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July 4th, 2008, 12:51 AM
Hello i am Crossel, a simple spriter.
I dont have the abilty to learn how to make games etc.
Although i want to learn, i just dont have time for it, school, work.
but i have time for ideas, this is gonna be one of my best ideas.

This is a story i post for people that wanna use it for a hack or gamemaker.


This is a story about a trainer called Joe.
he lives in Sinnoh, he made his way as a champion, but unknown to most of the trainers.
He managed to defeat lance in a battle, Joe used his strong Salamance against lance's Dragonite.
When Joe defeated lance, lance offered him a job as an elite 4. ( or something else)
Joe Declined, he wanted to travel more and try to catch a legend.

But nothing is what it seems, while Joe heard a rumour about a pokemon stronger then all the others, he got excited.
Meaning he will try to find it and catch it.
But maybe this was an idea so bad that it ruins his intire live.
Joe found that Pokemon, it was an rayquaza, it was so big Joe could not win this epic battle, he knew that, but still his eager for a legend was to big.
All his pokemon where beaten except for Salamance. ( his starter btw )
Salamance managed to weaken Rayquaza but it wasn't enough.
Rayquaza attacked salamance with an powerfull Hyper Beam, it was just to much to handle.
Salamance really got hurt, Rayquaza seems angry but he left.
Rayquaza won Joe lost and he lost something even worse.
Salamance past away, he couldn't survive that blast.
Joe was shocked, all his training all his love he had for salamance was a waste of time.
He realized that it was his fault, he know he couldn't win, why didn't he flee?
It was lust for power, his own lust for power destroyed Salamance.
He stopped being an trainer, he released all of his pokemon into the wild.
He now works as an paperboy in Kanto.

Now that's Joe's history.
He is now an 17 year old boy, he visit's Salamance's grave alot.
But Joe feels the fire burning deep inside of him, fire that needs to be unleashed.
That is the same fire he had when he started his previous journey.

Joe needs some time of, to think about everything he did wrong.
That's when an old man came over to him, he saw Joe's sorrow.
So he tells some very rude thing's to Joe, about how he ran away from his problem's.
When the guy said Joe was just a coward, Joe got mad and ran of.
Joe fled to an forest and fell in somekind of hidden hole in the ground.
When he opened his eyes, he saw a 4 legged pokemon, mysterious light surounds the pokemon.
What is it? Joe asks him to come near the light, the pokemon walked slowly near the light.
Joe saw it, it was Suicune!, Joe managed to release him while he fall trough that hole.
Suicune showed himself and ran off.
That somehow triggered Joe, he realized that Salamance death was his fault, but Salamnce did what he could and had a happy live.

Joe got back to his Hotel in kanto.
Where a strange man is talking about different coloured Pokemon.
You start a conversation with him, he tells he that Pokemon are mysterious creatures, and Pokemon you know can be different.
He talks about a pokemon he saw in a forest, a slighty lighter coloured Charmander.
That charmander was strong and managed to defeat every trainer that tried to catch it.
Location: ???

Joe goes to his room, and he thinks of that story.
He dreams of the day he caught Bagon, he caught him with a pokeball, without using any Pokemon.

When Joe wakes up that morning, he sees the strange guy in his room.
The guy tells him if he's intrested in that charmander.
Joe agreed and left to see that charmander.
While in that forest they encounter a nest full of charmander's, and yes they lspotted that rare charmander.
They follow him, but charmander spots them, he started to attack them.
The strange guy hands over a pokeball to Joe, please try to calm him down.
After some rock trowing and bait trowing Joe managed to catch him.
Joe gave it to the man.
Back in your hotelroom the man comes waling in again.
He tells you there even more pokemon like charmander.
Charmander wants Joe as his master/friend.
Now this is how your story begins, Charmander as your starter, a new journey.

Joe became a rare pokemon trainer.
Missions are given by the strange guy, obtain shiny pokemon like Charmander, or even others.

That was just the part about Joe the trainer, there is more but it's about the evil team that want's some power for themself blablabla.

If some expierenced hacker or gamemaker want to his this story ask me.
And if you like the story or not please tell me why =)

July 4th, 2008, 8:29 AM
It seems like a good story, but didn't you say you wanted this to be a game.
*searches post*

ah yes you said

This is a story i post for people that wanna use it for a hack or gamemaker.
This would be great if this was going to be a fic. But if it is meant to be a game, it should have gone in another area of PC

July 4th, 2008, 8:45 AM
Ow Blazichu told me i could post it here, and if anyone is intrested they would tell me =p
Haha i know making this story in a comic would be awsome.
But i dont have time to make this in a comic, and well this idea was meant for a game.
I tried making it myself but i kinda failed several times xD
If the things i have in mind can be put in a game, i can insure most of the people, that it would be a excellent game.

July 4th, 2008, 1:21 PM
If you're posting this story just to find a game maker, well...I don't know what to do with it then. This section is for people to post their stories and get reviews for them. But it seems as if you aren't looking for that. You just want to find a person to take your story and turn it into a game.

I really don't know what to do with this one. I think that for now, I'll leave it open so that if someone wants to comment on the story idea, they can. But you won't find a game maker here. Sorry.

July 4th, 2008, 1:48 PM
I know, but i'm just posting it in hope someone reads it, i'm also searching around for help.
People can comment though, maybe they like the story haha.