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August 6th, 2004, 12:16 PM
Ok i feel really stupid and my friend won't quit asking me whats wrong even though have no idea so i am posting this, whenever my friend tries to log on to the Pokecommunity this messege pops up

unable to add cookies, header already sent

and she can't do anything so if anyone has any idea whats wrong please help and if there is already a thread answering this problem just tell me.

August 6th, 2004, 12:18 PM
Check out the Q&F forum.

Been answered there countless times.

August 6th, 2004, 4:22 PM
Please check in the Questions and Feedback section, theres some advice and help threads there. ^_^;

August 7th, 2004, 4:52 AM
Are we *ever* going to get rid of this message? It's really annoying me...

Sakura and Espeon
August 13th, 2004, 7:40 AM
I think the problem is already resolved already. ^_^... unless it's still there =|

August 13th, 2004, 11:39 AM
No official stance on it, but most people seem to have gotten ti fixed by switching browsers or clearning everything...