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June 27th, 2008, 6:30 PM
Pikachu opened his eyes slowly, the corners of his mouth twisted in a human-like frown, a habit he had been starting to pick up that he had not had before. Strange gray stripes lay in the air in front of him, metal, and smelling of disinfectant.

Alarmed, he glanced about. On all sides were these metal stripes, and on top and bottom were planks of steel.

I’m in a cage! No! I thought Satoshi knew I didn’t want to be caged! Ever! He broke our--

Nurse Joy, one he recognized by smell, walked by, and left into another room. Pikachu calmed. He was in the Pokemon centre again, wasn’t he? That meant the Nurse had put him here… The same damn nurse that had said she’d keep him from running loose the next time he came here.

Gawd. He rested his body against the cold metal strips. Annoying, this really was. This was all because he’d bitten that Jigglypuff, wasn’t it? He glanced at a weird shape on one of the metal things that kept him in the cage. It looked sort of like a human device. Did that monitor his progress somehow, he wondered? He stood up.

Sparks flickered from his cheeks, and he zapped it violently.

Nothing happened.

Pikachu sat back down, ears drooping and tail twitched in aggravation.

“Those bars can’t be destroyed by a pokemon, you know.” A voice broke his thoughts.

“What?” Pikachu glanced toward the voice, and spotted a Spearow in another cage not too far off from him. There were other Pokemon in the room, but he hadn’t noticed before.

“Bars. Those metal things.” He bobbed his head in a friendly manner. The Spearow politely did not make eye-contact, as that would have been taken as a threat between unfamiliar, wild pokemon.

“Oh. I see. What are you in for?” Pikachu asked, curious.

“In for?” He croaked a laugh. “Nothing. I’m newly caught. Not exactly a tame one, you see, so they don’t trust us not to wander off.”

Pikachu nodded. “How come you know so much about humans and their things?” He glanced at the Spearow curiously, being careful to stare at the entire body instead of just the face.

“I grew up here in this town. I would talk to the Pokemon injured here through the openings of the building all the time, or the ones walking down the roads. Most pokemon when around humans don‘t talk to me, though.” He chirped, not seeming at all upset by this fact. “I don’t actually know who my owner is. I was nibbling on some food left on the ground when suddenly all went black. I was so afraid, I thought I was going to die right before I fell asleep.”

“I just bit a Jigglypuff at the center.” Shrugged Pikachu. Wandering around the city, spending more time than necessary there, seemed suicidal to him. But then, he’d been raised in a forest, and didn’t have wings to fly away with. Bird Pokemon always seemed to live everywhere. Perhaps wings, and the feeling of flight, gave one an unusual sense of freedom. Or perhaps birds were just bird-brained.

The Spearow blinked. “Who is your master?”

“I don’t have one.” Pikachu answered truthfully. Well, at least his version of the truth.

“You’re wild?” Spearow took a step back, seeming to forget that he himself had been wild only a little while ago.

“I never allowed myself to be put in a pokeball.” His fur rose, and he showed his teeth. “I don’t understand how one can sit back and accept being someone’s pet.”
Another pokemon in the room, a female Sandshrew, spoke up. “Sandshrew think it not so bad. Sandshrew lost battle fair and square; Sandshrew be soon stronger, not lose same battle again!”

Geeze. Had that been what he’d sounded like before he learned to talk properly?

“I didn’t battle, but still… I think I deserve it. To let someone sneak up on me like that. Better a human than a predator. I would have died. In a way, I owe them my life.”

“I don’t think you need to repay them by becoming their pets!”

“We won’t be their pets.” The Spearow squawked in anger. “They will earn our respect, and in turn we will battle for them…”
“But you don’t have any choice in the matter!”

There was a brief silence.

“Sandshrew no know what to do… Not much Sandshrew do if Sandshrew no choice.”

“Yes, Sandshrew.” The Spearow bitterly closed his eyes. “You are right. Now you have your answer, Pikachu of no master. We don’t have a choice. Why couldn’t you have let us pretend to have our dignity?” He suddenly had his voice give way to a shriek at the end, and crashed against his bars in rage.
Pikachu was caught between a fierce, wild response and a feeling of shame. A growl leashed in his throat, but his eyes met Sandshrew’s and he found himself looking down, submissively, admitting defeat without even battling. Spearow immediately calmed at this, and threw him the cold shoulder, turning around, no longer speaking.

“How you here, if you no master?” She asked, softly, not as angry as Spearow. Nor did she seem as upset. The idea of a pet was a human one, at least, and she seemed to have had the least human contact of them all before reaching this place.

“Someone asked. A boy.” Spearow no longer pretended he wasn’t listening, and turned around, curious. “His name was Satoshi. I had just saved his life. He asked if I wanted to journey with him, and offered me a pokeball. I smacked it away.”
Sandshrew blinked, and lowered her head, confused.

“But I did not decline his offer.” He finished.

“What do you mean?” Spearow looked at Pikachu in confusion. “Doesn’t that mean you willingly choose to have a master?”

“IT DOES NOT!” Pikachu growled, whirling around to face Spearow. “Let me clarify, then. I leapt on Satoshi’s shoulder, and we traveled together to new places. At first, he tried to order me around, and tried to get me to battle and to catch Pokemon for him. I ignored his orders completely, until a battle came that interested me. Even then, I did not give him time to tell me what to do during the battle, moving too quickly for words. I won, and surprisingly, he did not scold me, though he seemed slightly disappointed. Finally, after losing a battle, I began to listen to him a little more. We made an agreement or two. He would not catch Pokemon--”

Spearow’s eyes widened. “What? He willingly gave up the Pokeball?”
“--And he would let me do what I wanted in battle. In turn, I would actually consider his words in battle before making my decisions.”

Sandshrew and Spearow were silent, struggling to grasp what this all meant, and how they should reply. Pikachu decided that bird pokemon, were, in fact, bird-brained, after some time of impatient silence on his part. Sandshrew usually weren’t talkative in the first place, however, being very quiet Pokemon that preferred to listen most of the time. Being a predator, and mostly solitary, they would listen acutely for their prey.

Thankfully, being both of similar size and a creature of a different habitat range, Pikachu weren’t naturally on that list, so Pikachu felt no fear whatsoever toward the predatory shrew, despite his type-disadvantage if a Sandshrew had wanted to eat him. He had faint memories of Spearow trying to eat him as a Pichu, but those days of danger were passed, and they were around humans now anyway. The boundaries of predator and prey simply didn’t seem to exist anymore, and they could make friends, strangely enough, with their natural enemies.

“How did you get a human to do this?” Spearow asked, finally. “Could we… Could we do that?”

“To be truthful… Satoshi did it on his own. Perhaps he felt the same obligation you felt, feeling that I had saved his life…” Pikachu sounded puzzled at that thought. Why had he asked? Why had Satoshi assumed that Pikachu was not merely an untamed Pokemon that needed to be beaten in to his commands? He understood the asking the first time, as Satoshi had no way he was going to get Pikachu in a ball, but after he got another Pokemon on his side, after he had gotten Pikachu near other humans who could help Satoshi claim Pikachu as his little pet…

- - -

The story intentionally parellels the anime in some ways, yes... Here's an action snippet... Sort of.

- - -

They slide neatly down the supple, furry throat. Dark blood stained the coat in splotches, and it shook, shaking the newer morsels loose.

A fleck of blood landed on his nose.

All within a second.

All within a second, and they were all dead.


Paws powerfully leaped across the ground, moving away, fleeing into the bush, intent, intent purely to kill.

Pikachu watched, still, shocked, silent.

The little blood droplet fell off his nose.

And then, he curled his lips, and let loose a series of silent, screaming snarls as he bounded after his child's soon to be dead killer.

The Growlithe would pay.

The Growlithe would die.

He flung all of his remnants of pride to the side, uncaring, ungraceful. If pride comes before a fall, then he could not fall, for he was stripped of all he came to care for.

He had nothing to lose.

He had everything to die for.

July 7th, 2008, 8:36 PM
Ha! I like it. (I didn't even read it) . . . So do you want a cookiie? ;D

Edit: I'd have to say I really like this story very nice.. I'd love to see this continue.

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