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June 16th, 2008, 7:54 PM
Basic Information

Game Name: Pokemon Adventure DX
Creator: Alex Candelaria [Ax3llvsu]
Made with: RPG Maker XP
Date started: Friday, April 4th 2008


492+ Pokemon
All Pokemon are available, and some new species are introduced as special side-quests.

Random weather
Much like the real regions, any weather can happen at any time.

E-Mail systems
A new easier way for your friends to keep in contact with you.

Day/Night system
Time is based off of your computer's time.

Time frame
The game takes place 5 years after the story of Diamond and Pearl. All events from official games were completed by an unknown character, not the player character.

Regional Changes
Time has taken its toll on the world over 5 years. Tin Tower in Johto has been rebuilt, Pokemon Tower in Kanto has been closed due to recent hauntings, Sootopolis City has been opened up the the general public by destroying one of the barriers, and many other changes.

Reputation points
Badges have been replaced, reputation points are given instead.
Gym Battles - 20 points
Missions - 5 points
Secret Missions - 10 points

Missions based on events from the Pokemon series are available.
Some examples include the "Pikachu Thief" of Pewter City and "Electabuzz vs Magmar! Gym vs Gym!" of Dark City.

Pokemon League
Certain amounts of points are needed to get into each league.
Also, the previous leagues have to be completed in order to move on.
Kanto League - 200 points
Johto League - 400 points
Hoenn League - 500 points
Sinnoh League - 700 points
??? League - 1000 points
[All point values are subject to change]

Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh,
Sevii Islands, Mintale Town,
Holon City, Orre, Orange Islands,
Fiore, Almia, Pokemon Island,
Whirl Islands, Pokemon MD1 World,
Pokemon MD2 World, Togepi Paradise,


You are a young trainer born in Kanto that sets off to become the Pokemon Champion. Sound familiar? It's really not.

Along the way, there are tons of missions for you to complete to build up your reputation and just to help those in need. Almost every location revealed in the anime/manga is in the game, along with missions based off of the events of the area in the anime/manga.


Mapping: Exterior - 25%
Mapping: Interior - 0%
Scripting - 20%
Spriting - 60%
Beta Testing - 0%

Development Team

Ax3llvsu - Head Scripter

Ax3llvsu - Head Mapper



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this game go online?
A: That would be great, but I don't know how or if it is even possible with RMXP.

Q: Can I please beta test?
A: No thanks, I will choose beta testers based on experience.

Q: OMG! Are you serious about all those regions? Completed?!
A: Yeah, I don't expect to finish it quickly at all, but I am finishing tons of maps daily and will stay devoted.

Q: And... you're doing it alone?
A: For the most part. I will probably get mapping help for places I am not familiar with.

Q: I don't believe you!
A: That's not even a question, but that's fine. Don't read my thread then.

Media Center

No beta is available yet.

Help Wanted

Character overworlds - 256x256
Gym leaders: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn,
Elite Four: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn,
Trainers: Misty, Red [Ash], Blue, Green [Gary], Gold [Hiro], Silver [Kamon], Crystal [Kris],

Pokemon overworlds - 256x256

In-Battle trainers - 128x128
New battle sprites are always appreciated.

Even if they are not the exact size, if they are DP styled, we can resize them and see if they look okay.

Credits + Thanks

Poccil - Pokemon Essentials
Coronis - Pokemon overworlds
Balladofwindfishes - Pokemon Overworlds
RM2K3kid - D/P Charsets
Kyledove (Kymotonian) - Sinnoh tiles
Destined - Sinnoh tiles
Desgardes - Wes and Rui sprites

Support Center

Coming soon!

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