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June 14th, 2008, 4:22 PM
Pokemon Adventure I: Kanto Saga!

Welcome to the World of Pokemon!

The world of Pokemon, a place full of many surprises. A world where humans and Pokemon live together. Some living in peace, love, and happiness... others live in hate, reject, and suffer the cruel things about life... but if you think about it, Pokemon and humans could live together without extreme consequence. Unless their owners are cruel of heart, like a number of organizations scattered across the Pokemon World. The world consists of many countries and regions, the capital of Pokemon is currently known as, Kanto. This entire region is home to creatures known only as Pokemon.

Kanto is located in the center of Japan. Here, there are many Pokemon Trainers, aiming to be the best with aid from Prof. Oak. The top, leading Pokemon Scientist in Japan. But there are also thieves and crooks, the lowliest of them all is known only as... Team Rocket. This is the most evil organization in Japan, and probably the entire world. They do various maniacal things: Steal Pokemon from innocent bystanders, make them do their biddings, and worst of all, capture and use for evil, legendary pokemon. Thanks to their constant interfering in Kanto, the slumber of the pure pokemon has been disturbed. Her son, the pokemon who’s heart has been tainted was created from a cell of his mother and from the arm of a scientist, and now walks the earth, planning to get revenge. The three legendary pokemon of Kanto are now in a rage, soaring across the region of Kanto. Worst of all, all these events are occurring right during the time that Professor Oak, the top leading pokemon scientist in all of Japan, is sending out three trainers to complete his invention, the pokedex created by him and his aides. Can these three teenagers face all the perilous events? Who knows…?


The Seed Pokemon
Level 5
Gentle Nature
Attacks: Tackle , Growl

The Lizard Pokemon
Level 5
Bold Nature
Attack: Scratch, Growl

The Tiny Turtle Pokemon
Level 5
Jolly Nature
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip


Pokemon Basics:

Pokemon Trainers:

At the age of eleven, any person can obtain their Training License from designated distributors. A Training License allows a person to legally own and battle Pokemon.

Once a year, Pokemon trainers can enlist in a Pokemon league. Official League battles are any battles that take place between two members of the league. Gym battles, Invitational, major tournaments, etc usually televised. Once a year, the championship tournament is held, where trainers with at least eight gym badges compete to be recognized as the best trainer in the league. Unless previously agreed otherwise, official league battles are six-on-six, free substitution. The exception to this is Gym Leaders in gym battles, who are not allowed substitution.

Pokeballs: The basic tool for any Pokemon Trainer is the Pokeball. Since the invention of the Pokeball their have been a few modifications to it.

(English/Japanese : )

Pokeball/Monsterball: The original model, transparent red top, solid white bottom. It doesn’t have any perks to it, just a plain pokeball.

Greatball/Superball: This model is an enhanced model from the original ball, it has an enhanced capture rate. A transparent blue top with small red stripes on it with a solid white bottom.

Ultraball/Hyperball: This is the highest capture rate enhanced model of the pokeball arsenal. These pokeballs usually host rare pokemon to ensure their capture. Transparent black top with a yellow “H” on it and a solid white bottom.

Safariball: This is a special model that is used only in a designated Safari Zone for special captures in the premises of the park. This is the most manufactured model of them all, due to the fact that a host designates a trainer twenty Safariballs for their game. It has a transparent camouflage top with a solid white bottom.

Note: You can either address these pokemon by their English names or their Japanese names.

Cities and Towns

Pallet Town: Welcome to your home: Pallet Town. The small township is located in the southern part of Kanto, surrounded on all sides by light forest and the ocean to the south. Though you will stray far from home while exploring Kanto and becoming a Pokemon Master, this place will always remain special.

Viridian City: Viridian City is the biggest township you have visited yet. The city has its own Gym, which is where you must go to prove yourself as a Pokemon Trainer. Although you cannot compete in the Viridian Gym just yet (Patience Young Trainer) explore the rest of the town.

Pewter City: Pewter City is home to the first Gym you can compete in- against Gym Leader Brock. After touring this pleasant little burg, head for the Gym and prove yourself against this accomplished Trainer. Emerge victorious and you are well on your way to becoming a Pokemon Master.

Cerulean City: Your next stop, Cerulean City, lies along the north of Kanto. After passing through the rocky straits, you come to this quiet community, complete with its own Gym.

Vermillion City: Vermillion City is situated at the south end of the long series of Underground Roads. The city hosts its own Gym, in which you must compete if you want to earn the necessary talents to progress deep into Kanto. Check out all of the town's features, such as the Pokemon Fan Club and the luxurious S.S. Anne. Didn’t Bill give you a ticket for a boat ride?

Lavender Town: Lavender, a small town at the mouth of the Dark Cave, is home to the Pokemon Tower. This small town hosts a tower where Pokemon are buried and are grieved over. There is a legend of ghosts haunting the tower, but its all just rumors…right?

Celadon City After trailing through yet another Underground Road you come to Celadon City, too bad Saffron is blocked, it would be much faster! Celadon City is one of the major Kanto metropolises complete with Gym and a Giant Pokemart! After your done sight-seeing take a gander at the gymleader- Erika the Grass Mistress.

Fuchsia City: Located near the southern coast, Fuchsia City is a small town nestled on the flatland. Though the city is very isolated from the other cities, it still boats many modern conveniences, such as a Pokemart and pokemon center, as well as a gym in the town’s south. And probably the most visited spot in all of Kanto, the Safari Zone!

Saffron City: If Saffron City isn't one of the biggest cities in Kanto, at least it’s the business capital of Kanto. The Saffron City Silph Co. Building is a monument to the hard work put into many technological advances in Kanto. But lately, there’s something odd about that building. Try out the Pokemon Dojo Gym to fight some cool karate guys, and of course there’s always the Saffron Gym!

Cinnabar Island: Cinnabar Island is an island town to the south-western of Kanto's main landmass. The island is home to the Cinnabar Gym, and Kanto’s Pokemon Research Facilities, the building where Pokemon Cell Research is being done. And something’s amiss in the abandoned Mansion, better go check it out!

Indigo Plateu:Locate in the center of a large plain, the Indigo Plateu, where Pokemon Trainers aspire to take on the Pokemon League Championship. Once you prove yourself worthy by coming up victorious in the League Competition you can take on another trainer in the Finals!


1) Please use legible writing during this roleplay. You only have to write one to two paragraphs [two being preferred] in each post and you MUST have legible writing to join in. If you don't have legible writing, you won't be allowed to join. [this is only because your posts might be incomprehensible, so make sure you can type on here!]
2) Only Slight Godmodding/Power Playing! You may slightly powerplay with another person’s character, but don’t take COMPLETE control of another’s character. You can take complete control of another character, but this applies only to if you're unable to be on a computer or your character has the able to control other people or their actions. However, there is absolutely no godmoding whatsoever!
3) Please don't make a mary-sue or gary-stu and put them in the RP. Give your characters some flaws, don't make them the brother or sister of a canon character, and just make them human! There aren't going to be any supernatural beings in this RP, so don't turn them into some weird creature; supernatural powers are allowed, but not supernatural beings.
4) Only one shiny on your team. You are allowed only one Shiny Pokemon in your team at a time. You can catch a few Shiny Pokemon, but not too many. And you can only have ONE of them in your main party.
5) You are not allowed to have a legendary pokemon! You are not able to catch or allow legendaries into your team. Only under special conditions can these legendaries enter your team.
6) If you are leaving for awhile inform me first via PM. This is to prevent large blanks in the rpg, and to let me know you haven’t lost interest and dropped the rpg.
7) Taion Pokémon only on your team. This is a major rule, you are only allowed to have Kanto Pokemon Species in your team! That is Numbers 001-151, excluding the legendaries.
8) Please Obey ALL Rules. This is very improtant, please follow of these listed rules plus more rules. Such as, when we enter a new areas I will post what Pokemon appear and hoe often they do, do not make something that isn't supposed to be there appear! Also, your Pokemon's attacks are learned according to D/P version. You can be in charge of when they learn what attacks, just please make it believable. Dont go,
"Charmander, use Blast Burn! Then Fire Blast! ZOMG, your evolving!"
Evolving is also in the same matter, make them evolve in a believable manner.
9) If you've read the rules, please post "I’m The Next Pokemon Master!" above your character template. If this isn't in your post, you will be asked to post it and, if you don't post it at all, you're not in the RP. Sorry to be strict, but I have to make sure you read the rules, even if it's just the first sentence of each rule!
10) Make a Trainer Card! As soon as I've accepted you please make a trainer card for this rpg. This was my idea originally, and it's so cool every rpg does it now. ^_^
11) Only Mild Language Allowed! You can make your character sweat, but just a bit. Not too much.

~If you're hardly on the computer, don't bother to apply. I want active RPers for this.
~I want RPers that are willing to stick to an RP. Please don't suddenly drop it because you've lost interest.
~The three characters are to stick in a group. But temporary straying can be allowed.

Sign-Up Form

Full Name: First-Middle-Last
Nickname: optional
Age: (12-14)
Birthday:Day, Month
Gender: Male (Meaning boy)/Female (Meaning girl)
Hair Color: Color of your hair, maybe some highlights, etc.
Hair Length: Where does your hair end, maybe the length of bangs, etc.
Hair Style: Basically the overall style of your hair
Eye Color: Color of your eyes
Weight: Optional (Note: In pounds, please.)
Body Structure: Long legs, fat, thin, etc.
Basic Clothing: The overall outfit you wear during your journey
Pajamas: What you wear to sleep
Bathing Suit: Swimwear
Accessories: Jewelery, tattoo, etc.
Final Party:
Other: Anything else you might want to add
RPG Sample: To be given now. No "I'll add that later".


Prof. Oak’s Trainer Database:

Trainer One: Taichi Sugimori
Starter: Charmander

Trainer Two: Adelina Amora Rose
Starter: Eevee

Trainer Three: Sean James Florian
Starter: Squirtle

Trainer Four: Rin-Kohaku-Ishizu
Starter: Bulbasaur

The Order of the Trainers above is the order that we post. Once all three spots are filled I'll input the names into the Roulette App in my Diamond Version. And that is how I'll figure out the posting order. The order is to prevent from some one falling behind. But if some one doesn't post for a full day we skip that person.

June 15th, 2008, 4:07 AM
"I'm the next Pokemon Master!"

Full Name: Sean James Florian
Nickname: None
Age: 14
Birthday: March 14th
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Medium
Hair Style: Spiky/Messy
Eye Color: Gray
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 145 lbs.
Body Structure: Thin/athletic
Basic Clothing: He wears a gray, long-sleeve t-shirt with a darker gray vest over it, containg many pockets. He has baggy cargo pants which he wears which are black as well. Sean wears White and gray sneakers, useful for making quick maneuvers, if necessary.
On his back he carries a large backpack, capable of holding many different items. Seeing as he doesn't wear a belt to carry his Pokeballs in, the backpack itself has six slots (three along each side) which are easily accesible with either hand when it is on his back.
Sean also carries a pair of black, fingerless gloves which he rarely wears, using them only on occasions when he needs "good luck". He has a pair of sleek, black sunglasses which he also only wears when he needs that extra edge. Although the items have no magical properties or any real sentimental meaning to him, Sean uses them for his own personal psychological edge in battle.
Pajamas: For pajamas, Sean simply wears his boxers (can be one of many colors and styles, depending on the day) and a white muscle shirt.
Bathing Suit: He wears dark blue swim trunks wtih stylized hawaiian flowers on them, which are a combination of white and light blue.
Accessories: Besides his Poke Ball belt and items, he has no real accessories presently.
Personality: Although he's not a very outgoing person, Sean would describe himself as very popular and respected. Of course, this is his own opinion, but he does try very hard to maintain an image of purity and authority. Not acting that way, however, the teen will often crack jokes at his own expense, often too afraid to hurt someone else's feelings, to get laugh from people.
Sometimes, he uses very obvious sarcasm by saying things which are completely ridiculous in an attempt to get a good laugh. Sometimes it works, and other times he is left looking like a fool.
When meeting new people he is usuallu quiet and reserved, letting the other person reveal more about themselves before he begins to let them know more about himself.
In large social groups, Sean is usually reserved as well, but he waits for the right moment to "strike", whether it be with a joke or some other, potential serious, point or issue.
History: Sean was raised just on the outskirts of Pallet Town in Kanto. He has never lived in a big city and probably never will, enjoying the quiet country life much more than the hectic bustle of sprawling metropolises.
Having always wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer, he parents refused his request almost every day ever since the tender age of 10. Their reasoning: "It's too dangerous!". Well, Sean wasn't exactly a daredevil, but he knew enough about life to realize that if you never tried, you'd never succeed.
So, at the age of 16 he left for Pallet Town to get away from the gray city and all of that restrained lifestyle his parents had enforced upon him. Despite having to leave his friends and family behind, Sean arrived in the place feeling refreshed and finally ready to take his challenge. He had no Pokemon or items, and almost no money. After hearing about a local Pokemon Professor giving out FREE starter Pokemon, the wannabe-Trainer headed for the Pallet Town Pokemon Lab, which was apparently run by the esteemed Professor Oak.
Starter: Squirtle
Final Party: Blastoise, Onix, Pinisir, Nidoking, Pidgeot, Pikachu
Other: This is a character from my Fan Fic, if that is okay.
RPG Sample: This is from my Fan Fic as well:
Before he even knew it, Sean had already tossed his Pokeball onto the soft grassy patch between himself and Isaac. The red and white orb landed and, just like that, exploded into a burst of light as a small blue Pokemon emerged with a brown shell on its back.

“SQUIRTLE!!” It cried in a raspy voice as it came forth, striking a fighting pose as it prepared itself for combat.

Isaac, doing just as Sean Florian had done, tossed his own Pokeball to the ground and that ball, too, burst open in red light. This time, though, a small orange lizard came out, complete with a brightly glowing flame on its tail.

“CHARMANDER!!” the lizard Pokemon exclaimed, baring it teeth towards its blue adversary, ready to strike it down.

Sean quickly studied both of the Pokemon carefully. He, of course, had seen many Pokemon battles in his day, but never had he been in control of one, and the feeling was a bit overwhelming. He noticed how loyal his Pokemon appeared already. Without even questioning Sean’s motives, the little blue turtle had already positioned itself against Isaac James’ Charmander, ready to fight to the very end for its trainer.

The bright morning sun, as it was nearing the middle of the sky, shone strongly on both the combatants and the onlookers. Jill Maxwell stood by in silent disapproval whereas the black-haired Sarah Florian watched in careful curiosity. She wasn’t quite sure if she exactly approved of the battle, but she certainly was curious to see how her brother handled himself in his very first Pokemon battle. Then she realized the red object Professor Oak had given them. Her Pokedex cold give her more information on both Pokemon! As she took out the tiny red machine she flipped it open, pointing the laser on top of it towards Squirtle first, then Charmander.

Squirtle – 007
Type: Water
Height: 2’8’’
Weight: 19.8 lbs.
Description: The tiny turtle Pokemon. After birth, its back swells and hardens into a shell. It powerfully sprays water from its mouth.

Charmander – 004
Type: Fire
Height: 2’0’’
Weight: 18.7 lbs.
Description: The lizard Pokemon. It prefers hot places. When it rains, steam is said to spout from the tip of its tail.

After gathering the information she needed on the two Pokemon, Sarah put folded up her Pokedex and watched the battle that was about to begin.

Sean, not really sure what commands to give his Pokemon, yelled out the first thing to come to his head. Isaac, on the contrary, knew exactly how to command his Charmander in battle. He had studied them specifically for months for this very moment…for his first victory.

“Use Scratch, Charmander!” Isaac calmly said as he gave his first command.

“Tackle it!” Sean exclaimed, hoping Squirtle would be able to use his weight advantage.

The tiny turtle Pokemon charged straight towards Charmander, his shoulder lowered as he was ready to plow the lizard Pokemon into the ground. As they ran towards each other, the little dinosaur managed to time his attack just right, scratching his blue-teal adversary right across the top of his lowered head. It hadn’t been a complete victory, though, as Squirtle continued his charge, ramming into Charmander as the two smashed into the ground. From there, both rebounded to their feet quickly, ready to continue their combat. Sean saw that his Pokemon needed another order.

“Tackle it again, Squirtle!” he commanded. “Hit Charmander as hard as you can!”

Isaac, hearing this command, issued his own order.

“Use Growl,” he said with a cool head.

Seeing as the two Pokemon were very close to each other, Squirtle didn’t have to go far to chase his target down, running straight towards Charmander yet again in an effort to smash right into him. Before Squirtle could get close enough, though, the orange lizard Pokemon let loose a stunningly loud guttural sound, taking the tiny turtle Pokemon completely by surprise. Losing much of his momentum due to his temporary fright, Squirtle’s attack on his opponent had a minimal effect and was barely able to knock Charmander over. Promptly, without even an order given, Charmander saw his opening as Squirtle attempted to regain his feet. Letting loose another Scratch with his sharp claws, this time Charmander scored an extremely effective shot, landing his swipe right between Squirtle’s eyes. The blue Pokemon, very angered by this, reacted instinctively as well, quickly turning around into a 360 degree spin and smacking Charmander across the face with a Tail Whip. The orange lizard Pokemon stumbled away towards his Trainer as it was left temporarily stunned.

“Alright!” Sean exclaimed. “Awesome job, Squirtle! Now Tackle it again while it’s stunned!”

“Scratch it again, Charmander, before it even gets to you,” Isaac said softly yet sternly.

The stumbling lizard Pokemon could make out a charging blue blur as it grew larger and larger, ready to drive him into the ground hard. Charmander knew this attack would hurt a great deal, because that Tail Whip had severely weakened his defenses for the moment. Squirtle knew this, and, charging in blindly and at full speed drove Charmander straight into the ground, but with a price. The orange Pokemon managed a last second Scratch across the severely weakened Squirtle’s chest as it got in close. It didn’t do much, but it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Slamming Charmander hard into the ground, Squirtle was simultaneously felled by the desperate maneuver. Both Pokemon, after crashing hard into the soft grass and kicking up bits of dirt, lay semi-motionless on the ground, moving just enough so that the Trainers knew they were still alive. Sean rushed over to Squirtle, picking up the brave water-type Pokemon in his arms as he congratulated him. Isaac, greatly upset that he hadn’t actually won his first Pokemon battle, simply returned the wounded Charmander into his Pokeball.

“You’re not going to see if it’s okay?” Jill asked, very scared for both participants’ lives. “That was a tough fight for it!”

Isaac waved a dismissive hand towards her.

“He didn’t win the fight. He doesn’t deserve my attention. He’ll heal on his own, don’t worry,” the cold-hearted Trainer responded to Jill. “You just worry about that pathetically weak Bulbasaur of yours. I hear those things don’t even evolve.”

“Stop being a jerk, man,” Sean told Isaac as he attempted to walk away. “Just leave if you’re going to be so negative to everyone.”

“That’s what I’m planning on,” the white-haired Trainer responded quickly and coolly. “Despite how weak this Pokemon I have is, I’ll find a way to make it stronger. And when I do you’ll be very sorry you said those things. Have fun, losers.”

And with that, Isaac James was gone. Heading north, the remaining trio assumed he was headed for ViridianCity via Route 1. Regardless, though, Sean had other things to tend to; like his wounded Pokemon. Looking down into his arms, Sean suddenly realized he was holding a living, breathing creature in his arms. He had several scratch marks across his face and a few across his body. None of them were bleeding too badly, though. Too bad there weren’t any Pokemon Centers in PalletTown.

June 15th, 2008, 8:03 AM
OH sorry, I forgot to add the template. Check the first post again for the sign-up template.

June 15th, 2008, 12:55 PM
Thanks for adding that. I edited my Sign-Up.

June 15th, 2008, 2:08 PM
Okay, that was good. And of course its okay that your character is from your fanfic. So is mine, which reminds me. I'll post my template later.

Anyways, ACCEPTED!

June 15th, 2008, 6:33 PM
Okay then. Just lemme know when the RPG is going to start and I'm all set to go. Also, could you add me to the first post under Second Trainer so people don't think the Squirtle spot is open. It might prevent future confusion.

Also, you are probably going to have a hard time filling Bulbasaur, just because he's not a very popular Pokemon with most people.

June 15th, 2008, 7:18 PM
I am going to try to fill the Bulbasuar spot. I hope I didn't spell that wrong haha.

Name: Christian Lupica
Nickname: Chris
Age: 14
Birthday: December 4
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Fairly long as far as guys go. His sides cover his ears, while his front blocks some vision in his eyes. The back reaches and partially hides his neck.
Hair style: No really control over the hair is present, but it appears to be a mop top.
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5"8
Weight: 150
Body Structure: Muscular, though far from bodybuilder.
Basic Clothing: Christian's clothing is defined to be the most typical for up and coming trainer. From the top, Christian wheres a blue jacket over a dark green t-shirt along with fingerless gloves in order to protect his hands. His pants are dark gray jeans that have experienced some wear and tear. His shoes are similar to standard Vans, featuring a blue base and a black outline.
Pajamas: He sleeps naked. No, I am kidding. He wears black shorts and a white t-shirt when sleeping.
Bathing suit: A faded gray pair of swim trunks accompany him in any sort of swimming activity.
Personality: Christian is fairly timid, collected and in control of himself. With that in mind, Christian never sticks out and rather enjoys that though somehow he became popular due to his ability to stay calm in any situation. Christian tends to rely on clever plots in order to overcome obstacles and never enters a situation without some thought or on impulse. He rarely overreacts, unless something hits him the wrong way. Christian does not have an ego whatsoever, though he remains confident in himself in most cases.
In groups, he tends to be quiet unless he is called out by something or addressed directly so he comes off as shy and even cold. However, once Christian warms up to a person, he is easy to talk to and trust. Despite his shyness, Christian rarely badmouths people showing most people some amount of care and respect. Ironically, Christian has a problem with girls and experiences tremendous difficultly talking to them. (Yes I am similar to Brawler's character, but I need to play a non-cocky character. If a change is necessary I will make him one of my cocky characters.)
History: Christian was born and raised in Rustboro City in Hoenn. There, Christian attended the Trainer's School where he became popular with the student body and respected by the teachers. Christian seemed to be a natural at most things especially sports and battling, but rarely took credit for it and claimed "It was luck. I am not that good. Really." The combination of natural skill and a cool attitude gained support and popularity, though it never got to his head. His time at Rustboro was lengthy however his parents were soon forced to move to Viridian City for unknown reasons. Christian never discovered the story, but took the opportunity to venture to Pallet after hearing about pokemon being handed out to Trainers who sought adventure.
Starter: Bublasaur
Final Party (I guess we put a final team here): Venusuar, Primeape, Fearow, Kingdra/Dewgong (I dont know if you allow Gen II), Scyther, Electabuzz
Other: Christian wears dog tags. No one except his family knows why and who they are from.
RP Sample: This is from Kanto Adventure: Kanto Region.

With the professor wishing them luck, Isaac ventured north. He sprinted the second he could and got fairly ahead of the group. At this point, he didn't really want to associate with young inexperienced trainers. He had a mission set forth to become a true trainer. After getting a good start, Isaac looked at his pokeball. An eevee eh? My mom wanted me to have one. She thought the cute factor would win a few contests. But, I know their potential for battle. Isaac did research on Eevees after his mom told him that was her goal for him to have. He found that Eevees had limtless potential when it came to their ability to evolve either through stones or trust. He sent his sights on either a Jolteon or an Umbreon, whatever came first. "Ok! First step! Eevee, come out!" A blinding red flash was unleashed and a small Eevee emerged.

"Vee!" the small guy said. The pokemon looked up to its trainer. It seemed unsure of its owner, but Isaac decided to get on its level and kneel down and pet his head with a degree of affection.

"Hi, I am Isaac. We are going to be partners." The small pokemon nodded and looked up to his trainer. "So...do you like this pokeball by any chance?" The eevee looked at the sphere and jolted back a little bit. "Its alright. I won't force you. Just stay by my side." The evolution pokemon climbed up the arm of Isaac and perched itself on his shoulder yelping its name and smiling. "Well, if you can stay up there then I won't mind." The eevee rubbed him head against Isaac's face as if saying thank you to his owner.

"How cute...." A young trainer said. "A boy and his Eevee." Isaac turned around and noticed a trainer roughly his age, possibly younger. He wore a black hooded sweatshirt and had long red hair, running halfway down his back. Blue jeans covered his legs and he seemed to wear combat boots.

"And you are?" Isaac asked with a angered look on his face. The trainer smirked and gave out a hearty chuckle before coughing a bit as to add dramatic effect.

"Call me Peter. A trainer from Lilycove much like yourself. You probably don't remember me." Isaac nodded as to avoid answering the question. "Well, Isaac. I proclaim you to be my rival." Isaac was shocked about two things. The fact he had a rival ten minutes into being a trainer and at the fact he knew him from the past. Isaac rarely damn near anything from his past, except to annoying adults who watered down the expericence. "Lets battle! I want to see what your pokemon can do!" Peter tossed a ball and revealed his own pokemon. A Charmander emerged from the flashes of the ball.

"Alright Eevee. Go!" The Eevee leaped from his shoulders and placed itself on the ground. The charmander was fierce, untamed and towered over the small Eevee, who appeared shocked by its size. "Ok Eevee, use tail whip to catch the Charmander off guard!" The eevee rushed the opponent and smacked every open part of the lizard's body in order to reduce the defenses.

"Counter it with a mighty scratch," Peter ordered. The Charmander calculated the movements of Isaac's Eevee and immediately and scratched it across the back. Eevee was shaken by the blow and laid on the ground of a few moments before picking itself off the ground. Must of been a critical hit., he thought after judging by the damage of the blow.

"Eevee!" Isaac called. "Give yourself a helping hand! You deserve it!" Eevee nodded and obeyed giving his master enough credit. Eevee clapped its front paws together while the Charmander turned to its master who yelled out the same command as before causing Charmander to become overrun with bloodlust. The Charmander charged Eevee full force with no intention of stopping. Eevee stopped clapping and attempted to brace the attack. The flaming lizard hit the move and sent Eevee flying with another clawed assault. "Pick yourself up Eevee, tail whip him and step back a bit." Eevee had little energy left and considering ignoring the orders of his trainer. However, he tail whipped Charmander and retreated to a location that corned himself against a wall.

"Nowhere to run, Isaac!" Peter laughed with a touch of insanity in his voice. "Charmander finish the runt. Attack!" Charmander leaped before the Eevee who dodged the attack before Isaac could give out a command. The face of the lizard bounced off the wall causing dizziness and confusion to settle in.

"Eevee! Unleash a tackle attack now!" The Eevee charged headfirst into the skull of the dazed Charmander. The attack held nothing back and was an all out move. The Charmander had no chance of escaping the technique. However, the battle was not over. The Charmander attempted to rise off the ground and scratch one more time. The agile Eevee managed to avoid the attack and deliver another solid tackle.

With Charmander defeated, Peter returned the pokemon that he had chosen. "Impressive..we shall meet again Isaac. I can assure you of that!" Isaac nodded in amazement of what his starter had done.

"Alright!!" Isaac roared. "Come here little guy!" Isaac opened his arms of which Eevee leaped into. "That was great! We make an awesome team!" Eevee was overjoyed in its victory of which Isaac was mighty impressed with. "At this rate, we will be champions in no time!" Isaac put Eevee on his right shoulder and moved on looking for trainers or wild pokemon to battle. Isaac was interested in the wild ones for capture, but if he wanted to beat Peter again, he had to make Eevee even stronger.

June 29th, 2008, 1:01 PM
Okay well, your sign up is pretty hard to understand. And if that's the way your going to rp, I might not accept you. PLease make it more easier to understand.

EDIT: Oh, and brawler. Please read the rules, I cannot accept you into the rpg until you've read the rules.

June 30th, 2008, 11:53 AM
Name Rin-Kohaku-Ishizu (I dunno how to mae a character template...ehehe *sweatdrop*)

I will show them all..That I can be the next pokemon master!

Nickname: None

Age: 14

Birthday: 28th of February

Hair Color: Black

Hair length: Long. It extends down past her hips.

Hair Syle: Rin's hairstlye is very basic. She Leaves he hair down, and rarely puts it up.

Eye Color: Pink (I'll explain this later in her History)

: 5"4- 5"5 ish

Weight: 95lbs

Body Structure: Frail but elegant

Basic Clothing: Rin wheres a midnight blue turtleneck the covers almost all of her upperbody and most of her hands and even her neck. People wonder why she wheres a turtleneck..even in the heat.. Rin doesn't say anything about it but its because he is trying to cover up something....Her jeans are jet black with some white lacing on the side, while her shoes are high heel boots that are jet black as well withbrown lacing on the side even though it is barely visible its there :o

Pajamas: Unlike her other clothinng , her pajama's are white. She wheres an elegant white gown that was bough for her by her grandmother. The gown is an elegant white with pink at the end of the dress. WHich really conflicts on what she wheres during the day..

Swimwear: Rin isn't modest hen it comes to ger swimwhere. She wheres a bikini most of the time where the top half is black with white polka dots and the bottom half is pure black. People stare at her when she wheres her swimwear not because of the way it looks but because of the scars on her body....

Accesories: Rin really has no accesories on herbody except her black bag whuich is used to carry all her things she needs and a mew neklace that she wheres around her neck.

Personality: Rin is cold and indifferent to everyone. If you talk to her she will most likely often walk away or look at you and make some rude comment about you, and if you annoy her enough you will end up with a slap on the cheek. Despite being cold and indifferent on the outside she is suffering on the inside. On some occasions she will begin having mental breakdown in which she runs off to the nearest hiding place she could find and curse at herself fr her own flaws that she had made of herself. Even though having mental breakdowns on soem occasions she refuses to cry..she thinks it as a sign of weakness and doesn't wished to be called weak.

History: Rin was born in frail health. Unable to play outside she developed no social skills and never had any friends.. The doctors didn't know what was wrong with her but Rin always thought that it was because of what she thought of herself and that she deserved this. Soon things at home became worse and worse until her parents hated her..she often wondered why she was brought into this world.The way her parents talked about her, she found it easier to just blame herself for eveything, she just wanted her parents to treat her like their own flesh and blood..and not disown her. Soon things turn horrible.. they soon began beating on Rin.. IF she even left her room they would take a whip and beat her till the deep cuts were left..which explains all the scarring on her body.. Rin was tortured in her own home..beaten on a daily basis and she underweight...She later found out that her parents had another child and disowned her.. When she was 14 her emotional being had been scarred and she decided that even if she was a failure she would leave.. That night while everyone slept she snuck out..never to be seen in Fuschia city again..so she hoped... She ran as far as she could away from that accursed town..She was hoping to get her own pokemon and prove herself.." I'm going to be the next Pokemon Master and show them..that i'm not worthless!" Rin told herself as she quietly left Saffron City.

Starter: Bulbasaur (I'll edit this is bulbasaur is taken ;3)

Final party:

-Gender: Male
-Nature: Timid

-Gender: Female
-Nature: Bold

-Pokemon: Ninetails
-Gender: Male
-Nature: Brave

-Pokemon: Butterfree
-Gender: Female
-Nature: Jolly

-Pokemon: Kadabra
-Nature: Serious

- Pokemon:Haunter
-Gender: Male
-Nature: Quirky

Rp example: (this is from my role-play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon; Escaping the Dark)

Tiffany awoke the next morning to the sound she had heard in her vsion and she jumped.Something was happeneing and it wasn't good.

"GRAAAAUGH!" The voice roared waking Hydro and Torrent up.

"Hydro torrent come on lets go check this out.." Tiffany mumbled. Hydro got up instantly while Torrent on the other hand..er..Not so much.

"zzzZzzz Just a few more minutes mom its the weekend..." Hydro mumbled and Hydro and Tiffany sweatdropped.

"Guess its just you and me.. Hydro.." Tiffany mumbled.

"Lets go Tiffany.." Hydro said hoisting Tiffany on his back and Tiffany blushed. Hydro treated her like a princess sometimes and it made her blush. After a short amount of time after leaving the camp an intense fog began to set in.Even hydros defog didn't lift the fog.

As Tiffany wandered through the fog she found a small crystal gem. "W-wow..its beautiful.." Tiffany mumbled as hydro looked at it with her. "It glows..and it feels warm like fire.." Tiffany mumbled as she closed her eyes.

~Vision Mode~

"Graaaaaugh!" A figure was standing there and it was large too.. Tiffany gasped as the figure growled once more and opened its eyes.Its eyes were filled with hatred and digust.

"My name is Groudon! You shall go no further!" Groudon yelled. The vision Tiffany closed her eyes and was in a pure blank darkness. Darkrai appeared in front of her.

"Heh it seems you've found Leon..I must say hes turning out to be a great puppet after all." Darkrai said to her.

"Tch.." Tiffany scoffed at him.

"Well Tiffany you could join me too...and be on the winning side.. or I could just put that Hydro of yours into an internal nightmare..its your choice.. You love him don't you?" Darkrai cackled.

" What buisness of that is yours?" Tiffany growled.

"Well I'm saying that eventually all of your little friends will end uip joining me..even if I have to use force... I mean the corruption of power got Leon to be my puppet..I'm sure I can get Radian to join me if I do something about that brother of hers..and Marc will follow her either way." Darkrai said as if everyone one of the humans who had turned pokemon were toys.

"We're not toys Darkrai." Tiffany bluntly said to him.

"Ah yes but all I have to do is toy with everyones emotions and they will end up joining me..heh..It may actually be fun to toy with Radian and Marc..a never ending nightmare with the two of them..just seeing each other fight each other against there will..causing physical injury to each other..The methods of torture are endless when the person you targetting has someone they love." Darkrai cackled. Tiffany scowled.

"We won't be pawns in some sick game that your playing!!" Tiffany yelled.

"But your resistance makes it so much more fun..I wonder what would happen if I put you and hydro in a forced battle? Would you break down emotionally if one of you kiled the other? Heh..So many possibilities its making me giddy." Darkrai cackled at her.

Tiffany hissed at Darkrai angerly. "Well..If you join me hydro will stay safe.. if not..well..lets say hydro will ecome you worst enemy..I wonder what I can do t terroize Marc and Radian..So many possibilites...I can't wait to try them out." Darkrai cackled and disappeared and Tiffany opened her eyes it seemed like an enternity she had been in the vision but in real life terms it had only been a few minutes.

"Lets keep going Tiffany" Hydro said to the Mudkip who nodded. Her mind had now wondered what if Darkrai said was true... Would he continue to toy with everyone till they joined them?


The Grovyle was slowly traveling looknig for the time gears and was beggining to get frustrated..He had to find the people that had the time gears...

~meanwhile soemwhere else~

Darkrai floated there hesitently cursing to himself. Darkrai was plannig new methjods of torture and decided enough was enough. If he was going to tyr it out now was the time to do it.

Darkrai appeared in Radians dream and quickly turned it into nightmare...

"Radian..heh its been a long time..Hows Marc?" Darkrai said nonchantly. He sent a clone to enter marcs mind considering he was not asleep.. as well.

"Marc..How have you been I'm sure you've been having fun with Radian, no?" The two Darfkrai clones were now both now trying to torment the two pokemon.

"I see you two have fallen in love..Heh..its very interesting to see failures fall in love with each other..I wonder..does Radian really love you..or does she just pitty you?" The Darkrai in Radins dream tormented her as well telling her that he would do terrible things to Marc if she did not join Darkrais side.

"Radian..I will make sure Marc will be tortured..I;m not bluffing.." Darkrai cackled as she showed Radian a bloody Marc that had been badly injured the vision Marc said to her. "Why Radian..?Why did you do this to me?" the vision marc said to her as blood fell down the small vision pokemon body.

"Radian if you don't join me then..the same thing will happen to Tiffany and Toby.." Darkrai mocked showing her 2 more bloody bodies this time of Toby and Tiffany.

In Marc dream Darkrai began tormenting Marc as well. "Well Marc..I'd hate to see this happen to Radian.." Darkrai cackled and showed a vision Radian sitting in a corner she was badly beaten and crying.It was afs she had been mentally beat and emotionally torn.

"It isn't my fault..it isn't my fault..it isn't my fault..I'm not guilkty..STOP I'm not guilty..." The vision radian stuttered as tears fell down her face.

"I have powers Marc..I can damage radian beyond repair..And I could tell everyone it was you that drove her to insanity!" Darkrai cackled.

"Remember what i can do Radian, Marc.. heh.." the clone Darkrai cackeld and disappeared.

June 30th, 2008, 4:20 PM
@ Ghostprincess: Very nice sign up! I especially like the history, very eeriee and I like that style of events. Good. The only problem I have is, can you please read the rules...carefully.

And I've been meaning to get this up, so here's my sign up template.

My Sign-Up:

"I'm the next Pokemon Master!"

Full Name: Taichi Sugimori

Nickname: Tai

Age: 13

Birthday: 8th August

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Length: Tai's hair is long so that it covers his entire forehead and extends well past his eyebrows and ends just before his eyelashes. He usually brushes it to the side so it doesn't annoy his eyes.

Hair Style: Tai doesn’t really have a hair style, his head being covered by his hat most of the time.

Eye Color: Tai has bright crystal blue eyes that tend to stick out to most people as they're very bright.

Height: 5 Feet, 4 Inches

Weight: 110 Pounds

Body Structure: Tai has a strong upper body and a slim torso. He is not "buff" but not too frail either, it's a mix between them.

Basic Clothing: Tai wears a red pokemon cap facing forwards, above the visor it is black with a pokeball insignia. He wears a red jacket with black trimmings, sleeves, and collar over a clean white shirt. He wears a pair of blue jeans and has red white-bottom slip-on vans. He wears a small yellow traveling bag to carry his general necessities in such as berries and potions.

Pajamas: His pajamas are a white shirt and long, black shorts.

Bathing Suit: When he's having fun swimming, he wears crimson red trunks with a white pokeball insignia on the right side.

Accessories: Tai wears crimson wristbands over black fingerless gloves on each wrist and hand.

Personality: Pretty Retro style, careless nature. Tai's personality varies, but his main thought in his mind though is exploring.

Tai tends to be very nonchalant about things most of the time. He’s by no means easily intimidated, and doesn’t have an exceptionally short temper. Of course, when someone he cares about is harmed, he does get very angry at the one who did it to them and will fight to the death to prevent it from happening again.

As you might assume from the above statement, Tai also has a strong sense of justice. However, he firmly believes that right and wrong are just concepts, and that it’s what you do and what you believe in that matters in the end. He personally thinks that the lives of others take priority over his own, though he’s by no means incredibly selfless. However, he will gladly risk his life so that someone else can keep theirs without so much as a second’s hesitation.

Tai lacks patience, and prefers continuous action to repetitive and monotonous situations. He may even look for trouble for the sake of entertainment.

History: Tai was born to a rural house in the hills near Pallet town. He was raised by his loving grandmother where he learned to love Pokemon. When he was 11, Tai was going to receive his first Pokemon from Prof. Oak but his grandmother became ill so he had to remain at home and watch her. Two years passed and her condition became somewhat better. She decided she shouldn’t hold her grandson back so she allowed him to visit Prof. Oak.

Starter: Charmander

Final Party:

Pokemon: Charizard
Nickname: Charco
Nature: Bold Nature

Pokemon: Pidgeot
Nickname: Gee
Nature: Serious Nature

Pokemon: Pikachu
Nickname: Pika
Nature: Adament nature

Pokemon: Gyarados
Nickname: Gyara
Nature: Rash Nature

Pokemon: Victreebel
Nickname: Bell
Nature: Sassy Nature

Pokemon: Snorlax
Nickname: Lax
Nature: Naïve Nature

Other: Tai loves food and according to his grandmother he seems to have his father’s same talents with Pokemon.

RPG Sample:

It was another quiet day in Pallet Town. It was just as usual, the farmers began their daily routines, the children ran around playing with each other. The mothers began cooking breakfast, and in the fields to the north a young boy was alone. The boy stood in the long plains staring out into the field. This boy is Tai Sugimori, one of Pallet’s very few trainers. Tai is doing his usual training,

“Go Charco!” Tai released the orange behemoth. A dragon with two horns and large blue wings. The Charizard snorted before yelling,

“Let’s go!” Tai said. Charco nodded.
A young woman, about in her thirties, walked out of a nicely white-painted home with a beautiful red roof. She looked around; she had nice brown hair with a green sun-dress under a white apron.

The woman walked over a few steps to her neighbor’s home, a nicely painted blue home. She knocked on the door and a young woman, in her early twenties opened the door. She had light brown hair and dark brown eyes; she had on a white lab coat.

“Hello Daisy.” The woman greeted.

“Hello Misses Sugimori.” Daisy smiled.

“Have you seen Tai anywhere?” Daisy thought for a moment.

“Well I do believe he usually goes out to Route One to train.” Mrs. Sugimori nodded and walked out to the plains.

She knew how Tai didn’t want to get disturbed, so she hid behind a nearby rock and watched her son in action.

“Charco, Mega Punch!” The Charizard rushed towards a very large boulder and punched it, causing it to explode into thousands of pieces.

“Good Job, Bell! Vine Whip!” Tai ordered a large yellow plant Pokemon with a gaping mouth. It screeched and released a long green vine, using it to whip the remaining rocks far into the horizon. Tai smiled,

“Nice jobs guys. Return!” Tai smiled and looked around. The mother hid herself more carefully. Tai turned to find a young boy maybe a year or two older than himself. He had blonde hair and was dressed in baggy red clothes,

“Hey, you Tai?!” The boy yelled over. Tai nodded,

“Yeah. Why?” The boy chuckled,

“Well I hear you the big shot of Pallet, but Pallet isn’t that big. See, I’m the hotshot of Viridian. They call me Cooltrainer Mike.” Tai smiled,

“So, let me guess. You want to battle, right?” The boy nodded. Tai sighed,

“Okay let’s go! Pika!” Tai thrusted another pokeball onto the field to release a petit yellow mouse with a thunderbolt tail and red cheeks,

“Pika!” It yelled out cutely. The Cooltrainer burst into laughter,

“You’re gonna battle with that thing?!” Pika grumbled to himself and released a few sparks from his cheeks.

“This is a real pokemon! Magmar!” The Cooltrainer released a human shaped pokemon with flames covering its body.

“Magmar, Flamethrower!” The Magmar released a stream of flames.

“Pika! Thunderbolt!” The lightning bolt ran through the flames, parting it into two around the Pikachu. The bolt struck Magmar, frying it to the floor, swirls in its eyes.

The Cooltrainer was in shock, mouth gaping. Tai chuckled and recalled Pikachu,

“Train better, Mike.” He said as he walked away. His mother smiled proudly.

July 1st, 2008, 11:28 AM
Sean's Final Party:

Pokemon: Blastoise
Nickname: Blue
Nature: Hardy


Pokemon: Nidoking
Nickname: Spike
Nature: Naughty


Pokemon: Pinsir
Nickname: Crusher
Nature: Adament


Pokemon: Onix
Nickname: Steel
Nature: Lonely


Pokemon: Arcanine
Nickname: Wolf
Nature: Sassy


Pokemon: Eevee
Nickname: Cuddles
Nature: Jolly

July 1st, 2008, 3:43 PM
Thanks for upgrading your final party! ^_^

Okay, so you both are pretty much in. The only thing is, if you read the rules CAREFULLY...then you should have read rule 9. Please do so now.

July 1st, 2008, 7:09 PM
I did post it on your profile but unfortunetly I can't do a characters templete cause I do not know how ;-; *sweatdrop of shame*

So if you could tell me how then I'm good

1. I'm bad with sprites >.>;
2.I'm bad with technical stuff,
3. I'm only good at psoting stories :x

July 1st, 2008, 7:51 PM
I edited my profile and I'm ready to go!

July 1st, 2008, 8:07 PM
Okay, brawler your OFFICIALLY ACCEPTED!

And ghostprincess, your template is good. You don't need a sprite, its cool. The only thing wrong is that you didn't type, "I'm going to be the next Pokemon Master", above your sign-up.

July 1st, 2008, 9:24 PM
My templete is al edited and ready to Go :3 So you may begin now :3 If you want ._.;

July 1st, 2008, 9:31 PM
Tai's Adventure Starts!

In a battlefield at the Indigo Stadium of Kanto, the goal of many Pokemon trainers, two specific trainers were opposing each other. The Trainer on the red side of the field had sent out a purple demon with a nasty smile; a Gengar. The opposite green side had chosen a Nidorino, a purple Pokemon with a large horn and spikes on his back. The chosen Nidorino reared up, sending poison spikes from his back, which were launched at Gengar. The Gengar's trainer's eyes narrowed, and he ordered his Gengar to dodge. The Gengar started to move out of the way-

“Tai! Tai honey, get up! You’ll be late!” Tai’s mom’s voice flitted through the air upstairs to where a massive pile was sleeping, buried under a mountain of comics and blankets, the pillow over its would-be head. The scream from his mother woke him up from his dream.

“Mhnmmmm………” The pile groaned, then bolted upright, the blankets and cd’s falling off it like water off a cliff. Once the pile had fallen off, it revealed a young boy of about thirteen with dark brown hair and chocolate eyes, dressed in a white shirt and black shorts.

This was Tai Sugimori, notorious prankster of Pallet Town’s Pokemon School, and a soon to be pokemon trainer.

In about five minutes…

“Crap!” The boy swore under his breath, jumping out of bed. He hurriedly changed into a plain white shirt and his signature red jacket, black trimmings, black collar, and black sleeves with a pair of blue, denim jeans over a pair of white and red sneakers. He ran towards the door and took the two red wristbands on the handle and put them on followed by black, fingerless gloves. The boy then hurtled down the stairs, two at a time.

Tai’s mother was a pretty woman of about 30. With a pink apron, happy smile, and her Ivysaur house-helper at her side, there wasn’t a single chore Mom couldn't do. Tai gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and grabbed a piece of toast that lay in a heap on the table.

“Morning sweetie. How’d you sleep?” Mom asked.

“Horribly. I was too excited to sleep.” Tai mumbled truthfully through a mouthful of toast and sweatdropped.

“Oh, so that’s why you woke up late.” Mom giggled as she gave a bowl of milk to Ivysaur.

“Saur, Ivy, ivy……” The green pokemon smiled and slurped the milk happily.

“Yeah……..” Tai mumbled and gulped his orange juice. “Man, I better get going. Places to go, people to see.”

Mom giggled again. “You’ve grown so much. I’m proud of you. Now here’s you’re traveling bag, I stocked it with everything you’ll need. Toothbrush, compass, some pokeballs I picked up, sleeping bag, extra boxers……..”

“Mom………” Tai flushed and grabbed his bag from the table.

Mom laughed and placed her son’s red, official Pokemon cap on Tai’s head. “Don’t forget to call me when you get to Viridian City.”

“I won’t.” Tai hugged his mom tightly and then smiled. “See ya later!!” He smiled and then patted Ivysaur on the head as he raced out the door.


The late morning sun hung in the sky like a lazy, oversized glowing bug. It was too bright. It was too early.

IT WAS TOO DAMN COLD! Tai cursed mentally. This was tiresome. Professor Oak’s lab was too far away for its own good. Just when he was beginning to think violent thoughts that involved the dear professor’s death, the tallest spire of his quaint farm/lab appeared on the horizon. The boy charged up the hill, and burst through the door……..

“PROFESSOR! GOOD MORNING!” He shouted, barging in and walking up to the professor, who was standing behind a counter, looking at a large book.

Graying hair, tanned skin and a nice white lab coat completed Oak’s look. He had the air of a jolly old man who had experienced much in his life, too much perhaps. He looked up at Tai, smiling.

“There you are! Glad you came.”

“Whew! Thanks…I thought I was late.”

”No..." Oak looked around, "You are actually the first one. So go ahead. Pick your starter while I go get your pokedex." The man walked to the back of the room as Tai looked at the labels.




'I like Bulbasaur's type combo, but I like Charmander's evolutions. Yup, I've made my decision.' He reached his hand out and released the small creature from its chamber with a bright red light.

The laser light morphed into a solid, orange lizard.

"I choose you! Charmander!" Tai yelled out happily as Prof. Oak came back.

"Charmander? Great choice, you two will do well together! Here is your pokedex, or Dexter is how it is preferred to be called." Tai looked wierdly at the professor.

"Is how IT is preffered to be called?" He quoted the professor. Oak nodded,

"Yes, Dexter here is a special invention that has somewhat a personality. Every different Pokedex has a different personality to suit their trainer. It's quite ingenious if you ask me. Now wait on the sofa over there until the other trainers come." Tai nodded and lunged at the sofa, confertable. He just sat there, waiting...

July 1st, 2008, 9:54 PM
He hadn't slept well...at all.

The black-haired Pokemon Trainer was walking along a narrow dirt path, the morning sun at his back, on his way into Pallet Town from his house on the outskirts of the village. He was wearing a dark gray vest with a light-gray t-shirt beneath it. The vest had many pockets, just like his black khaki cargo pants did. Trotting along at a fairly good pace in his white and gray shoes, despite his lack of sleep, the 14-year-old teen tightened the straps on his gray back-pack a bit to ensure that the contents inside wouldn't spill. His dad had given him some Poke Balls and a few Potions to start his journey with, and Sean knew they would help greatly.

Finally reaching the town of Pallet, the boy made his way directly towards Professor Oak's large white lab. Stepping through the glass doors as his gray eyes adjusted to the new lighting, the soon-to-be Pokemon Trainer noticed another boy with brown hair and red clothing standing next to what appeared to be an orange lizard Pokemon.

"Good morning, Sean Florian," the white-haired Professor said to Sean. "I'm glad you finally made it into the Lab. Tai here just recieved his first Pokemon."

"Cool," Sean said, giving a nod of his head to the stranger. "I guess that means I'm next?"

The Professor nodded his head as he held up the two remaining Poke Balls.

"One of these is Squirtle, the water-type Pokemon. The other is Bulbasaur, the grass-type Pokemon. Which one would you like?"

Sean had been waiting for this moment for five years now, and he knew without a doubt which Pokemon he would choose. Thankfully, Tai had chosen Charmander, leaving Sean to choose the Pokemon he had wanted since before he was ten years old.

"I'll take Squirtle," the new Pokemon Trainer replied, grabbing the ball from Professor Oak.

"And take this, too," Oak said as he handed a small red computer to Sean. "It is called a Pokedex. It is a high-tech encyclopedia capable of recording information on any Pokemon you come across. I'm sure you will find it useful on your journey."

"Thanks," Sean said, putting the Pokedex into his pocket. "Well, I guess I should let Squirtle out and meet him."

Tossing his Poke Ball to the ground, the brand new Pokemon Trainer watched in awe as his tiny turtle Pokemon appeared in a burst of light.

"SQUIRTLE!" it said in a raspy voice, running over to Sean's leg and hugging it tightly.

Sean patted the Pokemon's head, very happy to see it as well. He, too, decided to sit down, right next to Tai, in hopes that the last Trainer would come soon.

July 1st, 2008, 9:58 PM
Rin slowly got up out of bed..She was now living at her grandmothers hiding from her parents. Rin yawned and looked at her pajams and put on a slight smirk. "Todays the day I start my journey..Pssh.. I'll show my damn parents that hey will be sorry for abandoning me!" Rin scowled as she changed out of her pajams..folded them neatly and put them in her bag. She quickly got into her Black jeans and the midnight blue turtle neck cover the scarrs and finally put on her shoes. She was ashamed to look at any type of scarr she had. She stomped downstairs still knowing full well her grandmother was still asleep.. Rin made sure everything was packed neatly and left the house never to look back.

"I'm leaving now." Rin scowled before leaving the house.

As she looked at the morning sky and a few pidgeys were cooing lightly she smirked and went on her way. People stared at the smirk she had on er face wondering why she had a smirk this early in the morning.

"Finally..I can leave this dump and begin my journey." Rin said sarcastically as her pink gaze shifted to the road in front of her.

"Excuse me miss?" A voice called out to her,

"What the heck doyou want?" Rin sarcastically said to the boy who had approached her.

"I was just wondering if you had any-" The boy couldn't finish sentence before RIn gave him a slap on the face.

"What was that for?!" The boy yelled holding his now red cheek.

"Never ask anything from anyone." Rin said to him coldy. The boy stormed off still holding his red cheek and Rin continued on her way.

~~~At the lab~~

The wind swayed as Rin stood outside the lab and she scowled.She couldn't believe she had to go HERE of all places. "Hmmph..Most likely this Proffeser will just gie me y pokemon and send me on my way...thats what I've heard..boring little proffessers..they probably had no lives. Rin entered the lab and Oak greeted her.

"You msut be Rin..no?" Oak said and Rin glared at him.

"Of couse I am? ARE YOU BLND?!" Rin shouted at Proffeser Oak angerly.

"Oh..yes..I heard you had a bit of a temper.." Oak mumbled and sweatdropped.

"Just give me my pokemon and send me on my way..Thats what all you Proffesers do, no?" Rin sarcastically said to him.

"Well go ahead and choose.." Oak mumbled.

"Bulbasaur,Charmander or Squirtle huh?" Rin mumbled.

"Hmm...I think I'll choose..Bulbasaur." Rin said grabbing the pokeball with a leaf sticker on it.

"Good choice...?" Oak mumbled unsure if Rin should own a pokemon at all.

"Come on out Bulbasaur." Rin mumbled opeing the pokeball revealing the tiny plant pokemon.

"Bulbasaur!" The pokemon cried out shaking a bit after glancing at Rin who was surprisingly not glaring at the tiny pokemon.

"Here take this pokedex..ts called dexter..and each has there own personality to suit the trainer." oak said nervously handing the pokedex to Rin. Rin said nothing as she grabbed the pokedex from Oak and walked away spotting a trainer waiting with a Charmander... and a new trainer about her age with a squirtle. Rin put on a slight glare at the two and leaned against the wall and waiting for Proffeser Oak to say something.

July 2nd, 2008, 9:53 AM
Prof. Oak sweatdropped at the new girl he just encountered,

"Ummm...hello trainers. I have already given each of you your pokedex, this Pokedex has a data bank capable of storing every bit of data you need on your journey. So remember, use it often. I remember when I was a Pokemon Trainer, I didn't have this here gadget. I had to rely on instict, and basic survival skills." Tai's eyes widened,

"Survival skills? We're just going on a journey to collect some badges and battle the Elite Four, right?" Oak sighed.

"Tai. You...are an odd boy." Oak started, Tai sweatdropped. "The Pokemon World if FILLED with dangers, from dangerous pokemon to dangerous people!" This surprised the trainers,

"Now, due to the Gym Orginization I cannot reveal any more information to you trainers. So just promise me," Oak has a serious look on his face. "Be careful!" If looks could kill, the new trainers would be dead.

Tai nodded and stood up, saluting the professor.

"Don't worry Professor Oak! I'll take care of these trainers for you!" Tai chuckled. Oak chuckled as well,

"If you didn't know, your the youngest out of you three." Tai turned around and then turned to the professor.

"Oh, well...I'll still lead this group of trainers to safety and beyond!" Tai marched out of the lab. Leaving a dumbfounded room,

"He is an odd boy." Was the last thing Oak said.


Tai stood on the outskirts of Pallet Town, right where a sign stood with two arrows pointing in opposite directions. Tai read the sign:

> Pallet Town
< Route One

Tai smiled as his adventure was about to begin.

July 2nd, 2008, 10:09 AM
Sean wasn't quite sure how to react to this Tai character. He seemed nice enough, but he was a little...well...Sean wasn't quite sure. After listening to Professor Oak's speech, Sean admitted that he certainly was a bit nervous about his journey now. What exactly was Oak reffering to?

The black-haired Pokemon Trainer noticed the girl, gave her a nod, and then saw that Tai was leaving the Lab. Following behind his "leader" (although Sean was very hesitant to call him this), the new Pokemon Trainer walked right behind him until, eventually, they had made their way to the edge of Pallet Town and the beginning of Route 1.

"So, you excited yet?" Sean asked the brown-haired boy. "I know I am. I can't wait to get to our first Gym Leader and test myself."

Waiting for a response from the youth, Sean stood there, waiting, with his Squirtle standing next to him in the early morning sun.

July 2nd, 2008, 10:16 AM
Rin scowled at Proffesser Oak as he was warning them about the Pokemon worled. "The Pokemon World if FILLED with dangers, from dangerous pokemon to dangerous people! Now, due to the Gym Orginization I cannot reveal any more information to you trainers. So just promise me.. You'll be safe." Oak said.

"Pssh, my parents were dangerous you don't see me warning anyone." Rin had a cold look on her face and then she heard a boy say, "Don't worry Professor Oak! I'll take care of these trainers for you!" Rin looked at the boy as he walked out.

"I'm not a child." Rin said coldly following him out. Rin saw him standing there waiting to start an adventure. He seemed to be the excited type stood there not saying anyhing all she did was look at her new bulbasaur and she kneeled down and began petting it.

"Don't worry..I'll show them I'm worth something..." Rin said still petting the you Bulbasaur. She too waiting for this so called ''Adventure'', but Rin wasn't to excited about it..all she wanted to do is show her parents that it was a mistake disowning her and treating her like crap for the past 14 years. Still petting the bulbasaur she returned it to its pokeball and waited as well..

July 2nd, 2008, 10:28 AM
OOC: Check out the OOC thread for some cool info.

Tai smiled as the black hair boy asked him a question, Tai nodded.

"Of course. Now come on, let's go to Route One!" Tai dashed into the fields that were Route One. The other two following, Tai was an eager type and wanted to catch a pokemon right away. He looked at the other two,

"So, what pokemon do you think are around here?" He asked the other two as he flipped open his pokedex,

"Locating...yzng...***..." Tai then heard a ding sound,

"Pokemon List as follows. One: Pidgey; Two: Rattata; Three: Pokemon Uhknown." Tai looked strangely at the Pokedex. Then looked around for any sign of an uhknown pokemon,

"Guys, do you see a-" Tai was cut when a shadow caught his eye and the boy did a double take.

The shadow was standing in the bushes, silently.

It was there, tall and imposing upon the back drop of peaceful green foliage.

Tai shuddered. It was staring at him; he could feel its eyes boring into his. Tai raised his finger, trying to alert the other trainers.

His eyes were watering, he couldn't maintain contact. Every fiber in his body told him to blink.

So he did.

And when the boy looked back, it was gone.

What had that been?

July 2nd, 2008, 7:13 PM
Sean, having lost Tai as the Trainer sprinted ahead of him, began running to catch up, with Squirtle right behind him, running as fast as his little stubby legs would take him. Stepping through the soft grass as he went, the gray-eyed Trainer finally made it to Tai's position, where he was silently staring at a mysterious figure.

Squirtle seemed just as nervous as Sean was about this thing. He had no idea what it was, and he certainly couldn't get a clear view of it. Was it a Pokemon? He honestly had no idea and, as he continued to watch the figure for the few moments it was there, suddenly, it dissapeared. Taken aback by this, the Pokemon Trainer was silent for a moment. Noticing Tai's fearful look as well, Sean spoke to him.

"What the heck was that?" he finally whispered, not wanting to disturb the mysterious figure. "Did you get a good look at it?"

Sean, subconsciously, had taken a defensive position in case the creature decided to return. He knew he probably wouldn't be able to do much to it, but he'd rather go down fighting than to just stand there and get attacked. Squirtle, following its Trainer's example, was doing the same.

Sean then noticed that they had left the other girl behind. He had forgotten her name already, and felt slightly bad for it. Thinking about going back for her to see if she was alright, yet scared to move, the Trainer hesitantly awaited Tai's response.

July 2nd, 2008, 8:38 PM
Rin followed the two other trainers who had spotted something and were obviously worried.

"What the heck was that?" the black haired trainer said worridly. Rin just smirked and looked around and saw nothing.

"I don't see anything." Rin coldly said looking at the two worried trainers..If she had to travel with them..this was gonna be a LONG journey....

"If you too are gonna get scared of every little shadow you see then whats the point of being trainers? You won;t be sleeping in your warm beds anymore. Things are different now." Rin said with some sarcasm in her voice, she was of course misnterrpiting the sitituation.. She actually had no idea what it was was they saw so nstead should just decided to say , "It was probably some type of pokemon."

Rin said trying to convince herself that it was most likely a pokemon who had gotten lost from where it was supposed to be. Rin didn't give much thought to it and decided that it was best not to know what that pokemon or 'thing' was. She looekd at the two boys. Rin new that traveling with two boys would be a very..interesting experience..or a bad experience but... she knew that this adventure wasn't about making friends or any crap like that....it was too prove herself and her parents that she was NOT a failure.

"So what makes you want to go on a pokemon journey?" Rin said with a bit of curiosity but she still snickering at them. FUll knowing that they wouldn't have the same reasons as her but she wanted to know..Why in world two boys like them would even attempt a journey.

"If I'm going to ask them they are going to ask me as well.." Rin thought to herself. She waiting for a response still manage to keep up a snicker,she could feel herself begin to shake a bit but shook it off and looked at the two boys once more. She was distracted by when she heard a distinct voice..

"Raaaaatttata!" The voice called out.

"A Rattata huh?" Rin mumbled taking out Bulbasaurs pokeball. "Go Bulbasaur!" Rin yelled, but first things first she needed to register its data in te pokeball.


"Rattata the Mouse Pokemon.Cautious in the extreme, its hardy vitality lets it live in any kind of environment."

"Interesting." Rin gave a sight sarcastic smile. "Alright bulbasaur...use tackle." Rin said calmly as the Bulbasaur was unsure for a moment but went and charged at it knocking the Rattata down.

"Rattata!" The pokemon called out. The bulbasaur charged at it once again and knocking the Rattata down again this time it was weaker though. Rin let out a slight triumphet grin and yelled "Go Pokeball!" Rin through the only pokeball she had gotten and it hit the Rattata encapsulating it in the pokeball.

Shake..Shake...The pokeball settled and Rin had caught her first pokemon. She gave a snicker and picked up the pokeball. Bulbasaur gave a true triumphet smiled and wanted to get hug and a good job but it didn't. It was quivkly returned to its pokeball and put back in her bag along with Rattatas. "Hmmph." Rin smirked and turned bag to the two trainers and returned to the topic that she had previously asked, "Why did you wanan be a trainer in the first place?"

ooc: sorry I put in some random battle but i had to ake the post lnoger x.x;

July 3rd, 2008, 9:10 AM
OOC: It's okay, but just a bit of info. I'm in charge of what pokemon appear and what attacks the have an such. okay?

Congratulation! You have caught a Female Rattata. New Dex Entry has been added, check your Pokedex[OOC Thread] for its stats. Would you like to give it a nickname?


Tai snapped out of the encounter with that shadow and turned around, a wild Rattata had appeared. Tai grinned and grasped Charco's pokeball, but as soon as he was about to release Charco the "Evil Girl" as he refers to her, had released her Bulbasaur. Tai turned around slightly and mumbled,

"Hmph! I could've caught that Rattata too. Charco's way better than Bulbasaur." Tai mumbled as he rubbed Charco's pokeball. He walked over to the girl,

"So ummm...what's yer name? I'm Tai. Tai Sugimori." He squinted at the "Evil Girl". The girl wasn't given time to respond as the earth had a slight tremor,

"What was that?" Tai looked around and spotted a large cloud of dust headed their way. Tai backed up and pointed Dexter at it,


A bright ding was heard as Dexter's blue orb glowed as it spoke,

"Those are Rattata! And a whole lot of 'em! Cautious in the extreme, its hardy vitality lets it live in any kind of environment. So my usual advice would be to battle them, but according to my calculations...there are about 20 Rattata there. Most of them Level 4, so I suggest that you run. NOW!

Tai gulped, and stuffed Dexter into his pocket. He turned to the other trainers,

"You heard the gadget! Run!" Tai dashed away.

Blazekick doom
July 3rd, 2008, 9:19 AM
Can I join the roleplay please?

July 3rd, 2008, 9:24 AM
Okay, but please post in the OOC thread. And read my latest post for any people who still want to join.

July 3rd, 2008, 12:59 PM
Although Sean was impressed by the girl's ability to capture the wild Rattata, he didn't have to be told twice to get his behind in gear. Taking a page out of Tai's book after hearing was his Pokedex had to say, Sean took off in a full-out sprint after summoning Squirtle, or Blue (as he decided to nickname it), back into its Poke Ball.

Running at full speed, he assumed that the girl would be right behind them, so he chose to answer her question while on the run.

"I became a Trainer so that I could finally be free and on my own," Sean told her. "I can explain later."

Then, just as fast as Sean thought he'd lost the purple rat Pokemon, one of them jumped out in front of him, fangs beared. Not hesitating to act, Sean tossed out his Poke Ball containing Blue, and the blue turtle appeared in a flash of white light.

"SQUIRTLE!" the tiny turtle Pokemon exclaimed as it faced off against its new foe.

Both Pokemon instantly flew at each other with Tackle attacks, with Blue being a bit stronger and heavier, so it was able to overpower the Rattata and send it flying backwards. Reacting quickly on its injured opponent, Sean's Squirtle charged forth and performed a spinning Tail Whip on the now-recovering normal-type Pokemon. The wild Rattata was momentarily stunned by the attack, stumbling on its feet. Blue reacted once more, Tackling it and sending the Rattata down hard as it drove the wild Pokemon into the ground hard. It did not recover this time.

"Nice work, Blue!" Sean complimented.

Addmitedly, he did feel bad about hurting the wild Pokemon and just leaving it there, but Sean knew the health of his new companions and their Pokemon was on the line. Sean Florian then realized something. His battle with the wild Rattata had slowed his progress down significantly and he was now surrounded by the normal-type Pokemon. They all growled and snarled at him, and Sean knew right then that he was in trouble. Blue wouldn't be able to defeat them all by itself.

"Uh, guys?" he called out, hoping for some assistance.

July 3rd, 2008, 2:46 PM
Rin stood there holding the pokeball when she heard a voice say to her. "So ummm...what's yer name? I'm Tai. Tai Sugimori." Rin was about to respond taht had seemed to be glaring at her angerly as if he was about to slap her when the Earth around them began to tremor.

"Those are Rattata! And a whole lot of 'em! Cautious in the extreme, its hardy vitality lets it live in any kind of environment. So my usual advice would be to battle them, but according to my calculations...there are about 20 Rattata there. Most of them Level 4, so I suggest that you run. NOW!" Tai's pokedex yelled and Tai took off and so did Sean so she assumed. Yet again she was supposed to follow them. While Sean was running he answered her questioned about why he became a trainer.

""I became a Trainer so that I could finally be free and on my own,I can explain later." Sean told Rin. Rin looked around it seemed that they had lost the tiny purple rat pokemon but one suddenly attacked Sean bearing its fangs angerly. AT that precise moment Sean threw out his Squirtle.

SQUIRTLE!" The tiny shell pokemon called out. The two attacked each other with tackles but luckily Squirtle had been strong enough to defeat the Rattata. "Hmm I guess your not all that bad after all." Rin said to Sean. As she assumed they had lost the last of them she egan to breathe a sigh of releaf with a slight cough knowing ull well running was not the best thing for her.

"Nice work Blue!" Sean told his Squirtle who was smiling happily at Seans compliment, but when Rin was about to say something she saw all the Rattata gathered around Sean. "Uh guys..?" Sean said askig for soem assitance.

"GO BULBASAUR!" Rin yelled as she throwed a pokeball and it revealed the tiny planht pokemon.

"Bulbasaur its time for a battle..and an outnumbered one at that.." Rin mumbled to her pokemon that nodded.

"Bulbasaur!" Bulbasaur yelled charging at the rat pokemon trying to impress its trainer.

July 3rd, 2008, 4:35 PM
As Tai was sprinting Sean and the girl had caught up and Sean had decided to answer the girl's question, here of all places!

"I became a Trainer so that I could finally be free and on my own,I can explain later." Sean told the evil girl. Tai was getting pretty tired, he wasn't in shape. He opened his mouth to answer the evil girl's question when he noticed they weren't with him. He stopped in his tracks to see Sean battling a Rattata.

"What are you doing? Battling the Rattata is the worst possible way to run away from the Rattata!" Sean obviously didn't hear him and fainted the Rattata. Then, to his dismay the whole pack had circled him and Tai sighed. The evil girl had gone to! Tai slapped his forhead,

"You people are so stubborn! Your so hard to lead! God!" Tai sprinted back and jumped over the circle to reach his two new companions. Tai smirked as the evil girl released her Bulbasaur.

"Let's go Charco! Let's do this!" The three starters attacked the pack. They managed to divide the pack into three groups.

*Cool battle music starts*

"Charco, scratch!" Charco pounded a Rattata to the side. The Rattata's all leapt at Charco at the same time. Tai snapped his right fingers,

"Now! Growl!" Charco grinned and let out a high pitched growl, stunning all the Rattatas. Tai smirked and scratched the air,

"Scratch attack! Now, all of them!" Charco quickly dashed to all the stunned Rattatas and sliced them. He grinned, but it soon faded as one of the Rattas tackled Charco down. Tai cluched his pokedex,

"This one appears to be their leader. The strongest one, he's Level 4. So watch out, he's only a little bit weaker than Charco." Dexter said. Tai nodded,

"Let's go Charco, Scratch!" Charco growled and scratched the mouse to the side. But it soon came back with a Tail whip,

"Growl!" The Rattata was taken a back and stunned,

"Now, this wouldn't hurt anyone!" He threw a pokeball at the mouse and capture it. He grinned,

"Well that was a work out! And this new little guy...Ratty!" Tai grinned and struck a piece sign pose. Charco joining.

"Oh yeah. We're too cool!" Ratty seemed to give a piece sign too.

Rattata Battle:

Sean's Group:

Level 3 Rattata w/ quirky nature
Level 3 Rattata w/ quirky nature
Level 3 Rattata w/ impish nature
Level 4 Rattata w/ impish nature

Rin's Group:

Level 2 Rattata w/ quirky nature
Level 3 Rattata w/ quirky nature
Level 3 Rattata w/ quirky nature
Level 4 Rattata w/ impish nature

July 4th, 2008, 12:53 AM
"I will be the greatest Pokemon Master of all time! ^^; Well, that is if nobody else minds..." -Adelina

Full Name: Adelina Amora Rose
Nickname: Lina
Age: Thirteen
Birthday: The Seventeenth of September
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Adelina's hair is a most peculiar shade of silver, being almost too light to actually considered it, but just slightly darker than your average shade of white. Her fine, pale hair is adorned with a couple lone streaks, fuschia in color, and while one graces the pigtail on her right side, the other runs the length on the pigtail on her other side, almost exactly in the same place, but then again not quite.
Hair Length: As mentioned before, Adelina wears her hair in two pigtails, set low so that they trail down over her upper torso, ending just below her petite little chest. When let loose, her hair cascades in soft little ripples to just above her delicate waist. When let down, her Adelina's hair is so thick that at times it appears to be swallowing her tiny form completely. Her bangs are nothing but a couple of stray strands constantly falling into her line of vision, for some reason much shorter than her surrounding hair, much too short for her to simply just sweep them up and get them out of the way. These few pesky strands are a constant annoyance to Adelina.
Hair Style: Haha. Just described it in above paragraph. *Points* See? ^^; Sorry, I kinda' skipped over the form..
Eye Color: A most startling hue of gold.
Height: About 5'3'
Weight: Ninety-five pounds.
Body Structure: The overall form of Adelina can be described only as "petite". From her thin shoulders to her short, yet magnificently sculpted legs, Adelina received her fair amount of teasing from the other kids, and not surprisingly, was almost always picked last when it came to picking people for Sports teams, and was hardly ever chosen for cooperative events such as "The Three-legged Race" for her rather small stature. What she lacks in height and weight though, Adelina makes up for in speed. Much like her chipper little Eevee, when Adelina feels the need for it, she'll easily outrun even the fastest of people and Pokemon, leaving the astounded creatures trailing behind choking on a cloud of her dust.

Basic Clothing: A short but tight little Sundress that perfectly hugs against her tiny form, starting out exceptionally tight at the top before blossoming out near the bottom. The dress, a cheery shade of pastel pink, falls to just below the beginning of her thighs, and is trimmed with a slightly darker series of silken ruffles at the very bottom. The straps are tied at the tops with smart little bows of the same hue and fabric, the likes of these which also adorn the tops of the pigtails in Adelina's hair. The dress itself is quite plain, sporting nothing but a tiny pocket at the top much near her upper chest that is much too small to contain anything at all, and is decorated on top with a single dancing Clefairy.
Pajamas: A rather adorable if not childish pair of Clefairy-themed Pajamas, consisting of a pastel pink tank top and a pair of matching short shorts. The bottoms of the short shorts are trimmed in black, and on the very front of the tank top, a print of several Clefairies dancing hands joined in a circle, around a strange-looking large rock. On the back of the tank top, a tiny silken set of Clefairy wings, jutting out but still attached to the tank top itself, and a hood for particularly chilly nights, with black-tipped Clefairy ears attached.
Bathing Suit: Aplain-looking pink Bikini, nothing special, save for a print of a Magikarp splashing about on the back of the Bottoms.
Accessories: A soft plush backpack she keeps strapped constantly across her back, one which is very dear to her, and is in the shape of a standard Clefairy. Within this abnormally backpack she keeps but a few things, a soft cotton blanket, no, not pink, but light blue actually, with a print of Eevee in various poses (Rolling around in a ball, darting to snatch up apples and berries, one chasing a Chansey curled up in a ball, and one jumping ecstatically high into the air. Also keeps a soft plush of a Haunter stowed away inside her tiny backpack, aswell as a Thermos shaped as a Clefable. A book is also present inside, "On the origins of Mewtwo, a manmade disaster."

Personality: Adelina's personality is a difficult one to put precisely into words, as since she does tend to be an incredibly passionate person, not only about Pokemon, but about everything she believes in general, she is apt to intense mood swings. These mood swings occur when she is even minorly offended or angered, but while though she is quick to lapse into a moment of emotional chaos, she is thankfully just as quick to snap out of it and return to normal. A hopeless romantic, Adelina can't help but fall in love (not literally) with everyone and everything she meets, and even when encoutering someone or something absolutely rotten to the core, can't help but develop a soft spot for it and defend its actions, no matter how vile. Her passion for all living creatures has led her into trouble once or twice before, and makes her especially vulnerable and manipulative, as she is overly quick to side with someone and trust them. It doesn't take much for one to befriend Adelina, but once they do, they have a faithful friend for life. She values Pokemon and people equally, and would without a moments' hesitation give her life for someone who helped or saved her. Her obvious weakness is cute Pokemon, and this is Adelina's major downfall, as she will go to great lengths for Pokemon she finds particularly appealing. While this has lead her to be quickly tricked and outsmarted by many Pokemon, it has earned her quite a few friends in wild Pokemon. This was how she met Ciel, who was a maltreated sideshow attraction Pokemon at the traveling circus, and who Adelina found in the process of trying to tackle himself out of a small, metal cage inbetween the performances. She managed to lift off with the little cage and get him safely home, but by the time she returned with assistance to bust the remaining Pokemon out, they were all gone..

History: Born to a mother who could never even hope to keep this baby girl, Adelina was put up for adoption soon after birth. Without even a name or a home to go to, Adelina was thrust into a home for children where for the first nine years of her life, shewasn't cared for as a sole individual, but as part of a group. Little Adelina wasn't even called as such until after her adoption. At the orphanage, she was referred to as Aimee. While at the orphanage, she became particularly close to a boy just slightly older than she, his name being Charles. The whole friendship began when the other children were beginning to notice how Adelina's size paled in comparison to their own, and began taking advantage of her for it. At first it was just all harmless fun, they carried her around in their arms like a "baby doll", they used her small size to sneak them food from the kitchen. But then, it wasn't so harmless anymore. They were shoving her around knowing she could do absolutely nothing back, teasing her mercilessly, as they had nobody else to scorn, and demanding she hand over every bite of food she received. Little "Charlie" minded his own business for some time, trying to stay out of it, but eventually, the sight of the frail little girl being pushed around got to him, especially one as pretty and delicate as Adelina, and he started trying to befriend her. With Adelina's sweet and friendly personality, this didn't take long at all, and soon the duo were inseperable. They did everything together, from mock Pokemon battles to bike-riding together, and whenever forced apart, went into the darkest state of despair. For three years, little Charlie and Adelina were happy, and nobody picked on her ever again. This was all soon to change, though. A couple with a young son came into the Orphanage seeking a playmate for him, and upon first glimpse of little Adelina, the young boy demanded they bring her home. Even at the young age of seven, he was smitten with the petite little girl, and though he had first entered the orphanage seeking a little brother, thought little Adelina would do just fine. The boy was doing her no favor, though, as he was bratty and especially spoiled by his overly-doting parents, so Adelina was forced to comply to his every demand. Drug away from her one and only true friend in the world, and made slave to a very fickle rotten little boy, Adelina became miserable, sinking into an incurable depression as each day passed and she was forced into doing more and more.. The boy, named Sable, had everything his heart desired while Adelina was chided constantly and given only enough to meet the most basic of her needs. As she grew older and wiser, but still maintained her tiny form, Adelina began to worry about Sable, as he became nearer and nearer to adolescense, would one day try to take advantage of her. She wanted to run, run far away and find Charlie, if only to see how he was doing, but she needed a sign. Seeing the Eevee who later became known as Ciel seemed to set everything in motion, and after salvaging him from that dirty little circus on the day that Sable insisted on going, she set her heart on first becoming a Pokemon master, and saving even more victimized helpless little Pokemon in the process.

Starter: Eevee (Ciel) Male
Final Party: I really haven't a clue yet, though I know for certain that I want her to have a Clefairy. I want her to just catch as she goes along, you know? Maybe an Aerodactyl as well. ^^; And i'm not sure if we're allowed to use Umbreon, since technically it is second generation, but Eevee can evolve into him.. So idk. If that's not allowed, Ciel will remain an Eevee.

Other: Nada. <3 Oh, Adelina's ideal type of guy is one who is incredibly powerful and in control of his team, yet also manages to be kind and treats his Pokemon as equals at the same time. Tiger Lilies cute Pokemon are her only weaknesses.
RPG Sample: Just a snippet from PMD, GP-chan's RP. ^^; Mind you, this isn't the whole post. The full post is gargantuan, taking me nearly three hours to write. If you'd like to read it, it's the last post i've made on the last page of that RP. Written just a few days ago, in fact.
"So you meant, of course, the inverse as well! If we're apart, then nothing's okay, right? Which is why.." Radian paused in her self-coversation to pant, and then catch her breath. "Which is why.. i'm coming back. We will.. be together soon enough!" As Radian finished saying this, Marc and Leon came back into her view, but for some reason Groudon was absent from the picture. Radian had no time to ponder this though, as in no time at all, she was approaching Marc, and fast. Maybe.. Yes definitely, too fast. As she attempted to skid to a halt right before him, Radian found her forelegs becoming entangled within her hindlegs, and clumsily, she found herself rolling into a little brown ball of fur, tumbling about before colliding into Marc's stout little body. Toppling over onto him, Radian could just grin ecstatically from atop him, panting wildly as she smiled from ear to ear, her head falling blissfully atop his own. Trying to catch her breath as it escaped her in ragged little gasps, Radian inched her body forward, pressing her lips to Marc's ear as she whispered into it.

"You thought you'd try to be the hero while we all ran away like pansies, huh Marc? Well think again.. i'm a heroine at heart, and I'm not going to let you get away with all the attention.. and glory that comes with it. So from now on, we'll fight together, okay? No more trying to be all big and macho and sacrifice yourself to protect me.. and the others..We're all a team, remember?" As she said this, Radian found herself unable to go on, her heart pounding too wildly within her frail chest, and simply just lay against her friend, savoring the contact, no matter how brief it might be.

OOC: Soo there you have it. Hope it met your standards. Sorry I rushed the history a bit, my wrist is aching like bollocks. So will you be controlling Lina's wanderings too? Because if you don't mind, i'd like some direction. Oh, and is she allowed to stay with the group? It might get a bit lonely if she constantly has to wander about on her own. xx;

July 4th, 2008, 5:01 AM
Seeing Tai and Rin's excellent displays of battle prowess in their conflicts with the wild Pokemon, Sean was certainly impressed by them. Notcing Charco's ability to battle several Pokemon at once, Sean wasn't sure if Blue could replicate that feat. He would try though, if Sean asked. That was sure.

The tiny turtle Pokemon dodged the first attacker, leaping high over the Rattata's head and landing on the back of another nearby enemy. Quickly using a Tail Whip to hit it in the face, Squirtle then leapt back into the air, towards a nearby tree. The stunned Rattata remained where it had been. The two untouched adversaries, though, jumped straight towards Squirtle as he headed towards the tree. Making contact with it for only a moment, Blue rebounded quickly as he performed a mid-air Tackle towards one of the flying attackers. Knocking it out of the air, the two tumbled to the soft grass below. The remaining Rattata wasn't so lucky, as it continued along its flight path and smashed head first into the wood object, knocking itself out instantly.

"Way to go, Blue!" Sean hollared to cheer him on. "Behind you!"

But it was too late. The blue water-type Pokemon was blindsided by the Rattata he had initially dodged, getting knocked onto the the grass and into the ground. The one he had intercepted in mid-air also attacked him, followed by the Rattata he had Tail Whipped earlier. It was too much. The little blue Pokemon was pinned to the ground by the three wild Pokemon as they attacked him while he struggled to defend himself.

Sean hoped someone would be able to assist his struggling Pokemon. If not, he would have to do it himself...

July 4th, 2008, 11:56 AM
As Rin stared down at the group of Rattata and gave a sarcastic looki as they all charged at bulbasaur. " Go use tackle!" Rin said as Bulbasaur charged at the 4 Rattat one had managed to seperate from the group that she was fighting and was now lunging at her. The Rattata had managed to bear its fangs into her skin.

Rin winced in pain but then yelled, "GET OFF OF ME YOU STUPID RAT!" Rin managed to throw the Rattata off her but in the expensive of a part of her sleeve being torn. Unfortunetly which now reavealed the partial scarring but it was being covered by the crimzon blood that was now coming from the flash wound she had recieved.

Rin smirked and merely said. "Stupid rat."

Her attention was now focused on the 3 rattata that were fighting against bulbasaur, who was amazedly fighting them off.

"Bulba!" Bulbasaur cried out hitting a tackle against 1 knocking it against a tree and causing it to flee.

2 down..2 to go.. "Use tackle once more bulbasaur!" Rin yelled, to her surprise bulbasaur had tackled them both and they had now fled. They 4 Rattata that she was supposed to lead were gone. Rin quickly glanced at her arm that was still bleeding but didn't really care..it was a flesh wound. When Rin glanced at Bulbasaur it had went to help Seans squirtle because it had been ganged up on his squirtle. Bulbasaur had tackle them both allowing the squirtle to get back to its feet.

"Is your squirtle okay?" Rin said running up to Sean as bulbasaur was protecting it from oncoming hits by the rattatas.

July 4th, 2008, 12:33 PM
Tai grinned at the fact he had successfully captured a Rattata, his piece sign pose ended when he saw that Rin had been bitten. His eyes widened,

"Oh no..." He jogged over to their battle but the evil girl was handling it all by her self. She managed to defeat her group of Rattata, and Tai sighed.

"Good, I don't have to save you! The leader always has to save his companions!" Tai struck a super hero pose, but the evil girl didn't notice and he sweatdropped. He saw Sean's Squirtle being attacked by Rattata, and the evil girl's bulbasaur helped.

"Charco. Use scra-" But Charco leaped into the air and swung his tail, launching a petit fireball into the group of Rattata. Knocking them out, Tai was puzzled.

"What was that?" He flipped open Dexter,

"That, my friend, was Ember. A fire attack learned by Charmander at Level 7.

"Wow! But how'd Charco learn it?" Tai asked the stupidest question ever. Dexter's screen showed a sweatdrop,

"Well einstein! That means Charco is now Level 7!" Dexter yelled. Tai grinned,

"Oh! That's cool, so shouldn't the other starters be at Level 7 as well?" Tai asked. Dexter gave a grunt signifying yes. Tai smiled and walked over to the group and sat down, giving a relaxing sigh.

"Well that was quiet a battle wasn't it? Alright, now we move onward. We've still got quiet a way to go to Viridian City!" Tai said as he recalled Charco. He stood up,

"Well let's go! Hopefully we'll spot that other pokemon, I really really want it." Tai said in a crazed tone as he drooled over the image of Pidgey on his Pokedex,

"Hey watch it! You got drool on my screen!" Dexter yelled and Tai wiped his mouth,

"Oh sorry." He stood up and pointed down the field,

"Come on guys! Follow the leader!" Tai yelled as he walked down the road laughing.

July 4th, 2008, 1:17 PM
Following the aftermath of the intense battle, with Blue being saved by Rin's Bulbasaur and Charco, Tai's Charmander, Sean had ran over to his Pokemon to check up on it. Blue was fine. It had some minor damage, but it hadn't been hurt too badly by the wild attackers. It had simply been temporarily overwhelmed by them.

Sean still wasn't very sure how to deal with this Tai character, or Rin for that matter. He was a bit, too energetic, Sean thought, and the fire-type Pokemon Trainer really took this mantle of leadership a bit too seriously. In fact, nobody had really proclaimed him the leader in the first place. Putting the thought from his mind, Sean continued on down the path towards Viridian City. It would be a while before they actually got there, but he knew that Blue could use the rest at the Pokemon Center.

"So our Pokemon got stronger from that fight, right?" Sean asked the other two. "That's awesome! Well, let's keep going guys. We need to get our first Gym Badges to prove our worth as Trainers."

July 4th, 2008, 2:43 PM
As The Rattata dispersed from the somewhat ''quiet" battle. "Well let's go! Hopefully we'll spot that other pokemon, I really really want it, Come on guys! Follow the leader!" Tai said excitedly and with a laugh. Rin was questioning Tai's way I mean nobody has actually said ''Oh my gosh Tai your the leader." No they had not so it was beggining to annoy Rin.

"Oh.. Tai and to answer your question earlier my name is Rin Ishizu." Rin said coldly keeping her cold tone with Tai and Sean. She knew full well that if she even tried to become friends with these two it would be nothing but a hassle in the end.

"I hate being the only girl in the group..two boys and a girl is awkward.." Rin thought to herself as she became en-wrapped in her thoughts. She wondered if other people would join there team..but she quickly snapped outof her thoughts and looked at Tai who was drooling over a picture of a pidgey.

"So..why did you become a trainer Tai?...and why exactly are you drooling over a pidgey picture?" Rin said trying to sound as kind as possible but was failing miserably.

July 4th, 2008, 3:49 PM
Tai and the other two trainers were walking down Route One, he liked being the self-proclaimed leader. But no one seems to mind, so he didn't care much. Tai turned to the evil girl as she answered his question,

"Oh.. Tai and to answer your question earlier my name is Rin Ishizu." Tai smiled,

"Cool. I don't have to refer to you as Evil Girl anymore. You know I'm Tai already, and umm...your Sean right?" Tai looked over to the other boy. Tai turned away and continued to look at the horizon as he waited a response from the boy.

He smiled, he liked walking outdoors with two people. Going out on a journey, and nothing seems dangerous about the Pokemon World like Oak said. But then again, they're only on Route One.

Then Tai's cap flew off in front of him, startling Tai.

"What was that?" Tai picked up his hat and wiped off the dirt. He looked back and there was a twister heading their way. Tai's eyes widened,

"Great! First a pack of savage Rattata and now this!" Tai flipped open Dexter,

"Waah! Why are you so close to a twister! That's a school of Pidgey!It is docile and prefers to avoid conflict. If disturbed, however, it can ferociously strike back.

"Then why is it attacking us?! We didn't disturb it!" Tai yelled.

"Alright! We defeated those Rattata, I'm sure we can take on Pidgey!" Tai yelled out.

"And I might even catch one. hehe." Tai whispered to himself. He released Charco.

*Cool Battle Music Starts*

"Charco, use Ember multiple times to stop the twister!" Charco lashed out multiple fireballs into the twisters. Burning the Pidgey's slightly and stopping the twisters. They revealed their forms and allowed Dexter to analyze.

Pidgey Battle!

Pidgey #1
Level 4
Quirky Nature

Pidgey #2
Level 4
Serious Nature

Pidgey #3
Level 5
Adament Nature

Pidgey #4
Level 5
Serious Nature

"Alright! Charco, Ember!”

The pokemon swung its tail over its head releasing a pyro sphere from its tail, burning the flying pokemon.

The Pidgey squirmed, and then let out a gust of air that blew back the fireballs, and Charmander, its burned wings still very much active.

“Ah!” Tai shielded his eyes from the whipped up sand.

“Char!” Charco righted itself in the air and landed.

“Scratch!” Tai pointed at the Pidgey, and Charco charged, scraping the Pidgey in the air, feathers and all.

“Go! Pokeball!” The boy threw the capsule at the Pidgey, and it opened, the bird pokemon sucked inside.

Both pokemon and human held their breath as the ball moved back and forth.

Ding! Pidgey was caught!

"Wooohooo!" Tai yelled out and hugged Charco. He ran over and picked up the pokeball, clipping it on his belt.

"His name is Gee! Yes, their goes one pokemon down from my wish list!" He couldn't stop smiling.

July 5th, 2008, 12:24 PM
"Yeah, I'm Sean," the black-haired Trainer responded to his the boy. "It's good to be journeying with you. You showed a lot of skill back there against those Rattatas. You too, Rin. Thanks for the assistance, by the way. Blue really appreciated the help."

Then, after Tai had been talking for a bit and the three of them had continued along their trek, three wild Pidgeys appeared and attacked! Seeing Tai taking on one of them as he tried to capture, Sean knew Blue would need to help out if they were going to defeat these brown and white bird Pokemon.

"Get 'em, Blue!" Sean shouted as Squirtle burst forth from its Poke Ball. "Start off with Bubble!"

Sean pointed at the closest Pidgey which was closing in quickly, ready to strike with a Tackle attack. Blue was quicker though, as it belched out a small stream of bubbles and caught the bird Pokemon by surprise from the ranged attack. It flipped backwards in the air from the force of the attack and was forced to abandon its Tackle attack.

Now, Sean really wasn't interested in capturing a Pidgey. Sure, they would grow up to be powerful Pokemon, but it wasn't for him. Sean still realized he had to keep fighting with Blue, though, otherwise the three Trainers and their Pokemon might be severely damaged by the attackers.

Another Pidgey flew in from behind, smashing Blue hard in the back with a Tackle attack. The tiny turtle Pokemon rebounded quickly, doing a front flip after the force of the attack and then leaping up to perform a Tail Whip on its blind-siding attacker. The attack was a success, hitting the wild Pidgey hard in the face, stunning it. Squirtle then performed a quick mid-air Tackle, knocking the bird Pokemon to the ground and causing it to faint.

Looking over, Sean notcied there were still two Pidgeys left to deal with. One was slightly damaged. Could Rin deal with both of them by herself?

July 5th, 2008, 8:46 PM
"Cool. I don't have to refer to you as Evil Girl anymore. You know I'm Tai already, and umm...your Sean right?" Tai said in a goofy fashion and Rin felt insulted.

"I'm not evil..jeeze..stupid kid.." Rin thought to herself. She felt the need to glare at him for the insult but resisted, because she was interupted with her thoughts when he had ran over to catch a pidgey.

"Pidgey huh?" Rin thought taking out her pokedex.

It is docile and prefers to avoid conflict. If disturbed, however, it can ferociously strike back.

As She watched Tai trying to catch one of the pokemon Sean went to battle one most likely worrying about all the pokemon, he didn't seem interested in catching one and neither was Rin.She merely smirked at the two trainers battling the bird pokemon. She was disrupted from her thoughts when 2 of them flew over to her and started at ;east TRYING to attack her. Rin glared at one. Her gaze was cold an angry.

"Attack me again..and I will make sure that you will be underwater." Rin said coldy death glaring the pidgey. Of course she was bluffing.Rin can come across cold at times but she would never do that, but one of the pidgey fell for it and paniced and flew off.

The other pidgey saw throew her bluff and continued trying to attack her. Rin gave an angry scowl. "Go Rattata." Rin said throwing at Rattata's pokeball.

"Rattata!" The pokemon called out.

"Tackle." Rin said flatly and the Rattat attacked the distracted pidgey hard enough to knock it off Rin. Rin scowled at the tiny bird pokemon as Rattata sweat dropped a little bit.

"I should have killed when I had the chance." A voice called out in her head. Rin froze in her tracks and Rattata became worried.

"Rattata?" The tiny rat pokemon called out.

"Failure! Your worthless!" A mans voice called out and a slap sound as heard.

Rin still frozen in her tracks, the rattat tackled and finished of the pidgey as it flew away Rin became a shakey.. "No.no..Don't please.." Rin mumbled it was barely hearable but if you had good hearing you could here it.She was frozen in fear...Which could shock anyone who saw her.. Her Rattata nuzzled her worridly.. To most people they would most likely wonder...

What exactly had happened to her?

ooc: Rin will snap out of it in my next post after we move to Viridian ^.~

July 5th, 2008, 9:18 PM
Tai smiled and rubbed Pidgey's pokeball and he smiled uncontrollably. He finally caught a Pidgey, and a strong one too! He liked the fact that it was quick, but strong at the same time. He turned over to see Sean and Rin defeat the final pidgeys. Tai was a bit shocked when he saw Rin almost frozen in place. He walked over to the two other trainers and try to snap Rin out of her frozen state,

"Well guys! That was cool, wasn't it! Look, I caught a pidgey! So you guys did good too, didn't you!" Tai spat out and patted Sean on the back pretty hard,

"Good for you guys! Now come on, I can see Viridian already!" Tai waved his hand, signifying for them to follow. He walked down the road and looked back at Rin,

'What's wrong with her?' Tai asked himself mentally.

The flower field slowly gave way to a dirt path that narrowed into Viridian City, the verdant town of nature. From what Tai could see, there was a pokecenter up ahead. Beyond that, masses of small buildings and homes were gathered around the middle of the city, where the Viridian Gym awaited.

Charco ran ahead, happy to be able to get some food. “Charman Charrr!!!!!!!”

“Hold up Charco! Geez…..you’re faster than you look. Come on guys!” He rushed the other trainers. Tai was starving as well.

<No, your just slow.> Charco teased.

Tai started a little. He was standing before the pokecenter as people busied past him, in and out of the sliding glass doors….

And he could understand his pokemon?

All of a sudden?

“Alright, a Pokemon Center. I can heal you, Gee and send Ratty to the Professor.” He turned around to see the other trainers arriving with Tai. So he entered the Pokemon Center. Tai scanned the center as he entered.

There were MASSES of trainers everywhere! People gathered from far and wide. Some tough looking, other noobs like them. Old and young, pretty and ugly, the list went on and on.

Charco was pleasantly shocked. <Wow! Are there always this many trainers in Pokecenters?>

“Nah, don't think so. Viridian is the closest city to Victory Road and the Elite Four, that’s why everyone comes here…”

<Oh. That’s nice.>

”Mhm. One day, we’ll be here and-“He was interrupted by a giant Chansey springing up in his face, nurse cap and all. It was right in his way.

“WHOA!” Ty fell backwards, his cap falling off.

“CHANSEY!” The pinkish, oval shaped pokemon grinned happily and shoved the Egg from her pouch in the trainers face.

Charco sweatdropped. <I think I want to go back in my pokeball now.>

Tai obliged, returning the pokemon as he got back on his feet. The Chansey smiled and bounced off, startling other trainers and showing off its newly polished egg.

‘Psycho pokemon…” Tai thought, glaring at it. The Chansey then seemed to go to a girl, but the girl didn't seem frightened or annoyed. It actually started gigling and playing with the Chansey. odd.

"Well come on guys. Let's heal up our pokemon and eat!" Tai ran over to the main counter.

July 5th, 2008, 9:37 PM
After his fierce battle with the wild Pidgey, Sean followed Tai along the winding dirt path to Viridian City, finishing off Route 1 rather quickly. Rin, it seemed, was having severe emotional problems, as she crouched low and ignored the other two. Sean thought it would be best to ignore her, seeing as she was a rather mean person, and he didn't feel like disturbing her.

Returning Blue back into his Poke Ball after a well-fought battle, the Pokemon Trainer continued along down the path as they eventually found their way into the Pokemon Center. Indeed, there were Trainers all over the place, and most of them seemed very experienced. One of them, standing near the back corner of the place, had a very powerful looking Machoke and seemed to be talking to it, prepping the Pokemon for its apparent visit to Victory Road, where all Trainers when to reach the Indigo Plateau.

Sean handed his Poke Ball containing Blue to the Nurse on duty (who was actually very pretty), and then proceeded to walk over to Tai. Sean knew this would be a good chance to get to know his travelling partner while his Squirtle was being healed.

"So, how do you think we're doing so far, man? That was an awesome job capturing that Pidgey and the Rattata back there. You really seem to be a natural at this. I'm still trying to get my first Pokemon, but I'm very picky."

Sean gave a brief chuckle, extending his hand to Tai.

"We didn't really get to greet each other properly yet. I'm Sean Florian," the Squirtle Trainer said. "I hope Rin shows up soon. We may have to go back and get her if not. She may not be alright, from what I saw..."

July 5th, 2008, 11:59 PM
Rin snapped out of her own thoughts and returned rattata embarrassed what she had done. "Damn it.." Rin thought. SHe ran to catch up to the two boys..being silent all the way there..She was very embarassed about what had happened.

As the two approached a meadow they were closing in on Viridian City,Rin was silent the whole way there..She hated being like this.. As the three entered Viridian they came to a pokemon center..in which it was flooded with trainers..

"Well come on guys. Let's heal up our pokemon and eat!" Tai yelled and Rin nodded still a little bit embarrassed about what happened.

"Welcome to the Pokemon center would you like to heal your pokemon?" Nurse Joy said.

"Yes please.." Rin said for once she actually sounded a bit kind and sincere.

"Let me see your pokemon please." Rin nodded and handed Nurse Joy her Rattata and bulbasaurs pokeball. "One moment please........ Okay your pokemon are all healed up!" Nurse Joy said in a cheerful tone and bowed " Please coem again."

"Thank you.." Rin mumbled and sat onto one of chairs in the pokemon center and sighed. She was so embarrased. She hid her face from the crowd and looked at her hand which had one gaping scar on it.Rin gave another sigh and hid her face once more..She felt ashamed of what she had become..A cold heartless person who felt nothing but hate and anger, but thats all Rin knew how to feel..For the first time in several years Rin contemplated her personality but then quickly pushed the thought out of her head.

She approached Sean and Tai and mumbled.. "About what happened bacl there..I.." in couldn't finish the sentence and for nce she didnt sound cold or saracastic..She sounded like someone who had been hurt badly.

SHe finished the sentence with these words, "I'll..tell you later.." Rin mumbled stil la bit shaken up from what had happened back there. "Oh..and..um..i'm sorry..for being so mean to you its just..You see.." Rin said to the to boys but was having trouble saying what she wanted too...She had never felt this..helpless before. Rin fell silent for a few moments..

"I guess..its just a long story why I'm like this..But..you really wouldn't understand.." Rin said to the two boys..she actually sounded sincere and kind..her tone was sarcastic , cold or mean. It was soft and shy..

"But...they wouldn't understand..because they grew up in loving homes..not in the type of home in whch you were disowned and beaten like a punching bag." Rin thought to herself.

"Well..in any case..you wouldn't understand..And you will never understand.." Rin said. SHe knew that after this they would most likely treat her like some helpless little girl with a mental problem... And Rin didn't want that..She wasn't helpless and she wasn't pathetic...And she didn't want to be treated like that..Rin stood there quietly in her own thoughts..

~flashback mode~

A young Rin sat in her room looking out the window as kids played in the snow happily.She was tired of being cooped up inside all the time so she tried sneaking out but to her bad fortune her mom stood outside the door.

"And where do you think your going?" The mother said coldy. The young Rins eyes began to fill with tears.

"I-I wanted to go out and play..the doctor said it was okay.." Rin mumbled.

"Your father and I want to hide you from the world..and not show you to anyone else..because your too cute to be shown too!" The mother said with a fake smile.

"O-okay.." Rin mumbled and ventured back into her room. Hot tears began to fall down her face as she looked at the people who were able to play in the snow. "I wish I could go out and play.." Rin mumbled hiding her face away..Her body had not yet been scarred but Rins emotional being was beginning to collapse..

~later that night~

Rin awoke in the middle of the night in which screaming voices could be heard..Rin secretly pressed her ear against the door to listen.

"We can't possibly keep the child..>! She's useless!, SHe;s worthless! We'd be better off killing her and having another child!" The mother screamed. Rins eyes welled with tears..She couldn't believe what she was hearing!

"Its got to be a nightmare..I'l lwake up soon..mommy and daddy love me.." Rin whispered as tears fell down her eyes.

"I understand your impatience with Rin..and we are having another child you know that! You are already..Anyway, that child is a nuiscence..maybe if we whip her into shape then she will become the child that we want her too be!" The fathr said calmly and cooly.

"..And how do you suppose we do that?" The mother said in an anooyed tone.

"Well.. Maybe a bit of physical punishment will teach her." The dad said in a cynical tone.Rin stood there in utter horror..it wasn't a nightmare..they really hated her..Her eyes now red with tears she heard her parents footsteps and quickly returned to bed..acting as if she had heard nothing and was asleep.

~the next day~

"Get up.." A cold voice said slappnig her awake. Rins eyes shot open and she stood there..Her mother was holding a whip..and a knife..was she going to kill Rin?

"Mommy.." Rin whispered and in utter horror her Mother took the kife and slashed her face.

"Thats for being a failure...were going to whip you into shape." Her mother said coldly..Her eyes cold in of emotion..Rin only saw hate in her mother eyes.

"OUCH!" Rin yelped in pain.

~end flashback mode~

Rins eyes stood there coldly..She had never had a flashback that long before..She was literally reliving her past but Rin tried to hide it from the two boys.She shook it off quickly and said coldly. "So what are we going to eat? You guys take to long.."

July 6th, 2008, 3:25 AM
"Ciel?! Quick, come this way!"

"Vee?" A short reply was heard as coming from the petite little Eevee as almost immediately upon hearing his name, the tiny Pokemon popped his round little head up above the grass, his breath escaping him in short, ragged little gasps as he struggled to keep up with his trainer.

"Ciel, hurry!" A young girl standing just a few feet from the tiny Pokemon urged, a girl who in appearance was seemingly just as petite and delicate as the Pokemon she was unintentionally leaving behind. An excited glow was present in the form of a flush across her round cheeks, and as she for what seemed to be the hundredth time today brushed the hair from her glowing golden eyes, snuck a peek behind her to see just what exactly was holding Ciel up. A sweatdrop ran alongside her pale face as she caught sight of her Eevee, who she had sworn had been at her side just moments before, now nearly thirty feet behind her!

"Come on, Ciel!" She whined, throwing her hands up in exasperation as good-naturedly, she just grinned, laughing inwardly at the rather comical sight of her Pokemon fighting an intense battle against the tangle of weeds before him.

God, You would've thought that they would've at least had the common courtesy to put a pathway through this Forest.. So trainers just starting out wouldn't be ambushed by hoards of bloodthirsty Rattata. And Pidgey.. And even Pikachu!

Adelina reddened in the slightest as she recounted that particular episode that had occured only moments earlier, in which a seemingly sweet-looking Pikachu had jumped out in front of them. Adelina, infatuated by the mere sight of the little electrical mouse, had squealed in obvious delight, fussing over the creature for a full five minutes before ordering Ciel to attack it.Of course, harming the darling little creature had been simply unthinkable to Adelina, but she had seen it as a rare opportunity to catch a Pokemon that was particularly rare in these parts, and not only that, but the Pikachu, besides being utterly adorable, had a certain noble strength about it, and its apparent power entranced the likes of her. As Ciel had proceeded to slam into the Pikachu in a full-out Tackle attack, the Pikachu had met him with a nasty Thunderbolt, in which he had managed to survive, but just barely. It was only after Ciel had collapsed to the ground that an enraged boy appearing just slightly younger than Adelina leapt from the bushes, scooping his Pikachu up as he gave Adelina quite an earful about attacking other people's Pokemon. Thankfully, the boy had been extremely kind at heart, and had generously given Adelina a Potion for Ciel that would heal him enough so that they could make it to Viridian.. As long as she didn't do anything else stupid, that is.

Her cheeks now burning with humiliation, Adelina simply just shook her delicate little head to the side, sighing as an acute rustling in the grass sounded the approach of her weary Eevee.

"Ve..Ee..Eve.. Eevee.." Her little companion huffed, and as Adelina shifted her gaze downward to take in the sight of him, she jumped a bit, startled at what she saw. Her little companion didn't look so well, in fact he was unusually lethargic in his movements, and seemingly with every step he took, shuddered violently, releasing a new wave of perspiration everytime as sweat poured down his frail little body. Adelina's mouth fell open in pure horror as without a moments' hesitation, she scooped his tiny body up inside her slender arms.

I..overdid it again, didn't I? She thought to herself, a mixed expression of shame and oncern marring all of her facial features.

"V-ee.." Ciel whispered feverishly, his chocolate eyes slipping silently shut as he seemed to go into an instant deep sleep. Either that, or he had fainted. Adelina's heart leapt against her chest as again, she jumped, this time nearly out of her skin in response to Ciel's actions. Tears instantly sprang to her golden eyes as she realized what had just taken place.

Oh Ciel.. She thought, and at this, the tears came rolling down her heated face.

"I'm so sorry! I thought you were just tired! I never thought something like this would happen! I'm an awful trainer, aren't I?! That Pikachu's trainer was absolutely right! I don't need any new Pokemon to add to my team if I can't even take responsibility for the one I have! You should've told me when enough was enough.. I KNEW that that Thunderbolt hurt more than you showed, but you acted like it was nothing! You were so brave and fearless, Ciel, even if it was obviously stronger.. and, well, stronger..."

"Vee.." Ciel growled quietly, peeling open a single Chocolate eye, flashing her an expression that clearly stated that he wasn't dead YET. Weakly raising a delicate little paw, he pointed to a building that stood just a few feet in front of them, a building distinguished by a rather large red and white Pokeball atop it. Whilst Adelina had been rambling on with Ciel's premature Eulogy, she had unknowingly wandered into Viridian City, the very place the duo had been struggling to get to ALL DAY. And not only that, but she had somehow miraculously wandered in the direction of the Pokemon Center as well.

"We're here!" She crowed ecstatically, brightening momentarily as she danced the few remaining steps to the Pokemon Center, radiating an eager joy of sorts as she yanked open one of the double glass doors with a playful flourish, turning quite a few heads, a very wary Ciel still in tow.

~Ten minutes later, Inside the Viridian City Pokemon Center~

I wonder, I wonder what he's doing back there.. Adelina had made herself cozy inside a rather snug little booth in the back corner of the building, away from all the hustle of the abnormally large group of trainers who had gathered to heal their Pokemon as well. And though ordinarily Adelina would have loved nothing more than to meet each and every one of these aspiring masters and breeders and coordinators, her mind, at the moment was engrossed entirely on her downed little Eevee, and how he wouldn't be in such dire condition in the first place had she actually taken the time to plan ahead..

But it's not like I really could have done that.. She reasoned within herself. It was now or never. I'm already three years older than the typical trainer, and I couldn't keep Ciel a secret forever! I don't care what all we have to go through roughing it out here.. i'll chance everything, just so I never have to bow down before that disgusting boy again!

At the mere mentioning of her "brother", Adelina shuddered, the sudden chill causing her thin shoulders to shake violently back in forth. Unknowingly, a scowl had settled upon her fair face, and upon realizing this, plastered a quick smile on, causing her to appear more insane than happy.

"Oh, whatever.." She muttered to herself.

"It's not like i'll ever see any of these people again in this lifetime, right?"

A fresh pang of guilt racked the girl's slender form as silence just pursued her question, silence which ny other time would've been filled with Ciel's enthusiastic little cries.

"Chansey!" Rang out instead.

What..? Adelina queried silently, obvious confusion springing out across her face seconds before a slight shadow was cast out over her, blocking the blinding flueorescent light that had been shining down upon her. Adelina's gaze was shifted upward, and as it settled upon the particular object blocking her light, her expression changed from a muddled one of confusion to one of pure delight. A gargantuan ball of.. PINK of all things! This Pokemon was large, and pink! A bemused grin sprawled itself out across Adelina's face, and before she could contain herself, she was springing madly forward, her arms stretching out to wrap across the foreign Pokemon.

"Chansey!" The Pokemon giggled in surprise, apparently not expecting such an enthusiastic reaction from, well, anyone! What the cheery pink Pokemon had yet to discover was that Adelinawas almost her exact counterpart. Without hesitation, the Chansey whipped out the egg that had been unseen up to that point, hidden within her camoflauged pouch, and shoved it up in Adelina's face.

"Ooh! What's this?! An egg?!" Adelina laughed, eyes shining in amused delight, humoring the ecstatic Chansey.

"Chansey, Chans!" The Chansey replied with a waving gesture, nodding wildly.

"Will it hatch into a cute miniaturized version of you?! Because if so, you gotta' let me have it! I'll raise it up right if you just give me a chance! C'mon! Please?!"

Adelina pleaded jokingly, clinging still to the front of the proud Chansey as the Pokemon only laughed, entertained for the time-being as quickly, she hoisted the egg high into the air out of Adelina's reach, beginning the game of keep away she had been longing to play for some time now. And Adelina, once again in the presence of a Pokemon that was too adorable for words, was only happy to comply. The pair had hardly been playing for several minutes, however, when Adelina became aware of the eery sensation of someone watching them. Trying to be discreet, Adelina averted her golden eyes so that they no longer stared into the face of the personable Chansey, but over to a table where three trainers sat staring in her direction in what appeared to be bewilderment. One, she noticed, was a rather elegant-looking troubled female, accompanied by two males. But for some reason, it was the girl who had caught her attention..

July 6th, 2008, 2:00 PM
Tai walked down the yellowmarbled floor of the Pokemon Center as he looked around, many trainers sat down on the couches. Bragging about their strong pokemon and how they're going to win the League. Tai scoffed,

"Braggers..." He turned to a pretty lady with pink hair in two elaborate curls. His face turned a bright red,

"Hello. Welcome to the Pokemon Center, I'm Nurse Joy. May I take you Pokemon to heal?" She asked with a warm smile, Tai said yes and handed her his three pokeballs. He rubbed his eyes as he turned to Sean,

"So, how do you think we're doing so far, man? That was an awesome job capturing that Pidgey and the Rattata back there. You really seem to be a natural at this. I'm still trying to get my first Pokemon, but I'm very picky." He said, Tai chuckled light heartidly. He never met a person like Sean, always complimenting people.

"Well, thanks. My dad was a successful pokemon trainer, I guess it just runs in the family. You shouldn't be picky, I just catch any pokemon and train it with skill, cunning, and kindness." Tai sounded like those promotional speakers that visit your school telling you not to do drugs and what not.

A catchy tune was heard and Nurse Joy tapped Tai on the shoulder, causing him to spin around. He picked up his three pokeballs and looked up at Nurse Joy,

"T-Thanks Nurse Joy. YOur a life saver!" The nurse giggled and gave a piece sign,

"It's my job." Tai chuckled and turned to Sean. Tai gave a sigh of relief and walked over next to the counter where a row of computers were placed. Tai was pleasantly shocked, he walked over to one and turned it on. The monitor came to life with a bright blue screen and a box appeared. Tai learned how to operate a Pokemon Computer in the academy. He entered his Trainer Card into the computer tower and his trainer information appeared on the screen, this information was directly fed from his pokedex.

"Hey! Oak thinks I'm odd?! That's not nice!" Tai seemed to turn a dark blue and purple and dragged his finger in a cirlce on the floor, a breeze seemed to fly behind him.

Everything came to normal as Tai hooked up his Pokedex to the Computer and placed Ratty's pokeball on an attachment from the computer. With a press of a button on Dexter, Ratty's pokeball vanished into thin air. A chibi face of Tai apperaed on the screen next to a chibi face of Oak. A pokeball with a chibi Ratty appeared flying from Tai to Oak and the phrase:

Transportation Successful

Appeared on Dexter, and Tai grinned. He clipped Gee and Charco's pokeballs on his belt and walked over to the other trainers as they sat down on a table. Tai saw that the crazy chansey from before appeared in front of a female trainer, it was silent for a moment. Then the girls squeeled and started playing with the chansey, Tai sweatdropped for a moment. The girl looked over at the trainers and she eyed them, it was ackward. Until Tai broke the ice,

"HI!" He yelled out as he savagely waved his hand in the air. Charco slapped his forehead inside of his pokeball, muttering something about being owned by a moron.

He walked over to the female trainer, motioning the others to come with him.

"I'm Tai! What's your name?" Tai reached out his hand.

July 8th, 2008, 2:03 AM
These people.. Who are they? Adelina pondered, expression temporarily muddling in confusion as she just stared back at the trio, an eyebrow arching a bit as temporarily dumfounded, she just stepped forward to get a better look.

"CHANSEY!" The large Pokemon cried out in alarm, nearly falling over herself in a panic as desperately, she waddled after Adelina, not wanting to be left behind.

"Chansey Chans!" The oval Pokemon cried out at the group of trainers, somewhat demandingly, her entire form puffing significantly outward, short arms folding over her thick chest as her twisted upside down, frowning in a jealous sort of pout. She had finally managed to make one friend, and she wasn't about to let her go. At least not without at fight.

Adelina's mouth fell open, parting as she continued to stare straightforward, standing her ground, and also managing to advance several steps in the trainer's direction, never breaking her gaze from the female trainer amid the group, at least Adelina could only assume she along with the two others were trainers, from the tell-tale bright red and white miniaturized round structures set against their clothing, which stood boldly out, along with three slim-looking devices of the same distinct hue Adelina recognized as Pokedexes, and upon the mere sight of these, her heart panged with longing, and her eyes seemed to change, her golden irises filled no longer with confusion, but now shining with a new wave of wistfulness.

These people.. I must have overlooked them when I first came in. They're not like all the rest, I can tell you that right now just by looking at them. They're not just ordinary trainers.. No, not at all. I can see it, now. They.. they're trainers, just like all the rest of us, aspiring to be breeders and coordinators, maybe even masters, like I want to be.. But these three are different. They're special. They.. They've been sent by Professor Oak to explore Kanto far and wide, a task most trainers would give an arm and a leg to be able to complete..

That girl.. Adelina thought to herself, looking first to the tall, slender girl who sat at the table, a scowl marring what would be a pretty, if not pale face. She didn't look directly at Adelina, not seeming to care to acknowledge her sudden presence, not like the other two trainers, anyways, whose stares were both fixated upon the petite girl.

A sweatdrop formed alongside Adelina's round little face, and smiling sheepishly, a shy little flush crept across her cheeks, throwing her completely off-guard, as Adelina knew full well that she wasn't one to ordinarily feel awkward in new social situations, but for some reason, the presence of each of these three trainers, especially when all combined as one, was particularly overpowering. With them all huddled near the table like that, staring her down, they a pack of Wolves and she just a lone Doe, a Doe caught in the midst of a pair of bright headlights, she couldn't help feeling intimidated. Adelina was vaguely aware of the sound of her own heart thumping harshly against her petite chest, and not only that, but a cold sweat break out across her forehead. Glancing wildly from one trainer to the other, she rapidly shook her head, reaching her breaking point as quickly, she whirled around in a desperate attempt to flee the unnerving situation, in her frenzy forgetting that Chansey still stood directly to her left, and in only a moments' notice, ran smack dab right into the creature. Thankfully, especially with as hard as Adelina collided into the Pokemon, Chansey stood solid, barely even turning her head as the delicate little trainer ran blindly into her side, remaining pressed against it for a brief moment before bouncing off it and landing against the hardwood floor.

Adelina winced and squeezed her golden eyes tightly shut, entire body tensing as a brief spell of pain shot from her bottom up. She had barely the time to open her eyes before she saw one of the male trainers approaching her.

Oh great.. She thought sourly, tossing her silver pigtails back behind her head, throwing on the friendliest smile she could muster, cheeks burning with humiliation as hesitantly, she drug her eyes from the floor up to meet his own. It was quite obvious she wasn't hurt, well, save for her pride of course, and she could only hope to god that the boy didn't offer her a hand up. As if tripping over a gigantic pink ball wasn't worse than tripping over thin air, Adelina could only hope that the boy had enough decency not to offer her help over such an easy spill. To her surprise, he didn't.

"HI!" He roared, though he couldn't have been more than a foot from her fallen form. Adelina winced at his defeaning cry, sensing sound waves so loud, she could've sworn they pushed her somewhat back from her original position on the hardwood floor, but somehow, despite this, managing to keep her composure.. and her friendly little smile.

"I'm Tai! What's your name!"

Adelina was taken aback by the boy's sudden friendliness toward her, and this being the only fuel she needed to spark her own enthusiasm, she leapt up, golden eyes sparkling with delight as a large child-like grin smeared itself across her round face. As he reached his hand out toward her, she took it, grasping it firmly within her own hand, beginning to shake it up and down, much faster and wilder than she anticipated with newfound excitement.

"I'm Adelina, fabulous to meet you! You're a Pokemon trainer, aren't you?! Well of course you'd have to be, since you're at a Pokemon Center. But I don't see any Pokemon.. I know you have a Pokedex with you, though.. I was checking it out from across the room. So did you come from Pallet Town too?! And did Professor Oak give you that Pokedex? Which means he also gave you a starter Pokemon.. Wait! Don't tell me. You look like a Charmander type of guy. So did you pick Charmander as your starter?"

Adelina was practically glowing now, golden eyes shining eagerly at the prospect of making a new friend. Glancing to first to her left, and then to her right, and seeing only Chansey around, Adelina leaned in close to the boy known as Tai, grinning with delight, seemingly about to burst at the seams with a secret she was now about to reveal to him.

"Charmander is my favorite, personally. If I would've ever been allowed a Pokemon by choice, after Ciel, of course, I would've picked a Charmander."

July 8th, 2008, 9:19 PM
Rin sighed sitting at the table when she noticed Tai get up and introduce herself to a neighboring girl. Rin noticed that she had be stareing at her earlier in utter amazement which shocked Rin quite a bit. She scowled at the gilr not wanting to trust anyon anyway.

"Feh.." Rin mumbled. "Might as well introduce myself anyway." Rin said her cold demanoer caused shivers down every trainers spine as she merely walked by them. She joined Tai who had just randomyl walked up to her and belowed "Hi!" in her face. Rin approached the girl who had now struck up a coversation with Tai.

"I'm Adelina, fabulous to meet you! You're a Pokemon trainer, aren't you?! Well of course you'd have to be, since you're a Pokemon trainer. But I don't see any Pokemon.. I know you have a Pokedex with you, though.. I was checking it out from across the room. So did you come from Pallet Town too?! And did Professor Oak give you that Pokedex? Which means he also gave you a starter Pokemon.. Wait! Don't tell me. You look like a Charmander type of guy. So did you pick Charmander as your starter?" Adelina said. Rin scoffed..Adelina was too...perky..proabably for her own good. As Adelina asked all these questions Rin looked her..Her pink gaze seemed to examine her soul.. Adelina was obviously hiding something from her past..probably lss severe the Rins but she was definetly hiding something. She saw Adelina flushinng when she saw the three trainers together which that meant she some type of overwhelment..or at least thats what Rin thought.

"So Adeline your name was? Interesting name." Rin said flatly. "My names Rin..and next time..don't stare it rude." Rin said coldly getting up from Adelinas table and left the pokemon center for a walk. As She exited the pokemon center she saw a great deal of people looking at the Indigo Plateau. They were looking at it in utter amazement... Firework erupted from its rooftop signaling that the competition to become a Pokemon Master had begun. Rin scoffed..All of those trainers are a bunch of suckers if they fell for the visuals of a competition..No..a competition is about winning..and nothing more. Rin felt sure that she would never make it that far...Her thoughts drifted to what she would do if she ever came far enough and was able to go back to Saffron City.. A shiver went down her spine. She was glad to leave that dump of a town...There was nothing but bad memories for her there.

Rin leaned against a pole and sent out her bulbasaur who was utterly afraid of her. "Its okay bulbasaur...I'm sorry for how I treated you back there..its just..I can't..do that in front of people." Rin said referring to kindness and thank you as "that" instead of actual words.

"Bulbasaur.." The pokemon said to her.

"If..you..ever need anything..just tell me okay.. You did a good job in that battle back there..I'm proud of you..Come on lets go for a walk." Rin mumbled. The two were walking for quite a while until they decided to climb a tree and relax there for a bit.

"Bulba..bulbasaur!" The happy pokemon said using some weird vines and picking a flower for her.

"Thanks..you know..your the nicest person..erm..pokemon who I have ever met.." Rin mumbled.

"Bulba?" Bulbasaur asked looking at her with a little bit of a puzzled expression.

"You see..I.. was never really liked..Even my parents didn't like me..they treated me like a failure.... Then well..they..just tortured me..and disowned me.." Rin mumbled and looked down..her eyes welling with tears. Bulbasaur looked at her and shock and nuzzled her. "This..is what they did to me..This is why a were this sweater,,so people..won't stare.." Rin mumbled tears falling down her face..showing her arm to the bu;basaur..which showed multiple scars on her being but on her personality, and soul as well.

"Bulba..saur.." Bulbasaur mumbled as Rin lowered her sleeves.

"I was alwayscalled a failure..and that I should have been killed..I don't even know what I did wrong..Was it because I was always..sick? That they didn't like me.." Rin said quietly to Bulbasaur...her eyes now bloodshot from the tears. She looked at her bulbasaur but tey both fell silent when they saw two men in black outfits with big red R's on them.

"Who are they?" Rin whispered to Bulbasaur

"Man the indigo plateau was a bust Jeff." One of the men said.

"Yah..To many storng trainers, it was the biggest bust of all time Tom, Giovani is gonna be angry with us...We are screwed." Jeff said. Rin looked at the two men completely oblivious to her presence.

"Giovanni?"Rin thought, as she sat in the tree with her Bulbasaur..keeping her silence hoping that the two shady characters wouldn't catch her. The two men disappeared into the bushes and Rin let out a sigh of relief. Rin closed her eyes and her thoughts drifted away from the "Giovanni" character and back to the young girl and Tai..She knew they would hit it off instantly because they were just too perky.

"...If Tai is going to ask that Adelin girl to join..I'm keeping my distance...I don't want people like that around me..its not my type of taste to hang out with those kind of people...or any kind of people..either way..If I'm forced to join them on this weird journey..thats fine but i don't plan on making friends...I bet they are making fun of me as I speak...espacially Tai.." Rin scowled and the thought of teasing sent shivers down her spine.

"I mean these people by a mer chance of fate..They are not my friends..They are just people that I've met..and we will separate evetually..to go our own paths.." Rin mumbled petting her nodding off Bulbasaur. She looked up at the sky, she didn't know how long she had been up in the tree, but she didn't care at all...Those people wouldn't miss her..All they most likely thought of her as some gloomy person and didn't care..most likely like all the other people she had met..SHe closed her eyes and returned her Bulbasaur and hopped down from the tree and headed back the pokemon center

July 11th, 2008, 10:27 AM
"I'm Adelina, fabulous to meet you! You're a Pokemon trainer, aren't you?! Well of course you'd have to be, since you're at a Pokemon Center. But I don't see any Pokemon.. I know you have a Pokedex with you, though.. I was checking it out from across the room. So did you come from Pallet Town too?! And did Professor Oak give you that Pokedex? Which means he also gave you a starter Pokemon.. Wait! Don't tell me. You look like a Charmander type of guy. So did you pick Charmander as your starter?"

Tai sweatdropped slightly and chuckled, this girl was very perky. More perkier than Chansey was, Rin won't like her. He could tell.

"Umm...actually. I did pick Charmander, I named his Charco. I also caught a Pidgey, and I named it Gee. I see you have an Eevee, that's cool. I've always wanted an Eevee, their just so fascinating." Tai started a conversation with Adelina, she was a cool girl. She was much more fun than Rin, and alot better looking. Tai chuckled as he made fun of Rin, he coughed and stopped making fun of Rin in his mind as she walked up,

"So Adeline your name was? Interesting name." Rin said flatly. "My names Rin..and next time..don't stare it rude." Rin said coldly getting up from Adelinas table and left the pokemon center for a walk. Ricky squinted his eyes as he folded his arms across his chest,

"Don't listen to her. She's just...so gloomy. It sickens me. It's like she never recieved love in her life." Tai spat out. His eyes widened,

"Oh, I've got to call my mom. Just hold on a second okay?" He left Adelina with Sean as he jogged over tot he Video Phone Booth. He dialed a few number and let out Charco to roam around. But he decided to stay next to Tai. After a few rings a video picture of his mother appeared.

"Oh, Tai! It's you! How have you been?! Prof. Oak, it's Tai!" Tai's mom looked back at an aging man running up to the phone and pressing his face up against the screen.

"TAI! How's your adventure been? Have you been working on your pokedex?" Tai nodded and opened his pokedex,

"I see, so you've captured every available pokemon so far. Pidgey and Rattata. Impressive, I've been trying to capture some pokemon as well for my fourth pokedex, but I guess I'm too old. I have not suceeded." Oak sighed. Ricky's eyes widened and jumped slightly,

"Oh! Listen, we met this girl here at the Viridian Pokemon Center. You can give her your fourth pokedex and she can travel with us!" Oak grinned and clapped his hands,

"Yes! Yes! I'll have someone send it over. So just stay in Viridian!" Tai nodded. The screen blipped and died into a black abyss.

Tai ran over to Adelina and Sean and grinned,

"Hey listen, would you like to travel with us? Prof. Oak can send you a Pokedex!" Tai asked, then he looked around the center. Where had Rin gone?

July 14th, 2008, 11:08 PM
Rin was going to be at least try to be nicer to Tai and if Adelina she would try to be nice to her as well but as she entered she heard Tai talking about her.

"Don't listen to her. She's just...so gloomy. It sickens me. It's like she never recieved love in her life." He spat out and Rin stood there..her glare was one of the biggest she had ever felt... She couldn't believe what she was going to do next..

"Oh, I've got to call my mom. Just hold on a second okay?" Tai said as he left Adelina's side and headed to the phone and began chatting with his mother and Proffesser Oak and then head back to Adelina's side and say "Hey listen, would you like to travel with us? Prof. Oak can send you a Pokedex!" Rin knew it he was going to invite that girl on the journey as well..Rin didn't particerly care about Adelina but her glare and anger worsened torwards Tai.

She walked up ro Tai and merely said. "I heard what you said about me.." Rin mumbled tryig to self control herself and glared him. "So I make you sick huh...?Why do I even bother interacting with people..all they do is tease me and hurt me! I knew I shouldn't have ever made any type of effort to be friends with your..Your just like my parents..You make me so frustrated!" At this point her mumbles had turned into screaming."I should have never tried to go on this journey! If I make you sick then FINE I'll leave!" Rin yelled slapping him and walking out of the pokemon center. She didn't know where she was going but didn't particurally care either... She ran throughout Viridian..Just wanting to escape everything..but things could only take a turn for the worst..

"Well looks its the failure..What are you doing here..?" A female voice spat out at her. Rin frozed..As she sat outside the pokemon center..Her eyes filled with dread... Her mother was here...

"Mommy? Who's that?" An 8 year old girl said she was whering fancy jewelry and was dressed elgantly.

"Its no one dear..Here comes daddy." The mother said..She began glaring at Rin. "Your comnig back with us." Her mother spat out at her grabbing her wrist and bending it an odd fashion and she heard deafening crack with in..She had surely broken it.. Rin yelped in pain and tried to break free from her mothers painful grasp.

"Please stop....Please Mother.." Rin was wincing in pain..Her hand throbbing painfully. Her eyes now welled with tears and a man appeared behind her..His voice was cold and uncaring.

"What do we have here? A former daughter of ours..." The man grabbed her other arm with much more force and forced it into a painful position as well and with that she heard another deafaning crack..a wrist and an arm now broken from their cruelty.

"Stay away from us." The mother said coldly and pulled the 8 year old away from Rin as Rin fell to her knees put her head down.. both her arms throbbing painfully... The two walked off as nothing had happened. Rin was glad that no one else had seen the scuffle..but she couldn't feel her her arms..She sat there in utter horror..There was no denying it...She would have to face them again..

"I can't go back there..Not after the scene I caused.I'm alone now.." Rin mumbled.. Getting up and sitting against the opposite wall of a building trying her best to hide her pain as hot tears fell from her pink eyes...

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July 15th, 2008, 7:20 AM
Before the boy, the one Adelina had come to know as Tai, her newfound "friend" had even the slightest chance to respond to her flurry of eager questions, Adelina became acutely aware of an approaching dark figure, one coming from the same table Tai had just departed from.. the one.. the one that Adelina had been curious about all along.. Turning slightly away from Tai, Adelina's golden eyes widened in the slightest in alarm, as the girl's chilling gaze fell upon her from, staring what seemed to be straight through her, past all the flesh and bone, peering right into her heart.. right into her soul. Adelina stiffened, her entire body tensing up, entire body breaking out into a nervous cold sweat, obvious horror apparent on her face as, try as she might, she discovered that was was unable to control her own eyes, her gaze wouldn't be torn from the dark girl's own. In mere seconds, the girl had approached Adelina, and as she stood several inches above the petite girl, Adelina couldn't help but think of her overpowering and eerily bold presence, and how though she couldn't be more than two inches taller than herself, she seemed to tower over the girl.

Maybe.. Maybe it's because next to her, I look.. and act so weak.. Adelina thought automatically in response to her observations, her mouth falling open in a quiet gasp as a large sweatdrop rolled alongside her petite little head. Brushing a couple stray strands of hair from her wide golden eyes, she knew of nothing else but to offer the other girl a friendly smile. Just as Adelina was about to offer the newcoming girl a greeting as well, Tai addressed her.

"Uhm.. actually.. I did pick Charmander." In response to Adelina's comment about him, to which a hint of a pink glow was instantly present within her round cheeks as a knowing grin popped out across her shining face.

I knew it! She thought internally with a bit of a trump, but instantly snapped back to attention, as Tai continued in the conversation.

"I named him Charco. I also caught a Pidgey, and I named him Gee. I see you have an Eevee, that's cool. I've always wanted an Eevee, they're just so fascinating.." At the very mention of Ciel, Adelina's eyes immediately lit up. She had forgotten about his awful predicament, but the reference to her precious little Pokemon made her heart flutter. She didn't even wonder as to how he knew that she had an Eevee when she was certain no one had been checking her out when she walked in and slipped over to the Healing center, and obviously, she didn't have her furry little pal with her right now. With a little too much excitement, Adelina began to nod fiercely.

"Yeah, I do actually! His name is Ciel.. He's the best.. The best little Pokemon a girl could ever ask for. He's cute, and fast, but crazy strong too! Best part of all, I didn't even have to choose him. I guess he could be considered my Starter Pokemon, but it doesn't really feel like that to me. He just feels like.. my best friend. Ciel actually chose me. We were at this Circus, you see.. And the Pokemon there were kept in little cages. I don't know that they were actually mistreated.. But they all looked so sad.. Most of them just kind of drooped around in their cages.." At this part, Adelina paused, and her apparent joy momentarily lapsed into a moment of unstable raw emotion.

"But not Ciel. He was trying so hard to get out.. And he was bleeding. It looked like he would rather die trying to escape than go one more day living with that Circus. So I.. kinda stole him." Adelina laughed lightly at this.

"I know it might not've been the right thing to do; He wasn't mine. But all I had to do was look into those beautiful chocolate eyes, and I knew that I couldn't just leave him there. So I helped him break out, and since he had nowhere to go, or maybe because I rescued him.. He decided to stay with me. And I couldn't be happier if I had chosen a Charmander."

Adelina smiled then, her arms sliding along her delicate body to move behind her back, intertwining with one another as a bit of a shy blush crept across her round cheeks. The smile remained upon her face as she glanced toward the ground, unsure of what she was doing, and why she had felt the random need to blurt out Ciel's entire history to a complete stranger.

He's so nice and warm, though.. She argued, with the other half of her that was expressing the sudden doubts.

He really seems like a person I can trust this time.. He's so open, and friendly. Usually people meet me, then they run. This one didn't. Surely that has to mean something..

Adelina's thoughts were interrupted as the girl who had approached Tai's side cleared her throat, and as Adelina averted her attention to this seemingly tall, pale girl, making the same mistake of staring deep into her chilling pink eyes a second time. The very blood trickling throughout her veins seemed to turn to ice, and as Adelina continued to stare uncontrollably into her fiercely cold eyes, Adelina's smile shifted into a wary one, and her tiny body again tensed, standing stiffly as a cold sweat began to trickle down the back of her bare neck.

Those eyes..

Adelina thought, before the girl addressed her in what was an incredibly dull, dry tone.

"So Adelina your name was? Interesting name..My name's Rin..."

Rin.. It suits her well.. Adelina pondered to herself, before the girl continued.

"And next time.. Don't stare. It's rude." With that said, and a toss of her silky black mane, the girl whirled around, turning her back to the other two trainers, slender arms folding across one another as she exited the Pokemon Center completely. For a brief moment, Adelina was unable to do anything besides stare after the girl in what was sheer disbelief. Rin's comments hadn't angered her. In fact, they saddened her. She hated to think that before she even had the chance to introduce herself with this other female, she was already hated by her. The expression of disappointment marring Adelina's pretty face must have been pretty apparent, for as Adelina continued to stare after her, Tai felt the need to comfort her as he too stared after this bitter girl.

"Don't listen to her.. She's just so gloomy. It sickens me. It's like she's never received love in her life." Tai muttered, to which Adelina didn't know what to say for once, as a pang of sadness rang all throughout her heart. She bowed her head then, a slight sigh escaping her lips as the scene that had just unfolded played again and again within her mind. Those eyes.. A bright, beautiful pink, but so dark at the same time.. so chilling.. So clouded with so much masked pain and fear..

"I wonder what that's all about," She whispered, more to herself than to Tai, but she was sure he had heard it anyways. She had momentarily forgotten the Chansey she had been playing with, but as she turned to address it, Adelina was surprised and a bit discouraged to find the giant pink ball gone. Apparently, she had grown bored of the Humans' conversation.

Where in the world could that giant pink goofball have gone..? Adelina thought, temporarily forgetting Tai and Rin, and everything else concerning her. She scanned the large room packed with trainers of all shapes and sizes, and many different types of Pokemon as well, but saw none that even remotely resembled the enormous pastel ball that had been standing at her side only moments before. After several seconds of quick skimming, Adelina gave up in her search, thin shoulders slumping in defeat as another look of disappointment appeared across her face.

"Oh, i've got to call my mom! Hold on a second, okay?" Tai suddenly spoke, and as he peered earnestly within Adelina's golden eyes, she could only managed to nod enthusiastically, flashing him a bright smile before he dashed off to another corner of the room, a corner that contained a row of booths containing Video Phones.

Too bad I don't have anyone I could call right about now.. Adelina thought with a bit of a wry smile as she just shook it off, deciding not to pursure her new "friend", and instead opting to give him a little privacy as the face of a woman rather pretty in appearance popped up across the screen.

"Tai's mother.." She murmured aloud, standing on her tiptoes, trying to get a better view of the face of the woman. A delighted little smile twisted across her lips as she chuckled to herself.

"I see the resemblance.." After that, she became aware of Tai removing one of the miniaturized capsules from his belt, and pressing on the tiny circular button placed convenietly between the white and red halves to first enlarge it, then release a Pokemon. Adelina was pleased to see that it was Tai's Charmander.. What had he called it? Charco..? Adelina smiled, and started to sprint over to the lizard-like Pokemon, who despite being let out of his Pokeball, had chosen to remain at the side of his trainer. Before she could even take a single step, however, a loud, "Chansey!" was heard, and as Adelina launched forward, the large ball of a Pokemon sprang in front of her, knocking her back again down again onto the hardwood floor, causing her to land bottom-first for what would be the second time. A bit sourly, Adelina glared at the Chansey in annoyance, who had that same silly grin smeared across her face as before, when she had been trying to get Adelina to play with her.

"Okay, this is no time-" Adelina began, before the Chansey whipped her two paws from behind her back, gripping what appeared to be a rather startled-looking Eevee in one of them.

"Chansey!" The Chansey cried out again, setting Ciel firmly down in front of Adelina before backing off.

"CIEL!" Adelina roared in happiness, a humongous grin breaking out across her face as she seized the little Eevee, hugging him against her frail chest as ecstatically, she buried her face into his soft fur.

"You don't know how worried I was about you! I'm so glad you're okay!"

"Veee?" The Eevee questioned, laughing uneasily at his trainer's crazed reaction, a sweatdrop rolling down alongside his face before he gave in to her spontaneous emotion, chocolate eyes falling shut as he rubbed his furry brown face gently against the hollow of Adelina's bare throat. His demeanor was nonchalant, as if what he had just been through was no apparent big deal, it was all part of some regular routine. But with the way Adelina was treating the reunion, it was as if the Eevee had been resurrected from the dead.

"Hey, listen!" Adelina finally exclaimed, barely able to contain her excitement as she pulled away from the Eevee, holding him out inbetween the palms of her hands as her sparkling eyes radiated obvious enthusiasm down into his own.

"I think we might have made some new friends. One's name is Tai.. He has a Charmander. And a Pidgey. He's over there, see?!" The Eevee glanced over warily in the direction his trainer was indicating, a hint of surprise apparent in all his doubtful features. He loved Adelina to death, but also knew that other people and Pokemon, people especially, weren't so open to her "friendly" attitude. A boy actually stood in the place Adelina was pointing, something Ciel hadn't expected at all. He seemed to just be finishing up a phone call, and sure enough, a Charmander stood faithfully at his side. So far, so good. Everything matched up.. But still.. Ciel was even more dumbfounded as the boy hung up the phone and came rushing excitedly over to Adelina, his eyes glued to her as much as hers were to him, and seemed actually eager to get to her. Ciel's mouth fell open in shock.

"Hey, listen, would you like to travel with us?" Tai asked Adelina, to which Adelina nearly shot up from her sitting position on the floor, and beamed with the joy she was struggling to retain.

"Are you kidding?!" Adelina squeaked, her tiny hands clenching into fists as excitedly, she began to shake.

"Professor Oak can send you a Pokedex.."

"Really?! Where? When?! Will I get it today? Will it come out over there?" Adelina laughed as she pointed over toward the Video Phone Booths, in the direction Tai had just come from. Again, Ciel sweatdropped, and just sighed a bit happily, somewhat thankful for the sudden invitation from this Tai person. Now he wouldn't have to worry so much about his naive, optimistic trainer.. He wouldn't be the only one watching out for her.. He wouldn't be her only reliable source of protection. Yes, this could be a very splendid idea after all.. At this, Ciel jumped from Adelina's thin arms, leaping to the floor to stand just in front of her, facing the Charmander that still stood at the boy's side, and enthusiastically began to communicate with him.

"Veee? Eevee!" The furry little Pokemon laughed, jumping up and down excitedly, to which the Charmander smiled, and began to respond, in a langauge of his own that was strange, yet familiar to both Tai and Adelina. Adelina remained silent for a moment, watching with fascination as the two Pokemon chattered on with repetitive syllables of their own names, occaisionally making hand gestures, and turning to point up at each of their trainers..

"It would seem that they're gossiping about us" Adelina laughed good-naturedly, raising an eyebrow down at the pair as she just smiled, and shook her head. The moment would've been completely perfect, and happy, had Rin not come storming in.. Ignoring Adelina, and the Charmander and Eevee at her feet, the dark-haired girl flew in a rage up to Tai.

"I heard what you said about me.." She growled. "So I make you sick, huh? Why do I even bother interacting with people? All they do it tease and hurt me! I knew I shouldn't have made any type of effort to be friends with you..You're just like my parents! You make me so.. frustrated!" This said, Rin paused to draw in a deep breath, before her trembling tone became a dull roar inside Adelina's head.

"I should have never tried to go on this journey! If I make you sick, then FINE, i'll leave." Rin screamed before smartly landing a direct slap across an unsuspecting Tai's face, and again storming from the Center. The moment of happiness shattered, Adelina could only stare off in the direction Rin had departed, eyes swimming with obvious emotion at the girl's words, a silent sigh escaping her lips as she and Ciel exchanged concerned glances. Tai's Charmander, Charco, seemed disappointed that the chat with his new Eevee friend had ended, but it was apparent that he was just as concerned about Rin as well..

"We should.. go after her.." Adelina said a bit unsurely, looking over to Tai and to the other trainer for support, as they were the ones who knew Rin, not she, and she didn't want to just charging into something that didn't concern her in the least. But she was worried about Rin. Even if Rin didn't like her much..And made it obvious that she didn't want her within ten feet of her.. Adelina had a notion that none of this would soon matter. True to that, Adelina soon found herself subconsciously moving toward the Pokemon Center exit, where Rin had vanished only moments ago. A determined look set across her face, Adelina made the decision to let her heart take the lead, not her mind, no matter how diasasterous this might prove. She smiled as the pitter-patter of tiny footsteps sounded from behind her, and knew that at least Ciel had her back. Within seconds, she was standing just inside the glass door seperating the Pokemon Center from the outside, and pushing against it.

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July 15th, 2008, 6:16 PM
"Really?! Where? When?! Will I get it today? Will it come out over there?" Adelina laughed as she pointed over toward the Video Phone Booths, in the direction Tai had just come from. Tai chuckled,

"No. Prof. Oak said that he'll have someone deliver it to us. We have to stay here in Viridian City. So we can't leave yet until his messenger gets here." Tai chuckled at Adelina's perkiness. It was kind of nice and welcoming, compared to the other two trainers. His thoughts then traveled over to Rin, she was a mean and cold girl. But she also tried to make friends with Sean and him.

'Maybe I shouldn't have been so hard on her.' Tai told himself mentally, referring to the statement he had told Adelina about Rin. He looked down at Charco who had struck up a conversation with Adelina's Eevee, Ciel.

<Oh yeah?! Well Tai is kinda dumb sometimes. But other times its like a whole 'nother person takes over his body.> Charco told Ciel eagerly. Tai sweatdropped,

"It would seem that they're gossiping about us" Adelina laughed good-naturedly, raising an eyebrow down at the pair as she just smiled, and shook her head. Tai chuckled, he wondered if Adelina could understand Ciel. According to Prof. Oak, one had to have a strong bond with their pokemon. The pokemon were happy, Tai had made a new friend. This was good, that is. Until Rin, her slender figure, walked up to Tai. She seemed to clenched her hands in fists.

"I heard what you said about me.." She growled. "So I make you sick, huh? Why do I even bother interacting with people? All they do it tease and hurt me! I knew I shouldn't have made any type of effort to be friends with you..You're just like my parents! You make me so.. frustrated!" Tai simply looked at Rin, his eyes were sucked from happiness and simply stared at Rin. He didn't have a shocked luck, more of a protective look. Her whispers turned into angry yells,

"I should have never tried to go on this journey! If I make you sick, then FINE, i'll leave." Rin yelled, she seemed to have death in her eyes. She raised her hand and was about to slap Tai, the boy didn't do anything. He let her land her hand on his cheek, Tai cap flew off as she stomped out of the center. His cheek was rosy red and he grasped it, wincing at the pain. Charco ran over to his cap and picked it up, he handed it to Tai.

"Thanks buddy." He whispered to the Charmander and he climbed Tai's body. He stopped at his shoulder and rubbed his cheek,

"Don't worry, it doesn't hurt that much." Tai chuckled. Adelina seemed to be shock, Ciel had stopped Charco and his conversation. Rin was more angry than ever, who knows what might happen.

"We should.. go after her.." Adelina said a bit unsurely. Tai nodded and looked over at Sean, he was still waiting for Squirtle to come out of Nurse Joy's healing center.

"Listen Sean, you stay here and wait for Blue. Okay? Adelina and I will go after Rin." Tai said as he walked out of the center, motioning Adelina to follow him. They exited the center and looked around nothing was strange around. Tai and Adelina walked around, Viridian City was just like the usual. People bustling through the streets,

"Hmmm...where is she?" Tai asked himself. Charco climbed up on Tai's head and looked around, he wanted to help. The area around the center had no trace of Rin.

<Land Ho! I mean, Rin Ho!> Charco yelled out, Tai sweatdropped. Charco pointed to the behind the Pokemon Center. How did they miss her?. Tai smiled, they found Rin. They ran over, and after a few moments they reached the girl. She didn't speak, she just cried. Tai saw her arms, limp and seemingly injured. Tai felt very bad about her condition, probably because he had insulted her just before.

"It's okay. Come on, let's go back to the Pokemon Center." Tai said, he put his arm around her and helped her get up.

"What happened to you-" But Tai never got to finish his sentence. A large, sturdy net was thrown over Tai, Adelina, and the injured Rin immediately closing the ropey bonds around the group tightly.

Tai's face contorted with shock. “What the-“ The boy looked around the net and tried to claw out.

“What is this? A trap?” Tai asked, still holding onto Rin.

“A trap he says….how dare he infer that we are trapping something.” A raspy voice came from the shadows behind a tree, and stepped forward. It was a man with long, light green hair, his eyes the color of blood and narrow, adorned in the classic Team Rocket attire.

“Oh, don't be so harsh. Children, we could have done better….” A smooth, high, girly voice came from a woman with bright pink hair in two ponytails with elaborate curls, her eyes a deep cerulean. She wore the Team Rocket outfit as well, and she was the one who held the net shooter gun in her hands.

Tai snarled across at them. “Unless you people want trouble, let us out of here.”

The woman laughed, then walked over and reached through the net, grabbing Tai under the chin and forcing him to look at her.

“Our names are Jane and Luther. We’re highly respected members of Team Rocket, and our boss was waiting for you three to leave your sniveling hometown….He’d like a word with you.”

”Tell you’re boss he can go to hell.” Tai spat on her face, the spit sliding down her cheek. Jane’s smile faded rapidly and she hit him violently, then wiped the liquid off of her skin, stepping back and bringing out a pokeball. Great, first Tai was slapped. Now he was punched, Tai gripped his chin which was burning with pain.

She looked back at Luther and snarled orders. “Let’s get out of here. Go, MAROWAK! Drag the net now!”

“Maro!” Marowak smirked, then picked up the ends of the net, hauled it over his shoulders, and proceeded to walk away.

Luther grunted. “These are only two of the kids, the second girl isn't one of them. Where’s the last one?”

Jane shrugged. “Who cares? Giovanni said bring any you could find. No more orders than that.”

The green haired man nodded. “Let’s just be sure there are no eyewitnesses. Go, Hypno!”

The large yellow pokemon with blank eyes and the yo yo faced the net.

Luther quietly commanded the Hypno. “Use Hypnosis.”

Hypno swung its pendulum back and forth, and muttered under its breath.

Tai tried to fight it….But too late. Sleep over took him, and he sunk to the ground with a loud thud. The others felt the effects too, and soon, they were falling into the dark, deep depths of slumber.

The Team Rocket members looked at each other.

“Mission accomplished.” Jane smirked, then jumped, startled as a blast of flame shot past her.

“Not yet it isn’t.” A man with deep red hair, spiked, and a black cape stood there, a large Dragonite floating in front. If looks could kill, they’d be dead.

”Dragonite, Hyper Beam!” A sudden charged beam of yellow light spun toward Marowak and Hypno, knocking both Pokemon out and sending them flying.

“What the hell?!” Jane snarled, and then looked at Luther, whose face was white.

“It’s him.”

”Damnit! Let’s go!”

”What about-“

”Forget them! C’MON!”

The Rockets dropped everything and ran.

”Dragonite, release and wake them up if you will….” The man pointed to the net and the dragon pokemon smiled and nodded, the pokemon dragged the net off and threw it away. Tai slowly came to, his vision coming back to him. He woke up to come face to face with a large orange dragon,

"Wah!" Tai jumped back and looked frightened. The man in red hair laughed light-heartidly,

"Don't worry. That's just Dragonite. He won't harm you. Are you Tai?" The man kneeled down, and Tai was stupified. Just whow as this?

"Umm, yeah. Who are you?" Tai looked at the man who was staring at him.

"I'm Lance Blackthorn. Member of the Elite Four, and Dragon Trainer extrodinaire." The man bragged about himself. His dragonite sweatdropped, the man bragged so much.

"Well, thanks for saving me and my friends." Tai thanked the man, Charco grinned and walked over to the Dragonite and started talking.

"Well anyways, here's the main reason why I came here." He reached out his hand from his cape and was grasping a red electronic device.

"Oh! It's Adelina's Pokedex! You were the messenger?!" He shouted out. Lance nodded,

"Yes, I was on my way to a Pokemon League Meeting when Oak asked me. Well, I best be on my way. See you later!" Lance hopped on Dragonite and flew off. Tai was in awe,

"Wow! They are so cool!" He shouted out, they made a great team. Charco leaped onto Tai's shoulder.

<Hey Tai, do you think I'll ever grow wings? And be like Dragonite, a powerful dragon?> Charco asked Tai. He shrugged,

"I guess it's possible. It'd be cool if you could be like that." Tai chuckled and turned to his friends. Waiting for them to wake up.

"Really?! Where? When?! Will I get it today? Will it come out over there?" Adelina laughed as she pointed over toward the Video Phone Booths, in the direction Tai had just come from. Tai chuckled,

"No. Prof. Oak said that he'll have someone deliver it to us. We have to stay here in Viridian City. So we can't leave yet until his messenger gets here." Tai chuckled at Adelina's perkiness. It was kind of nice and welcoming, compared to the other two trainers. His thoughts then traveled over to Rin, she was a mean and cold girl. But she also tried to make friends with Sean and him.

'Maybe I shouldn't have been so hard on her.' Tai told himself mentally, referring to the statement he had told Adelina about Rin. He looked down at Charco who had struck up a conversation with Adelina's Eevee, Ciel.

<Oh yeah?! Well Tai is kinda dumb sometimes. But other times its like a whole 'nother person takes over his body.> Charco told Ciel eagerly. Tai sweatdropped,

"It would seem that they're gossiping about us" Adelina laughed good-naturedly, raising an eyebrow down at the pair as she just smiled, and shook her head. Tai chuckled, he wondered if Adelina could understand Ciel. According to Prof. Oak, one had to have a strong bond with their pokemon. The pokemon were happy, Tai had made a new friend. This was good, that is. Until Rin, her slender figure, walked up to Tai. She seemed to clenched her hands in fists.

"I heard what you said about me.." She growled. "So I make you sick, huh? Why do I even bother interacting with people? All they do it tease and hurt me! I knew I shouldn't have made any type of effort to be friends with you..You're just like my parents! You make me so.. frustrated!" Tai simply looked at Rin, his eyes were sucked from happiness and simply stared at Rin. He didn't have a shocked luck, more of a protective look. Her whispers turned into angry yells,

"I should have never tried to go on this journey! If I make you sick, then FINE, i'll leave." Rin yelled, she seemed to have death in her eyes. She raised her hand and was about to slap Tai, the boy didn't do anything. He let her land her hand on his cheek, Tai cap flew off as she stomped out of the center. His cheek was rosy red and he grasped it, wincing at the pain. Charco ran over to his cap and picked it up, he handed it to Tai.

"Thanks buddy." He whispered to the Charmander and he climbed Tai's body. He stopped at his shoulder and rubbed his cheek,

"Don't worry, it doesn't hurt that much." Tai chuckled. Adelina seemed to be shock, Ciel had stopped Charco and his conversation. Rin was more angry than ever, who knows what might happen.

"We should.. go after her.." Adelina said a bit unsurely. Tai nodded and looked over at Sean, he was still waiting for Squirtle to come out of Nurse Joy's healing center.

"Listen Sean, you stay here and wait for Blue. Okay? Adelina and I will go after Rin." Tai said as he walked out of the center, motioning Adelina to follow him. They exited the center and looked around nothing was strange around. Tai and Adelina walked around, Viridian City was just like the usual. People bustling through the streets,

"Hmmm...where is she?" Tai asked himself. Charco climbed up on Tai's head and looked around, he wanted to help. The area around the center had no trace of Rin.

<Land Ho! I mean, Rin Ho!> Charco yelled out, Tai sweatdropped. Charco pointed to the behind the Pokemon Center. How did they miss her?. Tai smiled, they found Rin. They ran over, and after a few moments they reached the girl. She didn't speak, she just cried. Tai saw her arms, limp and seemingly injured. Tai felt very bad about her condition, probably because he had insulted her just before.

"It's okay. Come on, let's go back to the Pokemon Center." Tai said, he put his arm around her and helped her get up.

"What happened to you-" But Tai never got to finish his sentence. A large, sturdy net was thrown over Tai, Adelina, and the injured Rin immediately closing the ropey bonds around the group tightly.

Tai's face contorted with shock. “What the-“ The boy looked around the net and tried to claw out.

“What is this? A trap?” Tai asked, still holding onto Rin.

“A trap he says….how dare he infer that we are trapping something.” A raspy voice came from the shadows behind a tree, and stepped forward. It was a man with long, light green hair, his eyes the color of blood and narrow, adorned in the classic Team Rocket attire.

“Oh, don't be so harsh. Children, we could have done better….” A smooth, high, girly voice came from a woman with bright pink hair in two ponytails with elaborate curls, her eyes a deep cerulean. She wore the Team Rocket outfit as well, and she was the one who held the net shooter gun in her hands.

Tai snarled across at them. “Unless you people want trouble, let us out of here.”

The woman laughed, then walked over and reached through the net, grabbing Tai under the chin and forcing him to look at her.

“Our names are Jane and Luther. We’re highly respected members of Team Rocket, and our boss was waiting for you three to leave your sniveling hometown….He’d like a word with you.”

”Tell you’re boss he can go to hell.” Tai spat on her face, the spit sliding down her cheek. Jane’s smile faded rapidly and she hit him violently, then wiped the liquid off of her skin, stepping back and bringing out a pokeball. Great, first Tai was slapped. Now he was punched, Tai gripped his chin which was burning with pain.

She looked back at Luther and snarled orders. “Let’s get out of here. Go, MAROWAK! Drag the net now!”

“Maro!” Marowak smirked, then picked up the ends of the net, hauled it over his shoulders, and proceeded to walk away.

Luther grunted. “These are only two of the kids, the second girl isn't one of them. Where’s the last one?”

Jane shrugged. “Who cares? Giovanni said bring any you could find. No more orders than that.”

The green haired man nodded. “Let’s just be sure there are no eyewitnesses. Go, Hypno!”

The large yellow pokemon with blank eyes and the yo yo faced the net.

Luther quietly commanded the Hypno. “Use Hypnosis.”

Hypno swung its pendulum back and forth, and muttered under its breath.

Tai tried to fight it….But too late. Sleep over took him, and he sunk to the ground with a loud thud. The others felt the effects too, and soon, they were falling into the dark, deep depths of slumber.

The Team Rocket members looked at each other.

“Mission accomplished.” Jane smirked, then jumped, startled as a blast of flame shot past her.

“Not yet it isn’t.” A man with deep red hair, spiked, and a black cape stood there, a large Dragonite floating in front. If looks could kill, they’d be dead.

”Dragonite, Hyper Beam!” A sudden charged beam of yellow light spun toward Marowak and Hypno, knocking both Pokemon out and sending them flying.

“What the hell?!” Jane snarled, and then looked at Luther, whose face was white.

“It’s him.”

”Damnit! Let’s go!”

”What about-“

”Forget them! C’MON!”

The Rockets dropped everything and ran.

”Dragonite, release and wake them up if you will….” The man pointed to the net and the dragon pokemon smiled and nodded, the pokemon dragged the net off and threw it away. Tai slowly came to, his vision coming back to him. He woke up to come face to face with a large orange dragon,

"Wah!" Tai jumped back and looked frightened. The man in red hair laughed light-heartidly,

"Don't worry. That's just Dragonite. He won't harm you. Are you Tai?" The man kneeled down, and Tai was stupified. Just whow as this?

"Umm, yeah. Who are you?" Tai looked at the man who was staring at him.

"I'm Lance Blackthorn. Member of the Elite Four, and Dragon Trainer extrodinaire." The man bragged about himself. His dragonite sweatdropped, the man bragged so much.

"Well, thanks for saving me and my friends." Tai thanked the man, Charco grinned and walked over to the Dragonite and started talking.

"Well anyways, here's the main reason why I came here." He reached out his hand from his cape and was grasping a red electronic device.

"Oh! It's Adelina's Pokedex! You were the messenger?!" He shouted out. Lance nodded,

"Yes, I was on my way to a Pokemon League Meeting when Oak asked me. Well, I best be on my way. See you later!" Lance hopped on Dragonite and flew off. Tai was in awe,

"Wow! They are so cool!" He shouted out, they made a great team. Charco leaped onto Tai's shoulder.

<Hey Tai, do you think I'll ever grow wings? And be like Dragonite, a powerful dragon?> Charco asked Tai. He shrugged,

"I guess it's possible. It'd be cool if you could be like that." Tai chuckled and turned to his friends. Waiting for them to wake up.

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July 15th, 2008, 8:10 PM
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Rin sat there for a few minutes as the bustling of the city streets her rage torwards Tai still stood firm but this was not the time to get angry at someone, her arms were throabbing..She couldn't move them at all but then someone startled her.

"It's okay. Come on, let's go back to the Pokemon Center." Tai said to her and Rin flinched, he was surprised by her limp arms.

"What do you want..?! Are youjust here to throw sand in my eyes wile I can't defend myself!?"

What happened to you-" But Tai never got to finish his sentence. A large, firm net was thrown over Tai, Adelina, and the injured Rin immediately closing its bonds around the group tightly.

"Gah!" Rin yelped as she heard her arms give a loud crack. Tai still held firm to her most likely looking around to see where the net had come from.

“What is this? A trap?” Tai hissed.

“A trap he says….how dare he infer that we are trapping something.” A voice called out and a figure appeared behind the trees, It was a man with long, light green hair, his eyes the color of blood and narrow, adorned in the same uniform that Rin had seen two men walk by while she was in the tree who had mentiond Giovanni. Rins body hurt to much to say anything..

"I thought that pink-eyed young girl was supposed to hate everyone and anything..How come she is so quiet?" The rocket voice said taunted at her..Rin said nothing.

“Oh, don't be so harsh. Children, we could have done better….” A smooth, high, girly voice came from a woman with bright pink hair in two ponytails with elaborate curls, her eyes a deep cerulean. The women also wore the attire she had seen earlier.
She had obviously the one who had shot the net.

“Unless you people want trouble, let us out of here.” Tai hissed at the 2 Rockets. Rin had never see Tai becme so serious..was it because he was... Protecting Adelina and Rin..Rin looked down and thought how she had been so cruel to him..

“Our names are Jane and Luther. We’re highly respected members of Team Rocket, and our boss was waiting for you three to leave your sniveling hometown….He’d like a word with you.” The two Rocket members said in a commandive tone.

”Tell you’re boss he can go to hell.” Tai spat on her face, the spit sliding down her cheek. Jane’s smile faded rapidly and she hit him violently, then wiped the liquid off of her skin, stepping back and bringing out a pokeball.

"Tai!" Was all Rin could mange to say before the young Rocket women kicked her stomach which silenced Rin.

“Let’s get out of here. Go, MAROWAK! Drag the net now!” The women yelled.

“Maro!” Marowak smirked, then picked up the ends of the net, hauled it over his shoulders, and proceeded to walk away.

“Who cares? Giovanni said bring any you could find. No more orders than that.” The wome shrugged not really caring about Adelina.

“Let’s just be sure there are no eyewitnesses. Go, Hypno!” Luthar yelled as it revealed a Hypno., and one word would send them into world of dreams... "Hypnosis!"

The Hypno began swinging the penjulem back and forth muttering and odd chant and Rin began to feel sleepy..Rin collapsed to the ground into a deep slumber..

Rin stood in a dark room. "Am I dead?" Rin mumbled as she looked around. Then she noticed something.. a same start to te same nightmare that would haunt her dreams every night. Visions from her past... She would relive them..every night..and feel the same pain, but before the horror of nightmares could start she felt herself waking up.

Rins eyes shot up and before she knew it she was awake and laying down next to Tai who was waiting for the two girls to wake up. She saw a man standing before them and he looked..powerful. Rin managed to sit up even without the use of her arms to help her up.

Rin looked at the man then back at Tai.. And managed to say something so simple but it was very hard to say.

"I-I'm...sorry...I just..Why did you save me..even after I treated you so cruelly...?" Rin asked him quietly. The things Rin had said to him had seemed so cruel. She looked at her arms which were turning red by this point and were becoming a bit swollen from them being broke. Rin made sure to cover her arms and make sure no one saw the extent of her injurys all though it was quite visible without actually seeing them.

"I won't tell them..Not yet.." Rin thought to herself, but flinched when she saw her mother seemingly smirking at her but dare not approaching because she was with Tai,Adelina and the man with the dragonite. Then something her mother mouthed to her sent shivers down her spine.

The mother seemingly mouthed. "Your blood will be on my hands..be prepared.." Rin shivered slightly at her mothers gaze and new that in one point her mother would either kill Rin herself or hire an assasin..Her eyes still fixed on her mother..Then her mother approached the three. Rin became frozen and turned away.

"So are you Rins friends..? Surprising she made friends..Someone like her has a difficult time making friends..She's got no social skills really.." Her mother said in a sweet et harsh tone.

"Well Rin ever since you ran away we've been looking everywhere for you.." Her mother said..And Rin looked back her mother..Her eyes literally petrified in fear.

And before she had time to react..She was hit with a slap by her mother..Rin had no reaction..as if you could tell she was used to this.

"Thats for runnning away my dear..Next time I will call your father if you try a stupid stunt like that..and he'll break your legs instead of your arms this time." he mother said coldly forgetting about the 3 other trainers and strolled off.

Rin looked down in sadness.She had no rwaction once again and merely spat out. "Now you see why I'm like this..why I don't like making friends.." She looked back at her limp arms and sat silent..She knew they would hate her now..for hiding such a thing...She could feel the lump in her throat...but forced back the tears. "I'm sorry you had to witness such a thing..I guess its my fault for running away.." RIn said in an obviously fake happy tone

July 21st, 2008, 10:24 PM
"Listen Sean, you stay here and wait for Blue. Okay? Adelina and I will go after Rin." Though Adelina was practically bursting out the door already in her anticipation to go find Rin, Tai felt an obvious sense of duty to check in with the other trainer of the group of three. The one Adelina hadn't yet been introduced to. The one known as 'Sean'.

Blue..? Adelina thought, realizing almost instantly after that Blue must be this boy's Pokemon.

"Hm. Tai has Charmander, so Sean has to have Bulbasaur or Squirtle.. I wonder which one!" Adelina exclaimed silently to Ciel, who had again found his way up inside her arms. From his curled position within the crook of her elbow, he just shook his petite little head, rolling his large chestnut eyes as he bounded up, thumping Adelina firmly upon the head with a tiny paw all in one motion.

"Vee." He uttered simply, a large sweatdrop forming alongside his furry face as with a weary little sigh, he slowly shook his head back and forth.

You can't be serious. He seemed to be saying, of sorts.

"Oh, of course!" Adelina laughed, moving the palm of her hand so that it lay flat against Ciel's tiny little head, and rubbing him there vigorously, so that when she finally lifted her hand back up, the hairs on the top of his round little head stood up in all directions, seemingly trying to escape the common ground they were bound to. As Ciel caught sight of his reflection in the double glass doors of the Pokemon Center, his eyes narrowed to practically slits, and slouched within Adelina's thin arms.

"He has to have the Squirtle. Whoever heard of a Bulbasaur being called 'Blue'..? Besides, he looks like the cool, laid-back kind of guy who would pick Squirtle. So that just leaves Rin with Bulbasaur. ..I wonder why she picked him?"

"VEE!" Ciel cried out in a loud warning, but it was too late. Adelina had been lost in her ramblings, which wasn't entirely unusual, and hadn't been watching where she was going. As she finally came to her senses, and remembered that it WAS her mind controlling her legs, and they weren't moving of their own accord, it was too late, and she walked straight into the double glass doors. Her face practically sticking to the glass, Adelina couldn't utter a word otherwise, and since Ciel was occupying her arms, she couldn't just very well reach up and peel herself off. Finally, as Tai approached her from behind, opening the double glass doors effortlessly with one outstretched hand, Adelina came toppling out the doors behind him. As Tai halted in his movement, and paused just outside the Pokemon Center to scan the area for Rin, Charco climbing atop his head, Adelina shifted Ciel to one arm, directing the other up to her face to rub at the red mark that had appeared via her collision with the door.

She had but only a few seconds to do this though, as Tai continued forward after several silent moments of scanning, and she had to sprint to keep up with him.

"Okay, Ciel. You know who we're looking for.." Adelina muttered to Ciel, reaching her arm back over to wrap around the little Eevee.

You mean a towering figure of black impending doom? Ciel queried, brow raising as playfully, he poked his short, pink tongue out the side of his mouth.

"Ciel! It's not nice to make fun!" Adelina scolded the Eevee, a bit louder than she intended, scowling warningly down at the little Evolution Pokemon. Ciel, knowing he had gone just a bit too far, lowered his head, slender ears dropping at the sides of it as slowly, he shifted he Chocolate eyes up to settle upon his trainer, who was still glaring expectantly down at him. His irises shining with obvious apology, he knew Adelina wouldn't be able to resist for long, and true to his theory, the girl soon broke out into a delighted grin, squeezing the little Eevee against her, as if he were no more than another one of her plush toys.

"That's what got us into this mess in the first place. But you know, you are right.. In a way."

Adelina muttered quietly, the image of Rin flashing briefly across her mind. The tall girl, who was actually quite average in height, but seemed tall to Adelina, so tall that she towered over everything and everyone she passed.. Or maybe it wasn't her height. Maybe she just.. stood out. Yeah, that had to be it. From her skin, which was a deathly pallor in hue, to the solid black she wore that contrasted sharply against it. Her long, cascading mane of sleek black hair, falling easily past her waist, which was a definite oddity, as Adelina figured she would've had to go her whole life without cutting it for it to grow so lengthy. Finally, the most startling feature of Rin: her eyes. Pink, of all colors. A beautiful, shimmering pink. To break the monotonous expanse of solid black and white, a bit of relief to one who thought they may have gone color-blind just by looking at her.

"Charmander! Char!" Charco cried out from atop Tai's head, and as he did so, Adelina immediately focused, all previous thoughts of Rin dispersing from her absent mind. The tiny Lizard-like Pokemon pointed, as he did so letting loose a wide grin, and as Adelina took note of this, couldn't help but glow at his cuteness. Following the Charmander's finger, Adelina gasped at what his was pointing to. Rin sat, against the back wall of the Pokemon Center, in the most obvious of places. Adelina's eyes filled with apparent horror as a gasp flew forcably from her closed mouth, ripping her lips open roughly into the shape of an 'O'. The girl looked to be in terrible condition, her arms all bent out of shape at irregular angles, and Adelina could already see where bruises had started forming upon her skin, and where parts of her arm had begun to swell, from parts where the bone had been clearly broken. The girl was bent over weakly, arms pressed protectively against her chest, as tear after tear just rolled down her pale face. The sight filled Adelina with a wave of her own emotion, a flooding tidal wave of sorrow, and realizing how much pain Rin must be in to let her guard down and cry before them, Adelina delt like crying herself. Dropping to her knees, Adelina let Ciel down, exchaging a glance of worry with Tai as wordlessly, she helped him to lift the girl up.

"It's okay. Come on, let's go to the Pokemon Center." Tai reassured her, his arm slipping around her waist to help her along. Adelina released the other girl once she realized Tai had a good hold on her. Tai was handling the situation in a seemingly calm and self-assured way. He seemed detached from the whole scenario, while Adelina was swimming with built emotion. She followed along anxiously behind Rin, Ciel at her side, fretting as she first anxiously brought a delicate hand up to her lips to nibble upon her already ragged fingernails, then only seconds later, throwing it down to tug absent-mindedly at the hem of her short Sundress.

"What happened to you-" Tai started to say before abruptly, a brief shadow was cast across the threesome before they were encased within the confines of a trap net. Adelina's eyes widened, and first glancing around for Ciel, she managed to scoop him up again within her slender arms before the net was yanked, and the three young trainers were sent toppling to their feet.

"Hm. you got lucky." Adelina muttered to Ciel jokingly, though she knew full well that now wasn't the time to be teasing.

"You almost became Eevee splatter!"

"Vee." Ciel agreed simply, gritting his teeth before hurling himself against the rope, first attaching his petite little body against it, then baring his teeth to begin gnawing ferociously upon it.

"What's this? A trap?" Tai demanded, and Adelina became acutely aware that he was still clutching Rin tightly within his arms. She smiled, relieved that the girl hadn't suffered further damage, then began scanning the area in search of her captors.

"A trap, he says.. How dare he infer that we are trapping something?" Adelina's ears attuned to the sound of a man's gruff voice, her eyes swiftly following the direction the voice had came from, coming to settle upon the figure of a man with long, lime-green hair and narrow, crimson eyes that settled upon Tai, seeming to glare daggers at the spunky boy, though his lips, twisted upward into a tiny smirk, depicted a different mood entirely. He had stepped from behind a tree, which explains why Adelina and Tai hadn't noticed the man, adorned in a uniform sporting a large, outrageous red "R" on the front of it.

"Oh, don't be so harsh. Children, we could've done better," This time, a different voice, this one sounding much more feminine than the first, the girly high-pitched tone of it clearly giving it away as belonging to a female. Adelina turned in the other direction, golden eyes settling upon a woman, sure-enough, sporting the same attire as the first man. Her hair was a bright hot pink, nearly fushcia in hue, and was done up in two of the most outrageous curls Adelina was sure she had ever laid eyes on. Though the woman held the net gun that had trapped the trio, and wore quite a nasty sneer upon her painted lips, Adelina couldn't help but let loose a loud giggle at the sight of her. The sneer vanishing from her lips, the woman was at Adelina's side in an instant, smacking Ciel irritably with an outstretched , who she had just noticed trying to obliterate the net that kept his trainer confined. The little Canine-like Pokemon growled at the woman, boldly baring his teeth, but was soon silenced with a swift kick from the woman. As Adelina's face contorted to betray her obvious horror at the woman's actions, the woman just smirked, winking down at Adelina.

"I assume that little pest belongs to you, huh?" She laughed, her gaze shifting to include not only Adelina, but Ciel as well, her lay on his side, recovering from the harsh kick.

"Next time you'll think twice before laughing at me. You'll come to realize that everything we do is quite serious.. This isn't a joke."

Whilst Adelina simmered, Tai spoke out.

"Unless you people want trouble, let us out of here." He ordered fiercely, and Adelina was surprised to hear his voice sounding so calm, and firm. He was completely serious, eyes narrowed at the Rocket duo in warning, but they seemed unfazed by his threat.

"Our names are Jane and Luther. We're highly respected members of Team Rocket, and our boss was waiting for you three to leave your sniveling hometown.. He'd like to have a word with you."

Before Adelina had time to respond with a quick retort of her own, Tai jumped in.

"Tell your boss he can go to hell!" He called out boldly, simultaneously spitting on the woman's face, and Adelina couldn't help but giggle inwardly, lips curling upward into a tiny smile as the woman's face expressed clear disgust. Adelina was practically grinning from ear to ear, that is, until the woman delivered a harsh punch straight to Tai's face.

"Tai!" Rin called out in clear concern, but as she did so, the woman lifted a foot to nimbly kick the injured Rin in the stomach. At this, Adelina's golden eyes fell down into just narrowed slits, and rage beginning to build up with her pint-sized form, she lunged at the woman, hand snatching out from between the small hold of the net to rake across the woman's left cheek. As the jagged edges of Adelina's nails made contact with the woman, Jane's pearly skin, several raw pink lines appeared suddenl across her face. In a split second, blood had begun to flow down the fresh cuts, drizzling past the new wounds and flowing rapidly down the hollow of her pale throat. Jane stood shock-still for a full moment, lips parted in a perfect "O" as she made the surprise upon her face clearly evident. This lasted only a split second, however, before this surprise was instantly replaced by a rather nasty scowl, and gritting her teeth together, Jane balled her hand up into a fist, slamming it against the side of Adelina's face, knocking her back against the opposite side of the net. Adelina, reeling from the harsh impact of the painful punch, didn't jump back to her feet, her head falling to meet the cool, grassy ground, sagging tiredly against the terrain. Jane laughed, a high-pitched giggle full of malicious coldness, and as this sound penetrated Adelina's mind, her brow furrowed, and clutching at the side of her stinging face, she boldly jumped right back up.

"Let's settle this like me- I mean, women.. With a battle" She shouted, eyes blazing with a strange flash of hatred. Her other hand had slipped its way through one of the holes in the net, and wrapped around the Ropey material, clutching it so hard that her knuckles turned white.

"Vee!" Ciel exclaimed fiercely, with chocolate eyes to match his trainer's, leaping bravely up to stand at his trainer's side. Jane just smirked, withdrawing slowly a tiny red and white capsule from the black belt of her Rocket uniform, her finger slipping across the miniaturized button, enlargening it instantly before casually tossing it out, a bright light bursting forth from the sphere before the shape of a Marowak appeared.

"Let's get out of here! Go, MAROWAK. Drag the net now!"

Without hesitation, the Marowak quickly complied, hoisting the large net, children, Pokemon and all in it, over his shoulder and beginning to follow the lead of his trainer.

"These are only two of the kids. The second girl isn't one of them. Where's the last one?"

Luther inquired, flashing his parnet a brief expression of concern as he eyed Adelina's disarrayed form contained within the net.

"You weren't even aiming to catch me?!" Adelina cried out, disbelief written clearly across her face as she kicked a tiny sandaled foot forth in an attempt to kick the net away from the Bone Keeper Pokemon, but as her foot connected with his body in a loud, solid "Thud", the Marowak continued onward, seeming not even to notice.

Ow! Ow! Ow! Adelina thought inwardly, recoiling as her hand flew away from the long-forgotten pain of her stinging face, and instead flew down to soothe her now-throbbing foot.

"Who cares? Giovanni said bring any you could find. No more orders than that." Jane replied. Adelina sighed, rolling her large, golden eyes back into her head.

These people said they were 'highly respected' members? Gawd, must not take alot to reach the Elite ranks of Team Rocket then.. An unecessary capture. What a waste of time. Maybe not for them, but definitely for me..

"Let's be sure there are no eyewitnesses." Luther continued onward in his conversation with Jane, to which Adelina's eyes widened, and she cast a silent glance of worry to both Rin and Tai.

"Go, Hypno!" Came out his gruff cry, and before Adelina could even turn her petite little head to catch sight of the emerging Pokemon, the Hyno had taken form, and was waiting expectantly for his trainer's next command.

"Use Hypnosis!"With almost an eager glint of sorts in his eye, the Hypnosis Pokemon began swinging his Pendulum back and forth, to and fro before the crowd of people and Pokemon, using the attack he was most famous for, the one always associated with his species when seen for the first time. And oh, how he loved using it. Soon, the three teens' eyes began to droop, and Adelina, worn out from so much struggle, didn't even fight it as she sank into a deep, dark slumber..

~An unspecified amount of time later~

Adelina awoke, forehead wrinkling in confusion as she sat up, finding that the net confining her was gone. It had been cut away by someone or something, and lay in shredded ruins off several feet to her right. Adelina glanced around, golden eyes finally settling up the figure of Tai, who was standing, staring wistfully off into the distance, Charco standing erect upon his shoulder. After a moment of staring off into the sky, he turned his head, gaze focusing upon her and Rin. Flashing him a reassuring smile, one that signified clearly that she was okay, Adelina rose slowly to her feet, beginning to make her way toward him before she caught sight of something dull and red clasped within his hands.

Could it.. Could it be?! She thought wildly, an ecstatic grin popping out across her delicate face as she forgot entirely about her previous fatigue, shooting off toward Tai, probably evoking fear in the boy who had in posession the one item she had never wanted more in her entire life.. Her very own Pokedex!

"My Pokedex came in?!" She squealed in delight, jumping up and down, eager form tense with excitement. Without further hesitation, she took the Pokedex from Tai, and held it up to a single, large golden iris.

"Ooh.." She murmured, awe-struck, as the light atop the red device flashed once, and seemed to activate at the sound of her voice.

"Hi, i'm Dexter.." It started, but before it could finish, Adelina had slammed it down against her bare thigh, withdrawing into herself, trying desperately to contain her obvious enthusiasm, but failing miserably as she just sky-rocketed into the air, bringing 'Dexter', up to her thin chest in an ecstatic hug. Ciel bounded up to her, finally awakened from his forced slumber, curiously leaping up against her leg, forelegs extending so that his paws stretched toward the foreign device.

"Vee?!" He cried out, not wanting to be out of the loop in the midst of all this excitement, and desperately tried to make up for lost time.

"Look Ciel!" Adelina crooned, thrusting the Pokedex, which still hadn't continued in its' introductory speech, down into the face of her Eevee.

"We have a new friend! This is Dexter, he's our-" Suddenly, the girl paused. Ciel cocked his head to the side, wondering what had infracted the sudden interruption, and noticed a rare thoughtful flash appearing within the depths of her golden eyes.

"He's red.." She mused, an eyebrow arching immediately as she brought the Pokedex up to her face, examining it with what was an expression of pure concern.

"Just like Tai and Adelina's. ..I was expecting, something lighter. Something pastel.. Something, pink!" Adelina cried out, tugging at the hem of her ruffled sundress, to which a large sweatdrop rolled down alongside Ciel's round little face, and he shook his head, astounded at his trainer's words. Adelina had an intentionally kind heart.. but sometimes she tended to be, well.. a bit peculiar.

"Vee.." Ciel's tone was reassuring, as Adelina, distraught, sank down into the grass. Trying to cheer her up, he feigned interest in the device it had been apparent she was craving for some time now, though honestly, he had not a clue what it was for. Still, he began pressing random buttons, with his paws, just to prove to his disappointed trainer how cool her new 'toy', as he believed it to be, actually was. The Pokedex seemed to scan Ciel momentarily, before flashing in recognition, speaking in a loud, matter-of-fact tone..

"Eevee: The Evolution Pokemon. An extremely rare Pokemon that may evolve in a number of ways depending on stimuli..Its genetic code is irregular. It may mutate if it is exposed to radiation from different element stones.."

The pint-sized Pokemon jumped, shaggy fur standing up on end as he growled warningly at the strange device, to which Adelina chuckled quietly, the sight evoking a tiny smile across her lips. All the while this exchange had been taking place, Adelina hadn't noticed a woman, a woman looking somewhat similar to the teenage girl approach her. Adelina attuned to the conversation just in time to hear the woman sneer,

"That's for running away, my dear. Next time I will call your father if you try a stupid stunt like that.. and he'll break your legs instead instead of your arms this time.."

Adelina's eyes awidened at the threat, and connecting Rin's pale, disfigured arms with the woman's icey stare and chilling smile, she leapt forward, standing before Rin, arms outspread at her side, golden eyes boring fiercely into the woman.

"YOU were the one who broke Rin's arms?! YOU had the nerve to hunt her down only to hurt her again?!" Adelina snarled, shielding the wounded girl from the woman, determined not to let her get to her again, even if she was beat down in the process. As Adelina stared the woman down defiantly, she let her mouth fall open as if to say something to the delicate girl, then seemed to change her mind, turning away from the trio instead with a shake of her long, cascading mane.. A beautiful wave of hair.. Just like, her daughter. Was Rin.. her daughter?

"Now you see why i'm like this.. Why I don't like making friends!" Rin finally spat out, turning her face toward the ground, seeming no longer to be as fierce and intimidating.. just sad, so hopelessly sad, and broken. Adelina felt an immediate twinge of pity for the girl.

"I'm sorry you had to witness such a thing.. I guess it's my fault for running away.."

"No.." Adelina spoke, though she was sure Rin was speaking to herself, or to Tai, definitely not her.

"Rin.. you had to. You had to get away from that. If you hadn't.. you might've.. eventually stopped caring. You would've turned out just like them! It was better.. for you to leave.. I'm just sorry we didn't get here sooner.."

Adelina paused then, tears pooling within her large, golden eyes. Gently, she lay a slender hand upon Rin's shoulder.

"Then.. you wouldn't have been hurt like this.."

Adelina sighed, a single tear drizzling down her cheek.

Poor Rin.. She thought. She really felt for the girl. She, in fact, had been forced into doing the same thing. Forced into running away, it had been either that, or spend a lifetime in chains, a lifetime spent chained to the one who was meant to be nothing more than a sibling. Sable, from the young age of seven, had served as master to her, day and night, twenty-four seven. It had been five years of endless torture, not only physical torture, but mental. Sable, having grown up spoiled rotten to the core his entire life, from the time of birth, had enforced the most difficult requests upon her. And she was only Human, after all.. She couldn't possibly have been expected to tend to his needs as well as her own, all the while completing 'her' household chores which, in a fair family, would've been divided amongst the two of them. But she had been. And if she didn't comply... Adelina shuddered, eyes widening in terror as a brief chill passed across her bare skin, freezing her literally to the bone. Unknowingly, her slender arms wrapped about her body, and her own gaze cast to drag along the ground, not necessarily miserable and desolate as Rin's was, but pondering more or less. She wondered, wondered if her running away and meeting Rin and Tai here was not just mere coincidence.. But was actually, meant to be of sorts..

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July 22nd, 2008, 6:10 PM
Tai watched as Lance and Dragonite flew off, they looked so heroic doing it. Lance had a cape, that was very cool in Tai's eyes. He looked over at his friends who were now waking up, and saw Adelina's eyes fixate on the red device in his hands.

"My Pokedex came in?!" She squealed in delight, jumping up and down. Tai sweatdropped and nodded shakily. Without further hesitation, she took the Pokedex from the boy. He chuckled as the girl was in awe.

"Ooh.." She murmured. Tai smiled as the pokedex began its intro speech, reminding him of whe he first got Dexter.

"Hi, i'm Dexter.." It started, but Dexter wasn't allowed to finish as Adelina leaped with glee. Tai chuckled and sweatdropped when he saw Rin wake up and he smiled.

"Good morning Rin!" Tai smiled and the girl simply looked at the floor then spoke.

I-I'm...sorry...I just..Why did you save me..even after I treated you so cruelly...?" She asked Tai quietly, and he just chuckled.

"Why? Cause your my friend, that's why! I'll protect you guys through thick and thin!" Tai grabbed Adelina and Rin and hugged them both. Then patted Rin light-heartidly on the back,

"And don't sweat about you slapping me, it's cool. So, now what guys?! We've got Adelina's pokedex, managed to escape the Rockets. All we've gotta do is get Sean and-" But Tai didn't finish his sentence as a woman approached the three, she had the same kind of looks and manerisms as Rin. Was she her mother?

"So are you Rins friends..? Surprising she made friends..Someone like her has a difficult time making friends..She's got no social skills really.." The woman said, Tai looked confused. That was kind of harsh, so was she Rin's mother...or not?

"Well Rin ever since you ran away we've been looking everywhere for you.." The woman said. The thing that shocked Tai the most was the fact that the woman slapped Rin accross the cheek.

"Thats for runnning away my dear..Next time I will call your father if you try a stupid stunt like that..and he'll break your legs instead of your arms this time." The woman said coldly, that WAS Rin's mom. Tai's eyes converted from confusion, to rage. He saw Adelina stand up and scold the mother. Tai shot up as the mother strolled off, Tai grabbed Rin's mom by the shoulder and stared coldly at her.

"If you harm Rin again, I will hunt you down and make sure you never do again!" Tai growled at the woman, Charco hopped up on Tai's head and growled. Extracting his claws and pointing them at the woman. Rin's mom shrugged her shoulder to release herself from Tai's grip, but he grabbed her again.

"Listen to me!" He yelled, "Once you leave, you will NEVER see Rin again! Got it?! I will make sure of that!" With that, Tai released the woman's shoulder and walked away. Turning to Rin and Adelina and saw Rin looking down,

"Now you see why I'm like this..why I don't like making friends.." Tai simply gritted his teeth and looked away, not wanting so see his friend in pain. He looked over at Adelina, who was tearing.

"I'm sorry you had to witness such a thing..I guess its my fault for running away.." Rin said in a sad tone that the girl tried to fill with humor. Adelina spoke out and Tai nodded,

"She's right, you know. Come on, can you walk?" Tai asked and picked up Rin lightly then let her walk by herself. Tai turned around to the two girls,

"Alright, let's get Rin's arms wrapped up in some casts. Then to Viridian Forest!" Tai grinned and continued to walk to the Pokemon Center. They entered the sliding glass doors and Tai was startled, he saw Sean behind the counter next to Nurse Joy. Tai ran over to the counter and looke at Sean,

"What are you doing?" He questioned, he walked over to Tai and let Nurse Joy handle the other trainers.

"Well, Tai. I've decided to stay here at the Pokemon Center and help Nurse Joy, but only for a little while." Tai was awe struck then nodded,

"Well, if that's what you want. Just make sure to keep my trainer card number so we can talk on the video phone. AND, so you can see how I'm doing on the PC." Tai grinned as Sean's mouth dropped,

"Hey, what happened to you guys?" He pointed out, as Tai, Adelina and Rin were covered in dirt and cuts. Tai sweatdropped,

"You barely noticed now?" He sighed, "Long story short, we were attacked. But we came out okay, but Rin was hurt. Bad, so I need you and Nurse Joy to bandage her arms. Okay?" Tai leaned over the counter and watched as Nurse Joy walked over to their conversation. Sean nodded and took Rin into the ER with Nurse Joy, Tai walked over to Adelia who was still red from her tears.

"Don't worry. She'll be okay, it might take a while for her arms to heal. But she'll still be able to travel with us." Tai smiled as Charco climbed up to his shoulder. Tai chuckled,

"What's up Charco." Charco grinned,

<Nothing. So, will Rin be okay?> Charco was concerned, and Tai nodded. He hoped she was.

July 22nd, 2008, 7:20 PM
Rin sat in silence as she heard Adelina say to her.. "Rin.. you had to. You had to get away from that. If you hadn't.. you might've.. eventually stopped caring. You would've turned out just like them! It was better.. for you to leave.. I'm just sorry we didn't get here sooner.." Rin was astounded..Adelina..was crying for her.The dried up tears of pain and hurt..That she had lost well over 3 years ago.. As she saw her mother strolling away ellgantly she saw eyes fill with rage and hate.

"If you harm Rin again, I will hunt you down and make sure you never do again!" Tai growled as he grabbed the womens shoulder in anger and fury and with the most utter coldnss that not even Rin could imitate.. Tai's charmander had hopped atop of his head and growled along with Tai. In a very detached way Rins mother shrugged him off like he had shrugged Rin off so mny years ago..When she needed help..

"Listen to me!" He yelled, "Once you leave, you will NEVER see Rin again! Got it?! I will make sure of that!" Tai yelled at the women who looked back at him once again.

"My dear boy..She shamed our family..I'm surprised we didn't kill her while she was living with us, I showed restraint by just slapping her at that moment! Your lucky I didn't CHOKE her..And I will make sure that when I see her again..her BLOOD will be on my hands!!!" The mother yelled at Tai before returning strolling off.

Rin still had her head down in sadness..She felt pathetic..She just wanted to run away at this very moment..but..Even after all she had said to them..These people..still wanted to protect her..

When Tai had heard Adelina say that it was best for Rin to run away then.. He responded.. "She's right, you know. Come on, can you walk?" Tai asked and picked up Rin lightly then let her walk by herself.

"They broke my arms..not my legs.." Rin said with a slight smile on her face..The first sincere smile she had felt in a long time..

"Alright, let's get Rin's arms wrapped up in some casts. Then to Viridian Forest!" Tai grinned and lead the two girls to the pokemon center. As they entered the Pokemon center Tai ran up to Sean who was standing behind the desk with Nurse Joy.

"What are you doing?" Tai asked Sean in a very questionable manner. As Nurse Joy handled other trainers with a smile on her face...Rin wondered if Nurse Joys face stuck that way because she had to smile so much..

"Well, Tai. I've decided to stay here at the Pokemon Center and help Nurse Joy, but only for a little while." Sean said in a very happy manner while Tai's jaw nearly dropped to the ground which Rin found highly amusing.

"Well, if that's what you want. Just make sure to keep my trainer card number so we can talk on the video phone. AND, so you can see how I'm doing on the PC." Tai said managing to shut his jaw while Sean dropped his..Rin was holding back one big laugh which made her face turn red but then let out a slight giggle which returned the pale color to her face without anyone noticing.

"Hey, what happened to you guys?" Sean yelped as he looked at the 3 trainers which were covered in cuts and dirt from their little ''adventure.'' And an obvious sweatdrop was forming along Tai's face.

"You JUST noticed now? Long story short..we were attacked. But we came out okay, but Rin was hurt. Bad, so I need you and Nurse Joy to bandage her arms. Okay?" Tai said in a somewhat serious tone. Nurse Joy had eavesdropped into the conversation and nodded and took Rin into the ER.

As the two entered the ER room. Rin was instructed to sit on one of the beds in the room and roll up her sleeves. "So what happened? How did you get your arms broken like this? They are broken in 3 places..You msut have quite an enemy or a fall to break them this bad." Nurse Joy said studying her arms.

"You could say that.." Rin mumbled.

"Well you can't whgere the cast with this shirt..but your gonna have to get a new shirt..a sort sleeved one to fit the casts." Nurse Joy said going through her drawrs to find a shirt. Rin was unsure about this but then a short sleeved shirt was thrown in her face and was ordered to put it on. Rin nodded and wet into a nearby room to put the shirt on. It was going to be difficlt to put it on..Or very painful..

-Short amount of time later-

Rin had managed to get her turtleneck off and the shortsleeved shirt on but she was sure that she would have to get a new shrt late..I didn't fit her very well..and to Rins dismay..It was..PINK! Of all colors PINK!

"Um..You must have any other color shirts right..?.." Rin swatdropped as NurseJoy was preparing her casts.

"Nope pink is my favorite color so I'm all pink!" Nurse Joy giggled.

"Great..I'm going to so get a new shirt after this..Pink..I hate Pink damn it...It couldn't be black?! My eyes are the only pink I need on me..NO CLOTHES!!!" Rin yelled in her head. She emerged from the room whering the pink shirt which Rin was not very happy with.

"Okay..Your casts are ready!" Nurse Joy said before gasping at her scars.. What happened Rin?"

"Its a long story..And i don't feel like telling it so just put the casts on me and release me like any other doctor or nurse, kay?" Rin said sarcastically.

"Uhm okay.." The nurse mumbled wrapping the deep blue casts around her arms.

"I can go right?" Rin scoffed as the nurse nodded in a bit of confused.

After about an hour..Rin exited the ER whering the casts... and her old black shirt and whering a new pink one. The scars on her skin visibly showing..The first time she had revealed her scars.

But Rin only said one sentence. "I've got to get a new shirt when we go to Viridian." She said this in a very flat manner..but she let out a slight giggle afterwards.

July 23rd, 2008, 1:07 AM
May i join the roleplay please? :) thanks, tom

July 23rd, 2008, 9:18 AM
Like, I've told every other person who wnats to join my rpg. Please post a sign-up on the OOC THread. Check the first post of the OOC thread, find the sign-up form and fill it out. Then post it and I'll decide if your accepted or not.

July 27th, 2008, 10:18 PM
"Alright, then. Let's get Rin's arms wrapped up in some casts. Then to Viridian Forest!" Tai exclaimed, after helping Rin from her fallen position upon the ground. The way he said this with an extravagantly coated-on bravado, especially in the midst of such a severe situation jarred Adelina immediately out of her thoughts, and even she, who wasn't know to dwell particularly on the seriousness of life, let loose an immediate sweatdrop, a wary little smile twisting her pouting lips upside down as curiously, she arched a thin eyebrow. Obviously, Tai was ready to get the show on the road. After a few moments of silent speculation, however, Adelina was back to her upbeat self, scooping up Ciel and dashing after the boy as he and Rin started for the doorway of the Pokemon Center.

"Alright, Ciel!" She murmured into the Eevee's ear, to which he attuned to her hushed voice immediately, chocolate eyes wide with curiosity as he averted his gaze to focus upon her beaming face.

"Now's our chance to add another one to the team! I know things didn't work out so well with that Pikachu.. But.."

"Vee. Eevee!" Ciel interrupted then, his tone short, and curt, as his large eyes fell into narrowed slits, thin little chest huffing out as slowly, he shook his head back and forth, clearly refusing his trainer's request. He hadn't forgotten their failed attempts at a Pokemon Center during the short route through Pallet. How the hoards of Ratatta had dove at the duo viciously, to which he single-handedly had been forced to fight off.. To no avail, as they had been lifted of all food supplies. To the classic mistaken Spearow for a Pidgey mishap, in which the two had been fortunate enough to escape before the whole flock could be summoned, the finale of the whole unfortunate day being Ciel nearly electrocuted to death by that Pikachu, the one Adelina had mistakenly assumed was wild. It was the first of many mistakes she would make as a trainer. At Ciel's clear refusal, Adelina's face instantly scrunched up in disappointment, her expression of innocent excitement fading as she just sighed, staring with obvious concern down at the Eevee wrapped up in her arms.

"Ciel, I really am sorry about what happened back there. I just thought.. that if we could manage to capture another Pokemon early on, not only would you have a new friend, it would lighten the load for you. You wouldn't have to.. work so hard.. just to protect me.."

Again, Adelina's eyes watered, and as Ciel took note of them filling with tears, he bounced up, mouth falling open into a comforting grin as he poked his short pink tongue out, running it rapidly across her pale cheek in a reassuring gesture, to which the girl couldn't help but crack a smile, the tears vanishing almost instantly from her molten eyes as she unintentionally burst out in a series of giggles.

You're the only friend i'll ever need, silly. The Eevee barked back up at his trainer, to which she paused in her giggles to press him ever closer against his chest, snuggling quietly against him before burrowing her petite little face within his shaggy fur. The moment didn't last long, though, for Adelina had all-too-soon arrived back at the entrance of the Pokemon Center. But as Rin and Tai paused to pull open the double-glass doors leading inside, Adelina, her view obstructed by a rather thick layer of Eevee fur, kept walking, crashing straight into the back of the halted Rin. Her face now peeled against the back of Rin, Adelina sprung quickly away from the girl, stumbling backward frantically, face burning red with humiliation as she flung her arms out in front of her. Before she could utter an apology though, Rin and Tai continued onward, walking in front of her into the Pokemon Center. Rin seemed completely unfazed by the encounter, to Adelina's bewilderment. It was like.. she hadn't even felt it.

"Rin, I'm.." Adelina started nervously, feeling the need to apologize anyways, but was soon interrupted by Tai.

"What are you doing?" He called out, and Adelina glanced up to take notice of Sean, the boy who had been sitting with he and Rin earlier. He was standing at the side of Nurse Joy and the Chansey Adelina had become acquainted with earlier. Upon seeing her giant pink ball of a friend, Adelina grinned, practically from ear to ear, waving ecstatically at the Pokemon.

"CHANSEY!" Chansey boomed enthusiastically, turning the head of every trainer in the room to stare at the small group. Sean was explaining to Tai something about how he had decided that he no longer wished to travel with the group, but now wished to stay with Nurse Joy and learn the art of Pokemon healing instead. Rin was watching the pair with a fixated fascination of sorts. Adelina, who still lagged behind the group, stood up on tiptoes, craning her neck in an attempt to listen in on their conversation.

"You JUST now noticed?! Long story short, we were attacked. We came out okay, but Rin was hurt bad. So I need you and Nurse Joy to bandage her arms, okay?" Tai asked, and Adelina smiled at the note of obvious concern his anxiety-filled tone hinted at. As Nurse Joy, the frighteningly friendly smile still plastered across her pretty face leaned over to have a word with Rin, Adelina motioned the Chansey over to her side. Still clutching at Ciel, Adelina lay a delicate hand gently across the Chansey's nearly-invisible round shoulder.

"Take care of her for me, please?!" She whispered anxiously, and her tone matched Tai's almost perfectly, holding the same amount of concern and anxiety for the injured girl. Staring Adelina directly into the eyes, the Chansey detected a note of worry eminent within her deep, golden irises. For once, Adelina was serious. And not just half-serious, but completely and totally serious. Chansey could only nod, touched with the girl's sudden compassion, and salut right before hurrying off after Nurse Joy and Rin. Sean had been given orders to stay behind and man the front desk, so he stood there now, looking a bit overwhelmed but proud of his newfound position nevertheless.

"Don't worry. She'll be okay. It might take awhile for her arms to heal, but she'll still be able to travel with us." Tai spoke aloud, flashing Adelina what appeared to her as a smile of reassurance, and it wasn't until then that she realized her eyes had welled up with hot tears away. A red flush arising to her round little cheeks signaling obvious humiliation, she quickly reached a slender hand upward to swipe at them, hoping to vanquish them, but succeeding only in spilling them down her cheeks. Feeling even more emotional and embarrassed then, Adelina just turned away, searching for a spot in the Emergency Room waiting room to make herself more comfortable. Finally, she settled herself down in the depths of a well-worn plush checkered couch, out of which a broken spring was broken, and the upholstery was ripped and taped in various places throughout the couch. It felt, however, superb to Adelina, and after but a few moments of relaxing back against it, soon felt herself begin to grow drowsy. Even though it hadn't even been a full hour since she had last taken a snooze, Adelina, perhaps from the excruciating amount of energy she'd been forced to expend on the day's events, or perhaps just from the excruciating amount of energy she'd expended just being herself, or maybe from both combined, felt her eyelids drooping, and her arms closing automatically around Ciel. The little Eevee just smiled, content that he and Adelina were safe again, snuggling gently against her, his head nuzzling against her chest as he curled up at her side, keeping his eyelids peeled as his trainer fell into a light snooze. Though it was true that both Tai and Charco were sitting somewhere nearby, and that the Pokemon Center was crawling with good trainers ready to defend it in a heartbeat if it were under attack, Ciel wasn't quite ready to trust these outside sources yet. So far, it had been just himself and Adelina. It would be awhile yet before he completely trusted these two new trainers,and until then, he was really all she had.

Yellow Lantern
July 28th, 2008, 10:21 AM
Hey, I've read the rules. I've been reading this for a few days & its interesting, more so than I though it would be. I'd like to be part of this if I may. But it says I need a Trainer Card, & I have no idea where I'm suposed to get one. Can I get a litte help?

July 30th, 2008, 11:47 AM
Tai stood there in the main lobby waiting, Adelina began to cry yet again and walked over to the Waiting Room outside of the ER. Tai sighed and crossed his arms as Charco lay there on his shoulder,

"Hey Charco, so do you think we should catch a new friend in Viridian Forest?" Charco smiled and shook his tail in acceptance. But Gee seemed to sweatdrop,

<Great, another idiot to hang around with.> He said. Tai seemed aggravated,

"I heard that." Tai gritted his teeth and walked over to the waiting room where there were a few chairs and two sofas. A few plants also dotted the room, to Tai's left was a drowzy Adelina and Ciel who was eying him oddly. Tai ran over to the remaining blue sofa and leaped onto it with Charco, he sat there for quite a while. Charco had fallen asleep, as had Adelina and Ciel. Soon Tai' eye lids began to grow heavy and soon close, he didn't hear anything and didn't have a dream.

Adelina and Tai slept in that room for about an hour when the sign over the door of the ER let out a 'Ding' noise and turned a light blue. The noise startled Tai and woke him up, the ER doors slid open and he shot up right. Launching Charco to the floor, Tai chuckled.

"Oh, sorry Charco." He scooped up the lizard and looked at the opening ER door. Rin walked out of the door with a bright pink shirt, Tai's eyes widened and he cocked his head.

"A...pink...shirt?!" Tai let out, his smirk then vanished as he saw multiple scars on her arms. He decided not to talk about it, then Rin looked at them both and said one thing,

"I've got a new shirt. Let's get to Viridian Forest." Tai smiled and held Charco high,

"Yes! Finally, let's....GO!" Tai stepped out of the front doors of the Pokemon Center and breathed in a heavy breath. He grinned,

“Okay, come on! Let’s go!” Once the trio had gathered their pokemon and Tai said bye to Sean and Blue, they had departed for Viridian Forest, the indefinitely creepy forest that separated Pewter City from Viridian City. The trees were large and covered with moss, dangling in strips of grungy fuzz. The grass was knee high in some places, things shifted in the boughs of the mighty trees, their eyes glowing and seeming to taunt the travelers, daring them to walk past….

The only path through the forest was a small, thin ribbon of short, run down grass and petite flowers. It was lined with Bug Catchers, children with wide brimmed straw hats and nets, earnestly capturing the bug pokemon around these parts, battling each other, and being relative…well…kids. They didn't seem to mind the creepiness of the forest; they were probably used to it. Tai was intent on searching for the elusive…Caterpie!

Then a small green Caterpie wiggled up to the trainers, Tai’s eyes widened.

“Cowyee?” The Caterpie looked up at Tai with a smile.

“Aw…it’s kinda cute….” Tai said, and in return, Caterpie shot a web at Adelina and Rin. Their face full of string shot.

Tai sweatdropped, and chuckled.

“Charco, Gee. Help them out.” Tai grinned as Charco frantically tried to help Adelina.

<Ahh! Hold still!>

Charco cracked up, and Gee decided to ‘help’ too. Tai chuckled and looked at the Caterpie. “Nice going.”

Gee then used Gust on the pair of girls.

So now not only was she covered in bug mucus, but now was hard and dry. But the masks soon fell off by them selves.

Charco sighed. <Gee, why did you do that?>

Gee shrugged. <Like trainer, like pokemon.>

<That’s for sure….> Charco smirked, then spotted a small kid walking up to the group.

“Hey there big trainers!” The boy smiled jovially, the Caterpie crawling over to his side.

“Hey.” Tai grinned back. “You one of those Bug Catchers?”

<Obviously….> Gee rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, I’m Bug Catcher James….but heck, that’s not why I came here. I wanted to ask you three if you’d like to battle with me and my friends, we’ve been watching you for a while now-“

”What are you? A stalker?!” Tai demanded, eyeing the bug catcher suspiciously.

“No. But I see you’re friends here are buggers…..”

”Come again?” Tai asked, puzzled.

”Their one of those people bug’s instantly take a hating towards….”

”Joy. THAT’S IT KID; YOU’RE GETTING ON MY NERVES! LET’S BATTLE!” Tai pointed with a devious smirk. He was just looking for an excuse for his first battle.

The Bug Catcher grinned, “Okay. I’ll battle you while my friends battle your friends.” James pointed at Tai who smirked,
Bug Catcher James, Rick, and Peter want to battle!

Tai vs. Bug Catcher James
Bug Catcher James: 1. Weedle

Adelina vs. Bug Catcher Rick
Bug Catcher Rick: 1. Metapod

Rin vs. Bug Catcher Peter
Bug Catcher Peter: 1. Caterpie

”Okay, Go! Gee!” The Pidgey came out of its pokeball in a dazzle of light.

“I choose you Weedle!” Catcher James shouted, and the oh-so-familiar pokemon Weedle appeared before him.

“Weddle, Poison Sting it!” James shouted.

“Veevee!” Weedle let out a barrage of shiny needles from its head that were aimed at Gee.

“Gee, Gust!” Tai smirked, and with a large whirl of wind, the needles feel to the ground, ceasing to move.

“Agh! Weedle, String Shot!”

“Dodge it Gee!”

The Pidgey, with its superior speed, moved quickly and evaded the worst of it.

“Now! Sand-Attack followed up with a Gust!”

Gee kicked up a blinding shield of sand mixed with the forest floor grass, the Weedle looked around, lost in its confusion….

<Take this, bug face!> Gee whipped another large Gust that inflicted major damage on the poison pokemon, and when the sand cleared, Weedle was unconscious, swirls in its eyes.

“Alright GEE! YOU ROCKED!” Tai bounced over to his Pidgey happily and squeezed it.

<ACK! My feathers!> Gee squirmed out of her trainer’s grasp and huffed.

The other two Bug Catchers battling Adelina and Rin a little way down the road.

July 30th, 2008, 10:41 PM
"Yes! Finally, let's....GO!" Tai yelled pointing is finger torward the door in excited manner and shot through the door likea mad dog. Rin sweatdropped. Tai was too energetic for his own good.

"He's too excited.." Rin thouight to herself before walking out. As she followed him out the three departed for the deep dark depressing Viridian Forest...Rin thought this would be excellent to get some peace little did she know she was in for when she joined this adventure with Tai and Sean...now Sean which had turned to Adelina.

Rins pink gaze shifted from tree to tree..It seemed that the WHOLE forest was glaring at them.Rin scoffed she wasn't about to let her imagination to get the best of her..If she had one.Tai seemed intent on catching a pokemon.So his eyes scanned the whole forest like he was a robot or something.Rin sweatdropped once more..this was going to be an.. interesting journey. As Rin followed Tai she saw him spot a caterpie. It was crawling quietly across the forest..Rin thought it was rather cute but Tai got the first catch this time. He was intent on catching it and already had a pokeball ready to catch it.

“Cowyee?” The Caterpie looked up at Tai with an innocent smile then shot string shot at Rin and Adelina in the face.Rin wit her anger problems..her sweatdrop turned into an angry mark..

"Oh Hell no..That caterpie did not just spray with stringshot." Rin spat out trying to pull the.

She could hear a chuckle and could see a minor swetadrop form across Tai's face. Rin glared at him.. He may have helped her but it did not change her personality.

"Tai remind me to hurt you later." Rin glared at him.

Charco, Gee. Help them out.” Tai grinned as Charco frantically tried to help Adelina and Rin who were trying to pull the icky string off their faces.

She could hear Tai's charmander cracking up and the pidgey as well. And they decided to trying help. Unfortunetly the pidgey had let out a gust nearly blowing the two girls away.

"Tai..I WILL hurt you later..You can almost GUARANTEE that." Rin spat out a Tai. The string shot had become hard and dry and then fell off the two girls faces. Rins glare shifted to the pokemon. "I will make sure..that you will have a nice LONG rest in the pokemon center!" Rin hissed at the two pokemon.

“Hey there big trainers!” The boy smiled jovially, the Caterpie crawling over to his side.

"So its safe tyo assume that THING is your pokemon?" Rin hissed an anger.. The trainer began to get those "Omg!!" looks and sweatdropped.

“Hey.” Tai grinned back. “You one of those Bug Catchers?” Tai looked at the trainers questionably as the pidgey roleld its eyes.

“Yeah, I’m Bug Catcher James….but heck, that’s not why I came here. I wanted to ask you three if you’d like to battle with me and my friends, we’ve been watching you for a while now-“ The bug catcher said but was interuoted by Rin and Tai.

"So your a stalker? I should report you to the police." The Rin began to put on a sweet girl tone. "Oh mr.policeman bug catcher James was stalking me please! Put him in jail!" Rin acted out..And she was quite good at it too.

As Tau asked the stalker question the bug poy gave this reply “No. But I see you’re friends here are buggers…..”

"A what? Tai and Rin asked in unison.

”Their one of those people bug’s instantly take a hating towards….” The bug catcher spat out at the two girls. Rin gave him a hatred look and once again the bug catcher looked at her in fright and sweatdrooped.

”Joy. THAT’S IT KID; YOU’RE GETTING ON MY NERVES! LET’S BATTLE!” Tai pointed with a devious smirk. Rin thought he was just looking for an excuse to battle.

The Bug Catcher grinned, “Okay. I’ll battle you while my friends battle your friends.” James pointed at Tai who smirked back.

"Oh God.. He has FRIENDS?!?!?" Rin spat out literally trying to make the bug catchers mad.

The bug catcher dubbed Peter walked up to her. Rin glared at him. "..Look at me again and your as good as dead..So back off yah creepy lousy trainer and just battle me..GOT IT?!!" Rin glared in his direction and the bug catcher looked at her.

"jeeze lady whats your problem." Peter said backing away.

"Go Ivy!" Rin yeleld throwing out her bulbasaurs pokeball.

"Bulbasaur!" Ivy yelled out as two vines appeared from the young pokemons body. Rin smirked at the boy who threw out a caterpie.This was going to be an interesting match.

"Leech Seed then use vine whip!" Rin yelled as Bulbasaur obeyed and threw the seeds which began sucking the caterpie's energy and then was lifted into the air by Ivys vine whip.

"Wormy!" Peter yelled.

"Hold up..Wormy? Thats what you named your caterpie how..Unorginal." Rin gave a sarcastic laugh.

"Shut up! String shot!" Peter yelled as caterpie aimed a string shot at Ivy but was thrown into into the trees which sent peter running after it.

"Sucker.." Rin smirked.

ooc: Rin needs to catch a caterpie cause butterfree is in her final party xD

July 31st, 2008, 10:32 AM
[[Do you have any openings for a strong wandering trainer, perhaps a wandering Elite Four Member? I'd be willing to do either.]]

August 12th, 2008, 6:42 PM
"Yes! Finally. let's....... GO!!" Seemingly at the same time, Adelina and Ciel's ears attuned to the near deafening roar, and recognized it immediately to be, (surprise surprise) Tai's voice. As the duo almost immediately awakened from their snooze, oddly at the exact same instant, Adelina peeled open a single golden iris, whilst both of Ciel's large, Chocolate eyes shot wide open. Turning to his trainer, he began to earnestly lap his tongue across her face, thinking her still asleep, and attempting to awaken her so they wouldn't be left behind.

<Wake up, sleeping beauty. Nap time's over. Mr. Boss over there says it's time to head off to the Viridian Forest..>

Adelina just emitted a soft groan, rolling over on her side, so that her slender back was to the tiny Eevee, and she was facing the high back of the worn-out Couch.

"I'm awake, Ciel.." She muttered, but her face portrayed otherwise, as her drooping eyelids again fell shut, and her mouth fell partially open to expel a quiet snore, a thin ribbon of saliva already beginning to roll down her chin. Ciel just sighed then, rolling his large eyes back into his head as quietly, he crouched down toward the cushion he was standing on. Baring the top of his head, he leapt into the back of his trainer, colliding with her in what was a gentler version of his "Tackle" attack, resorting to the only means he knew would really awaken her.

"HEY!" She cried out in an obvious instant rage mingled with surprise, leaping clumsily from her position on the Couch and stumbling uncontrollably across the hardwood floor, struggling to catch her balance, but failing miserably as her feet intertwined unknowingly with one another, and appearing as helpless as a lassoed calf, she toppled for what was the third time to the wooden floor. In one motion, Ciel arched his delicate little back, jumping and landing lightly upon the Pokemon Center floor, prancing over to stand above his trainer, lips curled upward in a playful smile.

<Come on, time's a wasting! I thought you wanted to catch another Pokemon for the team! Tai and Rin are leaving. You don't want to trek through the Viridian Forest, now do you?!>

At the mention of the Viridian Forest, Adelina broke instantly into a cold sweat, her forehead perspiring abruptly as her large, golden eyes shone with an eminent fear. Slowly, she shook her head back and forth, pulling herself up to her feet and quickly straightening out her mussed Sundress, murmuring to herself as she began to feel around for something. Carefully pulling Dexter from "his" squeezed postition in the tiny pocket, pressed tightly against her chest, she flipped him open, face shifting to display an obvious look of concern as his screen remained black, not shifting to the customary white squeen as he should have when she activated him.

"Ciel, I think you broke him!" Adelina exclaimed in obvious worry, rapidly beginning to press each and every button the Pokedex contained, not really knowing (or caring) what they were or what they did, just desperate to evoke a response, any kind of response out of the device.

<Oh darn.> Ciel responded with a bit of a bemused grin, short tongue poking out as snidely, he turned away from his trainer and her Pokedex, jealousy evident as he bent down, waggling his thick, shaggy tail at the little red device.

"Dexter!! Say something!" Adelina cried out, eyes swimming desperately with tears of confusion as furiously, she shook the device, holding him up to her face in what appeared to all the trainers watching her a dramatic gesture.

"You really need to consider moving me to a new location." The device spoke shortly, flashing green once as the screen finally appeared white, fuzzy at first, but then beginning to focus inward.

"I was practically suffocating! Can't I like, stay in your backpack? Or better yet, you can carry me around!!"

Adelina instantly relaxed then, shoulders untensing, loosening up, as she glanced back down at Ciel, flashing him the same playful smile he had flashed her before, rolling her eyes up in her head as she emitted a tiny little sigh, cocking her eyebrow upward to stare down at 'Dexter'.

"You don't even breathe!" She laughed, but choosing to respect the Pokedex's wishes, kept him in hand, strolling off toward the other two trainers who had paused in waiting for her just outside the Pokemon Center. There was a bit of a peppy bounce in the petite girl's step as she walked abreast with Tai and Rin, Ciel loping eagerly after her. A short walk later, and the three new trainers were lingering at what was the mouth of a particularly eery bug-ridden forest. Tai and Rin seemed to hold no hesistation in starting down the single dark, winding path, the only trail that would dare to sneak through the overgrown undergrowth of the forbidding forest. A sick feeling of dread embedded itself in the pit of her stomach, and as she made a face to match the sudden indecisiveness she was feeling. As Tai and Rin made their way down the narrow pathway, Ciel, who had already started after Rin, paused to look up at his halting trainer.
<What's wrong, Adelina?> He teased, winking down a chocolate eyes as again, his tongue wormed it's way out of his grinning mouth.

<Not scared of the little buggies crawling around on the Forest floor, are you? I thought you wanted to make some new friends!>

"Y..Yes." Adelina responded, clutching at her stomach as a bit unsurely, she took her first step onto the official dirt path. Her golden eyes swam with insecurity as the Forest, that seemed to her to be teeming with maliciousness and scheming unseen life, beckoned to her.

<You better hurry, before we're left behind! The only thing worse than one of those creepy-crawlies inching up your skirt is a creepy-crawly inching up your skirt with no one around to peel it off!! Now come on, they're leaving!> Ciel barked, bounding up to Adelina, arching his slender little back at the same time in preparation for a leap. Jumping into his trainer's slender arms, he stared up at her as she cast one final forlorn stare in the direction of Viridian city, then turned back toward the Forest, where Tai and Rin were moving rather rapidly down the trail, just turning around the bend as she started after them. Inhaling a deep breath, allowing the warm air to completely inflate her lungs before dispelling it in a slow, thin stream, Adelina tossed her head once, twin pigtails falling silently behind her bare shoulders as she broke into a sudden jog, hurrying after the other two trainers. Her two companions, unlike her, seemed enthralled with the mystery and beauty of the emerald forest. For awhile none of the three spoke, Tai and Rin taking in the beauty of the ancient towering trees, some old as time itself, crawling with moss and various other plants and fungi. Adelina, however, did not share in their delight. She walked, arms crossed securely around her thin chest, constantly wary of any bugs dropping down on here and touching her bare skin. It was dark, so physically locating the bugs with just her naked eyes was quite a task. In fact, for a Forest supposedly crawling with bugs, Adelina had only managed several glimpses of a couple of Weedle and Caterpie herselves. None of the bugs she had caught sight of had stayed around for long, though. Upon sight of the foreign Human beings, looking nothing like the Bug-catching trainers they were so accustomed to seeing, they had crawled away, obviously and rightfully fearful for their lives. Bug-type Pokemon, sadly enough, were unfairly judged by many trainers as being creepy and gross. Sadly, Adelina was one of these trainers guilty of it. Suddenly, caught off-guard in the midst of her thoughts, Adelina flinched harshly as one of these Bug-type Pokemon crawled out in their path.

"UGH!" She cried out without meaning to, golden eyes growing wide in dimension as she clapped two hands over her mouth, stumbling backward away from the creature, doing her best not to scream. Neither Tai nor Rin seemed fazed at the least, however, as the worm wiggled up to the trio and flashed them what appeared to be a friendly grin. Ciel earnestly peered forward, ducking between Adelina's folded arms in an attempt to get a better look at the little creature. He stretched his mouth open, the corners of his lips twisting upward into a transfixed little smile, inhaling a deep breath in preparation to call out to the creature, that is until Adelina clapped a firm hand over his mouth.

"Ciel, don't talk to it!!" She hissed quietly, seemingly paranoid that the repulsive Pokemon would hear her. To anyone watching, the sight was quite a humorous one, as while her left eye twitched uncontrollably, giving her an almost 'criminally insane' appearance

"It may.. look friendly.." She mumbled, eye continuing to spasm of it's own accord.

"But as soon as you get close enough, it'll completely.. TURN ON YOU!! You'll be encased in all that sticky gross white goo, and won't be all to escape. You won't be able to BREATHE, much less move. Then it will rob you for all you're worth, and leave you there.. stranded in the middle of the dark, lonely forest.. TO DIE."

Ciel squirmed desperately away from his frantic trainer, leaping from within her arms before she could lock him in another one of her death grips, and once landing upon the ground, darting a safe distance away from her. Swiveling fiercely around to face her, he cast Adelina an irritated glare.

<He's a Pokemon, for christ's sakes!! What use would he have for your stupid green paper money! And not only that, but they're not fierce bloodthirsty creatures, like you clearly think. Either SOMEONE has been giving you false information..> Ciel paused momentarily to avert his glare to the silent red device still clasped tightly within Adelina's frail hands..

<Or better YET, no information at all! Why don't you set her straight, Dexter?! We all know you want out of here ASAP, but unless you want to listen to her senseless rants ALL through the remainder of this trip, I SUGGEST YOU TELL HER THE TRUTH!!> Ciel barked loudly, to which a large sweatdrop rolled immediately down alongside Adelina's face. Her little pint-sized companion was ticked about something, most likely his trainer's obvious ignorance and predjudice on the subject of Bug Pokemon, and she hated the thought that anyone, much less her best friend be upset with her.

"Alright, Dexter. Serve me up.." She muttered feebly, offering Ciel a tiny smile, a signal of a small peace offering, and the little Evolution Pokemon nodded curtly in approval. Dexter flashed once, green.

"Caterpie: The Worm Pokemon. It is covered with a green skin.." Dexter began matter-of-factly.

"When it grows, it sheds the skin, covers itself with silk, and becomes a cacoon. Its short feet are tipped with suction pads that enable it to tirelessly climb slopes and walls.."

"Lovely.." Adelina laughed extravagantly, wearing a plastered-on smile that was way to big for her face, all the while nervously staring at the Caterpie. Her ivory skin had since become coated in a thin film of cold sweat, and wiping it from her brow, she hesitantly began to approach the worm Pokemon. Before she could extend her slender hand more than a few inches, however, the Caterpie raised up, opening his tiny maw, spraying forth what was an enormous pile of sticky string shot all over Rin and Adelina.

"Cowyee?!" The thing laughed, and as it did, Adelina let out a shrill shriek. Clawing desperately at her now masked face, sticky with white goo, Adelina completely lost it when the gunk only stuck that much more, clinging to her skin and preventing her from seeing.

"See Ciel?! What did I tell you?! That Demon Pokemon. It.. IT..It SPRAYED ME!! I won't be able to last much longer.. Just go on without me!" Adelina collapsed to the ground then, wildly pawing at her face as her tiny Eevee then bounded worriedly up to her, jumping into her lap and clamping his teeth firmly upon the clinging mask, trying unsucessfully to pull it off of her face.

"VEE!" He roared at the Caterpie, mouth stretching wide open as he glared disdainfully down at the Bug Pokemon.

<What'd you do that for?! Now never hear the end of it!>

Meanwhile, Tai was going into hysterics. And whilst Adelina was trying to pry the sticky goo from her face, he burst into laughter, practically rolling in the dirt as the two girls struggled with getting it off of their faces.

"Charco, Gee, help them out!" He finally ordered, inbetween laughter, and Adelina practically fainted with relief when the tiny Lizard-like Pokemon waddled over and began using a gentler version of his "Scratch" attack to try and pry the web off. When that proved unsuccessful, the Pidgey sweatdropped, deciding to take matters into his own hands. Letting loose a powerful gust directed in the girls' direction, Adelina could barely keep herself rooted on the ground as the powerful wind attack blistered past she and Rin. The attack did do the trick, however, and finally, they were both rid of the dishusting bug mucus. Unfortunately, though, Adelina's hair hadn't fared as well. Her long, shininh mane of silver tendrils, previously tucked neatly down against her thin chest, now stood up at all ends, all seemingly trying to escape their common root, Adelina's head that held them bound to it. Random, stray strands and locks had escaped her satiny ribbons, and Adelina couldn't do a thing besides sigh, and gingerly extract them from the matted mess her hair had become.

"Tai, I WILL hurt you! You can almost GUARANTEED that!" The girl barked, and remembering his delight in their obvious distress, Adelina chuckled lightly to herself in the slightest. In a rage, Rin then whirled around to direct an accusing index finger at the Caterpie.
"I will make sure.. that you have a nice LONG rest at the Pokemon Center."

At this, Adelina's grin only widened at Rin's fury. She hung back, half-hoping that the girl would do something interesting, hurl a rock at the two culprits, or even better, finally throw out the Bulbasaur Adelina had yet to catch sight of. Did it now Sleep powder? Maybe Stunspore.. Either attack would be a quick fix to the girls' current "nuisances". That would show them for making a mockery out of her one true fear..

"Hey there, big trainers!" A voice sounding just slightly less than matured, caught somewhere between childhood and adolescence announced, and forgetting immediately about the previous situation, Adelina clutched plucked Ciel from her lap, holding him gently against her chest as she rose from the dusty dirt path. With a blink of her wide, golden eye, she stared curiously at the creature.. Er, person, standing just feet before her. He appeared to be Human, but camoflauged in earthen tones of browns and greens, accompanied by a wide straw-brimmed hat, his outfit topped finally off with a trademark pair of horn-rimmed glasses and butterfly net, he appeared to be a morph between the Pokemon he caught, and a typical person.

"Big?!" Adelina exclaimed, self-consciously eyeballing her thin figure.
"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Hey." Tai spoke. "You one of those Bug Catchers?"

<No, he's quite obviously a giddy little School girl, can't you tell by the knee-long shorts?!>

"Ciel.." Adelina laughed appreciatively at the Eevee's words, though after she called out his name, she wondered why she had even said it in the first place. It wasn't like any of the others could even understand what he was saying.. A shame they couldn't.

"My name is Bug Catcher James.. But heck, that's not why I came here. I wanted to ask you three if you'd like to battle with me and my friends, we've been watching you for awhile now-"

"So you're a stalker?! I should report you to the Police!!" Rin exclaimed, launching into yet another of her rants. Adelina chuckled, seemingly amused for the time-being, keeping quiet in hopes that the girl would continue on.

"Oh, Mr. Policeman.." Rin started in a saccharine voice laced with sweetness, and a tad of mischief. Her pastel eyes sparkled as they danced playfully, locked on the now nervous-looking Bug Catcher. He shifted, and this was all the inspiration she needed to continue.
"Bug Catcher James was stalking me! Please put him in jail!" Rin whined, and the younger boy began to look edgier and edgier by the second. Adelina laughed aloud, clapping her pale hands together in applause for the short performance. She and Rin exchanged brief glances of amusement with one another, before James again spoke.

"No. But I see you're friends here are Buggers.."

"Buggers?!" Tai and Rin demanded in unison, their jaws simultaneously dropping, one right after the other as James only crossed his arms and smirked.

B..Bugger?! Adelina thought warily, thoughtfully bringing a slender pinky to her plump lips as an image of the Bug Catcher popped into her mind, a finger enlodged within his pdgy little nose. After wiggling it around for several minutes, the boy finally pulled it out to reveal.. two miniaturized slimy, green versions of Rin and Adelina.

Agh! Adelina thought inwardly, a sweatdrop rolling down alongside her face as warily, she stared at the Bug Catcher. Her face had turned red with obvious humiliation, and raising a slender hand to wipe at her brow, she found that her entire skin had suddenly developed a thin film of cold sweat atop it.

"WE ARE NOT BUGGERS!!" She roared, more out of embarrassment than anger, or anything else. Ciel just let loose a tiny sigh at his trainer's ludicrous assumption. Obviously, she wasn't informed on the subject of Bug-Catcher lingo. But then again.. who actually was?

"Vee." He replied testily to James' accusation, narowing his chocolate eyes at the younger boy as he bared his sharp, pearly canines, a low growl emitting from his throat.

"They're one of those people bugs take an instant hating toward.." The Bug Catcher explained, a snide smile twisting across his lips as he cocked a bushy eyebrow at the two girls, who had just seconds ago been sprayed by one, seemingly proving his harsh accusation true. He was right for the most part, about Adelina at least. She couldn't stand even the thought of bug-type Pokemon, and they in turn had always made sure to cause trouble for her when she was anywhere around. It was practically a curse. Adelina just smiled good-naturedly, shrugging her shoulders at the brash boy. If he thought that he was going to get her goat by telling her that she was hated by all things slimy, he was sadly mistaken. He had had a better chance of luring the girl into a rage by calling her snot. Unlike Adelina, Rin seemed obviously offended by his thoughtless remarck. Surprisingly enough, even though this had not a thing to do with him, Tai seemed upset by the comment as well.

"Joy." He snapped, eyes narrowing just seconds after the crude statement erupted the obnoxious boy's mouth.

"THAT'S IT, KID!! YOU'RE GETTING ON MY NERVES!!" Tai shouted, seemingly out of the blue. Adelina sweatdropped. She understood now. Tai hadn't really cared, and Adelina suspected hadn't really been paying attention at that, to anything James was saying. He was just itching for his first battle.

With a smile, the Bug Catcher waved him off.

"Okay. I'll battle you, while my friends battle your friends."

Oh great. Adelina sighed. There's more of these creeps lurking around this Forest? Tugging at the hem of her pastel shirt, the girl glanced uneasily around, searching for these so-called "friends" of James'. Not far down the winding dirt path that the trio had traversed all the way through the Viridian Forest up until this point, stood two trainers, appearing almost identical to James in appearance save for slight variations in clothing and hair styles.

"God, I hope their Pokemon have more variety than they all do.." She thought, letting out a heavy sigh as reluctantly, she trudged up to the last trainer in line, one who was dressed in a Khaki vest and short trousers, a red bandana sporting a strange Butterfree silhouette design on it. Unlike the other two, he wore a wide-brimmed hat, though the Bug-catching net and thick, horn-rimmed glasses were still evident features.

"Okay, Ciel! I choose you!" Adelina squealed, the sparkle finally returning to her being as she came to the sudden realization that this was her first official battle. Tai and Rin hadn't wasted time, and were progressing nicely through their own individual fights, so Adelina figured that it was her time to shine.

<Duh, you choose me.> Ciel barked as he leapt daintily from the slender girl's arms, winking a chocolate eye down at her playfully, and then whipping around fiercely to face the likes of Bug Catcher "Rick". Adelina wouldn't have known his name this early in meeting him, had it not been stitched clearly across the front pocket of his tight Khaki vest.

<It's not like you have any other Pokemon to choose from, silly!> Ciel laughed, his chuckles ringing out loud and clear across the meadow in which the three were now battling.

"I know, I know!" Adelina hissed, momentarily spitting out frustration at him.

"But i've always wanted to say it! Just roll with me on this one, okay Ciel?!"

<Aye aye, Captain!> The Eevee responded, ducking low to the ground, crouching as his back simultaneously arched in a battle-stance, signaling his ready for battle.

"Cute Pokemon." The trainer laughed, and as he tossed a glance for the first time over to Adelina, the sunlight beaming directly down upon the two glinted off the metal rims of his glasses, and shone into her eyes.

"Too bad it's going to get crushed. Pokemon like your Eevee aren't meant for battle. They're just pets. They may look good and all, but they can't stand up to real Pokemon like my Metapod! Go, Wormy!"

"Gawd, Do all nerd trainers name their Caterpies Wormy?!" Adelina retorted, a smirk of her own passing over her pouty lips. A bit bemused, she folded her arms across one another, staring the opposing trainer down as he tossed an enlarged Pokeball out into the air, the spherical device twirling rapidly as it hung, suspended in thin air for a brief moment, before it plummeted to the ground, bursting open in a flash of white light as the silhouette of a new Pokemon appeared.

"Metapod: The Cocoon Pokemon. Even though it is cased inside the sturdy shell, the body inside is tender. It can't withstand a harsh attack.."

"That's it, Ciel!" Adelina cried out, practically glowing down at the little Eevee as she momentarily forgot about Dexter, though he had been barely halfway through the Metapod's data.

"AHEM!" The device cried out loudly, much to Adelina and Rick's astonishment.

"Wasn't finished here? There's more on this weird-looking thing, so just hold your Ponytas.." Dexter explained.

"Okay. Sorry..." Adelina smiled apologetically, patting the Pokedex lightly. "Proceed."

"Hey, what do you mean by weird-looking?!" The Bug Catcher shouted across the distance seperating the two trainers, his face contorting into what was an expression of obvious anger.

"Metapod is practically normal compared to that freaky-looking thing. What is it supposed to be, anyways?! Is it a dog or a cat?!!"

"This Pokemon is vulnerable to attack while it's shell is soft, exposing its weak and tender body.." Dexter finished, exhaling loudly at the end of his little speech. He had practically been drowned out among the combined shouting of both trainers.

"Why do I even bother?" He muttered aloud to himself.

"Okay, Ciel! You heard Dexter! All we have to do is attack him while his shell is soft, and we have this battle in the bag. Not much he can do besides-"

"Harden!" Came the surprisingly calm, collected command of the other trainer. Barely revealing any emotion upon his long face, the Metapod just squeezed his eyes shut, seemingly concentrating on whatever it was that he was being ordered to do.

"Hey! I didn't say the battle was starting!!" Adelina shouted out angrily, obviously peeved that she (and Ciel) had lost valuable time.

"Shouldn't have been standing around chatting. First rule of battling: Keep your mind on the battle. Nothing else going on at the moment is important. Even just a few seconds at the beginning will cost you, as you're now going to learn the hard way.."

"Oh yeah?!" Adelina inquired, pointing a finger down to her little Evolution Pokemon.

"Ciel, Tail whip now! Hurry and lower his defense!" Adelina ordered, and was pleased to see her little Eevee sprinting toward the Cocoon Pokemon long before the words had even left her mouth. Turning his rear toward the Metapod, Ciel rapidly began waggling his large, bushy tail in the face of it, grinning ecstatically over Adelina's way as the Metapod crossed his eyes in surprise, beginning to grow dizzy from the unexpected movement.

"Wormy, Hard no-"

"Quick, tackle him Ciel! Go for his heart! Remember?! That's where he's weakest!"

"Vee!" The Eevee nodded obediently, lowering his head, and pausing for only a split second to stare into the eyes of the Metapod, locking his liquid irises upon the Cocoon Pokemon's own, savoring the fear the other Pokemon held in them before lowering his head and delivering a powerful tackle attack to its chest, sending it sliding across the meadow grass. The Metapod scuffed up various plants and flowers as his body slammed ever deeper within the dirt, scraping harshly against it before he collided against his bewildered trainer, sending them both crashing to the ground.

"Not bad for just a little powderpuff, huh?" Adelina asked, the corners of her lips twisting upward into a surprised little smile. That had actually been.. fun! And not as difficult as she had expected.

"Come here, Ciel!" She called out, kneeling to the ground and holding her arms out, wide open to the little Eevee.

"Vee!!" Ciel squealed, letting loose a tired little sigh before lowering his head, and sprinting across the meadow to eagerly leap into the arms of his trainer.

"You were amazing, Ciel! We won!! Can you believe it?"

<Actually, yes, I can..> Ciel giggled, making no attempts to be modest whatsoever.

<I knew we could take 'em, even before I knew what Pokemon he was going to throw out!> The little Eevee nuzzled affectionately against Adelina's face, and she in turn burrowed her beaming face deep within his fur. Adelina arose then, standing from her crouched position on the ground, and brushing away several stray blades of grass that had fallen upon the fron of her skirt. Standing around and scanning the area, she noticed Tai and Rin standing just a few feet nearby. They had been watching the battle. Blushing just a bit for making them have to wait, Adelina scurried over to the duo, eager to find out if their battles had proved just as successful as her own.

OOC: Finally, Fin! Which means that this RP won't die now. Woot. >D If you want, GP, you can post sometime later in the week to catch your Caterpie. We'll just take turns posting every once in awhile I guess, until Charizard can take over again. ^^;

August 14th, 2008, 2:58 PM
ooc: Shall I make one of my infamous drama scenes Ubreon-chan? x3? Message me abut it and I'll edit the post about it x3 Hmm... I wodner if Charizard-kun would be okay if i did a bit of character control sicne he can't get on for a month or so >_x

Rin smirked as the remaining bug catchers ran off. "Lame." Rin mumbled as she looked at Adelina who had finished off the last of the bug catchers. As Rin trudged on with Tai and Adelina she began to feel weak, and let out a slight cough.

"H-Hey can we take a break for awhile?" Rin mumbled as she leaned against a tree. "Its getting dark so maybe we should stop.." Rin mumbled once again. Ivy nuzzled her trainer worryingly. "I'll stop and take a break for now..go ahead and go on ahead."

"Rin..You have to stay with the group..." Tai said trying to convince her out of staying behind.Adelina was silent throughout the whole thing.

(ooc: Sorry charizard-kun! >.x Don't kill me when you get back!)

"No..I need to catch my breath.. If you guys wanan keep going.. Go ahead." Rin said starring blanklly.

"Well..Maybe we should break for now..I mean we can't leave anyone behind!" Tai grinned happily. "I'll go get some firewood!" Tai yelled and ran off looking for wood. Rin looked at Adelina as the impending dark had soon fallen and the sky had turned for a shade of pink to a deep black.

"Hey Adelina..Back in Viridian..Why did you say those things..about how I had to run away or i would have ended up like my parents..? I mean.. Its..Just.. I mean I don't even know you and you already were sticking up for me back there..Why would you protect someone you don't even..know?" Rin said holding back some cold remark. Rin let out a slight cough as Tai came back with some fire wood and comandded Charco to light it with ember.

"Now if only we had soem marshemllows for smores!" Tai grinned, and looked over to Adelina who was in her own little world.

"Heheh..Yah.." Rin grimaced..Tai may have helped her but that would never change Rins past, present and future.

"Hey Adelina come join us by the fire!" Tai grinned a welcoming smile.

ooc: Charizard-kun don't kill me -hides-

Yellow Lantern
August 23rd, 2008, 10:22 PM
Okay, sorry I took so long. School starting & what not. Anyway, if my Trainer Card is set up like I wanted it, then here I go.

"I'm the next Pokemon Master!"(hope I did that right)

Full Name: Daniel Michael Nightgod
Nickname: Danny
Age: 15
Birthday: June 17
Gender: Male
Hair Color: a strange shade of blue-green
Hair Length: long, down below the face
Hair Style: He dosen't style it, he just lets it hang down
Eye Color: Royal Blue
Height: 5 '10
Weight: 135
Body Structure: slightly muscular, slim
Basic Clothing: Bagy Jeans, Black Shoes, red-brown jacket(usually zipped up), mustard yellow shirt
Pajamas: pajama pants, t-shirt(white).
Bathing Suit: Black Trunks(although he finds swim suits uncomfertable)
Accessories: He carries a sword on his back, & has his pokeball holders in his pockets, 3 for each.
Personality: He is calm, cool, collected, friendly, nice, & has the patience of a saint. He has a powerful sense of Justice & hates bad people enough to break life long princibles. He has a genius I.Q, he however is also very agressive. In battles, he often does not know when to stop. In a fight he can also seriously yet unintenionally hurt someone, although usually out of self defence. He has a certain serious look when thinking, although almost no one can tell exactly what hes thinking, making him very mysterious.
History: Not much is known except he once lived alone with his Grandparents, Brother & Sister, recieved a Gastly & a TM for Thunderbolt one Christmas. The TM unexpectidly worked on Gastly(or Hades). (I would like to reveal his history as the story progresses, if thats okay)
Starter: Gastly(Hades)
Final Party: Gengar(Hades), Alakazam(Magicphire), Scyther(Isabella), Gyarados(Artemus), Arcanine(Mitsurugi), Ditto(Zero)
Other: Although friendly & accepting, he has a general yet occasional distaste for stupid people. He really dosen't care but at times a stupid(not clumsy) person will do something that makes him wish they weren't there. Although he would never speak it aloud. He forwards his intellect into everything but especially battling, he has an unnatural talent for battling. He surpasses most people in knowledge of the subject, & has enough battle knowledge to join the elite 4 one day if he wants. It interests him the most. He is Left handed.
RPG Sample: He stood with the Gastly by his side. He battles with his Metapod to the breaking point, yet stops to give it a rest. He waited patiently for his Metapod to awaken. He heard a noise in the bushes. & out of them came a Bug Catcher with sunglasses, like the one he beat in battle but younger & with a Kakuna as oposed to a Caterpie. The Kakuna looked small, it was possibly weaker than the Caterpie he faced earlier. He expected the Trainer to ask for a battle but no. He just looked at him. He tried to strike a conversation, "Hi, I'm Danny, & you are?" The BC didn't answer. He snarled & looked at Danny with extreme... Hatred. Just then the BC Danny fought earlier had appeared. The BC didn't look at him. "What are we gonna do with him?" The BC asked. & the young Bug Catcher said, "Lets wait 'til Martain comes." Danny pondered a bit. "Martain? Who could that be?" He thought. He saw the way they stood & got the feeling they were up to something, plotting possibly as revenge for beating the 2nd BC in battle. The bushes rustled again, & a boy with a Weedle appeared. It was an impressive Weedle, Level 9 at least & level 13 at most. The new taller BC said "So what're we gonna do with him?" & the youngest BC said "Lets wait 'til Martain comes." Danny moved closer to Metapod & his Gastly 'Hades' followed. He seemed calm enough but in reality, he was curious. What was Martain? Who was Martain, & what could Martain do? He considered the possibility of this being a mindgame, maybe they simply wanted to intimidate him. He picked up the sleeping Metapod & drew his sword from his back. It was clear they wanted to do something, if it was physical, he could fight back. & if it was mental, then it wouldn't work, Danny was strong. & from afar, a man with the sunglasses they all had came forth, & he removed his glasses. The eyes of the great man shown! Maybe this was Martain, & if it was, he would know what to do. By now his Metapod awoke, & the man said without a notice "Shall we do it now?" So they WERE up to something, & the smallest BC said "Lets wait 'till Martain comes." Danny didn't wanna wait for Martain, not now, not him, Metapod had woken up & Danny tried to leave but heard the 2nd BC say "Ah! There you are Martain." Danny turned around & saw a large obesse man with a butcher knife & a Beedrill aproximately Level 17. "I'll take care of him." He said, "Beedrill! Twin Needle!" he yelled. & the Metapod leaped out of Danny's arms & tackled it in the face. Of course 3 hits from the Metapod was equal to one of Beedrill's, Beedrill was stronger, but Metapod was faster. "Tackle again, & keep your distance as to avoid getting hit, strait lines!" He was specific as to get exactly the results he wanted. The Metapod did so, "Twin Needle!" It tried but Danny yelled, "From tree to tree!" It started zipping around & Danny ordered multiple Tackle Attacks. It zipped randomly between branches & rammed the Beedrill "Multiple Hardens to double the effect!" Danny yelled. Hardening, Tackling & zipping through the trees, Metapod was like a pinball bullet! The poor Beedrill tried to attack but always missed. Beedrill fell & Metapod evolved as Danny wanted. "Hades, Thunderbolt!" Hades attacked & all except Danny, Hades & Danny's new Butterfree was zapped. Danny walked off, & continued his quest, moving as though nothing had hapened.

Well, there you have it. Goodbye.

the bitter end.
August 24th, 2008, 12:44 PM
Hm... can I join?

Full Name: Ryuu Masaaki Okinawa
Nickname: Ryuu-Kun
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown veering on black
Hair Length: Shoulder Length, bangs go into the eyes, but dosn't cover them
Hair Style: Long and flat, with little strands coming out here and there.
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'03"
Weight: 89 lbs.
Body Structure: Incredibly thin, to the point of being scrawny, and of average height.
Basic Clothing: A black coat with a lot of pockets loosely worn over a white T-Shirt, and Blue Jeans
Pajamas: A White T-Shirt and black running shorts
Bathing Suit: Black Swimming Trunks and a T-Shirt
Accessories: Can't think of any
Personality: Calm most of the time, but when he's angry he's really angry.
History: Ran away from home (and abusive parents) at the age of six, and bought a boat ticket to Kanto, there he lived on the streets for some time until he was taken in by Sakura Okinawa, of Pallet town.
Starter: Squirtle
Final Party:
Blastoise, Scyther, Alakazam, Jolteon, Ninetales, and Gengar
Other: Can't think of anything here aither
RPG Sample:
Ryuu's ayes finally slipped open he looked around appraising the forest he was napping in, the trees were all healthy, and viridian in hue, and the pokeball at his thin waist seemed cool from disuse.

"Hm... I should probably let the little guy out," he said nochalantly unclipping the pokeball from his belt and releasing the turtle pokemon.

"I have a feeling we will be a great team" said Ryuu smiling and standing up moving along the path.

August 24th, 2008, 5:23 PM
OOC: Underdude, I was looking over your application, since Charizard has put me in charge of this RP until he returns from his month-long absence, and first and foremost as First Mate awesomest RP master, say that it needs to be moved to the OOC thread. I'm not sure if he's accepting applications for main characters at this time either, but if you'll read the opening post for the OOC thread, I know for sure he's still taking applications or re-occuring characters. Now that that's said, when he returns, he can give the "Yay", or "Nay". But until then, maybe you can do some touch-ups on your sign-up? More detail in every category never hurt, that's what ensured me a spot in Charizard-san's RP. Especially in important categories like History and Personality. I know everyone dreads doing these two in particular, but a think a minimum of four sentences isn't too much to ask for. Also, I know that this RP doesn't require extreme literacy, but complete sentences plx? xx; Also, do me a favor. And try not to pick Pokemon for your team that other people have picked. It's not really a rule, and some people have done it before, but I would think that a maximum of one similar Pokemon would be enough.

August 31st, 2008, 4:05 PM
I'm the next pokemon master!

Full Name: Katerina Kelly Kimiko
Nickname: Kate or Shadow
Age: 13
Birthday: August 16
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Deep brown.
Hair Length: Down to the middle of her back. Bangs are partially brushed to the side.
Hair Style: Bangs partially to the side, hair long and straight.
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5"7
Body Structure: Thin with long legs.
Basic Clothing: A black tank top with a red flame emblem, black jeans, red belt, black fingerless gloves lined with red, black sneakers, and a black beret.
Pajamas: Red shorts and white t shirt.
Bathing Suit: A black one piece with a red flame emblem.
Accessories: A gold necklace with a flame pendant, and dangling flame earrings.
Personality: Kate is cheerful and friendly. She loves to joke around and is random at times. Kate is also very hyper.
History: Kate's father died when she was three and her mother abandoned her. She lived with her relatives until she decided to go on a Pokemon journey.
Starter: Charmander.
Final Party: Charizard, Flareon, Rapidash, Gengar, Raichu, and Gyarados
Other: Nothing.
RPG Sample:
Kate walked outside of the Pokemon Center with her newly recovered Charmander, who walked beside her. She passed a few trainers while heading toward the Viridian Forest. Kate headed into the dense forest. The first thing she noticed was that it was quite dark. At least Charmander's tail lighted some of the way. She walked forward until she noticed she was lost and it was night. Kate sighed. Suddenly, she saw a Pikachu scamper across her path. She pulled out one of her precious Pokeballs.
"Charmander, Scratch!" she said, watching as the lizard pokemon scratched at the Pikachu, which already looked weak. Kate threw her Pokeball, hoping for the best.
One shake... Two... Now three... This was a stubborn Pikachu, but it finally was captured. Kate picked up the pokeball happily. Now she caught her first pokemon. Laying down by a tree, she decided to stay the night and find her way back in the morning.

September 1st, 2008, 9:46 AM
[mind if I join up? since my other RP of Trainer's Path doesn't look like it's coming on]]

Full Name: Travis Darrell Mura
Known As: Travis or Trav
Age: 17 1/2
Birth Date: November 20th, 1990
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Will either keep it extremely short, or grow it out, to about 3-6 inches
Hair Style: When it's short, it looks like a buzz cut, when it's out, it just gets messy.
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6''8
Body Structure: Tall for 17, he is rather lean but is taller than most adults he knows.
Clothing: Black Cargo Pants which zip off near the knee to change into shorts, he also wears either a plain dark blue Tee-shirt, or a tee shirt with a Metallica logo on it, He wears a vest over his shirt which holds his iPod, badges, pokedex, cell phone, and other items.
PJs: He just sleeps in gym shorts and his tee shirt he wore, no no tee shirt if the weather is too hot.
Bathing Suit: He usually just uses gym shorts and a tee shirt.
Accessories: He wears a necklace of black string and a moon stone, which is his only possession he has left of his mother. He sometimes wears a black bandana around his head like a sweatband.
Personality: Due to a rough past, he doesn't really always like to joke around. He, when angered or upset, can get in an extremely dark mood. But when he's calm, he's a guy you want to hang around with. He's a trainer that really doesn't look for fame, or anything. He's just out on this journey for some wilderness time, and to see if he can make a few friends. He doesn't want to face the elite 4, he just doesn't want to. He want's to find a group to hang with, mostly because he is older, and knows some wisdom that not many know. His grandparents are like that, passing wisdom on to generations. He really wants to meet Brock to get some more Wisdom, therefore is on his way there right now. He loves heavy metal, especially Metallica and even nicknames his pokemon after songs!
History: Travis hates talking about the past. His father left his family when Travis was 11, and is presumed dead after a DNA test showed a pool of his fathers blood in Rock Tunnel outside Lavender Town. They never found the body. Travis' mom died inn an accident when Travis was 15. He then lived with his grandma and grandpa, Nova and James Mura. They are his only living family now. He has decided, to go out into the wilderness and escape his past for a while. Finally after two years, Professor Oak gave him his starter, Squirtle, which he nicknamed Gill. He stayed in Pallet a week longer since Oak needed to give him more supplies for his journey, but when he left, Gill and Travis made progress in their journey and their friendship, reaching Viridian City within a day. They're right now in the VIridian Forest, headed for Pewter, only slowing down, due to the lack of a compass...they're lost sorta. Travis managed to capture a Pikachu while looking for the trail. (see RPG sample)
Starter: Squirtle (Gill)
Final Party: Travis will in all, catch 20 pokemon his entire journey, will use mostly Squirtle (Gill), Raichu (St. Anger), Alakazam (Sanitarium), Pidgeot (Aerials), Garydos (Floods), Magmar (Hollow)
Other: Travis will catch 20 Pokemon his entire Juorney. TBA

RPG Sample:
Travis sat back against the tree. The Viridian forest seemed quiet tonight. He only seen and fought 3 pokemon today! The only one he caught, was a pikachu which almost sent him back to Viridian City with Gill in his arms. He nicknmed the Pikachu St. Anger after the Metallica song, the Pikachu had that angry look in his eyes.

Travis wanted to know the Pikachu better, but after leting it out once, it almost attacked him again. Riht now it was safe to assume he just needed to give St. Anger some time. They would get along better, but they he just neede to settle.

"Ehh, what the hell? St. Anger I'm gonna let you out again, I just want to know you...come out." Travis said pushing a button on the pokeball, with a flash of light, St. Anger came out.

The Pikachu, looked at Travis, electricity sparking from his cheeks. Travis knew what it was thinking. "Hold on man, I'm not gonna hurt you! I just wanna get to know you, that's all..."
The electricity sparked from St. Anger's cheeks still, but started to cease...St. Anger looked at Travis, who had a small but reassuring smile on. "I understand aht you may not all be that fond of me at the moment, but I just want that to change...I wanna be friends with you."

St Anger looked at Travis, the electricity stopped sparking, but the look didn't give any sight of trust. "If I were lying, I would have already sent Gill at you. You would be attacking me righ tnow..." "Piiiii..." "Come on over with Gill and I St. Anger, have some of my Grandma's apples. Trust me, these apples are the best you will ever have. They have their own unique taste..."

St Anger, smiled and walked over accepting the apple, from Trav's hand, he bit it, and smiled, "Chaaa!" "Thanks, St. Anger, we're already bnding well, meet Gill, my first Pokemon."
"Squirtle!" Gill replied with a smile.
"Pika!" St Anger replied back with a tumbs up which Travis had to chuckle at...this was a sight to behold....

September 1st, 2008, 5:54 PM
OOC: From now on, ALL Applications need to be directed to the OOC thread. Like i've already told Underdude (Who apparently isn't very interested or he would've at least been working on his application right now) I can't make decisions on main characters until Ricky (The actual RP master) returns. Unless you just make an undeniably intricate kick-ass sign-up that I just can't refuse. But so far, I see serious room for improvement on all applications. All applications could use more detail (Refer to my, Charizard, and GP's applications located in the OOC thread if seriously interested). Samurai, I thought that your sign-up was creative, especially with your Pokemon's nicknames! ^^; I would like GP's opinion on this, but if you'd like, we could put you in as a re-occuring character.. Since you obviously tried on yours. But if you're going for a main role, please wait until Charizard returns. He didn't give me authority to accept main characters, just to keep this RP alive. Sailor, I kinda' just skimmed over yours, but is it too unreasonable to expect Personality and History to be detailed? Personally, I would like at least a paragraph for each, since those are the two primary categories. Happy editing, everyone! And all further questions/comments/sign-ups/rants should be placed in the OOC thread, before our dear moderators get upset. Adioss. Btw, Pokemon from the Kanto region only can be obtained in this RP. Hence the RP name, Pokemon KANTO region. =P

September 3rd, 2008, 8:49 PM
OOC: K since I've been approved as a re-occuring character so far, and not main yet, I'll do a post, which is sorta my sample, only more detailed.

"Oh, Sweet Jesus." Travis said sitting back against a tree in the Viridian Forest. Gill, his Squirtle collapsed on top his knees. Travis chuckled and picked Gill up.
"Yeah, you are tired probably after three battles today. You're getting stonger, heh, at least luck was with us today. We even got ourselves a new member!"

"Squirt..." Gill said, still a bit tired.
"Yeah, he really did a number on you, didn't he?" Travis said digging through his backpack for a potion. "Here, this will make you feel better." Travis said, spraying the potion on Gill. Sure enough, Gill looked a bit healthier.
"It's nice to see that smile again. How about some dinner? Wanna find some dry wood? I'll set up a little fire and cook us some soup."

Gill set up the wood in a neat formation for burning while Travis digged for his match box and also brought up his battery powered speakers and iPod. Music was a big part of life for him. Always was and will be he thought to himself. He lit up the wood, turned on his music and set up a grill shelf over the fire, setting two cans of potato soup over the flame. Travis remembered to puncture a hole in the top before exposing the cans to the flame. Travis remembrered his fire safety sometmes the hard ways.

...the window burns to light the way back home
the light that warms no matter where they go
they're off to find the hero of the day
but what if they should fall by someones wicked way...

Travis absorbed the music like a sponge absorbed water. He looked up, and saw the amazing night sky above him. No haze, or city lights, just him, Gill, and the stars. It was very peaceful.

"Gill...should I try and let St. Anger out again?" Travis asked as he checked the cans of soup.
Travis knew that meant "Uhhh, think before you act."

"I gotta try and get him to respect me...otherwise we'll never get along..." Travis said, reaching for the ball hanging on his vest. "St. Anger...please listen to me...I'm not going to harm you in any way...I just wanna know you. I wanna get to know you, please understand...come on out." Travis said pressing the button on the pokeball.

In a flash, a Pikachu stood there. Travis caught Pikachu today after it attacked him and Gill on the road. He fought it and caught it, but not without Pikachu knocking the wind out of Gill, nearly sending them to Viridian again for an emergency Pokemon Center visit. Travis tried sending it out already twice, both times, it attacked him and he was forced to recall it again. He nicknamed Pikachu St. Anger for it's unusually violent aggression for most Pikachu.

St. Anger stood there, looking like it was about to attack. Travis spoke fast, noticing the large amounts of electricity shooting from Pikachu's cheeks. "Whoa, hold on there buddy. You've had a rough day...settle down a bit." The electricity seemed to cease a bit, but not entirelly. "Settle down, St. Anger. just brought you out, because I know you're hungry." Travis said presenting a bowl for St. Anger filled witht the potato soup. St. Anger looked at the bowl as if he thought Travis had drugged it. Travis took a bite himself, which convinced St. Anger. Gill was also eating with enjoyment. Travis was glad that St. Anger wasn't attacing at the present moment. "Hopefully this isn't just luck." Travis thought to himself.

"St. Anger...do you really hate me that much?" Travis asked. The Pikachu looked up to Travis. "I want to be friends...I want to know you better. I admired how you fought earlier today. You gave me a challenge. Please let me help you control that power, with all that rage inside of you, you could get yourself in troule." This was another reasong Travis nicknemed Pikachu St. Anger.

"Please let me help you."
There was a moment, then the Pikachu nodded and ave at least a little smile to Travis.
"Thanks man, Glad to hav eyou along, this is Gill, you're partner at the present moment."
Travis stod up, and looked in the direction they were heading. "Tomorrow guys...we'll be heading into Pewter City. We'll meet with Brock. St. Anger...I really don't know how useful you'll be against Rock...but please have patience with me. I'll use you when I can. I never abandon a friend."
Travis then recalled St. Anger. "Thanks St. Anger. Thanks for putting some trust in me for now."

...and she's buying the stairway to heaven...

Travis was getting ready for some sleep, Gill was already withdrawnsinto it's shell. "Good ight Gill, see you in the morning." Travis said this as he extinguished his little fire and drew up n his sleeping bag.

Tomorrow is another day...

That was his last thought before drifting off to sleep.

Yellow Lantern
September 10th, 2008, 7:34 PM
You said all needed improvment. Where does MINE need improvment, exactly? If you would be so kind as to tell me.

October 28th, 2008, 12:18 PM
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