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Blue Screen of Death
July 11th, 2008, 6:51 PM
Who here still plays pokemon stadium actively? I do, I love the classics.

July 11th, 2008, 6:53 PM
I still do Mystery Gift on Pokemon Stadium 2 everyday and I still beat the first Pokemon Stadium every couple of days to get all of the gift Pokemon. I love the classic games too.

July 12th, 2008, 8:02 AM
I don't play it anymore, but that's only because I lost the cartridge. I really love Pokémon Stadium, though. D: I wish stores still sold it...

July 12th, 2008, 2:49 PM
well if this counts i play it at mcdonalds cuz i can and u dont pay !!!

July 12th, 2008, 4:11 PM
I still play the Pokémon Stadium series because of the gift Pokémon and I can play my Blue version in full color.

Banjora Marxvile
July 13th, 2008, 4:50 AM
I sometimes play Pokemon Stadium. Can't play with my excellent save from Silver though, as its been erased! Such a cruel world! Anyway, nothing like the classics, eh?

July 13th, 2008, 1:31 PM
I would play it, but I lost mine.
At least I have Stadium 2 ^w^

July 18th, 2008, 5:22 AM
Ah good old Pokemon Stadium.
I lost #1 and bought #2 when it first came out but I really like the first one a lot more..
Loved everything about it including the minigames..

July 22nd, 2008, 5:14 AM
Aaah, I have it and I play it! I just love the game, and I don't even quite know why, because it's quite simple actually. Then again, so was tetris, and it's a huge classic... I usually play it with always the same set, but it's nice to change sometimes. I don't have any games compatible with it (I want yellow though) so I've never experienced it to it's fullest... ;)

July 24th, 2008, 6:47 PM
i dont play it anymore but it was a great game and an instant classic

July 27th, 2008, 4:09 PM
I still haven't beaten the E4 on the first one, I think. Nor the final gym leader on the second one, lol. I need better pokemon to kick butt with.

July 27th, 2008, 4:56 PM
I used to play it back when I lived in a different town, because my neighbor had it. I also played it when my cousins had it when I went to go and visit them.

Alas, I myself never had Stadium or Stadium 2. Makes me wish people were still selling N64s and the two Stadiums so I can buy them and play them once again. ^_^

August 7th, 2008, 7:06 PM
I do, it is a great game and I am glad it came out for VC.