View Full Version : some of my poetry

July 10th, 2008, 6:59 AM
im not really good at english poetry but i got some small attemps..
i lost alot of it cause my comp crashed but i was able to retreive some stuff...
and theres some mistakes in my english too though anyway hope ya like it

love is good as pure as gold
my heart is burning in my chest
love is a beautyfull thing
it has ups and downs
but everybodywill find true love
it is something that's come from above
like an angel spreading its wings
as it fly's and fly's upon the sky

love is like a sweet melody played
by thousand of the best musicians
It always sounds so beautyfull
no mather how mutch you listen to it
you never get enought of it

friendship is worth more then everything in life
its something you ador
Its liking somebody for who he is
How wierd or crazy he or she even is
Its true friendship that survive's for eturnety
no matther what happends

i'll never leave you,you are way to kind for that
we we will stay together forever,
nobody can keep us out of eachother
nobody can keep me away of you
its impossibel,you'r the reason i live
You'r the reason why i keep fighting
and never give up

a friend is a person you hug
a person that understands you
a person where you can cry out
And he/she can say:
'I know how you feal.'
A person who you can share problems with
or just talk a little
A person that you share your days and weeks and months and years with.
A person who takes a place in your hart

you'r a person who i care about
I just got a taste of what it's like to be your friend
I hope we will share thousands of more moments
that we will stay friends for a long,long time