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July 11th, 2008, 9:35 AM
Ok, so, I just recently restarted FireRed version and I needed help on my party.
Here is my current party and stats:
[I'm in Cerulean City and didn't defeat Misty yet]

Pikachu - Level 17. Gentle Nature.
Attack = 23
Defense = 17
SP. Atk = 27
SP. Def = 23
Speed = 38

Pidgey - Level 17. Modest Nature.
Attack = 20
Defense = 20
SP. Atk = 18
SP. Def. = 21
Speed = 26

Wartortle - Level 22. Impish Nature.
Attack = 34
Defense = 49
SP. Atk = 36
SP. Def = 46
Speed = 32

Odish - Level 12. Mild Nature.
Attack = 17
Defense = 16
SP. Atk = 27
SP. Def = 21
Speed = 14

I have 2 slots open..and I need a better grass type. But, there are barley any grass types if you didn't pick Bulbasaur.

Help Me Please. =D

July 11th, 2008, 12:07 PM
Well go to the sea cottage first to see Bill and all your pokemon should be in their 20's, but idk wut to say excpet for train in the wild until ur pikachu is Lv.25 or so and you can defeat misty. ;]

July 11th, 2008, 2:55 PM
Level up!! Get Oddish to evolve, have Pidgey evolve, have Pikachu learn Thunderbolt... Every problem (well, not exactly) can be solved with training!

July 11th, 2008, 5:41 PM
Train Oddish and Pikachu till they are in to the low twenties.

July 11th, 2008, 8:03 PM
Grass types are only useful for a short while; I don't recommend training anything of the Oddish line. I would suggest you use one of your open slots on a Ground type. Diglett's the best available; you can easily catch a solid Diglett in the Diglett's Cave later.

The grass north of Cerulean City is where you can find Abra. If you manage to catch one (throw a Poke Ball and hope for the best), put it in the Day Care immediately. That way it will get to Level 16 quickly, and you'll have a very strong Psychic type later, especially useful for two of the three next upcoming Gyms. Be sure to take it out of the Day Care prior to Abra getting to Level 16; otherwise, it won't learn its most powerful attack of the time, Confusion. You can trade Abra for Mr. Mime if you want to; Mr. Mime is adequate, but Kadabra is a lot more reliable, even if you aren't able to evolve it into an Alakazam.

As for Misty, you're well on your way to beating her. Pikachu should be able to take out Staryu even at L17. As for Starmie, Wartortle can stymie it a bit and even do some decent damage with its Bite attack. Your Pidgey will evolve at the next level; Pidgeotto won't last as long as Wartortle, but it would be able to do a fair amount of damage as well. An unhurt Pikachu might be able to last long enough to get one good attack in; make that Thundershock count. If you're really having trouble, concentrate on training Pikachu exclusively. If it gets up to L26 and learns Thunderbolt, Misty is a joke (though you shouldn't need to train it that much).