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Alter Ego
June 28th, 2008, 10:12 AM
Fufufuuu...it's been a while since I did something over in this section, huh? Well, I did promise to kick off a new RP to commemorate the end of my grueling half-year of military training, and seeing as how that glorious event occurs next Friday, I see no reason to hold back anymore. So, without further ado, I present to you:

Like Reaching for the Sun


In the age of tales, humans enslaved spirits of nature, using the power of these captured beasts to wage war and expand their own influence and prestige. Over time, as things settled, the loss of humans on all sides was deemed too harsh a penalty, and so the art of warfare turned into ritualistic dueling between beast and beast only, a gruesome gladiatorial sport that was viewed by many as the highest form of entertainment available. Great coliseums were erected for the sole purpose of staging these battles, and the capture and training of these fabled spirits was an occupation of great prestige, many dedicating their entire lives to this pursuit. These 'trainers' actively challenged each other as they jockeyed for social position and power, many a life and career meeting a brutal end within the arena, all for the sake of one goal: becoming the greatest trainer of all.

But of course...this all happened in a day and age when people were not half as civilized as today.

To most people, the name Zenith Island means very little, and popular opinion has it that most people aren't missing out on much in this regard. With little more than a steep topography, a particularly persistent Wingull population and a derelict observatory to its name, the long-forgotten island by Sinnoh's eastern border has been of very little interest to anyone for the last century, but if relatively known businessman slash evil land developer and generally obnoxiously wealthy person George Lesaile has any say in the matter, that is all about to change. Roughly five years ago, the usually shrewd businessman earned himself a few odd stares when he expressed interest in purchasing the particular plot of land from the Sinnoh government, but as no surprise natural resources or lucrative contracts were in sight, both his competitors and the government officials soon lost interest in the matter, allowing the purchase. Visibly pleased, the eccentric millionaire then took his leave, starting out a series of mysterious construction projects on the island. Just what these projects aimed for, precisely, has since been a heated topic of discussion among local conspiracy theorists, most tales involving communications with alien species and foreign spies, but only now has the truth been revealed, and in quite the grandstanding manner as well: a nationwide, live broadcast from none other than the evil land developer himself, announcing the beginning of the first ever Zenith league tournament, a five-step gauntlet designed to test the mettle of any trainer brave enough to step up to the challenge. Though hardly as prestigious as the established leagues, the tournament offers a generous array of prizes for competitors, not to mention promising entertainment for spectators, guest performances from various celebrities, cotton candy for the kids and just a general abundance of nice, clean entertainment for people of all ages.

In spite of - or perhaps because of - the naysayers still questioning the millionaire's intentions, stubbornly boycotting the event, public interest in the event is soaring, and with a beautiful Sinnoh summer bursting into full bloom in queue with the beginning of the qualifier round, the media have predicted attendance rates for the event to rival even the yearly pokémon league tournaments. After all...who could resist the combination of gladiatorial games, prizes galore, and cotton candy?

Where you come in

Be it out of desire for the prestige, the prizes, the practice, or just plain curiosity, you have decided to participate in the Zenith League tournament. On the experience scale, you may be anything from an eager amateur to a seasoned trainer with several past victories under your belt, though you have not won a regional league championship or high profile tournament such as this one as of yet.

During the process of the RP, there may be eliminations as the plot dictates. Should the need for such things arise, the cuts will be made based on your commitment to the RP and overall posting quality; not the number of faceless mook opponents your character manages to best in battle. Similar criteria will be used to determine the outcome of eventual PvP battles should the RPers not be able to decide on a winner. If, for whatever reason, you actually want your character to be eliminated, this option is also open to you, though even eliminated characters may find themselves serving a plot purpose as the story progresses.


1. Follow all standard RP section rules. And do note: this means that I actually expect you to know what they are. If you are a bit fuzzy on the specifics, I suggest that you read them (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=78898) before proceeding further.

2. As far as character control goes, this RP has a zero tolerance policy. Unless you have been given explicit permission to control another person's characters, then those characters are out of bounds for you. Period. NPCs - unless otherwise noted - are free game, but please keep them in character.

I reserve the right to circumvent this rule if and only if 1. the RPer in question has been absent for over a week without notifying me of the reasons for this absence or assigning an optional controller for their character and 2. the RP is unable to proceed without the character(s) in question being controlled in this way. As with NPCs, the characters controlled in this way must be kept in character as far as mortally possible.

3. Since we already broached on the subject above...attendance. Please, for the love of all that is sweet and sugary; attend regularly. I will expect a minimum of one post per week from each RPer, and the preference is for far more frequent posting than that. If you have a longer absence ahead of you, then notify me about it through a visitor message or OOC and preferably leave instructions for handling your character in your absence as well. If you know that you will not be able to maintain this kind of tempo, then you should reconsider whether you really have the time to spare for RPing general.

4. The four-line limit is there to be exceeded, with proper spelling and grammar. Illiterates need not apply.

5. Minor plot twists and NPCs are free game for anyone to introduce, but I maintain an RP master's veto on any and all events that transpire within this RP. If your designs do not fit into the big picture they don't and that's final. As such, you may well want to discuss ideas with more serious plot implications with me over PM/Profile Visitor Messages to avoid having your creative work coldly flushed. Your input to the plot is appreciated (and, to a degree, even counted on), but I still want maintain some semblance of control over this RP.

6. No powerplay or godmodding. During the course of this RP, your character will be expected to take a beating from time to time (be it literally or metaphorically), so rather than phobically trying to avoid the inevitable, try to make your character's losses serve an actual purpose; I guarantee you that the outcome will be a lot more satisfying than me being forced to spoon-feed a loss to you. It builds character and all that. =D

Failure to comply with these rules may result in anything from complete expulsion from the RP to a right stern talking to, depending on the severity of the offense and any requests from the offended party. You have been warned.

Now, on this cheerful note:

~Sign-ups are now over~

Sorry, m'dears, but I got what I wanted. From hereon out, the cast of people allowed to post in this thread is as follows:

Alter Ego

To the rest of you: thank you for displayed interest and have a good day. You are, of course, still more than welcome to follow the RP and leave comment in the OOC discussion if you so desire. ^^

June 28th, 2008, 4:07 PM
Name: Malic Levesque
Age: 24
Gender: Yea....its a Guy.
Appearance: Standing at an impressive 6"2 and weighing in at 200 pounds, Malic sports an athletic build and an ego to match (more on that later). From top to bottom, Malic's appearance is typical of a Pokemon trainer, yet not as worn as one would expect as many of his clothes are in mint condition.

His head is clearly defined by a black mess of hair, pointing in any direction it feels like going in. Styled up in spikes, Malic's hair is out of control and difficult to tame, however going down to Malic's face, it is obvious he doesn't really care. Long and clean, the face of Malic seems to always have the expression of aloofness and apathy. No smirks or toothy smiles have existed for a long time as Malic's cold blue eyes bring to the picture. His outfit that covers his upper body relays a similar message, but one more of intimidation. A plain black t-shirt is covered by a dark red leather jacket that contains a black dragon design on its back. A dragon appears to be wrapping itself around a medieval sword but the exact meaning is unknown. Brown, fingerless gloves keep his beaten hands partially protected from the elements and as such are one of the few articles of this outfit that show any wear and tear. Overall the clothing is slim fit making it appear fairly tight and close to his body allowing his atheltic body to seep through and expose itself to the public. This is clearly on purpose to reveal some confidence on Malic's part.

The lower body begins with a fairly fancy brown belt, with a dragon desgin on the buckle conveying some wealth. Dark blue jeans cover his legs and much like the t-shirt and jacket appear to be slim fit. However, the jeans are not as tight, giving his legs some breathing room. His shoes, much like his gloves, are somewhat worn but remain in solid condition. They are mostly red with a black outline and design. They appear to standard Vans (as far as our world is concerned) to present an overall idea.

Other than the standard clothes described, the only other objects worth mentioning are his pieces of fine jewelry and singular tattoo. He contains a single earring in his left ear, a golden loop in order to appear more intimidating. Around his neck is chain necklace with a pendant lying in the middle of his chest. A red crystal lies there, the exact material is unknown. His right forearm has a tattoo along the underside, which his a sword with two dragon like serpents wrapping themselves around it. The dragons are red bringing forth the element of red into his appearance.

Malic rarely stands straight and on both legs completely. He leans to right leg more than his left when standing still and hunches forward when walking. These peculiar body stances make him difficult to read well, throwing many people off of his true intentions or desires. His voice sounds scratchy and typical of the evil overlord kind of villain. Theories run amok that it is a cover-up, but one cannot be too sure. Cold and emotionless, those with weak constitutions likely freeze when Malic takes the chance to actually speak.

Personality: Malic resembles your typical uncaring human both in the way he carries himself physically and emotionally. He remains aloof and mellow on just about any subject lacking any spark of life or emotion. As a result, he comes off as a cold and almost downright evil, facts which are not exactly true. Malic has proven to care for others, such as party members, but typically hides these emotions in order to promote the image of a ruthless and fearless battler. Also, his ideal that the number priority in life is himself prevents him from fully caring about others. Malic possess a fairly big ego, stemming from his excellent win/loss record in Pokemon battling. The mentality that he almost always wins in battles and the lack of legit challenges led to believe that all trainers are jokes, and are rarely worth even bothering to battle. This greatly limits the challenges he accepts and increased his participation in tournaments and large competitions. Malic looks down on most trainers, especially Coordinators as he believes they waste the potential pokemon can achieve. He is independent and capable of taking care of himself, causing him to reject any feelings of sympathy or pleads to assist him in conquering any objective. These qualities cause Malic to be quite Anti-Social, at least to strangers and lacks trust in others unless they prove to be loyal and true. He rarely speaks and when he does he limits to a few words or sentences, as Malic rather let body language speak for him.

History: Born and raised in Blackthorn City until the age of 13 where his family moved to Lilycove City in Hoenn, Malic was a fierce and powerful child. Extremely independent due to a lack of true parents, he was a troublemaker and the resident punk. Despite this, he found out that not all adults were nasty as his true idol in his older cousin, a skilled Dragon tamer, was able to control him. Since his parents typically ignored him all the time, his cousin became his unofficial brother and guide, putting the passion Malic displayed at a young age to good use in training and controlling Dragon type Pokemon. Shortly before Malic's forced movement to Hoenn as a result of his parents, his cousin gave him a Bagon as a partner. In Hoenn, Malic developed a cold demeanor to his lack of care due to his disappearing family. He would spend long periods neglected and alone, forced to care for himself. At age 15, Malic escaped and decided to travel Hoenn alone and become a trainer, believing that maybe he could experience life in a whole new light. During his travels, he caught and trained powerful pokemon all the while collecting gym badges and destorying other trainer's dreams of success. Malic participated in numerous competitions and in the Pokemon League, meeting his only true rivals in those tournaments. However, he never attained total victory in them, typically losing out in the final rounds.

Pokemon: 4

1) Salamence
Malic's first pokemon as a result of a gift from his cousin, Salamence became Malic's main battling force until his other captures. A formerly peaceful Bagon, the calm little dragon turned out to learn quite a bit from his master, mostly how to be powerful and merciless. Rigorous travels and training caused the dragon to be accustomed to a hard lifestyle and the desire for strength and power. Rejecting the notion of defeat at weak opponents, Bagon evolved rather quickly into Shelgon. As Shelgon, pride developed as despite its strange form the dragon Pokemon grasped numerous victories. When the transformation occurred, the sadistic streak came into the picture as Salamence enjoyed its incredible powers and dismantling other teams became a hobby. Unlike Malic who displays a lack of emotion, Salamence is one with much passion and rage and rather enjoys total domination and quick battles. Enjoying dishing out punishment and aggression, he is typically used as a last resort. Also unlike his master who hides his pride under his cold stare, Salamence proudly bathes in excessive pride and confidence that has developed over the across of his series of hard fought victories and the few epic losses that been experienced.

Malic's first capture in its first stage while fishing outside Lilycove, Sharpedo quickly became one of Malic's premier battlers during his quest. Much like Bagon's evolution into Shelgon, Sharpedo evolved fairly quickly as Malic enjoyed the Pokemon's battling style at least at first. One for theatrics, Sharpedo is fairly energetic and lively, characteristics that bloomed even before its timely evolution. Despite its less than amazing win/loss record, Sharepdo is a respectable battler and the pride the Pokemon exercises comes from his hard-fought victories over many opponents despite type disadvantages. Sharpedo exercises excellent self-control and is able to focus on victory over showman-ship with solid timing. A sadistic pokemon that enjoys longer more drawn out battles, Sharpedo is fan of humiliating the opponent before delivering the final blow. Its shares similar pride issues to Salamence, though it appears to be in better control of itself. A fun fact is that Sharpedo has a phobia of fighting types as it the only real type to give him a terrible time in battle. As a result, it cannot interact with Gallade in any situation.

Caught as Ralts outside Petalburg, Malic exercised patience in the pokemon due to the belief that the useless psychic type had to become useful at some point in time. Evolving into a Kirlia after a series of grueling trainer battles and a few minor Gym battles at least in his opinion, Malic bought an odd stone from a old salesmen in Slateport. After waving the stone around his party, Kirlia was the sole pokemon to react and it evolved into Gallade much to Malic's happiness. Gallade became a proper choice from there on as due to its unique type, few trainers could counter effectively. The tough training caused the carefree Ralts into a hardened and determined Pokemon. Many of the qualities of Ralts seep through however giving Gallade a standard personality. Second only to Sharpedo in energy, Gallade is a fairly laid-back and carefree Pokemon making it capable of having "fun" to an extent. A battler at heart, Gallade is one to drive into focus mode with great ability. Lacking the pride issues and brutality of Sharpedo and Salamence, Gallade prefers to have honorable and fair battles with its opponents to see who is the winner. It carries itself similar to his master, however it appears to enjoy life to a higher degree but the calm aura it releases can easily shift to a stern and focused mentality.

Malic was very lucky to come across a lone Beldum during his training in Meteor Falls, following his defeat in the Pokemon league. After obtaining the rare Pokemon, Malic dedicated the better part of two years to train and develop Beldum into a powerful Pokemon. Beldum, however, was un-socialized with other people and Pokemon outside Malic's team, causing the creature to be very awkward in social gatherings. Metagross displays a personality similar to that of Malic himself, however it is far more optimistic despite its lack of outside experience. Remaining calm and collected, Metagross is a Pokemon that prefers to be calculating and controlling in all scenarios though frequent tournaments often bring Metagross to a breaking point as a result of large groups. Regardless, Metagross is capable of overcoming itself in order to accomplish the goals of Malic. Much like Gallade, Metagross rather enjoys even battles rather than ones that contain brutal and animalistic tactics, even though Metagross has decimated more than its share of innocent Pokemon.

RP Sample: Laziness prevents me from copying and pasting any passages, but checking out a Pokemon Adventure: Kanto Region should give you an idea of my experience and ability. I haven't quite gathered oodles of experience to be able to pick out my best posts. I will supply links here:

http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=143799 this is a more recent RP I joined

June 29th, 2008, 5:05 AM
* attacks the thread and throws together a character she's been dying to RP *

Another Titan RP, oh I've been deprived of one for so long ~<3 However, be warned, dear AE, I may only post twice or once a week due to the horror that is 'settling back into school', my activity shall pick up as the weeks pass, but if I'm really inactive, you've all the right to put little Adel into the corner xD;

Will finish up the sign-up ASAP xD;

Name - Adeltruat Haert
Nicknames - Adel
Gender - Female
Age - 16

Appearance -

The sixteen-year old has long, raven hair that falls near to her waist and owns a petite frame, standing at a height which is slightly below average, disrelishing it when people tease her and call her names like ‘munchkin’. She isn’t that short, it’s just that everyone seems taller, that’s all. With a pair of eyes that naturally blaze a brilliant fire of chestnuts when the girl is determined, Adel may not be drop dead gorgeous, but she is passable when it comes to looks. Her skin is of a pale pigment due to the fact that she rarely attempts to venture into sunlight unnecessarily, bear it mind that it is not ghastly pale, just… oddly white. Upon her oval face, the girl possesses a charming smile, though it is rarely seen if compared to her indifferent glare.

She is usually seen clad in long sleeved shirt that is the colour of the night. When she cannot take the intense heat such an outfit is likely to bring with it, she rolls up her sleeves without hesitation. A red tie hangs loosely from the collar of the shirt, though Adel frequently tells herself to keep it straight, no matter how many times it is adjusted, the tie is seen as crooked. A cream coloured skirt which falls from her hips to the top of her knee-cap accompanies this shirt. To complete her usual attire, the girl wears dark shoes with a pair of red and black socks that are pulled to the middle of her calf. Adel prefers to wear her hair in a neat ponytail whenever she finds that it is getting in her way, as such, her wrists are home to a pair of black coloured rubber bands.

With her, she carries a trusty emerald notebook and a mechanical pencil with a pokeball symbol on it to take notes. These are usually stored inside the sling bag which she carries on her right shoulder, the carrier is of a brown shade and has only two different compartments. Adel keeps her pokeballs latched securely on a scarlet belt which goes usually unseen just under the edge of her shirt. After years of studying, not only did Adel gain a decent amount of knowledge, she also developed a small case of short-sightedness. Objects that are too far away appear to be blurred to her, hence, she keeps a pair of black, rectangular framed spectacles to be utilized when required.

Personality -

Adel may look like a sweet and amiable girl due to her apparel and congenial smile, however, one must learn that it is only wise to be cautious around her. She is a fiercely independent girl who dislikes being ordered around, she feels that it is a chore to listen to useless comments when one should just take action without hesitation. Adamant and stubborn, she never listens to anyone who gets in her way and disapproves of her views. Anyone who does so will be immediately marked down in her eyes, even more so if she finds their opinions ridiculous.

As proud as a Persian, Adel holds herself in high regard, and will not take any gossip nor insult directed to her lightly. She tends to put up a brave front to hide any uncertainty she faces, being someone who doesn't accept changes and mistakes easily. She doesn’t support discrimination of any sort (this kind of contradicts with her obvious distaste to anyone with un-serious opinions), being biased and unfair are the key points of which she highly rejects in anyone who is her friend. A polite girl when she’s in the right mood, she always reminds herself of proper conduct and makes it a note to inform others of their bad habits as well. Though she may seem repetitive and irritating due to this, she does it all with a good motive. She goes by the book and is one who follows rules and constantly nags at trouble-makers and misbehaving individuals. Adel is someone who never rejects a chance to take charge, she is dependable when it comes to having tasks accomplished via paperwork and trustworthy when one needs to meet a deadline. Though she comes off as a wet blanket to most, she is capable of telling a joke or two and would never refuse nor turn down a chance to have harmless fun, but only allows herself to indulge in such activities when she deems in suitable (which is not always the case). Adel is known to have a tomboyish side that takes control once in a blue moon, it was probably the tomboy in her that caused her to spark an interest in Pokemon and their battles. It was also this miniscule part of her mind that caused her abandon her full name and create a shorter nickname. Now, she hopes to persevere and triumph as a great trainer to prove that she has what it takes to shine.

In battle, Adel plays with advantages and would rather gain an upper hand before using sheer power. The girl tries to stray away offensive attacks in the beginning of battle, she prefers utilising status altering moves to start off the battle in her favour. However, when taunted, Adel may change her strategy without much thought, resorting to brawn in the blink of an eye, she loves nothing more than winning a competition of strength.

A calm and composed powerhouse (though this is quite the oxymoron), she fights for her beliefs with fire and zest, while making it ideal to keep her temper under control for most of the time. With her tense attitude, Adel can be jumpy and easily surprised when she is caught unawares. A lot of people find it a good laugh to give her a good fright and cause her to scream, for this is the only way to throw her off balance from her usually responsible and uptight routine. She has an elephantine fear of ghosts, and will run away from anything with a hint of the supernatural, possibly leaving companions behind in all her cowardice. She has never once seen a real ghost, but she finds it smart to keep one’s guard up 24/7, just to be safe. Ambitious, determined and willing to resort to any means to get what she desires using her cunning wit (includes, but is not restricted to : lying/flirting/tricking). Adel’s one and only goal is to make a name for herself, and anyone who gets in her way will suffer dire consequences.

History -

Adeltruat grew in a well-mannered family of four. With a kind father, warm mother and a talented older brother. Being the youngest, Adel was always being looked down upon as the one who could do the least tasks and whose help would prove to be of no particular use. Though her parents were protective and cared for her like any other family would, they hardly complimented her for her achievements in spelling in grade school or being second in the annual Sports Meet. They saved these words for her older brother, who was said to be the ‘hope’ that the family had to become well-known and famous in the Kanto region. Like most other people of the human race, the Haert family treasured their name and would have given anything to be famous. Naturally, with Leighton and his above-average battling prowess, Mister and Missus Haert’s prayers had been answered. When they weren’t buried in business, they would be having a lively conversation with Leighton at the dinner table, while Adel had stayed behind in school to complete countless extra credit reports and projects.

Sadly, Adel did not manage to receive results that surpassed her brother, no matter how hard she tried.

Leighton decided to officially leave on a journey at the age of fifteen, well after he had gotten his first Pokemon, not from Professor Oak, but from his two loving parents who invested all they could in funds to purchase an egg of an incredibly rare Pokemon just for their perfect son. (A Dratini that had been breeded by a famous breeder of the region).

All this time, Adel had been in the background, silently drawing out scenes on paper with crayons, one of a family of three in a grandiose-looking mansion, with a small girl seated in one lonely, gloomy corner of the picture, while the parents and their son chatted animatedly on the dinner table. On a second paper, she drew the same majestic house, but this time, with a girl replacing the boy at the table, joining with laughter that had once belonged to the boy.

In the trash can, no longer than a week later, one of the pictures had been violently crushed up and thrown.

“Sit straight, do not slouch!”

“I’m trying my best, mother.”

“I know, dear,” Sylvia Haert bit her lip with frustration as she said so.

“But, I’m afraid that Leighton could definitely sit with better posture.” She continued, trying to break it to her daughter as gently as she could manage. Adel sighed quite heavily, nodding before stiffening her spine, leaning her tiny back against the support of the chair. “It’s still not entirely perfect.” Sylvia commented, oblivious to the amount of pain she was driving into her daughter at that point of time.

“Walter, we can’t continue doing this, clearly, Adeltruat is not up to it,” the mother discussed with her husband later that day, unbeknownst to them, there was an unwanted listener eavesdropping from the corner of the hallway. “No, it is because she clearly does not have what it takes.” The father replied sharply.

Adel’s heart shattered, the pain she felt was near the point of tangibility, she locked herself in her room, dove into the covers of her bed and wept silently in her blanket. She did not emerge until one day later, when she was called down for breakfast. “Dear, you need to remember that punctuality is key to perfection.” Sylvia quipped with her usual motherly tone, serving her child a lovely dish of pancakes. The top of the stack had had a smiley face drawn on it with syrup. However, that failed to cheer Adel up.

“.. Perfection cannot be bottled, mother,” the ten-year old whispered faintly.

“If it can, I want to be that bottle, the bottle that you will cherish,” Adel continued, her words barely a sigh which went undetected by her mother’s ears.

Adel decided to strive hard from that day onwards, to become an intelligent, outstanding student who would bring glory to her family. She stopped playing with her friends on a regular basis, and instead, confined herself to her study table, determined to cram in as much knowledge as her brain would allow. The time between studying and outdoor activities grew and grew, while she herself did not. The lively tone of her skin faded away, and her eyes began to hurt as she studied late into the night. When she finally decided to leave on a Pokemon journey at the age of fifteen, she gazed thoughtfully at the desk she had grown accustomed to all these years. She took a deep breath and marched out of her room and out of the house, promising never to return until she had made a name for the Haert family.

On the desk, a small picture had been messily pasted in the middle of the table using tape.

The picture depicted a lively family in a warm, large house, having dinner.

The family consisted of three:

A father, a mother.

And a daughter.

Pokémon -

Ophelia [Wartortle/Female]

A calm and collected Water type who always looks up to her trainer, even though Ophie tends to remain silent, and keeps her opinions to herself, it is plainly obvious that she believes Adel to be her role model, a superheroine, even. To Ophelia, Adeltruat is her shining ray of hope, the greatest trainer in every single and possible way. Due to this, the Wartortle would willingly risk anything to bring her closest companion happiness and is known to stand her ground against frightening opponents in order to protect her trainer. This is what Adel loves so much about the Water type. The two have been an inseparable duo since the time they met in Pallet Town's lab, instinctively drawn to one another like opposite poles of a magnet.

Ophelia is one who abandons all logic and rationality when it comes to Adeltruat's choice and opinion. She completely places all trust in her trainer, and never refuses a direct command. Though this may sometimes lead to an unsightly ending, the pair are always thankful to have the stubborn but level-headed Kinah there to ensure that they don't get themselves any unwanted trouble. However, if left to fend for herself, the Wartortle is a strong adversary who thinks on her feet. Though Ophelia may be clumsy due to her heavy shell, it hasn't stopped her from claiming the title of one of Adel's most prized and strongest Pokemon.

The Wartortle comes off as the silent type, and hardly speaks to anyone she isn't familiarised with, though it may make her seem antisocial, this trait is usually because she finds it hard to trust people easily without them earning it, much like her trainer. Ophelia is naturally drawn to charismatic individuals, and finds it a habit to be impressed by such people or Pokemon.

Kinah [Pigeotto/Female]

Though Kinah tends to be rather brash and hard-headed, she is also one of the most rational Pokemon on Adel's team when the going gets tough, hardly wavering in times of danger and refusing to falter when facing a menacing opponent. The Bird Pokemon loves to compete and has a fiery spirit of a warrior burning deep within her feathery form. Competitve and easily angered, she never turns down a chance to prove her strength and worth. However, the Flying type may get carried away with battles most of the time, being someone who is easily distracted. Her most common greeting is , "Yo! Wanna' fight?"

She has a habit of being obstinate and finds it interesting to irritate Adeltruat. Kinah also disapproves of Ophelia's idolization of their trainer. 'Adel isn't that special,' that's what she usually says, coupled with a quick roll of her amber eyes, a disgruntled look upon her face. Though this may be the case, the young girl was the one who trained her up - caused her to become so much stronger - the Flying type hides her real emotions with quite expertly, indeed. The facade of dull expression was triggered the moment the Pidgeotto was caught, in her first stage. The young, spritely Pokemon was against being captured, and fought incredibly hard to defend herself from the Squirtle's unrelenting attacks. Unfortunately, her Gust and Sand-Attacks failed to be sufficient, as she fell to the turtle's offensive attacks. It resulted in her being captured against her will, which was what caused her early hostility to Adel. However, Kinah has since grown accustomed to her trainer's ways, and though she finds some of Adel's quirks strange, the bird realises that she wouldn't want to be captured against her will by anyone other than Adeltruat Haert.

Basil [Sandslash/Male]

The Sandslash has one quality about him that far outshines any other part of his personality - his self esteem. Basil finds himself to be a weak and innocent Pokemon, one who wasn't born to fight, but born to curl up comfortably into a ball, safe from dangers. The Ground type dislikes fighting and would rather explore if given the opportunity. An adventurous and chatty mole most of the time, though Basil may not have a large amount of confidence, he does have an ample supply of curiousity. An inquisitive Sandslash who loves burrowing deep underground in search of new finds, the Pokemon loves scavenging for treasure and believes that in any one place, there's sure to be hidden gold lying not too far away.

He comes off as frantic and cowardly to most on first glance, however, if one learns to understand him deeply enough, Basil is a faithful and trustworthy friend - only when battles aren't concerned. The Sandslash flees at the mention of competition, which is why he and Kinah don't see eye to eye most of the time. Their heaty debates are what one would call a source of entertainment for Adel and the rest of the team. The Ground type speaks in a swift and hurried tone, having the habit of glancing sideways and scratching his claws together, as if anticipating a surprise attack.

Adel decided to capture Basil as a Sandshrew, bent on showing the world what a gifted and talented trainer she was - One who had the ability to turn a weak Pokemon into a strong and powerful one. However, her first few attempts at training the reluctant Sandshrew proved near fruitless. As time passed and Basil grew accustomed to battles, he began learning, quickening his reactions and finally - evolving. This was a form of relief to dear Adel, who decided to slacken training from then on, much to the Sandslash's delight. Though Basil does dislike battles, it does not mean that one should be quick to assume that his forte does not lie in combat.

Jing [Magnemite]

Jing appears have no possession of a voice as far as anyone knows, something which perfectly coincides with one of the two literal meanings of his name, 'quiet'. 'He' usually replies questions with a soft "Mmm..", which is the only understandable sound he utilises. The Magnemite whirrs and 'bzzts' every now and again, but as far as Adel's knowledge goes, the sounds don't come under any specific meaning. Composed and hardly distracted, Jing usually keeps his mind set on one thing at any given point of time, and rarely falters when faced with difficulties. However, due to this, he can't multi-task. If one presents him with two orders, the poor Magnemite usually tends to send out electric sparks of distress. His concentration is something that cannot be easily split. As such, he isn't usually sent into battle unless facing a type advantage.

The Electric type possess a gleaming body of silver, despite his name (which means 'gold'), however, the Magnemite is incredibly proud about his shiny, spherical being. When Jing isn't deep in contemplation of the question of the day, he pesters Adel to give him a good, quick rub with a clean cloth, and when the girl is in a carefree mood, she agrees.

No one knows exactly how or why the Steel type appeared, but one fine day not too long ago, Adel noticed that something was following her on her walk towards Celadon City. When she realised that it was merely a forlorn looking Magnemite, she brushed it off and continued on her merry way. However, it seemed that Jing had other plans on his mind, obediently tailing Adeltruat every which way she chose to go. Soon, the girl realised that she couldn't avoid the Magnemite who had a strange attraction to her any longer, allowing the Electric Pokemon to come along on her journey as part of her party. Though Jing may not necessarily speak, he doesn't let his opinions go underheard, preferring to showcase his emotions though his electrice buzzing and tone of whirring.

Sometimes, one might catch him lost in thought, and though he doesn't utter a word as far as anyone is concerned, one can tell by that gaze in his single eye, that he is thinking deeply, about... something of significance.

Other -

Adeltruat overheard about the Zenith League Tournament during the midst of her travel through Kanto, and couldn't resist the offer of promised fame and glory. The girl loves chocolate, has a height complex, is left-handed, and covets cute-looking Pokemon~

RP Sample :

Adel had to suppress the temptation to pinch Ophelia’s new, cloud-like ears. After all, she was a respectable, mature individual, who wouldn’t need to resort to such means to please her childish whim. She folded her arms tightly, a strong expression upon her delicate face as she withheld the urge to call out to Ophelia and inform her that she was pretty much one of the cutest creatures that the girl ever had the fortune to come across. The larger-sized turtle trotted in front of her, leading the way towards the exit of the cave, a shining ray of hope in the shape of a large, unnaturally shaped door that was located not too far from their current location. The young female was glad that the squeamish that had resided in the pit of her stomach since entering Mount Moon was slowly dissipating, the previous fright and uncertainty was also vanishing bit by bit. It must have been due to her Squirtle’s unexpected evolution, it was quite the pleasant surprise for the girl, not to mention the fact that the exit was just… just a stone’s throw away. Adeltruat genuinely wanted to break out into a sprint towards the end of the arduous tunnel, screaming happily like a child. However, the rational part of her simply would not allow it.

When they did finally emerge from Mount Moon, the girl was elated to realize that the Sun had yet to set, she could contain it no longer, a fit of giggles burst out from within her tiny frame, as she waved her arms over her hand and controllable laughter poured from her lips, a large, uncharacteristic grin of pure blithe pictured upon her as she starting prancing down the traveler’s path with giddy joy. “We’re FREE~! Free from that dreadful, dreadful place!” Ophelia tumbled down behind her, an expression of astonishment plastered on her blue face. Who knew that her trainer was actually such a child at heart?

Adeltruat continued on like this for a few moments, before coming to halt, clearing her throat and taking a deep breath. She turned to face the Water type that was chasing after her, an intense look on her face.

“Don’t tell anyone what you saw just now, it’s strictly between both of us only.” She spoke in a professional tone, sounding a lot more like the Adel that the Wartortle had grown accustomed to. Straightening her tie and brushing dust off her skirt as she did so, the girl felt that a great burden had just been lifted off her shoulders. She was lucky that she had a reason to recall Kinah into her Pokeball, if the bird had seen such a sight, she probably would have never allowed Adel to live it down without a good teasing or two every once in awhile.

At this moment, the meadow of long grass located just beside the dirt road that Adel and her Pokemon were standing on emitted a quiet call, “Shreww..” the patch of greenery went. The girl instinctively dug her hand into her bag, drawing out her Pokedex and pointing it towards the grass. The female voice spoke the moment the device detected the creature hiding within the vegetation, “ Sandshrew, the Mouse Pokemon. It burrows and lives underground. If threatened, it curls itself up into a ball for protection.”

At the hint of sound, the aforementioned creature shot its small head above the grass, yellow ears poised as it began sniffing around nervously, the Ground type squinted its black eyes in the sunlight as it stared in the direction of Adel and her Wartortle. It took the Sandshrew a couple of seconds to realize that a human and its Pokemon were staring at it. It released a distressed squeak, immediately curling into an uneasy ball. The girl lowered herself and took small steps to lessen the distance between herself and the Mouse Pokemon, poking the balled up Sandshrew curiously. The shivering yellow sphere had yet to run away. It looked like such a cowardly thing, it probably wouldn’t prove itself much in battle. Unless of course, an expert trained it up well enough. Naturally, she was a talented young person, it was painfully obvious that she had the capabilities to raise the Sandshrew into a brave and valiant fighter, it would prove to be no problem to someone as gifted as her. With this in mind, she detached an empty Pokeball from her belt and tossed it onto the unsettled Sandshrew, with a little less zest than usual. The startled Pokemon cried again, as it was sucked into the Pokeball.

However, the Pokeball stayed still for no more than three seconds, before it burst open and allowed the Sandshrew to emerge once again. Adel raised an eyebrow, maybe it wasn’t as weak as she had assumed.

“Ophelia, Water Gun!”

The Wartortle stood by her trainer’s side, allowing a stream of water to shoot from her mouth and knock down the Mouse Pokemon. In one shot, the Sandshrew fell back, completely dazed and nearly unable to move its limbs, struggling to return into its curled up ball. Adeltruat sighed, “It really is weak..” as she tried again once more, weakly tossing the Pokeball to the critically injured Sandshrew.

Alter Ego
June 29th, 2008, 7:45 AM
@Got-a-Plan-B: I'm...torn, to be honest. A cold 'whatever-it-takes' type trainer would fit this plot very well, but I'm having serious trouble evaluating your RPing skill since you haven't provided any links (forcing me to go through a less-than-pleasing research project in an attempt to find these RPs you mentioned) in relation to what is quite the strong team. A bit more detail on the pokémon would also be appreciated. ~Pending~ for now, as I need a bit more time to delve into your RPing history. :3

@Ibuberu: Very promising thus far, and the personality is another one that should fit a little something I have in mind for this RP nicely, especially the fact that-*Traffic noise* Oh yes, suits it down to a 'T', but that's enough spoilers from me. ;D

Yep, yep; unless you do something completely off the wall to that profile Adel should fit right in. ^^ Until then your profile is also ~Pending~, on account of not being finished.

Anyways, due to my final army days and all the hassle that comes with them, I probably won't be able to get my profile posted before Friday, so sit tight until then. I should, however, have the time to come to a decision about Malic here, as well as any other profiles that may pop up between now and then. :3

June 29th, 2008, 8:23 PM
Name: Crossford Hale
Nicknames (optional): Cross
Age: 19

Appearance: A very calming and surreal aura surrounds Cross when one looks at him. He stands the average height of 5'7 with slightly tanned caucasian skin, with a modest build that doesn't particularly boast muscle mass. He has short shaggy dirty blond hair which always looks like he just woke up and salutes many different directions. His eyes usually hold a slightly bored appearance, being only half opened or looking in a different direction. The iris are a deep shade of forest green and house the pupils that help his deep thought appearance. His movements are lanky and fluid and although he doesn't appear like he's 'all there', his presence never seems to in someone under estimating him. Something about how he presents himself will have any trainer finding the smallest reason just to challenge his ways.

As for his clothing, Cross dresses very casually like a typical trainer. Always traveling as light as possible he only carries the essentials. On his torso, he wears a faded black t-shirt with a simple picture of a white number 7. Over top the t-shirt he wears an army green vest with a multitude of pockets down the breast. A pair of loose dark blue jeans are held up by a matching army green cloth belt. The pants hang casually over his bare feet which are usually stepped inside a pair of brown flip flops.

Personality: Cross is a man that demands respect without asking for it. He is a quiet kid and very modest about his talents as a pokemon trainer. His ego will never get out of hand and he isn't one to trash talk a rival. He never complains about a loss and always learns from his mistakes. He believes in quiet patience being the key to unlocking one's true potential and will sit for hours on end in meditation with his pokemon, although sometimes he's been known to fall asleep while "training". He is a very calculated individual and is very prophetic when approaching his pokemon battles and scenarios. He much prefers to let his opponent make the first move and counter attack accordingly, stating that attack and speed aren't always the best path to take. Cross is a man who never bluffs his moves and wins with grace and dignity. Outside of battle scenarios, a normal person would probably find it really hard to listen have a normal conversation with Cross as he's easily distracted by everything about nature and pokemon happening around him. He is always making observations about what he see's and trying to connect it to how it his current situation. All in all he is a trainer who is usually a sleeper favorite of the crowd and not too well known but where his reputation is known, his is never a name thats dropped some weight behind it. He is most infamous for his famous line that he always recites while dealing the calculated final blow, making a parody of his nickname, Cross, saying "X marks the spot"

History: Crossford began training at the typical age of a pokemon trainer, starting out in the Kanto region with a Bulbasaur. Him and Bulbasaur continued to be an unstoppable force, battling around Kanto but not really challenging gyms. In all honesty, the fame and glory of indigo champion never seemed too appealing to him and much more of a hassle dealing with the constant challengers. Instead of challenging the gyms, Cross decided to wander the countryside, learning what he could and never turning down a fight. Through these exploits Cross has made friends with many trainers and was even able to take small training courses in a multitude of gyms, learning small techniques to aid him in battle. Through his travels he of course made pokemon friends as well, adding to his small group of pokemon. Bulbasaur continued to remain his best friend until a wild Meditite particularly caught his attention. Just the fact that the little pokemon would never sit still, interested Cross to no ends. This eventually resulted in Cross capturing the pokemon simply for the enjoyment of its company. While traveling the different regions on his quest for enlightenment, Cross began to catch rumors of the Zenith League Tournament and the tests it put on trainer and pokemon. The thrill of these challenges was too great and consumed the young trainer, pulling him towards the tournament to learn more and see what new spectacular sights a tournament of such great promise could hold for him.

Venusaur (Gawen) - The Bulbasaur that Cross received as his first pokemon, its needless to say that it is his most loyal pokemon without a doubt. Gawen has definitely taken well to Cross' calm way of life, and seemed to embrace it more and more as it continued to evolve and grow larger into the mass of Venusaur it is today. This large but carefree and composed pokemon never has a problem with letting his long time friend take a nap underneath the shade of his large sheltering flower. Gawen is a pokemon who is quite aware of how powerful it is and never gets worked up, always taking its time and releasing its energy in opportune times. Like its master, it prefers to bide its time, its signature moves are Giga Drain, and Frenzy Plant.

Medicham (Crash) - caught as a Medicham during Cross' adventures, Crash earned his nickname through his sometimes reckless behaviour. Crash can easily throw the hardest hit on Cross' team and he knows it. The Pure Power pride of the Medicham runs thick in this hyper active loose cannon of a pokemon. It scarcely knows the reason of subtlety and hates to hold back. The only voice capable of calming this pokemon's battling rampage is the smooth voice of his trainer. Due to his small size, Crash is usually outside of his pokeball, walking along side his master happily. It specializes in using Ice Punch and Dynamic Punch

Other (optional): He has a lot of faith in his two pokemon and they love him very dearly. Just because he's not necessarily in everything to win, doesn't mean he wont try to push everyone else to their best potential

RP Sample: You've rp'd with me but I can pull up a sample if you like

June 29th, 2008, 8:30 PM
Name: Roz Saia (pronunciation: Rose Sai/"Sigh"-uh)
Nicknames (optional): N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Much about Roz resembles a porcelain doll. Though perhaps more elegant, she possesses the same pale skin, faintly pink cheeks, innate delicacy--yet strength by virtue of cold grace and inexplicable untouchability--and timeless appearance of youth. The only makeup Roz wears is a silver-imbued green eyeshadow that serves as a contrast to the natural colours of the rest of her features, including her soft brown eyes. Her hair is a light, though not platinum blonde with brown undertones that falls about her face in split bangs and is held up on her head by a pair of silver chopsticks. Another "porcelain doll" aspect Roz possesses is the general aura she exudes that seems to indicate that something is not quite normal about her.

A black, hooded short cloak hangs about Roz's shoulders, clasped by a silver brooch fashioned into a three-point celtic knot (or "triqueta (http://z.about.com/d/altreligion/1/0/J/F/2/triqueta.jpg)"). Beneath that she wears a dull brown shirt, the collar of which is slightly under the shawl's clasp, and with sleeves that stop scarcely beyond the shoulder. About an inch below the cloak's bottom edge, detached sleeves of a slightly darker brown as the cloak start. These loose armwarmers stop roughly at roughly a third of Roz's palm's length when her arms hang down. The gentle fit of Roz's shirt and the fact that its bottom edge ends almost halfway down her thighs gives it a dress-like appearance. Resting above Roz's waist is a two-stranded woven belt coloured silver. Her black pants are slim, but not quite tight, and her cream boots are worn by walking and encrusted with dried mud on their soles. Roz keeps her Pokeballs on an armband that lies above her right wrist beneath her sleeve. Other belongings are found in her bag--resembling a bookbag--that hangs diagonally across her chest.

Like her emotions, Roz's expressions tend to be subdued. Her height is roughly five-and-a-half feet--average for a female of her age. And though her slim build causes many to doubt her suitability for Pokemon training, she has learned to withstand the rigors of the Pokemon world as well as any trainer.

Personality: Despite her patient and gentle personality, Roz is not someone that people generally feel easy or comfortable around. This may be due to the fact that she communicates with others indirectly or because she is continually polite--both causing others to feel distant from her. At times, Roz may be mentally detached from a situation and/or have difficulty comprehending certain events. In this matter she is a little childish. When faced with hardship, however, Roz does not appear to respond as a child (or many other people) would. Rarely will this trainer show signs of aggression or fear. Whether this is due to some inner strength, simply because the responses of anger and terror do not occur to her to have, or some combination of the two is unknown. Roz's childhood trauma lends some support to both theories.

Most of Roz's major decisions have Vulcan's influence in them, and around him her emotions are most easily shown. Her care for her Arcanine seems to be the signal that told her she should also care for her other Pokemon, and from her relationship with him she is learning to establish relationships with others. By this point Roz has learned that not everyone has the same personality as Vulcan, but she is at least able to remember connections with other people and Pokemon now.

In the matter of Pokemon battling, Roz's strengths lie in countering rather than initiating an attack. Apparently paradoxically, she also orders attacks to draw retaliation for her to counter. Though she has no love for violence or causing pain, Roz has formed a somewhat distant, assumptive view of fighting ("This is a battle. This is what one does in battle.").

History: Roz was raised in small house located a little over an hour from the nearest town. She had no siblings and was sometimes a little lonely, but was generally content with her life. Although usually a quiet child, she--as all people do--had good days and bad, sometimes causing her parents considerable frustration. The family remained close-knit, though--close-knit and happy. Unfortunately, Roz's memories of these days are distant and unclear. At times she wonders if she is only recalling dreams. When Roz was seven, a pair of thieves escaped from the jail in town and fled into the forest. No one was at the girl's home, so they broke in to obtain what resources they could before moving on. Roz's family stepped through the front door before the thieves had left and almost walked into the two men who were raiding the living room, causing shock and panic on both sides. Scared and shaken, one of the robbers pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed it into the shoulder of Roz's father. Parents protected child, urging her on ahead of them as they ran from the building. Now more desperate than before to avoid witnesses, the thieves pursued the family--killing first the father, then the mother with their own kitchen knives. As one of the men prepared to strike Roz's deathblow, her mother exerted the last of her energy and yanked the man's ankle back. He fell, and Roz escaped. The thieves searched for Roz for almost an hour. But as their senses returned, they began to grow afraid of what they had done and of the police who were hunting them. After dropping the two dead bodies into a muddy ditch, they resumed their search for Roz until nightfall. Finally they relented and moved on, knowing that they could not afford to linger in the area any longer.

Meanwhile, the police had found Roz's house and were preparing a search party of their own. Roz, lost in the forest and numbed by what she had seen, sat trembling with her back to a tree. A rustling of leaves caused her to stiffen, and she had halfway crawled behind the tree
when a figure emerged from the bushes. The figure was not human and unlike any she had seen before. It was a Growlithe, though white-furred except for its black stripes. The initial approach of the two beings was slow and cautious, but each was soon able to see that the other intended no harm. When the police found Roz, she was curled up by the Growlithe's side--arms wrapped around its neck and head lying peacefully on its warm back. They gently awoke the girl and asked her what had happened. But she had no answer, no memory of that day, and no voice.

Since the murder of her parents, Roz has been understandably "off." Despite hours of therapy, she has not been able to speak and has greater ease forming thoughts into ideas or concepts rather than words (evident when she writes or during telepathic communication). While Roz is currently quiet-spirited and kind, her psychiatrists worry about the effects repressed emotions might have on her future state of mind. Throughout the years, Roz's memories have slowly returned to her, though they are largely fragmented and blurry. Nightmares of her parents' deaths are not uncommon for the girl, but fortunately the events are considerably less vivid and complete to her mind during her waking hours.

When the police discovered Roz in woods and brought her to the hospital, she refused to be parted from the Growlithe she was found with. This has not changed much. Within the first few days Roz's foster parents cared for her, they saw the bond between child and Pokemon. Consequently, their first gift to their new daughter was a Pokeball for Vulcan so that he could always be near her. Even now, Roz is hesitant to leave a Pokemon Center if Vulcan is still being treated and is likely to wait for him before stepping outside.

Though this problem is not as defined as it once was, Roz seems to have difficulty forming relationships. While she certainly liked--perhaps loved--her foster parents, she also seemed unable to accept them as family. The child had a tendency to disappear and caused her parents much trouble when she would forget to come home from school, wander away from them during outings, or simply leave the house. Her intent was not to hurt or cause worry; in fact, throughout these incidences she seemed to lack intent almost entirely. During these times, Vulcan would follow Roz, take care of her, and find a way to bring her back home. Because of this, on some occasions Roz would return within minutes or was prevented from becoming lost. Sometimes, however, she vanished for hours or even days. Naturally, these events were highly disconcerting to Roz's foster parents who took whatever measures they could to ensure their child's safety--extra locks on doors, child leashes, etc. Ironically, as Roz began to wander less, Vulcan suggested to her that she begin a Pokemon journey. Roz's safety was important to the Arcanine, but well-being exists in many forms besides physical.

Considering their daughter's state of mind, Roz's parents were initially opposed to the idea of her leaving home on an official journey. But they had also seen Vulcan's ability to care for the girl and made an agreement with him and Roz. If Roz could live for three months without one of her "wandering episodes," they would allow her to travel with Vulcan. Roz fulfilled this requirement when she was twelve and began her Pokemon journey the day after her thirteenth birthday.

Capturing Pokemon was never a priority for Roz. Thus, all her Pokemon except Vulcan were found already-injured and captured with Heal Balls. When she was fourteen, Roz found a Natu trapped under a fallen tree and caught it. Roughly a year later, she caught an injured Snorunt with another Heal Ball. A few months afterward, Roz captured an Electrike. Now Vulcan has suggested that she participate in the upcoming Zenith League Tournament.

Type/Name - Natu/Melanie (an extension of "Melon," her orignal nickname (Roz thought the Natu resembled a melon))
Gender - F
Pokeball - Heal Ball
Personality/History - The conveyor of Roz's thoughts, Melanie rarely expresses her own thoughts to any except Roz and Vulcan. Her communication with others mainly consists of giving them information or directing them when needed. For those she does reveal her personality to, Melanie can be rather motherly. When Roz first found the Natu, the small bird had been injured in a recent storm. Roz captured Melanie in a Heal Ball to help the Natu recover, after which Melanie lingered about the human for a few days out of curiosity. Naturally Melanie noticed the disarray of Roz's mental state and her trainer's inability to speak. Feeling that she could not abandon someone in such need, Melanie decided to stay with Roz and has practiced long hours to be able to use her psychic abilities to establish frequent mental contact.

In battle, Melanie is probably Roz's weakest Pokemon. While she is intelligent, able to dodge well, and can perceive her enemies' weak points, she is likely to lose in a power match.
Other - Melanie is able to convey telepathic messages from Roz to other people and Pokemon and rides about on her trainer's shoulder. Though she generally does not battle, if Natu faints and/or is forced to return to her Pokeball, Roz communicates with her other Pokemon via hand-signals and differently-pitched snaps.

Type/Name - Arcanine/Vulcan (partially self-given)
Gender - M
Pokeball - Pokeball
Personality/History - Vulcan is Roz's guide, guardian, and closest friend. Since he met Roz after she lost her ability to speak and before she obtained Melanie, he and his trainer gained a deep understanding of one another that often causes words to become unnecessary. Strong and dependable, Vulcan is highly protective of Roz and probably needs to be so. His trainer possesses little volition and falls into lapses of obliviousness that he compensates for.

Many of the qualities Vulcan possesses are considered noble--virtue, wisdom, mercy, courage, honor, and more. Though Roz is definitely dear to the Arcanine, his protectiveness of her is not mindless or foolish.

For several years Roz had no name for Vulcan. Being unable to speak, she needed only to identify him to herself. And in such cases, recognition of the Pokemon's inherent identity was sufficient. But in order to help Roz regain her ability to formulate words, Roz's foster parents often gave her books to read. Such exercises were helpful, but also provided the source for Vulcan's name. When Roz was eleven, she was looking through a book of mythology and noticed a figure surrounded by fire. Reminded of the Growlithe that slept beside her, she showed him the picture. He looked at her questioningly, and she pointed to the being's name on the opposite page: "Vulcan, Roman god of Fire." The Pokemon found this name pleasing and took it for himself.

When Vulcan was a Growlithe journeying alone with Roz, the pair were attacked by a flock of Spearow and Fearow. Though the travelers escaped successfully and Vulcan had fought well, Roz had still received several scratches and a deep gash in her forearm. Vulcan knew that he could not protect Roz perfectly, but was still frustrated by what he perceived as his own weakness and incompetence. Roz, seeing the Growlithe's mingled anger and depression, offered him a gift that he was free to accept or refuse: A Fire Stone. Vulcan accepted and evolved.

As a Growlithe, Vulcan was almost constantly outside his Pokeball. But as a considerably larger Arcanine, he was forced to spend more time within spherical walls--particularly on city streets and indoors. Whenever she can let Vulcan out of his Pokeball, however, Roz does.

Vulcan is Roz's strongest fighter. When Roz was young and became lost in the woods or plains, he defended her against wild Pokemon. And until the girl obtained Melanie when she was 14, he was her only Pokemon to use during her journey. Even after Melanie's capture, the psychic bird rarely battled. Consequently, the Arcanine is capable of fighting against multiple opponents and lasting through consecutive matches. Since Roz could not give specific directions during battle until her Natu refined her telepathy, Vulcan can also fight independently.
Other - Aside from his black stripes, Vulcan has white fur.

Type/Name - Froslass/Crystal
Pokeball - Love Ball
Gender - F
Personality/History - While Roz was traveling through the mountains, she came upon a Snorunt that had offended the members of its colony and experienced somewhat painful consequences. The ice type appeared seriously injured when it was found and refused to move despite the worsening snow storm that surrounded it. Roz captured the Pokemon with a Heal Ball and restored its physical well-being. But upon the creature's first release from the Heal Ball, Roz and her Pokemon were shown why this Snorunt had been shunned. Indignant and angry about her capture, the female Pokemon appeared to have either forgotten or not noticed the help she had been given. Instead, the Snorunt criticized Roz and her Pokemon in every manner she could think of and demanded that she immediately be set free. The Snorunt was shocked when Roz obliged. With no apparent objections, the girl simply severed the Snorunt's connection with the Heal Ball, turned, and walked away.

The ice type waddled after Roz, suddenly deciding that she could not bear to be abandoned by the first being that had shown her kindness in a long while. Though the manner in which the Snorunt advertised her various uses and qualities to Roz dripped with desperation, the wild Pokemon also held the condition that if Roz's group was to enjoy the many benefits of her own company, she needed to be placed in a unique and more suitable Pokeball. The Snorunt followed Roz on foot until they reached the next town--though she would have ridden on Vulcan's back if he would have allowed her--and selected the Love Ball from a shop window. Upon her official recapture, the ice Pokemon introduced herself as Crystal.

While not entirely satisfied with her appearance as a Snorunt, Crystal still believed herself to be considerably more attractive than most Pokemon of any species. Becoming something of such savage demeanor as a Glalie, however, she abhorred. Thus, as she grew stronger, Crystal also increased the frequency of her demands for a Dawn Stone. Both Vulcan and Melanie observed that Crystal would probably never be strong enough to evolve into a Glalie, but Roz nonetheless obliged her Snorunt's demands and provided the object necessary for evolution into a Froslass.

Vain, arrogant, and self-centered; Crystal is not exactly popular among those she meets. While certainly not incompetent, the Froslass has a habit of thinking more highly of herself than she ought to and is quick to highlight the flaws in others. When she likes someone or such actions suit her needs, Crystal can be kind--even charming. The ice Pokemon also enjoys toying with anyone she can. Whether in an attempt to manipulate or by her impetuousness, Crystal only has some degree of sincerity in about half of what she says. Within her first 24 hours with Roz, Crystal learned that she could not treat to girl the same way she treated everyone else. Emotional reactions were not easy to draw from Roz, and the trainer accepted Crystal's words with an innocent simplicity. Untroubled obedience was oddly dissatisfying to Crystal, and the Arcanine that traveled with Roz soon proved too intimidating for the (then) Snorunt to begin to consider trying to take advantage of Roz's naivety.

Neither Vulcan nor Melanie trusts Crystal, and both view her as a child--much to her irritation. They disapprove of her rashness, her pettiness, and her lack of concern for others. Since her time with Roz, Crystal has grown steadily more fond of her trainer. The Froslass certainly does not possess Vulcan's or Melanie's level of affection, but she has enough regard for Roz to listen to her and to be decently offended should Roz be hurt. This, in part, has softened the opinions of Roz's first two Pokemon, who are slowly starting to view Crystal's existence more favorably.

Crystal is a decent fighter--above average when she is feeling cruel (whether a cold or enjoyed cruelty), but below average when she allows her frustration to control her. The Froslass's greatest strengths are her cunning and quick reactions.
Other - Crystal is slightly smaller than an average Froslass.

Type/Name - Electrike/Euclid
Pokeball - Heal Ball
Gender - M
Personality/History - Euclid is a creature of extremes and, unlike his namesake, not one who devotes much time to thinking. When the Electrike has something to focus on, he is strong-willed, positive, and driven. Without anything to devote himself to, Euclid becomes restless, agitated, and depressed.

While resting by a lake one afternoon, Roz heard the sounds that indicate a creature's approach. Melanie was perched on her trainer's shoulder as usual, Crystal (a Snorunt at the time) was playing in the water, and Vulcan was lying quietly at Roz's side. Hearing the noise of a unknown being, the Arcanine lifted his head and listened. Suddenly an Electrike charged from the bushes and threw itself at the fire Pokemon. A brush of Vulcan's paw found the wild Pokemon lying on the ground a few feet away. As the Electrike struggled to stand, Roz and her Pokemon noticed the thorns embedded in its legs and its food-starved build. Seeing the electric type's intent to continue the fight, Vulcan stood, but refused to cause serious injury to an opponent with such a serious disadvantage. Again and again the Electrike attacked the Arcanine, and each time it bounced off a turned shoulder or was rolled over by a white-furred paw. Not sure when the Electrike might decide to stop its futile attempts, Roz captured it in a Heal Ball.

Neither Roz nor her Pokemon understand why Euclid attacked Vulcan that day. But though the Electrike joined Roz's group with an unexplained enthusiasm after he was restored, defeating Vulcan remains one of his central goals (currently unaccomplished). Euclid's fighting abilities have grown considerably since he was caught, and his determination is usually an asset in battle. Unforunately, determination is not quite enough--particularly when one is as rash as Euclid. Without a trainer to think for him, his stubbornness is likely to cause him to Tackle a ghost type one day and continue until he dies from exhaustion. Euclid's natural Electrike speed gives him reactions that match or surpass Crystal's when he electrically stimulates his muscles, but his counters/dodges are less varied and creative. Vulcan and Melanie theorize that Roz named the Electrike "Euclid" in the hope that the name would somehow encourage him to think more. They are fairly certain that the name has not helped.

Euclid has not yet explained to any of the group how he fell into the ragged condition they found him in. He is not attempting to hide part of his past, but those who rush forward often do not look back, and no one has asked him about that portion of his history. They all have their own guesses anyway.
Other - N/A

Other (optional): Roz is mute and relies on her Natu to psychically communicate with anyone who does not know sign language. When she uses Melanie to give battle commands, Roz also tells her Pokemon to make the directions simultaneously known to her opponents to ensure a fair fight. Planning and strategy, however, she maintains on a private line.
RP Sample:
Stars shone dimly in the night sky, twinkling occasionally as though they were straining to touch Earth with their rays. A crescent moon was suspended in their midst--coloured a mottled silver that contrasted with their pure white. Beneath the celestial world above, three beings rested in an open field. The air was warm, but the breezes of the gradually cooling air made the trio comfortable and gently urged them to slumber. Only one of the three had already accepted this suggestion. Lying in Vulcan's thick, soft fur, Roz slept quietly as she did almost every night. Vulcan watched her wordlessly, a guardian to the one who so willingly entrusted her life to him. Melanie perched atop the Arcanine's head, glancing about as her thoughts dictated, but eventually resting her own eyes on Roz as well. A question entered her mind and she asked it. "Does it ever worry you?"

"Does what worry me?"

"The thought of what might happen to Roz without us."

For a long moment, the fire Pokemon did not respond. He had thought of the topic often, but never enjoyed allowing his mind to linger about the idea--which he inevitably did each time it entered his mind. Finally, after some deliberation he answered, "Sometimes. If I had it my way, I'd always be there to take care of Roz. But however it happens, one day I won't be able to help her with something. Until then, I can only try to prepare her for that time."

"That's why you told her to enter the tournament. To get her ready."

"Is that why you brought this up? But you're right; that was my intention . . . I only hope this doesn't backfire."

Melanie's eyes flicked down toward Vulcan, and the Arcanine's eyes turned upward in response. "What makes you think it will?" the Natu inquired.

"Earlier today, you mentioned that you had a dark premonition about this tournament. And whether fortunately or unfortunately, your premonitions are rarely wrong."

The psychic type replied with a mental laugh. "The gift of my kind."

The previously steady pattern of Roz's breathing was broken, and for an instant her breath seemed caught in her throat. The girl's body tensed, and she unconsciously clutched Vulcan's fur with one hand. Both Pokemon looked down at her--concerned, but not surprised.

"She's having that nightmare again," Melanie told her companion.

Vulcan folded his large tail over Roz's body, and after a shallow gasp she relaxed. "I know."

June 29th, 2008, 8:58 PM

Name: Corey Anne Stenson

Nicknames (optional): Stenson

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: Flowing blonde hair, that reaches the middle of the back, with ice sparkling blue eyes and a killer white smile to top it all off. That's not what Corey looks like and she's extremely thankful for that. A typical blonde is not how she would like to live her life, and she would take her shoulder length brunette hair over stereotypical "babe" look anyday. Not many people notice the length of Corey's hair, but the only reasons for that would be guys only paying attention to her chest or the fact that she keeps her hair in two pony tails for the majority of her day. Continuing down her upper half, we come to her face, that when caressed has a smooth feel to it. Again, not that anyone would know because if someone tried to touch her face she'd probably spin kick them into the furthest region possible. Her eyes are a deep brown color, similiar to a chocolate bar that all the kids go crazy over once they're let out of classes for the day. On her nose rests a piercing, on the right side, that she's had since she turned sixteen to aid in her rebellious personality. Accompanying the nose piercing, Corey has both her ears, the lower parts, pierced and a navel piercing which we'll get to later.

Moving further down, we come to the mid upper part of this young woman, and its covered with a simple orange tank top, an odd symbol in the center of the chest that she designed herself, and red drawstring back for all of her other possesions. The symbol is actually of a bird flying upwards, with what appears to be gusts of winds behind it, to represent her love for flying pokemon, thanks to her mother. Back to the tank top, it cuts off just above the navel and we come back to that belly button piercing we discussed earliar. It is a simple piercing, like all the others, except it has a charizard charm hanging from it, again aiding to her love of flying pokemon.

Finally reaching the lower portion of Corey's body, we come to the yellow pants that cut off just at the ankles, giving Corey a sexy and tough looking appearrance. Her shoe's vary between a pair of orange flip flops and black sneakers and laces. Red, yellow, black and orange are the only colors she likes to where, but if needed she'll wear whatever she has to.

Personality: The personality that Corey posseses is basically one giant oxymoron, as she is both selfish yet caring. How in the hell can someone be a self centered jerk and then give a rats butt about someone? Well its actually quite simple when you look at it, but it is still puzzling as to how someone with this personality has any respect from her pokemon. When it comes down to it, Corey lives only for herself and doesn't care who she steps on to get to where she's going - even her pokemon. To her, they are tools to be used to further her goals of becoming one of the greatest trainers to ever live. In each battle, Corey spaces out the status of her pokemon and just uses her strategic genius to win the battle as swiftly as possible. If the battle turns out to be a victory, Corey celebrates to herself in her mind and quickly recalls her pokemon and leaves to go begin training again. But if the victory results in a loss, Corey becomes a very compassionate person and immediately runs off to the Pokemon center to get all of her pokemon fixed up. The downside to this compassion though is that one healed, its back to training and the sessions are by far not easier.

Her relationship with her pokemon, while strict, does have some occassional emotion involved. With her Charizard there is the most love, as he has been Corey's "friend" since she started her journey, and shows her the most effection. Mantine and her have great respect for each other, only wanting to battle and win and move on with life, and thus while they do not talk much they do accept each others company. Trophius and Corey don't talk at all, it might have something to do with Trophius being a mute, and that's perfectly fine with them both. Tropius comes out to either fly Corey or battle, and then goes right back in his pokeball. Finally we come to Plusle & Minun, who are a major annoyance to Corey, seeing as she never wanted them as pokemon anyway.

History: Where to begin the story of Corey Anne Stenson. Well I guess a good beginning would be her childhood/beginning of her journey.

Born into this world from loving parents, Katherine Ritzo and Winston Michael Stenson III, Corey was an elegant and cheerful little girl who loved to learn new things and master them. From the start, it was known that Corey would be a gifted person, learning things at a much faster rate than most - such as walking, which she began to do at the age of one, and even speaking, at the age of 2. Raised by fair parents, Corey learned all of lifes lessons in her own way and accepted any benefits or consequences that came with them. But life threw her a curveball, at the age of seven, that changed her life from then on and her former sweet and nuturing personality turned to cold, and somewhat, cruel. While away on business, her father was killed by a stampede of Tauros, who had been riled up by a group of young kids who thought it was fun to physically torture pokemon. Flying over on her mothers Staraptor, Corey began to cry and cry and it didn't appear she would ever stop, but she did once they landed and she saw the kids, all of the older than her. The tears of her body dried up, rage now filling her eyes, and since that day not a single droplet of water has emerged from her now moistureless pupils.

And then time fast fowards, three years, to when it came time for Corey to start her pokemon journey and take care of herself. Choosing Charmander, Corey began her strict lifestyle of training and training until there was no possible way to train anymore. Putting her one and only pokemon, at the time, up against trainers, old and young, and wild pokemon, large and small, until evolution could occur no more and every move possible was learned. And over the next ten years, she did this type of training equally with each pokemon she captured, with the exception of her Plusle and Minun.

Now, after ten years, we come to the present day. Corey has dedicated ten years to training her Charizard, eight years to Mantine, one year to Tropius, and just over two weeks for Plusle and Minun. The Zenith Tournament had been announced at the town Corey had just passed through, and she had made up her mind to participate in such a grand competition. Her ten years of experience, in her opinion, will give her an extremely good edge over much of the competition, but Corey would nevertheless continuing her strict training regiment, especially with her newest pokemon Plusle & Minun.


Charizard: What does one normally see with a Charizards personality? Attitude, superiority, arrogance? Well not with Corey's Charizard, who is completely and totally different than your normal everyday Charizard. Ever since Corey received him, back when he was just a little Charmander, her Charizard has been a very affectionate and loving pokemon. Once that button is hit on his pokeball, and he is released, that Charizard immediately picks Corey up and begins flying around happily just because he gets to cuddle with Corey in mid-air. This however is the only time his personality is different, when just hanging around with Corey. Once its time to battle, his personality becomes completely strategic and he listens to every command that Corey gives him. Instead of just using brute strength, like most Charizards do, her Charizard has grown a custom to Corey's skillful training and learned to think ahead of the battle to view the possible outcomes.

Moving back, lets see how Corey came across such a loveable and abnormal creature. When Corey was first starting her journey, leaving her home of Saffron, she made her way to Pallet Town, by way of her mothers Skarmory, to recieve her starter pokemon. Like most, she was unsure of which starter to choose and it had only been made more difficult since her parents didn't have their original starter pokemon anymore. She had grown up around flying and rock pokemon, her mom being the flyer of the family and her dad the lover of ancient/fossil pokemon. When it came down to it, she would accept any pokemon she was given - as none of the three starter pokemon were the specific type she was used to. And so she did, picking the only remaining pokemon left, Charmander. Immediately, the pokemon showed his affection for Corey and wrapped its little claws around her leg, clinging as if for dear life, and began rubbing his head up and down.

Not wanting to start her adventures in Kanto, Corey again borrowed one of her mothers flying pokemon, her Aerodactyl, and made her way to the Sinnoh region. After watching the rock-flying pokemon disappear into the distance, her journey officially began and she was left to her own devices and began training. Her training was not like most trainers, ones who wanted to grab as many pokemon as possible, and she focused mainly on the pokemon she truly wanted. And this was the reason why her Charmander became such a powerful and skillful Charizard. The training allowed Charmander to match attack for attack against a pact of Houndoom and Houndour, around ten or so pokemon in total, and halfway through the battle he had evolved into a Charmeleon. While the battle itself was a victory, ultimately it was sort of a failure as Charmeleon passed out and had to be rushed to the nearest pokemon center, which turned out to had been half an hour away.

Thankfully, Charmeleon pulled through and dived right back into training with Corey to become even stronger and never pass out again. Months later, when a trainer had come out of no where to challenge Corey, Charmeleon finally evolved into a Charizard when battling the trainers Typholsion. The battle had been mostly one sided, the other trainer taking advantage of the lesser evolved pokemon, but quickly changed with the fire types evolution. Quickly after that, Corey used her strategic intelligence to conquer the trainer. For the next two years, Corey traveled only with her Charizard and battling many battles and continuing to grow.

Mantine: Mantine's personality the rebellious one of the group, and it seems that maybe she and Charizard switched theirs, and while she obeys Corey's commands during battles, she doesn't really listen when out of them. Very rarely can Corey and Mantine be seen not screaming at each other, and Corey's other pokemon have grown just live with it and avoid contact with such an "angry" creature as much as possible.

Mantine was the second pokemon that Corey ever captured, and was captured just outside the Hoenn Region as Corey had been flying over some land near a large ocean. Just a Mantyke then, Corey initiated the battle by having Charizard use a wing attack on the small creature that sent it skimming across the water, landing with a huge splash some distance away. Corey had Charizard hover over the water, and move in the direction of the flying water pokemon only to be ambushed as Mantyke flew upwards, a hydro pump attack emitting from its mouth. Charizard, along with Corey, were blasted backwards into the trees were Corey fell off Charizards back and landed on some branches. This enraged Charizard, and he quickly chased the Mantyke around the surrounding area continuing its onslaught of wing attacks, some landing some not, with the water type pumping out water guns and hydro pumps. The battle ensued for what felt like hours until finally, right before Corey was going to give Charizard a rest, the Mantyke fainted into the water with a dazed look in its eyes. Taking advantage of the now unconcious pokemon, Corey unleashed the pokemon she had clutching in her grasp and watched as it landed on the upside down pokemon. The red light engulfed the creature and as it floated on the water, the red light flashing every few seconds, it was captured and a smile appeared on Corey's face. Thankful that battle was over, Charizard landed and Corey recalled him knowing the rest was deserved and needed.

For the next three years, Mantyke refused to listen to anything Corey had to say, even in battles, and would just sit there in the water or air when let out. The only time Mantyke ever took action was when in a battle and the other team attacked her, thinking it would be an easy victory with a pokemon who refused to fight. Once attacked, Mantyke would battle her own way, as Corey watched on in frustration, and never give up and has yet to lose in battle. Even under those conditions, Mantyke also refused to do anything Corey wished and the big thing at the time was to evolve. Many times, Mantyke reached a certain point in her training where she could evolve, but refused to and fought it off with all her strength. Coming to an end of that third year, Corey finally confronted Mantyke and they made an agreement. If Mantyke would evolve into Mantine and would listen to Corey during battles, she would leave her be the remainder of the time. Mantyke finally agreed, with the extra condition that she was to be used as a last resort pokemon, and after some more training finally evolved into Mantine.

Tropius: How can one describe the personality of a deaf mute pokemon? Well Tropius completely understands Corey, and the other pokemon, but he just never responds back. All in all his personality would have to be quiet - where he keeps to himself basically all of the time. This, keep to self, personality definitely shows when he is released from his pokeball, only coming out to battle and transport Corey somewhere. Once his job is down, however, he immediately returns to the confined and quiet space of his pokeball.

Now why would Corey want such a silent pokemon to train, especially when she couldn't really communicate with him? Well while Tropius is mute, his battling skills are most certainly more advanced than the average Tropius. How is that possible? Well when one is a deaf mute, their other senses are heightened extremely and allows him to react more efficentlly to your normal everday pokemon. The main focus of his heightened senses are his eyes, which can seek out anything around the area to be used at a strategic advantage. And when Corey first came across this creature, she realized this and even with both Charizard and Mantine, she had a hard time winning but eventually did with Mantines help. But lets get into that battle with more detail.

The battle began as Corey was flying low over some ocean, riding atop Mantine for once, and she was just sitting there with her eyes closed as the wind blew through her hair. Suddenly though, her eyes snapped open, as a Hyper Beam attack blasted up from the forest directly to Corey's left. Motioning to Mantine, the flying water pokemon swerved in the direction of the attack that began fading, and they started flying over the trees. After a few minutes, they came to an open field but it wasn't a normal field - it was just recently created, and the hyper beam attack was the cause. And sitting directly in the middle of the new field, now staring up at Corey and her Mantine, was Tropius and quickly began charging a Solar Beam to launch in her direction. Swiftly calling out Charizard, Corey ordered him to use an Aerial Ace and Wing Attack combo to quickly end the battle. But Tropius just stood its ground, charging up the Solar Beam and then, right before Charizard landed his attack, quickly sidestepped the orange creature, with amazing speed, and blasted his back with the powerful grass attack. Not wanting to give up, Charizard went to attack again but Corey ordered him to stop and rest and decided to throw Mantine into the game. Leaping backwards to allow the flying pokemon to leave, Corey gave Mantine the command to use a Double Team and Water Pulse combination.

It was here that Corey knew she needed to take hold of this pokemon as her own, as he just stood there and launched his own Wing Attack on the original Mantine. Perplexed as to how he had done it, Corey called off both her pokemon and motioned to the Trophius to write it a note. Corey began writing a note to the Tropius on a piece of paper she pulled from her bag. Luckily, the grass flying type had somehow learned to read human.It was then that Tropius agreed to join her team and for the last year has been training with Corey, learning Corey's strategies and sign language so she can command attacks to him during battles.

Plusle & Minun: Annoying, pestering, unwanted rats is how Corey would describe Plusle, a boy, and Minun, a girl. That, however, is not there personality in the least bit - as they both are cheerful, playful, energetic creatures who just want to have fun. And this how they came to be Corey's pokemon, because of their playfulness when they saw her training one day. They had been running playfully through a small pond, their usual hangout, when they spotted Corey. Enjoying the idea of possibily making some friends, both of them ran over and began jumping around Corey's feet - only to get told to leave immediately.

This however, was not wat Plusle and Minun were good for - so they went to take something from her bag, when they both accidently hit two of her pokeballs and caught themselves. Rage had filled Corey's eyes and face, but she never released a pokemon once captured - she did not believe it was right to throw something like that away.

And now it has been two weeks, and Corey was forced to balance training Tropius and the two new pests.

Other (optional): Corey knows sign language, which she mainly uses to communicate with Tropius when he is out - but could use it anywhere really. Corey, through out training her pokemon, also trained herself to work on her own strength, speed and intelligence. And it would not be wise to test her training, if you were a pokemon or person.

RP Sample: The wind was blowing, a nice gentle breeze, as the Tropius made its way through the air, her trainer resting comfortablely on its back. Their destination was the trainers home town, Eterna City, where they could all rest before her next pokemon journey. Just returning from a small trip to the Orange Islands, the flying pokemon was high above Oreburg City and making good time towards Eterna. The air had been warm, but was cooling down as the sun began to set in the distance. The view was great, one of the many reasons that the trainer enjoyed flying pokemon. Blonde hair, flowing in the small gusts of wind, and blue eyes, sparkling in the now fading sun.

Such beauty, and it never ceases to amaze me how magnificent such natural things can be. A beeping sound interrupted Tricia's train of thought, and she reached down and picked up her Pokecom, a device she had invested a lot of money in that enabled her a mobile phone plus some other things, and attached it to her right ear. Quickly pressing the small button, she had picked up the phone call. "Hello," said Tricia in a mature, yet young, voice.

"Am I speaking to one, Tricia Ebony Asterton?" asked a somewhat dark tone of voice.

"Yes this is her, who is this may I ask?"

"Right now that is not of your concern, but you have a choice to make."

"Excuse me?" said Tricia now getting annoyed at this suspicious voice.

"The proffesors of the four regions, including Professor Ivy of the Orange Islands, are going to be kidnapped and murdered. The organization that I work for is going to be responsible for this, and now its time to make that choice I told you about."

"And what would that be" Tricia asked worried about what exactly was going to happen.

"You either, being on of the few remaining Advanced Trainers in the world, join my organization and help take out the proffesors. Or, you can choose to stand against us, and be killed just like the proffesors and all the other Advanced Trainers who chose this choice."

Fear filled Tricia's body, she didn't know what was going on and why she was being brought into this. And one of the few remaining Advanced Trainers? There were tons of them, or was this person telling the truth and this "Organization" killed them all. Tricia's best bet was to go along with their plan, and hopefully take it out from the inside.

"Fine," said Tricia nervously, "i'll join your organization. Where am I going?"

"Fly to Saffron City in the Kanto Region. Once there, we'll contact you." And with that, the person hung up the phone.

What the hell is going on!? This is so crazy. Tricia whispered to her Tropius, and she began flying off to Saffron City instead of home.

Somewhere unknown, the same mysterious man was calling the two other Advanced Trainers left in the world. Also, he was planning to call the Proffessors of their impending doom, knowing a chase to hunt them down would be much better.

Alter Ego
June 30th, 2008, 8:16 AM
Yaaaay! People! =D Okay, let's see here. :3

@Got-a-Plan-B: Well, those links helped my search quite a bit. I also see that you've fleshed out the info on your pokémon, so...~Accepted~ it is.

@Kansas: I have half a mind to cry out for a specific sample simply because I'm a little prick like that, but...ah, what the heck. The profile looks fine and I'm feeling charitable, so...~Accepted~

Don't make me regret my soft-heartedness, aye? x3

@Kogenta: Meebles...I had half a mind to bug you by PM like I did with most of the good RPers I knew, but I had no idea if you were busy with real life or not. XD Glad for the interest. :3 ~Pending~

@Chabz: Well, I don't really do the whole reservation thing anymore since I realized it's sort of pointless. (If I feel like waiting to give people time then I do it regardless of whether it says 'reserved' or not, and in the end of the day strong profiles still bump out the weak, so...) But yeah, ~Pending~ it is. You still have the better part of the week to work with (It's not like I'm getting to start on mine until Friday =O), so it shouldn't be too big a problem, right? ^^

Oh, and since I just noticed my ditzy oversight, I would be much obliged if you all followed Ibuberu's example and added a 'gender' field to your profiles. Thanks. :3

July 1st, 2008, 5:04 AM
The sign up is done~!

I did change one part of Adel's apparel, and added a bit to the end of Adel's personality, making her seem more crafty and cunning, despite her strong belief in following the rules xD;

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I dont think I can top the other posts, but I'll make it as long as possible. Don't have all the time in the world, so I'll fill in as much as I can tonight. Just starting to show my intrest in the rp.

Name: Ryu Shinto
Nicknames (optional): Emo Kid
Age: 18
Appearance: Well, the nickname can give a general idea, but I'll explain it.
Ryu has a straightforward build with a height of 5'9 and a weight of 126 pounds. With a light tan crossing his face, it gives him a gleeming with one eye visible and another covered by his hair. As for his hair color, it's mainly black with red dyed in the front, covering his right eye. Most people take this as a sign of being emo, but that is not true. Though his hair may sway to cover one eye or another, that's not really important. His teeth aren't exactly a gleeming, but they're kept decent enough for a good smile(Even though it'll never happen XD) Overall, this is one face you could notice in the night, anywhere.

As for his apparel, Ryu sports a plain black shirt with some rips on top, showing a little bit of his shoulders. Around his right arm is a wristband and watch, used by him everyday. Occasionaly, he'll put his black hoodie if it gets cold, which has a strange red symbol imprinted in the back. If you ask him what it is, he won't have a clue. As for his bottom apparel, Ryu keeps gray pants on, with red stripes lining them as they go down. Also, there a touch of grey going down the sleeves of his shirt. And as for his shoes, he keeps white sneakers on(Nothing special, more coming soon)
Personality: (Y'know...what your character is like? Yeah, that thing. No adjective lists. Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus will be shot on sight.)
History: (Because I don't buy into your character having spontaneously popped into existence for the sole purpose of participating in this tournament. Also, kindly keep your personal shipping fetishes out of this; no matter how much you wish it, your character is not allowed to be the illegitimate lovechild of Wallace and Juan or anything down that vein, so don't even try to go there.)
Pokémon: (You character's team size is up to you, though the more pokémon you have the less training each individual one would have received. Also, all pokémon are required to have some personality and history to them.)
Other (optional): (Miscellaneous tidbits of information that you couldn't quite manage to cram into the above fields)
RP Sample: (If you think you don't need one, you probably do. This field can be the make or break for your sign-up, so unless you are very confident in the rest of the profile, I would strongly suggest putting proper effort into this. Fresh samples are preferred, but as long as you give a reference link to the original, your old writing is also acceptable. For personal reasons, I also want proof that you can RP a pokémon with personality somewhere within the sample.)

Scarlet Weather
July 6th, 2008, 12:16 AM
Name: Alexander Cyril Almassy

Nicknames: Alex, Al, various other uses (or misuses) of his name...

Age: Older than dirt. Okay, so he's nineteen. I didn't say it was old dirt.

Gender: Give me an M! Give me an A! Give me an L! Give me an E! What's that spell? MALE! MALE! Come on, shout it! Feel the testosterone!

Appearance: Alex has his own ideas about fashion, and unfortunately these ideas have gone a long way to convince people that he suffers from an as-yet undiagnosed mental disorder. The way he dresses is nothing short of insane- the black sleeveless top, once a muscle shirt, being layered over a starched white oxford is strange enough on its own, let alone the fact that Alex wears a bright red bow tie with it- a color, that, it should be noted, does not suit him at all, considering his shock of messy, shoulder-length hair. Attempts to cover said hair with a grey fedora are not entirely succesful, and usually result in numerous strands of hair poking out from beneath the hat. In addition, Alex's eyes are just that shade of green which does not go well with bright red anything. And this is just the top half of his attire. From the torso down, Alex appears to have stepped out of a fashion magazine spawned from an unfortunate mesalliance between "Trainer's Monthly" and "Fads of Yesteryear". The sturdy hiking boots are a common enough accessory among trainers, to be sure, but bell-bottomed jeans with flame-shaped decals sewn in? Most are fairly sure that even in the 80's, clothing like this was looked down upon. And the trainer's belt, with the few filled Pokeballs Alex possesses clipped onto it is all well and good, but the massive ram-shaped belt buckle? Tacky when it was new. Why Alex chooses to wear such a horrendous outfit is quite beyond most people, especially considering the fact that aside from his peculiar choice in dress, Alex isn't all that bad looking. A bit on the short side, to be sure, but still, not one to frighten the horses. One would think that he dresses this way as either a rebellion against good taste in clothes, or to ensure that nobody in their right mind who wants to preserve some sort of public image would be caught dead talking to him. Possibly both.

Personality: Alex does not want to hear your complaints. He does not want to hear your compliments. He does not want to hear your suggestions. In fact, he would appreciate it if you would kindly stop talking to him and get the hell out of his personal bubble. This is because Alex is, to put it bluntly, an arrogant jerk. Alex takes individualism to the extreme- in his case, "don't spend more than a minute around anyone who disagrees with you in any way, shape, or form." He has a deep, personal conviction that he knows best and will always know best and anyone else who even thinks about trying to get a word in edgewise deserves to be drawn, quartered, and fed to his Pokemon. In Alex's world you are either with him or you're cannon fodder. Thankfully for the vast majority of the world, Alex lacks the charisma necessary to persuade others to follow him for the most part, or he would have doubtless mounted a campaign for public office by now in order to impose his very narrow views on the way things should be on the rest of the public. Actually, Alex isn't particularly skilled in any area- outside of a knack for rattling off completely useless facts and confusing most people around him, the only area he excels in at all is training Pokemon, though he tends to put much more stock in his skills as a trainer than they merit. This is probably why he has entered the Zenith Island tournament, as opposed to starting with something closer to his actual skill level as a trainer.

Cocky beyond reason, Alex refuses to admit that he is flawed. This erroneous belief probably has roots in his childhood- though we won't go into that now. For the moment, it is enough to say that Alex is convinced that he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And because of this, he has very few friends. That's fine with Alex- he would much rather devote the time spent fostering relationships to himself, anyway.

Despite his obvious egotism and overconfidence, Alex is actually an individual that should really be pitied as opposed to hated. His attitude, overconfidence, and even his weird fashion sense all stem from a common root- a deep-seated fear of losing. Of being forgotten. Alex has, for good reason, developed a phobia of being completely forgotten by everyone he has ever met. This is why the few Pokemon he's opened up to about his dreams without his usual bravado or cockiness have decided to join up with him. He and his Pokemon have entered the tournament with a single goal- to make sure that no matter what happens, they will be remembered.

History: Alex was born into a family, like so many other children. It was neither poor, nor was it rich. It wasn't really much of anything. His father was a white-collar worker, one of the many employed by Silph Co.'s Johto branch, and he worked as a patent attorney, making sure that rival corporations couldn't claim inventions before his client. Alex's father was a small man, with a slight stutter, who worked late nights and burned the midnight oil to make sure that his family was provided for. He had no ambitions to speak of beyond surviving one day to the next, and no real dreams besides waking up, eating bran flakes, going to work, and making it home with his paycheck. Alex's mother was slightly more memorable, to Alex at least. With his father working so many late nights and occasionally weekends, Alex didn't usually catch sight of him. It didn't bother Alex much- he assumed that this was the way that families worked. He had always been rather shy, and hadn't really made any friends. Alex's mother usually wasn't bothered by this- she was too busy making sure that her own social life, which consisted mainly of dinners with friends and cheap talk with other middle-class homemakers, stayed on track. It was fairly obvious to Alex that he was on his own. The one friend he opened up to was the Misdreavus who hung around his house. He had no idea where the Pokemon had come from, only that it seemed to like him for some reason. That suited Alex just fine.

Alex's life was rather dull. It consisted mainly of trying to avoid standing out in a crowd, and chatting with Dreave, as he called his ghostly friend. His mother took care to make sure that her son dressed himself tidily each day, and on occasion attempted to socialize him with other children, though his shyness mostly turned such efforts into failure. In the end, she gave up and mostly left Alex to himself. This gave him the freedom to experiment- his first one being with clothing, as he started to try combinations of clothes that would cause most people to cringe on for size. Life marched on like a military parade- one day identical to the next. A slight variation here or there, and nothing else. Alex grew older, and began to think about why he felt so alone. It hadn't bothered him before, but now that he was beginning to enter adolesence he began to realize that aside from his mother, father, and Dreave, no one seemed to notice his existence. It was as if he was invisible. In some ways, this was understandable- Ecruteak was rather large, for a village, due to the presence of a Gym- but in many ways it began to hurt him. He felt like he was a ghost sometimes.

When Alex was fifteen years old, his father died.

It was rather sudden and unexpected. An unfortunate accident involving a steel girder, and a construction worker. The firm responsible for the construction project apologized. Alex cried. He hadn't really taken notice of his father, he realized. To him, his father hadn't been so much a person as a fixture. Someone who had lived around the house and was somehow responsible for bringing home food. He had never payed attention to the man before he died. It was then that Alex realized something.

What if that's how everyone else sees me?

At the funeral of Alexander Cyril Almassy, Sr., there were a total of five guests. Two of them stayed in touch with Alex's mother for a month, and the others vanished from the radar. Life went on. Alex Sr. Was forgotten.

Alex took note of this. He swore, from that day forward, he would be someone that nobody could possible forget. He would never be invisible again. He had been in hiding too long. It was time to come out. As his first act, he acquired a Trainer's License, before hitting the road on his own without so much as a farewell kiss to his mother. Dreave, of course, was his starter. After fighting his way through a reasonable stretch of the Johto Region- he had made it from his home to Mahogany Town- Alex received word that a special tournament was being held. Convincing himself that if he won he would always be remembered, he immediately signed up.


Misdreavus/"Dreave" (Male): Alex's starter, and his best friend. Dreave is a rather sympathetic creature, naturally attracted to those who are insecure or hurting. As a wild Pokemon, he encountered Alex, who was barely five years old, and decided to hang around him- in Dreave's own words, "Just for kicks". He was amused by Alex's shyness and insecurity, and decided to stay near the house, always within sight of the child, to help him overcome his problems. He became caught up in Alex's life before he knew it, developing an almost parental attachment to his young charge, and eventually deciding to join him when Alex announced his intention of starting a Pokemon journey. Dreave was never much for battling, preferring to leave that task to other, more violently-inclined team members like Zetta, but he's more than capable of defending himself when he needs to. Considering himself a mentor and guidance counselor of sorts to the rest of the group, Dreave is understandably upset when the other members completely disregard his advice, and has threatened to go AWOL more than once. However, as of yet, he hasn't made good on these threats. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that he stands to gain something from journeying with Alex- something he hasn't told the rest of the group about yet...

Kadabra/"Zetta" (Male): Zetta, whose name is a mathematical expression equalling ten to the twenty-first power, was never really a team player. Like Alex, he has an intense desire to do things his way, or not at all. This is probably due to Abra-hood trauma, resulting from his being captured by a ten-year-old kid who knew nothing about Pokemon training and being forced into battles. Zetta was astounded by the inexperience and stupidity of his trainer, and became convinced that most, if not all humans, were complete imbeciles compared to him, and resolved to never obey the orders of a trainer again after following commands blindly caused him to sustain a serious injury on more than one occasion. Because of Zetta's less-than-agreeable temperament, his owner had no qualms with trading him to Alex for an easier-to-handle Stantler, and was grateful for the chance. At first, Zetta regarded Alex with a similar attitude to his original trainer- an idiot who somehow managed to get other Pokemon to follow him. However, after a few days spent in Alex's company, Zetta began to see in his new trainer a kindred spirit- they were both equally disillusioned with other people, disliked following orders, and wanted fame an fortune. Since their overall goals seemed to match up, Zetta made a bargain with his new trainer- he would travel with him and take suggestions in battle, as long as he got to pick and choose which battles he entered and wasn't expected to follow every order one hundred percent. Alex agreed, sensing that if he didn't he wouldn't get anywhere with this loose cannon Abra he had just picked up. Within a few months, Zetta had evolved to Kadabra, and was already dealing out the hurt. As the team's loose cannon, Zetta enjoys taunting and mocking the other members, particularly Dreave, much to the Misdreavus's chagrin.

Murkrow/"Forever" (Female): A particularly odd bird (no pun intended), Forever's name was chosen because it conveyed the exact opposite meaning of the famous phrase "Nevermore" associated with black birds (or bird-type Pokemon). Forever, or Fore as she is often referred to, is probably the member of the team who is the least in-touch with reality- and considering the fact that both Zetta and Alex overestimate their own abilities and intelligence to a massive degree, that's saying something. As a daydreamer, Forever has absolutely zero capability in battle- outside of Perish Song, she can barely hold her own against a lower level Pokemon, let alone the type of high level opponents she'll likely be facing in the Zenith tournament. Forever seems hardly concerned about the state of things around her- in fact, she was captured while daydreaming on a tree branch, and when the Pokeball closed over her she hardly seemed to notice. Alex lets her tag along because she's amusing, and because she sings, for a Murkrow, rather well. Forever has no qualms about staying with Alex since he's a convenient source of food and a captive audience.

Ekans/"Nag" (Male): Alex's newest Pokemon, and to date his most annoying. Nag is, to put it bluntly, a glutton who travels with Alex mostly because humans are a convenient source of food. Nag is naturally gifted in Pokemon battles, possessing some sort of inborn resilience to attacks- not enough to compensate for a disadvantage in type or a huge gap in strength, but enough to even up the odds a bit in unfavorable matchups. For this reason, Alex tracked him down and attempted to capture him, only to be dismayed by Nag's other natural talent- the ability to literally swallow anything his unhinged jaws could get around with little trouble, including a Pokeball thrown at him. Eventually, Alex managed to convince him to join the group with the promise of food. Since then, he has contributed a second dedicated battler to the team, but also a major liability in that he requires Alex to shell out enormous quantities of food. If Alex fails to comply, Nag has no qualms with absolutely refusing to battle for him, or stealing food from other trainers. This has placed Alex in a few problematic situations, to say the least, and he'll be grateful once Nag has finally eaten enough to evolve. Well, at least, according to his Pokedex, Ekans sometimes become unusually gluttonous even by Ekans standards before evolution, but in Nag's case, it could probably just as well be actual gluttony...

RP Sample: RP sample? You wish for an RP sample? Oh, come, we were in Neo Genesis together, AE. Don't tell me you've forgotten. (Seriously, I'll fetch one if I need to, but for now I'm done.)

Edit: You forgot to mention that all RPers carry exactly one yoctogram of weight, and that we're all a bunch of factoring hectopascals, silly. SOH CAH TOA. *shot'ed* BTW, sign-up is now finished, but I reserve the right to expand the history section and personality section if accepted, if that's okay with you.

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July 6th, 2008, 3:44 AM
@Chabz: OMG! All those prettyful paragraphs! o.o You deserve a cookie or something for this, really. As long as the stuff on Tropius and the Plusle/Minun duo is anywhere near what you have displayed thus far, I'll certainly not have any problems with accepting this. Keep at it and give me a holler when you're done. ^^

@Ibuberu: And finished it is indeed. You have also done nothing stupid and the character still promising, so without a doubt you are ~Accepted~, be happy. =D

@Ryuujin-kun: ...not very promising thus far, but since you haven't written much yet either, I'll reserve judgment for now. ~Pending~

@Thesis: Later today? You're so zetta slow, I demand that you write the rest of it now, you lazy radian; fail to comply and I shall run your profile through a zero matrix! >O *Shot*

Nah, just kidding. Later today it is. :3 ~Pending~

Oh, and since I finally managed to get off my lazy butt and write this, I present to you...my sign-up!

Name: Laure Whitendon
Nicknames (optional): Laura, Princess, Prissy, Pipsqueak, Goldilocks, Half-pint, Crybaby, Snivelflake...(not that he particularly likes any of them, mind you)
Age: 15
Gender: Male, diet version, now with 70% less testosterone.
Appearance: Barely reaching past one and a half meters even when standing at full height, Laure's body is far from the manly ideal and he is painfully aware of it, usually attempting to make himself look as small and inconspicuous as he can in the hopes that people will just flat out not notice him (it rarely works). His hair is blonde, reaching to around shoulder-length at the back with a few stray strands of almost equal length usually hanging around his frightened, dark blue eyes at the front. His body is thinly built, with small, delicate fingers and a pale complexion still unmarred by the ravages of puberty. These traits, combined with the unusually high pitch of his voice, have the unfortunate of effect of making quite many people mistake Laure for a girl at first glance, much to the boy's chagrin.

As clothing goes, Laure looks very much like someone who has gone through an older sibling's closet, usually wearing a vermilion-colored hoodie that looks at least a size or two too big for him, his fingers nearly disappearing beneath the sleeves, which he consequently tends to keep rolled up a bit, and the hem reaching down almost to his knees, a faded old band T-shirt or the other always present beneath it. The frayed denim jeans beneath seem an equally poor fit, reaching a fair bit beneath his ankles in length and probably remaining on their designated place solely by virtue of the black leather belt Laure has strapped around his waist, an accessory which also serves to keep his pokeballs around for quick access. The black and white sneakers on his feet seem to be the only articles of clothing that match their wearer's size, but worn and dirtied from constant use as they are, they have much the same, slightly shabby look to them. Once one has soaked in the impression of these clothes, one also tends to pay attention to three pieces of Laure's apparel: the black kit bag he carries over his shoulder - home to most of his earthly possessions -, the thin, silvery chain around his neck which connects to the slightly outdated pokegear he keeps concealed beneath his sweater, and above all the greyish white baseball cap with the standard pokeball symbol emblazoned in black at the front, an accessory that never seems to leave his immediate presence. Judging by the way Laure seems to fiddle with the cap whenever he's nervous, it is probably an object with at least some sentimental value attached to it, but Laure tends to get too flustered and embarrassed to manage any definite answer when pressed on the subject.

Personality: Most people tend to have the same first impression of Laure: baggy clothes, fidgety mannerisms, a shy half-glance of blue-eyes from beneath a tuft of blonde hair - immediately averted should eyes meet - a bashful, slightly forced smile, a heavy blush and an introduction mumbled in a voice too low and unclear to ever be audible to any but the sharpest listeners. Shy and reclusive, if there is one thing the boy lacks it is confidence. He is easily intimidated by strangers, be it simply because of their size, age, or skills, and has an even more severe case of girl shyness that causes his tongue to effectively knot itself and his face to flush with a shade of deepest red in the presence of any even vaguely attractive member of the fairer sex who is anywhere in the age bracket of thirteen to thirty - or looks the part. Consequently, Laure's social interactions are limited to say the least. He has major trouble with speaking his mind to anyone but a close acquaintance or reliable, older adult, painfully aware of what a dork everyone else must take him for and ashamed of it beyond words.

He tries, though, tries to be brave and confident, tries to speak and walk and act like everyone else, tries...to just be normal, really, but things just never quite seem to work out for him. The harder Laure focuses on not doing anything strange, the greater his risk of blurting out something truly idiotic or knocking something over, immediately reverting him to full stutter and blush mode and effectively ruining any chance of a good first impression. Needless to say, compliments are equally effective in embarrassing the heck out of him, as are public corrections, or just about anything that draws the attention he so desperately seeks to avoid, really. In fact, a pokemon battle appears to be the only situation where Laure is able to shake off his inherent nervousness. Even then it is only his complete focus on the fight that allows this to occur, and a suitably scathing remark or embarrassing mistake is all it takes to break the spell and reduce him to his usual, insecure self, so even though he is a skilled battler, Laure is prone to making critical mistakes and taking losses simply because of poor nerves.

Oddly enough, while social interaction with the better part of humanity frightens Laure to no end, he seems to have no such fears about interacting with pokemon, being fully able to approach a snarling Persian with bandages in hand to tend to its wounds, for instance. Pokemon are obviously very precious to Laure, and people abusing them - be it physically or verbally - seems to be one of the few things that can really spark anger in the otherwise timid child. He also despises harming others, which is why his battling style emphasizes incapacitating opponents rather than damaging them.

History: The first-born son of an upper middle-class family situated in Celadon City, Kanto, Laure had a better shot at becoming a pokemon champion than most children could ever dream of, and his mother in particular - an up-and-coming star trainer and fan favorite before her rather inconveniently timed pregnancy forced her to leave the competitive scene and settle down - spared no effort in encouraging the boy down this route. Since young age, Laure was placed in contact with the former competitor team of pokemon residing in the family home, soon also accompanying his mother to the occasional lower-tier tournaments that she could still manage to attend. As a result, Laure quickly grew accustomed to the presence of pokemon of all kinds, quickly outgrowing his peers in shaking off the shyness that most young children hold for the peculiar creatures. Consequently, he was - at the age of twelve - enrolled in a respectable trainer prep school without any larger hitches, his carefree and unbothered interaction with pokemon soon earning him the praise of his teachers.

For the next years, things seemed to be going great for all concerned. Laure's studies proceeded smoothly and as he began gaining battling experiences - even earning victory in a few junior league tournaments - the boy slowly started making a name for himself for his unconventional battling style. Mrs. Whitendon, obviously, was thrilled, no doubt already envisioning her 'child prodigy' carrying on where she had left on the competitive scene, while Laure himself was enjoying the kinship with his pokemon and the thrill of the battle to their fullest extent, and by the time he had reached the age of fourteen, the eager teen announced that he was ready to start his journey towards the pokemon league.

This, as fate would have it, was when things took a sudden nose dive.

What precisely happened on that summer's night is still unclear, but whatever it was, it had a profound effect on Laure. When the boy arrived at dawn, he bore the appearance of one who had seen his own ghost, or was about to, at the very least, shaking like a leaf, with a tormented look in his eyes, and no matter how much he was coaxed, he refused to relate the events of that night to anyone, a silence which he has retained to this day. One thing was clear, however: the boy's frail ego had most certainly been crushed. For the next week, he could not even bring himself to leave the house, let alone train any of his pokemon - an activity which had previously been one of the greatest joys of his life.

With time and extensive psychotherapy, the boy's mental state was slowly restored, but violence in battles unnerves him to this day, effectively hampering his performance as a trainer. In spite of this, Laure was adamant on joining the Zenith League tournament, apparently hoping that the intensity of the competition would shake off whatever ghosts from his past still cling to him.


Alakazam (male) - "Zynthre/Zynth"

Hands down the strongest pokemon on Laure's team, Zynthre was not in fact the boy's to begin with, but none other than his mother's prized started pokemon. He was also the first one of the peculiar creatures that the young boy encountered, and consequently one of his closest and most trusted friends. In fact, the relationship between Zynthre and Laure seems to be that of mentor and student rather than pokemon and trainer. Calm and composed, Zynthre is never one to rush a decision, always evaluating situations he faces in the detached, systematical manner that is generally attributed to his species. Unlike your average battling pokemon, he also seems to have taken it as his role not only to act as Laure's guardian, but his teacher as well; pushing the boy to test his limits and improve himself. Though his psychic abilities are formidable and more than a match for most opponents, Zynthre rarely battles unless the life of his young charge is in serious danger, choosing instead to serve an advisory role in battling.

Since the traumatic event that shot down Laure's confidence, Zynthre seems to have been one of the few beings to whom the boy has been able to speak in complete confidence, and if he has shared these events with anyone - rumor has it - the it is certainly the wizened old Alakazam. Whatever exchange has occurred between them, however, remains a secret to everyone else. When Laure declared that he'd be joining the Zenith League tournament, his mother insisted on having Zynthre accompany him for protection and though the boy was rather embarrassed by the offer, his relief and gratitude over it were equally clear. Though formally a member of Laure's team, Zynthre only battles of his own volition, acting very much in the capacity of an equal companion.

Growlithe (Male) - "Rex"

Roughly one part bite and five parts bark pretty much sums up Rex's attitude. Descending from a long line of Growlithes bred for the service of the region's police force, Rex takes great pride in his heritage and is consequently very serious about his role as Laure's self-appointed "protector", never hesitating to fend off any individuals that arouse his suspicion. Despite barely being adult by the standards of his species, the Growlithe likes to think of himself as the mature leader figure of the group, viewing it as his duty to keep the others from harm, no matter what the cost. He hates being belittled or told how fluffy and adorable he is, and hugs from anyone but his beloved trainer are - of course - completely out of the question, and even displays of affection from the boy are treated with embarrassed discomfort. Proud and hot-headed, Rex is very easy bait for provocation of all kinds, and though he always means well, his defensive and judgmental attitude can often lead to trouble and needless conflict. The Growlithe can also be rather possessive, a trait which complicates his relationship to Zynthre somewhat. Though he respects the Alakazam as a senior and reliable team member, he is also jealous of the psychic type's unique standing in Laure's eyes, consequently treating him as a rival of sorts. As the boy's starter, bought by his parents as a birthday present, he also aspires to be his prize battler, and thus feels threatened by the presence of another, far more experienced, pokemon on the team.

Butterfree (female) - "Iridescence/Irie"

Laure's first catch, Irie didn't seem to be the brightest crayon in the box as a Caterpie and her evolution has done little to change matters. Bubbly and ditzy to a fault, the Butterfree's mind meanders like a little puppy happily chasing its own tail for all eternity. She is highly curious of the world around her and seems awed by even the most mundane things, always seeking to discover every least detail about whatever has caught her interest, but her short memory and even shorter attention span effectively ensure that very little of what she learns ever sticks for any longer time. She is highly prone to forgetting names and details, even those of the others she travels with, having required almost a year to even fully assimilate the fact that she is a trainer's pokemon rather than a wild and proud one, something she still forgets on occasions. She is fairly easygoing, however, and has never had any issues with following orders - provided that they are kept simple enough for her not to forget or confuse - making her a loyal, if whimsical, pokemon in battle. To Irie, everyone she meets is a trusted friend unless otherwise proven, and indeed - given the Butterfree's limited mental faculties - it may very well be that she views strangers simply as friends whose names she has forgotten for the moment. Needless to say, this airheaded attitude drives the security-obsessed Rex absolutely crazy, and although the Growlithe has - over time - come to think of the continuously cheerful Irie as something of a harmless loony and even views her with some fondness, her behavior never seems to fail in eliciting a snarky remark from the fire type. Unfortunately, such things are largely lost on the Butterfree, only serving to further Rex's frustration and Irie's confusion on the subject.

Jolteon (Female) - "Stella"

Proud and aloof, if there is one thing Stella can't be slighted for it's lack of self-confidence. With a long history as a prize pokemon in various tournaments and contests of lesser and greater repute behind her, and the equally varied stream of new owners that came with them, the Jolteon has developed a general attitude about trainers that is cynical to say the least, treating both Laure and her teammates with what could generously be described as 'casual disdain'. Though lacking the openly rebellious attitude of fresh catches - no point in biting the hand that feeds, after all - she maintains no pretense of loyalty towards her trainer or his cause, executing orders in her own, dispassionate manner and only if the fancy strikes her. She's seen her share of battles, she knows her worth, and she'll make absolute hell for any trainer who fails to live up to her lofty expectations. She has no qualms about making others feel bad to bolster her ego, nor of using far more force than necessary to finish an opponent she deems bothersome and has consequently made a rather awkward fit for the team.
Laure came into possession of the temperamental pokemon at the age of thirteen, when he reached his first junior league tournament, and young and naive as he was, lavished his attention over the rare pokemon. Much to his dismay, Stella's response was chilly to say the least, but rather than writing it off as a personality trait of the pokemon's, Laure seems to see himself as guilty, doing his best to keep his demanding new team member happy. This, of course, amuses Stella to no end, and although she never misses a chance to berate her trainer, especially in front of Rex, who never fails to give an entertaining counter-reaction, the Jolteon doesn't actually seem that inclined to leave, realizing that she has managed to land with a trainer that is far easier to manipulate than most. Though hardly a loyal, loving pokemon by any measure, she does make a point of protecting the team from outside threats should she see it as necessary in order to preserve her own, pampered position.

Other (optional): N/A
RP Sample: Exsqueezed. =P

Anyways, dudes and dudette, since quite a few profiles are still on pending I'm still going to give this a few days before starting, so if you haven't finished writing your profiles then there's still time. Don't abuse my generosity, though; m'kay? :3

July 6th, 2008, 8:36 AM
Name: Elliot Tardiff

Nicknames (optional): None

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Elliot is a male of less than average height, standing about five feet six inches tall. His hair is a bright and vibrant red, usually long and spiked with gel to stand straight up. When considering those two facts his clothing seems utterly ridiculous as it is a mishmash of bright and garish garments, usually over sized, all of which clash horribly with his hair and emphasize his height. Worse yet, he frequently clothes himself in multiple layers making it almost impossible to see any part of his body or his Pokemon gear. He forgoes having a traditional knapsack in favor of carrying his excess gear in his many pockets. Trainers have attempted to capture him several times on the basis that he usually does not look so much human as a lump of color with a shock of red at the top.

Personality: Elliot is a definite loner and make no mistake. He discovered long ago the best way to keep others away was to boldly stroll in the middle of the street with several overlarge orange and red coats draped around his tiny body. He is a sociopath, incapable of feeling normal emotions and callous about anybodies misfortunes but his own. He absolutely despises the idea of Pokemon in the abstract, that is to say he does not hate a few specific Pokemon but dislikes the fact that they are Pokemon. He is an opportunist capitalizing on other's misery and adept at using psychological warfare to demoralize his opponents. He has incredible drive and works almost inhumanly hard to train and raise his Pokemon.

His Pokemon are perhaps the only creatures on the planet that are in any way close to him. They are the only living beings that he trusts in any measure and he is loyal to them... to an extent. He would regret having to train replacements, it would be time-consuming, so instead he will try to help his Pokemon until it is simply impractical to do so. He feels no genuine affection for anything, save perhaps himself, but he does value his Pokemon as investments and works hard to maintain at least cordial relation with them as anything less would dilute their effectiveness. He only truly feels alive when Pokemon battling and thus his drive to become champion is predicated off of this.

History: Born in Jubilife City in the region of Sinnoh Elliot Tardiff was born to a loving upper class family. His father was an executive at the Poketch company, his mother a champion Pokemon Coordinator. He lived in a lavish house with Pokemon and caretakers galore, showered in his parents love. Until he was four he was almost a normal child, almost in that he never once smiled or showed any real overt emotion. Then one day his parents were murdered, violently. Elliot does not know or care to know what killed them all he knows is that when he sat for hours in the congealing blood of his parents he smiled for the first time.

This cemented the difference between normal children and Elliot. The combination of the trauma of his parents brutal murder with his latent sociopathic tendencies warped the young boy. from the age of four on he began to enjoy tormenting others. He grew to loathe other people, other Pokemon, for their ability to feel. He became devious, testing his limits to see if anything could make him feel at least a little.

He was bounced between relatives for a few years, shunning the company of others. His caregivers assumed he was grieving over his parents, in actuality he could not stand them. He was aimless, without a purpose and by the time he was ten years old he barely cared for anything. His current Caregivers, an Aunt and Uncle, pushed the boy to becoming a Pokemon trainer as so many his age were becoming. Elliot reviled Pokemon and so rebuffed their pressure until one day they handed him a Pokeball and told him to at least try a Pokemon battle before he decided he hated it. Reluctantly he sent the Pokemon, a Zubat, against a Starly in the backyard. When the battle was done he calmly went inside and informed them he was setting out on his Pokemon journey that day.

It had been remarkable, during the battle Elliot had felt more alive than any other time in his life. He enjoyed the feeling of power that came from ordering one creature to attack another. As he traveled on his Pokemon journey he learned more and more that Pokemon battles would be his life, anything else was not worth living. He threw himself into training his Pokemon, striving to become the best trainer in the world so that he might have the best battles and feel more alive than ever.

Elliot began with the hope of conquering the Sinnoh league by the age of twelve, but soon realized that this was a fool's errand. A devastating loss in the battle for his first badge convinced him to travel and build an amazing team of Pokemon before he would challenge any league. The first time he challenged the Pokemon league he wanted to absolutely crush the competition, to win so decisively that he would be able to fight anyone in the world. He traveled far, from Kanto to Johto to Hoenn, in order to realize his dream.

He caught many Pokemon during the years he traveled. He stole, lied, cheated and worse in order to get the most powerful Pokemon he could get his hands on. Many times he would obtain rare but weak Pokemon solely for the purpose of trading for a stronger one. If there was a Pokemon he truly desired he would arrange circumstances to isolate or traumatize it to make sure it latched on to him almost zealously. He has rescued and abandoned dozens of Pokemon, some for no reason more than another was outperforming them.

When he finally arrived back in Sinnoh he received word of the Zenith tournament and decided that it would be a perfect gauge of his strength.


Crobat. M- Wrath

Elliots first Pokemon and closest thing he has to a confidante. Wrath is completely devoted to him, almost zealous in his worship. Quick to anger and a vicious battler Wrath's name fits him like a glove. He is unwilling to listen to anyone besides Elliot and will attack anyone or thing in earshot he hears disparaging him. Elliot takes great pride in his Crobat who has become his main battler after all the years they spent together. Wrath has almost as large a drive to battle as Elliot does and takes a sick delight in harming his opponents.

Envy. F-Glaceon

Envy she is named and envious she is. The glaceon harbors immense hatred and anger towards the world, carefully cultivated and directed by Elliot. Abandoned as a newborn, Elliot rescued the young Eevee because he recognized the battle ability of its evolutions. Indeed almost immediately after rescuing it he took it to be evolved. The Eevee attached to him almost instantly, envious of the Zubat who fought for Elliots affection. Elliot preached to her apathy and hatred towards the world, something the formative Glaceon picked up on, and thus devoted herself to Elliot as well.

Elliot never abandoned her because he noticed the young Glaceon sabotaging and cheating to make sure she was always one of his top performers. Pleased by this mastery of deceit and cunning he made Envy the second pokemon on his team after bestowing on her her name

Pride.M- Hitmonchan

A shiny Pokemon, he was given as the prize for a minor Pokemon contest Elliot participate in in Kanto. Incredibly vain and self absorbed Pride loves and cherishes his appearance, looking down his nose at 'normal' Pokemon. Elliot would have deemed the Pokemon absolutely useless and abandoned him, except that he was a more than competent battler. In fact he could beat both Wrath and Envy with ease in a two on one match. Thus Elliot took on the Pokemon in spite of his Eccentricities and trained the superior and smug Pokemon to bring him victory.

Magmortar.F- Greed

Greed began life hatched from an egg as a young and impressionable Magby. Unfortunately the Egg had been stolen by a Murkrow and by the time its original owner had recovered her she was as fascinated by shiny things as any Murkrow and had adopted the same attitude towards personal property. She was trained in Johto, part of a famous Trainer's team. In fact when Elliot battled the trainer he was amazed by the battle prowess of the Magmar so much he offered to trade his own recently caught Larvitar for it. The other trainer agreed instantly, unaware the Larvitar was absolutely useless for battle and being sought after by its enraged mother. With the trade complete Elliot came ahead one powerful Pokemon and the other Trainer nearly died a few weeks later. Greed is fond of Elliot as long as he keeps giving her Shiny things to play with and he agrees because the Magmortar is an exceptional Pokemon

Other (optional):
RP Sample:
Marcus raced excitedly from town as soon as Professor Birch had finished his short speech and handed the young trainer a Pokedex and some Pokeballs. With his new Makuhita firmly clipped to his waist and his pack snug around his shoulders Marcus felt every inch a Pokemon Trainer.

As he put a little distance between himself and Littleroot town he slowed from his breakneck pace and began to check out some of the scenery. It was beautiful, full of lush green plants and the sound of happy Pokemon . Marcus contemplated letting his Makuhita out of its Pokeball, it might enjoy the fresh air and he might as well make its acquaintance now. With a quick flick of the wrist, Makuhita appeared in a flash of light, immediately dropping into a guarded stance. The Makuhita's eyes were firmly fixed on Marcus, staring almost acusingly at the new Trainer.

"Hello Makuhita, I'm Marcus!" The boy of course was oblivious to the animosity, smiling widely as he greeted the thickset Pokemon."I don;t think I like calling you Makuhita though...hmm... How about Jet?" The newly dubbed Jet had no reaction to this impromptu naming ceremony, still content with glaring at his Trainer. "Alright Jet it is!" Marcus almost beamed as he made the proclamation, he then began to talk to Jet about his goals and dreams and how Jet fit in to them all. Jet listened to the non-stop chatter for a while, eventually though he grew a bit bored of the excited eleven year old and wandered over to a patch of grass to sulk.

"...And then...uh? Jet um... what are you doing?" The pokemon gave no response, morosely plucking a strand of grass. "Alright... well we should get a move on anyways if we don't want to get left behind!" The youngster rebounded quickly and began to once again talk the Makuhita's ear off as they walked down Route 101. That is of course until a wild Zigzagoon burst onto the path in front of them.

"Oh, wow a Pokemon!" Marcus almost squealed as he reached for a Pokeball, "lets show it what we're made of Jet!" The makuhita gave Marcus an almost incredulous look before resentfully walking out to engage the normal-type. The Zigzagoon immediately stiffened as it saw the fighting type, it was covered in berry juice obviously foraging when it had the misfortune to run into the fledgling pair.

"Alright Jet, use sand-attack on the Zigzagoon!" Marcus ordered as he almost danced to to attempt to hide his excitement. This was awesome!

Jet gave the ground a half-hearted kick, blowing a tiny amount of sand towards the Zigzagoon who brushed it away with its spiky tail. The two Pokemon immediately began to circle each other, Jet's reluctance to follow his trainer temporarily superseded by his love of battle. The Pokemon began to trade Tackle attacks, Marcus loudly cheering his Makuhita on in the background.

"Really good Jet, now fin...AHHHHHH!" Marucs' sentence ended in a scream and Jet immediately sought to identify what had injured the boy. He was shocked to see a Poochyena viciously biting Marcus' leg, lodged on hard enough to prevent being shaken off. Jet abandoned his battle with the Zigzagoon, rushing to his trainers aid by tackling the Poochyena. Marcus fell to the ground crying, his leg running with blood as Jet kept attacking the tenacious Poochyena. Finally it had enough and retreated as Jet growled after it.

As Jet turned towards Marcus to see what the damage was, he found his trainer already disinfecting the wound and winding a large white bandage around the area. Luckily the cut appeared superficial, the Jeans had caught the worst of it. Marcus just smiled as his eyes began to dry, "Guess I have to pay better attention huh?" Jet just nodded at the boy, feeling at least a bit of respect for him. Perhaps this journey wasn't such a bad thing after all.

"Alright," Marcus said as he dusted off his pants and stood up, "Well, the Zigzagoon ran away so I guess for now its just you and me Jet. Lets keep our eyes open though, the sooner we get a team the better." The Makuhita just nodded in confirmation as they continued down Route 101.

Will finish later

July 6th, 2008, 10:47 AM
I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done!!

Haha oh FYI: Me, personally, = boy. I just tend to RP girls from time to time. And the Plusle & Minun section is short because there isn't much history since she only got them two weeks ago.

Thats it....i think.

Haha okay! I'm so creatively tired after that..

Alter Ego
July 6th, 2008, 1:43 PM
@Zore: Ooookay...I don't mind flawed characters (quite the contrary; flawed is good), I don't even mind psychotic characters who should by all rights be locked up in insane asylums, but Elliot just seems a bit over-the-top. I mean, what precisely made him a sociopath? Or was he somehow always like that? I'm afraid that the history is a bit too vague for my tastes, so if you could expand on the motives behind his outlook a little it would be appreciated. A bit more detail on the pokemon would also be nice. ~Pending~ for now.

@Chabz: Umm...I'm well aware of your gender, you know. I mean, you've even got it displayed on your profile. =P The announcement was for everyone (both those who have finished their profiles and those who haven't) and the 'dudette' is referring to Ibuberu who, at least last I checked, was quite positively female. Trust me, I've cross-gender RPed almost more often than I play it straight so I know that character and RPer gender don't always coincide. XD

Aaanyhow, after all the blood, sweat and tears you put into this it would be incredibly mean of me to decline this (which, of course, is my main incentive for that option XD). Hah, ~Accepted~ it is; that's the kind of perseverance I like to see. Besides, I can't really fault you on the quality either. :3

July 6th, 2008, 3:17 PM
Okay! Here I go!

Name: Alessa Casssadra Cartright
Nicknames (optional): 'Lessa, Kart, Cassy
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Appearance: When one asks Alessa what she feels about her own looks, she has to take alot of time to give a simple answer. The reason for this is that Alessa hardly ever thinks about her own appearance. SHe spends more time think about the appearance of her pokemon. SHe thinks she is a beautiful girl and would not trade her own looks for any others. She has been known for her long black hair, green eyes, and perky smile. She loves her hair and is constantly changing the sytle of it. Only recently, has she settled on wearing her hair in one long ponytail that reachs just to her back. A topic she has always had to deal with was her breasts. She can tell of many times where she has not made a new friend because her breasts were too small. But that was a while ago. Puperty has set in and she loves it.(for the most part.) She has developed greatly and that has helped he in the few years she has had to deal with the development.

Moving down, we get to a long cloak-like grey and blue jacket. Her arms sported with matching blue and grey bracers and black fingerless gloves. A special emblem is marked on the front of the jacket. A symbol of a club Alessa was a very devoted member of when she was a little girl. The club was the Official Aipom Club. She went to all meetings and borught most of the groups stuffed animals, magizines, videos, and clothing dedicated to the awesomeness that is Aipom. Some could say she was even more interested than the leader of the club. Long after all had given up the club, she was the only surving member and continues to wear the symbol of the Aipom.

Moving down more, we see her very short skirt. But, it doesn't really matter how short it is because of the long cloak, which covers her whole right leg from view. Her boots are black and basic. But she makes sure they are kept clean everyday.

Personality: The personality of one said female pokemon trainer is a strange one. She is completly naive is most situations and a carefree person whos only goals are battling and having fun. But, on the other side, she is an intelligent tactician and strategist who's complex and indept battle plans have one her many battles. All her pokemon have been trained to their fullest potential. Complex formations and powerful executions are only some of the things the battle-crazy super competive side of Alessa is able to bring to the table.

Alessa's relationship with her pokemon vary. With her Ambipom, there is nothing but love and trust for each other. She is a strict trainer but a loving, caring one. She feels all of her pokemon are important gems and need love if they want to be the best they can be in a battle. She however feels all other pokemon are the biggest enemies and need to be crushed to get anywhere. She does yell at her pokemon from time to time but this is just to help. She wants nothing more than for her pokemon to succeed almost as much as she wants to succeed herself. As with Pidgeot, the two have full respect for each other and have similar interest and thoughts. This is way more the her Ambipom can say as Ambipom and Alessa are completly opposite. However, Pidgeot and Alessa constatly sinc together and enjoy the simpler things. As with Jolteon, Alessa thinks he is the most annoying pokemon and wishes he would go away. But she secreetly has feelings of him that show him as one of the strongest pokemon Alessa has ever seen. Alessa feels her Snorlax is the cutest pokemon in the world and is constantly unappreciated. Because of this, she constantly uses Snorlax in battle which as led to him becoming her most powerful pokemon. And with Ninetales, the two do not get along very much but are great together in battle. She loves ot cuddle with ninetales secretly and ninetales enjoys is as well. It is this combinatio nof love and strictness with her pokemon is what makes them do so well in battle.

History: Alessa is not the kinda of person to looks back on the past. But she does tell anyone who wants to know about it. She grew up in Hoenn and never saw the appeal. She does not like the area ofr many reasons. The deserts and sandstorms, the lava, she does not see interst in the pokemon of the Hoenn reason and spends as less time as possible there. When she turned 9, her dreams came true and she moved to Kanto with her older sister while her parents where gone away. They were famous scientist that study pokemon.

Alessa did not play with other children, but instead played with pokemon. Loving the mand taking the mhome with her to play and sleeping cuddling with them all of the time. She supported her sister, who was a great pokemon trainer and had won several tournaments and was soon gooing to leave training to live and domestic life, which is why she insisted that Alessa become a trainer to continue the cartright name of masters of Pokemon.

SHe eventually went off to go on her own pokemon adventure when her sister told her to. She refused to get a pokemon from a professor as this was not right to her. She found an Aipom that was playuful and cheery, so she caught it. She spent the much time with the one pokemon training it to its fullest potential and final form. Over the next 7 years she has done nothing but this for all of her pokemon.
NOw in the present day, her pokemon are as strong as she thinks they can be. She hears about the upsming tournament and decides to participate. She feels she will have to be better than she has ever been andher pokemon have to be a ready as they can. And she will continue her ways of clever planning and strategy.


Ambipom: What can be said about Alessa's first pokemon that she has not already said. He is stubborn, silly, hardly ever serious, and naive. But this Ambipom has changed into a serious, focused strong trainer thanks to Aless's calm teachings. A lonely Aipom it was. Not having any friends to spend its younger days with and

Other (optional): (Miscellaneous tidbits of information that you couldn't quite manage to cram into the above fields)
RP Sample: (If you think you don't need one, you probably do. This field can be the make or break for your sign-up, so unless you are very confident in the rest of the profile, I would strongly suggest putting proper effort into this. Fresh samples are preferred, but as long as you give a reference link to the original, your old writing is also acceptable. For personal reasons, I also want proof that you can RP a pokémon with personality somewhere within the sample.)


July 6th, 2008, 4:19 PM
You're probably sick of seeing me sign up for every RP you make with a Japanese inspired character but since your title strikingly reminded me of "The World Ends with You" in terms of an outlandish metaphorical heading, I couldn't resist. Shall patch up momentarily. :3

Name: Mizuhara Kaoru

Nickname (optional): Kao

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kaoru has the appearance of a simplistic urban girl, who dresses overtly street-wise while also promoting an exuberant moe-ish fashion. Her main attire begins with a simple canary-yellow tank top, patterned with thick horizontal white stripes. Its straps hang loosely from her shoulders and reach just above her abdomen, slightly exposing her stomach. Three-quarter, navy blue, denim jeans secure her waist and cover her upper thighs, strapped across with a black, silver buckle belt. Finishing off her carry on wardrobe, she adorns a short pair of black, shin-high socks as well as a pair of red high top sneakers, decorated with a checkered, white and red, diamond pattern.

In terms of additional accessories, Kaoru maintains a varying amount of add-ons that give her attire a somewhat healthy looking bulkiness. Two silver key-chains are tied to a single belt holster on her jeans and are hung from her left front to her left back pocket, where each ending link is clipped to the pocket's hemline. Her other main accessories include a pair of red, fingerless, black-rimmed gloves and a pair of cheap silver rings. Each ring is worn on each pinky finger and are seldom taken off.

With her physical appearance, Kaoru takes care to make herself look as innocent as possible, despite her rather noticable-for-the-wrong-reasons get-up. Her image is simplified to having short, messy, chestnut-brown hair that splits into a sharp fringe covering her forehead and reaching only around her head, to the base of her neck; typically, shoulder-length hair. Bright canary-yellow eyes match her loose top and give her a somewhat hollow gaze, reflecting her rather oblivious personality. Finishing off her appearance is the lightly tanned complexion of her skin that dominates her bare arms, face, neck and shins.

Personality: Kaoru is a girl who enjoys having fun with her friends and gets along well with other people fairly easily. She has a happy-go-lucky outlook for the most part and rarely gets angry or puts down others. Having said this however, he major character flaw is her attitude, one that isn't so much desired for a kid her age. For the most part, Kaoru is quite energetic and lively, and can often be counted on for bringing up irregular topics for conversations and disrupting the peace of others, but her natural talent resides in her sheer lack of will; in other words, being lazy.

Despite her almost limitless energy for matters unnecessary for a fifthteen-year-old, Kaoru has an unfounded knack for enjoying the labours of doing nothing and having fun doing so. She can cook reasonably well and is somewhat good at sports but more often than not refuses to participate in such activities. Her major flaw is such a trait that she perceives as being conservative, and follows this belief with a strong yet misguided heart.

History: Kaoru's life so far can be seen as an appropriate reflection of her personality. As a direct example and result of her rather lacking attitude, her experiences or lack there of are exactly that. Growing up in the city and being introduced to the world of Pokemon at such an early age, one would expect a girl now of fifteen years to have had many a ventures and mishaps, but not Kaoru. True to her nature no such experiences have ever plagued her existence, bar a single and notable moment in her life that could possibly hold some sort of significance; catching her very first Pokemon.

As standard-fare as it might sound, her capturing the soon to be dubbed "Mai" the Elekid was a perculiar twist of fate for both parties. The cause for the Pokemon's capture derived from his attempted escape from a confrontation with a rogue street cat in one of the city's many back alleys, notorious for their less than accomodating stray and wild inhabitants. Specifically, the city's most revered stray Persian was on the prowl and Mai just happened to be in its sights, but despite the rather unsual yet generic circumstances surrounding her discovering the Elekid, Kaoru took up the challenge and rescued him. It was just fortunate and coincidental that the girl was looking for her very first Pokemon and that Mai was looking for someone to save him. They were a perfect match.

From there and after a long winded discussion with her rather over anxious parents, she was given the chance to pursue the future she found the most suiting and was most likely her best option in terms of success. She was going to become a Pokemon Trainer.


Elekid (Mai): Once much unlike his trainer, Mai was timid, withdrawn and easily intimidated, not the best of traits for an aspiring trainer's first Pokemon. However, as they continued to train and travel together, his confidence quickly grew and he learnt to believe not only in his trainer but himself as well, despite how cliche the scenario might seem.

Five years later, he has become the party's leading force and Kaoru's most trusted partner. Boasting both considerable skill and strength, Mai's most prided attribute is his speed. Using this to his advantage, he has brought his trainer and the team a great number of victories and holds the leading position in the total of individual wins out of the party.

Now in his latest adventure, Mai accompanies Kaoru to Zenith Island to participate in the island's official league tournament, bearing the pride of his party, his trainer's aspirations and much more confidence in himself.

Ivysaur (Kaoru): Rash, determined and hard headed sums up Kaoru's second Pokemon and self-proclaimed leader of the party. Caught as a wild and mischievious Bulbasaur, he immediately took to his capture with a very stubborn attitude and gave his new trainer more than a hard time. Being dubbed after her didn't help break the ice either and for the first month the feral plant attempted two escapes and gave Kaoru a number of poisonous and quite unpleasant injuries. Yet throughout it all, she continued to chase and look after him despite his rebuttals and to top it all off, she went through all of it with a smile on her face.

Over time and through many more ordeals, the mobile plant learnt to accept and respect his new trainer and eventually grew up to be her most versatile Pokemon. His inclusion did little to help his fellow partner Mai in the beginning but much like his relationship with Kaoru, his attitude helped mold the Elekid into a stronger Pokemon, providing the base to their budding rivalry.

Claydol (Kato): Unique is the best way to describe Kaoru's third and final Pokemon, Claydol. Representing traits reminiscent to that of ancient Pokemon, Kato's not exactly what it seems, at least not what others might think a genderless, levitating, mud doll could be. In comparison to both Mai and Kaoru (the Bulbasaur), Kato's attitude is more or less exactly like its trainer's; carefree and laid back. This is exactly why the Claydol is so "unique", initially being emotionless and without reason, after encountering Kaoru (the trainer) it quickly imitated its captor's personality as a way of establishing a bond with the girl. At first, she found the Pokemon's antics to be cute and quite flattering but was very much surprised to see that as they continued travelling, Kato was developing a personality all on its own.

In the following five years, Kato had become its very own Pokemon with its own attitude, without having to rely on its trainer in any way, shape or form. Of course, using Kaoru's initial personality as the foundation for its own persona, similarities between the two were still evident. Taking a rather passive role in the party, Kato serves more like a medium between Elekid and Ivysaur as well as providing Kaoru with an equally happy-go-lucky and half-assed partner.


RP Sample (taken from The Grand Tournament (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=123047&highlight=grand&page=3) by Trainer Kat, post by Phanima): His distinct and stern voice pierced the air and caught everyone's immediate attention. Still wrapped under one of Kat's arms, Kozue turned his head towards the now approaching professor who looked every bit like his photos in the Pokemon tabloids, it was really him; Professor Oak.

He made his introduction quick and to the point and before he realised it, the professor was already handing out their prized Pokemon. He slowly began to call out each trainer for them to receive their Pokemon and assorted accessories. This was the first time he had heard each of their names and made himself remember each and everyone of them. Marcus, Fenra, Patrick, Noah and Kat were their names and he made a promise to himself to memorise them as quickly as possible. They were going to be his new travelling companions after all...well, at least he hoped so.

It was then that the professor called out his name and gently placed his desired prize in his eager hands. "Thank you professor!" he beamed as he received his ocean blue Pokedex, set of five spare Pokeballs and his very first Pokemon. "Thank you so much!"

Without hesitation, Kozue gently tossed the ball just above his head and watched as it spun and eventually burst open in a flash of white light, releasing a round shaped creature by his feet. He watched intently as the light faded away from the creature's body as he listened to the similar sounds of the other trainers' releasing their very own first Pokemon.

A plump round body and an equally round head first appeared, followed by a small budding beak, a pair of wing flippers and three-toed claws. A dark blue coat covered the majority of its bulbous head and napkin like feathers that ran across its neck, back and tail. A lighter shade of blue completed the rest of its miniature body, bar two white round patches across its front and around its eyes. Its beak and feet also matched with an impressive yellow hue. Altogether, the small newly hatched Pokemon striked a marking resemblance to a baby penguin.

Putting his recently accquired Pokedex to good use, Kozue quickly scanned the creature who had began ruffling its own feathers with its short stubby beak.

"It's a Piplup!" he announced with a bright smile as he read its biography.

Crouching down to survey the Pokemon, the blonde mop-top attempted a gentle patting session with his new partner when he was suddenly greeted with a rather stubborn and unprovoked nip on the finger.

"Ouch!" he cried out, instinctively brushing his wounded finger across his lips. "I-I'm sorry, I don't mean you any harm..."

The penguin looked relatively confused but stayed on guard as it analysed the approaching teen. "I'm not going to hurt you," Kozue continued, stretching out an open hand in an effort to make peace with the Pokemon. "I just wanted to greet you properly..."

Expecting another bite from its short yet suprisingly sharp beak, Kozue braced himself for the attack as the Pokemon widened its mouth. What he wasn't expecting was the warm sensation and rather gross feeling of the baby penguin's tongue addressing the same finger it had bitten only moments ago. For some reason unbeknownst to him, the Piplup seemed to have accepted his presence for that moment, and that was good enough for him.

With his other hand, he hesitantly began stroking the penguin's head with the hopes of relaxing the Pokemonas it tended to his small wound. "You're quite friendly, huh Piplup?" he continued, thoroughly enjoying the moment as his mind started to wonder, "but I think you need a name...something that'll suit you, like 'Poochie' or 'Pochama'..."

Looking down at the baby blue penguin, his wondering mind blanked. "Um...I don't know what to call you..." he stammered as he scratched his messy blonde hair, "maybe something simple and catchy, like 'Peanut' or 'Pocky'...wait, 'Pocky'! I love pocky!"

Piplup seemed to have heard the boy's exclamation about one of his favourite past-time snacks and retreated from its current duty to pat its flipper against his hand in an effort to grab the teen's attention. As if a piece of the puzzle had finally fallen into place, Kozue happily petted the penguin's hands and gave his new partner a nod. "From now on, you'll be known as 'Pocky'."

Rather satisfied with the amount of progress he had made with his new buddy, Kozue returned his attention to what was immediately happening around them. Seeing Kat releasing a fairly distinctive Pokemon in her hands, the blonde mop-top made his way back over to the girl with rejuvenated optimism.

"Kat-chan, what did you get?"

July 7th, 2008, 11:06 AM

Name: Cato Cornelius

Nicknames (optional): N/A

Age: 17

Gender: Congratulations, it’s a boy!

Appearance: When you first look at Cato, words like ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’ enter your head, and with good reason too. Standing at a measly five feet, five inches, sporting a pale skin tone and with those scrawny arms and legs, you’d have to be blind to mistake him for intimidating. His eyes are a magnificent olive shade, but due to his bad eyesight, one would have to stare through his thick glasses to see them. That is, of course, if that person’s attention is shifted toward his unkempt, curly black hair, or perhaps the various pieces of grass that are usually sticking out of it. Can’t get worse than this, right? Wrong.

His normal attire consists of a long-sleeve, white shirt— or at least a shirt that used to be white. Due to his constant traveling, the shirt is now covered in many stains and small rips. Sometime after leaving for his journey, Cato purchased a hideous dark brown and green sweater vest, and seeing that there was no one with any type of fashion sense around, he began wearing it daily until it became part of his normal attire. Both vest and shirt are tucked into his khaki pants, which are held up by a maroon belt. All of his accessories, including his Pokeballs, are kept in the gray messenger’s bag he carries at all times. Last, but certainly not least, are his brown construction boots.

Personality: Not having much of a social life, Cato spends most of his time alone. This has caused him to develop an anti-social personality, decreasing his chances even more at gaining friends. Aside from his anti-social problems, Cato can get quite cocky at times. He may not be the strongest or fastest, but his intelligence is vastly superior to that of his peers. He’s quick to prove someone wrong or ‘show off’ his smarts in even the silliest of discussions. He takes almost everything seriously, even jokes or sarcasm. But what’s worst of all is that he’s EXTREMELY stubborn and when others try to inform him of his flaws, he tells them otherwise before they can even finish.

When it comes to Pokemon relations, Cato’s personality changes in specific ways. What is usually noticed first is that he looks down on any Pokemon not belonging to him, believing that most (if not all) are not disciplined like his. He isn’t one to catch wild Pokemon on the sight or allow injured Pokemon on the road to become part of his team. Instead, he searches for those that will only benefit his team and due to this, doesn’t have many Pokemon.

History: Although born in Pallet Town, Cato’s family soon moved to New Bark Town where he spent the majority of his childhood. It became clear early in his life that Cato was smarter than the average kid and because of this, skipped many grades in school. However, this seemingly god-given gift was more like a curse, as he never had chance to maintain any type of normal social life. By the age of fourteen, the only people he talked to on a regular basis were his family members and Professor Elm. He and the young professor developed a close friendship, and within a couple of years, Cato found himself working as a part-time assistant. After seeing countless trainers leaving on journeys thanks to Elm providing them with the necessary equipment and a Pokemon, Cato finally decided he needed to explore the world outside of New Bark Town. Being the professor’s assistant, he was easily able to choose the strongest of the starters (which was a Totodile).

The next year seemed to just fly by. Cato and his Totodile (which he aptly named Aquarius) hit if off from the beginning, which was pretty rare for the young trainer. They were winning battles left and right, until they came upon their first gym battle. After losing countless battles, Cato began to develop his knack for only capturing “worthy” Pokemon. One day he came across a rowdy Houndour and knew at that moment that it’d be a valuable asset to his team. With two Pokemon at his side, he continued his journey. When he came across the well-known Day Care Center of Johto, the old keeper forced a mysterious egg on him. The egg eventually hatched into an Elekid, but Cato had half a mind to release it. That is until he saw it hold its own against a Natu only a couple of weeks after its hatching.

Satisfied with the current state of his team, Cato has yet to catch any new Pokemon. After attaining his eighth and final badge, he actually went back home before challenging the League. Now with this new tournament coming to light, Cato has decided to try it out before going for the real thing.


Feraligatr (Aquarius; female): Although Cato has been around Pokemon for many years, this little beauty was the first one he ever owned. The pair met a week before Elm was supposed to hand out the starters and after comparing her to the other Pokemon, Cato knew she was the one he’d pick. Being the only Pokemon owned by the young trainer for quite some time, Aquarius was well trained and easily defeated other trainers and wild Pokemon single-handedly. Then the time came to battle Falkner, and due to their current winning streak, both trainer and Pokemon believed the battle was going to be a pushover. Neither anticipated the numerous losses they would receive before Bane, the Houndour, was added to the team.

After getting their first badge, Aquarius decided that she wouldn’t let her trainer down again or allow the new addition to take her place as Cato’s number one Pokemon. When the time came for their second gym battle gym battle, Cato sent out Bane first, expecting it to sweep Bugsy’s team, but was defeated by his infamous Scyther. Aquarius saw this as her chance to prove herself and held her own against the strong bug Pokemon. The battle was going downhill until she suddenly evolved and finished off the stubborn Scyther. Things seemed to be going just the way she liked, even after Tron the Elekid joined the team. However, after Bane evolved, Aquarius noticed Cato spending more time around the Houndoom and once again tried to prove her worth. She was given a chance in the battle against Chuck, where she once again evolved at the last minute and won the match.

Aquarius has a tendency to get jealous of any Pokemon that Cato shows more affection for. Because of this, she has become a bit power hunger, always trying to prove that she’s the best. Ever since Bane’s capture, the two have been having a sort of contest for Cato’s approval— or at least she thought they were. In truth, Bane could care less and if Aquarius looked a little closer, she’d see that Cato would never in his right mind give up on her.

Houndoom (Bane; male): Before being captured, Bane spent most of his days in the outskirts of Violet City, enjoying his daily routine of pummeling the native wild Pokemon. One day, he traveled a bit too close to the city and met up with Cato. Believing him to be like one of the many beginners he had come across, Bane proudly stood his ground against the human, but learned the meaning of defeat when Aquarius beat him in battle and he was captured. If was hard for him to accept the fact that he could no longer terrorize the weak Pokemon around Violet City, and at first disobeyed Cato’s orders. But after he saw that Cato was determined to discipline the unruly Houndour, Bane sucked up his pride and began listening to his trainer.

Bane reached his Houndoom state while battling a trainer in Ecruteak City and couldn’t help but notice how much it angered Aquarius. She was so paranoid, thinking he had obtained the spot as Cato’s number one Pokemon, but in truth, he didn’t care much about being the best. After leaving his home, Bane became a very laid back type of Pokemon, only coming out when he was needed and promptly returning back to his pokeball after the task was completed. When it comes to Pokemon battles, he doesn’t like to lose and if he feels one of Cato’s orders will cost them the match, he will gladly disobey the order and do things his way. Through this method, the two have lost and won many battles.

Electabuzz (Tron; male): Given to Cato in his egg form by the Day Care center on Route 34 and hatching shortly after, Tron had no problem joining Cato’s team. The trainer however, saw things differently, and urged the newly hatched Elekid to stop following them. Then, one night when Cato was sleeping peacefully in his tent and Tron looked on from the bushes, a Natu appeared. The energetic Elekid remember how Cato would always say he was much too weak to be part of the team, and this was the perfect opportunity for him to prove himself. The battle with the Natu was tough, especially since he had never battled before and the Natu was much older. Still, his drive allowed him to overcome his opponent, and was surprised to hear a low clapping sound coming from Cato’s tent. The young trainer had watched the entire thing and finally decided to give the young Pokemon a shot.

As stated before, Tron is a very energetic Pokemon and is always ready to battle when released from his pokeball. But when it comes to the actual battling... let’s just say he was never the powerhouse of the team. Because of his hyper-active nature he usually overexerts himself at the beginning of the match and has no energy left for later. Cato has tried many times to solve this problem, but finally realized that it was because of Tron’s young age that he acted that way and figured he’d grow out of it. Unfortunately, after all these months and an evolution, he still hasn’t. Speaking of evolution, Tron reached his Electabuzz state after Cato returned home and challenged the new trainers to one-on-one battles with his Elekid.

Other (optional): Cato is a sore loser and will quickly accuse someone of cheating if he loses severely in battle.

RP Sample: Well, you said a piece of my FF was good enough for a sample, so I took a little excerpt from the Lucius/Kyle battle.

“Flora, I’m not lying! You’re in a battle!”

“<Nonsen—>” The Chikorita’s final sounds were muffled as she plummeted to the ground. The log beneath her feet had mysteriously rolled away, but from Lucius perspective, it was clear that Bruce was pushing it along. Flora was picking her face off the dirt when Kyle yelled his command.


Wiping away the last bit of dirt away with her overhead leaf, she opened her eyes just in time to see the silver brute charging at her. She was more focused how a Pokemon with such short legs could run so fast, but soon understood the gravity of the situation as the two made contact. With an upward thrust on impact, Bruce successfully launched the leaf Pokemon with substantial force. She plunged back to Earth as a limp figure that bounced on the small pebbles. She let out low whimpers as she struggled to get back to her feet.

“<Hmph... I was hoping this was going to be fun...>” Bruce complained, leaning forward to deal the finishing blow.

“Lift him up with a Vine Whip!” Lucius ordered unnervingly.

The Pokemon hesitated to obey the command as she still was skeptical about the battle. In seconds though, two buds from the ones circling her neck opened up, and two great vines extended out. The verdant appendages squirmed and twirled like an excited Ekans, and like the snake, struck its opponent with blinding speed. Bruce staggered as the pair coiled around his petite frame. With every struggle the binding only tightened, making the Aron look more angered than hurt.

“Well, lift him up already!”

Judging by the Flora’s exasperation, it wasn’t a long shot to tell that the leaf Pokemon was struggling with the command. Not only did she not want to fight, but her opponent was no weakling. Aside from his strength, there was no possible way that even her vines could pick him up, let alone toss him into the sky. A welt beside her dangling leaf— where the Headbutt had hit her— was beginning to swell, which gave her an irritating headache.

“<I... can’t,>” she managed to utter while still keeping a tight grip on her enemy. From the looks of things, this match was going to be a draw. Lucius, on the other hand, had somewhere to be and a tie just wasn’t acceptable.

“It’s okay Flora, just keep him in your line of fire and use Razor Leaf.”

Stunned by Lucius’ fast thinking, Kyle simply watched as the Chikorita spun her leaf in rapid circles, releasing small— but sharper— leaves. Amazingly, the leaves hit Bruce as if they were rocks and the attack was clearly making a difference. With his head bent low, the Aron risked a glance and saw that Flora’s attacks were decreasing in speed and force as the onslaught progressed. Even the vines were loosening, but he was still unable to move the rest of his body.

“<Just wait it out a little longer...>” he thought to himself. Without Kyle’s knowing— or probably just not caring for it— Bruce activated his Iron Defense. Meanwhile, at the origin of the assault, Flora could see that her leaves were literally bouncing off of her target.

“<What was Lucius thinking putting me against this Pokemon. And why are we even battling Kyle in the first place?>” she contemplated, amid still struggling to keep hold of her foe. Making a mental note to demand an explanation later, the Pokemon brought herself back to a calm state and thought of her options. Forfeiting was immediately dismissed, as that would just make Lucius angry at her and asking for an explanation harder. Then there was waiting out this little stalemate, but by the looks of things, she’d run out of energy much sooner. Of course, she could always... yes... yes that could work! A risky choice but the only one capable of leading to her victory. With her mind made up, the leaf Pokemon ended her Razor Leaf bombardment and turned her main leaf to the sun.

“<Are you watching, Josh?>” she said softly, absorbing the soothing light. “<I’m using the move you taught me.>”

The intense light engulfed her small body in a split second and she began to glow furiously. The small buds around her neck, along with her leaf, fed feverishly on the photosynthetic energy. Miniature sparks traced the mark on her forehead and in seconds, it healed. Her leaf was erect in the air and initiated the familiar spinning motion. Bruce nearly choked as the vines holding him tightened. Lucius watched in awe as his Pokemon shined even brighter than Nick. At that moment, he knew victory was in his grasp.

“That’s incredible Flora! Now, let’s end this!” he shouted triumphantly. Giving a slight nod to her trainer, the Chikorita increased the rapid spin of her leaf and released another flurry of Razor Leaves. The Aron made a grave mistake not bracing for impact— as he thought his previous Iron Defense could handle it— but the force of this particular round was a big improvement. If it weren’t for the vines holding him in place, Bruce would have most surely been blasted on his back. He opened his mouth to cry out, but the vines constricted even harder, making even breathing hard. With unprecedented strength, the vines bent upwards and managed to lift the Pokemon about a foot off the ground.

“<This power... where is it coming from?>” he thought to himself, unwilling— or unable— to speak.

Kyle watched in aggravation as his chance at winning quickly slipped away. If he wanted to save Lucius from himself, then it was best he think of something and quick. He thoroughly examined Flora and finally noticed that the source of her power was the sun. Looking overhead, he was pleased to discover a relatively large cloud about to intercept the sun’s light. All he needed to do was stall for a few seconds.

“We’re still in this!” Kyle declared. “Bruce, give her a good ol’ Metal Claw!”

With a hidden grin, the iron beetle focused whatever remaining energy he had on his four little feet. The limbs grew even brighter than Flora and sizzled against the vines. The friction against her vines caused Flora to cry in pain and retract the green ropes. Bruce abruptly fell with a thud, but was back on his feet in seconds. Kyle swore under his breath when he saw that the cloud still needed a little more time to move over the sun’s rays. Turning his gaze on Flora, he was even more enraged to see that she had already recovered from the Metal Claw.

“<Take this!>” she screamed, blasting one final round of Razor Leaves that was sure to do the job.

“I’ve had enough of this battle! Bruce, use Dig!” Kyle ordered, pointing at the ground below his Pokemon’s feet. With no time to spare, the Aron dug his face into the soil and sunk as if it were quick sand. A sharp leaf skidded his backside before he was completely submerged. Kyle’s breathing slowed as he smiled in satisfaction.

“It’s over... we won,” he said aloud.

“What the!? Where did he go? No fair Kyle, you’re cheating!” Lucius accused. Meanwhile, Flora’s head was spinning in all directions as she searched for her opponent.

Kyle looked up at the sky before his reply. “We’re not cheating; Dig is an official move. Truth is I didn’t even know Bruce could use it. But hey, guess we got lucky there.”

“That’s what you think. Flora, Vine Whip into that hole. He couldn’t have gotten too far.”

Everyone awaited Flora’s response, but she just stood there, panting hard. The glow of her body quickly diminished and the Pokemon fell on her stomach. Once again her leaf went limp and blocked one of her eyes. However, from the visible one, both trainers could see that she was crying. A tear trickled down her cheek and plummeted to the ground. The moment it made its landing, all went dark. Caught off guard, Lucius searched for the reason for the sudden change in lighting. His eyes fell upon a cloud that moved infront of the sun. The immense size of the cloud made it certain that light would not be seen again for another minute or so.

Kyle smirked at his confusion. “Game over,” he whispered, awaiting the inevitable. Expectantly, the ground below Flora began to rumble and give way. However, she did not fall through. Quite the contrary, actually; Bruce shot out of the hole and sent Flora soaring towards Lucius. The leaf Pokemon hit the trainer in the stomach, causing the two to fall on their backs. Ignoring the sharp pain— which he had grown accustomed to on this journey— Lucius looked over to his Chikorita and frowned in disappointment. The green Pokemon laid right beside him, apparently unconscious. Luckily he had remembered which pokeball belonged to Flora and recalled the beaten Pokemon. He stared at the orb in his hand, feeling that familiar sensation for only a second before it disappeared.

July 7th, 2008, 4:19 PM
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Well, I'm done too, for the moment. May decide to change some minor details of history and expand personality a bit more, but otherwise I'm good.

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In the mean time...let's see what we've got here:

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EDITNESS: Long-waited opening IC...go! We are officially in business. ^^


The sun rose slowly over Zenith island that morning, ascending past the island's many plateaus and hilltops with calm, dignified grace, like an emperor heading for the top of his castle to greet the unwashed masses under his rule. And what masses they were! Below the glare of the midday sun, at the lowest of the five distinct plateaus that constituted the majority of the island's flatland, a bizarre congregation had spread across what seemed like every last available piece of living space, a steady flow of their comrades still ascending the cliffside path from the multitude of ships moored below. There were people both young and old, of every color and creed, children laughing and playing amongst tired seniors and flocking around the occasional pro trainer - cool and collected - who made their entry. Pokémon were compared, challenges issued, bets made, refreshments and souvenirs bought from the colorful stalls that had - very prudently - been set up the day before. Laughter and chatter mingled with the strident cries of the most bizarre menagerie of pokémon that the sleepy island had ever seen, the occasional balloon fleeing the chaos into the cloudless sky above, much to the annoyance of the Wingulls nesting above while the queues to the registration booths grew ever longer. The very air itself seemed alive with excitement, all centered around the only space in sight that had not been subjected to this peculiar invasion: a wooden stage set up with its back pointing straight to the tallest peak of Zenith Island and the renovated observatory at its peak. Currently, the stage was occupied by nothing but a solitary microphone and loudspeaker set, save for the occasional stressed-out aide who ran in to perform yet another last-minute check on the speakers, but even so, the crowd milling around it was already abuzz with speculation. This was where the tournament's first round would begin, after all, and by none other than an evil land developer who had been suspiciously quiet and reclusive after his grand announcement - even coquettish, some would say. None of those gathered, particularly the hopeful competitors, wanted to miss his speech, and as such the jockeying for the front places was fierce, often kept in check only by the grim-looking black suits who hung about the area, casting warning glares from behind their shades and occasionally adding in a bit of suitable body language to intimidate potential troublemakers.

The person at the front of the right-hand registration booth queue faced intimidation of a completely different sort, however.

"Next, please." the receptionist's voice was friendly and pleasant to the ear, like a cool breeze in the sweltering summer heat, and the moment he caught sight of her face, Laure felt the temperature around his cheeks rise even further as he half-stepped, half-stumbled closer. His head throbbed, he felt caged in and ill, the sweat ran down his face and neck in rivers, disappearing beneath the sweater - far too warm for this kind of weather - and so fervently did his tongue move as he tried to explain his case that he was surprised a few seconds later when he realized that it had failed to make a sound.


Rather than the chastisement he had expected to receive, the receptionist - apparently well-accustomed to this type of thing by now - treated him to a sympathetic smile, "Your ID, Ms Whitendon..?"


"Excuse me?"

"Mister." Laure repeated, a bit louder, his face now bearing an even deeper shade of red than before, only intensified as his own voice - shrill and frightened - resounded in his ears, the trainer hastily shoving a trainer card forward for examination, "I'm a boy."

"Oh." the receptionist looked slightly taken aback, chuckling in an embarrassed manner, "I'm sorry, Mr.Whitendon, just a moment, then." with routined flourish, she grasped the piece of plastic, running it through a small reading device mounted onto the desk and turning to consult the computer by her side, her fingers dancing gracefully across the keyboard. As he waited, Laure could already hear the laughter spreading out behind him; quiet, muffled, as if they thought he couldn't hear it. Gritting his teeth, the male pulled the baseball cap on his head a bit further down, focusing his gaze on his feet while he tried to tune out all sounds but the rhytmic tap, tap, tapping of the keys.

After what felt like an eternity, the receptionist finally spoke up again.

"So, it's Laure Whitendon. Gender Male. Age 15. Born in Kanto region. Trainer ID 6281 - 3217 - 5534. Registered pokémon: Growlithe, Jolteon, Butterfree, and...an Alakazam." she paused, frowning a little as she turned her gaze back to the teen and asking, not unkindly, "Is that correct?"

He managed a weak nod, and the woman didn't press the unspoken matter further, but he knew. It was the question that had been on the lips of everyone he had encountered since disembarking the ferry in Zynthre's company, the question everyone inevitably came to ask, in a very carefully worded manner so as to not sound rude, of course: how could such a weak trainer have such a powerful pokémon?

It was even more embarrassing when he had been arrested on charges of pokémon theft for his guardian, not to be released until Mrs. Whitendon had come over and given the investigators both a full testimony and a piece of her mind, though they would probably have been satisfied with only the former.

"Here you are."

At the receptionist's words, Laure snapped out of his reverie, just in time to notice his trainer card heading back towards him, accompanied by a small, white ID card that was a bit smaller, bearing his basic information on the front.

Catching the boy's quizzical glance, the receptionist elaborated, "That card is proof your participation in this tournament." she explained, "In addition to pass and fail verdicts, you will also be graded on your overall performance throughout the tournament and be awarded Prestige Points for your performance. While basic accommodations are provided, you may also trade any points you gain for items or additional services between rounds. Some of the stores on this island will also have discounts and special offers available only to tournament participants, so make good use of that card during your stay. But be careful; if another competitor bests you in battle, a number of your Prestige Points will be transferred to them. So stay on your guard and use your points sparingly, but don't get too greedy or you may loose them all." returning to her previous smile, she then added, "I wish you good luck in the tournament."

With another hesitant nod, Laure quickly pocketed both his trainer card and competitor ID, taking special care to make sure that they were properly contained, before hobbling to the side as quickly as possible, gasping for breath like he had just run a marathon, still feeling the crowd's collective stares boring into the back of his skull as he found himself a spot by the edge of the plateau facing towards the sea, leaning over the railing as he allowed the fresh sea breeze to brush over his sweat-covered face. It was not fair, the teen told himself, not fair that no-one else had to struggle like this, to muster all their courage and push themselves to the outmost just to manage something as simple as a tournament registration. How pitiful he must have looked, quivering like a leaf and stuttering incoherently, blushing at the first sight of a pretty face. Weak, that was what they thought of him now, weak and pathetic, a Rattata thrown out to a flock of ravenous Persian, and they were right.

"I take it, the registration was a success?"

Laure did not seem the least bit fazed by the sudden entry of a foreign voice to his mind, nor the equally sudden appearance of a humanoid creature with a fox-like head - decorated by a large moustache- by his side. The opened can of yogurt floating in mid-air in front of the psychic type and the sizable spoon that was shoveling its contents into the pokémon mouth on its own accord, however, were a slightly different matter.

"Y-yeah...I guess so..." Laure replied, "But Zynth, what-?"

"Yogurt." Zynthre replied matter-of-factly, continuing to consume his snack, "A human treat which I must confess is quite tasty. A vendor was offering free samples, would you like some...?"

"No-no, I'm fine." Laure replied hastily as the yogurt can made a tentative move towards him, "I really couldn't eat anything now, I..." he paused, briefly tearing his gaze away from the absurd sight in front of him and turning it to the countless crowd members still making their way up the slope, "...I just didn't think there would be so many people."

"It is a big tournament." Zynthre replied, "The biggest investment since the last national championship, I gather, and advertised in overseas media too. A big crowd is to be expected. Some celebrities, even, respected names from the competitive circuit."

"Oh..." Laure felt his heart sink even further. The tournament had seemed like the right idea at the time, but the moment he had stepped onto the ferry and caught a glimpse of the competition he had had half a mind to quit the contest already. When they finally disembarked and he found that his ferry was only one of what looked to him like a small fleet, he had come very close to a nervous breakdown, and now...

"Zynth...do you...think I made the right decision?"

"Absolutely not." the abrupt bluntness of the response caught Laure off guard, but before he could muster a single sentence, the Alakazam continued - with what Laure thought was the tiniest hint of a smile - "This yogurt is absolutely delicious."

The boy frowned a little, "I meant about entering the tournament."


For a few moments, there was complete silence between the two, save for the occasional slurp of yogurt leaving spoon and entering mouth, but eventually Laure spoke up again:


"Well what?"

"Was it...?"

"A good decision?" the Alakazam finished, taking a brief pause from his treat to shake his head slowly, "Who am I to say if one decision is better than the other? Who am I to say that such a thing as 'right' even exists? Only the future will reveal such things, if they reveal themselves at all, and the future is not for us to decide. You can only do as you think best, then deal with the consequences as they come."

Laure looked somewhat crestfallen, "That...wasn't very helpful." he said at last.

"A completely truthful answer rarely is." his companion concurred with a light shrug, "To answer the question I believe you intended to ask, however: yes, I believe that Rebecca would have come to a similar decision."

"I see." Laure replied, looking slightly relieved; this was his mother's prized pokémon, after all, and he would know her better than any. Even if he still wasn't sure of his decision, at least he was not letting his family down. This fact was enough to raise his spirits a little, eliciting a shy little smile, "That's good to know."

"I do believe that the terms she would have expressed her approval with would have been a fair bit more colorful, however." Zynthre continued conversationally, "'Damn straight! I'll kick their lilywhite butts all the way back to prep school', or something to that effect, I believe."

"You're kidding..." Laure replied, repressing a guilty fit of laughter at the mental image of his prim and proper mother, chairwoman of the local trainer school's parent council, wielding such expressions, "Mother seriously didn't say things like that, did she?"

"Well..." the psychic type conceded, "I confess to leaving out some of the more vulgar terminology, yes. She was quite the outspoken young lady in her younger days." the tiny hint of a smile briefly graced his features once more, "I would appreciate it if you did not betray any knowledge of this in her presence, however."

Chuckling genuinely for the first time since he had set foot on the island, Laure offered his pokémon a grin, "Didn't hear a thing." he replied, finally raising his head from the depths of the hoodie's collar and pulling up the baseball cap just a little to grant him a better view of his surroundings, "Did that vendor still have samples left?"

"A fair amount." Zynthre replied, "It appears that his products were not viewed with particular enthusiasm, despite the very generous pricing. Shall I lead you there? It would appear that we still have some time before the tournament begins, after all."

"...why not?" Laure replied in cheerful forfeit, his recent embarrassment now all but completely wiped from his mind, "Why not?"

July 9th, 2008, 2:24 PM
“So... hot...”

Cato impatiently fanned himself as he stood on the registration line, awaiting his turn. That morning on Zenith island had been way too hot for the young trainer to be wearing his usual sweater vest, but the ugly piece of clothing had almost become a part of him after all these years. If that wasn’t bad enough, the line was formed in a shadeless area on the isle with people standing shoulder to shoulder. The anxious teen could literally feel the body heat of a nearby man rubbing off on him. If it weren’t for the opportunity of a life-time being presented by this mysterious tournament, Cato would have surely stayed home with his beloved air conditioner. He turned his gaze to sky, hoping the heat would at least create hallucinations of oncoming rainclouds, but frowned at the sight of a sky void of such things.

“Next up!”

The surprisingly manly voice brought Cato out of his trancelike state, and he quickly adjusted his glasses to give the impression that he was actually paying attention. The sweaty trainer ran his hands through his curly, black hair, gave a slight sigh, and stepped forward. He let out and unintentional gasp as he eyed the employee sitting behind the desk buried into a computer screen. Despite the deep, masculine voice, he was looking at a female— or at least, something that once was a female. The overweight receptionist barely fit into her small seat, let alone uniform— and unless Cato’s eyes where playing tricks on him, she sported a fancy tattoo on the back of her neck. Just his luck to be stuck with odd one out of all the beauties.

“Ya deaf, kid?”

“Oh, I apologize. Can you please repeat that?”

The obese woman groaned loudly and turned to the trainer. “Give. Me. Your. ID,” she said slowly as if Cato had a hearing disability. Not wanting to get into an argument, especially with all these people watching, the trainer reached into his wallet and retrieved the ID that was assigned to all trainers. The large woman snatched the rectangular card from his hand and began typing away at her keyboard.

“Cato Cornelius. Gender, male. Age seventeen. Born in Johto Region. Trainer ID 6497 – 3914 – 0684. Registered Pokemon: Feraligatr, Houndoom, and an Elekid,” she finally said, almost robotically.

“Actually,” Cato interrupted, “it’s an Electabuzz. We had a recent evolution and I guess the database has yet to update my profile.”

“Yeah, sure,” the lady commented unenthusiastically before returning to her keyboard.

“Is that all?” the trainer asked disappointedly, hoping she would mention the fact that he had won all eight badges of the Johto League so all others could hear. Unfortunately, she didn’t hear him— or more likely was ignoring him— and continued typing. She moved one of her hands to nearby machine that spat out a card similar to the trainer cards.

“Have a nice day,” she said while handing him the cards, although it sounded a bit forced. “NEXT!”

After sliding both cards into his wallet, Cato hastily moved aside as to not agitate the man standing behind him. Well, it was official. He was now a contestant in the Zenith Island Tournament. But first things first, he needed to cool down.

Seeing as most trainers were collected around the main desks to retrieve their competitor IDs, it didn’t take long for the boy to find a nice, empty spot. After reaching into his messenger’s bag for a pokeball, he pressed the small button twice— once to enlarge the ball, and a second time to release the blue, bipedal alligator inside. The Feraligatr gave a slight smile to her trainer and awaited her commands.

“Okay Aquarius, can you give me a light water gun?” Cato requested.

The Pokemon gave a nod of approval and released a stream of water from her mouth. A joyous grin appeared on the trainer’s face as the cold liquid splashed against it, cleansing it of the copious amount of sweat. He didn’t mind getting his clothes or bag wet, as long as he was relieved from this mind-boggling heat. When the attack finally ceased, Cato wiped his face with his sweater vest and recalled his Pokemon.

“Time to find some shade.”

July 9th, 2008, 4:33 PM
Walking through the crowd, the brown haired woman was clenching her teeth, the vein on her head pulsing with rage as the two yellow creatures tagging along at her feet squealed with joy - the thought of punting the mouse like pokemon over a cliff was zooming around her head, just waiting to be followed through. Pulling out the Competition ID she had just recieved, Corey glanced it over and read everything in her head.

Corey Stenson, Female, Seventeen, Born in the Sinnoh Region, ID# 1683 - 2660 - 9541, Registered Pokemon: Charizard, Mantine, Tropius, Plusle and Minun.

Plusle and Minun had to be added to the card today, the system hadn't updated her info since she caught them such a short time ago - even though she wished they had never been caught, the pestering vermin. Even now, the Pikachu look-a-likes played gleefully at her feet with not a care in the world.

"Plusle. Minun. If you don't stop goofing off I'm going to feed you to Charizard, do you understand me?"

The mouse pokemon stopped immediately, glancing up at their trainer, and froze with fear. Being new to her team, they weren't sure if she would actually follow through on her threat - and they weren't planning on finding out. They stood on their feet and followed Corey, as she had begun walking through the mob again, in the most serious manner they could muster from inside themselves. After a few more minutes, they escapes the suffocation of bodies pushing into bodies and walked towards a near by location - quite large for such a packed island, and Corey called out her Tropius. The grass-flying pokemon surveyed the scene then quickly turned his attention to Corey - hand signs immediately began as she was telling Tropius they'd be doing as much training as possible before the tournament. That pokemon nodded and then flew a short distance away, landing near the water to practice his Hyper Beam control.

"Plus..le..plusle..plu" the little pokemon squeaked to his sisterly companion.

"Min..un..mi..minun" replied the blue and yellow mouse.

"You two, quit the chit chater and get to training aswell. I want you to go practice your lightning attacks - there are some rocks over there, use them as targets."

The mouse pokemon ran off, obeying their trainers commands, as Corey called out Charizard and Mantine. Mantine, as usual, just glanced around and floated in the air not paying much attention to Corey. Charizard, as expected, picked Corey up and began flying around the air and cling close to Corey.

"Charizard we don't have time for this" said Corey, a smile escaping on her face - but quickly disappearing.

The Charizard landed and placed Corey back on her feet and then took off past Tropius, practicing his Fire Blast attack is what Corey had ordered him to do earlier in the day - before they had arrived on the island. Corey then turned her attention to Mantine, and prepared for a battle that was sure to come.

"I'd like for you to practice your Giga Impact attack on the rocks over there. You can do it whenever you feel like it, I'd just like it to be done at some point."

The water-flying pokemon turned, looked at Corey, nodded, and then looked away again - letting Corey know she would indeed practice the attack.

"Good," said Corey to herself, " now I'll go and practice my meditation."

And with that, off she walked to a nearby tree and sat down - immediately closing her eyes and humming to herself, aloud, every few seconds.

Scarlet Weather
July 9th, 2008, 5:15 PM
"What. The. Hell."

"That kid, who is he? Do his parents know he's out there dressed like that? I mean, that outfit's just-"

"Like hello, that outfit wasn't in style thirty years ago, dorkus."

"I swear, kids these days, dressin' however they want to- back in my day we took care of our appearance, dammit!"

"Son, are you sure you're okay with bein' dressed like that? Folks are gonna be laughin' you out of the arena."

"Oh. My. GOD."

"Whoah dude, did you see that guy? Totally trippin' out. What a dweeb."

Alex rolled his eyes, attempting to ignore the crowd around him as the catcalls and murmurs of shock slowly escalated. He was annoyed by the negative reaction, but at the same time it meant that his strategy had worked out, and he pumped his fist in the air enthusiastically, savoring his triumph. He had caught the crowd's attention on day one. He would have preferred their eyes on him because of past accomplishments as opposed to his taste in clothes, but the fashion statement would do for now. Really, it was only a... what was the word? Gimmick? Yes, a gimmick. Sure they'd laugh now, but once he made it to the top, they would all fall in line for him. They'd probably even pick up his taste in clothing. A smirk played across Alex's lips as he imagined the possibilities. Even if he didn't win this tournament, a slim possibility in his mind, it wouldn't matter just so long as everyone went home talking about that crazy kid who had busted through the tournament with the wacky clothes. Yes, it was all in his favor now. There would be no escape from his name. Fame, infamy, it didn't matter which. All he needed was one or the other.

"Excuse me? Sir? Your trainer ID?" The girl behind the counter asked impatiently. Alex started suddenly before flashing it to her with a toothy grin. The girl stared at him for a moment before accepting the ID and quickly entering his information into the database. Then, with a smile that was only slightly forced, she returned it to him and read off the information. "Now let's see... Alexander Cyril Almassy, Nineteen years old, Pokemon- Misdreavus, Kadabra, and Murkrow. Is that correct?"

Alex opened his mouth to reply, when he saw it. The purple head sticking out of the tall grass near a kid's leg. Discreetly, he flipped up his Pokedex and depressed one of the buttons. The device whirred momentarily before beeping. The signal was clear- that Pokemon wasn't owned by the kid. And it looked hungry. "Could you hold that thought? Kaythanksbye!" Alex shouted, diving towards the Pokemon and grabbing it just as it lunged towards the kid's ankle. With no little amount of force, Alex swung the Ekans over his head and hurled it down at his feet, causing the snake to hiss in pain as the boy, a seven year old kid with an "I <3 Pokemon" hat, stared in shock. "Dammit, Nag!" Alex raged. "What did I tell you? We can eat later! Stay away from the people's food, ya half-witted, legless excuse for an Ekans!" He pointed with an accusing finger towards the fried chicken the boy had been about to raise to his mouth. "Think I wasn't gonna see that? Huh? Huh? Do I look blind to you today or something? Or are you just-"

Oh for the love of Pete, will you shut up already? the Ekans hissed in annoyance. I only wanted a little bite. It's been soooo looong since we last ate.

"Yeah, all of three hours!" Alex shot back, still fuming. "And don't you go telling me that three orders of scrambled eggs, five sausages, and your normal helping of PokeChow on top of half the vitamin supplements I bought back in Mahogany, and spent good money on too, wasn't enough to hold you over! Like I said: first the registration, then we eat! Don't make me put you back in the Pokeball." He tapped his belt meaningfully.

Nag's already reptilian eyes narrowed even further, if that was possible. Let me remind you that I am an Ekans. We don't eat. We gorge. Do you see the food in my stomach? I don't. That bump is barely enough to last another fifteen minutes. You'd better think quickly.

Alex's hand reached into his pocket and he disgustedly counted out two thousand yen in paper money. Handing the bills to the Ekans, who accepted them with an open mouth, he pointed to one of the stalls. "There. Go and get yourself something to eat. Knock yourself out. And please... stop stealing the chicken from the kids. Save that for whatever berries your opponent slips to the other Pokemon once we get into the arena, 'right?"

Sure. Whatever you say, boss, the Ekans replied saracastically as he slithered off.

Alex returned to the registration counter to face a very confused reception lady. "About my profile? You'd better make that one Misdreavus, one Murkrow, and one extremely hungry Ekans who wants to empty out my bank account with his demands for food!" The last part was a parting shot after the departing Ekans, who responded by flicking the tip of his tail in Alex's general direction. Not a very polite gesture by Ekans standards. Then again, very little about Nag was.

OOC: For those of you who want to know how Alex can talk to his Pokemon, it's because Dreave, having some psychic ability, is able to establish a one-way link between the minds of Alex and his two non-psychic Pokemon.

July 9th, 2008, 6:42 PM
A burning hot sun and the lack of suitable breeze. Various trainers ranging from rookies with a Tailow to experienced trainers with a Swapert. A small island for a tournament. These qualites that the Zenith League were ultimately unimpressive to Malic. In fact, it left a sour taste in his mouth. Great, another heap of worthless maggots for my team to toss around. At least a few beatings here and there will teach a few what true battling is all about, he thought to himself. Rather than waste time and money via boat to Zenith, Malic chose to fly on his Salamence. Traveling from Hoenn, a long journey accompanied him. Getting lost several times getting to the island, anger and rage overwhelmed him. Sinnoh, no problem. Zenith, big problem. Regardless, the seasoned trainer dismounted his dragon and returned him to his Pokeball. Slowly walking towards the registration building, glares and looks of terror beamed towards Malic. Many rookies and even trainers with some experience had bothered to give Malic some expression of "Wow, he looks like a creep." It probably didn't help that he had worn dark themed clothing with various Dragon Emblems, punk style jewelry and that he had dismounted a fully evolved dragon. The unkempt hair began to tumble down into his face due to the buckets of sweat that had been generated by Malic's fit and built body. His layers of dark clothing did not assist his predicament at all. Hastening his walk, Malic entered the building and took his place within the line. Some air conditioning circulated threw the room granting Malic some relief. His face, however, conveyed nothing. The line was fairly, streching for miles upon miles. The only thing that kept Malic from annihilating the competition in front of him was the air conditioning and the premise of showing off in the actual rounds. After all, destroying rookies now would lack the competitive spirit that he had desired.

"Next please." A young receptionist requested. The voice was fairly happy and upbeat and considering it came from a young women no older than Malic, it didn't really shock him at all. Sitting in a chair, she towered over her desk and her soft features would have made any man with real feelings faint due to her beauty. Being devoid of those features, Malic simply stared at the women with a grimace of impatience. "Your ID?" The sickening and evil face that he gave made the women want to desperately finish her job.

Malic reached into his pocket and handed her a old card that had seen better days. Scratched, dirty, and torn it was clear that Malic had been traveling and training for many years. Malic stared at her holding his card for several moments before the lady snatched the card from his hands. Tension built from fear of being wailed on had filled the air.

"Malic Levesque. Age 24. Born in Blackthorn City but raised in Lilycove. ID Number is 02..."

"Do you have to feed me information that I already know? I would think I would know myself pretty *$#%&!* well. Even so, just give me the number and move on. It doesn't mean much anyway." Malic interrupted the women's small confirmation of information. A curse of frustration was uttered under his breath and the cheery woman was influenced by Malic's lack of compassion and understanding.

"This is just protocol sir."

"Well I could careless about your damn protocol."

"At least confirm your team. Salamence, Sharpedo, Gallade, and Metagross." Malic nodded and could hear a few gasps of suprise behind him from a few people who could hear the women's ridiculously loud voice. With is ID returned and his form within the database, Malic trudged out of her sight and returned to the outdoors, parking his body under a tree. Removing his ruby jacket, he preceded to sit calmly with a book he removed from his small leather backpack. The book was a plain hard cover, with no noticeable title or anything. Just a large black, tightly bound book that almost seemed to resemble the bible. Obviously it wasn't as Malic had no use or care for religion or faith. Hopefully no cannon fodder come and interrupt me. Otherwise they won't make to the first round.

OOC: Not my best post, but it gets the job done.

July 10th, 2008, 12:17 AM
The girl released an irritated grunt, wiping the beads of sweat off her forehead with the sleeve of her shirt before folding her arms tightly, a look of slight impatience upon her face. The weather was intensely hot, and she had already forgotten just how long she had been waiting in the line, everyone was towering over her and her current attire was of no help either. Sighing with hesitation, she began folding the sleeves of her shirt up the middle of the arm, before resuming her previous position. Her index finger tapped, with no particular tempo, against her arm, as she took a few steps forward as the line proceeded forth with the completion of another registration. Far beyond her, in the distance, she saw someone wrestling a snake-like Pokemon, shaking her head in disapproval at the act. She glanced to her left, sharing a look of disbelief with the Wartortle standing beside her. The Water type nodded her head obediently, before flashing her trainer a bright smile as the line moved up once more.

“How do you manage to keep such a face when it’s so sweltering?” she softly questioned the turtle, who shrugged her blue shoulders in return, her cloud-like ears perking with energy as she pointed her paw towards the girl, her joyful grin reluctant to leave her face. <Because of you!> she croaked back.

Adeltruat cracked a tiny smile, possessing the ability to partially interpret what the Water type had meant. She placed a hand onto Ophelia's head, rubbing the turtle’s head with affection.

As the seconds twisted themselves into minutes, the young female was relieved to find herself only two people away the booth. Rolling down the sleeves of her shirt and straightening her scarlet tie, the girl ran a hand through her raven hair. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she stepped forth as she exhaled, flashing the counter lady a friendly smile. The receptionist replied with a grin, her short, chestnut brown hair bouncing as she held a hand out. Adel gave her a curt nod, reaching into her bag and pulling out her trainer card, handing it over to the older female. The woman in uniform shifted her gaze between the computer screen and the girl's card, typing in the necessary details as she hummed a small tune.

"Adel.. Adell-true-aute Haert, yes?" She struggled to pronounce the name, looking to the girl for approval. She hastened to continue her duty as soon as the young trainer nodded yes. Her fingers tapped expertly on the keyboard, as Adel motioned for Ophielia to jump into her arms. The Wartortle was more than willing to do so, clambering into the girl's arms and resting her head on the girl's shoulder as the counter lady spoke up once more.

"Okay! Well… Gender, Female. Age, 15. Born in the Kanto region. Trainer ID is 6331 - 3278 - 5892. Your registered pokémon are Wartortle, Pidgeotto, Sandslash, and Magnemite, correct?" She asked in a pleasant voice.

"Yes," Adeltruat said in a seemingly cheerful tone as the lady entered in the final information required. The girl found it hard to believe that the woman could maintain such a disposition throughout the long day. Before long, her thoughts were interrupted as the receptionist returned the fifteen-year old her trainer card, along with a second card, an unfamiliar one of white. The girl examined her competition ID cautiously, before pocketing it with her trainer card. "Thank you." She told the receptionist politely, before quickly exiting the queue and walking away from the booths, determined to find a place to rest and cool herself down. The day was far too hot for her liking.

July 10th, 2008, 7:10 PM
"Excuse me Miss, could you possibly take our picture?"


Standing in line like many of the other trainers awaiting reception for entering the Zenith Island Tournament, Kaoru turned to face a rather pleasant looking couple now standing by her side, the hubby holding out an inexpensive camera in his hands. Complying with their request, she eagerly riddled her fingers around the disposable device and ushered the two to brace themselves for the shot. In a few quick snaps the pair retrieved their camera before giving her a number of bows and nods in thanks. Slightly taken aback, Kaoru simply waved off the couple before returning her attention to the seemingly endless line that lead to registration. To her surprise and much to her distress, during her brief detour with the tourists she had unintentionally stepped out of line and seemingly lost her place.

"Buah! What happened?!" she exclaimed in a rather heightened tone, causing more than a few heads to turn, tears of defeat now streaming down her cheeks. "Gah...I don't think I can go through waiting all over again."

"Oi, little girl...over here."

Called to attention, Kaoru turned towards the head of the line where she scanned the mass of trainers and Pokemon alike before pinpointing a certain individual with their hand raised above their head; the source of the voice. Almost immediately regaining her composure and now somewhat curious, the girl of fifteen slowly made her way towards the now distinguishable woman who had initiated contact with herself.

Dressed in quite similar clothing to her own, Kaoru noticed that the woman in question was actually a lot younger than she had anticipated, no more than seven years her senior. Several extra and rather unique accessories also caught her eye but she decided not to question them, finding out what the woman wanted was her main focus.

"Hweh?" Kaoru chirped, her trademark blank look coming into effect.

Tilting the front of her tattered wicker hat with the tip of her sword, the first of her unsual accessories, the older girl looked down at her mark with sharp eyes.

"You were in front of me," she started bluntly, "you can cut back in if you'd like."

"Really? Thanks a lot Miss," Kaoru piped, her expression now much brighter, "I didn't know what I'd do if I had to go back to the end of the line, I was even thinking I'd miss out on the tournament."

As she let out a hearty laugh, the older woman took a single step back, allowing her to rejoin the approaching line to reception. A number of the other awaiting trainers looked back curiously while those behind seemed a little off put by the sudden intrusion, but for reasons unknown (although much suspicion lied in the elder girl's weapon) no one decided to question the rather random gesture of kindness.

"Oh! I'm Kaoru by the way," she chirped quite casually, "nice to meet you."

"Meiling," the woman replied with a slight nod, "nice to meet you."

"Heh, I guess you'll be competing in the tournament too?" Kaoru started, quite pleased with the fact that she had met a new friend so soon after arriving.

The older girl nodded.

"I guess that makes us rivals then," Kaoru continued with a determined grin, "although if I ever have to face someone like you, I'd probably give up."

Laughing at the thought, the chestnut brunette failed to realise that her turn for registering for the tournament had arrived.

"You're up," the woman informed, pointing at the free counter by the receptionist.

"Hweh? So I am," Kaoru noted as she turned to complete her induction, but then turned back to the older girl just before doing so, "oh and if I don't ever see you again, thanks a bunch and good luck in the tournament!"

The woman known as Meiling simply nodded in acknowledgment and watched on as the younger girl proceeded with registering for the tournament.

July 11th, 2008, 12:58 PM
The sun beat down heavily on top of the trainers who seemed to be gathered from every possible nook and cranny of the entire planet to participate. Standing with eyes closed, enjoying the warmth, Crossford Hale stood quietly with his partner beside him. A waist high Medicham who was standing quietly on one foot with both palms pressed together in front of it with eyes closed. It definitely appeared to be deep in concentrated thought while his master did the same. Definitely an odd sight to see. The medium height shaggy blond slowly opened his eyes after taking a deep breath and exhaling loudly.

"We need to find that check in place, Crash. I really don't like all of these big notable get together events but all in all I think its probably good that we at least test our abilities every now and again, aye?" The boy said calmly to his partner who was listening but just didn't give the appearance. "Come on... we need to go check in at least. This could actually be a hassle."

The Medicham slowly opened its eyes while lowering a foot and the two began to walk for what seemed like a grueling eternity in the heat. Finally finding the check in counter, Crossford approached slowly, inhaling one more time while whispering to his partner.

"welp... here it goes, little buddy."

"Hello! How are you today, are you here to register?" The cheerful woman behind the counter asked quickly.

"Sure am, how do I do it?" Cross replied.

"All I need is your I.D. and I can take care of everything else." She replied cheerfully.

"My what?" he quickly responded.

"Your ID sir."

"I... uh...um... sure." he replied uneasily, pulling out a small card from one of his many vest pockets. He handed the receptionist the card and twiddled his thumbs as her face contorted in annoyance.

"Sir, this is just a sheet of paper with your name on it and a crudely drawn stick figure portrait." She responded sternly. "I'm going to need a real I.D."

"...I don't have a real one."

"Well lets get one made for you then, thats not a problem. Your name?"

"Crossford Hale."

"oookay, Crossford... Hale..." The said aloud as she punched it into the computer to her side.

"Just Cross if you don't mind."

"Cross it out? why?"

"No... Cross. Just the name. I go by Cross" He responded uneasily.

"okay then! Now I'll need a hometown please."

"...I don't know it."

"You don't know it?" She replied again with the previous annoyed tone. "How do you not know your home town?"

"Well its been a while, I've had a lot of homes. Um... I was born in the Kanto Region, can I do that?" He responded.

"No ID... no home town... Sir do you even know your age?"

"19." He quickly responded.

"Well thats a start. And Mr. Hale, you DO know that this is a Pokemon Tournament right? You DO have Pokemon?"

"Yes... this little guy right here, Medicham. And a Venusaur."

"Okay then that'll do it. You're officially somewhat registered. Sir please go find yourself a proper form of ID at least. Thats all I request when you leave my company. It'll help you out a lot. But on another note, we have here... Cross Hale, Gender Male, Hometown.. Kanto Region, Your ID number is 4124 - 1468 - 4444, and registered Pokemon will be... Medicham and Venusaur. Looks like we're done." She finally finished.

"Thanks a lot. Sorry about the inconvenience. Lets go, Crash." Crossford responded, hastily leaving the awkward scenario.

After walking a distance away he finally settled at a stop to survey the surroundings.

"Well Crash, the hard parts over. Hopefully." He said as he continued to walk with no particular direction once more. "I guess we just kill time until the thing starts now?" He questioned to his little partner

The Medicham looked up to him with a face that seemed to see 'Don't look at me, i don't know either'. Out of the corner of his eye, Cross spotted a quaint cafe with outdoor seating complete with umbrellas. He took a quick seat, escaping the sun's heat and ordered a large glass of ice tea. The cool liquid flowed through him, quickly turning the intense heat into a tamed day. He finally began to relax, thinking with excitement of the new challenges he would soon face.

July 11th, 2008, 2:30 PM
[OOC: I feel . . . late.]

("Ugh. Why is it so HOT?") Waving her sleeve-like arms toward her face, Crystal stirred up a frigid breeze that surrounded her hollow body for a moment before moving on to grant temporary relief to those nearby. ("I don't see how you can stand this. It's awful.")

Receiving no reply--sympathic or otherwise--from her trainer or the Natu that rode on said trainer's shoulder, the Froslass twisted her face into a pout. ("Well if I'd known you two planned on ignoring me, I wouldn't have come out of my Pokeball at all. I was curious to see the competition, but now I see that even my friends aren't so friendly.") She sniffed angrily. ("Some teammates you are.") In the silence that followed, Crystal glanced to and fro, searching for something to say. Here she noticed something peculiar enough to draw her mind from her bout of complaining. ("Roz, why aren't you in line? Have you already registered?")

The girl slowly shook her head before raising a hand to brush away a drop of sweat from the bottom of her chin. Melanie, seeing that Roz had no intention to give any further elaboration on the situation, explained, "Roz stood in line a while ago, but the crowd was milling about too much and pushed her out of place. After the third try, she stopped moving and has been standing here ever since."

("What?! So why don't you tell her to go back, hold her ground--something. Or least quit standing in one spot staring . . .")

"In her own time."

Crystal sighed, unconsciously releasing another current of cold, and rolled her eyes. ("Forget it. I'm going back into my Pokeball where I won't melt away from the heat and stupidity.") The Froslass transformed into scarlet light and vanished.

Melanie shifted on Roz's shoulder and turned to study the human. Roz certainly appeared to be staring, but her expression was not quite blank, and her eyes were not quite still. Minor pupil dilations and shifts of irises indicated that the girl's mind was active. Two minutes later, Roz started toward a registration line. Even after she had reached the end of the line and moved with it for a considerable amount of time, she offered no explanation for this particular location choice, and Melanie chose not to ask.

Halfway to the front of the line, the movement of the masses caused another trainer to fall back against Roz. Though she stumbled a little, Roz straightened afterward and did not seem to notice the interruption until the other individual turned and apologized. Roz merely smiled and motioned with her hand as though to brush the incident aside as unimportant.

"I see fourth time's the charm, Roz?" Melanie looked at the female human.

Roz tilted her head in a mild shrug.

At the front of the line, Roz was met with a polite smile by a woman with red hair and friendly mannerisms. A few freckles dusted the receptionist's cheeks, which seemed to add to her charm rather than detract. Her short hair swayed easily when she spoke or even changed expressions. As though sensing something childlike about Roz, the redhead unconsciously leaned forward a little as she spoke. "May I have your name and trainer ID?"

Roz removed the asked-for card from her bag and handed it to the woman, leaving her index finger briefly above the place at which her name was printed. Accepting the ID with her habitual pleasant expression, the receptionist checked Roz's information in the computer and read off the information displayed on the monitor. "Let's see . . . Roz Saia, Female, 17 years old, born in Kanto . . ." She scrolled down. "Trainer ID number is 2872 - 4365 - 9113; Pokemon currently registered are Arcanine, Natu, Froslass, and Electrike. Is that right?"

Though Roz's name had been mispronounced, such an issue did not seem important enough to warrant the effort needed for correction or mention. So the blonde nodded; but the red-haired female was looking down at Roz's card and did not notice. After a moment of silence, the receptionist glanced up and repeated, "Is that right?" Roz nodded again.


Keys clicked, something hummed, and Roz was handed two cards: her original trainer ID and a new tournament ID. As Roz studied the latter object curiously, the receptionist explained its basic function, finishing with, "Does that make sense?" She received another nod in response. "Good. Enjoy the tournament." The older woman smiled, and Roz left.

July 15th, 2008, 5:02 AM
"So, Mizuhara Kaoru; gender: female; age: fifteen; birth place: Canalave City; current residence...?"

"Hweh? Oh, uh, Veilstone City was my last mailing address but I'm mostly a free roam trainer now."

"Ah, I see, very well, I'll need your Poketch or any other mobile device you may have for registration then."

"U-Uh, I don't think I have anything like that, sorry."

"That's fine Miss, I'll just leave it as it is. Now, onto Trainer ID: 0602-7788-1704 and registered Pokemon: Ivysaur, Elekid and Claydol, is that all correct?"

"Yup! That's them."

"Very good. Well Miss Mizuhara, your registration is complete, here is your Pokedex and identification card, as well as your new Zenith Island ID. Please take care of that card as it will serve as proof of your participation in the tournament and your pass to almost every service available on the island. Accumulated results from your performance during the tournament will also be recorded and stored on that card in the form of an electronic counter, known as Prestige Points. These will serve as the standard currency on the island and will invariably allow you to access the many services, from shopping to battling, provided as long as you have the required points available."



"Y-Yes, I accept!"

"...Alright then, well, thank you for your co-operation. Your registration is complete. I wish you luck in the tournament."

Nodding, the chestnut brunette retrieved her belongings and strayed away from the registration counter, a placid expression addressing her features.

"Too hard to understand..." she breathed, finding a small spot in the clearing in front of a vacant wooden stage, "but I guess now I can relax and just wait until it starts, should be fun."

"It's best not to become too lax in a place like this," a familiar voice piped, "it's still a tournament after all."

Turning around to see who the voice belonged to, Kaoru came face-to-face with the young woman she had met earlier. A grin spread across her lips as she recognised the familiar face and immediately stood up to greet her.

"Meiling! So I did get to see you again," Kaoru beamed, giving the older girl a hearty thumbs-up, "and ugh...I know what you mean but when that lady started talking about cards and points, all I could think about was this show I used to watch back at home. It was really confusing."

"I see... But I trust your registeration was successful?"

"Yup! Sure was," the little girl started, trying hard not to think about it before eagerly changing the subject, "so Meiling, what're you gonna do now?"

There was a slight pause in the taller brunette's response, her face still moderately concealed by her large round hat, making it almost impossible for Kaoru to tell what she was thinking or what her current expression was.

"I'm going to go train," the older girl replied, although without much enthusiasm despite her hardened eyes.

"Oh, okay, well, I won't get in your way then," Kaoru laughed, "I'll see you later."

Nodding in acknowledgment, Meiling tipped the front of her hat as a gesture of her departure before wishing the younger girl good luck and disappearing into the crowd. As abrupt as the subject had changed, the chestnut brunette wouldn't have thought that her new friend would take the joke so seriously. In all actuality, she was far more interested in finding out more about the young woman and her Pokemon than worrying about being polite, not that the thought had ever graced her mind in the first place. Hoping to rectify her mistake, Kaoru helplessly searched the crowds of tourists, Pokemon and trainers alike, all in the vain hope of finding her mark but to no avail. As quickly as she had come, Meiling was gone.

"Buah..." she sighed in defeat, her arms folding onto her hips in a typical irritated manner, "I guess I should've been more up front...but honestly, what a serious girl."

Hearing herself admit such cliche mannerisms, Kaoru simply shook her head in both embarassment and laughter before quickly coming to.

"Oh well, I'm sure I'll see her again," she thought eagerly, now turning her attention to her current situation, "hoe...but I wonder what I'm supposed to do now."

Alter Ego
July 16th, 2008, 5:31 AM
"All of it?"

The stall owner's expression was sympathetic. He was one of those older men who looked and behaved like everyone's long lost grandpa, authorative without being intimidating, and it was precisely this countenance that had made their conversation move as smoothly as it had. Laure had only stuttered at a few parts during the very beginning of the conversation, and had since even gained a measure of confidence.

No confidence in the world, however, could remedy this particular problem.

"Sorry, son." the older male replied, shrugging briefly before he returned to the process of packing up his stall, "I'm as confused as you are. First I had to give the stuff away just to avoid it getting spoiled then the next thing I know, this tournament official just up and bought the whole batch. Official orders. Nothing left to buy, I'm afraid."


Unsure of what to say on the matter, or if there even was anything more to say, besides the painfully trivial 'I guess someone really likes yogurt, huh?' which he was not about to resort to, Laure merely continued with untangling the knot he was working with, one of the three remaining to support the once erect little tent that had served as the storekeeper's storage room.

"...it's alright." Laure replied at last, finishing a last fold on the tent and tying it up before placing it down next to the rest of the assembled equipment and wiping a few beads of sweat from his brow, "I'm sure they had good reason to buy that yogurt. Is this all of it?"

The older male nodded in response, "Yes, it is. Thank you kindly, son; it's not often that a youngin stops by to help just like that, these-" he paused in mid-speech, suddenly realizing that the male had already turned around and was walking back towards the crowd, "Hey, wait up, son!" he called, hastily digging around within the pockets on his vest as Laure turned a quizzical glance towards him, "Here." with a bit more energy than the youth was prepared for, a single, slightly battered can of yogurt had been thrust into his hands, the storekeeper offering him a toothy grin, "Now I said there was none for sale, sonny, but a gift from one fella' to another is a completely different matter, no?" he winked in a conspiratory fashion, lowering his voice a little, "That's the name of the game, I hear; things ain't what they look like at face value. Soak in those instructions they give you right down to the letter or you'll miss out on the real game, you follow? And no, I won't be takin' no for an answer, so just enjoy. It's my treat. Now if you'll excuse this old timer, I've got to go see a man about a Gyarados. Good luck with the tournament, 'kay?"

With a last pat to Laure's back, probably meant to be paternal, the old man was on his way, long before the startled boy had managed more than a startled 'thank you'. In all honesty, he had not really understood a thing about the old man's rant, but at least he had gotten some yogurt for his troubles...well, yogurt that had seen better days maybe, but yogurt nonetheless. Still, he couldn't help the question nagging at the back of his mind.

"What on earth would the tournament arrangers want with-"

"YOGURT?! DO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT THE BIGGEST EVENT IN COMPETITIVE BATTLING SINCE LAST YEAR'S LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP HAS BEEN DELAYED FOR AN HOUR JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE SMEARED YOGURT ON THE-WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS THING IS ON?! SOMEONE CUT THE MIC RIGHT NOW BEFORE I FIRE ALL OF YOUR SORRY-" even from this distance, the sound of the loudspeakers was quite formidable, quickly commanding the attention of the crowd with their rather unorthodox message, even as one of the keener sound technicians cut it short. In the brief pocket of stunned silence that followed, Laure made a vain attempt at moving a bit closer to the source of the commotion, though being at least a head shorter than the average crowd member made this process rather difficult. From amidst the sea of foreign heads and backs and things that a bashful boy of fifteen really didn't feel comfortable discussing, he could vaguely make out some kind of commotion going on behind the scene, a flushed-looking tournament official soon rushing to the scene, microphone in hand.

"Ahem, ladies...gentlemen? On behalf of Sunrise Enterprises, I would like to apologize for the...ahh...minor technical difficulties that have delayed our schedule. The...ahem, glitch in our speaker system has now been corrected, so without further ado, I present to you the man you have all been waiting to see: the host with the most, a man with the vision and courage to aim for a bright future, our very own CEO, George Lesaile!"

A wave of polite applause spread through the crowd, and relief was clearly visible on the aide's face as he retreated from the scene, leaving way for a somewhat more imposing figure. Mr. Lesaile's appearance was...regal. Yes, Laure could find no better word to describe the man in the slate gray pinstriped suit and light blue tie who, despite being in his mid-forties, carried himself with a straight-backed and confident gait, wearing his slowly graying and thinning blonde hair - neatly combed - with pride rather than attempting to hide it. To the timid boy, this kind of self-confidence was awe-inspiring but as the man's light blue eyes briefly swept over him, he couldn't help but cringe. Regal he was, but it was regal like a bird of prey, a Pidgeot swooping to tear up a hapless little animal on the ground below. His expression may have been a polite, even inviting, smile, but there was no concealing the hard glint in those eyes as he ascended the small podium that had been put in place for his speech, clearing his throat before speaking up.

"My dearest guests, competitors and spectators, words can not describe how pleased I am to see you here in such large numbers. I am aware that there are many who have questioned my intentions, indeed, some still do, but let me assure you..." the friendly smile warmed a notch, even as the eyes remained as icy as ever, creating quite the peculiar contrast, "All I wish of this tournament is to create a memorable spectacle, hopefully one whose legacy others will be willing to carry on after my passing. The bond between human and pokemon is one that has always held a special place in my heart, and though I am, perhaps, too old to realize my childhood dream of becoming a champion trainer, it truly pleases me that I shall at least have the pleasure of granting that honor to one of you. Ah, but I digress." he gave a polite chuckle, "I am aware of what you all have come here for, and I know that it is not the nostalgic ramblings of an old man. So, without further ado, allow me to explain the workings of the tournament. Tournament participants, if you would be so gracious as to take the IDs you have received and insert them into the plug-in socket of your pokédex?"

A wave of rustling and confused mumbles spread across the crowd at the last statement, countless handheld devices appearing from various places of storage. Taking up on the queue, Laure briefly fumbled around the pockets of his own apparel, finally discovering his own pokédex, its screen painfully dirty and unkempt, embarrassedly rubbing the screen with the sleeve of his sweater a bit before inserting the tiny white card as instructed. Much to his surprise, the tiny piece of plastic slid in neatly, the screen of the tiny device immediately lighting up. Instead of the usual pokémon analysis, however, the display was dominated by a large box of text:

"Qualifier Round - Trial of Courage
Time Elapsed: 0.00
Time Remaining: 2.00

- Proceed to Zenith Town and complete your registration within the time limit.
- Overcome challenges and obstacles as encountered.
- Player co-operation permitted.

- Time Limit: 2 hours.
- No direct interference with other players.
- No flight.
- No teleportation.

- Failure to complete challenge: 20 minutes added to timer.
- KO of own pokémon: -5 points per KO.

- Trial cleared: +20 points and advancement to the next round.
- Fastest completion time: +15 points.
- Most opponents KOed: +10 points.
- KO of wild pokémon: +1 point per KO.
- Completion of challenge: +5 points or 15 minutes deducted from timer.

Player: Laure Whitendon
ID: 6281 - 3217 - 5534
Prestige Points: 10
Status: Active
Commendations: N/A
Infractions: N/A"

"As you have no doubt deduced..." Mr.Lesaile's amplified voice continued, "Your pokédex will serve as your personal status monitor in this tournament and will be updated with both instructions and other information of note as necessary. If some of you do not already own this device, I strongly urge you to purchase one before the next round, using the points you will earn for this round's completion. Now, for the benefit of those who do not have the privilege of confirming this with your own eyes, yes, this round is a time-based gauntlet. If you would please to turn your gazes to my right for the moment..." he gestured towards the sizable cliff face towering high above them in the distance, dotted by countless tiny crevices and holes as well as a multitude of trails snaking in an out of view along its side, "As you all no doubt know from experience, orientation and travel skills are just as important for an aspiring trainer as actual battling skill. On the top of that plateau, the rooftops of Zenith Town, the first human settlement on this island and the central location - your home base, if you like - for the remainder of the tournament, and also your first challenge. Once the start of the round has been declared, you will have precisely tow hours to ascend to the top of plateau and orientate yourselves to the Zenith Town pokémon center, where you will be able to hand in your registrations for the second round. As those holding pokédexes already know, flight and teleportation are banned, and any attempts at such will result in immediate disqualification. Therefore, my dear contestants, you have two options: you can either brave the cliff face and the pokémon that dwell there, or make use of the cavern network within. Both paths will lead to your desired destination and will pose both their own advantages and challenges, so you will have to use your own judgment to determine which you are better suited for. To add interest, however, there is an extra twist. While player versus player battles are banned for this round, wild pokémon will still interfere. For each pokémon you defeat in battle, one prestige point will be added to your score, while each of your own that is lost to the fight will cost you five. At the end, an additional ten points will be awarded to the top battler. What's more, there are a number of challenge points located throughout the course, which may prove of interest. Completing a challenge will yield you either five prestige points or a relief to your timer, both of which may prove crucial for your success, and they often come with a quicker or safer route to victory too boot. But be careful, if you fail a challenge, not only will the better path be sealed off for you, you will also lose valuable time from your counter. In other words: you, my dear contestants, must use your judgment to determine where your priorities lie. Completion should be fairly easy, but the true rewards of this challenge, the ones that will better prepare you for rounds to come, only yield themselves to those with the courage to reach for them."

The CEO took a brief pause to allow his words to sink in before his temporarily serious expression was replaced by the previous smile, "Please...do not be alarmed." he continued in a friendlier tone, "While the dangers of this tournament are most certainly as real as they sound, you are not without protection. At the beginning of the round, you shall each be handed a distress beacon. If, at any time, you feel overwhelmed by the situation at hand, all you have to do is activate that device and the aid shall come to you. It will cost you your future in the tournament, but that is certainly far preferable to having your life end in tragedy. My staff shall also maintain supervision of the proceedings an will interfere as necessary, so take heart, muster your courage, and do your best. Now, I shall leave you in the competent hands of my staff. Thank you all for displayed interest and good luck in the tournament. I shall see you...one step closer to heaven." he briefly raised his hands to the sun at this statement, the well-known slogan of his company, before turning around and descending from the podium.

A polite round of applause ensued as the resident evil land developer left the podium, but it ended quickly as the aide from before stepped back up, "Tournament participants, please follow the designated route to your starting positions! Repeat, head to your starting positions! The qualifier round shall begin momentarily. Spectators, please follow me. Everyone, please conduct yourself in a swift yet calm-"

The rest of the announcement was hopelessly drowned in the noise of the human sea as it started flowing in two, vaguely defined directions. For a few moments, Laure struggled in a vain attempt to orientate himself, finally conceding to letting the crowd carry him along and hoping that it was heading in the right direction.

Scarlet Weather
July 18th, 2008, 3:47 PM
As the developer concluded his speech, Alex couldn't help but snicker a little bit. "One step closer to heaven, eh? If there's a God, He's probably about ready t' smite th' hell outta you for claimin' that." Amused by his own turn of phrase, he laughed- loudly and raucously enough that nobody in the crowd could possibly ignore him. Obviously, this turned a few heads. That suited Alex, as everything else had in the tournament, just fine.

He had to admit, he was surprised by the format of the preliminary rounds. He had expected, from the promotional poster he had seen, that this would be a standard league tournament preliminary round format. The usual "three trainer cell battle, draw nets one point, loss nets zero, win nets three, winner moves on" set-up portrayed in the movies. But this wasn't a movie, and it was certainly interesting. Alex noted three things in the speech almost immediately- the first being "No direct interference with the other compeititors." That, in Alex's book, meant that any indirect interference was A-Okay. And while he was certainly no master of deception or sabotage, Alex was definately a determined kid who was willing to do whatever it took to win. His mind was already whirring with possibilities. Climb the cliff edge and then bait some wild Pokemon to attack the trainers below? Possible, but wholly dependent on the wild Pokemon on top of the cliff not eating Alex first. "Accidentally" triggering a cave in, blocking off some portion of the tunnel? Possible, but if he got caught it would probably be considered "direct" interference, and get himself knocked out of the tournament before the end of the first round. Besides, cave-ins were risky, even if they were somewhat controlled, and he doubted that any member of his team had the raw power needed to create one on that scale.

It was at this point that Nag, his belly now swollen, dragged his way over to Alex's feet and released a long, bubbly hiss, the Ekans equivalent of a belch. Aaaahhh... his voice whispered in Alex's head, Full at last.

"Ya don't say," Alex replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes. "Well, we've got out first mission. We gotta get our way t' th' top of that mountain," he said, pointing. "Any ideas?"

Nag shook his head. This isn't in the contract, he protested angrily. You do the feeding and the ordering, I do the figthting. You said nothing about navigation.

Alex slapped his own forehead in frustration. "You're just a barrel o' laughs, Nag," he groaned. "Really, ya are."


"Wha- when did-" Alex had no time to protest as a veritable human wave launched out, forcing him forward. He managed to quickly snatch a Pokeball from his belt and point it at Nag, recalling the chuckling Ekans, before they could be separated from the crowd. The stampede pushed and pulled him along for a few minutes, during which he felt a disturbing sensation of being unnoticed, until it finally thinned out, leaving Alex staring at a large cave mouth.

"Th' cave..." Alex muttered to himself as he stared at the yawning entrance in front of him. "Well, why not? Let's go. Can't lose anythin', anyway." Quickly, he unbuckled another Pokeball from his belt before tossing it into the air. "Dreave, come on out! We got work to do," he told the Pokemon that emerged from the white light which came bursting from the ball.

The Misdreavus rolled his eyes and floated into the air. So, we're going into the dark, lightless caves in an attempt to reach the top of the mountain, and you want me to guide you. Am I right? he asked, with just a hint of irony in his voice.

Alex clapped his hands solemnly. "An', ding-ding-ding! We have a winna!" he announced in tones of mock excitement. "So can ya get us up there?"

Dreave sighed and shook his head- well, more like his entire body, considering its relative size. I could get up to the top and back and report the path, but it would take considerably more time than we have available- and yes, I know about the time limit. I'm always listening, remember? This last was an interjection, just as Alex opened his mouth to question him. No, I can't get you through here. What I can do is suggest that you have Zetta, Nag, or I beside you at all times. I can already tell that this place will be crawling with Pokemon.

Alex remembered the rest of the announcement- a point bonus for the best battler. He grinned.

"Sounds perfect."

OOC: I know that Alex's speech is a little odd, but I wanted to give him sort of a pseudo-accent by making him sound a little uncultured, and I just didn't follow through in the last post. So yeah, he's got a tendency t' talk like this, y'all hear?

July 20th, 2008, 3:01 PM
(Are we allowed to catch wild pokemon? And how about sending pokemon to storage?)


The sudden start of the preliminary round caught Corey off guard, her attention had soley been focused on the training of her pokemon - which had been going quite well and Corey even admitted, to herself of course, that her pokemon were really great. Not wanting to waste anymore time, Corey qucikly recalled Charizard, Mantine and Tropius and called for Plusle and Minun to jump onto her back and stick to her like glue. The small pikachu wannabe creatures did as they were told and climbed atop their trainers back, Plusle on the right and Minun on the left. Thankfully, Corey had been out of the way of the massive swarm of trainers who immediately rushed forward at the sound of the announcer - and even though it left her somewhat behind all of them, Corey knew this would not be much of a problem. From first glance it appeared that most of the trainers were novince to moderate trainers and wouldn't make it far, but then again even if they did somehow make it up the mountain the wild pokemon would have crushed half of their pokemon and deducted their points considerably.

"Plusle..plus..le..plus..plus" the little mouse pokemon squeaked to his female companion.

"Minun..min..min..un..minun" replied the blue and yellow electric type.

"Both of you be quiet, we need to keep our presence unknown to the others - it wouldn't be pleasant to be ambushed by any wild pokemon in front of them, because then they'd be able to scope us out before the tournament even started, in my opinion. Its best we just blend into the surrounding area, avoid as many wild pokemon as possible and take out the ones that are stubborn enough to stand up to us."

The mouse pokemon both closed their mouths, completely agreeing with what they had just been told. Knowing Corey, they'd be the first ones to battle since they'd been with her the shortest amount of time and needed the most training. It was then, as Corey was walking further in the direction of the hill, that she took notice of a trainer who had just recalled his Ekans. The kid himself didn't look to be a novince, or even a moderate trainer, and Corey took a mental image of him to remember for later - he looks like he'll be a good rival for the competition. Corey decided it was best to focus on gaining entrance into the tournament first and she pulled out her pokedex - sliding in the car the registration booth had given her, Corey began reading over the information now plastered across the screen.

Qualifier Round - Trial of Courage
Time Elapsed: 0.00
Time Remaining: 2.00

- Proceed to Zenith Town and complete your registration within the time limit.
- Overcome challenges and obstacles as encountered.
- Player co-operation permitted.

- Time Limit: 2 hours.
- No direct interference with other players.
- No flight.
- No teleportation.

- Failure to complete challenge: 20 minutes added to timer.
- KO of own pokémon: -5 points per KO.

- Trial cleared: +20 points and advancement to the next round.
- Fastest completion time: +15 points.
- Most opponents KOed: +10 points.
- KO of wild pokémon: +1 point per KO.
- Completion of challenge: +5 points or 15 minutes deducted from timer.

Player: Corey Stenson
ID: 1683 - 2660 - 9541
Prestige Points: 10
Status: Active
Commendations: N/A
Infractions: N/A

"Hmm..lets see," Corey spoke allowed to herself as she began scanning the entrance to the cave. "Plusle and Minun, do you think you could each take turns lighting our way through the cave? Or could one of you light and the other recharge when the power runs out?" Both pokemon giggled allowed and nodded that either or plan would be possible, that Corey just needed to inform them when to begin.

Or would it be better to stray from the cave seeing as most of the other trainers are heading that way? It'd probably be much easier to scale the cliff face itself, wouldn't want to get lost in the caves and miss the tournament - not to mention fail to be accepted. The cliff face it is.

"Nevermind you two, we'll be climbing the cliff face instead - no need to follow everyone else into the cave. You can get down now, but stay close to me - as much of an annoyance as you both are, i'd like to keep you around and not have wasted my time training to just watch you run off."

The pokemon nodded and leapt off Coreys back, quickly running to catch up with her as she had not stopped walking.

July 22nd, 2008, 9:48 PM
Roz stood vaguely near the back of the crowd of trainers, sipping quietly at her water bottle as she scrolled down her Pokedex screen to review the first round rules. Her face, as it had been throughout the opening ceremony, was expressionless. Once she reached the end of the given directions, the female's gaze shifted toward the now-empty stage. The man who had addressed the assembly--the tournament’s sponsor--had a notable air about him. He was proud, but not in the pile-of-tinder way of a street-brawler, and had an odd way of speaking. His words were ones that encouraged ease, and his tone was tailored to perfect openness and charm. Yet somehow, the more he seemed to ask for trust, the less a listener was inclined to grant it. At least, that was the general sentiment Roz felt--even if her ideas were not so clearly defined.

Looking down at the Pokedex from her perch, Melanie asked,”Do you have any plans for the opening round?” Roz shifted her right arm slightly in response. “I see.”

A sudden voiced blared out. Melanie's gaze snapped upward. "ATTENTION: ALL CONTESTANTS AT THE STARTING AREA: READY- SET- GO!!!"

The mass of competitors swept forward, dark sand pouring into the pan of the landscape. Despite her earlier fortune in regard to being moved by the crowd, Roz somehow remained almost untouched by those around her. The girl closed her water bottle and slipped it into her bag, the sun continuing to heat the air that weighed mercilessly down upon her and the rest of those unfortunate enough to be outdoors. A plain Pokeball dropped down from Roz's sleeve into her pale hand. Undisturbed by the fact that she was one of the last trainers to leave the area, Roz lifted the object and released the creature that inhabited it. Shapeless light, a ruby silhouette, then a massive dog-like beast found placement on the ground before Roz. An aura of unwavering assurance surrounded the being, warming the porcelain-cold of Roz's demeanor.

Vulcan turned. ("It's good to see you well. Have you need of me?")

The female youth lifted her Pokedex for the Arcanine to view as Melanie explained, "We can either take a set of tunnels to Zenith Town or go up the mountainside. Along the way, we'll find various 'challenges' that we can either decline or accept. If we beat the challenge, we get five points or extra time, and maybe an alternate path. If we fail, the path is sealed. We've also been given a distress beacon to use in case of an emergency. Roz hasn't decided yet whether to go through or over the mountain."

"Anything else?"

"Lesaile lives up to his reputation. I can tell you more while we move."

Taking his cue, Vulcan finished reading and lowered his head, allowing Roz to climb onto his back. He shifted about to face the mountain. For a brief moment, the fire Pokemon was still--his muscles gathering power like the breath before a battle cry. Then he sprang forward. The wind that now rushed through Vulcan's white fur also provided unexpected, albeit temporary, relief to Roz from the Zenith Island heat. Though the rate at which he ran was certainly not top speed, Vulcan was not exactly ambling along either. Before long, he fell into an easy lope that allowed him to approach the base of the cliff before many of the trainers who were still on foot. As he ran, the Arcanine explained, ("Both the paths and tunnels will have their own challenges. Theoretically, trainers will be more likely to get lost in the caves. But since the paths would appear easier--more sure, I suppose--I'm guessing they have extra perils and deceptions to compensate. Conversely, my power can be more easily utilized in an open area. What is your decision, Roz?")

Her brown eyes faintly shifting behind the hair that blew across her face, Roz said nothing. But no one present had expected her to. Without pause, Vulcan leapt up onto the first ledge, then started on a trail upward. ("As you desire. We go over the mountain.")

July 23rd, 2008, 1:38 AM
Adel turned her head away from the can of iced tea she had just purchased, looking on the as the crowd that had encircled the podium began to clap. Curiously, she slowly strolled closer to the large mass of people as the CEO, George Lesaile, began his opening speech. The young girl listened intently to the man's words, notably impressed by the way he had presented himself. After browsing through the new information that had flashed onto her pokédex screen after insertion of the ID card, she clapped softly along with the crowd as the man ended his speech. Disposing her empty can into a nearby waste bin, the female turned and followed the numerous trainers that were heading to the starting line, her Wartortle sticking close to her, eyes glancing this way and that, clutching tightly onto Adeltruat's hand as they weaved their way through the sea of people.

<Which way will we be taking?>Ophelia cocked her head innocently, wondering if her trainer had already made a solid decision. The girl shot her Pokemon a look of pure disbelief, her eyes flashing dangerously, causing the turtle to be taken off guard.

"Obviously the cliff! Why, the cave would be.. suicide! Don't you know what kind of things could be hidden there?" Adel had to restrain herself from bursting out in alarm, lowering her voice to a harsh whisper, cautious not to attract unwanted attention from any of the other competitors. The girl thought that it would have been straightforward for the turtle to assume that they were going to climb up the mountainside. Sure - perhaps she wasn't dressed in the appropriate attire for hiking, but still, Adeltruat would willingly climb over any mountain of desired height just to avoid a possible chance of a supernatural encounter. Ophelia nodded in agreement of the choice - though she may a sprinkled a tad too much enthusiasm.

<Of course, Adel, no doubt about that. What an excellent choice!> The Wartortle croaked in agreement as they proceeded forth, quietly and carefully allowing others to lead them to their starting point.

"ATTENTION: ALL CONTESTANTS AT THE STARTING AREA: READY- SET- GO!!!" The speakers sounded, signalling the start of the competition. The people around the girl rushed forth the moment the statement came to an end, the Water type jumped into her arms in shock, barely avoiding the action of her being swept away. Adeltruat sighed at their haste as she slowly trotted along the trail leading up the mountainside, quite a distance away from the percentile of the people who had started off running. As the amount of trainers gathering around her thinned, Ophelia landed firmly onto the ground and began steadily up the ledge, turning to look over her shoulder to observe Adel tying up her long hair into a tight ponytail. A thoughtful look appeared on her features, as she scrutinized the surroundings, eyes surveying the mountain, before returning to her loyal Water type. One hand reached to her belt and unclasped an empty Pokeball, resulting in a polite nod from Ophie.

In a single beam of scarlet, the turtle vanished back into her capsule, and while Adel clipped the sphere back into it's respective space on her belt, she released another companion to accompany her in her ascent. When the red light died down, a bird emerged, stretching her feathery wings as she sprang into the air and circled her trainer expectantly.

"We're supposed to go up this mountain to reach the goal,” Adel explained, “I was hoping that you wouldn't mind following me.” she smiled slightly as the Pidgeotto shrugged her head, before giving her trainer a playful smile. Kinah flapped her wings, eyes averting up as she started ascending.

Wiping a few beads of sweat from her forehead, the girl inhaled, and then exhaled, one hand firmly on the strap of her carrier as she began her journey up, after her leading Pidgeotto.

August 3rd, 2008, 4:35 AM
Ever since waking up so early in the morning Kaoru was definitely looking forward to some time to sit back and relax and after finally making it through registration that was exactly what she was planning on doing. But much to her surprise, a commotion suddenly broke out around her as a sea of cheers drowned out what she assumed to be the end of an official announcement regarding the tournament. Crowds of trainers and pokemon alike immediately swept past her, most of them on their way towards the first round's destination; the mountainside behind the town. Having not paid attention to the announcement, Kaoru could only recall what she had heard, which was invariably only a part of her initial task. There was something about a cave or tunnel inside the mountain that would lead her to some sort of place at its peak, then from there she had to do something or another in order to qualify for the second round... It was all really quite confusing.

Soon enough, most of the crowd had dispersed, leaving behind all those who had come to spectate, a number of ground workers and a few odd trainers who had yet to decide what to do, not much unlike Kaoru's current predicament.

As she started to fiddle around with her attire's numerous attached accessories, reluctant to move out on her own, inspiration struck her in the most sudden and unexpected way. In an impressive display of both strength and speed, the source of the immediate rise in temperature brushed past her, warping the air around their bodies as they too made their way towards the mountainside. The sheer heat radiating from the fire-pokemon was enough to cause her to break into a sweat, something much unappreciated on a day such as this. Still, despite the weather's amplification, the little urban girl couldn't help but be impressed.

Now a little more inspired, the master of ceremony's announcement quickly began to piece itself together in the recesses of her mind. Recalling what she could only evaluate as being important, Kaoru unsheathed her pokedex and threw in her petite tournament ID, watching the equally small screen buzz into life. What followed was everything she needed to know for the first official round of the tournament, in which she hesistantly wasted no time in skimming.

Wiping her brow as she concluded taking in her objectives, the city girl looked up to see that she was really starting to fall behind, even the stragglers had finally moved out. Seeing this as good of a chance then any, Kaoru dug into her sides before retrieving a rather scuffed and discoloured ball of red and white, a small push-pop button gracing its centre. With a simple press, the ball inflated to the size befitting of her outstretched palm before a seemless white light poured out from within. At the point where the streaming light struck the paved ground, a solid figure materialised.

Eight red eyes immediately blinked into life as a short round body preceded it, a stubby pair of arms and legs wriggling afterwards. Significant white markings lit the pokemon's front as a similar pattern lined the upper rims of its eyes.

"Hokay Kato! Up for some tunneling?" the brunette piped, cupping her hands behind her head as she shot their destination a slight sideways glance, "or would you rather carry me all the way up?"

Experiencing many a mannerisms expressed by its less than introvert trainer during their past five years of travel, Kato had picked up on a number of useful although rather inappropriate reactions for almost any situation. This one in particular called for a feigned yawn, signaling the pokemon's lack of will to take on such an endeavor.

"Good choice," Kaoru grinned, giving the levitating doll a hearty thumbs up, "alright then, let's go."

Alter Ego
August 5th, 2008, 11:43 PM
OOC: Y'know, Chabz; this is precisely the sort of thing you could just take up in the OOC discussion. (totally not saying that just because I want to use it again but can't because the last post is my own xD)

Anyhow, yes, you can technically catch the wild pokémon and access PC boxes (provided that you are in town to do so, of course), but keep in mind that only the pokémon your character has registered for tournament use in your opening post are actually allowed for use in the trials. If your character tries to use any others, she'll get disqualified for a gross violation of tournament rules. Your choice, though. ;D


To say that Laure was bewildered was, at this point, truly an understatement of the highest order. One second, he had been smack-dab in the middle of the human stampede, force to run for dear life and zig-zag beside his fellow competitors to avoid getting trampled, and the next thing he knew, they had all left him behind, leaving the boy standing alone in front of his first obstacle for this tournament, peering indecisively first at the cliff in front of him, which - to his eyes - seemed to reach all the way up to the sun, and was already crawling with trainers to boot, and the lightless abyss of the tunnels stretching out right in front of him, into which a fair number of his fellow competitors also had charged without a second thought.

The boy gulped, "Zynthre..." he mumbled hopefully at the worn pokéball in his hand, but the brief signal that was shot back towards him was loud and clear to his mind; this was Laure's test; not Zynthre's. Nervously fiddling with his cap, the boy allowed his glance to travel back and forth between the two paths. Laure had never been a good climber, an aspect that his lacking height only made amplified, but who knew how far those caverns extended? Or what lurked in their depths? He swallowed once more, casting another hopeless glance at the cliff-face. There were small crevices and plateaus aplenty for footing, he saw, if one was a good jumper, a brave explorer, and a good head taller than him.

Laure, needless to say, was none of these things, and so he hung his head dejectedly, feeling the cool cavern air brush against his sweat-covered brow as he stepped inside. The first few steps were easy enough, but after that things got complicated...

The cave was dark, really dark. Laure instinctively pressed his back towards the nearest wall, seeking comfort from its solidity. If there was one more thing he hated more than heights, it was darkness. The boy's already quickened pulse hit an ever faster tempo as something flitted past him in the gloom, and were those...voices over there? That settled it, trouble or no, he would have to ask for help from...her.

Fumbling with his belt for a few moments, the boy finally found the pokéball he had been looking for, enlarging it with a simple click and tossing it at what he hoped was floor in front of him.

"Stella...come out, please."

Even in the semi-darkness, the Jolteon's displeasure was practically tangible as she took form, slowly stretching herself as she glanced at their surroundings before turning an accusing stare at Laure, as if to say 'what is it this time?'.

"I-I'm sorry to bother you." the boy spluttered out, his voice once again bearing far closer resemblance to a pre-pubescent girl's than he would have liked, "But...could you light this cave up with your Flash attack?"

The electric type shot back a look of purest indifference, {And just why should I do that?} she inquired haughtily, {In case you forgot, you promised me that I would not be bothered until the tournament!}

"Please?" the boy pleaded, oblivious to the pokémon words but understanding the sentiment behind them well enough, "I can't go through here blindfolded, you know that! And-and I really don't want to lose before I get through the qualifier round so please-"

{Qualifier round?} the Jolteon interrupted sharply, immediately straightening her posture a bit, {Why didn't you say so right away, you helpless ninnie? My glorious future in the spotlight lies ahead and here we are wasting time on your innanities. Cover your eyes!}

Still lacking any form of comprehending the agitated barks, Laure barely had the time to cover his eyes with his arm as the Jolteon suddenly rubbed the spikes on her fur together, the crackles of static briefly filling the air as countless tiny sparks gathered all over her glossy coat, the luminosity hitting a painfully bright level that sent a small colony of Zubat fleeing in a cacophony of agitated screeches before the Jolteon managed to bring it under control. The boy blinked for a few minutes as his eyes slowly adjusted to seeing what was now a fairly well-lit cave, courtesy of the fiercely glowing pokémon by his side, requiring a few more moments to take in the terrain before he finally noticed him.

Once he did, however, Laure found himself quite unable to stop the noticing. This guy's attire was...very...well...distinct, with its bizarre union of bell-bottom jeans, muscle shirt, tie, and fedora, and the color scheme that seemed to scream for mercy. More eye-catching for Laure, however, was the ghost pokémon hovering beside the older male, a sight which immediately brought his mind back to real time. This was a tournament, a pokémon tournament, and even though competitors were prohibited from interfering with each other, that was no guarantee that this strange person wasn't one of those 'challenges' Mr.Lesaile had mentioned.

Laure took a small step back, getting into a slightly more battle- or escape-ready position as he spoke up, "Umm...excuse me?" no, that wasn't right; that wasn't right at all, too meek and scared, Ah-I mean-identify yourself!" the challenge sounded even more futile than his first starter, the blush rapidly spreading across Laure's face, "I-I mean...I guess what I want to know is-are you a competitor or a tournament proctor?"

Scarlet Weather
August 6th, 2008, 3:10 PM

Alex took a few minutes to get accustomed to the fact that two developments had occured- almost simultaneously, in fact. First, the previously dark caves were suddenly flooded with light. Second, the person responsible for the first development had approached him and was asking him whether or not he was a tournament proctor or a fellow compeititor. Alex paused for a moment, unsure of whether to simply blow off the younger trainer or to claim that he was a "challenge" and send him off down the tunnels to accomplish some meaningless task. While the second idea appealed to Alex, he decided that it would be too close to "direct interference" to risk taking action, so instead he opted for the first approach. "Listen, sistah," he growled, "I'm not interested in whateva y've got ta say, and I ain't a proctor, so get the hell outta my way. I've gotta long way ta go before I reach the top." Just as Alex finished his sentence, a fairly large pebble suddenly thwacked into the back of his head, and he turned to face his floating partner angrily. "What the hell didja do that for?" he demanded, rubbing his aching scalp.

Dreave floated in mid-air, shaking his head- and by association, most of his body- dejectedly. Because you just made two mistakes that could cost us big time.

Alex raised an eyebrow. "Like what?"

Dreave sighed audibly. First of all, that human is a guy. Second of all, he's got an Alakazam, meaning he's an experienced trainer, meaning you could work this situation out to our advantage.

Alex was unrepentant. "I don't care whetha he's a guy or a girl, I just wanna get the hell outta heah before-" he paused mid-tirade, and lowered his voice before moving closer to Dreave. "Whadidja say? Alakazam?" he whispered.

Dreave rolled his eyes, leaning in closer to his trainer. He has an Alakazam. And I could tell- it was a fairly strong-looking one. That means he's probably an experienced trainer, which means if you follow him...

"We stand a betta chance o' reachin' the exit!" Alex finished excitedly.

What was it you said before? "Ding, ding, ding! We have a winna!" Dreave groaned. Think next time before you insult someone!

Alex turned away from his Pokemon, and took off his hat before stumbling into his apology. "Sorry 'bout that, I'm just on edge. My Ekans ate all o' my cash, so if I don't do well in this round..." he let the sentence hang, before extending his hand. "I'm Alex, and I'm a traina. Say, were ya lookin' for some human company? Maybe we could help each otha out!"

August 6th, 2008, 4:07 PM
OOC: I will be gone August 20th - August 25th and I won't have ANY computer access. Just wanted to give the heads up. My character can be controlled, but I'd prefer it if someone who would actually do a good job with her be the "Puppet Master" so to speak.

Qualifier Round - Trial of Courage
Time Elapsed: 0.30
Time Remaining: 1.30

The pulsing vein on Coreys head seemed to be becoming her trademark, her rage always boiling over very easily - the cause as usual was of course, Plusle and Minun. The two mouse pokemon had run off ahead and begun to jump up and down on some rock formations on the cliff face, then Plusle accidently knocked Minun off the rock and she had fallen to the ground that left her with a small scrape. The blue and yellow creature was now wailing from her 'wound' and Corey was currently bandaging it, not wanting it to become infect before the actual fighting in the tournament. It was then that Plusle came crashing down from above and bounching off Coreys head before hitting the ground next to Minun, who instantly stopped her crying feeling karma had done its work.


"Plusle..plus..le..plus" the tiny mouse squeaked as his eyes were dazed and confused.

"What? Use your hands you rodent!"

The mouse pokemon then raised its tiny hand and pointed upwards, just in time for Corey to leap out of the way of an Aerial Ace attack from a Fearow and the combination of Tackle and Wing Attacks from the flock of Spearows that followed their leader. Corey quickly snatched up Plusle and Minun, leaving behind the rest of her medical supplies, and begun leaping up the cliff face to try and get some distance between the flying pokemon. Corey bounced off a tree and landed atop a couple of rocks a few feet higher, glancing back again to figure out just how much time she had before the Fearow and Spearow caught up to them. The Fearow had already begun speeding and swerving through the trees to catch up, but the Spearow had lingered behind and were slowly beginning to follow one by one.

"Crap..this is not good. Time for some back-up."

Corey tossed two pokeballs into the air and watched as the burst open, the tremendous white light flooding the area for a few seconds. Then, standing in the place of the white light were Coreys Charizard and Mantine and both had a look of confusion on their face - both of them expecting to be in a crowded stadium.

"We have a problem. Fearow. Plus flock of lots of Spearow. Take them out and catch up after. Understood?"

Charizard nodded and took off towards the Spearow, while Mantine floated there for a few seconds then sped off after the flying fire type to take care of the Spearow. Corey glanced down, both Plusle and Minun still in her arms - Plusle still dazed, and Minun just looked up at her trainer and giggled. Pulling out their pokeballs, she clicked the buttons and watched both mouse pokemon engulf in red and vanish in an instant. It was then that Corey had an idea, but she wasn't sure if it was allowed - then again they never said it wasn't. Pulling out her last remaining pokeball and released the grass flying type, Tropius.

"Tropius, do me a favor and use Hyper Beam to clear the way a little. Be careful though, don't hit any of the other competitors. Don't worry about any pokemon who may be caught up in it, they are apart of this competition too and we receive points for every knock out. Only do short bursts, just to be on the safe side. Let me know once you get tired and you'll be able to go rest - I just want to get out of here as soon as possible."

Tropius nodded as he read Coreys hand movements that had followed what she spoke aloud to herself, then the grass pokemon turned around as it charged it Hyper Beam attack. Mere seconds later, it unleashed the large orange beam as it shot forward through the trees and rocks - debri immediately began flying everywhere, but a path had been created and it was now a straight shot for awhile. Corey looked back, both Charizard and Mantine returning without a scratch on them - their trainer glanced over their shoulders, the Fearow leader and four Spearows lay unconcious on the ground with the remaining Spearow fleeing. Corey then looked forward up the new path and saw a couple of small pokemon laying unconcious - after doing a quick head count, the grand total, including the Fearow and Spearow, came out to be ten knock outs.

"Good Job everyone. Time for some rest."

Corey recalled all three pokemon and then began taking off up the 'path' that had been created by Tropius.

August 8th, 2008, 12:03 AM
OOC : If the obstacle/challenge in this post didn't seem right, tell me asap. I just typed the first thing that came into my mind xD;

IC :

Adel released an ear piercing scream as another gust of wind blew against her, gripping precariously onto the edge of her skirt as she regained her bearings and cautiously continued her ascent, one hand on the wall as she walked steadily up the path. The girl's other hand busied itself as she consciously stroked her hair and straightened her crumpled tie, a look of utter exhaustion plastering itself onto her tomato-red face. Her Pidgeotto held a smug grin on her feathery face as she hovered by her trainer's side, clearly amused by the girl's actions. The teenager grunted, swiftly turning away from the Flying type to face the path ahead, surprised to see another human not too far up ahead. She had been so preoccupied with her attire and hair, Adeltruat had been lagging behind the rest of the competitors for quite some time now. Carefully jogging up to the older woman, she caught her breath as she realised she had come to a fork in the winding path up the cliff.

The female had a short, emerald-coloured hair and was clad in a white sundress with a strange red dot imprinted in the middle of the chest area. She blinked her ruby eyes before giving Adel a warm smile, gesturing to the right path that seemed to lead straight down with a heartening lack of irritating pebbles and annoying twists in the road. Adel raised her eyebrow suspiciously; it seemed too good to be true as the fifteen-year old casted a gaze to the path leading to the left. It continued to lead up the cliff, and was littered with large rocks and gravel for most of the distance she could see from her current position.

"Are you sure it isn't that one?" She asked, pointing a finger to the left.

The woman ignored her question as she carried on waving her white-gloved hands to the right, beckoning the girl and her Pidgeotto to leave quickly. <This doesn't seem right.> Kinah chirped, landing on the ground and hopping up to the abnormally silent woman, cocking her head as she examined the smiling lady. Instinctively, the bird flapped her large wings and blew up a tide of sand at the female's sundress, hoping to ignite a reaction. Adel opened her mouth, ready to give the naughty avian a good telling-off, however, that was before she realised that the woman stood unfazed by the cloud of dust, and simply remained in her position - Arms gesturing to the right path, a smile plastered on her face.

Adeltruat gulped, an eerie feeling engulfing her and nearly causing her feet to root themselves to the ground in fright. She instantly sped up the left road, flailing her arms wildly over her head, Kinah flying behind her. Suddenly, the girl's entire frame knocked into something hard and the impact resulted in the girl tumbling back and falling onto her rear in genuine shock. She rubbed her eyes multiple times, forcing herself to believe that there was something in front of her, clutching onto her equally spooked companion.

<I... I don't see anything blocking the way!>

Adeltruat looked over her shoulder, flinching at the sight of the creepy woman who was just a few feet away. Raising a shivering hand, she extended it and whimpered as it came in contact with an invisible solid. Opening her palm, she then realised that it was large, invisible wall that was blocking her way. Her eyes widened, as something clicked deep within the confines of the girl's mind. She reached her hand into her bag, and pulled out a small red device. She pointed the notebook-sized device in the direction of the waving lady, and flipped it open.

The Pokedex whirred, analyzed, detected, and then… sprang to life.

Alter Ego
August 9th, 2008, 2:43 AM
OOC: That works just fine for the challenge thing. It looks more entertaining than what I had in mind, actually. XD


"It's just glass, you know."

Despite its obvious youth, there was a strange lack of enthusiasm in the voice, its owner sitting on what looked like thin air with an expression of purest boredom on her face. It was a girl, a young one, probably twelve or down in age, and though her dark brown eyes, delicate porcelain skin, neatly braided black hair, and dark purple dress all seemed to be pointing towards cute, there was just something...off about the child's appearance, akin to the experience of looking at a life-size doll. You could tell that it was meant to be pretty, it was plain to see that painstaking endeavors had been undertaken to ensure its prettiness, in a technical sense all about it was pretty, and yet something at the back of your mind insisted that you were really looking at the creepiest thing ever.

Though admittedly the yogurt can in her hand softened the impact slightly.

"And that's just a hologram." the girl continued, nonchalantly flicking a spoonful of yogurt straight at the continuously smiling woman's forehead with pin-point precision, only to have it proceed straight through and strike the cliff-face instead, "It's a challenge, and a pretty easy one if you ask me, but everyone who's come thus far has gotten it wrong." she absent-mindedly dangled her tiny feet over the edge of the invisible barrier as she spoke, "They were no fun, and Vexy's busy so he won't play with me." the child pouted, finally turning her gaze to Adel, "Will you play with me? I can get you through that challenge, you know, but only if you play with me."


"I-oh, I see. Sorry to bother you, then." with an even deeper blush than before, Laure hastily turned away from the stranger and focused on the nearest cave path, "Let's go, Stella.". After all those times, one would have expected Laure to have grown used to rejection, but it still hurt and it still embarrassed him, especially when he was mistaken for a girl.

"Sorry 'bout that, I'm just on edge."

Laure paused, an expression of sheer surprise on his face as he watched the stranger apologize for and explain his rudeness, before offering...help?

"Laure." the blonde introduced himself in return, "My name is Laure, a trainer also, n-nice...to meet you, I suppose." he nodded, "Oh, and that's alright, I understand. Umm...what exactly do you mean by 'helping each other out'?"

Stella, meanwhile, rolled her eyes, the motives of these two looking painfully obvious to her. Her trainer really was a hopeless sap if ever there was one.

August 9th, 2008, 10:33 PM
"It's just glass, you know."

Before Adeltruat could decipher what her Pokedex had to say on the matter, a young girl's voice spoke from behind her, piercing the intense silence of the area, sending a jolt right up the young teenager's spine. Her body jumped back in response to the statement, her miniature computer clattering on the floor moments after it left her grip. Her eyes lingered on the blinking light of the Pokedex, as if the object was urging her to pick it up, instead of looking for the source of the monotonous voice. An eerie feeling crept over her, much like it had done a few minutes back.

She lowered herself onto her knees, arm shaking with uncertainty as she reached for her Pokedex.

"And that's just a hologram." The child's voice informed her.

Adel instinctively looked over to the female as a chunk of yogurt flew through her head and landed on the wall behind her. She gulped as she placed her red device back into her bag, before standing up and taking a deep breath. "She's a child, what are you so scared about? Pull yourself together, Adel! What would Mother and Father say?" Her eyelids shut tight, she clenched her fists and forced herself to be brave, turning around to finally face the young girl. The moment she saw the dainty little girl, she was struck with two vivid emotions - Fear and Awe. The floating girl was delicate and captivating in appearance, and dressed with such appealing clothing. Yet, something just did not seem right about her dollish features. In some way, they seemed equivalent to that of a porcelain doll, beautiful but.. unreal. The fact that she appeared to be seated on nothing didn't help Adel overcome her nagging fear of the whole situation, to be more precise; it worsened a great deal.

"It's a challenge, and a pretty easy one if you ask me, but everyone who's come thus far has gotten it wrong." her voice rang out once more as she swung her tiny feet back and forth. Though she wasn't making eye contact with her, Adeltruat assumed that the rude female was speaking to her, shooting a look of terror to the Pidgeotto who stood by her side. Kinah merely sniggered, an entertained look upon her feathery face. The avian gazed at the raven-haired girl with keen interest, wondering if she was going to challenge them to a battle. The Flying Type's wings were aching to lash out in the fray.

"They were no fun, and Vexy's busy so he won't play with me." The child pouted, and Adel opened her mouth in an attempt to look mature and composed, "Listen, little girl, I-"

"Will you play with me? I can get you through that challenge, you know, but only if you play with me." The girl finally allowed her dark brown eyes to rest themselves on the fifteen-year old, and she instantly regretted mentally dubbing the girl ill-mannered just because she wasn't looking at her before, body stiffening at the young female's question. She swallowed once more, before regaining her composure. Letting out a soft chuckle, she nodded her head as she ran a hand across her ponytail. She would stand her ground with no fear - after all, it was just a little kid.

"Adeltruat Haert never refuses a challenge! Remember that name well!" She pointed one finger at the girl, managing to cease her hand from shaking as she completed the action.

August 11th, 2008, 12:17 AM
Plodding along the embedded brick road at no more than five miles an hour, it was incredibly naive of the little girl to think that she wouldn't catch anyone's attention, considering she had wrapped herself around her budding Claydol and was riding it like a pitbull on a poodle. Of course, that wasn't to say the awkward thought had ever crossed her mind in the first place. Still, in spite of her unsual take on the task she was definitely making up ground but then again, such a thought was somewhat absent from her conscience in the first place, so its value was close to naught.

Letting out a huff, the girl sat her head on top of the pokemon's smooth cylindrically squished head as they made their way to the foot of the mountain. With her petite naked arms wrapped around the mud doll's neck and her denim clad legs hooked about its torso, Kaoru had set herself up quite nicely for a leisurely ride into the first round. It had even begun to slip her mind that she was still in an actual tournament, considering the rather lackluster attitude she had brought forth so far and not to mention the incredibly uninspiring yet beautifully decorated environment that surrounded her. The only reason she was already on her way was because of the brief encounter she had had with who she assumed was just another participant of the tournament.

Wiping the drool from her lips, which had invariably dribbled onto her partner's head, much to its displeasure, the little urban girl looked up into the distance to see a rather spectacular sight. Numbers upon numbers of trainers and pokemon alike scaled the surface of the cliff face before her. The mountainside looked like an incredibly oversized and rugged Mars bar covered in ants. Small trails and indented platforms lined the vertical ascent and housed many of the tournament's hopefuls, the majority taking the brief break in climb to catch their breaths, socialise or to just take in the majestic view. Obviously, it was clear that some trainers were much more lax about their priorities in competing in the tournament but such a realisation came as a relief for the straggling brunette, who had still yet to approach the first step in her quest.

"Wow...if there's that many people outside, how many people went inside?" Kaoru piped in awe.

Mustering every psychic ability it possessed while simultaneously exerting every physical extremity in its plump round body, all in order to sustain its trainer's weight, Kato tilted its head forward so that its rear eyes now faced the little girl's and prepared to delve into the vacant depths of her consciousness.

'Any sign of that really pretty dog, Kaor~in?'

The sudden intrusion into her mental workings still surprised her, even though Kato had performed the technique numerous times before.

"Huh?! Oh...it's just you Kat," she breathed, petting the doll's smooth top in relief, "umm...are you talking about that Arcanine I saw?"

Blinking its many red eyes, the Claydol shook its head before building up enough energy to send its next telepathic suggestion.

'I was talking about his rider,' it proceeded in a haughtily cheeky manner, 'she was much more attractive.'

"Really?!" Kaoru shot back in surprise, "I didn't know you liked humans Kat, that's surprising... Hey wait, when did you ever see her? You were still in your pokeball..."

An immediate and familiar silence fell over the two. Contrary to what the Claydol's capacity to telepathically communicate with others might seem to be at first, it was actually quite adept in performing such a technique with sufficient ease. In the most severe cases of the pokemon's abuse of power, Kaoru's personal thoughts are very much the opposite of exactly that.

"You were reading my mind again!" the little girl spout, bruising the still mobile doll with her now frantically flailing arms, causing the couple to rock dangerously mid-flight.

Squeezing its engorged visionary globes together, the Claydol blindly swayed from side to side under its trainer's assault before inevitably coming down in a spectacular spiralling fall. With a heavy and slightly sickening thud, the two landed, rolled and slid to a complete stop on the cold dirt and strangely rugged ground.

"Guh...that hurt," Kaoru winced, patting down her arms after using them to brace for impact before looking over to where her partner in crime had landed, "you alright Kat?"

Lying flat on its back, the Claydol flailed its arms pathetically in the air, gesturing that it was fine and that it really couldn't be bothered replying. Grinning at the sight, the petite girl then hopped up onto her feet to see where they had crashed landed, still unaware that she was covered in a healthy layer of dirt. Following suit, her accompanying pokemon rose into the air while shaking its limbs in a fashion similar to that of a doused Poochyena. When free of all excess dirt and rubble, Kato turned to its trainer to come face to face with an all too familiar expression, a trademark of sorts for the little girl. Slightly wide-eyed and standing completely still, the revelation of their whereabouts seemed to have surprised Kaoru to the extent of being overwhelmed.

'Kaor~in?' Kato managed to pipe, interrupting the girl's current affixiated condition.

"Hweh?" she chirped back, her pupils undilating considerably as life returned to her cheeks, "oh...Kat, sorry, I was just wondering where we are."

Rising to the girl's height, the levitating doll examined all eight lines of sight in a full encircling circumference before finally spouting, 'It looks like we're in some sort of cave or tunnel. We must have flown halfway up the mountain without realising.'

"Ohh...I see, I see."

Clasping her chin between the groove of her thumb and index finger, Kaoru furrowed her brow in feigned concentration before divulging their next course of action. Raising her right foot onto a nearby cluster of rocks, the street girl of petite stature then shot a powerful fist with her index finger fully extended towards the second out of two paths running along the tunnel, the first being in the complete opposite direction.

"We should go that way!" she started, brimming with renewed enthusiasm.

Grabbing Kato by its minute arms, Kaoru quickly threw herself over the pokemon's back and resumed her previous position, much to the surprise and distress of her mobile mud doll.

'W-What makes you think it's that way?'

As the two lined their sights on the path ahead, one particular feature of the winding tunnel's geological traits attracted their attention. A roughly eroded and crude opening graced the otherwise neatly buried path, revealing the only light source and exit out of the enclosure. Then, as if on cue, the answer to Kato's question blazed past along the other side. In the split second the two beings appeared, Kaoru immediately knew it was them; the girl and her Arcanine, the same pair she had seen earlier during the recession of the tournament's first round announcement.

Without another word, Kaoru and her beloved dolly glided through the opening and onto a small plateau, soon realising that they were no longer taking the expedition through the mountain's inner labyrinth, rather, they had now stepped onto one of the many overhanging ledges that plagued its cliff face and the only way to the second round; skyward.

August 11th, 2008, 9:58 PM
Standing on a cliff ledge, Vulcan gazed in the direction from which a flash of golden light had erupted. The glow briefly returned, altering the hue of an oval of earth. Could be related to the "trials" promised in this stage of the tournament. Or a battle perhaps? A cloud of dust slowly rose into the already-stifling air. With that wreckage, someone could be clearing a path . . .

As he prepared to continue up the mountain, Vulcan paused. The Arcanine tensed, his ears flicking alertly upward. Feeling Roz's hand reach forward to touch his cheek, he turned his head halfway toward her. ("Smells like a couple wild Pokemon. Don't worry; I should be able to handle them.") Roz's hand withdrew.

Waiting for the arrival of his opponents, the fire Pokemon seated himself on the ground, allowing Roz to dismount. Moments later, a nearby boulder shattered into pieces. From the rubble, two Machop launched themselves toward the group of travelers. Without hesitation, Vulcan leaped at his enemies--his subconscious automatically calculating his first reactions while his waking mind planned ahead. One Machop was using a Low Kick while the other was using Karate Chop. Simple enough moves to counter . . . The Arcanine's fur-covered head slammed into the Karate Chop user's body beneath its extended arm, while his downward facing jaws released a burst of flame at the remaining Machop.

Vulcan landed deftly on his feet. The other two fighters were not so fortunate. As the two Machop struggled up from where they had landed, Roz watched calmly. Though her confidence in her own Pokemon might have been commendable, her indifference toward the wild Pokemon probably would have seemed eerie to an onlooker. Again the Machop pair charged, but this time Vulcan waited for them to draw near. One fighting type moved in front of the other, attempting another Low Kick. The Arcanine knocked the Machop to one side with a bat of his paw, but found the Machop clinging firmly to his leg as the third battler's glowing arms shot forward to use Revenge.

Snap! Vulcan's teeth closed. The fighting Pokemon unfortunate enough to have its arms trapped in Vulcan's mouth cried out in pain as it struggled to escape. Keeping his jaws closed, Vulcan released a blast of fire from his throat, allowing it to froth out through the gaps in his fangs and scorch his unwilling victim. Then the dog Pokemon's mouth opened, the force of his burning attack slamming the Machop against a boulder and knocking it unconscious.

Seeing its friend fall, the remaining Machop tightened its grip on Vulcan and began a Seismic Toss. The ability of a 40-pound Pokemon to lift and throw a 340-pound one over ten feet is somewhat enigmatic. Yet this peculiar event did occur. Twisting in a manner more feline than canine, Vulcan managed to bring all four paws beneath his body before he landed. No less determined than it had been at the fight's start, once more the Machop ran toward its opponent. Crouching slightly, Vulcan again waited. One arm lifted for a Karate Chop; one slide brought an Arcanine to a Machop's side; one flick of one paw slammed that Machop to the ground; and one Machop blacked out--all in one heartbeat.

For a brief moment, Vulcan surveyed his foes. Finding them sufficiently incapable of causing further harm, he turned. ("It's over, Roz.") The girl approached him with a quiet smile, removing the bottle of water from her bag and taking off the cap. Laying a hand on the Arcanine's white muzzle, she poured half the water into his mouth. After returning the water to her bag, she questioningly brought out a Super Potion. He shook his head. ("We may need it later.") With a slight nod, Roz returned the item and climbed onto Vulcan's back. Melanie cast a quick look about, then shifted her hold on her trainer's shoulder. "Let's go."

August 12th, 2008, 1:48 PM
Despite settling himself under a tree, the violent rays of the sun beat down on Malic's apparently unconscious body. The old black book had put Malic asleep, that or terrible commute to the location had placed him a state of fatigue and anguish. Unaware of the the time that had passed by, Malic had only noticed the near absence of trainers. Crap, I must have fell asleep. Heh, I guess the others need a little to get ahead, he thought to himself. His Pokedex beeped indicating a notification and he quickly skimmed the message that all the trainers recieved:

"Qualifier Round - Trial of Courage
Time Elapsed: 0.00
Time Remaining: 2.00

- Proceed to Zenith Town and complete your registration within the time limit.
- Overcome challenges and obstacles as encountered.
- Player co-operation permitted.

- Time Limit: 2 hours.
- No direct interference with other players.
- No flight.
- No teleportation.

- Failure to complete challenge: 20 minutes added to timer.
- KO of own pokémon: -5 points per KO.

- Trial cleared: +20 points and advancement to the next round.
- Fastest completion time: +15 points.
- Most opponents KOed: +10 points.
- KO of wild pokémon: +1 point per KO.
- Completion of challenge: +5 points or 15 minutes deducted from timer.

A race? Interesting. Nothing too hard. It is just a matter of getting there. Prepping himself up, Malic gathered his belongings and called upon Gallade. His other Pokemon proved to be too brutal and slower on their feet, whereas Gallade prefered quick battles and would be able to keep up with the shockingly fast pace that Malic would be setting. Having a nearly deadly fear of caves and Zubat, Malic choose the bright and dangerously high risk cliffside path. Seeing most trainers casually walk, probably due to the fear of falling off and into the watery abyss with sharp bladed rocks just waiting for blood, Malic simply jeered and darted by them, lightly pushing them into the stone wall of the cliff. Some trainers were smart enough to ride on their Pokemon, a plan he would have used by most of his team members are hulking giants who prefer to crush their opponents in small pieces of dust.

OOC: I hope this challenge is fine. I am not sure what you are looking for which is the primary reason I did not post for so long.

Malic's seemingly endless sprint was halted by the arrivial of a stone avalanche. Several yards ahead of Malic's path, a storm of giant rocks fall from the sky and blocked the only path towards Zenith. Rather than moan and possibly scream about how terrible his luck had to be to end up this horrid situation, Malic ordered Gallade to punch a path through with no vocal command just a simple hand signal. After gathering focus and energy in his fists and plowed through the bulk of rocks only to have come across a crowd of Golems, an entire pack of them topping out at probably 7 or so. The thrill of a battle prevented Malic from actually calculating the exact number of opponents. Angry at the agression of Malic's lone Gallade, they began to charge with an all out attack, with each one performing a Rollout attack. Gallade did not flinch, and was prepared to counterattack with a vicious combination of Pyscho Cuts and Close Comabt attacks, bringing down the horde of wild Pokemon. Wiht the Golems defeated, Malic pressed on despite the threat of exhaustion beginning to settle into his body and the lack of mercy conveyed by the sun's harmful rays.

Alter Ego
August 14th, 2008, 1:37 AM
OOC: Objection! There's no such thing as 'only path' in this round, except possibly for the pokémon center door. D: Though I suppose it would have seemed that way because of a huge detour or whatever, carry on. XD

That doesn't count as a challenge, though, only wild pokémon interference. All challenges would be manned by a virtual supervisor who would set out specific instructions for what the challenge entails. =O


"Oh?" the little girl's lips curved up into a tiny smile, though given the complete lack of expression on the rest of her face it was hard to tell whether it was amused or mocking, "I guess you'd better pick that up, then." she nodded towards the pokédex, which was still crying for attention on the ground, a synthesized female voice just barely audible from the speaker, its monotone tirelessly chanting out the question to an audience that wasn't there.

"You have five minutes to get that question right, by the way." the child continued, nonchalantly leaping off the barrier and landing on the ground in front of Adel, "And it started counting the moment you activated your pokédex, so that's more like three minutes now."

"Two." she remarked after a while, shooting the girl a decidedly bored look, "Didn't you just say that you never refuse a challenge? Or..." she stroked her chin thoughtfully, "...maybe you took my wanting to play with you as a challenge?" not allowing the older girl any chance at a reply, she promptly snatched the pokédex from Adel's bag, barely glancing at the screen before turning to face the continuously smiling hologram, "The Marowak is a liar and the flour was stolen but there is not enough evidence to tell whether it was the Dunsparce or the Cubone who did it, you stupid machine."

"Correct." the synthesized voice replied, the hum of machinery indicating that the barrier was descending, "Challenge completed. Please choose your reward."

Without a further word, the girl thrust Adel's pokédex back into its owner's hands before heading towards a path, not the newly opened one, though, but the treacherous, craggy expanse on the left. Just as she was about to head out of view, however, she paused, briefly turning her head in Adel's direction.

"Iris." the girl said in her usual monotone, adding after a brief pause, "My name. I'll play with you sometime, then, Adeltruat Haert. You were a lot more fun than those other people."

And with that, she vanished behind a bend in the path.

August 15th, 2008, 6:56 AM
Corey was motionless, standing in one place , as she stared in the direction she had previously been walking - there in the middle of the road a Lucario and two Rilou stood, the three pokemon also remaining still as they stared back at Corey. Coreys eyes locked onto the Lucarios, both of them reading each others minds and personality to figure out if either or was a potential threat - Corey just nodded her head, showing her sign she was not there to harm them. The Lucario gave a small grunt, the two Rilou suddenly taking off down the path and past Corey - who remained in her position to prove her respect to the aura pokemon. It was then that Lucario began walking in the direction of Corey, stopping just in front of her and extending its paw - showing a sign of friendship. Corey was completely shocked at this, not expecting such a magnificent pokemon to extend an invitation like that - so she moved her hand and grasped the paw, following the up and down motion that came with the touch. A few seconds later they both let go, Lucario giving one last grunt before racing off to catch up with its two pre-evolutions before someone else got any idea to attack or capture them. Corey glanced backwards, watching Lucario vanish down the path, then began a slight jog up the hill - too much time had been wasted with this introduction, Corey knew she needed to find a challenge point as soon as possible.

"That was quite a show" came a voice seemingly out of nowhere.

Corey stopped in her tracks, her reaction immediately moving her hand to her pokeballs.

"Who's there!? Show yourself!"

Alter Ego
August 15th, 2008, 7:55 AM
"Shee-eez, talk about high-strung."

In an almost demonstratively laid back manner, a slim figure detached itself from the shadow of a surprisingly large tree jutting out of the rough cliffside.

It was a girl, probably in her late teens, clad in a pair of baggy, dark red trousers, held up by a metallic-toned belt and a simple white t-shirt bearing the slightly faded legend 'Sinnoh Regional Day-2, 2002' on the front. It seemed to be a size or two too small for her, however, leaving the better part of her arms and a bit more of her stomach than most would care to see revealed. Most predominant in her features, however, was the set of headphones residing over her ears and holding down part of her untamed - if fairly short - chestnut brown hair, explaining the slightly vacant look in her clear blue eyes.

"Visible now; happy?" she spread out her arms, as if to demonstrate that she wasn't holding any weapons before folding them over her chest, shaking her head, "I just thought that what you did just now was kind of cool, you know. Besides; this is a no direct interference event. You really need to chill." the foreign girl looked the other over without the slightest sign of bashfulness, "You're in the tournament, yah?" she asked rhetorically, nodding in confirmation of her own question, "Thought so. You've got that look about ya'. Guess I'd better introduce myself, then: name's Melody, tournament proctor. If you're looking for a challenge point, you've come to the right place. Hit the jackpot, too." she added with a grin, "See, most of the points are just manned by holograms, but our great lord and master" there was a good bit more than just a hint of sarcasm in her voice as she pronounced the phrase, "thought that this one needed a bit more of a personal touch so here I am." she paused, absent-mindedly scratching herself behind her right ear as she added, "Though...I suppose it woulda' been more enjoyment for you if you had been a guy, eh? So anyway, here's the deal: the format of this challenge is single battle. We both pick a pokémon, then they duke it out and the first one out cold is the loser. Win and you get the quick way up." she nodded towards a serviceable staircase carved into the cliff-face behind the tree, "Lose and you take the scenic route over yonder." she jerked her head towards the fork in the path just a little bit behind Corey, a winding, uneven trail that snaked its way between sharp crags and boulders, "Simple enough, yah? So...you in or what?" she let her hand rest by one of the pokéballs clipped to her belt, waiting for an answer, "Challenger makes the first pick."

August 15th, 2008, 10:56 AM
"You're in the tournament, yah? Thought so. You've got that look about ya'. Guess I'd better introduce myself, then: name's Melody, tournament proctor. If you're looking for a challenge point, you've come to the right place. Hit the jackpot, too."

A grin crept across the new girls face.

"See, most of the points are just manned by holograms, but our great lord and master thought that this one needed a bit more of a personal touch so here I am. Though...I suppose it woulda' been more enjoyment for you if you had been a guy, eh? So anyway, here's the deal: the format of this challenge is single battle. We both pick a pokémon, then they duke it out and the first one out cold is the loser. Win and you get the quick way up. Lose and you take the scenic route over yonder. Simple enough, yah? So...you in or what?"

Melody placed her hand near the pokeballs attached to her belt.

"Challenger makes the first pick."

Corey just stood there for a second, her face completely emotionless, as she listened and then took in all the information that the tournament proctor had just set in front of her. A battle would determine whether or not she'd be one of, if not the, first people to reach Zenith. This was of course a risk though, because if she failed in this battle she'd be sent packing - having to find her way through the most likely longer and equally dangerous path. Corey flashed all of her pokemon through her mind, a slight grin appearing on her face as she reached for a pokeball. Tossing the ball into the air, the pokeball burst open and white light flooded the area - after it cleared, Tropius stood in the bright lights place.

"Of course I accept. I am quite confident that I could win this battle, but I'll just have to wait and see. Tropius here will be my pokemon. And yours will be?"

Alter Ego
August 15th, 2008, 1:54 PM

Melody's gaze lazily snapped to attention, offering a brief glance at her opponent and the newly materialized pokémon.

"Oh yeah." she said to no-one in particular, fiddling with some unknown settings on her headphones, "Hope you don't mind me listening to my tunes while we do this thing? I don't like the noises much."

Not waiting for a response, she picked out a pokéball in a manner so vacant that it was questionable whether she had even made a conscious choice or just picked at random, enlarging it with the push of a button and flicking it nonchalantly to the ground.

In a flash of white light, a vaguely humanoid creature appeared in front of her, stretching its limbs. Its gray body was thin and wiry, save for a pair of peculiar pink bulges where its legs should have been and a similarly colored protrusion on its head that looked like a bizarre cap. Much like its trainer, the Medicham appeared largely unbothered by its surroundings, nonchalantly continuing its stretching routine.

"Awwright." Melody continued, now addressing a small, handheld electronic device she had dug from her pocket as she tapped in a number of commands, "Sudden death challenge. Ready, set, go. Oh, and you know what the thing about a sudden death challenge is?" her glance briefly rested on Corey again as she pocketed the device, "The thing about a sudden death challenge is...that things tend to happen...suddenly."

The moment she finished her statement, the unmistakable sound of backhand meeting skull became audible. When this had happened was not quite clear, but in a split-second the Medicham seemed to have darted straight past his opponent, delivering a light backhand strike to the Tropius' head as it passed. Now, however, the psychic type looked just as docile as before, maintaining a pose that betrayed nothing but casual disinterest as it faced its opponent, eyes not focusing yet clearly aimed at its general area.

"Fake Out." the proctor elaborated in an off-hand sort of way, "You've got to pay more attention to these things or you'll be knocked out of this before you even get started."

OOC: Oookay...since this is technically PvP, the rules thereof apply. If you make a good action post detailing your attack and/or display general creativity in the battle, it will work in your favor. Make an undescriptive post or nonsensical move and your attack will get blocked and/or countered. Go. :3

August 15th, 2008, 2:19 PM
"You've got to pay more attention to these things or you'll be knocked out of this before you even get started."

Corey had a slight look of impression on her face, but it quickly vanished as the task at hand was not going to be easy as she had hoped - quickly Corey used her hands to sign to Tropius just exactly what he was to do, the flying grass type speeding off up into the sky above the trees. Keeping a close eye on the Medicham, Corey would glance occassionally upward to figure out Tropius' position - it'd be a royal pain if he was out of sight and couldn't communicate.

"I wouldn't underestimate my Tropius, he knows how to be creative when it comes to battling."

Suddenly, the sound of cutting wood could be heard above and that was when Corey's face changed to a grin - looking upwards, hoping the proctor would follow, she continued to smile as her pokemon was following her instructions exactly as she had given them. The large plant like pokemon was smashing its body through the higher parts of the trees and making its way further and further down them, the now large logs falling at a great speed heading in the direction of everyone - Corey included. Not wanting to get caught in the damage, Corey leaped backwards with some flips and jumps - after moving a safe distance away she stood and watched. Tropius was now picking up speed, racing past the flying projecticles he had created mere seconds ago - then stopping mid air and racing back upwards, the wings on his back now glowing white, using a Steel Wing attack to get the large objects in half to create even more tools of damage.

Tropius rested in the air for a second before racing upwards into the sky to await what the psychi type pokemon would do to counter attack his first move - from what he saw before, he would only expect something brilliant.

August 15th, 2008, 6:09 PM
With the only path ahead lying high above her, Kaoru was beginning to think how she would ever get off the mountain. The ledge she had managed to stumble upon only took her so far across the cliff face, whereas the next visible step lied several feet above. If only flying or teleportation had been allowed, this stage of the tournament would have been nothing more than eating cake during someone else's birthday party. But alas, even if such rules were acceptable, they would only hinder her, moreso than she already was, for neither her Claydol or any other of her Pokemon for that matter could harness such abilities.


The abrupt semi-profanity caused both the little chestnut and floating mud doll to recoil in shock, both landing flat on their backs after falling from pawing up the near vertical slat that lead up to the higher ledge. Turning towards the source of the commotion, they were greeted by a lone gruff, straight-cut, big-armed and square-jawed of a man.

"Damn that Lesaile! I've had to deal with seven little chikas today already. You'd think this whole tournament was a giant harem fest."

"U-U-Uwah..." Kaoru couldn't help but stammer as she looked up at the incredibly domineering individual, "W-Who are you?"

Folding his massive arms across his equally buff chest, the box-haired man narrowed his eyes on the petite girl before him. "I'm hear to kick your ass, you little runt!"

She then felt something thud against the ground behind her. Cautiously averting her gaze as to not draw anymore of the man's wrath upon herself, she turned to see Kato lying sprawled in the dirt, all eight eyes spiralling in unison. It had fainted!

"Useless pokemon..." the stranger grunted before returning his attention to its trainer, "Oi runt! You've reached a challenge point, although I suggest you turn around and leave since you're nowhere near ready to take it, but...tch, for the sake of sticking to tournament protocol, I'll fill you in."

All Kaoru could do was nod. She was literally shivering in the man's presence. The sheer feeling of his killing intent radiated all around him, catching and overwhelming her in its reach.

"If you've bothered to look up, you would've noticed another overhanging ledge," he started, remaining firm in stance as a harsh wind blew over them, reiterating the sheer scale of the looming mountain trail, "if by some miracle you manage to reach that platform, I'll consider telling you more about how to get to the top."

Spitting over the edge as he concluded his explanation, the man turned along the path from which she and Kato had previously come, before disappearing around the trail's bend without another word.

'Is he gone?' came Kato's unmistakable and intruding thoughts.

"K-Kat! You fainted!" Kaoru exclaimed in surprise, shuffling over to the still lying Claydol. "W-W-Who was that?!"

'I don't know but I think he's part of the tournament. Check your pokedex.'

Sure enough, there it was under the first round's outline of objectives and rewards. Of course, that still posed the ever important question about why he was so mean.

"Buah. Kat, if he's going to be up there, I don't think I want to keep going." the little girl cried in premature defeat.

'But what about that girl and Arcanine? Don't you want to see them?'

"Oh, right..." Kaoru chirped, her expression immediately changing to one of renewed determination...again, "Now, how are we going to get up to that ledge?"

'Oh oh! I think I know a good way.'


'Hohoho. Just leave it me.'

Without another thought, the revived Claydol hovered towards its trainer, scooping her up onto its head before charging straight for the cliff face. Exerting every physical extreminty in its plump round body, the levitating mud doll launched its passenger above its height before crashing into the rocky vertical slat below. Realising what she had to do, Kaoru instinctively reached for the upper ledge and gripped onto its edge with the tips of her fingers. Centering herself in such a position, the little chestnut ducked her head between her arms to see how her partner had done after hearing its rather spectacular crash with the mountain. Seeing the doll swaying back and forth, swirls decorating its large red eyes, she couldn't help but grin.

"You okay Kat? That sounded painful."

'I-I'm fine...j-just need a little rest...'

Giggling at the thought, Kaoru loosened her grip to retrieve the doll's unkept pocket-sized home before relieving it of its duty. "Return!"

Now seeing this as a good opportunity to let her other partner gain some experience, she shuffled through her two other similar kept pokeballs and released Mai onto the ledge above her. Shaking off the blinding light that escorted all summoned pokemon, the called upon Elekid looked around to see what his trainer had gotten him into this time.

"Uh, could you help me up Mai?" Kaoru laughed, rocking back and forth as another harsh wind blew over the mountainside.

The electric pokemon's eyes immediately widened as he heard his trainer's voice and saw naught but her fingertips in front of him. Rushing to the girl's aid and in no more than five continuous minutes of exhausted struggling, the two fell onto higher solid ground.

"So you made it. Peh! Alright, let's do this then."

August 15th, 2008, 11:50 PM
"That's a curious sight."

Roz stood behind a rocky outcrop, Vulcan at one side and Melanie at the other. The trio were cautiously peering around a boulder's edge at a somewhat surreal image that lay about fifteen meters from their position.

On an area of the mountain face that was almost flat, a pool of bright azure water sparkled, standing out in stark contrast to the practically barren terrain that characterized the rest of the cliffs. Purple and white flowers bloomed at the water's edge or in it, surrounded by large leaves of rich green. Rising out of the water were the neck and head of a Milotic, the neck curved with a serene elegance. The drops of water that slid across the creature's smooth skin shone and graced it like master-cut diamonds on a beautiful woman. Segments of the Milotic's body could be seen arching above the water's surface in sea dragon fashion.

("It's unnatural,") Vulcan murmured, watching the water Pokemon warily.

Melanie watched with equal intentness. "It is."

Sensing more than vague, intuitive agreement, the Arcanine turned questioningly toward his companion. Though Roz's glance continued to rest on the Milotic, she seemed to be paying attention as well. Melanie tilted her body, using her beak to motion toward the individual in question. "Either that Pokemon is unlike any I've ever met, or it isn't real. For some reason, I can't access its mind--not because of a barrier or conflicting psychic power. On a psychic plane, that Milotic does not exist."

("So then what is it?")

"I'd feel better if I knew . . . "

For the first time since they had discovered the miniature oasis, Roz shifted her gaze away from the many-hued image. Looking at Vulcan, she motioned lightly toward the Milotic.

("Could be. Do you think it would benefit us to approach?")

A few seconds passed. Though her expression seemed too passive to be thoughtful, evidently Roz had deliberated sufficiently enough to make her decision. Stepping around the cluster of large rocks, she began walking toward the Milotic. Melanie remained perched on her shoulder, and Vulcan sprang easily over the stones before assuming a position at her side. As the small group drew closer to the Milotic, the serpentine creature turned toward them. Its black eyes glittered with the light that reflected off the pool in which it rested. Then, it spoke.

"Greetings, weary traveler."

Considering the fact that its mere "existence" was unnatural, the ability of this Pokemon to speak in human tongue should not have been too surprising. Nonetheless, Roz now stood still, curiosity faintly apparent on her features. A series of clicking and humming noises from her bag gradually drew the girl's attention away from the water type. Holding up the culprit of the sounds, Roz pointed and opened her Pokedex. The screen flickered and displayed the following:

Challenge Point: Riddle of the Stars
Proctor - Milotic
Time Limit - 15 minutes after the riddle is given
Prize - 5 Prestige Points, Alternate Route
Penalty - 7 minutes
Rules - Competitors must give Milotic the answer to the riddle within the allotted amount of time. Every five minutes an answer is not given, a hint will be granted. If they so desire, trainers may receive help from other participants in the competition. Granting no help or false help is advantageous to other competitors, however, and aid from outside the competition is forbidden.

The points of Vulcan's teeth showed as his face altered into what may have been a humorless smile. ("I guess we've found a challenge point.")

The Milotic spoke again. "Have no fear, traveler. Draw closer, that you might hear what I would say." Evidently this particular Milotic was female--or so its voice would suggest. Though somewhat low, the voice was smooth and had a relaxing quality that was to the ears as cool, running water is to sore hands. In other words, it was a voice one would expect from a Milotic.

As Roz moved forward, her Pokemon moved with her. Once she stood directly before her non-existent proctor, said proctor seemed to smile. "I have been awaiting the one who can answer my question, and I wonder if it is you. This challenge will be yours, warrior, should you choose to hear my tale. Will you accept it?"

After a moment of hesitation, Roz looked over at Vulcan. He nodded. Unable to give verbal confirmation, Roz selected the "Yes" option on her Pokedex screen. The Milotic's head bowed gracefully. "As you will." Her head raised, and she began her story.

"Long ago in the land of Johto lived a young boy who loved to watch the stars. Night after night, he would lie awake for hours gazing at them, enchanted by their beauty. Curiously, this boy admired the stars so deeply and for so great a time that a star fell in love with him. Coming to this world in physical form, she approached him. At first the boy was frightened and thought he could never dare to love a being so far beyond him. But eventually, the love became mutual. Unfortunately, the powers of the universe were displeased by this relationship. They found such a thing disgraceful and returned the girl to her position in the heavens while forever dooming the boy to the darkness.

"No one knows what happened to the girl after this. But the boy's heart became engulfed in the blackest misery. The fire that his love for the girl of the stars had lit became tainted and bitter so that it scarred whoever dared to draw near him, cursing them to suffer eternally just as he was cursed. Still, though the boy's hatred steadily grew, his love never died. To this day, he still cries out to the stars at night, hoping that his love will hear him."

Silence fell, and the note of sadness that had lingered about the Milotic during her tale deepened. "The boy who gives his voice to the cold skies . . . Can you tell me his name?"

[OOC: I am a little curious to know any guesses people have as to the boy's name. They may help me decide if the riddle was too simple, too difficult, or alright. ^-^;;

Depending on when I make my next post and on response, I might post hints in the OOC thread.]

August 16th, 2008, 2:12 AM
"You have five minutes to get that question right, by the way."

The girl panicked at the child's words, realising that she had reached a challenge point.

"Hey!" Adel squeaked in a slightly offended tone as the younger girl swiped her Pokedex away from her without so much as a 'please', forgetting about her previous fear for that split second. She had yet to see what had appeared on the screen of the miniature computer, and was extremely bothered by that fact. The young girl wasted no time in taking matters into her own hands, staring briefly at the Pokedex before speaking, "The Marowak is a liar and the flour was stolen but there is not enough evidence to tell whether it was the Dunsparce or the Cubone who did it, you stupid machine."

Adel raised an eyebrow in confusion, trying to make sense of the child's words.

Before she could decipher the female's statement, the Pokedex beeped in it's mechanical voice, "Correct. Challenge completed. Please choose your reward." The sixteen-year old's mouth hung agape as the device was shoved back into her hands no later than a couple of seconds after the handheld machinery spoke, and the little girl began walking up the dangerous, rock infested path instead of the clearly quicker and safer road that lay ahead.

"Iris." the girl finally introduced herself, "My name. I'll play with you sometime, then, Adeltruat Haert. You were a lot more fun than those other people." Fading away behind the bend before the teenager could have a chance to thank her. <HEY! We didn't get a chance to duke it out!> Kinah squawked with obvious displeasure, flapping her wings in distress. Adeltruat stretched out her arm at the same moment, nearly crying out for the child to wait. She resisted her instinct, sharply reminding herself that there was a time limit to the trial. She drew her hand back, balling it into a fist as she turned and continued down the smooth and short path that was probably an incentive for completing the challenge.

Flipping open her Pokedex, she spoke to it with a paltry tone of happiness, "5 points, if you please." The device whirred and clicked in response, registering the words before replying "Congratulations for completing a challenge point!" Adeltruat chuckled to herself, receiving a slightly disturbed look from the Pidgeotto beside her.

She made a cautious note to thank Iris the next time they should meet, as well as to give her a good lecture about minding her manners.

August 16th, 2008, 6:22 AM
She just didn't get it. No matter which way she went and no matter how long she walked, she would always end up in the same place as before. Besides, seeing that gaping hole in the middle of the mountainside was really starting to creep her out, which was surprising to say in the least, considering that was from whence she had just come.

"You are THE most useless excuse of a trainer I have ever seen."

The man known as "Cid", her challenge point's proctor, stood with arms folded before her, giving her a particularly nasty snarl in the process. After having to put up with the girl's sheer lack of common sense for almost half an hour, his patience was slowly whittling away. He had half a heart to just let her stumble on forever but he had still had a job to do and other players to eliminate. Spending this much time on one person was insulting.

"C-Cid... I-I can't figure it out..." Kaoru cried in familiar defeat, falling to the ground in a teary heap.

"Don't act like we're friends!" the hologram of a man spat, his level of irritation rising without end, "Tch! How can someone be so useless... Damn it! I've got other losers down there waiting for me to kick them up the ass. Hurry the hell up!"

"S-Sorry!" the little chestnut stammered, completely overwhelmed by the man's constant verbal abuse, "I-I follow the trails but even when I take different paths... I-I end up back here..."

"For Oak's sake! I'll just give you the damned hints!" Seeing the little girl cower in place, the burly proctor snapped his fingers before an alarm began to sound from her side in response.

Terrified beyond belief, Kaoru didn't dare break eye contact with the surpervisor as she retrieved the source of the noise from her trouser pocket. Flipping the case of her pokedex to reveal the buzzing screen beneath, a list of hints related to accomplishing the challenge came into view.

>>Challenge Point
>Proctor: Cid
>Time Limit: Until the end of the round.
>Reward: +5 Prestige Points, -15 minutes from timer
>Outline: Navigate through the mountain trail to reach the mountain top Pokemon Center.

>No. 1: Flowers
>No. 2: Signpost
>No. 3: Cid

Forcing herself to look down, she hastily skimmed the screen before looking back up, her expression unchanged. The sound of flesh hitting holographic flesh resonated above her as Cid slapped his thick hand against his square face.

"Uh... D-Don't worry, I'll work it out." Kaoru chirped, waving her hands up in defence, "Mai! Let's go."

Grabbing the dozing Elekid by the hand, the little urban girl quickly retraced her steps and walked away as quickly as possible, as to not become victim to the man's verbal abuse...again.

"Bout time..."


She had again arrived at the first fork in the road, where the mountain trail split into two, the inner trail hugging the mountainside and ascending further upwards while the lower and outer path continued on level and around in the same direction. Previously, she had taken the upper path out of instinct but it simply brought her back to the plateau where she had first met Cid. But with the challenge's hints in hand and a rather irritated partner who was more than ready to get off the mountain and into the cozy confines of the Pokemon Center, the path before her was clear.

A lone sprout pierced the crag and rocky path leading along the outter rim. Luckily for Kaoru, Mai was quick to spot such details and ushered her to follow his lead. Soon enough, they had reached the second fork, the third path diverting into the actual mountain itself, reverting back to the inner network of tunnels, while the fourth continued to proceed around outside. A single wooden stake graced the entrance to the ascending tunnel and led the pair to their third and final challenge.

An hour down and quite out of breath, Kaoru and Mai finally emerged outside onto an even higher ledge, the dropping temperature and continuous ascent wearing them out considerably. Hot, bothered and extremely tired, the little urban girl had never worked so hard in her entire life and had nothing else on her mind but getting to the Pokemon Center so that she could just lie down and go to sleep. It was unfortunate that accomplishing her goal was so close at hand yet was still very much out of her reach, as the third and final hint of her challenge appeared.

"You actually made it." scoffed an all too familiar voice, one that wasn't particularly appreciated by the little chestnut at such a time, "Alright runt, let's finish this."

Scarlet Weather
August 16th, 2008, 7:10 PM
"Nyeh?" Alex was more than a little surprised by the other trainer's question. Shouldn't an experienced trainer be a little more perceptive than that? It took him a few minutes to come to a conclusion. "Oh, I get it, a joke! Ha-ha, very funny. Come on, ya know what I meant! Now, let's go an' find that first challenge, okay?"

Dreave responded with yet another head/body shake. Alex, you are officially the most incredible person I know.

"Thanks, Dreave!" Alex responded as he started down the tunnel, motioning for Laure to follow.

Dreave sighed before drifting after his trainer. That wasn't intended as a compliment...

Alex turned to face his Pokemon indignantly, still marching forward. "Whaddya mean by tha- NYEH?" This last statement was preceded by a large, audible "Whap!" noise as Alex walked face-first into a large, transparent wall, and was sent sprawling. As he picked himself up, cursing, Dreave shot to his side and pointed off to the side. Alex, look!

There, on the left side of the tunnel, sat a teenaged boy who looked only a bit older than Alex, who seemed incredibly amused by the trainer's unintentional faceplant. He walked forward before pulling up the hard hat perched on his head slightly and adjusting his coke-bottle glasses, before striking a rather dignified pose. "Well, it took you long enough," he taunted Alex, who stared at him, seething, but said nothing. "My name is Mark, and this-" he said, removing a small rock hammer from his belt and tapping it agaist the wall, "Is reinforced glass. It's impossible to pass unless you complete a challenge. Otherwise... well, you're stuck here."

Alex growled for a moment and then, on impulse, lashed out with a quick left hook. Mark stood in place, nonplussed, as Alex's fist passed straight through his head. "Oh, and I forgot to mention," he continued, "I'm not really here. All the challenge proctors, including me, are holograms. You can't hurt me, even if you want to- and it would be stupid to try, since that's just asking to be kicked out of the tournament anyway. Now, do you want to hear the challenge terms, or not? Choose quickly, because I'm not all that patient. I've got some digging to do." He began tapping his foot meaningfully.

Alex backed away slightly and quickly whispered to Dreave "What the hell is he talkin' 'bout? If he's one o' those holograms, then he can't dig worth nothin'!"

Dreave shrugged, again bringing most of his body into play. I can't say that I'm not confused either, he replied, But keep in mind that if we don't accept the challenge, we'll probably have to go all the way back to the starting point.

Alex shrugged as well. "Right, then." He returned his attention to the virtual miner, who was still tapping his non-existant boot impatiently. "We accept yer stinkin' challenge- but you'd better be quick 'bout givin' it."

Mark nodded. "Fine. I'll make this something fun.... hmmm.... what should I- I know!" the proctor snapped his fingers. "Somewhere in the tunnels behind you, there are a few fossils. Find me one each and you can pass. Otherwise..." Mark motioned towards the barrier, "This stays in place."

Alex turned his attentions back to the other trainer. "So, we're workin' together to beat this challenge, right? Then let's start lookin'!"

Alter Ego
August 17th, 2008, 9:05 AM
At the sight of what looked deceptively much like a wooden edition of a lethal avalanche, Melody's expression betrayed mild interest, the girl actually taking a step back to avoid getting struck by the barrage of lumber that enveloped her pokémon.

When the dust settled the Medicham was, rather surprisingly, still standing and looking largely okay, save for a few bruises and marks here and there, the faint shimmer of a recover technique still clinging to its body as it flicked the last log aside.

"Pretty interesting." she said conversationally, looking completely unbothered by the fact that a lethal barrage of logs had missed her by mere inches, as she gave an off-hand sort of nod to her pokémon. Immediately, the meditative pokémon sprang into the air, lunging towards its opponent with a vicious, full-speed kick.

"You and your pokémon..." Melody continued, true to her usual manner in not even sparing a glance at the combatants as she locked her gaze with Corey's instead, "You communicate by sign-language, don't you?" a slight smile graced her features, "I was right about you; you do know some interesting stuff."

Meanwhile, the Medicham continued on, but something was...off. The trajectory wasn't in Tropius' direction, not even close, and even after it had lunged clean past the dinosaur pokémon, it still went further, higher, with no intention of stopping or turning around.

"Now I'm kind of curious, though."

Despite occurring high above them, the sound of the crash was clearly audible as Medicham and cliff-face made contact, soon followed by another, and another, and another. Despite having taken an obvious beating from bashing against the hard rock, the psychic type flipped gracefully backwards from his handiwork, coasting down the cliffside with the confidence and calm of a professional skateboarder, kicking up a thick veil of dust and dirt in his wake.

"How do you plan to sign your way out of this one?" at her words, an ominous rumble became audible from above, the outer layer of the cliff giving in to the deep cracks that the Medicham's assault had left on it as it shattered into countless, sizable boulders, the rock slide tumbling down from above while the dust cloud from the fighting pokémon descent rose up with the wind, creating a thick haze between the combatants above and their trainers below.

"You might want to take cover, by the way." the teen suggested mildly, taking on a leisurely pace as she strode over to a sizable indent in the cliff-face nearby, leaning back against the stone wall and returning to the enjoyment of her music.



Laure, to be honest, was completely lost at this point, but from what he gathered of this Alex guy's manner, the older male seemed to have suggested teaming up, at least for the round, and right now there was nothing he would have liked more. Dark caves were scary places for him, and the thought of having another human being - even one as strange as this - accompanying him was a relief, even eliciting a small smile from the boy as he watched Alex and Dreave bicker ahead of him.

Stella, however, looked anything but happy as she trudged around, but she kept her mouth shut out of pure spite. If Laure was truly gullible enough to let these nobodies leech off his own performance then fine, but the moment those two started slowing them down, she would cut the dead weight, regardless of whether her alleged 'trainer' approved of it or not.

Laure flinched slightly as his newfound companion making a hesitant move towards helping him up, but between Alex's own vigorous efforts towards that end and his nonstop cursing, the blonde was too scared to do so, merely staying rooted to the spot as the proctor - who had appeared far too suddenly to Laure's liking - explained the challenge. Laure gasped as Alex duly proceeded to take a swing at the proctor, only to heave a sigh in relief as the punch proceeded right through. He shuddered a bit, though it was hard to notice with their rather lacking lighting, this Alex sure was...violent.

"So, we're workin' together to beat this challenge, right?" the older male snarled in Laure's direction, far too loud, far too close, "Then let's start lookin'!"

"Oh, right, RIGHT!" the boy concurred hastily, nodding to emphasize his statement. A quick glance at their surroundings soon brought his attention to a far more pressing problem than his companion's violent temperament, however.

The cavern was huge, way too big for even Stella to light up properly, and with Zynthre's continued lack of helpfulness, this meant that they seemed to only have a single light source to go around, and the fossils could be of virtually any size and embedded into any depth of rock for all they knew. Two people or no, finding a fossil, let alone two, in any timely manner was beyond difficult. So...now what? There was a trick to this challenge, surely? The male frowned, shutting his eyes to concentrate. No, surely, SURELY the fossils could not be hidden deep. After all, the proctor was certain of their existence, meaning that they had to be clearly visible at the very least. Given the nature of the competition, it was also unlikely that the fossils would be put into a position where special equipment would be required to dig them out, as such competitors would be very few indeed, not to mention that having rushed competitors trying to tunnel through the walls would be far too much of a security risk.

So...the fossils would probably be on the ground, then, or possibly wedged into grooves in the walls. It was a long shot, but maybe...just maybe.

"Irie, come out."

A flash of white light briefly pushed the ominous shadows surrounding them a bit further back, quickly molding into the shape of a sizable butterfly peering curiously at its surroundings through large, red compound eyes.

"Irie, we're playing a game." Laure hastily explained, knowing that he had precious little time to give his commands before the ditzy bug pokémon's attention was diverted, "It's a fun game. There are fossils hidden all over this area, and whoever finds two of them first wins. Understand?"

Irie nodded eagerly, emitting a series of painfully shrill cries that refracted back and forth between the walls of the cavern and forced the boy to hold his ears. Supersonic...the pokémon might not have been a Zubat, but she seemed to have picked up a trick or two of theirs anyway, for after a few minutes of carefully listening, the bug type sped off into the darkness beyond Stella's light, letting out a delighted cry soon after.

"I think she found something." Laure remarked, nodding at Alex as he began moving in the same direction the Butterfree had disappeared in, "Let's go take a look."

August 24th, 2008, 2:12 AM
<This stinks! No action, no battles, no nothing!> Kinah whined loudly, her wings flapping with frustration as she and her trainer continued on the clean path up the mountain. Adeltruat dismissed the avian's complaint as she observed the pleasant change of scenery. The previous cliff face laden with dangerous ledges and obstructive stones seemed like a mere figment of imagination. Now, they were surrounded with grassy ground and a straight way leading up the cliff at a steady pace. The girl smiled, releasing a sigh as she raised her left arm so that it was parallel to the ground, signaling her ticked off Pokemon to rest on her arm. Kinah grunted, but showed no distaste as she descended onto Adel, tucking her wings neatly as she settled on the girl's arm and closed her eyes in preparation for a short rest.

After walking for at least half an hour with the Flying type asleep upon her shoulder, the girl blinked as her eyes caught something not too far off in the distance. Squinting her eyes, she saw a large circular object blocking the road up ahead, and what looked like an ant sitting atop it. She decided against wearing her glasses, quickening her pace as she approach the gigantic monolith, realising that it was a humongous boulder that was blocking her path. A young man who looked no more than a day past eighteen years held a grin on his face as he sat atop the large rock that was nearly quadruple Adel’s height, swinging his legs back and forth as he stared down at her. His short, chestnut brown hair hung to his shoulders, and he smiled as the young girl in front of him meticulously drew back a few steps.

“Hello!” He called out, cupping a hand to his mouth.

Adel dipped her head in acknowledgment, curtsying after she did so. “Are you a hologram too?” she inquired at the young man decked in a white shirt and black pants. The youth smiled cheekily, before thumbing over his shoulder before speaking, “There’s no other way to get across, you need to go over this boulder, you know.” The girl slowly nodded to show understanding, as the proctor carried on to go further into detail.

“The name’s Wilson. And my challenge is fairly easy. You need to get over this big ol’ rock here. However, you can only use one of your Pokemon, and levitating, flying as well as teleportation is of course, prohibited.” He paused so as to let the girl absorb the new information as she and her Pidgeotto exchanged looks of disappointment. A moment later, he continued, “Also, you can’t do anything lethal to the boulder. Literally, its rock hard solid, and no Pokemon that’s come this way has been able to break through it yet. The time limit to complete to complete this task is 5 minutes. If you manage to accomplish that, you get either 5 points or 15 minutes deducted from your timer.”

“And if not?” Adel asked.

“You need to give me a kiss.” Wilson piped up with excitement.

Adel’s jaw nearly dropped; however, she soon regained composure and folded her arms, her brow furrowing as she replied in affronted tone, “You aren’t even real!”

“Details, details! Who cares about them?” The youth waved a hand dismissively as the girl maintained her stone cold glare. “Seriously, what’s the penalty?” she ventured the question again.

“You get 15 minutes added to the timer, so quit wasting your time now, and I’ll see you on the other side.” He winked before swinging his legs over the top of the boulder and disappearing from his initial place on the pinnacle. Adeltruat quickly whipped out her Pokedex, and all the information that Wilson had just told her before was now displayed in neat text format on the screen of the device, with a large timer at the bottom left of the gizmo counting down. The girl held the Pokedex in its position, observing the variety of claw marks on the boulder, and various holes around the area. Apparently some of the other competitors had decided to tunnel their way under the boulder. She glanced self-consciously at her prim attire, shaking her head as she reached for her belt and unclasped two Pokeballs, withdrawing the sleeping Kinah without any further inquiries and unleashing a new companion to take the bird’ place and help complete the challenge.

After the flash of red light died down, one would expect to see a Pokemon standing tall and posed, ready for battle. However, all Adel observed was a brown hided being covered in quills, curled up in a quivering ball.

August 30th, 2008, 6:26 AM
"Hweh?! Cid? How did you get here?" the little urban girl piped in disbelief, falling to her knees to rest after journeying so far up the mountain trail.

Shaking his square-cut head, the miniature muscle man strode over and squatted down beside her. Looking her directly in the eyes he raised a hand to her cheek, sliding the flesh between his thick fingers and squeezed.

"O-Ouch..." Kaoru muttered as the reality of the man's presence hit her, somewhat literally, "You pinched me?"

The man's brow furrowed as he grit his teeth. He had never met a more infuriating person than this simple-minded girl. Everything about her pissed him off, especially her boundless adolesence and oblivious nature. Her existence and presence in the tournament let alone coming under his jurisdiction of the first round was insulting. He was going to get rid of her once and for all.

"I'm real you idiot! What you saw before of me were just holograms." he scoffed irritably, rising to full height and crossing his arms as he looked down on her.

Round-eyed, she simply stared back at him.

"What are you talking about Cid?"

She didn't notice. Slapping an even thicker palm against his face, the proctor hastily calmed himself using some form of perscribed tension suppresion technique and retreated to the nearby rocky stump from which he had waited upon previously. Falling back with a thud, he wiped his face with the back of his heavy hand and resumed his initial demeanor of deep-seeded loathing.

"Let's just get this over and done with." he started tiredly, "Simply put, you failed the challenge. Go back or use that emergency beacon or whatever to get off the mountain. You're done."

"Huh?" Kaoru chirped, a little life returning to her eyes, "But...how?"

"Because I said so." the older man spat, averting her gaze.

The little chestnut screwed up her face, then placed one hand on her chin and scratched her head with the other. She was in deep thought about how she had lost the challenge and what she should do now that it was over. Should she keep going regardless, challenging the continuing dangers of the mountain and see if she could still make it in time? Or would it be easier to just head back to town, relax and spectate the rest of the tournament? In all essence, it was actually a very easy decision.

Unfortunately for Cid, and Kaoru to an extent, Mai had other plans for his trainer, despite how much he enjoyed doing nothing and having fun doing so. Reaching into the girl's side, the electric pokemon retrieved her slightly scuffed pokedex and shoved it into her hands. Then, using a pointed claw, Mai flipped the casing and directed the girl's attention to the screen where the challenge outline was displayed. Hopefully, she would be able to figure out the rest by herself, although in reality, he didn't expect much.

"Oh!" Kaoru chirped, her eyes lighting up as she read over the intrsuctions, "Cid, look at this. It says there's no time limit for this challenge. That means I can keep trying until I pass, right?"

Cocking a bemused glance over at the screen, the supervising official placed his chin onto his hand as he returned his sights to the rather spectacular view in front of them, heaving a sigh as he did so.

"Challenges with no time limit all conclude when the round's time limit expires...idiot."

"Buah!" the little chestnut recoiled in shock at the revelation.

She hadn't thought of that. But then again that didn't mean it was over. Surely they'd announce the end of the first round when it was over, she knew at least that much. And since no such announcement had been made, she still had time. Besides, despite wanting to call it quits and just kicking back to relax, she kind of wanted to see more of the tournament, especially that girl and her Arcanine, it all seemed really fun. And fun was her middle name!

Smiling at her decision, as well as receiving adoring incoherent cries from her beloved partner, Kaoru slowly rose to her feet and quickly dusted herself off.

"Ready to head down now runt?" her challenge point's supervisor scoffed.

Scratching the back of her head and giving him a sheepish grin, the petite trainer from Kanto then gave him a kiddish but firm response, "Nup!"

"Ehhh?" Cid berrated irritably, "I thought I told you you were finished. There's no point going any further, there's no way you'll reach the top before the end of the round. Just give it up runt."

"I know I probably won't make it in time..." she started nervously, twiddling her thumbs, "But I want to try anyway, for Mai's sake. Plus, it'll be fun! I think..."

At that, the man shot her accompanying Elekid a threatening glare, causing him to flinch. He then slowly started up again in an attempt to entice the girl to heed his suggestion, "Really runt? I see you as the type of kid who'd rather sit out and watch from the sidelines, not having to worry about a thing. You can do that, relax and be stupid down there."

"A-Actually, that does sound nice." she admitted feverishly, looking down at Mai who simply gave her a determined smile in return, both of them ignoring the blatant insult thrown at them, "But I kind of want to see this pokemon I saw before. It was really big and cool and it kind of... it, well, I don't really know. I just felt like I wanted to keep going after I saw it."

"Sounds like a pretty crap reason to go through all of this for..." he remarked, eyeing her still somewhat dishevelled appearance.

Kaoru simply smiled in response. Mai, who had been quite subdued as of late, stepped up in front of her and stared down the still sitting man, its probes surging as if to stand both her and his own ground. Cid glanced a look towards the pair, a bored expression now gracing his features. Heaving a tired sigh the proctor then got to his feet to ensure the girl's decision and to see if he could somehow persuade her otherwise.

"So..." he started, unsheathing a heavy pokeball from his waist and holding it in clear sight by his side, "Do you really want to keep going, useless little girl?"

"Uwah!" she cried, seeing the dark and somewhat threatening orb containing the official's pokemon. "I... Uh, I-I..."

Seeing the girl falter, Mai immediately tugged at her jeans to reassure her of their goal and decision. Patting a curled claw against his chest, the Elekid gave her another determined smile as if to tell her he'd handle anything that'd get in their way. Laughing at the sight, the little chestnut gave the pokemon a small pat, much to his irritation, before turning back to face the miniature muscle-man of an official.

"A-Ah, Cid gomen, but I... I want to keep going, so..."

"Tch! I can't believe it..." Cid suddenly spat, glaring directly into the girl's hollow eyes, now causing her to flinch, "Peh! I guess I have no choice then... Get the hell out of here runt. You passed the challenge."


August 30th, 2008, 10:26 AM
[OOC: My computer arrived a little later than expected, actually after my classes started . . . In any case, sorry about the late post.]

Roz's eyes fixed themselves on the holographic Milotic as her mind withdrew from the surrounding world to consider the riddle she had been given. Melanie looked down at her trainer's still-open Pokedex, while Vulcan watched Roz herself. All three seemed preoccupied with their own thoughts--remembering whatever they could from their own experiences that might help unravel this mystery--and said nothing. Time flowed by as it always did, yet somehow seemed both slower and faster than usual. Though she attempted to remain calm, Melanie could not quite prevent herself from feeling a degree of anxiety as she watched the timer count down on the Pokedex screen.

10:02, 10:02, 10:01, 10:00 . . .

The proctor stirred. Again her smooth voice flowed forth, saying, "You have found no answer to my tale yet? Perhaps this may aid you."

A blinking image of an envelope appeared in the Pokedex, indicating the arrival of the challenge's first clue. Roz opened it, and found five words awaiting her. The boy is a Pokemon. Glancing over at her trainer, Melanie blinked. A Pokemon? This certainly puts a new perspective on things. When she looked back down, the Natu saw that Roz had already opened a search screen and was setting parameters.

Though memory was not Roz's strongest quality, she had tried to remain alert during Milotic's story and was now attempting to recall points that would be significant to a Pokemon's identity. After a moment of thought, she selected "Johto" as the region. Here the girl began to grow a little troubled, but continued concentrating. She moved from 'Pokemon Color' to 'Type 1,' then back, and seemed unsure of what to do next.

Vulcan, who had been watching quietly until this point, recalled a phrase about the "powers of the universe" casting the boy into darkness. ("Try looking for a dark type,") he said.

Roz did not seem surprised or doubtful when Vulcan spoke, but simply followed his suggestion and started the search. Unfortunately, this Pokedex was far from complete; but hopefully it would at least have the Pokemon they wanted. For several seconds, the Pokedex screen was frozen while the device hummed in mechanical thought. A short list of Pokemon appeared.

Scrolling down the list, Roz first reviewed her limited memories of the riddle, then turned questioningly to the white Arcanine beside her. In response he motioned with his head, indicating that the girl should continue studying the list.

"What about the last one--the name at the bottom?" Melanie asked, leaning forward for a better view. Roz selected the final name, and an information window appeared.

Houndour . . . Roz studied the screen mistily. Even to her mind, the clues seemed to fit. Milotic's riddle had mentioned both darkness and fire, and Houndour were native to Johto. The matter of admiring the stars, however, was still something she had not reconciled. Closing her eyes, the female considered the encounter with a pack of Houndour that had granted the Pokemon entry to her Pokedex. Much of that night was an obscure, uncertain memory at best. But she did remember awakening to a strange sound . . . a howl, it was called. Whether the dog Pokemon was trying to talk to the stars was questionable, but the sound was still one not easily forgotten. And Milotic's story . . . it had mentioned a sound or cry, right?

Roz's hazel eyes opened and read the timer still displayed in the top corner of the Pokedex screen. 7:44. She reread Houndour's profile, looked through the search results again, reviewed the challenge point rules, and fell still. The psychic type on her shoulder looked at her curiously. "Is something wrong, Roz?"

("We're not sure of the answer yet.") Vulcan replied on Roz's behalf. ("It's our best guess, but . . . I have the feeling there's something we're missing.")

"Should we wait for the next hint?"

After a moment the fire Pokemon shook his head. ("We've spent enough time here already, and we have no guarantee of getting the right answer even with another clue.") He nodded at Roz. She entered "Houndour" into her Pokedex and pressed "Enter."

The next few seconds were tense as the tournament system reviewed the answer. Milotic looked down at Roz. "I am sorry, warrior. That is not the answer I seek." Roz's Pokedex beeped and displayed the message "Challenged Failed: 7 minute penalty."

("Looks like we'll have to make up for some lost time.") Vulcan immediately lowered himself to allow Roz onto his back, not waiting for any closing speech the hologram might make. As the Arcanine continued on the path up the mountain, he and his two companions heard the Milotic saying, "Farewell, travelers. May fortune be with you."

[EDIT/OOC: By the way, the answer is Houndoom.

Long ago in the land of Johto lived a young boy who loved to watch the stars. Night after night, he would lie awake for hours gazing at them, enchanted by their beauty. Curiously, this boy admired the stars so deeply and for so great a time that a star fell in love with him. Coming to this world in physical form, she approached him. At first the boy was frightened and thought he could never dare to love a being so far beyond him. But eventually, the love became mutual. Unfortunately, the powers of the universe were displeased by this relationship. They found such a thing disgraceful and returned the girl to her position in the heavens while forever dooming the boy to the darkness.

"No one knows what happened to the girl after this. But the boy's heart became engulfed in the blackest misery. The fire that his love for the girl of the stars had lit became tainted and bitter so that it scarred whoever dared to draw near him, cursing them to suffer eternally just as he was cursed. Still, though the boy's hatred steadily grew, his love never died. To this day, he still cries out to the stars at night, hoping that his love will hear him.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pokedex229.html ]

Scarlet Weather
August 31st, 2008, 3:03 PM
Alex frowned. For an experienced trainer, this kid seemed to really be struggling. What was with him anyway? Alex didn't have time to ask, however, because before he knew it the kid had done something remotely useful- in this case, summoning his Butterfree to help guide the group through the cave. Alex smirked as he followed after the Butterfree, which for some reason reminded him slightly of Fore, the Murkrow whose Pokeball he felt his hand unconsciously moving towards.


A sudden tremor shook the ground under Alex's feet, causing him to stumble backwards. Thankfully, Dreave immediately rushed in front of him and fired a burst of dark energy towards the figure that had attacked, or a follow-up would probably have come too quickly for Alex to react. Alex gaped at the sight of a large, rock-skinned creature with a drill-like horn, which was roaring in anger after receiving a Shadow Ball to the face. Worried, his hand immediately shot to Zetta's Pokeball, before bringing it up. Alex was no genius, but it didn't take one to realize that this Rhydon hadn't been in the tunnel before. "That proctor..." Alex muttered, "...He sent this thing after us." Still, he realized with a grin, even if the challenge had just become exponentially more difficult, it really wouldn't have been much of a challenge if all they had to do was follow a Butterfree around until they tripped over a few bones. And if this Rhydon were wild... before the Rhydon could gather itself to attack again, Alex barked "Dreave, hammer it! Shadow Ball!" The Misdreavus obeyed, compressing its ghostly energy into a sparking black orb before firing it directly into the opponent's midriff. The attack didn't damage the Rhydon much, but it paused to roar again, giving Alex the feeling that this Pokemon hadn't been well trained if it was indeed owned by an actual trainer. He flipped the Pokedex open and pointed.

-Pokemon Readout: Rhydon
Commencing Scan:....

No Pokeball signature detected. Wild Pokemon confirmed.

Alex smirked. Even if he couldn't use it during the tournament, a rock-type of this size would be a great addition to his team. And even if he decided not to capture it, a point was a point. He whirled to Laure. "I'll be fightin' here for a bit," he shouted over the angry Pokemon's roars, "Get yer ass out of here an' find the fossils! I'll catch up with ya! Go!" With that, he moved closer to his Misdreavus, who continued to squeeze off Shadow Balls in the hopes that they would keep the angry rock Pokemon from coming closer. "Dreave, Zetta an' I will handle this," he muttered, "Go on ahead an' make sure that kid brings back two fossils. I don't want 'im double-crossin' us."

Dreave sighed as he moved down the tunnel. I'm going, Alex, but you had better not get yourself hurt. You're already in over your head.

"Which is exactly where I wanna be," Alex quipped as the ghost type moved closer to Laure. "Alright, let's go! Zetta!" he called, launching a Pokeball towards the rock type.

The flash of light spilled from the ball, and re-formed into a tan, fox-like creature holding a spoon with a pink star on its forehead. Whoah, whoah, whoah! What gives! This ain't the tournament prelims! Zetta shouted telepathically, causing Alex to nearly jump back in surprise.

The trainer held his ground, however, and pointed to the Rhydon which was now charging. "I'll explain later, but right now we gotta ice this guy!"

The Kadabra grinned, revealing exactly how evil he could make himself look. Gotcha. One iced yoctogram coming up, he said, raising his twisted spoon as he was surrounded by a purple aura, But you owe me big-time for keeping me out of the loop.

The Rhydon charged, bellowing, until he was directly in front of the Kadabra. As the rock-type beast pulled back his arm to take a swing, however, he felt a strong force begin to push at his body, as if a giant hand had grabbed him and was crushing him. Desperately, the Rhydon thrashed as he tried to free himself from the Kadabra's psychic grip, but it was no use. With one final push of mental effort, Zetta sent his opponent skidding down the tunnel, head-over-heels.

Alex smirked. "That'll learn ya."

To his dismay, however, the Rhydon began to pick himself up from the tunnel floor, and unleashed another ear-piercing roar. The trainer grimaced as Zetta took up his battle stance again. "Tch, tough cookie, en't ya?"

Alter Ego
September 1st, 2008, 1:16 PM
"It's...a fossil!"

Contrary to his usual gloom, there was a distinct tinge of mirth and - indeed - even triumph in Laure's cry, the boy quickly dropping down to floor level and scooping away the sand and dirt surrounding the little claw-shape jutting out of the ground to make sure it wasn't damaged while Irie lunged for another outcropping, this one lodged in a nearby wall, and began tugging at it with all her might. The boy barely had the time to rise up in triumph, cradling his discovery, before a sudden shockwave knocked him off his feet, sending him crashing back to the ground. Stella had been slightly quicker on the uptake, leaping back at the last second and landing gracefully, her spikes bristling as she fired off a Thunderbolt at the mystery assailant, only to have the attack hopelessly fizzle. Ground type, not good.

"What-" Laure stammered as a thunderous roar crashed through the cavern, sending Irie tumbling backwards in the air and nearly causing her to drop the second fossil, "What was-?" well, that question never needed to be finished as a sizable Rhydon stepped onto the scene, staring them down in what was hardly a friendly manner by any stretch of imagination. Before the startled blonde even managed to conceive a proper strategy, however, Alex had already beat him to the punch, gruffly telling him to go on ahead.

"B-but..." the younger boy protested, feebly holding up both fossils for examination, even as Stella quite determinedly tugged his pant leg, a clear sign of 'let's get the heck out of here', "...I already found..."

With the persistent tugging and shoving of a Jolteon on one side and the equally persistent lack of response from Alex on the other, the boy finally sighed in forfeit, realizing that there was no way his frail voice would ever become audible over the Rhydon's constant roars and thrashing, and so, after one last, hesitant glance at his recently discovered partner, he finally set off towards the invisible barrier, holding up his discovery for the proctor to examine.

"This...this is what you were looking for, right?" he panted out, still fighting to calm his frantically beating heart. After a few painfully long moments of silence, the whirr of barrier-moving machinery finally confirmed the answer, accompanied by a cheerful 'ping' from his pokédex to indicate an earned reward. Just as he was about to pass forward, however, Laure came to an abrupt halt, Stella butting into him in surprise.

{Now what?} the Jolteon growled irritably.

"Alex's fossil." Laure cast an unsure glance at the neatly fossilized form of a spiral shell in his palm, "Did-did that proctor already count him into this, or-?"

{Who cares?} Stella retorted tartly, despite knowing perfectly well that her words would go unheeded, {He was nothing but a freeloader to begin with, I say we let him dig up his own fossil after-}

"Umm...Mr.Misdreavus, sir?"

The electric type paused in mid-rant, rolling her eyes at the annoyingly servile way in which Laure was holding out the spare fossil to the tag-along's conspicuously clingy sidekick. Of all the gulible people...

"Could you...look after this for Alex, please? And-and tell him I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help." feeling that it was appropriate, Laure gave a hasty bow of appology before finally setting off into the tunnel ahead.

{You got what you wanted.} the Jolteon snarled with obvious distaste, looking at Dreave very much like something unpleasant she had just brushed off her pelt, {So why don't you just scurry back to your leech of a trainer? Laure may be a naive fool, but if I catch you stalking us again, there may be....an accidental discharge.} at her words, a tiny jolt of electricity cracked off the Jolteon's furr, striking the wall right left of the Misdreavus, {Tournament excitement, you understand.} the electric type continued evenly, as if the little show of power had never happened, {Now if you'll excuse me.}

And with that, Stella turned on the spot, her nose held up in the air as she caught up to her trainer in a few brisk strides.

"Oh, there you are, Stella." Laure cried out in a relieved tone, "I was afraid that you may have gotten lost and-"


The Rhydon's roar may have been more impressive in volume, but this one had the unpleasant advantage of coming from mere meters away, its source - a compactly built but strong-looking, lizard-like monster covered in thick, steel plates - finally lumbering into full view from behind a bend, giving a nearby rock a meaningful bash with its head and pulverizing it.

{Brilliant...} Stella mumbled, taking a few steps backwards while Irie - more focused than usual - clung firmly to the equally terrified Laure's shoulder for protection, {The brute thinks we're here to chew up its rocks or something.}

"I-I thought these prize routes were supposed to be safe!" Laure moaned. The Lairon didn't seem to care much, however, this time slamming its thick tail against the ground as it let out another deafening roar, obviously preparing for a showdown.


{Oh for goodness' sake, get a hold of yourself!} Stella spat out disdainfully, not bothering to wait for any kind of attack order as she let out an impromptu roar of her own, the sound - already bizarre coming out of such a lithe body - gaining more and more volume as it rebounded from the tunnel walls and effectively leaving both Laure and the Lairon in stunned silence for a moment. The former was quickly snapped out of his daze by the urgent nudging of his pokémon, a message perfectly conveying the words she formed, {We run, now!}

And they ran.

Lairon might not have been the greatest sprinters of the pokémon world, but what the creature lacked in speed, it made up for in sheer tenacity, tirelessly lumbering after them at the fastest rate its chubby legs would allow, its frustrated roars ringing in Laure's ears as the boy struggled to keep up his pace, stumbling over rocks and outcroppings that the steel type simply ran through. He had no idea how many tunnels he ran through, nor how much time it took, or even where he was going, but when he finally collapsed to his knees, truly and utterly spent, he suddenly noticed something. And it wasn't just the absence of aggrevated Lairon in the area.

"Light..." Laure panted, staring in awe at the ground in front of him, illuminated not by the artificial sheen of electric lighting or a flash attack, but real, proper, honest-to-good sunlight, "We...we made it."

{Well, looks like you don't need me anymore then.} Stella remarked, striding meaningfully towards the vacant pokéball on the boy's belt.

"Of-of course it's thanks to you, Stella." the boy added hastily, misinterpreting his pokémon's intentions, "Without you, I wouldn't have been able to see a thing. You did great too, Irie, real-" he was never allowed to finish his statement as the electric type let out a displeased little snort, butting the pokéball with her head and vanishing inside in a flash of red.

"She's not in a very good mood, is she?" Laure asked with a concerned frown on his face, only to receive an indifferent shrug from Irie before the Butterfree fluttered off towards the brightly shining exit up ahead.

"Hey!" the boy called, scrambling back up onto his protesting feet and setting off after the whimsical bug type as best he could, "Don't just head off like that! Who knows, there might be some other dangerous wild pokémon out there or-!" despite not having been conditioned to the full darkness, Laure's eyes were still momentarily stunned by the full glare of the sun, the boy raising an arm to shield his face as tears streamed out down his cheeks, "...or-Zenith Town?"

As the boy's eyes finally adjusted to the light, he could hardly believe the sight in front of him: a tranquil, grassy upward slope, and beyond it...yes, those were definitely houses, beautiful with their quaint little pastel colors, and there were cobbled streets too, planted trees, he was even pretty sure that that was the red roof of the pokémon center out in the distance.

"We made it!" Laure exclaimed, rushing forward with newly found vigor at the sight, "Irie, we really, really made it!"

"Not quite."

"Huh?" Laure practically leapt into the air as yet another voice entered his ear from a source far too close for comfort, tripping over his feet and landing face-first on the grass.

"Hey, easy!" the moment the male stepped forward from his waiting place beneath the grassy turf, Laure truly found himself wondering how he had managed to miss this guy. The wild mass of spiky, crimson hair that seemed to be just about all over the place was already a badge of identification, and if this wasn't sufficient, the bizarre combo of white shirt, marroon vest and regular jeans certainly was, not to mention the gold earring.

"Geez..." huffed the tanned male, probably about eighteen or so, his expression betraying mild annoyance as the pair of light green eyes focused on Laure, "What am I? Jack the ripper?"

"Sorry!" Laure squeaked, bowing his head repeatedly, "Sorry, sorry, I just didn't see you and you shocked me, that's all. I'm really sorry, Mr...um..."

"Alex." the boy filled in. Had this been an anime, this would surely have been the point where a large sweatdrop would have appeared on his forehead, "And what's with that look?" he asked rather poignantly, "Name caught you by surprise too?"

"...umm...sort of..." Laure confessed, his face now beet-red as he brought the tips of his index fingers together. Oh, how to explain the whole partnering with an equally named person thing? "Sorry, umm...what-what did you mean by 'not quite'?"

For a moment, Alex merely stared in disbelief, making Laure feel even more awkward than before, "You know what, kid?" the older boy asked at last, "You really are something else. How about you take a look over there, hmm?" he jerked his head in the direction of Zenith Town, and the moment Laure let his gaze travel that way again, he immediately realized just how stupid his question had been.

Yes, there was Zenith Town, already within visual range, but there was also a huge, gaping gorge, apparently a straight plunge right down to the bottom, with no bridge in sight.

"Now do you see?" Alex asked, "You might be at the right altitude, but you're on the wrong peak."

September 2nd, 2008, 7:42 PM
"Basil, relax! You aren't in any mortal danger now." Adel folded her arms crossly at her timid Sandslash, who hesitated for a moment before uncurling from his protective form and bowing slightly to apologise to his trainer, <Ah! I am sorry, I really am! It's just that.. Oohhh, I don't know!> He scrunched his eyes together and twiddled his claws in distress, unsure of how to give his owner a proper explanation. The girl sighed, patting the Sandslash's head softly, "I understand, but anyway, look," she pointed out the gigantic boulder looming overhead, "We need to get over this within four minutes." explaining it briefly and simply so that the Ground type could catch on quickly. Basil's posture weakened, as he stared up to his trainer with big, clear eyes. <Will there be Pokemon to fight over there?> Sounding very much like a child as he gestured with his claws. "Don't be ridiculous!" Adel scoffed in an all-knowing tone, running up to the large rock with her Sandslash in tow.

"Try to see if your claws can at least make a dent in the boulder." She knocked the boulder with her fist. Basil merely mimiced the action, poking the rock with the tip of his claw. Adel frowned, causing Basil to flinch, he tried once more on his own account, bringing back his left arm and smashing it into the huge obstacle, causing tiny pieces of rock to chip apart from their parent.

Opening his eyes, the Sandslash was astounded to see that he had indeed created a small crack, his claw firmly wedged into the rock. Holding his breath, Basil gave a forceful pull and managed to free himself, a smile playing upon his features at his display of strength. Adeltruat clapped her hands in encouragement, glad that her plan was coming together. Shooting a gaze at her open Pokedex in one hand, she instantaneously ordered the Mouse Pokemon to perform the Swords Dance technique. The quiet Sandslash obeyed without question, closing his eyes in concentration before unleashing the attack, breaking out into a frenetic dance.

When the stat-boosting attack came to an end, the Ground type wore a determined expression on his face, looking more poised and confident. Adeltruat grinned, rubbing the Sandslash's head assuringly before telling him to carry her up and over the large boulder. Though slightly taken aback, Basil's fighting spirit had been awoken and it would not be easily quelled. <C'mon! Let's do it quick and easy!> He spoke with in a fiery tone, scurrying back a few feet, before dashing towards the boulder, jumping and latching onto the rock with his claws. Adel ran up to her Pokemon, linking her arms around his neck as they began to ascend with every large action the Ground type made with his two claws.

"We're almost there, don't give up just yet!" Adel cried half a minute later, repeatedly reminding herself not to look down as they had come a long way's up from when they had just started. They were only about three feet away from the pinnacle. She could feel Basil's whole body heaving as he struggled to maintain his hold, a tired expression had replaced the initially assured one he possessed. It seemed that even though Swords Dance was an ingenious way to boost both Basil's fighting spirit and strength, due to his personality, it wore off faster as compared to other Pokemon. <I'm sorry, I really am, Adel! I'm such a useless Pokemon!> the Sandslash began sniffing and wheezing at the same time, his whole body beginning to shudder as he started tearing. “You have one minute left.” a computerized voice chirped from within the depths of Adel's bag.

"Basil! If you start breaking down now, I swear I am going to put you through a combination of confidence and physical training like last time!" Adel threatened franticly, her legs kicking in frustration as the Sandslash began to lose his grip on the boulder. "Only, it'll be a hundred times worse than whatever doubts and pain you're experiencing now! Trust me!"

<NOOO! The memories!>Basil cried out in alarm, striking out a claw and hoisting them up a considerable length. "Last one, Basil, use Crush Claw!" Adel shouted, eyes shut as she clenched tightly onto the Sandslash. He reacted instinctively to the command, his former worry dissipating as his claws glowed a distinct white as he performed his final effort, lunging forth and gripping onto the top of the boulder, his whole body surging with him, Adeltruat along with it. However, the backlash proved too violent for the girl to withstand, flinging her up and overhead the exhausted Mouse Pokemon. The girl waved her arms grievously, calling out in a poignant tone, “BASIL~! Save me!”

Crawling atop the boulder, the Sandslash regained full conscious of his surroundings, noticing that his trainer seemed to be plummeting to her death as a frantic Wilson ran back an forth on the ground below, arms outstretched in a fruitless attempt to save the falling girl. The Ground type hopped off the boulder, legs propelling himself forward as he curled into a ball and gained astounding speed, grabbing the girl bridal style before she had a chance to have a meeting with the ground, landing lightly on the ground in front of a slighty calmer Wilson. Her hands around the Sandslash's neck, head leaning against the lethargic Pokemon's shoulder, Adeltruat thanked that fact that Basil had just learned Gyro Ball not too long ago.

“Well, what'dya know, you made it with just enough time to spare.” Wilson checked the seemingly invisible watch on his left wrist, flashing the weary duo a smile. A beep sounded from the Pokedex, signaling the completion of the challenge.

September 6th, 2008, 10:35 PM
The thundering of rushing wind filled Roz's ears as she leaned forward into her guardian, her arms half-hidden beneath his fur and reaching as far around his neck as she could reach. At each jump, the noise would flicker and a blue glow would edge the Natu on the girl's shoulder, indicating Melanie's use of her psychic abilities to prevent herself from falling off her perch. Over time, Vulcan's breathing grew heavier, but his strides continued in their tireless rhythm.

("The terrain seems to be changing,") the white Arcanine observed. ("I suspect we're getting closer to the top.") He felt momentary pressure against the back of his neck and knew that Roz had nodded.

Turning her head sideways, Roz watched the scenery fly by. The cliffs were starting to smooth into bumps and boulders, while bumps and boulders shrank on the gradually leveling landscape. Soon plants began to appear--first a few hardy, almost leafless bushes; then scatterings of grass with a couple rock flowers. As the grass thickened into a carpet, the air began to grow clearer, making the sun's admirable attempts at frying Zenith Island's inhabitants a little more bearable.

"Look. Zenith Town. Or at least, I assume it is."

At this prompt from Melanie, Roz straightened to see over Vulcan's head. And, indeed, Zenith Town lay in view. It was the type of town one might expect to find white picket fences in, where every Saturday someone in the neighborhood was watering his lawn while he chatted with the mailman about the latest news. Or, at the least, the town was more friendly than an open, barren mountainside. Brushing a little hair out of her eyes, Roz looked a question at Vulcan. Naturally, the Pokemon could not have seen his trainer's expression. But he seemed to understand anyway.

("I don't know right now, but hopefully we'll see it when we get closer to the town.")

Before long, the trio found themselves not far from the town's edge. As Vulcan ran, all three had watched carefully for signs of the Pokemon Center. Bracing herself against Vulcan's head, Roz pushed herself up slightly and pointed to a red roof that rose slightly above the others.

("Let's try it.")

His fur flowing like white-hot fire, Vulcan blazed into Zenith Town. Though he followed the main street, it being the widest path, the Arcanine still slowed his pace a little to avoid running over any innocent bystanders or other competitors. Here Melanie's eyes filled with light as she tracked the location of the selected building and relayed directions into Vulcan's mind.

"This is your turn."

The canine Pokemon's legs bent and body twisted, allowing him to face the side street without quite stopping completely. He brushed past a mailbox before bringing himself to a halt in front of a building that bore a large "P" on its front. ("Roz.")

The girl slid off his back and started toward the Pokemon Center, glancing back over her shoulder as she returned Vulcan to his Pokeball.

[OOC: Eheh . . . The post is a bit short and rushed.

Also, I was not sure exactly how to describe Zenith Town. If what I said was inaccurate, I will edit.]

September 9th, 2008, 9:54 PM
There it stood, its sturdy timber frame rising from the rocky ground with it patented "P" symbol gracing its front, overlooking one of the many trails that led up to its plateau. Gasping for breath, the little girl immediately fell to her knees the moment she reached level ground, embracing the more than welcome breeze that followed her. Mai, her pet Elekid also arrived moments later, falling flat on his face in exhaustion from the steep trek. Her head hanging, the city trainer managed to glance a sideways look at her partner, a faint smile pressing her lips. The pair of them had just spent the last twenty minutes scaling a near vertical climb to the top after an even more than challenging ordeal with one of the tournament officials. But alas, they had made it, and with a fair bit of time to spare too, surprisingly. What wasn't surprising however, was the number of trainers and pokemon that were already milling around the designated destination. It was safe to assume that many of them were more than capable for having made it so far and so quickly, so there was no doubt that the tournament was only going to get harder from now on.

The thought didn't exactly sit well with the brunette, considering the trouble she had gone through just to get through the first round, but at least for the time being she could look forward to some very much wanted rest and recuperation.

"Haah..." Kaoru heaved, her face still red but adorning a much more relieved expression, "We made it Mai, hah... Good work."

His face still buried, the Elekid raised an approving claw before returning to regaining his breath through mouthfuls of dirt. Giggling at the sight, the girl slowly rose in her place to take a better look around, although remained seated as she was still quite flustered from her journey up the mountain. Speaking of which, now that she had arrived at what she assumed to be the plateau, the view that now spanned all around her was nothing short of breathtaking. She hadn't noticed it during her climb for obvious reasons but now she could really appreciate the marvelous sight.

"Wow..." she breathed in awe, taking in the entirety of the island's southside, the small plaza from whence she and all of the other competitors had started from now sitting miles below her, appearing no more than a spec in the distance, "We're so high up... Oh! I should let Kat and Kao see this too."

Retrieving the said pokemon's pokeballs, the pair were soon joined by their other partners in crime, Kato the Claydol and Kaoru the Ivysaur, the former taking much joy in being released outside once again while the latter looked somewhat bemused in being summoned so suddenly. It was fortunate for the Ivysaur however, that Kato was now present, being the only one out of the group posessing psychic abilities and now allowed him to communicate with his dimwitted trainer.

'Where are we?' the plant pokemon piped, eyeing their new surroundings with a hint of distaste in his tone, 'It's hard to breathe up here... What did you get us into now Kaoru?'

"Oh shut up Kao!" the brunette retorted, giving the seed-back pokemon a rather inappropriate but extremely wet raspberry, "Look where we are! Don't you think it's awesome?"

'There are a lot of people here too.' Mai chirped, regaining his composure as he brushed himself off in a rather sophisticated manner that was quite out of character, 'They sure look tough.'

'Aww, this tournament's going to be easy!' Kato piped, brimming with enthusiasm, channeling both the Elekid and Ivysaur's as well as his trainer's thoughts through itself, 'I'll just Hyper Beam everyone!'

'Kato... You don't know Hyper Beam.' the Ivysaur spout, falling back onto his hind legs as he eyed his trainer, expecting an explanation, 'But what's this about a tournament?'

The brunette pursed her lips as she received the plant pokemon's thoughts, or rather demands, something she always felt to be very taboo, for a lack of a better word. Turning face, Kaoru sat down with her legs outstretched over the declining path from whence she had come, looking out over the southside of the island and the ocean proceeding it. Following suit, Mai also took a seat beside her as the salt-riddled breeze blew over them. Kaoru the Ivysaur remained in place with his back facing the impressive view, still awaiting the girl's answer, all the while Kato buzzed around with no real direction.

"It's something I thought would be fun..." the girl started, her gaze fixed straight ahead as a sense of calm fell over the group, "You know, to do together, make some memories and all that jazz."

Her Ivysaur frowned at the response. He hated when she acted so innocent, it was hard to pick on her that way.

'Well, whatever...' he grumbled, 'Just tell me beforehand next time. I don't like surprises.'

At that, Kaoru couldn't help but grin, poking her tongue out at the pokemon's sentimentality.

Alter Ego
September 10th, 2008, 9:40 AM
"It sounds like he's having...fun."

Iris sighed, poignantly sitting with her back turned to the pokémon center whose roof she was occupying, not paying any attention to the muffled trace of a scream from within - completely inaudible to the others, it seemed - as she slowly rocked her feet back and forth.

"And you're not going to stop him?" inquired a disembodied voice in her ear.

"He's having fun." the girl repeated, as if this settled the matter, her gaze fixed on the ocean in the distance.

"I see."

Silence fell on the duo, the girl continuing to rock her feet back and forth, only sparing a fleeting glance as the next eager competitor disappeared inside, not paying any attention to the child as he rushed inside, a Flareon in close pursuit.

"People are so stupid." Iris remarked to no-one in particular as another muffled scream escaped the building, her dark brown eyes still staring out over the ocean, betraying no sign of emotion.

"And yet you helped one of them." the voice remarked.

"Shut up." came the girl's reply, dispassionate as always.

"A fully selfless act-"

"I said 'shut up'." the child repeated, "It wasn't selfless; I only helped her on a whim."

"A selfless whim."

"Once again, shut up."

"You are waiting for her, aren't you?"


The disembodied voice sighed, "So that's the way it's going to be, then?"


"Then I shall contact you again when you are feeling a bit more talkative."

The girl merely shrugged, paying no heed to the tell-tale sign of the apparition's departure. Body or no, people were still stupid. The absence of one of them from her vicinity did not bother her. She wasn't waiting for anyone, not in the way that that obnoxious voice assumed, anyway, she was just mildly interested in seeing if this...Adeltruat had gotten through the round, even with her help. It was just a little game, something to help her whittle away the time between now and the end of this tedious round.

"We made it Mai, hah... Good work."

Iris' glance briefly slid away from the view to acknowledge the arrival of an unusually talkative competitor, but she quite purposefully turned it back to the view. This chestnut-haired ditz would be no different from all the stupid trainers who had passed this point before her, and the moment she had caught her breath, she would just charge on in like any of the others.

Or would she?

In spite of herself, the girl could not help watching Kaoru's exploits with just a bit more interest than usual as the latter chose to sit down and adore the view with her pokémon instead of charging straight inside like she had thought. Iris had to admit to being surprised for once, either this girl had a really relaxed attitude towards the competition or she was simply oblivious to the fact that she hadn't finished yet, which would officially make her the stupidest competitor she had seen. No matter how intently she followed the other's words, however, Iris couldn't seem to deduce which case it was. Not until that one phrase...

"It's something I thought would be fun..."

Without a word, Iris leapt down from her perch, landing softly and noiselessly on the ground below. Curiosity, she had learned, was something best satiated immediately, before it had the time to grow into obsession, and so she strode over to the older girl, completely silent until she had taken up position right next to her.

"Aren't you going to register?" Iris asked bluntly, her voice betraying nothing but the most casual of interests as usual, "You still haven't completed this round, you know."


Laure took a deep breath, still trying to come to terms with the gaping expanse of nothing in front of him, "So this is a challenge point, then?" he asked at last.

"Bingo." replied Alex, now quite thoroughly fed up as he propped his body up against the trunk of a conveniently placed tree, "Now do you want the damn riddles or not? You're running out of time here, you know."

"R-right." the blonde stammered, bowing his head apologetically, "I mean, p-please tell me the riddle, mr.tournament proctor, sir."

"Just Alex will do, sheez!" the proctor rolled his eyes, "Alright, here goes." he took a deep breath, his voice sounding utterly bored as he recited his piece:

"A great chasm lies before you, wanderer, but also a bridge to carry you past it. A bridge fashioned by you as you traverse it, always forward and never back, no greater or smaller and no longer or shorter than you make it, though it will always lead into the chasm in the end, no matter how well you build. For your first trial, wanderer, state the name of this bridge."


"Not done yet." Alex interrupted, "So listen up, because I'm not about to recite this tripe twice. You are not alone on this bridge, wanderer, for you have another to accompany you. She has started her journey far before yours, and will leave you far behind when yours ends. Always with you yet never on your side. For your second trial, wanderer, state the name of your companion."

"I'm afraid I don't-"

"Will you shut up, already?" the proctor sneered, "Last part. On this bridge you have built, there are three steps you must take with your companion, and you must always take them in the same order. For your last trial, wanderer, tell me: which step is the most important one?"

Laure simply stared for a moment, confused to say the least. Riddles had never been his strong suit, and the way he saw it, each riddle was even more confusing than the previous. Catching the boy's helpless gaze, the proctor gave a tired sigh.

"Clear as mud, right?" he asked, "Here, you'll probably want to get it in writing." with a quick hand-motion on the proctor's part, Laure's pokédex sprung to life, detailing the recently presented riddles in writing along with a brief summary.

Challenge Point: Riddle of the Bridge
Proctor - Alex
Time Limit - None
Prize - Alternate Route, 5 prestige points
Penalty - 5 minutes added to timer for each incorrect answer.
Rules - Competitors must answer all of the three riddles presented by the proctor correctly or take the detour to Zenith Town. There is no time limit and the riddles may be answered multiple times, but the proctor will not confirm which answers were correct and which weren't and a five-minute time penalty will be applied for each incorrect answer. Furthermore, all three answers must be given simultaneously. The proctor can provide up to three hints, but each hint accepted results in a 10-minute time penalty. Advice from non-competitors other than the proctor is prohibited.


"So, you want a hint?" Alex asked, following the blonde's gaze.

Laure bit his lip, casting a nervous glance at the timer before eventually giving a timid nod in response. He only had 47 minutes, but banging his head into the wall with riddles he had no grip on would get him nowhere.

"Right." Alex replied, the pokédex emitting another ping to confirm the decision and dutifully deducting the price from the boy's time counter before a small note appeared in the hints section.

"1. Determining the answer for the first riddle may provide insight into the others. None can cross the bridge and survive."

"Want another?"

Laure pondered the offer once more, but eventually shook his head.

"Puzzle through at your leisure, then." Alex replied with a shrug, settling down in his previous spot, "I'll be taking a nap here until you're done."

September 13th, 2008, 4:30 AM
"Huh?" Kaoru replied, looking up nonplussed at the girl's sudden intrusion, "Register?"

Kaoru the Ivysaur immediately leapt to his feet, front hunched and bud poised to attack, ready to intercept anything the stranger might pull if she turned out to be hostile, which judging by her appearance and tone, seemed quite likely. Mai also prepped himself just in case, probes surging and claws bared, but just by looking at her he couldn't help but feel uneasy.

'Oh. Who's this?' Kato piped, buzzing around the intruder, its red eyes taking in the girl's form and everything else around it in a 360 degree radius, 'Huu, she looks mean.'

"D-Don't be so rude!" the brunette chirped, pounding the top of the mud doll's head with a gentle fist before turning to the green haired loli to apologise, "Don't think too bad of Kato, she just gets a little excited sometimes."

'"She?"' Mai inquisitively paused, bewildered by the revelation of the pokemon's orientation, 'I thou-'

'Kato is an "it".' clarified the seed-back pokemon, lowering his guard before reciting the stranger's words, 'And what's this about having to register? Kaoru, what have you been doing? Don't you have any sense of responsibility?'

Even if the plant pokemon had shown a rare lapse in his usual stern demeanor, he spent no time hesitating in returning to such a facade, his brash put downs striking the girl's pride dead on.

"You don't have to be so mean, Kaorin." the chestnut cried, clutching her chest in an over dramic fashion before falling to the ground in a feigned fall and looking up at both the new girl and plant pokemon to explain her situation, "But I actually already registered. Well, I think I did, down there."

Raising a blind hand and pointing a finger over the path and in the general direction of the plaza where all of the participants had first registered for the competition, Kaoru glanced a sheepish grin back at the girl who now stood over her.

'She might be referring to the next round Kaoru. Maybe we have to verify that we've passed the first one.' Mai deduced, sitting his non-existent chin in between his claws in a typically thought-provoking pose, 'Check your pokedex.'

"Oh! Good idea." the brunette agreed, rummaging through her sides for the desired device before popping it open to review the first round briefing, "T-There's a lot of stuff here..."

'So we do have to verify our registration.' pokemon Kaoru announced, peering over the girl's lying form as she held the pokedex up to view, 'Damn it Kaoru. Hurry up and go do it. We're probably late as it is already.'

Sitting up, the city girl scratched the back of her head before giving the mobile plant a sheepish smile. "Haha, I guess you're right. Still, aren't you glad we took the time to see all this?" she asked, her pure indiluted innocence plaguing her last few words, the only thing capable of subduing the Ivysaur's aggression.

'Gah...' the pokemon stressed, backing away from his shining trainer, much to the amusement of both Mai and Kato who watched on from the side, 'W-Whatever, just hurry up.'

Seizing the opportunity, Kaoru leapt to her feet before hooking the Ivysaur's stump of a neck up into her arms, such closeness very much resented by the suffocating plant pokemon. "Don't worry about that right now." she persisted, navigating her hands around the pokemon's plump frame so that he sat with his forelegs wrapped over her arm.

Turning towards the edge, Kaoru guided the pokemon's sight towards the oceanic horizon through to the dense shrub surrounding the foot of the mountain below. Then, using her free hand, she cocked a casual arm over the new girl's shoulder before flashing her a reassuring smile.

"Thanks a lot for the help cute little girl." she started cheerfully, her glistening eyes returning to the dirt path leading over the near vertical edge of the mountain trail and to the scenic environment proceeding it, "It's pretty huh? Oh! I'm Kaoru by the way, who're you?"

September 13th, 2008, 10:43 PM
The Pokedex snapped shut as Adeltruat tucked the device back into her bag before turning around and waving farewell to Wilson as she proceeded forth along the path to Zenith Town. She squinted her eyes, fanning herself with one hand as she caught the serene town within her sights, a blurry mass of brown a distance away. Settled on the top of the surrounding cliffs, a slight smile played upon the girl's lips as she noted that the path would lead her straight to the entrance of the city, ignoring the minor obstacle of bumpy ground and small ledges.

Recalling the time she had left, which was about forty minutes or so, the girl decided to quicken her pace, silently chiding the fact that none of her Pokemon were large or strong enough to carry her over the rough terrain, glancing sideways as the all but enthusiastic Basil trudged alongside her. The Mouse Pokemon blinked, noticing her fierce brown eyes hanging onto him as he raised his head from the ground and sniffed, cocking his head in curiosity.

[W-What is it, Adel?] He inquired in a worried tone.

"Nothing," she sighed, turning her head away from him as she motioned for the Sandslash to keep up with her pace, speeding her footsteps into a comfortable jog down the road, ponytail slicing the air behind her as she bounced up and down. The mouse hastily clambered on all fours to catch up to the girl, his round eyes never leaving the ground ahead of him, shooting back and forth in every direction with keen interest. [Don't you think there could be treasure here, Adel?] He posed a second question as the pair carried on towards the looming town, jumping over a large bump in the road.

"We've no time for that," she snapped, "Besides... The real treasure is over there." Adeltruat gestured at Zenith town, which had grown a considerable bit since the last time the duo had looked at it intently. Now gasping slightly between breaths of air, Basil's left eye twitched at the mention of the location of the goodies, [Rea..lly? Let's.. get.. going then..] The Pokemon managed to say between his steals of air, coming to a halt in front of a group of rising ledges that lead up and onto the same level of the mountain that Zenith Town resided on. Bending down and allowing his trainer to climb onto his back and reach for the first ledge. After a few moments of near desperate flailing of hands on her part, Adeltruat hopped off Basil's back, her face a weak shade of red. Clearly embarrassed that her short form did not permit her to reach the ledge as easily as she had hoped, the female wasted no time in calling out another companion to help her.

Kinah gripped her taloned feet onto Adel's shoulders and flapped her wings, hoisting her onto the final ledge growing out the wall, Basil following closely behind as he skillfully used his sharp claws to climb up, making it seem like he was half-Spinarak. The girl wiped her forehead clean of sweat, before giving the Pidgeotto a well-deserved stroke of good performance. [Haha! Don't try so hard next time, lil' munchkin, your height won't allow that! Just call me out whenever you have trouble reaching for that can of soup on the top shelf.] Kinah chuckled as she amused herself with her own statement, while Adel contained her anger, knowing best not to let little squabbles get in the way.

"Not now, at least." The girl quickly got onto her feet, rushing off without so much as a warning, leaving Kinah and Basil behind to catch up as she saw that Zenith Town was closer than ever before.

"Yes, we're finally here!" Adeltruat celebrated as she raised her arms over her head, her Pidgeotto and Sandslash following behind her as she entered the quaint looking town, wandering through the streets and greeting the passer-byers politely when they acknowledged her existence. "Excuse me, but would you point me in the direction of the Pokemon Center?" she asked a group of young boys who had decided to kick a soccer ball across her path.

"Uh-huh, the PokeCenter's that'a way, Big Sis'!" an adorable boy with short black hair nodded, pointing towards his left, his peers following his action before quickly returning all attention to their ball. Adeltruat smiled at the young child, bowing slightly to thank the youth before walking off in the direction he had indicated, Kinah and Basil accompanying her without any comments.

Before long, she spotted the signature red roof of the building, and instinctively ran towards the Pokemon Center, taking out her Pokedex to check the time had left. However, as she neared the entrance of the next registration, she came to an abrupt halt. She noticed a hauntingly familiar girl in a dress, speaking with another young female who was outlandishly dressed(in her opinion) and had an arm around her shoulder.

".. Iris..?"

Scarlet Weather
September 16th, 2008, 6:06 PM
OOC: Gah, long overdue post. Curse you, real life! XD

The Rhydon fell.

It didn't fall struggling, or trip, or get thrown to the ground. The moment the final burst of psychic energy hit it, the Pokemon simply stiffened like a board and fell. Alex had been on the receiving end of a low-powered psywave once. He had spent a week in the hospital . Zetta had launched a psywave into the Rhydon that, in comparison, could only be compared to the one Alex had once been hit with on the level that a cherry bomb could be compared to a detonator. Fortunately for the Rhydon, Pokemon could be healed much more quickly an efficiently than a human could be, given the proper attention. As a result, it was way easier for Zetta to go all out. And when Zetta went all out, people tended to get hurt.

Crunch, The Kadabra grinned as his rocky opponent hit the cave floor, all trace of any desire to fight completely removed from it. And that was with only 80.3748239321 percent of Psywave's total offensive capacity, yoctogram.

Alex groaned. If there was one annoying thing about owning a Pokemon with an IQ as high as his Kadabra's it was that anything that could posssibly be calculated to the most miniscule degree imaginable would be, and in no uncertain terms. Aside from that, the Pokemon's arrogant attitude just plain got on his nerves. It reminded him of someone he knew quite well, but he could never put his finger on exactly who it was. Whoever they were, though, Alex knew that if he ever met them in person, he wouldn't like them either. "Nyeh, don't ya go forgettin' that I'm the one who told ya to use Psywave in th' first place!" he pointed out angrily. "An' aside from that, th' only reason we took tall, dark, an' rocky over there out was because ya reflected it off the cave walls an' boosted the power! An' besides that-" Before he could continue, Alex felt a strange, invisible force grab him by his shirt collar and pull him down to the level of the Kadabra's eyes. The Pokemon was bristling with anger, and jabbed his spoon into Alex's forehead in order to punctuate each explosion of thought- Which. Was. My. IDEA!

Alex groaned. "Yeah, yeah, whatever, now let me down 'fore I put ya back in yer Pokeball, ya ungrateful bas-"

You don't want to finish that sentene, meatbag, or I'll-

Oh for the love of God, shut up, both of you! Dreave exclaimed, bursting into the cavern in a flurry of ghostly energy as he held the fossil in his mouth. He spat the rock-encrusted bones to the ground before hovering in front of Alex and glaring. I can't leave you alone for one minute, can I? Ten seconds of waiting and you and that idiot over there are locked in mortal combat! Do you have any shame!?

Alex pretended not to hear his Pokemon- not an easy task, since the words were being downloaded directly into his brain. He couldn't have missed the sentence if he wanted to. "None, really," he admitted. "It's just that I'm more'n a little annoyed that mister 'Yoctogram' over here ain't givin' me the credit I deserve!"

Credit? You want credit? I'll give you exactly what you deserve, you inverse son of a zero matrix, and you will-

"Yeah? Yeah? Then you an' I are just gonna have to-"

Dreave couldn't take it any longer. A bolt of electricity- not too powerful, but enough to give Alex a considerable jolt- knocked the human off his feet and onto his back, where he lay moaning. Before Zetta could react, a condensed ball of dark energy slammed into the ground in front of him, an obvious warning shot. The ghost type floated a short distance away from both combatants before leveling a particularly venomous glare at both. Now, the two of you will play nice from now on, correct? the spirit hissed. Because you know that all of us are in this for the same thing. Zetta, Alex is your trainer. Without him, you couldn't pull off those risky battle strategies you're always throwing out, because you'd get yourself killed in ten seconds without Alex's ability to heal us. And Alex, please remember that none of us actually have to follow your orders. We travel with you because you amuse us and you're a means to an end. You have yet to earn our respect, so do not yet demand it. Are we clear? The ghost type's eyes narrowed as Zetta and Alex slowly nodded. Dreave did not get angry often. When he did, the little ghost type seemed to at least double in power.

Alex pointed to the unconscious Rhydon. "Party vote- who wants to take 'im with us?"

Zetta smiled. Well, he was rather resilient, the psychic type admitted. And we've been looking for a physical powerhouse that won't drain our food supply.

Alex nodded and removed a Pokeball from his belt, before tossing it at the prone Rhydon. He didn't stop to check the ball's status, and simply grabbed the fossil from where it lay on the ground. "Guess it's back t' th' gate fer us," he commented.





Alex smiled, grabbed the Pokeball, and headed up the tunnel. Wounded pride or not, he was on his way to the top. In fact, he was so consumed with his recent victory, that he entirely forgot about Laure...


"And that's why we aren't passing through th' gate t'gether", Alex explained to a curious Mark.

The holo-proctor nodded, and waved a hand at the invisible wall. "Whatever. Wall down. Knock yourself out."

Alter Ego
September 20th, 2008, 1:40 AM
Laure frowned, one bead of sweat following the other down his brow as he went over the clues in his mind, time and time again. A bridge as long and great as you make it, yet always ending the same way, one you couldn't cross alive, that...was life, wasn't it? Yes, given that the last clue was the one that had required payment, he was fairly confident that it was. But...the companion? A lifelong companion who was still never on your side? He couldn't help his thoughts returning to the oldest pokéball on his belt as he pondered this riddle.

"Zynthre..." he whispered, shooting another anxious glance at the timer on his pokédex, "Please...could you...please help me?"

The Alakazam shook his head. Or, rather, he performed the psychic equivalent of this motion, an unmistakable impression at the back of the boy's mind that left him positive that someone had just shaken their head.


"You already know my stand on this." Zynthre interrupted wearily, "These trials are yours to overcome, Laure; not mine."

"But," the boy persisted, "At this rate I'm going to lose! I'm going to be so close to the goal and still I'll-"

"If I helped you, you would not have earned the victory. And that," the psychic type retorted in his usual, annoyingly logical fashion, "would defeat the point of entering this tournament in the first place, would it not?"

"Well, I suppose so, but..."

"Then stop trying to convince me and do your best instead."

"I am, but I'm up against time here! You know I can't stand working against-"

"In a greater perspective." the psychic type replied, "One is always working against time, no?"


Laure paused in mid-sentence, a realization suddenly striking him.

"Thank you, Zynthre."

Without another word of explanation, the boy turned to the challenge proctor instead.

"Um...mr.Alex, sir?" he asked, warily prodding him, "I think...I think I'm ready to answer the riddle."

"Mmmph?" the redhead shot him a bleary-eyed glance, "Well go ahead. Bridge, companion and step. You know the drill."

Laure nodded, taking a deep breath in preparation, "The bridge..." he began, gathering his courage, "...is life. Depending on what you do, you can shorter or prolong it, make it better or worse, but it will always end in death. The companion..." the familiar stream of sweat was starting up again, "...the companion is time. You always live in the present, so it's always with you, but time has gone on before you and will continue to go on after you and it's really never on your side. And the most important step..." his body was already trembling, but he pushed on, "The most important step is the one I'm taking here and now. It can be my first step and can also end up as my last, but more importantly: it's the only one I can decide on. The current step is my last answer."

His part said, the blonde finally remembered to breathe again, bracing his hands against his wobbling knees for support, "That's...right, isn't it?" he ventured at last.

"Three simple answers would have been enough, you know." Alex replied, rolling his eyes, "Didn't have to give me your life's story." he pressed in a couple of simple commands on a small, handheld device, Laure's pokédex immediately responding with a cheerful 'ping'.

"Of you go, then." the proctor remarked with a dismissive wave of his hand, "Take your precious current step or whatever."

"Umm..." Laure paused, staring nonplussed at the still impassable gorge, "I thought that if I beat this challenge I'd get to go straight across-?"

"You can." Alex replied.

"But how-"

"Just walk."

"But the gorge-"

"I said just walk." the proctor replied, throwing his hands up in the air in frustration, "Urgh, whatever, this round's almost over anyway so it's not like any poor sucker who still winds up over here would have the time to answer."

With that, the redhead suddenly rose up, walking straight over to the gorger and taking a step over the edge that made Laure gasp. Unlike the scream of terror he had expected, however, no sound was heard, the proctor continuing onwards over what looked like thin air.

"I..." amazed, the boy made a hesitant move to follow his senior, experimentally prodding the air in front of the ledge with a foot, "It's...translucent?"

"Bingo." Alex called over his shoulder, "Don't expect any points for that one, though. Now, unless ya want to fail this round anyway, I'd suggest getting over to the pokémon center in the next...oh, ten minutes?"

Laure spent a few more moments processing this, staring in disbelief at the gorge, but then he came to a realization, swallowing hard and setting off at full speed.


Iris responded to the commotion her little sentence had caused with a stare of purest indifference. These pokémon sure were whimsical and uncoordinated, not what she had expected from a tournament team at all. More importantly, however, this girl...she couldn't help looking just a bit more intently at Kaoru than before as she clutched her chest in a ridiculously over-dramatic fashion and tumbled to the ground.

This girl, in all her words, her actions, her mannerisms. She was definitely, without the slightest shade of a doubt...

The biggest idiot Iris had ever seen.

Just as the younger girl was about to leave with another blunt remark, however, the chestnut suddenly pulled a move that had been far from expected, placing an arm over Iris' shoulder and inviting her to adore the view together before introducing herself.

Though her initial reaction would have been simply walking away, perhaps with a remark about already having watched this stupid scenery for hours, something compelled her to just watch all the same, her head eventually bobbing into a reluctant nod. When it came to introductions, however, she was beaten to it by a familiar voice.


Upon hearing her name uttered, the girl promptly turned to face the newcomer, wordlessly sizing her up for a few moments before she finally spoke up.

"Adeltruat Haert." she said in her usual monotone, "You made it here, then. I suppose that means you will both be heading inside." without any further elaboration, Iris disentangled herself from Kaoru, walking off towards the pokémon center, "It would be better for both of you if you didn't, but I don't except you will believe that so go ahead." just as abruptly as she had set into motion, the young girl paused by the corner of a nearby structure, looking both of her seniors in the eye in turn, her expression far more solemn than what one would expect from such a childlike face, "It was...nice knowing you. Maybe if you play well enough, we'll meet again. I...think I would like that."

And with that, she stepped in behind the corner of the structure and was gone again.


Laure ran, faster than he recalled ever having run in his life, the scenery of Zenith Town, even the other people in the streets, passing him in a blur, his entire attention focused on keeping both feet in motion all the way until he made into the red-roofed building, where he half-collapsed inside of the lobby, gasping for breath.

It was not until a few seconds later, when the boy's breath finally began returning to him, that he noticed how...off the place felt. It was dark, for starters, the lamps shut off, faint traces of sunlight filtering in through the shutters on the windows, not at all how he had envisoned it. Only a solitary set of lamps was lit, leading down a corridor in the center. And to add to the eerie feel, the place was quiet. Almost...too quiet.

Swallowing heavily, Laure pushed aside the nagging suspicions at the back of his mind, following the trail of lights. This was just a final test, probably, an attempt to scare off competitors just before the finish. The sign-ups desk was surely at the end of this lit corridor, just beyond-

Without warning, an ear-piercing shriek resounded down the corridor, causing Laure to leap back in shock. His natural reaction would have been to run away right there and then, but surely, surely, this was just a trial. And if it wasn't...the person who had screamed surely needed help. In a paniced daze, the boy quickened his steps towards the source of the noise instead, finally reaching the end of the corridor: a room wrapped in half-gloom much like the others, taking up position among a number of other competitors who had already arrived at the scene.

"Are-are you..?"

That was all Laure could manage before his voice abandoned him. The room was filled with people, or rather, Laure hoped that they were still classified as people. Dozens of bodies littered the floor, none of them moving, all staring blankly ahead with expressions of terror on their faces, various unconscious pokémon mingling with them.

"Oh...more competitors?"

Laure simply gaped at the figure who emerged from the shadows. A pleasant-looking black-haired young man who seemed to be in his late teens or early twenties, clad in a tournament employee uniform.

"Congratulations." the man said, clapping his hands politely, the faint noise sounding completely out of place in the silence, "You have reached the end of this round." His manner was the epitome of polite, yet there was something...wrong. None of the body movements went quite right, the smile was just a bit lop-sided, the voice sounding just a bit strained and fluctuating, as if its user was not quite accustomed to talking. And above all that, there was the bodies.

"Wh-why?" Laure began, pointing weakly at the other occupants of the room.

"Oh, those?" the clerk replied in a tone that seemed to aim for carefree but seemed to come closer to sinister, giving a discordant little laugh that sent shivers down the boy's spine, "They are prey, of course."

"...prey?" Laure echoed. He wanted to bolt, he wanted to scream, he wanted to do something, but his feet felt like they were rooted to to the ground, unwilling to obey, his voice stuck in his throat.

"Prey." the man confirmed, his smile gaining a few more degrees of sinister.

Laure's mouth made a desperate attempt at saying something, but his voice remained firmly hidden away, not that the stranger seemed to care.

"The hunt." he continued, "Is where the true nature of beings is brought into the light. Hunter or hunted, predator or prey, these are the only distinctions that truly matter. These..." he made a sweeping motion to encompass the collection of bodies in the room, "...thought themselves predators, yet in reality they were nothing but prey, and so they met the fate that befits them." It was then that Laure realized what had been holding him in place: a Dusclops, staring unflinchingly straight at him with its single, crimson eye, several other ghosts slowly emerging from the gloom, specters in the dark. Gastly, Duskulls, even a few Haunters, there must have been at least a dozen alltogether, all prepared to trap anyone foolish enough to step into the room, and he had fallen right into it.

"Predator or prey." the clerk continued, his smile now reaching manic, "Which are you, I wonder?" he made a small hand-motion towards the gathered ghost pokémon, a number of equally sinister smiles turning towards the few competitors still standing as the ghost pokémon moved in closer, "Let's find out, shall we?"

OOC: So yesh, this is going by the tiny assumption that respective people have arrived at the scene a bit before Laure did. Write your posts in accordance and battle to your heart's content. Just...don't finish off the clerk guy and don't make it too easy for yourselves, but I'm sure I don't have to remind you of that. :3

Also, Thesis, since Alex is a bit behind the lot of them you can have him arrive to the battle later than the rest.

September 26th, 2008, 8:48 PM
Having put all her weight into her resting arm, it was no surprise that the moment the girl known as Iris seemlessly pulled away, she would come tumbling down. And that she did, with a heavy thud and a very surprised expression, Ivysaur and all. Needless to say, the pokemon was far less amused than his trainer, who seemed much more concerned with the fact that the strange girl was leaving rather than holding her responsible for letting them fall.

Having no idea what she meant, Kaoru simply cried out for the girl to stay after seeing her disappear around the building's corner, her pursuit cut short around the bend. It was perplexing to say the least and despite her subtle warning, the chestnut found herself wanting to go into the center even more. Well, moreso than when she didn't want to before anyway.

"What and odd girl." Kaoru muttered, pursing her lips as she tried to recite Iris' last words. "She said something about wanting to see us again, right?"

Without realising, the little chestnut had turned to the new raven-haired girl who had just arrived, the one she had seen twice during the tournament so far, questioning her about the other girl's statement. Before she could respond however, the answer was revealed by her partner Kaoru, who was still rather irritable in being dropped, 'She said that we shouldn't go in there. I don't know what she was playing at but we should just ignore her.'

'I agree.' Kato chimed in, quite enthused by the prospect of being warned by a mysterious little girl, 'Let's go in!'

'But she also said she wanted to see us again, didn't she?' Mai interrupted, a puzzled look gracing his subtle features, 'It sounds like something'll happen if we go inside...'

Kaoru screwed up her face as she expended every ounce of concentration she had into the issue of Iris' warning and the prospect of advancing to the next round. It was then that it hit her.

"Bing-bong-bang-ba!" she cried, immitating the chime of a typical television quiz show answer, "I got it! This must be another test. She told us not to go in but if we don't we can't register for the second round, right?"

'Right...' Second Kaoru replied reluctantly, quite unamused with where the conversation was leading, seeing as how all he wanted to do now was lie down and soak his leaves.

"So, all we have to do, is...?" she continued, her eyes shining in anticipation.

'Go inside!' Kato finished proudly.

Breaking out her brightest smile and two thumbs up, Kaoru beamed in approval at the obvious answer and made her decision. Realising they were still not alone, she quickly turned to face the other girl, to which she heartily ushered to join them.

"Alldrat right?" she mispronounced with a smile, "I'm Kaoru. Wanna go together?"

September 27th, 2008, 12:37 PM
Amidst the dimness of the Pokemon Center hall, Roz's footsteps echoed coldly. Energy pulsed softly from Melanie as she stared uneasily ahead. Aside from the absence of people and unexpected lack of lighting, she felt other forces indicating that all was not well.

"Roz . . . "

Though the girl continued walking, Melanie sensed that she had the human's attention. "Be cautious. I sense fear, a black heart, and powers that would wish you harm. Danger awaits you at the end of this hall." As though to accent this warning, a sudden scream rent the emptiness. Neither of the pair flinched, but both paused to consider the sound.

For a moment, Melanie received no message from her trainer in response to the scream or the premonition. Then, slowly, words formed with careful deliberateness entered the Natu's mind. "What would you have me do?"

The bird Pokemon hesitated. Fighting her natural reply, Melanie instead answered, "I can neither force you to go on nor to turn back. Whatever you decide, I will support you."

Surrounded by the ringing of another scream, Roz walked on.

As she approached the passage's end, Roz heard several objects falling to the ground. Upon arrival at the final room, she saw what the cause of the noises must have been. Bodies of humans and Pokemon almost covered the floor, several twisted into grotesque and unnatural shapes that suggested unendurable agony, while others' skeletons seemed to have lost their effectiveness--those bodies having taken on a ragdoll appearance and gained rather odd positions of their own. All the fallen were still and silent. "Keep your guard up. We're not alone."

At this prompt, Roz looked up, her brown eyes narrowingly faintly as they attempted to pierce the darkness. Before long, another pair of eyes met her gaze. Despite being darker than her own, the two eyes stood out strangely against the gloom. A voice joined the eyes.

"Welcome, miss, to the end." Silence. "The end of the first round I mean, naturally," the voice added after a significant pause.

Before Roz or Melanie could respond to this, another person arrived on the scene--this one from the hallway behind them. The young male(?) hesitantly started "Are-are you..?", then fell quiet as he lost his voice. His shock at the sight of a room full of bodies was understandable, yet something about him made Melanie wonder if he would, in reality, always be nervous and shaken.

"Oh . . . More competitors?" The voice returned.

A face gradually formed out of the blackness, giving appearance to a mouth for the voice to have issued from. This was followed by hair, shoulders, and finally the rest of the person's physical form. "Congratulations," the male told those in the room who were still conscious. The smile he now formed was, perhaps, meant to be friendly. If so it missed its meaning. Although the male did not act aggressively, something threatening lingered about his manner. And while a tournament uniform composed his outfit, it offered no promise of safety.

The new arrival began a dialogue with the official, but eventually seemed to lose his ability to speak. Unbothered by this--if he noticed it all--the man continued on, weaving the tournament competitors into ideas about the relationship of predators and prey.

Ghost Pokemon of varying evolution stages began to materialize, all exuding auras of bloodlust along with the eagerness that accompanies the opportunity to satiate such a desire. A Haunter appeared, hovering dangerously close to Roz. Its grin was pulled as wide as the space on its body would allow. She turned toward it, her face expressionless.

"Predator or prey." the official challenged. By this point, his expression started to remind Roz of the Haunter that was probably deciding how many bites to eat her soul in. "Which are you, I wonder?" He made a signal to the ghost Pokemon that resided in the room. "Let's find out, shall we?"

A Love Ball fell into Roz's right hand as the Haunter that had been circling her with shark-like impatience made its move. Extending its tongue, the apparition attempted a Lick attack. Roz dropped to one knee, one hand releasing the sphere as her other reached into the bag at her side. The room was lit scarlet for a brief moment, and a feminine shape formed. Snatching the Love Ball from the ground with a previously unsuggested speed, Roz passed a command through Melanie to Crystal.

"Ice Shard."

Like a frozen dagger, a glittering projectile shot directly through the Haunter's forehead. The phantom fell back, crying out angrily as its dismembered hands clutched at the area the attack had struck. Roz, meanwhile, stood and moved a few paces back. Slipping her Pokedex from her bag, she pointed it at the Haunter and waited for the data to come. Duskull and Dusclops she had met before. But despite being raised in the Kanto region, she had never encountered a Ghastly or Haunter. She was fairly certain they were ghost types. But whether they were or not, she could not recall much about fighting ghost Pokemon anyway. Unfortunately, before Roz could listen to or read any information her Pokedex chose to offer, her attention was drawn elsewhere.

("Roz! Why have you brought me to this dreadful place?!") Having finally found the opportunity to take in her surroundings, Crystal found herself thoroughly horrified. Being released to find a Haunter almost literally in her face was bad enough. But the more she saw, the less she found herself wanting to be out of her Pokeball. ("All these ghosts are so . . . ugh! And the floor! There's--I mean, look!")

Neither Roz nor Melanie bothered to remind Crystal that she was a ghost Pokemon herself. But the latter did attempt to settle the ice type down. "Listen, Crystal," Melanie told her bluntly. "Unless you want to end up like one of those Pokemon on the floor, you need to get a hold of yourself. We're going to have to fight our way out of this."

Crystal pursed her lips indignantly. ("Well you don't have to be so--") She flitted to one side, releasing an Icy Wind on a Duskull as it went by. ("Listen, whatever you are. Don't interrupt others while they're talking,") she snapped.

"So are you willing to help us through this battle?"

The Froslass ducked a Shadow Ball from the Haunter that had received her Icy Shard. ("'Help'? I'll clear the room of these freaky things. They're ugly anyway.")

Only the fact that her eyes were fixed in place prevented Melanie from rolling them.

By this point, Roz had turned her attention back to her Pokedex and was reading through the information on ghost Pokemon as quickly as she could. Then, as though suddenly realizing something, she turned back to Haunter's profile. Beneath "Type 2" was listed the word "Poison." As the Pokedex loaded its information on Poison types, Roz looked over at Crystal to check how the ice Pokemon was faring. By this point, the Froslass had been forced to devote almost all her attention to only dodging. And with so many opponents, several had already realized that they need not pay her any further notice and had decided to search for new victims.

Roz's first impulse was to release Vulcan. But in a closed room as small as this one, how well could he maneuver? She palmed Euclid's Pokeball.

Scarlet Weather
September 28th, 2008, 6:33 PM
"Eh, can you believe it? After all we went through an' all, we're just about an inch away from gettin' past this trial?" Alex asked as he leisurely stepped through the gate that led towards the center. "But... that last trial.... what the hell was with that guy? He was actin' like I was some sorta monster or somethin'."

Behind Alex and his floating companion, a tall, thin man with thick glasses sat shuddering in the corner. "Impossible... impossible... that trial was supposed to be impossible to pass..." he whimpered. "But he simply... closed his eyes and... how could he? He was just a bumpkin... and he went five digits farther. Five!"

Alex's Pokedex beeped, updated with new information.

Trial: Calculate Pi to the Sixty-thousandth digit

+13 Points

Door Cleared

Alex, don't forget who actually did the calculating, Dreave pointed out as he floated by his trainer's shoulder. I'm surprised that you weren't caught. After all, this trial doesn't lead straight to the exit for nothing. It's supposed to be nearly impossible to pass for a human. I doubt that letting a Pokemon do the calculating and have the answer relayed to your brain was allowed.

Alex rolled his eyes. "Nyeh, it's they're fault fer not havin' enough security. After all, it ain't cheatin' until ye get caught. Besides, they didn't say I had t' do th' calculatin'. Ain't that right, Zetta?"

The Kadabra, though contained in his Pokeball, heard the conversation. Hmph! If those pathetic fractals couldn't track my brain waves, they don't deserve to catch us. Incompetent Radians like them deserve to face immediate and painful iteration, in the form of a 2.3434535344 billion-

"WE GET THE POINT," Alex and Dreave interrupted simulataneously, cutting off the Kadabra's wild tirade.

The psychic pulled his consciousness out of contact with his trainer and fellow Pokemon. Hmph. Can't expect a pair of yoctograms like you to comprehend the beauty of a flawlessly-calculated attack, he muttered. Now let's see.... based on approximate mass, plus the Sin of the attack's angle over its tangent, calculate in the speed of light...


Alex had walked into the center in high spirits, exchanging banter with Dreave. He had expected to meet a tournament official at some point. Probably one holding out a congratulatory sheet of paper or something, or a polite man welcoming him to the next round and showing him some of the prizes he could purchase with his points. What he did not expect was to walk straight into a room that looked like it had been rented out to a film company shooting a snuff film, but that was exactly what happened.

The first thing Alex did was stop talking. The second was to drop his Pokedex, which he had been carrying by his side, in shock. And the third was to turn pale, and consider running back in the direction he had come. It was too late, however- the ghosts had surrounded him. No way out from the front, and no way out the back. No way except to fight his way out. He peered at the tournament official, a polite looking young man, and caught sight of the trainer from the tunnels. He had made it here too? Well, one thing was certain. This room was about to get a lot bloodier. The kid looked like he was about to piss his drawers, and Alex took some heart from the fact that he wasn't the only one losing his cool. Slowly, he drew back from the approaching ghosts, just in time to hear the official's fateful words. "Predator or Prey... which are you, I wonder?"

Alex stepped back, as the ring closed in. "I... I can't..." he stuttered. "Ain't had time fer th' people t' remember me... I can't... I CAN'T DIE, Y'HEAR?"


The smoke ball Alex dropped didn't do much to conceal his position, but it did confuse the ghosts long enough for him to grab his Pokeballs and launch them. "Nag, Zetta, heads up! They're gonna eat us alive if we don't stop 'em!"

As he materialized, Zetta teleported across the room, behind a group of Gastlys preparing to close in on Alex. While he was at a disadvantage against Dusclops and the like, part poison types like this were nothing to him. He held up his spoon, channeling a wave of psychic energy that cut through the group like a knife through butter. 4.23 seconds to execute the manuever. Jeez, I'm getting slow, he muttered to himself, before warping out of the way of an incoming shadow ball.

Dreave launched off yet another pulse of ghostly energy, striking an incoming Duskull head-on. We need an escape plan!

"I'm workin' on it!" Alex yelled back, as a Dusclops started moving towards him. "But I'm kinda in the middle o' somethin' here!"

Before the cyclopean ghost could attack, Nag had launched himself across the room and sunk his fangs deep into its neck. The Bite attack was quick, painful, and definitely didn't do wonders for a half ghost, half psychic type Pokemon. As the attacker attempted to shake off the serpent, Nag released his hold and dug in deeper, not wanting to give his opponent a chance to counterattack. With an eerie moan, the ghost-type sank to the floor. You owe me ssssome lunch for thissss, he hissed to Alex.

The trainer smiled in spite of himself. "Hey, do that to the rest o' them and I'll give ya an entire smorgasbord."

October 8th, 2008, 5:01 PM
Adel raised an eyebrow upon hearing Iris, slightly disturbed by her words, and for a split second, the consideration of listening to the girl's words lingered in the air. However, as Iris chose to vanish mysteriously, just as she had before, Adeltruat was conclusive about her decision to advance to the next round. She had not come all this way to be halted by fear.

<Crazy bird! That little girl just warned us about going in t-there!>

<You're too paranoid! Let's just go and take a whack at it!>

"We're going in, aren't we?" The raven-haired female turned to face her Pidgeotto and Sandslash, eyeing the apprehensive Basil carefully. The Mouse Pokemon frowned, before nodding weakly with a sprinkle of hesitation.

"Bing-bong-bang-ba!" The girl with chestnut hair cried out in a peculiar tone, proceeding to exchange conversation with her Ivysaur and Claydol and coming to the same conculsion Adel had reached moments before. After giving a cheery thumbs up to her Pokemon, the young girl approached her and inquired about entering the building together. Though she had mispronounced her name and was decked out in a queer outfit, the girl, who had introduced herself as Kaoru, was admitedly slightly adorable with her actions. The sixteen-year old felt compelled to rethink her early judgement about the younger female.

"Adeltruat," she corrected the female politely, "... but you can call me Adel." She returned Kaoru's smile with a small one on her part, before accepting the offer Kaoru had proposed with a quick nod.

"Yes, I wouldn't mind that. Come on, let's hurry, I think we've dragged on for long enough." She gestured for both Kaoru and her own Pokemon to follow her into the Pokemon Center. The moment the doors parted to allow them to enter, a sinister feeling enshrouded the girl as she gazed upon the dimly lit corridor. Adeltruat paused her footsteps, shaking slightly at the eerie atmosphere of the entire hallway, and then... she felt something crawl towards her and grab her leg.

"AHH!" The girl jumped back, only to realised that it was Basil who had latched himself around her right leg.

<I really don't wanna go in there..> Basil's trembling squeak reached her ears, and though she partially agreed with her terrified Pokemon, Adeltruat realised that there was no alternate pathway for her to take. She took a deep breath and pried the Ground type's claws off her, handing over the job of calming the frightened Basil to a reluctant Kinah. Moving forward one step, then two, followed by three, the uneasiness inside her building up with every advance. She looked around, curious as to Kaoru's whereabouts.

Alter Ego
October 12th, 2008, 9:44 AM

Unlike the others, Laure was practically paralyzed as the battle began, standing rooted at his spot while pokemon fought each other all around, Irie flapping furiously back and forth around him and tossing the incoming attackers every which way with whirlwinds. It was all too much...the dim lighting, the disturbing opponent, the ghost pokemon in the gloom, the whole intensity...it was all just too much. But there was more to it than just that...something, he couldn't help thinking as he watched ghost after ghost fall under the assault, only to be replaced by identical comrades in larger and larger numbers, something just wasn't right about this. He had spent a good amount of time at the Pokemon Tower in Lavender, and heard more than his fair share of stories about ghost types, even if he hadn't battled many. Tales of deadly curses which which could instantly drain victims of their energy at the cost of the user's own. Why...why had these moves not been used? There were hordes of ghosts getting mowed down, far more than there were opposing pokemon; why weren't the ghosts simply overwhelming them?

It was only a few moments later that the revelation suddenly struck him, the boy quickly reaching for his pokedex and flicking it open. He promptly ignored the species analysis, however, moving onto techniques instead and pointing the device at the nearest horde of charging Ghastly. And there, on the brightly shining screen of the little device, the answer to what had been bothering him all this time was stated in such a straightforward, matter-of-fact way. The boy's eyes widened.

"Stop!" he shouted at the top of his lungs, raising his hands up into the air in a vain attempt to catch attention amidst the chaos, "Everyone stop! Those are all-"

The blonde's voice failed him in mid-sentence, as if a set of icy cold fingers had suddenly clamped themselves around his throat and started constricting it. Struggling to breathe, he turned his head, only to come face to face with the proctor who had started all this madness. How he had gotten past the line of resistance unnoticed, Laure couldn't say, but now that the man was on this side and the horde of ghosts had swarmed up around the others, they might as well have been alone in the room.

"Now, now." the man - apparently well aware of this - tutted, a smile from somewhere between bemused and sadistic playing on his lips as he tossed his head back and forth a few times, probably has attempt at shaking it, "We can't have you spoiling my little game this early on, can we?"

"You-" Laure gasped as the non-existent fingers tightened their grip, the boy weakly lifting his pokedex and pointing it straight towards the proctor, even as his vision began to blur, "...you're..."

"Clever." the proctor's voice drawled from somewhere within the gloom that was pressing in on the boy's consciousness from all sides, "Very clever indeed, little girl." he brought his face in mere inches from Laure's, and for the briefest of moments, Laure thought he could catch a glimpse of his opponent's true face superimposed on the proctor's. The haphazard movements, the lop-sided grin, it all made an absurd kind of sense, "Too bad you won't be sharing that information."

'...I'm a boy' was the last Laure found himself thinking as the world faded into a carousel of pain and disjointed colors, 'A BOY!'

And the world went black.


The proctor maintained his peculiar half-grin as he watched the child's unconscious body slump to the floor next to his felled Butterfree's, his still active pokedex striking the floor with a clatter. That had been...close, he almost felt sorry for having had to end it in such a way.


"You really did come close, you know." he remarked, inspecting the small, electronic device with mild curiosity, his grin widening a bit further beyond the bounds of comfort as he came up with an idea that made him laugh out loud in the midst of the heated battlefield, "And we have more guests too?" he asked of the thin air in front of him, "Interesting! Very interesting!" with strength far beyond what his unimpressive frame should have afforded him, the proctor nonchalantly lifted the unconscious boy up and hoisted him over his shoulder with one hand while picking up his discarded pokedex with the other, "We shall play a little more, you and I."


"Ah, our last competitors."

The proctor's expression was completely back to its normal, polite self as he approached the two girls still lingering in the hallway, stepping out from the shadows directly behind them.

"Congratulations." he continued, "You have been chosen for a bonus round. Beyond this hallway, a group of trainers much like yourselves are in dire straits, though they may not realize it. Your task is to find a way to help them, and these." he unceremoniously dumped both Laure's unconscious body and his continuously active pokedex by their feet, "Are your clues. Time limit: as long as your comrades in the main hall hold out." his grin widened to its usual slasher proportions as he bowed to the two girls, "You may begin whenever you are ready."

With that, he promptly turned on his heels and vanished back into the shadows, leaving behind him only the unconscious boy and the pokedex, its screen still faithful displaying the message "Banette, Marionette pokemon" alongside a simplified illustration and a split window bearing a single word: "Substitute".