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July 12th, 2008, 7:20 AM
This is a poem that I made many years ago, and I've edited it a tad bit... tell me what you think!

The Stench

It was late at night, the sky was dark...
All I could see was the tree's wooden bark,
The clouds were gone, and out from a ditch
Came a smell so horrible.. I'll call it THE STENCH.

It crept to my nose, and down through the alley,
Went through every house and up the valley,
It could be smelt from a mile away...
THE STENCH, THE STENCH, its here to stay...

What caused this stench is beyond reason,
It stayed in the alley from season to season,
I awoke that night, to see I was dreaming...
but the stench, the stench, it just wasn't leaving...

"Hark, THE STENCH makes noise," small demons did sing.
The stench clouded my thoughts, I knew I was hearing things.
I arose from my bed, "Stench you WILL BE DEFEATED!"
I screamed out in anger, my anger then seceded.

When I found the cause of that deathly stench,
I couldn't believe it... my heart sunk in a trench.
The caused couldn't be helped, but it could be explained.
Was I yet the cause of the stench's hideous game?

I was a spiritual being, known not to society.
I was murdered last week, my death slipped by so quietly.
From the moment I smelt it, the stench wasn't in my favor,
But the biggest shock was knowing that it came from my cadaver.



P.S. I'm not disturbed or anything; I just want to make something that would turn out to have a nice twist. This poem is not based on any events true or fiction.