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July 6th, 2008, 3:54 PM
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"Accessing Login Screen...


The information below was what appeared on the screen:
Username: Nelson Winnids
Password: **********

"Login check...Access Granted...

Welcome Back Nelson...How May I Help You..?"

Some typing begins echoing throughout a room

"Accessing Charodic historical file: Number 00-067..."

After a few seconds, and some buzzing, the following information was read aloud

"The Charodic is an assassin based organization that was started at the dawn of man. Since then, destiny has chosen select people to rid the world of evil in the stealthiest and quickest way possible. Started by the worlds first assassin, Winston Bellings, the Charodic has had a hand, if not a full body, in all the major killings of super powers in the world. For many years Winston took these jobs on alone, knowing full well the risks to anyone who got involved, and did not wish to change this. Unfortunately, one of his missions turned bad, and his decision was changed and he began taking on students and taught them the way of an assassin."

Historical file: Number 00-067 has been paused."

The person listening to this historical file began typing something else into the computer. More buzzing bounced off the walls of the room, and then the computer began reading aloud again.

"Personal file: Number 78-145..Winston Bellings..

After taking the assignment to take out target 126, Jeremy Collins, Winston was ambushed by another assassin known very well to him. To this day, no one knows the name of Bellings betrayer, as he refused to give up his name, and he has been dubbed Lexin.

Winston escaped the ambush, and completed his mission, but was seriously injured and the destiny of The Charodic was nearly quashed after only being around for such a short time. It was then that Bellings changed his mind about a former decision, and made arrangements to share his knowledge with the coming generations and continue The Charodic until the end of time.

End of Personal File: Number 78-145..Winston Bellings."

Again the mysterious person began typing

"Historical File: Number 00-067 has resumed transmission..

Since then, Bellings teachings has been passed down through students, families and friends in the form of a book. Every ten years, a leader is chosen to lead The Charodic and adds their own form of training or technique to the book. But then everything was changed, and the Charodic became divided.

The newest leader, Mitchell Saunders, didn't appreciate his heritage and wanted to change the ways to benefit himself and his followers. For some time, everyone went along with what he wished, knowing they would not be able to just uprise and overthrow a leader. Then one day, Mitchell Saunders' second in command betrayed him and they began to battle. Bullets, knives and physical fighting were all seen as both combatants gazed at the horrifc and gorey battle.

In the end, the former second in command defeated Mitchell and reinstated the old ways of The Charodic. Mitchells men fled, a new leader already rising to power of the group, to seek revenge one day against their traitorous former comrade.

End Historical File: Number 00-067."

A squeak emitted from a chair, the person leaning backwards - placing their hands on the back of their skull. A smile crept across their face as the story had been finished.


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