View Full Version : Looking for 100% LEGIT MOVIE SHAYMIN

July 20th, 2008, 7:37 AM
Yep I'm looking for a legit movie shaymin.
I do not want a hack. I don't know how so many americans can get a Movie Shaymin, are there so many who go to Japan? There are more hacks than people going there.
So, I'm looking for a completely legit one.

I don't have much to offer. I have a few Italian Darkrais, but I don't want to trade them for now... if I see how difficult it is to trade a Shaymin, I'll trade a Darkrai.
But, here's what I have to offer.

Saikyou Milotic, lvl 50,touched, 5 Dec 2007
Saikyou Milotic, lvl 50, UT, 23 Dec 2007
Saikyou Milotic, lvl 50, UT, 25 Dec 2007
Saikyou Electivire, lvl 50, UT, 18 Nov 2007
Saikyou Dragonite, lvl 50, UT, 19 Jan 2008
Saikyou Dragonite, lvl 50, touched, 3 Feb 2008
Saikyou Magmortar, lvl 50, almost UT, 5 Dec 2007
Saikyou Salamence, lvl 50, UT, 29 Feb 2008
Saikyou Salamence, lvl 50, UT, 25 Feb 2008

10ANIV 00010 Celebi, lvl 70, touched Pokérus
10ANIV 00010 Espeon, lvl 70, UT
Collosseum Bonus Disc OT31121 Celebi, lvl 10, UT
Yukari Mew, lvl 50, UT
Yukari Phione, lvl 51, touched
ROCKS Metang, lvl 30, UT, Refresh
PKTOPIA Electivire, lvl 50, UT
PKTOPIA Magmortar, lvl 50, touched Pokérus
PKTOPIA Magmortar, lvl 50, UT
Ruby Zigzagoon, shiny, lvl 5 UT
Channel Jirachi, lvl 5, UT
WISHMKR Jirachi, lvl 6, touched

Movie Regigigas, lvl 100, UT

MATTLE Ho-oh, lvl 70, UT
Pokémon Box Swablu, UT
Ken Sugimori Psyduck, lvl 1, UT

So remember, try not to ask for an Italian Darkrai xD

Haha, I knew noone would get me a legit Shaymin :o