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June 8th, 2008, 1:27 PM
A Journey (13+)

So basically, I want to do a journey RP. You know, where the trainer goes out and battles Gym Leaders across various regions in order to become the very best? Yep, there really isn’t more of a plot than that. Of course, there’ll be various plot twists along the way and the roleplayers must remember that we are going by the games’ mechanisms. I am classifying this roleplay as literate.That means that if you do not have a good concept of the English language, you will probably not be accepted and should I allow you to roleplay alongside my clarem of other roleplayers but you don’t seem to be up to standard, you will be rejected. And I will laugh.

Things I suppose you need to know before we start the roleplay:
Assuming this is a journey roleplaying game, which, you know, it is, there are certain things you all need to know about the roleplay before we can get going. For instance, starter Pokemon. I know we all know how the games work, with a trio of annoying badgers that we have to choose between, but I think it would be better if we either did one of the two following options:

You could list your preferred starter Pokemon. It would have to be in its base evolutionary stage, of course, and legendaries are not allowed. Should you be starting with a Dratini or other Pokemon like that beast, you should be able to come up with a story as to why you were given such an amazing Pokemon. Maybe you knew the professor, maybe you did not. I don’t know, use your brains, people.

Or, I (or the other accepted roleplayers) could decide on your starter Pokemon based on what we think fits you. What I mean is, what Pokemon we think fits your personality, the way you post or whatever. Personally, I think this way is slightly more fun, but you can decide on which option you want to take.

The region we start in is another thing that must be noted, I suppose it’ll be a vote between Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh.

Other than those two things, I can’t see any other major obstacle that needs to be figured out. If anyone can think of something, please don’t hesitate to tell me.

Unfortunately for today’s roleplaying society, it is customary to create rules for your roleplay, for rules are the very foundation of civilisation. Normally, I’m a lax person when it comes to rules but there are a few things you must not do:

If I catch you making your character act like a Mary-Sue, it will most likely be your last ever post in the roleplay.

If your character tends to catch a dozen Pokemon in about six posts, the believability of the roleplay deteriorates rapidly, which no one wants, so please, keep your characters believable. I’m sure the literate roleplayers I accept into this roleplay will understand what I mean by believability which means there is not a need to elaborate.

Sign-Up Form:
Annoying, I know, but every roleplay needs a form in which roleplayers can sign-up with. Basically, I want to make this as daunting a task possible I can for you, so please do your best to fill this out.

Name: I suppose all character biographies start somewhere. Your character’s name could range between George or Sir Jake Anthony Wigglesworth Timmons.
Age: We’re keeping it canon. Ten years of age is the norm. Sue me.
Gender: I don’t take too well to smartalecs.
Personality: So, what does your character act like? Let’s try and get it as close to the roleplayer’s personality as that way, you’ll never be out of character. Unless you go all emo on me. Don’t.
History: It’s not that important, I’ll admit, but I feel like annoying you all. Tell me your character’s history. Two paragraphs is the minimum because I’m mean.
Appearance: I refuse to look at photographs or images, provide me with a written description of your character in order to let me and other roleplayers see the imagry you can create.
Hometown: I assume that they can’t all come from a tiny town such as Pallet, so where does your character hail from?
Preferred Starter Pokemon: You can choose between stating your character’s preferred starter Pokemon or you can tell us that you want us to pick your character’s Pokemon for you.

June 8th, 2008, 6:35 PM
A journey RPG... Sounds fun and simple. Guess I'll get to making a character for it! (and totally not base her off a character mentioned in one of my fanfics)

Name: Amelia Yukon
Age: Ten, I suppose...
Gender: Girl

Personality: Very energetic and peppy, Amelia tends to be quite a happy-go-lucky kind of person. She lives and strives for fun and thrills, but has an extremely rushy way of doing everything, which often annoys others. In fact, she can be more than a bit bossy when things don't go her way, and refuses to let anything stop her from getting or doing what she wants. Once she calms down though (or at least when she's as calmed down as she can get), Amelia is outgoing and friendly, as if she never got worked up in the first place.

Though it's hard to imagine Amelia acting anything near level-headed, when things become serious her entire personality seems to undergo a transformation. She starts to act like a mature and responsible young adult rather than the childish, naiive little girl she normally is. In a tight situation, she understands that her usual happy and occasionally stubborn attitude will get her nowhere. In this respect, she actually proves herself to be more intelligent than meets the eye.

If Amelia sets a goal, she will achieve it, no matter what. With fierce determination backed by an optimistic take on life, there is little doubt that she can do whatever she sets her mind to.

History: Born in the city of Hearthome, Sinnoh, Amelia was the second and last child her parents had. From the start, she and her sister Ameri, who surpassed her by four years of age, were close siblings who cared deeply for each other. The first few years of Amelia's life were calm and simple; she lived as an average toddler would, being fascinated by small joys and bits of knowledge.

Between the ages of three and four, the family moved to a cozy, pleasant, cottage-like house in Solaceon Town. One reason for this was that Amelia's parents thought their daughters would be better off growing up in a small, peaceful little town rather than the big city. However, the main reason for the big move was that Ameri and Amelia's grandparents lived in Solaceon, and ran the renowned Day-Care Center. Seeing as both girls were interested in Pokemon, it became apparent that a place where hundreds of them came every year would be perfect. And it was perfect, indeed.

And so, a few more years of peace and quiet ensued. Amelia started school, and like her sister before her was soon making exceptional progress, taking great pride in being one of the top students in her class. Eventually her sister adopted a baby Pokemon her grandmother gave her from the Day Care Center. Even though Ameri did not embark on a Pokemon journey as a trainer, she did begin battling for fun, and Amelia became intrigued by her and her fiesty little Cyndaquil. All previous ideas of what to do when she grew up were forgotten in a matter of weeks. Amelia was going to be a Pokemon trainer.

Finally, Amelia's tenth birthday arrived. She was more excited than she had ever been in her entire life, for now she had reached the official age that allowed her to start a Pokemon journey. Once she finished one last year of school, summer welcomed and encouraged her to head off on the quest of her life. And so, after deciding where to go and saying her farewells to her family, she did just that.

Appearance: Amelia's shoulder-length, brownish-colored hair is almost never well brushed. If it's not in a scraggly ponytail (which it usually is), then it's a tangled mess comparable to a Spearow's nest. On days when it is particularly messy, she often wears a bandana over it to make it less noticable. Her eyes are bright, forest-green, and very expressive. She has pale white skin dotted in a few places with small freckles.

One look at the clothing she wears will tell you that Amelia's favorite color is, obviously, green. Green shirts, a couple grass-colored jackets, pale olive pants... The only things she is ever seen wearing that aren't green are occasional blue jeans and a white scarf when it's cold outside. Even her backpack is a woodsy, forest color.

Small and thin in build, Amelia really isn't that impressive in appearance. Though she is a bit tall, she is naturally quite skinny and seems to lack much muscle whatsoever. Of course, this doesn't ever keep her from doing anything. She knows that size doesn't matter at all.

Hometown: Hearthome, Sinnoh
Preferred Starter Pokemon: Hm... I'll say Sandshrew. (Also, when we find out our starter, are we allowed to give it any unique traits or quirks? Most RPGs allow/require you to describe the personality and appearance of a trainer's Pokemon, but seeing as in this one the RPer doesn't necissarilly decide their starter, will we just narrate that when the RPG starts?)
Preferred Starter Region: Jhoto; come on, who doesn't love it?

June 8th, 2008, 7:31 PM
Name: Bobby Baker
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Personality: Bobby has a laid back personality prefering to take the easy road insted of the hard road. He has a very optimistic view on life and always believes that whatever happens, happens and that you should get over it. Always smiling he uplifts everyone around him. When he's not exploring or battling, he's usually eating or sleeping. He has trouble making friends, but for those he has he defends them furiously. If he sees a friend in trouble or someone hurting a Pokemon, his anger ignites. However while he may be quick to anger, he is also quick to forgive, which is his biggest weakness.
History: Bobby was born in Olivine City and lived in a lonley world for 6 years. He had lived a sheltered life as when he was born, he almost died by an unknown disease. It looked like Bobby wasn't long for this world. He was a fighter though and manged to pull through. For the next six years Bobby was sheltered and sick quite often. He then met Jasmine. Bobby had been trapped in a land slide, as he was tired of being sheltered and went to go exploring against his mothers wishes. He was wondering near the beach when the strong winds knocked the rocks off. No one was around so he cried. Soon a young girl found him buried and called apon her Onix for help. When he was free, she let him borrow her Magnimite so that they could have a battle. Which he lost. And mulitple times after that. He found out that her name was Jasmine and they soon became inseperable.

While Bobby viewed her as an older sister, she saw him as the cute young boy. As years went by, their roles reveresed as Bobby became the outspoken one, and Jasmine became the quiet one. Jasmine soon became the Gym Leader of Olivine City because of her amazing battling skills and Bobby no longer had time to see her. So with a plan in mind he set out to become a Pokemon Trainer so that he could battle her and prove her once and for all he was better than her.
Appearance: Bobby has a mess of curly black hair that is always covered by a red bandanna. He wears goggles on the top of his head that let him see in snow, rain, sandstorms etc. As he has spent most of his life outside with Jasmine, Bobby is very tan. He has dark brown eyes and is quite lean. What he lacks in muscle he makes up for in speed. Wears a dark brown jacket with a black shirt underneath. Wears dirty blue pants and black/gold shoes.
Hometown: Olivine City, Johto
Preferred Starter Pokemon: I'm gonna go ahead and let you pick, sounds more fun
Preferred Starter Region: Johto

June 8th, 2008, 8:14 PM
Sounds pretty fun...

Name- Brady
Age- Eleven
Gender- Male
Personality- Brady has been a very shy boy his whole life being a single child. He doesn't talk much to anybody, except his father's Marill, who he occasionally takes care of. Brady's shyness sometimes makes him a little cold around people he doesn't know by mistake, but sweet and compassionate for people he knows and pokemon. But behind shy side is a brave and fiery side that Brady hasn't discovered yet.

History- Brady was born and raised in New Bark Town. He grew up as a normal kid, going to school, playing some sports, and spending time with his family. He was born an only child which made him shy, lonely, and longing for a friend. He would usually spend whole days on the couch, and when his mother would ask him how school was, he would just mumble an answer.

The only thing Brady would talk to a lot were pokemon, especially his father's marill. He was constantly taking care of it way more than his father. But then one day his father left on a pokemon journey with Marill, (you're never too old to begin a pokemon journey) and Brady was left all alone again. He decided that one day he would break his shyness by going on a pokemon journey.

Appearance-Brady is average height. He has average length blond hair that he usually keeps combed down. Brady always wears the same outfit: a white jacket and long khaki shorts. He has large, serious green eyes that can sometimes intimidate people who look at him.
Hometown- New Bark Town
Preferred Starter- Pick anyone you want
Region- Johto

June 8th, 2008, 10:29 PM
Name: William Watt
Age: 10
Gender: Male

Personality: William is a difficult person to get along with. He is intelligent and a quick learner, frequently displaying cognitive ability above that of his peers. Worse than his intelligence itself is that he knows he is intelligent and makes damn sure everyone else does too. He's an arrogant and conniving individual, and he absolutely loves being the center of attention. His major problem is, unlike a typical overly arrogant person, he's more than competent leaving few opportunities for others to knock him down a peg... or ten. He likes to push the envelop, questioning and breaking rules. He also holds a malicious streak inside himself, one that threatens to burst whenever he is shown up by one of his peers.

Despite all his negatives however, William is not an evil person. He is extremely devoted to anything he puts his mind to, and has a constant desire to prove himself the best. He is dedicated and trustworthy, he never breaks his word; to do so would mean he failed and therefore would no longer be the best. When he is not studying or showing off he enjoys having fun and pulling pranks, but his desire to be the best overrides all other drives and motivations.

History: Born in New Bark Town William was an only child. His father worked as a research assistant for Professor Elm, and drilled him from a young age on Pokemon facts. As a result William was always ahead of his class in school, frequently scoring top marks. William enjoyed this, frequently basking in the attention of his classmates. As he grew older he had to study more and more to maintain his status as the most intelligent kid in the class and as a result knows far more about Pokemon than almost anyone his age. His parents didn't help the situation, frequently heaping praise on him and he grew arrogant and very proud of his knowledge. Some of his classmates loved him, others loathed him for his condescending attitude. William basked in the attention.

As he grew older, and other kids began to excel in other ways, William became anxious to keep his status as the best. The first time he ever got the second best score on a test, he dived headfirst into his studies for weeks eager to win back his 'position'. Some of his former sycophants began to ignore him in favor of others, or to excel in sports or outside of school. He began to play pranks as his supporters dwindled, thrusting him back into the spotlight. He never really made any real friends, instead filling his time with studying and pranking.

Appearance: Short and thin, he has short brown hair and brown eyes. He wears wire-rim glasses and has a near-constant smirk. His skin is lightly freckled and untanned.

He wears very flamboyant clothes, his shirt a bright orange. He wears a gray jacket with an interesting flame motif on the sleeves. He wears gloves, leather, in order to protect his hands. William's pants are dark blue and he has sturdy hiking boots on his feet. His belt has a buckle in the shape of pokeball. He also constantly wears a green fishing hat his father gave him for his ninth birthday.

His Backpack is huge in order to carry everything he deems necessary. It is a dark brown, offset by his personal addition of uneven silver lightning bolts to make it look more cool.

Hometown: New Bark Town, Johto
Preferred Starter Pokemon: Murkrow or Chinchou
Preferred Starter Region: Johto, possibly Sinnoh

June 9th, 2008, 3:37 AM
Name: Robin Jay Ryder (Prefers to be called Ryder)

Age: Ten

Gender: Female

Personality: Ryder is a tom boy and it shows in bother her personality and interests. She likes nothing more than playing a few video games or having a good Pokemon battle. She’s quite friendly but doesn’t take to kindly to those who think they are better than her or are stuck up; she refuses to believe that select people deserve to have titles and therefore comes across as a little bit of a rebel. She’s quite witty and sarcastic and comes across rather cocky in her skills and Pokemon, but this does not make her an awful person, perhaps a little annoying at the most but nothing too drastic. She doesn’t believe in doing anything she doesn’t want to and nearly always has an opposite view on things to everyone else (some believe her to just be awkward in this sense.) She’s very protective of her friends and Pokemon and would stand up to anyone who meant any harm to them, quite foolish of her but your guaranteed to have a friend for life if you don’t manage to get on her bad side.

In a group it’s quite obvious that Ryder likes to be the leader and gets a little jealous if she is not recognized as such. She does tend to get rather awkward and sometimes take an instant dislike to anyone that overrules her in terms of leadership but she normally just gets on with it if she is not too fussed with the outcome, she will simply do things her own way regardless. Over all she is a rather spunky and fun loving kid, but doesn’t take too well to being told what to do by others.

History: Ryder was born in Saffron city in Kanto before moving to Cinibar Island where she still remains until this day. Her mother was a scientist dedicated to finding out the mysteries of the said to be extinct Pokemon, Mew amongst other legendary Pokemon. As a result Ryders father left them when she was five to go exploring and the pair have not seen him since, they are unaware if he is alive or dead and to this day wonder if they will ever see him again. Either way Ryder loves her life on the island and helps every year in the countless festivals that take place regularly on the island to keep it going, she is of the belief that the tattoo’s on her face along with the multiple piercings were a result of the many costumes and get-ups she wore when she was a tad younger. To this day Ryder takes part in at least three festivals every year and always prefers to be the leader of a small group or the star of a large show.

Amongst the many festivals she accompanies her mother to both the Pokemon mansion and the caves that lay to the East of the small island. She has taken a great interest in the legends of forgotten Pokemon and shares a great bond with her mother in they’re love for what they do. Ryder has sworn that she has seen multiple signs of a legendary ice bird that she believes to be Articuno in the caves and has ever since dedicated an obsessive amount of time to finding it and reading everything she can find about the birds past, but she has been unsuccessful in any findings so far. As for mew, well Ryder believes there to be no such thing, no matter how much research the pair have done they have not come any closer to unveiling its mysteries.

Until this day Ryder has been content on living her life on the island, but she could not pass up an opportunity to take the journey of a life time when the Professor sent out a letter inviting her to start her own Pokemon journey. She promised her mom that she would unveil every secret of the legendary Pokemon when she was gone and would report back to her on a regular basis.

Appearance: Ryder has short layered hair which only manages to cup her face. The ‘fringe is flicked to one side giving her a boyish look, but not enough so as she is completely devoided of her girlish features, in fact it makes her look quite charming. Her hair is dark red in color which stands in stark contrast to her wide emerald green eyes. Her skin is lightly tanned and her physique is rather thin and frail but still manages to keep its well built frame. Her preferred clothing consists of a black strappy top which is then covered by another top of the same design, the only difference being that this top is orange in color and is slightly shorter so as not to completely cover the black top below. A pair of three quarter length blue jeans is her preferred choice of bottoms which fail to reach the pair of clumpy black trainers with orange laces that cover her feet. A pair of black studded leather belts wrap around her waste (creating a sort of criss cross on her behind) keeping the baggy trousers from hitting the ground. In cold weather she wears a black leather coat which is decorated with silver clasps and buttons, in the warm weather this is simply thrown around her waist until needed.

Ryder is a fan of accessories and so to begin are the silver hoops that decorate the very top of her right ear and the orange gem ball that has been embedded into her tongue. Another addition to her appearance is the loan red, triangular tattoo that runs from beneath her right eye to just above her jaw, so far she has told no one where she had gotten it from. Multiple chains hang from the belts around her waist and a pair of fingerless gloves graces her artistic hands as well as an area of orange, black and brown bracelets to decorate her wrists. Around her neck is a shark tooth necklace which she has never taken off lest she be showering or sleeping. Ryder also has an orange backpack she carries with her holding the most part of her equipment and clothes and last but not least is the orange pair of goggles that she wears around her head.

Hometown: Cinnabar Island, Kanto

Preferred Starter Pokemon: You choose please!

Preferred Starter Region: Johto

June 9th, 2008, 4:09 PM
Name: "DJ" David James Asterton

Age: 11, because I dare to be different.

Gender: Male

Personality: David is your average shy guy, when he's with a big group of people he doesn't know he's quiet, but then when he's with his few close friends you can't get him to shut up. Also, he likes to think that he's tough even though he really isn't. You'll see him talking smack to his friends about the bully he met the otherday, and then once the bully is back in the picture he's cowering behind a tree.

David is however a very skillful trainer, well atleast he thinks so. David focus' on strategy rather than raw power when it comes to battling, or he plans to do this once he recieves his first pokemon. David loves to play with pokemon and has no fear of running up to wild pokemon to say hello, often enough he would be pecked, scratched and even flamethrowered for his openess.

History: David was born into this world through his parents, Mikayla and Richard Asterton, and was raised in a very caring and loving home. His father worked for the local gym, the Cerulean Gym, as a referee for the gym battles. David's mother worked at the Pokemon Center part time, helping with the miniscule nursing needs while Nurse Joy did all the heavy lifting. David's two loyal companions were his dad's Shinx and his mothers Roselia, the three off them running off on little miny adventures that kept David busy every afternoon.

David was homeschooled, and unfortunately for him caused him to lack in social skills. His tutor, an old geezer of a man, used a lot of corny analogys during his teaching sessions and it, sadly, rubbed off on David in a little way.

Fast forwarding through time, David constantly was around various types of pokemon, seeing as his dad worked for a Gym and his mom with the Pokemon Center. David learned to be kind and affectionate to all pokemon, no matter what their outside appearance said of them because they were all the same inside.

And with his eleventh birthday just passing, David plans to begin his pokemon journey and make the best of it.

Appearance: Light blonde hair is what sits atop of David's head and it is always kept cut short. Long hair was never a thing for him, always in the way and distracting him from the smallest of events. Moving downwards, we come to David's favorite black jacket, hoodless of course, that glimmers in the sunlight. Okay, well it doesn't really glimmer anymore since he's had it for a really long time, but it never hurts to remember good memories does it? Under his jacket is a plain red t-shirt. How one could go into further detail about that would be truly amazing, well besides stating that its more of a darker red than a fire engine one.

Now making way to the lower quarters, we have a simple pair of beige khakis that are slightly baggy, giving David some room to breathe, and we finish the outfit off with some black sneakers and laces. The sneakers slightly banged up, them being about two years old, but the pants and red shirt were brand new given to him by his mom for his journey. Also he carries a red and orange backpack, and wears a necklace that can carry one pokeball on it.

Hometown: Pastoria City, Sinnoh Region

Preferred Starter Pokemon: I want you guys to pick my pokemon for me, and if I don't like it I'll explain why I want a Dratini.

Preferred Starter Region: I've always favored Sinnoh, but from what I've seen Johto is going to win.

(OOC: I kind of got lazy with this, something happened while I was writing it, but I'm more than willing to edit it later.)

JX Valentine
June 10th, 2008, 7:45 AM
Name: Emma Finn
Age: Ten
Gender: Female
Personality: Think of the stereotypical red-head, and one would realize that Emma makes no effort to contradict it. She's often bold, blunt, and outgoing and friendly when she wants to be (especially around girls), but this often translates into sheer hotheadedness because, frankly, she doesn't give a damn what any other kid her age thinks. Although not exactly rash, Emma is also proud (and slightly vain and egotistical), and she's likely to combine her pride with her temper if she ever gets into a fight by continuing until she can humiliate her opponent as much as possible. On top of that, her vanity causes her to snap at anyone who might have insulted her.

Wielding both a strong sense of determination and above average intelligence, Emma's policy is getting the job done at any cost and maybe fixing someone else's mess along the way (or at least sitting back to watch the mess happen). She has the unfortunate tendency to believe that no one her age does better work than she does, so she takes delight in not only correcting others when she gets a chance but also showing off by doing whatever her rivals can do – but better (in her mind, at least). Of course, she doesn't think of herself as obnoxious (as opposed to, most likely, many people around her). She just has a streak of hidden insecurity that she prefers to cover up by proving to herself and others that she really is better than most people.

Oddly enough, around adults, her friends, and her own Pokémon, it's a different story. To adults, she's nothing but polite and obedient, a friendly child who's always willing to help. To her friends, she's loyal and adventurous, someone to turn to for advice on how to look cute and stand up for oneself. To her Pokémon, she's actually a kind and enthusiastic partner, one who will push a Pokémon hard but still refrain from doing anything that would permanently injure them.

Finally, Emma is a girl. Even at the age of ten, she wants to believe she's a "mature grown up," and she does so by constantly wearing cute dresses and, on occasion, makeup. She also seems to be interested in older boys, though she ultimately feels that she should be superior to most boys (hence her usual tone of indifferent bluntness around males her age).
History: Born in Celadon City, Emma lived for most of her life as the only child to a stay-at-home mother and a father who sold TMs in the local department store. Because the latter made decent money, Emma led a fairly quiet life, free from the stresses of poverty but without the glitz and guarantee for everything that the wealthy had. Emma was happy. Her mother frequently took her out to parks and praised her whenever she succeeded, and her father came home every afternoon to be with the family.

And then, her sister Nina was born.

At first, Emma was delighted to have a younger sibling, but eventually, the novelty of the idea wore off. Her mother no longer had as much time to play with her in the park because she couldn't get anyone to watch Nina, and the praise came as a distracted, off-hand comment while she took care of Nina. Meanwhile, her father had to work harder because his salary couldn't support four people without some overtime, so he came home later and later.

To Emma, this meant that Nina was stealing the spotlight. So, Emma began to act out. At first, her parents labeled it as a "phase" while Emma drew on walls in crayon, pulled heads off dolls, and generally acted like a little brat. When Emma realized this tactic wasn't getting her attention, she opted instead on developing her voice, transitioning from a quiet, happy-go-lucky little girl to the bold and brash girl she is today. Her parents still tried to juggle their attention between Nina and Emma (not focusing on one or the other when Nina grew old enough to walk, talk, and idolize her older sister), but Emma still felt neglected.

A few years of this passed since Nina was born, and Emma eventually hit her tenth birthday. While she previously had only a mild interest in Pokémon (and even then, she mostly paid attention to the cute ones like Clefairy or the Oddish and Bellsprout in the local Gym), she still looked forward to becoming a Pokémon trainer to prove to herself that she's worthy of attention and to show her parents that she can do something Nina can't.
Appearance: Emma stands at average height for her age, and she often does so with her back ruler-straight. Her frame is fairly thin and is often clad in some kind of girly outfit. At the moment, her favorite includes a white prairie skirt that falls to just below her knees and an emerald green tank top under a denim jacket that seems to be one size too big for her. Her bright, red hair falls just past her shoulders. Considering her vanity streak, she makes an effort each morning to brush it straight and carefully adorn it with a white headband. On her feet, she wears a pair of red and white tennis shoes, covering the toes of a pair of white socks with blue rabbits stitch into the tops. Her only jewelry are a pair of silver stud earrings and a pink, plastic watch on her wrist (which is sometimes not seen because of the length of her jacket's sleeve).

She's pale-skinned and, even at her age, tries her best to keep it clear. Thus, she feels a bit irritated at the spray of freckles across her otherwise pale nose, just under her sharp, tea-colored eyes.

Many of her possessions on this journey will be carried in a red backpack (matching her shoes) with several key chains sporting charms of small cartoon animals dangling from the zippers. It's a wise idea not to attempt to cut these key chains off, even if they aren't practical.
Hometown: Celadon City, Kanto
Preferred Starter Pokemon: For hilarity's sake (and because I'm a lazy twerp), go ahead and choose for me. Anything but Grimer, if that's all right.
Preferred Starter Region: To be different, I'll say Kanto.

June 12th, 2008, 2:52 PM
Name: Dustin Blackwood

Age: Ten

Gender: Male

Personality: Dustin is a particularly shy individual, and often accidentally hides behind the childish innocence conveyed by his bashfulness. He does not shirk his duties as given to him by those such as his parents, but does not go out of his way to do his best work. His timidity masks his true calculating manner. When enraged, Dustin typically lets loose a slew of cold remarks, but apologizes after the awkward silence that ensues. He does not enjoy conflict, but he is not entirely opposed to competition.


Being as shy and low-key as he is, Dustin's parents gradually began to take less notice of him. They had classy dinner parties with local families, and typically would only greet him in order to show him off to the guests. Naturally, he has dealt with a decent amount of cheek-pinching. His painfully cold interior reflected the negligence that he had interpreted his parents' behavior to represent.

His parents, of course, did not have any intention of doing emotional harm to their only son, but had grown so caught up in the social atmosphere of Viridian City that they could hardly balance their jobs with their "obligatory" party invitations. (The following applies only if Dustin actually can have Teddiursa) Dustin's father, who had been a fairly good trainer in his prime, decided to find a companion for Dustin. With Professor Oak's permission and warnings, he made a trip to Mount Silver, where he found and hatched a Teddiursa egg.

(back to general history)
Upon reaching the age of ten, Dustin had at last decided to set out on a journey to prove himself worthy of some self-esteem, and to show his parents what they had been missing.


Dustin's hair consists of varying shades of brown. It is straight, but thick and rather messy. It almost appears to spray downward.

He has amber eyes, and his youthfulness makes them seem even bigger than they actually are. His skin is lightly tanned.

He typically is clothed in a dark brown windbreaker with no undershirt. He has an orange string necklace, which is usually seen only when he has removed the jacket (the zipper goes about halfway up his neck). He also has faded black jean shorts that end at the knees. His hiking shoes match his jacket, being primarily dark brown, but with black rubber trim.

Dustin's black drawstring backpack hangs loosely from his shoulders, and is usually not even noticed because it is often in the shadow of the windbreaker's hood.

Hometown: Viridian City

Preferred Starter Pokemon: Teddiursa

Preferred Starter Region: Johto

June 14th, 2008, 10:50 AM
So, Oni Raichu, do you an idea of when this is going to start? And then I also wanted to know who is in and who isn't. Thanks.

June 15th, 2008, 2:45 PM
Because my multi-quote is an epic fail, I'm going to have to tell you all whether you are accepted or rejected in a different manner.


I loved the personality.

(Also, when we find out our starter, are we allowed to give it any unique traits or quirks? Most RPGs allow/require you to describe the personality and appearance of a trainer's Pokemon, but seeing as in this one the RPer doesn't necissarilly decide their starter, will we just narrate that when the RPG starts?)

Yeah, it's more or less instant improvisation with how you want your Pokemon to act like. They're living creatures, not robotical machines.

Preferred Starter Region: Jhoto; come on, who doesn't love it?

Normally the people that can't spell Johto correctly.

Anyways, accepted.



I was very close to saying your biography was a bit unbelievable, especially with the fact that your character nearly died when he was a baby because of some unknown disease, but I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt. You're accepted.

Preferred Starter Pokemon: I'm gonna go ahead and let you pick, sounds more fun

Yes, it is more fun. Now, due to your lax nature and you're characters determination, I'm giving you a Farfetch'd. I decided to challenge you.



You're post made my eyes bleed. It's twenty to three in the morning and I really amn't bothered to point out why your sign-up was bad, but let's just say it wasn't realistic. I'm not sorry to say this, but your sign-up has been rejected.



You could improve the history and personality a bit, if you want to impress me, but other than that it's cool.

Preferred Starter Pokemon: Murkrow or Chinchou

Personally, I think your character likes a bit of fun and can cause quite a bit of mischief when he feels like it, so I'm going to throw you the Murkrow. That and the fact that Chinchou does not seem like a starter Pokemon to me at all.

Lucien Lachance is pending.


Age: 11, because I dare to be different.

I like your style.

His tutor, an old geezer of a man, used a lot of corny analogys during his teaching sessions and it, sadly, rubbed off on David in a little way.

That was an epic line.

Preferred Starter Pokemon: I want you guys to pick my pokemon for me, and if I don't like it I'll explain why I want a Dratini.

You're getting a Wooper, because I dare to be different. Which means you are accepted, of course.

Jax Macolm:

I loved the personality, it was really something else. Especially thr whole, 'Emma is a girl' thing. With the starter Pokemon, I really think a (wait for it) Meowth fits you. So, in conclusion, you are accepted.

..Beyond is accepted.

So, Oni Raichu, do you an idea of when this is going to start? And then I also wanted to know who is in and who isn't. Thanks.

I'm sorry, you've been rejected.

June 15th, 2008, 2:51 PM
intresting... a Farfetch'd. This is gonna be tough to work with

June 15th, 2008, 2:56 PM
Oni Raichu I've edited my story if you want to read it again. I swear it's not as bad (and it's realistic)
Could you Plz give me a second chance?

June 15th, 2008, 3:09 PM
A Whooper? I honestly don't think I could work with a Whooper. I'd probably spend more time trying to punt that thing into the Moltres flame at the Indigo Plataeu. How about any of these pokemon:

Glameow, Trophius, Lapras, Absol, Snowrunt, Cubone, Houndour(sp?), Magby.

The little blue guy with no arms I wouldn't even need a pokeball, I'd use him as a soccer ball as a traversed the various regions. He's more useless than a Psyduck in a small pond! Haha in the end I'll accept any decision just because I feel this RP will be enjoyable.

June 15th, 2008, 4:54 PM
Thanks for accepting me, glad I managed to snag a Murkrow as my starter. I edited my character's personality and History a bit to flesh him out more as per your suggestion. I look forward to the beginning of the roleplay, I feel it will be fun especially with so many conflicting personalities in the main cast.

June 15th, 2008, 5:49 PM
Thanks for accepting me, Oni.

Hat Trick
June 15th, 2008, 8:36 PM
this RP really sounds awesome! ^_^ everyone seems like great RP'ers too. Hopefully sign up isn't too late. *nervous eyetwitch*

Well, here's my bio. :)

Name: Maxwell Brandywine
Nickename: Max
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Personality: Max is an unpleasantly demanding, cocky, and fawning young lad. He is a very independent person and usually refuses help from anyone. He strongly believes that he is the best at anything he tries, and no body else is comparable. He finds it extremely hard to make friends, because his competitive side is always so fierce. However, he can settle down quite well, and will make friends if he needs to. As an actual friend, Max is caring and funny to be around. He has a good sense of humor, but most of the time people don't understand if he is joking around or not. His ambition is what make's him up as a person, and has yet to meet a person as hot headed or headstrong as himself.
History: Max was born into a pretty wild family. He has lived in Goldenrod city all of his life, and out of his Mom, Dad, and two older siblings; he is the only one that his been interested in Pokemon training. His parents are avid gamblers, and spend much more money than they should, putting Max's family into very tough financial situations. Max has always made the best of it though, he attended Goldenrod's elementary school and was always the hardest worker out of everyone. Sadly, he was also the kid with zero friends.
It wasn't until Max starting working at the radio tower when he started to develop some people skills. The kind radio host Miss Jezzabell Landry would always show Max kindness. Max also noted the fact that she was a stunningly attractive woman, and would of course fantasize all day of marrying the precious jewel of a lady. Alas, Max finally began to develop some friends, and became much more approachable as a person. As a result, his crazy parents have finally accepted the idea of letting him begin his journey as a Pokemon trainer now that he was turned ten. Not that they really would ever turn him down, getting a kid out of the house was basically a dream come true...
Appearance: Max has jet black hair and a white complexion. He is about the average hight for a ten year old, and is definitely quite underfed. He has blue, almost grey eyes that evidently show through his fierce and ambitious nature. He has a cap that he is always wearing backwards. He sports a dark green T-shirt and light brown shorts. He wears a pair of running shoes and has a big backpack to carry all of his stuff in.
Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto
Preffered Starter Pokemon: I'd really prefer any normal or poison type (except Grimer or Lickitung *barf*). Surprise me. xD
Starter Region: Johto I suppose. =P

June 16th, 2008, 11:35 AM
Name: Courtney Smith
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: Courtney is a outgoing trainer who is generally pleasant and well-behaved. She has attended many summer parties and knows general ettiquette, but also knows who to play people. She can come across as being flirty but honestly she's more interested in Pokémon than the opposite sex. However once she gets into heated battles she can develop a bit of a mean streak, ordering her Pokémon to perform brutal acts to destroy the opponent. She's generally relaxed though, and if she fancies someone she's more likely to ignore them than to stay around them.
History: Courtney Smith was born into a small familiy in Floamora Town, who cherished her as their only child and treated her with love, care and respect. Brought up around flowers and a kind society, taught how to breed berries and milk Miltanks, Courtney is not extremely accustomed to the city life, but she's learning: she spent a year in Jubilife City and was a journalist for a couple weeks. Courtney, from a very early age, has had an aptitude with grass-type Pokémon and they are her main choice to fight with, even though this sometimes leads to her downfall for example against ice or fire Pokémon.
When she was 12, Courtney's mother died, and feeling that she hadn't spent enough time with her she returned to Floaroma Town where she sold honey and covered costs for her grief-striken father. After about a year, her father recovered and told her that she should pave her own way in her life rather than staying in Floaroma: so Courtney travelled to Kanto and trained in Mt. Moon for a few months, honing her physical and mental skills and learning the more technical ways of Pokémon battling. Since this, Courtney prefers to develop close bonds with her Pokémon than to use them as fighting machines, and she sees them as equals and friends rather than pets. She prefers to stick to a small team of Pokémon rather than catching as many as she can, and is opposed to trading as she feels this treats the Pokémon like toys. She now lives in Jubilife again in a condo, having befriended the residents and resuming her work as a journalist. She aspires to become part of the Elite Four in any region, feeling grass-type Pokémon are grossly underepresented in them, although she also has her own role model, the Gym Leader Erika.
Appearance: Without being stunningly pretty, Courtney has a pretty face with a button nose and big bright blue eyes. Her complexion is pale, and she has spiky, short, straw coloured hair. She has a few freckles dotting around her nose, and has a small and dainty mouth. She is of average height, and has just started to blossom into a proper woman. She wears a boy's shirt, long trousers, sandals, and usually wears shades and sometimes a small hat.
Hometown: Floaroma Town
Preferred Starter Pokemon: Chikorita
Preferred Starter Region: Sinnoh

June 16th, 2008, 11:56 AM
intresting... a Farfetch'd. This is gonna be tough to work with

That was my intention.

Oni Raichu I've edited my story if you want to read it again. I swear it's not as bad (and it's realistic)
Could you Plz give me a second chance?

I'll give you a second chance because I'm nice. Have fun with an Azurill.

A Whooper? I honestly don't think I could work with a Whooper. I'd probably spend more time trying to punt that thing into the Moltres flame at the Indigo Plataeu. How about any of these pokemon:

Glameow, Trophius, Lapras, Absol, Snowrunt, Cubone, Houndour(sp?), Magby.

The little blue guy with no arms I wouldn't even need a pokeball, I'd use him as a soccer ball as a traversed the various regions. He's more useless than a Psyduck in a small pond! Haha in the end I'll accept any decision just because I feel this RP will be enjoyable.

You can have a Cubone, I feel you will do well with him.

[QUOTE]Preffered Starter Pokemon: I'd really prefer any normal or poison type (except Grimer or Lickitung *barf*). Surprise me. xD

Let's see what you can do with a Cleffa, my good man.


Personality: Courtney is a outgoing trainer who is generally pleasant and well-behaved. She can come across as being flirty but honestly she's more interested in Pokémon than the opposite sex. However once she gets into heated battles she can develop a bit of a mean streak.

Needs more personality.

History: Courtney Smith was born into a small familiy in Floamora Town. Brought up around flowers and a kind society, Courtney is not extremely accustomed to the city life, but she's learning. Courtney, from a very early age, has had an aptitude with grass-type Pokémon and they are her main choice to fight with. Courtney prefers to develop close bonds with her Pokémon than to use them as fighting machines, and she sees them as equals and friends rather than pets. She prefers to stick to a small team of Pokémon rather than catching as many as she can. She aspires to become part of the Elite Four.

Needs more History.

You are now pending.

Alright, I suppose my sign-up may come in handy.

Name: Marvalo Bond.

Age: If ten years was default, why did I put this in?

Gender: Male.

Personality: Marvalo isn’t scared to be outspoken, and does his best to let his authority be present at all times. He dislikes it when he is ignored and will always attempt to be at the centre of attention. As he is ten, most adults treat him as if he is still three years old and this irritates him to no end, especially when he comes up with a (in his opinion, anyways) really smart reply and the adults laugh at him before telling him what a sweet little boy he is. When he isn’t getting ignored by older people though, he is normally trying to take control of any situation. Marvalo enjoys thinking that he could easily do anything better than everyone else, and when he is proven wrong he will retreat into a shell, not responding to people until he cools down.

Despite this brash personality most people see straight away, Marvalo can be kind to people that have made a huge impact on his life, when he is alone with them. He doesn’t want his peers to know that he has ‘girly’ feelings and does his best to act the complete opposite when with his friends. Marvalo is able to carry a very long grudge with people and can be cold and unforgiving to those that have done bad stuff to him. He hasn’t quite decided what sort of first impression he wishes to give the Pokemon he receives, still wondering whether or not the Pokemon will respect him should the boy come out as a nasty character at first.

Marvalo is pretty smart and he uses his brains to his utmost ability. He enjoys testing himself with brain-teasers and can normally be found in class occupied with a crossword. He enjoys outsmarting and insulting his friends, thinking he’s cool and showing off his brain power, unaware of the meaning of the term, ego stroking. He always has a secret fear that his friends will eventually get annoyed with him and leave him, but for now he enjoys the fact that he has authority over them.

History: He was born in Goldenrod City in Johto, in the year of a-who knows when? He opened up his eyes, to the tune of an accordion. Marvalo was the oldest, in a family of four, with his baby brother Malcolm taking up the rear. The Bond child grew up a pretty sheltered life as his parents were fairly protective and he is now facing puberty, unaware most of the facts due to his parents thinking he was still five years old. He enrolled in Goldenrod Academy, the school for aspiring Pokemon trainers and has been taught there for the past five years.

A lot of the time before his tenth birthday has been spent thinking. Marvalo may seem to be on the ball all the time, but when it comes to major decisions, he is a cold case. The Bond child was unable to decide whether or not he wanted to go on a Pokemon adventure, torn between travelling through regions catching wild beasts and harnessing their power, and photography. You see, Marvalo loved scenery. And on his eighth birthday, he was given a camera as a present, which he loved more than anything. On school trips, he has been able to get amazing pictures of The Lake of Rage, and the islands of the coast of Olivine City.

It was about six weeks before Marvalo was due to turn ten when he realised that he could take photographs and be a Pokemon trainer at the same time. His parents were against him going out on a journey by himself, but he argued against them for days and eventually, they gave up their battle.

Appearance: You have a radiator against the wall. Marvalo is twice the size of that radiator, which is pretty small for a ten year old. His blonde hair hangs over his crystal blue eyes, which can be a creepy feature at times. If you lean in close, you suddenly notice that his nose seems to be slightly crooked to the left, something the boy doesn’t enjoy talking about. There are scars that run along his right arm, something that Marvalo boasts about, saying that he acquired them when he fought against a Lucario in order to protect his friends. Obviously, this story is untrue, but he begs to differ.

The kid loves wearing white. A white polo shirt and white shorts are the normal agenda for Marvalo Bond, except when he must attend some sort of formal gathering, in which he’ll wear denim trousers that are much too big for him and a white shirt under a black sweater vest, which he hates.

Hometown: Goldenrod City.
Preferred Starter Pokemon: First come, first served. I want an accepted person to choose my Pokemon for me.
Preferred Starter Region: I’d say Johto, just to not be independent.

I wrote that in a hurry because I realised you’re all waiting on me.

Will we get this show on the road?

June 16th, 2008, 12:24 PM
Marvalo isn’t scared to be outspoken, and does his best to let his authority be present at all times. He dislikes it when he is ignored and will always attempt to be at the centre of attention.

JIGGLYPUFF! Just like in the anime, following Ash and friends around always popping out to sing, and then getting extremely agitated when they fell asleep. Take that marker Oni and use it well!!!!! Hahahahaha.

June 16th, 2008, 12:26 PM
Woah! I almost thought this thread was about to die... Well, I'm glad it won't. I was about to reccomend a starter (Seel or Abra to be exact), but Chabz beat me to it. Heh. Good luck with that Jigglypuff if you choose to accept it. I'm ready and anxious to start whenever everyone else is~!

June 16th, 2008, 1:05 PM
There seemed to be a dull tapping inside Marvalo’s head. He groaned and attempted to roll over before a cold liquid was poured all over his head. He shouted out loud and lurched forward, only to land on his teddy bear. Marvalo looked to his right to see his mother laughing.

“I’m sorry,” Angelina Bond said to her oldest son. “I was just going to drip it on you until you woke up, but my hand slipped!”

Something about his mother’s tone of voice made Marvalo think that he story was completely untrue. He groaned. Then his eyes widened when he remembered what day it was. It was his tenth birthday, that was something else. Marvalo realised that he was meant to be receiving his starter Pokemon in a couple of hours or minutes. He looked at the blonde-haired lady in front of him. “Mom, what time is it?”

“’Tis only twenty past eleven, dear. You still have forty minutes to get ready.”

Only forty minutes. When the ten year old thought about it, it wasn’t a lot of time. He contemplated having a shower but decide against it. The boy threw on his normal white polo shirt and shorts after his mom left his bedroom. Marvalo thanked Arceus for the fact that he was staying in a hotel five minutes away from the laboratory he’d be receiving his first Pokemon in. The boy walked into the main room and spied his mother sitting at the table. “Mom, I’m going now, without you. I’m a sensible boy and I know where to go, okay?”

His mom looked up and raised an eyebrow. “If you think I’m letting you go off by yourself without someone older than you, you’re sadly mistaken, mister. I’ll give you a lift.”

Marvalo sighed in frustration. “Fine, but you have to let me go and get my Pokemon by myself.”

“Alright, dear.”

The car journey was uneventful. When they arrived at the laboratory, Marvalo flatly said good bye to his mom and hopped out of the car. He noticed there were some people standing outside that all looked around his age and he could grasp that he was meant to follow suit. What would Professor Elm hand to him?

OOC: The proper Roleplaying can begin now. This post was to get you all some center of gravity.

June 16th, 2008, 1:21 PM
David had only arrived at the laboratory ten minutes ago, now standing at the very end of the medium sized line of future trainers; all of whom were waiting to recieve their starting pokemon. I wonder how the Proffessor is going to give a pokemon to all of us. Hopefully he isn't going to make us all come back another day, I was planning on getting out of here as soon as possible. DJ usually thought to himself , not having a companion to talk to,being the reason; as well as his lack of social skills. A few no name trainers had wandered in the opposite direction, pokeballs now in hand or attached to their waist. Probably the normal starter pokemon and most likely nothing special. With all these trainers, maybe I'll be lucky to get away with an uncommon starter. DJ then began to think about starters he'd like to get: Magby, Glameow, Houndour or maybe even an Absol.

"Fat chance," said DJ aloud to himself, glancing around to see if anyone had heard him. Thankfully no one had, it would have been bad to be considered weird in this large group of new trainers. DJ continued to hope for a decent starter, someone who'd most likely be his truest and longest friend. DJ reached up to his necklace, specially made to hold one pokeball, that was empty but soon to be full. Vivid images of wild pokemon, gym battles and badges began flashing through his mind as the line move forward slightly, but not much. I will make this journey work and I will never give up. More trainers walked by, again with new pokeballs in hand.

June 16th, 2008, 1:46 PM
William stood with the small group of trainers crowded around the Entrance to Elm's lab, smirking slightly and holding himself away from most of the others. His father had helped Professor Elm in capturing this year's starters, because there were so many people there had been too few of the traditional Cyndaquil/Totodile/Chickorita starters to give to everyone. As a result many of the trainers around him would be getting unique starting Pokemon, and William was determined to get the best one.

'Dad said that he and Elm went all the way to Mt. Silver and Kanto to find some of these Pokemon,' he thought, 'Maybe I can get a Larvitar, or a Dratini. After all, Dad wouldn't let me get a weak Pokemon as my starter.' William hummed slightly as he readjusted his backpack across his back. He began to scan the trainers around him in order to size up his competition. Most of them looked like nothing really special, nervous and frightened as they were. He shook his head slightly, 'It should be no problem for me to excel in this group.'

William hummed some more, looking up briefly as his father called another small group in to receive their starters. His eyes narrowed slightly as he was not called again, 'Maybe they're giving all the really powerful Pokemon to the last group?' William shook his head again, he wouldn't worry.

William shrugged his pack off his shoulders, rummaging for his well-battered copy of Pokemon in Johto. He flipped, almost without thinking, to the entry for New Bark Town and the surrounding woods. Quietly, he began to reread the well-known data, plotting out his eventual Pokemon team all the way up to the Elite four.

June 16th, 2008, 2:21 PM
Bobby stood among a crowd of young trainers, outside of a lab. He was leaning against a tree looking tired. With a yawn, Bobby looked around and saw young boy step out of a car that had just pulled up. "How many people did this guy invite?" Bobby thought with a chuckle.
I hope I at least get something to beat Jasmine." Bobby said quietly. "Maybe i'll get a Magmar! Or a Salamance!" his imagination going into overdrive. "Wait, if its going to be like my personality, then its probally a Munchlax!" With a smile and his eyes blazing Bobby just hoped it could beat Jasmine.

Thinking of her made Bobby feel homesick, but he knew he had to do this so that he could beat her in a battle.
Bobby started seeing people walk out of the lab with Pokeballs. "I wonder what Pokemon they got..." Bobby said with wonder. "I bet he gave the strongest people their Pokemon first, and is saving the weakest people for last!" Thinking about this didn't bother him. It only made him more determined to make his pokemon the strongest it could be.

June 16th, 2008, 2:38 PM
"Aw, come on!" Amelia barked, stamping her foot impatiently on the ground. "How long is this gonna take?"

Noticing she wasn't attracting much attention or making the Professor give them their Pokemon any sooner, the girl sighed pitifully and slumped back against the wall. Yes, the wall. Yet another thing to agitate her: all the seats in the room had been taken by the other trainers. That combined with how early her mother had gotten her up put her in a very displeased mood. Why did she have to get here so early anyways? To stand here an wait for an hour? Her sister, Ameri, got her starter from their grandmother. She didn't have to go through any of this. But not Amelia. She wanted to go to Johto. And she had to get her starter like a regular ten-year-old.

"Hmph," she said simply. It just wasn't fair. If this kind of luck kept up she'd be recieving a Grimer for a starter. Yuck! She shivered a bit at the thought.

Amelia lifted her hand to scratch her head and felt the fabric of the green bandana she'd fit snugly over it. Of course. She remembered putting it on now. To add onto how aggrivating things were going, she was having another "bad-hair-day" as well. Life just couldn't stop annoying her today, could it? When would Prof. Elm just come on already?!

JX Valentine
June 16th, 2008, 3:28 PM
For the umpteenth time, Emma flipped her fire-red hair over a shoulder with an expression of indifference playing across her face. She'd been there fairly early, taken along with her father to the edge of Johto because her mother thought it would be a good idea for her to get out of the house and see a bit of country. Originally, her father was going to leave her in Pallet Town to get a Pokemon from Oak, but at the idea of perhaps getting a cuter starter from Johto, she feigned interest in the other region until he consented to drop her off there instead. Now, he must have been halfway across the region by then, headed towards Goldenrod City to do some business.

And she was right there, at the edge of the crowd of trainers, just moments away from getting a cute Johto starter.

Glancing towards her fellow trainers, Emma barely hid a smirk. Many of them were boys and therefore, by default in her set of opinions, most likely stupid. The girl she could spot easily looked a little frazzled, with what Emma deemed to be a garish green bandana -- and that hair!

Without a word, her pale hands smoothed her white skirt, and she smiled a little too sweetly. She could wait, and she resolved herself not to show any form of impatience, as if that would prove she was far more mature than her rivals.

June 16th, 2008, 3:52 PM
Marvalo was surrounded by people taller than him, all pushing against each other, trying to make the line move faster. Although he was scowling, attempting to gain some authority on the crowd of people, he was actually scared that someone bigger than him would push into him and that it would lead to disastrous consequences. The boy brushed his smooth hair off of his sapphire eyes and attempted to peer through the people in front of him so he could see the people nearly running out in happiness from the laboratory, overjoyed at the prospect of having a Pokemon of their own. The ten year old contemplated on taking out his camera and taking a few pictures, but decided against it, just in case someone knocked into him and his camera ended up worse for wear.

Marvalo looked in front of him, there seemed to be a girl at the top of the crowd beside the laboratory doors who seemed pretty enough. He wondered if she had sweet talked her way to get up the front, with girls, you never knew. The door opened and Marvalo (along with dozens of other children) stood on tip toe to get a closer look at the famous professor. Elm, from Marvalo’s prospective, was a tad bit more plump than the boy would’ve though, and the glasses the man wore were much bigger than they seemed on television. The man surveyed the crowd and mumbled to himself, but at that moment in time, everyone had stopped pushing and the ones that were talking had stopped chatting amongst themselves so nearly everybody there (well, the ones that were paying attention anyways) were able to hear what Elm said, “There seems to be a lot of kids today.” Once the professor realised everyone had heard him, he opened the door a bit more and allowed a few people to pass through into the laboratory. “I am only allowing thirty people inside, the rest of you will have to wait a while.”

Marvalo realised he was not lucky enough to be one of the thirty people that were close enough to the laboratory to be allowed in, but he did know that he was small and he was smart, so why shouldn’t he make himself part of the thirty people? The kid began pushing through people, allowing his ego to inflate as he knew that one person that would have been allowed in would now sadly have to wait an hour or two before acquiring his or her first Pokemon. Marvalo pushed past a tanned girl and a ginger boy before seeing the door in front of him. He silently congratulated himself on the feat but didn’t allow anyone to see that he was pretty happy with himself as he walked into what seemed to be a waiting room. People seemed to have been told to sit down, so Marvalo followed suit, feeling pretty superior to the people stranded on the outside.

June 16th, 2008, 4:02 PM
It was the middle of the night, and Brady snapped his eyes open once again. He flipped over to the side and looked at his digital clock. 3:30, of course. Brady moaned and flipped back over on his back.

It was the third time that night Brady had woke up. The following day he was going to begin his pokemon journey, and he was too excited to sleep. He had been waiting for this special day ever since his father had left exactly a year ago.

Brady managed to fall asleep again, and this time he didn't wake up till 8:00 am. Even though this time was better than 3:30 am, Brady wasn't supposed to be at the lab for another four hours. He decided to get up anyway to get ready for his journey.

When the clock hit 11:45, Brady was ready to leave for the pokemon lab. He bid farewell to his mother and headed towards the pokemon lab with his usual white jacket and khaki pants on.

Brady noticed a crowd of beginner trainers circled around Professor Elm's lab. Brady just groaned and stood in the back. He was too shy to shove himself up to the front. As he waited, another young trainer asked Brady if he was hot in that white jacket. Brady just grunted and looked down at his feet. He was more concerned at what kind of pokemon the professor was going to hand him when he walked inside that lab.

June 16th, 2008, 4:16 PM
By the time Elm came to the door, William was on edge. Dozens of kids had already been given their starters, and worse yet they seemed to have done away with calling people by name; instead dragging the thirty closest to the door in. William hurried, discreetly tripping two of his peers and slipping past several more to squeeze in as the thirtieth kid. Once inside, his father shot him a quizzical look but William just shrugged innocently. He began to look for a place to sit, but the only seat open was next to a tiny boy, one with rather disturbing eyes.

William allowed none of his reservations get the better of him, instead boldly strutting to the seat and giving the other trainers a confident smirk. He sat, slinging his massive Backpack to the floor in front of him. As Elm began to speak, he completely ignored him. The information was basic anyways, and William decided to use the time in a more productive way blatantly pulling out a huge notebook and going over his food calculations for the early part of his journey.

June 16th, 2008, 4:49 PM
The sound of the door closing, him mere inches away, had the vein on DJ's head throbbing away. Just couldn't be one of those thirty people, had to get stuck outside to wait even longer. God i hope I get an Onix so I can go take out my frustration on smoe trees or cliffs. This is really getting riddiculous, and I'm going to start using my own Bite and Tackle attacks to get to the front. Even as an eleven year old, DJ displayed the attitude and maturity of a fifteen or sixteen year old. He nudged his way towards the door, and took the last available space on the wall. Some kid started moving in his direction, his eyes darting towards them with an evil glare, and they thought twice before messing with him. Even if he was younger than probably most of the trainers here, DJ knew how to take care of himself and wasn't afraid to pick fights with said older kids. Maybe i'll get a Trophius or a Lapras, and I'll be able to fly the heck out of here before being trampled by the rest of these morons. All I know is this, I'm going to be in the next group of people and anyone who tries to tell me otherwise just might feel a Quick Attack. DJ took this oppertunity to glance around at the remaining trainers, still such a large crowd, even after being there for about an hour or so.

"Half of these people don't even deserve pokemon," muttered DJ to himself, "and I could probably take on about a quarter of the ones who do." DJ was just rambling on to himself, trying to find a way to bide his time. Even if he wasn't the worst trainer here, he most certainly knew he wasn't the best. Talking tough was what he did in order to keep others from pushingg him around, once battling came into play it'd be a completely different story. It'd be the job of his strategy and his pokemons strength that would decide who would challenge him or not.

June 16th, 2008, 5:34 PM
As soon as the Professor said thirty people could enter the room, Amelia became one of the many who pushed and shoved through the crowd to join those thirty. Luckilly, she managed to be one of the last, nudging herself past a girl with firey-red hair. Whether or not that girl made it inside, she didn't see, and didn't care. All she cared about was getting in herself.

"Yes!" she exclaimed under her breath, clenching her hands and bouncing on her toes repeatedly as the door slowly came closed. Finally! At last! She would be getting her Pokemon! Her aggrivation began to fade as she thought of her sister, Ameri, and her little Cyndaquil named Soto with flames spouting from his back. That's gonna be me, soon! My own Pokemon!

Amelia cast a curious glance about her, seeing the looks of nervousness and excitement on the faces of the other soon-to-be-trainers. When I have my Pokemon, I'll bet I can beat them all in a battle! The thought gave her even more excitement, and she barely stopped herself from letting out a hyper little squeal of joy. She knew she was getting way too hyped up over this, but it was just too great to be true!

June 16th, 2008, 5:59 PM
Brady continued to wait with the crowd of people, waiting for the oppurtunity to get in the lab. He kept his hands in his jacket pockets and his eyes gazing down at the ground to aviod eye contact with the many young trainers surrounding him.

After a few minutes he heard squeling and cheering from everybody. Being average sized, Brady managed to see what was going on. The professor had just opened the doors to the lab.

Brady immediatly pushed up to the front of the crowd in hopes of being one of the first people in the lab. Relief filled him when he was picked as one of the thirty allowed in the lab. He saw some extra kids, maybe two or three, sneak into the crowd of kids going into the lab. Brady didn't care; he was getting his first pokemon. He could care less about telling on a kid who didn't feel like waiting.

He then wondered what pokemon he was going to get. He hoped it was a good one to help him on his journey. He was soon going to find out.

JX Valentine
June 16th, 2008, 6:08 PM
Amelia wasn't the only one to push past Emma, and to that, Emma's sweet smile suddenly turned into a scowl, both at the other people for daring to get past her and at herself for letting it happen. Besides, she was clearly the best one there (or at least the one who waited for hours to get a spot near the front), so surely, she should have been the first one in.

"Hey!" she shouted. It was her first slip-up of the day, but she was far too annoyed to correct herself.

Instead, she opted for focusing on pushing past the last few who had just gotten past her to slip past the doors just before they'd close. Being stuck outside was absolutely unacceptable for Emma, and she wouldn't live with herself or her partner if she was among the second wave to get in.

Once inside, she stood at the back of the crowd. She had enough sense to hide her vicious frown from Professor Elm, but she wasn't quite calm enough to regain her previous composure. Instead, she let the other kids shield her from view as she stewed silently while Elm spoke. Eventually, in her meditations in the quiet at the back of the crowd, her temper began to cool.

But she still made a mental note to steal that green bandana when she had a chance.

June 17th, 2008, 7:49 AM

Personality: Courtney is a outgoing trainer who is generally pleasant and well-behaved. She can come across as being flirty but honestly she's more interested in Pokémon than the opposite sex. However once she gets into heated battles she can develop a bit of a mean streak.

Needs more personality.

History: Courtney Smith was born into a small familiy in Floamora Town. Brought up around flowers and a kind society, Courtney is not extremely accustomed to the city life, but she's learning. Courtney, from a very early age, has had an aptitude with grass-type Pokémon and they are her main choice to fight with. Courtney prefers to develop close bonds with her Pokémon than to use them as fighting machines, and she sees them as equals and friends rather than pets. She prefers to stick to a small team of Pokémon rather than catching as many as she can. She aspires to become part of the Elite Four.

Needs more History.

You are now pending.

i edited both and now they are longer. hope i can be accepted. thanks.

June 17th, 2008, 8:13 AM
As he took his first overwhelming look at the line of children outside of Professor Elm's laboratory, Dustin became uncertain as to whether or not he should have traveled so far away to start his journey. New Bark Town seemed to be universes away from Viridian City, even though it had only taken a few minutes to cross the water between the regions, and only about ten to get to Pallet before that.

He looked back at his father, clinging to what he believed was a growing feeling of homesickness.

"Don't worry, Dustin. It'll be fine."

His father put his hand on his shoulder.

"Teddiursa will keep you company."

Dustin then forced a smile. The emotion required for it was definitely present, but it still took effort to grin. He pressed the button on the Pokeball he was gripping so tightly. In a jagged flash of silver-white light, a small, brown-furred bear-like Pokemon stood in front of Dustin, smiling even more than he was.

"Urs!" the Teddiursa said brightly.

That's right, Dustin thought. Even though I don't really want to leave, it's a big chance for me to succeed. I just have to stay happy.

"Thanks, guys," he breathed. "Bye, Dad." As he looked at his father's blue and yellow fish-like Pokemon, he added, "and goodbye to you too, Lanturn. Thanks for the ride."

"Lannn Turn!" the Lanturn replied with his equivalent of you're welcome.

"Now," Dustin's father said, leaning over and nonchalantly brushing a strand of his own long brown hair out of his face, "go over to the other kids and try to make some friends. The more, the merrier."

Dustin nodded and walked off in the general direction of the other children, hoping that his choice to go to Johto was the right one.

June 17th, 2008, 2:04 PM

Name: Courtney Smith
Age: 14

Did you even read the rules I lay down? All characters must be ten years of age. Also, I don't think your grammar is good enough to roleplay with the others, so you are (yet again) denied.


The professor began talking and all eyes were fixed on the small man in the white coat. Marvalo noticed that the door was shut and no one else was being allowed inside. He smiled to himself, thinking that he was better than everyone else. The boy's attention was drawn to Elm, as he realised that what the man was saying could be important.

"...But formalities aside, children." Elm had already gone into his speech, it seemed. "You are all here for a reason. In a few minutes, you will all be aspiring trainers, breeders or any other path you may wish to take. I have already decided what Pokemon you are all to have." The professor chuckled to himself when he saw the shocked faces. "You really think I would just give you a Pokemon randomly? No, of course not. I have been in contact with your teachers, friends, parents and anybody else that could help me decide what Pokemon would fit you. It is not an easy task, I can assure all of you." Elm began walking to the left side of the room. Marvalo noticed a door leading into another room beside the professor. "Inside this room, children, is where all the Pokemon are kept. I will call out your names one by one and you will collect your Pokemon. Understood?" Marvalo watched the professor as the other twenty nine people sitting down muttered that they understood. Elm whipped out a notebook from his coat pocket and looked up. "Is Molly Hale here?"

There was a few seconds silence and then people began to look around. Marvalo decided he may as well show that he was the one in control so he stood up, "Sir, I don't think she's one of the thirty that got inside."

"Not to worry, not to worry." The man adjusted his glasses and glanced at his list again. "Is Teddy Underwood here?" The professor smiled as a timid looking boy got up and walked into the room past him. Elm turned to address the kids sitting down. "I will call you individually in, so please pay attention." He walked in after the boy, leaving the children to talk amongst themselves.

June 17th, 2008, 3:14 PM
Well, they're calling names now, Amelia thought. Luckilly for her Elm didn't seem to be calling out the names in alphabetical order. For once, her last name's first two letters being "Y" and "U" wouldn't necissarily make her the last person to be called for something. Good. Maybe he'll let us get outta here when we get our starters.

She took yet another look about the room, and there, in the back, not too far away, was the red-haired girl with the white skirt. The same girl she remembered pushing past when she'd tried to get in the room, coincidentally. Amelia also noted that she seemed a bit aggrivated at the moment. What do you know? We've both been in a a bit of a bad mood this morning. Maybe I could go talk to her while I wait for the Professor to call me...

Changing her expression and mood into a form that didn't show any signs of her previous anger or more recent over-excitement (and rather reflected a positive attitude of friendliness), Amelia made her way through the crowd of kids and toward the girl. When she found herself right in front of her, she stopped, almost feeling intimidated by that fuming look concealed in her eyes.

"Um... Hi. My name's Amelia. What's yours?"

June 17th, 2008, 4:15 PM
Bobby saw the Prof. step out and say something about accepting only 30 people. "Well, guess that means I have to move." Bobby said with a sigh. He noticed the doorway getting crowded, so he quickly sped towards the front of the crowd using his short height and his surprising speed. He got inside and was quickly jammed against a wall. "Guess other people are more impatient than I am!" he said with a laugh.

Elm then started to say the names of people who would recieve their pokemon first. "I hope I get something good!" Bobby said, shaking with anticipation. He elbowed his way to the front hoping to get a better look. Seeing as Elm wasn't reading in any order, Bobby had to wait patinently.

June 17th, 2008, 4:56 PM
Brady walked in with the group of kids going inside the lab. His heart pounded with excitement as he thought of what kind of pokemon he would receive. He hoped that when his name was called, he would pick the right choice.

Then he heard the whispers from kids. "Yeah, he's already picked one for all of us," he heard one kid say to a friend. Already picked one? Brady shrugged. Maybe the professor had picked a better pokemon than what he would've picked.

Brady finally caught a glimpse of the professor when the new trainers lined up inside the lab. He was tall and skinny with large glasses and short brown hair. With the lab coat on, Brady thought he looked exactly like a professor.

One by one, the professor called on kids so they could receive their first partner. Some of the kids looked timid, while others looked overexcited. Brady held his breath as he waited for his turn.

JX Valentine
June 17th, 2008, 6:09 PM
Just as Emma managed to calm herself down, the girl with the green bandana approached her. Fate must have decided not to give her a break that day, but Emma knew better than to cause a scene. She forced herself to look sweet and pleasant towards the newcomer and resisted every urge to tell her off.

"Hello," she said, with a tone that sounded as sweet as hot sugar. "My name is Emma. It's nice to meet you."

With that, she turned her eyes back towards the crowd, trying to crane her neck around the heads in front of her to get a better view. Meanwhile, she hoped that the other girl wouldn't distract her when her name was going to be called. The last thing she wanted was to be skipped over.

"What Pokemon do you think you'll be getting?" Emma asked. It was feigned interest which she tried to pass off as a result of focusing more on the professor at that moment.

She, of course, held her tongue about what she figured she'd receive. When Elm explained that he'd carefully matched the new trainers with appropriate Pokemon, there was no doubt in her mind that she could only receive one of the best Pokemon -- if not the best -- he had to offer. At that thought, she couldn't help but grin.

June 17th, 2008, 7:15 PM
"I'm not sure what he'll give me," Amelia replied, glad to at least have someone to talk with. She could tell before she greeted Emma that she was going to become bored and agitated quickly without something to occupy herself with. Now, perhaps she had a conversation to enjoy. Maybe, if she was lucky, even a new friend?

"Well, I hope nothing weak. Maybe something cute. At least, I hope so," she continued, realizing how naiive and young she must have sounded. Something told her Emma was the serious kind of person who looked for more maturity in the people she met. But, Amelia was ten. What more could be expected?

"My sister's got a Pokemon," Amelia added eagerly, finding something worthy of... well, bragging about. That was what she was doing, when she thought about it. "It's a Cyndaquil. Pretty tough one, too. I'll probably get a Pokemon who's cute, strong, and cool, just like hers."

Suddenly, after mentioning her sister, she felt a little more comfortable for some odd reason. Maybe it was because she was thinking of home...


OOC: I can't help but notice how amusing it is to RP Amelia right now... Am I the only one enjoying how different it is to control a ten-year-old child? :P

JX Valentine
June 18th, 2008, 6:55 AM
Emma glanced at the other trainer. Cute Pokemon, eh? So, the girl had something in common with her. No big deal. She wasn't about to take that bait and let her guard down just because someone understood the power of a cute Pokemon. Besides, there had to have been better female trainers around to make friends with.

So, she tried to keep her distance, responding with a nod every so often as she stared past the crowd to Professor Elm. When was her name going to be called? Impatience was already nagging at her.

When Amelia mentioned having a sister, Emma glanced at her again. Now, she was going on about a Cyndaquil her sister owned and how it was cute and strong. Emma briefly thought about Nina and how she hoped Nina wouldn't be as annoying as this girl, but on the other hand, Nina was pretty annoying to begin with (so there wasn't much hope there).

Finally, when Amelia finished, Emma shrugged.

"Cyndaquil are okay, but if you really want a cute and powerful Pokemon, nothing's better than Chikorita," she said. "If you get a tough one, a Cyndaquil wouldn't stand a chance against its powders, and Chikorita has an adorable face, too."


(OOC: I'm just enjoying controlling someone this obnoxious. XD It is fantastic, though, playing a character that's younger than me and trying to make her sound like she's younger than me.)

June 18th, 2008, 7:31 AM
The next to DJ's temple began to throb, his anger and impatience rising as he still waited outside the room where the firt thirty people had entered. This better really take this goddamn long, or I'm going to take my new starter pokemon and have them beat Proffessor Birch into the ground. Waiting. The one thing I've never had patience for. It was obvious, from DJ's thoughts, he wasn't going to last much longer just leaning against the wall. He glanced around some more, taking notice of a couple trainers, but didn't seem to find anyone or anything worth his time. Atleast, not right now. Most likely later, he'd attempt a conversation with someone. Emphasis on 'attempt'.

"This is so stupid" muttered DJ under his breath. He adjusted himself on the wall, getting into a more comfortable position, and then closed his eyes and continued waiting.

June 18th, 2008, 10:04 AM
"Well," Amelia replied to Emma, enjoying the prospect of a possible debate starting now, "I wouldn't be so sure of that. You know, Cyndaquil is supposed to be pretty fast, compared to Chikorita. A strong enough Fire attack would knock out any Grass Type in no time."

She was about to go on, but she realized how pointless it would be to compare Cyndaquil and Chikorita when out of hundreds of Pokemon there was a tiny chance either of them would be given those exact Pokemon. Maybe I should shift the conversation a bit, she thought, 'cause this might get a bit too childish for her liking... Amelia recalled the sense of maturity and self-pride she had noticed in Emma. The quickest way to end the conversation would be to make it into something pointless.

"I actually don't think I'll get a Cyndaquil, though. Just something like it. Like... Vulpix. That would be nice."

Amelia imagined opening her first Pokeball to reveal a tiny, puppy-like creature, warm and soft to the touch, with a pair of adorable eyes that stared up at her as she admired its many tails. She imagined the same Pokemon in a battle against a Chikorita, shooting a stream of embers from its mouth and eventually winning the match. A feeling of excitement pulsed through her viens as she slowly pushed the thoughts away, despite how delightfully enchanting they were. It was just as unlikely she'd recieve a Vulpix, and she knew it. But that was okay. There were plenty of other cute Pokemon out there, be them Fire Types (the only Type she was extremely familiar with in battle) of some other varitey.

Emma was looking more and more anxious as names were called. This remined Amelia of her own name. Of course, before she even found out what her starter would be, Professor Elm had to call her name. The hopes and daydreams of Vulpix and Cyndaquil faded away with this painful realization, and were replaced with the typical proceeding impatience she was so familiar with.

"I know how you feel," Amelia said suddenly to Emma, "You're not the only one who hates waiting. I really wish he'd just hurry up already with all these kids. We all just wanna get it over with!"


OOC: Obnoxious characters are fun. Oh yeah, Oni Raichu? Are we supposed to decide for ourselves when Elm calls our character's name, or were you intending to control the Professor yourself entirely? Also, do we need you to post for Elm when he does call our character's name, or will we just try to stay on personality and work with him ourselves?

June 18th, 2008, 3:06 PM
Marvalo was sitting down. He was wondering how he would show his authority to the ten year olds around him without sounding to obnoxious. The boy was aware that a lot of people in the room were people that just go with the flow, to scared of being hated to be in any way independent. He knew that if he cut off the head, the body would follow, so he was searching the crowd, trying to find faces brimming with defiance or conversations filled with arguments. There was quite a loud one going on right beside him; a brown-haired girl and a ginger were talking about something, he wasn't sure what but he could see from their faces that they weren't people that listen to music because they're friends thought it was 'raving'.

He stood up and walked slowly and quietly up behind the two girls to make sure he could hear what they were arguing about. "Well," The first said, she was a tad bit taller than the ginger. "I wouldn't be so sure of that. You know, Cyndaquil is supposed to be pretty fast, compared to Chikorita. A strong enough Fire attack would knock out any Grass Type in no time."

Marvalo would've clapped his hands together if he hadn't wanted to be seen behind them. This was the perfect time to show off his knowledge on the three Johto starters. Now he could impose his authority and hopefully get a bit of respect from these two girls. With people like the two he was beside, you never got full respect, it had to grow and grow, especially if they were girls. "Well, Totodile would absolutely destroy Cyndaquil as it's a Water-Type, and Cyndaquil is a Fire-Type. The name's Bond, Marvalo Bond, by the way." He nodded to the two girls. Marvalo stopped and would've kicked himself, except he didn't need any more pain. He realised how stupid he must've looked, just saying that Water-Types were super effective against Fire-Types, and he hadn't even mentioned stats! How stupid was that? Now he was certain the two girls would look down on him as a stereotype.

Marvalo never had the chance to make amends to his mistake though, as Oak opened the door and a blonde-haired kid that could only be Teddy Underwood ran out of it with a red and white sphere in his hands, looking overjoyed. Oak peered at his list before looking up at the crowd. "Is Amelia Yukon here?"

The room went deathly quiet.

June 18th, 2008, 4:18 PM
Amelia looked up, surprised to hear her name called so soon. She nervously glanced at Emma and the boy who had just introduced himself as Marvalo. Well, darn it, she thought furiously, Boys! Of course Totodile could beat Cyndaquil! If only Oak wasn't calling my name right now... She sighed. At least she was getting her Pokemon. Her conversation with Emma could maybe pick up when she got back.

Pushing through the crowd once more, Amelia made her way to the front of the room and came to stand before the Professor.

"I'm Amelia," she said simply, looking up at the man. Now she was growing a bit intimidated. What Pokemon would he give her? And what would she be told?

"Come with me," Oak replied, a friendly smile on his face. The door came shut behind Amelia, and she could faintly hear the murmuring voices of the other twenty-nine children rising again.

She was in another room, a bit smaller than the one where the kids were. More notably, what looked like expensive Pokemon-related equipment stood in various places; lining the walls, mainly, along with a few book cases and high-tech-looking computers. The whole room was metallic, and in its center stood Professor Elm. Oak came to join him, leading Amelia close behind. She tried as hard as she could to be silent and polite, despite the raging excitement she felt inside her. It was proving quite a challenge to do this, however.

"What kind of Pokemon am I getting?" she asked quickly, finding herself nervous, anxious, and overjoyed all simultaniously.

"Open this Pokeball and see for yourself," Elm responded in quite a humored manner. In his hand was a red and white sphere, a thin circle of black lining its circumference, with a tiny button on the front. Amelia pulled it from his hand, feeling the cold, metallic surface as she held it tight and pushed in that small, round button that would release her new partner and companion...

JX Valentine
June 18th, 2008, 4:46 PM
When Marvalo interrupted their conversation to input what he knew about Totodile, Emma couldn't help but give him an odd look. All of a sudden, Amelia didn't seem as annoying anymore. Anyone, she thought, with half a brain knew basic type matchups, and for that reason, everyone worth mentioning already knew that Water-types could drown Fire in a moment. It was a feat of amazing mental and physical skills that could get a Grass-type to defeat a Fire-type, the way she'd seen the girls at Celadon Gym wipe the floor with challengers' Growlithe and Charmeleon while she was growing up.

"That's nice," she finally said to Marvalo. "I'm sure Chikorita would be able to beat them both, though, if given proper training. It's not as fast as Cyndaquil, but I know they can use Light Screen and Poisonpowder. As for Totodile, it can just absorb water and use Razor Leaf right back."

Emma turned back to crane her neck in an effort to see where Amelia was going. She felt a little envious for the other girl, who no longer had to wait to get her Pokemon, whatever it might be, but Emma consoled herself by insisting that she'd get something far cuter and more powerful than whatever the other was receiving. In the meantime, part of her wanted her name to be called right then, and part of her, the part that took a smug delight in her answer to what she thought was a very simple statement, wanted to hear the boy's response.

June 18th, 2008, 5:50 PM
Conversation satred among the trainers as pokemon were being passed out. Brady heard a conversation go on about the Johto starters, but he didn't care on going it. The sooner he got his pokemon and left the lab, the better.

Professor Elm called on a peppy looking girl who walked up and took the red and white poke ball. Brady remembered her being kind of annoying outside the lab. But really, who cared. His only friends were pokemon. Stop thinking like that, thought Brady. Remember that you're here to break your shyness.

Brady took a deep breath and decided to butt into a conversation until he heard a name. His name. Brady whirled around and saw the professor looking at him. It was his turn. Brady's heart pounded as he walked up to the professor. He handed him a poke ball.

"Here," said the professor, smiling at Brady's stunned reaction.

Brady couldn't believe it. He was holding his first poke ball. Desperate to see his first pokemon he slid his index finger over the button in the middle of the ball.

June 18th, 2008, 6:50 PM
OOC: Here goes a super-long post... Yay for starter Pokemon! :D Oh, and Pika_Master414, this post can be considered to take place just before yours, in case this is a bit confusing.


In a flash of light, the Pokeball split open. A bright white burst of energy emerged and travelled down to the floor, seeming to explode with a miraculous sensation of excitement for Amelia. Ever so slowly, it cleared away, and the first Pokemon Amelia would befriend appeared.

The little thing was curled up tightly, and at first she thought it was not a Pokemon, but a peculiar yellow ball. Then she noticed its breathing, and saw tufts of white fur sticking out on its sides. Its whole back was a curled, round orb of bricklike golden-brown patterns in this position, and she could barely see a pair of triangular ears poking out from under what she guessed was its head.

"Oh, Sandshrew!" Elm said to the Pokemon in an encouraging tone, "It's okay. This is Amelia, your new trainer!"

"A... Sandshrew?" Amelia asked quizically. This wasn't exactly what she'd expected. She had been hoping for something neat and noticable, like a sparky little Shinx or a flaming Ponyta. But Sandshrew was just... well, plain. Ordinary. Nothing special. The look of disdain on her face was quite obvious for a few seconds. Then, the tiny creature nervously uncoiled itself.

Amelia turned her head down to her new Pokemon, and the first look it gave her melted her heart. Those eyes, big and black, stared up at her with hope and worry. Ears held slightly back, tail curled arounds its back paws... It almost looked scared of her. Please accept me, its eyes begged helplessly. Please. All I want is a loving trainer...

That was all it took. She scooped up the Sandshrew in her arms and gave it a tight hug. As if acknowledging her acceptance, it let her do this and made a small sound that was remotely similar to a purr. The white fur on its underbelly was so soft... as it it had never before been touched by anything...

"Haha," Oak laughed, "It looks like you two are already friends. That's good. We could tell based on what we'd heard about you that Sandshrew would be your perfect starter out of the bunch! You'll see that he's really quite friendly, and he's also quite a good battler as well. Just a bit shy at first; that's all."

So it's a he, eh? Amelia thought to herself, looking at the Sandshrew again, who was contently resting in her arms with a sleepy look.

"I suppose we'll have to give you these, now, Amelia," Professor Elm said, handing her five shrunken Pokeballs and a handheld device. Amelia set down Sandshrew and accepted the items, clipping the Pokeballs to her special belt (her mom got it for her saying it was specifically for this purpose). Upon seeing her confused expression while looking at the device, Elm's eyes widened. "So I see you're not familiar with the Pokedex! It's something most trainers use. Whenever you meet a Pokemon, it automatically records data on it to let you keep track of how many you've seen. It also comes with plenty of extra features, but you can figure them out for yourself later."

"Well, I'm assuming you know the basics of what to do, right?" Oak asked. "After all, you know about raising Pokemon if I'm correct, with your grandparants running the Day Care and Breeding Center back in Solaceon?" Amelia nodded, shoving the Pokedex into her right pocket. Besides, even if she did have trouble, she'd manage to find out what to do on her own with experience.

"Alright, then," Elm said conclusively, "Take care on your journey. And good luck with Sandshrew, too!"

"Should I put him back in his Pokeball now?" Amelia asked.

Elm shrugged. "You can if you want to. You don't have to, though."

Amelia picked her Pokemon up again, and with that, she stepped out of he room, Sandshrew in one arm and his Pokeball in the opposite hand.

June 19th, 2008, 6:48 AM
Dustin's father had told him that he was an exception. He was the only one in the crowd that already had a Pokemon.

"Professor Oak will understand. He was the one who gave me permission to get Teddiursa for you in the first place. You'll just have to wait in line like the others, and when you're called, you'll get your Pokeballs and your Pokedex."

Dustin hoped that his father was right.

However, he was much more worried about the possibility of the other kids' resent. He was in a large mob of children, but inside, he felt as if he were completely alone. The Pokeball in his jacket pocket was the dividing wall between himself and the rest of the line.

He then shrugged in an attempt to relax himself. He, as usual, remained under the radar, and quietly edged over to the door so that he would be able to enter at a moment's notice. No sooner than he had made it to the door, it swung open. As several kids jumped back to evade being hit with the door, Dustin sprung forward and made it inside just before it was closed.

"Whoa, there," laughed a bespectacled man in a lab coat. "You'll get your starter soon enough, young man."

"Actually," Dustin mumbled, "I have to talk to someone about that."

With an eyebrow raised, Elm's assistant replied.

"Are you the Blackwood kid?"


"Okay then. Follow me," the assistant said. "Professor Oak told me you might be coming today." He led Dustin past the other children toward a metal door. It was labeled with a peeling sticker: SUPPLY ROOM - RESTRICTED ACCESS.

"After you," Elm's assistant said, opening and holding the door for Dustin.


The room was a dull, almost frozen blue-grey. A single light glowed in the center of the room, and beneath it was a cardboard box with the word POKEBALLS was written in black permanent marker. The tape which once held it shut was jaggedly cut, as if the box were opened in a hurry. Elm's assistant took five of the small Pokeballs and handed them to Dustin.

"You'll be using these on your journey. I'm sure you already know how to capture a Pokemon, but for protocol's sake, I've been asked to refresh your memory." The assistant shook his head cynically, but quickly made eye contact with Dustin once more. "You use your own Pokemon to weaken the opponent in battle. Then you throw the Pokeball, and hopefully it'll work out in your favor, though some Pokemon aren't strong enough to be contained in mere Pokeballs, such as..." He trailed off in thought, and then decided laughably upon the biggest Pokemon he could think of. "Waillord."

Dustin laughed a little. He didn't really laugh because it was funny, but instead he was appreciative of the assistant's efforts to make the experience fun for him, even though it was different than that of a typical beginning trainer. The assistant smiled, and proceeded to a nearby shelf which had stacks of Pokedexes lined up, just waiting to be handed out to incoming trainers. He grabbed one haphazardly, and two more fell. He caught one with his other hand, and managed to get the other one balanced between his shoulder and his left hand. He leaned over to Dustin.

"Can you give me a hand?" he asked lightly.


Dustin took the third Pokedex in order to make it easier for the assistant.

"Thanks." The assistant put the other two back on the shelf. "You're now ready to head off on your journey, Dustin. Have fun." The assistant shook Dustin's hand and led him to the side exit.

"Bye," Dustin said. He then walked off toward the grass, hoping that his travels wouldn't be very lonely.

June 19th, 2008, 7:03 AM
DJ started glowing green and then grew 4 times his size and became the Hulk. Then he started pummeling all the trainers and broke down then door and stole all the pokemon and went on his journey and took over the world. The End!

DJ, who was still leaning against the wall, decided he was going to pester and bug the hell out of one of the assistants until he got into that room or the assistant just gave him his stuff instead. Looking around the room, DJ finally spotted one and made his way over to the assistant and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Yes, can I help you young man?"


"Okay..what do you need?"

"My pokemon, pokedex and pokeballs."

"Well your supposed to wait in line for the proffessor."

"Well," started DJ, "I have been waiting in line forever. And your my new best friend, and I'm just going to follow you everywhere you go until you give me what I want." A teardrop appeared on the assistants head, him knowing well that a little kid who wanted something would hold out for an extremely long time before caving in to what the adult said.

"Fine," whispered the assistant, "follow me but be quiet and if you tell anyone I'll take your pokemon right back and you'll have to wait another year!"DJ smiled, his plan had worked and he was now following the assistant through a door to recieve his pokemon.

June 20th, 2008, 10:39 AM
As soon as Amelia stepped out of the door, the group of kids became instantly interested in the Pokemon she held in her arm. There were some gasps of excitement, and even a few glares of envy. She had expected this though. After all, she was the second person to recieve her starter Pokemon. Amelia stuck her tongue out rudely at one boy who gave her a jealous look, then proceeded to walk on past him and the rest of the kids.

Sandshrew tilted his head up to look at her. The Professor had said he was shy. All the people had to be making him nervous. Amelia, in an attempt to comfort him, whispered the words "It's okay," in his ear, and continued to head for the back of the room. Why the back? In the back of her mind, she was hoping Emma was still there. When she did reach the back, she as lucky to find the red-haired girl, but that boy was also still standing there.

"Hey," Amelia greeted, casting the boy a quick glance. What was his name? Marvalo? "I was wondering, Emma, after you get your starter... Would you like to have a battle? I want to see what this Sandshrew is capable of."

June 20th, 2008, 3:33 PM
As soon as Amelia closed the door behind her, people began talking again. Marvalo turned to the ginger to try and fix his foolish mistake.

"That's nice," The ginger said before Marvalo opened his mouth. "I'm sure Chikorita would be able to beat them both, though, if given proper training. It's not as fast as Cyndaquil, but I know they can use Light Screen and Poisonpowder. As for Totodile, it can just absorb water and use Razor Leaf right back."

Marvalo knew that he had to say something intellectual and profound to stop her thinking that he was an idiot. He thought for a second before staring into her eyes, he had read somewhere that if you stare into someone's eyes during a heated argument or conversation, the person you're talking to is more likely to be intimidated. "Of course, any Pokemon could beat any Pokemon so long as it was given proper training, that goes without saying." The boy decided he would try to find a flaw in her plan. "And besides, a Cyndaquil could easily blow the Poisonpowder away with an Ember attack, as for the Light Screen, well, Cyndaquil has Leer and Smog, which would help bide time until the Light Screen were to faze out." Marvalo wasn't sure if 'faze out' was even a proper phrase, but he decided it sounded smart so it was the right word to use. "Also, what if the Razor Leaf were to miss Totodile and it used a Bite or a Scratch attack? Chikorita would not be able to take too many of them, I can assure you." Marvalo bite his lip, trying not to smile. He realised he had forgotten his manners. "Oh, and what's your name?"

The boy was going to mention stats as well but decided to leave it at that. While he waited for the ginger girl to reply, he stood on tiptoe to see if the brown-haired girl had come back out yet.

June 20th, 2008, 4:45 PM
I dunno if you're still excepting characters, but...

Name: Alyson Jessica Parker

Age: 10

Gender: female

Personality: Alyson often acts like a typical bratty 10 year old. She's not exactly a good loser, or a graceful winner. She gets angry really easily, and sometimes acts like she's half her age. However, despite what might seem like snobbiness, Alyson actually has really low self esteem for a 10 year old. She may seem like she doesn't care if you say something mean to her, but it really hurts her on the inside.

If you can get past all of her brattiness, Alyson is actually a really nice person. Her smile can brighten your day, and she isn't afraid to be really nice with her friends. However, with strangers, she is really shy, and sometimes she doesn't talk at all.

History: Alyson grew up in a big family. She has an older 15 year old sister named Bridget, an older 12 year old brother named Aaron, a younger 9 year old sister named Katie, a younger 8 year old brother named Ryan, and a younger 5 year old sister named Erin. She grew up with two loving parents in the city of Pallet Town her whole life.

However, kids started teasing her at the age of 6. They didn't really have a good reason other than to hurt her feelings. They were simply jealous because she was a lot better looking than most kids. Unfortunately for Alyson, she didn't realize this and took the teasing to heart, which seriously lowered her self esteem. Nothing happened that was really big for the next 4 years. Now, she is a 10 year old eager to begin her journey.

Appearance: Alyson is actually very pretty for her age. She has long, dark brown hair that flows down hair back to a little past her shoulder blades. Her eyes are an amazing shade of purple. (because after all, in the world of Pokemon, there's no duch thing as an unusual eye/hair color) She has extremely pale skin. She is very thin and short, being 4'6" and 40 lbs. For clothing, Alyson keeps it simple with a plain, white t-shirt, blue jeans, and white flip flops. Because she is only 10, she wears no makeup.

Hometown: Pallet Town

Preferred Starter Pokemon: Pick it for me, didn't you say something about doing that?

Preferred Starter Region: Kanto, why not?

JX Valentine
June 20th, 2008, 8:31 PM
Emma narrowed her eyes. Boys were so simple.

"So, do you honestly think that a little bit of fire can blow away an entire cloud of poisonous dust?" she asked as she put her hands on her hips. "And anyway, honestly, Leer? What would that do with a move that's mostly blocked by Light Screen anyway?" She tossed her hair over her shoulder again as she emphasized her words to make it sound like she was painfully reminding Marvalo of something. "Besides, if Totodile tries to Bite and Scratch Chikorita, she can always use Magical Leaf as another defense. That never misses."

Although Emma didn't know much about Pokemon in general, she'd at least read a bit about the Johto starters, and she'd seen her fair share of Chikorita from the girls who worked at the Celadon Gym on top of that. She thought it gave her a bit of an edge.

When Amelia came back, it almost felt like a relief to Emma. The boy, whose name she really didn't care to memorize, was starting to be a bit of an annoyance. She could sense a streak of arrogance and a bit of attitude, and it reminded her too much of, well, her. And if she could compare a boy to herself, she wasn't going to take it well.

So, instead, she cracked a smile at Amelia at the offer.

"Absolutely," she said. "I'd love to have my first battle with you." If only, she thought, to show this boy I know what I'm doing.

June 21st, 2008, 7:14 AM
Brady clicked the button of the center of the ball and red light exploded from the ball. A small figure came out and then the light disappeared. Brady looked down at his new pokemon.

It was a very small, blue pokemon with a large tail that it used to sit on. It looked like a timid pokemon with slanted eyes and a small mouth. Brady picked up his pokemon and looked at it.

"Hi," Brady said. He smiled as he saw the pokemon's face. "So, you're my new pokemon. I'm your trainer, uh uh..."

Brady didn't know what this pokemon's name was. So he just let the conversation go until he received his pokedex.

"Azurill!" Brady shouted. "Your name is Azurill."

The pokemon just looked at him blankly.

"Well, let's go before everyone tries to battle me," said Brady. He recalled hs pokemon and headed for the door.

Motsuko Live
June 21st, 2008, 8:57 AM
Ok, Oni. You've inspired me to try this RP you speak of. I hope I've done everything correctly :/

Name: Chase Munroe

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Personality: Chase is a very loyal person. He believes that loyalty and respect are the two most important traits a person should have. He's never let any of his friends down, and he's always been right beside them if ever they should fall. Sometimes, Chase takes things a little too far. He'll fight for anything his friends believe in, even if he know's they're wrong. This sometimes gets Chase into alot of trouble, and he's seen his fair share of fights.

Though he can be rather stubborn, he seems to make friends with ease. He doesn't try to take charge of the situation. Other children feel comfortable around him, and begin to open up. Because Chase respects other children's opinions so much, he's very easy to get along with.

Chase might seem like a very serious person, but inside, he's a fun loving, energetic child. And he's not afraid to show it. He doesn't try to hide his emotions for fear that others might think him "un cool". Instead, he makes his thoughts and feelings known, and waits for others to come to him.
He's a very selfless person, and doesn't mind making sacrifices for the good of others. He doesn't mind being "second best", or even "third best" for that matter. He considers himself an important part of any group, and to him, that's all that matters.

Because Chase is usually seeing things through someone else's point of view, he has trouble forming is own perspective on things. When faced with a difficult decision, Chase depends on others to decide what to do for him. He goes into panic mode if he's alone, and is unable think straight. He makes rash and hasty decisions, sometimes leading to bitter endings. Chase is a true follower, and is willing to put himself on the line for others.

History: Born on Cinnabar Island, Chase has always been fascinated by Fire Type Pokemon. In his early youth, he spent most of his time watching hopeful trainers challenge the Gym Leader, Blaine. He would sometimes even skip school to watch, wide-eyed, as over-confident trainers would get pummelled by Blaines fierce Arcanine. He would later suffer the conciquence of missing school, which Chase thought was well worth it. Seeing Blaine battle inspired Chase to make one of the only decisions he'd ever make for himself in his life; he vowed to someday become leader of the Cinnibar Island Gym.

At and early age, Chase's parents filed for a divorce. They just wanted different things, and decided it was best to be apart. A couple months later, Chase found himself riding the back of a rather large Mantine every second weekend to Fuchsia City, where his mother had moved to.
Chase's mother and father used to fight alot over Chase. Loving both of his parents equally, he decided to not participate in choosing who's house he's spend the summer in. He didn't want to hurt someones feelings. He did, however, make sure they knew that he loved them both very, very much, as they did him.

Eventually, it was decided that Chase would spend half the summer at his mother's, while the other half would be spent back at Cinnabar Island with his father. Him and his father, an ex-trainer, share a very tight bond. He would tell Chase about all his adventures he had as a trainer. His father is the only person Chase has ever told about his dream of running the Gym.

Appearance: With his father having a jamaican background, Chase's skin is a darkish-brown. He stands 5' 3'' tall, and is rather skinny. He has long, brown dreadlocks, about shoulder length, that he ties in a large pony tail. He is often told he has his fathers deep, brown eyes. His rather flat nose fits perfectly above his wide lips, which seem to have a bad habit of twitching whenever Chase get's frustrated.

Living on Cinnabar Island, Chase has seldom suffered from cold weather. If he's not topless, he's wearing a stretched, white undershirt. His long, blue, bathingsuit-like shorts are tied above his waist with a piece of brown rope. On his feet, he wears big, brown hightops, with a white Nike check on the outsides.

He has a small, gold hoop in his right ear. On his neck, you'll find a spherish pendant his mother gave to when he was eight. He considers it good luck, and never takes it off.
Chase also where's a worn, brown glove, cut off at the fingers, on his right hand to cover up a nasty burn he recieved a while back. It reminds him that not all Fire Pokemon want to be friends.

Hometown: Cinnabar Island, Kanto

Preferred Starter Pokemon: I don't want my character to be one of those cliche "I like fire, but I got grass... stupid grass. Oh, wait! I've just discovered a Pokemon's type doesn't matter! I love you, grass!". No, I actually want him to recieve a Fire Type Pokemon. I have a backup idea, but for now, you guys can decide.

Preferred Starter Region: Johto, because my character will fit in perfectly the way Oni and Chabz have gone about thier adventure.

June 21st, 2008, 3:02 PM
Seeing as my multi-quote refuses to work for me again, I'm going to have to do this the old fashioned way.

Motsuko Live is accepted and after speaking privately with him, we decided that his character should be accompanied by a Growlithe.

Chika is also accepted, now, I don't know about you guys, but I really think that Squirtle fits her character. Any objections?

Also, I'll edit this post with a roleplaying post as soon as I fix my Microsoft Word problem.

June 21st, 2008, 3:19 PM
OOC- A Squirtle! That works perfectly. I will name it Shell! ^_^ EDITED POST, because you're right. I rushed things a bit.

Alyson woke up, excited as ever. She sprang out of bed, and ran down the stairs. She had never been this excited before. "MOM! Today's the day I get my Pokemon!" Her mom smiled at her excitement. "Sweetie, what Pokemon are you going to pick?" "BULBASAUR!" She exclaimed happily. "I love the grass type! If not, Charmander works too! But not Squirtle... I hate the water type..." "Hate is a strong word, Alyson. I'm sure there's at least one water type you like." "Not... really..." Alyson said. "At least, none that I can think of."

She then ran out of the house. She accidently slammed the door because she was rushing. She could hear off in the distance, "Don't slam the door, sweetie!" She almost tripped over herself. She was so excited, she felt like she was going to explode. She ran into the door. "Hi Professor!" The Professor frowned at her. "Alyson, you're late." She frowned too. She didn't even look at the clock in her excitement. "Why, what time is it...?" Oak looked at the clock on the wall. "11:30. But lucky for you, we still have one starter left." Alyson hoped to herself it was Bulbasaur. Most of the kids in the neightborhood seemed to prefer the water or fire type anyways. "Well, see for yourself." She threw the Pokeball. A blue turtle came out. "Squirtle!" It cried.

"WHAT?!" She screamed. "You HAVE to be KIDDING ME!" Alyson was throwing one of her fits again. "Calm down, Alyson. What's wrong with a Squirtle?" "I HATE the water type!" "Well, it's either that, or you're going to have to wait another month for another three to come in." Alyson frowned again.

Motsuko Live
June 21st, 2008, 5:57 PM
OOC: Chika, I don't think you... umm, have what it takes to join this RP.
Let me quote you:

Alyson was on her house, watching TV
First of all, you don't sit on your house while watching TV. If you have a TV upon the roof of your house, you're very... special.

Anyway, here's a few tips:
When you begin your character's adventure, try to start it around the same time everyone does. For example, we all started off by "getting ready to get our Pokemon". You started off with a battle in your first post. So Basically, by the time we've gotten all our Pokemon, you'll have already beaten a few Gym Leaders.

Second, don't rush things. You seemed to bring everything in too quickly! Look at my post. My character hasn't even gotten his Pokemon, but it's one of the longest posts yet!

In conclusion, take your time, Chika. We'll all get our Pokemon eventually.


Chase awoke to the sound of his father screaming downstairs; a sound he'd become more than accustomed to. 'You'd think they'd at least stop fighting on my Birthday'. He lazily yawned, rolled over, and rubbed his eyes, all in one swift motion. His alarm clock read 8:15. 'Four more hours 'till I have my very own Pokemon'
The very idea of him having his own Pokemon made Chase smile. He'd never be alone again. He'd always have someone to stand beside him, through thick and thin; a companion.

Chase lay on his back, hands clasped tightly behind his thick, untidy dreadlocks. He was, for some reason, concentrating very hard on one particular stain upon the dusty, attic ceiling. The morning sun shone brightly through a window on his far wall, illuminating the dark, musty room. Heavy books were stacked neatly along each wall. Though he'd never read them, he knew exactly what each book was about; Breeding. They all belonged to his mother, an accomplished breeder from Olivine, Johto. They'd never been opened in years, though, seeing as Chase's parents had gotten a divorce when Chase was only six. His mother now lived in Fuchsia City, while his father stayed in Cinnabar Island with Chase.
Under these books was a hard, wood floor, with dark stains to compliment it's age. His room was bare, save a tiny shelf beside his bed which held a small, Rapidash alarm clock, a few sheets of paper under the coiled, black note-book they'd been ripped out of, and a couple of pens and pencils. This was the way Chase liked it.

The sound of footsteps coming up the stairs startled Chase. He quickly covered himself back up and pretended he was asleep as his father burst through he door, head cocked to one side trying to balance a phone between his right ear and shoulder. He seemed rather flustered.
"Mary, why would we waste time bringing him all the way to Fuchsia City when we could just head straight to New Bark? Yes, I know you can fly him there, but we'd still need to get him to Fuchsia City first! Because it's a waste of time, Mary! He's already going to be late as it is, we don't need to be making any detours! Just a second, let me get him up... Hey Chase. You awake, big guy?"
Chase faked waking up, blinking his eyes a few times. He didn't like his parents to know that he'd heard them fighting. It usually meant picking sides. "Yeah, I'm up Dad".
His father stood over his bed. He was a tall man of Jamaican descent. He, like Chase, had long, brown dreadlocks that hung down to his shoulders. A smile quickly formed across his previously pursed lips.
"Todays the day, Chase. Get dressed quickly, and I'll make you some breakfast. We have a long trip ahead of us." As soon as these words left his father's lips, Chase instantly heard his mother start complaining over the phone. He could kind of make out what she was saying. "What do you mean, you? I'm going to be the one that takes him, Marcus!"
Chase's father began making hand puppets and rolling his eyes to imitate his mother's whining. Chase chuckled. Though he hated to admit it, deep down inside, he preferred his father over his mother.

Chase shoved the last of his hot slowpoke tail into his mouth. He had already dressed, showered and prepared for the trip. He had it all planned out; It was decided that his father would bring him across Routes 20 and 19 to Fuchsia City, and his mother would fly him to New Bark town from there. After receiving his first Pokemon, he'd be picked up by his mother and brought back to Cinnabar, where he'd begin his training. He wasn't exactly sure how to train, but he was determined to do whatever it took. Especially for his dream to become reality.
"Here..." his father began, entering the kitchen. In his hand, he held a small, brown backpack. "I figured you could use some supplies. Y'know, just incase".
Chase grabbed the pack from his father, and tore open the flap. There were a few sandwiches, two juice boxes, a bag of cookies, some hair elastics, and a tiny, silver-colored bell attached to a red ribbon. Chase carefully removed the bell from the bag and began to examine it closely.
Sensing Chase's curiosity, his father quickly added, "That's a Soothe Bell. It helps Pokemon become more friendly towards their trainers. We wouldn't want another accident again, would we?" He glanced at Chase's right hand. Chase quickly withdrew his hand from view. "My glove!" He remembered. He quickly ran back upstairs and pulled on a brown, leather glove. He paused for a moment, and removed it. He stared at the painful scar he had on his hand from a terrible accident at the Cinnabar Gym. A good three quarters of his hand had suffered second degree burns. Chases father called him from downstairs.
"Chase, let's go! We're going to be late!" Chase pulled the glove back on and hurried downstairs. He slipped the Soothe Bell in his pocket, slung the backpack over his shoulder, and set out for Fuchsia City with his father.


OOC: Hmm... not one of my better stories so far :/
Oh well. We'll see how it turns out, I guess.

June 21st, 2008, 7:02 PM
"Really?" Amelia beamed at Emma's response, half-surprised. It wasn't as if she didn't quite notice how bored and uninterested Emma had seemed in their earlier conversation, but perhaps she had just been a bit to excited to think too much of it. Now that she recalled, it didn't seem like Emma had been that interested in talking to her at all until she brought up her sister's Cyndaquil. And now, here she was, standing with her own Pokemon held to her chest.

"Well, great!" she added, "But you'd better be ready! Whatever Pokemon you get, I'm giving it my all."

Sandshrew was not being very reactive to anything right now. In fact, he seemed to be idly dozing off a bit. Perhaps I should put him back in the Pokeball now...

The Ground-Type Pokemon did not show any sign of resistance when she held up his Pokeball and pressed the button in the center once more. Instantly a beam of red light shot out and absorbed his entire form. Like something out of a science-fiction movie, the living, breathing creature that had just been in Amelia's arm melted into nothing more than glowing red energy, and then was sucked into the orb in his new trainer's other hand. Fascinated (for while she had seen Pokemon coming in and out of Pokeballs before, never had she been the one to summon and recall them), Amelia clipped the ball onter her belt and turned back to Emma and the boy.

"So, uh..." she said awkwardly, "Were you still talking about the Jhoto starters?" Amelia recalled Marvalo's mention of Totodile's Type-advantage over Cyndaquil. "You don't still think Cyndaquil couldn't possibly beat a Totodile, do you?" she asked him, her urge to disprove and debate with someone rising once more. When she thought about it, she didn't know why exactly she was so desperate to try to argue her point, but why did that matter? It was fun, admittedly...

June 22nd, 2008, 4:49 AM
"BUT I WANT A BULBASAUR NOW!" Alyson screamed. She Squirtle hid behind the professor, obviously somewhat afraid of Alyson. "I WANT A BULBASAUR!" "I'm sorry Alyson, but if you wanted a Bulbasaur, you shouldn't have overslept." Alyson was getting so mad she wanted to punch the professor, but for once, she actually calmed down. "Ok, fine, I guess I'll take the Squirtle." She said angrily. With that, the professor returned the Squirtle to its Pokeball, and handed the Pokeball to Alyson. "I'll name this Squirtle... um... Shell." She then walked off. She was starting to live with the fact that she had a squritle as a starter.

Alyson walked back in her house. Her mom smiled at her again. "What starter did you pick, sweetie? Bulbasaur?" "No, I ended up with Squirtle because I overslept." "You didn't get too mad, did you?" Alyson's mom knew how mad Alyson could get if she didn't get her way. "At first I did, but now I'm starting to became ok with it. After all, my Squirtle is kind of cute."

"Do you want lunch?" Alyson's mom asked. "Sure." "I'll make your favorite, macoroni and cheese." "Sounds great!" Alyson said happily. Her mom started to make Alyson her lunch. She was starving, so she was glad she'd have one last meal before beginning her big journey. After all, she needed to get her strength up.

June 22nd, 2008, 9:25 AM
DJ was led into a little side room with the assistant, who immediately began searching around for the supplies needed to start a pokemon journey. A few moments later, he appeared with 6 pokeballs in his hands, a pokedex and a starter pack that included: some pokefood, potions, etc. DJ had the greatest look on his face and the assistant felt pleased, he liked seeing happy trainers. Even if this one had blackmailed him with harassment, he handed him the one pokeball that contained a pokemon and put the rest of the items in an extra backpack he found lying around the room.

"I am not sure which pokemon you recieved, but that is all I can offer you. If you'd prefer to wait in the long line to get the pokemon specifically chosen, let me have all the stuff back."

"NO! Whatever pokemon you gave me is fine, unless its a Whooper. If it is, I'm going to punt it at your face and then go sulk in the line." DJ clicked the button on the red and white sphere and tossed it into the air. The pokeball opened and emitted a flash of bright white light, the light slowing forming the shape of a pokemon. Once gone, the little pokemon blinked its eyes and looked around, resting its gaze on DJ.

"Cubone!" The tiny bone carrying creature gave DJ a smile and then turned to see the assistant. Not knowing who it was, he lunged at him and began whacking him with his bone weapon.

"Ahh! Ow! Ow! Stop it Cubone! Control your pokemon boy!" The assistant began running around the room, even if it was cramped he didn't want to be whacked. All DJ had been doing the entire time was laughing his butt off, and had even fallen onto the ground due to the pain he recieved in his stomach for laughing so hard.

"Cubone..cub..bone!" The Cubone had taken notice of DJ again, and stopped its abuse of the older assistant. Immediately he jumped into DJ's lap and quickly gave him an affectionate hug.

"Alright buddy, you and I are going to be great friends. Lets get started on this journey. Thanks mister! Glad I don't have to hound you for hours on end!" DJ ran out of the room with Cubone following as quickly as its short legs could go.

"Yeah..me too." The assistant walked out of the room to continue his previous work.

June 23rd, 2008, 2:44 PM
The girl who still hadn't told Marvalo what her name was seemed to narrow her eyes. It was quite clear that he had gained no respect from what he had said a couple of seconds ago.

"So, do you honestly think that a little bit of fire can blow away an entire cloud of poisonous dust?" she asked as she put her hands on her hips. "And anyway, honestly, Leer? What would that do with a move that's mostly blocked by Light Screen anyway?" She tossed her hair over her shoulder again as she emphasized her words to make it sound like she was painfully reminding Marvalo of something. "Besides, if Totodile tries to Bite and Scratch Chikorita, she can always use Magical Leaf as another defense. That never misses."

"Yes, it's perfectly normal to see Fire-Type attacks blow away Sleepowder or Poisonpowder, you see it all the time on the television." Marvalo realised how idiotic that statement must've sounded. He was losing a battle and he knew it. He decided to leave the Light Screen argument alone before he made an idiot out of himself. Again. "Yeah, well what if Chikorita was already knocked out before she got a chance to use Magical Leaf?" He knew he was about to lose this and that would not be a good omen. "And besides, it all comes down to how well you're Pokémon is trained and how much it respects you." Weak and simple, but it was the truth.

When Amelia came back, she offered to battle the girl who still hadn't told Marvalo her name once she got her Pokémon.

"Absolutely," she smiled. "I'd love to have my first battle with you."

Marvalo didn't feel like being left out. "Hey, can you guys wait until I get my Pokémon? I'd love to see you two battle."

Marvalo heard his name being called. Emotions whelled up inside of him. This was the moment he had been waiting for for the past decade.

June 23rd, 2008, 3:38 PM
"Hmph," Amelia snorted as Marvalo left at the sound of his name, "Good riddance if you ask me. And now he wants to watch us battle?" She sighed in annoyance. "Honestly, I really don't understand boys."

Considering he was getting his first Pokemon, before Emma, Amelia almost coinsidered taking him on with Sandshrew, just for the pleasure of beating him, but of course she'd already offered Emma her first battle. Besides, she would probably give her more of a good battling experience than him. The thought of battling excited her, getting her blood pumping once again. Now she had a starter! Now she was a trainer!

Amelia couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for Emma, though. Once Marvalo came back (and she pleaded Mew he wouldn't), she would be the only one of them without a starter yet. Thinking of starter Pokemon brought her mind back to Sandshrew. Oak had said he was a good, tough battler, but was he really? And, now that she thought of it, Amelia wasn't exactly sure how to use a Sandshrew in battle, seeing as this was perhaps the second or third time she'd even seen one. All the same, she remained confident and ready to do her best when she battled with Emma.

JX Valentine
June 23rd, 2008, 4:04 PM
Emma smirked. "Everyone knows that of the three starters, Chikorita has the best defenses. It can absorb those attacks with no problem the first time they're used and strike back with Magical Leaf in the next. Or just use Magical Leaf instead." Then, to his point about the powders, she smiled. "Oh, but I've seen real battles in Celadon Gym, and the trainers there get along just fine against Fire-types that try that kind of move." And then, for the finisher, she added, "Well, of course it comes down to how well they're trained. That's true for any Pokemon, really, but if a Chikorita, a Totodile, and a Cyndaquil got the same respect from their trainers, the Chikorita would still probably win."

Turning away from Marvalo (and, in fact, feeling a little relieved at the fact that he was getting away from her -- even though he was receiving his starter first), Emma opted to pay attention to Amelia as if she was the only other person in the room. Huffing with her hands on her hips again, she nodded.

"Oh, neither can I," she said. "Almost all of them think they're better in every way than us girls when it comes to Pokemon, when really, we can beat them easily." Boys, she thought again, are just so simple.

June 23rd, 2008, 4:22 PM
can i still join if so heres my information:

Character Info
Name: Beo Zehper

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Beo is on the short side for his age being about only 5'7. He weighs no more the 135 lbs, and his build is of the athletic kind.. NIce sized arms, abs, you get the picture. Blonde is the color of his hair, which is on the short side with the front spiked up. His eyes are a light blue, and ar usualy squinted when he is outside. Beo wears a black short sleeved under armor type shirt, with a blue vest over top. On the vest you can see pockets which holds all of his pokemon. He wears a black head band with wristbands. On this bands are pokeball desings that go the whole way around. Usually is always wearing blue jeans, and his sneakers. He carries around his back pack which is black, with a big poke ball design in the middle. Although there is one thing that makes Beo very self concsious about himself, and that is a big scar that starts about an inch above his left eye, and ends about an inch below his left eye.

Personality: Beo is a very outgoing young man, although his mouth can get him in to a bit of trouble when going on about how he is going to be the best trainer someday. Besides the fact of that he is usually relaxed except for in times of crisis. He is not always the smoothest guy when it comes to talking to girls ether, he tends to stutter or forget what to say. Probably one of the worst things about him though is his hero complex, he feels like he always has to help people out even when they dont ask for it. This causes Beo alot of grief because it always seems to get him in to awful situations. All in all Beo is a good kid, he just lets his ego get the best of him at times. When it comes to seeing people upset or hurt Beo has a weak spot for them becuase of what happened with his brother.. He is very caring and gentle towards pokemon and hates to see them being used for the wrong reasons. When you first meet him he may come on a s a bit strong but thats just how is around new people but once you get to know him he calms down a bit.

Background: Beo was born in the Johto region, where he also grew up, with his twin brother. Beo grew up around alot of strong pokemon trainers, becuase of his dad's reputation. When Beo was five years old his dad let him play with his elektabuzz, and thats when he knew he wanted to e a pokemon trainer. When Beo and his brother turned 10 they were getting ready to leave on there journeys heading separate ways, Beo was going to go to Kanto, while his brother would go to hoenn. On that day though Beo's brother went missing before his boat left, nobody every knew what happened to him... It killed Beo inside not to know so he post poned his journey to stay home with his parents.
Beo ended up not being able to leave becuase he was scared something would happen to him like it did his brother. When Beo's 18th birthday came around he relized it was time to leave when his dad told him that when he saw Beo playing with pokemon he knew his destiny and that was to be a great pokemo trainer like himself. He had alot of ground to make up for thse lost eight years. That day marked the day of his journey, although he had this feeling that he was being watched by somebody he shrugged it off and left home to go on his journey

Perferred Pokemon
Elekid/ Zaps

June 23rd, 2008, 9:52 PM
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June 24th, 2008, 9:21 AM
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Name: Matthew Franklin -- A.K.A Frankie.

Age: Ten. I can hardly sue someone over the internet.

Gender: Male

Frankie's not really a social butterfly type--he prefers to do things by himself, as interacting with others is "tiresome." However, his people skills are excellent, to a degree, as he's great at acting like he really cares what you're saying. Being so excellent at relations with other people, it's strange that Frankie's only real dream is to become an airplane pilot--or maybe not. While he may have good people skills, he doesn't really enjoy relations with other people. And in a one-man airplane, you're the only person to talk to. Yes, he wants to be a pilot someday--specifically, a stunt pilot. His father was a pilot, so maybe that's it, but some of the motivation has to be Frankie's own, because it's quite apparent that he loves flying.

Another thing one might say about Frankie is that he's incredibly...un-restrained, perhaps. Maybe you could say he has a daredevil complex or something, because he'll attempt things that no sane person would try. Maybe it's just the fact that he's extremely willing to try things and is quite open to change, or maybe it's because he himself is a changing individual. Or maybe he's just very, very brave.

Frankie's also very quick-thinking, and good under pressure; his ability to remain calm even in sticky situations helps him to think clearly and make better decisions than if he panicked all the time. His mind runs over the facts and the possibilities like oil over rock, and he can come up with a solution in a matter of seconds, even if that solution ends up being a bit far-fetched and seemingly impossible. The bad thing about this is that he may be overconfident, or his mouth may spit out something he's thought of before he has a chance to realize that it would be best not to say that; it's gotten him in trouble before, and it can get him into trouble again. He's learned, because of this and his size, to be wary of and/or avoid guys who are bigger than him, because he prefers not to get pounded into dust so early in life. A sharp wit and a razor-edged tongue, coupled with what could possibly be called an immense talent at theatrics, have often earned the nickname of "cheeky little brat" amongst various others. He considers what he calls "puncturing pompous windbags" to be a professional sport, at which he is the self-proclaimed star--and probably only--player.


Frankie was born in Hoenn, in Slateport City. It fits his lively personality He was the youngest child of four, all boys, which might explain why he has such good people skills, yet isn't very social.His mother was a stay-at-home mom, while his father was a pilot. Frankie used to go to the airfield to watch his father fly, and from an early age, was enchanted by the idea of flying through the air in an airplane. When he was five, his father gave him an old pair of custom pilot dogtags, which he's kept ever since.

When he was seven, Frankie accidentally locked himself in his closet while his mother was outside working in the garden, and ended up being stuck there for about an hour, in the dark, cramped, musty space. When his mother found him in there, he was leaning against the door, his face tear-stained from crying. Ever since then, he's had a deeply rooted fear of small spaces--he absolutely hates being enclosed in anything smaller than an average-sized bedroom. This is probably the reason that he's determined to camp out on his trainer's journey, rather than stay in hotels or pokemon centers.

Now at the epic age of ten, he's quite ready to recieve his first pokemon and get to exploring, well, everything he can. He hopes to recieve a pidgey or something along those lines, as pidgey evolves into pidgeot, which is large enough to ride--and he does enjoy flying, after all. However, he may be in for a disappointment....


Frankie has orange hair...like, bright, bright orange hair. It has a tendency to make him stick out in a crowd, which he's all for, since it makes the girls notice him more. It's also very messy and often sticks straight up, because he doesn't usually bother to comb it in the mornings. It's not too incredibly long.....it's not incredibly short, either. The best description of the length of his hair is that it comes down just a little bit above the collar of his jacket--and since the collar sticks straight up, it's obviously not all that long. He used to have it buzzed, but decided that that was way too boring. Another contributor to the fact that his hair is kind of messy is the fact that he usually sleeps on the grass out in the woods and what-not....he's never been much of a believer in hotels or the pokemon center.

Frankie's eyes are a kind of light turquoise color, like the sky with the slightest traces of green thrown in. Technically, being short-sighted, he's supposed to wear glasses, but he hates them and won't admit he has them. You probably wouldn't catch him dead wearing his glasses in public.

Frankie is somewhat short--more so than the average ten-year-old. While he's not terribly miniscule, he still ought to be somewhat taller than he is. He's also fairly scrawny, having almost no real muscle to speak of--he's never been the very stocky, buff sort of person. He's been given names such as "the little rat" and "squirrely boy" by some of his less understanding peers; however, he doesn't let his size get to him--or at least, he doesn't show that he does. In fact, his common reply to being made fun for it may be something like, "Well, you know, at least my muscles aren't squeezing my neck and cutting off the circulation to my brain, eh?" This is usually the point in the conversation where he uses his small size to his advantage and slips away in time to avoid being pummeled.

As far as clothing and accessories are concerned, there are three things Frankie is almost always wearing: his brown pilot jacket with the cut-off sleeves, a metal chain around his neck on which hang his father's custom-made pilot dogtags, and a pair of black, open-fingered gloves with the red silhouette of an eagle on the backs of both. He usually wears a white t-shirt underneath the jacket that sports a matching black silhouette of an eagle. His pants, like his jacket, are brown, and sport plenty of pockets for carrying various knick-knacks about in. He usually wears a pair of hiking boots, also brown though darker than his other clothes. Frankie has several other t-shirts that he may wear, and a few other pairs of pants that go with each shirt. His "special outfit" that he only wears on certain occasions kind of looks like a biker's outfit, all of black, and leather. He also has a pair of sunglasses that he wears with this outfit...which doesn't really help his short-sightedness, but he doesn't care.

Hometown: Slateport City
Preferred Starter Pokemon: Spin the wheel of fortune~.....I'll tell you what's not preferred, if that's alright. No pidgey--if a flying type, taillow, please. I like irony. And preferrably, nothing that looks like an inanimate object/bug ( e.g., things like geodude, oddish, and slugma= do not want. )
Preferred Starter Region: Hoenn. Eh-heh.

July 1st, 2008, 4:23 AM
OOC- Time to save this RP's life!

IC- After making Alyson some macaroni and cheese, Alyson's mom set the bowl down on the counter, and Alyson devoured it. She started to head out the door, but her mom stopped her. "Alyson, don't you want dessert?" "Nah, I don't want to be fat." It was amazing how Alyson was so weight consious so young. "Alyson, you're only like, 40 lbs or so last time I weighted you! That's NOT fat!" She ignored her mom and walked out the door.

Alyson walked towards her first route. She saw a Pikachu. It looked stronger than the ones at Viradian Forest, and it also looked semi tame, so it couldn't be wild. However, this Pikachu obviously wasn't completely tamed, because it used thunder on Alyson. She ended passing out because of the harsh blow.

July 5th, 2008, 10:25 AM
OOC: Whoa, sorry for the delay in posting. I honestly have no excuse other than not being motivated to post, unfortunately. I'll post now because I'm going on holiday for three weeks in a few days and I really don't want this roleplay to die.

dboring is accepted with Beo Zehper having an Elekid as his starter Pokémon.

Paper_Thin_Hymn is accepted and Matthew Franklin has a Delibird as his starter Pokémon. Thought it'd be interesting to work on.


As Marvalo began to talk away from the girl who still hadn't introduced herself and Amelia. He couldn't help but notice her reply; "Everyone knows that of the three starters, Chikorita has the best defenses. It can absorb those attacks with no problem the first time they're used and strike back with Magical Leaf in the next. Or just use Magical Leaf instead." She smiled. "Oh, but I've seen real battles in Celadon Gym, and the trainers there get along just fine against Fire-types that try that kind of move." Just when Marvalo thought the know-it-all was finished, she piped up again, "Well, of course it comes down to how well they're trained. That's true for any Pokemon, really, but if a Chikorita, a Totodile, and a Cyndaquil got the same respect from their trainers, the Chikorita would still probably win."

The boy had to resist leaving Professor Elm standing by the door in order to continue his argument with the ginger, but he felt that that wouldn't be the greatest first impression of all time so walked past her, pretending that he hadn't heard what she just said. He wondered what Pokémon he was going to get, the fierce Houndour, maybe? Marvalo had already worked out a tactic involving Smog, Faint Attack and Flamethrower for that Pokémon; first, he would instruct his loyal companion to use Smog around the arena so that the foe would be covered in darkness, then he would tell the Dark-Type Pokémon to use Faint Attack, the foe wouldn't stand a chance and to save Houndour from the toxic fumes? Marvalo would get him to use a Flamethrower to blow the fog away. The perfect plan. Perhaps the Majestic Delibird? Marvalo would teach the arctic bird Hail, Toxic and Aerial Ace, which would be recognised as one of the greatest combos of all time. In truth, those were the two Pokémon he so badly wanted, but he was sure that if he didn't get them, whatever he was given by the professor would be just as good or better. Wait, was it possible that the boy would be given a Pokémon yet to be officially discovered? Marvalo figured he was important enough to have one. No, it was all so clear now. The professor was going to give him a shiny Pokémon! Marvalo slapped his forehead as he walked up to Elm, wondering how he hadn't realised it before.

The professor seemed tired, but after today, who wouldn't be tired? Marvalo reasoned. Marvalo was under the impression that most tired people were also grumpy, but Professor Elm greeted him warmly by shaking his hands. "Marvalo Bond, I have heard so much about you. Quite the rising star, I believe." The man nodded his head. "Everyone was telling me what sort of Pokémon you should get, ranging from Squirtle (which is a horribly over-rated Pokémon, I blame Oak's method of giving out starter Pokémon for that) to Lapras (which is a great Pokémon, but not exactly a starter Pokémon, if you know what I mean). I treated my decision as if it were a newborn baby, Master Bond, and I really do think that the Pokémon I have chosen for you fits you to no end."

Those were some interesting words that Marvalo had just heard and he knew it. Quite the rising star? The child was under the impression that he ticked a lot of adults of when he tried to outsmart them, who would have relayed those words to the Professor? Professor Elm closed the door into his laboratory as Marvalo stepped into it and came face to face with a grey-haired man. Possibly the most famous man in the modern world. "Professor Oak!" The boy exclaimed. Never had the though of being in the same room as the legendary professor crossed his mind because he had never thought it would happen, but here he was with the possibility of a conversation about to start.

Oak chuckled and Elm joined in. "It's always nice to see aspiring trainers who know who to look up to, Master Bond." Oak held out his hand and shook Marvalo's. "You cannnot imagine how many people come in here thinking they're the greatest thing since sliced bread and don't seem to respect Elm nor I in the slightest. Your parents are obviously good ones if the sight of me leads you to be in awe."

Marvalo wanted to know if this was just formalities or if the two professors actually did like him, but refrained from asking, just in case it made him sound like an idiot. While he contemplated asking that question, Elm picked up a Poké Ball from one of the nearby shelves and looked at Marvalo with a grin on his face. Marvalo groaned. "Please, cut the suspense and tell me what Pokémon is in that ball." He instantly regretted saying it, it made him sound like a three year old.

Oak and Elm chuckled again. Marvalo breathed in a sigh of relief; these two professors were patronising, which was annoying, but at least it meant that they didn't take anything he said seriously. Elm three the Poké Ball into the air and a pink lump materialised from a jet of red light. Marvalo didn't know what to think.

"Jigglypuff!" The Pokémon shouted.

Marvalo knew a lot about the breed of Pokémon that was Jigglypuff. He knew that its attack and special attack were the Jigglypuff's strong point, and that his ideal moveset for it would be Sing, Pound, Disable and Rollout, but he was expecting something, well, better. Still, life goes on. Marvalo was mature and he intended to keep that impression. He looked up at the two professors and forced a smile. "Thank you, so much." They nodded and Elm handed the Poké Ball to him. Marvalo looked hard at the Pokémon before saying, "hello, Jugglypuff. My name is Marvalo and I guess I'm going to be your trainer from now on. Do you like that idea?" And if you don't... Too bad. The pink bubble nodded slowly and Marvalo grinned, just a small bit, he didn't want to look like a child. "Thank you, now, return!" He pressed on the metallic button on the side of the Poké Ball and watched Jigglypuff get sucked it into it.

Marvalo thanked the professors once again and left the room to find the ginger girl and Amelia. It was time to earn some respect.

July 14th, 2008, 7:54 AM
OOC- Time to save this RP's life, AGAIN!

IC- Alyson heard a voice. "Hello? HELLO?! Are you ok?" Alyson gradually opened her eyes. There was a girl. She looked about Alyson's age, maybe a little older by a year or two. "Are you ok? Sorry, my Pikachu isn't that tame yet. I got it through trading, so it isn't very obedient." "It's fine." Alyson said, actually being semi-calm for a change.

"Yeah, I love trading Pokemon. Do you have any Pokemon you'd like to trade? I have Pokemon from Hoenn, my original home region... I'm here on vacation. By the way, my name is Katie." "My name is Alyson. Nice to meet you Katie. But I don't have any Pokemon. Or actually, I do have have a Squirtle, but I want to keep it." "Well, I found this egg abandoned near the day care. Would you like to have it?" "Sure." Alyson was handed a pink egg, and Katie walked away. "Wow, that Katie girl sure was nice... I hope we can meet again someday."

JX Valentine
July 21st, 2008, 3:48 PM
Out of the corner of her eye, Emma could see the boy leaving the other room.

Great, she thought. He's going to come over here and show off his stupid Pokémon. What's-her-name – this girl – already got her Pokémon. He got his. That just leaves me! This isn't fair!

She frowned slightly but tried her best not to show any anger. It was unacceptable, being the last in line for her own Pokémon, but she wasn't about to let her opponent know that she was annoyed by it. No, she was going to show him she could rise above something so petty, so insignificant. Besides, when she got her Pokémon didn't matter in the long run. After all, it was what Pokémon she received that defined her standing. She could be the first one up and get a measly Weedle, or she could be the last one they call and receive a Dratini. It all came down to luck. Number in line, after all, didn't matter on the battlefield, did it?

With that thought playing through her head, she straightened herself and let a confident smile play across her lips. All of a sudden, she felt that little note of superiority, that little bit of warmth that filled her body. In her head, she kept thinking You don't know what I'm going to get, and that was enough of a comfort to her.

Hopefully, she'd receive something decent so that all of this didn't turn out to be just a bluff.

"So!" she said when Marvalo approached.

She was about to go on to ask him what Pokémon he received and to insinuate that she thought he would have gotten a boyish Pokémon, like a Machop or something else that relied on brute strength. Colorful taunts ran through her mind to further emphasize how her future Pokémon was likely going to be far better than whatever Marvalo received. Eloquent speeches formed in her mind, complete with a mental image of how Marvalo would react: the dirty look on his face she thought he'd receive when he'd have no way to respond to her, the look of insignificance compared to her…

Unfortunately, before she could say another word, one of the adults' voices rose above the children's.

"Emma Finn?"

Immediately, Emma winced. The last thing she wanted was to give the boy her name. Information fed the metaphorical fire, after all.

With a deep breath, she calmed herself enough to ignore Marvalo and make her way forward. By the time she reached the front, she was wearing a polite and sweet expression, the image of a calm and quiet child. Her fingertips grasped the sides of her skirt, and she curtsied to Professor Elm.

July 21st, 2008, 4:58 PM
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Amelia was considering something else to say to Emma, for the simple sake of keeping the conversation going. However, that notion faded as she turned her head to the side and saw someone walking toward them.

"Oh, no..." she groaned, loud enough for Emma to hear but out of Marvalo's earshot. "He's coming back!"

Emma appeared equally displeased. In fact, she looked ready to resume her debate with him, but suddenly a voice inturrupted her.

"Emma Finn?" one of the professors called.

While Amelia found it conicidental that she, Marvalo, and Emma would be called consecutively, she didn't question or wonder about it. Of course, as Emma walked off, that left her with Marvalo...

"So," she began in a toneless voice, ready to satisfy her curiosity but trying not to sound interested, "What Pokemon did you get?"

July 22nd, 2008, 10:43 AM
I hope its not TOO LATE >_< i always end up too late to an RP

Name: Adcaro Redskye (Nicknamed Skye or Caro)

Age: 12, His Age was Due to the fact he has been studying a lot in school before becoming engaged in pokemon so he could develop strategy over Raw Strength

Gender: Male

Personality: Adcaro was Bullied at a young age in Saffron City where his Parents lived and worked and thus had made him a Bitter and Brutal commenting person. He though has a lot of Loyalty and will help his friends when they are in the need. He has a long temper and can often be Rash with his Decisions usualy doing before thinking. He has a Motto where he believes that he should defend the people he cares for with his slogan
"im the 1st to arrive and the last to leave".
Caro is rather snide with his comments he makes and thus have made him several enemies but his loyalty has redeemed himself helping often when his friends are injured or in need of help
Adcaro also has a Weird Tendency of Eating Colslaw sandwiches When he gets the chance to make some

History: Adcaro was born in the Johto reigon of Azela Town when his parents were visiting his grandparents. Adcaro was raised Saffron City by his Parents until he reached the Age of 8 where his parents were offered a job working for Devon rather than Silph.
After saying their farewells his parents presented Adcaro with an Abra to raise as a Pet. Adcaro has had this Abra for quite a while and has raised him as an honourable Pet whom loves him dearly.
Adcaro Has Spent a lot of his time in the Boisterous Rustboro city and often had races with his newly made friends. but the older they got, the more interested and eager they became in becoming pokemon trainers Caro spent his time Studying his arts. When his friends reached the age of 10 they left rustboro to receive their 1st companion but Adcaro refused saying he would stay behind to finnish his learning so he can be ready for the world.
Recently Adaro left his studying after he realised he wanted adventure instead of the same old City he had been growing up in and has decided to leave to receive his Trainers license with his Pet Abra as a Starter pokemon

Appearance: Adcaro for his age is rather tall standing at a height of 5'1. His hair covers his right eye and goes down towards his shoulders. His hair is coloured jet black and he Bears a Knee length Black Trenchcoat which Has incredibly fine Sleeves The trenchcoat has 1 pocket on the inside. and adcaro wears a Pair of Boots with Heavy Buckles and Metal Caps on the tips. On his Left eye (the visible Eye) there is a red stripe going downwards which is meant to represent a Harlequin Stripe, Very much like his Pet Abra. Underneath his trenchcoat he wears a plain black T-shirt and usualy wears a black bandana with maroon stars printed on it over his head when he is not wearing his trenchcoat. On his hands he wears a half fingerless Leather glove on his Left hand and a Black and Red Striped Glove with no fingers or thumb hole on his Right hand. His pants are Dark blue and they Seem to look like they drag along the floor.

Hometown: Rustboro City since his parents are both employed by the Devon coorperation

Preferred Starter Pokemon: Abra, Adcaro Received this for his 8th birthday from his parents from their bred Kadabras, His Abra has a Black star applied to his eye like Makeup very much like Adcaros eye. This Abra is more unusal than a regular Abra with his body markings since it has Dark maroon Bodyplates on his Body unlike a regular Abra which has Brown Bodyplates (if you want to count this as my shiny pokemon, go for it :p)

Preferred Starter Region: The Hoenn Reigon ^_^ but ive heard that Johto will win but Nonetheless i dont mind =P

July 25th, 2008, 8:40 AM
Alyson kept walking, wondering what Pokemon was inside the pink egg that Katie girl gave her. She ran into a Rattata. "Time to do some training! Go, Shell!" "Squirtle!"

"Use tackle!" The Ratatta dodged it, then used quick attack. "Shell, use withdraw!" Shell withdrew into his shell, and the Ratatta ran into and fell down. "Use bubble while you can, Shell!" Bubbles went flying from Shell's mouth, and hit the Ratatta. "Now use tackle!" Then, the Squirtle went flying towards the Ratatta. The Ratatta then bit Shell. "Hmm... that was hyper fang! Use..." Before Alyson even had time to respond, Shell bit the Ratatta, and it got knocked out. "Shell, return! Good job..." She whispered to the Pokeball, as she continued walking down the route.

July 29th, 2008, 2:38 PM
OOC: So I'm back from my holidays and it's time to give this roleplay the life it deserves. Unfortunately, that means people getting kicked out and sign-ups getting rejected, but life goes on. So, to start with the sign-up I've missed.

Now, I know a lot of people think that I horribly destroy people who annoy me, especially with illiterate roleplaying ssign-ups, but I've had a change of heart, at least for the moment, and I've decided that I need to help these people, 'cause my insulting doesn't help them at all.

So, X-BehindTheWynaut-X, let us begin. Spelling/grammar corrections are in bold.

Name: Adcaro Redskye (Nicknamed Skye or Caro).

Age: 12, his age was due to the fact he has been studying a lot in school before becoming engaged in pokemon so he could develop strategy over raw strength.

Umhm, and why have you capitilised random letters for no apparent reason? And why isn't the P in Pokémon capitilised? Remember, you only need to put in a capital letter for the start of someone's name, the start of a day, after a full stop/exclamation mark/question mark/whatever and whatnot. Don't just insert random capital letters, 'tis annoying and bad grammar.

Gender: Male.

Personality: Adcaro was bullied at a young age in Saffron City where his parents lived and worked and thus had made him a bitter and brutal commenting person. He though has a lot of loyalty and will help his friends when they are in the need. He has a long temper and can often be rash with his decisions usualy doing before thinking. He has a motto where he believes that he should defend the people he cares for with his slogan:

"I'm the first to arrive and the last to leave.'

Caro is rather snide with his comments he makes and thus have made him several enemies but his loyalty has redeemed himself helping often when his friends are injured or in need of help
Adcaro also has a weird tendency of eating colslaw sandwiches when he gets the chance to make some.

Well, I'm going to leave the whole random capitlisation of letters now because I've figured out that you only capitilise letters in a way to get your point across. It's not really needed, my friend, and hurts the English language emotionally, so do us all a favour and refrain from doing it again. Onto your personality; let me get this straight; because he was bullied and because his parents worked and lived in Saffron City, he had stopped being an optomistic commentator? I can understand how he might've been depressed from bullying, but what you said really made no sense whatsoever. Also, was the whole colslaw sandwiches thing your idea of a joke? I didn't find it funny.

Since the rest of your sign-up is more or less the same nonsence and because I have no patience and limited time, I'm not really bothered to pinpoint the rest of your grammar mistakes, but you are definitely rejected. Have a nice day.

Chika: I'm going to tell you now; your posts are way too short. I appreciate the fact that your grammar has improved a tad, but unless you can make them decently sized, I'm going to have to get rid of you.


Marvalo was feeling a bit betrayed by the two professors he respected so much. A Jigglypuff? Was that what he deserved? Surely, something more. He was expecting a stronger Pokémon. A, well, he didn't want to sound vain but, well, a more masculine Pokémon. Hell, even an Abra would have done, but to land him a pink balloon? Surely he deserved more than that. The Pokémon wasn't even alternately coloured! Then again, Marvalo thought to himself, perhaps this Jigglypuff was special, more special than a normal Pokémon. Maybe it knew a move that he shouldn't be able to know, or maybe it's intellectual capacity was much more than the average Pokémon. There were probably a lot of reasons why Marvalo was given this Pokémon; he just needed to figure them out.

He looked up, losing his trance. "So!" The ginger said.

Marvalo looked up. Did he want her to know that he had been presented with a Jigglypuff? No. That'd probably inflate her ego. What would she think if she knew that he had gotten such a... a... a femine Pokémon? Nothing positive, no doubt. He decided that not telling her what he got was probably the best course of action at the moment, but that could change depending on what Pokémon she ended up getting. He opened his mouth to reply to her one lettered cliff-hanger, but Oak's voice boomed throughout the room instead.

"Emma Finn?"

He spotted the girl wince in the corner of his eye as she walked forward, brushing him away. So her name was Emma Finn. Average but pretty, in his opinion. Not that she would ever know his opinion. He grinned, now they were once again even. He knew her name and vice versa. A name was a very important factor in gaining respect and Marvalo knew that, he just had to play this piece of information to his advantage.

"So," Apparently that girl, Ameilia, was still around. How could Marvalo just forget her? He never believed in chivilary but he still felt disappointed at the fact that he had just ignored a girl for a few minutes. "What Pokemon did you get?"

Of course, Marvalo wasn't about to allow his guilt to overcome his sense. "Oh, you know," he toyed with his words. "I got one Pokémon out of four hundred and ninety-three, assuming that Legendary Pokémon actually exist, which I doubt."

It was always nice to act above fairytales. Marvalo stared at the door in the far corner of the room, wondering what Emma Finn would emerge with when she walked through it while he waited for Amelia to respond.

July 29th, 2008, 9:11 PM
srry if its to late




Personality:Seth is the go with the flow type of dude. He thinks if something happens then let other people worry about it he doesnt care. But if someone gets him mad then watch out. Because he will pull pranks on everyone for about a week or two until he stops.

History:Giving birth to Seth Seth's mom died. His dad worked for Proffesor Rowan. One day when Seth was 2 he went to work with his dad. While he was there he played with one of the staraptors the assistants were using in a research project. They were having so much fun. But then accidentally a Turtwig hit Staraptor hard scarring Staraptor half to death. Staraptor was so scarred that he flew off with Seth in his claws! His dad never saw him since. Actually nobody ever saw him again everyone just assumed he died.

Staraptor took Seth to a far off forest where Seth was raised by a pack of Luxrays which also had Shinxs and Luxios. Seth was raised on how to live like a pokemon and eventually actually thought he was a pokemon! One day though when proffesor Rowan was doing research in that forest he stumbled across the pack. He saw a boy sleeping in the middle of all the pokemon and reliezed that it was Seth! He woke Seth up and told him to come back to his lab. When they arrived at his lab Proffesor Rowan told him everything and Seth eventually believed him. Seth asked Proffesor Rowan where his father was and Proffesor Rowan told him that his dad had gone to be an assistant for Proffesor Oak in the Kanto Region. So from There on out Seth's dream was to become a pokemon trainer and to be reunited with his father.

Appearence: Seth has Black spiky hair(and no im not trying to copy him but like Ash's). He wears a red Shirt with a blue Pokeball print on it. He wears baggy Black pants and always has his hat that his father gave him when he was 2. He is about 3 foot 6.He doesnt wear shoes most of the time. He has a scar around his stomach and hips(where the staraptor grabbed him) and a scar from one of his eyelids staight down to his other one (nobady asks him how he got it). And he has blue eyes.

Hometown:Twinleaf Town

Starter Pokemon:you choose its more fun that way

Starter region:seeing as how its already started Johto i guess

July 30th, 2008, 4:00 AM
srry if its to late


Is this Seth Grey from PFU? Anyways, I'm pretty sure that in my first post I said that only literate roleplayers could take part in this roleplay, and you are most definitely not literate. Consider yourself rejected.

July 30th, 2008, 5:54 PM
It only took a few moments for Amelia to wish Emma would get back soon. She wasn't exactly lonely, but just a bit self-conscious, standing right next to this boy without anyone else to distract attention from her. To a stranger's eye, it could look suspiciously like they were friends. Or worse... She recoiled at the disturbing thought. No, Amelia had never and would never show interest in a boy. She didn't need them, and she felt that she was far superior anyways.

"Oh, you know," Marvalo muttered in responce to her question, "I got one Pokémon out of four hundred and ninety-three, assuming that Legendary Pokémon actually exist, which I doubt."

Amelia smirked at Marvalo's words. Trying to change the subject by mentioning Legendaries, are we? She herself did not care much for the belief in Legendary Pokemon, though she didn't rule out the possibility that they could exist. This, of course, wasn't the point of his words, though. I'll bet he's hidng something. Who's so confident now? An amused glint in her eyes, she chuckled slightly.

"Is that supposed to imply you didn't get quite what you were hoping for?" the girl asked slyly. "A Dunsparce, perhaps? An Igglybuff?"

JX Valentine
July 31st, 2008, 10:57 PM
It took Emma only a moment to reach the other room, but it felt like forever for her. The excitement overwhelmed her, and she found it difficult to maintain her usual composure. Nonetheless, she took a deep breath and steadied herself.

That's right, she thought. Don't act up. Just act like a perfect lady, and they'll give you what you want.

She straightened and held her head high as she entered. Her face wore nothing but a small smile as she approached both Professor Oak and Elm. Of course, she'd heard all about the both of them. She knew of their reputations, vague ideas of what they studied, the achievements they held… And why wouldn't she? She always valued knowledge as her key weapon. Though she couldn't claim to know everything, she always took pleasure in the advantage she held over the other children, in the dumbfounded looks she received when she could answer a teacher's questions while they sat silently.

But to see the people she'd read so much about standing right in front of her, that feeling of sheer pride tasted better than anything else she'd felt in the classroom. Who cared about some dumb kid who didn't know the nation's capital or what Oak did in 1987? She was meeting Oak himself – Elm too.

The children back home, she thought, would be insanely jealous.

So, with a curtsy, she said her hellos and introduced herself politely, just the way she imagined a lady would. Oak smiled, perhaps reminded of his own granddaughter or perhaps because Emma's act seemed all-too genuine. Elm, meanwhile, nodded and offered a soft smile of his own, one tinged with the weariness of the morning.

"Emma Finn," Elm repeated. "I admit neither of us were as familiar with you as we were with the children from our own hometowns. However, we've heard plenty from both your parents and your teachers."

He turned, rummaging through a set of Poké Balls on the shelf behind him. It would be a long while before it was going to be empty, Emma knew. As he sorted through each ball, he continued.

"You're ambitious, hard-working, unusually polite for a girl your age, a perfectionist…"

Oak nodded and sat back in his chair. "It took awhile for us to find a good match for you, but I think you'll see this one can't be any better."

"Oh, most definitely." Elm turned, a ball in his hand. "Take it, Emma. This is your partner."

Emma had been quiet as she waited patiently. She had meditated on her pride, on how accurate she thought Elm seemed to have her, for the past few minutes, but now that he turned to face her, all of those thoughts immediately vanished at the sight of the Poké Ball. Her Poké Ball. Her hand trembled as she reached towards it and took it. The plastic and metal felt cool to the touch, and it fit her hand perfectly. With a smile, she bowed.

"Thank you," she said.

"You're welcome," Elm replied. "Open it and see your new Pokémon."

Emma didn't need to be told twice. With a flick of her wrist, the ball flew straight up into the air and cracked open. White light poured out of it, descending to the floor. As Emma snatched the ball from the air, she watched carefully, waiting anxiously for her Pokémon to form. She couldn't guess what it was. It was small, but then again, many basic Pokémon were. For all she knew, it could be the Chikorita she'd hoped for or a common Rattata or a cute Poliwag…

Instead, it formed a cat with cream-colored fur and a coin on his head. The Meowth opened its mouth to meow once before he finally opened his eyes and stared directly at his owner. His cat grin widened, and he rose to all four paws. Emma sucked in a breath as she watched and felt him rub against her ankles, the rumbling of his purring resonating through her bones and ears.

For once, she didn't know what to say. She stooped down and picked up the cat, who seemed very nonchalant about being around humans, much less being picked up by one.

"It's beautiful," Emma gasped.

As if he was insulted by the idea of being called an "it," the Meowth grinned and dug his claws into Emma's arm. Immediately, she yelped and dropped the cat, who landed neatly on his feet and promptly sat down to lick his paws. She began tearing up as she rubbed her arm.

"It would be a he," Oak told her. "I'm sorry, Emma, but it seems that while this Pokémon doesn't mind humans, he seems to be very sensitive."

Or vain, Emma thought bitterly.

With a forced smile, she knelt. "It's all right, Professor Oak." Then, to the Pokémon, she added, "I'm sorry. I didn't know. Let's start again. My name is Emma Finn, and I will be your partner. It's a pleasure to meet you."

The Meowth paused in grooming himself to give Emma a sidelong glance. Apparently, he wasn't very forgiving, either. With a sigh, Emma held up the ball and recalled the cat. She stood slowly and curtsied again.

"Thank you very much for the Pokémon, sir," she said. "I'll take very good care of him."

Elm and Oak could only smile at this claim. They knew they'd matched Pokémon with trainer well.

"Are you all right, Emma?" Elm asked. "Do you need a bandage for your arm before you go?"

Emma shook her head. "No thank you."

And with that, she turned to the door and walked out into the other room. No way she was about to show that she was weak.

August 1st, 2008, 5:39 AM
OOC- Ooo... sorry about that. I'll make my posts longer, I promise. I'm just a tad lazy, is all. With that said...

IC- As Alyson kept walking down the route, she saw another Pokemon. This Pokemon was also a Ratatta. However, it looked stronger... a lot stronger. Alyson came to a conclusion. "Hmm... maybe this Ratatta is the mother of the one I just defeated. It's hard to say, but that could be, because it looks pretty mad. It looks pretty tough, too. I could never take on a Ratatta as tough as this one, right? I mean, Shell isn't exactly strong, and..." Before she even had time to think, the Ratatta charged at her. So Alyson's first instinct was to run.

Alyson was never the fastest runner, she was extremely skinny and scrawny, and definately not in shape. She was out of breath after a few feet, mainly because she was running at full sprint. So, she made a desicion. She would battle this Ratatta. After all, Viridian City was not too far away, so if she lost, she could always heal Shell once she was done. "Go, Shell!" "Squirtle!" With that, the battle begun.

The Ratatta started with a quick attack. "Use withdraw!" The Squirtle started to withdraw, but was way too slow; the Ratatta had already charged into Shell before he even started to withdraw. While the Ratatta was close, it used hyper fang. After two moves, Shell was already pretty tired. "C'mon Shell, hang in there, buddy!" "Use bubble!" Bubbles were flying out of the Squirtle's mouth, but they did nothing; the Ratatta popped them with it's teeth. Then, it used tackle attack, which knocked out Shell. Alyson was pretty angry, not at Shell, but at the Ratatta. The Ratatta ran off before she could do anything else. To avoid her Squirtle getting any further injuries, she returned Shell to his Pokeball, and ran as fast as she could towards Viridian City.

OOC- Any better?

August 1st, 2008, 4:28 PM
(Ahh...Tell me if this isn't to be acceptable, I'm not sure if you're still accepting....)

Name: Azure "Zuri" Souma
Age: Ten
Gender: Female
Personality: Zuri is quite intelligent but chooses to hide it and act dumb and/or stupid in a childish way sometimes unintentionally adding "Aha!" to a lot of her sentences. She can be quite naive, but lacks not in courage. Zuri tends to annoy others with her overly happy/bubbly moods, and is almost never sad, and when she is it's for petty things like losing candy or something of the sort. Zuri has a tendancy to be nit-picky about little things like organizing, which she does a lot. She is quite artistic, though doesn't recognize her own abilities and is quite afraid of Tentacruel and Tentacool. Oh...did I forget to mention she has the the manners of a delinquent boy? Well sorry her only outside source was her punky older brother.
Azure, the second child of Jennifer and Kenta Souma, was born minutes before sunrise after Jennifer gave birth to the first Souma, Brian. The two children grew up as twins, doing everything together, no matter what it be; bathing, eating, playing, you name it. Because of Azure's smallness and helpless appearance, at the age of five she had been the victim of attempted kidnapping. After the alleged culprit was caught Azure was no longer allowed to leave her home without her mother or father. This caused a rift between Azure and Brian, Azure staying naive and pure, not getting much information from the outside, whilst Brian grew up like a normal boy.
Azure decided at the age of nine to sneak out of her house to get fresh air, she met other girls her age and was talked into dying her hair. Jennifer saw this and knew Azure needed to grow up, to live her life. Jennifer decided that Azure could manage her own and allowed Azure to ready to become a Pokemon trainer. Still paranoid Jennifer contacted the Professor and things were arranged...Azure's Pokemon journey was about to begin.
Appearance: Zuri is simply short for her age barely reaching the four foot mark, her hair is short in a boyish cut, her left eye covered by the long aqua-teal coloured bangs that connect to the rest of her her short blonde hair. She has caramell coloured eyes, so warm and inviting, that stand out against her pale skin. Her frame is thin, perfectly portioned to her height.
Zuri can usually be found wearing a bright blue miniskirt that has a white stripe a long the bottom, a loose black t-shirt, a large white jacket with light blue accents, loose socks, a pair of white with blue decor running shoes, and two hair clips she uses to pull the bangs away from her right eye. She has a thing for loose shirts due to some of her insecurities.
Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto
Preferred Starter Pokemon: I Like surprises, so I Want you guys to pick.
Preferred Starter Region: Johto

August 2nd, 2008, 12:16 PM
OOC: So I'm back from my holidays and it's time to give this roleplay the life it deserves. Unfortunately, that means people getting kicked out and sign-ups getting rejected, but life goes on. So, to start with the sign-up I've missed.

Now, I know a lot of people think that I horribly destroy people who annoy me, especially with illiterate roleplaying ssign-ups, but I've had a change of heart, at least for the moment, and I've decided that I need to help these people, 'cause my insulting doesn't help them at all.

So, X-BehindTheWynaut-X, let us begin. Spelling/grammar corrections are in bold.

Umhm, and why have you capitilised random letters for no apparent reason? And why isn't the P in Pokémon capitilised? Remember, you only need to put in a capital letter for the start of someone's name, the start of a day, after a full stop/exclamation mark/question mark/whatever and whatnot. Don't just insert random capital letters, 'tis annoying and bad grammar.

Well, I'm going to leave the whole random capitlisation of letters now because I've figured out that you only capitilise letters in a way to get your point across. It's not really needed, my friend, and hurts the English language emotionally, so do us all a favour and refrain from doing it again. Onto your personality; let me get this straight; because he was bullied and because his parents worked and lived in Saffron City, he had stopped being an optomistic commentator? I can understand how he might've been depressed from bullying, but what you said really made no sense whatsoever. Also, was the whole colslaw sandwiches thing your idea of a joke? I didn't find it funny.

Since the rest of your sign-up is more or less the same nonsence and because I have no patience and limited time, I'm not really bothered to pinpoint the rest of your grammar mistakes, but you are definitely rejected. Have a nice day.

Sorry man, Im just Dyslexic :/ well not completly its not that bad as some people make it out but i can make a whole load of sense but its just some bad habbit :( but thanks for your help :) ill take it in mind for another RP ok

August 21st, 2008, 7:57 AM
OOC: How this thread went twenty days without a post is beyond me. Let's fix that, people. Sign-ups are always open so feel free to post your character application whenever you want.

Daj-tan is accepted. I figure that the Pokémon who would fit your character would be a Treeko. Don't ask me why, it just feels right.


Marvalo watched the girl, Emma Finn, walk towards Professor Oak and the door. He thought about what Pokémon she might get. Surely nothing better than his Jigglypuff. Maybe a Dunsparce or a Slowpoke. Those two Pokémon would go hand in hand with the girl, Marvalo figured as he smirked to himself.

Marvalo turned around to see the girl, Amelia, standing in front of him. "Is that supposed to imply you didn't get quite what you were hoping for?" the girl asked slyly. "A Dunsparce, perhaps? An Igglybuff?"

Marvalo laughed when he heard the name Dunsparce but stopped abruptly as soon as Igglybuff was mentioned. That was too close to home. Maybe she had been spying on him! He wouldn't put it past her. He looked at her for a second, she definitely seemed a bit dodgy. He glanced at the door. Emma Finn seemed to have gone into the room with Oak which meant that the door was closed. There was a keyhole in it as well. Of course, Amelia must have decided to be sneaky and look through. What a freak.

No. This was the way a normal ten year old would think. Marvalo knew he was so much more than the average ten year old. He had to be the intellectual fair person he was and look at it from every prospective. Perhaps Amelia was just poking fun at him and meant it as a joke, maybe she wasn't trying to degrade his ego. The fact that she listed out Igglybuff as one of the possibly options for the Pokémon he might have was probably a coincidence. He took her way too seriously.

"I'll show you in a battle, after you take on the girl, Emma Finn." He said carelessly. He contemplated going home for a second but decided he wanted to watch the Pokémon battle between Amelia and Emma. It would be a failure, he could tell.

August 21st, 2008, 8:29 AM
A battle? Amelia thought, now feeling an odd mixture of determination and fury building up inside her. Not a good combination of feelings for reasonable thinking. She, however, managed to realize this before doing anything stupid (the idea of laughing in Marvalo's face and declaring his complete inferiority had come to mind, for instance). To calm herself down, Amelia sighed aloud and closed her eyes for a second or two. She didn't want to seem like just another hot-headed kid convinced she was practically invincible. No. She had to seem smarter, be smarter, than that.

"Fine," she said in a simple tone. "I'll beat you in a battle any day. Don't be surprised if you're the one who loses."

Going back to her mental ponderings, she now thought of the two battles she would soon be participating in. First Emma. Then Marvalo. And the boy had challenged Emma as well... It seemed rather odd that before long all three of them will have faced one another in a Pokemon battle. They'd all just recieved their starters moments ago, at that.

Starters! Of course. This brought Amelia back to wondering what Pokemon Marvalo had, indeed, been given. Questioning him about it obviously led nowhere, so if she hoped to find out anything she'd need to make some sort of guess. He seemed to stop cold when I said "Igglybuff"... She smirked slightly. Perhaps she had randomly discovered his starter. Well... That would be too much of a coincidence. It could be a Cleffa, or a Happiny, for all she knew. Close enough, all the same.

She continued entertaining herself with thoughts like this when suddenly, she noticed an anticipating silence in the air. The children all perked up and glanced at the door as Emma emerged. Amelia found herself interested and curious as well. Whatever Pokemon Emma walked out of that room with would be the first Pokemon she'd challenge in a battle.

JX Valentine
August 23rd, 2008, 5:41 PM
As Emma strutted out of the other room, her chin was held up, and her shoulders were back, as if to proclaim that she was triumphant in her pairing. However, her scratched arm was held back, hidden slightly by her hip as she made her way through the crowds. She didn't even notice if someone was selected next or who it might have been. It didn't matter now. After all, she knew she had a battle to attend to, and as hostile as the cat might have been to her, she knew her first battle wouldn't be anything short of memorable.

A grin spread across her face as she approached Amelia. She didn't even look at Marvalo at this point, but she let him see her smile. Maybe that'll signal to him that she was proud of what she got. More than proud. Maybe that it might have been something so extraordinary, he wasn't even worthy to hear its name.

Or, at least, that's what she wanted him to think.

"Well," she said, "I'm back! Would you like to go outside now? It'd be better to show each other our Pokemon where there's not so many people so close."

August 25th, 2008, 1:52 PM
"Fine," Amelia said in a simple tone. "I'll beat you in a battle any day. Don't be surprised if you're the one who loses."

Marvalo refrained from grinning, as that would make her realise that he thought he was going to win the battle easily. From her reply, Marvalo figured that she was scared of losing. If she was scared of losing, she was bound to think more about the battle than she should and make some silly mistakes that he would take advantage of as soon as possible. He took a deep breath and made sure that he didn't look like a spoiled child because if he did, Amelia could end up figuring out what he was so happy about. He merely nodded and decided to strike up some more conversation. "What Pokémon did you get?"

If Amelia replied, Marvalo wasn't aware because his attention was suddenly diverted to the girl, Emma Finn. She was walking as fine as ever with a broad smile on her face, but she wasn't looking at him, more the crowd. Marvalo repressed the urge to shout out loud. She seemed to be happy with the Pokémon she received. Maybe it was better than his.

Nonsense. He was obviously given the best Pokémon there was. He was Marvalo Bond, after all. A name that would be known by everyone, eventually. He was sure of it.

Emma Finn walked up beside Amelia and Marvalo. "Well," she said, "I'm back! Would you like to go outside now? It'd be better to show each other our Pokemon where there's not so many people so close."

Marvalo nodded and waited for Amelia to second his opinion. Then he noticed Emma's discreet reference to The Lord of the Rings. Not only was she smart, she was well read.

Getting respect of this punk was going to be a hard feat to accomplish.

August 27th, 2008, 1:56 PM
Amelia blinked as Marvalo asked her what starter she had obtained, thus interrupting her confident thoughts. She found herself slightly surprised. Did this kid really expect her to answer a question he himself had so blatantly avoided? No matter the answer to the question; a Caterpie of all things could probably beat whatever he had been given. Honestly, Amelia sighed mentally, Boys...

She opened her mouth to give a sharp reply when Emma approached. Thank the legendaries! At least now she wouldn't have to be alone dealing with this complete idiot.

"Yes," Amelia replied simply, "It'd probabaly be best if we went outside..." The mere thought of all these kids 'Oohing' and 'Aahing' at their Pokemon as they battled was... Ugh. Annoying enough as just a thought, rather than a reality.

August 28th, 2008, 9:17 PM
Name: Artemis Fleetwright
Age: 13 (Eat my individuality!!!)
Gender: Male

Personality: Artemis has always been known by his classmates and friends to be the smart one in the room. Not smart as in "ee equalz em cee little too!" but smart as in the kind that preceeds an alec. Not a lot of people really know why he is this way. He seems to come off as a know-it-all to anyone he speaks to. The only people he has ever shown any kind of respect towards are his parents and his best friend, Drake.

In addition to the holier than thou routine, he's a pervert. Most older women set him off immediately and he attempts to hit on them. His age and appearance catches most of his victims off-guard and they end up melting all over him for how "cute" or "funny" he is. Meanwhile, he is attempting to look up their skirts or is hugging them a little too tightly, if you know what I mean. One woman in particular that gets him going is Drake's older sister Reena. Unfortunately, Drake was too naive to notice and kept inviting Artemis over to play.

Other than these two rather uncouth personality traits, he's a pretty upstanding citizen. He works hard, gets good grades, does his chores, and he is the best errand boy you will ever meet if you can get on his good side.

History: Artemis was born into a slightly well-off family. His parent's house is quite large and he really has been given most of what he wants when he wants it. He hasn't had a hard life... not even an uncomfortable one. His cushy way of life may contribute to his slight superiority complex towards middle-class kids. At the age of 7, he was forced to enter a public school. It was his parent's way of getting him to "chill out". Unfortunately... it didn't work. If anything, it fueled his behavior forward at a more rapid pace. Interacting with these other kids just made him want to show off by being more clever and more rude than he was before. Alas, he is like he is now mainly because of his parent's decision.

Artemis met Drake in school when he was 9 years old. The boy blabbed on about nothing but POKeMON this and POKeMON that. Artemis found these creatures to be fascinating by the way he described them (he led a pretty sheltered life...) and always would sit next to the boy so they could talk about them. This led to their inevitable friendship. They planned to go on a journey together after their respective 10th birthdays, but Artemis' parents forbade him from getting a POKeMON of his own until he turned 13. Something about it being too dangerous to go out on an epic journey at his age. Drake offered to wait with him, but Artemis pushed him away and told him to go without him.

"Don't worry... I'll catch up." he told him.

Now, he has finally turned 13 and his journey is about to start. Artemis vows on his birthday cake to find Drake again and the two of them can trek as they promised three years ago.

Appearance: Artemis is slightly short for his age at a mere 4'10'' and only weighs about 97 pounds. His red hair is ear-length and has a natural "feathered and teased" look to it. His blue eyes are framed by very classy-looking glasses. His face usually has a "baked-over" look to it as he finds a very small amount of things amusing. On his torso he wears a black t-shirt with a flat POKeBall design in green on the lower right corner of the front of the shirt. His pants are baggy and an olive green color with three clips on each leg for his POKeMON team. His shoes are a usual white and green tennis shoes look and on his wrist he wears a green POKetch (or wristwatch if you don't want POKetches...). Finally, over his shoulder is usually his black bag with the same flat POKeBall design in green on the right side of the flap.

Hometown: Olivine City
Preferred Starter Pokemon: Torchic or Ralts, but i'll let you pick if you wish to.

JX Valentine
August 29th, 2008, 5:15 PM
Emma smiled. "Well, then. Follow me."

With that, she turned and walked towards the door. She only assumed Amelia was following her. Whether or not Marvalo did was none of her concern. If he did, then he'd see her Pokemon and quite possibly her victory. If not... his loss.

Pushing open the door, Emma walked first through the familiar waiting room and then to the outside world. The air felt crisp and new to her, possibly because everything felt new now. She was a new person -- not just Emma Finn but Emma Finn, Pokemon trainer. Emma Finn, future champion of this league and leagues far from home. Emma Finn, an icon of strength and beauty in one.

She walked to the road and looked to both sides. Seeing no one coming, she stepped out and positioned herself to make it clear she fully intended on using the road as a battle ground. Slipping Meowth's Poke Ball from her pocket, she stood waiting for Amelia. She wasn't about to show her Pokemon until her newfound friend (or the closest thing she could get to one) showed hers.

August 30th, 2008, 11:35 AM
OOC: Parabolic is accepted because I'm cool enough to accept people.

Interacting with these other kids just made him want to show off by being more clever and more rude than he was before.

Sounds like a Ralts to me.


"Yes," Amelia replied simply, "It'd probabaly be best if we went outside..."

Marvalo was going to interject his opinion but he was cut off by the girl; Emma Finn.

"Well, then. Follow me."

He watched her revolve on the spot and strut towards the door as if she was a queen, which she most certainly was not. At least, not in his eyes. He bit his lip. Why did he have such a fixation on the girl? He attempted to answer the question in his head as quickly as he could. Obviously, it was because she was the only person who really put up a fight against him and refuse to treat him with respect. Surely that was it. The Bond child loved a challenge and this was what she was placing in front of him. There were no more reasons.

Or were there?

He would have snorted, but refrained in case he looked odd in front of the commoners. There was no way he had a crush on her! Of course not. Besides, his quest was to do with Pokémon, not the opposite gender. He could get a girlfriend in good time.

He shook his head and attempted to block out that second possibility before realising he had wasted enough time. Marvalo followed Emma and wondered how the battle would go.

August 31st, 2008, 6:30 PM
Leaves rustled in the threes with the brisk wind that blew lightly as Artemis strode down a forest path. This air was a great deal of difference to the salty and humid sea air he was used to in his home town of Olivine. Even though it wasn't quite as humid as his home, Artemis was sweating almost enough to put a stain on his shirt. He wasn't too used to walking great distances and his parents, as loving as they are, dropped him about ten miles from the laboratory where he was supposed to pick up his first POKeMON.

"You need to get used to walking everywhere, Arty. So just take a walk that way down the path." his parents pointed out a dirt road that led into the forest and then split into a road and a path, "Be sure to visit if you are ever in Olivine. We love you!" After a hug and a wave, his parents closed the car door and drove off back to their home. Slightly saddened, Artemis trudged into the woods.

A very tired, half-present look was now plastered on Artemis' face. He thought he had walked the ten miles already, but what did he know? He never really went for many walks. The only exercise he got was on a treadmill or other exercise equipment. This feeling of fatigue was quickly washed away by the sighting of a POKeMON in the distance. Drake had always talked about his favorites and shown him pictures of all the ones he knew of. From the looks of it, this creature was a Seedot.

Artemis was too excited to finally see one that he didn't realize he had already grabbed for a POKeBall in his bag. Pushing the button on the ball made it grow to full size and a smile grew on his face with it.

"Now... what do I say? Was it... Proceed POKeBall? Gotta Catch em' All? Um..." Artemis pondered as the Seedot began to waddle into the trees. Snapped out of his thought process, he noticed the small creature walking away, "Uh! Wait! Get back here!"

Artemis chased after it into the trees and finally cornered it. The small seed POKeMON looked frightened for it's life, almost. A seemingly evil sneer spread on his lips and he pulled his arm back.

"That's it! Go, POKeBall!" Chucking the red and white sphere, he had noticed that the Seedot had friends. Too late to take his action back Artemis began to turn the other way and run as a Shiftry knocked the ball back at him. Now running at full speed, he didn't care about the ball. He could always buy another one. It was more important to get away from the second stage POKeMON that was now chasing him for trying to catch what seemed like it's child.

"Crap! Now I remember that Drake told me I have to get a POKeMON weak with another POKeMON before I throw the ball! Such a wonderful time to remember!" he yelled to himself with tears flowing from his eyes down his cheeks. The Shiftry now grew in numbers with a couple Nuzleaf along for the ride. They leaped through the trees after him and Artemis continued to run as fast as his small legs could take him.

A couple minutes passed where he finally heard children's voices. He knew this had to be the place so he did all he could think of doing at the time. Screaming at the top of his lungs, he ran into the lab grounds.

"Helllllllllllllllllllllllllp!!!" eyes closed and tears flowing, he yelled as he ran straight into the side of the building. The sudden solidity of the surface he hit knocked him out of the panic he was in and he looked back to see nothing following him except some kids that ran over to see what kind of weirdo just ran into the wall. Wiping his eyes and cheeks and brushing his clothes off, Artemis took a deep breath and then stared coldly at the children.

"What?! You never seen a kid in turmoil before? Low-class urchins...." he grumbled to himself as he looked for what could pass as a door.

September 1st, 2008, 2:08 PM
OOC: The great Lucien Lachance has decided to grace this roleplay for real with her presence. Her character seemed to fit a Meowth, but I don't really want to let the Ryder child receive such a Pokémon seeing as Emma Finn has already claimed one. So, after much thought, I've decided that your character deserves nothing more than a Pichu. Small, angry and egotistic. Seems fitting.

September 2nd, 2008, 1:54 AM
She was late and it was all that menacing Horsea’s fault keeping her up all night. She cursed her mother for living so close to the sea’s edge on the island, due to the poor judgment on her mothers part she was kept up all night by a small sea Pokemon who found it amusing to splash her window every now and again in hopes that Ryder would get so wound up she would be forced to chase the menace out at sea. This particular sea dweller also took amusement in the fact that Ryder was ten times slower than him when it came to swimming.
The child growled as the ship sailed into to the docking bay and angrily threw her bag over her shoulder and stormed off down the run way, completely ignoring the warm goodbye she received form one of the ships crew, but who could blame her? The one opportunity in life that she had to find out all the mysteries of the legendary Pokemon and she was almost positive that all the Pokemon had been taken! Only 30 people got into the lab and after that…it was almost too painful to think about! All this time spent on a boat with annoying screaming babies and they’re parents and it was all going to go to waste in under quarter of an hour.
“I swear I’m gonna kill that blasted sea horse when I get back home. Let’s see how it puts up with a speedboat…” She growled. “Face it Ryder your not gonna get a pokemon and your just gonna end up going home with nothing to show but a gold star in the ships karaoke contest”

The road from the docks to the lab was almost laughable, it was literally a few pebbles away and she could see the last of the chosen Pokemon trainers walking up the path to they’re first battle wit nature. Even the paparazzi had dispatched and left a clear path to the professor’s lab. Ryder’s hard demeanor faded and was replaced but complete hopelessness. She sighed and ran a shaky hand through her layered hair. “I’m here now, might as well go and try my luck and see if there’s the slightest chance I can start my journey anyway. Maybe they can muster me up a Magikarp or something.” With her back hunched and head hung low, she made her way towards the entrance to the lab and listened out to all the comments that were throw her way. “You know you’re a little late, kid. They’ve all gone ya know?”
“Hey look at that kid; she ain’t got a hope in hell!”
Normally she would have given them a piece of her mind, but this time she knew that they were right and there was no way there was going to be anything left over. What kid in they’re right mind would have passed up an opportunity like this?

She laid her small fingers upon the doors handle and gave a long drawn out sigh. She closed her eyes and tried her very hardest to think positive, but who was she kidding? Her concentration was diminished and she pulled the door open and walked inside. She didn’t pay attention to all the cool gadgets and gizmos that were placed around the lab, all she could concentrate on was the empty table ahead that surly enough held no Pokeballs. She slapped a hand to her face and groaned from both the pain and the humiliation. “Oh man, what am I gonna tell my mom now? Sorry mom, but a Horsea kept me up all night because it thought it would be fun to have me chase it out to sea?! She’d give ya points for originality Ryder, at least ya got that!” She turned on her heal to make her way back out the door when a slender hand fell upon her shoulder holding her in place.
She craned her head around to glance up at whoever it was and tell them to let her go but was surprised to find it was Professor Elm himself. She tilted her head in confusion and spoke. “Look Prof, I know I was late and there’s nothin’ left, so if you’ll just let me go so I can go and throttle a certain sea horse I would be most appreciative.” But she had no such luck, instead the professor only smiled at her. “Got up late, huh?” He asked with a tone of amusement in his voice.
Ryder spun around and took the chance to rant about the stupid Pokemon and her mother’s ill choice of location. “You have no IDEA prof! There’s this stupid Horsea see that keeps me up all night gushin’ water at my window. My mom chose the stupidest place to put a house; right next to the sea where any Pokemon could completely trounce it if they wanted to. I mean what if this wasn’t a Horsea and a Gyarados gone mad! I could’a been KILLED!” She emphasized the last word by punching her chest where the heart was located. “An’ now I can’t even go on this journey because of the lil’ runt!” Her chest was heaving and there were tears of frustration welling up in the corners of her eyes. Surprisingly though the Professors smile never left his mouth and he crouched down to her level. “What’s your name?”
Ryder whipped the tears from her eyes, not wanting to appear weak. “Robin Jay Ryder. But everyone just calls me Ryder.”
“Well Ryder, can I ask you a question?”
She nodded.
“Are you a tough nut to crack, Ryder?”
The kid yet again tilted her head to the side in wonderment. What kind of question was that? “Umm, yeah, I mean I’m stubborn if that’s what you’re askin’ and I don’t take no crap from any one y’know.”

That seemed to answer the Professors question and he straightened up, placing a hand in his deep pocket and rummaging around. After a few seconds he took a Pokeball from its confines and Ryder’s heart gave a huge bounce. He smiled at her and held out the Pokeball. “I’m going to warn you Ryder, I only have this Pokemon because the kid I was going to give it to dropped out because he thought this Pokemon was unmanageable. But if you’re telling me that you’re a hard nut to crack, then I don’t think you will be having any problems with him, okay?”
Ryder could only nod in bewilderment as she reached out to take the Pokeball from the professor’s hand. Her eyes had started to well up again, but this time it was due to joy and not anguish. She stared at the red and white ball for a few moments, trying her hardest to imagine what type of Pokemon would come out of its depths. A smile spread itself across her face and she couldn’t contain her excitement any longer. She held out the Pokeball and let loose the mystery that lay in wait. The white light was blinding and she was forced to close her eyes quickly, not use to doing this very often. When she opened them there was a blurry silhouette standing in front of her and her heart skipped a beat. It was a small Pikachu like thing that she had never seen before.
“What is it? She asked, crouching down to the Pokemon’s level.
“That is a Pichu, the pre-evolved form of Pikachu. You wouldn’t have seen it running around Kanto, it was discovered here in Johto.”
Se grinned and reached out to give the Pokemon a little fuss but was surprised when the Pokemon took a step backwards and stuck its tongue out at her. She growled and made to grab for it but again it took another step back. “What’s its problem!?” She asked Elm.
“I told you it was a little much.” He repeated.
“Yeah but this is beyond a joke, I can’t do anything with it!?” She stood up to her full length and held out the Pokeball. “RETURN!”
A small hop to the side was enough to that the stream of red light missed its target and allowed it another second longer to poke its tongue out again. But of course, it didn’t take Ryder’s temper long to reach its peek and she had dived at the unsuspecting Pokemon, grabbing it by the scruff of its neck and lifting it into the air. “Hah!” She yelled triumphantly. “Try escaping now, ya lil’ pest!” She tucked it under her arm and smiled up at the Professor. “Ya don’t know how much this means to me prof! Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine with him. If its one thing I’m good at its showing others that I’m the boss an’ I don’t take no heap from anybody!”
“I’m glad to hear you say that. I have been trying to find a perfect match for this Pokemon for years. It still hasn’t evolved because it hasn’t found any happiness from anyone. I hope you can remedy that, Ryder.”
The young girl bowed before him. “You’ve picked the right ‘un for the job, Prof. I won’t let ya down!” With that said she muffled the Pichu’s yelling and made her way out of the door. Leaving an amused professor Elm standing there shaking his head.

September 2nd, 2008, 4:33 AM
Amelia exited the building behind Emma, trying with all her might not to rush out in an over-excited manner. After all, she was ten now. She had a Pokemon of her own. She had to be more mature, and prove herself worthy of this quest rather than act like just another energy-spouting little kid. How did my sister ever manage to be so calm...? she asked herself mentally.

Then shoving her thoughts away, she approached the other side of the road. Emma watched from across the pavement-covered battlefield, a Pokeball in her hand. Amelia's own Pokeball was slipped from her pocket in a quick fashion. She felt confident, despite the tense air that seemed to fill the silence. Smiling slightly, she lifted the orb and tossed it into the air, guessing that she would be the one to send her Pokemon out first. The Pokeball cracked open, and the red light that split from its open jaw poured out to materialize into her Pokemon. It then closed automatically and, like it was guided by some sort of magic, retreated back to Amelia's open hand. The new trainer, still fascinated by the way Pokeballs worked, was a bit in awe as she gazed down at the creature she would be commanding for her first battle.

Sandshrew blinked his dark eyes and lowered his head, as if adjusting to the bright sunlight. Amelia couldn't help but smile. Memories of seeing young Pokemon back at home, visiting the Day Care Center, came back to her for a moment... Not to mention, Sandshrew was sort of cute, she had to admit.

"Well?" she asked, looking up at Emma expectantly.

JX Valentine
September 4th, 2008, 9:11 AM
"Sandshrew, eh?"

Emma smiled and tossed her own ball into the air. It split open, raining that pretty, white light from its core onto the road. With a click, the ball closed again and landed back in Emma's hand as she watched the light twist and turn. Eventually, it faded, and all that was left was a cat.

Meowth looked somewhat prouder in the sunlight. His golden charm glinted, and his cream-colored fur glistened. Feeling the warmth on his skin, he opened his mouth and meowed. Then, he lifted a paw and began to lick it as he waited patiently for something to happen.

For that brief moment, Emma stood there, admiring her Pokemon and waiting for her opponent's reaction. Eventually, when the moment faded, Emma knew exactly what to do first.

"Meowth, use Scratch on that Sandshrew!"

The cat's ears twitched, and he rose onto his four paws. Emma expected the Meowth to race towards his opponent, but instead, all he did was pad nonchalantly towards the shrew and circle it with a curious glance and a purr. At once, Emma blinked, waiting for the attack that never came until she grew red.

"Meowth!" she called. "Come on! Scratch!"

Instead, the cat simply stared at his opponent, as if to wait for the first move.

September 4th, 2008, 12:24 PM
Rubbing his forehead, Artemis stepped towards the large doors to the laboratory. That collision had sure hurt his pride as well as his skull. He stared at the sign for a second, trying to come up with a reason for his tardiness, but he decided to just be honest. A policy he wasn't too used to, but he figured it would work. Reaching for the door handle, it turned without him touching it. Before he had a chance to realize what was going on, the door swung open and nearly gave him yet another head injury. Just barely dodging the motion, Artemis looked at the unfamiliar girl holding a small yellow rodent. He didn't get a god glance at it, but he knew it was either a Pichu or a Pikachu.

"Er... too small for a Pikachu. I guess it was the basic form, then..." he mumbled to himself. Meanwhile, the door swung on its hinges and he caught it on it's return trip. Stepping inside, the warm outside air quickly became cool from the air conditioned lab. Artemis figured it must take a fair sum of money to keep it cool in here with all the machines going. He looked around to see researchers going about their work and Professor Elm staring at him blankly. A worried look was plastered across Artemis' face and he hung his head.

"No POKeMON left?" he asked in a "but of course" tone. The professor shook his head, "Well... I guess I'll go and find a hotel or something. Try back next weekend. Not like I can walk back to Olivine or anything." he sighed and started to turn when Elm's voice called out.

"Now, now. There's no reason to be discouraged." he smiled and Artemis turned to look at the man, "I'm sure there is something I can do..." The young professor stepped away into a room in the lab and Artemis, not feeling very up to doing much right now, waited for him to return. The double doors he entered slid open again and Elm returned with a five POKeBalls and a POKeDex.

"Take these and..." the scientist produced a larger POKeBall, "This. This is one of my personal POKeMON, Furret."

"I thought the point was to get my own... I mean..." before Artemis had a chance to finish, Elm placed a finger on his mouth.

"This is for you to weaken and capture your own POKeMON outside. Now don't get me wrong... I want my Furret back. It's just a loaner." Artemis understood now and turned to leave, "Oh... young man? I never got your name."

"It's Artemis Fleetwright." he responded without turning his head. The sun was bright again once he left the lab and he was once again hit with the clean air. The air in the laboratory was closer to the sea air at Olivine and he felt better there. Now clutching the POKeBall with Furret inside, he walked past a couple trainers going about their first battles. The forest was even less inviting than it was three hours ago. However, he had to enter it to find a POKeMON to capture.

Trudging along for a few minutes, Artemis spotted a few candidates, but he didn't really like what he was seeing. A sentret here, a pidgey there... not really outstanding quality. Everything seemed to melt together after a while, too. Artemis found a large rock and decided to take a break and sit on it. The started to think that he should lower his standards a bit and just go after a sentret or something. There were plenty of those here. The rock started to rumble a bit and Artemis wondered if there was an earthquake or something. Those happened occasionally in Olivine and he wasn't really startled. Unfortunately, it wasn't any such thing. Out of the rock popped four arms and a face and Artemis jumped behind him to look at it. It rolled a bit and pulled itself up to see what was using it as a chair. Pulling out his POKeDex, he aimed it at the creature and pressed the button to tell info on it.

"Graveler; The Rock POKeMON. The evolved form of Geodude. These POKeMON make homes in sheer cliffs by gouging out numerous horizontal holes." the electronic voice of the machine responded. A smile spread on his face.

"Now that's a nice one!" Artemis threw the POKeBall with Furret in it and it was released in a flash or white light."Okay, Furret! Um... quick attack! Go!" the rodent-esque POKeMON wondered who was his person to give him such orders, but was quickly snapped out of it when it was hit full-force by a Rollout attack from the Graveler. It decided to fight and immediately sped up to collide with the rock POKeMON in a Quick Attack. Unfortunately, the Graveler had used Defense Curl just before impact and the Furret was sent back to where it came from. Artemis looked at the unscathed Graveler and the nearly beaten Furret and thought for a moment. Deciding that, in retrospect, this wasn't the best type match up, he returned the Furret and ran for it.

"Jeez... seems I'm running a lot today. Particularly from POKeMON that want to kill me!" he yelled to himself. The ground rumbled and he looked back to see a newly polished Graveler barreling after him with another Rollout. Just before he was about to b flattened, a multi-color barrier stopped the rock POKeMON in it's tracks. A soothing sound emitted form this sheet of light and Artemis looked to see the creator. Looking directly above him, he found a small white and green POKeMON floating with it's arms spread out wide. The Graveler got up, saw that he couldn't get to Artemis, and stommed back to it's nap.

The shield faded and the small creature lowered itself to the ground. Artemis promptly got out his POKeDex and scanned it.

"Ralts; The Feeling POKeMON. It uses the horns on it's head to sense human emotions."

"So you're a Ralts?" Artemis knelt to be eye level with the creature, "Did you use your horns to sense I was in danger?" the small POKeMON nodded.


"Well... thanks, I guess. You know what? I think I might just want to catch you." he pulled out Furret's POKeBall and let it out again. The Ralts looked frightened at the sight of the larger creature and tried running away.

"Oh no you don't! Furret! Quick Attack!" the long body POKeMON sighed and reluctantly obeyed. It sped up and barreled into the defenseless Ralts. The Ralts flew upward, "Okay... now... um... Fury Swipes?" Furret jumped up and furiously scratched at the small psychic POKeMON. Figuring that was enough, Artemis took out a small POKeBall from his bag and pushed to button to make it grow.

"Um... what was it? Oh yeah! Go! POKeBall!" Artemis tossed the ball at Ralts and it made contact. The small POKeMON was sucked into the contraption and it landed on the ground. Shaking for an unusually long amount of time, the red light on the button finally turned off and a sound chimed confirming the capture.

"Sweet!" Artemis exclaimed while scooping up the ball and returning Furret. About half an hour passed when he finally returned to the lab. Almost slamming the doors open, he gave the Furret back to Professor Elm.

"Well... at least you're trustworthy." Elm thought aloud as he placed the two POKeBalls on his recovery machine. A catchy jingle later, and Artemis' Ralts was returned to him.

"Ralts, eh? Rare find. You're lucky you found one in this region. Well I do hope you have fun, Artemis, was it?"

"Yeah. And thank you, sir. It was fun... I guess." Artemis stepped out from the lab into the outside world. All the trainers were gone, save for a few. He decided maybe he should just get going and took the first few steps of the rest of his new life.

September 7th, 2008, 9:08 AM
Amelia watched the cat Pokemon emerge from its own Pokeball. A Meowth! Well, it seemed rather fitting for Emma... Pride seemed to glow around the feline as sunlight doused its fur. Then, on the command to use Scratch attack, Meowth simply padded over to Sandshrew in a rather curious manner. It showed no desire to attack, allowing perhaps for Amelia's own advantage. She opened her both to call out an attack command, but then closed it haltingly as she realized her lack of knowledge with Sandshrew's moves. This wasn't a Pokemon she was all that familiar with...

Hm... Sandshrew has those claws... Aha! Scratch! He can also use Scratch! And there's Defense Curl, but... Amelia's mind quickly worked out a simple, straightforward strategy. Meowth wasn't attacking, but it was so close it was practically begging to be hit. Offense was probably the best plan, and as such Amelia's first order to her Sandshrew would be the same as Emma's was to Meowth.

"Ehm... Scratch!" Amelia called with slight hesitation. A second later, she blinked. In all the time she'd spent thinking about her strategy, Sandshrew had curled himself into a tight ball, as if scared of the cat Pokemon standing in front of him. Once again, he resembled a golden orb of brick patterns, and he certainly didn't seem intent on moving.

"Not Defense Curl!! Scratch! Attack it while you have the chance!" his trainer cried in frustration, but it was clearly no use. Amelia sighed helplessly, feeling as if all her determination building up for this battle had been for nothing. She couldn't even control her own Pokemon!

September 9th, 2008, 1:15 PM
Marvalo held back a frown as the brown-haired girl, Amelia, cut in front of him. He took a deep breath in and calmed himself down. He was not going to attack a girl for walking in front of him. Besides, she was probably anxious and anticipating the battle more than him, seeing as she was the one taking part in it. Marvalo resisted the temptation to smile as he realised this was her debut battle. Whoever lost this would end up having their ego severely battered.

He watched Amelia exit the building and blatantly ignore Emma Finn before walking over to the other side of the road. Emma was on the other side, holding a red and white sphere. This was going to be interesting. Marvalo watched the girl who had skipped past him to get outside the door lob the Poké Ball into the air, and for a moment he was a real ten year old boy; marveling and mystified at how such a glorious thing could work. Her Pokémon burst out from a jet of red.

The child watched the rock which resembled a rat blink and waited for Emma Finn to present her new Pokémon.

"Well?" Amelia asked, looking up at Emma expectantly.

Marvalo had to admit, Amelia was pretty good when it came to saying what everyone else was thinking. It was then that he realised he wasn't the only person watching the battle. A few people had formed a circle, wanting to see some entertainment.

"Sandshrew, eh?" Emma smiled and tossed her own ball into the air. It split open, raining that pretty, white light from its core onto the road. With a click, the ball closed again and landed back in Emma's hand as she watched the light twist and turn. Eventually, it faded, and all that was left was a cat.

Marvalo squinted. Had the girl really been given a Meowth? Mischievous creatures, they were. At least, that's what he was told at the petting zoo after he had been bitten by one. Would this Pokémon bow to its trainer's will, or would it decide to play with its tale instead of obeying orders? Marvalo frowned for a moment. How could he have forgotten that the new trainers' Pokémon might not respect them enough to do their bidding? It was possible that it could happen.

"Meowth, use Scratch on that Sandshrew!"

So Emma was making the first move. Obviously, making that action was a mistake and would be remembered as something that damaged her self-confidence as all her Meowth did was circle the Sandshrew.

"Meowth!" she called. "Come on! Scratch!"

Instead, the cat simply stared at his opponent, as if to wait for the first move.

"Ehm... Scratch!" Amelia called with slight hesitation. "Not Defense Curl!! Scratch! Attack it while you have the chance!"

Marvalo didn't know whether to laugh or sigh, because Sandshrew didn't seem to be listening to its master's orders either, having curled up in a ball instead of attacking the opposition.

This was going to be a Pokémon battle that would be remembered for a very long time.

JX Valentine
September 10th, 2008, 7:29 PM
Although the prospect of getting an opening would have appealed Emma, the fact that her Meowth hardly seemed inclined to want to take advantage of it drove any pleasure of the aforementioned opening right out of her mind. Instead, she glared at her Pokemon, then glanced at the other trainers as if to take into account how many people were watching her failure. Turning back to the Meowth, she took a deep breath to calm herself as much as possible.

"Meowth, I order you to use Scratch on that Sandshrew," she said.

The cat's ears twitched, and it gave her a playful look. Then, with a purr, he lifted a paw in the air, the claws jutting out from the milky tips of his toes.

However, what he did next wasn't quite what she had in mind, either. Rather than simply scrape the Sandshrew, Meowth swung his paw downward to smack the side of the curled Pokemon. With an amused meow, the cat rose on his hind paws and swung his fore paws forward with the intent of rolling his own opponent around the field, should he keep himself curled tightly in that ball.

Today, clearly, was not Emma's day.

October 10th, 2008, 8:48 AM
And in a desperate attempt to revive the thread before it expired, Marvalo slid his hand into his pocket and grasped the small sphere he had dreamed of holding for so long. He raised it into the air and (ignoring the shocked faces around him) threw the Poké Ball into the air.

"Go, Jigglypuff!"

A few people gasped. A few more laughed at the feminine Pokémon who had landed at Marvalo's feet. He ignored those who were mocking him and tried not to blush in embarrassment. The pink balloon with two legs looked up expectantly at his new trainer, wondering why it had been called upon and thrown into the battlefield. Marvalo struggled to find words for a couple of seconds as he realised how unorthodox hijacking the battle must have been.

He knew that there was no going back now though. Make his Pokémon return would make him look stupid and his Jugglypuff appear to be pathetically weak in front of the crowd. No, he'd have to do something that would probably irritate both Amelia and Emma. Not that he cared about annoying them, of course. He just liked being respected. Having manners should get anyone respected. Hijacking the debut battle of two aspiring trainers did not seem to give anyone the impression that Marvalo had manners.

It was too late for second thoughts.

"Jigglypuff, use pound on that Meowth!" He ordered and prayed that the blob would obey him.

OOC: There's actually a few hours before the thread expires so I figured I may as well save it from dying. It's an okay roleplay that deserves to live longer than this.

JX Valentine
October 12th, 2008, 10:38 AM
The Meowth's ears twitched at the sound of his species' name. His paws let go of the Sandshrew, and in a fluid motion, he turned and fell to all fours facing the pink puff. With a horrible hiss, his lips curled back to reveal glistening, white fangs as a warning to his potential opponent.

In the meantime, Emma turned her eyes towards Marvalo's Pokemon. She really couldn't help but smile, though she would have preferred to maintain the expression of neutral maturity. Instead, she brought the back of a hand to her mouth, and the first thing that came out was a loud snicker.

"That's your starter Pokemon?" she asked, glancing from the Jigglypuff to Marvalo. "Well, boy, it's..." She hesitated, her lips pulling back into a smirk as she thought of the best word to complete that sentence. "...Cute."

As if losing interest in the Sandshrew, the Meowth padded closer to the Jigglypuff. A purr rumbled from his throat as he narrowed his eyes and waited for that attack. Although he didn't feel as if Sandshrew was much of a challenge either, he looked at Jigglypuff as if its soft body would make a tasty afternoon snack.

In the meantime, his owner pointed at the pink puff.

"Well, if you honestly want to interrupt, then let's go," she said. "Meowth, Scratch!"

With a loud meow, Meowth darted forward with his claws out. Emma felt relieved that for once, her Pokemon was obeying her. She really had no idea that he was just acting on his empty stomach.