

Also by that time, another girl was following them... someone who looked familiar to Isaac.

(OOC: EDIT: I finished my reply before I even saw your reply, Ibuberu... so I added that last line hastily in order to include your character...)

July 4th, 2008, 8:04 PM
As Rin ranted the man just stood there which caught Rins attention.Never had she seen someone so calm about when she went into "ranting mode."

"Ah, so you make the decision to actually show people those scars of yours. You don't hide them like I do. Very interesting indeed--I can almost say that symbolises a bit of bravery. But you're wrong about one thing." The man said his voice was soft which again caught Rins attention.

"Is he..mocking me?!" Rin thought to herself bitterly. AT this point the man had began smirking which enraged Rin even more.

"Actually, it's quite a coincidence that we seem to come from roughly the same type of childhood. My father hated me too. I would make a challenge to see which of our fathers could cause more pain to their children, but that's going a bit too far, isn't it? Lemme guess... did you run away from your parents too? Did your mother try to kill you? Did you have to... well..."

"...I was tortured..in my own home...my parents the both hated me... I-I did run away from my home but...I guess they thought torture was more..appropriate for me.." Rin mumbled her rage melting away, along with the hatred towards the man.He knew how she felt!..

The wind swayed once more. Rin merely stared at the boy.

"Erm... what's your name by the way?" His absol was now saying something to him in "pokeon language" however you wanna call it.

"...And Scout wants me to tell you my name first...I thought the phrase was 'ladies first', but... anyway, you can just call me Lupin." The man that was now revealed to be Lupin said.Rin assumed Scout was the absol that had been 'barking' earlier but she gave no thought to it.

"Well Lupin..my name is Rin." Rin said, she was astonished that someone knew how she suffered..She was almost tempted to smile when.

"Failure...I should have killed you when I had the chance!" As her mind screamed this she froze in her tracks..

"Your mothers right! We had the chance to kill you and we didn't!" A male voice yelled. Rin was completely frozen in her tracks...Her eyes were not shifted from Lupin and onto the water.

Rin said nothing for a couple moments then turned back to Lupin. "Well Lupin..Its n-nice to meet you." Rin stuttered trying to recover from the 'episode' she just had. She was glad to meet this person but didn't know how to respond back.. She never wanted to be happy..but she had a very thankful feeling for meeting him. A very..thankful feeling....

July 5th, 2008, 3:07 PM
Candice brought an uncharacteristic frown upon her face as she saw Panther patting the seat of her bike after withdrawing her Medicham. Who was she? Why was she with Isaac? The girl flinched as the motorcycle sprang to life in a spurt of emerald, as the older woman mounted the vehicle. As Panther sped towards the wall where the small hole was located, Candice half expected (with a sly smile on her face) for the female to crash, but that wasn't the case. Much to her surprise, the bike managed to break through the brick wall. The young girl's mouth hung agape for a moment or so, until she heard Panther's voice once more.

"Come on, hop on, we can follow them from here!"

"WAIT~!" Candice flailed her arms over her head in pure distress and irritation, dashing after the woman and Isaac.

Sir Aaron1017
July 8th, 2008, 6:46 PM
((OOC: sorry, my mom is running her own buisness from home, so buisness hours interfere with my plans. XD))

"Hey! Can I help you with anything?" Derek asked.

"...Theres nothing here..but some creepy man who is eyeing an object of mine.." The girl said, almost glaring at him.

"Oh, no..." the man replied. "Zis fine young lady and I are 'aving light conversation, is all. Zat is a very good-looking Grovyle you 'ave, by ze way." The man that was glaring at the girl said, and then winked at Grovyle, then turned back to said girl.

"uh... thanks?" Derek said, rubbing the back of his head as if confused, but the man never saw it, for he had turned back to the girl.

"Zat really is a fascinating device. I 'ave never seen anyzing like it before. I am specialty in electronic devices like zese, but zis is a breakzrough! May I see it for a moment?" The creepy man said, looking at the pokevice in the hands of the girl.

"There you seet you happy?!" the girl said, slapping him, and it was a hard slap because it rang in his ears, and he wasn't the one hit! Then something happened he didn't expect. She turned on him, but not before the man could have his say.

"Owww..." the man groaned.

"Why did you care so much anyway? I don't even know you." She scowled, obviouly trying to get a negative response out of him.

"I just wanted to help." He replied, paused, then added "My name is Derek by the way".

"So Derek..Why were you intervining in our glare stareoff... the man is an obvious fool.. A thief in disguise, most likely. Anyway why do you want to intervine in something you had no part of? You could get in some serious trouble if you do that..but alas..I guess some people have NO common sense.." She said, taunting him, it seemed like she wanted to play a little game, but it was a game he wasn't interested in.

'You guys were giving me the creeps. I wanted to intervene so no one would get hurt, but it looks like someone already did... hmm.... what is you name by the way?" but he was too slow, she said something that he couldn't quite hear, and then turned and ran.

"Miss, vy did you..." the man started to ask, but at that point, Rin ran away.

"COWARD!!!" the man called after her. "FILZY, CAT-SCRATCHING COWARD!!!"

When he was done, he turned back to Derek, rage showing itself in his face.

"Vot?" the man stammered, obviouly enraged. "You 'er boyfriend or somezing? You and 'er will pay for zis yumiliation! Just look at my face!! Tell you vot. You and I will 'ave a Pokemon battle. 5000 Pokedollars to the winner! You can't run from me now!" With that, the man took out a Pokeball.

"Come on out, Mademoiselle Pinky!"

The Pokeball was gold in colour with a fancy blue A on it. When it opened, an Empoleon came out. This Empoleon, however, was a foot taller than the average Empoleon. Her feathers were a brilliant pink in colour rather than blue. Her wings and chest were covered in a blindingly shiny golden armour. The pitchfork design on her head was made with crystal, and Derek could have sworn he saw electric sparks flashing inside it.

"Empa!" Pinky said, sounding much more like a whiny little girl than an experienced fighter.

"'Aven't I told you to speak wiz confidence??" the man blurted--apparently this Empoleon's sweet little voice embarrassed him.

"Pinky 'ere will take on any Pokemon you might zrow at 'er! It's you and I, Alex the Great versus... I dunno, twerp. Votever!"

"MY NAME IS DEREK, are you deaf or something? And no, I am not her boyfriend," He snapped, "And if you battle me, you will surely lose! I dont intened to let someone with a whiny little pink duck beat me. You got it?"

One thing that Derek hated most was being called a twerp, and the A on the pokeball meant he was from Team Alpha. This was going to be too fun!

Okay, I think I am going to use Blaze because fighting is super effective against steel, but the disadvantage is the water moves. This is a risk I will just have to take. Sorry Blaze, if this doesn't work, I am truly sorry... Derek though while holding Blaze's pokeball.

"GO! BLAZE!!!!!!!!!!" Derek yelled while throwing the pokeball.

"I want you to use Focus Punch while using Fly. Try to dodge anything they throw at us." Derek commanded.

((OOC: I dont know how you want me to do this batte, Nintales, so yea...))

July 10th, 2008, 7:09 AM
Kazu felt that his time at the lab had ended so he decided to leave. "Well I have to go now so I will catch you later. Professor Willow, I will catch you on the flipside." Kazu grabbed his Pokemon and left the lab. After he was inside Viridian he remembered something important. He had not given Tauros back to his sister. "I better get to that before she kills me." said Kazu shaking in fear. He began to walk to the center and turned around. Kazu looked and saw that all of his Pokemon were outside of their Pokeballs. "I forgot how to put yoiu guys inside this thing. I guess we will have to wait before you guys go back inside them." while Kazu was worried about his Pokemon his team was okay. All of them were so use to being outside of their Pokeballs. Then Spiner covered Flowers with her tails. She remembered that Flowers was a Legendary Pokemon and other trainers weren't supposed to see. Flowers thought it was a game so it started to squirm out of Spiner's arms. Flowers jumped on Courage's back and that started Kazu's trouble. Courage started to scream and ran around in panic. When Kazu noticed what was going on he tried to grab Courage. However, Courage was so afraid he started to release a Bubblebeam on everyone that tried to touch him. Kazu and the whole team ducked for cover as Courage continued to strike any and everything with Bubblebeam. "If Courage wasn't so powerful with water attacks I would stop him, but I guess it can't be help." said Kazu holding his Pokemon close. Flowers continued to ride on Courage a like a toy and started to scream too. "Courage, calm down and let Flowers off your back." said Kazu trying to help his Pokemon. As he tried to grab Flowers Courage released a new move. Courage used his Water Pulse and knocked Kazu into another trainer. "Sorry sir, but I am just trying to calm down my Pokemon." said Kazu apologizing to the man. "Allow us to take care of that my good friend." the man let out a Pokeball and from it came a Buziel. The Buziel had a black collar and black wristbands. "Blake, use Aqua Jet then Iron Tail." the man ordered. the Buziel jumped into the air and did as ordered. He attacked Courage and knocked Flowers to the ground. Spiner and the others quickly ran over and covered Flowers up. Kazu went to Courage and patted him on the head. "Look what you did. You just learned a powerful Water Pulse attack. I am so proud of you." Kazu ignored all of the other actions and praised Courage on his power. Courage gave Kazu a hug and began to cry. "Young man with that attitude you will never become a good coordinator." said the man with his Buziel by his side. "How do you know I am a coordinator." said kazu preparing to battle. "Your Pokemon are so well brushed that you look like you use them for contest. So how about we have a battle? I will have Blake build a backbone into that spineless Corphish." said the man with his Buziel ready to attack with another Aqua Jet. Courage and Kazu got up from the ground and prepared to battle.

Sweet Dreams
July 15th, 2008, 3:42 PM
Sharky listened silently to the conversation between the owner of what she assumed was a Legendary with another trainer. Funny, she had always believed that they were bigger and mightier from the way others talked about them. Celebi glided back onto her shoulder, giving her head a cheerful hug. The Celebi, for example, was only just as tall as her whole head - Sharky thought for a moment and came to the conclusion that it was possibly smaller than Cirrus, her Swablu.

*Did you know that the Indigo Plateau was a place where they hold the Pokemon League? That's really, really cool, don'tcha think? Hey, Sharika, um... What's a Pokemon League?* Celebi chirped happily into its trainer's head.

Sharky gritted her teeth, trying in vain to block the bouncy words from entering her skull. Then, thankfully, Celebi's attention was diverted as its newly acquired friend started jogging in extreme slow motion towards the foresty hill. Blinking, Celebi cocked its head curiously, azure eyes following the Legendary's every move. Out of the corner of one, it noticed Sharky grinning at the sight, therefore turning to examine her. This was the first time Celebi had seen her smile, and it made the small Grass-type elated.

Sharky watched the Pokemon go before turning back to the other trainers left at Pallet. Again, Celebi's voice floated into her mind.

*Oh, Gon and Regigigas have decided that Me and Mew will use our telekisikinekis to make us fly over to Viridian. Sharika, what's a telenekisikin and how come me and Mew has it?* Celebi struggled to remember where it had heard the term "telenekisikin" before.

'Telekinesis: the ability to move objects using your mind. Who's Gon, Regigigas and Mew?' Sharky didn't have to turn to look at Celebi because it had once again launched itself into the air to hover in front of Sharky. The Pokemon was more fidgety and curious than a child.

*Mew, I think, could be a good friend of mine. It's the Pink one that's about my size with a looong tail.* Celebi pointed accordingly. *Gon is the owner of the regigigas which is the one that went that way before.* Celebi swivelled around slightly and pointed off into the hills. *Oh, I remember telesikinekin now! I could never say it properly. I have it 'cause I'm a Psychic type as well! And Mew is a Psychic type, so Mew's got it too!*

'You're Psychic?' Sharky asked, surprised. This had raised her opinion of her partner byquite a bit.

*Yeah... but... but...* Suddenly Celebi's voice changed and became smaller. Sharky's expression softened considerably.


*I'm only half Psychic! And it's the smaller half! And I'm really, really small and I haven't had much time to practice using the Psychic! And what if I drop somebody? I... I can't...* Imagining all the horrible aspects of what may go wrong, it started backing away.

'You can,' Sharky said authoritively. She'd found out that the best way to push a Pokemon to its limits is to tell them that they could. It was amazing, the power of the mind. Celebi stared at her.


'No "but"s, you're gonna do it,' Sharky left no room for arguments, nodding to Gon and signalling that they were up for it.

July 16th, 2008, 5:48 PM
OOC: Short post to get by.

In the span of a few moments, way too much happened for Isaac's patience. The woman sprang to life after a single poke. Doing some combination of flipping moves, the rejected superhero landed on her bike after screaming at Isaac for stealing her prized belonging. Much to his relief he was forgiven for his heinous crimes and did some voodoo magic and destroyed the wall that Isaac had released so much anger upon due the clown's troublesome fleeing. With some velocity, the bike made its way to the street in which the woman had released and used a device similar to Isaac's Pokevice. Isaac had saw it earlier but didn't bother noticing it, after all, she didn't exactly break a wall and ascend the street above in one sweeping motion earlier. How did she get that thing? I thought only the people from the lab got those.

"Come on, hop on, we can follow them from here! Don't mind Peppermint--she's a... special gift. I'll explain everything later." The woman called, and Isaac, with little choice at the time, listened and leaped forward to the motorcycle. While not as agile as the woman was, Isaac jumped and ascended a great height before landing on the seat feet first before planting his body onto the backseat. A small chuckle was released as if Isaac had surprised himself with his aerobatics. It seems if you live alone with a criminal record, you learn some useful physical abilities. "Oh, by the way, lemme give you a name to call me by, other than 'lady' or some rubbish like that. How 'bout Panther." Finally after some patience, Isaac had discovered something useful. A name, an odd name, but a name nonetheless. As the duo prepared to follow in pursuit, Isaac ordered Staraptor, as he never returned it to his Pokeball. to fall back and accompany Candice, so that she could catch up to Panther and himself. He had noticed her, but the chase called for his attention and the woman appeared to want to ally with Isaac for the time being. He wanted her to eventually meet up, since she was the only person worth talking to at the lab, and for once he didn't get completely destoryed by a woman after meeting her, excusing his failed relationships that ended that way. With orders dished out, Isaac turned his attention to the Latias, the pint-sized red Pokemon which he knew about but imagined to be somewhat bigger, and then Panther. Realizing he was on the bike, Isaac wrapped his arms around the woman's stomach as to not fall off and of course to take advantage of the situation. Being a womanizer, it was natural for him.

"Panther, eh? How the hell can I trust you if you don't explain to me anything? You have a super powerful bike, a Legendary Pokemon, some odd device that I never saw before, and you are chasing a small peculiar clown. So please give me one reason to trust you other than the fact you are a fine specimen of a woman." Isaac wanted to be polite so he wasn't tossed off the motorcyle like a rag doll and to get some clue of what was going.

July 17th, 2008, 9:23 AM
The lake outside Viridian

Tortured in her own home, eh? Lupin nodded when Rin mentioned it, again understanding how she felt.
Same thing happened to me...
"Lucario cario," Sage muttered as he released Rin from his sort-of "hug" and stood up. He sounded quite in awe.
"Well Lupin... my name is Rin," Rin replied.
"Ah yes, I see," Lupin commented, taking the time to glance down at his Absol, who was wagging her tail and gazing eagerly at Rin. "Although don't you think..." and here he looked at Rin, "...that when you look at your reflection, you should see not what you've been through in the past, but what you can do, what talents or abilities you have, or who you really are?"
A pause.
"...Or at least that's what I try to do. Even with all the..."
At that point, Lupin paused for a while, then took out his Pokevice, which had apparently been ringing too softly for Rin to hear. As opposed to the solid colours most Pokevices came in, his was dark blue with electric blue stripes, and had a diamond icon on it. Strange indeed...
"Hello, Merlin," Lupin greeted, holding the Pokevice to his ear. "...Yes, yes, I'm just outside Viridian--just stopped to rest at a lake, you know, until the sun sets. Then I'll, erm... you know."
Lupin smiled and nodded during whatever this Merlin person said.
"Get any guests today?" "...Ohhh, right..." A pause.
"...What? At the... oh yes, the Power Plant. It's Carmen and Diego, I saw the asssignment. Something to do with R... no, not Zapdos--Zapdos found a guardian, remember? My guess it's another legendary... hmm, yeah, Rotom, that's a possibility, but... oh, it may have come here to Kanto to hide from Team Alpha. Don't worry--I don't think those two will be able to... no, what, maybe if they succeed, I could steal it right from their storage..."
Merlin laughed so loudly that Rin could hear him through the Pokevice.
"No, no, don't worry, don't worry. I got things taken care of... what? Yes, technically someone is overhearing us, but she's not... No, of course it's not like that. Don't get any ideas. Yes, fine then... oh, good idea. I'll take the Nightcraft over around three then. I really have to... yes, goodbye then."
Lupin hung up and put his Pokevice away, then turned back to Rin.
"It's all right--that was just a..."

"AHA! Big bad wolf got girlfriend!"
It was an obnoxiously childish voice, coming from a deranged little girl who just wandered into the clearing. Her bright orange hair was in braided pigtails, and the overalls she wore looked to be way too big on her (and had a large flower on the front). She looked to be ready to make a series of insults or taunts.
Lupin glared at her, speaking in a voice that was both deep and loathing. "What, have you seen us kissing or something?"
"Little girl look pwetty in gown," the girl taunted, batting her eyelashes on the word "pwetty".
The surroundings were becoming darker and darker by the second as the sun continued to set, but both Lupin and Rin could make out a fancy blue A in the centre of the flower on the little girl's overalls.

"Heyyyy, Emily, there you are!" greeted a jolly-sounding male voice, as the silhouette of a rather large and bulky teenage boy came into view. "Kane'll kill me if he finds out that I let... Oh, hi Lupin."
He wore a black shirt with a Skitty on it, and the words "I like Skitty. So what?!?" (Odd for a "macho man" like him, eh?) On a bright blue chain around his neck was a glittering, fancy-looking blue A.
"I would get lost if I were you," Lupin retorted.
"Ooooo! Lovebird want alone!" Emily blurted, sounding cutesy as ever. "Brother Gabe better no bother!"
At this point, Scout was growling, wanting to pounce on Emily and eat her for supper.

The teenage muscular boy named Gabe yawned. "Man, ever since I left Indigo, I've been aching for a battle. You sure Viridian is close by?"
"It's a five-mile hike from here," Lupin lied. "I think you'll manage though--and if Emily gets tired you can carry her on your back."
"HEY!" Emily shouted. "Me big! Me strong! No tire! Lovebird arrogant, want battle now!"
"Ohhhh, right!" Gabe remembered, pointing at Lupin. "YOU need to pay for that brush you stole from me!" At this point he took out a regular-looking pink Pokevice. Emily took out a Pokeb... wait, actually, a Master Ball. How did such a young girl get her hands on one of those? Whatever it was, Lupin did not like the sight of it.
"After all the trouble of looking for it..." he grumbled. "I bet she used it on a Rattata or something. There's something I'll never do again."
"All right Sirius, looks like it's battle time," Lupin said aloud, pressing a button on his Pokevice. A Mightyena came out.

"That dog's going down," Gabe announced. "Go Regirock!"
"Regiiii!" What came out was a Regirock that was only two feet tall and coloured purple... but it was still Regirock, right...?
"Go Cuddles! Test lovebird relationship!" Emily cheered, throwing her Master Ball. Out came... Azelf.
"...Must... win..." Azelf panted. This was not a miniature Azelf--it was full-sized and probably full-powered. What was odd about it, though, was that it wore a headband with a large red orb in the front, making it resemble Uxie a little. Its eyes were glowing red, as was the orb.
"The Master Ball, the orb!" Lupin complained. "Such idiots, taking advantage of the acts of their co-workers. I'm warning you, Gabe, I'm not doing something like this again." Then he turned to his Mightyena.
"Okay Sirius, start as usual."
"Usual" translated to Howl, for the Mightyena started howling at that point. This was apparently how Sirius started every battle--but hey, it makes sense when you have a trainer named Lupin, right?

(OOC: Yes, this is a double battle with two Team Alpha members, both of which are using legendary Pokemon...)

Cinnabar Island

Hmm, if you live alone with a criminal record, you learn some pretty useful physical abilities. What does that say about Panther, I wonder...? Speaking of Panther, she glanced back to notice another girl, Candice, arriving at the scene, and Isaac's Staraptor flying towards her.
"Oh, don't mind us," Panther called to Candice, "We're just tracking down this Mime Jr. here... or at least I think it's a Mime Jr."
It was then that Isaac said something to Panther:
"Panther, eh? How the hell can I trust you if you don't explain to me anything? You have a super powerful bike, a Legendary Pokemon, some odd device that I never saw before, and you are chasing a small peculiar clown. So please give me one reason to trust you other than the fact you are a fine specimen of a woman."
Panther raised her eyebrows, though in a more excited way.
"Ahhh, look who's talking! Do I detect a hint of dishonesty in your voice? As a matter of fact..."
Panther took out her Pokevice again and pushed a few buttons on it. Then she spoke into it... "Do it."

At that point, a flash of lights shone in the park the Mime Jr. had headed into. Some looked to be caused by Pokeball energy; others seemed to be caused by psychic energy. A large blue A flashed in their midst as well.
"Oh shoot!" came a young man's voice from inside the park. "Lina, I... no, wait..." and then his voice trailed off.
Another flash of lights, and the sound of a Pokeball bursting open.
"ARRRGH!" came the same voice.
At that point, something emerged from between the trees, exactly where the Pokeball burst... it was Uxie! This was not a miniature Uxie, but a full-sized one... But it looked a little odd; it had a round red nose, and a ring of tattery blue cloth surrounded its head, a white pom-pom hanging from it. It wore what looked to be a raggedy pink shirt, and it itself was covered in dust.
"AHA! I KNEW it!" Panther shouted as she spotted Uxie. "No wonder you were so powerful!"
Uxie glared at Panther for a while, its closed eyes glowing green. Then it continued in the direction it was flying and vanished into the sky.

Latias ("Peppermint", as Panther called her) emerged from the park, the source of the unknown voice following her. He was a pretty lanky boy, about eighteen perhaps, and wore a racoon hat and had freckles on his face. Also, he was holding an empty Pokeball--a golden one with a fancy blue A on it...
"Well, it didn't go as planned, exactly..." he said to Panther, "but it..." Then he noticed Isaac sitting behind her on the motorcycle.
"Oh, you found a friend, did you?"
A pause.
"Uh... no, no, don't get me wrong," he said again, holding up the empty Pokeball. "I'm not in Team Alpha, my friend stole this from them. A-a-and Lin--I mean Panther--is my sister. I was just..."
Another pause.
And then... total blackness. For some reason or another, all the surroundings seemed to vanish, and everyone (Isaac, Candice, Panther and her brother, and all their Pokemon) felt like they were falling in a bottomless pit.

When they landed, they were in a city where the sky was purple and every single building was green... and Pokemon walked the streets.

Pallet Town

"All right then," Gon announced, "everyone return their Pokemon to their Pokeballs..." Gon did so with Kaiser himself.

A while later, Gon, Jemima, and Sharky were flying over the woods between Pallet and Viridian, held aloft by Mew and Celebi's telekinesis.
"Whoa... remember, you have to hold on to me as well..." Gon reminded the two legendaries, who seemed to be focusing more on keeping their own trainers in the air. Celebi wasn't doing anything to try and hold up Gon, fearing that it would drop Sharky if it did so. Gon was only held up by the partial telekinetic force of Mew, so he fell a short ways a few times before Mew remembered him and floated him back up again.

But Gon was not going to just let himself fall to the trees below (and be attacked by Beedrills once he landed)--fortunately, he had a Pokemon that could help him...
"Help me out, Puffy!"
"Venonat!" The blue-eyed Venonat fluttered in the air above Gon.
"Try using Psychic to hold me uuuuuupppppp..." Gon cried as he started to fall again.
"VEN!" Puffy did so, her blue eyes glowing even bluer than before as she lifted Gon back up with her own telekinesis.
"Nat... venonat..." Puffy would have a hard time keeping Gon afloat for a long time--fortunately, Viridian City was not too far ahead. The group could see the gym pretty easily at this point.

Viridian City, near the entrance

Derek and Alex were battling. It was a Charizard versus an Empoleon, a very interesting battle indeed. "Pinky" barely had the type advantage, but Derek seemed to have something up his sleeve...
"MY NAME IS DEREK, are you deaf or something? And no, I am not her boyfriend," Derek snapped. "And if you battle me, you will surely lose! I dont intened to let someone with a whiny little pink duck beat me. You got it?"
"Mademoiselle Pinky IS NOT A DUCK!" Alex shouted. "Don't vorry, Pinky dear. 'It zat lizard wiz Aqua Jet!"
The pink and gold Empoleon squatted down for a few moments, just as Blaze was getting ready to fly upward then attack. Then she leaped up into the air and flew at a remarkable speed towards Blaze, hitting him with the quick water attack. The Charizard took quite a bit of damage due to the type disadvantage, but he still reacted by trying to punch Pinky. This, however, didn't work too well, as it was a Focus Punch, which fails if the user is attacked first. This Empoleon was going to be a tough contender indeed.
Vot vas zat boy zinking ven 'ee sent out zat Charizard? Alex thought.

Just then, the ground shook with a shattering BOOM. Not enough to cause an earthquake, but still--what an impact.
It was Regigigas, who had apparently taken a huge leap and landed forcefully on the ground.
"Regi... GIGAS!"
Regigigas rushed towards the Empoleon at another remarkable speed, the little orbs lining its "face" glowing. It pummeled the Empoleon with immense force, hitting her in the neck and her legs and anywhere else she didn't have armour. Pinky fell to the floor--even though that was a Normal attack, it was a pretty powerful one (Giga Impact, if you're interested), not to mention it came from a legendary.
"Ah!" Alex exclaimed. "It is Regigigas, fazzer of Regirock, Regice, and Registeel! Pinky, make it mine!"
The Empoleon leapt to her feet--even though she had just taken a considerable amount of damage, she was not about to quit. However, winning would be tough, with two Pokemon to fight against, one of which is legendary...

"Ahhhh, zis is not fair!" Alex complained as he took out another Pokeball. "Go Alakazam!"
This Alakazam looked considerably more normal than Pinky did (not to mention he didn't have a nickname), but he seemed just as eager to battle as Pinky now seemed to be.
"Take zat Charizard down! Pinky, you take care of Regigigas for ze capture! Pinky, use Flash Cannon! Alaka... vot?"
Alex noticed something flying in his direction from over the trees... Three people, two girls and a boy, were being carried by telekinesis, which seemed to be coming from three little Pokemon flying above them.
"Zis is not fair..." Alex muttered, sounding defeated. "I 'ave only zese two Pokemon, and 'ere come zree more...."
Alex turned around, only to see his Alakazam get Focus Punched by Blaze.
"Urrrgh... Teleport, you idiot!"
"Kazam!" The Alakazam teleported away from the zone of impact, ending up behind Blaze. Then he used Psychic like he was originally told, throwing the Charizard high up into the air. He didn't throw him back down to the ground, but instead spun him around so that he would have a hard time flying...

July 18th, 2008, 3:08 PM
((OOC: OMG I SO SORRY I HAVEN'T POSTED IN AGES! I thought you would've kicked me out)

"No, no need to bother her", Toby told Suicune. "I think we should get out of here. Any ideas?"Suicune looked up.
"I overheard the others talking about visiting the League, investigating the murder mystery. You up for a ride?"
Toby beaming. "Of COURSE!! Pokemon League, here we come." They walked outside, the sun. Toby climbed onto Suicune's back. She flexed her legs, then whispered:
"Hold on tight, boy." Then she ripped into the air, and Toby saw Pallet Town fly past. But She was going too fast for toby, and , just outside Viridian, he fell off, and landed on his face.
"Oww!", He said, rubbing his face. But Suicune wasn't listening. Something had caught her intrest.
"Didn't one of the Trainers at the Lab have a Regigigas?"
"Yeah, so what if they did?" He asked, brushing him self off.
"Because it just giga impacted a Pink Empoleon", She replied.

(( My next one will be much better. I'm kinda in a rush.)

Sir Aaron1017
August 5th, 2008, 11:30 PM
((OOC: sorry for not posting for ages, but without any further Ado, here it is))

"Mademoiselle Pinky IS NOT A DUCK!" the wanna-be Frenchman shouted, and his accent didn't impress Derek in the smallest. "Don't vorry, Pinky dear. 'It zat lizard wiz Aqua Jet!"

The pink and gold Empoleon squatted down for a few moments, just as Blaze was getting ready to fly upward then attack. Then she leaped up into the air and flew at a remarkable speed toward Blaze, hitting him with the quick water attack. Blaze was hit before he even took off. Crap! That was not supposed to happen! Derek thought.

Just then, the ground shook with a shattering BOOM. Derek spun around and saw this big white thing running toward the battle.
"REGGGGGG!" it cried.

This must be Gon's Regigigas, the boy that looked like he love to travel in comfort because he was wearing pajamas.

"Regi... GIGAS!" is cried again before barreling into the pink Empoleon, knocking it to the ground with an obvious display of force.

"Ah!" Alex "the Great" exclaimed. "It is Regigigas, fazzer of Regirock, Regice, and Registeel! Pinky, make it mine!"
The Empoleon leapt to her feet--intent to try to capture Regigigas, which made Derek smile and let out a small chuckle. Little did he know that it belonged to someone already!

"Ahhhh, zis is not fair!" Alex complained, and then Derek saw him pull out another pokeball "Go Alakazam!"
This Alakazam looked considerably more normal than Pinky did, but he seemed just as eager to battle as Pinky now seemed to be.

"Take zat Charizard down! Pinky, you take care of Regigigas for ze capture! Pinky, use Flash Cannon! Alaka... vot?"

At Alex's "vot" Derek turned around again and saw Gon and some other kids flying using Mew and Celebi.

"Zis is not fair..." Alex muttered, sounding defeated. "I 'ave only zese two Pokémon, and 'ere come zree more...."
Alex turned around, only to see his Alakazam get Focus Punched by Blaze.

"Urrrgh... Teleport, you idiot!" Alex cried, obviously starting to doubt his choice of fighting Derek, or so Derek thought.
"Kazam!" The Alakazam teleported away from the zone of impact, ending up behind Blaze. Then he used Psychic like he was originally told, throwing the Charizard high up into the air, where to Derek's high distaste, held him aloft and started to spin him in circles so he could barely fly.

"oh!!! I don't think so!!" Derek yelled, then pulled out another pokeball.

"Go! Milotic!" he shouted while tossing the pokeball in the air. When Milotic erupted from her pokeball, anyone watching would easily be able to tell that she was more of a contest-type Pokémon. "Go! Use Hydro Pump on Alakazam!" Derek commanded, pointing at the psychic type who seemed too occupied twirling Blaze around to see Milotic launch the powerful water move, which erupted with so much force it slid Milotic a few feet back, and of course she made it showy because of the contests she has been in, so she twisted around making it look as if she was a sea serpent.

"Blaze!" Derek yelled up to the dragon-type, causing him to snap his attention on Derek. "When you get free, use Brick Break on Empoleon from above! This time make it count! It's about time to finish this!" he said, causing a slightly evil look coming to his eye, then a small, wicked smile creep across his face as if he could see what the future could hold for this over-grown, pink penguin.

August 6th, 2008, 7:48 PM
OOC: For the sake of the people who are still in this (and myself as well), I will keep this RPG going or die trying. (The die part refers to the RPG, not me. XP)

@Eletj: The only reason why I would kick people out of an RPG is for being offensive and abusive to others, for breaking the rules, or for lacking significantly in post quality. You satisfy none of the three.
Edge of Viridian City

"Venonat! Ven... ven... venonat... nat!" Puffy was panting, struggling to keep Gon aloft with her telekinetic powers. It wasn't easy, being a non-Psychic type and at a relatively low level...
"Puffyyyy!" Gon cried. "Initiate landing procedure straightaway!!!"
"Ven... oh..."

All of a sudden, both Gon and Puffy plummeted toward the ground, just on the edge of Viridian City.
"Initiate..." Gon cried as he free-fell towards the ground (he thought he could see a battle going on, but he paid no attention to it), "...landing safely... procedure..."
Oh please please, let me not break either one of my legs when I fall... Gon prayed.

"Zam!" Meanwhile, in the battle scene, Alakazam spotted Gon falling, and a mischievous smile played across his face. He crossed his spoons, and shot a Psybeam at him. This caused both Gon and the little shiny Venonat to crash into a tree.
"Ala. Ala. Ka-zam?"
Alakazam was paying so much attention to Gon that he released Blaze from his telekinetic control. He looked up and was about to resume control when...
A powerful jet of water hit Alakazam, causing him too to crash into a tree.

"VOT?!?" Alex exclaimed. "Ze twerp is using Milotic?! No fair! Return one of your Pokemon at once! I 'ave only two Pokemon!! Ozerwise you are cheating!"
Sad, really. In reality it was Alex who was cheating, for he was trying to steal a Pokevice in the first place.

Then Alex saw Blaze trying to attack his Empoleon. The Charizard's fist was inches away when Pinky suddenly turned into energy and vanished.
"Humph!" Alex declared. "You cheat, so I cheat too! I vill not let my Pinky get 'urt!"
Then he turned to his Alakazam.
"Oi! Alakazam! Bring me back to the base!"
The Alakazam had taken a lot of damage from the Hydro Pump, but he still had barely enough energy to teleport... so with that, Alex and Alakazam vanished to who knew where.

After the battle was over, Regigigas walked towards Derek, guiding a dizzy and tottering Gon along and carrying an unconscious Puffy.
"Ow, oww, owww..." Gon muttered, holding the back of his head. Every once in a while, he shook his head vigorously. Eventually he did regain awareness, but he still seemed to have a hard time standing up without flailing a tiny bit on the spot.

It was then that Gon noticed a boy riding atop Suicune.
"Oi! You!" Gon greeted. "I saw you at the lab, didn't I? Weeellll, anyway, I'm Gon. Dedicated to stopping the baddies who took the Legendaries..."
Then he gestured towards his blue-eyed Venonat.
"And this is my friend Puffy." Gon took a closer took at Puffy; something was wrong...
"Puffy? Are you okay?"
"No no no, just a little rubbing and she should be fine," Regigigas commented. "She was hit by a Psybeam, not knocked unconscious."

Then Gon noticed a young man who looked quite a bit more classy than Toby did, especially with those sunglasses.
Why's he wearing them when it's almost nighttime anyways? Gon thought.
"Oi... you..." Gon greeted, trying to un-dizzy himself. "Wow, were you in a battle just now, and is that your Charizard and Milotic? ...What happened to that guy you were battling anyway? Oh, and you look familiar..."
Gon walked closer to him, though he paused to glance at Toby and wink at him.
"Yesss, you wanted to investigate the Indigo Plateau situation as well, didn't you? Well then, now that we're here, shall we get going?"
Gon announced the last part, asking Toby to come with him as well.


Elsewhere in Viridian

The man with the black-collared Buizel was about to have the Buizel attack with another Aqua Jet. But before the Buizel attacked that "spineless Corphish" of Kazu's, it heard a familiar tune... its trainer's Pokevice was ringing.
"Arrrgh, awful timing..." the man grumbled as he answered the call.
"Adrian here, how may I help you?"
"...Yes, yes... what, you mean now?!? I'm in the middle of a..."
The man named Adrian rolled his eyes.
"Fine, fine, FINE, I'm coming. Oh, and keep the fourth slot open, okay? I just met someone who's interested."
Adrian hung up and put his Pokevice away. Then he walked over to Kazu...

"You say you're a coordinator, right? Tell you what, how about we battle in a more official way? How about we make it a contest battle?"
A pause.
"Come on."
Adrian grabbed Kazu by the arm and dragged him along as he walked off somewhere. His Buizel followed right behind, occasionally keeping an eye on Courage.

The two arrived at what used to be the Viridian Gym, but it looked a lot more classy than the original Team Rocket-run building did, with neon lights giving a nice sparkle to its surface. One large sign in front, sitting proudly above the crowds of people entering and exiting the building, read "Viridian Contest Hall". Adrian dragged Kazu right past this sign; the two Pokemon had to weave their way through the crowd to follow them. Adrian stopped before the registration counter and showed his Contest Pass.
"You called?"
"Is this the boy you wanted to save a spot for?" the clerk asked.
"Yes, because apparently he's a skilled coordinator."
"Aye aye, Sir," the clerk understood, saluting like a military person. Then he turned to Kazu.
"What is your name and what Pokemon will you be entering with? Please show either your Pokevice or a validated Contest Pass."


To everyone in Pallet and Viridian

POP! Pop pop poppity pop, fizzle... What sounded like a distant fireworks show drew the attention from various civilians in Pallet Town and part of Viridian City. For a flash of light upset the coming night, coming from the west, the direction of the sunset. (By that time, the sun had disappeared behind the mountains.)

From the quiet outskirts of Viridian (downtown, where the gym was, it was too noisy for people to notice) and the area around Professor Willow's lab, the Indigo Stadium was barely visible beyond a series of trees and mountains. Right above it was a bunch of flashing blue lights, arranged in the form of an A.

The legendary Pokemon seemed rather fearful or worrisome when they saw this A.
"Trouble is brewing..." they chorused, to their respective trainers. Something was going on in Indigo Plateau, and whatever it was probably was not good...

August 6th, 2008, 8:54 PM
OOC: Wow, I am actually trying to post something. My RP spirit has fallen to the lull of extreme weight lifting, video games, and driving in circles in a Hybrid car. But I am making an effort here, so the post is a bit short since I lost my ability to make long, drawn out posts but it should get the job done to set up some nice character interaction, my favorite part.

Gathering himself from the floor, Isaac rubbed his head signfying a headache of titanic proportions. Opening his eyes shock and awe overwhelmed his very soul. A world like no other appeared in front of Isaac and one could say he wasn't happy. With a purple sky, lush green builidngs and Pokemon who thought they were human walking the streets, it had appeared in a bad Sci-fi movie. Turning to his comrades, Isaac was lucky enough to see most of them alive and well, picking themselves up or simply sitting down on the strange ground. Trying to break the silence that had befallen the group, Isaac fixed his hair and appearance to look "sexy" for the women and distunguish himself from the crowd, released a small cough to clear his throat and began to speak.

"So, I got to say this place reminds of the one time I smoked too much...drugs. Kind of trippy wouldn't ya say?" He said calmly and casually with a small chuckle at the end. The duality of the statement would appeal to Candice to look nice and the new girl Panther as he would look well badass. Mentally, he pat himself on the back for his clever use of words. "All I can say is, we are defintely not in Kanto anymore."

Things just got interesting. Isaac thought. The feeling of apathy and boredom was relieved from his shoulders. All this wandering and evil gangs bored Isaac. He dealt with it all before in Hoenn. But now, random superheroes, legendaries flying everywhere and strange drug inspired cities all made this little adventure different from the rest.

August 6th, 2008, 10:09 PM
OOC: Hooray for video games, weight lifting, and hybrid cars! Especially the last two. And again, I don't require posts to be long.
Cinnabar Island Erm... Emerald City???

Not only was the scene trippy... remember Nimerta, Panther's Medicham? She was belly dancing in front of a swaying group of Shroomish at this point. But this point is not THE point, is it? (Although... how'd she get out of her Pokevice?)

Er-hem. "Er-hem." Isaac cleared his throat and spoke to the two ladies.
"So, I got to say this place reminds of the one time I smoked too much...drugs. Kind of trippy wouldn't ya say?" he said with a chuckle.
Panther raised her eyebrows. Trippy, you got that right.
"All I can say is, we are defintely not in Kanto anymore," Isaac continued.
Panther looked up to the sky and pondered. "There's no place like home, there's no place like home..." she muttered to herself. If I even have a home, that is.

Then Panther, interrupted, turned to her little brother.
"Hey! Warren, stop poking me, you Pokemon!"
"Zigzagoon!" the brother named Warren replied, sounding just like a Zigzagoon.
"Uuuurrrgh..." Panther groaned. "You're eighteen, yet you're acting like an eight-year-old. Nottomentionyouaretotallyembarrassingmeinfrontofisaac."
"Oh, you're just jealous because you're not in a totally awesome gang," Warren sassed.
"Shut up," Panther replied in a playful tone. "Your 'gang' is ruled by a loner. Like me."
"Lupin doesn't rule the... arrgh..." Warren retorted. It was then that he decided to take "shut up" seriously--he probably thought it pointless to explain his precious secret to his nagging big sister. He decided to look at Candice, of all things people, instead.

After a while, there came the sound of a Pokeball opening. A Wartortle materialised near the group, though no one could see any evidence of the Pokeball that had contained it.

After another while, a nearby Fearow turned a bright glowing red, then vanished into thin air.

After another while, A) Nimerta stopped dancing, and the Shroomish vanished the same way the Fearow did, and B) the group got bored and decided to check the city out. After yet another while, a sign came into view: "Pokeball City--A Break From the Everyday Red"

"Cham cham. Medi cham cham?"
"Oh, what's that?" Panther asked, this time having been interrupted from gazing at Isaac. "Why do you want to go back in your Pokeball?"
"Medi medi cham. Cham."
Nimerta saw that Panther had taken out her Pokeball and thus tapped it. She acted like she knew this place as well as what to do.
"Alrighty then," Panther agreed, sounding unusually apathetic. "Nimerta, return..."
The Pokeball didn't work.
"Huh?" Panther wondered, looking at the Pokeball. "Return!"
Still didn't work.
"Psst! Isa--I mean Warren! Try letting Mimi out!"
Warren shrugged. "Uh... Mimi, I choose you?"
His Pokeball didn't work either. What was this?? It looked like Isaac, Candice, Panther, and Warren had to find a way out of Pokeball City with only four Pokemon: a shiny Medicham, a Staraptor, a Houndoom, and a miniature Latias.

While the group tried to figure out a way out, Panther, for some odd reason, thought now was a good time to start a conversation...
"Sooo, Isaac..." she started, making her normally perky, high-pitched voice sound a bit more calm and alluring, "...what's your occupation? What I'm saying is, what do..."

"La!!" A familiar cry interrupted Panther yet again. There was "Peppermint", sitting atop a tall building. The little Latias was pointing to what looked like a portal. She stood by this portal for a few moments... then flew into it.
"Hey! Peppermint!" Panther cried. "Where are you..."
The portal then vanished. There was a pause, during which Panther looked at Isaac and Warren looked at Candice, then Panther looked at Warren and then off into space.
"Er..." Warren stammered, still looking at Candice, "you're lucky you don't have a big sister following you around..."
A pause.
"Any ideas on how to get out of here?" Warren continued. "I mean, I'm usually not the..."
At that point, Warren saw something flicker out of the corner of his eye... the portal opened again.


OOC: I don't have anything planned for the appearance or contents of the tall building atop which the portal sits floats, nor the Pokemon that are present (if any). Besides, it's not possible nor fair to run an RPG without allowing creativity.

August 6th, 2008, 10:30 PM
OOC: How old is this Panther woman? Is Isaac attracting older women? Always a goal of his.

Despite spacing out completely in the strange city of tall grass green buildings, a purple sky that tuned in and out of violet, lavender and plain boring purple, Isaac managed to pick up the words coming from Panther and her "brother". First thing was Panther's fast talking, apparently she was getting embarrassed due to her brother's insolent behavior. However, the act of immaturity made Isaac laugh out loud, a hearty one at that. At first he hated him, but he did seem to have a sense of humor so it was all good in the end. After some fooling around with Pokeballs, Isaac had discovered they were useless as did everyone else. All he had was Staraptor, arguably the weakest Pokemon in his star team. "Damn it. I cannot use Palkia." Isaac blurted out louder than he had intended. In his mind, he had hoped no one had heard him, even though he had announced to all of Pallet that he had a legendary dragon of incredible power.

Shaking his head violently of his daydream of dominating tournaments with Palkia, Isaac turned to Panther who had asked her a question about occupations or something. He assumed she wanted to know what Isaac did for money or something along those lines.

"Well, I had to fend for myself for several years now, almost ten in fact. So I depended on doing favors for people for money and entering competitions that invovled battling, winning prize money. That and the occasional robbery here and there in desperate times." He purposely did not mention the rich girl he dated and stole a decent part of her wealth. That was his low point that occurred 3 years ago, when Isaac hit his emo phase. His life crumbled with a losing streak that stretched for miles and miles, constant cop chances and lack of gym leader presence. "Oh and brother boy over there staring at Candice, I think that Portal may be our ticket out of here. That or it could get us more lost. Either way it seems like alot of good clean fun." Pointing at the warp tunnel that he was glaring at, laughing as he did it.

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August 6th, 2008, 11:07 PM
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Rin stood there glaring at the man..She was gritting her teeth angerly. "Ah yes, I see," Lupin said as he looked down at his absol which was wagging its tail rather eagerly. The absol looked eagerly at Rin..Rin was very confused..Did this Absol want to play?...

"Although don't you think..." Lupin turned his head to Rin. "...that when you look at your reflection, you should see not what you've been through in the past, but what you can do, what talents or abilities you have, or who you really are?" Lupin seemed to know what he was saying.

"What are you a psychologist?" Rin retorted back in a flat manner.

"...Or at least that's what I try to do. Even with all the..." Lupin cut off his sentence as he gazed at her Pokedevice.

"Oh God not another one."Rin thought to herself.. Gettign sick and tired of people looking at her Pokedevice. But then to her surprise..he took out a pokedevice of his own..?

"You...? Have one of these?" Rin looked at the pokedevice..her interest in the conversation was suddenly hightened because Lupin had a pokedevice of his very own? Maybe..Could it be? Was he one of the many trainers who was guarding a legendary pokemon?...

The pokedevice was very..Well it was less colorfl then Rins.. it was a very solid blue..and had electric blue stripes running down it..And a diamond on it. This had to be one of the trainers..Yes it had to be.

The Lupin started talknig through an ear piece. "Hello Merlin..." Lupin began chatting on his earpiece with the character dubbed Lupin..

"Kind of rude to suddenly talk on the phone.." Rin thought to herself rather annoyed.

"...Yes, yes, I'm just outside Viridian--just stopped to rest at a lake, you know, until the sun sets. Then I'll, erm... you know." Lupin didn't want Rin to know something.. This made Rin suspicious at once..being overly cautious about everything with her pokedevice and everything.

"Get any guests today?" "...Ohhh, right..." Lupin paused before continuing his sentence

"...What? At the... oh yes, the Power Plant. It's Carmen and Diego, I saw the asssignment. Something to do with R... no, not Zapdos--Zapdos found a guardian, remember? My guess it's another legendary... hmm, yeah, Rotom, that's a possibility, but... oh, it may have come here to Kanto to hide from Team Alpha. Don't worry--I don't think those two will be able to... no, what, maybe if they succeed, I could steal it right from their storage..."

Rins face was very cautious..Steal was the word that caught her attention. "This guy is weird..He can't be normal..And how does he know about the guardians?"

Then Merlin laughed so loudly that Rin cxould mostlikely here even if she was 10 feet away..She gave a mild sweatdrop and waiting for Lupin to finish with she assumed to be.. "Oh my gosh its such and important conversation I'll stop with what I'm doing and answer it even though I'm talking to another person."

"No, no, don't worry, don't worry. I got things taken care of... what? Yes, technically someone is overhearing us, but she's not... No, of course it's not like that. Don't get any ideas. Yes, fine then... oh, good idea. I'll take the Nightcraft over around three then. I really have to... yes, goodbye then."
Lupin was trying to be dodgy about something...

"So finally finished with your important conversation." Rin gave a sarcastic reply.

"It's all right--that was just a..." Lupin couldn't finish his sentence when he was greeted with a loud greeting.

"AHA! Big bad wolf got girlfriend!" Rin yelped in surprise and looked who had greeted him.. It was a girl..a rather childish girl with a very childish yet playful voice.She had bright orange hair and very long braided pigtails. Rin sweatdropped.She was whereing overalls that seemed to be to big for her and had a large flower on it.

"Listen you.." Rin was about to say something to the girl but then stopped. Lupins face turned from very calm to a very big death glare..not even one Rin could imitate.."What, have you seen us kissing or something?" Lupin retorted back..Rin wondered if he knew this irl..But at first glance Rin could tell that Lupin did not like this childish girl at all.

"Little girl look pwetty in the gown." The girl was batting her eyelashes..Rin was muttering to many explicit words to be mentioned.

As the surrounding became darker and darker, every second the sky seemed to grow darker and darker.But then Rins eyes seemed to pick up on something.. A fancy blue "A" on the girls overalls..Rin hissed.. She remebered the old man..Somehow..iit reminded her over the old man in who had called her a filthy catch scratching girl.. Then another voice called out.

"Heyyyy, Emily, there you are!" It sounded like a jolly voice..it was obviously male. Rins was showing some self-control..if she wasn't the girl dubbed "Emily" would be half-way into the lake by now.As the sillhoutte of the male came into view, it looked to be a rather husky teenage boy.

"Great another one." Rin thought to herself..She turned away..Hoping that if she ddin't look at these people she would calm down.

"Kane'll kill me if he finds out that I let... Oh, hi Lupin." The boy said..Rin still looking away but listening into the conversation..Rin figured Lupin knew these people. And she let out a slight smirk.

But before Rin turned away he saw the appearance of the boy.. He was whering a deep black shirt.,with a skitty on it.. Rin thought that was strange.. I mean..of all pokemon..a skitty. the words on the shirt seemed to shout out." I like skitty so what?!" Rin was trying to remain calm but she was managing to control her anger somehow. Rin said nothing as the three peope exchanged words.

"I would get lost if I were you," Lupin retorted. AT this point if looks could kill.. The two teenagers would be dead.

"Ooooo! Lovebird want alone!" The girl named Emily said in a mocking tone. Rin still remaining silent. "Brother Gabe better no bother!" Emily was mocking them..And obviously one of Lupins pokemon wanted to jump at her and just eat her for dinner..Which at this point Rin would approve of.

The husky boy named Gabe yawned in a rather boring tone.

"Man, ever since I left Indigo, I've been aching for a battle. You sure Viridian is close by?" Gabe asked

"It's a five-mile hike from here," Lupin lied. Rin was finding this rather amusing at this point and turned her head back to Lupin and the two other teenagers."I think you'll manage though--and if Emily gets tired you can carry her on your back." Lupin retorted..Rin was on the verge of bursting out laughing at this point.

"HEY!" Emily shouted. "Me big! Me strong! No tire! Lovebird arrogant, want battle now!"

"Oh will you just shut the hell up?" Rin shouted out.. An anger mark on her forehead.

"Ohhhh, right!" Gabe remembered, pointing at Lupin. "YOU need to pay for that brush you stole from me!" At this point he took out a regular-looking pink Pokevice.

"A pokedevice?.." Rin looked at it. On the other hand the little girl that was making Rin furious had pulled out a pokeball..no..A master ball.. Rin glanced over at Lupin.. He didn't liek the look of this..Not at all.. Rin figured this situation must be bad..And she had the feeling it was going to turn out very bad in a few seconds..

"After all the trouble of looking for it..." he grumbled. "I bet she used it on a Rattata or something. There's something I'll never do again."
"All right Sirius, looks like it's battle time," Lupin said aloud, pressing a button on his Pokevice. A Mightyena came out.

Rin looked at the mightyena.. He was serious on battling. "That dog's going down," Gabe announced. "Go Regirock!"

"Regiiii!" What came out was a Regirock that was only two feet tall and coloured purple... but it was still Regirock, right...? Rin looked at the regirock in utter horror..it wasn;t natural..not at all..

"Go Cuddles! Test lovebird relationship!" Emily cheered, throwing her Master Ball. Out came... Azelf.

"Azelf?" Rin said aloud.

"...Must... win..." Azelf panted.This of course like regirock was no ordinary pokemon..it was much larger then an azelf.. And it looked..proabably..over-powered.. There was something that caught Rins attention immedietly.. (aside from it being much larger then usual) A gem headband on its head..from what Rin had read in picture books when she was younger.. It resembled what Uxie had. Its eyes were gloing a blood red..And just like an orb from the headband on its head.

"The Master Ball, the orb!" Lupin complained. "Such idiots, taking advantage of the acts of their co-workers. I'm warning you, Gabe, I'm not doing something like this again." And with that Lupin turned to his Mightyena.

"Okay Sirius, start as usual." lupin said as he had done this many times. The mightyena let out a loud howl.

"Well its not fair that your outnumbered..I guess I'll join the fray.."GO GARDEVOIR!!" Rin yelled throwing out a pokeball. As the Gardevoir emerged it looked rather elegant..And what made it different is that..well.. Instead of being green..it was a rather aqua color.

"Okay ..Azelfs a psychic..but first we'll start out with.. Light screen! Then follow it up with hypnosis!" Gardevoir nodded and began wavimg its hand and casting a light screen which would hopwfully lower the affects of Psychic against Lupins mightyena and Gardevoir.

"So they have a legendary too?..!" Rin gasped.

August 7th, 2008, 10:17 AM
"Trouble is brewing..."

The voice of Latios cut suddenly into Danny's mind, and judging by Jacob's change in expression he had been told too, by whatever kind of Legendary Pokemon he had been given at Willow's lab. Danny glanced over quickly at a man who had been in the Pokemon Center for some time, texting on a mobile phone or something. Danny noticed the man's eyes flick down as soon as he looked at him - even the Pokemon Center was not lacking in suspicious characters.

"The window."

Trying not to look to conspicuous, Danny made his way over to the window of the Pokemon Center and looked out. Sizzling in the sky, some way off, was a giant blue 'A'. The thing sent a chill down Danny's spine. If he listened carefully, he could faintly hear the characteristic fizzling, popping sound of fireworks. After retreating from the window, he made his way back over to Jacob. Danny leant towards his ear slightly, and said in a lowered tone, "Whatever we're gonna do let's do it soon." before jumping onto a sofa and giving a great yawn as if nothing had happened - while inconspicuously keeping an eye on the strange man.

August 8th, 2008, 12:46 AM
Candice was everything but pleased with the situation at hand, grunting irritably as she settled onto the back of Isaac's Staraptor, Lyulf growling with annoyance at the Flying type. "Hush now! We can trust them!" With that, they sped off after Panther and Isaac, the Staraptor ascending into the air as Candice's Houndoom galloped with astonishing speed down below. Suddenly, up in the distance, a flash of light erupted, and as they closed the distance and approached the park, Candice caught a glimpse of a small, floating Pokemon who was clad in something strangely familiar to what a Mime. Jr. would wear. Within an instant, an older man appeared from the park and began speaking to Panther and Isaac, the Staraptor landed on the ground and Candice jumped off, running towards the three, eager to get involved with the conversation. Suddenly, the pavement beneath her feet vanished, eternal darkness engulfed everything entirely and Candice fell out of consciousness within a split second.

She awoke to a violet painted sky, with tall green buildings surrounding her and not before long, a bark of relief sounded as Lyulf appeared, a delighted smile on his face as he licked his trainer's face, sharp tail wagging with joy. Candice giggled, gripping onto the Fire type's neck as she rose up from her sprawled position on the ground, stroking the Houndoom's mane with care.

"So, I got to say this place reminds of the one time I smoked too much...drugs. Kind of trippy wouldn't ya say?"

The girl could only smile at his statement, unsure what to say in reply as she remained sitting on the ground, her Houndoom resting across her lap. As Panther and Warren started a small argument, she allowed her eyes to wander, humming the tune she had made up earlier in Pallet Town. She blinked, turning her head to look at Panther's brother, wondering why he was gazing in her direction. Candice returned his action with a smile, before chasing Lyulf off her and getting up on her feet.

As they realised that they couldn't withdraw nor return Pokemon, the girl felt a little insecure. However, this didn't change her curiosity for the strange new place that had just discovered, as she craned her neck to see Panther's Latias disappearing into what seemed like a portal.

"Er..." Warren stammered as he looked her way again, "you're lucky you don't have a big sister following you around..."

He paused.

"Any ideas on how to get out of here?" Warren continued. "I mean, I'm usually not the..."

Candice could only give him an encouraging smile, shrugging her shoulders. " Me too! I"m usually not the thinker kind of person! Don't worry though, we have two perfectly capable people over there!" she chirped in an optimistic tone, gesturing at Panther and Isaac.

" - I think that Portal may be our ticket out of here. That or it could get us more lost. Either way it seems like alot of good clean fun." She heard Isaac's suggestion and clapped her hands in delight, turning to Warren with a smirk.

"See? I told you."

Sweet Dreams
August 8th, 2008, 11:37 PM
Celebi was concentrating hard on not letting Sharika out of her sights or control. So hard, in fact, that it barely noticed when Gon started to free-fall thanks to the fact that neither it nor Mew was concentrating much telekinetic power on him. When Celebi did notice, however, its insecurities about Sharky stopped it from reaching out and catching him with its mind. There was a small fight going on down there, but Celebi ignored that and tried to land safely. So it was that Sharky proceeded downwards at a ridiculously slow pace.

Sharky, unlike Celebi, was watching the battle intently, with no fear to her health. After all, she was only a foot off the ground by then. An Alakazam had just teleported some odd guy and a pink Empoleon away from the battlefield. Regigigas was there, too, causing Celebi to rush off, after thoroughly examining its owner for any cuts or bruises.

<Hey! Regi! Can I call you Regi? Were you watching? I just managed to fly from that place – what’s it called? To here! Wait, where are we? Is this the Indigo Plateau?> Celebi turned a full 360 degrees, examining the visible area. <It doesn’t look as busy as I thought it would be… Can we have a campfire now? Although… I’m not sure I really like campfires all that much. The flames make me nervous; do you realise how much harm it could cause a forest like the ones around here?> Celebi quickly turned anxious at the thought.

‘Get going? How could we get to the Indigo Plateau before nightfall?’ Sharky grunted out a question. After that slow, extremely cautious flight with Celebi, added on to her already weary state, she felt exhausted. And she was hungry, having ignored the muffin that that weird clown-like Pokémon handed out. She yawned pointedly, just in case the two guys that she was talking to were especially thick or clueless.

<Hey…> Celebi sped over to have a serious word with Sharky. <I’m really hungry – where can you get some nice fruits or veggies around here?>

August 11th, 2008, 10:18 AM
"Whatever we're gonna do let's do it soon."

Jacob suddenly snapped out of his daze and took in the information that Danny had just spoke to him, Jacob had almost forgotten that he had been with someone. Jacob turned around and walked over to the window and looked into the sky and saw the giant A, the blue color making it quite obvious that Team Alpha was responsible for the event. Jacob glanced back at Danny before making his way in the direction of further into the Pokemon Center. Jacob spotted the phones and began jogging over to them, wanting to get his new pokemon and then heading out of here with Danny as fast as possible. Jacob pulled out his pokevice and looked up the number for Professor Willows lab and punched in the numbers, a few seconds later her face appeared on the screen in front of him.

"Ah Jacob, how may I help you? I hope everything is going -"

"No time Professor, I need you to transfer five of my pokemon to me and I'll be sending the ones I have to you. Do you think you can do that?"

"Uhh..yes that should not be a problem, please insert your pokevice into the phone - since your pokemon are all in the storage device, instead of having to send each pokemon through the normal transporter I just transfer the pokemon out all at once."

"Hold on one second, I need to place my Dragonair into the storage portion of the device."

Jacob pulled the pokeball off the chain that hung around his next and repeated the process of storing the pokeball in the pokevice that he had learned to do earliar. Jacob then inserted the pokevice into the phone and waiting for Professor Willow to acknowledge that the device was connected properly.

"Okay so your connected correctly, which pokemon would you like to be sent?"

"I'd like for you to send me my Weavile, Zangoose, Metagross, Aerodactyl and Scizor if it isn't too much trouble."

"No not at all, it should just take a few minutes. When your pokevice ejects, check the storage section and make sure every pokemon is there."

A few minutes passed, with whurs and buzzs echoing off the small hallway walls, and Jacobs pokevice ejected itself from the phone. Taking the pokevice, Jacob flipped it open and examined the storage section - the images of Cresselia and all the pokemon he asked for were accounted for.

"Thank you so much Professor. I better get going, I need to grab Danny and we need to get the heck out of here - Team Alpha is up to something and it does NOT look good at all."

"Alrighty, take care of yourself. Good luck."

Jacob hung up the phone and then pushed the image of Zangoose, a white light shooting out of the pokevice and the white and red clawed creature appearing seconds later - a look of confusion appearing on her face, not expecting to appear in front of Jacob.

"Hey there old friend, right now we don't have time to catch up but we definitely will later. For now we need to get going."

Zangoose nodded her head and then both of them took off running back to Danny, who was laying on the couch and appeared to be "sleeping," but occassionally his eyes would open.

"Danny, we need to go. Where are we going? Cinnabar Island, Indigo Plateau or are we going to stay here in Virdian and figure out what is going on with that A in the sky? Whatever we do, we need to figure it out now and get to it."

August 11th, 2008, 1:55 PM
"Danny, we need to go. Where are we going? Cinnabar Island, Indigo Plateau or are we going to stay here in Virdian and figure out what is going on with that A in the sky? Whatever we do, we need to figure it out now and get to it."

Danny raised his head and looked at Jacob. "Don't forget about the Power Plant... all this might be connected somehow," he paused to take a swipe at a fly buzzing rather annoyingly in front of his nose. "Man... making important decisions makes my brain hurt. I just think... something big and flashy like that 'A' just seems... I don't know, it just feels wrong. But I bet that the others from Willow's Lab are probably heading up to Indigo Plateau to check it out. Perhaps we should check out the Power Plant instead? If that's OK with you of course..." Danny chuckled to himself for getting so wound up in his conversation that he forgot that it actually WAS a conversation with someone and not just a... brainstorm? He pulled himself to his feet and stretched, and quickly glanced over at the strange man who had not moved.

August 11th, 2008, 3:06 PM
"Perhaps we should check out the Power Plant instead? If that's OK with you of course..."

Jacob thought about this for a second, completely forgetting about the whole Power Plant portion of this adventure - if he remembered correctly Bobby had gone to check out the power plant, but no one else came to mind. This definitely would be the best place to check out seeing as Bobby was alone and that even if he had found out anything, he could have been ambushed and injured/killed. This definitely would be the best course of action, especially with the risk of Bobby being in any possible danger.

"That sounds like a plan to me, Danny boy so lets get going. Please tell me that you have a flying pokemon so we don't have to figure out another way to get you there."

Jacob pulled out the pokevice in his poket and pushed Zangooses button and watched as the red beam shot out and enveloped the clawed creature, a few seconds later empty space remained in her place. Jacob scanned the remaining buttons and located his Aerodactyls button and aims it towards the entrance of the Pokemon center. Jacob pushes and holds down the button and a white beam shoots out through the door to the outside of the building, Jacob then lets go and the form of the ancient flying pokemon appears and begins looking around.

"Lets go Danny!"

Jacob starts running towards the entrance and in the direction of his old time friend.

August 24th, 2008, 10:50 PM
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The lake outside Viridian

"Regirock, use Rock Throw on the Gardevoir!" Gabe announced. "Then Hammer Arm on the Mightyena!"
"Reg!" the little Regirock blurted in a cute little voice, which sounded almost like Emily's. Gabe may have looked kind of silly with that Skitty shirt of his, but he was at least smart enough to know that Light Screen doesn't protect the user against physical attacks. And of course that Fighting attacks were super-effective against Dark-type Pokemon.

"Cuddles!!!" Emily cried, sounding worried about her precious Azelf. "Hurry use Imprison! Psychic attack Mightyena!"
"Uhh... Emily?" Gabe interrupted. "Imprison's a good idea, but Psychic won't do anything to a..."
"SHUT UP BRO!" Emily screamed in his face. Then she commanded the Azelf, "Do listen now!"
But Azelf didn't do anything.
"Huh?" Emily wondered. "COME DO MASTER SAY!"
Azelf still didn't do anything. But at that time, the waves of Gardevoir's Hypnosis attack reached it. However, for some reason, even though Azelf was looking right at her, the Hypnosis didn't do anything.

It was Lupin's turn to do battle commands.
"Now that that's done... You might have to eventually do what I would do, but for now, use Roar on the Regirock clone."
While Lupin was saying that, the orb on Azelf's forehead finally glowed.
"As... you...wish...master," it answered--but who was it answering? "What... other... attack... shall.. I... use...?"
Azelf paid no attention to Emily. Instead, it watched as the Regirock threw rocks at Gardevoir, then ran at Sirius with its fist extended.

Sirius saw the attack coming and let out a loud ROAR, right in the Regirock's face. The Roar was apparently so frightening that Lupin jumped up and ran over to hide behind a tree. But another sound distracted the Mightyena--the sound of Azelf using Uproar.
"Ruff-grrrr...woo..." Sirius whimpered, taken off-guard by the Uproar. He became so distracted that Regirock was able to score a direct hit with its Hammer Arm, which sent him flying backwards and yelping. He would have crashed right into Lupin if he was still there. Strangely, Lupin was nowhere to be seen... but anyway, after the attack, Sirius just lay there, barely able to move. That Hammer Arm was both powerful and super-effective and went right through the Light Screen...

"Thanks, master... it was effective," Azelf thanked in the same strained voice as before. "But... what would you do... that I might have to do... eventually?"
Azelf wasn't looking at anyone while it talked, so it was ambiguous who it was talking to.
But at that point, Rin could see Lupin's arm reaching out from behind Gabe, taking a round object out of Emily's pocket. If Emily's overalls hadn't been so loose on her, she might have noticed him doing so... but they were, so she didn't. After that, Lupin's arm disappeared along with the object, and seconds later, a tree behind Gabe shook a slight bit.

"Well," Gabe almost taunted to Rin, "unfortunately for you, your battle partner decided to beat it. If you're just as weak as he was, you'll be surrendering to us soon, and giving me your Pokevice once you lose!"
"What big brother say!" Emily agreed. Then she turned to Azelf. "Cuddles listen to poorlit girl Emily?"
Azelf still didn't say anything--it was as if it thought she was't there. Instead it said something else...
"Master... you wish to return me... to my Pokeball?"
Azelf pointed to a tree to Rin's left and started to walk towards it. As soon as Azelf took the first step, Lupin peeked out from behind that same tree, frowning at Azelf.

"Pokeball City"

"You have a Palkia?" Warren blurted at what Isaac said to himself.

Later, Candice talked to Warren, saying she wasn't really a thinker either, but that there were "two capable people" in the group who were good thinkers. Then, when Isaac mentioned the portal being the way to escape, Candice turned to Warren and said, "See? I told you."
Warren blushed. He felt not only embarrassed for being a lousy thinker, but jealous of his big sister being called a good thinker. Somehow he felt like he should be called a good thinker; maybe he was used to being treated like one...

Meanwhile, Isaac was answering Panther's question about his occupation. Panther's eyebrows rose in interest at the mention of the word "robbery".
"Ah, you've done robberies eh?" Panther commented. "You should join the Black Ca... I mean..." and here Panther shook her head, "...you should join Warren, he's got this awesome group of friends who are excellent with robberies. Or so I keep hearing from him. What do I do? Well I hope to drive a racecar someday, but that's kinda too much wishful thinking, don't you think? Well, for a while I had a job delivering pizzas, and when off the job I just rode around town causing trouble, know what I mean? Well I kinda got tired of staying in either Hearthome or Jubilife City--and of course those tiring trips around Mt. Coronet to get between the two--so I became a Pokemon trainer instead, a coordinator to be specific. Currently I only have Nimerta, but she's all I need, and I made more money off Pokemon contest than my dinky little part-time job, which I'm so glad I quit anyway. I mean, I hate how slowly normal cars accelerate, how I can't carry pizzas in my motorcycle, and how much easier it is for the cops to see a car with a sign on it. Well at least this works."

The group had been walking towards the building where the portal was while Panther was talking. When she was done, Warren spoke to her, having overheard what she said.
"You should totally be a Black Cat Bandit. Besides, I think Halberd likes you."
"Don't-say-that-out-loud..." Panther groaned through gritted teeth. Then she sighed and spoke in a quieter and more normal voice, though Isaac could probably hear her. "Yeah I know he's a mechanic and all, but come on, a fat man in a kilt?!? Though I might take Lupin if he was a bit more... you know..." and here she placed her pointed fingers near her head so they resembled horns, "...but come on, you know Panthers work alone, DON'T YOU?" It was the last two words that were loud enough for all to hear.

"Sorry people..." Panther muttered as the group entered the building, "as usual, my little brother is being a little brother..."
"As usual, my big sister is being a big sister," Warren mocked. The two siblings exchanged frowns.

Inside the building, one or two purple Brelooms walked past. The inside looked like the lobby of some fancy hotel, embellished with emerald walls and sparkly chandeliers... Next to reception counter, behind which a Noctowl wearing glasses stood, was an elevator, which the group immediately went inside. Four people, a Staraptor, a Houndoom, a Medicham, and a motorcycle (Panther snuck it in without the receptionist making any hoots about it) made a perfect fit inside the rising compartment...

When they reached the top, the door opened right onto the roof, and right in front of them was the portal Peppermint had flew through, that snooty Latias.
"Panther, where does this...!!"
Nimerta walked up to the portal and stuck her hand inside it, saying the above in human language. As soon as she realised what she was doing, she covered her mouth with her other hand. The real humans stared at her.
"H-h-how in the world did a Medicham like me sp... whoa!"
At that point, something pulled Nimerta into the portal, probably whoever was on the other side of it.
"...Er," Warren stammered, walking up to the portal, "...s-s-should we follow Nimerta?"
Then he walked into the portal.

"What IS this strange place?!?" Panther exclaimed. If this was a world where Pokemon can talk, then... it really was weird. Panther looked at Lyulf and Staraptor, wondering if they would say anything...

Seconds later, Warren re-entered from the portal, looking excited.
"It's Merlin! It's Merlin! We entered the Mystic Sanctuary! Come on you guys!"
Warren beckoned the rest of the group to follow, then went back into the portal.

"Well well..." Panther commented, then explaining to the group. "Erm, yeah, Merlin is Warren's friend; he has a place in Lavender Town. We're in luck--we can stop to rest for a bit. And no, he's not a wizard or anything, he's just... well I dunno. But I think he might know something about the Legendaries' plan..."
At that point, Panther headed towards the portal. Just before she entered it, Peppermint poked her cute red and white head out of it, playfully saying "Come on in!" before retreating back inside. I guess she could talk in this strange city too...

Viridian City

When Sharky suggested that the group just spend the night in Viridian, Gon was surprised.
"What?!?" Gon exclaimed. "After that blue A appeared? What if something bad is happening in Indigo Plateau right now? I think that symbol is Team Alpha's mark, judging by what just happened with that weird guy who just poofed on us."
Here Gon nodded to Derek, knowing that he was in the battle with the silly man with the pink Empoleon and the Alakazam. Then he spoke to the group in a calmer voice, though still as casual as usual.
"...Not to mention, I saw a picture of that same A in a news article once. That article was about Team Alpha's capture of Regirock, Regice, and Registeel."
At the mention of the Regi's, Regigigas jumped in surprise. Then it began to grow sad.
"My children..." it moaned.
"Aww, big Reg..." Gon reassured, patting Regigigas on the back. "Anyways, back to the article... I think this means that the same A appeared when the three Regi's were captured. Which is why I'm kinda worried about this A... I mean, what if they got... Articuno or something?"
Gon didn't know for sure what Team Alpha was after, but he took a wild guess.

Meanwhile, Regigigas replied to Celebi's inquiry.
<"Uhhh... no, this isn't the Indigo Plateau, this is Viridian City. Indigo Plateau's over there---you see that blue A in the sky? That's where it is. Man, if they're going after another legendary... I'm just about ready to kick more Alpha butt!">

Gon turned to Jemima.
"Hey, Jemima... do you feel like going to Indigo Plateau still? The night is still very young, and the route there is very direct..."
Gon hoped beyond all hope Jemima would agree with him.
"a-a-and we're a group of five, so not too many dangers can befall us on the way..."
After a pause, he turned to Derek.
"What about you? Do you still want to go?"

"Veno veno nat," Puffy said to Regigigas, sounding like she was reassuring it. <"Don't worry, we'll find the other Regi's in due time...">
<"I hope so... I miss them..."> Regigigas replied, sounding like it was on the verge of crying. <"Who knows what Team Alpha's doing to them?? Too bad that Alex the Great guy teleported... I would've followed him and demanded that he release them...">

Just then, something seemed to catch Regigigas' eye. The mini-legendary stood up, gazing towards the west, spotting something or other...
"Oh my gosh... it's Regirock!"
"What?" Gon blurted. "Regirock? Where?"
Before Regigigas could reply, it ran towards the spot, going slow at first.
"What do you mean?" Gon called after the slow-moving Regigigas. "I don't see Regirock!"
Regigigas paid no attention; it just kept on running in slow motion... After a while, it picked up more speed, and after a while it was running just slightly faster than Gon could sprint, towards the supposed Regirock.

Gon shrugged and ran after Regigigas, beckoning Puffy to follow.
"Oi! Regigigas! Wait up!"
Before he got too far, Gon glanced back towards the group.
"Come on you guys!! I think Regigigas may have found Regirock!"

Sir Aaron1017
August 25th, 2008, 6:31 PM
((OOC: It's been a long time since I posted, so I hope this makes up for some of it...))

"This Alakazam is about to get what he deserves..." Derek thought after ordering Milotic to use Hydro Pump on the psychic, but just then the Alakazam turned his attention from Blaze toward the falling Gon and his shiny Venonat. Derek could have sworn it had a smile on it's face! Something happened next that he never expected; Alakazam attacked Gon! The shifting blue and purple colors of a Psybeam forming just in front of it's twisted spoons, but shortly there after, was hit in the side by the serpent-like water attack, slamming it into a tree.

"YESSS!!!!" Derek thought, an obviously pleased smile spreading across his face.

"VOT?!?" the Alex dude exclaimed. "Ze twerp is using Milotic?! No fair! Return one of your Pokémon at once! I 'ave only two Pokémon!! Ozerwise you are cheating!"

"If anyone is cheating, it's you! Compared to you, I am a model citizen!" Derek replied, disgust colored his voice. At the same time, Alex looked up and saw Blaze in the attempt to use Brick Break on his "Pinky", so he recalled her in a beam of red energy. "Humph!" Alex declared. "You cheat, so I cheat too! I vill not let my Pinky get 'urt!" Then turning to his Alakazam he shouted "Oi! Alakazam! Bring me back to the base!" Even after the huge attack, the Alakazam had enough energy to teleport, so with that, they vanished.

"COWARD!!!" Derek yelled after them as if they could still hear him, then her turned to Regigigas and Gon, who had just limped out of the bushes rubbing the back of his head and carrying the unconscious fluff ball bodied Venonat all the while saying "Ow, oww, owww..." and shaking his head vigorously, obviously trying to clear his head. After a few seconds, he turned away and walked over to both of his Pokémon, rubbing their necks and telling them how good they did.

Derek then took a closer look at Blaze, noticing he was drooping his head a little bit, so he pulled out a super potion and sprayed it a few times, restoring some of the hp lost in battle. He then stepped back to get a better look at the shiny Charizard. He seemed to be doing better now. "maybe I should recall him. No need for him to be uncomfortable after getting hit with a water attack!" he thought, pulled out the Pokeball, looked at it again, then pulled out Milotic's pokeball and recalled her instead.

Just then a girl descended with the help of her Celibi, and the immediately floated over to the white colossus Pokémon after checking over it's trainer. Not really taking any notice in their trivial, small talk. Instead, he sat down on the ground, leaning against the side of Blaze, who had decided to lay down and take a nap. A few seconds later, he was fighting to keep his eyelids from closing. Being this close to a strong fire type like a Charizard has it's effects. After a few minutes he was asleep. breathing very deeply.

To Derek, after what seemed like hours was in reality a few minutes, he opened his eyes to see the sun sinking lower on the horizon, but what had woke him up was Blaze gently nudging his side. He looked into the Charizard's eyes, then followed them to where Gon was standing, a questioning look on his face. <"What did I miss?"> Derek asked Rayquaza, who seemed to always be listening in on what was going on around it. <"Gon asked if you if you still wanted to go to the Indigo Plateau..."> it replied instantly, it's mental voice seemed to indicate that it wanted to be released from the Pokevice, but that had to wait a few seconds.

Still shaking the sleep from his head, he mumbled something unintelligible, then said, after stretching his back, "Yea, I still want to go, but can we visit someone in Viridian City first?" He didn't know if the second part was heard because at that second, Regigigas started running off in the direction Rin had a while ago. A second later, Gon turned back to the group and said "Come on you guys!! I think Regigigas may have found Regirock!"

"Wait, you mean to tell me that we are chasing after Regigigas's child? What are we waiting for? Let's go!" Derek said, then climbed on the back of Blaze, who, after resting from the battle, had a lot more energy. At Derek's command, Blaze lifted off the ground. By that time, Regigigas was out of sight, and the others were still standing around. Suddenly, an idea popped into his head. He pulled out his Pokevice, pushed the release button for one of his Pokémon, the beam of light extened into the sky, forming a shape before it swirled around. "Go! Grab Gon and give him a ride!" he yelled above the wing beats of the giant dragon.

With a steep dive and many contorting segments, the green dragon grabbed Gon, threw him in the air, and adjusted it's body position so he landed on it's back, then, breaking the sound barrier, sped after Regigigas with Derek hot on it's tail.

August 25th, 2008, 8:00 PM
Rin hoped that the light screen would help but unfortunetly "Gabe" had known that light screen doesn't protect from physical attacks.

"HAMMER ARM ON MIGHTYENA AND ROCK THROW TO BREAK THE LIGHT SCREEN!" Gabe cried out as Gardevoir held the light screen the regirock smashed it and it fell to bits and dissappeared leaving gardevoir open for an attack.

"Cuddles!!!" Emily cried, sounding worried about her precious Azelf. "Hurry use Imprison! Psychic attack Mightyena!"

"Uhh... Emily?" Gabe interrupted. "Imprison's a good idea, but Psychic won't do anything to a..." The two were beginning to argue and Rin found it sort of amusing.

"SHUT UP BRO!" Emily screamed in his face. Then she commanded the Azelf, "Do listen now!" Emily was yelling in a childish voice..Rin found it highly annoying..and found that it was rather funny to see that the azelf wasn't obeying its commands.

"Huh?" Emily wondered. "COME DO MASTER SAY!" Emily cried out like a spoiled little child who wanted candy. By this time gardevoirs hypnosis had reached azelf but it didn't do anything.

"What? My attack was ineffective?" Rin wondered.

Now it was Lupins turn to give soem battle commands.

"Now that that's done... You might have to eventually do what I would do, but for now, use Roar on the Regirock clone."

"So it's a clone of regirock?" Rin mumbled under her breath as Gardevoir was waiting for any battle command.

While Lupin was saying that, the orb on Azelf's forehead finally glowed.
"As... you...wish...master," it answered--but who was it answering? "What... other... attack... shall.. I... use...?"


Azelf paid no attention to Emily. Instead, it watched as the Regirock threw rocks at Gardevoir, then ran at Sirius with its fist extended.

Sirius saw the attack coming and let out a loud ROAR, right in the Regirock's face. The Roar was apparently so frightening that Lupin jumped up and ran over to hide behind a tree. But another sound distracted the Mightyena--the sound of Azelf using Uproar.

"Ruff-grrrr...woo..." Sirius whimpered. Rin looked at the Mightyena in concern.

He became so distracted that Regirock was able to score a direct hit with its Hammer Arm, which sent him flying backwards and yelping. The dog pokemon went flying backwards..Rin looekd around for its trainer but he was no where to be found.

"This is bad.." Rin mumbled.

"Thanks, master... it was effective," Azelf thanked in the same strained voice as before. "But... what would you do... that I might have to do... eventually?"

"Huh? Do what...?What does Azelf mean by that?" Rin thought to herself.

Azelf wasn't looking at anyone while it talked, so it was ambiguous who it was talking to.

Rin spotted Lupins hand comnig from behind the tree and reaching out from behind Gabe taking the round object from Emilys pocket..Maybe if she kept her pants a little bit tighter maybe she could notice that he was taking soemthing from her but..She didn't which Rin though may be a good thing. As he had taken the object his arm disappeared from view and merely seconds later the tree beind Gabe shake minorly.

Gabe had began tautning Rin who had remianed silent all this time. "Unfortunately for you, your battle partner decided to beat it. If you're just as weak as he was, you'll be surrendering to us soon, and giving me your Pokevice once you lose!"

"Screw off fat man." Rin reotrted back in anger.

"What big brother say!" Emily agreed. Then she turned to Azelf. "Cuddles listen to poorlit girl Emily?"

Rin hated Emilys grammer it was so childish..It made RIn cringe angerly. Azelf said nothing..it just stared blankyl into space. but then it said something different..

"Master... you wish to return me... to my Pokeball?" It said in a dry tone.

Azelf pointed to a tree to Rin's left and started to walk towards it. As soon as Azelf took the first step, Lupin peeked out from behind that same tree, frowning at Azelf.

"So thats what he was up too.." Rin thought astonished by Lupins strategic skills.

September 11th, 2008, 11:26 PM
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The lake outside Viridian

"Fat man?" Gabe retorted. "FAT MAN?!? What, are you blind? I don't hit the gym every other day for nothing, y'know!"
Lupin laughed at this comment. "Fatty. Come to think of it, muscles can store energy in a similar way that fat can."
Then he turned to Rin. "Good one Rin. That will leave a mark."
Then he turned to Azelf, taking out the very Master Ball he had stolen from Emily. He pointed the ball at the possessed legendary. "Azelf, return."
Azelf bowed to Lupin before going back inside its Pokeball. It was as if it thought Lupin was its trainer, rather than Emily. In fact...
Lupin merely smirked. "Poorlit girl catch, but poorlit girl no touch orb first, no late night rob museum storage."

Meanwhile, Sirius spoke to Rin's Gardevoir, sounding weary.
<"That was a... good battle. I'm sorry your Hypnosis didn't work, but at least you didn't take any damage like I did. You see, that orb on Azelf controls its mind, so you can imagine how ineffective Hypnosis would be.">

At that point, Emily started running towards Lupin (maybe she was going to push him into the lake?), but as she ran, a round shadow hovered over her and grew larger and larger by the second. Then, something huge landed right on top of Emily, with such great a force that it caused the ground to shake.
"Reg regi. Regi gigas?" the smaller-than-normal-though-still-gigantic Pokemon apologised, trying to sound sarcastically innocent. It was as if it was saying, "Sorry, did I hit something?"
"Oh, look who it is," Lupin commented. "Hmm, I take it you're looking for Regirock?" Then he pointed towards the miniature pink Regirock belonging to Gabe.

Gabe took out the Regirock's Pokeball.
"Oh no you don't. Regirock, return!"

But Regigigas would not let the Regirock escape. It lunged forward and pinned the little pink rock-bot down, thus blocking the beam emitted from the Pokeball. In fact, the Pokeball instead captured Regigigas.

Gabe grinned broadly. "Well, you lose one, you gain a..."
Before he could contnue, Regigigas broke out of the Pokeball. Then it punched Gabe in the face, knocking him unconscious. Then it muttered something vile in Regigigas language.
Meanwhile, Regirock's Pokeball lay on the ground, and it looked like nobody was going to pick it up... not even Lupin.

Then Regigigas turned around to face Rin and Lupin. Upon spotting Lupin, though, his several beady eyes glowed an angry red.
Lupin appeared quite frightened. "Oi! This can't be g...!"
Lupin had jumped backwards upon meeting Regigigas's glare, and looked like he was about to fall into the lake. But before he reached the water, something rose from the lake and pushed him back onto the edge. As Rin and Regigigas got a closer look, they could see that the creature was a dark blue in colour and appeared to have markings on its body and head made of diamond. Then the creature walked out of the lake--it appeared brontosaurus-shaped a bit. But this was no ordinary Pokemon--it was Dialga!
"Thanks Kingmond," Lupin muttered, forgetting that he had just let the legendary out of the bag... not to mention this Dialga was half its normal size.

At that point, the Arcanine from before was running towards the group, having spotted Regigigas' glare. He stopped by Rin's side.
"I think I'll take Kingmond this time," Lupin commented to the Arcanine as he mounted the Dialga. Then he turned to Rin.
"Erm... no time to explain this now. We have to run now! You can ride on Rigel," and here he indicated the Arcanine, "but you can leave Gardevoir out of her Pokeball."
As he said this, he returned his Absol and the defeated Mightyena to their Pokeballs.

So the two were headed right for Indigo Plateau, Regigigas in hot pursuit of them (but especially Lupin; it knew Rin as another Guardian already).
Hey, I can put two and two together! Regigigas thought as it ran. You sound like a thief to me, and you fought against Regirock. My guess is that you are NOT Dialga's guardian! Now give it back!
<"Dialga!"> Regigigas called. <"What are you doing?">

Lupin found Regigigas's shouting rather annoying. "Why don't you snap it out with Roar of Time?" I have no clue why Regigigas is acting this way--what, does it think I stole this Pokevice from some unsuspecting trainer?
"Kingmond" did as it was told, letting out a mighty ROAR even louder than what Sirius could pull off, and sending shockwaves that bent the very space-time fabric back at Regigigas. Regigigas seemed shaken up a bit by this attack it, but it was able to partially dodge it by jumping over most of the shockwaves. It fell behind quite a few paces, but continued chasing after Lupin... but meanwhile the Dialga and Arcanine and their riders and two flying or hovering Pokemon beside them (Gardevoir and Honchkrow) continued on towards Indigo Plateau.


"WHOA!" Gon shouted, suddenly experiencing a force that threw him into the air. "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS ALL TH--"
Before Gon could utter another word, though, he landed on the back of some sort of large flying serpent... a few seconds later he identified this serpent as Rayquaza. Then he looked down to see Blaze rising into the air, Derek riding on top of him.

"Veno nat!" Puffy called, flying upward to catch up with Gon.
<"HEY!"> she shouted at Rayquaza. <"You nearly ripped Gon's arm off!">
"HEY!" Gon shouted at Rayquaza. "You nearly ripped my arm off! At least you could have warned me before...!"
At that point, Rayquaza took on a sudden burst of speed, accelerating it to a speed faster than sound could travel. Luckily Gon was able to grab onto the legendary dragon before it zoomed off like that.

The world around Gon was in a blur, due to the speed at which Rayquaza was flying. But he did see one thing ahead of him very clearly: Regigigas. Regigigas was running at a high speed, but probably more Arcanine speed than Rayquaza speed. Speaking of Arcanine, Gon thought he saw the tail of an Arcanine in his narrow range of clear view, but it soon vanished into the blur.

Then Gon saw ripples in part of the blur... it was as if something was distorting time itself. This puzzled Gon.
What is that?!? Gon thought. I know that whenever Rayquaza flies at this speed, what it's doing is breaking the sound barrier and flying at such a high speed that the time in the space around it is a blur. But something's disrupting that blur. I wonder if it could be a Psychic attack... nah, only Mewtwo would be able to pull off something that powerful. (Wait, is it Mewtwo? Nah, not likely.) But it's either a very powerful psychic attack or a specialty attack of a legendary Pokemon. Hmm, now which legendary specialty attacks would be able to distort time and/or space like that? Deoxys' Psycho Boost, maybe... nah, its guardian's at the Power Plant. Palkia's Spacial Rend... nah, its guardian's in Cinnabar. Dialga's Roar of Time... wait a minute, those ripples look exactly from the shockwaves of the Roar of Time. This mea...

Gon stopped his train of thought when the blur ceased, and he saw Dialga running away from Regigigas. There appeared to be a person riding on Dialga (maybe its Guardian?), and next to it was an Arcanine, atop which someone mildly familiar-looking was riding. Gon thought he had seen the girl before, but he couldn't see too much detail in near darkness from a good distance up.

"Hey Reg!" Gon called after Regigigas. "Where are you going?"

The Arcanine glanced back at Gon, then started barking loudly. Dialga momentarily looked at Arcanine, then glanced backward at Regigigas.
"Daiaaaaa!?" it shouted at Regigigas.
"I'm not after you! I'm after the thug on top of you!" Regigigas replied. Gon thought it odd how he was able to understand what Regigigas was saying, but not Dialga.
Maybe it's only the Guardian who could do so, Gon guessed.

<"Why are you after my guardian?"> Dialga asked as it continued running.
<"Your 'guardian' has attacked Regirock!"> Regigigas shouted in reply. <"I saw that Mightyena go after it!">
Dialga repeated what Regigigas just said to Lupin. Upon hearing this, Lupin looked back at Regigigas.
"That Regirock was a clone," Lupin stated bluntly. "And its trainer was in Team Alpha."


OOC: I gave Rin a chance to pick up Regirock's Pokeball and return it, so that Lupin doesn't hog all the legendaries.

September 13th, 2008, 5:31 PM
Danny left the Pokemon Center at long last, and gave a large yawn. There were what looked like scorch marks on the ground nearby.

"Looks like there was a battle here recently," he muttered to Jacob. "Could have been nothing, but it seems you can't count on anything these days." Now, Danny had to think of how to get himself to the Power Plant. ‘Even if Latios could carry me with a combination of flight and psychic powers, I don’t think it’s the most inconspicuous way to travel,’ he thought.

‘So, what are you going to do instead? Stand there?’ came Latios’ voice into Danny’s head, with a sarcastic-sounding tone.

‘Do you insist on retorting to every thought I make? Anyway,’ Danny eyed the Aerodactyl that Jacob had released from its ball. ‘Why do I never have the right Pokemon at the right time? Ugh, why can’t Onix fly!?’

Danny turned to Jacob, embarrassed. “Hey Jacob, do you happen to have a spare flying Pokemon?”

September 13th, 2008, 6:30 PM
During the whole ordeal of the building, the talking Pokemon, the "Black Cats", and strange portals, Isaac had a dazed look upon his clean face that even models would be envious of. His emerald eyes remained glazed over and had a expressionless stare, as if he was in a trance. Eventually Staraptor picked up on his trainer's lack of attention and pecked his head.

"Master" she squawked before perching herself upon his shoulder. Suddenly, Isaac who had been barely alive enough to follow the group awoke from his walking slumber. He shook his head violently before returning to reality. Realizing he was still in a Slowpoke's dream world, Isaac face palmed his forehead and slid his hand down his face in anger. Eventually the recollections of conversations past and present returned to him. At first, the words Merlin entered his ears and thoughts of children's stories poured into his mind. Before he could speak, Panther's assurance of the lack of magic and swords relieved Isaac who was about to revolt with a pitchfork and a torch. Realizing it was a safe route out, Isaac entered the portal making sure Staraptor was in tow. Upon his arrival, Isaac immediately asked.

"Who in the hell are the Black Cat Bandits?"

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September 21st, 2008, 9:09 PM
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Jemima smiled at Gon, after all the drama they’d gone through to get here how could she turn away.
“Of course, silly,” She grinned, taking his hand in her impulsive, flirty way that some guys found intimidating, others sexy.

On the way to Viridian City, Jemima had bonded with her Mew. It was scary at first to be in control of a Pokemon with such great power, but Jemima soon relaxed and enjoyed the sweet pink Pokemon’s company.
She enjoyed being able to communicate with the Pokemon telepathically, as she often wondered what her Pokemon was speaking. Mew had a personality a lot like her own, sweet, charming oblivious and affectionate, making it impossible to not love them both.

Jemima studied her companions, finding the tall, dark stranger Derek to be seriously hot, but not as cute as Gon. As usual, she was torn between two boys, two boys, which might not even be interested in her. Ha. Like that could ever happen.
She tugged on her mini skirt gently, feeling slightly cold, which was to be expected in the cooler area of Viridian.

All of a sudden Gon took off, running after his Regigigas, shouting something about a Regirock. Jemima knew from school that Regirock was one of the three legendary Pokemon that made up Regigigas, or something like that. With a shrug, Jemima ran after Gon, her Duskull and Mew following her faithfully at her shoulder, in the direction of the Indigo Plateau.

September 28th, 2008, 8:55 AM
Kazu and Courage stood side by side ready to battle when the man stopped to talk on his phone. Kazu felt insulted while Courage let out a sigh of relief. "Courage, don't worry, you can beat this Buziel," Courage sighs again. Kazu looks discouraged and then grabbed by the arm. Before he can even speak he find himself at a contest hall. The man who had attacked earlier wanted to settle the battle in a contest way. Kazu laughs and then laughs again. "I am such a great coordinator, even though I have three ribbons, and you want to battle me on this stage? If you really want a beat down then I will give you one no problem." Kazu and Courage register at the desk. Courage continues to shake next to Kazu. He wonders why and then it finally hits him. "Courage, I am so sorry I forgot, this is your first contest. I got so caught up that I forgot that detail. Don't worry I will get Brawler and the others to help us train for a little bit. Then when you step out there you will be like a real contest po. The key is to have courage and confidence, you have plenty of that. I see you are still shaking so I will take you to train really quick, c'mon." Kazu pulls Courage to the side and starts to train. As Kazu is about to let his Pokemon out the old man comes back. "You are trying to teach a cowardly dog new tricks. You might want to train it to stop fearing the shadows on the ground, including its own," the man chuckles. Buziel is not by his side, but bullying Courage. Buziel pretends to punch Courage and then sprays him with water. Brawler hops out and delivers a Thunderpunch to Buziel. The Elekid starts to charge for another Thunderpunch and tells Buziel to get up. Buziel returns to his feet and then walks away. Courage starts to weep and Brawler looks disappointed. Kazu realizes what has happened and comforts his Pokemon. THe man and Buziel chuckle then leave the field. Kazu looks at Brawler and then declares him to use Thunder on Courage. Courage looks up and starts weeping, but Kazu ignores it and tells him to fight. Brawler focuses his power and then launches it at Courage. "Courage, the only way you can possibly get stronger is if you do that one thing. I have to make you want to evolve," Kazu orders a Thunderpunch and Brawler flies in.

September 28th, 2008, 10:05 PM
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Viridian City

Just when Danny finished his question, he saw a birdlike creature flying towards the Pokemon Centre, silhouetted against the moon. As it got closer, cloudlike wings came into view... and then it landed outside. It was an Altaria.
"Chirrut, chirrut," came the muffled chirps of the Altaria through the window. This Altaria sounded like it was trying to get Danny and Jacob's attention. What's more, it had a note in its beak...

Lavender Town

The portal closed after Candice, Warren, Isaac, Panther, and all their Pokemon were inside their Pokeballs. The group was no longer in that strange city with all the green buildings and talking Pokemon--instead they were in a small flat somewhere. They had left the hustle and bustle of the city and entered a silent and relaxing space, where the uplifting scent of incense lingered all around. On their left was a wall covered with book-laden shelves, books whose titles occasionally sported words like "legendary" or "mystical" or "magical aspects" or "book of shadows". Nearby it was a small round table covered in a purple cloth with a rune pattern, and a crystal ball sitting atop it. The rest of the flat looked like your typical bedroom--except there was a round pet bed with a purple cat thing sitting in it...

Isaac broke the ice. "Who in the hell are the Black Cat Bandits?" he asked Panther as he took in the surroundings.
"Oh, they're Warren's little gang," Panther answered with a giggle.
Warren frowned and piped in.
"We're only THE BEST little gang out there. That's because we do wrong right, none of the stupid violent stuff you might expect. Not to mention we consist of only the best mechanic, the most mystical wiseman, the most skilled thief, and... the funniest little rabbit?"
Warren blushed, rubbed the back of his head, and laughed sheepishly. Panther shrugged, as if she were admitting what Warren said to be true.

"Fiii!" The cat thing turned out to be an Espeon. The Espeon sprang up onto the bed and sat still, the gem on his forehead glowing. Sleeping next to him was an Umbreon with blue rings on her ears, rather than the typical gold ones.

Seconds later, Peppermint's head emerged from the stairway on the far side of the flat.
"La tee!"
"Medi medi cham?" Nimerta questioned. She felt relieved to no longer be talking like a human.

The mini-Latias came into view, taking a young man by the hand as she emerged. He was positively striking, what with the long purple coat lined with pink satin, the ponytailed black hair (mildly reminiscent of Professor Willow), the rune-inscribed rings on his right hand, the green eyeshadow, and the fact that he was a little on the short side.

"Well now, this is rather unusual," he commented. "Usually I greet people in the front doorway. And usually I do not get a combination of new and familiar faces."

Warren jumped up and stood next to the new arrival--or should I say the resident of this place.
"Oh, this is my friend Merlin by the way, hehheh," he introduced, with a grin on his boyish face.
Merlin nodded and placed his hand on Warren's shoulder.
"By the way Warren, that was a nice little introduction to the Black Cat Bandits you gave. 'The most mystical wiseman', eh? And the rabbit part suits you well. Just be sure not to give us away so easily next time."
"It was you who just admitted to being one of us," Warren remarked.
Merlin bit his lip, then snickered and shook his head.
"Why don't we all go downstairs," he invited to everyone, "and let the two newcomers introduce themselves?"

Merlin led the group downstairs, into a room that was much more spacious than the flat above it. It looked like it used to be a bar some years ago, except the room was empty and the countertop was barren. The cabinets behind the counter contained more books, some jars containing various teas and herbs, and--there we go, two dusty wine bottles stuffed into a corner. Next to the front door was a window through which the Pokemon Tower could be seen, and the room itself was illuminated both by the moonlight from the front window and the dim golden lamplight coming from lamps on the ceiling, which looked sort of like the night sky. Next to the hallway was a large picture with a teal frame--one consisting of a cute little black cat holding a smiling yellow star. Surrounding the cat were the symbols of a sword, a crystal ball, a rabbit, and a wolf. Underneath the picture was a message: "Funded by crystal, wolf, sword, and rabbit... and the latest act of our worst habit".

The fivesome sat down at a table in the centre of the room; the Pokemon gathered around it.
"Well," Merlin announced, "it appears that we have three Guardians in this room, along with two eager helpers."
First he turned to Isaac.
"And who might you be? Your aura... I have a friend with one very similar to yours. And I detect that you have a strikingly similar past. I don't suppose the criminal life grabs you as well, fellow creature of the night?"
Then he turned to Candice.
"Well, don't you look simply dashing. Don't try to hide that energetic and daring heart of yours, now. I can see it perfectly well. And--what's this--an affinity for both fire and water? What name might accompany such an exciting individual as this?"

At that time, a Gallade walked into the room, carrying a tea tray. He placed the tray on the table and nodded to the group. Meanwhile, the Umbreon from before walked up to Isaac and sniffed his leg, frowning and cocking her head to the side.
"Ah," Merlin noted, "I notice you have all met Arthur, Felicio, and... Alice." Here he indicated the Gallade, Espeon, and Umbreon, respectively--though he couldn't see Alice behind Isaac at first.
"Ah," Warren mocked, "I notice you both have witnessed Merlin's clairvoyance. Yes, he does that sometimes. But don't worry--he's not completely psychic, and you won't see him pulling off anything telekinetic."
Merlin scowled at this remark.
"So what brings you here?" he asked the group.

Viridian Contest Hall

Just as Kazu was training his Pokemon, a woman walked into the otherwise empty room.

"Kazu?" she called. "It's time for you to... Oh! What in the world are you doing to that poor Corphish?"
She noticed Brawler frozen mid-punch, electricity surrounding his little fist.

The woman shook her head.
"Never mind. But you better hurry backstage, for the contest is about to start! Return your Pokemon to their Pokeballs and follow me."

The woman led Kazu through the crowds, past eager spectators and well-pampered Pokemon, past vendors selling berry smoothies and Pikachu-shaped cookies, past the line of ticket-takers and program-handers in the stadium entrance, past rows of seats surrounding the empty indoor battlefield. Kazu noticed that pictures of Mewtwo lined the walls of the stadium--perhaps this was a dedication to the Mew clone being held captive here by the Rocket boss Giovanni a few years ago. Mewtwo was long since gone from this stadium, but the memory of the mutated feline would live on forever here...

A door opened to the backstage, where Adrian and a couple of other trainers stood. The rest of the room resembled a locker room. The black-collared Buizel from before sat on one of the benches, sticking his tongue out at Kazu as he entered.
"You may heal your Pokemon at that machine over there," the woman commented, pointing to a healing machine at the far end of the room. The assistant over there will let you know when it's time for you to go on."
With that she left the room.

"Good luck, boy," Adrian teased, winking at Kazu and gesturing for his Buizel to follow as he went to go on stage. As Kazu looked that direction, he could see the aforementioned assistant patting Adrian on the back. The assistant happened to be a hot-looking young lady, and those sapphire eyes of hers were ever-so-captivating.

Several rounds of applause and muffled announcements passed, and at one point Adrian returned to the room and sat down, but ignored Kazu completely.

Then, after a few minutes, after the crowd cheered wildly at someone's Misdreavus, the assistant beckoned Kazu over to the stage entrance.
"Kazu! Time for you to go on! Have your precious little Pokemon do its appeal!"

The audience beyond the stage door was awaiting Kazu's appearance, and of course his Pokemon's performance of visually appealing moves.

En Route to Indigo Plateau (in the air)

Gon squinted and cupped his hand around his ear, trying to see what was going on with Regigigas and Dialga and the Arcanine, and to hear what one of the people was saying. But it was to no avail; Rayquaza was flying too high, and the wind was whooshing past so loudly that Gon couldn't hear too well. Plus it was growing darker by the minute. What Gon did see on the western horizon was a brilliant red sun, and a trio of towers silhouetted against it.
That must be the Sprout, Burned, and Tin Towers of Ecruteak City, Gon surmised. Hmm, come to think of it, I think that girl riding on the Arcanine is the Guardian of Ho-oh, who used to reside atop the Tin Tower. And although Rayquaza could have killed me by lifting me so jerkily atop its back, this is a really nice ride. It's unlike anything I've experienced before! And I've NEVER ridden atop something that broke the sound barrier before!
Gon gave Rayquaza an affectionate pat on the back.

After a while, Gon turned around to look back at the fading lights of Viridian City. Just then, something flashed in the corner of his eye--no, that was only the reflection of the half-full moon in the lake. But next to the lake, a girl was running, and a Duskull and a... Mew... were following her.
"Oh! That's Jemima!" Gon blurted. "HEY! I'M UP HERE! ON RAYQUAZA! FOLLOW MEEEEEEEE..."


"PUFFY? IS THAT YOU?" Gon shouted, trying to get the blue-eyed Venonat's attention.

Puffy's eyes glowed, and she used her telekinetic powers to fling herself towards Gon. Gon caught the little furry bug in his arms when she got close enough.
"Puffy! Why don't you go with Jemima, and follow me to Indigo Plateau?" Gon asked. "We can't be separated after all!"
And besides, if I run next to her... what if I have the tendency to... erm, touch her in a place I'm not supposed to touch her...? And I don't want to give up this awesome ride on Rayquaza! Speaking of which...

Hardly believing what he'd forgotten, Gon let Kaiser, his sister's Piplup, out of his Pokeball.
"Plup?" Kaiser questioned, wondering where he was.
"This is Rayquaza," Gon introduced, "one of the Legendaries. Just like Regigigas. And this is le grande viste."
Gon's French was terrible, but the view he gestured widely at definitely wasn't. The red glow from the setting sun tinted the Piplup's feathers so that they looked purple, and the towers' silhouettes looked especially majestic against the radiant orb.

Gon then made to hold Kaiser close to him, so as to prevent him from falling off Rayquaza and falling to the ground below and being eaten by Spearows. But the bold little Piplup refused, saying something that suggested that he was "strong enough to take care of himself". He held on to a ridge of Rayquaza's scales, gazing ahead at the sun, which was not quite bright enough to burn his eyes. True, soon the sun would set and he would be in the darkness that he so quivered in, but for now the sun was up and beautiful. Little did Gon know that this sun was an epitome of the serenity of the situation with Virtualmon and Team Alpha...

En Route to Indigo Plateau (on the ground)

"REGGG! Regi GIGAS!" Regigigas' eyes flashed once more, and it started to run faster towards Rin and Lupin.

<"Can't you take that thing down with a Psychic or something?"> the Honchkrow suggested to Rin's Gardevoir. <"I'm not too tired, but I'm not a very fast flier!">

<"Yes, you SHOULD trust Lupin,"> Rigel (the Arcanine) barked at Regigigas. <"He is... after all... a... Guardian..."> He was panting mid-bark because of the running, despite how smooth the ride felt to Rin.
Regigigas faltered in its step, but kept on running.
<"LIAR!"> Regigigas screamed at Rigel. <"You are a thief and a liar! And what are you doing with the guardian of Ho-oh?!?">
Gee, those words must be music to Gardevoir's ears...

Regigigas started to gain on the Pokemon-riding duo--not even an Arcanine and a mini Dialga could run fast enough to lose it. Lupin, meanwhile, was still holding on to Azelf's Master Ball.
"Hey Rin," he called to Rin, "do you have any spare slots in your Pokevice?"
A pause in which Rin nodded and Lupin glanced back at the approaching Regigigas.
"Would you like to hold onto Azelf for a while then?" Lupin continued. "My Pokevice is full, and I have no room for a loose Pokeball in my pockets without it being easy to fall out."
With that, Lupin tossed the Master Ball to Rin. Then he turned to his Honchkrow.
"Yes Raven, as always. I don't think you'll doubt me."

As Regigigas got even closer, almost within arm's reach, Lupin spoke to Rin again.
"Do you happen to have a Pokemon that can take us to Indigo Plateau faster than Rigel and Kingmond can? Otherwise we'll have to resort to attacking this Regi..."
Lupin stopped mid-name, cause unknown. Kingmond even turned around and spoke to him, asking if he was okay. It got no reply.
"Lupin? Earth to Lupin!? It's not like you to be staring off into space like this..."
Lupin sat there, frozen, as if he was in shock.

A mysterious location

Melancholy voices echoed through the cave the saturnine teenage girl was curled up in. The voices epitomised the girl's pre-existing misery, but even if she did try her hardest to listen, she could not make out who the voices belonged to nor what they were saying. In fact, she assumed that all the voices, although each sounded somewhat different, came from her great-grandmother. Her great-grandmother, a cold old woman named Celia, who had cursed the very life this girl lived.

"Yamiko..." the voice seemed to call. "Yamiko..."
"The name's Kelsey, not Yamiko," the girl mumbled, her face nestled in between her knees.
"Your existence is cursed, your destiny doomed, your mind forever clouded, shadowed by the bleak purple mist hovering over your life..."
"Stop it..." the girl named Kelsey grumbled, though she was subconsciously wrapping the long purple sweater she was wearing more tightly around her as she spoke.
"Your only refuge is a quintet of mystical creatures who are turning miserable in themselves..."
"No, no, you can't be talking about..." Kelsey's voice trailed off.
"Your lover arises from the agonising depths of darkness itself, torn from your own dark touch..."

Kelsey stood up.
"That's only because YOU separated us--twice in fact!" she yelled. The words "twice in fact" echoed six times through the cave walls.
The voice seemed to laugh. A cold, emotionless laugh.
"Ahahahaha. It's amusing to see you hiding behind walls of passionate love and psychic connections."
"Hiding behind--what the...!"
Kelsey clenched her fist, and was on the verge of punching the reflective walls of the cave...

A different voice echoed through the cave--a cool yet haunting female voice.
"Ah, but breaking mirrors will give you more bad luck than you already have."
"Who...?" Kelsey glanced around, trying to see what the voice was coming from. She scampered around the mirrored cave for a while, until she came to an exit. A dark shape hovered in the cave opening.

"...Laverne?" Kelsey questioned.
"...is safe inside her Pokeball," the dark shape answered for her, in the same voice she had just heard. "I am an entity that is even darker than that little Mismagius could even hope to be."
Kelsey frowned. "How dark?"
"Darker than the spirit who whispers faintly inside the shell of a Shedinja. Darker than the Shadow Ball fired at you by she who is suspected a miser. Darker than the heart of he who howled at the full moon in hopes of comforting you--or should I say, dragging you down with him?"
The dark shape let out a soft chuckle, mirthless and chilling to the bone. It began to back up, revealing a head of white hair that was almost... angelic... but the rest of it was covered a tattered dress seeming to be made of darkness itself, and a collar red as blood, an even bloodier red than the hair upon Kelsey's head, a much blacker black than the soft-looking hat atop Kelsey's head. And it met Kelsey's sorrowful deep indigo eyes with its own blinding electric blue eyes.

"...Why, if it isn't..." Kelsey stammered, pointing at the dark entity.
"...Darkrai," the entity now identified as Darkrai finished for her. "Ohh, how your loved one adored me... but alas, he's seen in the eyes of the one residing seven isles counter-clockwise. As for you, you are special to me. Come, let me show you around this wonderful little island."

"...Is this really what New Moon Island looks like?" Kelsey inquired as Darkrai led her out of the cave and through the woods. The sky overhead was a desolate grey, the air around her dry and quite chilly.
"No no, this is not New Moon Island," Darkrai replied. "I was forced to evacuate that island on orders from the mighty god who happens to triumph over us all."
"...Arceus?" Kelsey guessed.
"Ah, we have one smart girl here, hee hee," Darkrai complimented, though... not sounding too nice. "Anyway, my relocation wasn't all bad. I led a relatively good life, got married to this wonderful gray sky, and had a child... but alas, little Astor has gone missing. I just went back inside this cave to look for it when... it was gone, just like that. I can't even sense its presence like I usually can."

Darkrai eventually led Kelsey to the beach, where the sand was a swirl of white and black, where the waves were weak and calm. This was far from the place for sunbathers and surfers, but Kelsey still felt contented--it was as if the soft gray clouds protected her from the harshness of the sun, even though that sun was going to set soon.
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September 28th, 2008, 11:35 PM
Jemima heard Gon’s voice bouncing through the air; she looked up to see his small figure clinging to the magnificent legendary Pokemon known as Rayquaza.
“No fair!” Jemima cried, increasing her pace as her Duskull and Mew flew along behind her. She certainly was jealous of Gon, aboard the massive green, snake like Pokemon.
“If I could carry you, you know I would,” Mew’s voice told her in her mind.
“I know,” Jemima replied with a smile.

A purple ball of fluff flew at Jemima out of the air as she sped along the path, a Venonat.
“Gon’s Venonat!” Jemima cried joyously, as the Pokemon joined her Mew and Duskull in the air.
All of a sudden Puffy, the Venonat zipped forward off the path and onto another, past the lake. Jemima had absolutely no idea where they were going, but she had the feeling Venonat would lead her to Gon and probably the Indigo Plateau, their destination.
The brilliant, blood red sun was beginning to set, and Jemima could barely make out a trio of towers, towards the west, silhouetted against the golden sky.
She ran through the trees, past Spearow and Nidorans, Mankeys and Sandrews, her legs beginning to tire in the fading light.
“You can stop and rest if you need to,” Mew’s voice suggested in her mind carefully, as the pink Pokemon moved forward to rest on Jemima’s shoulder. Jemima slowed, and began to walk, nursing a stitch.

“Do you know how much further it is until the Plateau?” she asked Mew aloud.
“Not that much further,” The Pokemon replied and Jemima began to see the shape of Rayquaza ahead in the distance.
“Mew, can you fly ahead and find Gon for me?” Jemima asked of her Pokemon, “Tell him to wait for me, I won’t be long but I won’t catch up by just running”
Her Mew nodded and zipped away into the dusky air, chasing after the enormous figure that was Gon and Rayquaza.

Jemima pouted, confused, this was all too much for her, Team Alpha, the legendaries and the Pokevices. Jemima held hers out, watching the starry night sky of the background. It was so beautiful, Jemima wished that tonight would be as beautiful as it, and then maybe she could find Gon and…
She blushed furiously at the thought, she’d only just met him and as usual she had developed an instant crush on him. He was younger than her, and shorter, but so cute and so smart.
Jemima slipped the pretty pink Pokevice back into her pocket, too inept with technology to even try to experiment it, and turned to the path ahead, eager to be reunited with Gon and Mew…

Sir Aaron1017
September 29th, 2008, 1:19 PM
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As Derek had commanded, Rayquaza had picked Gon up, giving him a ride that he probably wouldn't ever forget.

"WHOA!" Gon shouted, a response to being thrown in the air by Rayquaza. "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS ALL TH--" But before Gon finish what he was going to say, he landed on the back of Rayquaza. Derek was watching the whole time, and saw Gon look behind, noticing him and Blaze flying also.

Rayquaza, not missing a beat, started to fly, but a sound caught it's attention.
"Veno nat!" Gon's Venonat was trying to reach Gon, and obvious worry was showing through it's eyes.

<"HEY!"> The bug yelled into it's mind. <"You nearly ripped Gon's arm off!">, and at the same time, Gon shouted "HEY! You nearly ripped my arm off! At least you could have warned me before...!" Derek had to stifle a laugh, as the mental connection allowed him to hear everything Gon had said, and just the whisper of "Puffy", but this meant little to Rayquaza, who decided now was the best time to mix a combination of extreme speed while moving though the sky. The result; Rayquaza broke the sound barrier and Gon instantly reached for a place to hold on. A few moments later, Rayquaza noticed a movement on the ground. And Arcanine and... wait... what was Dialga doing out here? It focused on the area around Dialga, spotting a man riding it.

Wanting to get a better look, Rayquaza dove suddenly, but the speed was still there, and luckily -for Gon- flying for Rayquaza was like breathing for humans, so avoiding the ground at the last second, along with dodging the trees that flashed by with deadly speed was like a game - a very, very fun one.

<"What is that?"> Rayquaza asked mentally, to no one in specific. A shock-wave had emitted across the ground, but it didn't involve the ground at all. It looked as if the air was bending, even slowing down. Recognition dawned instantly as some of the shock wave passed over the dragon, causing everything to pause for just a second.

<"DIALGA! What are you doing?!?!"> Rayquaza yelled mentally, probably loud enough for every Pokémon with psychic ability to hear within a ten mile radius.

<"Regigigas, what is going on?"> Rayquaza question a few moments later.

Without Rayquaza really noticing, a strange transaction was going on, right on it's back. Gon was yelling to someone, and giving commands to "Puffy" and also releasing a Piplup, who seemed to enjoy the ride.


Despite being a very fast flier, Blaze had soon fallen behind Rayquaza, who seemed to slither faster and faster as the seconds ticked by.

<Rayquaza> Derek said in his mind, already having figured out how to speak telepathically between the two of them.

<Yes Derek?> It's silvery voice responded. It was obviously having fun.

<Do you think you could slow down a bit?> Derek said, but making a joke out of it, sending the image of a smile.

<If you want me to, I shall comply> was his response.

<It's not that, I just don't like being separated from you, no matter the distance> Derek responded, a bit of loneliness edging into his voice. He had obviously created a deep connection with Rayquaza, and he sensed - through the mental connection- the feeling was mutual.

<I understand> It said, then slowed down until they were flying perpendicular from each other.

"Are you having fun?" Derek yelled over to Gon, who had a Piplup sitting in front of him, staring off into the sun. Derek took a brief look at the sunset, then did a double-take as he spotted a trio of towers on the horizon. "wow..." he thought mentally, then turned back to Gon.

September 29th, 2008, 2:10 PM
Isaac was pleased that his one question was answered. With so much happening that was out of ordinary, he did not care to ask many questions. Sure he experienced talking Pokemon, midget legendaries, and holes in the time and space that somehow transported his group back into Kanto. So the Black Cat Bandits are a gang? I should ask for an application, he thought. The answer was awfully quick and Panther's giggle fed Isaac's ego, making him believe that his charm infected another female. He didn't mind as Panther was different than most of his insane girlfriends, as half them wanted his soul on a sliver platter with a side helping of his head. The bandits were far too busy talking about the odd compliments Panther made so Isaac chose to remain quiet and take in the conversation.

Isaac's impression of Merlin was not a good one. He was striking, but not in a good way. His odd choice of clothing, hair styling and even make-up forced Isaac to think he might be well...gay. Normally gay people did not bother him at all, and Merlin was one of the normal gays if you will. He was worried, however, that he was getting the wrong opinion all too quickly. The abnormal thought remained hidden in his mind and continued with the flow of traffic that was now descending downstairs. The empty bar was a disgrace to Isaac, simply because ther was no alcohol and it seemed unused, taking in the fact that dust was more dominant than the endless space the room provided. He was tempted to talk, but held in his bitter feelings in order to focus on the task at hand. Merlin began to speak:

"Well," Merlin announced, "it appears that we have three Guardians in this room, along with two eager helpers." Guardians? The word seemed to odd and out of place. Isaac tried to remember if he heard the word before, but it escaped him. Merlin turned to Isaac a few moments later after finishing his statement: ""And who might you be? Your aura... I have a friend with one very similar to yours. And I detect that you have a strikingly similar past. I don't suppose the criminal life grabs you as well, fellow creature of the night?" Isaac couldn't help but feel out of place and the fact an Umbreon began acting like it knew began to scare Isaac. Did he really resemble this "friend" that much to the point a Pokemon was sniffing him and forcing a puppy face upon his existance. Isaac had enough of this, as Merlin's aura remark plauged him.

"Merlin, right?" Merlin was ready to respond but Isaac's impatience cut him off. "My name is Isaac and I have a question. Who is this friend I resemble? Cause from my view, this Umbreon shares your "aura" opinion?" Isaac attempted to do the air quotes as he uttered aura in his question. A brief pause interrupted his rant as Isaac attempted to remember what else bothered him. "Oh yeah, and Guardians? That didn't sit well with me. Can you explain that? The only thing that connects any three of us is that fact that we have these things." Isaac stated holding his very girly Pokevice. "And yes, mine is girly and contains a short little jerk of a legendary Pokemon," he remarked holding the Pokeball he forced Palkia in.

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October 1st, 2008, 3:50 PM
As Brawler was stopped in mid-punch a contest employee called Kazu into the hall. There Kazu found himself in the back with the other coordinators and a healing machine. "You may heal your Pokemon at that machine over there," the woman commented. Kazu put Courage's Pokeball on and let him recover. As Kazu did so the old man walked over to him. The man wished Kazu luck and walked on stage with his Buziel. Kazu immediately took his eyes to the television and watched the man's performance. The man pulled out a ball seal with bubbles and threw it into the air. "Begin the performance, Blake," said the man. From the pokeball came bubbles and then from a white light came Blake folding his arms. The bubbles stayed afloat in the air. "Blake, use Sonicboom to blow them away," commanded the man. Blake starts spinning his tail and reaches the center of the stage in midair. Blake lets loose his Sonicboom and multiple ones start to destroy one bubble after another. The crowd starts to applaud the unique style put on Sonicboom and Buziel's tail combination. Blake returns to the center of the stage and folds his arms again. Buziel and the man get praise from the judges and leave. Kazu watches Adrian come in and gives him a staredown. A few more coordinators compete and finally Kazu is called. Kazu grabs Courage's pokeball and goes. When Kazu enters the ring he puts on the ball seal and throws his ball into the air. "Time to run the show, Courage." A ring of thunderbolts surround the white light and the white light takes form. Courage's hands begin to glow and it smashes the bolts away with his Crabhammer. The bolts hit the ground, but then bounce back at Courage. Courage begins to panic. "Courage, use Harden to protect yourself," Kazu commands. Courage puts up Harden and waits for the bolts. The bolts connect with Courage and starts to bust and makes Courage's shell shine. Courage opens his eyes and sees everyone cheering. Courage turns to Kazu. Kazu knods as Courage starts to weep. "I knew you could do it. Let's win the second stage and then that Buziel," Kazu puts Courage in his arms and goes backstage. "Adrian, I want to see you on the final stage. Better make it to the end."

October 1st, 2008, 9:46 PM
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"Fat man?! I don't hit the gym every other day for nothing!" Gabe retorted back very pissed off by Rins comment. Lupin began to laugh histarically.

"Good one Rin!!" Lupin said between his laugh..Gabe however wasn't so happy. His hceeks puffed up and he began to falutn abotu nad have a tempertantrum like soem 3 year old without a nap. After this though Lupin returned to his serious behavior and merely said "Return Azelf." And the azelf bowed to Lupin and retreated into its pokeball. At this Along with gabe Emily began to rant.


"God..She gives me such a headache." Lupin retorted soemthing back but couldn't here what.

Rin retreated to the intermost recesses of her mind for a moment ignoring everything around her..As she thought to herself abotu all that had happened.Ho-oh appeared before her.

"Rin? What troubles you?" Ho-oh's voice cooed to here.

"I-I don't know.." Rin mumbled. But bfore Ho-Oh could say anything back she snapped to her senses and saw a Regigigas hop upon the miiture regirock..and pokeball fell next to Rin..Not even Lupin noticed.

She picked up the pokeball silently examined it for a moment and merely said "Regirock..return." At this simple command the mini-regirock disappeared into its pokeball.

Then Regigigas turned around to face Rin and Lupin. Upon spotting Lupin, though, his several beady eyes glowed an angry red.

Lupin appeared quite frightened. "Oi! This can't be g...!"

"Eh Lupin whats wrong..?" Rin asked him comnig next to him, but as soon as she ran to his side Lupin jumped back and the pokemons glare..Her pink eyes gazed at the situation. She was utterly confused. Rins gaze returned to Lupin. Who looked like he was literally walking on water but suddenly a miniture version of Dialga emerged from the water.

"Your a guardian..?" Rin said in utter amazement..She has suspected it when she saw the pokedevice but..This was a shocker..

"Thanks Kingmond," Lupin muttered, forgetting that he had just let the legendary out of the bag... not to mention this Dialga was half its normal size.

At that point, the Arcanine from before was running towards the group, having spotted Regigigas' glare. He stopped by Rin's side.

"I think I'll take Kingmond this time," Lupin commented to the Arcanine as he mounted the Dialga. Then he turned to Rin.

"Erm... no time to explain this now. We have to run now! You can ride on Rigel," and here he indicated the Arcanine, "but you can leave Gardevoir out of her Pokeball."
As he said this, he returned his Absol and the defeated Mightyena to their Pokeballs.

"A-alright.." Rin said to Lupin unkowingly what to say, the blue gardevior followed her..well floated beside her She noticed they were heading to the indigo plateue.. the regigigas hot on their trail..Rin looked at the Regigiggas..its glare scared her. it was oen of those "If looks could kill you would be dead looks."

"Lupin whats going on? Why does Regiigigas look at you with such spite?"Rin asked Lupin as the two continued riding on the fast pokemon..inchign them ever closer to the indigo plateau

"Why don't you snap it out with Roar of Time?" Lupin retorted. The pokemon nodded and did what it was told..It opened its mouth and otu came the loudest roar that Rin had ever heard. At this Reggigis dodged..Barely..but had indeed fallen behind. All she could do was clutch the mini-regirocks pokeball and continue forward...

<"Can't you take that thing down with a Psychic or something?"> the Honchkrow suggested to Rin's Gardevoir. <"I'm not too tired, but I'm not a very fast flier!">

The Gardevior looked at the Hochckrow. <If i could I would! But it wouldn't do much could it could only stall him..i could never take down a legendary.> Gardevoir said through telepethy. Rin heard Reggigigas shouting..he obviously didn't trust Lupin.

<"He is... after all... a... Guardian..."> He was panting mid-bark because of the running, despite how calm the ride felt to the young guardian.Regigigas faltered in its step, but kept on running.

<"LIAR!"> Regigigas screamed at Rigel. <"You are a thief and a liar! And what are you doing with the guardian of Ho-oh?!?">

<You reggigas..calm down your anger falters your judgement.> Gardevior said to Reggigas

"He's gaining!" Rin shouted to Lupin.. Looknig back at the angry pokemon.

Hey Rin," he called to Rin, "do you have any spare slots in your Pokevice?"

"Yah i do..why?" Rin looked at him reaching into her bag..Pulling out the beautifully colored pokedevice.

"Would you like to hold onto Azelf for a while then?" Lupin continued. "My Pokevice is full, and I have no room for a loose Pokeball in my pockets without it being easy to fall out." Lupin said to her.

"O-Okay." Rin stuttered taking azelfs pokeball..and putting into the pokedevice.

"Do you happen to have a Pokemon that can take us to Indigo Plateau faster than Rigel and Kingmond can? Otherwise we'll have to resort to attacking this Regi..." Lupin whispered to her.

"Well I do but.." But then Lupin froze.."Lupin? Lupin?" Rin called out..he was frozen and she didn't know why and the regi inched every closer

"No time to think! GO HO-OH!" she released the ho-oh into the air and as it glinded over them.

"Gardevoir uses psychic on Lupin and get him on Ho-oh keep him safe for now!" Rin yelled to Gardevior. Gardevoir nodded as a psychic gently lifted Lupin up on to the hovering ho-oh..Out of reach to Regigigas. Rin hopped up onto Ho-oh.

She quickly grabbed Lupins pokedevice whilest he was frozen. "Return you three!" Rin called out as the arcanine honchcrow and dialga retreated back into ths pokedevice.

"Come on lets go Ho-Oh!" Rin yelled With Rin , Lupin and gardevoir on its back it flew off near the indigo plateau. Rin breathed a sign ofd relief as the Regigigas came out of view.

"Lupin..? Lupin...?" Rin loocked at him..gently shaking him as the group flew through the air.Ho-ohs feathers glittering like a rainbow.

October 13th, 2008, 11:03 AM
En Route to Indigo Plateau (in the air)

At that point, Rayquaza and Blaze were flying right next to each other, a distance at which Gon and Derek could carry on a conversation without having to yell.
Whew, Gon thought, we're slowing down. That means that I hopefully won't have to worry about Rayquaza breaking the sound barrier again...

While riding on Rayquaza, Gon took occasional glances forward at Kaiser, to make sure the little Piplup was not going to fall off. He also took occasional glances at the darkening forest floor, hoping to spot Jemima. Instead he caught tiny flashes of red light, all of which were Puffy lighting herself up, so as to guide Jemima along, so he figured. But after a while of glancing back and forth, he decided to talk to Derek for a while.

"So Derek, what do you think that A thingy meant?" Gon asked. "That A is obviously a sign of Team Alpha--but what could they be doing at the Indigo Plateau?"
A pause.
"Come to think of it, I heard a while back of a similar occurrence. The same A appeared when some Team Alpha members broke into Professor Rowan's lab--you know, in Sinnoh--and stole some Pokemon. Among them was my cousin's Rapidash--that's how I know. I can't fathom what business they'd be doing here--stealing Moltres' flame? something to do with the supposed murders?--but I think we might be about to find out..."

A while later...

"Hey look!" Gon shouted. "There's the stadium!"
Sure enough, the Indigo Plateau was coming into view, the Pokemon League stadium towering over the rest of the area in a prestigious fashion. It was this exact stadium that Rayquaza and Blaze soon flew over, but when they did, they saw, right next to where the torch would be, a group of people. Well, mostly people--there was also an Alakazam in their midst.

Wait--an Alakazam? Gosh darnit. The Alakazam caused the group to teleport away. But just before they did, one of the people in the group shouted something to another:
"We'll teleport YOU back to headquarters, and US back to the rest of our crew at the entrance to the city. Looks like the ceremony will go on without you."
A short bit of laughter in the group, and then the group vanished. But then Gon spotted a rainbow-coloured bird in the distance.

"...Isn't that Ho-oh?" Gon wondered.

Lavender Town

Merlin chuckled softly before speaking.
"Yes, Isaac, that puts us in the same boat then. Don't be the Chansey calling the Jigglypuff pink. And no, I am not gay."
He spoke the last sentence in a rather stern tone of voice. But it was only that sentence, for then he continued on calm as usual.

"Who are the Guardians, you ask?" Merlin spoke to Candice as well, in case she didn't know. "Why, they are only special individuals chosen by the legendary Pokemon to stop the threat of Team Alpha. You see, every year, the legendaries hold a conference on Birth Island, where Arceus, the 'supreme legendary', dwells. This year, upon witnessing Regirock, Regice, and Registeel be taken captive by Team Alpha, the legendaries came up with a plan to have humans help them. We can only wonder why they chose the people that they did, for they seemed to not have gone with personality or appearance..."

Here, Merlin indicated Isaac's Pokevice.

"Anyway," Merlin continued, "after this decision, Arceus used its powers to create special Pokevices--one per legendary. Each Pokevice contained a 'child' of the legendary, hence why your legendaries are half-size and a bit childish. Arceus placed these Pokevices in the laboratory of the new Professor Willow, who of course gave them to you. You see, the legendaries played it safe by having children, say, rather than risking being captured themselves. And, I'll let you in on a secret: if the parent legendary senses that the child is in troucle, it can transport the child directly to its home."

A pause containing a few stares and oohs and ahhs.

"Where is home, might you ask? Well, they haven't shown up on any maps yet, but surrounding all the regions--including Kanjohto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, the Orange/Sevii Islands, and Orre and Fiore--are twenty-six islands, each designed as a habitat for each legendary. Not even Team Alpha knows about these, so currently they're safe havens for the legendaries. But really, I'm digressing. The point is that the individuals the legendaries have chosen are commonly called the Guardians. Hence why you three have those special Pokevices."
Here he indicated Candice, Isaac, and Panther. Then he held up his own Pokevice, a plain one in a dark purple colour, for comparison.

"So it isn't the Pokevice itself that makes someone a Guardian," Warren clarified, "it's the Legendary inside. Right?"
Merlin nodded.
"Drat, that means I'm not a Guardian..." Warren admitted, bowing his head in shame.
"Of course you're not, silly," Panther commented. "Come on, Merlin doesn't seem to mind not being a Guardian, so why can't you do the same?"
"Well, Merlin's still special," Warren retorted, "because he's the son of an Uma sister."

"SSSSSHHHHHHH!" Merlin shushed, standing up and pressing his finger against Warren's mouth. "I see you STILL have yet to learn to conceal your secrets!"
Then it was Merlin who was bowing his head in shame. Nearby, Merlin's Gallade was pouring tea for everyone at the table, but just now he overfilled Merlin's cup due to lack of attention, paying more attention to staring at Warren.

There was a long pause at the table. After a while, Merlin broke the ice by sighing and taking a letter out of his pocket, unfolding it on the table in front of him (while the Gallade put on a sort of show by telekinetically lifting the spilled tea and spinning the droplets around in the air).
"Well then, since Warren let the cat out of the bag," and here Merlin shot a dark glance at Warren, "I suppose you should all take note of this letter..."
"I'm... sorry..." Warren muttered, sounding frightened. "I always mess everything up..."
Merlin's face brightened all of a sudden.
"Fear not, rabbit lover," Merlin reassured. "Perhaps it's that our guests were fated to learn this little factoid about me after all. The cards predicted something like this, and due to their nature are never wrong."
Panther raised an eyebrow.

Then Merlin turned the letter on the table around so that everyone else could read it. The letter read:

Dear Vincent,

As always I am inclined to worry about you, so I am writing you just in case you don't sense the news. All three of us sense trouble in the air, and are afraid of a possible invasion. The very essence of Moltres told us that--it seems the legendaries have become more sensitive than ever to the workings of this organisation. As you know, we cannot function properly without our familiars, but nevertheless we have had to ask two of them to leave temporarily, so that they could not be captured upon the enemy's arrival. So if you ever sense one of them roaming about, that's why.

Utami sent her familiar out to meet the Guardians upon their arrival. It's going in disguise, so there's nothing to worry about--not to mention it can protect itself pretty well provided it doesn't come into contact with a Legendary child or Team Alpha. It'll retreat to Cinnabar after giving the Guardians our treat. Yes, in the form of a muffin--which we've blessed ourselves with wishes for a strong telepathic connection between Guardian and Child. We are trying to be as indirectly beneficial as always. So far the plan is succeeding, to the best of our knowledge.

Monique is to remain at home, hiding with her familiar. Yes, her familiar's going to remain home with us. We hope it can calm our emotions and give us hope in this fight.

But there is an urgent matter. As for my familiar... it went missing just last night. I had planned on letting it travel to your place, so that it would be in your arms by the time you get this letter. But it's in trouble, I can tell. Apparently someone... a little girl... kidnapped it, captured it with a Master Ball it seems. I'm almost sure this girl belongs to the enemy... oh no, if that's true, imagine what they would do to it! Please, darling Vincent, if you find anything on the whereabouts and condition of my precious familiar, let me know immediately. Work on a possible psychic connection between us... But fortunately, I think there is hope. I'm getting a vision of someone with impeccable willpower recapturing my familiar and returning it to us. But somehow I don't think that will be easy... my familiar's suffering somehow...

But congratulations on establishing the Sanctuary, and best wishes for your journey as a Trainer. Arthur's entering a contest in three days, isn't he? I wish you best of luck.

Your loving mother,
Anabella Estrel

P.S. I know that you and your gang robbed a bank last week, as I feared you would do eventually. I forgive you for now, but be careful, for the Karma Faery is always watching.

"Well, folks," Merlin announced, as if he were telling an exciting story, "can you guess who the familiars are?"

"Hmm...!" Warren mocked, pretending to think. He obviously knew the answer already. Panther looked between Candice and Isaac and shrugged in an amusing fashion.

"Breon." The shiny Umbreon from before jumped onto Isaac's lap and curled up.
"Hey there Alice," Merlin greeted, indicating the Umbreon. "Well well Isaac, Alice tells me you have an Umbreon, maybe that's why she likes you. She does that with anyone who has an Eevolution--it's a sort of fetish of hers. She can even identify an Eevolution trainer by scent. Now, about that friend you resemble... don't worry about it. It's just that when I saw you, you reminded me of him. Of course, unless you're a nocturnal thief who ran away from your parents and owns a small aircraft, there's really not much similarity. However, I notice that you're the Guardian of Palkia. Well, Lupin so happens to be the Guardian of Dialga. Nice coincidence, eh?"

Viridian Contest Hall

Adrian didn't answer, but rather, pointed to the screen, which showed which trainers were moving on to the next round, and who would be facing who in the next round. Kazu could see that he and Adrian would be facing each other in the first battle of the second round.

"Which gives you approximately two minutes to prepare for the battle," Adrian commented. "I'm already set of course, so let's see what you got."
There was a glint in Adrian's eyes, one that indicated that he didn't think Kazu wouldn't stand a chance against him, even if he used a level 1 billion Metagross with the most beautiful combination of Psychic and Meteor Mash the world has ever seen.

After Kazu decided which Pokemon to use and did his two minutes of preparation/pep talk for the battle, the assistant led him to the centre stage, the very stage where he and his Corphish had performed in the appeal round. There Kazu stood on one end of the brightly-lit stage. On the other end was a determined-looking Adrian, taking out a Pokeball that looked... like a Great Ball? Kazu couldn't see much detail.
"Your turn to shine, Jewel," Adrian accounced as he released his Pokemon from the Pokeball.

Out came, in a flurry of multicoloured stars, a Starmie. But this Starmie looked quite different from the usual Starmie. Its many-sided figure looked to be made of pure diamond, material that sparkled with the seven colours of the rainbow as the stage lights hit it. The gem in its core glistened as if it contained a bright, blazing fire, and the golden face around it looked like it had been polished for hours. Oohs and ahhs sounded from the audience, and the four judges (one of which was a Nurse Joy) scribbled frantically on their notebooks.

Then, before Kazu could send out a Pokemon, Adrian instructed his Starmie to do its first move combo...
"Okay Jewel, start out with our combination of Hidden Power and Water Gun."

The Starmie jumped up, turned sideways, and spun around, releasing seven glowing orbs in a ring around it. Then it shot a jet of water from its back towards the floor--what an odd place to use Water Gun from, especially one that looked much more powerful than normal. But then the Water Gun did something interesting: it separated into seven lines of water which traveled along the floor a short ways, then shot straight upward, making a circle of seven narrow pillars of water. Each Water Gun hit one of the Hidden Power orbs, and when it did, it spiraled around the orb, shimmering as it passed over its surface. And there were seven of these water-circled orbs. After this process was complete, Jewel stopped spinning and faced forward, then landed gracefully on the floor, orbs still hovering in a ring around it. It looked like it was ready to fire these orbs at whatever Pokemon Kazu sent out...

En Route to Indigo Plateau (on the ground)

"Ven. Ven. Ven... ...Venonat?"
Puffy stopped and looked behind her, only to see that she had lost track of Jemima.
"Nat!" She frowned, upset that she had gotten lost so easily. Fortunately, though, she was used to being in the forest at night, and had radar eyes.

She was just about to turn around to see where Jemima was when Mew came flying past her.
<"Hey!"> Puffy called after it. <"Where are you... going?">
Mew was gone before Puffy could finish her question.

But just then, Puffy spotted something else with her radar eyes: Regigigas, who had stopped running.
What the...

<"Regigigas! What happened?"> Puffy asked as she approached Regigigas. <"Why'd you stop running?">
<"The Dialga-napper got away,"> Regigigas grumbled. <"I don't care what Dialga or the Arcanine or Gardevoir said--something is definitely not right about Dialga's guardian. He has an evil air about him.">
<"Evil?"> Puffy inquired. <"How so?">
<"Well, my suspicion is that he's in Team Alpha, and that he stole the Pokevice from Dialga's true guardian. He probably used a similar sort of mind-control device to that of Azelf, which the little girl had.">
<"What little girl? And was Azelf really there?">
<"Never mind, you didn't see the battle, did you? He and Rin were battling two Team Alpha members, but he knew those two Alpha members, and hinted at having helped the little girl kidnap Azelf.">
<"Ay, so that means that one of the Guardians is with Team Alpha?!?">
<"No, it means someone from Team Alpha stole Dialga from its Guardian. The next chance I get, I'm gonna clobber that sneaky wolf...">
<"...Wolf?"> Puffy cocked her head to the side.
<"His name is Lupin, dammit,"> Regigigas stated, sounding flustered. It nearly knocked a tree over by punching it. <"And we gotta stop him, and bring Dialga to its senses.">
<"Where's Jemima by the way?">
<"Uhhhh..."> Regigigas wondered, thrown off by the sudden topic change.

Just then, Jemima walked into the clearing where Puffy and Regigigas were. Upon spotting her, Puffy rushed over to talk to her, then flew up to see if she could spot Gon. Then Regigigas patted itself on the head, as if offering Jemima a ride on it. It started running in place for a bit, so as to avoid having to start slow.

Indigo Plateau

Ho-oh and its riders reached Indigo Plateau in no time, and Regigigas made no attempt to stop them. (Maybe because it couldn't fly.) Just as Ho-oh was passing over the entrance to the city, Lupin finally came back to his senses as Rin shook him gently. Rin could tell his body was trembling a bit, as if he was in some sort of pain.
"Oh, right, thanks," he muttered. "Nothing too serious--I was just thinking about... well, it's kind of hard to explain. But I..."

It was then that Lupin saw the entrance to Indigo Plateau below. When he did, he nearly jumped in his seat.
"Quick! We have to hide!" he whispered to Rin. "Look, those Team Alpha people have already spotted us."
Ho-oh's wings were glistening in the last specks of sunlight, in a rainbow of colours. The ring of people standing near the entrance to the city looked up, immediately recognising the legendary bird. One of them pointed.

"Look, isn't that Ho-oh?" one of the men asked the group.
"It looks half the size of the normal Ho-oh," one of the women observed. "Yet it's still able to carry three people somehow."
"Hold on," another man noticed. "One of those 'people' looks more like a Gardevoir. And I think I recognise that... man... there..."
At that moment, Lupin ducked, pressing his body against Ho-oh's so that the people below would not see him.
"Nah, come on, you're joking," the first man commented. "He didn't look like one of the people we saw at the lab. However, that girl there... I did see her..."

The group then began whispering among themselves.
"Knowing them," Lupin guessed, "they're probably talking about capturing your Ho-oh. But I think they're primarily here to discuss another plan that has to do with Virtualmon."

A pause.

"Oh, who is Virtualmon, you ask?" Lupin explained. "Let's just say it's another legendary that has just been discovered--one who presides over everything digital. Hmm..."
Lupin glanced at the group below, as if to see if a specific person was there.
"As I suspected. I think they might be planning to contact Virtualmon--maybe even hack into it--somehow, but it might be a good idea to pick up the details, wouldn't it?"

After a while, Lupin gestured towards an empty toll booth in one of the entrance towers, as if to indicate that that would be a perfect place to spy on this group.

Somehwere in cyberspace

The small Pokemon known as Virtualmon hovered in its control room, an office space surrounded by windows, which opened to an endless sea of zeroes and ones. In the front of this room was a desk, atop which three different computer screens and rows of control panels sat. A teenage girl sat at a chair in front of the desk, typing away at one of the computers. She literally was blue--her hat was blue, her jacket was blue, her hair glowed blue in the fluorescent lights despite the fact that it was actually black...

"That's good, Technicia," Virtualmon complimented in a mechanical yet fairly cute and squeaky voice. "It seems that humans have finally been able to penetrate into the Digital Surrogate Realm, which they have commonly called the Pokeball. Four of them have entered 'Pokeball City', and exited again to the real world. Did they cause any damage to the city?"

"That would be a negative," the girl named Technicia commented. "No Pokemon were captured or damaged, no buildings were vandalised... the only abnormality is that a portal appeared that leads to a place in Lavender Town, Kanto."
"What sort of place?"
"A place called Merlin's Mystic Sanctuary, also the residence of a Vincent Estrel, it looks like. Looks like your everyday fortune-telling shop with the owner living in a flat above. Nothing suspicious, right?"
"But if a portal appeared there that I did not create, it is suspicious."

Virtualmon paced back and forth in the room, turning the sideways-turned wheels that made him hover in contemplation. When done, it turned to Technicia.
"Do you think it could have been either Uxie, Mesprit, or Azelf, who have tampered with the digital on various occasions?"
"I have detected the genetic code for Uxie in the other opening to the city," Technicia noticed, "but the other portal... its creator is ambiguous. In fact, although the IP for this creator had a variation in the last few digits every six seconds, the code otherwise looks like that of a human."
"A human?" Virtualmon exclaimed. "Creating an inter-DSR portal? That is virtually impossible!"
"Do you think it could have been the owner of the Sanctuary?"
"Not likely. Some humans have psychic abilities, true, but it takes specific digital abilities to create a portal such as this. I have allowed the Digi-clone V2--who in human form is Vi Willow--to make such portals, but she very seldom does, and I think you're telling me that the IP is not V2. This is a mystery..."

While Virtualmon was contemplating, Technicia saw something on another of the screens--an alert of an intrusion attempt.

October 13th, 2008, 3:20 PM
As the 3 rode on the back of Ho-oh..Rin stil lgently shaking Lupin..lThe man who had come to her aid when two random Team Alpha Members attacked.

<Rin I don't trust him..Theres something wrong with him.> Ho-oh told her.

<He saved me before..more then I can ever say about anyone else in my life..> Rin said back to Ho-oh her attention turning to the setting sun.

<I just think that you should be wary before you get to FOND of this man.> Ho-oh said worridly.

<Oh please..this isn't one of those fairytales or manga's Ho-oh.> She giggled at her pokemon who still was a bit worried.

<I'm just saying..If this does turn out to be one of those..what was it? Manga? I would still be wary..how did this man know of team Alpha? The regirock and the azelf? How did he know the two team Alpha members? Theres mystery shrouding this man..Its best of you don't reveal to much to him at the moment..he could be a spy.>

<So what if he is a spy? He SAVED me Ho-oh..if he hadn't coem to my aid you'd probably be out of my hands and into another team alpha members clutches..> Rin knew Ho-oh was right..She knew there would be the risk of Lupin being in Team Alpha..What had caused him to speak to her when she was at the lake? Did he know she was there?.. Did he..Follow her?

<Just be careful Rin..> Ho-oh told her as they came upon the plateau.

Rin turned her focus back on Lupin who was trembling slightly. He was Somewhat back to his senses...But he looked like he was in pain..Physical or Emotional..Rin couldn't tell.

"Lupin?" Rin asked him waving her pale hand in front of him.

"Oh, right, thanks," he muttered. "Nothing too serious--I was just thinking about... well, it's kind of hard to explain. But I..." Lupin was still trembling..Ho-oh seemed quite wary. Rin glared at Ho-oh for a moment and then turned back to Lupin.

But Lupin was no lnoger looking at her.. He was looking at the entrence to the Plateau. He seemed to jump 10 feet high when he saw it.. Ho-oh looked at him curiously.

Quick! We have to hide!" he whispered to Rin. "Look, those Team Alpha people have already spotted us."

Ho-oh stopped for a moment and then looked at him..Its feathers glistening in the last nit of sunlight. People were beggining to form at the etrence of the plateau whispering amongst themselves

Rin could hear people say "Isn't that Ho-oh?" and whisper many things..her hearing was good enough to hear almsot everything they said.

"It looks half the size of the normal Ho-oh," one of the women observed. "Yet it's still able to carry three people somehow."

Hold on," another man noticed. "One of those 'people' looks more like a Gardevoir. And I think I recognise that... man... there..."

At this Lupin hid into Ho-ohs feathers liek a frightened child.

<Hmm...> Ho-oh said to Rin..

"Nah, come on, you're joking," the first man commented. "He didn't look like one of the people we saw at the lab. However, that girl there... I did see her..."

At this Rin flinched and muttered a swear word <Ho-oh keep going we have to get out of their sight..Land in the forest behind the plateau!> Ho-oh nodded and as the moon began to rise disappered in the cloak of blackness.

"Knowing them," Lupin guessed, "they're probably talking about capturing your Ho-oh. But I think they're primarily here to discuss another plan that has to do with Virtualmon."

"Erm virtualmon?" Rin asked and then a momentary pause.

"Oh, who is Virtualmon, you ask?" Lupin explained. "Let's just say it's another legendary that has just been discovered--one who presides over everything digital. Hmm..." Lupin s voice grew silent.

"A legendary that presides over everything digital? But digital is man made..How can there be a pokemon out of it?" Rin asked him as the 3 people..er Pokemon and the two other people landed onto the ground gently.

"As I suspected. I think they might be planning to contact Virtualmon--maybe even hack into it--somehow, but it might be a good idea to pick up the details, wouldn't it?"

Rin returned the Ho-oh and Gardevoir and the two walked quietly torwards the Plateau.. Everything was calm and peaceful..Rin liked this Serene peace.

"You know..Your kind of strange yah know that? I mean..You help a girl you don't even know.. Just out of the random blue..Most people I know wouldn't do that. Why did you help me in the first place? I mean was it because you had a score to settle with those two Team Alpha members..or were you just being nice?.. Hmm makes me wonder.. Heh..Its like in those Manga who have those mystery characters..Like if you don't even know if their good or evil and then you think their bad because of the past and stuff..but then turn out to be good in the long run...Strange isn't it?" Rin whispered.. The two continued to wall until Lupin came across n empty tole phone booth.

He gestered at her torwards the phone booth and sher nodded..He seemed to want to spy on the group..

October 13th, 2008, 3:40 PM
When Kazu went backstage to confront Adrian once again. He and Adrian shared yet another staredown. As they continued to stare, Vivian started to speak again and show the matches for the next stage. When Kazu looked up at the screen Adrian pointed to the board as well. He declared that both he and Kazu would be fighting in the first match of the second stage. With that Adrian warned Kazu that he had only two minutes to prepare for their match. Kazu looked at his Pokeball and wondered who Adrian would choose. "Will he use Buziel again or will he switch up his style? I want Courage to battle, but can I really risk such a thing. No I will have to save Courage's full power for another time. My choice is the one who has alot contest under her belt," with that said Kazu puts a Pokeball into a ball seal. With that said Kazu walks onto the stage that him and Courage had just performed. Adrian lets out a grin then releases a Pokemon from his Pokeball. As Kazu awaits for Buziel to appear another pokemon comes out. Out came, in a flurry of multicoloured stars, a Starmie. But this Starmie looked quite different from the usual Starmie. Its many-sided figure looked to be made of pure diamond, material that sparkled with the seven colours of the rainbow as the stage lights hit it. The gem in its core glistened as if it contained a bright, blazing fire, and the golden face around it looked like it had been polished for hours. Oohs and ahhs sounded from the audience, and the four judges (one of which was a Nurse Joy) scribbled frantically on their notebooks. Then, before Kazu could send out a Pokemon, Adrian instructed his Starmie to do its first move combo...
"Okay Jewel, start out with our combination of Hidden Power and Water Gun."

The Starmie jumped up, turned sideways, and spun around, releasing seven glowing orbs in a ring around it. Then it shot a jet of water from its back towards the floor--what an odd place to use Water Gun from, especially one that looked much more powerful than normal. But then the Water Gun did something interesting: it separated into seven lines of water which traveled along the floor a short ways, then shot straight upward, making a circle of seven narrow pillars of water. Each Water Gun hit one of the Hidden Power orbs, and when it did, it spiraled around the orb, shimmering as it passed over its surface. And there were seven of these water-circled orbs. After this process was complete, Jewel stopped spinning and faced forward, then landed gracefully on the floor, orbs still hovering in a ring around it. It looked like it was ready to fire these orbs at whatever Pokemon Kazu sent out...

Kazu looks a little frantic and then lets a grin out on his face. I would have never thought you could have created such a combination, but whatever give it what you want. "Alright time to run the show, Burst," with that Kazu tosses his Pokeball. Smoke pops out of the Pokeball along with a white light. The smoke covers the ring as both Jewel and Adrian stay stunned. As they wait for something a wheel of fire rushes out at them. "Jewel, uses those orbs to smash Flamewheel," the orbs are sent down on the Flamewheel. The orbs smash into the wheel, but Jewel is stunned again. "I have three ribbons, you didn't think I would come in swinging. I always come in styling. Now Burst show them what we're working with!" shouts Kazu pointing to the ground. Jewel looks down and from the ground Burst delivers a Thunder Punch. Jewel flies back and starts to spark with electricity. Jewel starts to shake and tries to wipe off the attack. Burst lets out another smirk and then starts to rush at Jewel again.

Sir Aaron1017
October 20th, 2008, 12:49 PM
With Derek and Gon close to each other, and not going as fast, they were able to talk for a bit, which Derek really wanted so he could figure out what kind of kid this Gon person was. He looked at him out of the corner of his eye for a minute, and the look on his face clearly said he was glad they were going slower.

Thinking back on all that had happened, it amazed Derek at how things were happening so quickly, it made him almost miss not doing anything every day, but not really. He stared off into the sunset again, but was interupted by Gon asking him a question, though it seemed as if Gon was just thinking aloud - He was going to answer even if he was.

"So Derek, what do you think that A thingy meant?" Gon asked. "That A is obviously a sign of Team Alpha--but what could they be doing at the Indigo Plateau?"

"Who knows, but whatever they are doing, it's probably not good. We need to try to keep an open mind and try to understand what they are planning, and try to help out of if we can." Derek replied.

"Come to think of it, I heard a while back of a similar occurrence. The same A appeared when some Team Alpha members broke into Professor Rowan's lab--you know, in Sinnoh--and stole some Pokemon. Among them was my cousin's Rapidash--that's how I know. I can't fathom what business they'd be doing here--stealing Moltres' flame? something to do with the supposed murders?--but I think we might be about to find out..."

"We can only hope that they aren't behind the murders, otherwise this situation just got alot more dangerous..." he paused, not even daring to finish what he was thinking. He didn't want to scare Gon. "Oh yes, we will find out soon enough, whether they want us to or not."

After his brief statement, they rode for a while without talking, but Gon broke the silence once again. "Hey look!" he shouted. "There's the stadium!"

Just as Gon had said, the Indigo Plateau was coming into view, the Pokemon League stadium towering over the rest of the area in a prestigious fashion. It was this exact stadium that Rayquaza and Blaze soon flew over, but when they did, they saw, right next to where the torch would be, a group of people. Well, mostly people--there was also an Alakazam in their midst.

"I wonder if that's the Alakazam I battled earlier... Alex the Great's if I can remember correctly... what a coward..." Derek thought. It felt as if it had been days ago, not a few hours. Alot had happened in a short while.

Gon broke Derek out of his trance by saying "...Isn't that Ho-oh?"

Derek looked around, and saw the last flash of the rainbow-colored bird landing in the forest surrounding the stadium.

"I remember seeing a Ho-oh back at the lab, so that's one of the other Guardians - I think it belonged to... Rin? I am not sure. Do you think we should meet up with them?" he said, pointing to where the bird had disapeared into the trees. "It's up to you, I said I would follow you here, so you get to decide."

Derek just stared at Gon, waiting for him to make a descision.

October 20th, 2008, 7:37 PM
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"So what do you think they are planning Lupin?" Rin whispered. The two looked within the plateau quietly spying on the Alpha members. As she viewed the scene and kept out of sight she heard two of the members talking.

"So what of virtulamon?" the alpha member said..but Rin couldn't hear the rest..Her attention turned to two people flying what appeared to be a pokemon.

"Huh?...Isn't that..?" Rin whispered trying to make out the pokemon the two people were riding on.She could make out the strange markings on the long slender pokemon...And she could soon see its Emerald Green color.

"Rayquaza?" Rin thought to herself. "It must be another guardian but who had the rayquaza..I can't rember.."

Rin closed her eyes for a minute trying to process everything that was happening. Ho-oh appeared before her looking at her questionably.

"Rin? Whats wrong? You seem troubled." Ho-oh looked at her.

"Something nagging at me..It feels like I've forgotten something..." Rin whispered.

"Forgotten something?" Ho-oh looked at her.

"Yes..Like..I've forgotten something..and it feels..important..It has something to do with my past but..I haven't thought abotu my past in a long time.." Rin mumbled.

"Rin-chan!" A little voice called out to her.

"Huh?" Rin looked around as did Ho-oh.

"Where did that sound come from?" Ho-oh hissed.

"Rin-chan! lets go play okay!" the voice called out to her.

"But I ne-..............Konan...?" Rin suddenly whispered that name..A memory of an old friend..Her only friend..who had mvoed away a few years after Rin started being abused by her parents..

"Konan who's Konan?" Ho-oh asked her.

"She was my only childhood friend..She moved away shortly after well.." Rin mumbled.

"And why are you suddenly remembering this?" Ho-oh asked her.

Rin snapped to her senses when she saw a member with a big A on it..and someone called out to the women..

"Hey Konan!" One of the other members said. Rin gave a smile gasp..Her childhood friend had joined team Alpha??

She stood there lookig at her once good friend.. She stood there choking back an oncommnig lump in her throat...

"That can't be her..Can it?..." Rin whispered..

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October 27th, 2008, 8:04 PM
After the Thunderpunch that Burst had just delivered Jewel hit the ground and bounced. Kazu believed that the battle was close to over, but something felt weird. Then without warning the contest hall starts to shake. Adrian's watch begins blinking and a smile goes on to his face. "I did enjoy this contest, but I have a mission to get to. However, before I go I need to take you down. How about I give you something as goodbye gift." Adrian throws two more Pokeballs. He summons a Ursaring and Blake, the Buziel. Blake rushes at Burst with an Aqua Jet and knocks her back. "Hey you the contest battles are one-on-one you are now disaqualified," shouts the announcer. Ursaring looks at the announcer and releases a Hyper Beam. The announcer braces for impact, but Kazu quickly moves her out of the way. Kazu and Adrian both grin then Kazu throws two more Pokeballs. Courage and Jabber both jump out. Courage turns around and runs behind Kazu. "Come on Courage you can when this. This is what we have been waiting for, a match against Blake. I want you to show them the power I know you have had for a long time." said Kazu. Courage joins Burst and Jabber on the battlefield. Ursaring starts off with Hammer Arm on Jabber, Blake uses Aqua Jet on Courage, and Burst battles Jewel. Jabber jumps on Courage's back, Courage shoots Water Pulse, Burst rides the wave and uses Flamethrower along with the water. The Three Pokemon are consumed by the attacks and are confused by the Water Pulse. The Flamethrower causes a burning effect. "I don't need to overpower, but just really out perform you. Now let's get this together Courage Crabhammer, Jabber Poison Jab, and Burst Flame Wheel." Ursaring jumps in front uses Hyper Beam and knocks Burst away. Courage looks over and is slammed with an Iron Tail attack. Jabber is not so easily distracted and jabs Jewel out of the battle. Jabber starts chuckling, but then he is cut short when Blake uses Iron Tail again. Burst rushes in with a Flame Wheel, but Ursaring simply stands as a shield with a Hammer Arm attack. When they collide both Burst and Ursaring are knocked out. The only Pokemon remaining are Blake and Courage, the way Kazu wanted it to be. "Courage, show me what you've got and a whole lot more, Aqua Jet." "Blake, don't let that coward show you up, Aqua Jet." Both trainers commanded their Pokemon. The attacks collide together and the water around them dissipates. The two Pokemon stop using attacks and simply slap each other with their claws and paws. Courage hits Blake in the face, Blake smacks Courage on the head, and they continue as such. "Enough, use Water Pulse!" The trainers both order again. The two Pokemon jump back and attack with Water Pulse. The water goes into the air and hits the entire battlefield. Everyone looks down to see the victor. Everyone is shocked to see that Courage has smacked into Kazu, which has knocked them both out. Adrian activates his watch and starts speaking into it. "I have done what you asked and i will now bring Kazu to you. Tell those grunts to send that helicopter down." Adrian walks over and puts Kazu over his shoulder.

Sweet Dreams
November 16th, 2008, 12:25 AM
Sharky shot over the forest surrounding the stadium, before the Pidgeot she had been riding on landed gracefully on the grassy plain. She disembarked, slightly wobbly, very pale, and her eyes closed. Celebi whizzed around the bird Pokemon's head. *Thank you so much for helping us get here! I'm eternally grateful to you and your kin! See ya later!* Celebi carried out a few cartwheels in the air to emphasize just how happy it was. The Pidgeot just gave a screech in acknowledgment and took off.

'I'm not sure why I let you do that,' Sharky muttered, opening her eyes to see a group of people a few yards away, gawking up at another bird. Without speaking, she took out her Pokevice and withdrew the small green legendary before the people spotted her. She knew more than to let everybody see valuable Pokemon. Heck, Blaine, Cinnabar's Gym leader, had once almost gotten his Pokemon stolen.

Celebi had, back at Viridian, led Sharky into the forest and had just politely asked for help from a fast Pokemon. Quite a few candidates arrived on the scene, especially after it had been confirmed that the one asking was Celebi. The small, child-like Pokemon had gone through the roof with joy at the willingness of the Pokemon, and selected the Pidgeot. Which was how they'd managed to arrive at a speed she had never imagined humanely - or Pokemonly - possible. But, now that she was there in front of the stadium with no other legendaries or Guardians in sight, since the rainbow bird disappeared, Sharky had no idea what to do. She considered her options.

She could stay there and wait for something to happen, or she could try and find the others. She chose the third option; go and ask those people for directions, mainly because a couple of them had said that they had seen the people somewhere before. And they looked rather suspicious. Was there even a tournament on? Sharky pursed her lips, aware that this could, and probably would, turn very bad, very soon.

She tapped a woman on the shoulder, inwardly bracing herself for the worst. 'Have you seen my father around?' She asked grimly.