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June 22nd, 2008, 4:10 PM
the date: January 7

Time: 2:00 AM

Miles away from land, in the middle of the ocean, there was a ship, a cruise ship to be precise, a really fancy and expensive one at that, with people enjoying themselves, eating, laughing, and having a great time, except one person..."get away from me! stay back! don't come any closer! or I'll-" just then another voice spoke"you'll...what? try and kill me with your fists? just try...after all..you only have a few seconds left..."all of a sudden, the man dropped dead, but to make things worse, the other man had shot, stabbed, and used a handkerchief to choke him to death, then with great care, stuck him back in his chair...a big leather chair, and even the person with the greatest of care can make a mistake, the desk in front of the chair had snagged on to his shirt and pulled off some fabric, no blood though. he also knocked an envelope off the desk as well, a blue envelope, it flew under the desk, and the killer was unaware of its disappearance, but he knew there was one, but there was no time to look"I've gotta hurry!...i need to get this on somebody..." just then, the door creaked slightly, and he needed to hurry, so he jumped out a vacant window, the Three big vacant windows, he had left the middle one, but all three were open, and as he left, the other man came in, with his scruffy, and all to familiar voice, he spoke"you uhh...you wanted to see me, sir?" the man walked in a bit further finally realizing what was there!"what the-!?"he ran over to the body and looked him over"what happened here!? someone-"just then a server, three to be accurate, walked in, to see the man standing right there next to the victim"Gah! c-call for help!" the first one said"a-alright!"one called for help, while the other went to get other people as well, and the one that was left pulled a knife, to be safe"N-n-n-now listen here buddy...i don't want any trouble!" the other man sighed and spoke"yeah...neither do i...b-but i didn't do it! i just walked in on it!"the server shook his head"L-likely story! thats what they all say!" just then, the security cops came in, now with shocked expressions"Wha-!?i-its can't be?! D-Detective...Gumshoe!?"thats right, it was non other then gumshoe himself!"i-i didn't do it!you see..."the cops shook there head"...i can't believe it...i guess we'll have t- huh!?" just then, all the power went off in the ship, and there was smoke, they could smell and see it, everyone was worried about it, the boat had stopped moving, it was pitch black, it being night...then there was another all to familiar voice to be heard"whoa...i never thought it could be so dark!...huh? again?"previously, he heard the same voices talking, and now the man walked over to where he was hearing voices"good job..."the man said, then the other man spoke"thanks...now get going! before they find out!"the other man shook his head"they won't find out...but i should be heading out anyway for good measure...take care"and with that they left, and the man listening in spoke"i-i-i-I've gotta tell somebody!"and as he went off to go tell someone what he heard, he tripped, and hit his head hard, and he was left unconscious. then there was one more voice, that sounded much like a child's"something isn't right here..."it was a little girl, and just then, she let out a scream, she had stumbled upon the mans body"M-Mr.Deauxnim! W-wake up!"thats right...Larry was here...but what are both Larry and Gumshoe doing on such an expensive ship!? but Larry had started to wake up"huh...?oh...hey pearl...what happened...?it felt like i was hit by my ex-girlfriends boyfriend...again!"Pearl shook her head"i don't know Mr.Deauxnim! i just found you here, lying here on the ground!...what were you doing here anyway...?"Larry scratched his head"to tell you the truth...i have no clue"he said with a goofy smile, and it was just moments after that they heard about the murder on the ship.

they had finally got the ship working a day later, and had arrived back where it departed, Gumshoe in questioning, everyone surprised he murdered someone...and so one, there was not much anyone could do, but Gumshoe needed a lawyer, and who else could he ask for? Phoenix Wright himself, the only thing is, Phoenix doesn't know he's defending Gumshoe yet! also, no one knows who's prosecuting yet, so who knows, this might be Phoenix's toughest case yet!

so yeah, i thought it'd be cool to try this out, let me know if its interesting! if not then uh...it will get more interesting as it gets further in, trust me well anyway, this isn't taking place at a real specific time in the Phoenix Wright timezone, so everyones still here! ^-^ we'll just say Phoenix never lost his badge, but was still in close relations with Apollo and Trucy though ^-^ so you can be whomever you want from the series, except people who were guilty and so on, now, here are the rules

1:no godmoding, powerplay, or controlling the RP like its your own.
2: play fair and respect other people

3:please be semi-lit and no text speak!

4:please try to make people other things then just Lawyers ^-^ you don't HAVE to, it would just make things easier...

more rules will be added(or edited) later if need be...

heres the characters you can be...

Phoenix Wright:
Apollo Justice: ミロカロス
Trucy Wright:ミロカロス
Maya Fey:
Pearl Fey:
Ema Skye:
Miles Edgeworth:
(Defendant) Dick Gumshoe:
(Witness...sorta) Larry Butz:
(Witness) Server 1:
(Witness) Server 2:
(Witness) Server 3:
((you can give them names if you wanna play them))
The Judge:

Profiles of some of the people on the ship

the victim was the Captain of the ship, his name was John Grant, he was 58 years old, a nice guy, with a tough side

Server 1: Witness of the murder, was serving drinks to people atleast ten, or twenty minutes before he thought about going up. he also served some shady people as well. he was the one he called the security guards, and got them to come

Server 2: Witness of the murder, was serving food to people at least fifteen or ten minutes before he thought about going up. he also served Larry and Pearl. he was the one he called for help and had no success

Server 3: Witness of the murder,was talking with people, and chatting for at least fifteen or twenty minutes, before thinking of going up to the Captain. he was the one who took out his knife and made Gumshoe stay there

all the servers are best friends, so they hang out often

Misc Info:
Special Talents or items:

Also, Ive claimed Apollo and Trucy, you can have two.