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((Please note that I WILL NOT be taking part in the roleplay as a character. I'm the Role-play master, I'll be telling you what to do next (this includes when your Pokemon evolves and what moves it learns, both will be up to you.), where to go, if wild pokemon appear, what items you find, etc. Please see the rules for more))

Link to Sinnoh Map (http://guidesmedia.ign.com/guides/707323/images/pokemap_large.jpg)
List of Sinnoh Pokemon (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pok%C3%A9mon_by_Sinnoh_Dex_number)

Welcome to the world of Pokemon! This world is inhabited far and wide by creatures we call Pokemon. For some people Pokemon are pets, others like you, will use them for battling. Apart from the other regions, this world is entirely new to you and your companions! So explore it with a great passion.

In the world which you are about to enter, you will embark on a grand adventure with you and your companions.
At times, you will be challenged by others and attacked by wild creatures, but you must be brave and press on. With this in mind, the journey will indeed be tough on you and your Pokemon, but it'll be worth it in the end.
Your very own legend is about to unfold!

You play the Hero (or "Heroes" in this case). The one who goes from town to town collecting Gym Badges, catching Pokemon, and solving unique challenges or obstacles. With the help of your friends, a little thinking, and a lot of luck, you may just become the best.

But be warned. A new evil resides in this new world, intent on bringing destruction and harm to all those who oppose them. Paying attention to more then just gym battles will surely help you on your way.

But first, ahem, you'll have to fill this out.

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Sign up form//.

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8. If someone else has taken the starter you want, choose another one. If you're intent on a certain Pokemon thats not on the list, PM me and we'll work something out.

9. Oh yes, as soon as I've accepted you, please make your trainer card.

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((OOC: Alrighty! ITS UP. YES YES. :} Anyway, just basically tell how your character wakes up, and gets to Professor Rowan. I'd like it if you could meet up somewhere along the way and interact, but its not mandatory. After everyone's posted and I'm satisfied, I'll tell ya when you can collect your Pokemon and such.


You already have them. (Example of special Pokemon: Gible, Eevee, etc.)

For those of you who have regulars, I'll be giving them to you.

As described in the first post, he's near the lake. You should meet him on your way there.

If you want to go to Sandgem Town to try his Lab, just have one of his assistants tell you where he is.

The pictures provided are rushed. And just for effect.))
Chapter One
Destiny Awaits

An old lady sat alone in the room, rocking back and forth in her chair as if under some trance. But alas, she was just asleep. Probably lulled into a dream by the dulling filaments in the light bulbs, or the candles; who conveyed calm tranquil ideas in their dance.
However it was neither that aroused her from slumber. The culprit was but a small crystal ball, lying peacefully a few feet away. It stood before her supported by a dark velvet cushion, and a table covered in cloth – both seemed to have seen better days. Yawning and replacing a pair of spectacles back on her nose, she leaned forward to properly gaze into the glass.

What was normally a calm swirling mist had turned violent and unruly; churning and whipping around inside the sphere, while threatening to break the whole thing altogether. But from within the maelstrom of chaos arose a small bright light. It hovered inside the center of the ball, showing all those that knew how to use it properly a glimpse of the future.

The old lady rubbed her eyes from beneath her glasses; a sign that she had most likely glimpsed a future not worth seeing.
A voice hissed from the back of the woman’s throat, filled with knowledge, yet an obvious trace of old age.
“It seems,” she spoke blatantly, as if she had already worked out what was to happen, “destiny is already at work.”


Early morning broke with an almost forced enthusiasm. The sun’s colors certainly proved that, as their fiery warmth covered a smaller area than usual.
However the dew drops amongst the grass brought new life to the different hues – refracting the light as if they were prisms, and inspiring a sense of hushed awe.

Of course being early morning, not much stirred within the forest, as most life was still in a dream swathed embrace of sleep. The only things that could be easily mistaken for awake were the trees.
Winter had come and gone, and its effect only lingered deep within the shadows not usually sought out by the human eye. Flowers broke the ground in buds waiting to bloom, while the trees had already adorned their spring attire. They danced and waved in a whispered breeze, all attempting to show off blossoms of unusual colors.


A man attempted to mingle in with nature; he stood awkwardly, and could easily be picked off as out of place. He’s known to all in the Sinnoh region as Professor Rowan; a person whom has devoted his life to the study of Pokémon. And today, he’d be bringing 7 new trainers into the world. It was indeed tough, at least for the Professor, as he wondered if they were ready.

Only time will tell.

Zeta Sukuna
June 28th, 2008, 5:43 PM
Episode 1: The New Beginning: Part 1

"Akira!" Yelled Akira's mom. Akira grumbled before getting out of bed, already dressed for the day ahead. Akira walked downstairs after waking up a little more.

"Hi mom." Said Akira as he came down the stairs. "Listen, I'm going down to the lake a little early." His mom nodded before going into the kitchen to start on lunch.

After about five minutes, Akira made it to the lake and glared at the island. "You are the one who inspired my brother to go on a pokemon journey, if you didn't then he would be here and we would be better off." Said Akira, and when he turned to go home, he thought he saw a pokemon, but when he looked back it wasn't there. "Hmph, I thought that was the guardian."

But before Akira got to the turn he saw someone standing near the lake. "Who's that?" Asked Akira.

The man looked his way and motioned for Akira to come back. Akira ran over to the man. "Hello, I am Professer Rowan." Said the man. Akira gasped in shock before looking out back to the lake.

(ooc: Not too much is happening this time.)

June 28th, 2008, 5:49 PM
(OOC: Go easy on this one, my first ever!!!)

Out of the House and Into the World!!!

"Ah, morning already!!" Jacob said with excitement, as he knew it was the day where he would become a Pokemon trainer.

"Come on down honey, breakfast is ready," his mother said with anguish and sorrow, as she knew he would start his journey, which she protested against, but bought into the idea.

Jacob got dressed and ready for the day as fast as he could. When he was finally ready, he grabbed his trusty Pikachu's pokeball, and sent him out.

"Come on Pikachu, it's time to eat!"

The two best friends ran down the stairs as fast as they could. Jacob tripped on the last step and landed on his face. Pikachu started laughing hysterically.

"Okay, it wasn't THAT funny," Jacob shouted out. By the time he finished his sentence, he bursted out laughing. "Okay, maybe it was pretty funny."

With Pikachu by his side, they ran into the kitchen, picked up their breakfasts, and prepared to walk out the door.

Before he got the chance to leave, Jacob's mom started saying, "Are you sure you want to do this? I just don't want you to get hurt, and it's a dangerous world out there..."

Jacob's father decided to add into the notion. "Your mother's right you know, it's going to be scary by yourself, are you sure you can handle it?"

"Of course I can, and besides, six other kids just like me are going to be getting started on their journeys today too! Honestly you two, you act like I'm five years old!" Jacob said with anger, as he knows that nothing can stop him from his choice.

"We're sorry, honey, but we just want you to be safe," his mother said to continue the battle.

"Well I'm going to okay. You know what, I'll be better than okay! I'm going to have the time of my life, and I'll gain so much responsibility and decision making skills, you two will have to regret even arguing about this!" Jacob finished. "Well, wish me luck! Bye mom and dad, I love you. Come on Pikachu, return!!!"

A red light came out from the Pokeball, and Pikachu returned to the inside of the ball.

"Good luck sweetie! I'll miss you!" Jacob's mom shouted out the door.

"Be careful son, don't hurt yourself now!" His father added in.

Jacob thought to himself, "Wow, it's finally time. It's my time to enter the world!"


To Sandgem Town!

As Jacob walked out of Twinleaf Town, he had all sorts of thoughts, ranging from anxiousness, excitement, and the nausea from how nervous he was..

"Hey, I wonder who that is. Let's go talk to him Pikachu."

Jacob and Pikachu walked up to an older man, probably in his late 20's who was standing next to a short cliff.

"Hey mister, why are you just standing here, looking over that 5 foot cliff?" Jacob asked curiously, as it just seemed plain odd to him to have some guy standing there looking over a cliff.

The man started, "Well, I know for a fact you can jump these cliffs, they are all over Sinnoh. They are short cuts to avoid the grass Pokemon lurk in-"

Jacob was interested, as his laziness kicked in a lot, and he didn't want to traverse through Pokemon to get to a location.

"-The problem is, I'm just scared to jump off from it, so I'm standing here wondering which path I'm going to take," The man finished.

Jacob decided to respond by saying, "Well, good luck for your decision. But it would be easier to just jump the cliff. Bye now!!"

Jacob bolted with Pikachu into Sandgem town, just from the adrenaline rush knowing that his journey will begin in a few short steps. Jacob bolted right into Rowan's lab and exclaimed that he was ready to start!


The Missing Professor

"What do you mean the Professor isn't here!?!" Jacob exclaimed at one of Rowan's assistants, due to Rowan's absence at the lab.

"He went off to Lake Verity for some research, you can try to find him there," Said Rowan's assistant.

"Thanks for the help, I guess," Jacob mumbled in his rage that Rowan wasn't in his lab.

Jacob scurried out of the lab and ran back to Route 201 to find the Professor.


Backtracking: The Fast Way

Remembering what he learned earlier, Jacob and Pikachu jumped over the cliff, while shouting hi to the man who still hasn't made up his mind.

"Look, another set of cliffs! Come on Pikachu!!"

The two friends jumped over the cliff, and ran past Twinleaf, without giving it another glance. After they passed Twinleaf, the ran 20 more feet, until Jacob crashed into someone.

"Oh, I'm sorry about that old timer!" Exclaimed Jacob in his usually sarcastic tone.

"Old timer eh? Looks like you and the Pikachu are staring a Pokemon journey today, am I right?" Asked the old man.

"Yeah, but how'd you know that sir?" Jacob questioned.

"Well, I'm Professor Rowan."

June 28th, 2008, 5:50 PM
@Rubii Naruto: You're right, not much is going on yet. Good first post though! I'm glad this thing is finally up and running.
I wont respond to your post yet, until a few other people reply.. Plus the Prof. is an NCP, so control him as you see fit, as he's just a minor character anyway.

EDIT: @Jacob: Good first post! For your first ever roleplay, you're not doing too badly. About the fight with Starly though, for future referance I'll be deciding when wild Pokemon pop up. o3o Its no problem now, but I cant give your Pikachu any experience points as I didnt really know about it >_<

I'll be showing everyone a list of which Pokemon appear on the up-coming route after they've gotten their Pokemon and items from the Prof.

Since you bumped into him, you're near the (I think its route 201, but dont scold me if it isnt. I recited that from memory ._.) Lake with Akira. :}

June 28th, 2008, 5:56 PM
OOC: Whoops, sorry about that! After all of the RPs I've been reading lately, you think I would have known that, I'll just edit it out.

June 28th, 2008, 6:26 PM
Ship away

Beo lied on his cabin bed, as he waited for the boat to arrive at the shinnoh region. As he lied there he thought about his brother, his family, and how making it through the shinnoh region and becoming the greatest pokemon master would mean so much to his father. Then he drifted off to sleep, before being awaken by a loud honking noise and then rolling off the bed slamming his head off the ground. "Oh my god that hurt" as he saw blood coming dripping from his forehead. Beo then grabbed his napsack, and pulled out a bandana and tied it to his head. "That will do for now" he then gathered his things and made his way for the exit.

Upon entering Twinleaf town Beo looked around and thought off how similar it was to his hometown in johto. He breathed a deep sigh of relief then made his way towards a man to ask for directions.

The Start of a journey

"Excuse me sir" Beo asked the man while tapping him on the shoulder. The man turned around with a smile upon his face " Ah hello there how can I help you?" The man asked. "Well i'm kinda looking for a man by the name of Proffesor. Rowan do you know where he lives?" Beo asked. The man started rubbing his chin "Ah you must be a new trainer, well proffesor Rowan lives in Sandgem town just past Route 1". He said, as Beo started running for the route one entrance, but the man spoke something else "But i've heared he is actually at the lake today" Beo nodded and took off.

When Beo finally arrived at the lake about ten minutes later he was exhausted from sprinting with excitment. When he finally caught his breath he looked around to see a beauitiful lake with a few other trainers there, then he notice an older man who he imagined was the proffessor. Rowan looked over at Beo and laughed with a smile on his face "Ah hello there i'm Prof. Rowan and you must be" He paused waiting for an answer from Beo. "Oh me well i'm Beo from Johto" Beo said smiling.

June 28th, 2008, 6:37 PM
@dboring: Alright, good first post.
This RP is coming along nicely.
(sorry to those who have to wait for everyone else to reply D:
Feel free to talk to eachother until everyone else gets here..)
Again I'll say, I wont respond as the Prof. until everyone has posted..

June 28th, 2008, 6:54 PM
Chapter One: The New Land and Journey

Emerald slept in his bed uncomfortable. It was nothing more than a blanket on a board, plus Emerald's whole body rocked back and forth. It was in the middle of the night, and Emerald was on board a boat headed for Sinnoh, and because of his lack of money, he had to sleep in the most uncomfortable bed in the most uncomfortable room. Emerald couldn't help it; his family didn't support him becoming a pokemon trainer so he had to pay for the voyage out of his own pocket.

Emerald's backpack was set next to his bed with a pokeball visible from an open pocket. Inside the pokeball contained an eevee, a pokemon Emerald had recently befriended after he helped him. Eevee had run away from home much like Emerald did and got hurt. Emerald helped bring the pokemon back to health and now the two were best friends. But now they were more than best friends, they were partners for the upcoming adventure.

The next morning, Emerald got dressed and ran out to the deck. It was the day that the boat would arrive, and Emerald wanted his first glimpse of Sinnoh. After he got on deck, Emerald rummaged through his bag and pulled out Eevee's pokeball. He clicked the button in the middle of the red and white ball and a pokemon that looked like nothing more than a cute pet appeared. Emerald reached down and picked the pokemon up.

"Eevee, look ahead. Soon we will get our first glimpse of Sinnoh and the beginning of our adventure."

Eevee rested comfortably in Emerald's arms as they waited to arrive at the new region. The sound of waves passed through their ears along with the occasionally noise of a wingull. Emerald soon saw a dark shadow just a little upway. He knew it was finally Sinnoh. He took a deep breath of the salty, sea air. Soon they saw a huge land mass covered with trees and mountains. The clouds and sun floated over the region, making it seem like the perfect world.

Eevee had fallen asleep in Emerald's arms. Emerald shook him awake. "Eevee, look!" he exclaimed. Eevee's ears perked up and it responded happily to the sight. Emerald agreed with the happy noises his pokemon made; Sinnoh was the most amazing sight he had ever seen.

About half an hour later, Emerald got off the boat into a city called Canalave. He felt weird being in his very first town with just Eevee as company. Eevee had jumped up on his shoulder and managed to stay on. But just a few minutes later, Emerald got onto another boat heading towards a town called Sandgem.


The next day, Emerald got off of his final boat into the city of Sandgem. He pulled out a letter he had received from the professor and followed the directions to his lab. In only a few minutes, Emerald managed to find it and walked inside.

Emerald felt akward standing inside the lab. He didn't know where to do, and was too shy to go barging through the lab. An assistant walked up to him to see what was going on.

"Can I help you?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah, do you know where Professor Rowan is?" asked Emerald.

"He left not too long ago. He headed towards the lake," said the assistant. He gave Emerald directions towards the lake and Emerald left. He walked through the new region feeling weird, but excited to start his adventure.

Emerald followed the directions the assistant gave him perfectly and found the lake. Just a distance away he saw a person facing the lake.

"Professor Rowan?"

The man turned around to face Emerald. "Hmm, I presume you are a new trainer. Nice to meet you."

June 28th, 2008, 8:25 PM
((OOC: Yay! We're starting! Well, here goes a first post. By the way, are those little titles before your posts required? Everyone else seems to be using them, but I've never seen an RP that did, so... could you clarify that for me?))


"Stupid Professor," growled Rachel under her breath as she took her first rushed, pounding steps away from Sandgem Town. "What was he thinking, going off to the lake? Just makes it harder on us who are ready to get going already!"

It was very early; still the last fleeting signs of the indigo night sky hung up above, cowering away from the bright rising sun over the horizon. Rachel's parents were probably still not awake. Whether they were or not, she didn't care. She'd left a note, toasted a frozen waffle, and left them to stay in bed. After all, she didn't need her mom and Dave, that terrible excuse for a parent who dared to call himself her stepfather. Sure, he gave her a Pokemon. Other than that, she saw him as lazy and inconsiderate. He didn't deserve her goodbyes, and her mom... well, waking her would mean waking him.

"Gible, come on and make sure I don't get attacked by anything," she sighed, pressing the button in the center of a red-and-white orb known as a Pokeball. In a burst of light, her very own Pokemon emerged. The tiny lizard-creature opened its round, yellow eyes, blinked a few times, then looked up at her expectantly. Upon staring down at Gible, Rachel couldn't help but feel excited about her journey, despite how lame things were going this morning. Her Pokemon was a tough, hardy thing, with a rough hide and several white fangs poking out from its jaw. She knew he would be a good battler on this quest, wherever it took her. Anywhere was better than here, that was for sure.

Rachel made her way toward Lake Verity, pushing through bushes and tall grass with her partner close behind (though every few moments she felt she needed to tell him to, "Hurry up already!"). While the path from Sandgem to the lake was quite an aggrivating adventure in itself, luckily Rachel was not bothered by any Pokemon on the way, which made Gible seem a bit less useful. All the same, she kept him out and at ready just in case something happened.

When she finally came to a little wooden signpost that read 'Lake Verity --->', she felt quite relieved. Following the direction of the sign, it only took a minute or so before Rachel was standing before one of the Great Lakes of Sinnoh. Its beauty gave her a wonderful feeling; the perfect blue waters... the silhouette on an island in the center... the foggy mist that hovered just over the surface... and that sunrise, just above her... It was all quite a miraculous scene. However, she had to turn herself away from it.

Walking over to a white-haired man who was standing nearby (who she assumed could only be Professor Rowan), Rachel made sure Gible was following her and greeted the man dryly.

"Professor Rowan?" she asked.

"Yes," the man replied in a deep and aged voice, "That would be me."

"I'm here to start a Pokemon journey," she explained simply.

"Stand with the others, and in a moment I will explain everything."

His short reply annoyed Rachel quite a bit, but she held her tongue and did as he said. Gible, who seemed nervous around the other strange beginning trainers around, came to her feet and hunched down slightly, a very low and quiet growl rumbling in his throat. Rachel fought the urge to tell him to shut up, knowing something like that would uspet the Professor.

June 28th, 2008, 8:57 PM
An Arrival, A Detour and a Problem

OOC: Sorry if this post totally sucks, I am tired and busy playing Call of Duty 4 while writing this, but the RP must go on! So I will perform to the best of my ability. I also doubt you will ever see this amount of detail. By the way, please proofread by profile for me. I believe I used a "bring" where a "big" should be, haha. Anyway, here we go:

Several days, or possibly a few weeks had passed since the young Lucius Jericho had left his home in Sunnyshore City. He had lost track of time ages ago and had traveling the region of Sinnoh for quite some time. Being new to the region really did not help the young man as the only fact he had known that an elderly Professor Rowan was granting new Pokemon to aspiring trainers and that he wanted in. Suffering from a business-obessed father, annoying yet lovable sisters, and a mother that lied six feet under, his family life was the definition of imperfect. Leaving his home to attain a dream seemed to be the only reasonable escape, and some may call it selfish. That thought haunted him and failure would make it far worse and even more unbearable. The only thing that made sleep even possible at night was the sole fact that his sisters wanted him to succeed. Plus, leaving his father's girlfriend of the week to take care of the brats was an added bonus that made his departure a form of poetic justice that only Shakespeare could devise.

Lucius entered the limits of the small yet quaint village of Sandgem in the early hours of the morning. The sun remained low in the sky and the painted the sky with various bright colors of orange and yellow. It seemed Nature had tried to create its own backdrop for a dramatic touch. Activity in town was minimal but that was expected considering the fact it was quite early even for Lucius, a man who was used to waking up to take care of his family and house cleaning. Wandering the town, Lucius lacked the knowledge of where to look for the Professor and did not desire to wander all of Sinnoh with any defense. After all, he lacked a Pokemon partner. Taking a random, uneducated, yet predictable guess, Lucius chose to knock on the large door of mansion-like structure. The door creaked open and a long stick of a human with titanic glasses emerged from the shadows of the laboratory. "Yes? You have reached the laboratory of Professor Rowan. Can I help you?"
The stick appeared to be able to talk with a proper and polite tone.

"Well, I am seeking the guidance of Professor Rowan himself. Is he in?" Lucius asked with as much as respect as he could offer this early in the day. Half awake, he contained enough common sense and intelligence to ask the question and wait for an answer.

"You must be another one of those adventure-seeking kids. You aren't the only one to ask about him." The assistant sighed a loud and dramatic one, as to make Lucius flee from the town. "Head west to a lake. He went there for some reason." Lucius nodded in appreciation. As Lucius began to advance to the west, the gentle morning became a little brighter. The sun climbed the sky to a slightly higher position, painting the sky with even more color officially killing the night. Calm and soft winds brushed against the grass and Lucius' face as he made his way to the lake that the scrawny man directed him to. Lucius dashed forward as to avoid the slowly awakening Pokemon and arrived to behold the sight of the reflecting sky upon the lake. The lake carried the gentle breeze causing his mess of hair to blown back in the wind. Along the lakeside, a tall and burly man stood upright in pride. He turned to Lucius and revealed weathered and experienced features.

"Professor Rowan?" Lucius asked with a combination of fear and respect. He did not want to be wrong yet again, as the high morale Lucius carried would vanish in an instant.

"Yes. I am Professor Rowan." Lucius bowed in respect after the identity of the man was properly revealed. "I assume you seek a Pokemon." Lucius nodded in approval and waiting for the man to grant him the rights that would permit his journey as a trainer.

The Bringer!
June 28th, 2008, 8:58 PM
((OOC: Sorry for posting a little late.))

In a small cottage on the outskirts of Twinleaf, there was a 15 year old by the name of Sabin. At this particular time the last thing he wanted to do was wake up, yet he was forcing himself to do just that.

"Come on Sabin, stop being so lazy," the drowsy teen said to himself in a tired voice. As he half rolled half fell out of bed he went through the usual routines. Sabin got into his normal outfit, brushed his teeth, had a snack, and remembered that today he was supposed to be in Sandgem. Of course the last one wasn't exactly 'routine', but today was not a normal day. Today he would finealy become a trainer. As he realized he was a little early on his walk to the northern exit of Twinleaf town, he decided to meditate at the local lake seeing as he would be too busy to do it any other time today. Upon walking through the narrow path of dew covered trees he was able to take in the scenery of the lake. The water reflected the image of the orange tinted sky contrasting against the early morning darkness of the aging trees surrounding the lake that kept it unreachable in any direction but the one Sabin was entering from. This pristine image was interrupted by a group of young adults and an aging man gathered together by the edge of the lake.

"I wonder who those guys are?" Sabin thought aloud to himself. As he walked ahead he immediately recognized the older figure as Professor Rowan. Sabin decided to go to the back of the group and listen in, attempting to stay unnoticed.

June 29th, 2008, 7:13 AM
@Pika: Good first post!
I'd say we're ready to move on..
All I can say is you people sure are eager. o_o

@Piez: Again, I love your use of description.. Made me feel like I was standing right there!
And about the titles, no, not really.
I just use them for chapters, to help get people to know what’s going on. The title really sums it up, but you probably don’t need one.

@Plan-B: I laughed when you said "stick of a human with titanic glasses ". I know someone in real life that fits that look.. It literally appears as if his glasses are weighing him down.
Anyway, your role-play doesn’t suck. o_o
I know what you mean though.. I was playing one of those really old skateboarding games for Playstation (just for laughs.. its really funny) while I was posting in a different thread - and I have to agree. It’s pretty distracting. xD

@Mr. Person: No no its fine.
It’s great that this role-play is moving quickly.

EDIT: (Note that you'll be powerplaying the Prof. to get your Pokemon and items.) <---

((OOC: Time for your second post (yes it is exciting.).
I'll be playing the professor for the meantime..
Powerplay him all you want, but try to stay in his character when doing so, and to give him a chance to talk to other people.
Again, I'd strongly suggest getting to know your companions and forming a small group at this time.
Since you will need to be traveling with at least 1 or 2 other people (for this to be interesting at least.. You'll find out later in the story.. Plus, loners in role-plays just end up quitting). ))

"Good," the professor said after a pause, "you're all finally here."
While it was true that Rowan probably should have stayed in his laboratory, if he wanted to be found more easily; he often enjoyed the company of nature when something was on his mind. He soon spoke again though, stating the more obvious to those who didn’t know already.
"As you all should already know," Rowan's voice contained an almost hidden authority, causing most of the youths to at least perk up, "today is the day you become Pokémon Trainers."
After stating this, the Professor turned around to face them directly. What he saw was most disheartening, as none of the people standing before him actually looked like a trainer.
They were either smiling without a care in the world, or their face was very suspiciously void of any emotion; as if attempting to hide a smirk or glare.
That being said, even if he did feel this way, Rowan certainly didn’t show it; lest he be picked off as discouraging them.

"I see some of you already have Pokémon," he said after surveying the lot once more, "which should mean less quarreling. Now come along."

Walking straight through the line he had just form moments earlier, he headed in the direction of his laboratory.

June 29th, 2008, 8:22 AM
Chapter Two: Professor Rowan

Emerald watched as the professor looked at him, but then turned around to look towards the lake. The two were silent for a moment until Emerald heard him mumble something about the "peaceful nature", but he couldn't understand everything he was saying. So Emerald looked out into the lake instead and saw nature's beauty. The water was perfectly still and glitterly which made it look like nothing more than a sheet of glass. Trees and wildlife surround the lake along with the noise of birds and bugs chirping. Emerald could only think of one word to describe the lake: Peaceful. Maybe that was what the professor was trying to say.

Then, in less than ten minutes, more trainers poured into the lake, shattering the peace. He heard the same question being asked at least six times: "Are you Professor Rowan?" "Are you Professor Rowan?" "Are you Professor Rowan?"

Dang it, yes he is Professor Rowan, so shut up! Emerald thought angrily. He looked at all the trainers and felt kind kind of annoyed that the peace was broken because of their repetitive question. He saw another person with a pokemon standing next to her. It was pretty small and reminded Emerald of like a lizard dinosaur. He decided to hurry and go stand in line with the other trainers instead of with Professor Rowan so he wouldn't look like a sore thumb.

"Good, so everyone is here," said the Professor, "and as you all know, today is the day that you will become pokemon trainers." The professor took an akward silence and stared at the trainers. Emerald smiled nervously as the professor looked towards him.

"Yes...Anyway, we must start to head towards the lab," said the professor. "I see that some of you already have pokemon. Like I see you boy with the Eevee." Professor Rowan pointed straight at Emerald. Emerald once again tried to smile, but he panicked more. The professor looked at him strangely and then moved on. "And I see you with the Gible, young lady. Also I heard that on of you has a pikachu and the other has a buizel. Ah well, just means less quarreling. Now let's go."

Professor Rowan began to walk towards the lab with the trainers following him. Emerald stood next to the girl with a pokemon. "Hey, your pokemon is really cool. It's a .... Gible right?" The girl just nodded and walked off. Emerald sighed and stood in the back the whole way to Professor Rowan's lab. He really wanted to make a friend in this new region.

Once again, Emerald arrived at the pokemon lab only this time, the professor was here, too. The eight people walked inside the lab. The trainers got in a horizontal line while the professor fiddled with some things on a desk. Emerald rocked back and forth and began to whistle out of nervousness until one of the trainers glared at him. Intimidated, Emerald stopped. He looked at the other trainers and saw that he was one of the youngest which made him even more nervous.

The professor finally turned around and in his hands were small mechanical devices. He passed one out to each trainer. "These are pokedex's," explained the professor. "They will record information on pokemon you've seen or caught."

Emerald took his from the professor and opened it out of curiousity. It immediatly beeped and stated information: Gible, the Land Shark Pokemon, it-

Emerald immediatly snapped it shut. The other trainers immediatly whirled around and looked at him. Some looked at him funny, but then put all their attention into the professor again. Emerald sighed and wondered how he was making himself out to be a fool to the other trainers and the professor. He stuck the pokedex into his pocket.

The professor walked around and gave a single pokeball to some of the trainers, but skipped Emerald. Emerald figured that these pokeballs were beginner pokemon for some of the trainers. After that, the professor dropped five miniture pokeballs into each of the trainer's hands, including Emerald.

"These pokeballs are for catching wild pokemon. Just be sure to weaken them first," explained the professor. He took a deep breath. "Well, I think that's everything. Everyone get out there and begin their pokemon journey!"

Finally, thought Emerald. He got ready to take off until one of the trainers walked up to him. "Hey, good luck," he said. Emerald grinned. "You too." Emerald left with great excitement for his new journey.

June 29th, 2008, 8:40 AM
As Beo watched the Proffessor walk around the lake addressing them, his mind started to wander a bit, he started to think about things like what kind of pokemon will recieve and things like that. Then he watched as the proffessor started to wave them on to follow him. "Ah well since everyone is here let us go towards my lab where i'll will give some of you your starter pokemon, and also your pokedex". Proffessor Rowan said as they made there way through Route one towards the lab. Beo looked around to all the other trainers and smirked a little and without thinking "Just to let all you guys know i'm going to be the next pokemon master" Beo laughed.

When they finally reached the lab all the trainers were gathered into a line, and then started to walk down it handing out pokeballs and the pokedexs. Then it came Beo's turn, the proffessor just looked at him for a couple moments, and finally spoke "haha well Beo in seeing as how your going to be the future pokemon master i except great things out of you" Rowan then handed Beo his first pokeball, along with a pokedex. "Thank you Proffessor i'll be sure to accomplish all my goals, now to find out which pokemon I got" Beo said eagerly as he threw his pokeball in the air and out popped a little fire monkey. "Chim-- Char" the pokemon said, as Beo used his pokedex for the first time "Chimchar the fire monkey pokemon" the pokedex said aloud. Beo knelt down beside Chimchar "ah chimchar, i'm gonna call you flare" Beo said well shaking the hand of his new pokemon. He then returned flare to his pokeball.

(Sorry for such a short post i was in quit a hurry, but you can expect better ones from me)

June 29th, 2008, 8:41 AM
@Pika: You're doing a good job :}
I'd say keep trying to communicate with others, but yeah, sure meet a new character if you feel the need.

Head to the Prof's lab..
You can talk to anyone along the way I suppose o:

@dboring: Alright, good second post.
We're almost into the actual game element of things, so this is good.

June 29th, 2008, 9:14 AM
okay, i added on to my post. hope it's good =)

June 29th, 2008, 9:18 AM
Getting the Pokemon

OOC: If the adventure gets on a roll after this, I may stop using the titles. I typically use them if I am solo-RPing like in the Kanto Adventure. Anyway here's my second distracted post as Super Smash Brothers Brawl is calling as I wait for my friends to wake up and hang out.

With the trainers' gathering completed, the Professor directed them back to the lab in Sangem Town. Why the old doctor didn't sit there in the first place remained a mystery to Lucius but then again he did not really desire to know. As far as he cared, if the man wanted to hang out by a lake at the crack of dawn he could and being able to explain himself would just be a little extra bit of information. Walking in a large mass of people, Lucius noticed that many of the aspiring masters were roughly his age. One trainer was a little older than Lucius while the others were possibly a year or two younger. A solitary girl with a pokemon that looked like a giant mouth mingled in while a young boy with an Eevee snuck in. With the exception of the blue haired man, most of the companions appeared to be fairly kind though he was concerned he looked a bit out of place considering he was all brown in appearance. Oh well, I just need a Pokemon to train, Lucius thought as they entered the Lab.

Upon entering the lab, Lucius locked eyes with glasses-man and all his sickly thin glory. Lucius smiled and nodded with some grace and kindness. The man's assistance earlier helped Lucius catch up with the experienced professor. Most of the trainers received computer like devices since all of them already had some Pokemon companion. Lucius accepted the device with open arms, bowing slightly when Rowan offered the high end technology. "It is a Pokedex. It will record data that you come across and aid you in identifying wild Pokemon that you encounter." Lucius placed the Pokedex in his back pocket for quick access and waited for the next order of business. Rowan entered his desk and pulled out a massive bag full of pokeballs, handing 5 to each trainer. He had guessed it was to prevent the trainers from needing to find a store in order to buy stuff right off the bat. Gracious at the offer, Lucius received his Pokeballs and threw them into his back pocket of the bag that had accompanied him. Rowan was prepared to bid farewell to the trainers before Lucius stood and spoke in a clear yet calm tone.

"Excuse me, but I need a Pokemon. Unlike all this other individuals, I lack a partner." Lucius spoke with as much caution as possible.

"Give me a moment, young man." Rowan walked into the back room of his laboratory, as if he was escaping from the scenario. A few moments have passed, Lucius was becoming noticeably nervous and concerned about his future. Eventually, patience won the minor battle and Rowan appeared with a weasel looking Pokemon. Much like Lucius himself, the Pokemon beamed a stern face, but he had hoped that like him it had a easy-going nature behind it. "It is called Buizel. You are lucky I had an extra Pokemon lying around."

"Thank you, Professor Rowan. Your guidance is deeply appreciated." A bow followed his statement and Lucius prepared to leave the lab in order to begin his journey.

June 29th, 2008, 9:26 AM
@Pika: Yes thats fine. We just need for everyone else to catch up, and we can move on to the next route!

I'll begin writing the post for it momentarily.

@Plan B: "glasses-man and all his sickly thin glory".. Ha-ha! It never ceases to amuse!
Good luck with hanging out and the like.

I'll be going for a bikeride later today, followed by Jazz Band practice, so I'll be away for an hour or so.
I dont think it should cause problems.

Zeta Sukuna
June 29th, 2008, 10:43 AM
Episode 2: A New Beginning: Part 2

Akira snorted as he looked out on the lake, apearantly glaring at the being inside, when Rowan got to him.

"What's wrong?" Asked Rowan. Akira looked at Rowan then left and went to start a conversation with someone.

Akira walked up to Beo and said. "Hi." But Beo wasn't really paying attention to his thoughts on what's to come. "Okay then, I'll go."

Rowan motioned for everyone to start following him, and that is when everyone started moving. Akira didn't want to be left behind, so he followed them. After a while Akira went up to Emerald and said. "You seem a little nervous, here's some advice don't be so nervous or it'll be pretty hard to battle on live T.V. later on."

"Thanks for the advice." Said Emerald seemingly not paying attention. "So why are you on this journey?"

"I need to beat my brother in a battle." Said Akira before deciding to walk off a little bit.

And in a matter of minutes, the group of eight had reached Rowan's lab.

"Now, I know a few trainers don't have pokemon, it's lucky for you that I have some lying around." Said Rowan as he brought out three pokeballs. "Choose one."

And Akira saw Beo, and Sabin grabbing two pokeballs, so he decided to grab the last one. And after that, a Piplup burst out of her pokeball to see who her trainer was like. Needless to say Piplup was shocked that Akira was her trainer and went back into her pokeball.

"Okay, that was weird." Said Akira before Rowan came to him.

"Here's five pokeballs." Said Rowan giving Akira the orbs. Akira looked at everyone else before letting everyone walk out. And with that, he left towards Route 202.

The Bringer!
June 29th, 2008, 10:54 AM
"We will be going to my lab in Sandgem." the professor said with authority. As he walked past the group and out back to route 201 the soon to be trainers began following the aged professor. Sabin noticed that most of the people there were either just thinking to themselves or making attempts at conversation that seemed to utterly fail. As he thought to himself about what the others could be like his mind began to stray from that subject to what his new pokemon would be.

"So, anyone know what the starters of this place are?" Sabin decided to ask. When he realized that no one had the intension of answering he became a bit embarrassed that he had broken the silence of the walk. After a short time, in which Sabin made sure to keep his mouth shut, the group reached a lab positioned near the entrance to Sandgem. It was mainly white, with gray highlights and a dark blue roof that would have made it nearly invisible if it was night time. A unhealthy looking man opened the door for the professor and the rest of the group filed in to the lightly lit lab.

"As you know I am Professor Rowan," Rowan began, "and I will be giving you your first pokedex, also I would prefer it if the individuals without their own pokemon would step forward to except their starters." At this Sabin stepped forward and so did three others. Sabin received his pokemon second, a green turtle by the name of turtwig. Sabin liked that name, so he was fine without giving it a nickname. He returned his new partner to it's pokeball, intent to introduce himself to it outside rather than in the lab. When Sabin was ready he left the lab and prepared himself for a very long journey.

June 29th, 2008, 11:28 AM
OoC: No one EVER includes me in their RP :P Just kidding, but who will I include...hmmm

The Lab, Part 2

"Hey, that's a nice Buizel you have there. What's your name?" Jacob said to try and break the awkward silence of following Professor Rowan.

"...Name's Lucius, and thanks, I really like my Buizel too," Said Lucius.

Jacob thought to himself, "Someone is a little bit braggy, now aren't they?" He started laughing to himself, but the others turned around promptly. Jacob shut himself up as fast as possible.

They walked through Route 201 to reach Sandgem town, and while passing the cliffs, Jacob decided to wave to the man again. He thought to himself, "Jeez, that is one indecisive man! What does he need, a push?" Once again Jacob laughed to himself, and again, the others turned around. This time, the boy with the Eevee gave him a dirty look.

Right before Jacob was about to make a comment, Professor Rowan exclaimed, "Here we are children. Now let's get you inside to start you off."

Inside the lab, there was a line of Pokeballs, and red boxes sitting on a desk.

"So for you kids to start, I will give you each 5 Pokeballs. For you that don't know, they are used to catch Pokemon. But remember, you should weaken a Pokemon first, it makes it easier to catch," Explained Rowan.

"Excuse me Professor, but I do not have a Pokemon yet," explained a blue haired boy.

"So I can see. Will the other two of you that need Pokemon please step forward?" Asked Rowan.

Two more boys stepped forward. One with blond hair wearing jeans, and another one, who was quite muscular wearing a blue tank top.

"Okay you three, here are three Pokeballs, which contain a Pokemon. Choose wisely," Said Rowan.

The boy wearing jeans received a Chimchar, the blue haired boy receive a Piplup, and the boy with the blue tank top received a Turtwig.

"Alright children, you are ready to go. Now get to your journeys!" The professor said. He had a deep passion when he said this.

Jacob stopped the blue haired boy, seeing as Jacob loved Piplup, and started speaking with him.

"Hey, your Piplup is awesome!" Jacob exclaimed.

"Thanks man, I love your Pikachu also, he's really cool," The blue haired boy stated.

"My name's Jacob, what's yours?"

"My name's Akira, nice to meet you."

June 29th, 2008, 11:33 AM
-is back from her bikeride-

@Rubii Naruto: Good post! You stayed in relative character of the people you were talking to, and thats a good thing. Alright, head to route 202. :]

@Mr. Person: Phew, almost everyone's done. SO.
here is the second post.

@Jacob: If you're going to talk to someone, let them do the talking >_<
Plus, Akira is more of the Cold person.
Gotta portray that, man.
Other then that, good post!

Journey Begins!
Subchapter 1;
Route 202 to Jubilife City

(I didnt add a roleplay intro, as it wasnt needed)

Description of Route 202: A winding path that twists through grassy fields. Young Trainers like to test their battle skills here.

Description of Jubilife City: The most modernized city in the Sinnoh region. It is bustling with people on the go.
Please get your Poketech’s here.

((OOC: Greetings.. again.
Yes, that is exciting.
Anyway, below is the list of Pokémon available for capture.

The better the post:

The better the chances of catching that Pokémon
The better chances that I’ll let you SEE a Pokémon.
The better chances that you’ll win the battle against someone/something. (The better the post, the better the exp)
(Unless the battle is with another RPer, in that case it’s up to one of you.)
There are 4 trainers on this map, so 4 of you will be challenged, and 3 of you will see Pokemon.
What you do is up to you.
When catching a Pokemon:
Always leave the post off by not knowing what will happen!
That way I can decide.

The items you find are up to you (TMs are not able to be found yet, however. Same goes for Evolution stones.), but don’t be greedy. ))

The Pokemon//.

Level: 2-4
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Simple or Unaware
Attacks: Tackle
Nature: Random
Rate: Common

Level: 3-4
Type: Electric
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Intimidate or Rivalry
Attacks: Tackle, Leer
Nature: Random
Rate: Uncommon

Level: 2-4
Type: Normal/flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Nature: Random
Rate: Common

Level: 3-4
Type: Bug
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shed Skin
Attacks: Growl, Bide
Nature: Random
Rate: Uncommon

It’s just a short route, and since Jubilife doesn’t have a gym, I’d suggest getting through there quickly.
Posts: 2 for Route 202
Posts: 1-2 for Jubilife

After everyone’s finished, I’ll tell you what to do next.

June 29th, 2008, 11:48 AM
First Things First

Jacob was full with glee, it was finally this time to shine. "First things first, I need to get in a battle. I need all the experience I can get," Jacob concluded quickly. "Hey, there's a trainer over there!"

Jacob walked along Route 202 to the trainer, excited for his first battle.

"Hey kid, wanna battle?" Jacob asked quickly, he decided to ditch the small talk attempt.

"Bring it on!" the trainer replied.

"One on one good with you?" Jacob realized he had to ask, Pikachu is all he had.

"Fine with me, I only have one Pokemon anyways!" The trainer said while laughing. "Come on out, Bidoof!"

"Let's go Pikachu!"

Both Pokemon appeared in a brilliant white light, landing right in front of their trainers.

"I'll start it off-" Jacob started. "-Pikachu, use Thundershock attack!"

The Bidoof manage to move a bit, but the attack landed.

"Well Pikachu, he avoided some of the damage, but hey, we'll just keep tryi-"

"Tackle Bidoof!" The trainer ordered.

Jacob wasn't prepared for an attack so soon, so he had to think fast.

"Pikachu, jump!!!"

Pikachu jumped straight into the air, avoiding the tackle attack.

"Now land on top of Bidoof!" Jacob commanded.

Pikachu fell from the sky, right above Bidoof.

"Now, jump and use Tackle Bidoof!!!" The trainer ordered. That could be a major problem for Jacob.

"Pikachu, Thundershcok attack!!"

The Bidoof hit Pikachu while yellow-white sparks started to come out of Pikachu's cheeks. Right when the Tackle connected, Pikachu launched his attack.

"Biiiidoooooooooooof!!!" The Bidoof cried.

"Pika Pi," Jacob's Pikachu said while it landed on the ground, right on it's back.

Both Pokemon laid injured on the ground, but Pikachu managed to get back up on it's feet, stumbling around, but getting it's balance back. Bidoof remained on the ground. It was KO'ed.

"I won? I WON!!!" Jacob shouted. "That was almost TOO easy," Jacob said laughing, hoping the other trainer would notice it was sarcasm.

"Haha, yeah right!" The trainer laughed. "Bidoof, return!"

Jacob thought to himself, "Wow, my first battle and a victory, it's hard to believe."

Jacob walked away from his victory with a big grin spreading from ear to ear. He wondered what would happen on the rest of his journey on Route 201.

June 29th, 2008, 12:05 PM
@Jacob: To your post in the OOC thread, yeah its fine that you battled already.

Pikachu grew to level 7!
Pikachu learned Tail Whip!

June 29th, 2008, 12:10 PM
I would like to join it it looks nice but i hope its not too late

June 29th, 2008, 12:13 PM
OoC: All spots are currently full Shaun

June 29th, 2008, 12:15 PM
No! its ok though thanks anyways

June 29th, 2008, 12:16 PM
@Shaun: This is the RP thread.. All sign-ups must be posted in the OOC thread.

Please delete that post, then post in the OOC thread, which I have kindly given a link to in the first post.

EDIT: Jacob is right though o3o

June 29th, 2008, 12:43 PM
Ill do as you said im kind of new to this

June 29th, 2008, 12:55 PM
Chapter Three: The First Pokemon
Emerald took his first step into the first route and the beginning of his adventure. Now that he was away from all those trainers and the professor, he felt alive and a little like his old self. He took out Eevee's pokeball and began to carelessly toss it in the air as he walked. He had a huge grin on his face as he walked. He was happy that he was on this journey inside of Hoenn trapped and without a real life.

He then thought about his family. When Emerald left, he didn't leave a note or anything. He wondered how worried his family was if they were worried at all. Emerald feriously shook his head. Why do I care how they think if they don't care what I think! he shouted in his head. He looked at Eevee's pokeball and realized that Eevee was now his only true family for now. Emerald planned to face his family one day, but not until he became a great trainer.

Emerald picked up a rock and threw it feriously. Why didn't his family care what he wanted? Just calm down, thought Emerald. He took a deep breath and turned around to continue his journey through the route until he heard a loud squal. Emerald jumped and turned around. A bird pokemon was facing him looking extremely evil. It had a large lump on its head.

Oh no, my rock must've hit it, thought Emerald. "Uh, sorry little birdie. I didn't-"

The bird screeched and shot out of the tree, heading directly for Emerald. Emerald yelled and turned around to run as fast as he could from the bird. But the bird slowly got closer and closer to Emerald, and Emerald was loosing steam. He huffed as he began to slow down. He knew that the bird was going to catch him eventually.

Then Emerald heard a large BANG! He whirled around and saw the bird pokemon and the ground and a cute little blue pokemon standing next to it. Frightened, the bird took off.

Emerald let of a breath of relief. "Phew, thanks little pokemon. I dunno what-" BANG! The pokemon slammed him right in the stomach. It made low growling noises and stared at Emerald with intense eyes. They were challenging eyes; it wanted to battle.

Emerald pulled out his pokedex. Shinx, the Flash Pokemon, it's forelgs have a muscle-based system of generating electricity. Its body shines if endangered. Emerald put the pokedex back.

"Alright, Shinx, prepare to meet defeat," said Emerald. He pulled out Eevee's pokeball and threw it in the air. His evolutionary pokemon appeared on the field. "Eevee, use tackle!" Emerald shouted. His pokemon charged forward towards Shinx.

The pokemon shot a glaring look at Eevee causing him to stop in fear. Then Shinx ran up and performed its own tackle attack. Eevee went flying and slammed to the floor. Emerald knew that another tackle wouldn't work. He needed another stragedy.

"Eevee, wait for the shinx to attack you!" Emerald commanded. Eevee stood still until Shinx got frustrated and ran up to perform another tackle. "Now, Eevee, use tail whip. Use it to spring Shinx backwards!" Emerald shouted. Eevee whipped around and let Shinx hit his tail. Then, after pulling it back a little, Eevee shot his tail straight forward, causing Shinx to fly backwards.

"Great, now do tackle!" Emerald shouted. Eevee ran forward and slammed straight into Shinx. It cried out and fell to the ground. As it struggled to get up, Emerald pulled out a pokeball. Hope this works, he thought desperately. He threw the pokeball straight at Shinx. "Go pokeball!" he shouted. The ball swallowed Shinx inside of it and began to rock back and forth. Emerald just waited to see what happened.

June 29th, 2008, 1:01 PM
@Pika: Good post! You're almost ready to move on to Jubilife, but will have to wait for a few of the others to post.

You've caught a level 3 Female Shinx.
Its stats are in the OOC thread if you were interested.

EDIT: Please update your trainer card, and post it in the OOC thread.

June 29th, 2008, 1:04 PM
Time to Use One of These Things!

Coming off Pikachu's victory, Jacob was extremely excited. All he knew was that he need Pikachu to get healed. He couldn't handle another battle. So he decided to run all the way to the nearest town: Jubilife City.

He passed Akira with another kid, fighting a Shinx. Jacob wasn't sure what he was doing, but it looked cool.

A sparkle caught his eye, so he ran to check it out.

"TM 34," Jacob read. Not knowing what it did, he picked it up for later use.

As soon as Jacob picked up and stored the TM, a small bird Pokemon charged Jacob and hit him right in the gut.

"Ughh, that hurt like a *censor*!!" Jacob thought. "Well, if you're so fiesty, I guess I have no choice but to fight you! Come on out Pikachu!"

Pikachu appeared infront of Jacob, once more, after recovering a little from the fight.

"Sorry to bring you out so soon Pikachu, but I need you."

Jacob raised his Pokedex to the bird. "Starly, the little bird Pokemon. They flock in great numbers. Though small, they flap their wings with great power."

"Sounds like a winner to me!" Jacob yelled. "All right Pikachu, start it off with Thundershock!"

Pikachu's Thundershock came out of it's cheeks, hitting Starly head on.

"Seeing as it's a flying type, this should finish it fast!" Jacob thought.

Starly rose quickly though. Jacob determined it was strong.

"I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!" Jacob yelled to the world.

Starly charged in fast with a Tackle attack, too fast for Pikachu to dodge. It hit head on.

"Pikachu! Get up!!"

Pikachu rose slowly, but managed to rise to it's feet, although it was off balance.

"Try one last Thundershock at-"

Starly started to charge for another Tackle!

"-tack! Hurry Pikachu!" Jacob ordered as fast as he could.

Pikachu's attack hit Starly and stunned it. Seeing how close Starly was, it hit with great power. Starly lied on the ground stunned.

"Allow me Pikachu!" Jacob said excited.

Jacob threw a Pokeball at the Starly, as a red beam came out, drawing the Starly in. The ball shook on the ground.

"Will it be caught, or will it escape?" Jacob thought to himself.

Zeta Sukuna
June 29th, 2008, 1:05 PM
Episode 3: The First Battle

Just after Akira left the laboratory, a kid stopped him. It was Jacob. "Hey, your Piplup is awesome!" Exclaimed Jacob. Akira decided to be nice and said.

"Thanks man, I love your Pikachu also, he's really cool." Jacob smiled with that statement.

"My name is Jacob, what's yours?" Asked Jacob. Akira looked at him and said.

"My name is Akira, who knows, maybe we'll meet again." Said Akira as he walked into Route 202. Jacob then ran on ahead, probably wanting to do a battle, or catch a pokemon. "Wow, he has energy."

After about ten minutes and passing Jacob who was fighting a trainer, it seemed that nothing was going to happen, until...

"Hey, come on. I've always wanted a Shinx!" Yelled a boy as he tried to catch it, but it ran under a bush. "Oh, come on!"

"Hey kid, let me show you how it's done!" Yelled Akira as he sent out Piplup.

"Piplup pip." Said Piplup as she emerged from the ball. The Shinx jumped out and desperately Tackled Piplup in an attempt to escape, but...

"Piplup, use Leer!" Yelled Akira confidently. Piplup glared at Shinx causing it to back off a bit. "Now Pound it Piplup!"

Piplup Pounded Shinx with her wing, but Shinx still had fight left in it as it jumped away and sent off his own Leer attack. Piplup shrunk back a little, but stayed strong.

Shinx seeing an opportunity tried to Tackle Piplup, but Piplup dodged and awaited an order from Akira.

"Pound Shinx again!" Yelled Akira. Since Piplup was still close to Shinx, she was able to Pound it once more. Now Shinx looked like it was getting tired, but Akira knew that the Shinx would get away if he tried to catch it, so he waited.

"Shiii!" Yelled Shinx as it Tackled Piplup, but Piplup Pounded Shinx into the ground, after all it's natural. But Shinx still had energy left as it used Leer on Piplup once more.

"Piplup, use Pound once more, then I'll take care of the rest." Said Akira. Piplup nodded before charging in once more. Shinx tried to dodge, but tripped on a root and fell to the ground. Needless to say, Piplup's Pound Connected and it slammed into a tree, too weak to fight, but not yet unconscious. Akira pulled out a pokeball and tossed it at Shinx.

The sphere enclosed over shinx and started shaking. Would Shinx get away, or would it be caught?

June 29th, 2008, 1:06 PM
@Jacob: You also run into a Pokemon, as stated in the OOC thread.
You didnt get a chance to read it, and thats fine. xD

Anyway! Take your pick of the 4, and edit your post please.

Battle it for exp. or to capture - either way its your choice.
If its to capture, please leave the ending of not knowing if you obtain the Pokemon or not.

@Rubii Naurto:

You've caught a level 3 Male Shinx.
I'll update your profile to.

Congrats to you to.

You've caught a level 4 Male Starly.
I'll update your profile in terms of items and pokemon. o3o

I will now be editing your profiles to include which items you have.

June 29th, 2008, 1:36 PM
Random Trainer Battle

OOC: Woo! A Battle. I hate these sometimes especially when you try to make its sound good. Only reason this is short is because Sonic Boom is an excellent move in the beginning as most pokemon don't have 20 health.

Leaving Sandgem to the northern route, Lucius walked fairly slow allowing most of the trainers from Rowan to leave and get ahead of him. His Pokemon, Buizel, followed along side only because Lucius had forgotten to place the water Pokemon inside its pokeball. Route 202 was very long or full of surprises, so Lucius calmly made his way through the grass lands in order to arrive at Jubilife City. The sun was fairly high in the blue sky, so the early morning had officially ended, and the day for most everyday people had begun. The air was cool and fresh with a gentle breeze blowing every so often. No burning rushes of heat or frigid ice storms ever occurred here. As far as Lucius was concerned, the weather was perfect. Closing his eyes and slowly walking through the land, Lucius escaped into a little daydream. Buizel guided his trainer after noticing the little mental trip Lucius forced himself on, however the trip was cut short after Lucius rudely bumped into a young trainer. No taller than a 5-year old and wearing the most outrageous outfit of a yellow shirt, blue shorts and an oddly placed cap, a young child fell into the dirt patch below following the minor impact with the man dressed in brown. Returning to Earth, Lucius saw the young boy on the ground and aided him off the ground. "What's your problem?" demanded the child. "Think your better than me? I'll show you! Go Starly!" The youngster unleashed a small gray bird from a Pokeball in order to face off against Lucius and Buizel.

"I am sorry for bumping into you, but must we battle?" The youngster nodded violently and directed a tackle directly at Lucius' head with a screech only babies could create. Buizel protected his master by sending a water sport directly at the charging Starly, dousing its feathers causing the bird to crash down to Earth as that is what gravity does best. Following the crash, Starly promptly picked itself off the dirty ground and shook itself dry of most of the water and returned to flight. Another tackle attack was attempted but this the impact took place between the angry bird and the unprepared weasel. Buizel was launched several feet before landing, and the water pokemon returned to its feet in a matter of seconds. Leaping into the air, Buizel's tail glowed white before unleashed a Sonicboom attack at Starly. The weak bird took the full impact directly and promptly crashed into the ground following the embarrassing defeat. The youngster cried after picking up his defeated Pokemon and apparently began to flee to his mother. Lucius was shocked at the ability of Buizel and continued onward to the nearest city. On his way, he saw one of the trainers successfully capture a small blue Pokemon. "Hey, Nice catch!" Lucius hollered before returning to his travels.

June 29th, 2008, 1:44 PM
@Christian/Plan B: Yup. Thats a perk from starting out with Buizel.

I love how the other trainer didnt give you a chance to accept or not.
In the games it does the same thing..
A sloppily remembered quote from an earilier Pokemon Game:
"I LOVE SHORTS. Lets fight!"

Buizel grew to level 8!

Buizel learned Water Gun.

Zeta Sukuna
June 29th, 2008, 2:09 PM
Episode 4: Akira Vs. Jack

After catching Shinx, Akira picked up the pokeball and put it on his belt. "That's how you do it." Said Akira as he returned his Piplup. The boy seemed mad, but then again Akira stole his prize.

"Hey! That was my Pokemon!" Yelled the kid, but Akira snorted.

"There are other Shinx in the area, why don't you look for one?" Asked Akira making the kid mad.

"Grrr! I'll show you!" Yelled the kid. "You're going down or my name isn't Jack Verdia! Go Starly!" And in a flash, a small bird appeared. Akira flipped open his pokedex and recorded the information before grabbing a pokeball of his own.

"Go, Shinx! how me what you can do!" Yelled Akira tossing the pokeball. And out came the dog-like pokemon. Since the Starly was male, Shinx's Rivalry ability made him stronger. "Let's begin this match, one-on-one." Said Akira to Jack who just nodded.

"Starly, use Growl!" Yelled Jack, Akira flinched appearantly this kid had at least some strategy. Starly growled at Shinx who just brushed it off.

"Shinx, use Leer!" Yelled Akira. Shinx glared at Starly, lowering his defense. "Now, use Tackle!"

"Dodge, then use Tackle!" Yelled Jack with command in his voice. Starly tried to get out of the way, but Shinx was faster and Jack's order came in way too late as Shinx tackled Starly for a good amount of damage. "Now! Starly use Tackle now!" And with that, Starly escaped Shinx's grasp and slammed into the Shinx. "Heheheh. Maybe that Shinx wasn't my prize." Said Jack. Akira then thought on what to do next.

"Shinx, use Leer and then Tackle!" Yelled Akira sounding really confident. Shinx then glared at Starly once again, causing the enemy bird to let go. Then, finishing his master's order, Shinx Tackled Starly really hard. But Starly was still able to fight.

"Starly, use Tackle again!" Yelled Jack. Starly went to tackle Shinx, but was too slow as Shinx jumped out of the way. Starly growled before hearing, "Watch out for that-" from Jack, before crashing into a tree. "tree." Finished Jack before returning Starly. "You win this time, but I will be back before you know it!"

Akira smiled as he returned Shinx. "That kid wasn't smart, just hoping for a lucky shot." Said Akira as he quickly found the entrance to Jubilife City, and the end of the first leg of his journey.

The Bringer!
June 29th, 2008, 2:13 PM
Sabin sent out his newly obtained partner to find a wild pokemon to battle. His turtwig materialized from the red light that was emitted from the pokeball. The turtwig was glad to be let out and not immediately returned back to the pokeball like last time.

"Well, turtwig, it looks like we're gonna have to catch a partner for you." Sabin stated. He was anxious to catch the strongest pokemon he could find. As Sabin and his partner walked through the damp grass that was the home to wild pokemon, a red pokemon with thick, curled antenna appeared. After using his pokedex Sabin was informed that it was a kricketot. Upon seeing sabin, the insect like pokemon took a fighting stance and began glowing a shade of deep red all over its small form.

"Turtwig, use withdraw to give yourself a defensive edge!" Sabin said as his turtwig rushed in front of him to take part in the battle. However, instead of attacking, the kricketot continued to glow that shade of crimson red. After being ordered to tackle it, Sabin's turtwig rushed head on into the wild pokemon. Instead of falling back, it just took the hit and turned an even brighter red before launching itself at turtwig with twice the power of the tackle. Wow, if it weren't for withdraw turtwig would be done for. As turtwig was knocked back the kricketot began glowing red once again. Apparently that attack only works if I attack him first.

"Ok, turtwig, use withdraw again!" as the turtle pokemon withdrew into it's shell once more to aid in it's defense the opposing pokemon continued to just glow. Turtwig used withdraw once more and when the kricketot tried to counter attack again, nothing happened.

"Now it's your chance turtwig, tackle it!" Upon saying this the tutwig tackled the kricketot full force severely weakening it. This is when I throw the pokeball and see what happens. Sabin tossed the pokeball at kricketot and saw the orb twitch once, twice, three times, now all Sabin had to wait for was the reassuring click to see if it worked.

June 29th, 2008, 2:19 PM
@Rubii Naruto:
Stealing = Heck yes.
("Nice post" is what I should have said.)

Shinx Grew to level 5.

@Mr. Person: As I'll say to you to, "Good Post".

You've caught a level 4 Male Kricketot!

June 29th, 2008, 3:04 PM
Chapter Four: The Huge Disaster
Emerald threw the pokeball and waited. A few seconds later the ball grew still, and the light in the center dimmed. Emerald grinned. He couldn't believe that he just caught his very first pokemon. He rushed over to the still pokeball and held it high in the air for the whole world to see. Ha, that'll show you dad, big bro, thought Gold happily. He wanted to show someone of his accomplishment so he bent down near Eevee.

"Eevee, look, we caught our very first pokemon and it's all thanks to you pal," said Emerald happily. Eevee smiled and responded happily. Emerald held the ball a little higher. "In fact, let's let Shinx out. I'm sure she'll want to meet her new trainer," said Emerald happily. He clicked the button on the middle of the ball and a burst of red light appeared.

Shinx came out of the ball a second later. She looked around and then saw Emerald. Shinx stared straight at Emerald with glaring eyes.

"Hi Shinx," welcomed Emerald, "am I hap-" SLAM! Shinx slammed herself straight into Emerald making him fall back. "Ow, what was that for!" Emerald shouted.

Emerald then heard someone laugh behind him. He turned around and saw a boy that looked around 16. "Ha ha, it seems like your pokemon really likes you," said the kid. "Let it take on my bidoof." Before waiting for an answer, the kid pulled out a pokeball and threw it out on the field. A small brown pokemon appeared.

"Eevee, you-" Emerald started before Shinx jumped into the battlefield. She had got on the battlefield without Emerald ordering her to.

"Ha okay then, Bidoof, use tackle," ordered the kid. His pokemon rushed forward towards Shinx.

Well I guess I'm using Shinx, thought Emerald. "Shinx, use leer!" Instead, Shinx ran forward and gave Bidoof a full-blown tackle attack sending it backwards. Then it ran forward again, tackling Bidoof again.

"Hey, kid, why don't you control your pokemon a little!" shouted the boy. "Bidoof, use tackle!" Bidoof ran forward again.

"Shinx, use-" started Emerald until he saw Shinx use a leer on her own. Then she ran forward finishing the Bidoof off. Emerald just sighed. How did he end up with this difficult pokemon?

The boy just glared and called his pokemon back. "Learn to control your pokemon," he said coldly before walking off. Emerald took out Shinx's pokeball and called her back. He may have just won the battle, but he felt like he just lost. Emerald walked away from the area of his first battle and walked a little more with Eevee following him.

Soon, Emerald saw the sign that read: Welcome to Jubilife City. The first route had been crazy, and Emerald was glad to get off of it.

June 29th, 2008, 4:17 PM
@Pika: I like the attitude you created for your new Pokemon.
Its a lot better then just making a stereotypical one that follows the anime's thoughts of:

Anyway, good job! We just need everyone else caught up to Jubilife and we can continue.

Hint to everyone: Theres a plot twist coming up a littleways after Jubilife.

The Bringer!
June 29th, 2008, 4:41 PM
"Hey you, ya you, come on lets battle!" was the first thing that Sabin heard after catching his new pokemon. The person in question was a young trainer with a blue hat and shorts, while he had a bright red t-shirt. Sabin readily excepted, intent on having his first battle with a trainer. The trainer in question sent out a green pokemon that looked somewhat like a flower bud. Using his pokedex, Sabin learned that it was a budew.

"Turtwig, show this guy what you got!" Sabin said vigorously. I can't afford to lose this battle, if I do my pokemon will think I'm weak. As turtwig followed his trainer's order of using withdraw he was attacked by the budew, who seemed to be draining his energy. Though the attack didn't do much to turtwig it couldn't be weakened by withdraw.

"Tackle it to show that we can fight too, turtwig!" Turtwig landed a powerful blow on the trainer's budew, who responded by using another weak absorb. When ordered to finish the battle for good with tackle, turtwig obeyed without question and fainted the budew with ease. However, after the trainer ran away in embarrassment, turtwig seemed to be moving a lot slower.

"What's wrong, turtwig?" said Sabin to the now weak looking pokemon. As he looked at his pokemon a bit closer he saw that his turtwig had a purple tint around its eyes and it's leaf looked half wilted. Oh no! Turtwig must have been poisoned somehow. After checking the pokedex his theory was proven correct, as budew can have the ability poison point. This caused turtwig to get poisoned when he used his tackle attack. Sabin returned turtwig to his pokeball and ran towards Jubilife.

June 29th, 2008, 4:54 PM
@Mr. Person: I like how you didnt just win the battle, and that you had some problems to.
Its a nice twist.

(Not on Turtwig being poisoned, mind you)

Turtwig grew to level 7!

June 29th, 2008, 5:04 PM
OOC: Wow... I, ehm... didn't expect it to move this fast. By now I'm sure Rachel's been pretty much left behind. I had some things going on today and couldn't check back to post, but... I'm really not sure if I can keep up with this right now. I've had a bit of a headache today that will really not agree with me reading over two pages of posts, and I doubt I will be able to RP at this pace in the future (I'm already in more than one other RP)...

Sayaira, could you PM me if you can think of something to work this out and catch me up to everybody else (considering I'm probably like five posts behind)? I'll likely have more free time than I did today in the next week or so (weekends and some mornings might be hard to work around), but if there really isn't any way to work around this heap of posts I missed out on, and if I'm going to have to drag behind... perhaps I should "un-join" this RP? As I said, PM me so we can discuss this, becuase I doubt I'll manage to do much on my own now.

June 29th, 2008, 5:16 PM
OOC: Just to add to what I said in the PM..

Even though it looks like we've gotten really far, we havnt. xD
It just seems that way because of everyone pretty much saying the same thing, but adding different twists.

So technically they're just about a post and a half ahead.

June 29th, 2008, 5:56 PM
((OOC: Okay. This isn't as big a deal as I thought it was, then. :/ Anyways, here's my post. By the way, I think I may start using the "chapter" titles for the fun of it. See what I mean...))

The Pathetic Trainer

Having obtained a Pokedex from the lab (which upset her greatly due to having to walk back and forth so unnecessarily), Rachel was now following the group with Gible by her side and a look of aggrivation plain on her face. A pair of brave Bidoofs crawled from the bushes and gave her glares that dared to challenge her, but one glance from those despising different-colored eyes sent them cowering away and squealing. I don't need to bother with pathetic Pokemon like them, Rachel confirmed quietly to herself.

"Hey! Girl! You there!" a voice cried. She whirled around, still with that same all-hating expression on her face, and saw a kid. He was no older than nine or ten, wearing shorts and a white T-shirt. He held a huge awkwardly out-of-place net in one hand, and a single Pokeball in the other.

"What do you want?" she grumbled, her voice reflecting the feeling of bothered annoyance she was experiencing.

"Um... You wanna... um... have a battle?" he asked, sounding more nervous, scared, and hestiant. Rachel liked it that way. She wanted to intimidate this loser who probably thought he was such a great trainer. Even moreso, she wanted to humiliate him with his shameful defeat.

"Fine; why not?" replied Rachel without much entusiasm.

"Great!" the boy yelled loudly. Spare me the idiodic immaturity, please, Rachel thought. He tossed a Pokeball and it released a flash of light. "Go, Kricketot!"

For how excited the kid sounded, he couldn't possibly expect to win with that thing. It looked like a beetle, tiny and red-shelled, with a pair of tiny black eyes and a stupid, childish look about it. "Tot!" it chirped. The thing made Rachel sick.

"Gible, attack it. Let's just get this over with," she commanded.

Her Pokemon looked up at her for a second, his head tilted slightly to the side and his wide mouth hanging slightly open.

"You heard me! Use Tackle or something!"

The Dragon nodded with a grunt, its tiny claws flexing as it looked acorss the grass at his foe; his prey. In a quick movement, he charged at it and rammed it head on.

"Kricketot! You're hurt!!" the little boy exclaimed. Rachel's face twisted with annoyed rage.

"Well tell it to fight back, for crying out loud! Don't you know anything about Pokemon battles?!" she shouted. The boy seemed very put down by this. In fact, it almost looked as if he were about to shed a tear or two. "Great Arceus!" spat Rachel, literally facepalming.

The boy's Pokemon was becoming angered by all this. Apparently, it did not like others picking on its trainer. The little bug made a slight growl, then charged. It wasn't charging at Gible, though. It was headed for Rachel.

"Hmph," Rachel grunted, remembering another one of Gible's moves. "Sand-Attack, Gible," she said calmly.

"Gib!" her Pokemon hissed, obediently summoning a wisp of previously nonexistent sand and batting it into the face of Kricketot with his tail and hind leg. The insect screeched in pain as the grains of dirt landed directly in its eyes. It then rolled over in stinging pain.

"Finish it off with a Tackle," commanded Gible's trainer. But just as Gible was about to rush at the near-defeated Bug Pokemon, it vanished in a burst of red light. Rachel glared up, hotility flashing in her eyes, at the kid, who held out Kricketot's Pokeball.

"You're a terrible trainer!" he shouted.

"At least I know how to win instead of standing around crying about my Pokemon getting hurt," she responded in a cold tone, recalling Gible back into his own Pokeball.

The boy merely shook his head and rushed off to somewhere else. Rachel assumed he was going to go b**** to his mommy about how some girl bullied him and his Pokemon. She didn't care. By the time someone would get onto her she'd be far away from here. To her the boy's departure was a good riddance.

With that, she hurried on, not wanting to get separated from the others. Why she wanted to keep up with them, she wasn't quite sure, but she knew she needed to. Maybe I just am a bit lonely? she pondered. Then, she mentally slapped herself for thinking that.

Before long Rachel found the others, standing before what appeared to be the entrance to Jubilife City. Yes! Finally, maybe I can get a break. I'd love a drink and a nap sometime soon...

((OOC: Hope you don't mind the censored word I put in... Seemed like something Rachel would think, though. If it's a problem, I'll be fine to edit it out of there.))

June 29th, 2008, 6:11 PM
@Piez: I'm glad you decided to stick with the RP!

Its great to see how everyone has different personalities, as it makes things more fun to read.

Gible grew to level 8!
Gible learned Dragon Rage.

Jubilife City//.

Alright! For the rest of you..

Yes, you are finally here.
Please get your Poketechs whilst in this town!
They dont really do much, but its still a defining feature between Sinnoh region and everywhere else.

Other then that there really isnt much else you CAN do here that would be worth your while.
Rest up at a Pokemon center, and get some supplies from a near-by Pokemart.

After everyone's finished, head to route 203.
I'll explain things after everyone's posted at least once in this new town.

June 29th, 2008, 6:25 PM
Exploration of Jubilife City!

"First thing I have to do is hit up the Pokemon Center," Jacob thought quickly., "Starly is hurt from it's battle with Pikachu, and Pikachu is tired from it's first real battle."

Jacob scurried to the Pokemon Center as fast as he could, rushing through the door.

"Hey there Nurse Joy. Could you please heal my Pokemon for me?" Jacob asked.

Nurse Joy answered sweetly, "Sure, just hand me your Pokeballs and I'll have them for you in a little while."

"Thanks Nurse Joy, I really appreciate it," Jacob replied.

Jacob decided to venture through the city while his Pokemon were healed, starting with the famous Poketch Company he had heard so much about.

Jacob walked into the door of the company, and a nice gentleman greeted him.

"Hello there, you must be a trainer by the looks of you."

Jacob just smiled and said, "You would be correct. Now the question is, what can I do for YOU to get MY hands one a Poketch."

"Seeing as I'm the developer of the Poketch Company-"

Jacob didn't see that coming, he thought he was just some sort of door man.

"-I'll give you one for free."

"Are you sure, sir?" Jacob asked, as he never was just given things from people he just met.

"I'm sure, here you go. Good luck on your journey."

"Thank you sir, and good luck with your Poketches," Jacob responded gratefully.

As Jacob walked out the door, all he could think about is, "Wow, what a great city! Everyone is so hospitable and kind!"

Jacob walked back to the Pokemon Center, picked up his Pokemon, had dinner, and crashed for the night at the Center.

"Hopefully tomorrow will be even better than today!"

June 29th, 2008, 6:31 PM
@Jacob: You didnt want to get any items from the Pokemart?

Meh, thats probably fine.

Anyway, good post!
We're moving along nicely.

June 29th, 2008, 6:32 PM
OoC: I feel I'm pretty good item wise right now :P

June 29th, 2008, 6:39 PM
Ooc: Alrighty. xD
I just stalked Rubii Naruto and found out he's replying as well. o_o

I'm going to go to bed in about another 30 minutes, so I'll work on the intro to the first plot twist and intro to route 203 tomorrow.

Zeta Sukuna
June 29th, 2008, 6:56 PM
Episode 5: Jubilife City! Find the three clowns!

Akira looked around in disappointment. "Hmph, I thought it would've been better then this." Said Akira as he started walking on the hot streets. Soon enough Akira made it to the Pokemon Center.

"Hello, can I help you?" Asked Nurse Joy. Akira looked at her fnny before handing her his pokemon.

"I need you to heal them, I won't be back for about an hour, so can you hold onto them until I get back?" Asked Akira. Nurse Joy nodded.

"Sure, I'll hold onto them for now." Said Nurse Joy before going to the back room to heal Piplup and Shinx.

Akira then decided to look around the town at least until he saw a man with three clowns surrounding him.

"Hey sir! You want to get a free Poketch?" Asked the man. Akira nodded not really caring one way or the other. The man handed something to each clown before having them scatter across the city. "Well, all you have to do is find three clowns and bring back a ticket from each."

"Okay." Said Akira before running off. Akira decided to check the popular spots like the TV Station and the Poketch factory. And both held a clown whom each decided to run off, now he was chasing two clowns. "Wait!" Yelled Akira as he tossed a pokeball, tripping up both clowns. Before they could run away again, Akira snatched the tickets from them and he ran off.

"Okay, the last clown would be somewhere where I would never expect, but where?" Asked Akira. But he saw movement and surely enough it was the clown. Before the clown could notice Akira, he snatched the ticket before running back to the man.

"Here's your tickets." Said Akira as he gasped for breath. The poketch guy smiled before giving Akira a poketch.

"You are the first person to complete that." Said the man as he started walking away. Akira looked at the Poketch and decided to put it on.

"Eh, I mean if they give them out for free here, then maybe I can sell it in some mountain village and make some money." Said Akira as he went back in the Pokemon Center.

"Here's your pokemon sir." Said Nurse Joy. "We hope to see you again." Akira just shook his head and walked out of the Pokemon Center and went towards Route 203.

June 29th, 2008, 7:00 PM
((OOC: Yes, another longish post. Those kinds of posts just work better for me, I guess. Oh well. Hooray for description... and... you know, stuff like that...!))

Catching a Much-Deserved Break

As soon as Rachel entered the Pokemon Center (which was a bit too brightly-colored on the inside for her liking), she was confronted by a peculiar man. He walked right up to her, a warm smile on his face that bothered Rachel quite a bit.

"Can I... help you?" she asked, weirded out.

"The question is, can I help you?" the man replied jubilantly. (Perhaps living in Jubilife City gave people that kind of personality...)

Rachel stared at him for a few moments. Her aggrivation from before was not about to leave her alone. "Look, old man, I really am not in the mood for these kind of responses."

The man looked a little taken aback by this, but replied all the same. "Well, alright. I'm the owner of the Poketch Company. A Poketch is a unique tool made specifically for trainers like you. And, well, I thought I'd give you a freebie, but you really don't seem interestesd, so..."

Rachel growled and gave him a stern glare. "Don't patronize me. I'll take one, if you don't mind."

With a sigh, the man shrugged and held out a device that looked like a blue, plastic-and-metal high-tech watch. Rachel accepted it with a brief and reluctant, "Thant you," and stepped past the man with her 'Poketch' thing in one hadn and Gible's Pokeball in the other. She came to a counter where an egg-shaped Pokemon stood.

"Ehm... Yes, could I get my Pokemon healed, please?"

"Bliss-Blissey!" it replied in a cheery voice, nodding its pink head. It then held up a small nub of a hand, as if signing for her to wait a moment. "Bliss!" it called suddenly.

"I'll be right there," a pleasant and high-pitched voice that flowed like honey responded. In a moment or two, a red-haired woman with a soft face came up to the counter. "Yes?"

"Hi," Rachel said, trying to act polite for once, "I'd like to heal up my Gible."

While Gible didn't battle much at all, he was probably a bit tired out by all the walking and the small fight with Kricketot. Rachel wanted to be one-hundred-percent sure her Pokemon was in top-fighting shape. She didn't want to lose like that pathetic kid back on Route 202.

"Certainly," replied the woman. Rachel handed her Gible's Pokeball. "Now, how much has this Pokemon battled recently?"

"Not much. He just walked around a bit and had one battle."

"Well, I can just put him in the healing-machine, then, and he'll be good as new!"

The healing-machine? Rachel thought, Sounds a bit suspicious...

The nurse took Gible's Pokeball and set it into a large machine right behind the counter. A few lights flashed. A few seconds passed. Then, she simply picked up the Pokeball and handed it back to Rachel.

"All done! Do you plan on doing much else here?" she asked in that same cheery voice.

"I may rest a while," Rachel replied.

"There are some couches over there," the nurse replied, pointing to a set of cozy-looking couches gathered around a television in a corner. "You may take the time to get to know your Pokemon a bit, as well. That is, assuming you recently obtained him. A Dragon-Type like Gible is going to require a lot of attention, you know."

Rachel narrowed her eyes at this, but mentally wondered about the truth of those words. She'd only had Gible a few days, and Dave did say Dragon-Types were needy Pokemon. If Gible began to feel neglected, he might not obey Rachel so readily.

She walked over to a soft-drink machine by a back wall (which was apparently free for thirsty trainers), poured herself a small cup of cola, and seated herself on a couch where nobody else was sitting. First she adjusted the Poketch to her wrist. She'd mess with it later, though. Now she wanted to take Nurse Joy's advice and spend some time with her Pokemon.

"Gible!" the small reptile chanted as it burst from the Pokeball.

"Um... Hi, Gible," Rachel greeted awkwardly, taking a sip over her soda. She'd never really spoken to her Pokemon with anything other than a command before.

Gible turned to her, his eyes wide. He seemed surprised by her attentive notice of him.

"So, uh... Whaddaya think so far of this journey and all?"

"Bul! Gib!" Gible replied in a jolly tone, his lips seeming to curl a bit in a smile. Even Rachel felt herself smile a bit. Having a Pokemon was actually kind of fun.

((OOC: Perhaps now would be a good time for Rachel to meet some of the other trainers? A few of the others posted about seeming interested in her Gible earlier, so... well, maybe now that she's in a better mood she could get to know somebody. Like Sayaira said, we're gonna need to make friends at some point in time. Even rude and angry Rachel... :laugh:))

June 29th, 2008, 7:05 PM
Route 202
After leaving Proffesor Rowans Beo headed towards Route 202 and Jubilife City. "Well I think i'll let Flare out for a little" Beo thought to himself as Chimchar came out of its pokeball and climber onto Beo's shoulder. "CHim-Char" Flare shouted happily. "oh you like my should well feel free to stay there as long as you like" Beo said to flare smiling.

When Beo and flare finally reached Route 202 he stopped and rubbed the back of his head. "Ahh what a great day this has been so far I can't wait to see what else will happen on my journey" Beo said to flare. Flare just smilied back and made himself comfortable on Beo's shoulder. Five minutes into the Route and Beo noticed a pokemon on the ground and pulled out his pokedex "Starly the normal flying type pokemon" the pokedex said aloud. Beo looked up to Chimchar "You ready little buddy" Beo asked him. "Chim-char" It said clenching its fist.

"Ok chimchar get in close and use tackle on the starly" Flare swiftly ran towards the starly cocking it head back getting ready to tackle the starly. As flare closed in the wild starly noticed him and started flapping its wings. The starly started to lift into the air getting ready to take off, "No Flare don't give up jump and still use tackle on it" Beo yelled. Flare pushed off the ground and flew into the air at a fast speed, hitting the straly dead in the chest. Both pokemon plummeted to the ground with Flare bouncing up quickly. The wild starly still layed there, Beo reached into his bag and pulled out a pokeball. "Ok starly your mine" Beo shouted as he threw the pokeball at it the starly was pulled in, the ball rolled back and forth. Beo stood there waiting to see if the starly would be caught.

(Sorry for posting so late i was at work for most of the day)

June 29th, 2008, 7:10 PM
My last post for the night >_>
Seriously what happened to the time?!

@Rubii: Good post! I see you remember the completely unnecessary challenge set up by the Poketech guy. (Clowns? Seriously, who thought of that?)
I'd have preferred you wait at the Pokémon Center, as that’s where the "plot twist" guy is going to appear.
Anyhow its fine, I'll adjust things a tad to compensate.

@Piez: Huzzah for description indeed!
I don’t remember if anyone else was waiting in the Pokémon Center..
But I believe Emerald (Pika_Master) is staying the night. You could talk to him in the morning if you felt the need.

@dboring: Caught me just in time! -was just about to head off to bed-
A little shorter then what I would have liked, but its still good.

You've caught a level 3 female Starly!
Please update your trainer card, and I'll make the adjustments to your profile.

June 29th, 2008, 7:21 PM
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June 29th, 2008, 7:26 PM
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I R tired.
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June 29th, 2008, 7:29 PM
Emerald took his first step into his first city. He decided to forget about what happened with Shinx and enjoy the city. It was huge, way bigger than the town that Emerald lived in Hoenn. Eevee seemed to enjoy the great city too. He joyuosly looked around and made noises at every block they walked. Emerald smiled at his pokemon, but then frowned. He felt bad for the little Shinx, trapped inside her pokeball. Maybe walking around the city would lighten up her attitude a little.

Emerald pulled out Shinx's pokeball and clicked the center button. A flash of red light appeared, followed by Emerald's new electric pokemon, Shinx. It looked around confused and then shot a look at Emerald.

Emerald tried to smile at his pokemon. "C'mon Shinx, we can walk around the city together. You, me and-" SLAM! Shinx tackled Emerald straight in the gut causing him to fall flat on his back again. Then it turned around and began to take off through the city.

"Shinx!" shouted Emerald. Curious eyes stared at the boy on the ground and the pokemon taking off. Emerald knew that they were thinking what a loser trainer he was. He didn't care, he just wanted his pokemon back. He jumped up and called for Eevee. "Eevee, help me look for Shinx!" The pokemon nodded and they both took off.

Seconds later though, their search was halted when a man jumped in front of them.

"Welcome, young sir. I take it that you're a pokemon trainer seeing that eevee with you," said the man with much enthusiasm.

"Yeah I am, but I'm a little busy so-"

"How would you like a chance to receive a free Poketch?" said the man. "Just compete in our contest and you could win one!"

"A poke what? Look mister I don't think you heard us so-"

"All you do is find the three clowns in the city! When you find them, they will give you a coupon. Find all the clowns and you win!!" shouted the man. "I wish the best of luck to you!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," said Emerald. He pushed the man aside and continued to run in his search for Shinx. What a loony, he thought.

Emerald searched for several minutes with no luck at all. Then he hit a corner in the city and bumped into a guy dressed like a psyco. He looked like he just came back from a children's carnival. He got right in Emerald's face which made him shiver a little.

"Congratulations, little boy, you found me. Here's your coupon," said the clown. Emerald used a shivering hand to grab it.

"Uh, thanks, but I think you should think when you call people "Little boys"." Emerald responded. He took off before the clown could respond and ran through the city to continue searching for his pokemon.

Emerald ran too an area with a place that looked like a school building. Children were outside playing and a large fountain stood outside the school. Then Emerald managed to run into another clown that was sitting on the fountain.

Oh God, he thought. The man got up and shoved a piece of paper into Emerald's left hand and then shook the free one. "Congrats! Congrats!" he exclaimed.

"Uh sure," said Emerald. He took off and hoped that he wouldn't run into another one of these crazy clowns. He could only hope. The guy said to find these clowns, but it seemed like the clowns were finding him.

"Eve eve!" exclaimed his pokemon. Emerald looked forward. They were in like a market place area filled with food booths and customers. Actually, crazy customers. They were all be terrorized by something: Emerald's Shinx. The pokemon was running around growling at people and attempting to tackle some. Emerald looked in complete horror.

He ran out pushing some people aside in attempt to reach his rabid pokemon. "Shinx!" Emerald shouted. He pulled out Shinx's pokeball and clicked the button. A beam of red light burst out and hit Shinx. It returned to the ball, safe and sound.

The people all whirled around and stared at Emerald. Gulp. Emerald knew it wasn't safe there so he gave a loud apology and took off. He ran until he slammed into someone: another clown. The clown pulled him into a full bear huge and then gave him another one of those stupid coupons.

"Geez, what's with you guys!" Emerald shouted. "I've already ran into three of you guys and-"

"Three! Did you say three? Then boy, you've won!" shouted the clown. He grabbed Emerald's arm and forcefully dragged him to a large building.

"Hey, wait, what the?" said Emerald said looking at the building. The clown pushed him forward.

"Go inside and receive your free item, a Poketech!" said the clown.

Emerald didn't say anything and just walked inside the building. Maybe it would get these freaks to leave him alone. About ten minutes later he walked out with a watch on his wrist. This was the Poketech they were referring to. It had different little functions like a watch and a built-in map. Emerald had to admit it was kind of neat.

Emerald headed over to the Pokemon Center. After the crazy day he had, he thought he deserved a good rest.

OOC: Sorry it is so long. Just got into it I guess =)

The Bringer!
June 29th, 2008, 7:39 PM
"Here's your turtwig and kricketot sir, you should stop by the Pokemart to buy some antidotes. That would help if this ever happens again," said the local Nurse Joy after giving Sabin his pokemon back.

"Thank you, I'll make sure to check that out," Sabin replied thankfully. As Sabin left the Pokemon Center he saw a boy about his age chasing some clowns around the city. There's something you don't see every day. Sabin continued his walk to the mart, thinking that this city might be stranger than normal. After entering the Pokemart Sabin saw someone handing something out at the entrance.

"Hello, my fine young man. How might you be interested in a free Poketch?" the man said in a voice very similar to that of car salesmen on a commercial.

"Why not, if it's free I'll take it!" Sabin replied with enthusiasm. He then purchased two antidotes and a potion. Sabin left with his new merchandise in tow and a poketch on his wrist. The Pokemon Center lighting was a shock after being in the dimness of the dusk sky outside. Rubbing his eyes, Sabin sleepily sat down on one of the couches.

OOC: Sorry about the epic shortness of this post. I'll try to make the next one longer.

June 29th, 2008, 7:43 PM

With Flare still on his should Beo was carrying his newly aquired pokemon starly's pokeball in his hands. "Flare you battled well there helping me catch this starly, i'm proud of you" Beo said as he put starly's pokeball in his bag and patted flare on the head. Then Beo saw it in the clearing, it was Jubilife City. "Well what do you know Flare we made it to the city let's get you to the pokemon center" Beo said. "Chim, Chim" Flare said happily.

Entering the city Beo quickly saw the center but was caught off gaurd by an old man who apporached him asking for his help. "Ahh you there, you look like a fine trainer my I ask a favor of you" the old man said. Beo looked at him for a moment and then relized he can't turn someone down who needs help. "Sure whats the problem" Beo asked. The man giggled for a minute "Well actually nothing hahah" The man said laughing hysterically. Beo's face was getting a little frustrated with him "then why did you ask me for my help I need to get to the pokemon center and heal flare" Beo said angrily whiel the old man was still laughing.

The old man stopped laughing "Actually I was testing you to see if you were deserving of my new device I created to help trainers" the old man said. Beo looked puzzled for a moment "Wait what are you talking about?" Beo asked. The man laughed again "Well you see I am the owner of the poketch company, I like to wander the town giving away free one to new trainers that are worthy of it" The man said. A smile grew upon Beo's face "Well thanks yeah i'll take it" Beo said happily. The old man handed him a high tech watch and said his good byes as he took off. Beo rubbed the back of his head "Wow what a weird old man huh flare" Beo said awkwardly. Flare shook his head up and down.

Finally arriving at the pokemon center Beo went to the front desk where he meet up with nurse Joy. "Why hello there i'm Nurse Joy how may I help you?" Joy asked. Beo nodded " Yes I would like to get my pokemon healed." Beo asked. "Sure thats what were here for, um would you mind returning you Chimchar to it's pokeball. As Beo went to return Flare he started to make a fit but was finally returned. "Thank you please wait in the lobby area" Joy said with a smile.

Beo sat in the lobby and watched as many trainers came in and out of the center, he also noticed a few trainers he rembered from Proffessor Rowans lab. "Beo your pokemon all healed up please have a safe journey" Joy said. "Thanks Nurse Joy" Beo said as he let Flare back out of its pokeball and onto his shoulder. Beo then went over towards the lobby and sat down and decided to take a break for awhile. "Well flare let's just relax here for a bit" Beo said Flare nodded his head up and down.

June 29th, 2008, 8:14 PM
((OOC: dboring, I guess now'd be a good time to meet up?))

The Other Trainer

A young man sat down on the couch near Rachel, suddenly distracting her attention from Gible. She and her Pokemon turned their heads simultaniously to look at him. He was considerably older than Rachel, by a few years undoubtedly, and had a Chimchar sitting on his shoulder. Gible gave the orange monkey a curious look, while at the same time seemed suspicious.

Rachel took another sip at her cola, not really paying much attention to the taste. She'd seen this same guy getting his Chimchar at the lab. Both of them were beginning trainers, it seemed, despite their apparent age difference. She saw herself as pretty mature for her age, however, and knew that at some point, she would have to meet someone on her journey.

Perhaps I'm really just in a better mood. Stupid Jubilife City, she thought angrily. All the same, she could at least speak to the trainer, as not to seem rude.

"I see you're another new trainer," she said simply, in a way that seemed anxious for a reply. Gible still had his eyes transfixed on the Chimchar, as if wondering what the other Pokemon would do.

June 30th, 2008, 7:18 AM
OOC: Here is a quick post to get me through to catching up. If it isn't that great it is because I am basically just trying to get where everyone else is.

Route 202 and The City

After Buizel's dominance over the angry youngster's Starly, Lucius continued to make his way forth towards Jubilife City. Outside the city gates, lied a small blue Pokemon. He had assumed it was fairly common, as just about everyone caught one when they could. He saw the boy from the lab do it and she saw the pokemon flying around the grassy plains. Trying to ignore the pokemon, Isaac made his way forth but Buizel stared at the wild creature. "Don't tell me you want to battle? Come on, the city is right there!" Buizel rejected Lucius' plea and began to battle the wild Pokemon, probably because of pride. From his mouth, a high pressure water torrent was aimed and fired directly at the electric pokemon, as seen due to electrical sparks being emitted by the fur. The pokemon charged forward and tackle Buizel in the stomach. Reeling back, Buizel was left open to a terrifying leer by the untamed creature which was followed up by another tackle, this time with lowered defenses on Buizel's part. Angered by the opponent's wave of attacks, Buizel leaped in its direction and unleashed a Sonic Boom generated by a glowing tail. Images of the previous battle was created and the wild pokemon was launched back several feet. The exact same effect happened as the creature was defeated in one effective strike, ignoring the water gun that barely harmed the electric pokemon. With Buizel's battle of pride complete, Lucius continued forth into the city's limits.

Jubilife was robust and active, with a variety of characters and events. Lucius saw many of the trainers flying around, chasing clowns and looking like fools. Lucius smirked and laughed a bit before finding the most important structure in any city: The Pokemon Center. Healing up Buizel due to his two battles, Lucius rested a bit himself in the Center's finely furnished lobby. Buizel returned healed and ready for action, but Lucius thought about to save himself time on his journey. "Come on. We are going to head to the Market. Thank you fine nurses for your help." Lucius polity stated with mighty volume. In the small market building, Lucius bought 4 potions and an extra Pokeball, even though he had 5 due to kind offering of the professor. With his shopping complete, Lucius placed his items in his organized back pack and returned to the Pokemon Center, where some of the trainers from earlier joined in. Lucius sat comfortably on the couch, petting Buizel in order to garner more trust in his Pokemon.

June 30th, 2008, 8:09 AM
@Pika: No its fine! I prefer quality over quantity, but its still nice to have a long post with a bit of humor in it. -cough- Your Shinx is a "loony" -cough-

@dboring: Good post, I see you have your Poketech to (or however its spelled)

@Piez: Ha-ha, I love your new avatar.. xD
Anyway, personal interaction = yes.

@Plan B: No no, its perfectly fine! Short and informative (with description to).
If it was only 4 lines, then I'd have a problem with it.

Buizel grew to level 10!
Buizel learned Pursuit!

(Note to everyone, I'll edit in the next Subchapter post into this post when I finish it, unless someone posts after me. I'd appreciate that to)

((OoC: For those of you who want to describe your surroundings as you go.. I'm setting up the weather/appearance of things for today's postings.

If you wanted to move on and not help the poor fellow, PM me and I'll also post the description of the route to the next town.

Anyway this sentence wont make any sense UNTIL you read the post;
You can choose whether to go on or not, but if you stop "them", you'll get a few rewards))

Putting a stop to it

On the day after the trainers reached the City, the weather took a marked turn for the worse. Drab gray clouds piled over Jubilife and a thin rain began to fall. The streets quickly emptied of all but essential traffic, and members of Team Galactic, who would ordinarily have been abroad seeking out new targets, congregated at their base.

Their base was a large and hideously over-done building in the heart Veilstone. It contained some of the Team's more dangerous members, along with grunts to help deter trouble. All of this suited Cyrus just fine.
He was standing in one of the base's underground laboratories, overseeing the completion of a tool needed to wreak further havoc about Sinnoh.
"How far along are we?" he inquired.

One of the more runty scientists looked up at his boss, seemingly a bit confused.
"For what?" He asked. Though he knew quite well what Cyrus meant.

"The containers." He answered back. Though his voice contained no trace of mal-content, it was quite clear that he was becoming both anxious and annoyed.

"O-oh, right!" The grunt shuffled through some papers before drawing up what appeared to be a blueprint of something.
Walking over to his boss, he and another grunt laid the paper on a table and pointed to somewhere near the bottom of the sheet.
"We're about here," one of the scientists pointed out, "they should be ready within the next few days."
Cyrus merely nodded to comply.

"Some of our men collected the documents you require from the man in Jubilife." Cyrus rolled up the paper and handed it to one of the grunts, who accepted it gladly.
"I've given them orders to get back here as soon as possible, but I'm sure they're still out there having a bit of fun."


From the perspective of another, he was soaking wet and possibly very upset.
An item of great importance had been stolen by a gang of thugs, and if not recovered could pose a threat to the legendary Pokémon.

Dashing inside the nearest Pokémon center, he yelled out in desperation,
"Please, someone help me!"

June 30th, 2008, 10:23 AM
((OOC: I just love these little OOC notes, don't I? Anyways, this could be interesting... And I'm guessing the man is a controllable NCP, right?))

The Cry for Help

Rachel was still on the couch, just a second after adressing the Chimchar trainer. On a very nearby couch, another trainer with a Buizel sat down, looking very interested in his Pokemon. All of a sudden, a man burst into the Pokemon Center, his clothes drenched and dripping with water. It must be raining pretty hard, Rachel inquired.

"Please, someone help me!" he cried in desperation.

Gible, alarmed by the noise, whirled around and looked the man straight in the eyes. His trainer looked a bit doubtful. What does this guy want? Please, not another stupid Poke-Watch thing...

"You there!" exclaimed the man, pointing to the little lobby of couches. "You three! You've got tough-looking Pokemon! Please, just help me out!"

Rachel sighed, ready to spit back some nasty reply, but stopping herself just barely. She couldn't deny to help somebody in the middle of a Pokemon Center, no matter how much she didn't want to. Trainers were 'supposed' to be 'kind' and 'helpful'. She wrinkled her nose for a moment at this thought, then lifted her head with an expressionless face. Gible was still staring at the man with his big, yellow eyes.

"Fine," she said simply, "I'll help."

((So, perhaps this gives Beo, Lucius, and Rachel a chance to get to know each other? Or hate each other, at that. Or simply do nothing. We're all in the Pokemon Center, so our characters would likely be the first to be picked out by this guy, you know?))

Zeta Sukuna
June 30th, 2008, 10:42 AM
Episode 6: A cry for help?

Akira started to go into Route 202, but decided to look back. He was glad he did as he saw a man running his life depended on it, so Akira decided to follow him.

Of course Akira guessed the man was giong to the pokemon center based on the direction he was running, but he would never have seen what was about to happen to come to pass.

Akira ran into the pokemon center, but since his feet were wet, he slid across the floor, causing him to hit his head on a table. "Ow... what's going on here?" Asked Akira as he got up from the floor.

"I needed help, but a young lady said she'd do it. Not sure about the other two though." Said the man. Akira's eyes widened.

"Do you mean Racheal?" Asked Akira. The man looked confused. Akira sighed before saying. "The girl with the Gibble. You know, the one on the sofa?" And After saying that, he pointed to Racheal.

The man's eyes widened before he decided to say. "Yes, that's her."

Akira shook his head before walking over to a bench to sit down, but since his feet were still pretty wet, he slid and slammed into another table. The man started laughing a little before saying.

"What kind of trainer walks around barefoot?" Akira sighed knowing that this would be a long night.

(ooc: No offence to your character iLike2EatPiez, but that is how Akira would react. Oh, and this would happen just after Racheal said that she'd help. Oh, and by the way, Akira's helping, or he would've left again.)

June 30th, 2008, 10:55 AM
As Beo sat in the pokemon center he looked over to another trainer who had a gible with her. Beo remebered seeing her at proffessor Rowans lab that day. He looked to his chimchar and chimchar nodded back "Well I guess your right flare it wouldn't hurt to talk to her seeing as how its pouring outside" Beo said to flare. As he got up to walk over to the girl a man burst into the pokemon center. Beo looked at the man as he seemed very upset and dripping wet.

"Please someone help me" the man yelled across the lobby.

"I wonder what this guy wants Flare" Beo said At that moment the man looked over towards Beo, and two other trainers, one of the being the trainer with the gible.

He pointed towards them " you three there you seem like tough pokemon trainers, would you please give your time and help me out i'm begging you" He said.

Beo looked to the other trainers and then decieded to at least see what the man wanted Beo always had a soft spot for people in trouble. Beo then turned back to the man "Sure i'll gladly land a hand" Beo said with a smile

"Chim---Char" Flare said happily. Beo waited to hear the other trainers responses.

June 30th, 2008, 11:03 AM
((Guys, just as a heads up, this billybob/person needs about 2-4 people to help him.
I'll adjust depending on how many say they want to do it..
But yeah, this guy is a controllable NPC.
I'll be using him to talk once a few people've said they'd help.

Is there actually anyone who wanted to move on?))

June 30th, 2008, 11:07 AM
Not many people come into a Pokemon drenched, whining and call for help. This was what Lucius thought. Putting away a novel that he had read and waking up his sleeping Buizel, Lucius packed his things into his backpack although he took time to organize his load and made his way to the man who had demanded help which a few trainers had already called into. A girl with a Gible had been the first though she did not look really happy to answer. Accompanying her was the blue haired trainer who also looked like he wanted to murder someone and stared at the drenched man. Lucius admitted to himself that being barefoot did not exactly make sense, and was about to give the girl his extra shoes. A short trainer reacted roughly as quickly as Lucius did, with an outgoing spirit. "Well sir, I would help as well, but informing us of the problem would be a great assistance." Lucius stated politely and in a calm gentle tone. One could sense uplifting naivety. A good comparison would be Lucius sounded much like Superman in his response. The storm that brewed made the conversation albeit dramatic and difficult to carry out efficiently.

OOC: My post looks short but I spent time on it.

June 30th, 2008, 11:08 AM
((OOC: Not offended at all, Ruubii Naruto. I'm all for in-character posts. Speaking of which...))

An Unlikely Alliance

Rachel looked at the three other trainers, suddenly aware that she had partners in this. Great, she growled to herself, Other people to make this even more bothersome. All interest in the Chimchar trainer began to fade, but she kind of had to work with him now, along with this other Buizel-trainer, and the guy who kept slipping on the floor like a clumsy idiot... Just great, she repeated mentally.

"Alright. Just tell us what you need us to do," she said to the man. It wasn't a request or a question. It couldn't be anything but a command, with that kind of a glare on her face.

Gible was now staring at the barefooted trainer, his head tilted to one side as if confused by his slipping about. He really seems interested in people, doesn't he? Rachel thought with a glance at her quiet, obedient little Pokemon.

June 30th, 2008, 11:17 AM
((H'ok. No more people to help him. D:
I hope everyone actually reads my notes.

"Oh thank the heavens!" He shouted before rushing over to the trainers who'd agreed assistance.
He was an older looking man, probably in his early 30's, with a patch of light brown hair on his head and wire-framed glasses.
There were dark circles under his eyes, suggesting whatever the problem was had caused him great grief.

"Some goons have stolen some very important documents from me," he explained, "and I need to get them back at all costs!"
The man was rushed. Panting and tripping over his words like some nerd who'd just won a science fair. Though this occasion appeared not to be something to celebrate about.

"I-if you'll follow me, you'll find the thugs just outside of Jubilife around Route 204!"

June 30th, 2008, 11:24 AM
"Ok, we will follow I assume, permitting all of us can cooperate." Lucius turned to the man without shoes. "I'd put shoes on, otherwise we may lose you in the rush. Also you may suffer a painful injury which could be inconvenient and expensive. And personally I would rather not spend time in a hospital. " Lucius attempted to be an unofficial leader to rally everyone together for the charge forward, however everyone seemed to act strangely at his gesture of goodwill and guidance. "If these documents are very important, I recommend we not waste too much time and advance forward at a good pace." Stepping into the storm, rain consumed the air and Lucius' normally light brown clothing became soaked and a dark brown as a result of the dampness. Lucius went a little ahead in order to insure the goons that stole the papers would not escape. With them in sight, Lucius called Buizel to point and whispered to him a minor plan. "Come on, waiting on you guys. I can't be sure what Pokemon they have." Lucius whispered at a high enough volume for the other trainers to hear.

OOC: Hope that's fine.

June 30th, 2008, 11:40 AM
OoC: Fine indeed. -nods-
Let me get this info up now.


Team Galactic//.

Yes, they're finally here. (Not quite sure if its a good thing, or a bad thing.)

Anyhow, since there are 4 of you going, there will be 4 of them.
1 for each of you.
You will be battling them alone (this means that you cant win your battle, then 2v1 another person. It just 'aint fair even if they do steal!), and here are their stats. :}
(note: If you do loose the battle, another person can take over for you.)

After all the battles are complete, one of you will have to say you found the papers, then bring it back to the "man/NPC/person".

You'll all recieve rewards DEPENDING on how well your post is.
(i.e. The better the post, the better the items you get)

Their Pokemon?

Each member has 2 Pokemon. Each around level 7, and take note that all 4 of them have the same Pokemon.

1. Glameow
Level: 7
Attacks: Fake-out, Scratch, Growl

2. Stunky

Level: 6
Attacks: Scratch, Focus Energy, Poison Gas


June 30th, 2008, 11:51 AM
Into the Rain

Rachel stood up and headed for the exit to the Pokemon Center, tossing her empty soda-cup into a nearby trash can before following the others out. Immediately, the cold sensation of water pelting down on her came. It was harsh, freezing, unpleasant. She turned down to Gible and saw that he looked exceptionally uncomfortable, his navy-blue hide almost seeming to twitch under the unforgiving droplets.

"Gib..." he whimpered, displeased.

"Get over it," growled Rachel, her voice just as cold as the rain itself.

"Come on, waiting on you guys. I can't be sure what Pokemon they have," the Buizel trainer inisted.

There was something about that guy that angered Rachel. He was taking charge too soon. She didn't like him and his commanding tone, talking like he was smarter than everybody else...

"Who made you the leader?" she barked in a hostile tone. Once again she was in her angry, aggrivated mood, and she wasn't about to let some boy try to boss her around. Gible let out a small snarl at her feet. Whether it was of anger at the Buizel-trainer or at the rain, Rachel didn't know or didn't care.

((OOC: Just trying to RP in-character... Rachel's the type to act difficult here, so... Yeah. And I'll post a Galactic battle after another post; I want to give Got-a-Plan-B a moment to have Lucius respond... :P))

June 30th, 2008, 11:56 AM
@Piez: Its good to stay in character.
For a while I was worried that your character was changing.. I kind of prefer to have a few rough 'n' tough trainers.

Everyone please 'scuse me for about 30 minutes.
I need to e-mail my band teacher and say something along the lines of;
"Theres no way I'm having Jazz Band today because its pouring rain. K-bye."

June 30th, 2008, 12:08 PM
"I believe your attitude is a tad out of line." Lucius directed at the angry Gible trainer. "If we do not rush and defeat those guys in the strange and out of style outfits, I am pretty sure the man's papers will be lost to those who obviously do not have rights to those documents." Lucius turned to the members of the gang in the shiny outfits to insure they did not escape and then turned back to his rebellious comrades. "I am assuming they various types, and all of us have various types, so we can cover each other's weakness. So pardon me and my leadership, but if we all attack in one broad motion I am pretty sure we can beat the crap of out of them, get the guy's documents and maybe get a reward." Lucius tried to be a little less overbearing but it was clear to him the young girl and her talking head Pokemon would far too immature to deal with the fact some people know what they are doing. He sighed, realizing he was being too rude in his head. Maybe the girl had a bad history with people and dealt with it in a different manner than he did. It wasn't important, he prepped Buizel and prepared to charge in, with or without the others.

June 30th, 2008, 12:26 PM
@Plan B/Christian: Sorry for the late responce.
My internet was being a prick and decided not to load, so I lost this about twice so far. -_-

Anyway, its interesting to see how the different characters mesh together.
I suppose you could call your trainer and Piez's an "insoluable solution"?

A bit of science humor for you there..
I suppose the exams got to me more than I expected. >_<

June 30th, 2008, 12:39 PM
Emerald rested up in the Pokemon Center and departed early in the morning to continue his adventure. He wondered what he could do to get Shix's attitude to change. Maybe something would turn up in the future, he could only hope.

Emerald set off for his second route in his journey. He hoped it wouldn't be a disaster like the last route was. Shinx had turned out to be a ton of trouble so far to Emerald. First the horrible battle, and then the city attack. He had always imagined pokemon to be perfect little creatures. Maybe they were just like humans; so were good and some were bad, but they can change. Shinx, one day I will get you to respect me, Emerald vowed. Someday...

Emerald was suddenly slammed in the back. This time it wasn't Shinx, but something else. He flipped around a saw a pokemon that looked like a cat. A person in a weird space-looking costume was hovering over him. She had blue shoulder-length, and peircing red eyes. Before Emerald knew it, she was ontop of him and took both Eevee and Shinx's pokeballs.

"Hey, those are mine!" Emerald shouted. He jumped onto his feet and dived for the trainer. Her pokemon pounded him to the ground again. Emerald helplessly fell onto the ground and held his stomach in pain.

"Well, looks like you lost some pokemon, kiddie," said the trainer coldly. She laughed and began to walk off. Then Emerald saw a flash of red light and his Shinx appeared. She had come out of the pokeball by herself. She growled at the intruder and attempted to tackle her. Her pokemon leaped in front of her, protecting its trainer.

"Heh, this pokemon has a lot of spunk," said the person. "I hate it." Shinx leaped in the air and attempted to attack the pokemon. It shot out its tail and struck Shinx, causing it to fall back. The trainer looked at Shinx in disgust. "Well, if its a battle you want, then a battle you shall get. Glameow, go!" Her pokemon responded and got in battle stance.

Emerald managed to get on his feet again. "Shinx you gotta listen to me if you want to win. This pokemon-" Shinx leaped in the air before Emerald could finish. She was attempting a tackle attack on the Glameow. "Shinx, no!" shouted Emerald.

"Glameow, use fake-out then scratch!" shouted the trainer. Glameow perfomed an attack that caused Shinx to completaly freeze in her tracks then swiped her with her claws. Shinx cried out and fell back. Then Glameow charged forward with another scratch. Shinx got up and attempted a leer, but it was too weak for Glameow. She was pummeled to the ground again.

"Shinx!" Emerald shouted. "Please listen to me!" Shinx ran forward again out of fury and was taken down again by Glameow. Emerald watched in horror as his pokemon continued to get up, only to be slammed down by Glameow again. The pokemon was too strong for Shinx. Finally Shinx was too wore out, but the Glameow continued to attack.

Emerald fell to his knees as he watched his pokemon and heard her cries. He couldn't take it anymore. "STOP!!!" he shouted. "Don't do this anymore....quit hurting my pokemon you horrible person." Tears formed in Emerald's eyes. The person laughed.

"Well, that's enough satisfaction for one day," laughed the woman. "Here..." she threw the two pokeballs at Emerald. "Your pokemon are too worthless to steal." She then walked off, leaving Emerald and his critically hurt pokemon alone.

June 30th, 2008, 12:44 PM
Dragon's Rage (Part One)

"Hmph," Rachel simply puffed, turning away from the Buizel-trainer. She also murmured a curseword under her breath, but it was far too low and quiet for anyone to hear. One of the uniform-wearing men stepped up to her with a wicked grin on his stupid face.

"Think you can beat me in a battle, little girl?" he taunted, clutching a Pokeball in one hand.

"I'd like to see you beat me," she spat in reply, "Gible can take you with no problem."

At the mention of his name, her Dragon Pokemon stepped forward, opening its mouth to make a raspy sound that seemed like a failed attempt to roar. Unable to roar or not, however, he was still quite intimidating for such a small creature.

"Go, Glameow!" the man cried, chunking the Pokeball into the air. From it emerged a tall catlike Pokemon with a long coiled tail. It raised a paw to its face, licked it, and then turned to gaze at its foe with a sassy smirk curled onto its lips.

"Gible, start off with a Tackle!" Rachel commanded.

"Glameow! Fake-Out!"

As Gible ran at his foe, the feline suddenly leapt up and cuffed his head in a single harsh blow. Shaking his head, Gible rose ans flinched back. He didn't seem too harmed, but his attack had ended in failure.

"Try again, Gible!"

"Fake-Out, once more!"

The same exact process occured once more, and it became apparent that Tackle was not the way to go. If Gible couldn't get in for a close attack, there had to be something else... Of couse! Rachel remembered, He grew to Level Eight! Gible knows another move now...

"What's the matter? Scared?" the man asked slyly.

"Not at all," replied Rachel, "Use Dragon Rage!"

The reptillian Pokemon's eyes widened, as if in sudden recognition of the new technique. He nodded quickly, and then his eyes began to glow red.

"Glameow! Don't let it charge the attack! Ehm... Use Scratch?"

Rachel recalled that Fake-Out would only work a few times before the Pokemon being attacked wouldn't be so surprised by it any more and would simply continue attacking. But now, Scratch could perhaps do the same thing if Gible took it directly. He stood there, unmoving, his mouth opening wide, as a red orb of flame began to burn inside it, like his jaw was a torch. The Glameow came closer with unsheathed claws glinting in the rain. Closer... Closer... Come on, Gible! Rachel's mind screamed, Don't just stand there! Release the attack, you stupid--

"Gibb!!" Gible cried. In a burst of energy, the red flame blasted from his mouth, uneffected by the harsh, pelting rain. And Glameow, in its attempt to close in for a Scratch attack, happened to be right in front of him.

The feline took the full force of the blow, falling back and landing like a tattered doll on the street, all at the mercy of Gible's strongest attack. The man gasped, eyes wide, as he recalled his Glameow.

"But- But that isn't fair! Dragon Pokemon are too powerful for beginning trainers like you!"

"If that's the case, you would have beaten me," Rachel replied smartly.

At this, the man smiled. "Oh, but I'm not down and out yet. I've got one more Pokemon. How 'bout we make a deal? You win, I hand over the portion of the documents I've got. I win, and I get that Gible of yours. Sound good?"

"Hah," came Rachel's laugh, "As if you can beat my Dragon Pokemon. You're on!"

And the man tossed another Pokeball...

((OOC: In my next post I'll continue the battle. I just didn't want to make this one too long.))

June 30th, 2008, 1:17 PM
@Pika: Interesting.. I wasnt expecting you to add that kind of twist to your post. o3o
I would say "good post", but what happened to 'ya couldnt really be considered good.
I hope you and your Shinx are ok D:

EDIT: I'm not sure how to classify this..
You did technically battle, though lost.
Bah, I'll be nice and say:

Your Shinx gained a level!

@Piez: Lawl, nice post so far. :}
Yes, it is true, dragon pokemon pwn all.
I'll give yerr Gible exp. after the entire battle is complete.

June 30th, 2008, 2:29 PM
((OOC: Alrighty, then. Here comes another long battle-post of Gible-ish-ness. By the way, I think I'm enjoying the pace of this RPG... It's good to know at least for now it won't suddenly keel over and die, unlike some similar RPs...))

Dragon's Rage (Part 2)

From the Pokeball came a burst of familiar light that slowly materialized into another vaguely catlike Pokemon. However, this one had some completely un-catlike features as well. Sure, there were the whiskers, the ears, the claws... But its fur was all ragged, and it had a huge, furry tail that rose high into the air. Even in the rain, Rachel caught a whiff of a foul stenchemenating from the strange Pokemon. Yep. It's a skunk. It wasn't just that pale stripe down its deep purple body that implied this. It was obvious even though Rachel had never seen or heard of this Pokemon before.

"Let's see if your Gible can take my Stunky," the man said with confidence.

Rachel gave him her harsh glare in return. "Gible, let's wait and see what it does first," she told her Pokemon, wanting to strategize a bit. After all, last time she rushed into an attack without knowing her foe, the results were fruitless.

"Stunky, use Focus Energy," Stunky's trainer called calmly. The Skunk-Pokemon closed its big, ugly eyes and seemed to completely stop moving. It didn't even breathe. Just stood there, in deep concentration. Rachel dared not make Gible attack it now, in fear her Pokemon would suffer a blow like Glameow did when it got hit by Dragon Rage. Perhaps this was a mistake, though. "Now, use Scratch!" commanded the man.

Stunky, filled with a wild fury, darted toward Gible. "Dodge it!" Rachel wanted to scream, but it was too late. Three deep cuts for each of the Stunky's three dirty nails were laid into Gible's flesh. Her Pokemon fell over, writhing with the pain induced by the open red wounds.

"Get up!" she cried, "Get over it and get up!"

Gible grunted, looking clearly angered. While Rachel thought this anger was toward Stunky, however, she had not the slightest suspision her dear Pokemon could be upset at her for speaking to him with such unconcerned cruelty. All the same, Gible obeyed. He pulled himself onto his hind legs, gave Stunky a cold look, and directed his anger toward the foe.

"Focus Energy! One more hit like that and that Gible belongs to Team Galactic!" cried the man.

Team Galactic? Rachel asked herself, confused. But she said nothing of it aloud. Stunky crouched low and concentrated once more. Only this time, Rachel knew what to expect.

"Quick, Gible! Attack it! Use Scratch before it's done focusing!"

Just as her little Dragon came in close, though, this "Team Galactic" guy must've gotten an idea.

"Stunky! Stop and use Poison Gas!"

Immediately, the skunk's eyes split open. It let out a low "Skuuuun!", shook its tail, and seemingly from nowhere a huge cloud of noxious, foul-reeking gas. The purple stuff fogged around the two Pokemon for a few seconds, and then cleared away. Stunky took a few backwards leaps to distance itself from Gible, who look as if he were about to puke. He retched and gagged a few times, then spat out a wad of saliva. Rachel caught a flash of a purplish color in it. That could only mean one thing. Gible was poisoned. It was only a matter of time before he fainted, and then she would lose the match. Then, without Gible, my journey's over... she realized painfully.

"Gible, don't give in!" she insisted, "You can't let it hit you again! Sand-Attack!"

Clutching his head in his hands (paws?), Gible shook himself once and tried to grasp his focus. He growled softly, summoning forth a wisp of sand, and then, suddenly, something happened. The wet rain splashed on the sand, sending it up in muddy splatters. No! It won't work! Rachel worried in deperation. Wait a second... That's it! Stunky must be a Poison-Type, so...

"Gible, keep the attack up! Not Sand-Attack! Mud-Slap!"

Her Pokemon didn't seem to get the 'Mud-Slap' command, but he did as he was told, and that was exactly the attack he executed. Tan-tinted mud splashed onto Stunky. It was a Ground-Type attack, and judging by how it appeared to effect Stunky, the skunk Pokemon definately was a Poison-Type.

"Stunky! Scratch! Quick!"

"Again, Gible! Mud-Slap!"

Once more the sands for Sand-Attack appeared, and once more the rain turned them into mud. Stunky, tired out from the battle, gave into the super-effective attack, and rolled over on the ground in what seemed like pain.

"Finish it off! Scratch!"

Gible obeyed. And just like that, the battle was over.

The man recalled his Stunky, cursing with rage. "Fine! You can have these stupid papers! And your Gible, too!"

He wordlessly walked up to Rachel, stuffed a bag that had been on his shoulder into her hands, and stomped away. Curiosuly, Rachel opened the bag to see if these really were the documents or if this happened to be a trick. Inside was a clump of important-looking papers. Thank Arceus. I was not in the mood to have to chase that moron down!

"Bul," grunted Gible, clumsily making his way back to his trainer only to trip over his own feet. Rachel watched as he hacked up another disgusting wad of poison-saliva.

"Get back in the Pokeball," she said simply. And in the rain, Rachel recalled her sick Pokemon.

Zeta Sukuna
June 30th, 2008, 2:31 PM
Episode 7: Team Galactic

After Akira slided out the door, Chris saw the Buizel Trainer, and Racheal arguing on who's to become leader when a Galactic Trainer walked up to him.

"You will return those papers or else." Said the Grunt as he sent out a Stunky. Akira started laughing at this.

"You think you can beat me with a skunk?" Asked Akira as he sent out his Shinx. Shinx's rivalry took effect as the Stunky was male.

"Grrr... Stunky, use Poison Gas!" Yelled the Grunt. Stunky smiled before letting out the gas. Akira's eyes widened before yelling.

"Dodge the Gas, if you breathe it in, then you'll get poisoned!" Shinx jumped back from the cloud of poison, and waited for any movement.

"Stunky, use Scratch!" Yelled the Grunt. Both could hear the Stunky moving as it ran to attack.

"Shinx, use tackle when you see Stunky emerge!" Yelled Akira. Shinx listened and waited for the time to strike. A minute later Stunky decided to come out and try to scratch Shinx, but the dog-like pokemon Tackled Stunky before anything could happen. The grunt smirked before saying.

"Use Poison Gas, then Scratch!" Stunky fired the gas, poisoning Shinx, then scratched Shinx for a lot of damage.

"No! Stay up!" Yelled Akira, but Shinx fell unconscious. "No! Return!" The grunt laughed before going towards Akira. "Go Piplup! Surprise Attack!" Yelled Akira once more. Piplup used Pound on Stunky knocking it out.

"Grrr... Return!" Yelled the Grunt before sending out his Glameow. "Go, Glameow!" And in a burst of light, a cat with a long curled tail was released.

"Use Fakeout, Glameow!" Yelled the Grunt.

"Use Pound, Piplup!" Yelled Akira. Both attacks slammed into each other causing both to be pushed back. Glameow, however looked a lot less tired then Piplup, who had to use more power to keep up.

"Heh, use Fakeout once more!" Yelled the Grunt.

"Use Pound once more, but use all of your power!" Yelled Akira. Both pokemon slammed into each other, but Piplup's attack was a lot stronger then Glameow's and it broke through slamming into Glameow's side quickly knocking it out.

"D-darn it, I was too overconfident." Yelled the Grunt before running away, the coward. But a second later Piplup fainted as well.

"Well, I beat mine. Hope the rest of you are having good luck with your opponents." Said Akira as he went back into the Pokemon Center to heal his pokemon.

June 30th, 2008, 3:04 PM
@Piez: Rofl.. I'm telling you the evolved form of Stunky makes a VERY strange noise upon being summoned.

Gible gained 3 levels!

@Rubii Naruto: Not bad, but it seems to be more of a script type post.
Shinx grew to level 6!

Piplup grew to level 7!

June 30th, 2008, 3:36 PM
"Ok! You!" Lucius hollered directing his attention to the members of the Team Galactic. "Return the stolen papers this very moment!" The terrorists stared at each other and then laughed at Lucius' plea. Eventually a tall member conflicted Lucius directly while the others attacked the trainers that had joined him.

"What are going to do even we say no?" The Galactic member inquired while getting in Lucius face, particularly spitting in the face of the brown clothed trainer. The man's green hair seemed to glow under the street lights and his grin just screamed evil.

"I'll fight for it!" Lucius said proudly, pushing back the Galactic member and prepared to punch the member in the face. However, a cat-like Pokemon emerged from the fallen terrorists' Pokeball. Lucius was prepared for a battle, by summoning Buizel from his side. A stare-down in the rain occurred but then Glameow caused Buizel to flinch back and attack with a nasty tackle-like attack. "A Fake-Out?" Lucius wondered, and the opposing trainer laughed wholeheartedly. Buizel gathered itself from the floor, and gathered water from the rain. With loads of ammunition on hand, Buizel unleashed a high-pressure Water Gun attack, connecting directly with Glameow's face. With no end in sight, Buizel continued to lay on the water pressure and advanced step by step in order to make the attack ever so more direct. In a matter of a few moments, Buizel literally stood face to face with the cat Pokemon, with a stream of constant water streaming from his mouth. Using amazing heart, Glameow escaped the water barrage and scratched the weasel Pokemon across the face. Hunched over in pain, Buizel responded in rage with a glowing tail Sonic Boom attack that caused a prompt defeat for the Galactic grunt.

"Impossible. Glameow was a strong follower. Here take on Stunky!" From the lights of the released Pokeball, a skunk of a pokemon emerged. Lucius smiled, seeing how Buizel towered over the Pokemon. Buizel began the assault with a mighty stream of pressured water, achieving a bulls-eye with Stunky's face. The pressure pushed back the Stunky back and back, unable to stand its ground to counterattack. "Poison Gas!" The grunt yelled out-loud. From the body of the opponent, purple fumes entered the air. Buizel turned to its trainer, wondering how to react. Before Lucius could explain his idea, Buizel held its breath and rushed through the gas and unleashed another Water gun, which the Stunky avoided with surprising agility. The opponent paused and seemed to focus on Buizel, which Buizel noticed and gathered energy for a Sonic Boom attack. The waves of energy emerged from the tail of the weasel attack and defeated the purple Stunky.

"Now, hand over the papers!" Lucius demanded grasping the collar of the grunt. The Galactic member reached into his pocket and handed over the stolen documents and Lucius threw the man back in anger. Lucius turned to his partners and yelled: "Got em!"

June 30th, 2008, 3:36 PM
Just an extra post for after the battle...

Emerald was on his knees next to his hurt pokemon. This was never how he envisioned a Pokemon Journey. When his father and brother came home from their journeys once in a while, they displayed that it was the best thing to possible happen to them.

Emerald found a place to rest with Shinx next to a small creek. She wasn't hurt so bad that it was life threatening, just extremely painful. Emerald remembered everything that happened just recently with Shinx. He realized that she was the reason his journey was being such a disaster right now because of everything she did. He wondered if he should let his first pokemon go and forget about her.

No, not yet, thought Emerald. I'm not giving up that easily. He took out an extra shirt from his bag and soaked it with water. Then he placed it on Shinx hoping it would help sooth her pain a little bit. Soon Shinx began to come around. She tried to stand and attack her trainer like she always did, but Emerald just pushed her back down.

"Shinx, you need to rest," said Emerald. The pokemon just stared at him and gave up. Emerald just frowned at his pokemon. "Shinx, I don't know why you act like this all the time. Why do you hate me so much?" The pokemon just looked away. "Look, it doesn't matter how much you hate me because I'll always respect you. You have the potential to be a great pokemon, you just don't show it too well." Shinx looked at Emerald. Emerald smiled at her. "As weird as it sounds, you saved Eevee and yourself back there when that crook tried to steal you guys. You may have lost, but you were really brave to keep on battling like that."

Shinx looked at Emerald for a second until Emerald said one last thing. "Shinx, we could beat that crook together next time if you just trust me." Shinx let her master's words sink in before going back to sleep.

June 30th, 2008, 3:48 PM
@Plan B/Christian: I love the use of description in this post, I must say.

GAH. Forgot to level up yerr Buizel D:

Buizel grew to level 12

If I'm correct I think thats 3/4 people who've battled with the Grunts to get back the papers..
I'll hand out the rewards thus far. (After I've responded to Pika's post)

@Pika: Though these kind of situations are pretty cheesy in my opinion, Shinx had to warm up to Emerald eventually. So all in all, its not quite a bad thing.
You'll get 'em next time!


Piez =
- 2 potions
- TM 2 (Dragon Claw)
- 1 Great Ball

Rubii Naruto =
- TM 13 (Ice beam)
- 1 Great Ball
- 1 Antidote

Plan B/Christian =
- TM 3 (Water Pulse)
- 2 Great Balls

June 30th, 2008, 4:29 PM
((OOC: Oh yeah! That reminds me; do our Pokemon need to have only four moves total, or will there just be a sort of list of all the moves they know and can use, once there's more than four? I just want to know before Gible learns DragonClaw and then learns a new level up move.))

Before waiting for anything else to happen, Rachel needed to get Gible to the Pokemon Center. That was apparent. So, she walked over to the man who needed the papers (who happened to be watching ehr and teh other trainers battle), shoved the bag in his hands, and walked off without a word.

There wasn't much distance between where they had battled and the Pokemon Center. In fact, it was barely a block away. All the same, that one block equated to a few minutes of coldness, wetness, and loneliness.

When Rachel stepped in, she reaized just how wet she was. The A/C of the Pokemon Center made her feel more cold than she had been outside, and her soaked clothes dripped immediately to form a watery puddle on the tiled floor. The Nurse Joy behind the counter gasped, a surprised look on her face.

"What on earth were you doing out in the rain for so long? You could catch a cold, you know!"

"Look," Rachel said, feeling by this point exhausted, annoyed, and ready for bed. "All I need is for you to heal my Gible again. And I'd like to stay a night here. That's it. You're not my mom, and what I don't need is a lecture on staying out in the rain."

"Well..." the nurse mumbled hesitantly, as if she hadn't expected such a hostile response from a thirteen-year-old girl. "What happened to it? I'm assuming you just had a big battle?"

"Yeah. He's poisoned and hurt. Could you just get him healed and let me go to bed? Please?"

"Send him out of his Pokeball," Joy said in an unexpectedly stern tone.

Rachel did as she was told, pulling a moist, metallic, cold-to-the-touch Pokeball from her pocket. She pressed the button in the center, and Gible appeared on the countertop, unconscious. The nurse's eyes widened.

"Why would you let your Pokemon get in such a state?!" she cried.

"It's not like I had a choice! That guy wanted us to battle these thugs! I couldn't just turn around and run away, now could I?"

"All the same, this is not how you should be treating your Pokemon. The way you talked about your Gible, as if he were just a tool or a toy... No wonder it's hurt so bad!"

"For the last time, lady," Rachel said, "Take care of him, and let me go to sleep."

The nurse sighed. "Fine. It's your loss if your Pokemon doesn't want to battle for you anymore. But I won't let you go to bed like that. There's blankets on one of the couches, and warm tea at the soft drink machine. Go warm yourself up, and then you can get a room."

Rachel snorted with displeasure, but obeyed Nurse Joy. She found herself sitting on the same couch as before, wrapped in a warm blanket and sipping hot tea. Only this time, she was completely alone.

((OOC: If the "rewards" were being given out by any particular person, like the guy who needed the documents, that person can come by the Pokemon Center later I guess and give them to Rachel. If the characters just "get" the rewards from nowhere, that works too, I guess...))

July 1st, 2008, 10:49 AM
@Piez: Sorry only 4 moves D:
I like to add my own twist to things, but after a while, everyone would run around with Pokemon having like 50 moves. <- isnt cool.

Anyhow, its interesting to see the growth of Rachels character, though it is sad.
Aww. D:
I'm cheering for you Rachel! o3o

I'd say hand over the papers to the fellow, he gives you the rewards, then head to route 203.

Route 203//.

Posts required: 1-2 for route 203, then 1 for the tunnel.
Description: Despite being so close to a big town, this path retains its relaxed, natural atmousphere.
Once one gets through the tunnel, the city of Oreburgh is just a stone's throw away.

Pokemon found on the route:

Level: 4-6
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Simple/Unaware
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Nature: Random
Rate: Common

Level: 4-5
Type: Electric
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Intimidate/Rivalry
Attacks: Tackle, Leer
Nature: Random
Rate: Uncommon

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/e/e7/063.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:063.png)
Level: 4-5
Type: Phychic
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Synchronize/Inner Focus
Attacks: Teleport, Confusion
(Since teleport isnt an attack, I threw in Confusion)
Nature: Random
Rate: Rare

Level: 4-6
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack (if level 5)
Nature: Random
Rate: Common

Level: 4
Type: Bug
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shed Skin
Attacks: Growl, Bide
Nature: Random
Rate: Uncommon

Level: 5
Type: Poison/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Inner Focus
Attacks: Leech Life, Supersonic
Nature: Random
Rate: Uncommon

After everyone posts at least once or twice, I will fill in the Tunnel's details.

July 1st, 2008, 12:45 PM
Beo listened as the man told him and the other trainers about a group of men who called themselves team galactic stole a bunch of important papers. "If these papers fell into the wrong hands then who knows what woud happen" the man said. Beo watched as he the other trainers took off to find these members of team galactic, then theold man approached Beo "Now I want you to go a separate way, head back towards Route 202 one of them took off that way" the man said. Beo looked to flare then back to the man "Ok i'll hurry there right now.

On his way to route 202 Beo thought of how the other trainers were doing against these guys, he also wondered what this so called evil team were up to and why they needed this man papers. When Beo finally reached Route 202 he saw a man in the distance wearing a blue bandana talking into a phone, Beo got close enough so he could hear. "Ok i'm on my way back to the base I just got a little side tracked" the man said as he closed the phone. Beo ran towards the man "so your one of the team galactic memebers that stole the papers" Beo shouted. The man looking at Beo a little startled "Ha so what it's not like a little kid like you will stop me from taking them back to base" the galactic memeber chuckled at that thought. "Well will just have to see" Beo said as he pointed for flare to get ready for battle. " "Haha fine then take this go zubat" the galactic member said while throwinga pokeball out.

"Chim-char" Flare shouted getting ready to battle

"Ok Flare use tackle" Beo ordered as flare charged in toward the zubat

The galactic member laughed "Ok Zubat dodge and use bite" he ordered

Flare jumped to tackle the zubat but it fly up and Flare just missed it. Then the zubat swooped down and bite flare in the back before he had a chance to reset.

"Ah flare dont give up turn around and use ember" Beo yelled

"Zubat use screech to block the ember back" the galacti member yelled

Flare turned quickly arund and started shooting flames from its mouth directly at zubat, zubat couldn't react quickly enough to block th flames and was hit directl plummiting to the ground.

"Now flare finish it with tackle" Beo ordered as flare run in and tackled the fallen zubat deeper into the ground.

"No way not my zubat" the galatic member said returning it to it's pokeball

"great job flare, now give me back the papers Beo yelled, as flare returned to Beo's shoulder.

"Fine if you want them take them" the man said as he threw them then scurried away.

Beo quickly gathered up the papers and returned to the pokemon center to find the man. "Here you go sir" Beo said as he handed them to the man. A smile came upon his face "Ah great job just like all the other trainers all the papers have been returned safely" he said as waved goodbye and walked out of the center. Beo looked to flare "Well seems he was in hurry, and all of the other trainers succeded to wow thats great" Beo said laughing a bit. He then walked to the desk of th pokecenter "I'd like to get my pokemon healed real quick please" Beo asked Nurse Joy handing her his pokeballs. "Ok just have a seat over there and wait" she said walking to the back room. Beo went and sat down in the lobby waiting to get hi pokemon back so he could head towards Route 203.

The Bringer!
July 1st, 2008, 12:48 PM
Sabin awoke on the couch of the Pokemon Center that he had fallen asleep on. He noticed that the trainers that had previously been their had already left. Why am I always last to get up? Oh well, I guess I got to go to the east, seeing as the north route is only passable with a pokemon that can break rocks. At least, thats what I heard. Sabin clumsily got up from the couch and walked out of the Pokemon Center. Jubilife was still buzzing with activity and people where seen hurriedly rushing from place to place. While others where just slowly walking in a way that said "Sure, I don't care where I end up, what's it to you?" Sabin was not one of those people. Running full speed to the east exit of the city, he had mixed feelings about going to Oreburg. It seemed that would be the closest gym, but he also might accidentally meet his family...

"Hey trainer, you want to have a battle," asked a girl that was a bit younger than him.

"I'm in a bit of a hurry," Sabin replied, hoping to not be slowed down.

"For your information, I wasn't asking. I was just trying to be polite, you still have no choice whether to battle or not," the girl said this in an annoying tone as she sent out a shinx. Sabin responded by letting kricketot out of it's pokeball. After Sabin ordered his kricketot to use his bide attack, it was struck by the girl's shinx with a powerful tackle. Kricketot continued to absorb the attacks that came from the blue lion like pokemon. Then, after another successful tackle from the opposing pokemon, kricketot unleashed it's stored energy and easily fainted the shinx.

"You might have downed shinx, but I still got this guy!" the girl said as she released her second pokemon from it's pokeball. A small bird like pokemon emerged from the red light that came from the pokeball.

"Starlystar!" it shouted as it tackled Sabin's pokemon. If it knows any flying moves I'm done for. Maybe if I lower it's attack enough...

"Kricketot, keep using growl." Sabin said with a hint of sadness in his voice. He knew that this strategy would likely result in his kricketot fainting. After a few growls, the starly's trainer ordered it to use wing attack. Despite it's attack being much lower it still quickly fainted the kricketot.

"Turtwig, use tackle!" Sabin shouted the moment his other pokemon was released from it's pokeball.

"Starly, finish this with wing attack!" The pokemon rushed toward each other at full speed, both attacks hitting there opponent. Looks like my strategy of using growl worked. The two opponents continued their assults, resulting in one left standing and the other being returned to it's pokeball in defeat.

"Way to go turtwig, we did it!" Sabin said, overjoyed. "Sorry little guy," he said in a more solemn tone to the pokeball that held his kricketot.

"We'll meet again, and next time you won't be so lucky!" The girl said as she walked back to Jubilife. We'll see about that.

July 1st, 2008, 1:56 PM
@dboring: You didnt really read the descriptions of Team Galactic I see.
This being the case, I cant really give you a good reward.
Flare grew to level 7.
Flare learned ember.

- 2 great balls
- 2 potions

@Mr. Person:
Pretty good post, I must say. -nods-
Though for future notice, Starly doesnt know Wing Attack until a later level.. If it was at that level, it could easily 1 hit KO both of yerr pokemon. D:

Kricketot grew to level 6!

Turtwig grew to level 9!
Turtwig learned Absorb.

July 1st, 2008, 2:14 PM
Emerald packed up camp and continued to walk down the path. He was pretty confident that Shinx was well enough to battle if she needed to. Emerald wasn't sure if he broke through to her or not. He figured he would just have to wait and see.

Emerald walked down the grassy path until a trainer blocked his way. "Hey, kid, wanna battle?" The trainer was a girl who looked sixteen. The most noticable things the girl had were large blue eyes and long brown hair. She was holding a red and white pokeball in her hand.

"Sure," responded Emerald. He reached down for a pokeball and then paused. He was unsure of who to pick. He wasn't completely sure that Shinx's attitude had went away and he hadn't even had an official battle yet with Eevee. Emerald reached for Eevee's pokeball and then his other pokeball clicked open. His Shinx appeared on the field.

"Shinx!" Emerald shouted. Shinx turned around and looked at Emerald looking at him with a serious expression. "Shi shinx," it said. Emerald nodded. He wasn't totally sure what his pokemon said, but the way she said it sounded friendly. Maybe it was what Emerlad thought it was...

"A shinx, eh?" said the girl. She threw her own pokeball out on the field. "Well, it's no match for my bidoof!" She threw the pokeball and her pokemon appeared. It looked completely ready for battle.

Emerald remembered going against one of these things before. He hoped this battle with Shinx would be better than the last. He decided to give it a try. "Uh, Shinx, tackle," commanded Emerald. His pokemon went charging after Bidoof. She slammed the pokemon into the ground. Emerald was completely shocked that she took an order from him.

"Hmp, c'mon Bidoof, use tackle back!" shouted the trainer. Her pokemon charged forward, hoping to re-deliver an attack.

Emerald smiled. "Hah, Shinx we both know that you're better than that. Use leer!" Shinx stared down the opposing pokemon, making it slow down. "Now do another tackle attack!" Shinx sped forward at Bidoof and they both slammed together. Bidoof went flying in the air while Shinx only slid back a little. Bidoof slammed down on the ground and was completely out. The trainer called back her pokemon and walked off.

Emerald ran up to his pokemon. "Shinx, you were amazing back there. You totally wiped the floor with that pokemon!" he exclaimed. His pokemon smiled and then slammed into Emerald, making him fall backwards. Emerald was shocked at first, but then began to laugh at his Shinx.

July 1st, 2008, 3:26 PM
Talk about Rewards

OOC: I am aware that I am refusing to catch Pokemon, but I am holding off in favor of Pokemon that are original and are not my other Trainer Cards and that everyone else doesn't have. Also I am waiting for Pokemon that Lucius would actually catch. For the TM, I would like to forget Water Sport and learn Water Pulse.

With Team Galatic defeated and out of the way at least for now, Lucius returned the owner of the stolen papers. Along with the rest of the group, the papers were given to the middle aged man. Lucius could hear most of the trainers pushing for the reward he promised and impatience could be sensed. The only person that left without receiving their reward was the little evil girl with the dragon. She seemed to be rushing back to the Pokemon Center, probably because her careless leaping forward got her Pokemon beat. Her lack of respect for Lucius and skillful planning made Lucius for the first time in his life not really care. He had to head to the Center himself, but Buizel's strong will gave him enough strength to hold off, at least for now. The man was grateful and Lucius bowed to his kind words of appreciation. He was real specific in his rewards, seemingly giving each trainer an unquie and customized reward. Lucius didn't mind, after all he received a TM containing Water Pulse, a great move for Buizel and 2 Great Balls, which would be useful in catching a strong Pokemon for Lucius' party.

Lucius returned to the Pokemon Center, taught Buizel the move Water Pulse, and then decided to heal up his singular Pokemon before heading out. By the time the business was all said and done, the storm had cleared up and the sun beamed its powerful rays upon Sinnoh once more. The heat made the floods of water than had once stained the Earth small puddles upon the city streets. The bright lights emitted by the sun heated the Earth, but not to a ridiculous temperature but a nice cooler temperature. No longer was the city frigid in rain, but the conditions were tolerable and Lucius made his way to Route 203. The Route was fairly small and full of wild Pokemon and of course in typical fashion, a daring Starly made its way to Lucius' feet and demanded battle for no reason. Buizel was more than ready and prepared for a small fight, knowing full well it outclassed the wild bird. The bird made a bold move off the bat with a lighting fast Quick Attack that caught Buizel when it lacked focus. Knocked back a few feet, Buizel tested out its new abilities with a Water Pulse. The attack unleashed small waves off hydro energy that made direct contact with the opponent. Covered in water and badly wounded by the Buizel's lack of mercy, the Starly attempted to retreat. Seeing the battle would have no clear cut winner, Buizel charged forward with a Pursuit attack, driving the innocent bird into the merciless dirt ground. Starly was promptly defeated and Buizel claimed another victory for its trainer.

"You could went a little more gentle there." Lucius stated, before advancing forward to his next destination.

July 1st, 2008, 3:44 PM

The bright morning sun stung Rachel's eyes as she took her first step out of the Jubilife Pokemon Center. The events of the first hour since she woke up had been rather bothersome. First, when she came to pick up Gible, Nurse Joy wouldn't just let her off the hook without a few more complaining words. Then, the man whom she'd returned the papers to gave her a few things as a reward. While him talking to her was annoying, Rachel did get something useful out of it: TM02-Dragon Claw. She'd used the CD-like device on Gible as soon as possible before heading out.

Just then, she sneezed. Of course. Worst of all, this reminded her, she indeed had caught a bit of a cold. Luckily Nurse Joy didn't seem to notice, but if she had... Ugh. Rachel didn't want to think about how long she would have been forced to stay in that stupid Pokemon Center. That didn't matter, though, now. She was back on the road. A little cold wasn't going to stop her now, or ever for that matter.

Within a few minutes, the expansion of Route 203 lay before Rachel. Trees and bushes were all about, but there was a clear path of green grass for her to walk on. She even noticed a few of the other trainers battling. Perhaps she could get by while they were occupied and not have to do any battling herself...

Indeed, there was little need for her to even be prepared. A Bidoof crossed her path once, growling as if itching for a fight.

"Gible, Dragon Claw!" Rachel had commanded.

Despite Nurse Joy's words, Gible obeyed without question, eager to test out his new move, and the Bidoof was given a powerful blow to remember. It scurried off before the battle could be finished, and Rachel decided to let it be. A Bidoof wasn't worth her time, anyways.

As the pair proceeded (Gible now tagging along outside of his Pokeball), no wild Pokemon thought it wise to bother Rachel and her fierce-looking Dragon Pokemon. Luckily, no other trainers passed her by, as she did take a rather secluded path onward. Before long, the dark, gaping enterence to a tunnel appeared before her.

"Well... Looks like this is the way to Oreburgh," Rachel said absent-mindedly to nobody in particular.

All of a sudden, from the darkness of the cave, something airborne emerged. It was blue in color, with purple, leathery wings, and a constant twittering sound kept echoing from its open mouth. A Zubat, she inquired, And it's headed right for us.

"Dragon Rage," Rachel commanded, looking down at Gible. But to her surprise, the lizard Pokemon shook its fin-crested head vigorously.

"What? Didn't you hear me? Attack it!"

Rachel was growing worried that Joy's words had been true. The Zubat hovered in the air nearby, recognizing the challenge. Gible gave it a glance, then looked back up at Rachel, eyes wide with fright and nervousness.

"Gib..." he sighed, sounding nothing less than scared. Then it hit her. Gible must've known Zubat was a Poison-Type. And he remembered what happened with Stunky the previous night...

"So what if it's a Poison Pokemon? I doubt it even knows any poisonous attacks with the level it's probably at! Don't just stand there! Dragon Rage!"

But to her dismay, Gible let out a pathetic whimper and shivered. He now looked as if her were about to cry; instinct telling him to stay away from the Zubat while his trainer insisted that he attack it.

"Well, fine!" Rachel shouted (quite loudly, in fact), "If you aren't going to do anything about it, then I will!"

She grabbed the first thing she could think of and chunked it at the Zubat, only to realize a split second after sending the object flying that she had grabbed a Pokeball from her belt. It was too late to stop anything, though, because the ball hit its target right in the head, split open, and trapped the bat Pokemon inside. Rachel groaned. Oh, great, she thought in dismay.

((OOC: So... Will she get a new Pokemon by accident or continue to be held up at the tunnel entrance...? I can't wait to find out!))

Zeta Sukuna
July 1st, 2008, 4:58 PM
Episode 8: The Man in the Cloak (Part 1)

After getting his pokemon healed, the guy from earlier came back. Akira then gave the man his papers back.

"Thank you for getting my papers back, sir." Said the man as he pulled out some items. And what he pulled out was a TM 13, a great ball, and an Antidote. "Here, take them."

"No, I couldn't." Said Akira backing up a little. But the man smiled and put the items in Akira's hand.

"Trust me, you'll need these items in the future." Said the man as he went towards the others. Akira looked at the items before putting them into his bag.

As Akira walked out into Route 202 he felt as if he was being watched, but he didn't know where the person was. When suddenly, a man in a cloak came out of nowhere and asked. "What are you doing here?" Akira ignored the man and kept walking. But the man grabbed Akira's shoulder and punched him hard.

"Gaah, what was that for?" Asked Akira to the man, but the man just snorted and said.

"You still have a lot to learn kid." The man then pulled out a pokeball. "You have a lot of nerve to challenge Team Galactic, but you are too weak. If you want to get stronger then you need to catch only approximately four more pokemon, for too many will slow you down." The man then summoned a Starly (ooc: Level 3) "Now, if you can defeat me, I'll let you pass. But if you fail then you go home. Akira then saw three more pokeballs on the man's belt.

"Fine then, what are the rules?" Asked Akira. The man waited for a minute before saying...

"We use all of our pokemon, and we battle until one faints."

Akira sighed before pulling out a pokeball. "Go, Piplup!" Yelled Akira summoning the little penguin.

"Pip lup." Said Piplup getting ready for battle. The man presumably smirked as he stepped back.

"Are you a beginner by any chance?" Asked the man. Akira growled but nodded. "Starly, use Fly!" Akira gasped as Starly flew upwards, most likely to wait for the chance to strike.

"Oh, crap. This guy's out of our league, he has to have at least three badges." Said Akira to Piplup. Piplup just kept her eyes on Starly.

"Starly, now!" Yelled the man. Starly dove like a hawk and slammed into Piplup, but since Starly wasn't really raised too much, it didn't do much damage.

"Piplup, use Pound before Starly gets too far!" Yelled Akira. Piplup was barely able to do it, but she slammed into Starly, knocking it out.

"Hmph, good job. Now come on out Shinx." Said the man as he tossed another pokeball out. And in a flash, the dog emerged in full glory. "I'll let you have one move, before your Piplup will faint."

"You'll regret that! Piplup, use Pound!" Yelled Akira. Piplup rushed over there and pounded Shinx, for quite a bit of damage.

"Fufufufu, Shinx, use Thunderbolt." Said the man. The man's Shinx sent out a large bolt of lightning. Piplup was barely able to dodge it, but the enemy Shinx was standing tall.

"I can say this with ease, this guy is defenitely not an ordinary trainer." Said Akira as Piplup got up, Piplup glared at Shinx in a hateful way.

"Shinx, use Thunderbolt once more." Said the man. Shinx fired the bolt of lightning and it quickly traveled towards Piplup, who has already started to jump, but would Piplup be able to escape in time?

To be continued...

July 1st, 2008, 5:54 PM
Out of the City, On to Route 203!

Jacob slowly woke up in the Pokemon Center, seeing many of the other trainers he met with Rowan sitting on the couch, covered in dirt and soaked.

"Hmm, wonder what happened to them," He thought to himself.

Jacob strolled out of the Pokemon Center, and knew where to go next.

"Out to Route 203!"

As Jacob walked down the steps to the Route, he saw many trainers sitting around, looking anxious to battle.

"I should catch another Pokemon first, a team of two isn't good for much," Jacob thought.

Jacob looked through the grass, but to no avail, there wasn't a Pokemon in sight. Jacob proceeded to back out of the grass, until he bumped into something.

"Oh I'm sor-AH!!! WHAT IS THAT!" Jacob screamed at the sight of a very peculiar Pokemon.

"Abra, the Psi Pokemon. It sleeps for 18 hours a day. It uses a variety of extrasensory powers even while asleep."

"Wow, a Psychic type Pokemon! This would be an awesome addition to our team. Well, the only way to catch it is to weaken it first. Come on out Starly!" Jacob spoke aloud.

Through the usual white light, Jacob's new Starly landed in front of him. It was riled up, and the first thing it did was Tackle Jacob.

"What the heck was that for Starly? You are supposed to attack the Abra, not me!" Jacob yelled.

"Star, starly!" The Starly said, with a hint of laughter thrown in.

"Alright Starly, use Tackle attack!"

Starly rushed towards Abra, but it Teleported away.

"Woah, it can use Teleport?! How cool is tha-" Jacob started, but all of the sudden Jacob's Starly was surrounded by a blue light, and lifted into the air.

"What the heck is that!"

Starly was thrown into the ground, hard.

"Get up Starly, I know you can do it!"

Starly barely was able to get up, but it could take only one last hit.

"Now, Tackle one more time!"

Starly managed to scrape Abra, but it managed to dodge most of the damage. It then proceeded with another Confusion attack, knocking Starly out.

"Come on Starly, take a nice rest. Let's go Pikachu!"

Pikachu appeared in front of Jacob.

"This should be easy for you, just like your mom was easy for your dad!"

Pikachu shocked Jacob, but Jacob knew he deserved it.

"Okay, that hurt, but I deserved it. Now use Thundershock!"

Abra dodged this easily, and proceeded to use Confusion.

"Pikachu, while it's focused, use Thundershock again!"

Pikachu landed a direct hit on Abra, who lost focus of it's powers.

"Now, Shock Wave!"

Abra teleported, but because Shock Wave can't be dodged, it landed hard.

"Great job Pikachu!"

Jacob threw a Pokeball at Abra. It shook back and forth, with the center flashing red and white. What would the outcome be?

July 1st, 2008, 5:56 PM
After healing his pokemon at the pokecenter Beo exited the pokemon center in Jubilife City and headed towards route 203. Flare still sitting on his shoulder Beo looked up to him "Well Flare were making good progress here" Beo said. Flare nodded back, and started waving it's hands in the air for no apparent reason.

After a few minutes of walking through the town Beo came upon the Route 203 entrance. "OK flare here we go" Beo said while scratching the back of his head. As flare and Beo kept on walking through the route they had no idea they were being watched by a trainer.

"Hmph that kid has a chimchar, I think we can take him what do you think charmander" The trainer said.

"Char char" the charmander said. As the trainer and him ran towards Beo and his chimchar.

Beo heared the running footsteps behind him and saw a trainer with a charmander standing there. "And who might you be" Beo asked. The trainer looked at Beo "You don't need to know that I just want to battle your chimchar versus my charmander" The trainer said with a grin on his face. "Well what do you think flare? Ready for a battle" Beo asked.

"Chim-chim-char" Flare said jumping up and down.

"Ok then lets do this flare" Beo yelled

"Good you'r going down, Charmander use agility and get in close enough to use Scratch" The trainer ordered.

"Flare watch the charmander carefully and wait for my instructions after that" Beo ordered.

The charmander started sprinting at an extreme speed towards Flare, while flare stood there watching carefully. The charmander cocked it's arms back ready to start scratching at flare.

"OK now flare use ember" Beo ordered. Flare started spitting flames from its mouth directly at the charmander.

"Hmph stupid move by a weak trainer, charmander dodge and use tackle" The trainer ordered. Charmander swiftly dodged the flames and tackled flare directly to the ground. "Ahh flare get up come on you can do this" Beo yelled. Flare rose up slowly but with an angry look on its face.

"Hmph he can't possibly last another strike charmander go ahead and use tackle again" The trainer ordered. The charmander jumped in the air ready to once again tackle flare.

"Ok listen flare now get set and when the charmander is about to hit you grab it" Beo ordered. As the charmander came into a foot away from flare, Flare quickly wrapped its arms around the charmander and held it in the air.

"No way charmander break free" the trainer ordered as charmander tried to break free of the grip.

"Flare use ember then slam it to the ground" Beo shouted with a grin on his face.

Flare shot flames from it's mouth right at the charmander weaking it, then lifted it the air and strongly whipping it to the ground. The charmander tried to get up but fainted back to the ground.

"No way charmander return, ugh great battle I hope to see you again by the way my names Ricky" Ricky said while returning Charmander to it's pokeball.

Beo ran in a picked up flare on his shoulder "Great job buddy, oh and same to you to my names Beo" Beo said smiling. As Ricky left the opposite way. Beo started making his way on route 203 with a smile across his face.

July 2nd, 2008, 7:40 AM
@Pika: Though I would have prefered that the post was a tad longer, considering the trainers here are going to be tougher, I still like your posts.

Shinx grew to level 6!

(Gible learned Dragon Claw)
Gible grew to level 12!

While your post is certainly good enough to capture a Zubat, I'm really eager to find out what'll happen to Gible..
But still want to give you the Zubat o3o (because it'll probably end up in Gible being scared for life. What with having a poison-type on his team).
I'm leaving it up to you.

@Rubii: As a quick question, how could a guy get 3 badges with a Starly at level 3? o-O
I noticed that off the bat and was like "What zee flip?"
But other then that, it was quite a good battle. -nods-
If your post is just being continued by you, or if your waiting for me to say if your Piplup made it or not.. That type of thing isnt up to me.
You can either pull it off or not in your post.
Anyway, I'll give you exp after you finish the battle.

@Jacob: Be careful when posting, as too much dialogue can make the whole thing look like a script.
(uh oh!)
Anyway, you caught a level 4 male abra.
Please update yerr card.

Pikachu learned Shock Wave.

@Plan B/Christian: Though it was a short battle, I dont really see how you could make it any longer. Buizel is a far higher level then most of those Pokemon there, so it made sense. (It was still a good post, by the way!)

Buizel forgot Water Sport, and learned Water Pulse.

Buizel grew to level 12!

@dboring: Its pretty unlikely that a Charmander would be in the Sinnoh region.. but I suppose thats alright.
Good post.

Flare grew to level 9!
Flare learned Taunt!

July 2nd, 2008, 7:59 PM
Emerald could not help himself. He leaped on his Shinx and hugged her tight. It was a little strange, but he was overexcited from his pokemon actually listened to him. He couldn't believe how much him and his pokemon had bonded after a short period of time. It was only the start at him and his pokemon becoming the best.

After a little celebating, Emerald continued his road to the next town and towards his first gym challenge. What was that town called again? Was he going in the right direction? Emerald sat on the ground and pulled at his hair under the hat out of frustration. He could have been going the wrong direction for all he knew. Soon, he saw mountains rise over the horizon. Emerald figured he would have to cut through the mountain to get to the next town.

Emerald searched for some sort of sign that would point him in the right direction. He cursed himself for not buying a map before leaving Jubilife. Emerald figured that it was because he was focusing more on Shinx's behavior in the city. As Emerald thought though, he figured a map wouldn't really help. He was never a geography guy; he was more of a math and science guy. But then Emerald saw something that was better than both a map and sign- a trainer.

Emerald waved his hand at the trainer. "Hey, buddy, can you tell me where the first gym challenge is at- at- at-"

"At Oreburgh?" The trainer laughed. He looked around fourteen with a green jacket on and spiked black hair. His eyes looked friendly, yet intense at the same time. "You're new to Sinnoh, aren't you?" Emerald nodded and the trainer grinned. "Well, lemme make you a deal; beat me in a pokemon battle and I'll lead you to Oreburgh. I know this region too well to use a map."

Emerald pulled out a pokeball. "You're on," said Emerald. He threw the pokeball out on the field and his beginner pokemon, Eevee, appeared.

"Hmm... Interesting pokemon, but you'll never beat my pokemon," said the trainer. He threw a pokeball out on the field and a pokemon that looked a monkey appeared. It had a hand as a tail and was using it to support its body. Emerald pulled out his pokedex. Aipom, the Long Tail Pokemon, it read. It uses its tail to pluck food that is out of reach. Its tail is more adept than its real hands.

"Its tail...Okay," mumbled Emerald. He held up his hand. "Eevee, use tackle attack on Aipom's tail!" Eevee charged forward, aiming at Aipom's tail.

"You aren't going to get away with that so easily," laughed the boy. "Aipom, use your tail to leap in the air and then use tackle on Eevee!" Aipom folded up its tail to spring in the air and then used gravity and force to perform a tackle attack on Eevee, making it a critical hit.

Eevee was hurting from the tackle attack really bad. Emerald had to think of something. "Eevee, use tackle again!"

"Did you not learn from last time? Aipom, do it again!" Aipom leaped in the air again and prepared to attack Eevee again.

"Now Eevee, hold firm and use a tail whip. Use it like a tackle attack!" Eevee waited for Aipom to come back down and then struck Aipom with his tail. Aipom went flying into a tree. The attack was definantly a critical hit. Aipom took a while to get up. It was hurting from the attack really bad.

"Aipom, finish this with a tackle attack! Slam Eevee to the ground!" Aipom ran forward and when it got close enough to Eevee, it raised its tail in the air, prepared to deliver the final attack. Emerald thought of a stragedy quick.

"Eevee, use their stragedy! Use your tail to spring in the air and then use tackle!" Just before Aipom delivered its attack, Eevee used his tail to spring in the air. He then used Aipom's stragedy and slammed Aipom down to the ground with tackle, KO'ing it.

The trainer called back his pokemon and walked over to Emerald. Emerald looked at him. "So... you know our deal. You gotta lead me to Oreburgh."

The trainer laughed. "You're going the right way. I was just messin with you!" Emerald's jaw dropped. The boy continued. "But it can be easy to get lost in the cave so I'll be happy to lead you through it."

Emerald nodded. "Okay, thanks, dude. Just one last question- What's your name?"

"My name is Braden, but we're wasting time here. Let's get going." Emerald nodded and they both headed off for Oreburgh City.

OOC: Is there anyway I could find an iron tail tm in my next post. I need it for my gym battle.

July 3rd, 2008, 12:26 PM
As the title suggests (I'm putting the titles "up there" now.. unless I forget), this is the "gate" to Oreburgh.

Most of the cave isnt accessable until you get surf or strength, but since we probably wont be coming back here for some time, you wont need to worry about it.

Posts required: 1 (please, 2 at max. but I'd prefer just 1)

Pokemon Available//.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/8/82/074.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:074.png)
Level: 5-8
Type: Rock/Ground
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Sturdy/Rock Head
Attacks: Tackle, Defence Curl, Mud Sport, Rock Polish (if level 8)
Nature: Random
Rate: Common

Level: 6
Type: Poison/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Inner Focus
Attacks: Leech Life, Supersonic
Nature: Random
Rate: Uncommon

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/8/8b/Spr_4d_054.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_054.png)
Level: 6-7
Type: Water
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Damp/Cloud Nine
Attacks: Scratch, Water Sport, Tail Whip
Nature: Random
Rate: Rare

@Pika: Eevee grew to level 8!
Eevee learned Sand-Attack!

About the TM.. I'm rather sceptical about handing out TM's, but if you make a good post for it, I suppose I could let you have one. -nods-

Zeta Sukuna
July 3rd, 2008, 1:48 PM
Episode 9: The Man in the Cloak (Part 2)

Piplup dove under a big rock, narrowly escaping the bolt of lightning.

"Piplup, pound that Shinx once more!" Yelled Akira. Piplup jumped out of the rock and using her falling speed, she slammed her wing on Shinx's skull, doing quite a bit of damage.

"Shinx, counter with Shockwave!" Yelled the man. Shinx blasted a wave of lightning at Piplup, but it wasn't very strong, so Piplup survived. "Now use Thunderbolt, use it until Piplup falls." Said the man thinking that the next one would hit. Shinx fired a Thunderbolt, but Piplup was able to dodge it. So Shinx fired again.

"Piplup, dodge then use Pound!" Yelled Akira. The bolt of lightning veered off course as Shinx detected a challenge coming on.

"What are you doing!?" Asked the man as Piplup and Shinx rushed in. The two pokemon clashed, but soon enough, Piplup's legs gave in and she fell, out of energy.

"Return, Piplup." Said Akira before summoning Shinx. "Shinx, use Tackle!" The man's Shinx tried to move around to avoid the incoming attack, but he fell unconscious. Of course this made the Tackle attack ineffective.

"Come out, Gastly!" Yelled the man as he summoned his third Pokemon.

"Grrr... We can't win." Said Akira as he went to return Shinx. But Shinx growled and got into battle position. "What? But it's impossible." Shinx just growled and got ready to battle. The man laughed before saying.

"Use Psychic, Gastly!" Yelled the Man.

"Dodge it Shinx!" Yelled Akira. The Psychic missed by an inch. "Here, take this!" Akira then tossed his mirror. Shinx saw it and grabbed it in his teeth.

"Ha! A mirror isn't going to work. Psychic once more!" Yelled the man. Gastly laughed before firing the Psychic. Shinx tossed the mirror and reflected the psychic waves towards Gastly, beating him. But the man growled and said. "You are really trying my patience boy. Go, Golem!" Yelled the man.

"Stop! I surrender, you win." Said Akira as he started walking towards the man. Akira pulled down the head of the cloak, but nothing was there. In fact except the cloak, all traces of the man vanished completely. "What? But my team is still hurt? How is this possible?" But up on a cliff, the man, with another cloak on laughed to himself.

"Teleport sucks doesn't it?" Asked the man to himself. "You may pass, but only because you stopped the battle to save your pokemon." The man summoned an Alakazam. "Take me back to the Battle Zone." Said the man. Alakazam nodded and performed the move taking them to the spoken location.

Back with Akira...

"Gotta get going, we have to get to Oreburgh by tonight or we will be late!" Yelled Akira as they went into Oreburgh Gate.

July 3rd, 2008, 2:08 PM
((OOC: I'll do my tunnel post soon. I still have to catch up with what I was gonna do first though! *was attacked by writer's block*))

Useless Pokemon?

The ball fell to the ground with a small metallic clanking noise. That little round button in the center was glowing with red light as the whole orb seemed to shiver with anticipation.





Rachel stood there, eyes wide with disbelief. What?! But how... It wasn't weakened at all... How is that even possible?! But it was true. Rachel Rubison had caught a Zubat. One of the most useless Pokemon of all. She picked up the Pokeball slowly, and held it in her hand, surprised and beyond belief.

"G... Gib?" Gible muttered, his mouth hanging slightly open in a shocked manner. He didn't seem scared, per se, but simply amazed. Perhaps he hadn't expected the "scary" PoisonType to simply vanish into thin air. Stupid Pokemon, Rachel thought silently.

"Hey! Hey!" an unfamiliar voice called. A boy about Rachel's age raced up to her, looking way too over-excited. "Wanna battle?"

"Actually... I'd rather not--"

"But you have to! Come on! It'll be fun!"

Oh, for crying out loud!

"Fine! Gible, just get out there."

"Gible?" the trainer asked, confused. "Never heard of that one before.Oh well, though. I can beat it! Go, Budew!"

From a Pokeball emerged a green bud-like Pokemon. It looked strangely inanimate, but when it moved suddenly that told otherwise. Gible took a cautious sniff at the air directed toward this "Budew", and then flinched back, looking no less terrified than he had been when he saw Zubat.

Rachel sighed. "If you're not going to fight it because it's part Poison, then I guess I'll just have to recall you." And she did just that. Gible's frightened form vanished into his Pokeball. However, Rachel knew what this meant now... She had to actually use the useless Zubat.

After calling the name of the Pokemon out, Zubat materialized in the air, flapping its wings and making that same twittering sound. Only now, it was facing Budew rather than Rachel.

"Budew... Um, use Growth?" the trainer said, more asking a question than giving a command. One thing was in Rachel's favor, at least. Budew couldn't do much damage to a Poison/Flying Type. But what moves did Zubat know?

"Buduuu!" cried Budew, closing its eyes. Suddenly, it inflated to about twice its previous size, then shrunk back quickly. That raises its Special Attack, I think... Rachel thought. Not that it'll help Budew much against a Zubat. What can I do, though... It came to her, then.

"Zubat! Supersonic!" Rachel said with authority.

Zubat gave a slight nod, then let loose a high-pitched screech from its open mouth. Sound waves visibly pulsed through the air in the form of distorted rings of space. All of them flew directly at Budew, and hit hit head-on.

"Deeew," the plantlike Pokemon whimpered, suddenly appearing very dizzy.

"Budew! Go on! Use Absorb!" its trainer called in dismay. But Budew simply acted as if it hadn't heard, tottering about on its stubby, unsteady feet. It was Confused. This gave Rachel the perfect opportunity to attack.

"Now, Zubat..." she paused in thought for a moment, trying to recall what it knew, "Leech Life!"

With a quick flap of its wings, Zubat darted at Budew and bit down hard into its flesh. It seemed to be sucking some sort mof energy from its body, and Budew was still too confused to do anything about it. This match really was in her favor; such a weak Grass Type couldn't compete with an aerial Pokemon like Zubat.

The bat let go, gave its foe a rough headbutt that wasn't really any sort of attack, then fluttered back to Rachel. Budew spun about a couple times in a drunken manner, then fell over, effortlessly defeated. The trainer recalled it into its Pokeball and sighed.

"I guess I shouldda expected you'd have a tough Pokemon like that," he explained, "My Budew only just grew to Level 4, you see, and I'm trying really hard to train it."

"Yes; that's nice and all, but I gotta go," Rachel replied with indifference. Zubat was recalled into its Pokeball, and she then turned away from the trainer, headed for the tunnel known as the Oreburgh Gate.

It seemed now that Gible had a very exploitable weakness. There were plenty of Poison-Types in Sinnoh, but he obviously had no inclination to battle with any of them. She couldn't rely on Zubat to win many Poison-Pokemon battles on its own, especially when its own Poison attacks would have little effect once it learned some. Did this mean that to an extent, both Gible and her new Zubat were weak? Rachel did not wish to think about that any longer, and continued into the rocky cavern.

((OOC: You can decide Zubat's nature/gender/whatever else, Sayaira; that's why I referred to Zubat as "it" the whole time and didn't give it much personality. Oh, and don't worry; Gible will get over it... maybe... eventually... somehow... O.O))

July 3rd, 2008, 2:28 PM
@Rubii Naruto: Interesting use of a mirror in a tough jam. -nods-
Quite the battle if I do say so myself!

Piplup grew to level 9!
Piplup learned Bubble.

Shinx grew to level 8!

@Piez: ROFL @ GIBLE.
Wow that sounded mean..
I mean.. Uhm..

ANYHOW. I did pick up on how the Zubat didnt really have a gender in all of this. So,
You've caught a level 5 female Zubat.
Not that Zubats look female or anything.. But yes.

Zubat grew to level 7!

July 3rd, 2008, 4:05 PM
Braden pointed towards the entrance of a dark cave. "Well, that's it," he said. "Once we get through here, you'll be in Oreburgh City for your first battle."

"That place!" said Emerald pointing a shivering finger at the entrance. "Isn't there another way around?" His knees were trembling as he spoke.

Braden looked at Emerald akwardly. "Quit being a little kid. This cave isn't scary, it has lights in it. Don't make me embarrassed that I lost to you, okay."

Emerald just looked at Braden and nodded. Still, he felt kind of afraid, so he pulled out a pokeball and clicked the button in the middle. A flash of red light appeared followed by Emerald's electric pokemon, Shinx. Braden looked at Emerald's pokemon in awe.

"Wow, you caught a Shinx?! I couldn't find one of those things," Braden said with a little disappointment in his voice. Shinx heard Braden's voice and glared at the boy. Then she slammed straight into him, tackling him to the ground. Braden gasped and then looked up at Emerald. "What was that for?! Did I say something wrong?" Emerald laughed and patted his pokemon on the head. She responded cheerfully and rubbed up against him. "She hates strangers. The only one she likes is me."

Emerald walked in the cave with Braden at his side and Shinx on the other. He figured that Shinx would make a good bodyguard if anything dangerous turned up. Emerald asked Braden what type the gym leader used in Oreburgh. "Rock," he simply responded without even looking at Emerald.

Emerald looked down the cave in horror. He grabbed his hair underneath his hat with both hands and pulled on it. "I'm gonna get killed in that gym battle! I don't have anything effective against rock!" Braden just looked at Emerald and shrugged.

"Maybe you'll get lucky," he simply said. He continued to look down the path of the cave. Emerald looked at Braden with disgust.

"You don't seem to care about my gym match, do you?" Emerald said angrily. Braden just shrugged. "Hey, I'm only your tour guide."

"But I would like to help..." said a voice. Emerald whirled around to look at the source of the voice. It was a large, burly man who was well over 6'4. He had an extremely deep voice that sent an uncomfortable chill down his spine.

"How- how can you help?" asked Emerald uncomfortably. The man held up something that looked like nothing more than a CD. "You're gonna give me a disc?"

"Dude, that's a tm. It'll automatically teach a new move to one of your pokemon," Braden mumbled in Emerald's ear. Emerald looked at the disc in shock. This thing would be excellent.

"Ah, a tm!" Emerald shouted gleefully. "I would happily take that! Thanks, mister!"

The large man laughed. "Ha ha, do you think I would hand something this rare to you? No, sir, I would like something from you too. I'm going to have a battle with you and the winner gets both gifts. Me, I'm putting out my tm, and you, if you lose, you'll give me your rarest pokemon."

"No way!" Emerald shouted increduosly. "I would never give you one of my pokemon!"

"Well, okay then..." The man placed the tm back in his pocket and was pretending to walk off.

Emerald couldn't stand it. "Wait!" he shouted. The man turned around. "Yeeess," he said, pretending to act surprised. Emerald looked at him. "The bet is on," Emerald declared. The man laughed.

Braden grabbed Emerald's shoulder. "Are you crazy?!" he hissed in Emerald's ear. "You could lose your pokemon!"

Emerlad looked back at Braden intensly. "I thought you were just my tour guide, and besides, I'm not gonna lose. I'm gonna get that tm." With that, Emerald whipped out Eevee's pokeball while the man pulled out his own. The battle was about to begin.

OOC: The battle will be in the next post. I'll try to put it up soon.

July 3rd, 2008, 4:07 PM
You gotta capture a Pokemon some time, kid.

Lucius Jericho, the man in brown, advanced forward into the dark caves however a large Hiker-looking man approached him before he actually entered. He was large and in charge....of his Pokemon. With a bushy a beard, muscular arms, and large frame, it would have appeared as if the man could demolish even the well-built Lucius. However, the man grinned at Lucius though it seemed the man sought battle and nothing more. "If you don't mind me asking, are you seeking battle? Not to be rude or bathing in confidence, but my Buizel and I have defeated our fair share of trainers and Pokemon and you would be nothing but a distraction from our purpose." Lucius attempted to sound respectful, it was getting difficult to be nice to everyone. The mean dragon trainer had insulted him or at least acting far too out of line, and he knew he would come across more insolent individuals like her. Being kind hearted would be foolish if no one bothered to return the favor.

"No lad, I have came to share a piece of me mind to ya." The man's accent was funny to say the least resembling a Scottish/Irish hybrid, but he seemed to have a fair share of experience to share. Lucius responded with a acknowledging nod before allowing the man to continue with his lecture. "It seems to have come to me eye that you only got a single Pokemon on ya team. That ain't gonna be much of use especially if your first one gets beat down by some raging creature." Lucius agreed in his mind. Sure, Buizel basically ripped through everything, but what if he had been beat someone. The Hiker's advice was a wake up call, and Lucius bowed to the kind, wise man before descending into the deep cave before him. Lucius' main purpose was to actually capture a Pokemon. Most of the Pokemon did not interest Lucius, as many he had seen before and was aware of their limited use. Geodude's were a walking weakness considering much water attacks just demolish them. Zubats became the definition of annoying and were hardly worth training. Lucius did not lack patience per-say, but Lucius isn't exactly bathing in it either. The search proved to be worth it, as along the shore a large yellow duck sat in a dazed state. Using his pokedex, Lucius identified the Pokemon as Psyduck. Even though it was a water type much Buizel, it appeared to have some potential. "Alright Buizel, lets try a Sonic Boom."

Leaping from behind some rocks, Buizel unleashed a wave of energy upon the unsuspecting Psyduck. Avoiding the attack with a nervous flinch and jump of shock and awe, Psyduck concealed itself behind a stone placing itself out of Buizel's sights. Emerging from the shadows, Psyduck clawed the weasel Pokemon's face with surprising ferocity. "Angry little guy. Use Water Pulse!" Lucius commanded in a stern tone. Building energy, Buizel released the pulse of water power upon the Psyduck. The attack struck the opponent directly, however, barely damaged the persistent duck. The only positive aspect as a result of the attack was Psyduck's impact with the stone cold wall. Realizing it was outclassed by the serious Buizel and his master, Psyduck bolted for the exit of the cave after attempting to stir fear in Buizel and Lucius with a large bellowing growl. Any regular untrained and common Pokemon would escape in fright at the growl, but Buizel stared at the fear in the face demanding more effort. Exercising determination, Buizel and Lucius chased the Psyduck throught the cavern until the light of the exit could be seen. "Pursuit!" Lucius ordered and with impressive reaction time, Buizel leaped and tackled the Psyduck with added effect due to the Psyduck's fearful retreat. With Buizel leaping off the body of Psyduck, Lucius chucked a Poke Ball at the seemingly dead corpse of the yellow duck. Minor movements such as twitching and shallow breathing occurred as the red light consumed the duck. There Buizel and Lucius stared at the Poke Ball as the ball shook and jolted from side to side...to side...to side.

OOC: Will we have PC boxes in the future?

July 3rd, 2008, 4:10 PM
@Pika: Good use of imagery! Its interesting how, instead of just finding the TM, you decided to battle for it instead.
Its a good thing, mind you.

Good luck in the battle!

@Plan B/Christian:
I loved how you said "He was large and in charge....of his Pokemon"
Little things like that really get to me.. In a funny sense (in other words, I laughed).

Anyhow, that post certainly got you a Psyduck.

You've caught a level 7 male Psyduck.
(please update your trainer card, and post it in the OOC thread)

The Bringer!
July 3rd, 2008, 4:18 PM
The cave was filled with an inky darkness that seemed to stick to Sabin as he walked through the dark Oreburg Gate. I hate caves, it's impossible to see and it's easy to- "Aaah!"-trip... Sabin got up from the fall and dusted himself of. Stupid rock. He kicked the small stone aside as he continued on his way, making sure to kick any rock he was able to see through the murk in his feud with the cave. This was definitely the worst part of leaving Oreburg. Sabin continued on, momentarily letting the rocks be, as he recalled the day he had ran away from his home in Oreburg. Enough of that, I need to keep going on, even if it is to the place I least want to be. Anyways, I'll make sure to only stay their long enough to crush the gym leader. He kicked another rock aside, more out of habit now, only to notice that this particular rock had two arms and a pair of angry eyes that were aimed right at him.

"Geode!" the rock monster bellowed as it got up to attack Sabin.

"Turtwig, looks like I'll be needing your assistance!" Sabin said as a red light illuminated the cave for a second until forming into Sabin's first pokemon. Turtwig used his new absorb technique after being told by Sabin to do so. The grass elemental energy was enough to severely weaken the rock and ground pokemon. I like this pokemon, it's pretty buff looking. Just like me! Sabin couldn't help but smile at his last thought as he tossed one of the empty red and white capsules at the rock look alike. The round device began to shake back and forth, barely visible in the darkness of the cave. Only time would tell if Sabin was successful in his attempt at capturing the geodude. This better be quick, I really don't want to spend more time in this cave...

July 3rd, 2008, 4:37 PM
@Mr. Person: Pretty good post.
Which means,

You've caught a level 6 male Geodude.
(Please update your trainer card and post it in the OOC thread)

July 3rd, 2008, 6:10 PM
Emerald held the pokeball tight in his hand. This would be the most important battle of his life. He would get an extremely valuable gift if he won, but if he lost... he would lose one of his precious pokemon. Losing was not an option, Emerald knew he had to win. Emerald threw the pokeball on the field. "Go, Eevee!" His cute, innocent-looking pokemon was on the field and looked prepared for battle.

"Heh, is that the best you can do? You pokemon may be cute, but it doesn't match up with my pokemon. Go, Machop!" The guy threw a pokeball on the field. A fighting pokemon appeared.

A buff pokemon for a buff guy, thought Emerald. Then it hit him. His pokemon was a fighting type!

"Machop, use tackle!" shouted the man. Machop ran towards Eevee. Emerald was shaking from the type difference. "Eevee, dodge his attack!" he ordered. The man laughed. "Kid, you have a lot to learn. I just did that to get closer to your pokemon. Machop doesn't know tackle! Now Machop, use a real low kick!" The pokemon stuck out its right foot and slid straight into Eevee. The fighting attack put a lot of damage on Eevee. Emerald was afraid that it got KO'd in one hit until he saw his pokemon get up. Emerald knew he couldn't afford another hit like that.

"Machop, finish this wimpling pokemon. Run up and use low kick again!" ordered the man. Machop charged forward to the damaged Eevee. Emerald figured he was finished until he remembered an attack that Eevee just recently learned.

"Eevee, use sand-attack!" Emerald shouted. Eevee jumped to his feet and kicked sand straight at Machop. The sand hit the pokemon straight in the eyes, blinding it. The pokemon jerked around wildly, trying to get the sand out. "Now, Eevee, tackle!" Eevee slammed straight into Machop giving it a lot of damage.

"Machop, don't rely on your eyes! Listen to Eevee and use low kick!" the trainer shouted. Machop began to kick wildly since Eevee was very near. Machop finally caught the direction that Eevee was in and prepared to extend its foot.

Emerald thought quick. "Eevee, use the same stragedy from last battle! Leap in the air and use tackle!" Just as Machop delivered the attack, Eevee leaped in the air using his tail. Machop stumbled into the ground from the force he had put into the attack. Soon, he was slammed unconcious by Eevee.

"Beaten by a normal type!" yelled the man frustrated. He called back his pokemon and whipped out another ball. Okay, two on two, thoght Emerald, shrugging slightly. "Shin Shinx..." Emerald looked at his pokemon. She was looking at Eevee, who was too exhausted to continue. Emerald nodded. "Thanks, Shinx," he said. He pulled back a ball and recalled Eevee. "Okay, Shinx, get out there and win for me." Shinx nodded and leaped out on the damp, cave field.

The man threw a pokeball out on the field. "Okay, prepare to be defeated by my pokemon, Gligar!" he shouted. A flying pokemon appeared. "Gligar, we can wipe this wimp out quick! Use poison sting!" Gligar just shot poison beams at Shinx. She simply dodged out of the way and used tackle, slamming Gligar into the ground. Emerald guessed she wasn't really used to the "listen to me" thing yet. Gligar tried to respond by using a quick attack.

"Shinx, leer!" shouted Emerald. Shinx's eyes glowed and were staring directly at Gligar. Gligar got frightened by the attack, slowing it down a little. Gligar still hit Shinx, but not with as much force. She managed to recover quickly. "Shinx, use tackle!" Emerald shouted.

"Gligar, poison sting!" shouted the man. The poison barbs hit Shinx and slowed her down, but it sure didn't stop her. She slammed straight into Gligar making it fly back towards its trainer.

The trainer was beginning to get furious. "Gligar, use quick attack again and don't back down this time!" he shouted. Gligar began to zip down towards Shinx.

"Shinx, use leer again!" shouted Emerald. But Shinx didn't listen to Emerald's order. Instead, she ran straight to the wall and jumped on it. Then she kicked off and slammed straight into Gligar using a tackle attack. Shinx landed back on her feet while Gligar slammed into the opposite wall. It slid on the ground knocked out.

Emerald had just won the battle because Shinx failed to listen to him again. "Great job, Shinx!" he cheered. The man growled and faced the opposite direction. "Kid, you can forget about ever getting this tm. Good bye." He began to run away from the battle.

"Hey, get back here, you creep!" Emerald shouted. Shinx wasn't thrilled by the man's action either. She cried out and began to chase the man down. When she got close enough, Shinx leaped into the air and slammed the man right in the back. The large buff guy went down from Shinx's attack.

Emerald was in shock from Shinx's move. He shook his head and brought himself back to together. "Way to go again, Shinx! Way to bring down this huge guy!" Emerald yelled. He ran over to the knocked down guy. His head had slammed onto the cave floor, knocking him out. The tm was sticking out of his pocket.

"I take thaaat," Emerald said, sliding the tm out of the man's pocket. It slipped it into his own and continued to walk. Braden had run up to take the lead and Emerald followed him out the cave.

July 5th, 2008, 7:35 AM
@Pika: Good battle post.
I still find it funny that you "stole" the tm after winning.

Eevee grew to level 10!

Shinx grew to level 8!

Oreburgh City!//.

First gym battle anyone?

Required Posts: anywhere from 2-4.
Description: Oreburgh is a city in the region of Sinnoh. It is the location of one of Sinnoh's Gyms, led by Roark. It is here where trainers receive the Coalbadge, the first badge one can earn in the conquest of the Sinnoh region's Pokémon League. Oreburgh is a mining town blessed with significant natural resources. Oreburgh is home to the Oreburgh Mining Museum, as well as the Oreburgh Mine. The miners often take breaks in the Gym between the work shifts.

Places of interest:

Pokémon center

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/thumb/f/f5/RoarkAnime.jpg/180px-RoarkAnime.jpg (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:RoarkAnime.jpg)
Gym Leader: Roark



http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/8/82/074.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:074.png)
Level: 12
Attacks: Tackle, Defence Curl
Rock Throw, Stealth Rock


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/d/de/095.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:095.png)
Level: 12
Attacks: Bind, Harden,
Rock Throw, Stealth Rock

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/9b/408.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:408.png)
Level: 14
Attacks: Headbutt, Leer, Focus Energy

Since his Pokemon are strong, I'd suggest battling with some of the people in the mine on your way to find him.
Yes, he IS in the mine when you get there.
SO GO FIND HIM. -nods-

When battling, take into effect your own Pokemon's levels, attacks, and capabilities.
Even if you want to win, I wont be impressed if a level 6 Geodude takes down a level 14 Cranidos.

July 5th, 2008, 12:22 PM
Emerald took his first step into Oreburgh City and the location of his first gym battle. He was moving quickly in case the big guy in the cave had woken up. Emerald may have been able to beat him in a pokemon battle, but he knew he wouldn’t win in a fist fight.

Braden suggested resting up for the night at the pokemon center, so that is where the two headed first. At dinner, Emerald pulled up the silver disc and held it up, examining it. “So… what exactly does this thing teach to pokemon?” Emerald asked, waving the disc in the air.

“Give it to me…” Braden took it and looked over it for a few seconds. “It teaches Iron Tail, a steel attack,” he announced. Emerald looked a little confused. “How could you tell?” he asked. Braden looked back at him awkwardly. “It says so on the disc, smart one,” he responded.

Emerald’s face lit up. “Steel has an advantage over rock!” he exclaimed. “This thing could save me! So how to I use it to teach a move?”

“Here, make Eevee come here,” Braden ordered. Eevee was on the floor eating out of a dish full of food next to Aipom and Shinx. He heard his name and jumped up on the next next to Braden. His ears were perked up and he looked curiously at Braden, trying to figure out why his name was called.

Braden picked up Eevee and placed him on the table. “Now, watch,” he said. He placed the disc on Eevee’s head. The disc glowed and made some noise. Eevee stayed perfectly still for the whole process. Soon, the disc dimmed and Braden took it away from Eevee’s head. “There, Eevee now knows Iron Tail.”

Emerald grinned. “This is going to help a lot,” he said. He patted his pokemon on the head before he jumped down to finish his meal. Braden watched Eevee then looked back at Emerald. “How ‘bout we go to the mine tomorrow. There are many trainers that you can battle with to train Eevee and his Iron Tail,” Braden suggested. Emerald opened his mouth for a second to protest, but then closed it again. He was planning on going to the gym first thing in the morning, but he knew that it wasn’t smart to just walk in there unprepared.

Emerald walked up to the entrance of the mine first thing in the morning with Eevee at his side. He was ready to get this move down. Just for starters, he told Eevee to perform an iron tail on a large rock. Eevee’s tail glowed for a second, but then dimmed. Emerald shrugged and then walked into the mines.

Emerald felt weird walking through the mines. He felt singled out being dressed in his trainer clothes and being only a kid, while these other guys were dressed in miner outfits with a pick in their hand. Emerald’s ears were filled the noise of smacking rock as he walked down the mines.

Emerald saw a guy sitting down on the cavern floor with a coffee in his right hand and a pokemon who looked like a large boulder floating next to him. Emerald knew what this pokemon was since it was in Hoenn. This pokemon was a geodude, a rock type pokemon.

“Hey, you do want to spend your break battling me?” Emerald asked the sitting man. The man stood up and laughed. “Sure, I was hoping someone would ask. I’m surprised a kid would come down here to look for a battle.”

The match began with Eevee on Emerald’s side and Geodude on the miner’s side. “Geodude, use tackle!” shouted the miner. Geodude came charging after Eevee.

“Eevee, attack with iron tail!” shouted Emerald. He had his fingers crossed, hoping the attack would work. Eevee leaped in the air and his tail began to glow. Both him and geodude slammed against each other and began to push up against each other. Soon, Eevee cracked and his tail dimmed. Geodude delivered its attack and made Eevee fly back into the wall.

“Okay, Geodude, use tackle again!” shouted the miner.

“Eevee, use sand attack then iron tail!” shouted Emerald. Eevee kicked sand at the upcoming Geodude making it stop its attack. Then Eevee leaped in the air and attempted his iron tail again. His tail glowed and managed to put a little damage on Geodude before his tail dimmed again.

“Alright, Eevee, it’s getting better!” shouted Emerald. The man laughed. “Okay, Geodude, it’s time to end this battle! Use rock throw! Completely bury that pokemon in rock!” Geodude clenced its hands and made flying rocks surround him. Then it shot the rocks straight for Eevee.

Emerald watched the rocks get closer and closer and knew of only one thing to do. It was risky, but he and Eevee had no other choice. “Eevee, use iron tail on the rocks!” Emerald shouted. Eevee leaped in the air with a glowing tail and slammed against the rocks. His tail sliced cleanly through the rocks. Eevee continued to go until he had sliced through every rock in his path. Then he finished the attack by slamming Geodude down into the floor. The battle was over.

“Great iron tail!” Emerald shouted. Eevee leaped into his arms. The miner just shrugged and looked at his watch. “Well, my break is over. Thanks for the match, kid.” The miner walked off with his tools in his hand.

Braden then ran over to Emerald. “Knew I would you here!” he shouted. “Guess what? The gym leader was never in his gym at all! You would’ve wasted your time if you went there, but instead, your Eevee mastered a new move!” Emerald laughed and then headed for the exit of the mine to face his first gym leader.

July 5th, 2008, 2:24 PM
@Pika: Good battle post!
Its interesting to see the progress of Eevee learning his new move, instead of you just thinking
"H'ok, Eevee used a TM, so it mastered the move already!"

Eevee grew to level 13!
Eevee learned Iron Tail!

Zeta Sukuna
July 5th, 2008, 8:24 PM
Episode 10: Mitchell Lorenzo: The Ex-Ranger

Akira sighed as he went through the Oreburgh Gate, nothing was happening. All of the pokemon were sleeping or away, and no one was spotted for hours.

"Man, it's so boring, though I should count my blessings after that strange man." Said Akira, but then he heard something that sounded like drilling. No drilling was allowed in Oreburgh Gate at all, after all it is a main passing point for beginners.

"I wonder if this is going to be good or bad? Lets find out." Said Akira sarcastically as he walked over to the machine.

"Hey!" Yelled Akira to the person piloting the machine. But the person didn't listen and continued drilling. "HEY! GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF YOUR EARS AND LISTEN!!!!" This time the man heard the call and stopped.

"Sorry boy, but I'm doing something very important." Said the man as he went back up the ladder.

"You do know that drilling here is illegal, don't you?" Asked Akira to the man, but the man just kept climbing. Akira then threw a rock and knocked the man down.

"Hey kid, no one does that to me." Said the man pulling out a capture styler. "Yeah, I know that drilling here is illegal, but it's to better those foolish beginners. The man then saw a Geodude and used the styler to call for help. The Geodude responded and turned towards Akira.

"Geo dude!" Yelled Geodude as it tried to Tackle Akira, hut the boy was able to dodge and send out Piplup.

"Piplup, use Bubble!" Yelled Akira, and with that Piplup shot a lot of bubbles at Geodude, but the rock dodged it and used Rock Polish to increase its speed.

"Geo dug Gee!" Yelled Geodude as he curled himself up and started a Tackle.

"Piplup, dodge then use Bubble!" Yelled Akira. But thanks to Rock Polish, Piplup wasn't fast enough to dodge in time, and got hit hard. But Piplup used Bubble anyway, hurting Geodude badly.

Geodude was then freed from the man's control and dropped to the floor, hurt very badly.

"Piplup, use Bubble on the machine!" Yelled Akira. Piplup fired Bubble on the engine, making it explode, causing the man to be blown away a bit.

"Gaah, you little brat!" Yelled the man. "This isn't over, you will feel the wrath of Mitchell Lorenzo another day!" Mitchell then limped out of the cave. Akira looked at the Geodude and decided to help. With a weak toss, the pokeball enclosed over the Geodude and started shaking. Would Akira capture Geodude?

July 6th, 2008, 6:52 AM
Emerald decided to battle just a little more before going to visit Roark. He was confident in his pokemon’s abilities, but still, it didn’t hurt to practice. Emerald was working with Shinx now. Since she was an electric type, she didn’t stand a chance against the rock pokemon (Even though Emerald bet she thought she did). Emerald wanted her as strong as possible so she could hold up against the gym leader’s pokemon if she needed to.

Emerald looked around for another miner who was maybe on break. He finally did eventually find a miner sitting on the ground with a coffee in his hand.

“Hey, do you want to battle?” Emerald asked the sitting man. He nodded and stood up. “Hey, you that kid who beat my buddy, John, earlier, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Uhh… I guess,” responded Emerald. “If you are referring to another guy who sits down and drinks coffee on their break, then yeah.”

The man laughed. “Kid, we all do that here. We dig in the mines, drink coffee, and sleep. I know you seem so interested in our work, but sadly you’ll have to wait about another ten years.”

“Yeah…” said Emerald. “Look, I just asked if you wanted to battle.”

The man jumped to his feet. “Oh, yeah!” he exclaimed. “It’s good to do something besides digging mines, drinking coffee, or sleeping!”

“Okay…” Emerald pulled out Shinx’s pokeball and threw it out on the field. His somewhat arrogant pokemon appeared. The man called on a zubat.

“Shinx, use tackle!” ordered Emerald. Shinx rushed forward towards Zubat.

“Ha ha, Zubat, use supersonic!” shouted the miner. The bat pokemon shot out sound waves that filled the whole cave with noise. “What- is- that- attack?!” Emerald said through gritted teeth. Shinx managed to hold up against the attack. She let her eyes glow, making the Zubat frightened and stop its attack. Then she continued with her tackle attack, slamming into the zubat.

“What!” shouted the miner. Emerald grinned. His pokemon battled on her own order and it turned out for the best again. The miner held up his hand. “Zubat, use astonish!” shouted the miner. Zubat came towards Shinx and attacked her. Shinx stayed perfectly still, stunned from the attack. Zubat then came forward and used bite making Shinx fall down to the ground.

What Shinx did next sent chills down Emerald. She snapped her eyes open and stood up slowly. Then, sending a glaring look at Zubat, she sent out a shout that shocked Emerald and made the miner jump.

“What the!” shouted the miner.

Emerald laughed slightly. Shinx was really ticked at Zubat and was wanting revenge bad. She was not the losing type of pokemon. “Shinx, use tackle!” shouted Emerald. Shinx sped forward towards Zubat.

“Zu- Zubat, use astonish!” shouted the miner. He looked at Shinx nervously as he spoke. Zubat attempted to attack, but Shinx leaped in the air to dodge and then slammed back down on Zubat to finish the battle.

The man quickly recalled Zubat and pretended to look at watch. “Oh, look, my lunch break is over. Gotta go!” The man rushed off without hesitation. Emerald laughed and decided that Shinx was ready for a gym match. He found the exit of the mine and headed towards the Oreburgh Gym.

OOC: Last post I said I was leaving the cave but that was before I saw the post amount that we were allowed to have. I thought we were only allowed to post twice.

July 6th, 2008, 10:12 AM
Rustboro City: Stupid Gym Leader

Entering Rustboro City, Lucius' first objective was heal up and head to the local gym. Lucius had thought that if he had earned some sort of Pokemon League prize that his family would be more accepting of his random and sudden leave from the home. At least that was his hopes and dreams speaking. Entering the center, the line to get healed was fairly long though it wasn't completely ridiculous. A hour or so passed and Lucius was finished healing and resting. Buizel seemed to be full of energy and Psyduck just sat looking confused and caressing his massive head. After some preparations and smacks across the face to wake himself up, Lucius stumbled out of the center and headed directly to the gym. Rustboro was a pretty unattractive city, which would deem it last place in any sort of beauty contest. With brown rocks and debris everywhere, the city was clearly a mining outpost so plenty of Scottish and Irish Hikers dotted the complex. Upon his arrival at the gym, a gathering of trainers placed themselves outside the Gym's doors. Lucius didn't bother joining in, but rather listened in on there complaints.

"The Leader isn't here!"

"Where could the guy run off to?"

"What a wimp!"

"This is @#&&$%#@!"

Lucius was shocked at the impatience and lack of respect the trainers held for the Gym Leader. Certainly the prospect of no Gym Leader caused some morale damage and anger in Lucius but extra training and patience would reward him in the end. Pacing around the mining city, Lucius had heard rumors of a cavern in the city. Figuring the structure would be similar to the cave he traversed to get here, the prospect of wild Pokemon seemed for the first time promising. Psyduck could use training and Buizel needed a warm up for the Gym Leader. Entering the cave, he had noticed it was fairly dark, but well placed torches keep a suitable amount of light throughout the cave. Occasional pockets of shadows placed themselves throughout the cave, but they didn't bother him. "Aye, lad. What you be doing in a place like this?" The hiker from earlier had appeared, looking as mighty as before.

"Well, I am seeking training for my future Gym Leader." Lucius replied in a kind-hearted tone.

"Aye, Roark. He be a good trainer. Well, boyo I am mighty tired and bored of all this hiking so how about a battle to keep my soul awake?" Lucius didn't bother talking, but nodded, leaping back in order to establish a small field of battle. The Hiker released his first pokeball which revealed a Zubat upon the lights dimming. Psyduck was called from Lucius as the useless little duck needed some training. "Zubat! Use some supersonic to confuse the duck." The Hiker ordered. Psyduck, acting out of instinct, retreated behind a rock which blocked most of the sound-waves. Psyduck, in anger, charged forward holding his head like a crazy man and scratched the Zubat's small body, causing the bat to crash to the ground. The Zubat freed itself from Psyduck's clutches and returned to the air, preparing to latch on to Psyduck for a Leech Life which was aided by the duck's lack of awareness. Biting down on Psyduck's lower biology, the bat began to drain the life out of Psyduck. Acting this time in extreme pain, Psyduck began to flail around in insanity dragging the Zubat with him. Running around the narrow cavern, Zubat's body clashed with several rocks, prompting a release from Psyduck's body. In response to the Leech Life, Psyduck scratched the Zubat several times before the Hiker recalled his Pokemon.

"Nice Job Psyduck. I want to see more of that, but return." Lucius encouraged before turning to Buizel. "You are up. Ready?" Buizel nodded and charged forward, prepared for the next Pokemon in the Hiker's party. Suddenly a thrown ball released a floating rock, a Geodude. Buizel did not seem worried, as if he knew he had a type advantage. The Hiker stared at the weasel nervously, while Lucius looked confused. With great speed and force, Buizel charged up and unleashed a torrent of water upon the Geodude. The Water Gun appeared to look like more an overflow of a river due to sheer volume and force the attack was given. Geodude, unable to react fast enough, was launched back into the wall despite trying to guard himself from the deadly Water barrage. After several moments of constant and brutal attacking, Buizel ended his water fury which allowed Geodude to emerge. The floating rock was nearly eroded and appeared to look more like a floating piece of mud. The rock was forced by gravity and pain to crash to earth in defeat. The hiker recalled his Pokemon and looked at Lucius.

"Aye, Roark be in this cave. I believe you could defeat rather quickly, especially with that little monster." He stated pointing at Buizel. Lucius bowed and journeyed forth, deeper into the cave.

July 6th, 2008, 3:27 PM
@Rubii: Good post,
Which means that...

You've caught a level 6 male geodude. (Please update your trainer card then post it in the OOC thread)

Piplup grew to level 12!
Piplup learned Water Sport!

@Pika: Lol, again, good post. xD
They always have some humor in them, which amuses me. :3

Shinx grew to level 10!
Shinx learned Charge!

@Plan B/Christian: I must say your posts are always amusing.
I especially loved the little kid who swore at the gym.. (No really, I laughed)

This being said,
Psyduck grew to level 10!
Psyduck learned Water Gun!

Buizel grew to level 14!

Zeta Sukuna
July 6th, 2008, 4:37 PM
Episode 11: Oreburgh City: The City of the 1st Gym!

The ball stopped shaking signalling that Geodude was caught. "Heh, I got a Geodude. Yet another pokemon to help." Said Akira as he exited Oreburgh Gate. Geodude would be fine as he was in the pokeball in chryogenic sleep.

But before Akira got to the pokemon center he saw Emerald and Lucius go into the Oreburgh Mines. "Hmm... I have to check it out when I'm done healing my pokemon." Said Akira entering the pokemon center.

"Hello young trainer." Said Nurse Joy seeing Akira walk in. "Do you need a room, or to heal your pokemon?" Akira walked up to Nurse Joy and said.

"I need both, if you don't mind." Said Akira as he showed Joy his pokedex info.

"Yep, everything checks out. Now return this card before you leave or else you'll get fined 10,000 poke." Said Joy as she took the pokemon to the back. A few minutes later Joy came back with the pokemon. "Here you go, oh and the cerfew's eleven o' clock so be here before then." Akira nodded before heading out towards the museum.

"Hmm..." Said Akira before going into the museum. As soon as he got into the museum, Mitchell Lorenzo was standing there looking at the fossils. "M-Mitchell?! What are you doing here?!" Asked Akira, but Mitchell just laughed.

"I'm here because I love museums, it's like a gateway to the past with all of the stuff they have here." Said Mitchell as he walked towards the ancient gauntlets from the 15th Century. "These gauntlets were used by the old King and Queen of Sinnoh back in 1445-1453."

"Okay, okay. Don't say anything more, just go back to what you were doing." Said Akira as he quietly cut a hole in the glass with the fossils. Akira quietly took one and paced the glass cuter in Mitchell's pocket. At this point the guards were almost there, so Akira put the fossil in his bag and walked away. As soon as he got out, Akira sighed and went into the Mines to train his pokemon before Roark.

With Mitchell...

Mitchell walked out of the museum whistling. Being an ex- ranger had it's advantages. Inside the museum you can see the guards unconscious with their pokemon confused on what happened.

(ooc: The next post will be longer, and with a battle against a miner. Oh, and if I can't keep the fossil, then I have a way to make him lose it in the mines.)

July 6th, 2008, 5:27 PM
@Rubii: Oo, theft eh?
Quite interesting.
And no, I dont mind if you keep the fossel, so feel free.
As long as you can tell me what type it is, so I can edit it into your profile.

July 6th, 2008, 5:48 PM
Emerald got Eevee and Shinx healed at the Pokemon Center again before heading to the gym. As he approached the gym doors, he took a deep breath from being nervous. This was his first gym battle and step in proving to his family that he was the best.

Braden was right behind Emerald. He had come to support Emerald, but Emerald found him as another excuse to be nervous. If he got creamed, then Braden would see the whole thing. But Emerald had kept his mouth shut and let him come. He decided that he just needed to win his battle. Besides, he didn’t come to lose.

Emerald stepped inside the gym after mustering up enough courage. He stepped inside a large building with an amazing battle field inside of it covered with rocks sticking out of the ground. Across the gym floor was a trainer with long red hair and glasses on. He had a miner’s hat on his head.

“Ah, a challenger,” said Roark. “Is this the boy you were talking about, Braden?”

“Yes, he has come to challenge you for a gym badge,” responded Braden. Emerald looked at him confused. “Roark and I are good buddies. I ran into him in the cave and told him that you were trying to earn gym badges,” Braden muttered in his ear.

“When did you guys even met?” Emerald asked.

Braden laughed slightly. “I told ya already, I know this region well and have traveled around it many times.” Emerald just looked at him for a second before turning back around. Roark was more important at the moment.

“Well, anyway, let’s start,” said Roark. He threw a ball out on the field and a Geodude appeared. Emerald held out his pokeball and looked at it for a second. Inside the ball was an Eevee. Emerald knew that he was his only hope for winning. If Eevee went down, then Emerald knew he would lose. Shinx was strong, but not strong enough to take down a rock pokemon.

“Go, Eevee!” shouted Emerald. His cute evolutionary pokemon appeared on the field.

“Geodude, use tackle!” shouted Roark. Geodude charged towards Eevee.

“Eevee, use sand-attack. Make Geodude miss!” shouted Emerald. Eevee leaped forward and dug his feet into the ground making a spray of gym dirt hit Geodude right on the face. Geodude missed Eevee and slammed straight into the wall.

“Geodude, don’t make that stop you!” Roark shouted.

“Eevee, use iron tail!” Emerald shouted quickly. Eevee’s tail glowed and he slammed straight into Geodude while he was still recovering. It floated over to Roark’s side crying in pain. “Now, Eevee, finish it off with another iron tail!” Eevee made his tail glow once again and came charging after Geodude.

“Geodude, use defense curl!” shouted Roark. Geodude curled up in a ball and formed a defensive looking shield around it. Eevee slammed against it and was trying to break through it as hard as he could. But the defense was too strong and Eevee’s tail dimmed. Geodude counterattacked by punching Eevee, making it fly back. “Now, Geodude, finish this pokemon with tackle!” commanded Roark. Geodude came charging forward to deliver the final blow.

As Emerald watched the pokemon get closer, he remembered the battle he had with Braden and remembered the tail stragedy they had both used. He knew how to deflect Geodude’s attack. “Eevee, use your tail to spring Geodude backwards!” Emerald shouted. Eevee nodded and flipped backwards to where he was facing Emerald. Eevee let Geodude slam into his tail and they both slid back across the dirt floor. Eevee dug his feet into the ground and slowly sucked in his tail. Then, after it was completely folded in, Eevee shot it forward like a spring to send Geodude flying.

Emerald didn’t hesitate. “Eevee, use one last iron tail!” he shouted. Eevee leaped in the air with his tail glowing and slammed right into Geodude. The attack KO’d Geodude and it collapsed on the ground.

Roark recalled his pokemon and laughed at Emerald. “I congratulate you on beating my first pokemon, but that was round one. Can you handle- this?!” Roark threw a pokeball out on the field and a pokemon that looked like a large snake made of rocks appeared- an Onix.

Emerald nodded and recalled Eevee and sent out Shinx. The next round was about to start.

To be continued...

July 7th, 2008, 12:09 PM
Rustboro City: About Time

Lucius' quest in the mines was rather short as they were not fully travelled. Despite this, the cave was still dark, damp, and cold. They didn't take much time to make this cave very comfortable, Lucius thought. Fighting against his compliments and better judgement, Lucius ventured forth until he hit a dead end. Other than a singular human and a small set of mining tools, the dead end was empty. The human was a young man, probably a few years older than Lucius. Dressed in mining gear including thick glasses and a dorky hard hat, the man was certainly oddly placed. Lucius stared at his kind appearance a bit shocked at the prospect of a geek miner.

"Can I help you?" asked the man as he glanced quickly over to Lucius and Buizel. Lucius turned to his weasel Pokemon who even looked amused at the nerdy worker.

"I am looking for the Gym Leader of Rustboro City. I heard tales that he would be within this fine mine." Lucius held in a disrespectful smirk in order to seem polite.

"Well, I guess you had some good luck of finding me." Lucius looked into the eyes of the working miner as he uttered the final words of his reply. "I am the Gym Leader. You may call me Roark." He finished tipping up his hard hat. Lucius was shocked that the young man was in fact the Gym Leader. Personally, he had expected a Veteran Trainer who had held years of experience training and battling Pokemon. "Well considering that you came all the way here seeking a challenge I better head back to the Gym and accept all those eager challenges. Meet me there." Roark packed up his gear and left the mine in a hurry. Lucius paused for a few moments before heading out himself.

OOC: And with that, Roark should be in the gym for everyone else to fight, except Gold who is already beating up Roark.

July 7th, 2008, 12:10 PM
OoC: Sorry about delaying my posts, I've just been really busy lately.

Route 203, Part 2

One shake, two shakes..The light dimmed. Abra was caught!

"I caught...An Abra!!!!" Jacob shouted.

Excited with his new Abra, he decided to test it on a trainer.

"Hey kid, wanna have a 3 on 3 battle?" Jacob asked.

"Sure," He responded. "Go Kricketot!!!"

In the familiar light, a cricket appeared. Jacob raised his Pokedex.

"Kricketot, the Cricket Pokemon. It shakes its head back to front, causing its antennae to hit each other and sound like a xylophone."

"A bug type eh?" Jacob thought. "Go Starly!"

On Jacob's command, Starly rushed into Kricketot, landing a direct hit.

"Get up and use Bide Kricketot!" The kid shouted.

Jacob had no clue what bide did, so he decided to use Growl attack, just for safe keeping. Realizing that it absorbed attacks that hit the user, the attack did nothing.

"Grrr, you figured out that atta-" The kid started.

Starly Tackled once more under Jacob's command, knocking Kricketot out.

"Great job Kricketot, retur. Come on out Shinx!"

Jacob, knowing about Shinx and that it's an electric type, sent out Pikachu.

Pikachu started with a Thundershock attack, which did very little to Shinx. Shinx charged Pikachu, who was knocked out in one hit.

"No Pikachu!!! Return....Go Abra!"

Remembering Abra's techniques from when he caught it, he used Teleport before Shinx's Tackle hit, then used Confusion to pick it up and ram it into a tree. Shinx was taken out in one blow.

"Return Shinx. Go Bidoof!"

Repeating the same strategy, Abra came out unscratched.

"Good battle kid, now go cry to your mommy!" Jacob said jokingly.

"Yeah, bite me," replied the kid.

Jacob walked away and though, "Yeah, I deserved that."

Zeta Sukuna
July 7th, 2008, 1:13 PM
(ooc: It's Cranidos's fossil, but I forgot what it was called.)
Episode 12: Oreburgh Mine!

Akira sighed as he walked through the mines. "Not one pokemon." Said Akira as he decided to walk towards the miners. "Hey, do any of you know where all of the pokemon are?" The miners all laughed before getting back to work.

"Kid, there haven't been pokemon in this section of the mines for years, just give up on it." Said a miner that was next to Akira.

"This section?" Asked Akira. The miner laughed and said.

"Yeah, if you want I can show you to the other section." Akira nodded and followed the miner down the mines until they got to a fork in the path. "Both paths have pokemon in them, and I heard Roark was down there looking for fossils." Akira responded to that.

"Roark? The Gym Leader?" Asked Akira, but the miner was already gone. "Dang it." Akira then walked down the path to the right.

After ten minutes...

"I knew I shouldn't have listened to that miner." Said Akira as he took a left, but as he did, he saw an Onix looking around. "Aha! Go, Piplup! Use Bubble!" Piplup emerged from her pokeball once more and fired the Bubbles at Onix. The bubbles slammed against Onix, making it pretty mad.

"ONIX!" Yelled Onix as he started to use a Rock Throw, but a person stopped it.

"Hey, that wasn't cool." Said the man as he revealed himself to be Roark. "Why'd you attack my Onix?"

"I thought it was wild." Said Akira, but Roark sighed at that.

"There aren't too many wild pokemon here anymore." Said Roark before returning Onix. "You'd better strengthen your pokemon if you want to stand a chance, or you will lose." Roark then started to walk away, but after he did a wild Geodude came up. "Return, Piplup." Said Akira, before sending out Geodude.

The wild Geodude used Tackle, but Geodude dodged and Tackled the enemy back.

"Use Defense Curl!" Yelled Akira, but Geodude just tackled the enemy Geodude with a critical hit. The enemy Geodude floated back before Tackling again. "Geodude, use Defense Curl now!" But again, Geodude just Tackled the enemy Geodude. Seeing that this was going nowhere, Akira looked around and saw a disc, but not just any disc, but an TM. So, before the dueling Geodudes broke it, Akira grabbed the disc and put it away. "Geodude, use Tackle!" And this time Geodude tackled the other one and sent it into the wall causing the foundation to crumble.

Akira returned Geodude before starting to run away. The enemy Geodude looked confused, but that's when rocks started to fall. Fortunately Geodude was the only pokemon under the collapsing section of the mine. Unfortunately Geodude was under the collapsing section of the mine.

Akira made it out of the mine in time before the other miners got too mad. Today was just not his lucky day.