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June 18th, 2008, 1:25 PM
The New Sinnoh Generation


2 years have passed since Lucas, Dawn, and Barry went on their famous journey. The three trainers from Twinleaf challenged Team Galactic and defeated them at Mt. Coronet. In a last ditch effort, Cyrus used the power of the newly capture legendary lake Pokemon, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, to summon Dialga and Palkia to conquer the world. The trio teamed up with the Gym Leader of Sinnoh and the Elite Four to stop the beasts. The resistance put up a good fight but was almost defeated until Giratina arrived. Giratina freed the Lake trio and together they calmed Dialga and Palkia. Giratina then banished Cyrus to the Torn World for all eternity.

Lucas, Dawn, and Barry then went on to challenge the Pokemon League Tournament and came in Lucas beat out Dawn and then Barry for title of champion. Professor Rowan was hailed by many for producing such fine trainers. He hopes to do so again; with you. You will embark on a journey around Sinnoh and possibly become the Pokemon Master! Only time will tell.

There will be many dangers ahead. Team Galactic has mostly disbanded without Cyrus, but a new organization, Team Rocket, has come around. They are intent one picking up where Galactic started and capturing Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. But where have the three gone? Many mysteries such as these and more shall reveal themselves as you delve deeper into the Sinnoh Adventure.

Character Sheet





Preferred Starter:

They are all pretty much self explanatory. And as for Appearance, History, and Personality I would like at least 1 paragraph for each! If you fail to abide by this then you will not be accepted.

The Starters

Here are the choices for starters!

Turtwig-Taken by Rubii Naruto
Piplup-Reserved by Falling Star
Chimchar-Taken by Zimvee
Aipom-Taken by me!
Machop-Taken by Got-A-Plan-B
Mime Jr.-Taken by orangejediman
Pachirisu-Taken by Duskgem
Munchlax-Taken by Munclax Fan
Eevee-Taken by Chabz
Magby-Taken by Pika_Master414
Elekid-Taken by dboring

I will be playing with Aipom as my starter, but I will not post my sign-up now. Any other slots are completely open!


1)Use proper grammar and spelling as well as you can always remember to follow the 1 paragraph minimum rule for posting! I will kick you from the roleplay for failing to abide by this on multiple occasions!
2)You may not god-mod or ‘control’ another player’s character at all! (PM me for questions about this)
3)No Gary-Stuing or Ubering anything! You may not have a trainer that wins evry battle by a mile or a Chimchar that beat Gardenia but using a Fire Blast. You can’t be that good.
4)You have to ask me first about having Legendaries or Shinies on your team via PM. I will either say it is okay or not.
5)If you quit or take a leave of absence, PM me!
6)Please use Pokemon from the Sinnoh Pokedex, numbers 1-151 only. If you are not sure of what those Pokemon are here is a link (http://www.serebii.net/diamondpearl/shinoudex.shtml link). You may also use any Sinnoh Pokemon that aren’t on the list but are ‘Sinnoh Pokemon’ (Such as Electivire and Gliscor.)
7)Be active! If you are the type to not be on a lot or lost intrest quickly, do not even bother joining!
8)In something I borrowed from Charizard_Man, if you read the rules, place “I read the rules and I am ready to journey!” at the top of your sign-up.

W00t! I finished that intro! Alrighty then, get out there and sign up!

I’m excited! :D

June 22nd, 2008, 3:31 PM
Name: Bobby Baker
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: Bobby is about 5ft 5in tall and weighs about 120lb. Very thin he's skin tone is tan almost to the point of looking like he is from the Caribbean as he spends most of his time outside. He has a mess of curly black hair that is constantly knotted and has dark brown Hershey chocolate eyes. He not on the strong side so he's very boney to the point that you can count his ribs. Among his family he is tall and lanky when he is actually rather short. Wears a brown unzipped jacket all the time with a black/brown shirt underneath. Wears blue jeans and and faded blue shoes. The shoes are a pair of hover shoes that Bobby has invented. Bobby also sports a pair of goggles that his dad gave him for his 8th birthday on his head that lets him see in the rain and sandstorms. They also double as binoculars and lets him see his and the opponents pokemon's stats. Bobby has a red bandanna that he wears over his hair to hid a giant scar that he recieved when he was younger when he fell off a cliff during a fight.

History: Born prematurely on November 3rd 1991, it looked like Bobby wasn't going to last long in this world. But as fate would have it Bobby is a fighter at heart and manage to recover from his unknown condition. His first few years were rough living with his mom in his Grandma's house while his dad was at college. As soon as he graduated Bobby's father took his mom and Bobby into his small apartment in Pallet Town. They soon quickly moved to a condo where Bobby was introduced to Pokemon and other kids. In kindergarden the other kids distrusted Bobby so he turned to his wild Pokemon friends for support. Their friendship didn't last long as soon Bobby and his family moved to Vermillion City.

Personality: Bobby on the surface seems to be rather edgy and sarcastic. While he has a sarcastic streak a mile long deep down he is a very happy carefree boy. Always thinking up random thoughts and saying them out loud Bobby is known to draw odd looks from people. He also dosen't know when to keep his mouth shut, saying the first thing that comes to his head, most of the time inappropriate at the time. Tries to come off as a ladies man, Bobby actually is hopeless when it comes to dating. This isnt surprising as he is known to be shy at first, but when you get to know him he is one of the closet friends you'll have.

Preferred Starter: Chimchar

June 22nd, 2008, 4:38 PM
(Will edit if necessary)

Name: Thomas "Tommy" Castkins
Age: 11
Gender: Male

Appearance: Tommy has a typical appearance, blonde hair, blue eyes and an average build. His blonde hair is always spiked up, black tips to give him a sense of rebellion of his parents. His blue eyes are a fierce icy color that get the attention of everyone he comes into contact with. A black t-shirt is what covers his upper body, along with a red vest and a necklace capeable of holding one pokeball. Moving down he wears a simple pair of baggy blue jeans, ripps in the knees again aiding to his rebelliousness. Black sneakers and laces finish up his pre-pubescent outfit.

History: Not much can be said about Tommy so far, he's only ten and hasn't even recieved his starter pokemon. His parents were pokemon trainers, just like Tommy hopes to be, and they were specific type trainers. His mom, Isabel, only trained flying type pokemon while his dad, also named Thomas, only trained female pokemon. His mothers favorite pokemon would be her Salamence and his fathers favorite pokemon was his Umbreon. Like his father, Tommy was a fan of the Eeveelutions, but his favorite one was Espeon. Knowing in advance, Tommy plans to choose Eevee as his starter pokemon to take on his journey. He's now on his way there.

Personality: Average kidd, likes to make new friends and is friendly with anyone. Although ultimately kind, he isn't always trustful and takes his time in deciding whether or not to divulge personal information. His is always respectful of those older than him, and tries to be a good role model for those who are younger than him. While only being eleven, he has the mentality of a seventeen year old.

Preferred Starter: Eevee

New Age Retro Hippie
June 22nd, 2008, 4:40 PM
“I read the rules and I am ready to journey!”
If Zimvee is unable to get it, can I reserve Chimchar? Piplup will do as my substitute if I can't.

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Zeta Sukuna
June 22nd, 2008, 4:43 PM
“I read the rules and I am ready to journey!”

Name: Akira Janson
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Akira is fairly tall at 6'1", Has Blue eyes, fairly tan skin, and long Blue hair that falls to his shoulders. Akira is pretty thin, but not to the point where he is skin and bones. Akira always wears a chain necklace over a Black shirt that goes down to his pockets. His pants are black and baggy, with tears near the bottom. He doesn't wear shoes unless he goes into sand or forests, and even then they're only cheap flip flops. Akira also owns some goggles that he uses when it's rainy.

History: Akira was born with a fatal blood infection and had to stay at the hospital for nine days before getting a blood transfusion, saving his life. After five years, Akira gained a feirce rivalry with his brother David whom was 8 years old, but Akira couldn't ever beat David, being too young and all. When Akira turned ten, David went out on a journey and became a good battler. And when David went out and started winning tournaments, he forgot about his family. Akira now wants to beat his brother, but he knows that is only a dream(or is it?).

Personality: Akira may look like someone to not make friends with. But he is a nice guy, although he is a little overconfident. If you get to know Akira, then he would be a loyal friend, but he won't forgive anyone who betrays him even once. His desire to be friends with pokemon is good, not overbearing (e.g. Ash Ketchum) but normal. Akira doesn't like David, since he left the family, but is determined to show that David isn't the only good trainer in the family.

Preferred Starter: Turtwig

June 22nd, 2008, 5:12 PM
I have read the rules and I am ready to go!
Yeah, I modified it if thats ok.

Name: Lucius Jericho
Gender: Male
Appearance: Lucius towers over most children due to his impressive height of 6 feet. At the same time, he packs an impressive body of muscle and agility. His exact weight is unknown, but he at least weighs 200 pounds. From top to Lucius' appearance is fairly varied.

His head is clearly defined by the mess of bright blonde hair. The hair seems out of control, forcing itself into any direction it wants to. His eyes lack any noticeable color and as a result take the form of two black holes leading to nowhere. His face itself is stern and serious, however always seems to have a smirk giving anyone looking at him mixed messages.

The rest of Lucius' body is covered by a brownish outfit. He wears a thin light brown hoodie over a black sleeveless shirt. The hoodie possess a pokeball symbol on left chest region as well as his back. On his belt, Lucius has a utility pocket, which is fairly large and holds various survival tools. Lucius also owns a backpack which isn't particularly large but it is enough to get the job done. His pants are dark brown, which their length hits the ground and generally cover the white shoes with a red outline. His clothes appear to be expensive and high quality.

Personality: Despite Lucius serious face and cold eyes, Lucius is a man of near absence of those qualities. Lucius is surprisingly carefree, enjoying the freedom he recently acquired from leaving his home and family. However, he is used to standards that extremely high, especially from himself and his pokemon, therefore he pushes himself and others. The pushes are never strict and militaristic, but rather ones that are intended to inspire one to do better. Lucius is confident he can achieve these standards, but he never seems cocky about, preferring to be mellow and calm. He doe not contain ridiculous amounts of energy, but rather remains cool about everything, especially when in large groups.

History: Lucius' family never stayed in one place for a long time, moving from region to region every few years. He lived with his father and two younger sister and as a result of his father's occupation as a corporate head, ended up taking care of everything. He developed a rough relationship with him and his family and as a result found comfort in attending school. In school, he was the perfect individual and the envy of everyone. He held high marks, performed well in sports (football, basketball, baseball, pokemon), and had all the girls in school. Lucius, however, found the greatest enjoyment in hanging around in nature with the wild pokemon during any time he had to himself, usually late at night. This process continute from every region starting with Hoenn, then Kanto and finally the region of Sinnoh. Escaping his father's grasp, he came to Sandgem town in order to find some purpose in life. He had figured a journey with Pokemon would allow to experience the joy of life.

Starter: I'll try my luck with Piplup. If not, lay on me a Machop. I can roll with it.

June 22nd, 2008, 5:48 PM
Name: Ash Zetlin
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Appearance: Looks like the girl you play as on Fr/Lg. She wears a white hat with a poke ball logo on it. For clothes, she wears a blue shirt and pink skort with a bag strapped across her. She looks like a very loving and carefree girl with large eyes and a huge on her face most of the time. She is average height, but is fairly skinny for an average girl which sometimes concerns people. People usually like her by the time they first see her.

History: Ash used to live in Kanto, but moved to Sinnoh for a job her parents got. Less than a year after Ash moved to Sinnoh, her big brother, Matthew, started his own journey and got very far in it, earning all his gym badges and going to challenge the Elite Four. The two were not only siblings, but best friends before Matthew left. Now Ash sees him as a challenge, and would love to defeat him in a pokemon battle one day. She looks forward to the day that she can start her own pokemon adventure and challenge her older brother.

Personality: Ash is a very shy and queit girl, but a loud-mouth around people or pokemon she knows. Pokemon are the things that Ash gets along best with, besides her older brother, Matthew. Even being shy, Ash is always polite around people, but doesn't let a bad thing said about her go easily. She also loves adventure and looks forward to every challenge in her life. It is very rare for her to say no to a challenge, even the hardest ones. Ash may be shy, but she tries to be brave about everything, exept public speaking.

Preferred Starter: Munchlax

Is this better? I'll edit it again if I need to.

June 22nd, 2008, 5:55 PM
Everyone is ACCEPTED!

I was very pleased with the sign-ups from each of you, especially Got-A-Plan B. I look forward to the roleplay. Now to hand out starters.....

Got-A-Plan-B: Falling Star already reserved Piplup. If she doesn't get accepted, which is unlikely, you can have Piplup. But I would just choose another from the list.

Zimvee: Chimchar is yours!

Chabz: Enjoy Eevee!

Rubii Naruto: You've got Turtwig

Falling Star: As I mentioned above, you have reserved Piplup. Try and get that sign-up in soon.

As for me, my sign-up will be coming soon. Once it's mine and Falling Star's are in, we can start!


Pika_Master414: I'm sorry, but I'd like you start with one of the starters. But Munchlax is fine. It's not impossible to capture a Shinx though....
As for your sign-up, I would like you to add more detail on appearance and personality. Should take all of five minutes. Otherwise, good sign-up.

June 22nd, 2008, 5:57 PM
Name: Beo Zehper

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Beo is on the short side for his age being about only 5'7. He weighs no more the 135 lbs, and his build is of the athletic kind.. NIce sized arms, abs, you get the picture. Blonde is the color of his hair, which is on the short side with the front spiked up. His eyes are a light blue, and ar usualy squinted when he is outside. Beo wears a black short sleeved under armor type shirt, with a blue vest over top. On the vest you can see pockets which holds all of his pokemon. He wears a black head band with wristbands. On this bands are pokeball desings that go the whole way around. Usually is always wearing blue jeans, and his sneakers. He carries around his back pack which is black, with a big poke ball design in the middle. Although there is one thing that makes Beo very self concsious about himself, and that is a big scar that starts about an inch above his left eye, and ends about an inch below his left eye.

Personality: Beo is a very outgoing young man, although his mouth can get him in to a bit of trouble when going on about how he is going to be the best trainer someday. Besides the fact of that he is usually relaxed except for in times of crisis. He is not always the smoothest guy when it comes to talking to girls ether, he tends to stutter or forget what to say. Probably one of the worst things about him though is his hero complex, he feels like he always has to help people out even when they dont ask for it. This causes Beo alot of grief because it always seems to get him in to awful situations. All in all Beo is a good kid, he just lets his ego get the best of him at times. When it comes to seeing people upset or hurt Beo has a weak spot for them becuase of what happened with his brother.. He is very caring and gentle towards pokemon and hates to see them being used for the wrong reasons. When you first meet him he may come on a s a bit strong but thats just how is around new people but once you get to know him he calms down a bit.

Background: Beo was born in the Johto region, where he also grew up, with his twin brother. Beo grew up around alot of strong pokemon trainers, becuase of his dad's reputation. When Beo was five years old his dad let him play with his elektabuzz, and thats when he knew he wanted to e a pokemon trainer. When Beo and his brother turned 10 they were getting ready to leave on there journeys heading separate ways, Beo was going to go to Kanto, while his brother would go to hoenn. On that day though Beo's brother went missing before his boat left, nobody every knew what happened to him... It killed Beo inside not to know so he post poned his journey to stay home with his parents.

Beo ended up not being able to leave becuase he was scared something would happen to him like it did his brother. When Beo's 18th birthday came around he relized it was time to leave when his dad told him that when he saw Beo playing with pokemon he knew his destiny and that was to be a great pokemo trainer like himself. He had alot of ground to make up for thse lost eight years. That day marked the day of his journey, although he had this feeling that he was being watched by somebody he shrugged it off and left home to go receive his starter Pokemon.

P.s Is there anyway i can get an elekid as my started if not its fine?

June 22nd, 2008, 6:39 PM
Alright first, for the sign ups!
Pika_Master414: That's fine, you are ACCEPTED
dboring: You are ACCEPTED as well. And yes, it's fine to have Elekid because he evolves into Electivire. Added Elekid and Magby to the starter list.

And here's my character:

Name: Peter Kelly
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Peter stands at about 5’10 and weighs in at about 150; the normal for a teenage boy. His body language seems to be laid-back most of the time. He has flippy blond hair that flows all around his head. He has brown eyes and an almost perfect complexion. Most of the time, he wears his favorite brown hoodie over dark brown pants. He is a fashionable young man.

History: Peter was born in Goldenrod City in Johto to Buck and Susan Kelly 15 years before the events of this roleplay. He spent the first 5 years of his childhood in Johto until his family moved to Twinleaf Town abruptly when he turned 6. There, Peter when to the Pokemon Trainer’s school in Jubilife but couldn’t help feeling distant from the other kids. He always felt he was…..better than them.

The Kelly’s had a family pet, an Aipom, who Peter quickly established as he only friend. Peter took the knowledge he had from School and applied it to training with Aipom, and soon they were strong enough to defeat wild Pokemon. When he was 12, he graduated from the Trainer School but noticed his father wasn’t at the graduation. His mother later explained to him that his father had gone on a journey to become the Chmpion of Sinnoh.

And he did just that. Soon, Buck Kelly was the most well known name in Sinnoh and Peter was quickly popular, not that he wanted to be, at least. Peter couldn’t escpae his father’s image. He soon ran away from his home to escape the life he was going to be forced to become, a Pokemon Trainer. He didn’t want to be like his father. But tragically, his mother died of a heart attack. When Peter heard the news, he was devastated. But he knew he couldn’t face his father.

Soon, another blow came to the family. Buck had been involved in a key Team Galctic scandal and the public leeched onto it. Buck then went into hiding. Knowing his mother’s death was his own fault of his selfishness, Peter made a pact with Aipom. They would surpass Buck, and redeem his family, no matter how much he hated the thought of becoming a trainer; it was for his mother and his family name.

Personality: Peter is a very dark person on the outside. He used to be kind and intelligent, but ever since his mother died, he blamed himself and spiraled into darkness. Peter is quite friendly and sweet on the outside, but that is just a game. Peter’s internal struggles far surpass most people and are on the verge of becoming suicidal. The only thing that keeps him going is the drive to redeem his family.


Although it is not necessary, I will be keeping a trainer card.

June 22nd, 2008, 7:00 PM
so are we going to start this soon lol?

June 22nd, 2008, 9:19 PM

Name: Raze Feron
Gender: Male

Appearance: Raze is about 5'2'' with orange hair. He has deep blue eyes and light skin. He wears a black shirt with a Glaceon on it and jeans. He is not muscular and he is skinny. He wears his hair in a bowl-cut. Raze also wears a charm that holds a piece of Ice Rock.

History: He originally lived in Snowpoint City, but moved when his dad got a job working for Prof. Rowan. His mother had given him the charm. A few weeks later, she disappeared working in her lab which studied different types. Once, Raze wandered off into a snowstorm and lived with a clan of Eevee, Glaceon, Sneasel, and Weavile for three days until his parents found him.

Personality: Raze is shy, usually preferring to talk to pokemon, which he can understand better than most people. He can understand Ice-types especially well. He can be very volitile and will explode at some points. Raze will help people and pokemon in need whenever he can. Raze is not the show-offy type guy, so he will slip away before they can thank him.

Preferred Starter:Although I would love a Sneasel or Spheal (Sneasel espescially!), I would like Mime Jr. if the Ices aren't O.K.

June 22nd, 2008, 9:49 PM
If we submit a role play sample that shows we're a good RPer, can we maybe get another starter and to help get the rest of them taken? Dibs on Mabgy if yes!

Sir Aaron1017
June 22nd, 2008, 10:17 PM
Hey, this sounds good, so can I reserve a shinx or something? Pachirisu would be fun to have, but it never evolves, so there is no stregnth behind it or anything! haha, if no shinx, I will always catch one as soon as we get going. Thanks!

Munchlax Fan
June 22nd, 2008, 10:48 PM
Name: Jasen Ranger
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Jasen is a tall, athletic boy with long, skinny arms and legs: his body has a slight tan on it and he himself is rather thin. He has long, black hair that he wears under his trademark white hat with an image of a Poké Ball on it. His eyes are a deep chocolate colour, brown, and shiny when you look deeply into them; many people can see their reflections when they look up close. He wears a white shirt with green, vertical stripes along it and brown, baggy trouser. The sneakers he wears are red and white, size 6.

Born in the loveable Sandgem Town, 5th December 1994, Jasen loved walking along the beach as an infant with his mother and father, Leia and Palmer, jumping in the sea and splashing with the Magikarp alot. He enjoyed the company of certain Water Pokémon, such as Horsea. He was very outgoing and enjoyed fresh air more than most things. He was a quiet, shy baby who rarely lost his temper and slept more than young ones usually do. He was homeschooled by his grandfather, who travelled from Sunyshore City to Sandgem Town, and soon became a mature child who did lots of work in his house for his parents. However, when his grandfather died as Jasen was town, his father took the role of teaching him. It took Jasen a long while to get over the loss of his grandfather. When he was told by his father at the age of 8 he would become a Pokémon Trainer aged 13, he started preparing for the adventure - quite early - and it took his mind off his grandfather's death. Since then, he has become a Poké-addict with barely no friends whatsoever: but wishes for some: a Pokémon, perhaps?

Jasen is a mature, responsible teenager who has a heart of pure gold and an intelligent brain. He is quite shy but also very welcoming to new people in his life; he treats everyone nicely and tries not to make any enemies. Seeing as he has had no friends over the years, he is quite lonely from social activities, but Jasen likes spending bonding time with his parents, anyway. He is very loving and adventurous: he wants to get a Pokémon who will accept his love when he starts his Pokémon journey. He is very smart and knows alot of things about the world, general topics, and Pokémon already. Because of his maturity, he is friends with many adults and elderly, including Professor Birch, who has promised him a Pokémon when he is 13. Jasen is not very exciteable, and can easily hide his emotion when he needs to from others.

Preferred Starter: Magby. [[If pika_master414 doesn't want his Munchlax at any time, I'll take that instead of Magby, please.]]

New Age Retro Hippie
June 22nd, 2008, 11:44 PM
Name: Oliver Blythe
Age: 10
Gender: Male

Appearance: Oliver is a small child, standing at four foot eight and weighing a little less than forty pounds. His body frame is fairly thin, due to not being the most well-off child in the world. His skin is very pale naturally, and he sunburns easily. His ribs are visible against his chest and his muscles have somewhat wasted away.

His hair is auburn and slightly fluffy, soft to the touch like birds' down. It's not very clean and takes on a more muddy hue due to, well, mud and other forms of dirt. His eyes are also of the same colour, a deep brown. Above them are naturally thin eyebrows, still retaining the slightly red shade that his hair should feature. His nose is of the Greek description: Perfectly straight down. His lips are of an average shape and are often pulled into a cheeky grin, revealing yellowed teeth. His facial shape is oval.

For clothing, Oliver is usually seen in a t-shirt and jeans like most children. The t-shirt is an interesting orange shade, due to being in contact with clay when this young boy explores. A logo for some clothing brand or other is on the back, not particularly visible due to the stains. His jeans, though the common denim blue, also have clay stains upon them. The knees are particularly scuffed. He has a pair of Running Shoes upon his feet, which were given to him by his foster parents. He wears a brick red backpack upon his back, filled with necessities.

History: Oliver’s past is quite colourful. His poor mother, Selena Blythe, died in childbirth to her first and only child. This led a heartbroken Jackson Blythe to raise the young boy. He cared for the little boy as any father should, yet the distracted man kept losing focus as he worked in the Oreburgh Coal Mines. He was laid off when Oliver was only two months old.

Jackson was not the most work-influenced man ever, and his resume was not good enough to get him another job. So, what can one do when they have a young child to feed and no money coming into the house?

Why, steal, of course. And this was how Jackson Blythe became a burglar. He’d track the patterns of the people in Oreburgh, and when they were out or definitely asleep, he’d sneak in and take money and valuables before selling them on the Black Underground market. He did not thrive, in fact he barely got along, but at least he and his son were eating. Eventually thievery consumed the man’s whole life, and introduced Oliver to the business when he was three.

Quickly slipped the seven years where young Oliver trained to be silent on his feet and clever in his movements. He actually pulled off a few thieveries by himself, not getting caught at all. He enjoyed this art, but this caused him to develop a messed-up sense of right and wrong. He believed stealing things was okay. The children in Oreburgh Primary never knew where their pencils and rubbers went…

When Oliver was freshly ten, his father instructed him to stay at home for the night while he pulled off a huge heist that required only one person. Disgruntled, Oliver obeyed, and stayed up the whole night watching cartoons. He fell asleep somewhere around ten PM. He was awoken at six in the morning by a policeman who informed the boy that his father had been arrested for breaking into the museum.

Due to not having any family at a convenient distance, Oliver was placed in a foster home in Sandgem. The family he was with were nice, but knew nothing of his stealing habits. They enrolled the boy to become a trainer to apparently forget about his father two weeks after the incident.

Personality: As mentioned before, Oliver has a screwed up sense of right and wrong. The thing is, nothing is really wrong to him. Thievery, injury… It’s all alright as long as he thinks it is. He’s a bit of a kleptomaniac due to his upbringing, so it’s not unusual to find something brand new and expensive on his person. He’s a happy, cheeky boy, but he does respect his elders. He’s easily influenced, and can be somewhat deceptive if he wishes to. He’s the kid that no-one expects… but did actually do the crime. He’s been described as a ninja despite his lack of physical fighting ability, as he is light-footed and very quiet if he wishes to. He’s of average intelligence, but knows how to lockpick, undo combination safes, and is pretty good scaling walls.

Preferred Starter: Piplup

Good! I'm done. Now, I have a suggestion to make: Limit the amount of one Pokémon to be captured. We don't want everyone running around with basically the same team, do we? So maybe four Shinxes are allowed to be captured only. But this is just a suggestion.

Also, that guy above me's character seems to be Barry's brother...

June 23rd, 2008, 7:24 AM
(Can I still join? I've Read the rules)
Name: Joanna Kirez
Age: 12
Gender: Female

Appearance: Joanna is quite tall for her age around 5'8, and is quite slender, but has a lot of strength in her arms and legs. She has bluey black hair , around shoulder length, which she keeps loose, except with the fringe clipped to keep it out the way of her deep green eyes.

She tends to wear a normal pair of black tracksuit like trousers, a yellow top, a black jacket, and a pair of white trainers with lighting bolts on the side. She also wears a pair of black fingerless gloves which are yellow at the edges.

History: Jo grew up in Pastoria, surrounded by pokemon. She grew a big love for the pocket mosters, and has always wanted to be a trainer and take on the pokemon league. Her father is a trainer who never evolves his pokemon, and just trains them as they are, trying to prove how powerful they can be even without evolving, which also inspired her. Although most trainers start when they are 10, she stayed with her family helping out with her younger siblings for a ong time before she could be spared to go on her own adventure. Now she has finnaly started she wishe to make up for lost time.

Personality: Jo is normally quite quiet around people to begin with, though she opens up as she makes friends, and is happy for other peple to lead, and for her to follow. However she can also be strongwilled, determined and stubborn, hating to give up. She is exceptionly kind, caring about others more then herself, exspecially her pokemon.

Preferred Starter: Pachirisu

June 24th, 2008, 8:37 AM
Everyone is ACCEPTED!

You can start at anytime, you just have to make a post about talking to Prof. Rowan and getting your Pokemon and dex. Then you all may be on your way.

EDIT: I'll be changing the appearance of my character due to the fact he looks exactly like Lucius Jericho

June 24th, 2008, 8:44 AM
Hey, Munchlax Fan, I'll trade my munchlax for your magby, that's cool with me

To BigfootTheUnbeatable- Munchlax Fan and I are trading starter pokemon.

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I'll wait for some other people to post first if thats cool.

June 24th, 2008, 8:56 AM
Hey, Munchlax Fan, I'll trade my munchlax for your magby, that's cool with me

To BigfootTheUnbeatable- Munchlax Fan and I are trading starter pokemon.

That's fine, I'll make the adjustments. And dboring, don't spam again.

June 24th, 2008, 10:21 AM
Here's my first post

Chapter One: The Adventure Begins
Ash yawned and opened her eyes. It was another sunny day in her hometown, Twinleaf. She opened up the window and stretched, happy that it was a perfect day to maybe go to the lake for a while. After changing her clothes, Ash went downstairs for a snack before she headed over to the lake.

Ash shuffled through her refridgerator until she pulled out some things to make a sandwhich. After slapping the last peice of bread on the top she grabbed her bag and was walking out the front door when she felt her hat slip off. Ash turned around and saw another brother of hers, Brandon prancing around with the hat in his left hand. He was twelve and still acted like a child around Ash.

"Give me my hat back, you little pest!" Ash shouted. She made a dive for Brandon, but he dodged her and headed for the back door.

"You're gonna have to catch me first!" he shouted. He laughed as he ran out the door, waving the hat in the air.

"Grrr, you!" Ash growled. She chased after her little brother through town and out into the wild near where the lake was. Her little brother was nothing like her older brother, Matthew. Matthew was serious about his battling and Brandon did nothing but mess around with people.

Matthew managed to lose Ash, and she found that a good oppurtunity to catch her breath. She was very athletic, but chasing her little brother alwas seemed to wear her out. Just then she noticed her surroundings. Ash wasn't anywhere near the path anymore. She was in the middle of the dark wildnerness, unaware of where she was. She couldn't believe that her brother had lead her here. He knew the wilderness well, so he was probably home by now, leaving Ash all alone.

I'm gonna kill him when I get home, Ash thought. If I can get home... She began to walk, totally unsure of where she was walking. Then she heard a growl and turned around. Surrounding her were a whole gang of pokemon.

"Waaaah!!" Ash shouted. She had heard that the wilderness was dangerous for people without pokemon and now she knew why. The pokemon drew closer and closer to her and she was completely defenseless.

"Chimchar, use ember!"

The next thing Ash knew, spits of fire hit all the pokemon, causing them to run away. Ash whirled around and saw a old man standing a distance away with a pokemon that looked like a fire monkey. Ash regconized this man immediatly. "Professor Rowan?" Ash said.

Rowan looked at the young lady. "Hmm...so you know who I am, but who are you exactly? And why are you out here all alone without any pokemon? It's dangerous you know."

"I-I know," Ash stuttered. " I came out here by accident and sadly I do not own a pokemon..."

"Really?" asked Rowan. He looked at her for a moment and then asked her to come with him and he lead her to his hometown, Sandgem. They stepped inside a large lab. He turned around and faced Ash. "I know exactly who you are on the outside and inside," he explained. "You look just like your older brother, Matthew. I remember the day he came to start his own pokemon adventure like it was yesterday. And I know you share the love of pokemon. You have the eyes of a pokemon master. I think you can go far, just like your brother."

Ash looked at the professor confused. "Professor, why are you telling me this?" asked Ash.

The professor laughed. "Because today, I will give a pokemon! Take it and begin your pokemon adventure!"

"What!" Ash said. "You're giving me a pokemon!" It had always been her dream to start a pokemon journey and become a great trainer just like Matthew. She took a poke ball from Professor Rowan and then a sort of mechanical device.

"That's a pokedex. It will help you record information on pokemon. And the poke ball contains a magby. I think you will get along with it very well. Now get out and began your journey!"

Ash thanked the proffesor and left the lab with her new pokemon and pokedex. She had planned to make a trip to the lake, but instead became a pokemon trainer.

Sorry, that is not one of my best rp posts ever.

Zeta Sukuna
June 24th, 2008, 11:16 AM
Episode 1: The Journey Begins

Akira opened his eyes waking from a good dream, him finally getting away from his boring hometown Twinleaf.

"Uuh, why won't anything exciting happen?" Cried Akira before hearing footsteps coming from down the hall. "Is that you mom?" The door opened to show an older woman of about fourty-six.

"Yes, it's me." Said Akira's mom before sitting down on the chair. "You know what today is, right?" Akira nodded before getting out of bed, fully dressed.

"I'm going to the lake early mom, so I'll meet you down there." Said Akira before walking down the stairs and exitting through the door. After a minute of walking he made it to the town's edge. "Well, I can always dream, right?"

Akira then went towards the lake, trying to get there before noon so he could see the lake's pokemon clearly.

Akira was almost to the lake, when he saw a girl with an old man. "A girl, why's she here?" Asked Akira as he saw the two leave. Akira, being nosey, decided to follow the two, but his mom was coming to the lake already.

"Please, oh great guardian of the lake, please allow David to care about his family. I beg you." Said Akira's mom before getting up and started to walk back home. But Akira sighed and decided.

"The lake guardian won't do anything, but I can, after all if a member of the family can defeat him, then he'll return to what he was before he started winning those tournaments." After saying that, Akira snuck off towards Sandgem where the great Professor Rowan lives.

After getting to the Sandgem lab, Akira burst through the door, Getting Rowan's attention. "I need a pokemon." Said Akira in a desperate tone. Rowan frowned before saying.

"Why should I give you a pokemon?" Akira sighed before starting to walk out. But Rowan grabbed Akira's shoulder and said. "I know why you need a pokemon. Your mother told me that you might do this, and the reasoning behind it. It's a dumb reason, but I'll give you a pokemon." Akira perked up as Rowan led him to a room with at least a dozen pokeballs.

"Do you have a Turtwig?" Asked Akira. Rowan pointed towards a stand with two pokemon on it.

"One of those two is Turtwig." Said Rowan pointing to the left pokeball. Akira opened the pokeball Rowan pointed out and out came a Turtwig. Akira smiled before shaking the professor's hand.

"Thank you!" Said Akira before walking out of the room, grabbing a pokedex, and getting out of there. Today would be the day his journey begins.

June 24th, 2008, 12:17 PM
Chapter 1: A New Beginning For A New Trainer

The wind was blowing, at a moderate speed, as the Salamence carrying a small boy made its way in the direction of Professor Rowan's lab in Sandgem Town. The blonde spike haired eleven year old was holding onto the flying pokemons neck, knowing full well the proper way to fly on a pokemon. After some time, the small town came into view and the boy made a motion for the dragon to land just outside the town. Once safely on the ground, the boy gave the Salamence some pokefood and then watched as it flew off into the distance back towards home.

"Well, i guess its time to find Professor Rowan's lab."

The boy had a very anxious look on his face as he walked down the path leading to the city. His stuck his hands in his pockets, his red vest making a sound from the friction between his arms and the material, and heaved a sigh. Time seemed to be passing by so slow, but eventually the lab came into view and the boy cracked a smile. After reaching the door, the boy stood there for a few minutes before finally mustering up the confidence to knock. An older gentleman came to the door, quickly glancing the boy over, and smiled.

"Well hello there, you must be one of the new trainers I am expecting. Your name?"

"My names Thomas Castkins, but everyone calls me Tommy." The boys name finally being figured out.

"Ah yes, you are one of the trainers chosen to recieve a different starter instead of the normal three. My names Professor Rowan, please come in." The professor opened the door and motioned the eleven year old. The spikey haired pre-teen followed him into the back room where he saw three boxes. Reaching into the first box the professor pulled out a rectangular red object.

"This is your pokedex, it has a list of all the pokemon discovered so far from all four regions. Normally we just put the Sinnoh region in, but with some help from Professor Oak, of the Kanto region, we made some modifications. The professor placed it on the counter and then reached into the second box and pulled out a small backpack.

"This is a backpack for you to carry all your belongings. Inside are some pokeballs, medical supplies for your pokemon, pokefood and a map of the Sinnoh region." Making his way to the last box, the professor reached in and then pulled out a pokeball. Normally the pokeballs were red and white, but because it was a abnormal starter it was black and white with an E on it.

"This is your starter pokemon, you'll come to notice that its pokeball is different than normal pokeballs but it is exactly the same. The color was just modifyed so we could distinguish the abnormal starters. Why don't you checkout your new pokemon?" The professor tossed the pokeball to Tommy who caught it and stared at it for a few seconds. His curiosity getting the best of him, he clicked the button and watched the sphere open slightly and emit a white light. A white light that slowly started to take the shape of a pokemon, a small pokemon at that, until finally revealing the creature entirely.

"Eevee..ee..vee!" Squealed the brown fox as it began happily jumping around Tommy. Tommy was over joyed, knowing that his parents must have called ahead to reserve him this Eevee. One day, Tommy wished he'd be able to evolve the pokemon into an Espeon.

"Thanks Professor Rowan, I'll get started on my journey right away. Come on Eevee, lets go." The Eevee skipped after her new trainer, still happily squealing to be out of her pokeball.

June 24th, 2008, 1:02 PM
The Journey Begins

OOC: My post will be taking place after most of the others in terms of pure story as suggested by the imagery and information present within it.

It has been several weeks since Lucius Jericho abruptly left his home of Hearthorme City, forcing himself to run away from his dominant and irreponsible father and his little sisters. Lucius was intelligent in his departure, as he waited for his father to find a new and unlucky girlfriend in order to take of them. However, the choice was difficult as throughout his entire trip he had to tell himself that it was right thing to do and he could not disappoint his family, especially his siblings. Lucius admittedly got lost on his way to Sandgem to the awkward location of the mountain range and its constant problems with safety. Through heart and determination, Lucius made his way to the small piece of civilization that was for likely the first time in a while crowded. Many young children had come and gone and he had noticed lots of them with a single pokemon and a strange device in their hands. He was noticeably taller and better built than the rest, signifying that Lucius was likely one of the older trainers that had came across Sandgem. Tired from his quest to find the location of a Professor Rowan, Lucius perched himself outside the pokemon center. This likely the right place, after all they are so many rookies here, but what if I am late? he thought to himself.

He couldn't bear the fact of failure now, especially before he had even started. How could he explain it to anyone at home? He thought of the scenarios, his sisters crying, his father yelling and the strangely placed third girlfriend of the week his father picked up at the contest hall. Not like before, where I was just a few moments late. This time will be different. Lucius forced himself to rise from his earthly seat and walked over to the largest building in town. It had appeared to be a drastically different from the other labs he had visited. It was high tech or anything at least from the outside. It had appeared to be an oversized house with old-fashioned styles decorating its exterior. He found himself staring at the building from the distance, imagining the rejection he was going to experience this time around.

"A fine structure I must say. I take great pride in my lab and I see you seem to enjoy it." An old yet tall man spoke directing his attention to Lucius. His face was stern much like his own, however the older man did not seem to be angry for any reason. Curiosity seemed to envelop him more than anything.

"Yeah, its different than the others....wait a minute, are you Professor Rowan?" Lucius asked in total shock and seem embarrassed when the old man nodded his head in acknowledgment. "I am sorry. I never met you before. My name is Lucius Jericho. I came to ask with all due respect a pokemon in order to travel the world." Lucius bowed in Rowan's direction with obvious respect and nobility. Rowan seemed surprised at the young man's gesture of goodwill and directed him to the interior of the lab. The space age technology that the outside sorely missed was made up for with the lab's design,but some of the classical design seeped through the walls.

"I regret to inform you that I don't have any regular starters left," Disappointment pierced through Lucius soul and he began to prepare his farewell, but Rowan's voice interrupted his process, "But I have a few different ones available. I think this guy will suit you. Much like you he has potential and a good spirit. It is a Machop, a fighting type." Lucius stared at the pokeball with confusion both at Rowan's compliment and the pokemon he had given him. A Machop? Wow, I never predicted this one. Rowan made his way to the desk and handed Lucius a strange device resembling the ones he saw the other trainers with. "I see you are prepared with your bag and such but this device is essential. Its a Pokedex, it will provide with some basic info on Pokemon and use these pokeballs to help you out. You need to catch other pokemon, so remember that. Machop cannot solve everything."(OOC: I hope the addition of those is okay, otherwise I will edit it out.) Rowan let out a minor laugh in which Lucius laughed accordingly in order to show some respect at the lame joke.

"Thank you very much, Professor Rowan. I will do my best." Lucius bowed much like before and walked out of the Lab with great care not to break anything. Outside, the cool breeze welcomed the revitalized spirit of Lucius and he made his way North, much like the trainers before him. It was midday and much could be accomplished in a single day of die-hard adventuring.

June 24th, 2008, 6:03 PM
Am I accepted?

Munchlax Fan
June 24th, 2008, 11:28 PM
It was dawn and the early sun was gleaming down onto the mountainous region of Sinnoh, leaving nothing but a beautiful day with grass waving along the ground and the air fresh yet warm. Jasen got out of bed and stretched his arms upwards stiffly, then yawned refreshingly. He was tired but the feeling inside was incredible when he remembered what day it was: the day to begin his Pokémon Adventure. Something hit Jasen in the head: an idea. He took off out of his room and ran quickly down the carpeted staircase; nearly falling down if it had not been for the banister he was tightly holding onto. He jumped the last step and entered the dining room. Jasen turned his head to the clock and saw what time it was eleven-thirty: he liked to sleep late into the morning.

“Mum, I need to get changed, I need to get ready!” Leia Ranger turned from the ironing board and threw him a set of clothes for the upcoming journey. Jasen caught them and then ran upstairs, thinking of his to-do list: have breakfast, clean his teeth, and check his equipment. He had packed all of his essential items over the past week. Jasen got changed in his bedroom and brushed his teeth: going from side to side for two minutes making them shine as much as possible. As he went to leave the room, he tripped over something on his messy floor: his satchel: he picked it up and looked inside. One Potion, one Antidote, one Paralyz Heal and one Oran Berry…all he needed to start off. Jasen slung the satchel over his shoulder and went back into the dining room.

There was a plate of toast on the table: twenty-minutes left. He grabbed the piece and stuffed it into his mouth as fast as he could, munching and crunching on the buttered toast. He swallowed in large slices and then went up to his mother and gave her the plate.

“I’m going to go know, Mum.” Jasen smiled with excitement. But I’ll miss you dearly… he thought softly.

Leia smiled. “Your father would have been so proud of you. All boys leave home someday: it said so on TV. You just have fun, do your best and you get them, dear!” She kissed Jasen’s head and he smiled, “Bye.”

“Good bye, Jasen.”

He left the house and entered the sweet town of Sandgem town, where the gorgeous aroma of the sea and beach hit him. He took it in and then breathed out through his mouth deeply. Running forward in his trademark clothing, he stopped outside Professor Birch’s laboratory and gazed at it in wonder: this was where it all started and where it would all most likely finish in many years to come. Jasen entered the sliding glass doors slowly, and saw an elderly old man standing at the back. He walked forward cautiously, full of the thrill of the thing.

“Ah, Jasen. We have been expecting you. I am professor Birch of Sandgem Town: well, in fact you know what I do. I have many other’s waiting so just pick a Poké Ball.” Jasen grinned joyfully. He took the one on the right and pressed the button in the middle: out came a cute creature that was eating a piece of bread. “Munchlax is a very good choice. You will also be needing these on your adventure.”

Jasen took what were in the professor’s hands: a Pokédex and five Poké Balls.

“Goodbye, Jasen Have fun on your adventure,” spoke Professor Birch loudly, echoing through the hall of the building.

Jasen went over to the doors. “Good bye, professor.” He left the premises and then started for Route 202, where he would have his first wild Pokémon battle. He dreamt of catching great Pokémon.

June 27th, 2008, 7:11 PM
Chapter I: A Grand Tale Emerges

Raze Feron woke up to an to a Swablu and Altaria alarm. It was one of his many Pokemon-themed merchandise. Raze turned it off and sleepily rose out of bed like a zombie in a horror film. He brushed his teeth and got dressed. Then, he went to his computer. The message on it reminded him: Today he got his starter pokrmon and began his adventure!

As Raze came downstairs, his mom said, "Raze, are you ready? Your adventure begins today! Is all your stuff ready and packed? Good! It's 7:00. At 8:00, you have to go to Proffessor Rowan's lab. Have fun!"

Raze leftthe house and walked to Sandgem beach. He walked over to where a fisherman was fishing.

"Well, hello, youngster, how are you? Do you like to fish?" the Fisherman asked, "How about you take one of my rods?"

Raze, taking the rod, said, "Thank you, Mister. I'll use it alot!"

The Fisherman said, "What's that commotion in the forest? Why dont you check it out?"

Raze replied, "Sure! Thank you for the rod" Raze ran off into the Sandgem forest.

A Mime Jr. was being beat up by a vicious Mightyena. Raze scared off the Mightyena and picked up the bloody Mime Jr. Raze got out his first aid kit and dressed the Mime Jr's wounds.

Raze reached the lab at 8:02 and Proffessor Rowan healed the poor little Mime Jr. Then he asked, "So, Raze, you want your starter now, right?"

Raze said, "Yes, please, sir." The Mime Jr. suddenly woke up and started to hug Raze's leg.

"Well," Proffessor Rowan said, "looks like that Mime Jr. is it! He really seems to like you. here are your pokeballs and pokedex."

"Cool!" Raze said, "Come on, Junior! Let's begin our adventure!

"Mime! Mime! Mime"

July 2nd, 2008, 7:44 AM
Are you alreeady started, or can I still join in.?

July 2nd, 2008, 8:13 AM
I read the rules and I am ready to journey!

Name: Violet Cascar
Age: 10
Gender: female

Appearance: Violet wears a violet coloured suit that is easy to wear. She uses a yellow belt which she has got from her mother to tie her suit. She has also a spare suit which is basicly brown and also boots which are greens. Her hair are also green and she carries her pokéballs in a bag. She doesn´t like to wear any kind of ca because it ruins her hair which are extremely sensitive and her eyes are green like her father used to have. Usually she wears her violet coloured suit when she is meditating and the spare suit as she hikes around the woods.

History: Violet Cascar is a cousin of famous Sabrina but she hasn´t ever met her. Her mother moved into Sinnoh for a job as a scientist and she has got three big brothers who all travel around Sinnoh. She wishes to become the champion and to beat all others. Violet also loves hiking in the woods and is really good fit. She adores very much psychic and fire pokémons because they are so smart and dangerous and they also remind her childhood home where they used to have pokémons too.

Personality: Violet is really outcoming and humouristic. She is also quite goofy and end up to mess everything. She also likes to joke around but she doesn´t like about arrogant people who think too much of themselfs. Her brothers tease her every now and then and it drives her crazy. She is really gentle and she never let her friends down no matter what the situation would be. She also likes to meet new people and she speaks a lot.

Preferred Starter: Bonsly

July 4th, 2008, 7:10 AM
appearence: like in cartoon show.

Preffered starter:chim-char