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Darkrai Lv X
June 8th, 2008, 3:11 PM
I have been a fan of the Pokemon series for a while now.I was recently introduced to the EV concept,not I just need it know.WHAT is an IV?
Thank you for your time!

June 8th, 2008, 4:39 PM
Eh? EVs or IVs?

What are EVs?

"EV" stands for Effort Values. EV Training is a special type of training that can increase your Pokémon's strength by far! An EV trained pokémon is sure to be stronger than a non-EVed Pokémon. A Pokémon can gain the maximum of 510 EV points to split between the stats of HP, Speed, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense. Each individual stat can have the maximum capacity of 255 EV Points.

How do I get EV Points?

When you are in In-Game, battling specific Pokémon will give you some EVs in a certain stat. A Pokémon only gains EVs if it can gain Experience Points. Whenever it gains Experience Points, the user gets EV Points. That means that if you run away, faint, or catch the opponent - you WILL NOT get EVs.

Each Pokémon provides different EV Points when they're defeated. They give a different number of EV Points as well as EVs in different stats.

How exactly does EV training help?

Like I said before, EV training can boost your Pokémon's strength significantly! So how does it boost your strength? Well, for each 4 Points you get while EV training, you get 1 extra Point in your stats. For instance: Starly provides 1 EV Point in Speed, so if you battle 4 Starlys, then your Speed stat will get one extra point. So that means if you max out your Speed EVs, then you will gain 63 extra Speed points. That means that a maxed EVed Speed stat will have 63 more points than the non-EVed pokémon!!!

I'm EV training, but my stats don't seem to change! What am I doing wrong?

You are doing nothing wrong. The results of EV training usually don’t show up until your pokémon are at a later level. But not to worry, your EV work will be 100% shown.

Tips for EV Training ...

Well, there are some guidelines you should follow. Remember how you need 4 EVs to raise a stat? Well, 255 is not divisible by 4. So that means some of the EVs have no use! That’s correct. You should only get the maximum of 252 EVs in a stat. Be sure that the number of EV points you give to a stat is ALWAYS divisible by 4.

As you probably have noticed, EV training does take a long time. It requires patience and dedication in making a strong pokémon. So here's a tip: write your EV points down! Keep track of the EV points you've gained on a piece of paper - as I doubt you will be able to keep track of 252 EV Points all in your head!

Is there any way to speed up EV Training?

You're in luck: there is! Hold items can boost the amount of EVs a pokémon gains. Here are a list of items that increase EVs.

Stat Boosters - If you feed a Pokémon an item like Protein or Calcium gives you 10 EV points in the stat it raises.

HP Up --- Hit Points
Protein --- Attack
Iron --- Defense
Carbos --- Speed
Calcium --- Sp. Attack
Zinc --- Sp. Defense

Macho Brace - Macho Brace will half your speed when it is held, but whenever you EV train, it doubles your EVs gained. For instance, Starly gives 1 Speed EV Point when it is defeated. So when a pokémon holding a Macho Brace defeats a Starly, it gains not one - but 2 EV points in their stat!

Power Items - Items like Power Anklet and Power Bracer will increase the EVs Gained by +4 EVs Points. So that means if a Pokémon holding a Power Anklet (Speed) defeats a Starly(1 Speed EV), it actually gets 5 EV Points in Speed instead of 1.

-Power Anklet --- boosts Speed EV training. When defeating Pokémon who give speed EVs, the Power Anklet gives +4 in speed. For example, if you defeat a Starly you'll get 5 EVs in speed, one for initially defeating the Starly and four because your Pokémon is holding the Power Anklet

-Power Bracer --- boosts Attack EV training. When defeating Pokémon who give attack EVs the Power Bracer gives +4 in attack. For example, if you defeat a Machop you'll get 5 EVs in attack, one for initially defeating the Machop and four because your Pokémon is holding the Power Bracer

-Power Weight --- boosts HP EV training. When defeating Pokémon who give HP EVs, the Power Weight gives +4 in HP. For example, if you defeat a Bidoof you'll get 5 EVs in HP, one for initially defeating the Bidoof and four because your Pokémon is holding the Power Weight.

-Power Belt --- boosts Defense EV training. When defeating Pokémon who give Defense EVs, the Power Belt gives +4 in Defense. For example, if you defeat a Geodude you'll get 5 EVs in Defense, one for initially defeating the Geodude and four because your Pokémon is holding the Power Belt.

-Power Lens --- boosts Sp. Attack EV training. When defeating Pokémon who give Sp. Attack EVs, the Power Lens gives +4 in Sp. Attack. For example, if you defeat a Ghastly you'll get 5 EVs in Sp. Attack, one for initially defeating the Ghastly and four because your Pokémon is holding the Power Lens.

-Power Band --- boosts Sp. Defense EV training. When defeating Pokémon who give Sp. Defense EVs, the Power Band gives +4 in Sp. Defense. For example, if you defeat a Tentacool you'll get 5 EVs in Sp. Defense, one for initially defeating the Tentacool and four because your Pokémon is holding the Power Band.

Pokérus(PKRS) - Pokérus is NOT an item. It is a very rare disease obtained by battling a pokémon. The disease is even harder to obtain than a shiny pokémon! So if you get it, YOU ARE VERY LUCKY. This disease acts like the Macho Brace without the Speed halving. It doubles the EVs gained but the pokémon can still hold an item.


You are able to choose the EVs you give a Pokémon. So I should I distribute them properly? Well, first you determine what the role of a Pokémon is. Then you are able to determine the EV Distribution. Here are some guidelines :

- A Sweeper Pokémon will have usually 252 EVs in the Speed. There are some exceptions, such as if a Pokémon holds the Choice Scarf item. (e.g. Weavile has 252 EVs in Speed.)

- A Sweeper Pokémon will have a maxed out stat in Attack OR Special Attack 70% of the time. Ignore this rule if the pokémon you are using is able to defend or is a mixed sweeper (a sweeper with both physical and special moves). (e.g. Rampardos has 252 EVs in Attack)

- A walling pokémon will usually carry a maxed out HP stat. (e.g. Milotic carries 252 HP EVs.)

- A walling pokémon usually carries 252 EVs in their Defense or Special Defense stat. (e.g. Blissey runs 252 Defense EVs)

Good Pokemon to EV Train with :

HP - | Bidoof 1 Pt | Gastrodon 2 Pts
Attack - | Machop 1 Pt | Bibarel 2 Pts | Kricketune 2 Pts
Defense - | Geodude 1 Pt | Graveler 2 Pts |
Special Attack - | Gastly 1 Pt |
Special Defense - | Tentacool 1 Pt |
Speed - | Magikarp 1 Pt | Starly 1 Pt | Zubat 1 Pt | Staravia 2 Pts |

- By clade.
So I’ve maxed out all my EVs in my Salamence’s Attack Stat. And I compared my Salamence’s Attack stat with another one and that Salamence’s Attack stat is still higher! What is happening? Well, you’d be surprised that the EVs of a Pokémon’s stats! IVs are another value that can help a Pokémon get stronger. IV stands for Individual Values.

IVs in every stat (HP, Speed, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense) can range from a number of 0 – 31. Of course, the higher the number is – the better. IVs have the most effect on a Pokémon’s stats. Take Shuckle for example. While measuring its Defense and Special Defense, you realize that there is a 75 Point difference! Shuckle’s Defense and Special Defense stats are both at a sturdy 230, but how come there is such a broad difference in the stats?

IVs are determined by random on every pokémon except if you breed. When you breed, the IVs of the parents will influence the offspring to some degree. 3 out of 6 of the offsprings’s IVs are based on the parents’ IVs. The rest are determined randomly. For example, if you’re breeding a male Camerupt with a female Camerupt, the male Camerupt may give their Attack and Speed IVs to the offspring while the female gives its HP IVs to the offspring. Occasionally if the IV value is the same on both parents, the same IVs for a stat will influence the child. Meaning that only 2 IVs of a stat will be given to the child.

Yes, IVs need a lot of time and patience, and a little bit of luck. So don't get mad if you get the bad babies, time is the answer...

June 8th, 2008, 4:42 PM
Question: What game did IVs and EVs start in?...

June 8th, 2008, 4:57 PM
Gold and Silver, but they got majorly revamped for the third generation. They stayed mostly the same in Diamond and Pearl after that.

June 8th, 2008, 6:16 PM
I'm glad for EVs/IVs.
It allows me to pwn.

June 8th, 2008, 6:29 PM
To put it better, an IV (Individual Value) is a number every stat on every Pokémon has, that ranges from 0-31. A Salamence with 31 IV points in Attack has 10 more attack points than one with 21. [Not considering EVs, of course]

IVs are determined randomly to Pokémon caught in the wild. Bred Pokémon will inherit two IVs from the dad and two from the mother. The other two are randomly generated.

It's impossible to accurately check your IVs ingame in Diamond and Pearl. You need to use an online IV calculator for accurate results.

Gokey Shuckle
June 8th, 2008, 7:29 PM
Question Answered. Thread closed. Next time, this question should be asked in the gaming section.