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Man of Faith
July 8th, 2008, 8:43 PM
Heroes: Aftermath



In the year 2006, seemingly normal people discovered that they had extraordinary abilities. They could heal themselves, move objects with their minds, and even travel through space and time. The evolved humans slowly learned to control their powers, but not all used them for good. One in particular was a man who called himself Sylar. He slaughtered many, stealing their abilities. With a number of these stolen abilities, a plot was set into action. A group of people, who were called the Company, had decided that in order to cleanse the world they would use Sylar’s abilities in order to destroy part of New York, killing .07% of the world’s population.

However, there was a glimmer of hope. A small group of evolved humans, who were all linked together in big ways that slowly became visible to them, tried to stop him. They were Hiro Nakamura(space/time manipulation); Claire Bennet(rapid cell regeneration); Nathan(flying) and Peter Petrelli(empathic mimicry); D.L Hawkins(phasing); Micah(technopathy) and Niki Sanders(super strength); Mohinder Suresh(no ability); Noah Bennet(no ability) and Matt Parkman(telepathy). But Hiro, one of the most important members of the group, had accidenty used his ability and was left stranded five years in the future. And due to this, no one was able to kill Sylar before he could destroy the city. The Company's plot had succeeded.

General Plot:

It is now 2011. Nathan Petrelli is now president. Hiro Nakamura has become a rebel and a "terrorist", while Hiro Nakamura's past self has just arrived, using his ability to manipulate space and time, at this spot in time. Matt Parkman has become an agent for the government; Noah Bennet is a double agent, seemingly helping these evolved humans, but reporting to Matt if he notices any with dangerous abilities. Claire Bennet is now in hiding with help from her adoptive father, Noah. D.L. Hawkins and his son, Micah Sanders, perished in the explosion; Niki Sanders, D.L.'s wife and Micah's mother, is now a stripper dating Peter Petrelli. Mohinder Suresh is now the president's right-hand man. And Sylar hasn't been seen in five years.

Due to the Linderman Act passed in 2007, the government has started to hunt down, capture, and possibly eliminate these evolved humans. Some of the evolved humans sold themselves out to the government, taking jobs to track down their own kind. Yet everyday more and more people discover they have abilities and are forced to hide them. But the evolved humans are getting fed up with hiding. They have started to rebel, causing problems around the world. The government has become more violent toward the people.

Now will they betray their fellows and take side with the government? Or protect their people from the supremacy? While the people are forced to chose, Hiro Nakamura, a man with the power to control the space/time continuum, has set in motion a plan to change the past.


Age: 16-50
Height: (Make it a natural height...)
Country of Origin:
Physical Description: (It doesn't have ot be overly descriptive, but don't make it short and bland)
Personality: (See above.)
History: (You can include the discovery of his/her powers, but you can also choose to wait until the RP begins. "He/she lost all of his/her memories," will not cut it)
Ability: If applicable. Not all can be evolved humans. (If you need help, use this link (http://heroeswiki.com/List_of_abilities). But do NOT pick powers such as empathic mimicry, rapid cell regeneration, space/time manipulation, ect. Do not chose a power that has already been taken.)
Side: Please be diverse, people, or you might not get accepted. (Government, The Company, Neutral, Undecided, Evolved Humans)
Other: (Anything from religion to IQ to occupation)



1. Normal PC and RP Rules

2. Use correct punctuation and grammar

3. Stay active.

4. If you would like to have more than one character, you may only have up to three.

5. Do not make every character have an ability. Some have to be normal people.

These characters will be controlled by me. Post in the discussion thread or PM me if you have ideas or want permission to temporarily control one.

Nathan Petrelli - The president of the United States. Brother of Peter Petrelli. Has the ability of flight. Biological father of Claire Bennet.

Mohinder Suresh - The president's right-hand man. Researches evolved human. In doubt about loyalty.

Noah Bennet - Double agent working for Matt Parkman. Adoptive father of Claire Bennet. Pretends to work for the Company.

Claire Bennet - Hiding from the government and the Company in Texas. Adoptive daughter of Noah Bennet. Biological daughter of Nathan Petrelli. Biological niece of Peter Petrelli. Has the ability of rapid cell regeneration.

Peter Petrelli - The brother of Nathan Petrelli. Uncle of Claire Bennet. Dating Niki Sanders.

Niki Sanders - Dating Peter Petrelli. Husband and son perished in the explosion. Has thre ability of super strength.

Bob Bishop - One of the founders and current leader of the Company. Father of Elle Bishop. Has the power of alchemy.

Elle Bishop - Daughter of Bob Bishop. Has the power of lightning.

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