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June 10th, 2008, 2:27 PM
Shinobi Genesis

In the world of ninja, there are ten specific countries. Each resembling an element; Earth,
Grass, Lightning, Water, Wave, Rain, Waterfall, Sound, Wind, and Fire. All of these countries,
however, are located within villages, five to be exact; The Village hidden in the leaves,
village hidden in sand, village hidden in water, village hidden in lightning, and the village hidden
in earth. The kages are the leaders of these villages, being named, the Hokage, Kazekage,
Raikage, Mizukage, and Tsuchikage. Long before things were so organized, nations would
hire shinobi clans to fight for both rights and land, but once a grouping of the two most
powerful clans of that time occurred and created a village, other countries followed, and
thus, the five great nations were formed.

In this world, there are three main attack types; Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu. The first;
Ninjutsu, is the art of mixing chakra through hand seals to create jutsu techniques. For this
process to be performed correctly, you must have full concentration, and if you are
interrupted, the jutsu fails. Ninjutsu, is nearly the most used attack type apposed to the
other two main categories.

Genjutsu, though quite similar to ninjutsu, is fairly different when it comes to reality.
Genjutsu techniques are mostly illusionary moves that force the opponent to see things
that aren't really there. These attacks are very useful techniques if you need to escape,
and they also help you attack the enemy without them noticing you. The secret to stopping
genjutus from infecting your mind, you must either build up your chakra and then quickly
blast it out, or have a teammate attack the enemy, but be careful, even if you blast out
your chakra, the opponent may be strong enough to control the genjutsu through it all.

Taijutsu, the hand to hand combat techniques. These moves deal with little, to no chakra
or hand seals. With taijutsu, chakra is focused throughout the entire body, and like some
who focus their chakra into their punches or kicks, can deal attacks exceeding normal
human strength.

Other than these attack types, there are three other known techniques: Doujutsu, Hijutsu,
and Kinjutsu. Doujutsu are techniques performed by the eye which can read ninjutsu, taijutsu,
and genjutsu techniques without physical movements. Hijutsu are techniques that can only
be used by specific ninja, or only certain clan or village. They usually have relations to past
down traits, otherwise known as bloodline techniques. Kinjutsu techniques are illegal jutsus
outlawed by the kages. These moves cause a great deal of damage and can threaten a village.

There are seven levels of the ninja where you begin as an academy student, where you are
taught the basics of becoming a ninja. To become a genin, the next level of ninja, you must
pass a graduation test, where not many get through. Genin are considered the lowest level
of a ninja. The missions given to Genin are D ranked missions, and very rarely do they get
any higher leveled missions. The third level, Chuunin, is a medium rank, and very difficult
to obtain. The way to become a chuunin is through an exam which occurs only twice a year.
In these exams, genin teams must be nominated by their sensei to endure written, physical,
and mental tests to prove that they have what it takes. The event of deaths during these exams
have occurred during the final exam. Chuunin are given higher leveled missions from easy
escorting or intelligence gathering, or even combat and assassination.

Split into two categories, before you are given the title of Jounin, you are a special Jounin, who are
given more delicate missions apposed to a chuunin's regular escort missions. Complete Jounins are
handed out the most dangerous and highest paying missions. At a point in your term as a jounin, you
are assigned a genin team to teach and guide their growth. The more mysterious rank, although not
an official rank is the Anbu who operate as top-level assassins, interrogators, and hunters of rouge
ninja who have defected from their village. The Anbu are under direct order of their Kage.

The Sannin, also not being an official rank, are the name of those with immense skill. They usually have
the strength of a Kage who live away from their village in order to keep a low profile. Finally, the Kage
is the village's leader, ninja that are among the strongest, if not, the strongest in their village. To become
a Kage, you must reach the proverbial ladder from the genin rank. A Kage is responsible for the protection
of their people and makes the decisions of the village. Though the council of elders has a higher rank of
contributing their thoughts, the final decision is made by the Kage. A new Kage is usually hand chosen and groomed by
the current Kage to take their place.

Summoning, techniques which require the user to sign an ancient scroll in their own blood and end it with
a hand print. Most ninja summon animals of their choice, but there is also the ability to summon humans,
although being a banned jutsu, and even spirits.

This story, however takes it's roots within the grounds of Konoha, located in the land of fire. In the present
day, the eighth Hokage's era has arrived and many call him Konoha's Great Angel. You see, back when Orochimaru
had only just started his research on eternal life, he had a secret apprentice who he adopted. This young man had
admired his leader, agreeing with each and every choice he made. Being the first human being experimented on,
Orochimaru decided to name him Shisaku. However, being the most experimented on, Shisaku became poisoned
by all of the tests used on him. Amazingly, although his body had become weak, Shisaku was still able to move his
body through complete will power. Becoming aware of his situation, Orochimaru abandoned Shiasku, crushing his
heart, soon fooling his thoughts into believing that it was all a test. Shisaku then searched for his leader, but once
he became aware of Orochimaru's whereabouts, the Third Hokage along with other ninja had Orochimaru cornered.
When Orochimaru escaped the village, Shisaku gained anger to the Leaf for chasing off Orochimaru, leaving Shisaku
with no one else. Now living off of hate, Shisaku reformed himself into a demon-like shinobi, strengthening the
powers gifted by Lord Orochimaru. As time passed, Shisaku hide within the shadows, undetectable by others, watching
and learning. Then, when the time finally came, he rose from the darkness and reeked complete carnage upon the
village hidden in the leaves. Homes, families, and friends died continuously as Shisaku swarmed Konoha.

During Shisaku's time, an angel had been arising; Hatoshin. This man had always been viewed as a revolutionary shinobi,
becoming a chuunin at the age of nine and also becoming a jounin at the age of thirteen. Before he became a ninja, Hatoshin
had many thoughts on life and how he disagreed with many of the choices made by higher offices. He always dreamed of
changing the way people lived to accommodate as many people as possible, and though those thoughts changed some what
as he grew, they fact that he wanted things to be better never died. However, out of all of the jutsu Hatoshin was capable of
performing, one technique, called Habataku, came with much mystery. Even at the age of four, he was able to use this move.
Some believed this not to be a jutsu, but a gift from the heavens. Once dooms day began, the seventh Hokage had just passed
away the day before, and the council of elders were competing with each other on who should become the eighth, but in the
midst of their feuding, Shisaku attacked. As the demonic demon continued, out of the darkened sky dropped Hatoshin. As the
two's eyes clashed, they quickly began to battle a fierce fight which appeared to go either way. Then after a murderous attack
landed upon Hatoshin, something strange happened, something that never occurred in his life ever before. Hatoshin's eyes
glowed a bright gold yellow and as he approached Shisaku, it seemed as though he was completely different, or even taken over.
Once he faced Shisaku, they looked deep into each other's eyes, but Hatoshin's strange ability sunk within Shisaku and destroyed
his body entirely. Even now, Hatoshin fails to understand that abiltiy, but after this entire event, the elders were impressed by Hatoshin's abilities and after researching some of his characteristics,
they made their decision of crowning him the Hatidaime, the Eighth Hokage. Another title was handed to him however, now he
is also known as Konoha's Great Angel. Although, even with this great evil banished, followers of both Orochimaru and Shisaku still
walk the earth, seeking to avenge both shinobi, but with an angel hovering over Konoha, the villagers find no reason to fret.

However, there are quite a few organizations who wish to test the limits of this Hokage as well as the entire force
of ninja of all the countries. For example; the Kataki are a group of ninja who worshiped the evil man who attacked
Konoha, and seek revenge by the complete destruction of Konoha. Another would be Yozamu, who wish to take over each and every country to have the ultimate kingdom of destruction,
and then there's the Kaisen, a group who wish to become a new nation, but while unable to gain area for their village,
they start wars in various countries for their very own land, loosing every war they've made so far. At the moment, the ninja world
seems at the brink of peace, with only devious organizations being the highest threats, but most believe that once these organizations are gone, things will be much better.

As time has passed in Konoha, the new generation of the hidden leaf, though possessing amazing potential, have become
sloppy, and lazy. With this occurrence, Hatoshin has formed a plan to train three young ninja to reach their potential.
He hopes that this will set an example to other young ninja to hopefully encourage them, or even show them up so that they want to be
better than them. This would make sure the situation doesn't worsen as new generations pass. Hatoshin even gave
them the title, "Titans". The only issue he mainly faces, is finding these students, which even to this day proves to be difficult.


You happen to be just an ordinary student in the ninja academy which will be having it's final exam for you to become a genin today.
At the moment, you are sleeping, unaware of the adventure, soon to take place, that will change your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

-Sign Up-




Personality: ( 1+ Paragraphs)

Description: ( 1+ Paragraphs)

Chakra Type: ( Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, or Lighting ( Chose up to 2 )

Ninjutsu: (Please keep in mind that you are still an academy student)

Taijutsu: (Please keep in mind that you are still an academy student)

Genjutsu: (Please keep in mind that you are still an academy student)

Fighting Style:

Weakness': ( Anything your character is weak against/ can be a phobia, etc.)

History: (Optional ( 1+ Paragraphs)

Clan: (Optional ( 1+ Paragraphs)

Bloodline: (Optional)

Other: (Optional)

-My Sign Up-

Name: Yozora Haisou

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Personality: Yozora is highly competitive in most events that relate to physical or mental applications. He absolutely loathes
the thought of being at a lower level of power than someone of his own rank. Yozora strides to be, notably, the best in
nearly every way possible. In order to achieve this goal, he trains quite hard when ever he can and hardly ever returns without
a bloody part of his body. This being said, Yozora proves to have a difficult time making friends who are fine with him being
so competitive, and ignore this defect and treat him like a true friend. However, Yozora fails to even see the need of friends,
since he believes that they would only slow down his training.

Description: Yozora reaches around 5'6 and has quite long arms that reach out about 2 feet ahead of him. His jet black hair
falls to his shoulders in small spikes directed towards the earth. On the top right of his hair, there is one larger spike that
shoots to the side. Covering his forehead, his small spiked hair falls to his eyebrows. His eyes are a dark brown, and his skin
is a slightly tan color. Yozora wears a black T-shirt that consists of a white line, appearing more like a slash diagonally towards
his left shoulder. He also wears two fingerless black arm gloves that take up about half of his arm starting from his elbow to his
fingers. Yozora wears a pair of black shorts that cover his knees and are also quite baggy, as well as the regular blue ninja shoes.

Chakra Type: Wind


Kyousei Kaze bakufuu no Jutsu ( Great Wind Blast ) [Learned through RP]


Teisuraisu ( Air Slice )

Boushoku ( Spinning and Weaving )


Fighting Style: Yozora favors a full throttle attack where he just leaps into action, planning as things go along. Although
this may not appear to be the best way to fight, Yozora imagines this to not allow the enemy time to think of an attack.

Weakness: Yozora's weakness would be mostly his struggle to be the best, which can sometimes force him to injure himself.
This also meaning that he takes drastic measures if he needs them. Another weakness is genjutsu, being mostly a taijutsu
user, his attacks would mostly fail in such a situation.

History: Being a second born, Yozora's older brother Noroshi had already become a genin. By the time the two were old
enough to bond, they quickly became rivals in their training, but Noroshi seemed to always come out on top, telling Yozora
" Don't worry, you'll get it some day." But over time, Yozora still showed little progress through his training. Then, on a stormy
day when no one walked the streets, Noroshi and Yozora were in the woods training. However, a tornado was closing in
on the clan's location, and as time passed, the two brothers began to hear something that sounded like a train of sorts. When
Noroshi used his wind nature to analyze the area, he was able to realize that a tornado was close. Noroshi instantly grabbed
Yozora and ran to their home, but they could not out run the spinning blast of wind. Noroshi did the only thing he could by
placing Yozora to the side and using his wind jutsu to cancel out the tornado. In the mean time, Yozora had to warn the clan.
As Noroshi stopped the tornado from moving, it continued to spin however, and objects continued to fly around. Unfortunately, a large
log spun around and collided with Noroshi's skull, not only knocking him unconscious, but also paralyzed. Before the tornado
could do damage to the village, Yozora and the clan arrived and canceled out the tornado completely. After seeing his brother
in his state, Yozora had hated himself for not being able to help him stop the tornado. If he had only been able to perform
a good wind based technique, they'd be able to combine their force. Since then, Yozora has worked hard to become stronger, and
though it may not show, he doesn't want anyone he is connected to, to be hurt again.

Clan: The Haisou are a group of wind based taijutsu users who manipulate the wind to allow them the breif gift of flight, in
other words; gliding. Their way of fighting consists of cutting the opponent through chakra and wind mixed. Another style
they use is the force of wind, by blasting it towards the enemy. This style is better used when the opponent is cornered
between an object and the user. Most, if not all of the members of this clan are very swift on their feet which makes
their taijutsu even better.



1. All PC Rules Apply
2. All Other RP Section Rules Apply
3. No God Modding
4. No Character Control
5. For your techniques, I'll only accept up to 3 jutsu's created by you, for your character.
6. I will only accept two sign ups into this RP, so put much effort into your sign ups.
7. Enjoy :]

June 11th, 2008, 11:06 AM
SNAP! Cipher! it'll be done in a matter of hours from when i post... just give me some time kay?

EDIT: on second though... i just sized up my options and i'm in a few RP's already with not much time :( I'll leave this for someone else and try to join the next one, kay? :D

June 16th, 2008, 6:51 PM

Name: Shishima Kaite (pronounce kye-tay) However, people call him Shishi, or Kai. Those close to him, friends and comrades, are the only ones who know of his nickname "Kai".

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Personality: Shishima is all about having fun when he can, but still performs his best on missions and has time for training and a social life. He loves joking, practicing jutsu, and hanging out with friends. Not to say he doesn't get mad on occasion.

Smug people irk him, and he may either go off on them or ignore them, however he wants to react. He is drawn to positive people, and tries to change the moods of pessimists, even if it involves drastic measures.

He is an overall level-headed, semi confident person and does well under and away from pressure, though when under pressure he reveals hidden abilities as a ninja that he didn't seem to have before.

Additionally, he can be calm and quiet during tense moments or even randomly, shocking most people as he is habitually talkative and curious.

He is always out to learn about, create, and master new jutsu, and in the process his skill and potential seem to increase rapidly. Still, he works just as hard as the next ninja in training in order to be successful.

Known to be chill and have an attitude of indifference toward enemies or strangers, Shishima can be hard to read and complex. Usually, he thinks up a strategy (normally allowing the enemy to make a move first) and then attempts to counter their attacks.

Description: He wears a long sleeved white T with the Konoha symbol in the center in red, covered by a loose manilla colored light jacket with pockets and a zipper. Sandy brown pants with many pockets allow him to store snacks and items. However, Shishima has a special storage bag and a few inner areas of his jacket that carry weapons. His body is slender and muscular.

Shishima's jacket has a small brown bird, wings extended, on the back.

Edit: Oh, forgot to say short darkish (almost black) brown hair. His ninja headband is usually tied diagonally across his body, from left shoulder to bottom right of torso. Other times it stays on his head.

Chakra Type: Lighting and Wind (wind techniques are basic but effective while lightning is advanced at the start of the RP)


Ninja Art: Bolt Dart Jutsu

Obviously, he creates from one to many concentrated dart-sized electrical projectiles with arrowheads. Shishima can direct them wherever he chooses but they only have a significant affect on an opponent at medium range. When traveling far they may simply stun or mildly shock an enemy. As he improves (later), he learns to pinpoint nerve cells and incapacitate the target's body.

Wind Grenades (or wind combustion at higher level)

Shishima creates concentrated wind orbs that hold chakra within. He tosses them at foes, where they explode into a burst of energy. This explosion can be on impact if they fall very fast, or on cue if controlled properly. Also, he can form a gigantic wind grenade or even compress the energy for a wider range of damage (takes a fairly large amount of chakra, he learns this more powerful version later on). He must stay stationary for wind combustion, aka larger grenade.

Replacement Jutsu***

Crackling Flame

Shishima creates electrical fire, and then manipulates it in various ways, usually to inflict pain on an enemy.

Taijutsu: Thunder Strike Combo

Shishima attacks with static blows at high speed (charges his feet to speed around the landscape). First two face punches and an uppercut, followed by a hard knee-smasher in the gut, and roundhouse kicks from different directions, all electrically charged. Loud booming noises (like thunder) ring out with each hit.

The downside is a simple genjutsu or stunning attack (like paralysis jutsu) can throw him off mid-combo and leave him open for an attack while he slows down. This can cost Shishima a lot of chakra if interrupted, because the energy being pumped throughout his body is being expelled as well as used to slow him down.


Trap Illusion

A basic genjutsu disguising a rock with a paper bomb attached as a bush or tree, or a net as a trail of footprints.

Glass Shard Barrage

He throws kunai (sometimes with paper bombs attached) disguised as glass shards. Anything the enemy uses to block gets stabbed and/or hit by an explosion.

Clone Jutsu

Clone jutsu. Sometimes his pet is one of the clones.

Fighting Style:

Uses quick, strong attacks. Also enjoys traps, mind games, and hand to hand combat (although he does better at medium distance).

Weakness': Shishima's genjutsu is pretty weak, can be removed by being hit. Earth style attacks, if used the right way, can nullify the effects of the majority of his techniques. While having lightning element chakra allows him to move quickly, his jutsu aren't that hard to counter (most, anyway).

History: He's always been a hard worker in life and at the academy. He has a younger sister and brother who encouraged him to become a ninja because they think it's cool. That's how he ended up an academy student. Trying his hardest to become a recognized member of the Kaite clan, he created his own unique jutsu for close and long range combat.

Clan: Kaite. Although they've passed down useful fire techniques to Konoha ninja trainees, they never really stood out as a group. Frequently outshined by the Uchiha clan, since their sharingan made their fire techniques they developed usually more effective than those of the Kaite. A few of the older members of the clan have bitter feelings toward Uchiha clan members (if any are left in this RP).

Bloodline: Known for good use of fire moves. Shishima was a disappointment to the clan for having strong leanings toward lightning and wind element moves, but is still treated like any other member.

Other: Tiny pet fox named Cora (by him) who can breathe fire, substitute, other things. (etc) She was found and confiscated from one of Shisaku's captured "followers". Her moves aren't that powerful, but still hurt.

His father was a trusted ANBU member. He now only helps in the event of a crisis as a "reserve" ANBU agent. Knowing this, Shishima tries to be as great as his father, so he can protect the village too.

Note: He also combines his jutsu with his pet's moves sometimes.

If I have too many made-up jutsu I can remove some. If it's too much, he can learn some jutsu when he progresses instead of already knowing them.

I put down all the jutsu I can think of. You can pick which ones I keep.

June 16th, 2008, 7:52 PM

Name: Misato Aburame


Gender: Female

Personality: Misato, like most of her clan, is emotionally distant and withdrawn. She values logic and preciseness over emotion. However, unlike most Aburame she cannot entirely divorce herself from her emotions. She eternally feels the two sides of her, emotional and logical, are at war and finds it very hard to attain peace or closure on any issue.

Misato is damaged emotionally, almost completely isolated from all human contact she does not warm to people easily. Because she is so used to being alone she missed much social and emotional development, oftentimes being blunt or tactless.

Regardless, Misato is a dedicated and hard working individual. She is inquisitive and works hard to learn. She is an excellent strategist, able to quickly adapt and change based on her situation. However, she does not function well as a leader. She instinctively looks to be commanded, a partial side-effect of hosting colony insects, and is therefore usually not suited to taking command unless the situation is dire.

Description: Of roughly average height and weight for a female her age she wears an oversized jacket that covers most of her face as well as a pair of sunglasses. Her hair is dark and shoulder length, pulled into a ponytail with one lock hanging over her face. Her pants are long and loose-fitting, dark gray like the rest of her clothing.

Chakra Type: Lightning


Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Technique

Kawarimi no Jutsu - Replacement Technique

Henge no Jutsu- Transformation technique

Kikaichū no Jutsu -The Destruction Bug Hosting technique

Mushi Bunshin no Jutsu- Bug Clone Technique

Shocking Palm Technique
Misato channels Lightning chakra through her hands making her strikes more powerful and numbing. If loaded with enough chakra can several disrupt and distort the inner working of her opponent's body.

Electrical Discharge Technique
An electrical discharge that strikes distant foes, Misato uses this chakra intensive technique to stay out of hand to hand combat with more powerful adversaries damaging them from a distance.

Basic Academy level Taijutsu

Disruption Technique
A genjutsu that creates numerous small distractions for her opponent, loud noises and bright flashes mainly. Allows her to disorient her opponent to plant her bugs on them.

Fighting Style: In combat Misato attempts to distract the opponent with a solid Bug clone, allowing her to attack them while they are unprotected. Her bugs allow her to drain chakra from her opponents and if she is unable to take them head-on she will attempt to drain their chakra with her bugs while stalling them with taijutsu, backed up by her Lightning jutsu. She prefers to dodge and block more than attack as she is merely average at Taijutsu, relying on her brain and Ninjutsu to win.

Weakness': Part of her connection with her Destruction bugs leads her to have an immense fear of frogs and toads. She is not adept at Taijutsu or Genjutsu, preferring to rely on her bugs and Ninjutsu to carry the day.

History: Misato never stood out anywhere in her life. She was the second of two children, her older brother Shibi was considered a genius by most and she was constantly overshadowed by him. The Aburames were not an admired clan as whole, they were recognized as necessary, but many were disturbed by the colonies of insects they housed in their flesh. Misato never grew close to any of her peers, and because of her isolation at home and at the Academy she never was encouraged to excel or even try very hard. Such treatment took a toll on her, making her far more emotional and vulnerable than most Aburame.

Because she was so ignored, Misato spent much of her time honing her ability to use her bug techniques. She also developed fairly decent chakra reserves as well as a mastery of all Academy level ninjutsu. Using the library at home, and with some experimentation, she learned a minor genjutsu to aid her fighting style. She also began developing applications for her Lightning Chakra into workable jutsu.

Clan: Aburame clan, a clan that plants colonies of insects inside their newborns allowing the insects to feed off the chakra and in return give powerful abilities to the host. They value logic above all else and are currently in a state of decline due to the perceived lack of need for them anymore. They are one of Konoha's foremost clans and respected, though most citizens tend to give any members of the clan a wide berth. Members of this clan excel as reconnaissance and scouting specialists.

Bloodline: none

Other: Though not a formal technique, her bugs can be used to drain chakra from her opponents. More advanced Bug techniques allow Misato to use her Bugs to kill people in various interesting ways.

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June 17th, 2008, 10:11 AM
@ProtrainerEon: On the Jutsu note, you can keep Crackling Flame, Thunder Strike Combo, and Shadow Replacement. As for the other jutsu, I'll have those be taught to you later in the RP.

I'd like a little more information for History and the Clan. Even if there isn't much to say about that clan, you can tell why there isn't much importance to them. If you want, you can place the History that you have now into the Other section, that'd work.


@Zore: Accepted

However, I'll have Shocking Palm and Electrical Discharge be taught to you during the RP.

btw: Guys, I'll have my character up fairly soon.

June 18th, 2008, 7:14 PM
I changed what you asked me to but never posted telling you that it was fixed. So, does this mean I'm in?

EDIT: Should I take clone jutsu out too? I don't know if you want me to, because even academy students usually have to master that. Also, what about him knowing transformation? That's also a normal part of academy training.

Example: Team 7 and their generation.

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June 19th, 2008, 7:43 AM
I changed what you asked me to but never posted telling you that it was fixed. So, does this mean I'm in?

EDIT: Should I take clone jutsu out too? I don't know if you want me to, because even academy students usually have to master that. Also, what about him knowing transformation? That's also a normal part of academy training.

Example: Team 7 and their generation.

Nice, Accepted

Actually, since academy students tend to learn those basics, no one really had to acknowledge them, but it's not that big of a deal if you do keep them in your sign up.

btw: I'll be posting my sign up on the first post.

June 19th, 2008, 6:12 PM
So... Since we got two sign ups are we going to start the RP soon?

June 20th, 2008, 8:32 AM
btw: I'll be posting my sign up on the first post.

Zore, this.

Wow, I can't wait for this to begin. I hope it's good.

Also want to see your character. :)

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June 20th, 2008, 2:07 PM
Alright got my sign up...up xB Now lets get this started ;3
And thus, we begin the Rp...

" Lets go, Teisuraisu! " Roared the voice of Yozora who had been practicing his techniques before the Ninja Academy's exam. Although the exams don't start until the early afternoon, Yozora had woken himself up around four in the morning while others would most likely be resting still. As Yozora charged his right hand with chakra, he combined his wind nature, and quickly swiped the air in front of himself, the wind scratching the stomach area of the dummy he had placed a good ten feet ahead of himself.

" ...I still can't slice it enough to cut it in half. " He angrily stated as he looked to the distance of his clan's town where he could see the sun slowly rising to the sky. As he lost himself in thoughts of the day, his mother's voice rang, " ~Yozo~...Come on, you've been up since God knows when. At least come in and eat breakfast. " Breaking from his thoughts and turning to face his mother, he quickly replied, " Mom, how many times do I have to ask until you stop calling me Yozo? It's really annoying. "

" Hopefully not as many times as you train. I admire you're dedication, but you can't push yourself too much sweaty. " She pronounced as Yozora walked past her, towards the door of their home. Once the two entered the kitchen, Yozora's father joined him at the table while his mother finished cooking the food.

" So...today's the day, huh son? -The day you finally become a genin. " Yozora's father announced as Misora, Yozora's mother, placed down the plates of scrambled eggs and bread with milk on the side.

" Are you kidding me, I can't even master the clan's own jutsu. What makes you think I'll become a genin?! " Yozora broke out in anger. Kaichou, the father, glared into Yozora's eyes, laughing after a minute or so.

" Are you kidding me?! Son, just because you can't master a jutsu yet doesn't make you weak. It's very rare to be able to at such a rank of a ninja. " Kaichou responded, soon after, gaining a debated reply from Yozora, " Oh really, what about Noroshi!? " It quickly became silent in the room.

" ...Can we please have a peaceful breakfast? " Misora spoke, breaking the silence. Yozora and his father both calmed down and began to eat. Once the family finished their food, Kaichou hooked his arm around Yozora's neck and smiled, " Alright, lets head on over to the academy, we wouldn't wanna miss the chance to finally receive that headband of yours! Miso, we'll be back later! "

" This family sure does love nicknames... " Yozora whispered as his father spun the two around and walked out of the door. His father pulled his son closer, and replied to his comment. " You're damn right we do...What do you think about 'Yo' as your nickname? " Yozora sighed and decided to just stay silent until they reached the academy.

June 20th, 2008, 3:25 PM
Having already eaten breakfast and said his goodbyes, Shishima was making his way to the academy, and when he got there nobody seemed to be around. The reason for this was probably that the academy was a mere walking distance from his house. Using this extra time to train, kicking at the air in sets of ten, switching legs a few times. Finally, he gave that up, and just as he was preparing to strike the ground with lightning and conjure up a small flame (a technique he had practiced for months), he noticed some kids his age trickling in. Smiling as he recognized a few, he dismissed the fire attack as a small electric bolt was about to rip through a cloud overhead.

"There's time for that later. Time to go meet the team!" He shouted with excitement, jogging toward the approaching students. He attempted to locate Yozora and Misato. "I can't wait to get my headband," he muttered quietly before taking off at full speed.

June 20th, 2008, 8:08 PM
Misato awoke instantly, her eyes snapping open as dawn's light pierced her room. Today was it, the day she would become a shinobi. Today was the day she would prove to her clan she was just as worthy as Shibi. Today was going to be a good day.

With these thoughts racing through her head, Misato gave no external cue to them; running through her morning ablations with a practiced and precise manner. Slowly combing her hair back into a ponytail and slipped on her dark glasses and overcoat. Then it was downstairs to eat a silent meal with her family, each member's insects devouring a portion of their food. As she stood to leave, no one took much notice of her. Currently her parents and brother had been working on a special breeding program for colonies of new insects; engrossed as they were in their work they had hardly spoken to Misato in weeks. She left the house, pain weighing heavily on her heart, rationalizing and justifying her family's actions on a purely logical level.

Misato arrived at the academy, early as was usual, and leaned against a wall watching her classmates arrive.

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June 20th, 2008, 8:56 PM
Once Yozora and his father arrived to the academy, Kaichou released him from his grip and allowed Yozora to walk amongst the other students. Like usual, Yozora found an area lacking population where he began to practice his chakra control by focusing it to his right hand. Looking to his side at a tree, he swiped his hand across the air using his wind chakra, only forcing yet another scratch. Yozora began to grind his teeth together in anger. Kaichou smirked and began to think, " You'll get it some day Yozora... ". Then out of the craziness, a man spoke out to the crowd.

" May I have your attention! Starting now, I will be calling names of students to take the exam, but I ask for you all to remain as silent as possible...thank you!" Not wanting to be rude, the crowd quickly hushed, and hardly anything could be heard, until the man spoke again, looking at a piece of paper holding the names.

" Toko Wayame, you will be the first to take the exam! " After the announcement, a girl walked forward from the group of students and walked inside the academy building. As she followed the chuunin down a long hall, he stopped and opened a door which revealed a room inhabited by the Hatidaime; Hatoshin, the academy's own Ikasu, and a member of the great elders of Konoha; Unchiku. After about five to six minutes, Toko opened the door with a large frown on her face, the crowd going "aw" to the sad truth, but suddenly, she smiled and lifted her headband from behind her, gaining sudden applause.

" Next is...Shishima Kaite! " the man announced, waiting for the student to walk forward.

June 21st, 2008, 4:41 PM
Shishima stopped suddenly after he reached the heart of the mass of students, searching for friendly faces. He caught a glimpse of Yozora Haisou, training as usual. He liked that. This way, he wouldn't feel like he was the only one who tried so hard to develop his jutsu. Just as he had decided to walk over and say something, Shishima noticed a disturbance in the crowd.

A lone Chuunin had emerged from the academy, and was calling names.

"May I have your attention! Starting now, I will be calling names of students to take the exam, but I ask for you all to remain as silent as possible...thank you!"

His body tensed for a moment as he waited to hear the first pick for the exam. Hoping that he would do his best, he walked forward a few steps to hear who would be the one to take the test first. All was quiet as everyone watched the man's eyes trailing over a paper. Suddenly...

"Toko Wayame, you will be the first to take the exam!"

A girl he recognized as Toko emerged from a group of students, following the announcer man to the site of the exam. Shishima watched as the Chuunin guided her, leading her inside the academy. She seemed pretty nervous, but maybe, he reasoned, he was being misled by the nervous vibe he was picking up on from lots of other kids.

It was almost comical; many were biting their nails, pulling their hair, knocking their knees together...some were even whispering things like, "Oh no" or "Please, not me, not me!"

Calming himself down instead of giving in to this mood, he smiled as he saw Toko come out of the academy moments later. He squinted to get a good view of her expression. He saw that she was holding a ninja headband, and grinned inwardly.

Good for her, he thought to himself, listening again for the next name.

He froze, and then relaxed as he heard the name that he knew like the back of hands escape the Chuunin's lips.

" Next is...Shishima Kaite! " the man announced, waiting for the student to walk forward.

And he did. Shishima straightened his posture and proudly (or at least bravely, to offset the negative mood of the students) walked over to the Chuunin. When the man saw him, he waited to be escorted to the exam room.

"This is it," he said softly. "I can do this. I will do it, for Kimitara and Sanjo!" Now was the time that all of his training would be put to the test.

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June 23rd, 2008, 7:34 AM
" Right this way. " The chuunin directed as he opened the door to the academy, beginning to walk the path to where the exam room was being held. Unusually, the chuunin Amagumo began a conversation as the two strolled down the hall. Amagumo motioned his head to his right shoulder in order to obtain a decent view of Shishima and began to speak.

" So Shishima, are you nervous? These examiners aren't pushovers you know. They wont settle for average. You'll have to give this exam everything you've got and more. It's not like a training session, and it most likely wont be easy. " Before Shishima had time to respond, the two had already arrived to the door. Amagumo smirked and opened it, revealing the exam room.

" Well, do your best, and good luck. " He finished, waiting for Shishima to walk through the door.

Back outside, Yozora had finally decided to move around the area. He figured that he should regain his strength that was wasted on that tree. He decided to go walking towards Misato, and once he approached her, he began, " ...Hey, you ready for this exam? "

June 23rd, 2008, 11:55 AM
Misato flinched slightly as Yozora approached, the last time they'd sparred he'd accidentally broken her arm. It wasn't his fault of course, and he had apologized immediately, but it had hurt quite a bit.

"...Hey, you ready for the exam?" He asked. Misato noticed his clothing was covered in bark and flecks of wood. He must have been training earlier. Misato's Aburame half told her that training was rash and illogical, they had no idea what the exam would be and wasting strength was foolish.

"I am as ready as I believe is necessary." Misato replied, "I am also relatively confidant you will pass, along with perhaps one or two of our classmates. Few other students have mastered even the most basic of ninja techniques, there simply has been no call for them. Even a few decades ago, it was not uncommon for there to be ten full genin teams after the genin exams. Now we are lucky to get two."

June 23rd, 2008, 5:53 PM
Shishima listened to the Chunin Amagumo's words respectfully, and just as he was about to respond, they reached the "door of truth", as he had recently labeled it. Beyond this point, he was no longer an academy student. He would be treated like a true Konoha ninja, expected to have adequate knowledge of proper shinobi conduct and techniques, as well as be able to perform well faced with many different obstacles. Here, he would either leave with a headband making his status as Genin official, or with nothing: not even his honor.

Many thoughts like this ran through Shishima's head as he sighed and nodded to Amagumo. "Thanks for the advice, sir," he said, taking unnoticeably shaking steps toward the door ahead. If he acted nervous now, he might seem just as pathetic as some of the other students had earlier. Instead, he stiffened his body and added, "I plan to pass this test!" With a smile, he entered the exam room.