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June 25th, 2008, 12:05 PM

Greetings and welcome to the world of Pokemon. It is a vast and diverse land, full of many different creatures as well as people known as pokemon trainers who control them in battle.

You are one of these pokemon trainers. With your new starting partner at your side and your fellow pokemon trainer companions, each having their own unique pokemon, you must travel through the land that is Hoenn, collecting gym badges from the various cities as you strive for one goal and that's to be the pokemon master.

You are a resident of Littleroot Town and have decided to finally begin your pokemon journey. With the help of myself, the local pokemon expert who provdes you with your first pokemon, set out to begin your journey through Hoenn.

Your job will be to catch wild pokemon, as you train them to become powerful battlers. You can decide which moves they learn through TMs and HMs as well as if they will evolve or not.

Beware though as two evil teams reside in Hoenn. Team Magma has a dream of raising the worlds land masses, and Team Aqua will stop at nothing to raise the worlds oceans. It may be up to you to stop them.

You can collect items and secret pokeballs to help your chances of catching wild pokemon. Your final goal is to collect all eight Hoenn gym badges and face off against the elite four to prove that you are indeed the true pokemon champion.

There will be many challenges and many people who get in your way. Will you work with your fellow pokemon trainers, or against them? Only time will tell. The choices are all up to you as you build your team and try to become the best pokemon trainer of all time.
(NOTE: if this looks familer its because I also run the Kanto adventure)


1) No Legendaries! I don't care who you are as a Trainer. No player will ever own a legendary Pokemon. Sorry. You may, however, get to control one for a limited amount of time during a special event...

2) Play your Personality! Please, after you've spend the time creating an in-depth personality for your character, please make sure that you actually make that personality surface through good roleplaying. Otherwise, it is a waste of time.

3) YOU MUST BE ACTIVE!!!! This is the most important rule for this RPG. If you are not active, don't even bother signing up. My goal is to have everyone log in and post AT LEAST once per day. It may seem extreme, but I feel that is the best way to keep the momentum and flow of the story going. If you are going to be away for a day or two, please let me know. I will control your character until you return.

4) Hoenn Pokemon Only! This is very important, seeing as we are roleplaying in the Hoenn Region. This means that only Pokemon numbered 001-202 (Hoenn Dex) will appear during your adventures through Hoenn. Please, please, please don't break this rule.

5) Stay Together! This rule seems dumb, but it is very important. If the Pokemon Trainers don't stick together then the game gets very dull and unwieldy. Temporary straying is, of course, permitted but please do not overdo it. You guys are a team!

6) HAVE FUN!! Anyone seen not having fun will be immedietly kicked, no questions asked. Sorry. If you are not here to have fun, you are gone...haha.

The Character Sheet

Character Name: What is your characters name.

Gender: What is your characters gender.

Age: How old is your character. I prefer the ages of 10 between 15.

Birth Date: When is your characters birthday.

Apperance: What does your character look like. NO PICTURES!

Personality: What is your characters personality. This must be very good as you will be playing as this person for a while.

History: What is your character's history. I just need a few sentances

Pokemon Starter: What is your starter pokemon. The choices are limited. If another person picked that pokemon, please choose another one.




Level: 5

Type: Grass

Gender: Male
Ability: Overgrow
Attacks: Pound, Leer
Nature: Sassy



Level: 5

Type: Fire

Gender: Female

Ability: Blaze
Attacks: Scratch, Growl
Nature: Hasty



Level: 5

Type: Water

Gender: Male

Ability: Torrent
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Nature: Calm
Ok those were the ones that were easy to get. Now these ones will require a better sign up.



Level: 5

Type: Electric

Gender: Male

Ability: Static
Attacks: Tackle, Thunder Wave
Nature: Modest



Level: 5

Type: Normal

Gender: Female

Ability: Soundproof
Attacks: Pound, Uproar
Nature: Quiet



Level: 5

Type: Fighting

Gender: Male

Ability: Guts
Attacks: Tackle, Focus Energy, Sand Attack
Nature: Brave



Level: 5

Type: Dragon

Gender: Male

Ability: Rock Head
Attacks: Rage, Bite
Nature: Lonely


The games system is fairly simple. Basically, after every Trainer has been accepted the game will begin.

I, myself, will not actually be playing the game. Instead, I will be the "Game Master", helping players along their Journies. I will control the wild Pokemon as well as other Pokemon Trainers, Team Magma and Aqua, Gym Leaders, Professor Birch, etc.

The only things the players can control are their own characters and that character's Pokemon. Please do not try to "God Mod" and control other people's characters or Pokemon, or wild Pokemon either (as far as capturing them is concerned). Basically, you can fight the wild Pokemon, but I will be the one who decides if you catch it or not and how powerful it is depending on the quality of your post.

The players will not necessarily post in a specific, pre-determined order but, regardless, I will post right after that last person and sometimes even after each player individual player, depending on how busy I am. Then the cycle will start all over again. Please read the forum Role Play rules if you have any other questions or concerns.

Accepted Players

Treecko: Evilynn Vineway
Torchic: Raúl de la Llama a.k.a Flare
Mudkip: None

Electrike: Sara Joso

Whismur: Neaken Reegn
Makuhita: Marcus Resden
Bagon: Alex Hernandez

June 25th, 2008, 2:13 PM
Character Name: Alex Hernandez

Gender: Male
Age: 12
Birth Date: April 30

Apperance: Alex has black hair. It is messy when he doesn't have gel. When he puts gel on his hair it becomes spiky and very nice. He is muscular and has long legs to allow him to run faster. Alex wears a a red shirt and yellow shorts. At times he wears a white head band on his forehead. Alex tends to wears muscle shirts under his regular clothing. He almost always wears one because he feels uncomfortable without them.

Personality: Alex is very athletic. He is laid back and intelligent. He likes girls. Alex is a person who can ingore anything when he focuses hard. He is a person who pays attention and will give advice to people who need it. He can be very loyal when it comes to becoming friends. Alex is the kind of person that will back you up and stick up for you. He tends to get jealous very quickly. Alex is a very shy boy who won't do anything with people he doesn't know. He needs to get to know you for atleast a year to become loyal to you. Alex is the type of person who cares for Pokémon not for their power but to befriend them and play with them.

History: Alex's parents are divorced. They got divorced 1 month after Alex's 12 birthday. He lives with his mom in Littleroot Town after his parents broke up. His brother Ryan,11, lives in New Bark Town where Alex was raised. Alex along with his mom are new to Littleroot Town and don't know anybody. Alex was born in New Bark Town and it has been hard for him to move to a new town after living all his life in the same town. Alex has never really had any pokemon expirences besides the time where he was attacked by a flock of Hoothoot at the age of 5. Alex went to the Poké School in Cherry Grove city where he graduated at age 11 after attending 5 years there. Alex hopes to get his first Pokémon by none other than Professor Birch himself who is Alex's neighbor and the nearest Pokémon Professor to him. Alex and his brother Ryan were together in Poké School but Alex graduated 1 year before Ryan did. Ryan and Alex used to practice battling with their pillows as young kids. They used to battle pretending that their pillows were Pokémon. Alex dreams to become the best battler in the world.

Pokemon Starter: Bagon. Alex obtained Bagon by Professor Birch after he helped the Professor get back his 7 Poké Balls with the starters in a basket.

June 25th, 2008, 2:45 PM
To Pokemon_Master09: well i would love to accept you but its simply not long enough. cut out the part about the history of Bagon and add a paragraph to really everything except history and you're good! So for now you are: Pending

June 25th, 2008, 3:00 PM
I edited it as best as I can. Hope I qualify now.

June 25th, 2008, 3:13 PM
ok since you seem so eager, you are Accepted!

June 25th, 2008, 3:21 PM
So when do I start. How do I make my first post?

June 25th, 2008, 3:29 PM
you'll start when more people sign up and then i'll explain things from there

June 25th, 2008, 3:33 PM
Quick note: The writing style I try to go for shows more then just what's happening - it also describes the surroundings/setting. I'll add a sample piece a little lower in the application, so you can see what I mean.

Name: Sara Joso
(Had to edit this in, as I forgot it D: )Gender: Female
Age: 13
Date of Birth: October 11th

Appearance: (Refer to my current avatar for a headshot - if its blurry I apologize. I just made it in Corel and didn’t know the sizing limitations D: ) Sara is rather peculiar looking. Not because she's strange, but her anatomy just doesn’t seem to agree with itself. Standing at about 5"2 with a more childish body type its easy to mistake her for someone younger than she really is. The only thing about Sara that actually looks the right age is her face - large blue eyes with a red marking (possibly from face-paint?) surrounded by a mane of grayish-white hair.
Her clothing didn’t fair much better. If spotted by someone else, they might just think that she was some type of ninja. Sara wears a white scarf (hiding her lower face from view), a gray like robe, and faded red pants - one might also note that she wore sandals.

Personality: Normally, Sara is quite relaxed. She's the type who sits back and thinks hard about what to do next instead of jumping head first into anything, and doesn’t share anything that doesn’t need to be said. However, when provoked she can easily have a fireball of an attitude (yelling, jumping around, etc.)
Though athletic, Sara doesn’t tend to waste energy on anything unnecessary - besides training of course!

History: Living in a small, hidden village off of Littleroot was indeed tough. What with a population close to 30, everyone had to do their part to help out. Sara was often the one to volunteer to collect wood, water, or cook, hoping that doing these basic chores would help her out someday when she left home.
The girl had a typical family of a Mom and a Dad; who had long since left home to become a Pokémon trainer (something Sara had always wanted to be). Though her alone time was just that (spent alone), Sara did have close friends among the village that encouraged her to follow her dreams.

Starter Pokémon: I don’t really think I need a paragraph for this, so I'll say either Electrike or Bagon is fine with me. (if I do need a paragraph, just say so! >:D )

Sample Writing (from a role-play I did on a different site. It sounds kind of dark, but that’s the way my R.P partner wanted it to begin. You should also note I cut it down a bit, since its just a sample):
The moon was swollen and heavy, similar to the belly of a toad, but twice as malevolent; it seemed to swim in a puddle of dark cloud that obscured all stars from view, save the most doggedly determined. The shadows cast by the moon's harsh rays were long and distorted, easily making the most beautiful maiden a hideous monster. Pools of black darkness seemed to conceal myriad, watchful eyes, and helped shelter the tree's deformed branches - not yet swathed by the growth of spring. The foliage was sparse, and what did remain after winter's harsh cull stretched imploringly up to the sky, as if to some strange deity...

Etc, etc. That’s me sample :)
Hope you consider me!

June 25th, 2008, 3:40 PM
To Sayaira: very good! you definitly earned Electrike! you are Accepted!

June 25th, 2008, 3:43 PM
Two word responce:
Sweet Jivony :}

June 25th, 2008, 3:52 PM
Character Name: Marcus Resden

Gender: Male
Age: 11
Birth Date: December 12th

Apperance: Short and thin, he has short brown hair and brown eyes. He wears wire-rim glasses and has a near-constant smirk. His skin is lightly freckled and untanned.He wears very flamboyant clothes, his shirt a bright orange. He wears a gray jacket with an interesting flame motif on the sleeves. He wears gloves, leather, in order to protect his hands. Marcus' pants are dark blue and he has sturdy hiking boots on his feet. His belt has a buckle in the shape of pokeball. He also constantly wears a green fishing hat his father gave him for his ninth birthday.

Personality: Marcus is a happy go lucky kid; an eternal optimist who looks for the best in every situation. He enjoys making people laugh over anything else. Marcus is a bit klutzy, frequently injuring himself by falling and tripping. Marcus genuinely enjoys being around other people and pokemon and attempt to be everybody's friend. He is very insightful, able to determine people's moods at a glance; unfortunately he is unable to take advantage of this skill because he blinds himself to the worst in people. He refuses to believe that anyone is evil, or cruel and feels that everyone is decent at heart.

Marcus' main motivation in becoming a Pokemon trainer is to travel and see the world. He is not driven by a deep motivation to be the best trainer in the world, though he is not apathetic either.

History: Born in Littleroot town, Marcus was a tiny ball of sunshine growing up. He was popular in school, unfailingly kind, and his parent's pride and joy. However Marcus was... insulated from the harsher parts of life. His parents shielded the innocent boy from the evils of the world, consequently leaving Marcus naive. Marcus has never had a true tragedy befall him, or really affect him. As such, Marcus is vastly unprepared for the realities of a Pokemon journey.

Pokemon Starter: Makuhita

June 25th, 2008, 3:57 PM
To Zore: very good! you have makuhita!

June 25th, 2008, 4:49 PM
Hey Zimvee! Darn, Bagon's taken. Oh well, I'll try for Treecko!

Character Name: Thomas "Tommy" Castkins

Gender: Male

Age: 10

Birth Date: August 6, ???? (What year is this?)

Apperance: Tommy has a typical appearance, blonde hair, blue eyes and an average build. His blonde hair is always spiked up, black tips to give him a sense of rebellion of his parents. His blue eyes are a fierce icy color that get the attention of everyone he comes into contact with. A black t-shirt is what covers his upper body, along with a red vest and a necklace capeable of holding one pokeball. Moving down he wears a simple pair of baggy blue jeans, ripps in the knees again aiding to his rebelliousness. Black sneakers and laces finish up his pre-pubescent outfit.

Personality: Average kid, likes to make new friends and is friendly with anyone. Although ultimately kind, he isn't always trustful and takes his time in deciding whether or not to divulge personal information. His is always respectful of those older than him, and tries to be a good role model for those who are younger than him. While only being eleven, he has the mentality of a seventeen year old.

History: Not much can be said about Tommy so far, he's only ten and hasn't even recieved his starter pokemon. His parents were pokemon trainers, just like Tommy hopes to be, and they were specific type trainers. His mom, Isabel, only trained flying type pokemon while his dad, also named Thomas, only trained female pokemon. His mothers favorite pokemon would be her Salamence and his fathers favorite pokemon was his Umbreon. Like his mother, Tommy was a fan of flying pokemon and was in love with his mothers Salamence. Hoping to get Bagon as a starter is what keeps him happy, but in the end any new companion would be fine with him.

Pokemon Starter: Treecko

June 25th, 2008, 4:51 PM
To Chabz: excellent! your accepted!
To Everyone: we will start tommorow so that more people can sign up overnight, but i need you guys to make trainer cards please!

June 25th, 2008, 5:00 PM

Here's my TC! The actual image and the link.

EDIT: Opps..forgot the link haha.


June 25th, 2008, 5:14 PM
Here's my card and the link as well.


June 25th, 2008, 5:25 PM


June 25th, 2008, 6:05 PM
Character Name: Emerald

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Birth Date: April 14, 1993

Apperance: Emerald basically looks like the guy you play as on the Emerald version. He wears a jacket that is mainly green and black with a little bit of red in it. He also wears a large hat that completely covers the top of his head. He wears a large, one strap bag everywhere he goes.

Personality: Emerald is a very fun-loving boy who will always try to cheer up people and pokemon as best as he can while they're down. He is a natural talented pokemon trainer and likes to have fun during battles but is serious when he needs to be.

History: Emerald moved to Littleroot with his mother just recently to be more near to Emerald's father, who is the gym leader at a nearby town called Petalburg. Emerald always looked up to his dad and wishes to be a talented trainer just like his dad because he knows being a pokemon trainer is in his blood. His ultimate goal is to beat his father one day in a Pokemon battle. (Does this show laziness? I just thought playng as this character would be fun. I'll change it if you want.)

Pokemon Starter: Mudkip- He received it from Prof. Birch to start his journey.

The Bringer!
June 25th, 2008, 7:36 PM
I'll try this.

Name: Neaken Reegn
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Birthdate: 8-27

Appearance: Neaken is somewhat short, but it is easy to not notice this at first glance. He is light skinned and slightly pale due to limited sun exposure. He wears a gray hooded sweatshirt and khakis. His light brown hair is shown often as he never seems to actually use the hood on his sweatshirt. He does not feel comfortable when making direct eye contact with people that he doesn't know, so it is difficult to see his dark brown eyes unless you are one of his closest friends. He wears normal laced shoes for all occasions. He weighs a mere 100 pounds or so, but this is hard to tell from his clothing.

Personality: Neaken is quiet and and will more likely than not be wary of his companions, none the less he still prefers to be in the company of others. This can seem strange to other people as he will remain quiet unless the situation calls for an idea from him, usually muttered unwillingly. Though he may be quiet, if he gets to know people well enough he will slowly but surely warm up to them and voice his opinions and ideas more willingly. He is still quite used to being alone, however, which may be why he subconsciously prefers to be part of a group.

History: Neaken has had a fairly quiet life, which suits him well. Nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened to him, and he does fine in school, despite having fewer friends than most people. Lately he has grown tired of the life he has had for so long, and has been debating whether or not to go on a pokemon journey. He has never really gotten the hang of interacting well with pokemon, be them his friend's or ones he finds outside. One day he quickly decided that he would go on this journey before he could change his mind and just hope for the best.
Preferred Starter: Whismur

June 25th, 2008, 7:56 PM
To Pika_Master414: sorry, but Kanto people arn't allowed. I really am sorry!
To Mr. Person: excellent! you are accepted!

June 25th, 2008, 9:04 PM
Wait! Does this mean when Sinnoh comes around I won't be able to join!?!?! If so..i'd rather wait for Sinnoh to come out. Lol.

Sir Aaron1017
June 25th, 2008, 9:51 PM
Hey, I have a few questions before I start, I want to know if my character can have a Ralts instead... Second, if not, I would like to reserve Mudkip, and third, I would really love this and have way more fun if my character could have a ralts!! hahaha, anyways, I will put up my bio asap as soon as I hear from you. THANKS!!!

June 26th, 2008, 3:54 AM
I cant post my trainer card, as I'm a newbie to the site >_>'
(I need 13 more posts.. -_-)

EDIT: So I edited it into my signature. o:
Too bad I couldnt find a sprite closer to what my char. looks like, but I'll survive.

June 26th, 2008, 6:01 AM
Character Name: Raúl de la Llama a.k.a Flare

Gender: male

Age: 15

Birth Date: September 13

Apperance: Raúl wears a white hoodie and lite brown jeans and also his hair is lite brown.

Personality: Raúl is really arrogant but around pokémons he is very gentle and noble.

History: He´s been living in Littleroot ever since his parents broke up. He wants to travel trough Hoenn and be the champion.

Pokemon Starter: Torchic

June 26th, 2008, 6:35 AM
To Chabz: yes that means when we get to Sinnoh you won't be able to join
To SirAaron1017: no you can't have Ralts but you will be able catch one! so for now Mudkip is reserved for you!
To poisonspark: unfortuantly your sign up is way too short even for Torchic. so im gonna have to say Denied

June 26th, 2008, 7:19 AM
How about now? :D

Character Name: Raúl de la Llama a.k.a Flare

Gender: male

Age: 15

Birth Date: September 13

Apperance: Raúl wears a white hoodie and dark brown jeans which have a white stripe near his sneakers. Sometimes he likes to wear also a beanie which is totally white except the stripe near forehead.

Personality: Raúl is really arrogant but around pokémons he is very gentle and noble. He never let his pokémons down and he fight trough his heart and soul. He never gives mercy when he´s fighting not even to his friends and he is a very dangerous opponent. As his mother is a cordinator he has learned many move combos just by watching his mom´s training.

History: He´s been living in Littleroot ever since his parents broke up. He wants to travel trough Hoenn and be the champion of the elite four. His big brother is travelling at Kanto and his big sister is travelling at Johto. His appears to be missing and for now no one knows where he is. Often Raúl is seen helping his uncle who has a pokémon daycare center.

Pokemon Starter: Torchic

June 26th, 2008, 7:23 AM
Oh..ummm..ughhhh! I don't know what to do. I want to join this RP, but Sinnoh has always been my favorite region. Blahhhh. I'll just wait for Sinnoh, sorry for any complications this makes =[

June 26th, 2008, 7:31 AM
I wont be able to join the Sinnoh RP?
Meh, I'll stick with this one, and join a Sinnoh one later on if I feel the need.

June 26th, 2008, 7:37 AM
To Chabz: ok then we will see you in Sinnoh!
To poisonspark: ok thats better! you are Accepted!

June 26th, 2008, 7:42 AM
Name: Zac Snapem

Gender: male

Age: 11 years

Birth Date: December 14

Appearance: With blonde hair and blue eyes, Zac usually wears his orange shirt with a picture of a PokeBall on it and orange shorts. He also wears green camoflauge colored shoes.

Personality: Zac trys to be kind and friendly, but sometimes his temper can get the best of him. He loves making friends and enjoys training his pokemon for both battles and contests. He trys to think quikly during battles, using fast and strong technieqes that some people may have never thought of, because they are so "that's so crazy it just might work".

History: After being given his first PokeBall and PokeDex, Zac vowed to catch as many Pokemon as humanly possible. Having never battled or entered contests before moving to Hoenn, Zac wasn't sure he could do it. But after a while, he learned that anything is possible with a strong imagination and a little hard work.

Pokemon Starter: Am I aloud to choose Torchic or Vulpix?
P.S. I know i mispelled a lot of stuff.

June 26th, 2008, 7:47 AM
To Blaziken11: 3 things are wrong with your sign up. 1) Vulpix isn't a starter. 2) Torchic has already been taken. You can take Treecko if you want. 3) It was just too short. Fix it up and you might get in!

June 26th, 2008, 8:03 AM
Name: Zac Ingo Snapem

Gender: male

Age: 11

Birth Date: December 14

Appearance: Zac has dirty-blonge hair and blue eyes speckled with tiny brown spots here and there and light colored skin. He always wears his orange shirt with a large picture of a pokeball on it and his orange shorts. He also usually carrys a green backpack with him, carrying all his things.

Personality: Zac is usually shy, but he loves making friends, especially Pokemon friends. He has a bad temper, but he always trys to be kind to people and pokemon. He loves nature and wants to become a great trainer in both contests and battles and he wants to be a pokemon professer like Prof. Birch and study all kinds of pokemon, from myth or not.

History: After moving to Hoenn and by chance saving Prof. Birch's life, Zac was given his first Pokeball and Pokedex and battling his newest friend, May, Zac vowed to fight evil, always be nice to pokemon and catch and win with everyone of the pokemon in the whole world. It's a big 'to do' list, but Zac knows everything is possible with hard work, imagination and pokemon.

Pokemon Starter: Treecko

June 26th, 2008, 8:23 AM
Character Name: Evilynn Vineway

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Birth Date: March 14

Apperance: Evilynn slouched posture measures her at about 5'3. At first glance Evilynn is commonly mistaken for a foster child. This is mainly because of the state most of her clothes are in. Her faded skinny blue jeans are patched up everywhere. Her favorite Ivy green shirt is so worn it is practicaly tearing at the sleeves. And to be honest she is usualy covered in the soil from the garden she works in constantly. Evilynn usualy wears her hair up in a large green hair tie, making a spiky pony tail out of her soil brown hair. When her hair is down it reaches shoulder length, and is almost never combed. Almost everyone in Littleroot considers Evilynn to be beautiful but cant understand why she doesn't take better care of herself, and how she looks.

Personality: Evilynn is very energetic but not quite the peppy type, but she always seems to find the brighter side of things. She is very patient in everything she does, and has her own way of doing things, and don't tell her to do it you're way. Although Evilynn has her own way of doing things there is no need to expect any bossiness from her, she respects other peoples way of doing things with ought losing a great sense of leadership. Evilynn is incredibly freindly but won't go out of her way to make freinds.

It is incredibly hard to imagine Evilynn any other way than the level headed person she is , A tense Evilynn wouldn't be her at all. I think her love for gardening and grass pokemon has always been a way for Evilynn to think strait.

One last trait of Evilynn is that if she creates a goal for herself she will reach it and probobly raise the bar one notch higher. At age 12 she is one of the most productive people you will know setting standards for herself to follow.

History: Actualy originaly born in Petalburg City her family moved to Littleroot Town for the sake of Evilynn's health. She had a lung infection at the age of 2 and the conditions in Petalburg were no help at all. Once her family moved to Littleroot they could never move away. Evilynn is an only child at hates it. Her father and mother gave birth to her both at the age of 50 and few years later could not concieve. More than anything Evilynn wants a sybling.

Pokemon Starter: Treeko

June 26th, 2008, 11:08 AM
So I haven´t ever played roleplayed so I aren´t pretty sure how we play... xD Just say if I to do something wrong... xP

June 26th, 2008, 12:04 PM
Character Name: Cordic

Gender: male

Age: 14

Birth Date: November 11

Apperance: Cordic wear a black and brown t-shirt, a red beanie, a brown bag where he keeps his pokéballs and also black jeans with a pair of black shoes. Sometimes he also wears a brown silk scarf.

Personality: Cordic is really quiet and he don´t like to speak so much. He comes along with others but he don´t like to team work pretty much. His dream to become the champion makes him to forget his friends every now and then. He is really smart and he wants to learn also cordinating.

History: Cordic has two brothers who also want to become the champion of Hoenn and he also has a sister who has a dream of coming a gymleader. His father is really well-known tv-reporter and his mother is a cordinator.

Pokemon Starter: Treecko

June 26th, 2008, 12:15 PM
ok since we have 3 people signing up for Treecko im gonna pick Chihoko! sorry for everyone else! now as soon siraaron responds about mudkip we will start!

June 26th, 2008, 12:44 PM
I might not be able to write my first RP today if we start today because I went to the doctors and am going to my soccer practice. I might be able to write 2 RPs tomorrow because I'm gonna have all day free.

Sir Aaron1017
June 26th, 2008, 2:06 PM
Sorry, since I found out that if I was in this RPG that I couldn't be in the Sinnoh one, I would rather be in the Sinnoh one. I am really sorry! I just like Sinnoh more!

June 27th, 2008, 12:29 AM
Because Treecko was already taken I´d like to start this journey with Mudkip instead.

Character Name: Cordic

Gender: male

Age: 14

Birth Date: November 11

Apperance: Cordic wear a black and brown t-shirt, a red beanie, a brown bag where he keeps his pokéballs and also black jeans with a pair of black shoes. Sometimes he also wears a brown silk scarf.

Personality: Cordic is really quiet and he don´t like to speak so much. He comes along with others but he don´t like to team work pretty much. His dream to become the champion makes him to forget his friends every now and then. He is really smart and he wants to learn also cordinating.

History: Cordic has two brothers who also want to become the champion of Hoenn and he also has a sister who has a dream of coming a gymleader. His father is really well-known tv-reporter and his mother is a cordinator.

Pokemon Starter: Mudkip

June 27th, 2008, 7:18 AM
DiegoS (http://www.pokecommunity.com/member.php?u=96214) I really dont think Zimvee is going to accept you untill you really beef up your desciptions. So do us all a favor and really sit down and develop your caractor more. =P

or atleast try! haha.

June 27th, 2008, 7:38 AM
Uhh, maybe he's a newbie at roleplaying >_>
So he's new to description and such..
Or he's the type to like quality over quantity?

Anyhow I think this thread is dying.. >_<

June 27th, 2008, 7:44 AM
no this thread is not dying! give me like half an hour and the first chapter will be up! i was just given people time to sign up for mudkip. but thank you guys for giving deigos advice on how to change his sign up!

June 27th, 2008, 8:06 AM
Sweet! cant wait to see it. ;P

June 27th, 2008, 8:24 AM
by the way i still need a trainer card from you!

Chapter One: Littleroot Town
(ok this is how its going to work: Just make a post of you waking up and going outside to start your pokemon journey. However you see Prof. Birch being attacked by wild pokemon. For those who have Treecko and Torchic just reach into his bag and take them out to DEFEND him. DO NOT KNOCK THE POKEMON OUT! for those who have Electrike, Whismur, Makuhita, and Bagon just reach into his bag and get a Pokeball and throw it at your respective starter. If you have any questions just PM me!

A rather small town with only one entrence to the outside world. Prof. Birch makes his home here studying on the habitats of the pokemon in the hoenn region.
IC: Prof. Birch was standing outside of Littleroot along Route 1 with his bag over his shoulder. "Where is everyone?" He wondered. "The new trainers were supposed to meet me today..."

Suddenly he heard a rusling in the bushes. As he went over to investigate, out jumped an Electrike, a Whismur, a Makuhita, and a Bagon. Knowing that those pokemon were rare around here Birch was surprised. Suddenly they started to attacke him! "Oh ouch yow! Someone help me!!" he cried.

He noticed he lost his bag which help 3 pokemon in it. "Maybe they can help me!" Birch thought. But the pokemon had other ideas as they barred his access to the bag. Suddenly he noticed 7 people walking towards him. "HELP ME!! In the bag Pokemon! and Pokeball!" He cried out desperatly hoping they would listen to him.

June 27th, 2008, 10:46 AM
((OOC: -Totally should have known that a thread made by Zimvee wouldnt die- D:
Sorry, anyway here's my starting post. :} Spell checking provided by:
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On way to Littleroot

The air was thick. Filled with the haughty atmosphere of tension and excitement, mingled together in an unusual mix. For most, this was a day to remain inside with the air conditioner turned up full blast, and to watch re-runs of their favorite TV show or a Harry Potter movie. But for others, today was their day to become a Pokémon trainer - to seize their first Pokémon and begin their journey to become the best. Such was a day for a particular young lady, who had long since woken up and began the long walk to Littleroot.

Given that it was early in the morning, the sun had only just begun its sturdy ascent into a light blue canvas, tainting the colors around it with a fiery mix of orange and yellow. This, and the fact that trees created a roof over the forest - topped with summer's new foliage - had reduced the heat to a bare minimum. But this kind of weather had a bad reputation of making voyages seem longer than they actually were.

The moss here had seemingly offered its protection to the upturned roots more then once - and after rejection had moved on to cover the forest's floor with a thick, green carpet. Pillars of light were filtered through the leaves above, giving the whole area a quiet yet relaxed feeling of bliss. All of this made no difference to the traveler, as she had made her way through the wooded area on more then one occasion - whether it be to gather goods for her village, or just exploring - she knew the area like it was her home.
Taillow busily pecked at the trees and bushes for food and berries, while curious Meditites jumped around high above the ground. The girl sighed. It was indeed a great day to start a journey.

Though the forest was big, it ended abruptly, giving birth to a welcomed view of Littleroot. Brushing a few clumps of thick white hair from her face, the girl then picked up speed, excitement growing as she headed toward Professor Birch's Lab.

Her knocks upon the Laboratory's door were greeted coldly by silence; this was enough of an answer for the girl, who guessed that Prof. Birch must be away. Snooping around would do her no good, especially since the door was locked anyway.
Waiting would have to suffice.

June 27th, 2008, 10:50 AM
To Sayaira: wow is all i have to say. you do an amazing job of imagery! it made me feel like i was actually there! just for future notice Chatots and Aipoms are not in Hoenn. now just make a post where you rescue Prof. Birch from the Electrike. you are off to a great start!

The Bringer!
June 27th, 2008, 10:59 AM
Neaken felt a little nervous as he prepared to leave littleroot town for his journey. In fact, he didn't even remember why he was doing this. This was really a bad idea. However, he kept on walking because if the other six trainers saw him leave all of a sudden he thought they might think badly of him.
"HELP ME!! In the bag Pokemon! and Pokeball!" Neaken heard the panicked voice from farther up on the trail. His first instinct was to go in the opposite direction, but after a moments hesitation he thought to himself, Well, I'm going to leave any minute so I might as well see what I can do. Without another thought he rushed ahead, leaving his doubts behind.
It appeared that the person in distress was none other than Professor Birch. Neaken responded to his cry for help and grabbed a pokeball from the bag. As he tossed it up to release the pokemon that should have been inside it nothing came out.
As Neaken reached inside to grab another pokeball, that hopefully had something usefull in it, he kicked the previous one aside. He then heard a strang click, he franticly turned around seeing as he was probably too late to help the professor. No, he still is being attacked by those pokemon, wait wheres that pink one? Then as he looked to the ground he saw the pokeball from before, identifiable from the small scratch on the top that most likely was the result of him kicking it aside, as he picked it up and tried to release something from it again, it worked.
The being that emerged was a small, pink, spherical creature with large ears. "Whim" it said aloud in a confused voice. I guess I have something to work with now instead of digging through research papers looking for the other pokeballs.
"Um... Ok, pokemon, try to use an attack...," said Neaken, not sure how to order the pokemon. In fact, he didn't even know what it was called. As the pokemon launched itself forward with a pound attack at the electrike, it knocked the opposing pokemon back a bit and then jumped back to avoid the counter-attack. After digging through the bag some more Neaken found seven pokedexes, he picked one up and after some random button pressing he found out his pokemon was Whismur.
"Alright, whismur, try to use your uproar attack," he said again, this time with a tad more confidence. He then looked around to see if the other trainers were here now and what they were doing.

June 27th, 2008, 11:27 AM
To Mr. Person: good post! though you will get the pokdex later its ok that you got it now. im gonna wait for at least two more people to post then i will move on to the next part

June 27th, 2008, 11:41 AM
EDITED: ((OOC: This is the second time I lost this post because my internet disconnected..
-insert swearing here not suitable for young children-
I'll change the Pokemon to Taillow and Meditite or something then xD Since they have the same feel.

@Mr. Person: Dont knock out my Electrike D: I still needa catch it. ))

First Pokemon

Waiting. That’s what she did for quite a while. Her sandals clicked innocently against the pavement, as if they too wanted to get moving.
"For heaven's sake," the girl yelled to no on in particular, an obvious heir of aggravation and impatience spewed in her tone, "did he fall in a hole or something?"

Though her voice was no where near loud; it carried quite a distance. A few bystanders chanced a quick look at the girl before going back to their previous activity. Others, to, must have heard her, as the door she was once leaning on swung open to reveal a darker haired man in a lab coat.
"It sounds like you're one of the trainers here for her first Pokemon," the man said, adding a hint of arrogance "am I correct?"
The girl ignored his tone and proceeded with a nod.
"Well he's obviously not here," he replied quickly, as if to get her to move on, "but I do believe he was on Route 1, just outside of Littleroot. If you wanted to speak with him, that’s where he is."
He shut the door. Quickly to; as if his intentions were to chop her nose clean off.
Without hope for future conversation, she moved on.

It was a small town full of quant little houses, probably with chimneys, windows with shutters, and swings in their backyards - a typical town, you could say. White picket-fences lined the sidewalk, as if warning others in a cheery way to keep Pokémon away from their lawns and Chesto berry bushes.
This view was quickly disrupted by a scream coming from the distance. The youth turned her attention away from a certain Zigzagoon, that was being chased out of a bakery, to the direction of the noise.
She ran.

She found him in a clearing with tall grass about the ground, encased in a fence of what appeared to be Cherry Trees.
"Help me," Professor Birch cried out in desperation, "there’s Pokémon and Pokeballs in my bag!"
The girl regarded him for a moment. He was surrounded by 3 Pokémon, each with a growing unruly temperament, as they took turns tackling the Professor to the ground after his attempts to stand.
A different Pokémon, seemingly under the control of a Trainer, had weakened another in mid attack. This had created the perfect opportunity for a capture.

Reaching inside the bag described by Birch, the youth grasped a Pokeball and flung it at the Pokémon. A red light soon enveloped the Electrike and it disappeared inside the sphere. After a few movements, the ball soon remained silent and unmoving - this was when the female headed over to the Pokeball and picked it up, raising the Pokémon high in the air in triumph.

All that was left now, was for the others to be taken care of.

June 27th, 2008, 12:03 PM
To Sayaira: good post there! we are almost ready to move on to Route 101!
To DiegoS: yeah just beef up everything and you an join!

June 27th, 2008, 12:08 PM
Character Name: Cordic

Gender: male

Age: 14

Birth Date: November 11

Apperance: Cordic wear a black and brown t-shirt, a red beanie, a brown bag where he keeps his pokéballs and also black jeans with a pair of black shoes. Sometimes he also wears a brown silk scarf.

Personality: Really quiet Cordic doesn´t like to speak so much. He doesn´t base on the team work but every now and then he helps them. His mother and father have got a farm and lots of pokémons. Cordic has to help his parents because his mother and father also work as tv-reporters and they travel really much. His brothers and his sister are all travelling around Sinnoh, Kanto and Johto so he spend most of his time alone with pokémons. He helps also professor Birch who lives near by.

History: Cordic has two brothers who also want to become the champions and he also has a sister who has a dream of coming a gymleader. His father and motehr are well-known tv-reporters who work really much also travelling into different parts of Hoenn. He lived few years in Sinnoh when he was a kid but they moved into Hoenn because his parents bought a pokemon farm.

Pokemon Starter: Mudkip

June 27th, 2008, 12:14 PM
much better! you are ACCEPTED!!

June 27th, 2008, 2:07 PM
First Post, Obtaining a Pokemon

Marcus smiled as he walked with the other starting trainers away from Professor Birch's Lab and towards route 101. This was an exciting day, and nature seemed to reflect this. It was gorgeous, bright and sunny with a slight breeze, and for a moment Marcus closed his eyes and just breathed morning air. However, this moment was shattered as a scream echoed through the air. Marcus and the others quickly set out for the source of the screams.

Moments later the group arrived and witnessed the attack on Professor Birch. Four Pokemon were arrayed in a semi-circle attacking the hapless professor. An apparently enraged Bagon, Whismur, Makuhita and Electrike had apparently caught the professor and seperated him from his Pokemon, now he was begging the proto trainers to grab Pokeballs from his bag and either use the Pokemon therein or catch his attackers. Marcus stood, stunned for a moment as two of the group quickly caught the Whismur and Electrike of the group. Startled, he too attempted to follow Birch's instructions and reached in to the bag, his hand closing on an empty Pokeball.

At this point the trainer who had caught the attacking Whismur had deployed his new Pokemon, attempting to battle the Bagon and Makuhita that remained. Thinking quickly, Marcus debated what to throw his own pokeball at. The Whismur appeared to be keeping both the Bagon and Makuhita at bay while the others scrambled to do something, but it wouldn't last much longer. Glancing between the two, Marcus finally settled on the Makuhita, the Fighting type was far more threatening to the Whismur at this point and if the Whismur fell so too might Professor Birch. Marcus tapped the central button of the Pokeball, expanding it to about the size of a baseball and threw it directly at the Makuhita.

The ball arced through the air, slamming into the Makuhita who was engulfed in a bright light. The Pokeball fell to the ground, shook once, twice, then stopped and the light faded. Marcus exhaled heavily, he'd just caught a Pokemon! He stared at the tiny red and white ball in amazement, he'd actually caught a Pokemon. A squeal tore through his daze and he looked up to see the Bagon had finally managed to bite the Whismur and was holding on tightly. He threw his recently caught Makuhita into the fray, they could not let the Bagon run wild!

June 27th, 2008, 2:20 PM
To Zore: good post there! all we are waiting for is Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip to be thrown into play and Bagon caught and we can move on!

June 27th, 2008, 4:11 PM
On way to Littleroot

Evilynn Vineway neatly packed down soil neatly covering a Mago berry. Evilynn sighed deeply as she looked up to see other kids her age scream and run mindlessly around. They were probably off to see Professor Birch. Impatient she thought……. But no matter. Evilynn was in her element. Sunny days like these she loves to spend with the outdoors and the garden.

Suddenly the Chatot coo-coo clock placed on the porch wall started to sound. “CHAAAAATOT-CHAAAAATOT!”.

“Oh Snap” Evilynn whispered under her breath. She quickly shoved her hand shovel into the soil of the garden and made a run for it. She remembered that the memo sent out to the dwellers of Littleroot town said that Birch would meet the young trainers in route 1. Pushing through the tall grasses of route 1 Evilynn quickly noted that she would come here later to make a quick trim. She finally stumbled upon a small clearing surrounded by the same towering blades of underbrush. And there was Professor Birch waiting. Actually he was running, and screaming swears profusely. Who knew a man as distinguished as Mr. Birch would know such fowl language. But it was not for nothing, a wild pokemon a Whismur.

“Girl, please reach into my bag and take one of the pokemon to fight them off! And be QUICK!!! The other kids thought they scared off this Whimsur, but obviously THEY DIDNT!” yelped Birch grabbing his rear end.

Evilynn quickly sprung into action. She dove towards the case, and peered inside. She immediately picked the center pokeball and flung it at the opposing foe. Treeko burst from the blinding red light released from the ball. Evilynn was star struck. It never accured to her that she didn’t necessarily now what to say when in an actual pokemon battle! She had to think on her feet.

“Ummm, sick em’ Treeko!” A slightly awkward phrase to come out of her mouth she admitted later on but it worked. The Treeko jumped forward and pounded the Whimser so hard on the head it fainted. The other pokemon quickly ran away once they realized they were one man fewer. Pushing her hair back up into a ponytail Evilynn smiled at Proffesor Birch and said “Sorry for the delay sir, haha!”

June 27th, 2008, 6:28 PM
The Quest Begins

One hot summer morning at 6:30 am, a young 12 year old was tossing and turning in his little twin-sized bed. The young boy was named Alex. This day Alex felt like the happiest boy in the world. Today this young boy would embark a journey unlike others. He would start his journey to become a Pokémon Master.

8 am in the morning. That same day.

“Mom can you pass me the pancakes?” asked Alex.

His mom passed him the pancakes and he quickly gobbled everything on his plate up.

Today Alex was supposed to go help the Professor with field watching. The eager boy finished everything that was on his plate and rushed out the door.

Alex was outside in his little town called Littleroot Town. He rushed up on route 101 where Professor Birch said he would be waiting for him. Alex became so eager of this news when Professor Birch said he would be taking his Pokémon for protection. Alex thought if he showed the Professor that Pokémon loved him the Pokémon Expert would give him a Pokémon.

Alex continued up route 101 and he heard screaming for help. “HELP ME!!!” Alex hears this and quickly runs to see what is happening and who is in trouble. He turns around looking for someone in this grassy area and sees the Professor on top of a tree.

“Professor!” screams Alex.

“Oh Alex, am I glad to see you. Your just in time to save me from the Pokémon.” replies the Professor.

Alex looks down at the tree and sees a Bagon, Whismur, Makuhita, and Electrike all trying to reach up and hit the Professor. Alex sees the Bagon run at least 20 feet away from the tree and run quickly back and charge the tree with its head.

BAMM!!!!! The tree moved tilted to towards the opposite direction that Bagon head bashed it. The tree then tilted back.

“Alex you have to save me. If Bagon manages to head bash this tree one more time I’m going to fall down and get assaulted by this Makuhita and shocked by Electrike.” cried the Professor with his eyes closed scared of Bagon head bashing the tree one more time.

Alex looks up to the Professor and nods. He looks down to see Bagon getting its grip from the head bash. If it had been a little bit older it could have knocked down the tree in 1 hit. Bagon stands up and starts walking 20 feet away again. Alex has to act fast to save the Professor. He runs towards the Professor and Pokémon.

“Bagon!!!!!!!” yelled Alex. “Come over here and attack me. Leave the Professor alone!” Alex starts running to hills that are over the long green field. He turns back only to see one mean angry Bagon getting ready to knock him down. Alex felt he was being chased by a Rhino.
Alex runs all over the green grassy field hoping he gave the Professor time to escape without being shocked or beat up. The Bagon always kept at least 5 feet away from Alex. Then coming up in Alex’s direction was a huge hill. Alex knew he would have to run his fastest up this slope then run back down to go to the Professor.

While running up the slope Alex felt Bagon at least 3 feet away now. He didn’t dare to turn back because he would be attacked and he wouldn’t want that. Alex slowly went up the slope and he almost got to the top of it. He realized that this slope didn’t have another side because the other side was a ledge that can make you fall down into a huge lake with dangerous water Pokémon like Gyarados.

Alex got to the top and then he quickly gave a sharp turn because the top of the slope was a very narrow path and he could fall down into the lake. As he gave the turn he saw Bagon very close behind him slip, and fall off the ledge! Alex runs to get Bagon and luckily Bagon was holding on to a branch.

“Bagon give me your hand, and I’ll pull you up.” commanded Alex.

The little blue Pokémon holds onto the branch with one hand and uses the other hand to try to get Alex’s hand. Bagon’s hand is too short so he couldn’t reach Alex’s hand.

“Let me think of a way to pull you up. Just hang on tight.” Alex said. He thinks of how he can get Bagon up to safety and he thinks of using his shirt to pull him up. He takes off his shirt and has an undershirt, so he throws his shirt to Bagon who grabs on to it. Weighing about 92 lbs this gives Alex difficulty. He uses one sleeve and ties it around him and pulls Bagon up.

He pulls him up and he falls down, and Bagon lands up on Alex.

“Bagon-Ba.” said Bagon. Then Bagon rubs his face towards Alex’s chest and closes his eyes and shakes.

Bagon was afraid and trusts Alex and goes with him. Alex stands up and starts walking down the slope. Bagon starts walking next to Alex and rubs his head on Alex’s thigh.

Alex and Bagon walk back to the Professor to see if he managed to get down from the tree. When Alex gets back he sees a boy about his age with the Professor.

Alex runs to the Professor and Bagon chases Alex.

“Hi Professor, I have lots to tell you about what happened. Who is that boy?” asked Alex.

“Boy??! What nerve you have little boy to call me a boy. I do have a name you know. My name is Harrison. And yours is?” asked the arrogant boy.

“Alex. Glad to meet you.” Alex stuck his hand out to shake the boy’s hand and the boy shook his hand.

“Well, Alex, Harrison here saved me when you left after being chased by Bagon. He is starting his own Pokémon journey today. “ explained the Professor.

“Oh Professor I have to tell you what happened,” said Alex.

After explaining.

“And now I think Bagon likes me Professor,” explained Alex.

“Well Alex, it certainly looks at you in a good way. I think it wants you to be its trainer. You saved its life so I think it wants to be with you forever.” replied the Professor.

Alex became so happy and excited that he looked down at the blue creature and asked “Bagon do you really want me to be your trainer?”

Bagon nodded and said “Ba-bagon!”

Professor Birch then hands Alex a Poké Ball, who receives it happily and throws it at Bagon. The blue Pokémon shrinks and goes inside the Poké Ball. The little red ball shakes once…twice…three times and stops. Bagon is officially Alex’s.

To Be Continued.

June 28th, 2008, 4:49 AM
The Quest Begins

"This kind of things can happen only to me." Raúl was thinking at the same time when he was running towards professor Birch´s laboratory. "First my pancakes get burned and then I am late for my meeting with the professor. What else can go wrong?"

When Raúl finally arrived to the laboratory he noticed that there was a note at the door. The note said that prof. Birch had gone to Route 1 and all new trainers should follow him to there. After reading the note Raúl left towards the Route 1 running and when he finally made to there he found only Birch´s bag. At that moment Raúl knew that something had happened to prof. Birch.

"Where are you professor?" Raúl yelled and despite the voices of the forest he managed to hear a voice that emanated somewhere around the three near by him.
Raúl took professor´s bag with him and run towards the three. When he arrived he saw a Bagon which was chasing the professor. "Help me and quickly!" professor yelled to Raúl but he wasn´t sure what to do.

"Take a pokéball from my bag!" professor yelled and Raúl put his hand to bag. Indeed there was a pokéball or actually there were three pokéballs and Raúl wasn´t sure which one to choose. He picked the pokéball on top of the others and threw it at ground. The pokéball opened and Torchic came out of it.

Raúl knew what to do with Torchic and he immediately screamed: "Use scratch against that Bagon!"

Torchic started its attack against Bagon but Bagon used headbutt against Torchic. It was clearly stronger than Torchic so Raúl had to change his strategy. "Use growl to lower its attack and after that attack with scratch!"

This time Torchic used all its power and managed to beat Bagon. Bagon was afraid and it decided to run away. They helped professor back to the laboratory where he sat on a chair to rest a bit.

To be continued...

June 28th, 2008, 8:18 AM
To Chihoko: that was a pretty good post there! we are almost ready to move on! Also i still need a trainer card! if you can't find a place to make one go to pokecharms.com
To Pokemon_Master09: ok dude, you are having the same problem that Neo_Pikachu had. you're rushing ahead without permission! 1) I haven't givin anyone their pokemon yet! yet you are already on Route 101 battling someone! that is a big no-no. so edit your post where you are just rescuing Prof. Birch. we will move on from there.
To poisonspark: again you haven't recieved Torchic yet but at least you haven't moved on yet. so just edit out the part where Birch gives you Torchic and you're good.
To Everyone else: all we need is DiegoS to post and we can move on! its not always going to be like this so don't worry!

June 28th, 2008, 8:41 AM
I edited my post but now it is really short.

June 28th, 2008, 8:44 AM
To Pokemon_Master09: i meant you can catch Bagon just Prof. Birch can't formally give him to you yet

June 28th, 2008, 8:46 AM
I am not able to post my start today so I post two tomorrow. I am so busy with my soccer practices today and I am very sorry about it.

June 28th, 2008, 8:50 AM
Zimvee the Bagon was wild and Professor just gave me a Poké Ball to catch it.

June 28th, 2008, 9:07 AM
yes i know that but just catch the thing and then you will see!

June 28th, 2008, 9:15 AM
Ok I put it up to where I catch it.

June 28th, 2008, 3:00 PM
IC: Wow! You guys sure are strong!" Prof. Birch said. "Oh you are the kids who were starting their Pokemon Journey's today! This isn't the place to chat so lets go back to my lab."

Soon the would be trainers and the Pokemon Professor were back in Littleroot in Prof. Birch's lab. "You guys are going to make great Pokemon Trainers! Weird though how rare pokemon attacked me for no reason..." Birch said with frown. "But anyway, for those who used Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip you can keep them as a gift! And for those that caught the Pokemon attacking me, you can have those!"

Suddenly Birch had an idea, "I know! Why don't you guys take these!" Birch reached into a box and pulled out seven red boxes. "These are called Pokedex's." he explained, "Use them to find out about the different specious of Pokemon that reside in Hoenn! Oh and take these too!" Birch handed out five round red and white ball like objects. "These are Pokeballs! Use them to catch Pokemon!" On that note, the seven trainers headed north to Route 101.

Chapter 2: Route 101
OOC: ok here we are the first route! you can pretty much do whatever you want from: Battling trainers, Training your pokemon, finding TMs, Finding Items, and Catching Pokemon! Now i will be grading you guys on your posts. the better the post the better the grade! so for example if your doing a battle post the better it is the higher level gain your pokemon gets! (though i only give out up to four level gains a post). if you want to catch a pokemon though its another story. ALWAYS LEAVE YOUR POST OFF WITH YOU NOT KNOWING IF YOU CAUGHT IT! that is very important! reason why is if the post simply isn't good enough then the pokemon will break free. if its just there you will receive a very low level pokemon ok? PM me if you have any other questions!
Number of Posts: 2 (this means you have two posts to do on Route 101)
Description: a very short route that simply connects Littleroot Town with the outside world. Very woodsey it feels like a place where adventures begin!

Level: 2-3
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Pickup or Gluttony
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common (the rarity system simply means how much better of a post you have to do to get this pokemon, so for a common one it can be average but for a rare one it must be extremlly good)

Level: 2-3
Type: Bug
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Tackle, Stringshot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-3
Type: Dark
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Run Away or Quick Feet
Attacks: Tackle
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon
(OOC: so just make part of your post about getting your pokemon and items and then the rest is up to you!)

June 28th, 2008, 4:17 PM
((OOC: I assumed everyone else left, and referred to them as "others" most of the time.. If they didn’t end up leaving, tell me and I'll edit it out.
On a more random note, practically everything in Pokémon starts with the world "Poke" o_o))

Route 101//.

Sara remained quiet throughout most of the hubbub. If she were to give any response to the Professor, it was mostly either a nod or a muffled "Mm".
The only thing on this young girls mind was adventure. The very thought of it could lull Sara into a deep daydream, from which she wouldn’t want to awake - but this was real. A chance to go out into the world and prove her worth was all she needed, and she'd take it.
Armed with Pokeballs, a Pokedex, and a Pokémon, the new trainer set off into a new journey with the others.

Grass tickled at her feet, as Sara suspected it did to the following trainers to, as they headed through the wooded area on Route 101. It was still morning, but the sun had crept its way further up into the blue abyss; no longer spreading it's orange and yellow, but remaining a bright yellow ball hanging in the sky.
It was still surprisingly cool, not quite what she expected, but this was probably due to the breeze that usually flowed through the area. The wind brought with it smells of distant fruit, Pokémon, and aroma from flowers - enough to add to the natural beauty of nature.

Sara had left the other trainers momentarily to investigate a berry bush, only to find a few Chesto berries.
She muttered a quick "Good." as if congratulating herself on the find.
Shoving 2 of the berries in a small pelt bag at her waist, she stood up to move on.
Or, at least she would have moved on; but a rustling, in the very bush she just plucked the fruit from, was moving.

Startled, as most people would, the girl jumped back and reached for the leather belt at her side - containing her Pokeballs. A few snuffles and mumbles soon ensued, before what appeared to be a small dog stumbled from the foliage.
Although a bit drawn back by the appearance of what frightened her, Sara whipped out her Pokedex to identify the creature.

Upon finding out what it was, the trainer stopped.
"A Poochyena.." Sara enquired to herself, continuing to speak after a pause, "It seems like a good Pokémon to have."
To tell the truth, she didn’t really know what to do, or for that matter, if this find was truly hers. Her eyes darted from side to side quickly, checking for the other trainers; but when not spotting any within a close distance, Sara had made up her mind.
She'd try to capture the Pokémon.

Even though the Poochyena had seen her, its response had merely been to snort, then turn its attention back to the Chesto berry bush - scrounging around for anything left.
Stepping back a few paces, Sara reached for her Electrike's Pokeball before flinging it in the air. While doing so, she attempted to shout something encouraging.
"Electrike, lets go!"

The Pokeball burst open, it's contained red light escaping only to take the form of a small, green and yellow dog. It growled, apparently still not too keen on taking orders, though it stood firm; gazing at the other Pokémon with a longing to battle.
After hearing the ruckus caused by Sara, Poochyena turned around with a mock annoyance pasted on its face. Growling, it ran toward Electrike at full speed in an unmistakable tackle attack.
Well, unmistakable for a trainer.

Sara completely missed the hint, expecting Electrike to do its own thing. Unfortunately, the Poochyena landed a direct hit, knocking her own Pokémon back and to the ground.
"Gah, that wasn’t supposed to happen!" Sara muttered to herself in a truly annoyed tone.
Electrike stood up, shaking its head, before announcing a loud howl at its trainer; most likely a warning of some kind.
"A-alright! Use Thunder Wave!" She commanded, pointing at the now smug Poochyena.
Sara's Pokémon nodded in agreement, and charged forward, emitting a yellow-ish pulse. It, too, landed a direct hit upon contact. The wild Pokémon stumbled back shaking due to paralysis now setting in.
The trainer smiled behind her scarf before quickly realizing she had to catch the Poochyena, lest it escape.

Grasping a Pokeball from her waist, she threw it at the unsuspecting Pokémon, absorbing it in an immediate flash of light. The Pokeball began to shake, and not even Sara knew the outcome.

June 28th, 2008, 5:24 PM
Route 101, Part 1

Marcus raced excitedly from town as soon as Professor Birch had finished his short speech and handed the young trainer a Pokedex and some Pokeballs. With his new Makuhita firmly clipped to his waist and his pack snug around his shoulders Marcus felt every inch a Pokemon Trainer.

As he put a little distance between himself and Littleroot town he slowed from his breakneck pace and began to check out some of the scenery. It was beautiful, full of lush green plants and the sound of happy Pokemon . Marcus contemplated letting his Makuhita out of its Pokeball, it might enjoy the fresh air and he might as well make its acquaintance now. With a quick flick of the wrist, Makuhita appeared in a flash of light, immediately dropping into a guarded stance. The Makuhita's eyes were firmly fixed on Marcus, staring almost acusingly at the new Trainer.

"Hello Makuhita, I'm Marcus!" The boy of course was oblivious to the animosity, smiling widely as he greeted the thickset Pokemon."I don;t think I like calling you Makuhita though...hmm... How about Jet?" The newly dubbed Jet had no reaction to this impromptu naming ceremony, still content with glaring at his Trainer. "Alright Jet it is!" Marcus almost beamed as he made the proclamation, he then began to talk to Jet about his goals and dreams and how Jet fit in to them all. Jet listened to the non-stop chatter for a while, eventually though he grew a bit bored of the excited eleven year old and wandered over to a patch of grass to sulk.

"...And then...uh? Jet um... what are you doing?" The pokemon gave no response, morosely plucking a strand of grass. "Alright... well we should get a move on anyways if we don't want to get left behind!" The youngster rebounded quickly and began to once again talk the Makuhita's ear off as they walked down Route 101. That is of course until a wild Zigzagoon burst onto the path in front of them.

"Oh, wow a Pokemon!" Marcus almost squealed as he reached for a Pokeball, "lets show it what we're made of Jet!" The makuhita gave Marcus an almost incredulous look before resentfully walking out to engage the normal-type. The Zigzagoon immediately stiffened as it saw the fighting type, it was covered in berry juice obviously foraging when it had the misfortune to run into the fledgling pair.

"Alright Jet, use sand-attack on the Zigzagoon!" Marcus ordered as he almost danced to to attempt to hide his excitement. This was awesome!

Jet gave the ground a half-hearted kick, blowing a tiny amount of sand towards the Zigzagoon who brushed it away with its spiky tail. The two Pokemon immediately began to circle each other, Jet's reluctance to follow his trainer temporarily superseded by his love of battle. The Pokemon began to trade Tackle attacks, Marcus loudly cheering his Makuhita on in the background.

"Really good Jet, now fin...AHHHHHH!" Marucs' sentence ended in a scream and Jet immediately sought to identify what had injured the boy. He was shocked to see a Poochyena viciously biting Marcus' leg, lodged on hard enough to prevent being shaken off. Jet abandoned his battle with the Zigzagoon, rushing to his trainers aid by tackling the Poochyena. Marcus fell to the ground crying, his leg running with blood as Jet kept attacking the tenacious Poochyena. Finally it had enough and retreated as Jet growled after it.

As Jet turned towards Marcus to see what the damage was, he found his trainer already disinfecting the wound and winding a large white bandage around the area. Luckily the cut appeared superficial, the Jeans had caught the worst of it. Marcus just smiled as his eyes began to dry, "Guess I have to pay better attention huh?" Jet just nodded at the boy, feeling at least a bit of respect for him. Perhaps this journey wasn't such a bad thing after all.

"Alright," Marcus said as he dusted off his pants and stood up, "Well, the Zigzagoon ran away so I guess for now its just you and me Jet. Lets keep our eyes open though, the sooner we get a team the better." The Makuhita just nodded in confirmation as they continued down Route 101.

June 28th, 2008, 6:39 PM
The Rivalry Battle

After getting permission from his mom to go on his Pokémon journey, Alex started up to route 101. He took out his Poké Ball and let out Bagon so it can walk by his side. Then he heard someone cry out his name.

"ALEX!"cried a voice. Alex turned around saw Harrison!

"Harrison what are you doing here?"asked Alex confused.

"Alex I want a battle right now! A one on one. Your Bagon versus my ultamite Pokémon!" commanded Harrison.

"Well...uh... ok. Bring it on. Go Bagon!" said Alex nervously. Bagon ran up in front of Alex eagar for its first Pokémon Battle. Alex check Bagon Poké Dex data to find out its attacks. "Ok so your attacks are Bite and Rage. Bring it on Harrison!" said Alex all pumped up for his battle.

"Ok you asked for it. Go Trapinch!" yelled Harrison. He threw his Poké Ball and out came a Orange ant-like Pokémon. Alex pointed his Poké Dex at it.

"Trapich the Ant Pit Pokémon. It is a Ground Pokémon. It makes a conical pit in desert sand and lies in and waits at the bottom for prey to come tumbling down." informed Dexter.

"Ok a ground Pokémon is weak to grass,water,and ice. Since Bagon is neither I'm just going to have to attack it with everything. Bagon use bite attack!"commanded Alex.

Bagon took off running to Trapinch and tried to bit him but he jumped up just in time.

"Trapinch good dodge, now try and bite it." commanded Harrison. The orange figure ran as fast as its 4 legs could carry it. It jumped up and headed to Bagon and bit it.

"Bagon use Rage!"shouted Alex. Bagon got its grip from the attack and turned all red. It was on a rage. It ran to Trapinch and bashed it as hard as he could.

BAM!!!! The impact sent Trapinch flying atleast 15 feet.

"Bagon do it again and finish it!" yelled Alex. Bagon, still in a rage, started running again and headed towards Trapinch. When Bagon was 1 foot away from Trapinch it dodged the headbash by jumping. Then Trapinch raced towards Bagon after it stopped and looked around for Trapinch confused. Trapinch bit Bagon and got a direct suprise hit. Bagon turned around and tackled him while still on a rage.

Trapinch again went flying but this time about 20 feet! The weak Orange creature struggled to get up and couldn't no more. It fainted.

"Good job Bagon!"said Alex. He ran to Bagon and hugged him. He congradulated Bagon and then went with Harrison to check on him and his Trapinch. "Is Trapinch ok?"asked Alex.

"Yeah I guess he'll be alright. You were awesome on your first battle." replied Harrison.

"Well thanks. You were too." responded Alex. "Well I'll be going on."

"Wait Alex, give me your Poké Gear number so I can call you for a rematch someday," said Harrison. The two boys exchanged Gear numbers and went on their separate ways.

To be Continued
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June 28th, 2008, 9:12 PM
To Sayaira: excellent post! you're all set for part two!
You found 2 Chesto Berries!
You caught a Female Lv. 3 Poochyena!
To Zore: wow. excellent interaction with Jet!
Jet grew to Level 7!
Jet learned Arm Thrust!
To Pokemon_Master09: that was a good battle post!
Bagon grew to Level 6!

The Bringer!
June 28th, 2008, 10:11 PM
Neaken felt awkward while walking out to route 101. He new he should feel ecstatic about the fact that he was able to catch a pokemon, even if it was by accident, yet he felt nothing. He walked with his face to the ground, thinking about the current events that had transpired, his new pokemon, and his adventure beginning. Maybe sending out... um... what was it called again... oh yeah, whismur, would help. Feeling embarrassed that he couldn't even remember his new partners name, he sent out the spherical, pink pokemon and watched as it materialized from the red glow from the scratched up pokeball.

"Whiswhimur." it said in a bearly audible voice. Neaken was surprised by the contrast of his new partners voice to how it had been when using uproar.

"So whemmur, how do you feel right now?" he asked. Wait thats not right, it's not whemmur, it's rismer, no. What was it called again. Neaken decided to take out his pokedex to check. "Ok, so you're whismur, well you know what, I'm gonna call you Ears," Neaken decided at last. At least he could remember that name. After realizing he was going so slow that everyone else was ahead of him he began to go at a faster pace until he reached the part where there was enough tall grass to support a population of pokemon. Lets see what Ears can do, first pokemon I find I'll start a fight with. Just then Neaken noticed a rather large Zigzagoon that was at least twice the size as Ears. Well, next pokemon I see not counting this one. After spotting a wurmple about to have a nice snack of oran berries, Neaken ordered his whismur to attack the red and white grub like pokemon.

"Ok, Ears attack that wurmple with a pound." Neaken found that giving a nickname to his pokemon had helped greatly in giving it commands. As Ears launched himself at the unsuspecting worm pokemon it turned around with a sleepy expression on its face only to get hit full on with a pound. However, instead of attacking back it simply ran into the bushes as fast as its stubby legs could carry it.

"Hey, um... what are you doing?" Neaken began to ask the pokemon even thought it was obviously not listening. "Get back here, or I'll, I'll, I'll chase you!" he ended this phrase somewhat lamely.

"Come on Ears, I guess we'll have to chase this guy down." As the pair walked through the brush they saw the injured wurmple with a small boy leaning over it. Neaken explained to the trainer that he was trying to battle that pokemon when it ran away, but realized something was very wrong as the young boys face began to turn a bright red.


Just as Neaken was about to answer, he heard something that did not help to brighten his mood. "Whis, Whim, Whisim, WHISMURMURMUR WHISMUR!" It seemed Ears did not take to well to the trainer yelling at Neaken. After both Neaken and the trainer tried to stop the pokemon from crying for a few earsplitting minutes it finally ended in a tied out Ears and two half deaf trainers. When they finally were able to hear again it was a bit strange.

"So... about that battle..." the other trainer said in a quiet voice. "I suppose we should start on that."

"Yeah, I guess so." replied Neaken. As the trainers got to a suitable clearing for the battle the young trainer, who's name was later revealed to be Glen, send out a nincada. Neaken responded by sending out his whismur.

"Ears, start this battle of with pound." Neaken said in a monotone voice. The nincada countered this with harden, greatly reducing the damage. The battle went on more or less the same. Ears was sending badly aimed pounds every which way, where as the nincada was skillfully blocking with harden and leech-lifeing away the damage of the few pounds that connected.

"Just give up, if you keep comanding your pokemon with the spirit of a garden hose you won't get anything done!" taunted Glen. Fine then, if he wants spirit I'll give him spirit. Not from me of course, but Ears will work just fine.

"Ears, it's time for our trump card, use your uproar." Neaken said calmly. If today showed anything, it showed that even if Ears is quiet more often than not, he has a mean uproar. As Ears begain wailing louder and louder, the nincada was unable to rely on harden. This proved to be very helpful, as Glen's nincada is not so great on the offense and ended up fainting from the onslaught of uproars.

"Ack, nincada come om, get up!" said Glen with vigor, but it was not to be, and Glen consented defeat to Neaken. Neaken replied that Glen had given him a good first battle, and the should battle again if they ever run into each other. As Neaken went in the opposite direction of glen, he decided that he should be more like Ears. I may be quite, but it's about time I start not being quiet ALL the time. With the feeling of no emotion from earlier gone, he began to run ahead with Ears.

"Come on Ears, lets see if that zigzagoon from before is still there!"

June 29th, 2008, 3:58 AM
The Start

While walking with other six trainers towards to Route 101 Cordic wasn´t able to think anything other than the first battle with his own pokémon.

When they had walked for a moment or two they started to hear voices from the Route 101 where professor was supposed to wait them. It was clear that everything wasn´t alright.

A moment later they spotted professor Birch sitting in a three while Bagon, Makuhita, Whismur and Electrike was trying to attack against him. His bag was lying on the grass and no one didn´t know what to do.

"Help me and quickly before this three falls down!" Birch screamed and everyone started to act. Four trainers started to distract the wild pokémon and the rest of the crew took three pokéballs from Birch´s bag. Cordic was one of those.

"Come out pokémon!" Cordic yelled when he threw his pokéball up into air. A Mudkip came out of the pokéball and cutely took its fighting stance.

Even Cordic hadn´t ever had a pokébattle he knew what to do next. "Use Tackle against those wild pokémons!" Cordic shouted to Mudkip and it obeyed immediately.

It was clear that four wild pokémons was far more stronger than a Mudkip but still Mudkip was able to faint two of them just by itself. Also Treecko and Torchic helped a lot and when they was going to flee of professor Birch shouted from the three: "Don´t let them go! Just try to catch them! There should be still four pokéballs in my bag!"

Everyone did exactly the way they was told to. They took the pokéballs out of the bag and catched those four wild pokémons and after that they helped professor Birch back to the ground. They wasn´t sure would they be attack against repeatedly so they kept their starters out from their pokéballs.

When they finally arrived to the laboratory they helped Birch so he could sit on a chair and catch his breath again. For a while everyone talked and discussed about what had happened but Cordic didn´t like to join to the conversation.

Soon professor Birch started to tell what he was doing on that Route and everyone stopped talking and started to listen. He told that we handled the situation so well that he liked to give us our own pokémons.

He said that those who had used starters would get the starter they had used against those wild pokémons. Cordic smiled but only for a while and he glad that he got Mudkip. It also seemed that Mudkip had accepted him as its trainer by rubbing its head against Cordic´s leg. When no one weren´t listening Cordic whispered to Mudkip: "You are so cool!" and Mudkip obviously felt the exact same way about Cordic.

After Birch had handed five pokéballs and a pokédex to every trainer he told them to start their own journey and head back to Route 101 where they would meet other trainers, fight and catch against other wild pokémons.

Battle against gigantic Wurmple

When Cordic arrived to Route 101 he started to look new wild pokémons so he could train his Mudkip. There was wild Poochyenas, Zigzagoons and Wurmples all over the grassy area and he wasn´t able to decide which one to fight against.

When he finally had decided which one to fight against happened something weird. All pokémons fleed away from the Route 101 except one. It was a gigantic Wurmple and it was attacking against other wild pokémons like a maniac. It was much more stronger and faster and bigger than others but Cordic didn´t mind about that.

He decided to fight against and he didn´t care if he wouldn´t win the battle. "Hey Wurmple! Come over here!" Cordic yelled to Wurmple and at first it didn´t pay attention to him. At the second time when Cordic yelled it turned over and started its rampage.

Finally Mudkip had an opponent that was thougher than it but Cordic was sure he would be able to beat this Wurmple. "Use Tackle against it but dodge its String shoot!"

Wurmple used its String shoot but Mudkip was faster and dodged it. After that it used Tackle which made Wurmple to turn over on its back. Now was time to but end this battle but when Mudkip was attacking with Tackle against it Wurmple rolled over and used String Shoot. It hitted into its target and Mudkip couldn´t move because of the sticky string.

"Try to wave yourself out of the string!" Cordic yelled to Mudkip but it was too late. Wurmple´s attack hitted the target and next one was coming already.

"Wave yourself when Wurmple is near you!" Cordic commanded and Mudkip worked the exact way it was told to. Wurmple got stuck in to its own string and wasn´t able to move or attack. Mudkip used one more Tackle and Wurmple was fainted. Now was the time to throw pokéball but when it hitted at Wurmple evn Cordic wasn´t sure how everything would end.

June 29th, 2008, 7:45 AM
((OOC: Thanks Zim :} I'll update my trainer card after I post again.
I'm placing the post that I caught "zee pooch" before Zore's Jet battled with the Zigzagoon and the Poochyena.
Meaning? This one will be somewhere after he got hurt))

Way To Oldale town//.

Sara left Electrike out of his Pokeball for the simple reason of protection. Even though the creatures in this area were weak, they could still cause damage.
This very thought proved correct when a melancholy scream chocked the air; awakening Sara from her daydream of success (it involved her Poochyena defeating a Metagross on more than one occasion).. The girl then turned to the direction of the sound with a look of concern; this expression didn’t last long though, and soon changed to reflect a hint of annoyance.
"A Zigzagoon probably got a thorn stuck in its paw," she stated blatantly, "I dont think it’s much of a problem."

Though Electrike didn’t seem so sure. He continued to stare in the direction of the noise with eyes intent of seeking out the truth.
Without another word, Sara shook her head and traveled on the same course of his gaze. Electrike soon following in tow.

To get to the area in question, more than one of the small ridges had to be jumped, and many trees had to be violated of their privacy.
Flower petals streamed down from the sky like rain carried on the wind, before falling quietly on the ground; or to Sara's dismay, in her hair and scarf.
Upon reaching their destination, the trainer and Electrike stepped out from beneath a tree to seek out the disturbance. However both found nothing but a boy with bloody jeans and a rather perturbed looking Makuhita.

June 29th, 2008, 8:12 AM
Battle against little Minamo

It is time to say good bye to Littleroot town. Raúl thought while he walked with his Torchic towards to Route 101. When he finally arrived to the sign post where Route 101 would start he decided to give one more look to Littleroot town and leave then. It was far more painfull than he had ever thought but he had to continue.

When he had walked a while in Route 101 he arrived to a fully open meadow where was lots of wild pokémons. Poochyenas playing with each other, Zigzagoons picking the ground and trying to find food and Wurmples hanging from three branches ans eating leaves. Everything was so beautiful and Raúl decided to take a brake under a giant three near the edge of the forest. Even Torchic was happy and enthusiastic to meet new pokémons.

Raúl watched how Torchic sniffed colourful flowers and how it started to play with Zigzagoons. It was a great day but suddenly Raúl spotted a weird looking girl just across the meadow sitting under a three just like he.

Who might she be? Would she like to train with me? I´d better go to ask. Raúl thought while he didn´t notice that his Torchic was already gone to make friends. Before Raúl had even stepped up the girl was already coming towards him carrying Torchic who looked very satisfied.

"So this is your Torchic. It is really cool." the girl said with a smile on her face. "Yeh. It truly is mine." Raúl answered pretty rigidly but the girl just continued saying: "I am Minamo and I have to say that you´ve raised your Torchic really well. Would you like to battle againts me?"

"Yes of course I´d like." Raúl said and his eyes strated to glimmer. They headed at the center of the meadow and started their battle furiously. Even Minamo was really short her pokémons were even stronger.

"Use Scratch against her Wurmple but don´t let it hit you with its String Shoot!" Raúl commanded his Torchic. Torchic obeyed and tried to dodge Wurmple´s String Shoot but Wurmple was too quick for it.

Torchic wasn´t able to move because its leg all over the string and Wurmple was able to use Tackle against Torchic. "Use Scratch to get the string of and dodge." Raúl yelled. Torchic used Scratch and got free and managed to dodge Wurmple´s attack.

Wurmple´s speed was too fast and it wasn´t able to halt and crashed against a three. "Use Scratch now when it is not moving!" Raúl yelled and Torchic´s attack made it trough. Wurmple was fainted but now he had to fight against Zigzagoon, Minamo´s second pokémon.

This time he had to be careful because even Torchic had won Wurmple it had also lost a lot of power. "Use Scratch but dodge its attacks and keep your distance so it can´t hit you so easily!" Raúl commanded and Torchic worked as it was told to.

Torchic dodged every attack that Zigzagoon tried to use but it started to be exchausted and its moves were far more slowlier. Torchic managed to hit Zigzagoon few times but also Zigzagoons attacks made it trough.

"Zigzagoon use Tackle with all your powers!" Minamo screamed. And Zigzagoon started its assault. Raúl had to think quickly If i use only Scratch Torchic might lose but if I just make it use Growl Zigzagoon´s attack hits and I lose anyway! Now I know!

It was clear what he had to do. "Listen to me Torchic! When Zigzagoon is enough close use Growl and dodge its attack!" Raúl yelled and Torchic looked pretty skeptical but it decided to follow Raúl´s orders.

"Now!!" Raúl yelled and Torchic used Growl at the same time when it dodged Zigzagoon´s attack. Now was time for the final attack.

"It´s time to end this! Use Scratch Torchic!" Raúl yelled and Torchic´s attack made it trough and Zigzagoon was fainted.

After the battle Minamo didn´t look sad at all which confused Raúl a little bit. "Why are you so happy even though you lost?" Raúl asked and Minamo smiled when she aswered: "It isn´t all about winning and loosing. The best thing is to share the battle with your pokémon and feel the connection between you and it." Finally Raúl understood and even he started to smile but just for a while.

When Minamo had gone to home Raúl and Torchic decided to continue their travel in Route 101 seeking even stronger trainers and catching new pokémons. It sure was a great day!

To be continued...

June 29th, 2008, 8:24 AM
To Mr. Person: that was a good battle post and great interaction with ears! you're all set for part two!
Ears grew to Level 8!
To DiegoS: that was a decent post. just for future reference its String Shot ok?
Mudkip grew to Level 6!
Mudkip learned Mud-slap!
I still need a trainer card!!
To Sayaira: its good that you're trying to do character interaction between everyone but this RP moves at a very fast pace so if you can get to Oldale and finish oldale in your next post that would be good.
To poisonspark: good battle post but again its String Shot! (unless its like that in other places in the world. if its String Shoot somewhere else my bad!)
Torchic grew to Level 8!
Torchic learned Focus Energy!

June 29th, 2008, 8:32 AM
Well in Finland we use to say it String Shoot but it truly is String Shot. It is just a bad habit...I try to get rid of it... :D So what are we going to do next?

June 29th, 2008, 8:34 AM
well you have one more post on route 101 then oldale which will be up later

June 29th, 2008, 8:36 AM
I was just wondering did I catch that Wurmple or not? :D

June 29th, 2008, 8:46 AM
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I'll do so when Zore responds))

June 29th, 2008, 8:46 AM
To DiegoS: oh i didn't know if you wanted it...
Lv. 4 male Wurmple you caught!

June 29th, 2008, 9:38 AM
Too connected

After Raúl and Torchic had spent their night at the Forest they decided to continue towards Oldale town where was the nearest Pokécenter. They didn´t know what they were going to get into.

Few hundred meters before Oldale town a Zigzagoon jumped out from the bushes and started attacking against Torchic but suddenly it fainted. Everything wasn´t all right and Raúl knew it so he decided to help this buddy.

It was clear that this Zigzagoon hadn´t got any food or water for days so Raúl decided to look some Oran berries with Torchic. Finally they found few Oran berries and Raúl mixed them into the food that they were giving to Zigzagoon. Even Raúl was pretty worried about Zigzagoon he was more worried of his Torchic who was really crushed on to that Zigzagoon. Torchic did everything to help it out but even Raúl wasn´t sure would Zigzagoon make it trough the night.

Finally the morning had become and when Raúl woke up he didn´t saw Zigzagoon anywhere. Torchic was really worried about it and they decided to look around where it could be but they couldn´t find it. Zigzagoon had gone away and Torchic was really angry for him.

Raúl and Torchic started walking towards Oldale town because they didn´t have anything to do. After they had walked for a while or two they finally arrived to the sign post that separated Route 101 and Oldale town but when they was going to move on that same Zigzagoon jumped right infront of them.

Torchic attacked furiously against Zigzagoon with its Scratch but obviously Zigzagoon didn´t want to fight. This time it had fell in love to Torchic and it wasn´t going to give up but unfortunately Torchic wasn´t crushed on it anymore. "Try to use Focus Energy to boost your strenght!" Raúl commanded and Torchic tried it out. When it attacked against Zigzagoon again it was stronger and this time it managed to faint Zigzagoon.

When Raúl threw a pokéball at this Zigzagoon he wasn´t sure would he catch it or not but at least he had finally arrived to the Oldale town.

To be continued...

June 29th, 2008, 10:19 AM
Marcus glanced up as a rustling sound betrayed something's approach. He glanced at Jet who shrugged and looked back up just in time to see one of the new trainers, Sara Marcus vaguely recalled, and her Elecktrike. He had been impressed with her remarkable performance under pressure earlier,l the fact she had caught her Electrike before he'd even moved was amazing.

He noticed her staring as his rent jeans and he sheepishly scratched the back of his head. Jet was glaring at the newcomers with derision, snorting at the Electrike as he waddled over towards it.

"Hey! Your one of the new trainers too! I'm Marcus," Marcus began when it was clear the girl wasn't going to open the lines of communication, "Just got my leg messed up by a Poochyena while Jet here was battling a Zigzagoon." Marcus smiled goofily, this whole adventure had been great fun so far.

The Bringer!
June 29th, 2008, 11:56 AM
While the excitement of before had worn out some, Neaken was still glad that he and Ears were friends now. The light pink pokemon had been released from it's scratched up pokeball and was now trotting beside it's new trainer. Ears looked up at her trainer and saw that he was grabbing 2 pecha berries and an oran from a bush. When he started walking again Ears followed suit, plodding along a little behind him. Suddenly her trainer stopped and Ears bumped into him. Ears was startled by the impact, but she tried to control her voice and just let out a little murmur. She seemed to be able to control her abilities more ever since she had fought that nincada. She looked to see what had stopped her trainer and saw a huge zigzagoon. Ears let out another little murmur in fright, this thing must be at least as big as her trainer. She checked just to make sure and saw that her trainer was still bigger, this made her feel a bit better.

"Ears, you feel up to battling this zigzagoon, right?" Ears' trainer asked her. Now Ears was really frightened, but she decided that her trainer would help her take it down just like the nincada. She got in a fighting stance and murmured her agreement.

"Whurmurmurmur." she replied softly. As her trainer commanded her to pound the large, scarred, and salivating monster of a zigzagoon. Unfortunately, this zigzagoon new of Ears' presence and launched itself in Ears' direction. Ears wanted to get out of the way, but waited for her trainers command in case he wanted her to do something else.

"Sidestep to the right Ears." her trainer responded with surprising calmness. Ears was glad he didn't shout like other trainers they had passed by, shouting makes her scared and cry. She sidestepped to the right with a little difficulty but managed. She thought she was out of danger of the tackle now, but the zigzagoon turned around and bashed it with ease.

"Whisurim!" Ears cried out in pain, that zigzagoon was huge and it's tackles hurt! She wanted to run, she wanted to keep walking with her master, but instead she was fighting a zigzagoon twice her size. Her trainer ordered her to uproar in his calm voice, even though this time it seemed it was more urgent sounding. Ears new she should listen to him, sure she wanted to run, but she also wanted to help this nice trainer who had caught her and been nice to her.

"WHISMURMUR!" Ears screeched with her uproar attack. The zigzagoon tried to escape the blast ratio, but was struck by the attack. It tried to growl to reduce the attack power, but Ears' ability soundproof blocked the attack that would have hindered her strength. She continued her uproar, but the snarling zigzagoon took the attack and raced torward Ears who was unable to defend during the uproar. She was near fainting, she wanted to keep going, but it was so hard.

"Ears, don't faint on me now!" Neaken was worried for the first time in this battle. He quickly tossed his only oran berry to Ears who barely had the energy to eat it. Upon consumption the whismur was howling louder than ever and was standing on her feet again. the zigzagoon was surprised by the sudden noise and was knocked back mid tackle. Using a futile growl attempt, it was downed by the screaming pokemon. The fainted zigzagoon slowly dragged itself into the bushes to recover from it's loss. Ears was just sitting in the spot where she had been during the uproar. When Neaken checked he saw that she was sleeping from being so worn out from the two consecutive battles. I might have been a little hard on Ears during that battle. I really should be getting to the pokemon center.

Neaken walked into the sleepy little town of Oldale whith Ears in her pokeball. Neaken went up to the Pokemon Center and walked in to heal his tired out battler. When he left the center with Ears still in her pokeball he was in his usual state of walking around with his head facing the ground. Ears deserves a rest, so I'll just take a break to. Then he accidentally bumped into some guy in a blue outfit.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was just-" Neaken was cut of by the person who was smiling with a grin that could only be described as insane.

"Hi, I work at the Poke Mart." the strange person replied.

"Well, thats nice and all, but I have to-" Neaken was once again cut of by the person who was obviously not normal.

"Can't I get you to come with me?" the person continued. Neaken wondered what kind of place this person must have escaped from. Somewhere with soft white wall, I bet. After dragging Neaken over to the Poke Mart with that same deranged smile on his face, he continued his rant in a voice that any sane person would know to go in the opposite direction of.

"This is a Poke Mart. Just look for the blue roof," the strange man continued.

"Yes, I'm aware of-" Neaken decided to just give up talking to this guy. I guess I just have to hope he is over soon.

"We sell a variety of goods including Pokeballs for catching pokemon," the mans smile seemed to get even wider, which Neaken thought could not have been physically possible. "Here, I'd like you to have this as a promotional item!" The man practically screamed. He then handed Neaken a potion.

"A potion can be used anytime, so it's even more useful than a Pokemon Center in certain situations." He said with a almost toothless smile that looked very un-human. Before Neaken could respond the strange man ran in the other direction shouting to another potential victom. Well at least I have a potion for Ears...

June 29th, 2008, 12:00 PM
Sara's stare must have been intimidating. Because she didn’t talk much, many of her emotions were portrayed through her eyes and facial expressions. What was being expressed at this time was a mild mix of empathy and annoyance; not at the fact that he was annoying (if he was at all), but more at how he had been hurt so early in the adventure.

Her Pokémon, however, had no such luck of getting a warm welcome. Returning the Makuhita's gaze, Electrike shot back a look of disdain. Walking forward a few steps, he then took a defensive stance with his back arched and teeth showing. The Pokémon was obviously not sure whether to make Jet a friend or foe.

"Marcus," Sara pondered to herself, "the boy with the Makuhita."
She, too, slightly remembered this trainer. He was the one who took advantage of the fact that Makuhita was distracted to capture his Pokémon.

Though Marcus seemed younger than her, they were both close to the same height; with personalities and styles that appeared to be quite different.

"We should be heading for the next town," Sara announced after a pause, before walking off in general direction of the area she described.
Though she didn’t look back, the trainer could almost feel the presence of both their Pokémon and Marcus himself in tow.

((OOC: Sorry for taking control of your character in my last paragraph. o3o
I wanted to help move things along a bit.
Hopefully that doesnt bother you.))

June 30th, 2008, 10:52 AM
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June 30th, 2008, 2:28 PM
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June 30th, 2008, 3:44 PM
To poisonspark: that was an...interesting post to say the least.
You caught a Male Lv. 3 Zigzagoon!
To Zore and Sayaira: yeah while i like character interaction it caused too short of posts and makes us go slower...if you guys are serious about interacting with each other please plan it out with each other!
To Mr. Person: while you did rush ahead just a bit thats ok! cause you really gave a good reaction to the Pokemart guy!
Ears grew to Level 10!
You found a Potion!

Chapter 3: Oldale Town
(OOC: ok all you guys have to do here is simply nothing. you can buy items and heal your pokemon but thats it! no battling at all! and no catching pokemon.)
Number of Posts: 1
Description: a town not much bigger than Littleroot, it is known as a backwoods kinda town. However it is known for its passing through of new trainers.

Areas of Interest:
Pokemon Center: a building with a red roof that heals your pokemon for free and gives free lodging to trainers!
Pokemart: a building with a blue roof that has basic supplies for trainers
Items: Potion, Antidote, Parlyze Heal, and Awakining

July 1st, 2008, 6:22 AM
Crashing Ruth

When Raúl was walking with his pokémons in Oldale town he was stunned from surprise. Even he had been earlier in Oldale town he hadn´t seen these trainers before and neither their pokémons.

There were pokémons that were bigger than Raúl and also pokémons that were able to stand on his hand but Torchic and Zigzagoon were more likely afraid than excited. They hadn´t ever meet these pokémons and Raúl decided to take them to Pokécenter where would be a bit more silence.

Finally Raul arrived into Pokécenter but when he was going to step in someone rushed out and crashed into him. "You should truly look were you are going." Raúl said when he stood up and he was shocked. It was one of his rivals named Ruth.

"So you are finally here after all. I tought that it would take at least a year from you to arrive here!" Ruth laughed and her voice full of cold "You should drop it of because you can´t ever beat me. You have just Torchic and some pathetic Zigzagoon." she continued and started laughing again.

Raúl was really angry but he managed to control his anger but because Ruth didn´t stop teasing him he decided to leave the building after he had left his pokémons to Nurse Joy to take care of.

While he had walked a while towards the Pokémart he started thinking about what Ruth had said to him and he got furious and even more confident that he could beat her. When he had finally arrived to the Pokémart he stepped in and was going to buy some pokéballs, potions and other important things.

"Whaaat!? There´s not a single one left here!" Raúl yelled when he had heard that there were no pokéballs or anything else left to sell. "There were a swarm of Seedots and as you might know they are pretty rare ones over here." sailsman said to Raúl and went to talk with a other customer.

I have only four pokéballs left and I really gotta think which pokémons I will catch. What a Seedot might look like? Raúl was thinking when Ruth crashed into him again. "Oh my head! You should really start looking around where you are runnig or do you want to settle this right here and now!" Raúl yelled while he was at the same time rubbing his forehead.

"Well that´s a wonderful idea Raúl. Let´s fight right away then." Ruth answered and continued: "Why are you looking me that way?"
"I haven´t retrieved my pokémons yet." Raúl said and he was really embarrased.

"Well in that case I just have to continue seeking for that swarm of Seedots because they aren´t waiting!" Ruth announced and started running away forward from Oldale town.

Raúl started walking again and he didn´t feel as good as when he had arrrived into Oldale town. He was angry but in the same time he wanted to continue his journey so Ruth wouldn´t get so much ahead of him.

When he arrived to the Pokécenter Nurse Joy gave him his pokémons and insisted that he would stay over night. "After all it wasn´t save to walk at night when there are lots of trainers out there." Nurse Joy was said a little bit too motherly way and Raúl decided to accept this offer and went to sleep.

It was already morning and Raúl was alreaydy awake and ready continue his journey but he wasn´t sure which way he should take.

To be continued...

July 1st, 2008, 9:06 AM
Don´t mess with Poochyenas

The sun was arising behind Cordic and it seemed to be an another great day on my way to Oldale town. The more far way Cordic was from Littleroot town the hungrier he was getting and it was time to find some food.

"Come out Mudkip and you too Wurmple!" Cordic yeled when he called his pokémons to help searching some food. Hours passed by and they all felt even hungrier when they hadn´t managed to find any food. Finally when Cordic was really going to give up Wurmple and Mudkip noticed a big apple three just ahead of them.

"Mudkip use your Tackle to the three and try to drop few apples for all of us!" Cordic commanded and Mudkip did exact way as it was told to. Suddenly something black Tackled Mudkip down and stopped right infront of the three. There were two puppy Poochyenas and they were protecting their territory.

Cordic didn´t care even they were on Poochyenas territory. He cared only about his pokémons and his stomach and that Poochyena duo had made him even angrier than earlier and they were going to feel the rage of hungry trainer. It was Cordic´s first double battle and he started to be thrilled.

"Use Mud-Slap Mudkip and use Tackle Wurmple!" Cordic yelled and everything seemed to work out. Then suddenly both of the poochyenas stopped in the middle of the battle and started to use Howl. They gained even stronger and now Cordic was in trouble. Despite the situation Cordic was able to think fastly and keep his head cold all the time.

"Use String Shot Wurmple when Poochyena is really close to you. Use Growl Mudkip when the other Poochyena start to run towards you and dodge after that!" Cordic commanded and both pokémons followed those orders. String Shot managed to hit to Poochyena and it was unable to attack and the second Poochyena missed its attack and crashed into a three near by.

"Mudkip and Wurmple use double Tackle to those Poochyenas before they start attack again!" Cordic yelled. When both Tackles hitted into Poochyenas they flew to over and crashed over into the big apple three. The crash caused all the apples to fall down and Poochyenas to flee away.

After Cordic had picked and eated few apples with his pokémons he decided to continue but when they had walked for a minute or two they started to hear some growling and steps behind them. Those two Poochyenas hadn´t ran away they had gone to get some help and now Cordic was chased by a swarm of angry Poochyenas and Mightyenas. He didn´t had any other choice than ran trought the forest and when the swarm left Cordic alone he noticed that he had arrived into Oldale town finally.


July 1st, 2008, 9:13 AM
((OoC: Sorry about that Zimvee >_< Hopefully this post isn’t too short.
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Sara had said good-bye to Marcus, and spent the night at a nearby Pokémon center. Not only letting herself rest, but her Pokémon to; which were comfortably sleeping out of their Poke Balls at the foot of her bed. While they might have been enjoying their dreams, the night for their trainer was an unpleasant one.
Images of forest fires and tsunamis came flooding to Sara in a nightmare; both caused by giant creatures fighting for power, towering above the trees and mountains. They both let out catastrophic roars, which seemed to shake the earth to its core. Unnamed trainers sent out their Pokémon to try and stop the beasts, but all attempts ended in failure. Any hope of picking out specific sounds was quickly masked by the overall scheme of chaos.

Though the dream didn’t end up disturbing Sara all that much, she awoke anyway - deciding that filling up her stomach was more important than fantasies.
Arising from the bed, she brushed her hair then changed into her normal attire of a gray shirt, tanned red pants, sandals, and an overly large scarf - which covered her mouth.

The Pokémon center looked like any other. What with whitewashed walls, cheap white tiles, and pokeball crown-moldings, it could easily be mistaken for any other center across the region.
Sara attempted to lighten her footsteps, as the clinking her sandals made against the floor could mistakenly awaken some of the other guests.
Passing a potted plant and entering the lobby, the trainer snatched 3 apples for a quick breakfast for her and her Pokémon, then returned to the room.

"Here, eat these." Sara threw 2 of the fruit onto the bed, arousing both Poochyena and Electrike from slumber. Not that it was just her that did it, though. Light from early morning had seeped through the curtains, which made it harder for anything to possibly remain asleep.
Annoyed at their slow response, the trainer drew back the drapes to let in the full force of the sun's beams. Already finished with her apple, Sara fastened a bag to her waist, hoping that both Pokémon would be finished eating by then.


((OOC: Because its morning, I'm going to say the Pokemart had stocked up on Pokeballs since Raúl had been there.. I plan to buy some))

Walking out of the Pokémon Center, Sara stretched; her back stiff from sleeping on an uncomfortable bed. However, the pain was quickly replaced by a sense of awe.
Though it was still early, the sun had crept its way further up the mountains, spreading its warmth and brightness farther then before. Because of this, the buildings cast long shadows across the ground, giving the impression that they were taller then they actually were.

Having returned Poochyena to her Pokeball, it reminded Sara to stock up on a few items before departing. This required a trip to the local Pokemart; which she headed towards with Electrike in tow.

The door to the shop burst open, revealing the young trainer to the store clerk. He looked up from what he was doing, and clumsily greeted the traveler.
"H-hello, how may I help you?"
It was obvious he was going through puberty, as his voice had more cracks in it then the Grand Canyon.
"2 potions and 2 Pokeballs." Sara said, stating her needs as she walked toward the front desk.

Upon receiving the order, the clerk turned around to rummage through some goods, appearing a few seconds later with the items in question.
"T-that'll be 1000 Pokedollars please."
Sara took the Pokeballs and Potions, replacing them with the money required in his hand before exiting the shop.

Electrike had waited for her outside, and barked at his trainer's arrival.
"Lets go." She stated blandly, and walked in the direction of the next route.

The Bringer!
July 1st, 2008, 11:29 AM
(OOC: It's not that important, but I also got two pecha berries at the begging of the last post I made.)

Neaken got up from the bed he had been sleeping in at the Pokemon Center. Yesterday came rushing back to his mind in bits and pieces of memories in no particular order. It's kinda early, but I might as well get a head start on things. As he walked down the stairs he passed by someone who apparently was also dressed and ready to go. Neaken was not interested in conversation, nor was he awake enough to do so, so he just kept walking outside. Probably someone who got a starter from Birch. The air outside was cold and crisp, which was in much contrast to the warm sunny atmosphere of yesterday. Neaken walked over to the north exit of town. This looks far enough. As Neaken tossed his dented pokeball into the air a red light shot out and from it emerged Ears.

"Whisurmursur." Ears mumbled as she was released from the pokeball. Heh, Ears must have been sleeping too. Neaken picked up a small piece of gravel. Lets see if this works... As he tossed the gravel a few meters ahead of him he saw Ears look at it fly through the air for a second, and then chase after it. It just might... A few moments later Ears came running back with the small piece of gravel in her hands. Ears then dropped it on the ground at Neaken's feet. I guess it does work, well, now I have something to do for a bit while I wake up. Neaken and Ears repeated this process as he saw the town come back to life from it's rest and people began walking outside to go to and from one house to the next. Neaken returned Ears and got up to continue his new journey.

July 1st, 2008, 2:00 PM
The Darkness Dog

As Alex and Bagon continued up to the next town. As the two friends were walking they were proud of the battle they had just won. They continued up towards the town called Oldale town which was about a mile away now. The two were walking minding their own business until they saw a black figure zoom right in front of Alex and Bagon.

"Bagon what was that?"asked Alex nervously.

Bagon looked at Alex and shrugged.

"Lets go find it. And I'll catch it,"suggested Alex. He ran to the bushed where the black figure went inside. He moved the branches and bushes but couldn't find it. "Oh well maybe we'll find it later," said Alex. They continued walking down the road towards the town now less than a mile from it. Then Alex looked to the left while still walking and saw the figure getting ready to run but this time it tackled Bagon!

"Bagon are you okay?"asked Alex. Bagon looked up at Alex and nodded yes. Alex looks up at the attacker and sees that it is a black dog-like creature. He takes out his Poké Dex to get more information about this unknown creature. The red box opens and says:

"Poochyena the Bite Pokémon. It is a Dark type. Poocheyna is an omnivore - it will eat anything. A distingushing feature is how large its fangs are compared to its body. This Pokémon tries to intimidate its foes by making the hair on its tail bristle out." said Dexter.

"Ok so watch out for its fangs Bagon. Bite it!" commanded Alex. Bagon did as it was told and ran towards the Poochyena. It jumped over it to bite it from behind and it got a direct hit. The dog like Pokémon howled in pain and then howled. Alex opened his Poké Dex to get information about this howl.

"Everytime Poochyena howls its attack raises," informed Dexter.

"Bagon distract Poochyena everytime it is going to howl," said Alex. " When it howls it gets stronger," replied Alex to inform Bagon what he was facing. To bad for Alex that Poochyena had howled twice already and was pumped up.

The wild hound zoomed towards Bagon and did the same strategy Bagon did to bite him. the only difference of Poochyena's bite was that it was more powerful.

"Bagon use rage!" yelled Alex. Bagon tried to brush off the pain of the bite but couldn't. The bite was too powerful. " Come on Bagon, I believe in you!" yelled Alex. Bagon, after struggling to get up finally manged to stand up and go on a rage. The dragon Pokémon turned red and aimed to tackle Poochyena for revenge. It ran towards Poochyena hoping to damage it.

Bagon managed to tackle Poochyena in a rage and nearly knock it out. The Poochyena also like Bagon did struggled to get on all fours. Some how it managed and tried again to bite Bagon. It got up and ran to Bagon to jump over it and bite it from behind.

Bagon, seeing this he gets ready and as soon as Poochyena jumps he also jumps to tackle Poochyena while in midair.

BAM! The collision left both Pokémon out cold. Alex found this the perfect time to catch the powerful hound. He threw a red Poké Ball and Poochyena shrinked inside. The ball started shaking and so did Alex. He was unaware if he would catch it.

Sorry if its short.

July 1st, 2008, 3:02 PM
To poisonspark: yeah my bad for forgetting about Pokeballs :P lol. still good post!
To DiegoS: Good post! you need to update your trainer card by the way
Mudkip grew to Level 8!
Wurmple grew to Level 6!
Wurmple learned Poison Sting!
To Sayaira: good character interaction (kinda) im liking how people are showing the passing of time between characters
You bought two Potions!
You bought two Pokeballs!
To Mr. Person: whoops! my bad on the Pecha Berrys. good interaction with Ears!
To Pokemon_Master09: good post!
You caught a Male Level 3 Poochyena!

July 1st, 2008, 3:44 PM
My new trainer card:


July 1st, 2008, 4:50 PM
Chapter 4: Route 102
Number of Posts: 2
Description: A small route where many beginning trainers duke it out. Very woody, there is also a few small ponds near by.

Level: 3-4
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Pickup or Gluttony
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-4
Type: Bug
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-4
Type: Dark
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Run Away or Quick Feet
Attacks: Tackle
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-4
Type: Grass
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Early Bird or Chlorophyll
Attacks: Bide, Harden
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 3-4
Type: Grass/Water
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Rain Dish or Swift Swim
Attacks: Astonish, Growl
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 4
Type: Psychic
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Synchronize or Trace
Attacks: Growl
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 3
Type: Bug/Water
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Swift Swim
Attacks: Bubble
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 3-4
Type: Water
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Thick Fat or Huge Power
Attacks: Tackle, Defense Curl
Nature: Random
Rarity: Very Rare

The Bringer!
July 1st, 2008, 5:34 PM
Neaken slowly walked along the path leading to the exit of Oldale. Ears followed closely behind him, setting her pace at a quick trot to keep up. He had decided that it would be best to keep Ears out of her pokeball on their way to Petalburg, mostly because he was glad to have her company on the long walk they had ahead. The duo continued on, walking out of the small town of Oldale and into route 202. The sun was high above their heads by now, showering the ground and people alike with it's warming rays. It was a perfect day to spend outside with an almost completely clear sky, dotted with a few white clouds that seemed they were about to burst open on the blue canvas above everyone's heads. Neaken was fairly unmoved by the beautiful scenery, but was still glad that the weather was suitable for training. Tall grass could be seen on the sides of the road, no doubt filled with wild pokemon lurking in it's depths. I wonder if there are any good trainers that I can test Ears against around here? Neaken had warmed up to Ears surprisingly well ever since he caught her to help Professor Birch, he thought that this may be because of their similar personalities, but he really didn't care about the reason of it that much.

"Alright Ears, lets see if anyone around here might want to battle," Neaken announced, slightly surprised that he actually wanted to battle. He then motioned for Ears to come a bit closer, ready to challenge any trainer that he saw. Neaken hoped that Ears felt the same way that he did about having their second battle, as the last battle they had been in had left Ears quite hurt. Before he could think about this any more, Neaken spotted someone with a cascoon walking through the grass. The cascoon was jollily hopping behind it's trainer while the trainer seemed to be searching for something. No doubt a pokemon thats found around here. He had a black baseball cap with a duskull picture on it's front and wore a white t-shirt and faded blue jeans. Is that Glen? Just as Neaken was about to challenge him to a battle, a round mouse like pokemon jumped out of the grass and tackled Ears. The pokemon in question was a rounded pokemon with circular ears and a white stomach, while the rest of it's fur was colored a bright blue to match the skies overhead. Ears responded to the assault by running behind Neaken and murmuring in fright. He took out his pokedex and checked what the blue pokemon was called. Hmm, a maril, lets see if its any good a battling. Giving up on trying to challenge the trainer that Neaken assumed was Glen, he ordered Ears to use pound against the maril.

"Whururim!" Ears shouted as she ran towards the blue pokemon. The wild maril responded by using defense curl to protect itself from the bulk of the damage. This might not be as easy as I thought. Neaken ordered Ears to use another pound attack, but the maril launched a tackle at the pink pokemon and hit her before she could use pound again. Come on Ears, I know you can do it. Ears tried to use pound again, and this time she was successful with the attack. Maril was knocked back by the attack, but was still fairly healthy. The opposing pokemon then used defense curl to help it with it's defense even more. Ears was ordered to use pound once more. However, this time it barely damaged the blue pokemon and the maril kept on coming with a tackle. Neaken was not fast enough with his next command and Ears was launched back by a critical tackle from the attacking maril. This isn't looking to good for Ears, I could use uproar, but that leaves Ears defenseless and she is already pretty hurt. Making up his mind, Neaken gave Ears one last command.

"Ears, use pound one more time and try to keep it from moving around too much." Neaken said with a calm tone. Ears did as Neaken said and used pound to knock the maril back. However, instead of jumping back, Ears stayed close and kept the maril in place. Ok, lets see how this works. Neaken tossed the red and white ball at the wild maril and waited to see what would happen. First one twitch, then another, then one more. Almost there...

July 1st, 2008, 6:59 PM
OOC: Sorry for no post yesterday, had very limited access to the internet, if its okay with you Zimvee I'm just going to skip the Oldale post and go to Route 102. I'm giving an in-character reason in my post

Route 102 Part the First

Marcus groaned a bit as he limped away from the Oldale Pokemon Center. He had slept in an odd position and his legs had the burning sensations of pins and needles as he left the perimeter of the small town. Unfortunately he hadn't been able to do much while staying there, when he had arrived at the Pokemon center initially and the nurse discovered his injured leg he had spent hours filling out the paperwork for a dnagerous Pokemon siteing as well as having the local doctor take a closer look at his leg. They finally gave him some anti-biotics and pain pills and thus the first town on his Pokemon Journey had been nothing like what had been expected. He hadn't even had a chance to stop by the Mart before he left, he didn't want to fall behind the others.

At about midday he stopped to eat lunch and let Jet out of his Pokeball. The Makuhita was noticabley warming up to the boy, and Marcus was glad. He lived by the philosophy that if you tried hard enough you could be friends with anyone. As Jet sat happily munching on some Pokemon food, Marcus decided to take a look around. After all Route 102 had some new and quite rare Pokemon and Marcus was determined to catch one to make up for the disaster with the Zigzagoon before. Unfortunatly the area seemed totally devoid of Pokemon life and Marcus trudged back to his temporary campsite where Jet was already practicing his species signature Technique, Arm thrust. It was unknown why only Makuhita learned the move, but they were obsessively proud of their ability to use it and Jet was no exception, showing off to the world his newly learned ability. Marcus just shook his head and smiled, he felt he was getting closer to understanding his Pokemon and hoped in time they would be best friends.

"Come on Jet, lets get going and see if we can catch some Pokemon!" said Marcus as he threw on his backpack and bagan to race from the clearing. The Makuhita rolled his eyes but followed, far more warily than the excitable pre-teen.

As they left the clearing several Poochyena appeared slowly from the surrounding trees, growling with ill-disguised malice. They sniffed the campground throughly, checking every tree and shrub before moving on in the wake of the Boy and Makuhita.

Meanwhile, Jet and Marcus had yet to discover any Pokemon and Jet was beginning to grow concerned. Marcus was oblivious to strange atmosphere, good-naturedly darning his luck as they covered more and more ground without any other signs of life. Jet pulled closer to Marcus, unwilling to let the naive boy run into another dangerous Pokemon. The boy was irritating in that he had very little common sense.

Suddenly a high pitched squeak was heard from the grass on their right, instantly Jet went into battle mode as Marcus' face broke into a broad grin.

"Showtime Jet, let's show this Pokemon what we're really made of!" The Makuhita nodded in agreement as the pair crept closer and closer to the the source of the noise. Suddenly a small white bipedal figure burst from the bushes, latching directly onto Jet.

"Whoa, "Marcus exhaled as he pulled out his Pokedex, "Um... looks like its a Ralts Jet. Its a Psychic type so arm thrust is going to be ineffective." Marcus called out. "It shouldn't know any attacks yet, just growl, so you should be able to beat it easily!"

Jet meanwhile was struggling with the tiny Ralts that had latched onto his back. It was tiny, but seemed rather hellbent on pummeling the Fighting-type with its weak fists as it hung on his back for dear life. The stupid Ralts was incredibly vicious, growling and working itself into a fury as it beat on Jets back. Finally sighing in extreme annoyance Jet merely fell back, crushing the Ralts under its prodigious bulk and almost instantly knocking it out.

"Good Jet, now one or tow good hits will take him down!" Marcus called out as he grabbed and empty Pokeball. Jet once more tackled the Ralts, knocking it out as Marcus threw his Pokeball at it. The Ball twitched once, twice...

From the shadows the pack of Poochyena watched the Boy and the Makuhita with their teeth bared. Soon the two would pay.

July 2nd, 2008, 12:47 AM
Weird sailsman

After Cordic and his pokémons had finally made it trough Route 101 to Oldale town it was time to take a little break and go fill his bag.

When Cordic was walking towards the Pokémart a weird looking man stopped him and asked: "You look like a trainer but your clothes aren´t all that dirty as the other one´s. Where are you coming from?"

"Well I am coming from Littleroot town and my..." Cordic replied but he was suddenly interrupt by this weird man: "So you are a newbie. Let me introduce this town a little bit so that you don´t get lost!" and Cordic didn´t have any other choice than follow this weird man.

When they arrived infront of the Pokémart the weird man started to speak again and said: "So this blue roofed house is a Pokémart and you can buy many miscellaneous items from here! And that red roofed house is a Pokécenter where you can heal up your pokémons!" and he pointed towards the house which was so close but so far away.

"I am really busy and I should already fill my bag so I can go to heal my pokémons and continue my journey." Cordic said but the weird looking man just kept speaking and continued walking.

After few hours later they finally arrived to the Pokémart and stepped in. The weird looking man went behind the counter and asked a nice clean simple question: "How may I serve? Would you like to buy something?"

"ARE YOU a sailsman?" Cordic replied and he was stunned. He had walked many hours just because of this weird man and in the same time he was the sailsman of the local Pokémart. "Why you little..." Cordic started to say but again this weird man stopped and said: "You are the only one who has ever walked trough this town and listened my full tutorial. I will give you these ten pokéballs, ten potions and ten antidotes just for a prize of 200 Pokédollars."

Cordic was angry but he wasn´t stupid and he decided to pay those 200 Pokédollars before the sailsman would pull of this offer. When he was walking towards Pokécenter he was ready continue and decided to sleep over the night. At next morning Cordic was the first one to wake up he was already going. It was a great day to continue this adventure.


July 2nd, 2008, 5:28 AM
New friend from Route 102

While Raúl was walking in this thick forest he was also looking for some strong pokémons and opponents but when they had arrived to clearly darkest part of the forest he had to admit that there weren´t any good trainers.

After a moment of hard thinking Raúl decided to leave from this part of the forest and both his pokémons agreed. Where are all those Seedots. If I could catch one I am sure that Ruth would be stunned and I could beat him. Raúl thought when something fell of from the three and hit him hard.

It was a Seedot and it wasn´t alone. It had its friend with and Raúl was more than happy. Finally he had found this clearly strong pokémon but he decided to fight only with Torchic and both Seedots accepted this offer.

"Use first Focus Energy and after that Scratch!" Raúl commanded and Torchic managed to hit both of them. They were enough slow and this time the battle would be really easy.

"Use one more time Focus Energy and Scratch against them!" Raúl yelled and this time those both were fainted. It was time to throw pokéball but it missed and a red flash shone. It was Ruth and he had seen the whole fight and decided to capture that Seedot. The second Seedot fled away and Raúl was angrier than ever because that Seedot was going to be his.

"That was my Seedot and I made it faint. What were you thinking!" Raúl yelled but Ruth laughed coldly and told him to be more adult. "So if you really are going to catch one of these rare Seedots you have to wait quite long because these were the last ones left here! Others have moved on already!" Ruth said and started walking forward from Raúl

After Raúl had walked a while in the woods he arrived at a bond where water was really clear and pure. Torchic and Zigzagoon started to play and Raúl made a camp where they could sleep this night.

It was dawn when Raúl woke up and he decided to go for a little swim but because water was still cold he just played with his Zigzagoon. Suddenly something blue arose from water and started to attack against Zigzagoon. It was a Surskit and a Marill and they had obviously been sleeping but the noise got them to wake up which had made them really angry.

Raúl decided to send also Torchic because Zigzagoon wasn´t that strong. "Zigzagoon use Tackle and dodge Surskit´s attacks! Use Focus Energy Torchic and dodge Marill´s attack!" Raúl commanded and both of the pokémons did the exact way but Zigzagoon´s Tackle wasn´t enough strong to take down Surskit.

Surskit´s Bubble was even stronger and faster and it made Zigzagoon to faint with one hit. It had lost quite much energy and started to be really exhausted and this was time to defeat it.

"Use Focus Energy once more and hit with Scratch and this time use all your power!" Raúl yelled furiously and Torchic managed to dodge both Marill´s Tackle and Surskit´s Bubble. Torchic even managed to hit Surskit and it was fainted but the match wasn´t over.

Marill used Tackle and this time Torchic wasn´t enough fast so it hit with fullpower. This was Raúl´s last chance to end this battle and he was sure what to do. "Use Focus Energy Torchic and dodge Marill´s attacks. And after that use Scratch with all your power!" Raúl yelled.

Marill´s attack missed and Torchic used Scratch and made Marill to faint. Few minutes later Marill and Surskit came back with their friends and Raúl decided to ran away. Huge group of Surskits and Marills chased Raúl and his pokémons but they managed to get rid of them by hiding in a little cave.

When Raúl was about to rise up he saw a Lotad walking right towards to him. It was clearly its cave but instead of being angry Lotad was more goofy and happy from new friends. It wasn´t timid at all and it tried to befriend with Zigzagoon and Torchic and eventually Raúl started to like more it than a Seedot.

Hmmn. Would it like to fight against me? I´d really want to catch it. Raúl was thinking and he decided to ask from it. "So. Would you like to fight against me Lotad?" Raúl asked and Lotad responded: "Lootaad!" which obviously meaned that it was ready.

This time Raúl wasn´t going to let anything stop him from catching this Lotad. He send out Torchic to battle but he wasn´t sure what kind of attacks Lotad would know. "Keep your distance Torchic and try to dodge its attacks!" Raúl commanded.

Torchic managed to dodge every single attack that Lotad tried to do and in the end Lotad was too exchausted to attack. It was time to end this battle: "Use Scratch Torchic!" Raúl yelled and it managed to faint Lotad.

When Raúl threw one of his pokéballs at Lotad he wished from his heart that he´d catch this pokémon...

To be continued...

July 2nd, 2008, 1:40 PM
To Mr. Person: im sorry to say that you don't catch Marill. The post must be much longer than that to catch a Very Rare pokemon. you can edit it or simply move on
To Zore: thats ok, you kinda did it all in one post. intresting part about Poochyena...
You caught a Female Level 4 Ralts!
To DiegoS: yeah im pretty sure its spelled Salesman... anyway im gonna have to tone down your shopping spree. remember the more of items you get the better the post has to be.
You bought 3 Pokeballs!
You bought 3 Potions!
You bought 3 Antidotes!
To poisonspark: good post! you obviously showed more of Rauls personality!
Torchic grew to Level 11!
Torchic learned Ember!
Zigzagoon grew to Level 6!
Zigzagoon learned Tail Whip!
You caught a Male Level 4 Lotad!

The Bringer!
July 2nd, 2008, 7:08 PM
Ok, I edited it now. I hope its good enough or I'll have some problems with the first gym!

July 3rd, 2008, 7:41 AM
Wild wild Wurmple

After Cordic had walked many hours he managed to arrive to a pond where he saw manu water pokémons living in their own natural state. Also across the pond he saw a swarm of Seedots and Lotads which was supposed to be really rare around here.

While he had drank a bit of water and eaten few apples he decided to release his pokémons so they could also enjoy from this beautiful view. "Come out Mudkip and Wurmple!" he yelled while he threw his pokéballs up in the air.

Wurmple ate few apples and turned over to sleep in sunlight but Mudkip went for a swim. It really enjoyed from other water pokémons company and in the same time Cordic started to think which he would like Wurmple to evolve. After all the pokédex that professor Birch had given to him said that Wurmple can evolve either into a Silcoon or a Cascoon.

Silcoon looks much more nicer than Cascoon but Cascoon would make my opponents afraid. Cordic was thinking when he saw a sahdow behind him and stood up quickly. It was a boy who looked to be just few yers younger than Cordic. "So what are ya doing over here?" the boy asked while he started to walk around Cordic and staring his pokémons. "I am just going trough this forest. I am heading to Petalburg" Cordic aswered and continued "so my name is Cordic. What´s your name?"

"My name is Max the Marvellous. I am a bug catcher and I live in Petalburg." the boy who was discovered to be Max said and continued "So you must be afraid and I understand because after all I am the Marvellous bug catcher Max." While Max looked very arrogant Cordic wasn´t how to reply to the boys words.

"No I haven´t heard a single word of you." Cordic said and Max was simply insulted by those words. "How dare you! We will settle this with a pokémon battle!" Max yelled and threw his pokéballs up in the air.

"Come out Wurmple and Cascoon." and finally Cordic was able to see what Cascoon truly looked like. Cordic didn´t had any other choice than fight and he send his Mudkip and Wurmple out to the battle.

"Let´s begin Wurmple! Use Poison Sting against that Cascoon and you Mudkip try to avoid Wurmple´s String Shot and use Tackle when it drops its guard!" Cordic yelled while Max shouted his orders to Cascoon and to his Wurmple.

Max´s Wurmple was much more faster than Mudkip and its attack missed barely. In the same time Wurmple was using Poison Sting against Cascoon but its shell was too hard so Cordic had to change his tactic.

"Wurmple use your String Shot to one of Cascoons spikes and tie it around and throw against a three! Let it come enough close to you Mudkip and attack when it drops it guard." Cordic shouted and this time Wurmple´s size helped it to throw Cascoon against a three. Mudkip instead got hitted by a Poison Sting and was badly poisoned so Cordic decided to end Mudkip´s battle.

Now it was Wurmple against Wurmple and this was a furious match. Neither Wurmple didn´t want to give up but they both couldn´t win this battle. "Wurmple use your Tackle!" Max yelled but Cordic heard every word Max had shouted and decided to be a little bit sly and yelled "Wurmple dodge its attacks and when it show its back use Poison Sting with fullpower and don´t give mercy!"

When Cordic´s Wurmple dodged Max´s pokémons attack and used Poison Sting it ended the battle and Cordic had won. He then healed his Mudkip with an Antidote and befirended with Max. The rest of the day their pokémons played together and at next morning Cordic decided to continue his journey towards Petalburg.

It was time to say goodbye to new friend but Cordic that they would meet some day again.


July 3rd, 2008, 10:37 AM
To Mr. Person: Ok thats better! while not up to my usual standerds im going to give it to you cause we're still starting out.
You caught a Female Level 3 Marill!
To DiegoS: good post there! i like the whole Max the Marvouls bit lol
Mudkip grew to Level 10!
Mudkip learned Water Gun!
Wurmple grew to Level 8!
What? Wurmple is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue? (just make part of your next post about the evolution and its evolving into a Cascoon)

July 3rd, 2008, 1:43 PM
Oldale Town

As we last left off with Alex he was catching Pochyena. He had thrown his Poké Ball in order to catch it and Poochyena shrinked inside the red ball. It shook once... twice... and three times and then stopped. Alex went to pick up his newly prized Poochyena inside the Poké Ball. Bagon who was worn out on the floor was happy to have a new friend Alex returned Bagon to give him a rest along with Poochyena. The youngster was now headed to Oldale Town. He thought about calling his mom to tell her about him catching his first Pokémon. He got his Poké Gear from his pocket and dialed his mom's number. The phone rang once... twice...and then Erika Hernandez, his mom answered.

"Hello, who is it?"asked his mom.

" Mom this is Alex. I caught my first Pokémon right now!" informed Alex excitedly.

"Great, hun! Well I have to hang up. I'm very busy right now. Make sure to get to Oldale Town and sleep in the Pokémon Center. Well, bye!" said his mom as she hung up.

Alex sighed and kept up at Oldale Town. He looked up the hill and saw Oldale Town right around the corner so he decided to run to the Poké Mart with the blue roof. As he enter the road he saw a sign: "Welcome to Oldale Town". He went towards the Mart to stock up on supplies and food. He entered and got 2 Full Heals, 2 Poké Balls, Poké Chow for Poochyena and Bagon, and food for himself. The total was about $1,500 Poké Money. Luckily he had more than enough so he paid and went towards the place with a red roof that read "Pokémon Center". He went inside and went with a lady who looked like a nurse and she looked at him with a smile.

"Hello. I take by the look of your face that your a new trainer? Your not the only one that's new today. I've had a dozen of youngsters come in today. Let me introduce myself. I am Nurse Joy. Usually at all Towns you will see a Pokémon center with a red roof. In the Pokémon Center you will see a person like me who will heal your Pokémon free of charge. At Pokémon Centers you can also spend the night. Now would you like for me to heal your Pokémon?" asked Joy happily.

"Yes, please," said the youngster. He handed Joy his Poké Balls and went to sit in the chairs. He checked on his Poké Gear where was the next city. The next city appeared to be Rustbro City and was really far. Alex started to eat the food he bought at the Poké Mart because he was hungry and tried.

When Alex is done eating

"Chansey!Chan!" screeched a voice. Alex jumped in fright. He then turned around and saw a pink creature handing him his Poké Balls containing Poochyena and Bagon. He took them gentlily and then took out his Poké Dex to get for information on this mysterious creature.

"Chansey the egg Pokémon. they are usually found in Pokémon Centers helping tend injured Pokémon. It is said to bring happiness to people and Pokémon." informed Dexter. Alex found Dexter to be right. He did in fact feel happier around Chansey.

" Thank you, Chansey," replied Alex. He went outside in the darkness of the night with the moon shining on him. He brought out his two Pokémon so they could meet each other and eat food. They instanly became friends and were playing around happily. Then Alex looked at his watch and it read 10:27. He thought he best be off to bed so he returned Poochyena and Bagon and went inside the Pokémon Center. Alex saw Chansey coming towards him and felt happier the closer she got to him. She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the stairs. Alex thought she was taking him to his room. She pulled him up the stairs and then Alex saw a little boy not much younger than him, rushing down the stairs and he bumped Alex with his shoulder.

" Hey twerp watch where you walk!" cried the boy angrily.

" Hey look who your talking to!" yelled Alex angrily. Chansey tried to pull Alex up the stairs to avoid problems. She got him to the second floor where she showed him the room he would be sleeping in. He brushed his teeth, changed clothes, and took a shower. Then he jumped into a bed and drifted to sleep.

In the morning

"Ahhhhhh..." said Alex with a yawn. He went downstairs to have breakfast at 7 am. He ate and then went outside to have a early start to get to the next town. He started up route 102 when he heard a voice. He looked back to see if they were calling him and he saw the kid from the night before.

" Hey twerp lets battle right now! A Double Battle!" screamed the boy.

" Your on!" replied Alex. The boy took out two Poké Balls and prepared to throw them.

To be Continued

July 3rd, 2008, 1:45 PM
To Pokemon_Master09: that was a good post just remember Chansey are not in Hoenn.

The Bringer!
July 3rd, 2008, 1:46 PM
"Wow Ears, I actually caught it!" Neaken said with uncharacteristic excitement. Looks like I got a new member to my team now! A crimson light flashed from the pokeball in Neaken's hand and materialized into the newly caught marill. Neaken called for Ears to come over and greet their new friend, but realized that Ears was no where to be found.

"Ears, where are you! You better get over here soon!" Neaken shouted with a mix of fear and anger.

"Marimallirul?" the marill said, confused as to why her new trainer would be angry after catching her. After all, she was the best pokemon around.

"Marill, help me look for Ears! I need to find her soon!" Neaken asked the pokemon, now losing any sense of calmness from earlier. What could have happened to her?

"Marill," the marill replied to it's trainer. It still couldn't understand why her trainer would be worried about that worthless pink pokemon, It's not like it could be more important than her, right.

"Please come out Ears, I'll let you stay out of your pokeball as long as you like!" Neaken was now desperately running in a random direction, hoping for the best. What did I do wrong? I never did anything to make Ears want to run away, at least I don't think I did... While Neaken was lost in thought, a certain some one was training a nincada until they were interrupted by a wailing pokemon running in the direction of Petalburg.

Marill was unsure as to why the trainer didn't want to celebrate catching a super pokemon like her. She new that her trainer didn't even need any other pokemon, let alone 'Ears', as long as her trainer had her. Just then marill spotted that pink pokemon running to the west exit of the route. Marill then had a brilliant idea, of course all her ideas are brilliant, but this one was even more so. If marill brought that pokemon back to her trainer he would see just how amazing she was.

"Marillill!" Neaken heard the marill shout to him. He looked over to see marill pointing in the direction of a trainer. Marill already wants to battle? Well, I can't right now. However, it was too late and the trainer had heard marill.

"Hey old buddy! Why the sad face?" Glen said to Neaken as he remembered the trainer from before. Neaken informed him in a glum tone that he had lost his pokemon. "Oh, you mean that noisy one, it was just runnin' by here a few minutes ago."

"Really, you know where Ears is!" Neaken said happily. Glen then told Neaken that it was walking around by the entrance to Petalburg. As Neaken ran towards his destination he heard Glen shout out to him "You owe my big time Neaken, you hear that! After you find that pokemon you and I are gonna battle right here!" As Neaken ran ahead to Ears, marill slowly followed, confused as to why he wasn't showering her with gratitude.

"Whismurmurmurmur..." Ears was found murmuring when Neaken ran up to her and knelt down to look at her face to face.

"Ears, why did you run away?" Neaken asked the pokemon, he still couldn't figure out what could have caused it to happen. "Where you afraid that I didn't want to be your trainer when I caught marill?" he asked, as that was the only thing he could think of.

"Whisurim," the whismur nodded as she replied to Neaken. He had to explain to her that just because he had marill didn't mean that he still wouldn't train her. He returned Ears to her pokeball after making sure that she understood. Marill, on the other hand, wished that her trainer had gotten rid of Ears, seeing as she would never even dream of doing such a thing. Of course, what else would you expect from the best pokemon ever.

"Hey, what did I tell you, after you got yer pokemon back we was gonna battle!" Glen shouted after running up to Neaken. He then released his cascoon, ready to battle. Well, I guess I can't get out of this one. Marill seems like a good choice for this. Neaken already had marill out, so he ordered her to tackle the opposing pokemon. However, marill had plans of her own. Anyways, why should her trainer think that he has control over the best pokemon ever, let alone know better than her what attacks to use. With marill's mind set on her own plan, she used defence curl instead.

"Marill, what are you doing? Tackle it!" Neaken shouted in disbelief. He could see Glen laughing as he ordered his cascoon to use poison sting. Luckily marill avoided the poison, but was still hit hard by the damage from the attack. As the battle went on Neaken saw marill take attack after attack. It's pretty strong, I'll give it that, but this has to stop.

"Return." Neaken said in saddened voice. I still have Ears at least. Neaken released his second pokemon and ordered it to uproar. Cascoon attempted to harden to reduce the damage, but after a while it could take no more and fainted.

"Let's see how you can deal with this guy!" Glen shouted as he sent forth his nincada. "Use your scratch attack." The nincada proceeded to run towards the pokemon, scratching it with its sharp claws. Ears continued the uproar, damaging the nincada greatly. "Looks like your pokemon got a bit stronger while I was away." Glen said as he returned the fainted nincada. "Well, next time we meet up I'll be ten times as strong as you!" and with that, he walked away towards Oldale. Neaken decided to let Ears stay out and released marill. As he walked on his two pokemon followed, Ears happily skipping along behind her trainer while marill trudged on, sulking because of her denied shot at glory.

OOC: Sorry if some parts are short or worded weirdly. I decided to make it so Neaken's marill is egotistical-ish.

July 3rd, 2008, 1:52 PM
To Mr. Person: good post! you really showed Ears and Marills personality!
Ears grew to Level 11!
Ears learned Astonish!
Marill grew to Level 6!
(update trainer card please!)

July 3rd, 2008, 2:14 PM
Route 102, part one//.

((OoC: I'm VERY tempted to catch a Ralts, but have decided otherwise.
In this role-play I'm going to do the exact opposite of what I usually do, and I'm going to catch Pokémon that I wouldn’t. -nods- ))

On the morning after Sara had left Oldale, the weather took a marked turn for the worse. What was once a clear blue sky had been overtaken by drab gray clouds which piled over the route - this allowed for a thin rain to fall. The road quickly emptied of its usual bustle, while a particular young trainer, who should have been taking refuge in the previous town, continued on her way. Or "their way", if you wanted to include Electrike too; who was shivering lightly in the downpour.

Though Sara didn’t mind the wet, she noticed the negative effect it had on her Pokémon, and quickly covered him in a small blanket; enough to shield him from the rain. Electrike snorted, as if to acknowledge his trainer's kindness, then continued to walk at her side.

Other then the change of weather, it was actually a nice day. Taillow chirped from unseen places, and Zigzagoon rummaged through near-by bushes scrounging for food. While admiring her surroundings, Sara failed to notice that a trainer loomed ahead. In fact, she probably would have never spotted him if not that a few seconds later, his body was outlined in a flash of lightning. This, like it would anyone else, attracted her gaze.

He was a scrawny little boy, no more then 4"8, wearing a blue baseball cap and shorts; a sure sign of a new trainer. He also carried an umbrella, something Sara thought un-needed, to shield himself from the rain.

"How about a battle?" He asked, with a somewhat haughty attitude.

Though she wasn’t particularly in the mood, a little battle just might help her towards beating the first gym.

"2 Pokémon." Sara stated bluntly, gesturing to both Electrike and a Pokeball at her waist.

And just like that, a battle had begun.
The opposing trainer had sent out a Zigzagoon, throwing a ball into the air, and releasing his Pokémon from its restraints.
A light appeared from the sphere, which quickly dissolved to show a creature that somewhat resembled a raccoon (if making a comparison to animals).
It yelled into the damp summer air, "Zagoon!" as if to intimidate it's foes.

But to no avail, the cry merely resulted in Sara ushering Electrike into the fry.
Tossing the blanket under a tree, her own Pokémon jumped forward to stand facing its enemy.
"Thunder Wave," Sara said with an expressionless face, pointing to the Zigzagoon that lay ahead.
His body tensed, most likely coursing with electricity, before running forward into a full-blown tackle. However within the tackle was a hidden agenda, which his foe would soon find out.

His rival flew back a few feet, landing with a thud before struggling to get up. A light yellow glow illuminated the Zigzagoon's body, only suggesting that the Paralysis had taken effect.
Sara nodded, as if savoring a secret reward hidden within her Pokemon's attack.

"Damn," the boy cursed. He realized this put him at a disadvantage, which could quickly end the battle if he wasn’t careful.
"Use tackle!" the other trainer shouted, but his Pokémon couldn’t stand. It lay there trembling from the electrical impulses sent throughout it's nervous system, unable to move on its own.

Sara's first victory was a swift one. She ordered Electrike to use several tackles, ensuring a knockout of the boy's Pokémon. He returned his Zigzagoon, sighed, then sent out a Seedot; or at least, that’s the name that would come to mind when seeing it for the first time.

It stood to about knee height, very closely resembling a giant acorn seed. Though the creature said nothing, Sara motioned for Electrike to rest under a tree with its blanket.
She possibly thought it was a chance to try out her new Pokémon, Poochyena.

Expanding the Pokeball in her hand, Sara threw it briefly into the air, releasing a small dog-like being from its restriction. It barked upon facing its new foe, while shivering from the new sensation of rain.
"Tackle." Poochyena's trainer demanded, and tackle she did.

"Dodge it!" The other trainer shouted feverishly, but even an order wouldnt help.
Though young, Poochyena was fast, and quickly connected with a full blown attack.
Seedot was knocked back, then received another command by it's trainer, who said,
"Quickly, use bide!"

Knowing the effect of such an attack, Sara responded by telling Poochyena to wait.
This was the proper thing to do, as the red glow around the Seedot soon faded to reveal a defenseless Pokémon.
Sara shouted out the finishing move, and Poochyena ran to abide.

The boy returned his weakened creature to its Pokeball, then wandered off, possibly to seek shelter.
Either way, it didn’t matter to Sara. Returning Poochyena to her ball, then ushering for Electrike to follow, she returned on her way to the next town.

July 3rd, 2008, 2:21 PM
To Sayaira: again excellent work of Imagery!
Electrike grew to Level 8!
Poochyena grew to Level 6!
Poochyena learned Howl!

July 3rd, 2008, 5:49 PM
Route 102 Part the Second

Within five minutes of releasing his newly-captured Ralts Marcus was already regretting capturing it in the first place. She had reacted.... violently when he had nicknamed her Ceras. He was dreading the day her psychic powers were able to manifest as battle abilities, having an agitated Ralts attack with its puny fist is one thing, having it attack with its potent mental abilities was another entirely. Currently she was attempting to attack Jet who was completely rebuffing the feeble blows as he kept practicing his prized arm-thrust technique.

Marcus sighed as he slumped down against a tree. This was not going how he planned at all, a homicidal Ralts and terminally stoic Makuhita did not the ideal team make. Grimacing he rose to his feet once more, he might as well attempt to train them; he wanted them to like them and at least Jet seemed to enjoy battles. Ceras... well she enjoyed pummeling things... a lot. With this resolution firmly in mind the twele year old rose to his feet and told the two confidently,
"Training time."

The two pokemon stared at him owlishly for a moment before completely ignoring their trainer and returning to what they were doing. Marcus stood, poised on the edge of speech before falling back against the tree and sighing.

The Poochyena ringed the clearing, each of them sniffing the air like it contained some unbelievably foul stench. They gave alow growl as they spotted the Boy and Makuhita... now joined by a Ralts. A ripple went through the crowd of Poochyena as they prepared to Howl, the leader waiting to strike...

A piercing howl emerged from nowhere as Marcus jumped to his feet. Jet and Ceras also stopped what they were doing, Jet drew closer to Marcus as Ceras growled her defiance at the world who had sent the loud noise. It echoed again and Marcus' face was distended in shock as a pack of Poochyena materialized between the trees, advancing on the hapless threesome.

"Jet, go use Arm Thrust on... THAT ONE!" Marcus yelled panicky as he pointed at random. The Makuhita leapt into action, immediately knocking out one of the attackers with a quick three jab attack. "Kepp going Jet!" Maecus yelled as he backed towards his tree. Jet was attempting to keep the Poochyena at bay, knocking out those that broke towards the boy. Ceras had latched onto the back of one, riding it like a bucking Tauros as it attempted to shake the vicious psychic type from its back.

Jet began to fade as more and more Poochyena rushed him. Each of them could barely impart a minor injury on him, but enough minor injuries could make a major one. Marcus winced as a particularly powerful blow caught him off guard and sent him sprawling. Jet was breathing heavily, his arms shaking which looked to be a bad sign. outside the circle Ceras had managed to ride her impromptu mount right into another tree, knocking it out, and was attempting to come back for more.

Marcus glanced around desperately as Jet labored to get up and face the oncoming horde. He cursed the fact he didn't have a single healing item, Jet needed a Pokemon center badly. The Makuhita was a mess of bruises and cuts as he picked himself up again from a stinging tackle attack, punishing his attacking with a powerful Arm Thrust to the face before falling to his knees panting heavily.

Marcus did not so much think as run on auto pilot, returning Jet to his Pokeball with a snap of the wrist. He ran and took a flying leap over the Poochyena, taking off and running for Ceras who was repeatedly striking one of the knocked out Poochyena with her tiny fists. With the canine Pokemon direct directly on his heels his grabbed Ceras who let out an affronted squeak and ran as fast as he could out of there.

July 4th, 2008, 4:13 AM
Marill Bros.

After Cordic had walked few steps with his pokémons his Wurmple started to shine and Cordic knew what this would mean. He would get either Silcoon or Cascoon but he wasn´t sure which one he´d like more.

Finally Wurmple had evolved and it had turned into Cascoon. "Wow! I´ve got a Cascoon Mudkip! Our friend has evolved into Cascoon!" Cordic yelled and his voice was full of happiness and also Mudkip for Cascoon.

It was time to continue their journey despite Wurmple had evolved but now Cordic had to carry Cascoon because it didn´t have any legs. Cascoon was really heavy and Cordic had to rest every now and then.

Soon they arrived to another pond where was lots pokémons playing with each other. Cordic laid down and let his pokémons to play around while he was resting but Cordic wasn´t able to sleep. His belly was totally empty so he decided to check around if he could find something to eat for him and for his pokémons.

After walking a while or two Cordic decided to give up and went back to the pond and was ready to start his journey. "Come here Mudkip! It is time to continue and soon it will be night already!" Cordic yelled and Mudkip returned but it was angry because it was interrupted.

Suddenly something hitted against Cordic with a major power and Cordic almost fainted because of the pain. "What was that?" Cordic yelled and started to check around but at first he didn´t see who was behind this attack. After Cordic had been hit twice he managed to dodge the dirt attack and also saw who was behind the attack.

Two Marill were attacking with rocks against him and Cordic didn´t have any clue why so he decided to give a lesson to these two pokémons. "Go Mudkip and Cascoon!" Cordic yelled and Marills were ready to fight.

"Mudkip use Water Gun and Cascoon use Poison Sting!" Cordic shouted. But Mudkipá attack didn´t do much damage after all it was a the same type as Marills were. Cascoon´s attack managed to poison the other Marill but it didn´t give up and attacked against Cascoon. Luckily Cascoon´s shell was enough strong and Marill hurted more itself than Cascoon.

"Mudkip use Mud-Slap and Cascoon use Tackle!" Cordic ordered and his pokémons worked exact way they were told to. Mudkip managed to blind the other Marill for a moment but was quickly knocked by the other one´s Tackle. No there was only Cascoon left and Cordic started to feel worried.

He wasn´t sure what to do because Cascoon was much slowlier than Marills but in the second though the smaller one was poisoned and the bigger one wasn´t able to see well.

It was time to see who´d win this battle. "Cascoon use Poison Sting against them when they are close and after that use Tackle with all your powers!" Both Marills attacked with Tackle but Poison Sting managed to lower they speed and attack.

BAM! Both Marills and Cascoon crashed and they all were fainted. Cordic ran at Cascoon picked up and gave him one of his potions and said "You did very well even though we didn´t actually win this battle." and smiled. After that he healed also both Marills and was ready to leave but Marills stopped them. They wanted to say good bye and handed an Oran berry to Cordic. Cordic said thanks and walked away.


July 4th, 2008, 5:01 AM
Route 102

After Raúl had catched a new member into his team he was feeling much more happier even though Ruth had stolen Seedot from him. He wanted to test out Lotad´s true powers but wasn´t able to find good opponents until a trainer jumped out of the bushes.

"Wow. You´ve goy a Lotad too!" the trainer said and looked very enthusiastic. "Yes I have got Lotad. What´s your name?" Raúl asked quickly and started to look around the trainers clothes. They were all dirty and smelly and Raúl started to feel sick.

"My name is Jacko and I am a bug catcher!" the trainer who was discovered to be a boy called Jacko. "So would you like to have a battle with me?" he said and looked pretty scary but in the same time really excited. "Well yes. Actually I was looking some one to test at my Lotad´s power." Raúl replied and he was ready to start this battle.

"Go Torchic and Lotad!" Raúl yelled when he threw his pokéballs up in the air. Torchic was really excited but Lotad seemed to be more bored than interested.

Jacko send his Lotad and also Shroomish out into battle. "Go Shroomish use Absorb against that Lotad and Lotad attack with Astonish against Torchic."

"Dodge Lotad´s attack and use Ember to protect Lotad Torchic. Lotad use your Astonish against Jacko´s Lotad." Raúl shouted. Torchic managed to dodge Lotad´s attack and but Shroomish was able to dodge Ember. Altough its attack didn´t hit to Lotad but Raúl´s Lotad managed to hit Jacko´s Lotad and made it faint.

"Shroomish use Absorb to Torchic!" Jacko cammanded but suddenly Lotad pushed Torchic away and Absorb hitted to Lotad instead of Torchic. Lotad managed to stay consence. "Torchic use Ember and Lotad use Astonish!" Raúle shouted and this time Shroomish got fainted. "The battle isn´t over yet!" Jacko shouted and threw two more pokéballs up in the air.

Seedot and Wurmple and they were ready to continue. "Lotad come back!" Raúl commanded and withraw his pokémon. "Zigzagoon it´s your turn now! Use Tackle to Wurmple and you Torchic use Ember to Seedot." Raúl said at the same time when he send his Zigzagoon to battle.

Zigzagoon attack missed but Torchic managed to use Ember. Wurmple´s Tackle hitted to Torchic and it started to feel exchausted it was really intensive battle. "Zigzagoon and Torchic use both Tackle against that Seedot!" and when it hitted Seedot fainted and only Wurmple was left anymore.

Wurmple managed to take down Zigzagoon but when Torchic used Ember the battle was over. "Thank you for this battle Raúl! You are very good opponent." Jacko said and started to walk deeper into the forest.

It was time to continue journey but Raúl was sure he would have a great day and he would manage to find new friends frim Petalburg.

To be continued...

July 4th, 2008, 11:43 AM
To Zore: now that post made me laugh! i like how "Gentle" Ceras is homocidal lol
Jet grew to Level 9!
Ceras grew to Level 6!
Ceras learned Confusion!
To DiegoS: good battle post!
Mudkip grew to Level 12!
Wurmple has evolved into Cascoon!
Cascoon has learned Harden!
Cascoon grew to Level 10!
What? Cascoon is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue?
To poisonspark: good job playing out Lotads personality!
Torchic grew to Level 13!
Zigzagoon grew to Level 8!
Lotad grew to Level 6!
Lotad learned Absorb!

July 5th, 2008, 9:53 AM
post break, ignoring.....now!

July 5th, 2008, 10:01 AM
Chapter 5: Petalburg City
Number of Posts: 1
Description: a fairly large city, the people here are known to mingle with nature. Ponds and grass are abundent here which is surprsing for a city.

Places of Interest:
Pokemon Center: A building with a red roof, it heals pokemon and gives trainers a place to stay the night all for free!
PokeMart: a building with a blue roof it sells a varity of items (you can just by basic items here so nothing you wouldn't see in the third town of a pokemon game)
Gym: look at the gym leaders..... wait a minute?! what do you mean the gym leader isn't here?!

July 5th, 2008, 11:53 AM
Petalburg town

After some harsh training in Route 102 it was time to heal pokémons in the local Pokécenter. "Finally we are here!" Raúl yelled happily and sat down. "How may I help you?" Nurse Joy said and smiled cutely as always.

"Well you could tell me is there any good opponents in this town because after all I am a trainer and if you have time could you heal my pokémons?" Raúl answered arrogantly and started to pose so he could look even cooler.

"There happens to be a gym near by but I think that is way over your league. After all Norman was almost accepted to Hoenn Elite Four." Nurse Joy said and smiled but this time her smile wasn´t anymore so warm as earlier. She took Raúl´s pokémons and walked away.

So Norman is that good. Hmmn...I´d better go to fill my bag because when I am going to challenge him I will need those items. Raúl was thinking and quickly stood up ran out from the Pokécenter.

Few minutes later Raúl stepped out from Pokémart 1000 pokédollars less in his pockets. "Let´s see what I bought. Three pokéballs to catch new pokémons, three potions and three full heals." he said out loud and walked at the same time towards pokécenter.

Finally he was back in pokécenter and he saw his pokémons waiting already him. "Here are your pokémons fully healed up." Nurse Joy said and left to speak with another trainer who had also brought his pokémons to be healed up.

After few minutes later he had arrived to the gym and was standing right infront of it. It was time to beat Norman and earn a new or actually the first badge but when Raúl was stepping inside a man stopped him and said "Norman has left and he´s not coming back today atleast."

"But where is he?" Raúl shouted and was almost crying when the man said that is wasn´t his business. Raúl decided to continue his journey towards the next city and literally his pokémons were pretty embarrased how Raúl had acted out.

To be continued...

July 5th, 2008, 2:00 PM
((OoC: There's a lot going on in this post, o3o so lets hope I can pull it off!

By the way, since I dont actually know the gender of the Pokemon, I refer to poor fellow as "it".

AND. Very important, Zimvee. Zore has given me permission to "powerplay" his character in this post.
Feel free to ask him.
In other words -> We've planned out some character interaction.))

Friends and Foes//.

The rain that had once fallen had long since subdued itself into the warmth of late afternoon. This gave the sun time to peak its head over distant mountains, and shine its final rays of light over the land. What was caught in the brightness was anything that stood tall, mostly trees - but as not yet swathed in the growth of summer, they stood bare and clutching up to the sky. Orange and yellow had overtaken most of the abyss above, but left room in the far east for a pool of darkness and stars to grow and prosper.

It was cooling down now, but still not quite cold enough to deter any persistent traveler from getting to their destination. Though Sara was determined, it was obvious by the way in which she walked that she didn’t trust the oncoming night. She could see that it's watchful eyes kept a careful look-out for her weaknesses. If any were found, Sara had no doubts that the murky gloom would swallow her up whole without a second thought.

Though it was not the night's spies that kept an eye on our trainer; but a rogue Marill instead. It's round blue body made for the perfect cover as it hopped from pond to pond, following the intriguing female. Perhaps it was the promise of food that allured the Pokémon, or even a battle; if it was what it wanted. Either way, it seemed as though Sara had something that interesting this particular Marill.

Completely ignoring the lone Pokémon, the trainer set up camp to prepare food and shelter for the night. Shelter.. the word doesn’t quite describe what Sara had actually made. She merely grabbed a few soft looking branches (hopefully not from Pine Trees, if you get what I'm saying), and tossed them on the ground in a small clearing; a lame attempt at creating make-shift beds.
Electrike seemed to agree with the previous statement, as he threw a blanket on the ground and motioned for Poochyena to consider it their sleeping spot.
Sara disregarded this, and set out into the forest for firewood and commanded her electric Pokémon to follow.

The forest was dense, however the undergrowth was sparse; and what had remained of it after winter's harsh cull was snarled and tangled, near impossible to get through even for a Rattata. In fact, most Pokemon had long since went to bed, letting the warmth of the last rays of sun lull them into a dream swathed embrace of sleep. Most, except Marill, who stubbornly followed Sara into the deeper parts of the wooded area. Though it seemed that much more hiding was being done, then the actual deed of getting what it wanted.
The chase was ended quickly. As the trainer appeared to have gotten what she needed, and was returning to camp.

It was then that Marill made its move. Charging forward and aiming for the animal-skin pouch at Sara's waist, the Pokémon attempted to grasp some type of useful item.
However the trainer was much too quick for Marill's slow movement, and turned her body just enough for the Pokémon to steal nothing but thin air.
Angered by the show of Agility, the blue creature charged forth in a tackle, this time toward Electrike.

Surprised by this, Sara's Pokémon leaped out of the way, and made for Marill in its own attack of Thunder Wave as a defensive strike. Since Electrike had dodged the tackle, his assault was not really needed. The blue Pokemon had rammed into a tree, allowing for apples to fall from above and strike it on the head, further damaging the Pokemon.

Sara had actually found this amusing, and snorted aloud in place of a laugh. Marill seemed incapacitated enough, and the trainer had thought about leaving it be. Though its show of determination and strength overtook the notion, and a throwing of a Pokeball to capture the beast was instilled instead.
The ball shook from side to side, and for a few moments, her attention was focused only on that.
This was until a familiar face burst through the clearing holding a Pokémon, while attempting to escape a herd of around 5 Poochyena.

The boy was Marcus. Sara's face remained expressionless, as he charged across the field only to stop near her.
"Help me will you?!" Marcus demanded, sounding somewhat out of breath. This was mostly due to the chase, but what appeared to be a Ralts was also giving him some trouble. It thrashed about in his arms, obviously not happy to be held back from whatever it planned to do.

At that moment, the Pokeball recently thrown at Marill exploded, sending the sphere back into Sara's hands. This was surprising, of course, as she had weakened the Pokémon first; though apparently not enough.
Rather then running away, the creature stood there surveying the Poochyenas which boxed it in.
At this point it wasn’t clear what Sara was thinking, though it obviously had something to do with the mess she was currently in, thanks to Marcus.

Completely ignoring his plead for help, she motioned at both Marill and Electrike to get ready for battle. Sara's own Pokémon took a fighting stance as soon as she looked at him, but the other creature looked unsure and confused. This was obviously no time for such a feeling, and the look in the trainer's eyes proved this thought. She glared at Marill for a moment before uttering a command in it's direction,
"Tackle," was the order for the wild Pokémon, while "Thunder Wave," was the order for Electrike.

The dog-like being sprung into action, lighting up from the electricity pulsing through him, before slamming though the line of Poochyenas. They were, of course, not happy with this, and proceeded to tackle green dog, too. Those who were not hit with the Thunder Wave quickly suffered from Electrike's left over static, and soon most of the Pokemon in the clearing were twitching from Paralysis.
This stunt had left Sara's creature weak, and it was quite clear to anyone if they'd seen how he'd struggled to stand. That many blows to the body would leave anyone feeling frail and puny.

Marill still stood there, not willing to listen to the trainer, concentrating on the fierce battle ahead. It was becoming apparent that it wouldn’t get out of here unless most of the enemy Poochyena's were defeated. It was then that the blue Pokémon attacked. Because it was relatively low leveled, Marill could only tackle the dog Pokémon out of the way to stand near Electrike.
They both muttered a few words in their own language, possibly agreeing to team up, and then went back into the fry.

Tackles were thrown in every which way, but in the end it was both Marill and Electrike who stood out on top, allowing for the remaining Poochyena to retreat back to the depths of the forest. Sara turned to Marcus, wondering why he didn’t let Ralts join in, but settled on the conclusion that he didn’t want his Pokémon to suffer harm.

After receiving a delayed thanks from the other trainer, Sara had congratulated Electrike on a fine battle with a pat on the head, while the Marill had started to head back to a nearby pond. Noticing this, Sara's pride had quickly returned to annoyance as she remembered how the Pokémon had burst from the Pokeball after an attempted capture.
Grasping the same ball from her waist, she threw it at the Marill without much thought, enveloping it in a bright red light.

"Isn’t that the same Marill you tried to capture before I came here?," Marcus asked with light-hearted questioning, "it probably wont be too happy being caught right after that whole mess."
After hearing that, Sara realized he was right. After dealing with that much commotion, even if it was caught or not, the Marill sure wouldn’t be too happy.

((OoC: Question, does Marill still get experience points from battle? I didn’t "own" it at the time, however it still battled.. Right?))

July 5th, 2008, 3:12 PM
OOC:Sayaira gave me permission to continue our character interaction in my post if that's okay with you Zimvee

Petalburg City

Marcus awoke with a groan, throwing off his light blanket and silently cursing the roots that always managed to dig into your back when sleeping outdoors. Sighing he moved to roll his blanket back up and put it back in his pack when the events of the previous day flashed through his mind. numbly the blanket slipped through his fingers as he quickly patted his belt and gave a relieved sigh to see Jet and Ceras were both in their Pokeballs at his belt. He glanced over to where Sara had been sleeping the night before but only saw a couple of tree branches and the remains of a fire. Yesterday had been tough for both of them, she'd really managed to save his bacon and he was really grateful for it.

Marcus had just finished packing his bag when Sara arrived back in the clearing, her Electrike following at her heels, sneezing when it saw Marcus. He scratched the back of his head, apparently dog-like pokemon weren't so fond of him if the last two days were anything to go by.

"Hey, you're finally up," Said Sara as she approached, "Thats good, Petalburg isn't too far from here and I think we both need a Pokemon center right about now."

"Yeah," Said Marcus, "Jet got hurt pretty bad yesterday and I definitely want to get him healed." The two trainers began to walk towards Petalburg. As they walked they engaged in minor conversation talking about their experiences thus far and what Pokemon they hoped to catch in the future. Marcus was almost disappointed when they arrived at Petalburg, Sara told him that she was going to look at the some things at the Pokemart and she'd meet up with him at the Pokemon Center later. Marcus thus trudged on to the Center alone, the shadows growing longer as the sun began to set.

When he arrived he dropped off his Pokemon with the nurse who assured him she'd have Jet fixed up by the morning. Expressing his deepest gratitude to the nurse, he left to take a look around town and perhaps stop by the Pokemart himself in order to prevent having another situation like the day before.

The imposing structure of the Petalburg gym had a temporarily closed sign on it so Marcus wandered aimlessly for a while, contemplating everything that had happened the last few days.

He decided to redouble his focus on training, Jet and Ceras seemed to enjoy fighting more than anything else and he hoped to bond with the eccentric Pokemon through battling if nothing else. He also thought on his little Poochyena problem. There was something that was driving the creatures to attack him, Poochyena did not as a rule attack en masse like they had yesterday. There was something else going on here, something deeper that he was unaware of.

Marcus' thoughts also turned to Sara, the girl who had helped him after both his Poochyena encounters. He was really beginning to respect her as a trainer and as a person, heck she'd started impressing him the first time they'd met when she had reacted like lightning when Birch had told her to use a Pokeball to capture his attackers. After the talk the two had had earlier that day he was really hoping to become friends with the white-haired girl.

Shaking himself as he watched the sun finally fade from the horizon, Marcus stood slowly and stiffly and began to walk to the well lit Pokemart. He decided to stock up on potions, asking the sales clerk for three, and also to replace the one Pokeball he'd used to capture Ceras. Fortified with his new supplies he treked back to the Pokemon center to meet up with Sara and see how his Pokemon were doing.

July 5th, 2008, 7:36 PM
To poisonspark: good post! insted of full heals im going to give you a parlyze heal, an antidote, and a awakining cause you don't really find full heals this early
You bought 3 pokeballs!
you bought 3 potions!
You bought a parlyze heal!
you bought a antidote!
You bought an awakining!
To Sayaira: thank you for getting Zore's permission to God Control him and well i Marill doesent gets experince because it wasn't yours but it will be high leveled
You caught a Female Lv. 4 Marill!
To Zore: hm is Marcus falling in love with Sara? lol
You bought a Pokeball!
You bought 3 Potions!
(update trainer card please! just put it in your signiture

July 6th, 2008, 5:01 AM
Petalburg town

After some hard training with Marill brothers Cascoon evolved into Dustox and Cordic was more than happy. "Great! Now we are able to beat that Norman who is a gym leader in Petalburg town!" Cordic shouted happily. "After all my guide book says that there should be a gym in Petalburg but hey we can always ask from Nurse Joy too!" he continued and stepped inside to Pokécenter.

"Hello! Oh dear you look like that you´ve battled a lot in there. Let me heal your pokémons and you can rest bit over there with other trainers!" Nurse Joy said and took Cordic´s pokémons with her.

Ten minutes later Nurse Joy was ready and handed Cordic´s pokémons back to him and said "Do you need anything else sweetie?" and Cordic decided to ask. "So I´ve heard that there should be a gym over here and I was just wondering if it is true or not?" he said and Nurse Joy answered that it was true but he wasn´t sure if Norman the gym leader was available now.

Cordic didn´t have any other choice than walk over and ask if Norman would be at his gym but before that headed straight to Pokémart and filled his bag with miscellaneous items what he might need when battling against Norman. After all he was one of the best gym leaders in Hoenn region.

When Cordic arrived to the gym the gym guard stopped him and said "Norman is in Sinnoh area looking for her daughter´s cordinator competition and he will be back about in week or three so you have to just wait." and went back to inside.

"What am I posed to do now?" Cordic asked a loud and remembered his guide book "Hey there should be another gym at Rustboro city. Let´s go there!" and started to walk towards Petalburg woods.


July 6th, 2008, 8:47 AM
To DiegoS: funny how you referenced the anime lol
Cascoon has evolved into Dustox!
Dustox is trying to learn Confusion! But Dustox can only know four moves! Delete a move for Confusion? (just tell me on the OOC thread)

Chapter 6: Route 104 (Part 1)
Number of Posts: 2
Description: A route known for its abudant supply of fresh water, this route is divided by Petalburg Forest. An old sailer known as Mr. Briney is known to live here but he dosen't seem to be here at the moment...

Wild Pokemon
Level: 4-5
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Guts
Attacks: Peck, Growl, Focus Energy
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-5
Type: Water/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Growl, Water Gun
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 4-5
Type: Bug
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting (Lv. 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 4-5
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Pickup or Gluttony
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip (Lv. 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 4-5
Type: Dark
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Run Away or Quick Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Howl (Lv. 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 4-5
Type: Water
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Thick Fat or Huge Power
Attacks: Tackle, Defense Curl
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

The Bringer!
July 6th, 2008, 8:33 PM
OOC: Sorry about the lateness of this post.

"Whururisim!" shouted Ears as she jumped on to her sleeping trainer's stomach. Waking him in the process.

"Mr., it looks like your pokemon are fully healed now," said the nurse at the Pokemon Center as Neaken woke up to see Ears and his marill. He got up off the couch in the center's lounge and thanked the nurse as he returned his pokemon to their pokeballs. Neaken sleepily rubbed his eyes as he stepped into the Pokemart that was just a few steps away from the Pokemon Center. Neaken could see people busily walking around with bags full of merchandise and hurried looks on their faces. I think I'll just get two paralyze heals and three potions, that should be enough until I get to the next town. Neaken left the building with five new items in his bag and a fraction of his money from his battles with Glen. What else is there to do in this place? Neaken walked up to a man in his mid thirties and asked him if there was anything of note in this town that might interest a trainer.

"Of course there is! This place is none other than where the balance gym resides. Unfortunately, the gym leader is gone," said the man. Figures, the first place with a gym that I go to the gym is closed. “If you want to get a badge that badly you should go to Rustboro, all you have to do is go past Petalburg Woods,” the man said jollily. Well I guess I better get going then. With that Neaken thanked the man and left toward route 104.

July 7th, 2008, 11:49 AM
To Mr. Person: good post!
You bought two Parlyze Heals!
You bought three Potions!

July 8th, 2008, 5:41 AM
Wingull´s swing

After Raúl had left from Petalburg city he headed towards Petalburg woods and he was more confident than ever but sunlight and heat started to made Raúl thirsty.

Why didn´t I choose Mudkip instead of Torchic? he was thinking and started to dream about Mudkip using Water Gun at him. Suddenly Lotad stopped right infront of him and Raúl fell over. Few minutes later he was up again and asked "Why did you do that?" and looket at Lotad but it was already walking.

After they had walked many hours Lotad stopped walking again but this time Raúl managed not to fell. Right infront of them flew a flock of Wingulls and they were playing with each other.

"Wow! Is that a Wingull?" Raúl said and went to look closer but because there was no plants at all Wingulls saw Raúl and got mad. They started to attack against Raúl and his pokémons but suddenly a voice emanated in the middle of the flock. It was big and clearly the strongest Wingull in that flock that every one was afraid of.

Other Wingulls returned to their position and this leader started to attack. It attacked furiously with Water Gun but Raúl was more happy than angry. "Finally some water!" he shouted and enjoyed but he was not going to let this Wingull get away just like that. It was time to battle!

"Go Lotad and use Astonish!" he yelled and Lotad managed to hit Wingull. When Wingull hitted with Water Gun it didn´t do that much damage because Lotad was partly also water type. Lotad used Astonish again but this time Wingull was even faster than before and it dodged Lotad´s attack with its own.

"Try to dodge Wingull´s attacks and use Astonish when it drops its guard!" Raúl yelled and it seemed to work out but then Wingull flew up in the sky and attack from there. Lotad didn´t had wings so it was clearly going to lose but suddenly other Wingulls attack against their leader and made it crash to the shore. Raúl decided to help that poor Wingull and commanded all of his pokémons to attack.

"Use Ember Torchic! And you Zigzagoon use Tackle and Lotad use Astonish!" he yelled and few minutes later all the Wingulls left quickly because they were scared of Raúl´s pokémons. They ran over to look that Wingull and it was badly hurt. Its wing was broken so Raúl healed it and tied Wingull´s wing with one of his shirts.

They rest whole they and fed Wingull and tried to get it to fly but that wing was still hurting so Raúl decided to stay few more days with it. Wingull befriend with Raúl and his pokémons and suddenly it turned all friendly and wasn´t anymore mean to others.

It was morning and Raúl had already woke up when he saw Wingull. It was trying to fly and it kept trying even it fell over again and again. Suddenly its wings managed to hold it up in the air and it was ready to fly of but it wanted to fight. It wanted to fight its fight till the vary end and it attacked furiously.

"Go Lotad! Let´s do this!" he yelled and after few minutes later battle was ferociously on. "Use Astonish Lotad!" Raúl yelled but both Lotad and Wingull used their attacks to negate its opponents attack. Suddenly Wingull flew up and attack with all its power and Lotad wasn´t able to manage.

"This must be a miracle! Dodge its attack when it is very close to you and then attack with Astonish behind!" Raúl shouted and this time Wingull missed its attack. Lotad hitted from behind and made Wingull to crash down and faint.

"Go pokéball!" Raúl yelled and threw a pokéball to catch this Wingull but he wasn´t sure if he´d catch it or not.

To be continued...

July 8th, 2008, 11:34 AM
The Battle

(OCC I didn't post because I was away for a trip in New Mexico)

Where we last left off Alex was going to battle a boy in a double battle. The boy threw his Poké Balls and out popped a blue Pokémon with big blue cheeks and a little green creature that didn't have eyes. Alex took out his Poké Dex to get these two Pokémon's data.

" Marill the aquamouse Pokémon. Its body is covered with water-repellent fur. Because of the fur, it can swim through water at high speed without being slowed by the water's resistance. Ralts the feeling Pokémon. Ralts has the power to sense the emotions of people and Pokémon with the horns on its head. It takes cover if it senses any hostility,"informed Dexter.

" Thanks, Dex," replied Alex. He threw out his two Pokémon Bagon and Poochyena. " You attack first, kid," said Alex.

" Fine then. Marill use Defense Curl to raise your defense!" commanded the kid.

Marill turned gray and curled up. " Ralts use Confusion on Bagon!" The feeling Pokémon faced Bagon and tried to confuse him by attacking him. The attack threw Bagon on the floor and then it got up.

"Bagon, Tackle Marill! Poochyena, tackle Ralts at full power!" commanded Alex. Bagon ran towards Marill like a Rhino and tackled her and she went 5 feet away. Marill got up and it looked nearly untouched. Poochyena ran towards Ralts and tackled it too. Ralts got up and used Growl on Poochyena to lower its attack to make the tackles less painful. "Why was tackle not strong on Marill?"asked Alex.

"Don't you know? Marill used Defense Curl and it got higher defense. And now due to Marill's ability Huge Power its attack is doubled and it is gonna beat you. Marill use tackle on Poochyena!" yelled the kid. Marill ran towards the black dog and tackled him. Poochyena looked knocked out but it got up weakened.

Alex had to think of a strategy and fast. So he thought of taking out Ralts first so Poochyena and Bagon can team up for Marill. " Bagon tackle Ralts at full speed and power! Poochyena as soon as it gets up tackle it again!"yelled Alex. Bagon tackled Ralts really hard which left it nearly knocked out. Poochyena finished it off with tackle.

"Marill tackle Poochyena at full power!" Marill charged at Poochyena but it jumped out of the way to dodge it but Marill, expecting this jumped up and hit Poochyena and finished it off with a tackle.

Alex knew no doubt that Marill was strong and was going to be hard to beat. "Bagon use Rage and tackle Marill!" commanded Alex. Bagon turned red and got angry. It ran full strength and went towards Marill to finish it. Marill also ran towards Bagon to tackle it and they both collided.

BAM! The both Pokémon were on the floor. Bagon struggled to get up and so did Marill. They both got their grip. The two Pokémon, fighting with their hearts used all their strength to muster up one more tackle attack and they collided again. BAM! The two Pokémon were on their feet gasping for air and strength. The two Pokémon started at each other, and they knew that one of them was going to lose by falling down. They both were very weak and were going to fall down any moment. Then all of the sudden Marill fell unconcious. Alex returned Bagon to its Poké ball and went with the trainer who was tending his Marill.

" Is Marill ok?"asked Alex.

"Yeah, she'll be fine. Hey do you have a Poké Gear number so I can call you for a rematch someday?" asked the kid." By the way I'm Max."

" I'm Alex. Your Marill was really good. Ok I'll give you my gear number."replied Alex.

The two boys exchanged gear numbers and one headed off to the Pokémon Center and the other to Petalburg city. Alex checked his Poké Dex to find out Marill's location to catch one.

"Marill can be caught at route 102." informed Dexter.

Alex closed his Poké Dex and he knew that route 102 was on the way to Petalburg city so off he headed to catch a Marill!

To Be Continued

July 8th, 2008, 1:07 PM
To poisonspark: that was a good post just you need to improve on your grammer a bit. i havent said anything to be fair, but its starting to really show
You caught a Female Lv. 4 Wingull! (NOTE: its not a race to see who can have the most pokemon you know)
To Pokemon_Master09: that was a decent post
Bagon grew to Level 9!
Poochyena grew to Level 6!
Poochyena learned Howl!

The Bringer!
July 8th, 2008, 2:04 PM
(OOC: Appareantly post titles are what's hip and happnin' so I decided to give it a try.)

Marill on the run

Why does it have to be so warm out today? Neaken walked along the grassy path that was just past the exit of Petalburg. He noticed that their was a small walkway that lead to the beach. Good, maybe I can cool of from a sea breeze or two. Neaken rubbed the sweat of his forehead as he strolled over to the sandy area of route 204.

"Hey you, dude with the gray sweater!" shouted someone who seemed to be in their twenties. "It's about time I got a battle from someone and it looks like it's gonna be you!" the man with a blue T-shirt and jeans said.

How come everyone that I battle have to be so rude about it? "Listen, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I really don't feel like battling you now." Neaken said to the man.

"Heh, ok dude, but you won't get any better if you never battle." and with that the man walked away, his sandals leaving their marks in the sand. Wow, someone actually listened to me. Now I can have some peace and quiet. Then, as if on cue in some horribly twisted way, marill burst out of her pokeball and began running after the trainer. She couldn't believe that her trainer didn't want to battle with her. Why couldn't her trainer understand that he could never loose if he used her. Oh no, why do my pokemon keep running away? Some day I really got to do something about this. With that in his mind, Neaken ran after the annoyingly stubborn marill. What he didn't realize was that he was running strait into a wild wingull that looked pretty mad.

"Wingural!" the wingull shouted in a loud voice. Just my luck... Neaken tried to run away from the wild pokemon to catch up to his marill, but the pokemon was too fast. Neaken looked up to see the grassy route that was above the beach section and saw where the wingul came from. It looked like some trainer was attacking a flock of wingull to keep them away. Before Neaken could think about it more, he was attacked by the wingull's water gun.

"Alright Ears, it looks like it's just you and me again," Neaken announced as he released the pink pokemon. "Try your astonish," he continued calmly. Ears jumped up at the wingull and screamed in it's face, causing it to flinch back in surprise. Neaken then ordered Ears to uproar, which caused the water near by to splash about into the air with it's force. The wingull fought hard to stay airborne and launched a spray of water at Ears with surprising force. However, Ears was still able to survive the attack and was able to finish of the bird with a pound attack. As it flew away in defeat, Neaken remembered what he was supposed to be doing.

"Let's hurry Ears, marill is probably going after that trainer we saw earlier!" He didn't know for sure, but Neaken had a feeling that he would have some problems with his marill quite often in the near future.

July 8th, 2008, 2:35 PM
To Mr. Person: that was a good post!
Ears grew to Level 12!

July 8th, 2008, 2:56 PM
Character Name:Solomon



Birth Date: 8/22

Apperance:d/p male person


History: He likes his pokemon and wishes to be a gym leader.So he just got his mudkip and is now on his journey to become a pokemon master!

Pokemon Starter: mudkip

July 9th, 2008, 7:48 AM
<<OOC: There will be some interaction between me and Cordic. We have planned it all out earlier!>>

Farewell Zigzagoon

Raúl was very happy when he was walking towards Petalburg woods. "What a great day!" he said out loud and looked at his pokémons and laughed. He had just caught his fourth pokémon and he was more pleased than ever and also his pokémons were happy from their new mate but not one.

Zigzagoon wasn´t any more center of attention and it had come more lonely than ever. It walked behind others and it was really angry but no one noticed it and it decided to do something nasty and started to tease Torchic and Lotad.

Suddenly Raúl stopped and waved his hand to someone. It was one of those trainers who had started their journeys at the same time as Raúl and this boy had Mudkip with him. "Hey Cordic!" Raúl yelled and ran over to see him and so did his pokémons but Zigzagoon was more interested teasing others. When it saw Mudkip it didn´t pay any attention but then it slowly started to speak with it and they was having fun with each other.

Raúl had sat down with Cordic and they were speaking about many things like pokémons and so on and in the mean time their pokémons played together. "So what would you like to eat?" Raúl asked and they started to unpack their bags and make some food. Few minutes later they all were eating and drinking and every one was having a blast. Suddenly Cordic said something that caught totally both Zigzagoon´s and his attention.

"So you are saying that I have totally forget to pay attention to my Zigzagoon?" Raúl repeated as well as he could and he stood up. "Well yes! You can see it from how it acts out!" Cordic said and stood up too. They both started to stare at Zigzagoon and asked too many question and too quickly which made Zigzagoon dizzy.

Raúl took Zigzagoon on his hands and asked one simple question: "Have I truly forget you?" and it noded as an answer and it meaned yes. "So what do you want to do? If you aren´t happy I don´t know what to do!" Raúl said desperately and looked at Zigzagoon. He put it down and he was almost crying but hold it all inside him.

It ran over to Cordic and rubbed its head towards Cordic´s leg and finally Raúl understood. "Obviously Zigzagoon wants to change its team and I would be glad if you´d accept it as a new member of your team." Raúl said and he wasn´t able to look at Cordic´s eyes.

"It would be an honor to me. I will make sure that it is treated well." Cordic said and took Zigzagoon. They spend the rest of the day together and at evening Raúl continued his journey and he was crying. It was hard to let it go but it was best for Zigzagoon.

To be continued...

July 9th, 2008, 9:32 AM
The Adventure to Catch the Aquamouse

Where we last left Alex he was wanting to catch a Marill to add to his team. He thought he better talk to his Pokémon to come up with a strategy. He took out his Poké Balls and brought out his Pokémon Poochyena and Bagon.

"Hey guys!" said Alex and he hugged his Pokémon and Bagon hugged him and Poochyena jumped on Alex. "Hey guys you remember that Marill we faced against that kid earlier today?"asked Alex. His Pokémon nodded. " Well I'm going to try to catch one to come along with us and be our frineds ok?" informed Alex. " We need to come up with a strategy to catch it easily. I think Poochyena is going to have to battle on this one Bagon. Poochyena, you can howl now right?"asked Alex.

"Yena!" cried the black dog which meant yes.

" Great! So you can howl about 2 times and you might have your attack the same as Marill with Huge Power ability. Because remember, Huge Power doubles Marill's attack. And lets try not to let Marill get some Defense Curls too. If you feel tired anytime during the match and want to be swiched warn me before you get any more injured or tired. That's when you'll go in Bagon. Bagon you will bite Marill to try and stop it. Ok now let's go Marill searching. I'll leave you two out to help me find a Marill," said Alex.

So that's how Alex started searching. He went towards Route 102 which was in between Oldale Town and Petaburg city. In that route he saw some ponds and decided that was the best place to look for a water Pokémon like Marill. He went to the pond and looked inside of it and only found water and nothing but water. He returned his Pokémon so they would rest for the match against Marill if they had one.

"What are you looking for kid?"asked a deep voice behind Alex. He was a bit frightened and looked back to see who called him. He turned around and saw a man around his 40s with a fishing rod and fishing gear.

" I umm... am umm...was looking for a Marill," said Alex nervously.

" Marill, eh? I know where they come out. But you have to fish them," replied the man.

" Fish them? Looks like I have no luck. I don't have a fishing rod. Well thanks any way sir." said Alex sadly. He had been looking forward to catching a Marill. He took off walking to Petalburg city.

" Hey kid don't leave! I'll lend you one of my rods." said the man.

Alex turned back and went to get the rod the man was sticking out." Thanks, sir,'' said Alex.

" No problem. Ok I'll help you find a Marill. First I'll teach you how to fish just in case you ever need to know how to." said the man." By the way, I'm Dave but they call me Fishing Guru Dave. I have 2 brothers here in Hoenn and they are all good fishers like me." informed Dave.

" I'm Alex and I justed started my journey yesterday." replied the youngster.

Dave taught Alex how to fish with all the basics and stuff." You don't really fish Marill. You just put bait on the rod. Cast it into the water. And they'll think it's real food. So when that happens you just pull your fishing rod back out into land. Marill will be holding onto the bait in its mouth and you'll be free to catch it. You'll know when Marill is holding the bait because the rod will be pulling towards the water." informed Dave.

"Ok. I'll try." said Alex. He used Dave's rod and casted it into the pond. He waited a few 5 minutes and still nothing. He tried casting again and again but still no luck. Until Alex felt a tug from the rod and he tried to pull it up whatever was holding the bait. He couldn't pull it up so when Dave noticed this he ran to help Alex pull it up. They pulled it up and out of the water and it was a Marill!

"Go Poochyena!" yelled Alex as he threw his Poké Ball towards Marill who was on the land standing angrily because it had lost its meal. Poochyena came out pumped up and ready for the battle. " Remember the strategy Poochyena! Howl!" Poochyena gave out a loud howl and raised its attack. " Now try tackling it at full speed!" commanded Alex. Poochyena ran at full speed towards Marill to tackle it as hard as it could.

" Marill!" cried the blue creature as it expected this attack and dodged it by jumping over Poochyena and doing and flip. It looked really angry and it tackled Poochyena at its full power with Huge Power ability. Poochyena went flying back to Alex nearly knocked out.

Alex ran to Poochyena who looked very injured. "Poochyena are you okay,?'' asked Alex.

"Pooch... Yena," said the black dog very weakly and quietly. It got out of Alex's hands and tried to get up to continue the battle. It struggled to get up but used heart to get up and continue.

" Are you sure about this Poochyena" asked Alex who was willing to switch him back.

" Yena!" cried the dog. It was on its fours and ready to fight again.

" Poochyena howl!" commanded Alex. Poochyena gave one loud howl to raise its attack once more. " Now tackle it at full power not speed!" yelled Alex.

Poochyena ran with power not speed as it was told and tried to tackle Marill. It was about 5 feet from Marill when Alex screamed " Now jump up and tackle!" Poochyena jumped up to tackle, confused and tackled Marill!

Yes, thought Alex. I knew Marill would jump like last time and also how Max's did so telling Poochyena to use power not speed would make him run slower and I would know if Marill was going to jump, sooner. " Pochyena try and tackle Marill once more right now while he's on the ground!" commanded Alex. Poochyena tackled Marill and knocked it out. " Now Poké Ball go!" yelled Alex as he threw his Poké Ball to catch Marill. Marill shrinked inside and the ball started shaking. Alex just hoped he caught it.

To Be Continued

July 11th, 2008, 2:22 AM
Quiet battle, loud win

After Cordic had got Zigzagoon from Raúl he decided to check out, how strong it truly was? Cordic walked and looked out for some new and strong trainers but he wasn´t able to find anyone so he sat down to a grassy area. "Where are we going to find a good opponent to you?" he said and sighed heavily.

Few minutes later he stood up and continued walking on the beach towards Petalburg woods but suddenly he spotted a trainer just few hundreds meters away from himself and ran over to see. "Hey you over there!" he yelled and the trainer turned over to look who had yelled at him but didn´t pay too much attention.

Finally he was enough close to the trainer and started to walk at the same speed as he did. "So I was just wondering would you like to battle against me?" Cordic said and he looked at the trainer who just kept walking and walking. Cordic tried to get him speak but the trainer was still quiet as a stone and he started to get a little bit irritated.

After they had walked for a while the trainer finally sat down and started to eat breakfast and Cordic joined him. "So what are you eating?" he said and looked really tired but still continued asking different kind of questions. Suddenly the trainer stood up and said "I am ready to battle!" and he threw his two pokéballs up in the air and summoned a Taillow and a Wingull out.

Cordic didn´t hesitate at all and he also stood up and threw two pokéballs up in the air and summoned Mudkip and Zigzagoon out. Before he even noticed battle had furiously began and Taillow and Wingull was attacking with various attacks and combos that weakened both Mudkip and Zigzagoon.

"Use Water Gun to Taillow Mudkip and you, Zigzagoon, use Tackle against Wingull!" Cordic shouted and his pokémons managed to hit critically and made some mature damage. Cordic realised that even his opponent´s pokémons were strong they didn´t have that much energy and Cordic used this information wisely.

"Both of you! Dodge their attacks and make them crash into each other!" Cordic yelled but it was far more difficult than it sounded and at first Taillow´s and Wingull´s attacks hit strictly to Mudkip and Zigzagoon but few minutes later they managed to dodge almost every single attack. Zigzagoon dodged and Wingull flew over it and in the mean time Mudkip jumped over and Taillow crashed with full speed towards Wingull and they both fainted.

The trainer took two more pokéballs out from his bag and threw them up in the air and yelled "Come out Seedot and Poochyena!" and they immediately started to attack. Poocyena used mulitple times Tackle and Howl to raise its own attack and Seedot used Bide to store some energy.

Cordic´s pokémons were already weaken really much and they started to feel exchausted but he wasn´t going to give up. "Use Mud-Slap Mudkip and use Tackle, Zigzagoon, against that Seedot!" he yelled and they managed to faint Seedot but right before it faint it launched Bide. It hit just a little bit and both Cordic´s pokémons were now from one step away from fainting and he started to feel worried.

"Use Water Gun and try to dodge that Tackle Mudkip" he yelled and continued furiously "Use that Tackle Zigzagoon!" but Poochyena was too strong for them. Suddenly Cordic got an idea that could work but he wasn´t sure. Few minutes later he decided to give a try because he didn´t have anything to lose anymore and shouted "Both of you use Tackle with full speed!" and he was really worried.

They hit towards Poochyena and made it faint and Cordic was happy. He wasn´t quite sure what had happened and when he was going to thank that trainer he noticed that he had already vanished and never saw him again.


July 14th, 2008, 12:45 AM
I dont get this lol weirdos hehehe

The Bringer!
July 14th, 2008, 1:36 PM
I dont get this lol weirdos hehehe

I doubt someone with your undeniably low quality of intelligence would.

July 15th, 2008, 3:00 PM
To Lordscar: im too busy to point out what is wrong with your sign up so im getting straight to the point. you are Denied
To poisonspark: wow. i didn't know you getting rid of Zigzagoon this early. while it was a good post it probally would have made more sense if you got rid of him a little later in your adventure as you have only had him for like one or two days
Zigzagoon has left the Party!
To Pokemon_Master09: that was a good post! (I didn't know Marill could be caught by fishing lol)
You caught a Female Level 4 Marill!
To DiegoS: good post! (i just figured out poisonspark gave him to you lol)
You recieved a Zigzagoon!
Mudkip grew to Level 14!
Zigzagoon grew to Level 10!
Zigzagoon learned Headbutt!
To Everyone: yeah! im back! however i will be leaving Wednesday night so hurry and post! i will have limited access time to a computer but i will try to update while i can!

July 16th, 2008, 4:56 AM
[[ OOC: It is very short because I don´t have time to write! :D ]]

It was really bright day and sun was warming the water but Cordic didn´t like of getting wet. He was sitting under a tree that was in shadows but his pokémons were basking in the sunlight.

Suddenly the sky turned darker and darker and it started to rain heavily but Cordic still sat under the tree. He looked far at the water while his pokémons were sitting right next to him. Suddenly something unbelievable rose up from the water but just a bit so Cordic was able too something huge and blue.

He stood up and ran over to see what it was but it had already gone away deeper to the water. Storm and rain stopped as soon as they had began and Cordic still stood near the shore and looked at the water. That thing he had seen was something that he could not understand but his thinking was interrupt when, suddenly a girl stood right next to him.

This wasn´t just any girl. Cordic had seen him few times in somewhere but he wasn´t able to remember where he had seen her. She was wearing totally blue coloured poncho which was decorated with bright red patterns.

"The King of the Sea has woken and is on the move!" she shouted and disappeared almost immediately but even Cordic tried. He wasn´t able to understand anything that girl had just shouted at him and it kept spinning around in his mind. Suddenly Zigzagoon had seen something and Cordic noticed it too. They had finally arrived to the Petalburg woods and soon they would be in Petalburg city.


July 16th, 2008, 11:50 AM
Petalburg City

The poke ball shook once...twice... and three times and stopped. The capture was successful.

He reached down to the Poke Ball and picked it up with a smile. He now had 3 Pokémon with him. Alex tooked at Poochyena who was tired and returned him to his Poke ball.

"Wow Alex, that was a great battle. It has been a long time since I've seen a battle like that. Your quite the trainer even for a beginner!" exclaimed Dave.

"Well thanks. Here's your rod."said Alex handing Dave the rod.

"No, no, keep it I have plenty more." Dave said handing Alex the rod back.

"Well thank you. I guess I better get going to Petalburg city," said Alex who waved to Dave and headed to Petalburg.

"Wait! Alex! Do you have a Poké Gear?" asked Dave.

"Yes I do. Want to exchange numbers?" asked Alex, expecting Dave to ask the same thing.

"Yes that was what I was going to say." replied Dave. He exchanged numbers with Alex. Then Alex went towards Petalburg City because it was getting late.

As Alex walked up route 102 towards Petalburg he decided he call his mom when he got to the Pokémon Center. So he kept up walking happy to have 3 members in his team and determined to get to Petalburg where he heard from his Poké gear, was a city with a Gym.

Alex looked up and up over the trees was a big sign saying "Welcome to Petalburg City". Alex ran towards Petalburg which was about 500 feet away.

He wanted to rest his Pokemon to get a good and early start to battle the gym the next day. He ran under the big sign and saw that Petalburg had lots of buildings. He quickly went to the Pokémon Center to rest his Pokémon.

"Hello, Joy. Can you heal my Pokémon?" asked Alex.

"Sure!" replied the Pokémon Nurse. She took his 3 Poke Balls and took them to be tended.

"I'll be back in 20 minutes, because I am going to go eat, ok Joy." said Alex.

"Sure." replied Joy.

It was now about 6:30 pm so Alex would be spending the night at the Pokémon Center. He went to the food mart and bought food to take to the Pokemon Center to share with his Pokémon. The total cost was $500 Poké Dollars so Alex paied him and still had a lot more money.

When he got back he saw a Chansey heading towards him with 3 Poke Balls.

"Thanks, Chansey," said Alex as he took his Poke Balls. He went outside to find a tree that had shade to eat under with his Pokémon.

The sun was setting and Alex wanted to see the horizon. He found a great tree to eat so he took out his Pokémon and introduced them to Marill whom they also quickly befriended.

"Here guys. I bought food for you guys." said Alex. He took out a bag labeled Poké Chow. And he took out a bowl that he bought at the market too and poured food into it the bowl so they could eat.

(OOC: I wanted to end here cause I have to leave somewhere and will be back maybe on Thursday or Friday.)

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