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June 17th, 2008, 10:02 AM
Indroduction- Instead of making another Lost Island thread, I decided to make this one, an RP called Stranded. It's very similar to Lost Island, but more mature and with more plot twists. So anyways, enjoy...

Plot- It was just an average day on an average cruise ship. Even though the cruise was only supposed to be a week, it ended up being 10 days. The reason for this was quite simple- the captain was inexpirienced and got lost. However, the passengers of this ship either didn't notice or didn't care.

The captain eventually managed to steer his ship into uncharted territory. The day was stormy and dark. The passengers started to notice and got worried and anxious. The ship then got struck by lightning, and ran into sharp rocks. Because of this, it started to sink.

The captain was so inexpirienced, he didn't even know about the life boats. Any good captain would, but this was his first time managing his ship. His crew didn't exactly help either, they were too panicked to know what to do. So the ship sank, and everyone died. Or so that's what people thought...

Everyone back at home was heartbroken. They had funerals for everyone, and respectfully buried all the bodies they found. However, even though newscasters said everyone died, this wasn't quite the case. Five lucky kids survived, and washed ashore on an island out in the middle of nowhere. It was a completely undisturbed island, so no people have ever seen it or even heard of it. How will these kids survive on the island?


1. Basic roleplaying rules apply.
2. Cursing is allowed. But anything that PC would censor must be censored like this- f***, s***, etc.
3. Wow, an RP where sex IS allowed! But don't abuse this. I only want sexual REFERENCE. Don't do anything more than this.
4. Only 5 signups, including mine, are allowed. So sign up quickly. However, this is actually how I will most likely do signups- I will most likely wait for more than 4 to pile up, then choose the best. If someone gets kicked out/leaves, I will turn it into a plot twist and temporarly open up signups.
5. NO RESERVES! If you reserve a spot and you don't finish in time, then sorry, you'll be declined.
6. You are only allowed to catch one shiny.
7. If you consistantly break these rules, you will be kicked out.

Sign Up Sheet

Name- (first and last)
Gender- (male or female)
Age- (13-18)
Personality- (what does your character act like? I need a good, solid desription)
Appearance- (what does your character look like? Like personality, I need a good desription)
History- (what is your character's past)
Starter Pokemon- (this can be whatever base form Pokemon your little heart desires, unless it's legendary)
Starter Nickname- (does your starter have a nickname?)
Starter Gender- (male or female, if applicable)
Starter Personality- (this doesn't need to be as long as your character's, but make it somewhat detailed)
Shiny?- (be aware- if your starter is shiny, none of the other Pokemon you catch can be shiny)

Have fun...

July 6th, 2008, 3:51 PM
Name-Anissa Sant
Personality-Loves pokemon and hates fighting them. Has a dream of becoming a breeder. Wants to help everyone off the island so everyone can continue with their lives.
Appearance-Tall with brown hair that reaches past her waist, Has blond streaks. Has large bright green eyes. Is wearing a black shirt with the words MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE on the front in white and underneath is a white wolf, and capris and clear flipflops.
History-Is from the kanto region and was the gym leader of Lavender town but once she had Anissa she passed it on to the next leader. She had begged her mom for years to let her go on a pokemon journey her mother would refuse time and time again but finally she let Anissa go and Anissa gave her promise to the little kids at home: Haley, her little sister, Lane, her little brother, Ren, her cousin and Maton, her other cousin all pokemon. Haley was to get an eevee of her own, and Lane was to get a Zigzagoon. Her cousin Ren was going to get a pikachu, her favorite pokemon and her other cousin was to get a mudkip which he dreamed of having.She left on her journey and saw this as a chance to get a good relationship with her eevee and turn him into an Umbreon. She had left to get all of the eeveelutions.
Starter Pokemon-Eevee
Starter Nickname-Lupin
Starter Gender-Female
Starter Personality- Loves to explore and spend time with Anissa. Is more of a loving pet then a battling pokemon.
Shiny-Yes he is a Shiny!

July 6th, 2008, 3:59 PM
Hmm.. Please reserve me a spot. I'll most likely make a sign-up sheet tomorrow.

If you need examples of my ability, feel free to ask, and I'll send you a sample before hand.

July 6th, 2008, 4:30 PM

Name- Corey Stenson
Gender- Female
Age- 18
Personality- The personality that Corey posseses is basically one giant oxymoron, as she is both selfish yet caring. How in the hell can someone be a self centered jerk and then give a rats butt about someone? Well its actually quite simple when you look at it, but it is still puzzling as to how someone with this personality has any respect from her pokemon. When it comes down to it, Corey lives only for herself and doesn't care who she steps on to get to where she's going - even her pokemon. To her, they are tools to be used to further her goals of becoming one of the greatest trainers to ever live. In each battle, Corey spaces out the status of her pokemon and just uses her strategic genius to win the battle as swiftly as possible. If the battle turns out to be a victory, Corey celebrates to herself in her mind and quickly recalls her pokemon and leaves to go begin training again. But if the victory results in a loss, Corey becomes a very compassionate person and immediately runs off to the Pokemon center to get all of her pokemon fixed up. The downside to this compassion though is that one healed, its back to training and the sessions are by far not easier.

Appearance-Flowing blonde hair, that reaches the middle of the back, with ice sparkling blue eyes and a killer white smile to top it all off. That's not what Corey looks like and she's extremely thankful for that. A typical blonde is not how she would like to live her life, and she would take her shoulder length brunette hair over stereotypical "babe" look anyday. Not many people notice the length of Corey's hair, but the only reasons for that would be guys only paying attention to her chest or the fact that she keeps her hair in two pony tails for the majority of her day. Continuing down her upper half, we come to her face, that when caressed has a smooth feel to it. Again, not that anyone would know because if someone tried to touch her face she'd probably spin kick them into the furthest region possible. Her eyes are a deep brown color, similiar to a chocolate bar that all the kids go crazy over once they're let out of classes for the day. On her nose rests a piercing, on the right side, that she's had since she turned sixteen to aid in her rebellious personality. Accompanying the nose piercing, Corey has both her ears, the lower parts, pierced and a navel piercing which we'll get to later.

Moving further down, we come to the mid upper part of this young woman, and its covered with a simple orange tank top, an odd symbol in the center of the chest that she designed herself, and red drawstring back for all of her other possesions. The symbol is actually of a bird flying upwards, with what appears to be gusts of winds behind it, to represent her love for flying pokemon, thanks to her mother. Back to the tank top, it cuts off just above the navel and we come back to that belly button piercing we discussed earliar. It is a simple piercing, like all the others, except it has a charizard charm hanging from it, again aiding to her love of flying pokemon.

Finally reaching the lower portion of Corey's body, we come to the yellow pants that cut off just at the ankles, giving Corey a sexy and tough looking appearrance. Her shoe's vary between a pair of orange flip flops and black sneakers and laces. Red, yellow, black and orange are the only colors she likes to where, but if needed she'll wear whatever she has to.

History- Where to begin the story of Corey Anne Stenson. Well I guess a good beginning would be her childhood/beginning of her journey.

Born into this world from loving parents, Katherine Ritzo and Winston Michael Stenson III, Corey was an elegant and cheerful little girl who loved to learn new things and master them. From the start, it was known that Corey would be a gifted person, learning things at a much faster rate than most - such as walking, which she began to do at the age of one, and even speaking, at the age of 2. Raised by fair parents, Corey learned all of lifes lessons in her own way and accepted any benefits or consequences that came with them. But life threw her a curveball, at the age of seven, that changed her life from then on and her former sweet and nuturing personality turned to cold, and somewhat, cruel. While away on business, her father was killed by a stampede of Tauros, who had been riled up by a group of young kids who thought it was fun to physically torture pokemon. Flying over on her mothers Staraptor, Corey began to cry and cry and it didn't appear she would ever stop, but she did once they landed and she saw the kids, all of the older than her. The tears of her body dried up, rage now filling her eyes, and since that day not a single droplet of water has emerged from her now moistureless pupils.

And then time fast fowards, three years, to when it came time for Corey to start her pokemon journey and take care of herself. Choosing Charmander, Corey began her strict lifestyle of training and training until there was no possible way to train anymore. Putting her one and only pokemon, at the time, up against trainers, old and young, and wild pokemon, large and small, until evolution could occur no more and every move possible was learned.

For the first five years of her journey, she captured and invested her training into many various types of pokemon. But she only had one with her when the ship began to sink, and left her stranded on an island.

Starter Pokemon- Weavile
Starter Nickname- Zephyr
Starter Gender- Male
Starter Personality- Ever since Corey captured him, back when he was just a Sneasel, her Weavile has been a very affectionate and loving pokemon. Once that button is hit on his pokeball, and he is released, that Weavile immediately leaps into Corey's arms and begins yelling happily just because he gets to cuddle with Corey. This however is the only time his personality is like this, when just hanging around with Corey. Once its time to battle, his personality becomes completely strategic and he listens to every command that Corey gives him. Also, Weavile is very protective of Corey and whenever other people, and pokemon, are around her he can be seen making angry faces.
Shiny?- N/A

July 6th, 2008, 5:19 PM
Name- Xander Magnus (Defender of Men, Powerful)

Gender- Male

Age- 17

Personality- Xander seems antisocial when you first meet him, but that is just because he guards his true feelings very well, when you get to know him. The reason for this is because recently he has been hanging around with some rather unsavory individuals, and showing emotion would deprive him of the only 'friends' he had. When he does let his true personality shine past his facade one realizes that he is a very sorrowful individual, due to his parents ignoring him and all of his achievements. Xander has a very good sense of humor, and laughs easily, but his laughter is always tinged with that sorrow which dominates his personality. At times he may seem unwilling to talk, but that is just because he is so used to being told when and when not to talk, he will wait until someone tells him just that.

Appearance- Xander stands at an imposing 6'4", and if he wished to he would probably make a good bully. His muscles are well defined, and usually show prominently through the white, long-sleeved shirt he usually wears. His jeans were at some point in the past black, but due to much use they are now gray, and have several rips which reveal his naturally tanned complexion beneath.Beneath his right sleeve Xander keeps a specially made belt which launches his PokeBalls into his hand. Xander has average-length black hair which is normally ruffled, and often several strands will fall over his face, hiding his eyes. His eyes are a light gray color, which stand out from his face amazingly, giving him a slightly ethereal appearance.

History- Xander was born to money in Goldenrod City, his parents were Caius and Maria Magnus. His father was the Chairman for the Indigo League, and was also a skilled trainer. And for the first 5 years of his life Xander was loved by both of his parents. This was, at least, before Xander's elder brother, Caine died in an accident while competing in the Indigo Plateau. After this Xander's father forbade Xander from Pokemon battling, and ignored him afterward, because of his resemblance to his brother. Maria, his mother, became withdrawn after Caine's death, and would rarely speak, leaving Xander alone in the world.

Desperate for friends, Xander joined a trainer gang in Goldenrod when he was 12 in order to become like his older brother, who he barely remembered. Stealing some money from his father's safe he bought some coins at the Game Corner and exchanged them for a Dratini. This Dratini becam his constant companion, except for in his own home, because of his father's rule about Pokemon, he had to keep Dratini in his Pokeball.

Five years after receiving Dratini, both of Xander's parents had to go on a cruise, for a meeting on-board concerning the future of the Indigo League. Xander had to come along, and expected it to be uneventful, until it crashed...

Starter Pokemon- Dratini

Starter Nickname- Nope

Starter Gender- Male

Starter Personality- Dratini is the polar opposite of Xander, he is amazingly outgoing and friendly. And loves being the center of attention, and will often yell when he is interrupted. When Xander is not around his family he is kept outside of his PokeBall, which is all of the time now that his parents are missing. Dratini rides around on Xander's shoulder's and will squeeze his neck when he is annoying, or being rude.

Shiny?- Nope.

Hope this'll be good enough to be accepted :D.

July 6th, 2008, 5:34 PM
Character Name: Ezekiel "Zeke" Richards
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birth Date: 26th January, 1993

Appearance: Zeke has shaggy black hair that hangs lifelessly over his head, his eyes are crimson red and this skin is light with a slight tan. His usual attire consists of a solid black figure-hugging t-shirt, a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a pair of old, white, worn-out sneakers. He’s has a few accessories, including two bracelets around his right wrist and a necklace with a strange symbol, hanging from his neck.

Personality: Zeke is a very silent teenage boy, who keeps things to himself. He doesn’t have any “human” friends... his Pokémon is his only companion. Despite being a “loner” of sorts, he is actually very nice when you get to know him.
In battle, Zeke is always determined to win... giving it his best shot every time. But, he is also gracious in defeat and accepts losing whenever it comes upon him.

History: Zeke was born in Fuchsia City where he lived with his mother and father. His parents began to fight when he was twelve and by the time he was thirteen they had gotten a divorce, although they still lived together... in an effort to support Zeke. Before too long it became too much for his mother and she took Zeke and moved to Viridian City. But, before they left Zeke’s father entrusted him with a Pokémon, Scyther, he wanted him to have it so that he would always remember him.
Zeke and Scyther became best friends and at the age of fifteen Zeke decided to go on his Pokémon Journey... with Scyther at his side. They made it all the way to Vermillion City with ease and decided to have a week of relaxation, they boarded a ship... that wasn't coming back!

Starter Pokemon: Scyther

Starter Nickname: No

Starter Gender: Male

Starter Personality: Scyther and Zeke are nearly exactly alike, although Scyther doesn't take losing too well. If Scyther loses a battle he will fly off and won't return until he feels better.

Shiny: No

July 6th, 2008, 6:00 PM
Name: Joseph Kain

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Personality: Joseph is usually a cheerful, laid-back fellow, often trying to look on the bright side, searching for the silver lining on every dark cloud. He is occasionally humorous, but his attempts at humor often fail as he misjudges timing or other people's opinions on what he is saying. He is somewhat lazy as well, having lived a life of luxury, including servants to do his chores for him. A pragmatic person, he is extremely capable and adaptable, often the first to recover from a sudden revelation or to find a way to get around an unexpected problem. Highly intelligent, but has had an insufferably high opinion of himself for most of his life. In the past few years, Joseph has been working very hard to tame his exalted ego and his unquenchable thirst for the grandiose, to be a grandstander, for the things that make other people go "wow". He's always considered himself to be a leader, not a follower, and has been described as a "powerful personality", traits he inherited from his wealthy father.

But almost as though there's a different person inside of him, at the flick of a switch he can become utterly devoid of emotion, so much so that it can scare people around him. While in this state, he can be uncaring, completely logical, not caring for the emotions of those around him except for how they may help him achieve his goals. His friends call it "robot mode", and to many it seems to be just that: that Joseph Kain has been replaced by a cold, unfeeling android.

Appearance: Joseph is of average height, with sleek black hair that is always perfectly groomed without Joseph having to do a thing about it. Dark brown eyes, a fine, chiseled nose, and a well-practiced smile complete the face of this remarkable young man. He has been often told he was a handsome man, and many girls have had crushes on him (although that may be due in part to a very generous inheritance written in his father's will). At home, Joseph, at his parent's behest, wears a fine suit, complete with tuxedo and tie, but in a less strict environment, he prefers a plain T-shirt of any color, jeans, and tennis shoes, with either black or white socks. He likes sunglasses of varying colors and styles, and keeps a collection of them at home. Sometimes he will sport a black leather jacket and black leather pants, when he's feeling in a powerful mood. Despite the intellectual nature of his life, he is very fit and quite strong, thanks to a fitness program set upon him by his parents.

History: Joseph was born to a rich and powerful couple and has lived a life of luxury in his manor. His father is the CEO of KORP (Kain's Optimal Revolution Processors), a multi-billion dollar corporation. KORP supplies the CPUs for 80% of all computers in the Pokemon world, from Kanto to the Orange Islands to Hoenn. Joseph's father, Jacob Kain, had inherited the position from his father, and Jacob has been grooming his son for the position since he was born, taking his talents for problem-solving and command and control and attempting to grow them into skills that will enable KORP to crush the last remaining competitors and create a monopoly for the computer market.

His parents are extremely strict. While usually too busy to keep an eye on him themselves, they usually have a servant or two following him around. Joseph dislikes being stuck inside his home, and often takes trips outside to socialize with ordinary friends, not the stuck-up jerks born of other wealthy men that his father wants him to know(despite having some distinctly jerkish qualities himself). When meeting a new potential friend, he always "forgets" to mention his family and his bank account. Even at the age of 19, his parents refuse to let him move away and find his own life, insisting that he must remain to learn to run the company. Contradictory to the previous statement, however, his father has let him do very little at his job within KORP.

Joseph himself grew up on his family's mansion in Johto. As a child, he was treated to the best of everything, the best (private) teachers, the best fitness trainers, the best chefs, the best nannys. While greatly enjoying his family's wealth, Joseph has harbored a secret desire to experience the common man's life, to see how the everday peasant lives. Even so, his social skills regarding ordinary people are decidedly lacking. An avid reader, Joseph grabs ahold of every book with the potential to be interesting that he lays eyes on, and is welcome to indulge in his family's massive library.

His training, of course, has included training in the care of Pokemon. His only Pokemon is a small Spinarak he has possessed since the age of 10. It gets little real exercise and training, but Joseph dotes on the spider Pokemon like a best friend, and named it after the Latin word for spider. He knows much about Pokemon of all types, and can mend the broken leg of a Rapidash or help make a Beautifly that refuses to eat consume food. Joseph is an excellent chef of both Pokemon and human food.

As he grows older, however, he also grows more and more tired of how his parents dictate every aspect of his life. He understands that they merely mean the best for him, and are very careful regarding his future, but he is sick of how they won't let him do too much or refuse to let him do too little. After a long argument involving much shouting, screaming, and the smashing of two extremely valuable and precious vases, Joseph finally convinced his parents to let leave the home, alone, for a week.

Of course, neither Mr. nor Mrs. Kain would allow their son to go just anywhere. They eventually settled on sending their one and only son on a cruise, where they could be certain he would be safe and cared for, and where the crew could be paid a little extra to keep an eye on their precious bundle of joy.

Starter Pokemon: Spinarak
Starter Nickname: Aracnido
Starter Gender: Male
Starter Personality: Aracnido is a curious fellow. He loves to explore new places and see, smell, touch, and (especially) taste new things. Whenever he encounters something new, he clamp on it gently with his pincers to get a feel for it. When not in his Pokeball, he will often ride around on Joseph's shoulder or crawl around his body, something which he also does to new people that he takes a liking to. However, when doing so, Aracnido is smart enough to avoid sensitive spots. While curious, he's also intelligent enough to recognize when something is dangerous or poses a threat, in which case he will scurry away at an incredible speed for such a little Pokemon.

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August 1st, 2008, 9:34 AM
1 for humens: Name: Seth Kusto


Age:12 (2 months till his birthday)

Description:Seth will do mostly anything he sets his mind to. He is the type of person who thinks he can do anything. He likes to just go with the flow and not have anyone ar anything bother him. If someone bothers him he will start pulling pranks on everyone. So your best bet is to not make him mad.

Appearence:Seth wears a red polo shirt with a yellow pokeball print on it. He also wears baggy black pants. wears black shoes. Wears the hat his father gave him when he was about 5. and wears a necklace with a figurine attached to it in the shape of a chimchar. He has crystal blue eyes. He has Spiky/Messy black hair. And he is skiny/attletic.He is 4’6 and weighs in at 110lbs.

Background: Seth was born in Twinleaf town but his family moved when he was 2 to Hidenvaile were he grew up. When Seth was about 7 he went into a forest with his dad. There they found a hurt,hungry,and most likely abbandened Pikachu. Seth and his father rushed it to their house were his mom helped nursed it and bring it back to full health. His mom use to work as an understudy of Nurse Joy. After Pikachu was feeling better they gave him some Pokefood that was great for fire types. Piakchu ate and then Seth and Pikachu grew to be best friends. When Seth was 8 he had started taking taikwondo lessons. And at the age of 11 he was already testing for his black belt. When they got home right after his black belt graduation his mom gave him the necklace with the figurine shaped like a Pikachu on it. Seth was so happy that he thanked his parents and promised them that he would take great care of it. When Seth turned 12 he was sitting next to a fire(because his birthday is in December) to warm up he was looking into the fire and saw something (that later he would find out was happening right then). He told his parents about it and they told him that the ability was called flame reading and that only few people could do it. He know has the ability to read flames whenever he wants to.

Starter Pokemon:Pikachu

Starter Nickname:Sparky

Personality: Pikachu is a very sweet Pokemon. He won't hurt anyone unless they try to hurt him. He will only start attacking things and people when he has to help protect the village.

Shiny: No

Personality for pokemon:Pikachu is a very sweet pokemon. He loves to help people and wont try to hurt them. Pikachu loves human beings and all kinds of life. Pikachu is only afraid of the legendary pokemon Dialga and Rayquaza.(foreget the first Personality for Pikachu)

oh krud dint read all the posts...Well atleast i have this sign up saved on my microsoft word.

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