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July 8th, 2008, 10:54 AM
XD so, I tried to do this in May, but school and work kicked me in the shin and left me for dead, so I didn't quite have the time to do it (sorry for all those who signed up!). But it's summer, and I'm finding myself with too much free time (aside from work, but who doesn't work in the summer? =x), so I thought I'd try this again.

[Note: Despite the title, this RP relies very little on the plot of the game; only the concept. You won't have needed to play the game to understand this RP.]

Introduction: The Reaper's Game
In the Shibuya shopping district of Tokyo, Japan, a game was created. It was called the Reaper's Game. The players: the recently deceased. The playing field: an alternate version of the Shibuya shopping district where the players can only been seen by other players, and life around them continued as if they weren't there. Basically, the players were like ghosts. The jist of the game is was as follows: the players, against their will, are thrown into the game after passing away. The game lasted for one week at a time, during which time the players were given new tasks by the reaper in charge, the Game Master, every day. If the players could overcome these tasks, then they would be granted another chance at life. However, this game was a little more than a walk in the park. Skeletal, animal-like monsters known as "Noise" impeded the movements of the Players. If the Players could not fend off these creatures, physical manifestations of people's negative thoughts and feelings, which were summoned by the Reapers, then they would be erased, which was the equivalent of true death. Players also faced erasure if they could not complete the tasks. It was the duty of the black winged Reapers to erase the Players before the game could be won. A cruel game to get caught up in.

Story: Expansion
As time passed, the Reaper's game spread farther and farther until it was adopted in many locations other than Shibuya. In fact, it spread beyond the borders of Japan, as more and more Composers seemed to catch onto the genius of such a spectacle. You see, the game was designed so that the Players would be given a chance to look at themselves. This was accomplished by forcing the Players to pay an entrance fee. The fee was chosen for them, and was always composed of what the Player held dearest, be it a person, a memory, a physical attribute, a personality trait, whatever.

Our particular story takes place on the oceanside city of Everett, a large, multicultural (yet fictional) city located in England. With a Composer established, Reaper Games became a common event, although only those having been exposed to it would have any idea it existed. One day, you awaken suddenly amidst the streets of Everett, a strange black pin in your hand. You find that nobody around you can see or communicate with you, yet somehow you can read their thoughts utilizing the strange pin. You phone suddenly goes off, and upon checking it, you see a text message from an unknown sender that says, "Get to Helli Tower or face erasure. You have 60 minutes. - The Reapers". You're skeptical for a moment, but reality stuck in you like a tetnis shot as an unbearable pain erupts from your hand, a ticking timer appearing on it. Shortly afterwards, you find yourself confronted with some strange creatures that seem intent on taking you down. But, you have no way to defend yourself!

Explanation: Players
As a Player, it is your responsibility to complete the tasks assigned to you by the Reapers, or else you will be erased. To become a player of the Reaper's Game, two qualifications must be met. First, you must have died, and second, you must give up that which is dearest to you. If you win, not only will you be given a second chance at life, but your entrance fee will be returned to you. The game is not that simple, however. To get to certain locations, and to keep yourself from erasure, you must defeat creatures known as "Noise". To damage these creatures, you must form a pact with one other Player. This Player will become your partner, and together you can overcome all of the tasks. You see, only one set of partners needs to complete the tasks for everyone to be safe from erasure, but slacking is generally bad if everyone does it. You can defend yourself using Pins; items that grant you the use of psyches, psychic powers that can deal damage in many different ways. Your player pin grants you the ability to 'scan' people, which essentially is reading their minds. You can also engage in battles with Noise by scanning for them. Pins could hold powers ranging from creating fire, energy that can be used like a blade, or even moving objects.

The Form

Entrance Fee: (The thing your character holds dearest. There is no limit to what this could be.)
Pins: (Only three for now, not counting your Player Pin. You can create any pins you want, just don't make them too uber. Oh, and make up a brand~)
Partner: (Leave this blank for now, and you can pick a partner after more people have signed up.)

RP Sample:

Player List
Alexis Bryans ➙ .fate
Fred Desmon ➙ Chabz
Leonardo Othello ➙ Gummy
Raxhu Takami ➙ SilverTail
Riku Garushia ➙ Charizard_Man
Roque Siege ➙ Loki
Rosetta Blake ➙ Rena*
Shinbo Suzumaria ➙ Raichu Master

*= Pending

July 8th, 2008, 11:12 AM
I don't know what you're talking about, I never used this sign-up before. xD

Name: Leonardo Othello

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ever since his teen years, Leonardo has used his looks to get what he wanted. His slender frame reaches a height of about 5’11”. Atop his head lies a silky smooth mane of crimson-dyed hair that runs down the length of his neck. Sometimes blocked by the strands of his hair are his intense azure eyes, which always seem to have the appearance of staring blindly into space. He is usually seen wearing a black, buttoned shirt, but on those hot summer days, he doesn’t hesitate to take out all of the buttons and show off his tanned, well-shaped abs. Around his waist is tightened a flashy, white belt that holds up his pair of red pants; the red being the same shade as his hair. Finally, he keeps his feet nestled in a pair of white and black dress shoes.

Personality: Leonardo’s good looks have undoubtedly led to a very cocky personality. In his world, his appearance comes before all else. He believes himself to be some sort of "angel-incarnate," sent to the Earth to show the world what true beauty looks like. He feels those who don’t keep themselves as well as he does aren’t worthy to even talk to, resulting in him having very little friends. But to him, admirers are a more than sufficient substitute for friends. Aside from his cockiness, Leonardo can be rather lazy at times. To him, if there is a job that can be done by someone other than him, then by all means let that person do it. The only time you’ll see him break a sweat is if he’s in danger or during one of his morning workouts.

History: Leonardo was born and raised in a small town in Italy. In a town where everybody knows each other and you see the same people everyday, the earlier years of his life were relatively boring. Of course, this all changed when he moved to Everett at the age of 15. His good looks immediately made him the center of attention and it wasn’t long before his fame became the most important aspect in his life. He works (or worked) at a modeling agency as one of the world’s top models and at such a young age, has attained global fame.

Then that fateful day came along. At first it seemed like any other normal day; fans screaming outside of Leonardo’s house and the media swarming his front door. The young star was eager to experience his daily routine of pleasing the crowd and got dressed as fast as possible. However, when he opened the door and looked outside, he noticed that today was definitely not like the other days. The crowd was much more densely packed then normal and was quickly getting out of hand. It even smelled of disaster, but Leonardo absentmindedly dismissed the observation and rushed into the crowd. Before he even got a chance to give his daily introduction, a fight broke out and he was being pushed around like some kind of rag doll. It wasn’t long before someone gave him a good toss, throwing him right in the middle of the street. As he readied to retaliate, he barely noticed the bus speeding down the street...

Entrance Fee: His fame/popularity.


Crazed Fan: Gain control of a “Noise” for a set amount of time. Leonardo’s energy gradually decreases when this is in use.

Explosives: Small, red energy balls form in Leonardo’s hands and explode on contact.

Fist o’ Fury: Leonardo’s hands become encased in a dense, red energy, making his punches much stronger. Can’t be used for a long duration of time or else energy will burn through his hands

Partner: Fred "Freddie" Desmon (Chabz)

RP Sample:

“We got to go now!” shouted the teen, ignoring the many questions thrown at him. “Follow me!” he demanded as he dashed out of the Pokemon Center, running faster than what Cato thought was humanly possible. Cato stared at the others around him, and was stunned to see that they started a dash of their own. He began having second thoughts about this whole situation. Although he was skinny, Cato couldn’t run to save his life.

“Meh, on second thought, I’ll stick around here,” he said casually with a sly grin, although half of the helpers had already bolted outside. Making a 180 degree turn, Cato didn’t hesitate to walk deeper into Pokemon Center. He didn’t even glance at the others, as his mind was made up. Or so he thought.

The building was an incredible mess. Cato hadn’t noticed how bad it was before, but now with things dying down, he was able to take everything into account. Young kids— no older than fifteen— lay against broken windows, their faces leaking tremendous amounts of blood. Nurse Joy leaned over an unconscious body of a young girl, whispering something to her. Cato absentmindedly walked toward the two, wondering if his tent was destroyed or not back in the forest.

“Chansey, why did you leave?” he heard the nurse whimper as she stared helplessly at the corpse. Directly next to the body was a microphone with a cord leading to a hole in the wall. From the looks of it, the microphone had crashed through the wall.

“That’s odd,” he said inquisitively to himself, “the shockwave came from the other direction, so why is this here?”

Nurse Joy had obviously overheard him, as she cleared her voice and turned to him. “It just shot out of the wall and landed in that boy’s hand— you know, the one that was shouting for help? It was weird, almost like it was called to him.”

At that point, Cato once again became interested in this mystery. So many weird things have happened that night, and by the looks of it, that boy was the center of everything. Or perhaps, it was that ghastly tunnel he spoke of. Unfortunately, there was absolutely no way for Cato to find out. He was probably already deep into the bushes, if not at his destination already.

“Researching this phenomenon could have put me on the spot as a famous scientist, and I blew it!” Cato shouted, actually angry that he decided not to help out. He closed his eyes tightly, cursing at himself for missing such a great opportunity. His muscles tightened and his palms balled up into a fist. His brain started racing, and his headache returned with a vengeance. Even with his glasses on, he felt his eyes blur out of focus, but not in the same way as before. This time, the blurriness looked like he was simply moving at extreme speeds.

And that was exactly what he was doing.

The space around him seemed to deteriorate, only to rebuild itself within a couple of seconds. When Cato finally reopened his eyes, he was astonished at the sight before him. He was no longer at the Pokemon Center, and in fact was in a part of Viridian he barely recognized. Actually, he couldn’t even tell if he was still in Viridian or not. The only indicator that he hadn’t traveled too far was the fact that he was mere yards away from a tunnel emitted a ghastly red glow. It was as if the entire structure sat atop a layer of quick sand as it slowly sunk into the depths. Then, without warning, the people from the Pokemon Center burst out of the bushes and rushed into the tunnel, many without even taking a second thought.

“What the hell?” was all Cato could manage to mutter as he tried to contemplate what was going on. Before he had only wished to catch up with these guys, but all of a sudden, he got to the destination before most of them. And if that wasn’t weird enough, the story about the tunnel was true! Cato’s hands sifted through his pockets, but to his dismay, his notepad was no where to be found. Had it been lost in his spontaneous teleportation from the center to the tunnel? Cato knew better not to ask such questions, as with all the weird stuff happening, he feared he’d just get another answer that defied all logic.

“Oh well, the best experiments are done on the scientist himself,” he assured, picking himself up. After a small adjustment to his glasses, the confused teen followed the others into the dark cave.

July 8th, 2008, 11:30 AM
I've wondered what this game would be like...looks like I got to find out! *grins* Also note i'll be keeping to SE's tradition of over-the-top, big and awsome looking clothing xD

Name: Raxhu Takami
Age: [deceased] 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Raxhu stands about 5'8" and has white blond hair, save the crimson bangs that jut out in three large spikes from just above his forhead. His hair(blond) hangs down in a ponytail down to his shoulderblades and bound by a small crimson band. He wears a white shirt with grey pockets on the front, and balck patches on his sides and right sleeve. Overtop the collar of the shirt is what appears to be a crimson scarf of some sort, but dosnt flow behind him like a normal one. Instaid it simply sits --slightly crumpled-- on his shoulders, a zipper at the front with black designs on either side. His pants are nothing special, a light grey in color, but with black flames going up the backs of the legs, up to the backs of the knees. His shoes are squarish, a zipper running along the top of the grey surface, crimson streaks at the front while black ones accompany the heels, which are unseen as the pantlegs hang down over them. His eyes are a dull, mint green in color.

Personality: Raxhu is very energetic and outgoing, and likes to be around people. Childish most times, he can be very diciplined on occasion however, as he has a strong desire to protect those importatnt to him.. He will only use his fighting abilities on these creatures, and to protect people, however, never on another 'living' soul that are taking place in the "Twisted game we've come to find ourselves in" as he would put it. A very plesant person to be with, you'll never find a more trusting or loyal(to-a-fault on bolth) person out there. He believes there's good in everyone, even these supposed 'reapers' that force them to play this 'game.' Despite being a proficiant martial-artist, he hates brutality, and sports that entail it such as football, rugby, and boxing/wrestling. While alive, he could also talk his way out of nearly anything, a very strange gift indeed. A shame it has left him....

History: Raxhu grew up an average child, friendly, outgoing, and he loved to be around people. Despite being born here in Everett, his parents were from japan and were very understanding of their child, untill he turned nine. Then they found it quite tiresome and asked him to 'turn down the volume' and 'be quiet for once.' He had a few good friends before dying, and loved to spend time with them. These weren't the usual "yeah, sure, whatever you say!" friends, or even the "sweet! lets go do this!" friends. they were true, genuine friends that liked him for him. He had even asked a girl he liked out on a date.....when it happened.

Who would have guessed. Just as he had asked her out, and gotten a definate 'yes' from the shy brunette girl, a flaming, pentagonally-shaped piece of tempered steel from the destroyed satelite "Gaurdian," flew down from space, and crushed him under it's weight and momentum. He was the only casualty, and it crushed the girl's heart that he died, as she had truely liked him and would miss him greatly. He 'awoke' shortly after, only to have a cell-phone he did not remember owning previously inform him that he had sixty minutes to get to Helli Tower, or face 'erasure,' whatever that was, from someone who called themself "The Reapers."

Entrance Fee: His ability to speak. (he can laugh, chuckle, and make other sounds of that sort, but he cannot form words in the slightest without getting tounge-tied and looking like a bigger fool than he already is.)

1: Re-entry brand Burning Fist Pin - allows hands to catch blaze with silver flames of some sort, even though the flames appear to be more like true plasma as they are rounded and not flickering as real flames. These flames can be controled to be able to burn through things, or simply give off a warm light, although it is hard to do so.

2: Re-entry brand Guardian Pin - forms into a glowing silver and crimson shield before him to ward off frontal attacks, unfortunatly it leaves all other directions open to attack for a short time, along with any sneak attacks.

3: Childeren's toy brand Kanohi Pin - Forms a shimmering silver mask/helmet on his face and head, Dome-like in appearance with a slot at the forhead, with three on each cheek as it appears to scowl slightly over blue tinted lenses. The 'mouth' of the helmet is open, with a chin strap holding it on to his chin. It is simply a helmet, nothing more nothing less.

Partner: (Leave this blank for now, and you can pick a partner after more people have signed up.)

RP Sample:

A tall...very tall young man stood at the back of the hal, near the entrance. Well, no...stood wouldnt be right...He was leaning against the wall, relaxing and reading what appeared to be an orange novel, it's title on the back cover of most american books. The crimson "R" did stand out a bit also. Ka-to half-listened as names were called, and ignored the large cheers that went off when one house was given a new member. So far three or four had been given houses, he'd lost count. Blinking, he looked up from behind his high collar as something caught his attention.

"....To Toamua? Ka-to Toamua?" the headmaster called, for apparently the fourth time. Sighing deeply he stood, taller than any of the other new students as he lugged his great club over his shoulder so as not to hit any of the other students. Even though he wasn't watching where he was going apparently, but more focused on the book before him.

The small dragon atop his head was sleeping quietly, it's wings hanging down to either side of his face as it's tail twitched occasionally. Even though he was now moving quickly through the croud, surprisingly not hitting anyone despite one hand being used to hold up the large club above other's heads, while the other was used to keep the book placed firmly before his face. Reaching the front he closed his book and tucked it into a pocket before lowering his club to a safer level.

Looking down at his headmaster, he placed a hand before him and bowed in apology, earning a dissaproving grunt from the caretaker. Turning to look he saw the blood-red dragon swoop and spiral down from it's flag, before hovering almost at eye level with him. Roaring proudly it let forth a brilliant orange flame, elighting the house of fafnir to let out cries of joy, for the most part. Apparently him making them wait for so long had caused some doubt in his part.


Near one of the windows to the side of the croud stood a petit looking girl. From her deep red hair protruded two, pointed red ears with black tips, that matched the red-to-black foxes tail that hung loosely behind her. Looking around at all the people, she noticed a few good looking guys...but more than that were the good looking girls this school provided...Gah! There it was again! "Pull yourself together..." she mumbled quietly, rubbing her forhead. She had to stop thinking like that! If anyone here found out that she thought like that she'd be out of here before you could say sayonara!

Glancing around again, she wished her dragon was here with her, but no. Kitsuneko had wanted to flit about and test out the air first thing when they got there. She watched as the first four were sent to their houses. A wolf, a normal looking girl, and a giant by the looks of him. Seriously! He had to look DOWN at the headmaster! Sighing as the large man went to sit at the Fafnir table, the headmaster coughed to draw looks away from the large, club-carrying titan.

"Teishu Hyuu" he said calmly.

Taking a deep breath she readied herself. "alright...let's just get this over with.." she muttered quietly, before trying to make her way through the croud...only to be pushed and shoved on her way. "okay..thats it..coming..through!" she muttered as she sprung, arching her back in mid air so she did a perfect backflip through the croud, her long skirt flared out dramatically above her as her tail seemed to flow with it. Landing gracefully infront of the croud she sighed and made her way over to the headmaster and headmistress.

"I'm sorry...I couldnt get through..." She said quietly to them as she bowed politely, her head hung low and allowing her hair to fall down around her face. When she stood again she turned to glance at the crimson dragon before her, it blowing a brilliant orange flame from it's mouth as she smiled. The cheers coming from the fafnir house were mostly from males at the tables, who had, obviously seen her display of athletic prowess just moments ago....and probably thought she was cute too. Too bad for them she was only interested in....gah! Mind out of the gutter girl!

Shaking her head slightly she moved to the fafnir house, ironically sitting between two female anthros that were probably nearing their final years here. Maybe this wouldnt be so bad....

So, that ok? (I will post in first person, this was jus what I could drag up on hand)

aww... it seems I couldn't be first post again this time.. ah well, nothing I can do about that, ne?

July 8th, 2008, 11:33 AM
And I've totally never used this unfinished signup before.

Name: Alexis Bryans aka "Magical Super Heart Princess Ally"
Age: 12 (originally 15)
Gender: Female

Appearance (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/worldendswithyou.jpg):
Alexis' entrance fee has left her a little short of pleased appearance wise. The fact that she is now three years younger, whatever curves her body was getting having dwindled away into nothing aside, her hair was no pink! Yes, pink hair, and it wasn't hair dye, so there was no hope of removing the colour and restoring her original brunette shade unless she beats the game. This hair is shoulderlength, straight, and held in place by a large, white beret that seems to be puffier than a normal beret should, a single light blue feather sticking out from the left-center of the hat. Her bangs are parted to the sides of her face. Her body, short and petite, is clad in the craziest of getups. The main portion of the outfit is a white dress, although only the skirt is visible, as the upper portion is covered by a tight pink jacket, the sleeves slightly larger with the sleeves growing black near the end. Overtop the jacket, a white hood and cape is attached via a piece of cloth that wraps around her neck, a large pink bow holding it in place. The cape takes an upside down "V" shape, with the material splitting in two different directions. Black leggings run up her legs and beneath the skirt of her outfit, while small white boots decorated with light blue laces cover her feet. To make her magical girl appearance complete, she carries around a white rod with a heart perched at the top, light blue ribbons flowing out from underneath where the heart is mounted. Heart shaped earring dangle from her ears, which coincide with the gold chain necklace that hangs off her neck, equipped with it's own heart charm.

Unless you're talking about her current predicament, Alexis is ever the optimist. Well, optimistic, loud, and about as self centered as a little girl who was spoiled since birth could be. That isn't to say she only thinks about herself, but rather she likes attention, and will do just about anything to get it, even if it means ticking people off. This personality, paired with her now annoying appearance and high voice, is enough to send even the most tolerant people into a fit. This portion of herself, however, is just a guise to prevent her pain from becoming known, her secret from coming clean. Anyways, she talks a whole lot, and isn't afraid to stand up for her friends, despite her size and situation. Why? Well, she doesn't have a whole lot of friends - surprise? But not because of her attitude - so those she has she holds quite dear.

Alexis was born, and has since always been, weak and sickly. She has a weak immune system, and for that reason it is highly hazardous for her walk freely outside. For the first eight years of her life, she was raised in the hospital, until finally, with the right medication, she became able to see her home for the very first time. On top of that, she was able to go to school, while up until then she had been schooled in the hospital. She made friends at first, but eventually it got out that she was sickly. Of course, with the minds of eight year olds, they immediately began to avoid her out of fear of whatever she had, depite it being non-transmittable. Four years after her return to school, at the age of twelve, she was forced back to the hospital after her medication went out of production, and she caught something that left her paralyzed from the waist down. She was cast into a hospital room, with nothing but a television to keep her company. She had a classmate, a girl by the name of Scarlett Cheput, who often brought her magical girl DVDs. Alexis wasn't into them at first, but with nothing else to watch, she grew to love them. Unfortunately, Scarlett passed away a few months later. Even though she was dead, Alexis had the nagging feeling that she was somehow still around. Life continued in the hospital until she was fifteen, where she passed away as a result of her frail condition.

Entrance Fee: Alexis was a normal girl with an interest in the magical girl genre. Despite her fascination in the fiction, it was her normal life she truly appreciated. Therefore, she's stuck in the form of a magical girl, with her normality taken as the fee.

Super Mega Ultra Happy Love Beam
Pretty Kitty Brand
Shoots a heart shaped beam at the enemy - in Alexis' case, it comes out of her magical heart rod. The overall intensity and power is designated by the user's emotional status.

Rainbow Ribbon
Pretty Kitty Brand
The ribbons around the heart on Alexis' rod begin to glow rainbow colours as they extend and pursue the enemy, usually piercing them with the sharp, blade like ends.


July 8th, 2008, 7:18 PM
[Omg, I just got this game. x] I love it.]

Name: Anku Kaisuga
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: (Art by me, please do not steal or anything.) http://kaisuga.deviantart.com/art/La-la-la-91097297
Personality: Anku is upbeat and energetic. She loves to be annoy her enemies and tends to not take anything seriously. She makes jokes whenever she can, and acts a bit rebellious. She's a bit of a party animal. If there's a party going on, you can be sure Anku will be there. She enjoys dancing, which she's rather good at. While happy and carefree, if the situation demands it, she's always ready for a fight, and will protect a friend with her life. She is talented in the ways of martial arts, her tactics mainly involve jumping, flipping, and kicking.
History: Anku grew up in Everett, where she's lived all her life. She is popular in school, but only has a few close friends. She lived with her Mother, who she didn't have a good relationship with. One day she was walking home with a friend late a night. While crossing the street, a drunk driver swerved into the street and was heading right to her friend. Anku pushed her friend out of the way and got hit by the car. Anku died in tis incident, and was entered into the Reaper's Game.
Entrance Fee: The lives of all of her close friends
Pins: Night Slash- Nocturnal Nation brand; a pin that allows the user to slash at the enemies with blade like energy

Dark Beam- Nocturnal Nation brand; Allows user to shoot a large black beam in any direction

Shadow Dance- Nocturnal Nation brand; When user dances, energy is released around the user, damaging enemies on contact.


RP Sample: (From different site)

I kept my eyes down as I walked through Poudre D'or. People looked at me strange. Of course they did. I'm not supposed to be here. I'm the leader of Mordoré, a hidden country that hardly anyone knows about. A sort of resistance group against this "Golden City" from hell.
My eyes scanned my clothing. All white. Not at all what I'm used to, but I didn't want to attract too much attention by wearing my normal dark colored outfit.

Behind the low hum of people talking, there was a faint sound of whispers running through the air. I couldn't make out what they said, but they were there. The thoughts of the people around me. Occasionally when I would glance up at a person, our eyes would meet for a split second, causing part of the whispers to become clearer.

The crowd seemed particularly excited about something today. I was curious of what it was that made them all so chatty. I tilted up head slightly up and scanned the crowd with my eyes, until letting my gaze rest on the hazel eyes of a young woman who was walking towards me. She didn't notice me, her eyes were focused straight ahead. The whispers became louder and clearer the closer she came.

July 8th, 2008, 8:28 PM
FINISHED! Hope you like it.

Name: Fred "Freddie" Desmon
Age: 17 [deceased]
Gender: Male
Appearance: Everyone usually has a signature look, atleast in the eyes of Freddie people do. And even though he feels everyone has their own way of dressing themselves, he likes to tell himself, and others - even if they aren't listening, that he doesn't follow his own rule. His attire, at the time of his death, was something that he only wore to bed, which was where he died, because he liked to be comfortable. His hair used to be extremely long, as it nearly reached his knees, and was a deep brown color - quite similar to dark chocolates. His hair always covering his left eye, now barely reeaching past his shoulders, give him a dark sense - which was what he wanted. His eyes are a deep black color, adding to his shadowing features, but everyone only sees the right one - yet no one knows why he keeps the other eye hidden. His right ear, the lower 'soft' part, is pierced with a simple earing - the fake diamond white in color.

His upper body is fairly built underneath the red shirt, that say 'ONE' across the middle of the chest, but its not like some crazy steroid type muscles - just a little definition to his body, the majority of it coming from nature's blessings. Accompanying the shirt, Freddie wears a chain necklace that has five silver circles looped through it - each one of the loops representing his siblings: Nikki, Zachary, Melanie, Leo and Erika. On each of his wrists he wears a single wristband, a white one on his left wrist and a black one on his right. The white one reads life, the black one reads death, and Freddie wears them to show the world, and essentially himself, that he isn't afraid of death. His navel is pierced, again the piercing simple, and attached is a little charm of D - standing for his family name, Desmon.

His lower body is, again, defined slightly to show that he has taken care of his body, and not just let it go like most people now a days. A pair of gray sweat pants covers his tr ade mark boxers, a lavender purple color, and fits adequetly to his liking - not too tight, but not too loose either. The sweats themselves cover the back part of his black sneakers, not fully just slightly, but don't get in his way - if by some chance, he'd need to run.

Personality: Freddie is probably one of the kindest, loveable and sweetest person anyone could come into contact with - of course, until you get to know him you don't realize it. His book cover appears to others that he's quiet, keeps to himself and doesn't have many friends. And most people judge the book known as Freddie by said cover, and its quite a shame - if they had just opened up the book and read a few pages they'd know they were wrong. Freddie is a very helpful person, always willing to lend a hand or put himself in harms way to protect someone. His siblings were the ones that got the majority of his love and affection, him being the only thing they all had to survive, and they were all extremely close. However, Freddie's personality does change, like most, when he gets angry and his siblings, who have witnessed said anger, know how serious and scary he can be. Such violence escapes him when enraged, but its to be expected - when one bottles their emotions until finally the cap pops off on its own.

History: Five years. That's how long its been since Freddie's parents have been dead. Its also how long his siblings and him have been in a foster home - thankfully their guardians had accepted to raise all of them, so as not to seperate and damage the family bond they all shared. Actually, it was more of the bond that Freddie shared with his sibling because, at the time of his parents deaths, his brothers and sisters had been newborns. Freddie forgot most of that day, and the rest he had blocked from his mind, his siblings had been born and his parents - murdered. As usual with most things in life, his parents had been killed by a former co-worker of his dads - one whom he fired, that wanted to seek revenge because his own family had been torn apart. The man started with Freddie's mom, Delinda, and made his father, Patrick, watch the entire thing - and then he was going to make him watch as he murdered Freddie, who had been twelve at the time, and the new born quintuplets, but decided to just get him out of the way. Luckily, the police had been called and rushed in just in time to stop him from shooting Freddie. Freddie remembered the gun fire like it was yesterday - one..two..three..four bullets escaped the gun of the detective, each one hitting the co-workers chest and stomach as he fell to the floor dead.

That was all in the past though, and Freddie wasn't a kid anymore - well atleast in his eyes. Ever since then, he's been saving money and slowly taking more and more responsibility with his younger brothers a sisters - his plan was to move to a house with them once he was of legal age, and continue their life on their own and continuing to stay in contact with their foster parents. Unfortunately, his plans hit a snag when he lost his job and was forced to figure out another way to continue saving money - his choice wasn't wise and was gang related. That was the biggest mistake of his life, and in the end it costed him said life. Freddie owed his supplier a lot of money, and after multiple attempts to threaten Freddie into getting it the supplier finally gave up - he ordered the hit on Freddie. So one night, two guys broke into Freddie's foster home and kept quiet enough not to wake anyone up - they snuck into Freddie's room, woke him up and covered his mouth so no one could hear him scream and then slit his throat. That's the end of Freddie's history, now its time for his future.

Entrance Fee: His five siblings have been taken - them being the most important thing to Freddie and he would risk his own life, not that he has it anymore, to save theirs.
Pins: All of the following pins fall under the Sibling Rivalry brand..

Screeching Sister - This pin allows the user to emit a very high pitched 'scream' that forms into a blast of energy - which is then shot out from the mouth. The user does have to inhale in order to use this pin, and the attacks are very limited as one can only inhale and exhale so much before tiring. The attack itself gives off a loud screeching noises after being shot out as it makes it way towards the target, and the user himself does not have to scream.

Playdoh - A clay like substand forms in the users hands and can be molded into any tools necessary at the time. The creation of the clay takes a lot of enery, even to create small items, and its not wise to create very large objects. One could create an oversized object if they desired, but it wouldn't be very smart without someone there - as you'd most likely pass out from strain.

Little Brother - This pin is only used as a means to escape into small places, such as a ventilation system or to hide in a cupboard. The user themself is transformed, temporairly, into a younger version of themselves - their mental capacity is still that of their older form.

Partner: Leonardo Othello

RP Sample: This is more of an Intro Sample, but I wrote it myself for my new RP.

"Accessing Login Screen...


The information below was what appeared on the screen:
Username: Nelson Winnids
Password: **********

"Login check...Access Granted...

Welcome Back Nelson...How May I Help You..?"

Some typing begins echoing throughout a room

"Accessing Charodic historical file: Number 00-067..."

After a few seconds, and some buzzing, the following information was read aloud

"The Charodic is an assassin based organization that was started at the dawn of man. Since then, destiny has chosen select people to rid the world of evil in the stealthiest and quickest way possible. Started by the worlds first assassin, Winston Bellings, the Charodic has had a hand, if not a full body, in all the major killings of super powers in the world. For many years Winston took these jobs on alone, knowing full well the risks to anyone who got involved, and did not wish to change this. Unfortunately, one of his missions turned bad, and his decision was changed and he began taking on students and taught them the way of an assassin."

Historical file: Number 00-067 has been paused."

The person listening to this historical file began typing something else into the computer. More buzzing bounced off the walls of the room, and then the computer began reading aloud again.

"Personal file: Number 78-145..Winston Bellings..

After taking the assignment to take out target 126, Jeremy Collins, Winston was ambushed by another assassin known very well to him. To this day, no one knows the name of Bellings betrayer, as he refused to give up his name, and he has been dubbed Lexin.

Winston escaped the ambush, and completed his mission, but was seriously injured and the destiny of The Charodic was nearly quashed after only being around for such a short time. It was then that Bellings changed his mind about a former decision, and made arrangements to share his knowledge with the coming generations and continue The Charodic until the end of time.

End of Personal File: Number 78-145..Winston Bellings."

Again the mysterious person began typing

"Historical File: Number 00-067 has resumed transmission..

Since then, Bellings teachings has been passed down through students, families and friends in the form of a book. Every ten years, a leader is chosen to lead The Charodic and adds their own form of training or technique to the book. But then everything was changed, and the Charodic became divided.

The newest leader, Mitchell Saunders, didn't appreciate his heritage and wanted to change the ways to benefit himself and his followers. For some time, everyone went along with what he wished, knowing they would not be able to just uprise and overthrow a leader. Then one day, Mitchell Saunders' second in command betrayed him and they began to battle. Bullets, knives and physical fighting were all seen as both combatants gazed at the horrifc and gorey battle.

In the end, the former second in command defeated Mitchell and reinstated the old ways of The Charodic. Mitchells men fled, a new leader already rising to power of the group, to seek revenge one day against their traitorous former comrade.

End Historical File: Number 00-067."

A squeak emitted from a chair, the person leaning backwards - placing their hands on the back of their skull. A smile crept across their face as the story had been finished.

July 11th, 2008, 7:40 AM

How dare you start this without me David! D:< I reserve a spot like the speed of light by god!

July 13th, 2008, 6:05 PM


EDIT: Change of plans - I'm not going away.

July 15th, 2008, 7:42 AM
Name: Rosetta 'Rose, Rosie, Rosetta Stone' Blake
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Appearance: http://img48.imageshack.us/img48/2781/rosiesk8.png Made by the very very awesomely amazing fellow roleplayer Loki, kudos =D!
Rosie hides behind her flaming red hair, straight as a pin and flowing down to her mid-stomach. Only would she take the time to look up ifs something surprises, scares, or acknowledges her, which then her bangs fall to the sides and show her wide, trembling cerulean eyes. A pale complexion, for her mother is part albino, graces Rosie and gives the look of her being sickly. Her lips are often pursed into a look of shyness, often explaining her emotions, for her eyes are always obscured. Her mouth wide in fear, her mouth curved into an ever-so-rare smile, she portrays her small range of emotions this way. Her attire usually consists her favorite brands, Lapin Angelique and Hip Snake. Rosie's shirt is a custom made Lapin Angelique bunny parka where the only colors consist of black and grey, the hood, revealing the loppy bunny ears is usually pulled up. The bottom part of Rosie's attire is a pair of grey denim shorts that may reveal too much of Rosie's legs. These clothes were from before Rosie died and was much more confident. Hip Snake's 'Young American' shoes usually grace Rosie's feet, and are a frightening bright green color. Rosie's clothes are much to odd this new personality she has received, though she wears it as a memento to the time when she lived.

Personality: Once Rosie fell into the game, Rosie's personality did a complete one-eighty degrees. Once a girl that was brave, confident, and always stood up for herself. Rosie had always appreciated fashion and usually took her brands of clothes from the city of Shibuya, miles away in Japan. Not afraid to defy a teacher, classmate, or even her parents, all of this disappeared the day that she had passed away. Post-death, Rosie became timid, bashful, coy, any synonym of shy. She now prefers other to do the talking, no determination in having anyone else listening to her ideas. It believes in the phrase 'If you can't see anyone, no one can see you,' and usually covers herself with her hair or her hood. Unfortunately, Rosie is a bit of a klutz, so attention is usually drawn to her, much to her regret. Trips, dips, and falls, all of it is presented to Rosie on a silver platter. It doesn’t help that she want to cover up her vision of the world by her hair or hood. Rosie now prefers to be able to follow a person and she will be like a moth to a flame, though this is only because she is afraid of this new world as the new Rosie. Mostly, all you will hear from Rosie is silence, only taking a mere second if she would like to express her thoughts and her hidden eyes will protrude from her bangs, letting anyone be able to read her expression and have her opinion in mind. After this game, no one can be sure if Rosie will act the same and she did before death.

History: In her neighborhood in the RG, Rosie has learned to stick up for herself because of the number of criminal activity, and the fact that her Mom had worked two jobs and was hardly. In the day, she spent her time taking responsibility for her mother, who was always tired and sleeping on the couch after her jobs. At night, she was outside, hanging out with some shady figures where she learned everything about sticking up for herself. This was the only reason that Rosie had been able to live during the night, she became quite a con artist. Though this was when Rosie was a young age. When she went to school, Rosie became feared with her connections, and would stand up to anyone who would defy her. When she had been called by her most hated nickname, Rosetta Stone, she had usually give the person a good talking too, then the person would end up with some permanent scars. Traveling from school to school, she finally landed at the lowest of low schools that there was in England, though Rosie hadn't had time to be kicked out of that school. For the first day that she had stood up for herself, it was against someone that had been known to beat others to the last minute of their life, of course they survived or he would've been stuck somewhere even worse. The school hadn't even bothered with all of violence going on here. Once Rosie stood up to him, she had been brutally beaten up with a baseball bat, a crowbar, and other instruments that the man and his friends could find. This time, they were less careful and had killed Rosie. She layed dead in a dark alley where no one had known of her gruesome death. When she woke up, she noticed that she had a timer on her hand, and a text from someone saying 'Get to Helli Tower or face erasure. You have 60 minutes. -The Reapers.'

Entrance Fee: Rosie has lost her ability to stand up for herself, her confidence, and her courage. Now stands a shy, timid mask of her former self.

Pins: Little Lolita Brand.
Bantam Barrier - Rosie creates a shadowy barrier that is able to block enemy attacks, do damage on enemy contact, and regularly restore energy. This takes hardly any energy, for it would be useless if it stole energy more then it provided. The pin is shown as a black background and purple waves that reach out to be shown in a heart shape.

Petite Princess - Rosie always keeps a Monsieur La'pin doll in her hood pocket, and my using this doll, Rosie can send this out to fight for her for an amount of time. Rosie often uses this as a combo with Bantam Barrier so the enemy will only be able to attack Monsieur La'pin, which takes no damage. Monsieur La'pin can use physical attacks such as scratching with its long nails, and may use both of Rosie's other pins. Though you may say this is a strong pin, it takes up Rosie's energy quickly.

Miniature Missles - This is Rosie's only real physical attack, and the one that she uses the most. From her hand, Rosie fires a set of purple energy bullets in the shape of hearts. This is mostly her main source of attack because her only other physical attack takes to much of her energy, which spells possible doom for Rosie and her partner.


RP Sample: Kind of old, though most recent.

Dahli always would do something at the wrong time.

Including now. Dahli had just been doing a honest-to-perfect cartwheel, when some rude faculty worker had just barged in on her, and worse, a male. And the scene of the crime, Dahli's plaid skirt had just revealed her polka-dotted panties, all lined with purple. She gritted her teeth, and them had walked over to the unsuspecting male, a grin of absolute pleasure plastered on her once-crimson face. She recieved the male's hand, while stroking it gently, like how she would to a cat. And then: "OWWWW! Miss Lindbergh, what do you have to say for yourself? You know that you are supposed to respect people of the opposite gender, especially your faculty members! What do you have to say for yourself?!"

"Umm..sorry you're being a pussy-pants?"

The man's anger had gotten the best of him once again, just blabbing on about the wonders of blabbing and how Dahli should respect the other gender, and for once, get her nails cut! Dahli stared back at her nails, a gleaming white, and glanced back at the faculty member. Oh, Dahli knew! That man was a prosecutor and Dahli was the defense attorney! Dahli nodded her head, now what was that word again? Objunction? Jection? Ob? Dahli had then seen a light-bulb go off her her almost-empty mind.


Oh Miss Dahli, oh Miss Lindbergh, what have you done? Insulting a faculty member isn't on your list of fun, well maybe the pinching is. "Eh, so Mr. Faculty Member~" Dahli excitedly squealed in a high pitch "What brings you here to the home of Dahlia Karyna Lindbergh?" As she playfully stuck her tongue out at the embarrassed faculty."

"The assembly."

Dahli nodded. Oh yes! The assembly which was to greet new students and the old ones, but why now, when Dahli was just planning on doing a cartwheel, Dahli gritted her teeth, maybe it was that male teacher! Maybe he's so quiet so many evil pranks go on in his evil-mastermind mind! Dahli nodded at that proposition.

Dahli then had an expression that looked like Dahli had just been hit on the head with an anvil! If that guy came, that would mean that Dahli was late! Dahli had ran out of the room, her champagne-toned hair following along with Dahli, and with Dahli schedule, the assembly room, it was seven turns to the right, three turns to the left, and passing six other different turns, or if you just went straight, but what was the fun in that, and Dahli had a point, or else, nofunophobia would've taken over Dahli.

Dahli dashed into that assembly room, being terribly late, by a few minutes, and she just barged in on Barian's speech, which was pretty loud, who knew that quiet evil genius could talk that loud. All eyes were on Dahli, she she had walked through the middle of the scarlet carpet like a model, or a movie star. And then, Dahli had just taken a vacant seat near the other teachers, ignoring the "colds looks, and bad talk." about her, and her young age. She just intentively nodded as she listened to the remainder of the speech.

July 16th, 2008, 10:28 AM
Name: Roque Siege
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/roquecolorscopy-1.png <--- No stealing, outsiders. D:<
Roque's faded brown hair is spiked out to the sides, while he leaves his short cut bangs hanging freely over his forehead. His tapered eyes are a crisp gray-blue, sharp in contrast with his soft young features. Dressed in a sleeveless Dragon Couture polo-collared shirt, the buttonless front is left open to reveal a Sheep Heavenly light orange low-collar slouchy shirt underneath. A pair of slim fitting brown Dragon Couture pants cover his immobile legs and midsection, hiding his Pegaso classic half-boots. Scribbled in permanent black marker on his upper left arm is '1BAK', which he and his teammates wrote on their shoulders to signify that they would win first place in the upcoming competition the day Roque died. His build is fit and athletic, as he was once a regular on his school's track and field team, specializing in hurdles and long distance. He is now confined to a wheelchair, which is dark navy in color. A sapphire blue Pavo Real pendant hangs around his neck, a present from his deceased older sister which he stubbornly calls 'girly'. Roque began to wear the accessory after her death as a memento, even though he doesn't hesitate to state that he still thinks she got it in the women's section.

Personality: Once upon a time, Roque was upbeat and cheerful, an uncontrollable rebel who was the resident class clown. A free spirit who moved at his own pace, Roque was all himself, paid no attention to trends, instead choosing his wardrobe mostly from his favorite brands, Dragon Couture and Tigre Punks. He was an abundant source of positive energy and optimism, the guy who would be the first to introduce himself, the guy who tried his hardest to be friends with everyone. His persistence showed through the fact that though his grades were always a little sub-par, he made up for it by excelling at sports and trying to study hard at the same time. After his death though, Roque's happy nature was quickly dampened by the fact that he was unable to stand, let alone run. Upon entering the reaper's game, Roque cheered up slightly at the prospect that he might be able to get his entry fee back. He's quick to smile, though his smile is now somewhat insincere, and his sense of humor has been torn to bits. He finds nothing particularly amusing, but is willing to push out a laugh, just to be polite. His mannerisms are calm, mannerly, and very slight. Unlike before his death, Roque would most likely not make a lasting impression on anyone, as he tries his hardest to stay out of the spotlight, insecure about being a handicapped person in a fast paced city like Shibuya.

History: Grades were average for Roque, but wit and athletic ability was what Roque excelled at without fail. He loved smiles, laughter, brought them with him no matter where he went. Growing up as your everyday boy, there were no problems in Roque's life, other than the minor fact that his parents were disappointed with his grades. That didn't matter quite as much to Roque though, putting only his free time into working on his academics. Track and field were his number one priority, but on the day of his first major competition as a regular, Roque was found dead in an alleyway, his legs broken and bruised. Time of death was ascertained to be five hours prior, cause of death pinpointed to be a blow to the head which split a weak point in a vein and two arteries. The pressure on his brain quickly sent Roque, who was not found until seven hours after being beaten, down to the UG. Upon awakening, Roque found himself unable to stand. Panic unlike the fear he'd felt when his legs were broken before sent him into wild terror, looking around at the rest of Shibuya who ignored him. Roque deducted two obvious facts: One, that he was probably dead, and two, he was stuck in the scramble, handicapped, without any means of transportation other than dragging himself along, which... didn't seem like a happy idea. A plastic sound scraping across the ground brought his attention to the D+B belt that held up his pants, and he realized that there was a strange black pin stuck into one of the empty holes in his belt. As he was panicking, a strange man in a red hoodie rolled up an empty wheelchair, roughly pulling Roque into it and telling him to find a partner.

Entrance Fee: Roque's entry fee were his legs, as he is confined to a wheelchair in the UG, unable to stand, walk, or run. The limbs themselves are still there, but Roque has lost all feeling and sensation from the waist down.
Psych: Roque is terrible at using pins. Or well, is generally unable to use them. His psych is instead a pair of yo-yo's, and his wheelchair itself. The lime green yo-yo's are his main weapons, while the wheelchair's psych exhibit's no power but the ability to move without manually controlling it.
Partner: (Leave this blank for now, and you can pick a partner after more people have signed up.)

RP Sample: Honestly. xD

July 17th, 2008, 11:23 AM
Well I heard this game was very cool so I decided to sign-up for this rpg. Hope you like it! ^_^

Name: Riku Garushia

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Riku looks relatively normal, standing at 5' 7" and weighing at about 113. He isn't frail, but he isn't "buff" either. He doesn't have pail white skin, he has a nice peachy tone to his skin. He has light brown hair on his head reaching down to about half-way down his neck and his bangs end just before his eyelashes, he ususally has to brush them to the side so they won't irritate his eyes. His hair is slightly jagged on the sides and back. Riku has Icy Blue eyes that tend to stick out at people being as they are very bright.

Clothes-Wise Riku opts for a style that fits his laid-back personality. He wears a crimson red hoodie with black sleeves reaching down to just an inch above his elbows, the right one adorned with a pin[A green striped pin with an orange soda can], a black hood, a zipper, and two black pockets and each side of his hips. Underneath his hoodie is a plain white shirt. He has a crimson wristbands around both hands, his left wristband holds a pin [A light-gray pin with a blue and yellow comet-like object] as does the right wristband [A blue pin with three fireballs circling around the perimeter of the pin]. Underneath his shirt is a brown leather belt that hangs loosely from his waist. He wears a pair of charcoal black, cargo pants. His iPod lies within his left front pocket, the earphones traveling from underneath his shirt then finally hanging out of his sweater's hood. He also sticks his red and black DS Lite in his back right pocket.

Personality: Pretty Retro style, careless nature. Riku's personality varies, but his main thought in his mind is Survival.

Riku tends to be very hard headed about things most of the time. He's tend to rush into situations without thinking them over, but the bright side is he learns from his experiences. He does get mad at people, but not to the extent of hate. Of course, when someone he cares about is harmed, he does get very angry at the one who did it to them and will fight to the death to prevent it from happening again.

As you might assume from the above statement, Riku also has a strong sense of justice. However, he firmly believes that right and wrong are just concepts, and that it’s what you do and what you believe in that matters in the end. He personally thinks that the lives of others take priority over his own, though he’s by no means incredibly selfless. However, he will gladly risk his life so that someone else can keep theirs without so much as a second’s hesitation.

Riku lacks patience, and prefers constant action. He may even look for trouble for the sake of entertainment.

History: Riku comes from America, he is half british, half japanese. Born in Japan, Riku was soon taken to England by his British Father and Japanese Mother. His father was a wealthy business man and continuesly pressured Riku to follow in his footsteps. However, he didn't want to take the life of a businessman. His mother would then fight with his father over the matter leading to huge arguements. This caused Riku to eventually just leave whenever this happened, his friends usually confort him. So he adored his friends, the only source of happiness he owned. But other times he just walked into the streets of his town.

One day when his parents were argueing once again, Riku was finally fed up with it. He ran, and kept running. He finally was tired and stopped to catch his breath near his favorite candy store, this triggered the memory of the fact he had bought his favorite chocolate bar that day. A Wonka Bar. He tore open the plastic cover, then unpeeled the tin foil. Finally he broke a piece off with his teeth and savored the chocolate, it always made him feel better somehow. Suddenly from his right fron pocket came a vibration which startled Riku. He dug his hand into his pocket and fished out his cell phone, a newly bought iPhone. On the large screen was an unread text message, and under its composer was the strangest thing.


Well Riku obviously read the message, but as soon as he did so a strange sensation came towards him. Like something bad was about to happen, now Riku lived in a typically peaceful neighborhood. But that was during the day, during the midst of the deep night...bad things went down. So as Riku began to read the message a young man ran past him very quickly, he wore a muscle shirt and baggy shorts. He looked like a gangster of some sort, and almost as soon as he ran a car came racing down the street and held out a gun. And fired multiple shots at the man, who at the time was directly in front of Riku...

Everything was a blur on that fateful day, but Riku soon woke up in the day. He shot up right and looked around, a normal day in Everett. Bustling streets of business man and the sort, and then a familiar figure appeared. His father, how he despised the man. Riku stood up and walked over to him and began insulting him, but oddly enough he didn't pay attention. Now that he thougth about it...nobody did. His pocket vibrated again and came another message, from the...Reapers. He opened the message, and the only thing that came to mind as he did was...


Entrance Fee: Friends


Refresher Pin//Hero's Courage Brand: A green striped pin with a yellow soda can adorned with blue japanese letter in the center of the pin. It allows Riku to heal himself and his partner by about 50%.

HydroBolt Pin//Hero's Courage Brand: A dark gray pin, with a light blue and yellow comet leaving behind a liquid blue tail and two bubbles. It gives Riku the power to hold a small bubble filled with electricity in his left hand, he can send it into the sky above creating a torrent of electricity and water in the clouds. Soon a monstrous comet comes from above holding pressure equal to the sea and filled with electricity and strikes the battle field, and two bubbles cover Riku and his partner protecting them from the impact.

PyroArm Pin//Hero's Courage Brand: A dark red pin with a large orange and yellow flame in the center of the pin, inside the fire is a fist. It gives Riku the power to wield a fireball which eventually covers his entire right arm in fire, he has the ability to control fire with his right arm. He can send fireballs, or a large stream of fire.


RP Sample:

I just wrote this, it's pretty much an opening post sort of thing. So I hope you like it.

Riku's body layed motionless in the middle of the black pavement of the Shibuya Crossing. The day continued on as normal, business men rushed off to work. Riku just layed there, his eyes were closed and his skin was cold as if he were dead. But finally, his icy blue eyes opened and he shot up right. He saw the men in black suits and Riku was confused, he had just waken up in the middle of a Scramble Crossing. Weird place to wake up in, huh?

'W-Where am I?! I-Is this Shibuya?' Riku told himself mentally, he was very confused. He looked around and watched as the business men scurried on the streets, seemingly preforming coreography. Not colliding into eachother, not even once. He stood up shakily and looked around, he walked over to a man and tapped him on the shoulder. Only, as he did...the man transformed into nothingness. Then re-appeared again, right before his very eyes. Almost as if he was just, white noise on a television screen.

"Hello? Can you hear me?" He asked, but no one turned. Riku was scared, he jumped in shock as his right fist started to become encircled in a dark wind of some sort.

He looked down, and opened his right palm. It was a pin, a very...strange pin. It was charcoal black with a creamy white skull design. It seemed to eminate a dark aura, he wasn't given much time to soak in its effects do to the sudden vibration in his pocket. He grabbed his cell phone, and read the incoming message.

" Hello, Riku. You are now part of a game, our game. Your first task is a simple one, make it to 106 underneath an hour. If not suceeded you will face erasure. You are about to take your first step into the Reaper's Game...

Riku's eyes widened, a single word floated around in his head and didn't stop.


This word was fairly new to him, no one had ever said this word to him. Erasure. What did it mean, that he would be erased? Erased from what? Riku walked around Shibuya a bit and shot his head around the bustling district of Shibuya, it was known for its shopping and style.

Riku's attention soon drifted to the black skull pin in his right hand, what was it? He gripped it tight, and his ears perked. He grabbed them and grunted slightly. He heard voices, many...many voices.

"What are these voices?!" He shouted out, since it didn't matter much if he yelled. No one could hear him, he gripped his ears and looked around. They seemed to be coming from the business men walking around,

"Am I-Am I hearing those people's thoughts?" He looked around and his eyes widened as small dark spheres began to form in the people's chests. They erupted the people's bodies and fell to the floor, the blobs took form of frogs. Except they weren't frogs, they were some kind of strange monsters. THey looked liek normal frogs, but had strange looking legs. They hopped down the streets and glared at Riku,

"Oh, crap. What the hell are these things?!" Riku backed up as his sight never left the strange frog monsters.

Keo Kirito
July 17th, 2008, 2:17 PM
Wow, It's been way to long since I've done an RP...here goes nothing!

Name: Lee Phoenix
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Lee stands approximately 5'11'' tall. He has shaggy brown hair and bright blue eyes. He looks bigger than most kids at 5'11 due to his solid workout schedule for his hockey career. He wears the same sneakers he has for the last two years. His Nike's are black but faded. The sole is wore due to long use. His denim jeans are also faded with a hole in each knee. His vintage black and white, Cadillac t-shirt is tight upon his muscular skin.

Personality: Lee is a lighthearted kid who just wants to have some fun. He is very easy to get along with. He is very protective however. If you wrong one of his friends, you are going to have to pay for it. He loves to talk. You'll find that out soon enough. He can be fun and outgoing but also can be very serious. He learned this in hockey. If you always let your emotions get the best of you, your going to pay for it. Sometimes you have to be serious.

History: Lee grew up in a small town in Missouri, USA. He learned to love the game of hockey. He started skating at the age of 3. He was playing with kids twice his age by the time he was 15 and at age 18 he was drafted, first overall, by the St. Louis Blues of the National Hockey League. The kid was a prodigy. He was going to be a big star in the league. He turned 19 after his first season of pro hockey in St. Louis. He notched 46 goals and 54 assists to win the Calder Memorial Trophy as the top rookie in the league. He traveled to Japan for vacation after that season. He ended up in the town of Shibuya. He was walking the streets, looking around in different shops when he was pulled into an alley and stabbed. The man, recognized his face, knew he had a fat sign on bonus as the first overall pick and robbed him. Only to find out he had $36 on him.

When he awoke, the streets were silent...he had a text on his phone. He didn't know what was in store for him one he hit the read message button....
Entrance Fee: His ability to play hockey. His legs went weak, He lost focus to easily and his hand eye coordination were shot.


LIGHTNING: His legs power back up and he is able to run at speeds close to 150MPH

SUPERSONIC: His intelligence rises to unbelievable numbers and he is able to send mind waves which could move, break, shake, etc. many different items.

SLITHER: Lee's ability to move so quietly and quickly around an area rises to all time levels. He can move quickly, undetected through an area which can help in many more ways than expected.


RP Sample:
(using an old one if you dont mind)

Shou walked down the streets of the small town. Humans and other creatures were scurrying about their business. Selling their items. Shouts of Bargains entered his ears. But Shou continued on. He was not interested in foolish items. He was a Demon. Of human appearance, yes, and he was always like that. He needed not lesser nutrients. His white Cloak and hood appeared not to be touched by the dirt and filth of the street. His face was soft in appearance and comforting. He seemed kind enough, his baritone voice kindly refusing all the offers handed to him. Thanking the shop keepers for their kindness and all.

Then, a small child ran into Shou and fell over. Shou kneeled down to pick the child from the street floor. The smile and soft features were still on his face. But the eyes had changed tone into a darker, crueler, colder yet the eyes burning with rage. The Childs happy face turned to that of horror and ran off like he had seen a ghost.

The villagers looked oddly at Shou, and Shou took his hood off of his head, his face was back to normal, kind and comforting. The villagers seeing the face saw nothing wrong, and thus came to the conclusion that the child had probably imagined something. Life returned to normal.

For the moment, he will allow the lesser filth to run free in the lands of Ordek. But soon, Shou will claim his true title, Kurayami no Shou, so as to declare dominance over the living and the dead alike. Control the past and the present and thus dominate the Future with the choking alliance of Darkness and Fire.

Raichu Master
July 17th, 2008, 8:24 PM
*thrown in* You can't do this to me! I'll call my lawyer!!! *blinks and looks around* Oh hi...er...I've been rp-free for about oh let's say 5 months now. You don't need to applaud. No, please, don't. Because, you see, I'm coming back for more!

Name: Shinbo Suzimaria

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: Shinbo is short; short for even being Japanese. In his youth he used to be taller. It is said that when he disgraced his family, he stopped growing, which is just a myth of course, but the young Shinbo took it to heart. He has short hair, unlike his brother, who was aloud to grow his hair long and tie it back in a ponytail. His hair is brown, his father would describe it as crap colored, but his mother always talked about how he had beautiful brown hair. He has never been sure which was the truth. He has large green piercing eyes; the only thing he got from his father. Though he isn't fierce in anyway, someone who doesn't know him, might find the eyes a little intimidating. Shinbo regards his eyes with disdain because he secretly hates his father, but he's never had the backbone to stick up for himself, even now that he's grown.

Shinbo wears a black t-shirt with a white outline of an eagle across the chest. It symbolizes, at least to himself, that he will one day soar free of his bondage. When he told his father this, harsh and cruel laughter is all he got back in reply. He wears blue jeans as well, and this appearance is alone enough to cause his father to spit at him saying "no wonder you will not be heir to the family business! Look at you! You are a disgrace!" He tries to be well kept and clean, although nothing he does would ever satisfy his father's dislike.

Shinbo Suzimaria of the Suzimaria clan in Japan, is a failure in his father's eyes. He's done the best he could, and still that wasn't enough. He was average in his father's eyes, so therefore he thinks himself beneath everyone. He walks with his eyes downcast to keep from looking into people's eyes, a sign of inferiority. His stride is hesitant and he has a problem with running into objects, particularly objects that really shouldn't be bumped into. This is caused, of course, from the fact that he won't walk looking straight ahead. Consequently, he also looks like he lost his best friend, unfortunately he never really had any since he was the runt of the family.

Personality: Shinbo Suzimaria is a mild manner Japanese 20-year-old man. Though his father heavily ladened him with verbal abuse, he came out relatively unscathed, thanks to his mom. He was quite the mama's boy, only because his father rejected him. He wasn't athletic, and he wasn't particularly good looking either. He wasn't strong and brave like his sister, and he wasn't smart and clever like his younger brother, so he really had no redeeming quality to him at least to his father.

His mother and his sister seemed to like him though. Before they left Japan, Mizuho, his older sister, would often protect him from his father's wrath when he was a boy, and still did so when they went back to Japan to visit the clan. Because she was her father's favorite, she never fell into displeasure with her father even when she disobeyed him by looking after Shinbo. His mother did the same thing, and he clung to her many times as his father lashed out at him, only to stop in mid swing when he found his wife standing between them. His little brother, Kyo, was much like their father, and he looked down on his older sibling for being weak and stupid.

Shinbo Suzimaria is a coward. He hates danger, and he stays away from him. He cowers when people get angry, this is obviously from his father. He's insecure, and depends on others to fight his battles, and defend him. He doesn't know a lot and what he does know he often forgets. He is a dreamer, however. He's an idealist who seeks comfort in his own hopes, dreams, and thoughts. He reads none stop and it provides him a way to escape the harsh reality that is his life.

Shinbo is also addicted to video games. His habits of reading and video games earn him further disgust from his father since he views him as lazy and incompetent, weird and strange. This addiction is what will get him thrusted into the trouble he's about to get himself into, and it will transform him in many ways.

History: The Suzimaria clan is a well-grounded, well-respected family in Japan. Kazuma Suzimaria, Shinbo's father, was the youngest of two brothers, and so therefore was not the heir to the Suzimaria business. Kazuma was not heartbroken by this because his eldest brother was groomed to be the heir of the family business. Kazuma had less restrictions as he grew up, which made him a bit of a wild child growing up. Kaoru, Kazuma's brother, never once complained about his harass and strict upbringing, counting it a blessing.

Kazuma eventually married Asa, a girl that he had been arranged to marry since he was a little boy. Fortunately, this went well because Kazuma and Asa spent plenty of time together and he grew to love her dearly. They lived on the Suzimaria estate along with many of the others of his clan, and came to love his job, which was the vice president. He was perfectly fine with being in second place. They had one daughter who would always be the apple of Kazuma's eye. Mizuho was an excellent swordswoman, and learned the family art with easy. She was intelligent and athlete. She was everything his father could have ever asked for. She was proud of being Japanese, which caused problems later on when her father chose to move to England.

They next had a son 6 years later, Shinbo. With Kaoru unable to have a son of his own, only having daughters, he was to be the next heir. However, Shinbo wasn't exactly heir material, which became evident, as he grew old. He was dull, clumsy, and had no athletic ability whatsoever. While Mizuho could be said to be the jewel of the Suzimaria clan, Shinbo was definitely the runt. After Shinbo came Kyou, who was much more of the successor type, and thus Shinbo was almost completely forgotten about. If it wasn't for Asa having a strong love for Shinbo, Kazuma would have left him along the side of the road. But he suffered his sons incompetence for his wife.

Problems arose when Kazuma wanted to travel, becoming tired of staying in an office. His brother, who always watched over him, decided to let him head a new branch he was trying to start up in England. Kazuma jumped on this chance. Mizuho insisted on staying in Japan with the clan to continue her training and education, clinging to her Japanese heritage. Shinbo and Kyou jumped at the opportunity as well. Kaoru felt that it was good for Kyou to be cultured so agreed to send the then-heir to England with his father and took his neice under his wing. Shinbo was never even mentioned, forgotten by the clan. The only way they could find to redeem him was to marry him off to another respected clan to try and gain back the honor lost. The clan he was to be married to would only accept him if he went to England and proved himself successful.

Kyou quickly became popular at his elementary school, and also became teacher's favorite. Shinbo was an average student, who got average grades, causing teachers to often forget about him, since he wasn't a problem student they had to deal with and wasn't particularly the best so they took no notice of excellence. Thus was his life throughout his schooling. He was picked on and harassed all throughout junior high and high school because he attended a wealthy private school. The kids quickly found out that he was the runt and worthless and started hammering at it. The only place Shinbo could run was to his mother for protection who protected him as best she could but it still wasn't enough.

Now 20, Shinbo must make himself a success or be the disgrace of his clan forever. In order to do this he has to rise above his average self, which he is unable to do, since all he does is sit at home "looking for a job". That's when he stumbles upon the game, and his life will forever be changed.

Entrance Fee: Shinbo is no longer average, he is gifted with extraordinariness, and the price...averageness. (yeah, remember that paradox i was talking about. You thought I was babbling, huh! should have paid more attention!)


Fruits Basket - comes with a variety of fruits that well...you can throw at things and it hurts and stuff...yeah...oh and it has a rice ball which is special because "a rice ball doesn't belong in a fruits basket"! (ok...if you haven't seen the anime, you won't get it or the theme of my character...)

Do we have to have three? I kind of think the fruits basket is a nice touch alone...


RP Sample If I must I will finish later i suppose...

(edit # 1: Alright, so i'm done with the history. I'm going ahead and touching up the description and personality since I got carried away with the history. Hehe)

(edit #2: Yay! I got the appearance done! It almost looks like I'm warming up a little bit!)

(edit #3: w00t! There we go! I added everything I thought I could to this profile! It's the best I've had in a long time. I hope this does it for you, old friend!)

July 19th, 2008, 4:15 AM
Sorry, It appears as though I wont be here for about a week starting tomorow everyone. This dosn't mean I'm dropping out, it simply means that I wont be around to RP.

Reason: I got accepted to a week-long 'Journalism Camp" Up at a local collage, and I will be staying on-campus for the duration of the week. Yes, this means I will actually be going to COLLAGE at the age of SIXTEEN. how fekking cool is that?

Ja Ne!

-Takami Haru

July 20th, 2008, 3:05 PM
Just curious, are we going here about any acceptions and denials? It'd make it easier if I knew if I had another RP to focus on or not, bunch of stuff on my plate and I'd just like to know if the RP i've really wanted to get in on worked out. Thanks!

July 20th, 2008, 7:04 PM
Sorry, I would have done this sooner but my dogs ate my router so I had no connection for two days.

Accepted: Loki; Chabz; Gummy (Though is there any way you can lower his age a bit? ^^;)
Reserved: .fate; Rena; Raichu Master (I know you're rusty, which is why I'd like you to put a little more into your signup, history in particular. ^^;); Charizard Man (I'd actually like to see an RP sample not taken from another RP from you since I'm not familiar with you. That should be no problem, right?); SilverTail (What really bugs me is your sample. You don't pay a lot of attention to spelling and punctuation. I need to think on this one.)
Declined: Raiki; Ater_Ventus

You can start picking partners as long as the other is at least reserved.

July 20th, 2008, 8:16 PM
Okay, it was no problem. I changed it, with a sample I just wrote as I edited it. So, check it out. Tell me if its good or not. And, if you can...can you give me some criticism on my sign up. I always love to hear constructive criticism about my sign-ups, so I can get better. So please tell me whats wrong with it, if you can.

Keo Kirito
July 20th, 2008, 9:43 PM
Alrighty. First time trying one of these in over a year. Well good luck.

July 21st, 2008, 4:51 AM
Gummy want to be partners?! Or Silvertail?! Or even fate?!!? Lol if any of you guys want to be partners let me know, I'm able to work with anyone =]

July 21st, 2008, 6:56 AM
Okay, I've lowered his age to 18. If I put it any lower I may have to change other things in the sign-up, so I hope 18 is good enough. And yes Chabz, I'll be partners with you.

July 21st, 2008, 8:39 AM
Sweet deal, I'll edit my sign up =]

Raichu Master
July 23rd, 2008, 5:17 PM
Ta da! All prettied up! I revamped not only the history but his appearance and personality sections. I hope that is enough. If not I suppose I could add more to it, but I think I just hit the wall of my abilities for now. I don't think i can add much more, but I could try if this isn't enough.

July 25th, 2008, 9:27 AM
Well I had intended on finishing my signup yesterday when I had my day off for the week, but lady luck is a witch and PC ended up being down (but on the bright side it gave me time to get my Xbox Live working yay). I'll update the first post with all accepted members, and hopefully I'll get my profile done after work at 11pm tonight (unlikely) or tomorrow before work (more likely). So hurry up and get your partners sorted out. >O

Also, I had a talented artist I know draw Alexis for me. She's so cute~ (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/worldendswithyou.jpg)

July 28th, 2008, 10:00 AM
Hey I wanted to be the one to make this RP... oh well.. I love TWEWY! am sign up!

BTW .Fate..... you're sig is huge!

Name: Kyle Nortz

Age: 42 (yes... he's old)

Gender: Male

Appearance: 6' 2" tall and very handsome... sure. In reality Kyle (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/Kyle-93051813) is a good 5'7", The first thing you shall notice about Kyle, are his eyes... one is a the deepest blue you have seen in your entire the life, yet the other, the other is a bruised purple to black. His skin; is a deep farmers tan, most of him is hairless save for the smallest patch of soft hair that crawls over his chest. His hair is short and cut so that his bangs cover his eyebrows giving him a very distinguished look as well as not letting you see when he's not angry. He has his teeth filed down to pointed fangs giving him the look of some wild beast, on rare occasions does he shave his face so normally a good amount of stubble can be seen when ever you dare get close enough. As for clothes, Kyle prefers black above all colors, He enjoys Black jeans with a black long sleeve shirt. He wears Converse boots that are a deep crimson in color. An observant person would see that he has an inverted cross on his belt buckle, (the reason for this is unknown for he is not a Satanist.) The two things that everyone sees after knowing Kyle, are the tattoos that he has on the palms of his hands. The one on his left hand states "Sarcasm", and the one on his right hand says, "Not listening". They just let you know what he's sure you should be able to see when he's talking (or not talking as the case may be) to you.

Personality: As dark as his history, Kyle is not a nice man. A typical Criminal, he thinks of himself first unless the pay is good enough. Don't even wonder if he's going to ask you how you're feeling because unless you have DDD size boobs, he won't even notice you're alive.

History:Kyle was born in a small town with no name, he grew up as the son of a traveling merchant, his mother had died at birth so he had no female companionship of any kind until he was well into his late 20's. That's when he was forced to deliver merchandises to a home just outside of a town known only as Blue, once at the house he knocked on the door and the man who answered looked slightly strange yet Kyle thought nothing of it. The man paid and Kyle headed back to his father, yet on his way he met a gypsy, she stopped him and told him that if he did her a favor she would tell him what the future had in store, (to not go into details, he slept with her and she said this, "A great Evil will shape your future.")

Kyle got back to his father to find him dead, this sparked a rage in Kyle the likes of which he had never felt. His father had been his world, filled by rage he vowed revenge. For 7 years he worked on his plans of revenge, once perfected he executed them. (literally), he returned to the town, blaming them for his fathers death, brainwashing everyone was easy. He was able to get them all into one house, and one by one... he raped and killed them all. Slowly, he savored every moment and none of them put up a fight. Unfortunately, he failed to predict that a single child would escape and bring the authorities before he was done.

In short, he was tried and convicted of 1234.5 accounts of premeditated murder and rape. He was sentenced to death... that was 10 years ago, since he was admitted he was gone to his death over 300 times and each time a problem has risen and they are unable to rid themselves of him. In most cases they just decided to forget he even existed saying simply, "Do not Talk about Kyle!"

He died of starvation, interesting that no one thought about not feeding him until now.. but one Guard decided he had enough of Kyle commenting on how he looked and how he walked. So he stopped food from ever getting to Kyle, that is how Kyle ended up here.

Entrance Fee: His Free will. (in short, if he's not told to do something.. he can't physically do it.)
Pins: Converse- All star ~ Psychokinesis
Silver Tears Inc {my personal Brand XD}- Playbill ~ teleport
Virgin - Gorillaz {I'm sorry I had to} ~ Street Jam (same as LIVE)
Partner: -

RP Sample:

Alandros runs his long fingers threw his dark red hair for the millionth time, he had been standing on this very same street corner waiting for his mother for over two hours now, “I’ll be back in five minutes...” he blows hair out of his eyes, “yeah right.” The golden inverted cross that hung from his neck glittered at any passers by, daring them to get close enough to see what the owner of the cross had to hide. A sudden tingle catches Alandros by surprise, he reches down and unzips the pocket on the back of his knee, producing a gorgiuse LG chocolate that he had bought with his own money, checking the Caller ID he smiles and slides it open, “Bueno?” he pipes marrily.

“Alan?” A sweet almost songlike voice erupts from the speaker, “I’ve been trying to call for almost an hour, I was getting worried.”

“yeah? Reception is really bad on this side of town.” He glares at a tourists, “Y TU QUE STAS VIENDO!?” the blond tourists backs away and heads in the opocit direction.

“Alan why do you have to be so mean to everybody?” The girl on the other side of the line asks.

“You know better then to ask that Pricila.” He growls and turns his grey eyes on a tiny Asian girl who walked by, “What did you call me for anyway?”

“Oh, um... i was wondering....” she paused, “Could you come over tonight?”

Alan thought about it, Pricila was the dark skinned blond at his school, to whome he had proformed many a visit. She was fare of face but dull when it came to anything deeper the physical pleasure. “I think I could.” He smiles, “Does 8 sound good to you?”

“Yeah, you know how to get in.” She hangs up.

Alan nods and places his phone back into his pocket, he looks in the direction his mother had left, “Mom where are you?” he looks at the watch he had attached to his vest. “You said you’d-.” He sees her, “MOM!” he waves.

She sees him and makes her way to him, “Alan.” She says when she reaches him, “I thought you would have gone home by now....”

“You know I’ll always wait mom.” He says as he takes her purse and throws it over his shoulder. He was taller then her by a head and looking down at he only reminded him of how she was all he had in the world and he likewise was all she had. Offering his arm he leads her towards the bus that was supposed to take them home. Rain clouds had stared to gather when they found the right street, “Aw man…” Alandros complained running his hands over his brown Swede Jacket. “My jacket’s going to get ruined…”

“I told you not to wear it.” His mother says in an I-told-you-so kind of tone.

Alan looks at the clouds, he had a good ten minutes before they would drop rain, but still, getting off the bus would surly ruin his jacket. “I want to take the long route mom…” he says as the bus Marked ‘Jardin’.

His mother nods as he helps her into the old blue bus, she paid for them both and Alan took the time to find a seat far from any windows. When his mother sat down next to him he smiled and let her wrap her arm around him. He closed his eyes, taking a nap on the bus wasn’t unusual for anyone and he had suffered threw a very annoying day at school. He slept for a good hour, his mother read a book as the bus rumbled threw the streets, Alan only woke up because it had started to rain. Opening steel gray eyes he sneers at his own reflection, a sudden bump in the rode forces his forehead to collide with the window, “Are you ok?” his mother asks trying to hide a giggle with her hand.

Alan growls and rubs the now red spot on his forehead, “Yeah I’m ok...” he spies something out of the corner of his eye and turns to see a shadow, it stood there for a moment but disappeared quickly. Alan shakes his head and starts pulling off his jacket, underneath he had on a black cotton sweater that hugged his muscular arms and chest accenting his red hair and pail complexion. He turned his jacket inside out and put it back on, he smiled at the look his mother gave him, “If I’m going to ruin it I might as well not ruin the part that people can see.” He pointed out tapping his mother’s nose.

She turned back to her book, ignoring him, “What time is it sweetie?” she asked after a few moments.

Alan runs his hands over the hundreds of pockets on his pants, he finds what he is looking for in record time. He pulls out an old pocket watch that his mother had told him belonged to his father, “It’s almost six thirty.” He says and puts the watch back into his pocket. He sighed, his mind running over what he was planning to do that night, if it rained any more he would be forced to call and tell her he could not make it. “What do you want for dinner mom?” he asked so suddenly that he swore his Cell phone vibrated.

She looked up from her book and smiled, Her son may have been a Satanist but he was raised right and he knew what he should do. “We haven’t had spaghetti in a while have we?”

Alan smiled, when she wanted something she always dictated it in the form of a question, “No we haven’t.” He answered as he fingered his golden cross.

It took another three minutes for them to get home, and another 4 minutes worth of walking in the rain Alan complaining about his jacket the whole way. When his mother had finally closed the front door Alan pealed off his jacket and shook it, “How is it baby?” she asked him as she walked over.

“The back looks fine but the front.....” he shakes his head, “I have to buy a new one.”

His mother sighs, “Well you know the rules.”

Alan nods, “I know...” He had gotten a job at a library downtown, they paid him decently and he quite enjoyed it there, the only thing was that since he got the job his mother had announced that all of his clothes he would have to buy himself. He takes the jacket into his room and tosses it onto the bed, it lands spread out just a she wanted it to. He turns on the light and takes off his school uniform and tosses it onto his bed, a whisper catches his attencion as he pulled on a long sleave black shirt. “Huh?” he looks around his room.

He hears it again but this time he hears, “Alan....” he walks to where he had put his pants the whisper seemed to come from it. “Alan.. let me out...”

Alan ran his hands over all of his pockets and soon found a pocket that seemed to be burning, he opens it and his cell phone falls out, “What the-.” His phone buzzes once then the screan dies, Alan picks it up and tries to turn it on, “What’s going-?” He drops it suddenly as though it had bitten him for a strange charge had gone threw it. It sits on his bed for a moment before it rings, using a song that Alan had never programed it to ring with for anyone. Pickig it up again Alan slides it open and puts it to his ear, “H-hello...”

“I knew that would work!” A voice shouts so loud that Alan nearly drops the phone. “Hey! Don’t drop me!” The cell phone hits the floor with a sickening crack that made Alan wince. “Great now pick me up!”

Alan did as he was bid, “What’s going on here?”

“What do you think?” The phone blinks, “The name is Lust. And you are one of the seven perfect angels.”

“Angels! You’re talking to the wrong guy! I’m a-.”

“Satanist... yeah... we demons know that.... just listen you have a mission and it don’t matter what you belive in you have to do it.”

Alan sighs, then puts the phone to his ear, “Alright... let me hear it...”


August 6th, 2008, 12:38 PM

Fate! Where are you?! I miss this RP and it hasn't even started yet.


EDIT: I will be gone August 20th - August 25th and I won't have ANY computer access. Just wanted to give the heads up. My character can be controlled, but I'd prefer it if someone who would actually do a good job with him be the "Puppet Master" so to speak.

August 7th, 2008, 10:07 AM

Fate! Where are you?! I miss this RP and it hasn't even started yet.


*also pokes* yeah... I was really looking forward to it.