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June 30th, 2008, 11:14 PM
Hi, this is my first anything regarding creating Pokemon games, so if I can get as much feedback as possible, thad be great!!!

This story takes place in the Ittao Region, a region west of Johto past the mountian line west of the crystal trainer tower(modeled after the real-world Chūgoku and northren Shikoku regions of Japan) The towns that protain to the Pokemon Leauge are colored red, while the other towns are colored blue.
The above map is the Ittao(westrenmost region) in corrliation to Johto(center region) and Kanto(eastrenmost region)

As you begin your pokemon journey "interesting" events have been happening around the region. People vanishing, pokemon from other regions appearing from nothing, and sightings of ancient pokemon and legendary pokemon, have thrown the region into termoil. At the beginning, your jouney takes its natural course, but after the fifth badge the regional criminal cindicate, Team Dementional, begins to throw things off. As there evil plans begin to unfold the "interesting" envents become more frequent. Finally prusit of Team Dementional brings to Ancient Isle, north of Ittao. Its here that you stop Team Dementional from dirupting the dementional flow and battle either Fluxagon, Stratikon, or both depending on which version your playing. After re-establishing the dementions, you continue your jouney to conqure the regional leauge, and capturing all the known pokemon for the complete pokedex!

Characters: <Need Sprites, I find it hard to draw on the computer>
You: Male/Female, son/daughter of the regional professor (Standard names Male:Andrew Female:Kelly)
Rival: Male/Female, from the next town over,same gender as you (Standard names Male:Tyler Female: Patrisha)
Ally: Male/Female, next door neighbor, opposite gender of you, gives you information and items along journey (Standard names Male:Gregory Female:Julie)
Professor: Professor Snyder, your father, expert on Ancient and Legendary Pokemon, also regional pokemon box orgenizer(keeps pokemon in what he calls "Storage Field" out back of his lab)
Mom: Your father's wife and lab assistant, takes care of the pokemon in Professor Snyder's storage field
Gym Leader 1: Jason - Fighting
Gym Leader 2: Terrence - Rock
Gym Leader 3: Brenda - Water
Gym Leader 4: Jill - Ground
Gym Leader 5: Ozwald - Light
Gym Leader 6: Helena - Grass
Gym Leader 7: Timothy - Dark
Gym Leader 8: Ned - Fire
Elite 4 1: Ralph - Ice
Elite 4 2: Demitri - Flying
Elite 4 3: Allison - Psychic
Elite 4 4: Olivia - Steel
League Champion - ?????? - ??????

New Things:
New types: Light, Space
New evolution methods: Elivation Evolution, Union Evolution
Elivation Evolution: To elivate, you need HM 08 - Levitate, this allows you to go to the sky map, battling only flying pokemon, and training spacific pokemon to evlove there, but you can only do this in pre-designated areas, like dive was on R/S/E.
Union Evolution: This form of Evolution has been seen but not practiced in previous pokemon games. Slowpoke Evolving into Slowbro, in the anime requires a Shellder to clamp on to its tail, in the games it only requires leveling up. In Iron, Cobalt, and Quartz, in order for a union evolution to take place, a spacific type or pokemon has to be in your party to make another pokemon evolve, EX: In order for the Slowpoke to evolve into a Slowbro, you must have a Shellder in your party when Slowpoke reaches the evolution level.
Expanded Leauge: This took me a while to think up but this pokemon leauge will act more like a compitition then just a series of four battles. It will consist of three paliminiary battles each consisting of three pokemon per trainer. After these battles you will be moved up to the main battle series, which consists of two battles each consisting of six pokemon per trainer. After deafeting all that stand in your way, you then are able to challenge the elite 4. It is here that you get a time to heal but you are unable to buy any healing items at this time. Then after the you defeat the elite 4 comes you get a chance to challange the Leauge Champion. After defeating him/her, your are then delcared the Ittao Region Pokemon Leauge Champion. (sorry if its a little long)

Sproton(grass) -> Vinerow(grass) -> Weedragen(grass/dragon)
Matrow(fire) -> Sparkzon(fire/electric) -> Ingulra(fire)
Refet(water) -> Anmoni(water) -> Corale(water/rock)
Version Mascots:
Iron - Fluxagon(dark/space) - Dark Demention Pokemon
Cobalt - Stritakon(light/space) - Light Demention Pokemon
Quartz - Territho(dragon/space) - Dementional Rift Pokemon
Other Legendaries:
Talbolide(space/ice) - Comet Pokemon (this is one of the "runner pokemon" that come from the deepest reaches of space)
Yenbolide(space/fire) - Comet Pokemon (this is one of the "runner pokemon" that come from the deepest reaches of space)
Heybolide(space/steel) - Comet Pokemon (this is one of the "runner pokemon" that come from the deepest reaches of space)
Mewthree(psychic) - Genetic Pokemon
Karity(light) - Evolution Pokemon
New Pokemon:
118 New Pokemon
Evolution or Pre-evolution of old Pokemon:
Porygon 2 ->Lvl up with Porygon in party-> Porygon 3(normal)
Eevee ->Lvl up with steel in party-> Sheeneon(steel)
Eevee ->Lvl up in sky map-> Kitreon(flying)
13 other Evolution or Pre-evolution of old Pokemon

I have the totals of new pokemon I need, but my imagination is tapped for tonight, if anyone else can come up with new pokemon for me tha'd be great.:D

I am planning to program this in RPGMXP because as of now, I don't know how to hack games. So tiles and sprites for that would be great!!!

Again, any help would be awsome, help as in sprites, ideas on how to improve, and feedback, thanks. :D
(p.s. if someone can tell me how to make banners, I'll get them on here as soon as possiable)

Soldiers of Filth
July 10th, 2008, 3:57 PM
has already been done dude. a while ago. i think Baro did it. but sounds like an awesome idea dude. good luck