View Full Version : Pokemon, Pets, & You

June 18th, 2008, 10:18 AM
Have you ever wondered if you were in the Pokemon World, what your pets would be like? Like what species they would be, what moves they would use, how skilled they would be etc. I have three dogs that I wanted to just make some silly move sets for them, but then I thought, Why not see what the Community has to offer? Now I'm asking you, what would your pets be like as Pokemon?

Here's one of my dogs.

Poochyena Jolly L: 21 (She's 3 years old, so I went with her age in dog years :P)
-Bite (More like nip...)
-Howl (She barks WAY to much...)
-Rest (Sleepy dog... that's pretty much all she does :/)
-Lick (Yup, she will definitely lick your face if you come near her)

Post your pets as Pokemon here! Enjoy :D.