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October 23rd, 2003, 1:30 PM
I'm writing a third season of the cancelled Invader Zim cartoon that was canceled halfway though season 2 (which hasn't been shown in America yet [except for the Christmas special], only in South America [you can download all but 3 from gir.n3.net]). I already have the order the episodes are in and the basic plots of them and the first half of the first one written. Season 3 includes these episdoes:

301- "Attack of the Piggies" *
Gir and Gaz get their bags mixed up so Gaz gets Gir's tacos, and Gir gets Gaz's new Vampire Piggy Hunter game. Gaz gets enraged when she finds out her game is missing and Zim decides to bring the video game characters to life to do his evil bidding.
302a- "Revenge of the Hideous New Girl"
Tak comes back to Earth and wants revenge. Dib and Zim must work together to beat Tak's new plan, a giant robotic Tallest. Gir and Gaz also must work together to defeat Mimi, who has had a few upgrades.
302b- "Don't Send in the Clones" *
Zim is experimenting with cloning and Dib is spying on him. Dib tries to destroy the cloning machine but accidently clones himself. Zim then decides to clone himself to get rid of the Dibs.
303- "Examination of Doom"
Ms. Bitters is giving the class a Final Exam on the same day the Tallest decide to give Zim an "Invader Exam" as an excuse to get rid of him.
304a- "Return of the Resisty" **
The Resisity decide to deal with the individual invaders of Operation Impending Doom 2 first so they send an operative down to Earth to deal with Zim.
304b- "Dib, Bringer of Doom"
Dib is going through some random files and finds one he doesn't remember. He opens it and it hypnotises him and makes him want to destroy the Earth.
305a- "Doomsday Device of Doomy Doom"
Zim makes a Doomsday Device that will make him ruler of the Earth, but it needs to take a while to charge up. Dib goes to stop it immediately after he finds out about it.
305b- "Parent-Teacher Conference" ***
The school requires more money or it will be unable to reopen. The principal decides to hold summer parent-teacher conferences where the teachers will hypnotise the parents, making them give all their money to the school. And of course Ms. Bitters has to deal with the Robo-Parents.
306- "A Tall Tale" *
The Tallest recieve incorrect coordinates and fly to Earth where the Resisty is waiting for a sneak attack. The Resisty manage to damage the Massive's engines causing it to crash land on Earth, right outside of Zim's house.
307a- "Telling the Unfortunate" *
Dib meets a forune teller who tells him about a future wehre Zim rules the world and is waiting for the Tallest to arrive to perform the Organic Sweepand. In her prediction, Dib leads a small resistance against Zim, Gir rules the moon, and Gaz is an evil sorceror.
307b- ****
Zim sees a report on the presidential election and believes the president is rule of all humans. He dresses up Gir in his Government Man suit and makes him run for president.
308- "Area 751" *

*=Tentative Title
**=The Resisty is a group of aliens who formed a resistance and appeared in a Season 2 episode named "Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars" and appear in two of my Season 3 episodes, "Return of the Resisty" and "A Tall Tale".
***=Yes I know the title is similar to "Parent-Teacher Night" but "Parent-Teacher Conference" has a completely original plot and is nothing like "Parent-Teacher Night".
****=I have no idea what to name this episode but I do have a plot for it, just no name...

The first part of "Attack of the Piggies" is coming soon and so are the rest of the episode descriptions.

October 30th, 2003, 1:38 PM
Episode 301- "Attack of the Piggies" part 1
~~Krazy Taco~~
Gir walks up to the counter of Krazy Taco.
Cashier: "May I help you, sir or madam?"
Gir: "I wants me a taco, and I wants a giant burrito."
Cashier: "Would you like a drink with that?"
Gir: "I want a large Poop!"
~~Videogame Store~~
Gaz: "I need Vampire Piggy Hunter X Special Ultra Deluxe Edition!"
Cashier: "You're really lucky. We only have one left."
Gaz: "Give it to me!"
Gaz hands the cashier money and receives a white paper bag.
~~Krazy Taco~~
Gir hands the cashier money and receives an identical bag and a soda. Gir starts drinking his soda and skips home.
~~Street Corner~~
Gir is walking home in one direction while Gaz walks home in another direction. Gir turns the corner and runs into Gaz making them both drop their bags.
Gir: "Hi!"
Gaz picks up one of the bags.
Gaz: "Watch where you're going!"
Gir: "Hi!"
Gaz walks away. Gir shrugs, picks up the other bag, and skips away, drinking his soda.
~~Outside Zim's House~~
Zim is slammed onto the ground by a large vine while the neighbors watch.
Zim: "Nothing to worry about, just a normal Earth plant beast!"
The vine picks Zim back up, and Gir walks into the yard.
Zim: "GIR! Get the hedge trimmers!"
Gir: "I gots some tacos!"
Gir walks to the house, opens the door, walks inside, and leaves the door open. The Robo-Parents come to the door.
Robo-Parents: "Welcome home, son!"
Zim: "Robo-Parents! Defense mode!"
The Robo-Parents start fighting each other. The vine starts slamming Zim on the ground repeatedly.

Rest of part 1 and part 2 coming soon (as soon as I type them)...

October 30th, 2003, 4:07 PM
heh...Back on PC 1.0 Me and Light Blaze made our own Season 3 of Invader Zim..It was a huge RPG!

October 31st, 2003, 6:24 AM

October 31st, 2003, 8:59 PM
Give me a little bit. To tell the truth I'm having writer's block now >.<

Also check back for my edited post with the entire part 1, which is coming as soon as I stop being lazy and type it.

November 15th, 2003, 8:09 AM
Season 4 Episode list:

309-The Return of Tak
310-Ms.Bitters and The Carnival of Terror
311-Gir`s Thanksgiving
312-Gaz and Tak: Power of Darkness
313-The Revelation of Darkness
314-Revenge of Iggins
315-GameSlave 3 "Ultra Piggy Hunter"

More Coming Soon...

November 15th, 2003, 8:17 AM
316- Iggins Vs. Gaz : The GameSlave 3 & "Master piggy Hunter"

Description of Show:
Iggins gets angry once Gaz Steals his GS3 after he stole it from the Mall.Iggins Challenges Gaz to a fight and the Loser has to buy the winner the new "Master Piggy Hunter"

317- Dib`s Girlfriend

A new Invader called Invader Zoe has been sent fro mthe Tallest to kill Dib.Dib falls in love with Zoe sense she disguises herself as a mini- Kelly Clarkson/Beyonce Knowles and kisses Dib.

319- Mini-Moose`s New Year Party

Gir`s Friend Mini-moose wants to throw a new Year Party.Gir invites the Tallest,Ms.Bitters,Dib,gas and more.But once Zim finds out that this has happened he plants a bomb inside of his house.

May 31st, 2004, 6:52 AM
your just making invader zim bad... please dont do that... i like zim if its good not making this piece of crap

May 31st, 2004, 7:04 AM
Speaking of piece of crap...you just posted on athread that had gone over SIX MONTHS without being posted on. Doing something dumb like that is a big no-no on message boards.