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Hiroshi Sotomura
October 23rd, 2003, 2:58 AM
Dragon Trainer Chronicles - rewrite 3
By Vito Winstrate
Some may ask why I decided to make a new thread with the same story - actually I can't remember the password to access Shigeru-san anymore, so I decided to rewrite this.
Can someone close the older thread?
By the way - Dragon Trainer Chronicles is from a chain story titled History of Lance, made by me - when I was eusine606. Some ideas in this story are all thanks to ^^Nick^^.
By the way - I even tried putting some mistique into it. If you read me and Shadow's other chain story, Equal Rivals, and compare the Jake in this story with the Jake (Jake Shibatsu) they would actually be quite the same.

A very long time ago, the Dragon Master's Son, Ken, had a newborn son. The son had red hair, and looked a lot like the dragon master at his age. They had named the boy, Lance...

In a matter of days, Edna and Hugh, had also a newborn baby, named Clair. Time passed, and Lance and Clair had continued to have practise matches ever since they turned 10.
The only thing Lance could think of was battling. Throughout his years he dueled many trainers, his Dratini winning some rounds and coming around some bumps, mostly with Clair. It was then when he was 11 years old he thought Dratini was strong enough.
"Hey Clair!" asked Lance, "Want to battle? Dratini with Dratini?"
"Why not?" she replied, "I'm in for a challenge."
"Well, I'll start off! Go Dratini!" he said as he sent out his Dratini..
"Go! Dratini!" said Clair. "Use a Thunderwave attack!"
Clair's Dratini had used a Thunderwave attack and paralyzed Lance's Dratini.
"Now, Tackle!" she said as her Dratini followed her orders. The attack had landed a direct hit on Lance's Dratini, causing it to faint, making Clair say, "Yay! I won!"
"Oh no, Dratini!" Lance cried.
The dragon master came down to the battle area.
"Lance!" he called out to Lance.
"What, Grandpa?" Lance said.
"I would like you to meet Jake."
Jake stepped into the arena.
"Lance," he said, "Well... I see that you lost a battle with Clair..."
"Yeah..." he replied.
"Well, I have something to say to you. As you are a desendant of Mushibuto, the top Dragon Master, your intense training begins immediately." Jake said.
"What sort of intense training?"
"The kind of Dragon training that Mishibuto did all by himself as a child."
"When do we start?"

The training lasted nearly endlessly for many years. Lance was 16 years old at the next time he and Clair met.
Lance had gotten a lot stronger. His Dratini had a lot of new moves.

"Hello Lance." Clair said cooly, "Glad to see you back home in Blackthorn." with a bit of a snobbish attitude.
"I missed it here." he replied, "Let's battle again! You won't win."
Lance had his rematch with Clair.
"Seadra!" she commanded, "Bubblebeam!"
The bubblebeam attack had landed right on Dratini, but it managed to hold it away.
"What?" Clair glared, "That didn't land?"
"You should know Dragon-types have a high advantage over water attacks!" Lance said triumphantly.
"Now Dratini!" he said, "Finish it off with a Dragon Rage and a Twister!"
Dratini had attacked first with a Dragon Rage. Seadra managed to avoid mostly getting damaged, but had some injuries.
"Seadra! Attack the fun! You Twister too!" Clair roared.
Seadra had used it's Twister attack and fainted Dratini... or what Clair thought.
"Dratini!" he said worriedly.
"You should know that Dragon attacks have an impact on other dragons." Clair said in a negative tone.
"You may think that!" Lance said, "But Jake has helped me a lot!"
Dratini was glowing.
"Huh?" Lance looked at Dratini.
Dratini's form was changing. It was now a Dragonair.
"Oh right!" he said excitedly.
"Oh my..." Clair said.
"And now..." Lance said looking at her, "We continue."
"You won't win! Even with that cute Dragonair of yours!" Clair said grudgingly.
"Oh really?" Lance said in a triumphant voice, "Hyper Beam!"
Dragonite's Hyper Beam had landed and fainted it's target.
"Yeah!" Lance roared with excitement.

It was later that night. Clair had been training with Seadra to make sure it was in top condition.
"You take your time..." said a voice behind Clair.
Clair turned around, seeing Jake behind her.
"That's why I can help you reach and get a good condition like Lance did." he said, handing Clair a Dragon Scale.
"This scale will assist your Seadra." Jake said, as he walked away.
"But..." Clair stopped, Jake had disappeared.

It wasn't that long before Clair's father had come to her.
"The Dragon Master wants to speak with you and Lance." he said.

"Yes Master?" Clair had come in. Lance was standing next to the Dragon Master, and Clair had arrived.
"Ah Clair!" the dragon master said.
"I need to hand down the Blackthorn gym leader role to you." he said.
"Wouldn't Lance deserve it most?" she asked.
"I'd prefer to choose my own path." Lance said.
"You see Clair, Lance and you are old enough to take on your own duties." the dragon master said, "Lance, has chosen to train hard to become a Pokmon G-Man."
"Wow." Clair said, a bit disbelieving.
"Clair, you must take the role of the Blackthorn Gym Leader." he said.
A small man, right behind Clair, was standing there with a sack in his hand.
"The guy behind you holds the legendary Dragon Fang," the dragon master said, "Today is the time you must purify it, in fact, every year."
"We have to do it at the place." the small man said.
Clair seemed to understand the place.
"And then you must train..." the Dragon Master's last sentence was.

Clair stopped at the purification spot. It was close to midnight. She spoke out an incantation. In a matter of seconds a golden dragon came out of a Dragon Fang and rose into the sky, disappearing. Sparks scattered around the sight.

Lance, who started to travel the country, had packed everything and left Blackthorn. Clair had taken the role of the Blackthorn Gym Leader.
Clair frequently visited the Dragon Homing Lands. It was a beautiful place full of flowers and dragon Pokmon, and held one of the legendary Dragon items - the Dragon Prayer Flame.
The small man was behind her, who said, "A nice place, don't you think Miss Clair?"
Clair replied, "Yes. It's also one of the places me and Lance trained in... remember?"
"I remember just as well as you do..." he replied.

Dratini would shed it's skin sometimes, so Clair, who had recently obtained a Gyarados, had guarded Dratini with great care.