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June 8th, 2008, 2:36 PM
Team Rocket has recently come up with an undeniably brilliant plan to catch each and every legendary Pokemon. A group of wandering Pokemon stumbles upon one of Team Rocket's hideouts and hear something they weren't supposed to. Now they must decide what they shall do. Should they mind their business and pretend it never happened, or help their fellow Pokemon? If they decide to mind their business and pretend it never happened, what will happen? Will Team Rocket, in the first time for a long time, succeed and capture all of the legendary Pokemon? Will the Pokemon end up getting caught in the middle of this mess anyway? And if the Pokemon decide to help their fellow Pokemon, what challenges will they have to face, and will they succeed in foiling Team Rocket's plan?

Sorry for the short plot, I was never amazing at role playing, but I'll try to throw in a few plot twists to make it more exciting. And if you're wondering what Team Rocket's plan is, you'll find out once we start the RP. And if I haven't already made it clear, this is not a trainer RP. You will be playing as a Pokemon. I'm going to rate this RP PG-13 just to be safe. Now, here is the form I want you to fill out:


You can add pretty much anything to the form, it's really just a guideline. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you didn't power play or choose a Pokemon that was already chosen. Those are basically the only rules, otherwise you're free to do whatever. Okay, now here's my character:

Name: Gore
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Mightyena
Personality: Gore acts harsh and cruel when he really has a kind heart. It takes time for Pokemon to understand him because of his mysterious personality. Gore doesn't trust or love easily after certain events from his past. He is clever and is a tough opponent in battle because of that. Gore is stealthy and quick in nature. He is short-tempered and stubborn. Gore stands up for what he believes in, even if it means his life. He can't resist Pokemon in need, for he knows what life for them is like. Gore shrugs off anyone's sympathy for him. He may not seem to be sweet, but if you get to know him, he might just reveal his true form. Gore is more sensitive than he seems, and his feelings are easy to hurt. He is very bold and will never back down from a challenge. Gore always hides his emotions behind a mask of brutality. When he is angry enough, he'll lash out viciously at anything in reach. Gore is lonely and remains silent most of the time. He is more vulnerable than he thinks, and is merely a break down waiting to happen. Gore is a puzzle that may never be fully solved. He has multiple outlooks on life, and will usually only discuss one.
History: Gore comes from a horrible, twisted pack of insane, evil Mightyenas. He wasn't in the least bit respectful to his leader, his family, or anyone. That ended up being a huge mistake on Gore's part. The night he was announced fully grown, a group of Mightyenas, including his leader and his father, attacked him. Gore's leader tore his left ear off, and his father clawed his right eye, blinding him. He also received many scars from the attack. Gore wasn't exiled, but he ran away that night, scared and injured severely. He took refuge in an abandoned den, where an elderly man named Travers found him the next morning. Travers fed Gore and helped him recover from his wounds. After all his injuries were healed, he found that he loved Travers so much, he just couldn't leave him. Gore was, for the first time in his life, happy where he was. He enjoyed these two feelings, happiness and love, so he remained with Travers at his small cottage in a beautiful meadow. But, after two months living an enjoyable life with Travers, Gore's companion died. He was devastated and moped around the cottage, avoiding Travers' bedroom where the old man's motionless body lay on his bed. Gore felt guilty, thinking that he could have prevented his friend's death. He remained loyal and faithful, staying at the cottage with Travers' body, until one day he just couldn't stand it anymore and ran far, far away. Gore didn't stop until he was miles away, and by then he was in the middle of a dense forest. The forest was dark and cool, and he decided to rest. It was then that Gore also decided to never trust or love again.
Other: He has a patch of black fur that's in the shape of a star on his shoulder and a black collar with a red ruby on the front.

We'll start the RP after two or three people join.

June 8th, 2008, 5:06 PM
NAME: Jaydin
SPECIES: Linoone
PERSONALITY: Jaydin has always been a strange, quirky Pokemon, an enigma that none have been able to decipher, given the cryptic metaphor and deeply symbolic actions he performs - sometimes without his own knowledge. It is rare that he ever shows true fear, instead he favors a lighthearted outlook on life and he's not afraid to die for what he knows is right. His beliefs are deeply rooted in the ultimate balance between good and evil, yin and yang; he is realistic and intelligent, and at times he resorts to cold logical conditional thought when lives depend on his course of action. He is responsible and dependable as a companion, and is a true tactical genius of his species - so much so that he could probably maneuver a golf ball through a garden hose given enough time.
HISTORY: Born and raised in Hoenn just outside of Littleroot Town, Jaydin was parented by a couple of mated Poochyenas that were unable to bear children of their own; they found the son they could never have in Jaydin, and treated him with the utmost care and dignity. Then came the day that a strange trainer - not a human, but a very curvy red fox girl with pretty blonde hair and silky fur - encountered Jaydin in the forest. Instinct would have told the Zigzagoon to attack immediately, but something about her - maybe the fact that she was not human - it calmed him, even more so that she did not attempt to catch him. Every day the trainer would pass by, even so much as stopping and petting Jaydin and at night she would come back and lull him to sleep. Some time passed such as this, until the Zigzagoon witnessed this mystery trainer's beloved Vulpix faint in battle; he felt compelled by honor to wedge himself into the fight and defend her against the Poochyena that had ambushed her. From that day forward, the two became good friends, and she bestowed upon him the name Jaydin.

He evolved that night, during his sleep; and he was greeted in the morning by the trainer girl, who then offered him a place at her side in her journey across the region. Now, at the mid-point, they have been separated. He knows that he must find her to protect her, but simply hasn't a clue where to start...
OTHER: Jaydin has been trained to stand on his hind legs when necessary, using his keen sight to spy out any dangers. He's very quiet and is known for being an extremely stealthy and lightning-fast creature.

June 8th, 2008, 5:37 PM
Your character is accepted! If nobody else has joined by the time I get on tomorrow, we'll start the RP. Oh, and nice choice, I love Linoones!

June 8th, 2008, 8:05 PM
Name: Dawn
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Espeon
Personality: Calm, perceptive, and level-headed, Dawn possesses a keen understanding of the world and its inhabitants. Partially due to his psychic abilities and partially due to experience, Dawn has learned how to "read" others' thoughts and emotions. Some believe the Espeon to be rather vain since he grooms himself quite carefully and often, but this tendency is brought by the need for Dawn's fur to be well-arranged to allow him to read air currents. Although docile and slow to anger, Dawn is nonetheless capable of taking care of himself and is willing to fight when he deems it necessary.

Overall, the psychic type's personality is a balance of sympathy and practicality not often found. Dawn would rather heal than hurt, even at a personal cost, and has enough strength to care for others who have long ago stopped caring for themselves. But neither is he one to throw his emotions freely about or fuss over someone like a mother Pidgey. Kind, but not fragile; tough, but not hard; warm, but not social--this is Dawn.

History: Dawn started as a wild-born Eevee, the only survivor of his litter due to a prolonged famine. After the famine was over, the infant lived with his mother--the father having died before he was born--for a few months. Then, one day Dawn's mother left to find food and never returned. Unknown to the child, his mother had been captured by a traveling Pokemon trainer and could not come back to her son. Feeling abandoned, lonely, and confused, Dawn hid in the den all day until nightfall when he crept out into the forest, driven by hunger and thirst. Upon reaching the nearest stream, the young Eevee took a quiet sip of water before noticing something strange in the tree above him. Ears pricked, tail swishing, and nose twitching, he attempted to investigate. Suddenly, a furry ball tumbled out of the tree, nearly flattening Dawn. A Mankey only slightly younger than him had lost its balance in its sleep and was now fully awake and enraged. Naturally, the Mankey blamed Dawn for the misfortune, and the Eevee quickly found himself running through the forest with a colony of furious Mankey close behind.

How he survived that night, Dawn still does not know. But somehow the Eevee was able to evade his pursuers until morning light when he found himself backed up to the edge of a cliff. As the sun's first rays fell upon the frightened Pokemon, a white glow engulfed his body. And when the aura dissipated, no Eevee stood upon the ridge--only an Espeon, its scarlet gem glistening in the light of day. Still, being a newly-evolved infant, Dawn could not have fought off a pack of Mankey. He was only given enough strength to press through the surprised group and escape into a river that quickly carried him away.

For a time, Dawn wandered on his own and lived as a free Pokemon would live. Unfortunately, while making his way through a new forest, the Espeon wandered into the territory of a Houndour pack. Being both an invader and a possible dinner, the psychic type found himself hunted up to the edge of the nearest town. Badly injured, Dawn staggered as far into civilization as he could before collapsing in the street. Here the Espeon was discovered and brought to the ER for medical treatment. Since the town had no Pokemon Center, the hospital was one for humans; but the doctor still healed Dawn as well as he could. As Dawn soon discovered, the doctor was one who often traveled to visit people in the surrounding countryside so that they could receive medical treatment. Dawn became the doctor's traveling companion, providing him with protection, assistance, and friendship.

By the irony of fate, the doctor fell ill after two years and died with Dawn at his side. No one was quite sure who could take care of Dawn permanently, but a local charity organization agreed to look for a home for the Espeon. Meanwhile, the psychic type stayed with a priest who treated him kindly. Before he could be given a new "owner," however, Dawn left the city and began to live alone. Sometimes he lived in the wild, sometimes in city slums, sometimes rural villages--anywhere he could find. Dawn has met many people and Pokemon during his travels, but has never stayed with any as long as he had remained with the doctor.

Other: Dawn does not sleep much; and when he does sleep, the slumber is usually rather light. Due to his experiences with the doctor, he also knows about healing and medicine.

June 9th, 2008, 3:09 PM
(OOC: It didn't say about any evolution restrictions, but I can change to a lower level Pokemon later if you want.)

Name: Jezz

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Electivire

Personality: Jezz is a very hard pokemon to read. At times, he can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Usually, he keeps to himself and just sits in the shade with his eyes closed. One second you'll see him helping a helpless innocent pokemon and then the next he'll be walking away just from sheer boredom. Deep down though, not known to anyone butt Jezz himself, he has a heart of gold and if anything truly serious was happening he'd be there in a second to defend the weak. Of course he doesn't mind torturing them himself when he's bored. In a sense, you could say his the big brother type, willing to help those who need him but still picking on them for needing the help.

When it comes to battling though, Jezz is a completely different pokemon. There is no way possible that he could become anymore serious in an epic battle. Jezz is also constantly seen training himself to become stronger, faster and smarter. Always pushing himself to be the best and beat all of the rest in order to show his dominance as a pokemon. Naturally, he was gifted with strength being an Electivire and great in size. With that, Jezz focus' mainly on his accuracy, speed and figuring out his opponents next moves.

History: As most Electivires, Jezz started out as a wild Elekid that lived just outside Sunyshore City in the Sinnoh region. His mother, was an Electabuzz, and his father, an Electivire, raised him to be a focused pokemon and to live for the cause of righteousness. Growing up with two younger siblings, both Elekids aswell, Jezz was the big brother and made sure that his siblings knew that. Constantly picking fights with his brother Sparx, challenging him to battles, even though he knew he'd always win, to help further his own skills. His sister, Voltz, always looked up to him and Jezz loved her dearly and it was because of his siblings that he gained his personality. His brother, thinking he could beat those bigger than him, and his sister, needing big brothers help when the older kids and boys picked on her, were Jezz's entire life.

Then, many years later, a forest fire had broken out and Jezz was cut off from his family. The fire lasted for days, homes of multiple species of pokemon had been destryoed, taking the lives and many through death or loss of others. Some wild water pokemon had been nearby and came to the forest pokemons rescue, and Jezz made his way back to his home. Once there, he found that his family were no where to be found. Emotions ran through Jezz like an electric attack from a Pikachu; anger, sadness, depression. Jezz felt as is he had failed his family, he was the strongest one and he couldn't even save them.

Now, he travels throughout the regions willing to help any in need and to try and recapture the love he once felt. Of course, he still has a slight bit of hope that he will find his family, their bodies not being found at his former home. There was always that possibility that they had escaped and were living somewhere perfectly fine.

Also, being one to keep up with his training, Jezz constantly picked fights with wild pokemon so he could become stronger. After winning a battle against a Milotic in the Johto Region, Jezz had evolved from an Elekid to an Electabuzz and it was the second proudest day of his life. The first proudest being later in life, when he fought off three Gyarados' who attacked him one night while he was sleeping. Half of the battle he was still an Electabuzz and only took out one of the Gyarados'. After being blasted backwards into a tree by a combination hyperbeam, Jezz evolved into an Electivire and used Charge Beam.

From then on, Jezz traveled as an Electivire and had many mini adventures of his own.

Other: Constantly trains, whether it be against trees, rocks, wild pokemon and even pokemon he calls friends. Is not a deep sleeper and always ready to defend himself or others ,this being because of the triple teamed Gyarados attack. Surprisingly, enjoys swimming.

June 9th, 2008, 5:52 PM
You are both accepted! I love your characters, they sound very interesting! Now, I guess I'll start the RP.


Gore's eyes snapped open when he heard a loud thump. He sighed when he saw the maker of the sound.
"Is it just me or are you falling off that tree every morning?" Gore growled at the Starly. The Starly glared at him and hopped back up into the tree. Gore rolled his eyes and stood up, yawning. He looked around and spotted a bush of pecha berries. Gore ambled over and ate a few of the berries. He sighed and sat down, staring at the tree the Starly was in.
"Well, you won't have to worry about me much longer, I'm leaving today." Gore called up to the Starly. The Starly stuck it's head out of the tree, it's eyes softening.
"Well, I may just miss you... After all, it's better to have someone to annoy you then to not have anyone at all." it told him in a feminine voice.
"Aha, so you do speak!" Gore exclaimed in mock excitement, as if he had discovered something amazing. The Starly frowned and disappeared into the tree again.
"Aw, c'mon! I was just kiddin'! Can I at least know your name?" Gore yelled at the tree.
"It's Sherry, now will you leave?" a grumpy voice came from the tree. Gore's ears drooped a bit and he grimaced.
"Fine... My name's Gore, by the way." he grumbled, stalking off with an angry huff. Gore didn't know why he was so upset, or did he? I wish someone would let me open up to them... He began to search for a new shelter. Gore spotted a decent looking clearing and examined it.
"Seems to be fine, no poisonous plants or angry Pokemon..." he mumbled to himself. Gore laid down, and seeing that there was nothing else to do, tried to take a nap.


Sorry if that was a bit short, I've been having a bad case of writer's block lately...

June 9th, 2008, 10:19 PM
Head lowered and tailed curving to one side, Dawn gently lapped water from a still, clear pool. Streams of sunlight filtered through the woodland canopy far above, creating a pattern across the forest floor that alternated between spots of shadow, untainted gold, and a green-tinged half-light. A twig snapped, echoing in the silence and causing Dawn's ears to automatically flick upward. The Espeon raised his head, a drop of water shimmering as it fell from his lips back into the pool. I wonder if there's someone else nearby. For a moment Dawn was still, allowing the occasional breeze to ripple through his fur and tell him the secrets it bore. Several minutes passed, and an observer might have wondered if this strange Pokemon was a statue placed at the water's edge by some reclusive artist. But then Dawn relaxed--flicked his tail thoughtfully--and the illusion vanished. Seating himself in the loam, the Espeon began to paw his whiskers and lick his fur. All the while, the forked tail swished slowly to and fro. I suppose it's no surprise that other Pokemon are inhabiting this forest. But which to avoid and which to cross paths with? I'm not sure I'm ready for a repeat of last week's little incident, though at least now I know that Ursaring can't climb trees . . . even if they can smash them down.

Once he finished grooming, Dawn stood and lightly shook himself. Well, not much reason to stay here anymore. He started in a roughly southern direction, not entirely sure what was he moving toward or away from. But then, that was how he spent most of his days.

Dawn gradually slowed his pace, pausing occasionally to sniff the cool morning air, listen, or otherwise determine the nature of the Pokemon he sensed he was approaching. Finally he slipped beneath a tall hedge of bushes and sprang up into the hollow between the halves of a Y-shaped tree. Peering down cautiously, Dawn turned his ears forward. And there he is.

[OOC: The Pokemon Dawn discovers can be anyone.]

June 10th, 2008, 1:43 AM
(OCC:I guess it can be me, I love meeting people off the bat)

Jezz hadn't been to this area yet, so he figured why not explore it a little? After some time, he came across a small pool of water and decided to take a rest for a drink. He wasn't surprised, of course, to see any pokemon as he had snapped a twig accidently a few feet back, and had most likely scared them all way. That was their usual reaction to an unwanted sound, to run away and hide for fear of being attacked unexpectedly. Jezz was not going to dwell on this, being used to the loneliness was what had kept him going on his journey through the regions.

He promptly sat down next to the pool of water, then casually placed his large hand into the water and scooped some up and brought it to his mouth to drink. After the cold water went down his throat, he gave a slight sign of pleasure as it had been some time since his last drink. It was then that Jezz got the feeling he was being watched, hopefully just an innocent pokemon trying to figure out who disturbed their normal resting place. After all these years, Jezz was very cautious because many a time he was ambushed when he was most vulnerable.

"If your not here to fight me, I am no threat to you. On the other hand, if you are I can be one of your worst nightmares." Jezz hoped this slight threat would either cause the friendly pokemon to reveal themself, or make the unfriendly one think twice before attacking. He then reached down and scooped up another sip of water, it wouldn't be a good idea to start a battle dehydrated. Then, he scooted backwards until he was leaning against the tree and closed his eyes as he rested in the shade. Keeping his ears open, he listed to see if anyone was making their move towards him. Just in case, he began charging a thundershock attack because you can never be too careful when it comes to defending your life. Learning that after that triple teamed Gyarados attack that allowed him to evolve from an Electabuzz to, his now final form of, Electivire.

June 10th, 2008, 8:12 AM
Jaydin - a Linoone of a quirky disposition - had been sleeping off a feast of bad berries until now, trying to settle his stomach any way possible. He'd eaten grass and let it sit in his sleep, to some level of success, and he wasn't happy to be woken by the sound of other Pokemon talking. One had declared itself as Sherry, and the other as Gore soon after; he assumed the one distinguished as Gore was a Pokemon much larger than he by the sound of his voice, and just by the name alone. Maybe fighting wasn't such a good idea after all... Tossing the idea aside, Jaydin rolled from his side into an all-fours position, raising his tail and flicking it side to side a bit, to find his balance. This 'Gore' character... It had gotten him curious. Turning in the general direction of the voices, his sharp blue eyes scanned the forest around him for a moment. Spotting movement, he set off quietly in that direction.

Jaydin's small, trained feet did not dare make a sound as he approached a clearing, and he stopped almost suddenly as he spotted a Mightyena nestled in the grass, eyes closed, trying to catch up on his sleep, the Linoone guessed. He was fairly sure that this was the Pokemon he had heard speak with a 'Sherry' earlier, at the same time taking a stab in the dark that this Pokemon was the one named Gore. It sure looked like a fitting name; it appeared that some of his fur had been gnawed down, and the poor bastard was missing an ear. Quirking a brow, Jaydin approached carefully, wary, and spoke up on the off-chance that Gore would actually be listening. "Morning, there."

June 10th, 2008, 9:59 AM
A ripple passed through Dawn's fur as the air shifted in response to Jezz's charging attack. Smiling faintly, the Espeon jumped lightly to the ground below. Here goes. "You really have a way with words, friend," the psychic type commented as he approached the Electivire. "But it would appear you don't quite trust me." Here he stopped, still several yards away from Jezz. "Not a bad policy in the wild, I'd say. I'd also say, however, that in this case your caution isn't really needed. As much as you're not my enemy, nor am I yours." Dawn's smile grew a little as he tilted his head to one side. I don't recall hearing about wild Electivire, Electabuzz, or Elekid in this forest. Could he be a traveler like me?

Dawn seated himself in the grass--a sign of trust, since sitting makes oneself rather vulnerable to attack. Still, the trust Dawn expressed by this action was not yet fully felt by the psychic type. As he well knew, electric attacks could be delivered rather quickly, and battling an opponent three feet taller and one evolution stage higher than him was likely to be tricky regardless of the situation. If he was wrong in giving this gesture, then he would soon find himself in a distinctly unfavorable position. I suppose now is when I'll see if that prepared attack actually was a precautionary measure or something more ill-intended.

"My name is Dawn. May I know your name, friend?"

June 10th, 2008, 9:05 PM
Gore lazily opened his good eye to see a Linoone before him, speaking to him. "Ah, well, who do we have here? A Linoone? And what might your name be?" he asked it, opening his blind eye. Gore raised his eyebrows, surprised that a Pokemon so small would approach him. Well, not that that's never happened before... He stretched before he sat up and looked the Linoone up and down. Gore wasn't all that tired, he had just been trying to find a way to pass the time. He was far more interested in this Linoone. If it was friendly, they could chat, if it was bothersome, it would be Gore's lunch. A grin tugged at his lips at the thought and he chuckled softly. "So, friend, what are you doing approaching a vicious-looking Mightyena like me, anyway?" Gore asked the Linoone, his eyes gleaming with mischief. He knew he must look pretty menacing right now, which made it all the more funny. And yet, there was a sadness deep inside him that was growing.

June 11th, 2008, 10:36 AM
Jezz watched as the Espeon as it had leapt fromt he tree and then sat down near him. This pokemon said it was a friend, and had made no move to contradict that, so Jezz felt he would show him the common courtesy, and continue a conversation with him.

"It is very nice to meet you Dawn, I am Jezz. I'm not used to the pokemon from this area, that being because I hail from around Sunyshore City. Where are from?" Jezz gave a slight smile, awaiting what kind of response the female Espeon would give.

Jezz then looked towarsd the small pool of water, his reflection looking back at him, and he thought about his sister. It had been so long since he'd seen her, and as always he had hope of finding her and the rest of his family so they could live like the did before. Realizing he was spacing out, Jezz turned his attention back to Dawn, not wanting to make her feel like he didn't really care what she had to say.

It was quite the contrary to that. Jezz had made some, not many, friends throught his travels of the various regions and he just wanted to find someone to atleast talk to for a bit. Of course, he would try to keep up his appearance of a tough guy, but deep down he knew it wouldn't last long as he always had a soft spot for female pokemon, his loving sister being the reason for that.

June 11th, 2008, 6:40 PM
[OOC: Er, I am not sure if only your character is mistaken, but Dawn is male. ^-^;; He has a feminine name, though . . .

::pause:: If it would make the story flow more smoothly, I can change his gender. I do not think any aspect of his personality is too heavily hinged on his being a boy.]

As the conversation continued without incident, Dawn began to relax. Seems this Electivire is a traveler as I thought. And from Sunyshore . . . That's in the Sinnoh Region, if I'm not mistaken. He's come a long way. At Jezz's inquiry, the Espeon's ears stood up. "From?" he echoed. As Dawn's ears slowly lowered to their usual position, his tail--which had previously lain in the grass--curled itself thoughtfully halfway toward his head. After a moment of deliberation, Dawn answered, "I was born in Kanto near Saffron, though I didn't really stay around there long. I guess you could call me a wanderer." Here he shrugged, and his tail again dropped to the ground.

For a moment Dawn studied Jezz, a little curious about what the Electivire was thinking. There aren't really many Pokemon who travel around on their own. I wonder what caused him to leave his home, and if he would rather not have left . . . or that if something forced him to leave, it had not happened. Maybe he's wondering about that, too. Careful not to move too quickly and thus appear threatening or aggressive, Dawn stood. His dark eyes gazed warmly forward. "Speaking of wandering, would you be willing to walk while we talk?" he asked. "Not that I'm really in a hurry to get anywhere, but I didn't wake up too long ago and was hoping to get my blood flowing." Here his former smile returned with increased confidence. "If you're tired, I don't mind lingering here a while longer, but it seems like the type of morning you can only enjoy if you're moving."

June 11th, 2008, 6:54 PM
(Opps my bad, no you can keep Dawn as a male. Just assumed, look where that got me haha. Question: What region are we in?)

"If you're tired, I don't mind lingering here a while longer, but it seems like the type of morning you can only enjoy if you're moving." This was what Dawn had said mere seconds ago, and Jezz thought about it for a few seconds. Arriving only minutes ago, Jezz had been traveling for a little while and was looking to rest, but he figured it wouldn't kill him to walk a little more. He was in fact a very large pokemon, an Electivire, and was gifted with being able to take a lot before finally crashing.

"If you wouldn't mind lingering for a few more minutes, I had traveled a great distance when I came to rest here. Only a few though, and then we can walk, because as you said today is a day to be out and about, not just sitting under a tree." Jezz leaned forward and scooped up another drink of water, allowing the coolness of the liquid to pour down his throat and allow his body temperature to feel more comfortable.

Saffron, in the Kanto region, is where he comes from. Interesting. And he hadn't stayed there very long? Also interesting. Wonder what his reasons for leaving were. Maybe he's like me, life was perfectly fine and then destroyed one random night. Or maybe he belonged to an abusive trainer and somehow broke free. Well, to get to the other side of the door I need to open it and walk through.

Jezz looked back at Dawn and took a couple more seconds to rest, then stood up. He walked passed the Espeon, stopping a few feet away.

"So where to, my new companion? Oh and a quick question, what made you leave Saffron city? From what I felt, it wasn't anything good." Jezz glanced backwards, having been facing the opposite direction of Dawn.

June 11th, 2008, 7:28 PM
OoC: Oh, sorry, I forget to mention that. We're in Johto. I would add an IC post, but seeing as Gore's waiting for an answer from Jaydin...

June 11th, 2008, 9:23 PM
[[ Whoops! Sorry about that. I sort of forgot about this roleplay for a while :/ ]]

Jaydin quirked a brow and chuckled grimly. "My name is Jaydin, of Hoenn," he spoke confidently in a voice that made Gore wonder at first if Jaydin was male or female; there was no masculinity or feminine appeal in his voice to speak of, making it hard to tell. His sharp blue eyes scanned the Mightyena briefly, and up-close, the Linoone realized just how harsh Gore must have had it in the past. His fur was very rough and slightly matted in places, hardly noticeable from a distance, but at such a range as he was now, he was left to wonder about this particular Pokemon. Had he been mistreated in the past? "I'm just a wanderer. I hopped on a boat, and I ended up here somehow," he finished, rolling his eyes with mixed discontent and a "well, **** happens, get over it" kind of emotion that doesn't quite fit into one word.

Mulling over the unusual look of sorrow in Gore's eyes - contradicting his rather jolly introduction - Jaydin continued. "I approach looking for friends who are willing enough to partake in a perennial quest. But... On the other paw, now that you're awake, you look... Troubled, somehow. Is it too personal to ask what's wrong?"

June 12th, 2008, 11:13 AM
Gore no longer thought of eating Jaydin. He was merely shocked, and glad, that he had asked him what was wrong. Nobody had ever done that before. And now he may have another companion- No, remember what happened last time? There's no point in love, it's always destroyed in the end... Gore frowned and sighed deeply, his muscles tense with stress.
"Everything is wrong." he replied mysteriously. Gore stood up and ambled past Jaydin, away from the clearing.
"Follow me if you wish to continue this conversation." he said loudly, making sure Jaydin would hear. Gore was becoming restless and felt like taking a stroll around the woods. He wondered if Jaydin would ask for a better explanation. Gore was trying to decide if he was ready to open up to this Linoone. He finally decided he would tell him, but without any emotion. But there was no way Gore was just going to randomly open up, Jaydin needed to ask him.

OoC: That's OK, I would have PMed you if you were gone for an extended period of time.

June 12th, 2008, 3:11 PM
can you be a legendary pokemon? because you never said you could not be one.

June 12th, 2008, 4:51 PM
OoC: Well, unless somebody else joins this RP as a legendary, you wouldn't be able to RP with anybody. You see, the whole RP is about a group of Pokemon trying to rescue the legendaries, so we'd only meet at the end of the RP. Hmm, we could make it so that your character escaped from Team Rocket and ran into the group of Pokemon if you really wanted to be a legendary... It certainly would add more excitement to the RP. So, if you're okay with that, I'm perfectly fine with you being a legendary! ^-^

June 12th, 2008, 8:26 PM
Jaydin frowned subtly, not amused in the least by Gore's statement. However, he did not have time to formulate a proper response before the Mightyena was offering that the Linoone follow him, which Jaydin obliged for lack of better amusement in the area at the time. He kept up pace by waltzing nonchalantly a good three steps for Gore's every two steps, due to the size difference; not that it wore Jaydin out. He was conditioned and well taken care of.

"Everything encompasses billions of lightyears of a radial expanse full of planets and stars spoken of in folklore and science alike; species of living beings we have never heard of and vice versa lurk the galaxies from distances incomprehensible, while planets even in our own solar system are so remote in relevance to us that the gravity of my presence alone has more bearing on you than they," Jaydin spoke in a soft, easygoing voice, gingerly choosing his words as not to upset the Mightyena - either way, he was bigger than the weasel-like Linoone himself. "I mean to help; for that, I would appreciate it if you were more specific, friend."

June 13th, 2008, 12:23 AM
[OOC: Thank you for what you did in the NIGHT roleplay, Chabz. That was generous for you to do. ^-^;;]

"It's no problem," Dawn assured Jezz in response to the Electivire's request for a respite. Reseating himself in the grass, the Espeon waited patiently for his companion to finish resting. Seeing the other take a drink, Dawn nodded slightly toward the pool of water as the gem in his forehead began to glow dimly. Water streamed itself into the air, forming an orb that levitated toward the Espeon. Dawn swallowed the water, shrugged, and commented, "Sometimes it tastes a little odd when I do that, but it's good practice." He settled back and fell quiet.

When Jezz stood in preparation to leave, Dawn followed suit. For a few paces the cat-like Pokemon quickened his pace to catch up with the electric-type. Of course, having the shorter stride, Dawn needed to maintain a brisker pace than Jezz if he intended to move at the same rate, but he did not seem bothered. Motioning with his head in the direction he had previously been traveling, Dawn suggested, "Maybe we could go in this direction, if that's alright. As long as I'm not doubling back, though, I don't really mind going wherever." During this time, the Espeon had turned to look up at Jezz. "As for your second question . . ." He redirected his attention to the path ahead, intending to prevent any unfortunate events such as tripping or falling in a hole (or both). After one or two seconds, he continued, "I didn't leave Saffron under the best circumstances, but they definitely could have been worse." He glanced back up at the Electivire. "Put simply, one night I was being chased by a colony of Mankey and ended up falling in a river. Since I didn't really have a reason to go back--and finding my way back would have been more difficult than just moving on--I started going wherever I had a notion to go." The Espeon's ear twitched in response to a passing breeze, and the psychic-type glanced casually about to regain an awareness of his surroundings.

"What about you?" Dawn asked, meeting Jezz's eyes with his own gaze. "What caused you to choose the life of a wanderer? Or how did this life choose you?"

June 13th, 2008, 11:04 AM
(I'm a nice guy, and you RP better than me anyway. So why waste a good plot on me? Haha.)

"Any direction you wish my new companion. I've been to a lot of places, some which I wouldn't mind returning to someday, so I'm willing to go anywhere you'd like." Jezz gave a slight smile, and then began thinking about Dawn's next question.

Should I tell him why I really left? Or should I just make something up. There really is no reason to lie, other than it being painful to talk about. I'll just be vague about the situation. Jezz looked forward, the gust of wind feeling great as he had become a little hot from the sun.

"My home was destroyed by a forest fire, still don't have any idea what caused it, and had nothing to stay in Sunyshore for. So i became a traveler and decided to start fresh and make new friends." This was good, everything he said had been true, he just left out the part about his family disappearing. Nothing to major though, atleast not to anyone besides himself.

A couple of Pidgey flew by, the wind blowing a little bit harder now, and they were all sqawking about something Jezz couldn't figure out. Minutes later he realized the problem, a large group of Spearow, led by a Fearow, were flying in the same direction as the Pidgey.

"Dawn, would you mind helping be attack those Spearow and Fearow? It seems they are in pursuit of some Pidgey, and I hate seeing larger and stronger pokemon picking on the weak. Well that's not entirely true, any pokemon stronger and larger besides me I meant." Jezz giggled to himself, an image of him beating up a a young charmander that had playfully used Flamethrower in the Johto Region.

June 13th, 2008, 12:24 PM
"Hmm, alright then. To put it simply, when I was a young, I was attacked by my pack. My leader ripped my left ear off, and my father blinded me in my right eye. The rest of my scars are the rest of my pack's doing. In case you're wondering, they attacked me because I was not the most... cooperative member of my pack. Then I ran away and took refuge in an abondoned den. An old man took me in, but then he died two months later. I ran off again until I found these woods. Since then, my life has been nothing but a huge mess." Gore told Jaydin with no emotion in vis voice or on his face. He sighed again and his muscles tensed even more. All of a sudden, Gore noticed a group of Spearow led by a Fearow chasing a group of Pidgey.
"Those jerks... Come with me!" he growled at Jaydin. Gore didn't wait for a response and ran after the bird Pokemon. He ran onto a path and stopped to charge a shadow ball. Gore released the shadow ball and it smacked into the Fearow, causing it to crash to the ground, unconscious. That riled up the Spearows, and they dove at him. While the Pidgeys escaped, Gore wondered if he could take on all of these Spearows.

OoC: It is time for Jezz and Dawn to meet Jaydin and Gore!

June 13th, 2008, 1:38 PM
Jaydin was hasty to respond, and darted in the direction that Gore led, dodging trees and shrubbery in their path as best he could. The snakelike Jaydin easily caught up with the Mightyena he'd been conversing with, and was face-first with a flock of Spearows, led by a Fearow. Gore easily downed the Fearow, but at the same time, it incited a rage in every Spearow before it; enough to make Jaydin wonder what tactical advantage it had served to attack. While Jaydin usually tried his best not to be so cold to other Pokemon, it was hard to be logical and forgiving at the same time. It was a personal problem that was put to the test in this situation as he decided hesitantly if he really wanted to handle the group of Spearows divebombing at him.

As the small formation of Pidgeys made haste to retreat elsewhere, thoughts occurred to Jaydin. He grinned maliciously and curled his tail upwards towards the group of Spearows, and from the very tip of his tail the Linoone conjured an electric current that built it's way down his tail, stopping at his hindlegs. The strong lightning rod that his tail had become shone in the sunlight momentarily, before the Linoone unleashed a Thunder Bolt powerful enough to fry a Spearow instantaneously. Unfortunately, it only took care of the four foremost Spearows in the flock, leaving the rest of the birds to attack Jaydin and Gore.

June 13th, 2008, 2:00 PM
Jezz, while waiting for Dawn's response, had been watching the Fearow and his underling Spearows, not wanting to lose sight of them so he could catch up and stop their massive strike on the Pidgey. It was then that a Shadow Ball, seemingly appearing from nowhere, struck the Fearow and causing it to crash downwards into the ground. Mere seconds later, a Thunder Bolt attack took out four of the Spearow. Jezz did a quick head count, the grand total being 20 Spearow left.

"Now where in the world did those attacks come from." Jezz glanced around until his eyes landed on a Mightyena and a Linoone, both of him were being dive bombed by the remaining Spearow. "No time to let you choose anymore Dawn, we're helping." And with that said, Jezz went primal and began running on his arms and legs, so as to reach the pokemon who also wished to help the Pidgey.

As Jezz was merely a few feet away, he leaped into the air and unleashed a hyperbeam from his mouth. The Spearow, who hadn't noticed him before, realized they were in trouble and tried to swerve out of the way. Unfortunately for six of them, their time in this battle was over as the hyperbeam blasted them into the higher parts of a nearby tree.

"Maybe that'll teach you to act tough when your really not" yelled Jezz, finally reaching the Linoone and Mightyena. "Hi there, names Jezz and I'm here to help. My companion Dawn should be joining us shortly. It seems great minds think alike, I was just asking Dawn if he wanted to help me disrupt these Spearows plan when you beat me to the punch."

Jezz was then hit by a tackle attack, and then another, and another, and then four more after that. Due to his great size he was only pushed backwards, as his feet scraped the earth from under them.

"Ouch! That wasn't very nice," said Jezz trying to have a positive and fun attitude about the battle.

June 13th, 2008, 6:19 PM
Gore snarled as the Spearows tackled Jezz. He was not in the mood to have fun.
"You did it this time, you rats with wings!" Gore snapped. He lunged at the nearest Spearow and clawed at it until it fainted. Gore was no longer fighting Pokemon style. He was fighting like a normal animal would. Gore leaped at another Spearow and kept on biting it until it, like the other one, fainted. The Spearows were starting to realize that these Pokemon were far stronger than they and flew off, squawking with fear.
"Hah! As you said, friend, they weren't so tough... I am Gore, and this is Jaydin. That battle just made my day." Gore said cheerfully, obviously happier after their victory. He was covered in blood from the vicious way he attacked the Spearows, but he didn't seem to care. Anyone who knew him would know that this wasn't the first time that happened to him. Not like anybody did know him.

June 13th, 2008, 11:42 PM
Dawn had listened to Jezz's story wordlessly, but attentively. And though he suspected that certain parts of the Electivire's account had been exempted, he made no comment.

A sudden flurry of wings drew Dawn's attention skyward. The psychic type gazed at the flocks of bird Pokemon, tracking their movements in an attempt to decipher the situation. Pidgey, Spearow, Fearow . . . How did this happen? Dawn's thoughts were interrupted by Jezz who apparently was also preoccupied by these latest events.

"Dawn, would you mind helping be attack those Spearow and Fearow? It seems they are in pursuit of some Pidgey, and I hate seeing larger and stronger pokemon picking on the weak. Well that's not entirely true, any pokemon stronger and larger besides me I meant." Here Jezz laughed, and Dawn tilted his head faintly. While the Espeon had no objection to helping Pokemon in need, he was also not one to rush into a situation without first making some effort to understand circumstances and motives. He knew the temperament of the Spearow family, had repeatedly witnessed the eternal Spearow-Pidgey feud, and certainly understood the message delivered by the first look at the chase. First looks, however, are often unreliable. Dawn hesitated, but before he could explain his concerns, a Shadow Ball shot out of the woods nearby, rendering the head Fearow unconscious in a single blow.

"No time to let you choose anymore Dawn, we're helping."

The Espeon's head whirled toward Jezz as the latter dashed ahead. Well, there he goes. Though he did not have enough breath to sigh, the lavender Pokemon still shook his head a little as he loped after the electric-type. Pokemon can be such firecrackers--and that may go for whoever fired off that Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt, too. He watched a half-fried Spearow try to stay aloft as it escaped the scene of its defeat. I just hope we were right.

As he ran, allowing himself to fall behind his larger companion, Dawn noted a few Spearow breaking off from the main group. Since the warlike birds were now diving toward him with angry cries, the Espeon felt that he could safely assume that he had been noticed and that his presence was unappreciated. For a moment the psychic Pokemon stood still, gazing silently at the figures above. Suddenly, the wings of the Spearow that had changed course were clamped firmly to their bodies, as though held in place by an unseen force. From the corner of his eye, Dawn saw the Spearow plummet to the ground while he moved on.

By the time Dawn approached Gore, Jaydin, and Jezz; the remaining Spearow were already fleeing, and the Espeon was walking--having slowed his pace once he sensed that the danger was over and the other Pokemon had come into view. At the moment the Mightyena was introducing himself and the Linoone beside him. Nodding a greeting at two previously unknown Pokemon as he drew near, Dawn spoke. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Gore and Jaydin." He looked from the two he had just addressed over to Jezz, then back. "Sorry I'm late. By the look of things, though, my help wasn't needed."

June 14th, 2008, 4:15 PM
Gore nodded at Dawn in greeting, grinning. He was full of excitement after defeating those Spearow so easily.
"Heh, they were probably a low level like twenty." Gore joked. After some thought, he decided that might have sounded a bit cocky, considering that level might be extremely high to someone else.
"Er, not that I'm showing off, but to me that is a low level..." Gore explained to Dawn and Jezz, a bit embarrassed. What is there to be embarrassed about? He sat down, his tail wagging wildly, trying to shrug off the embarrassment and have some fun.
"So, what brings you here, friends? I myself am a mere traveler." Gore told Jezz and Dawn. He inspected the three Pokemon before him. Jezz was about Gore's size when he was on two legs, perhaps a bit shorter or a bit taller. Jaydin was the smallest, he came up to his chest when he stood on two legs. As for Dawn, he was up to Gore's neck when he was on all four legs. He looked away, for some odd reason feeling uncomfortable. Gore's gaze fell on the sky, it was getting late and the sky was tinged pink. He became mesmerized by the beautiful sight and just sat there watching it, waiting for a response.

June 14th, 2008, 4:43 PM
" Well while your help wasn't necessary, it would have been nice because maybe you could have stopped the dive bomb tackle line I was faced with." Jezz tried to put a mad face on, but it didn't last long because he really enjoyed the company of his new companion. Gore had made a comment about the Spearow's level probably being low, or atleast to him it was low. Jezz, who had been turned the other direction looking at Dawn, rolled his eyes at the narcism he could feel from what Gore had said.

"Well, just like you, both Dawn and I are travelers aswell. I hail from Sunyshore City in the Sinnoh Region and Dawn is from Saffron City if I remembered correctly. Yes i'm positive that's what he said." Of course, Jezz could have just let Dawn answer but there was no fun in that as he felt like talking, this being a day of new introductions. Jezz followed Gore's gaze, it leading to the pinkish sky as the day was nearing its end. "What a pretty sky we have here, lets not let it go to waste." Jezz promptly sat down, a small thud echoing to anyone in ear shot, and set his eyes on the marvelous setting.

(Sorry for the short post, slightly distracted at the moment.)

June 15th, 2008, 6:13 AM
Name: Darkly
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Giratina
Personality: he is very twisted, but not as evil as he looks. he has no desire to free the other legends(except for rayquaza. his only friend...) as they would just send him back to turnback cave.
but he is pretty lonely, as every pokemon he meets is afraid of him. so he destroys everything in his path. including other pokemon, until he find a pokemon that is like him, and that he can trust.

History: Darkly was created by arceus and put in another dimension a very long time ago. about 100 hundred years ago he decided to leave his dimension and explore earth, but arceus did not approve of this, so he trapped giratina in turnback cave. he was then captured by team rocket, but he fled to the reverse dimension to escape. he came back to earth later, and with arceus trapped, there as no one to stop him from taking over this world.
Other: he is capable of switching dimensions whenever he wants. so if your character is with him at the moment, prepare to be brought into another dimension

June 15th, 2008, 12:44 PM
Jaydin, being the pessimistic bastard that he was, noted quite bluntly, "One day, there will be no tomorrow. The reason the sun gives us such a strange glow is to warn us of the future. There will be one last perfect day, then Sol will grow large enough to devour us whole. Enjoy this solace while you have the privilege."

Sadly, it was very true, given the knowledge that 'Sol' refers to the sun. It wouldn't happen in anyone in that group's lifetime, but one day, the sun would become a red giant and inadvertantly "swallow" the Earth. It was enough of a thought to make you feel surprisingly hopeless and as if your life were entirely pointless. Jaydin sat back on his hindlegs, like a dog of sorts, and poked his tail upwards as he watched the sun set into the distance. His cosmic sense of reality, he felt, would give everyone else a better look at life, at the price of his own whimsy; that had never been the case, though.

Mountains borne of crystal stared back at the Linoone as his keen blue eyes sharply picked out every detail of the landscape, as if he were searching for something wrong. Their sharp, dagger-like bodies poked out of the ground as though the maw of their range was the entrance to hell itself, and it made Jaydin feel uneasy looking at them. Maybe it was time to rest off the day... Again.

June 15th, 2008, 9:23 PM
Though Dawn's ears drooped faintly at the Electivire's jest, he also gave a half smile--sensing the well-meant nature of Jezz's comment. After Gore spoke, during which Dawn listened with a quiet expression, the half smile returned. The dark-type's words could sound a little arrogant, but a certain awkwardness entered the Mightyena's manner as he tried to correct himself while keeping his own spirits high. Seating himself in the grass, Dawn allowed Jezz to speak on his behalf in response to Gore's question. At the moment, the Espeon felt no need to say anything since nothing essential seemed to be left unsaid; and the psychic Pokemon was satisfied to watch the proceedings.

Somehow, the group's attention became drawn toward the reddening sky, and Jaydin casually observed that the sunset was a harbinger for the end of the world. While he guessed that the Linoone was not suggesting that the planet's end was imminent, Dawn still found the thought curious. The doctor used to tell me that simple things like the sunrise or sunset--beautiful, pure things that could cleanse your soul and draw your spirit heavenward--were precious and wonderful to behold. He also said something about light being bent and wavelengths affecting how light reflected off atmospheric particles, but I don't remember that part as well . . . The blending lights gave on odd colour to the Espeon's smooth fur and shone brightly in his obsidian black eyes as he, too, stared up into the sky. Then the priest I stayed with talked about how nature was a gift from God, but I'm not sure he meant it the same way this Linoone is thinking. Glancing over at Jaydin, Dawn replied after some thought, his tone soft as though in reverence for the dusk, "I guess twilight is a little like something dying. But night is important, too. Once we're all gone . . . that doesn't mean that things stop happening." He stood. "And on that note, I suppose we ought to find some place to rest before it gets dark. Any suggestions as to where to look?"

June 16th, 2008, 9:27 AM
"I guess twilight is a little like something dying. But night is important, too. Once we're all gone . . . that doesn't mean that things stop happening." He stood. "And on that note, I suppose we ought to find some place to rest before it gets dark. Any suggestions as to where to look?" This statement, made by Dawn, got Jezz's attention and he turned towards his Espeon friend.

"Well lets see, whats around here? The forest behind us, or we can make our way back to that small pool of water and large tree. As always, I'm open to any suggestion seeing as, I'm not picky." The electivire stood, mimicing his companion, and strode around the area trying to see if there were any other places to spend the night. "We don't have many other options, if any, seeing as we're basically in a giant field. Of course, we could always sleep in the field, if you don't mind the cold that will most certainly come later." Jezz continued to look around, to no avail, and just returned his attention to the sky. Some pidgey, possibly the ones from earlier, began to fly by at a slow pace and again the sqwaking of their chit chatter could be heard.

June 16th, 2008, 6:23 PM
Suddenly Gore started chuckling. He sighed and looked at the sky for a few more moments before turning his attention to Dawn, Jezz, and Jaydin.
"Listen, your company was nice and all, but I'll be heading my own way." Gore told them matter-of-factly. There was a hint of sorrow in his voice as he had a flashback of when he and Travers would watch the sunset together. Gore's eyes gleamed sorrowfully as he stood up to leave. He kept on wanting to turn back and stay with the Pokemon that were offering him a sort of friendship... but he couldn't. Not after how Gore suffered after Travers' death. He shut his eyes for just a moment. A single moment. And in that moment, all of Gore's dreams came true. He had friends. Gore had companions that would were loyal and faithful. He had friends that stood up for him. Gore had companions that always had his back and would give their lives for him. Then he opened his eyes and everything went back to normal. Gore was a friendless Mightyena who most children were afraid of. He was back to being a dreamer, not a liver. Gore, for one moment, almost gave a howl of remorse. But he stopped himself, and with that, walked away silently.

June 16th, 2008, 8:20 PM
As if it were his honor-bound duty, Jaydin sped off into the deeper reaches of the forest, trailing silently by his new Mightyena friend. The Linoone was careful to stay close to the ground to avoid detection in his shadow-encroached path as the Mightyena's eyes welled with tears, but went no further. The Linoone sensed the deep sorrow in his newfound friend since they first met only not long beforehand, reading him like an open book. Gore was trying to turn the page and sweep them all away, to continue a tale of his own morbid design forged in misery and anguish. It was something Jaydin would outright refuse to allow in days as dark as those that they all were walking in that very moment; everyone already had enough of a burden to carry on their shoulders, just to bite the pain and live their frustratingly futile lives.

Eventually, around a bend in the cleared pathway, Jaydin decided enough was enough. He wedged himself between Gore and the dirt road that sprawled off into the wild foliage behind the Linoone. Knowing it may as well be the end of him - he was getting in the way of a rather fierce looking Mightyena after all - the small weasel-like pokemon calmly dictated his demands. "Halt. You will go no further... Until you tell me why you run from the monster that has already devoured you whole."

June 17th, 2008, 9:49 PM
Dawn watched the Mightyena with some bemusement and a little regret as the scarred Pokemon turned away, stating his intention to leave. "I realize that some Mightyena are nocturnal, but isn't it a little late to be making that decision?" the Espeon commented, motioning toward the dimming sky with his tail before adding in a gentler tone, "I'm not asking you to start a club with us; just consider staying for a bit." Maybe it will help you . . . If you truly want to leave, then I have no right to stop you. But I've watched suffering too long to be fooled this easily.

As Jaydin vanished into the forest in the same direction as Gore, Dawn felt more at ease. If Jaydin went after him, he should be alright . . . I hope. Though Dawn knew neither Gore nor Jaydin well, the limited information he did know--that the two had been traveling together before he and Jezz met them, that Gore had no apparent objection to this, that the dark type apparently enjoyed the company of the group, that Jaydin valued his companion enough to follow him after he had been told goodbye, and that Gore was more lonely than he was a loner--led the Espeon to believe that the eccentric Linoone could, at the least, convince Gore to accept his own company if not the company of the others. After a silent moment, Dawn turned to Jezz. "If we're to meet them again, they'll find us again when they're ready. No use pushing someone more than necessary."

Moving in a direction approximately perpendicular to the one the other two Pokemon had departed in, Dawn made his way past the open area's fringe of trees. Not long afterward, the smell and sound of water reached him. The scent was stronger than the sound was loud, and the noise had a bubbling quality, indicating that the water was more likely a stream than a river. "Assuming this territory doesn't belong to someone already, it should be a fair place to stop . . ." He settled down in the loam between two tree roots until he lay partially curled, eyes open, ears half-cocked and listening.

June 18th, 2008, 2:25 PM
hey!! am I accepted?? I wish you would tell me...

June 18th, 2008, 5:07 PM
Gore growled and leaped over the Linoone with ease. He started to trot away at a quicker pace.
"You don't tell me what to do, and it is none of your business." Gore snapped angrily. He had no idea what Jaydin was thinking, but there was no way he was confiding in him. Gore sighed sadly as he began to daydream of the luxury he could not have. Friendship. He shook his head vigorously to rid himself of the misery of dreaming and not having. Gore wondered what life would be like if he had a companion that would never leave him brokenhearted. Of course there was a chance Jaydin could be that friend, but he wasn't willing to take that risk. Little did Gore know, if Jaydin said, "Please stay with me, I want to help." or, "I promise I won 't hurt you if you just give me a chance." he would instantly succumb to his craving of feeling love and happiness. He would succumb to his craving of having someone to care for him and vice versa. Gore would succumb to his craving of having friendship.
OoC: Oh, sorry Darkly_the_flygon! Yes, you are accepted. But could you add a bit more description to your history and personality, if possible?

June 18th, 2008, 5:19 PM
"You arrogant ass," Jaydin started, darting in front of Gore yet again and pushing back against him with all his might, using his forepaws as surrogate hands to brace against the Mightyena's chest. His hindlegs dug into the dirt as Gore continued relentlessly, not ready to stop just because some pesky Linoone decided to order him around. "You think you're better than me? Pushing me aside like some common ragdoll? I understand that you feel pain for who you've seen die, but that's no reason to just run away when someone offers you companionship!" the weasel-like Pokemon roared furiously, shedding a single tear as he bit down into the fur of Gore's shoulder. He knew it would do absolutely no good, doubting that his sharp fangs would even penetrate the downy coat of the Mightyena, but anger makes fools of many.

"I'm trying to help you, dammit..." he whimpered, hanging his head. He'd seen many Pokemon like Gore in the past; many of them had been former companions of the Linoone, and those many had all perished at the dark hands of foolishness and a headstrong lack of comprehension. In a symbolic, nearly poetic sense, Gore just kept on pushing as if Jaydin were not even there. There was absolutely nothing the Linoone could do.

June 18th, 2008, 9:03 PM
(Sorry for the short post, running out of posting energy.)

Jezz had completely ignored Gore and Jaydin's leaving, continuing to gaze up into the sky. When Dawn began talking, Jezz's ears perked up and listened to what he had to say. Following his companion, they came to a nice spot to spend the night and neatly place his pokebutt on the grass. The wind blew slightly, sending a shiver up the Electivires spide and he shook for a quick second.

"Its a little chilly," smiled the large pokemon, "but it will most certainly do for the night." The pokemon laid on his back and closed his eyes, drifting off into a light sleep.

June 20th, 2008, 9:31 PM
[OOC: Until Gore and/or Jaydin return(s) or some new event arises, my character does not have much to do.]

As dusk faded into night, the sunset's golden light melted out of the sky, leaving a vast depth of cold, dark blue. Stars lay scattered upon the canvas of the heavens, shimmering icy white as a silver full moon rose above the horizon. When it first appeared the moon seemed large and close, but gradually shrank as it moved higher--like so many dreams that drift out of reach, but never lose their beauty. Dawn lay awake, watching the world about him change. He had often wondered at the distance he could feel between himself and the stars when he viewed them on clear nights, but that he could not sense from paintings or photographs. Lifting his head silently, the Espeon stared at the lunar disk that now flooded its part of the world with ghostly, yet enchanting light. Doctor . . . What would you say if you were here now? A night breeze ruffled Dawn's fur, and he opened his mouth to breathe in the cool air. The psychic type's mouth closed as his head returned to its place in the soft grass. I don't suppose I'll be sleeping much tonight.

June 21st, 2008, 11:57 AM
Gore snarled and pinned Jaydin to the ground. He was getting pretty angry now.
"Don't make me kick your ass! I don't have to take this from you! Oh, and just so you know, you're pissing me off, not helping me! And I'm not going to jump at the first chance to have a companion, either! I need time to heal and to be able to love again, alright! Some crappy things happened to me that I'm not about to forget right this second! I need someone patient and understanding, not some annoying little bastard like you! By the way, you're better than me! You get to have friends without having to worry about them leaving you heartbroken!" Gore roared ferociously. He leapt off of Jaydin and stalked away furiously. Then, all of a sudden, Gore's aggravated huffs turned into mournful sobs. He crumpled into a furry heap on the ground and let the tears he had been holding back trickle down his cheeks.

June 21st, 2008, 4:41 PM
[[ OOC: Some mood setting music. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEM5_niWEtU)]]

Defeated, Jaydin stood on stiff, painful limbs. Gore had ripped at his very spirit, taking the only thing left to him that was important. Unlike what Gore had said, the Linoone had no friends other than his trainer and her two Pokemon; neither of them were unquestioning or very forgiving, as Jaydin was the newcomer of the three. As he rose, he realized that Gore had - perhaps intentionally - bruised or broken something. It hurt to breathe and to move more even than to watch the Mightyena shamble away, trailing behind him empty tears of a loss that the Linoone understood better than his aggressor had let on. Jaydin understood exactly why Gore felt pain, why he refused the weasel-like Linoone's help... But he did not understand his aggression. It hurt him violently in a chamber deep in his heart that lay buried beneath a much different kind of sorrow.

In the face of someone who wanted to kill him, Jaydin approached. He locked sorrowful eyes to sorrowful eyes with the Mightyena, and spoke quite simply, though the hurt in his voice was enough to tell. "I'm not stupid, though you seem to think I am. You think I'm just a common rat with no place around you. I accept your pain, but I will never understand why you seek to hurt me. I'm sorry I ever tried to be nice to you." With that, tail hanging low near to the ground, Jaydin limped rather ungracefully in the opposite direction. He was going to rejoin the group and hopefully find better company to keep.

June 22nd, 2008, 11:21 AM
Gore lifted his head and saw the damage he had caused. Guilt washed over him, he had not meant to actually harm Jaydin. Gore knew what he had to do, there was only one way to heal Jaydin. There was only one way to apologize to him. Friendship. Gore also knew that he would lose himself if he didn't give Jaydin his companionship. He stood up and sighed.
"No, friend. You are wrong. I am sorry. All this time I've been trying to stop the pain, but all I've done was pass it on to others. I'm sorry for hurting you both physically and emotionally. I have no right to do that just because I was hurt, too. I cannot promise you that I'll be a very trusting companion at first..." Gore paused to pick up Jaydin and set him on his back. He smirked sorrowfully, but with determination.
"But in time I will learn to love again, as long as you give me the time to heal from my emotional wounds. I will always be scarred, but if you give me faith and stay loyal to me, I will forgive and forget. I'm asking you to be patient and understanding, can you do that?" Gore asked the injured Linoone on his back.

Phillip Valerius
June 24th, 2008, 8:49 AM
Name: Anastasia Florenz

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Umbreon
History: ((This begins with a description of the society in which Anastasia was born. This may help to explain Anastasia's personality, but is not absolutely necessary. If you would like to skip it, it will not hurt your understanding of the character terribly. Scroll down until you see bolded underlined letters.))
Anastasia was born into a closed, exclusively Pokemon religious society, in which the citizens were required to emulate a medieval life-style to the best of their ability. There were three basic social classes within this castle-state: The nobility, the military, and the working class. These were further divided into the Royalty, the Aristocracy, the Knighthood, the Militia, the Mercantile Class, and the Serfs. The Mercantile class, by far the largest of the six, was then divided into countless positions, including a class of artists, artisans and architects. The serfs were either house-hold servants for the upper classes, farmers, or fishermen. Like a traditional fife-dome, wealth was concentrated primarily in the top two "noble classes;" unlike a traditional fife-dome, however, Anastasia's city was placed in an almost ideal location for commerce and produce: The farm-land was rich, and good for almost any kind of agricultural exploit; the ocean lay a mere two miles to the east of the city, where a port and fishery were kept in proper working order; gold and iron were found in abundance within a small range of mountains surrounding the castle and its city, and the list went on. The city very quickly became very rich, and the standards of living for even the peasantry were very high--for a society of the middle-ages, anyway.

The actual religion which kept these pokemon wandering in the Dark Ages is a bit of a mystery, even to the highest clerical officials in the church. It dates, not surprisingly, to an early period of the Dark Ages, and few written records were made during the time of its founding; none survived. It was only through word of mouth that the ideas survived. Actual doctrine is subject to much debate; the only thing which everyone seems to agree upon, is that there is a God, and that His will is expressed through the will of the people, and that He created the royalty to interpret that will and rule. Those who tried to break this mold, to destroy The Royalty or deny The People, were eventually given what they wanted, but at the expense of their happiness and the stability of their society.

By the time Anastasia was born, the religion held little sway over the society it had created and preserved from modernity. Instead, tradition, protocol, and law ran the day-to-day lives of the citizenry, and these powers were just as stern, and much colder than even the most conservative god. The class-structure was strictly preserved, supposedly for the good of everyone. If the society was to be guaranteed plenty of fish to eat, they reasoned, then every fisherman's son had to become a fisherman. If citizens were allowed to pursue whatever profession or life-style suited them, society would quickly become a dysfunctional mob of self-seeking capitalists (a word scorned by the rare scholar knowledgeable enough of outside world to know the meaning of the word), with no interest whatsoever in supporting his community. They placed the good of the collective far above the good of the individual, and every citizen was expected to disregard his or her own desires, and fulfill his or her alloted role for the good of society. To make sure that this happened, uniform class-dress became mandatory (nudity having been illegal since time immemorial), and only marriages arranged by the parents were seen as legal.


It was in this regard that the puritanical powers of Anastasia's home destroyed her. She was born into the very highest class in the city, that of the Royalty. She was the fourteenth daughter of the Lord's first wife, and enjoyed all the privileges and wealth of a princess. In many ways, she was one of the most exorbitant creatures of the planet. Even the pet Pokemon of billionaire-capitalists in the Hoenn region did not see as much money pass through their estate as she. As such, she grew up used to power, and used to indulgence. She could have whatever she wanted, almost without limit. However, there was a limit, as she would learn at the age of sixteen. Even she could not break the rules society imposed.

As fate would have it, the girl fell desperately in love with an Espeon by the name of Henry. Spoiled as she was, she made no secret of her desire for his companionship. However, that same Blind Fate, as it is wont to do, had made this love impossible: Henry was a knight. Yes, he was a heroic knight, one of the finest the city had ever seen. However, he remained a knight, and by the mandate of the city's laws, he was required to marry a lady of the Fealty, whose sole job would be to care for his armor, to train with him, and to see to it that he performed his knightly duties to the best of his ability. Anastasia had not been born to this class, had not been raised for this role, and would be entirely incapable of performing it. She was denied her request.

Predictably, Anastasia was not about to take no for an answer. After much pleading, she despaired, and fell into solitude and depression. She refused to eat, and quickly grew pale and thin, a mere phantom of what she once was. Her fur lost its gleam, her eyes lost their glow. She did this to herself intentionally, to spite her father, and to convince him of his fault. The lord, however, was of a harder temperament than she had counted on. The day came when he would have no more of it. Enraged at his daughter's impudent behavior, he decided to exercise his own authority, and punish his daughter, by stripping the two of them of their rank and banishing them, together. As he put it, "You may have him, but only at the cost of all that you possess."

Ironically, Henry was not even aware of the Lady's desire until this royal mandate was passed. Naturally, he despised the Umbreon, for what she had done to him, and for the selfishness and disregard for principle she had shown. When she followed him, and refused to leave him, he attacked her, and left her, bruised and battered, behind him.

Anastasia nearly died during her first days alone. She wandered, aimlessly and helplessly, through the wilds surrounding her home. She was completely incompetent as to survival as a wild Pokemon, but she was fortunate. As it happened, the level of the wild Pokemon in her area was very low, and she met very few problems there. She had at least been taught to fight in her Castle. With the help of a few Pidgeys and Ratatas, (who were doubtlessly seeking her protection in exchange for their services), she quickly learned to forage for food, and to find shelter during the colder months. In a short while, she was transformed into a wild Pokemon.

This transformation was not nearly as dramatic as the change her personality underwent during this time, however. She became quiet, and introspective. She was no longer melodramatically wasting away for her father, but still she wasted. Though she ate, and did all she could to keep herself alive and comfortable, she became little more than a shadow. Once she learned to live alone, she did so. She avoided other Pokemon, and kept to herself. Every once in a while, she came out to talk to the occasional, exceptionally peculiar Pokemon, but still, she was becoming an absolute introvert.

Lately, she has begun to combat this tendency. Being alone has had the unlikely effect of diminishing her ego. It has made her, of all things, lonely. Still, even when she comes into contact with other Pokemon, she rarely talks, and never does so about herself.

(I have my own little way of developing a personality... This is more for myself than you all. It's a system I use for both creating and describing a personality. Hope you don't mind!)

A. Goal: Anastasia's goal, simply put, is to find a goal. Before, she had lived to please herself. Now, life has taught her the unworthiness of this aim--but it has failed to give her a superior alternative. She is a wanderer, who seeks, if anything, something to aspire to.

E. Attitude Towards Life/Death:
~1. Self: Anastasia fears death as much as anyone, but she doesn't hold the same solemn reverence that most people have. She believes in the Deity and in life after death, but she also believes herself doomed to damnation. According to her religion, banishment from her society guarantees her this. However, with this idea comes resignation. Since she can't avoid it, she thinks of it little. When she does think of it, it is with a sigh, but only a sigh. If her death came, that sigh would probably not be a breath heavier.
~2. Others: Anastasia is not a hero. She is not a defender of the weak, and she will not sacrifice herself for another. Although she mourns the death of any creature, she will do little to prevent it.

G. Attitude Toward Money/Power: Anastasia sees little value in either. She prefers, of course, to be the most powerful Pokemon in her territory for security, but she does not crave power or influence. She can live with defeat, and finds battling in and of itself, an unsatisfying endeavor.

H. Attitude Toward Work: Anastasia was made extremely lazy by her life as a princess. However, living alone in the wild is a wearisome task, and requires effort. She is not alien to hard-labor in this regard. however, she never could teach herself to love work, and there is scarcely a task she will not greet with a groan. That said, every job she groans at, she can complete.

I. Attitude Toward Danger: Anastasia flees from danger. She sees no reason to risk harm if harm can be avoided. She is completely selfish.

J. Attitude Toward Fighting: She will do it if necessary, but she finds no pleasure in battle.

K. Attitude Toward Anger/Forgiveness: Anastasia does not get angry; she gets bitter. Although she is not prone to fiery outbursts (even when a pampered princess, her nature taught her to sulk for what she wanted), she will hold a grudge for a lifetime. The longer she holds such resentment, the stronger it becomes. Slowly, over time, these feelings are likely to affect the way she treats the person for whom they are held. If it gets bad enough, she is not afraid of making enemies. There is no real moral boundary for her, as far as hurting other people goes. If she wants to hurt a person, and she can hurt that person, and there aren't any significant consequences barring her, she will hurt that person.

G. Self-image: Anastasia thinks very little of herself--but she thinks less of everyone else. She is one of those cynical, pessimistic bastards who bemoans her own faults on one decibel, and wails the the faults of the world three hundred decibels louder.

There are three unusual features to Anastasia: First, she can speak perfect English. As her home kept up significant trade with the human nations, being able to communicate with them was absolutely necessary. Second, she evolved during twilight, when the moon and sun were balanced in the sky. Although she evolved into an Umbreon, her eyes are a pale blue, like those of an Espeon, and a scarlet jewel sits in place of the typical golden ring on her forehead. Third, like everyone in her old home, she wears clothing. Upon her banishment, she had one last dress sewn for her, in the Elizabethan fashion. It is mainly black, but is covered with tiny, crisscrossing lines of golden silk, which, when seen completely unwrapped and unfurled, is a sketch of a magnificent Espeon, dressed in a knight's full brigalia.This is draped around her, like clothing was around noble horses of the middle-ages ( http://www.aceros-de-hispania.com/image/marto/armour-12b.jpg ). Her neck is surrounded by a small ruff, again typical of the Elizabethan era. ( http://www.elizabethancostume.net/images/ruffmake/ruffman2.jpg ) The inside of the dress, which can be seen around the collar, and when the bottom of the dress sways in the wind, is lined with scarlet silk.


((Whew! I'm a little out of practice, and writing that out has tired me out! I'll edit in a roleplay response later if no one replies. But don't feel any pressure to wait for me... I'll just respond to whatever the situation is when I get on.))

June 24th, 2008, 10:32 AM
OOC: You are accepted! Your character is very interesting... Sounds like she needs a hug, but also sounds like she should be left alone. Oh, and I love your signature, it's so true! XD

Phillip Valerius
June 24th, 2008, 12:07 PM

Anastasia found it a strain not to laugh, as she sat hidden in some shrubs near Gore. Attracted by the sudden flight of the Spearows, she had come expecting some exceptionally strong Pokemon who might threaten her if she wasn't careful to note its movements and stay out of its path. What she had found were indeed strong in body--but at heart, these newcomers were obviously the sort of frail and frightened Magikarp she loved most. Weaklings like them were one of her few remaining joys in life, reminders of her superiority in the grand scheme of things. She stood, and crept into the clearing as silently as her significant talents would allow, ready to have some fun.

"I will always be scarred, but if you give me faith and stay loyal to me, I will forgive and forget." She mocked in a sing-song voice, as she seemed to rise like some preternatural shadow from the brown, crackling foliage. She laughed. "For God sake man, you two aren't alone in this forest; some of us aren't prepared to be nauseated by your troubles."

As the two of them took notice of her, Anastasia stretched, and smiled, cat-like, at the Mightyena. "Not that I'm not used to it, of course. This forest is full of low-level babies, who seem to be always so caught up in their own little sob-stories, that they don't notice that the audience they're moaning to is laughing at them. Still, they're children. To see an evolved, high level Pokemon like yourself so selfish, so melodramatic, so... blindly egotistical... It's disturbing! It's like watching a grown man dirty his pants, and then whine for a change."

Anastasia gave one last stretch and a yawn, and then sat before the Linoone and Mightyena, still wearing her soft little grin. "But enough of that. Who am I to judge? Tell me, what brings you to my forest?"

June 24th, 2008, 4:09 PM
"Your forest? Jesus, help me, I've run into some high class snob! I believe that my business is my business, thank you very much, your highness. A fitting name for you, don't you think? I'm selfish? Do you see me leaving this injured Linoone by himself? I suggest you shut the hell up until you know what you're talking about. And you're one to speak, you come here running your mouth and calling me selfish! I doubt you'd share your food with a dying creature. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have important things to do other than wasting my time with some... I don't think even bastard matches your attitude. Now, I really must tend to this Linoone's injuries, you nosy little ass." Gore replied, smirking with amusement. He pushed past Anastasia with ease and headed towards Jezz and Dawn. Gore wasn't very effected by Anastasia's mocking. He never let a brat like her get to him.

Phillip Valerius
June 24th, 2008, 4:32 PM
"Oh, I'm sorry, did I offend you? I'm sure I didn't mean it. I was only pointing out what I thought was obvious... Please, do understand that if I had known you were blind to your faults, I'd certainly have let you stay blissfully ignorant. Do forgive me. Speaking of mercy, you'll have to extend a double portion to me; I've twice forgotten my manners. I'm Anastasia."

Anastasia, her smile never wavering, followed alongside Gore, hardly making a sound with her gentle walk. Had an alien, or anyone unfamiliar with English, seen Anastasia throughout this, they would have thought her the epitome of courtesy and respect. She curtsied at just the right moment, nodded, smiled, and seemed the very model of a frail but loving matron. She loved to act.

"Now, as to your eh... questions, shall we call them?... First, I would in fact share my food with a dying creature, assuming of course that there would still be enough to keep me alive, as there apparently was in your case. If there weren't enough to keep us both alive, you do have a point, I would certainly chose to live, but it's all really an irrelevant point. We all die in the end, and trying to preserve another by killing yourself is merely prolonging the inevitable.

Second, you're quite right, I'm a fully legitimate child, the fourteenth daughter of Henry the Jolteon, and I would be eternally obliged if you would refrain from implying otherwise; unlike myself, my father was a very pious, pure man.

Third, your business becomes my business when you violate my very clearly marked territory without explanation. I'm perfectly happy to accommodate you, and I'm certainly not going to ask you to leave your mmm... what is he now, your prey? Anyway, the point is, I'll allow visitors occasionally into my territory, espescially under such extenuating circumstances, but you have to understand, I can't just let everyone come and usurp my land, can I? I'd run out of food. You look wild, you ought to know that? Or perhaps you didn't... Hm... Well, I suppose that just goes to show, doesn't it? Anyway...

Fourth, you can't exactly order me to leave my own home, can you?

Last, I don't really see how you can be angry with me for this Linoone's fate when it was you who gave him those wounds in the first place. I mean, if I were to find the nearest poor... helpless... friendless pidgey, rip out its wings, and bully it for the sheer pleasure of feeling superior (which, with all due respect sir, is more or less what you did here), and then got angry with you because I needed to tend to the pidgey's wounds, wouldn't you be rather indignant, hmmmm?"

Anastasia's glanced up at the Mightyena, her lofty smile a mile long at this point. She chuckled under her breath, daring Gore to try and do something about her.

June 24th, 2008, 7:12 PM
Gore didn't seem to notice her for a long time, then he sighed heavily. Then he chuckled, deciding to take a different approach.
"You know what? You're absolutely right. I'm terribly sorry for trespassing. Will you ever forgive me?" Gore asked, giving Anastasia a charming smile. He chuckled once more, this time louder.
"Oh, and actually, this is my friend. He is Jaydin, and I am Gore. I'm pleased to meet you, Princess Anastasia." Gore added, winking. There was no way that this annoying Umbreon was going to get the reaction she wanted. Gore looked her up and down. She looked about a year younger than him. Gore almost snorted, but caught himself. If she took this too far, he would certainly attack her, that was for sure. Gore knew he had a couple of good advantages against Anastasia. The question was, what level was she? Levels made all the difference, but surely his level was higher than hers?

Phillip Valerius
June 24th, 2008, 8:33 PM
((Should we wait until someone else responds to avoid hijacking the thread, or just assume that people will jump in when they feel like it?))

Anastasia cringed.

"I am not a princess." she said sharply, her smile suddenly vanishing, "I am lower than a peasant, and you would do well to remember that. As a matter of fact, if you're going to stay here with that Linoone, you should probably avoid talking about my home at all. How you knew anything about that is beyond me but..."

For a moment, Anastasia glared at Gore, rigid, angry, perhaps a little sad. The gleeful, albeit sadistic, light which had just a moment before been her playmate was gone. She was a shadow within a shadow, grief enveloped in bitterness.

But, before anyone could utter the proverbial Jack Robinson, she was grinning once more, and her bubbly, gleeful satire was back. Indeed, her affected ill-intentioned effervescence seemed to return with twice its original vigor to make up for the lapse it had suffered.

"But that was years and years ago!" She laughed, more to herself than Gore, "We needn't think about that. My father (In peace may he rest) is probably dead, and if he isn't, his age will make him wish he were. The world I left is gone. Like all good things, home has been laid waste to by Time."

"And, speaking of time," she laughed, her attention fully on Gore now, "I do believe its something your Linoone is short on. I'm afraid that if you don't hurry with your miracle medical procedure, we may have to put him out of his misery. I think you broke his rib; who knows what organs you may have ruptured in your little temper tantrum. Perhaps he's bleeding inside. Perhaps he'll drop dead any moment!"

Anastasia glanced up, her eyes meeting his. Though both were caught in a pretension at courtesy and respect, the eye does not know the game. Hatred could be read in her opal eyes as clearly as though it were a pair of great, icy letters engraved in her skull. She was irresistibly reminded of the reference he'd made to her once-glorious past, and the memories and regrets it brought back to mind bore into her like so many thousand nails, each one getting rustier, and more painful with age. She was convinced, absolutely convinced, that he'd called her princess for just this effect. He'd winked hadn't he? Cruel, spiteful wink! It said that he knew her shame, knew her pain, and laughed at it. No longer was he her toy. Now she was really angry. Now he was not merely an opponent in a game of verbal chess, he was her enemy, in blood and spirit. And, as she glanced up at the dog's ear, she thought of just the way to get back at him.

"Hmmm... Tch tch tch, you know, my father taught me when I was very young to keep a leash on my temper, and I guess now you can see why! Self control, he said, was the way to a stable life. Didn't your father ever.... Ah, that's right, but I suppose yours was too busy choking on your ear to impart any such wisdom, so I can't really blame you for that, can I? I mean, we can't all have the head of church as our father, can we?

Besides, this is what you wanted, right? To make a quick meal off your puny little prey? If your story about your ear is any indicator--yes, I'd been in the bushes long enough to hear about that--I guess you probably inherited that kind of behavior from dear old dad. We can't help imitating our parents you know, no matter how much we hate them--It's a scientific fact!"

June 24th, 2008, 10:46 PM
Voices. Dawn's ears pricked upward as he raised his head then paused for a moment to listen. Whoever was approaching seemed relatively confident since they made no attempts to soften their footfalls or lower their tones. One voice was familiar, the other unfamiliar, and a third notably absent. He sniffed the air. Three scents--and one of them Jaydin's. How curious . . . The Espeon stood, glanced back at Jezz, then quietly tread toward the Pokemon trio--his apparent stealth intended more to avoid disturbing his electric companion's sleep than to mask his presence from the others.

Finding a shadowed area he deemed suitable, Dawn fell still and awaited the approach of Gore, Jaydin, and the unknown speaker. As he waited, the psychic type listened to the occurring conversation. Sounds hostile at best. I wonder what I'm getting myself into here . . . A thread of wind brushed by him, causing him to straighten a little. Something feels wrong. Dawn stepped forward into a shaft of moonlight, revealing himself in the same moment his eyes found the Umbreon, Mightyena, and Linoone. Instantly he recognized that Jaydin was injured, but also that another situation was arising that could easily turn ill. While he did not know the situation exactly, he could see well enough that personalities were clashing and tempers were rising. Hopefully I don't mess this up too badly.

"Jaydin, Gore, it's good to see you again," Dawn greeted in a soft, yet warm voice--careful to prevent too much emotion from revealing itself, yet equally careful to let his sincerity remain evident. He turned and nodded at Anastasia. "I know not your name, but it's nice to meet you." The Espeon's dark eyes flicked back toward Jaydin. "Sorry if I seem abrupt, but I think I ought to give you some medical treatment, Jaydin." His tail motioned toward one direction, and his attention refocused on Gore. "Jezz is over that way, if you were planning to rejoin us. If not, then please at least wait until I can find some herbs to ease your companion's pain. Once morning comes, I'll be able to heal him properly."

June 26th, 2008, 5:45 AM
I don't suppose legendaries are allowed?

Phillip Valerius
June 26th, 2008, 8:34 AM
((As Mightyena said to someone else who asked,

OoC: Well, unless somebody else joins this RP as a legendary, you wouldn't be able to RP with anybody. You see, the whole RP is about a group of Pokemon trying to rescue the legendaries, so we'd only meet at the end of the RP. Hmm, we could make it so that your character escaped from Team Rocket and ran into the group of Pokemon if you really wanted to be a legendary... It certainly would add more excitement to the RP. So, if you're okay with that, I'm perfectly fine with you being a legendary! ^-^

That person did join as a Giratina, and was accepted, but has yet to post since the creation of his biography.))

June 26th, 2008, 9:43 AM
OOC: That'd work out fine, I'd think. Okay, I'd like to reserve Latias then, will upload my bio later.

June 27th, 2008, 9:38 PM
Absurd, Jaydin mused to himself, thoroughly astounded by the 'princess' ploy. Such ignorance and a comical persona! The Linoone would have fun with this traveller. Smirking, he spoke after a curious bout of silence, "I have no wings and I'm nobody's prey. I am merely careless, one could say." Even the simple ferretlike Linoone has its pride, apparently. God I'm pathetic without Arlene, Jaydin prosed mentally, elliciting from himself a chuckle...

June 28th, 2008, 4:29 PM
Gore winced, and his muscles tensed with anger, but otherwise he didn't react. He pushed aside the idea of attacking Anastasia he had earlier. It was exactly what she wanted, Gore knew it. All of a sudden, he had an idea. Gore searched Anastasia's face for any emotions. He grinned when he saw what he was looking for. Rejection.
"You are sooo right, princess! You would have made such a wonderful ruler, you know! Oh, Dawn, here, take Jaydin, will you? we'd love to stay with you! Oh, this is the ever so lovely Princess Anastasia! Oh, princess, you should come with us so you can tell us all about that awful man who rejected you! I mean, who wouldn't want to be with someone like you?" Gore exclaimed cheerfully. He couldn't help it, he threw his head back and laughed wickedly. Gore knew he striked a nerve.

Phillip Valerius
June 28th, 2008, 6:31 PM
Between Gore's laughably random yet disturbingly well-aimed retort, the sudden entrance of this Espeon, and Jaydin's tardy response, Anastasia's thoughts and feelings were about as well-organized as a hen-coop in the midst of a wolf-attack. More out of subconscious habit than anything, she gave a weak, half-curtsy in Dawn's direction, muttering, "Anastasia..." among other incoherent mumblings of an introduction. All the while she was squinting at Gore, her mouth half-open. How'd he know anything about that? Come to that, how'd he know about her past as a princess? Having worn the same dress for so long, she was unconscious of the effect it had on the other Pokemon. As far as she was concerned, every reference he'd made to her as "princess" indicated knowledge of her history.

Caught in a sudden maelstrom of surprise and confused dejection, it was all she could do to stop from tripping over her own fumbling forelegs. Then, as though at the command of some puppeteer, she straightened. Her back quivered, cat-like, until she reached a most unnaturally tall posture. With her gold all but extinguished by the shade of the forest and her fluttering garment, she looked like a great black pillar, except for her silver eyes. Since her face was obscured in the darkness, it was hard to tell whether her erectness was a sign of retreat or defiance.

"D-don't--erhmp...... Don't be childish.

"Obviously you know a great deal more about me than... well, a great deal more than I thought you would--b-but...But you shouldn't be so cruel. I admit I haven't exactly been helpful, but th-that's too far. That's just..."

Anastasia was silent for a moment. Her head was bent and and her mouth was open, as though she were going to continue. What she'd just said was laughably weak, and hypocritical. She'd sounded like she was about to cry. She needed a moment to settle her emotions, and think of a way to justify herself.

"Look," she snapped suddenly, "I'm sorry about your dad. I'm sorry about your pack. I'm sorry about anything you left out, but I've acted completely within my rights. You invaded the territory that's been mine for years. I could either have fled, or confronted you. You would have had the same choices. Anyone would have. It wouldn't matter if it were you, a Pidgey, or a human; this is my space. I think I was surprisingly genial. Unlike what many wild Pokemon would have done, I didn't attack you, but asked you your business. Yes, I criticized your whining, but frankly, that kind of nauseating crap is hard to ignore--we all have our own painful stories to write, and it's hard enough without having to listen to a dozen other people poring theirs out.

It's been a long time since I've talked to anyone--as you obviously know--and maybe I have forgotten tact. Perhaps living so long away from all but the wildest Pokemon has made me unsympathetic to the feelings of people, to the point that I can't understand them, and can't predict their reactions to what seems obviously rude to everyone else... but...." and here, Anastasia paused to catch her breath, "but that's no reason to be so hateful... so..so unreasonably desperate to hurt me."

Even if she was going to capitulate, break down and pitifully stutter in a hurt whine, Anastasia would have the moral high ground. Even if it brought on more from Gore, made an enemy of Jaydin, and alienated Dawn, her pride demanded that she prove her innocence and Gore's guilt to herself.

With an abrupt sniff, Anastasia turned so that Gore was visible only in her peripheral vision. As far as she was concerned, he no longer existed for the time being.

"As for you, Jaydin, I'm sorry for any inconvenience I've caused, and I'm glad to hear that Gore's barbarism left no serious damage. Dawn--he called you Dawn, right?--it's a pleasure, and if you have yet another friend nearby... Jezz did you call him? Her?... well, I'd be delighted to meet her."

((Is Chabz still in this?))

June 29th, 2008, 12:57 PM
"I'm sorry, but your words stung just as much as mine did. I'm just better at hiding my feelings. After all, I've been doing it for years. Anyway, I'm sorry about whatever happened in your past. I'm sorry that I trespassed. Now, friend, would you care to join us?" Gore asked, smiling warmly. All he had wanted was for Anastasia to stop being so bratty. Now she had, so Gore was happy. He stretched and yawned, being quite tired. Gore looked at Anastasia and could see that she was obviously not used to being nice. He realized he wasn't that great at it, either. Gore turned his attention to Dawn and winked. He was surprised to find that he would have more than one friend now. Gore smirked, this wasn't going to be so difficult for him after all.

OOC: Sorry for the short post. I've been diagnosed with a terrible case of writer's block. It's sad, really. XD

Phillip Valerius
June 29th, 2008, 1:26 PM
((Perhaps it's time to come to the proverbial Rocket lair XP))

"I already told Dawn I'd go." She snapped, "Don't be stupid."

He was more than she could bite off just now, but sooner or later, he'd be the one to suffer for this. He'd reminded her of a thousand comforts and joys she herself had destroyed, of friends and family she had cut off. She felt now as she did on the first day of her banishment, ten years ago. It was almost worse now, as she dwelt on those happy times; now they were not merely behind her, but were gone completely. Her friends would have gone off to their various professions around the fife dome, her father was likely dead, and having lived away from civilization for so long, she knew that no hope lay ahead for her, but the same endless monotony. There was no second kingdom for her to discover, as she had once deluded herself into thinking, no new civilization to take her in. There were only the wilds, empty and lonely as ever.

Before, she had forgotten all this, and had reached a certain degree of contentment, of forgetful acceptance. Now, she couldn't help but dwell on the bitterness of it all, which grew more sour with every second she spent. No, she wasn't about to forgive the fiend for some empty apologies and an absurd "friend." Even though she was in something like submission for the moment, it was obvious she wasn't about to let the episode go. She was sullen, and angry, and not particularly good at hiding it.

June 29th, 2008, 2:41 PM
"Well, forgive me for being friendly. And don't make me call you princess again." Gore joked. He smirked and winked at Anastasia. Gore wasn't going to let her sour mood upset him. He trotted alongside Dawn, for he was more comfortable with him than Anastasia. Gore was extremely bored of Anastasia's bad attitude. He had learned to forgive and forget, why couldn't she. As far as Gore knew, his past was just as terrible as hers, possibly worse. He shook his head disapprovingly and sighed heavily. Anastasia needs to get over it. The past is the past, and did she expect to find true love at such a young age? Not to mention there's nothing awful about the wild. Besides, I've learned to deal with my history.

OOC: Soon, very, very soon.

June 29th, 2008, 2:48 PM
OOC: My bio (hope it's not too late)
Name: Amber
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Latias
Personality: Generally happy and playful most of the time, but there is deep lingering sadness and loneliness deep within. Amber is quite kind, but vulnerable to disapproval, especially from those whose respect she considers worth having. Overall, she tends to shrug off both things good and bad that happen to her with an "Oh well" and has a habit of talking about sensitive issues in a very objective, even insensitive way. The relationship she prizes above all others is her twin brother, Emerald.
History: Amber and her brother Emerald were born on a small, Venice-style island known as Altomare. She and her brother had lived there in secret for most of their lives, their father having died protecting the city and their mother dieing of grief not too long after laying their eggs. Amber hatched several days after her brother, and has no memory of her mother, while Emerald has some vague images embedded in his memory. After being taken in as orphans by a small family of humans, they eventually left the island to explore the world.

This okay?

June 29th, 2008, 3:27 PM
Hey I've never done this kind of thing before but you've created a really successful one from what I've read! I'd like to join if it's not too late? Due to the fact that it's a kind of far into the plot I can imagine my character is met during a random encounter of some sort if you let me in on it? Well I'll post the bio anyways and see what you think:

Name: Bushido
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Gallade
Personality: Bushido has a difficult personality, depending on what he's thinking at the time he can have all sorts of different attitudes and actions in any given situation. He often plans something before doing it so that he knows it's going to work to full effect! A lone-wolf in all rights means that he doesn't have any friends or even know how to make friends at all, the thought has never occurred to him to make an effort in this area due to the fact that he's never had any experience with it. Due to the fact that he can't use psychic powers like others in his species he doesn't have the kind of '6th sense' that other psychic types do thus leaving his decisions to be a bit rash at times, nonetheless he never regrets any choices he makes and follows through with whatever he starts!

History: Bushido's first memories are loneliness, he doesn't remember having a family or any friends at all in his life, he always has the thought on his mind that one day he'll meet his family but a lack of any psychic powers often lead him to believe he isn't up to it. Since he was a Ralts he couldn't use any psychic powers at all, at first he thought nothing of it because he wasn't surrounded by a family or friends to know that his species are meant to develop them at a very early age. Due to the fact he couldn't use psychic powers he began training his physical side of his power starting off with lifting rocks from the ground and carrying them a certain distance before going to sleep that night and leading up to moving logs and small boulders around so he had some sort of shelter for the night. One morning Bushido woke up and felt a bit strange, he looked at his reflection in a nearby lake and noticed he looked different; he had evolved into a Kirlia! The shock of his sudden over-night change caused him to sort of faint and fall into the lake, he woke up at the bottom of the lake and noticed a small sparkle from the reeds nearby. He had enough air to have a look and make it back up to the surface so he swam over and moved the reeds to find what he didn't know at the time was a Dawn Stone! As soon as he touched the stone a bright white light engulfed him and all of a sudden he had changed again! He looked at his hands first of all and noticed he had huge blades coming out of his arms, he looked at his legs next and noticed how big and strong they had became! With one bound from the lake bottom he sprang up to the surface and landed where he had fallen in from. From this day on his training became what he believed to be ten-times harder than previously, Bushido moves around from forest to forest, town to town, city to city without a purpose. Sometimes he thinks he's looking for his family, other times he really doesn't know why he's moving around so much.

Other:Bushido has a scar across his left eye which seems to have been there since he was a Ralts, he doesn't know how it got there though.

June 30th, 2008, 10:24 PM
Though both Gore and Anastasia seemed to be trying to set their argument aside, each also appeared to want the last word, which caused the bitter banter to last longer than Dawn would have preferred. While his expression remained passive, the psychic type felt himself making a silent resolution to control the flow of conversation as needed to keep the situation as civil as possible. Smiling amiably at the Umbreon after her mention of Jezz, Dawn replied, "He. And Jezz has been a pretty nice guy so far. I hope you two will get along." Laughing good-naturedly, he started back toward the aforementioned Electivire, leading Gore and Anastasia back along the path he had walked only moments before. Turning toward the Mightyena that had fallen into step beside him, Dawn told him, "Sorry, but could you hold on to Jaydin a bit longer? I'm afraid you're a little bigger than I am and a little less likely to become flattened by his weight." He shrugged at the injured Pokemon. "Er, no offense. Physical strength just isn't the forte of us psychic types, and I might accidentally make you crash into a tree or something if I move you psychically."

After a few seconds of silence, Dawn glanced over at Anastasia. The group was over halfway back to the sleeping area. "By the way, you mentioned this was your territory? I apologize for intruding. We're travelers, you see, so we're not really familiar with who owns what area of these woods. You don't need to worry about your ownership being threatened, though, since we'll probably be moving on tomorrow." Here the Espeon paused, lifted his nose slightly, and sniffed. "'Scuse me," he said briefly as he vanished into the nearby undergrowth. Before long, Dawn reappeared, a faint blue glow surrounding the sprigs of plant that hovered beside him. "And now I've killed some of your plants . . . I guess I ought to apologize for that, too," he mused. The leaves detached themselves from one of the stems and floated toward Jaydin. "If you chew these, they should lessen the pain a bit and help you get to sleep. Don't taste terrible, either." They weren't what I originally had in mind, but they'll work well enough.

Moving the remaining plant fragment to his side, Dawn resumed his course until Jezz's sleeping form came into sight. The Espeon's tail motioned toward his lips in a signal for quiet. "Here we are," he mouthed.

July 1st, 2008, 7:30 AM
Through the entire situation, Jezz had known everyone had gone and had, intently, listened to the whispered voices from the distance. And it was right about now, with the sounds of shuffling feet, that Jezz opened his eyes just in time to see Dawn mouthing that they had arrived. Glancing at everyone who arrived, Jezz took in the scene and noticed the new pokemon accompanying the original three and that Jaydin appeared to be injured and was resting on Gore's back. Jezz wondered what had happened, but guessed that it had to do with Gore's storming of, or quite possibly this new pokemon had attacked them accidently. Either way, Jezz decided that it was time to "wake up," not that he'd been in a deep sleep. Moving his arms, which had previously been crossed on his chest, to his sides to push himself up, Jezz got to his feet and stretched.

"Well, well, well what the heck is going on here? Can't a guy take a quick nap and everyone vanishes into some unknown forest, and Jaydin comes back all beaten up. I'm guessing there was a misunderstanding of some sort between you guys and the new friend you seem to have made?"

Jezz glanced the Umbreon up and down, her sinister like smile creeping him out slightly, and figured that she couldn't be too much of a threat. Then again, Jezz had also learned to not underestimate pokemon who are smaller than him. Jezz walked over and then picked Jaydin up off Gore's back, the Mightyena looked like he was having some strain on his back, and walked over and laid him under the tree, in the exact spot he had just woken from.

"Here you go bud, why don't you rest a little bit and we'll see how you're doing in awhile."

July 1st, 2008, 9:04 AM
I hope that I can join this! ^_^

Name: Alessa
Personality: Kind and considerate to other pokemon and humans alike. Is quick to make friends and open to people she thinks deserve friends. Does not descriminate anybody for being anything, as she knows what its like to be made fun off for being different. enjoys playing and things most girls enjoy. She loves to make her hair look as nice as she can. Loves to be high in the air which is why she spends most of her time in the trees. She is young but not naive. She is fast on her feet and as amazing acrobatic skills which probably comes from being an Aipom and the deformity of having two tails.
History: Was born from an Ambipom and Aipom and inherited a strange trait of having two tails even though she is still an Aipom. A a baby she didn't not make friends. No other pokemon would play with her. She spent her time alone. But one day, an eevee girl named Miharu met her when she was playing in the woods and became her friend. They played all the time and became the best of friends. When they grew up, Alessa noticed she had a strange attraction to Miharu, which was when she realized she liked girls and boys. She told Miharu and she was still her friend. But they were seperated when Miharu evolved and became a Flareon, a trainer came to claim her, and she never saw her again. Now she does not mind the two tails as they have made her a better pokemon. She was told by her parents that she should go out on adventures and meet new people. She reluctanly agreed. Before leaving she told her parents of her sexuality and she took of to travel.
Other: Has longer hair on her head than other Aipoms. In fact it is like human girl hair only purple, reaching to the back of her neck and bangs that sometimes get i nthe way. She takes care of her hair all the time. Also has black and red fingerless gloves on her two tails.

Phillip Valerius
July 1st, 2008, 2:18 PM
Anastasia kept to the back, and kept quiet. Her eyes were misty, as far from Earth as two stars. Her mind was on the past.

When she had first met these newcomers, it was a thrill, it was exciting. It was a break from the ordinary routine of the day, and it had given her a chance to have a little fun. Now that she had been beaten at her own game, as it were, that thrill was gone. The ecstasy of conflict, that exuberance she loved too well, had given way to its bitter results. As they walked along, her anger, as that fiery emotion is wont to do, began to dissipate. What she was left with was bitterness for Gore, and the empty twin offspring of egotism, self-pity and self-loathing. The more she thought about it, the more she groaned at it. She had been given a chance at companionship, an opportunity to join genial travelers, to leave her empty life in a plot of grass in the middle of a forest.

"And what did I do?" she thought, "The only thing I know how to do apparently. I ran my mouth at them, vicious, spiteful little imp that I was. I never could hold my tongue; it was for this incorrigible obstinance, this incorrectable fault, that my own father disowned me. Now, in mere minutes, I've already shown them exactly what I am... But I was driven to it! If it hadn't been for that great dog and his..."

And she went on, dwelling on her own inability to please herself, her father, and these creatures, and the even more grievous faults that those creatures shared. Mostly, she focused on the culmination of it all, the result of her evil and their greater evil: That is, their hatred for her.

Now, it may have been true that Gore and Jaydin disliked the brat, but whatever feelings they had, Anasatasia imagined them to be a thousand times stronger. Gore was, of course, her irreconcilable enemy, and since Jaydin was apparently on his side, he no doubt felt the same as he did. Dawn was courteous, but the princess had spent too long in the royal court to pay much mind to mere courtesy. Manners, ethically induced respect, and other empty formalities made no impression on Anastasia, but convinced her that he had the same disdain. He was simply decent enough to hide it. She saw what she wanted to see, and since she was in the low and sour mood of self-pity, she saw unjust judgment, in him as well as the rest.

And so she went on, isolated in the back of the group, silently suffering a thousand insults never spoken, or even thought, by the others.

She resolved not to speak unless spoken to, partly out of some sort of irrational resentment, and partly to try and make up for the faults she had already displayed.

July 2nd, 2008, 5:15 AM
may i join as a rookie?
Pokemon:shiny charizard
Personality:rash and loves to fight
History:blaze has been fighting his whole life. he is bigger than most charizard and he likes to use his signature move blastburn when he wars the other pokemon cringe in fear and when he bursts through a wall humans cringe in fear.
rp example: blaze thenbursts through a wall

July 2nd, 2008, 8:49 AM
Alessa was running. She wasn't running to get away from something or running to get somewhere. She was just running. Not on the ground, but through the trees. So you oculd really just call it skipping or hopping from branch to branch. she was on all fours, going who knows where. She just like to run. She liked to go as fast as she could. She always had. And it isn't that easy to go as fast as she was going when you're an Aipom. But she spent many days exersicing. She was in the woods by herself. What else was she supposed to do? She had a smile on her face and both of her tails were part of this equation. One tail would push off on the branch and then the other, or sometimes both to go even farther.

But then, a setback. She always wore fingerless gloves on the two hands at the end of her tails. They added a little uniqueness to her. But she regretted having them a little when one of the gloves got caught in a branch. and she lost her balance falling to the wrong. This has happened before and she could save herself from falling by quickly using her free tail to grab on a branch. But this time, her hair was in her face and she couldn't see anything except purple. "Man, I love my hair, but its always in the way! But I'll never cut it. It's to awesome..." She fell to the ground and her two tails stopped the fall and she gently put her feet on the ground... "Ha! Cat's eat your heart out!"

She decided she wouldwalk for now. She continued to walk before coming upon a large field with less trees. "Looks like a great place to sleep!" She was about to walk in but then saw several pokemon, a few of them look vicious. "Yikes! The ycould be bad guys..." She climed up a tree nearby to spy on them to see if they were a threat. But then the branch she was sitting on broke and she fell down and rolled out to where the pokemon were. "Crap... They can see me now..."

Phillip Valerius
July 3rd, 2008, 9:16 AM
((Hey y'all, just so you know, I lose my internet connectivity on Monday, and it could be that I won't get it back for a couple weeks after that. Feel free to control my character during that time, or to find some other way of dealing with her. I would prefer it if I could rejoin when I get back though XP


July 3rd, 2008, 9:24 AM
(I'm beginning to wonder if this is dead... Mightyena_Lover hasn't been on for a few days now. Well, I'm new to the forums, so I don't know, but is this normal for an RP thread?)

July 3rd, 2008, 10:08 AM

NAME: Char
SPECIES: Charazard
GENDER: Female
PERSONALITY: Most aren't sure Char is a girl...but are too afraid to check (lol). She is a tomboyish as a tomboy can get. She is so aggressive; once it got to a point where it almost drove her insane! After the battle (iz in the history and happens when ya kno Gore meets the frist ppl), she is knocked to her senses, but still tires to hide pain by unleashing anger. No one knows what a monster her anger can become, since no one is foolish enough to try; for all charazard have a hidden monster, a true force to be reckoned with.
HISTORY: Char was abandoned right when she was born and was adopted by the royal family of the FlameKin tribe and taken to their abode 40 miles into the sky. Cute and harmless as a baby, she was the pride of the family, but she didn't know that. Her parents were the rulers of the entire CharazardCouncil and her best friend was the famous Blaze (the one who just applied to be in the rp), a skiled warrior who was always surrounded by girls. Though her true name was Sydney, she took on Char, since it fit her personality more and because she wanted to show her family she didn't have to do what they said. She was rebellious ever since she found out that she was an orphan because she wanted to make a name for herself and not be known as that orphan in the corner. During FlameSchool (ele. for charazards) she was a rebellious monster, and once she got to BattleSchool (college for chosen warrior charazards), well, no one thinks there is a word to descirbe her. She would sometimes drive herself to exhaustion, practicing battle from dawn to dusk, just so she could beat her fromer best friend, Blaze. Blaze loved her (as a friend!!!!!!!) and realized her delicate condition; the slightest thing could cause her to go insane. However, he didn't realize that he was the one causing the problems just by being better than her at almost everything. But, he tried to be there for her and comfort her every time he saw her.
Char, blinded by ignorance, thought she heard scorn in his voice, and, one day, finally blew up. A friendly spar had turned into a deadly one once Blaze told her, "It's okay, you can improve later!" (he said it sarcastically but Char didn't understand sarcasm).
This was the battle of the century. Two of the greatest warriors in the universe, that rivaled the mighty rayquaza itself. Bystanders claim they saw Dark Lugia (supposed to be an awesome power -_-;;) in her eyes and Ho-Ho in Blaze's.
By the end, Blaze had beaten Char to the ground. In an attempt to distract him, Char asked,"Why are you doing this?" In reply Blaze said,"Because, I remember the good times we had together, when you weren't such a monster."
That got to her heart but she buied her feelings deep he MUST die she told herself. So she launched an attack so powerful, if it hit, it would have ripped Blaze to pieces. However, before she could begin the first phase, Blaze launched his most powerful attack, BlastBurn, a humongous ball of fire 9 feet in diameter. "I'm only doing this because I love you!" [<=(as a friend!!!!)] he cried.The fireball found i's mark.
Char was sent flying 24 miles horizontally and 40 miles vertically (she flew in a diagonal line) and was sent to the very earth. Char flew down to earth, but to everyone's suprise, flapped her wings to stop her from crashing into the ground. Her entire body was black with ashes, some of which were from her own skin. Also, her right wing's muscles were fully exposed as the fireball hit there with the most force. Some parts of her (besides the tip of the tail) were on fire, including the exposed muscles on the right wing.
Desperately, she looked around for a lake where she could land to extinguish her self. I was humiliated by my own friend!! she thought as anger boiled up inside her. Then she realized the truth in Blaze's words. He really is a friend. She thought. Thank you Blaze.
As she came crashing down (she couldn't find a lake) into a clearing in the forest she felt a feeling she hadn't felt for many years...love. Though she didn't know he meant it figuratively and already had the love of his life, Char realized as she sped down that she loved Blaze.
OTHER: Char wit permanently have scars from the battle.

lvl99raquaza, i rote this so u won't be mad i hav the same pkmn as u. if u want my 2 change something, just say the word!

aww *sniff sniff* i hav 2 change pkmn????

Phillip Valerius
July 3rd, 2008, 11:24 AM
(I'm beginning to wonder if this is dead... Mightyena_Lover hasn't been on for a few days now. Well, I'm new to the forums, so I don't know, but is this normal for an RP thread?)

((Don't worry, this is normal. Mightyena posts at most once a day, usually less. Sometimes he goes on short absences like this. I actually kind of like it; it gives the roleplayers time to think about what to do next))

July 6th, 2008, 9:42 AM

July 11th, 2008, 4:09 PM
actually im not mad i want to be a shiny charizard and you dont

July 12th, 2008, 8:01 AM
Personality:He is a nice,careful,helpful empoleon,But he hate losing a battle.He will peck any body who he loses too.He likes winning.He is very strong and will swim or cut down a tree fore advantage.
History:Once when he was an piplup he was cried every time.Then when his parents died.He knew it was time to be a man!He used every new attack until he evolved.Then he used his drill peck on every pokemon that attacks him.He has a heart to beat pokemon!But a pokemon gave him a scar
Other:He has a scar on the back.but still is strong.