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July 20th, 2008, 3:07 PM
Evening, Community...WHY SO SERIOUS?! Sorry 'bout that, but it was a nice attention grabber, eh? Anywho, yes, this ia a batman-themed rpg, but not like the cutsy littlethings today. No, this will have a somewhat darker tone, not as dark as "The Dark Knight," but close. Be warned though, if you are here to be Batman and save the day over and over, you've come to the wrong place. This rpg will focus heavily on the villainous side of Gotham City, hence the name. Yes, Batman and few other heroes shall be playable, but no one is to turn this into a hero game. So, on with the first and most important part:


Poison Ivy/ Pam Isley--Cobalt36 (No, i don't care if you want to play as the opposite gender)
Harley Quinn/ Harlene Quinzelle--
Catwoman/ Selina Kyle--
Joker/ ?--
The Penguin/ Oswald Cobblepot--
Scarecrow/ Dr. John Crane--
Mr. Freeze/ Victor Fries--
Two-Face/ Harvey Dent--
Riddler/ Edward Nygma--
Equinox/ Harold Night (fake creation)--
Furnace/ Prof. Garfield Willows (fake)--
Poison Oak/ Jimmy Lillax (Fake)--
plus any villains a member might want to create (limit- 3)
Batman/ Bruce Wayne--
Robin/ Dick Grayson--
Batgirl/ Barb Gordon--
Commissioner Jim Gordon--
Dr. Melanie Redwaltz (Arkham Psychiatrist)--

It has been a few years since the catastrophe known as "That Winter's Night" (to be explained in the rpg) and Gotham City is now cracking down on crime harder than ever. Gotham has expanded its borders, and the Gotham City PD have enlarged three-times that of what it used to be. This has been fueled by the new volunteer Officer program, and many were suprisingly interested. The new volunteers and the old cops have never tried harder to keep the deranged psychos of Arkham Asylum off the streets. But not all volunteers are honest folk. Some criminals have infiltrated the Gotham Police Department as volunteers, corrupting it even more than it was.
Arkham's new defenses are also keeping the criminally ill in check, by moving locations to a very shadowy cliff, or rather, in the cliff. The Asylum was moved underground recently (explained why in rpg) and escapes have decreased severely. It has also hired more doctors to treat patients, both psychiatrists and psycologists, such as the renound Dr. Melanie Redwaltz and the lesser known Dr. Joe Kerduh. But Arkham can't stop inmates from interacting from one another, and that is its biggest problem. For even the slightest rumor can lead to a breakout...

And lastly:

Sign-up sheet:

Name: (username):


Description (be creative, you don't have to be like DC designed you):

(optional) Any other new info. that you want to add that i haven't covered:

To sign-up, simply drop me a pm or post in the OOC thread up in a few days. I plan on starting when i have at least 3 sign-ups, and will start before i have 7. So let's hurry and get this up and running, folks!

Happy Playing...

August 28th, 2009, 10:28 AM
Name: iNarube

Character: Can I be the Joker? If not, I would like to be Scarecrow.

Description: I can't imagine either being any other way than DC made them.

s l u g
August 28th, 2009, 9:53 PM
I was thinking why there are no Superhero RP's, a Batman RP would be cool, i'll see if i can bring up my SU soon.

September 1st, 2009, 9:21 AM
Name: .Silence

Character: Clayface/Basil Karlo


Once the actor Basil Karlo, Clayface is a power hungry unstable creature with a clay-like body and shapeshifting abilities. Clayface was originally just a man who was driven insane by having a classic film he starred in, remade with new actors. He then donned a mask of the villan of the film "Clayface" and began murdering everyone who was involved with the remake. He was eventually captured by the Dynamic Duo and placed in Arkham Asylum. Karlo able broke out donning the Clayface mask again but this time he met his demise by falling into a radioactive pool of protoplasm. From emerging from it his body became a clay-like material which he started using for crime. He was once again foiled by Batman and Robin and placed in Arkham Asylum.

Other : He is able to disguise himself as almost anyone due to his clay-like body and his master acting abilities. Also he can stretch his body in many different manners making him difficult to capture.

September 23rd, 2009, 1:40 PM

Charecter;Sonica and in case I can't make a new hero that was mistaken for a villian and now is in arkum Dark Batgirl

Description;Sonica;Blue hinta of naruto hair style,blue jumpsuit with no sleves and a cut out at her stomach,and red and white running shoes Dark Batgirl;DC bat girl but dark

Attitude;Sonica;spunkie spicey and loves messing with the penguin Dark Batgirl;none

lou dog
October 6th, 2009, 4:30 PM
Name:lou dawgy


description:Dr.crain:frail,paranoid man,dark long hair,looks like icabod craine
Scarecrow:red and brown tatherd clothes,cloth sack for skin,black witche's hat and shoes

October 25th, 2009, 11:53 PM
**** yes, I love the look of it The Joker looks really good and Im looking forward to seeing Harley as well, my 2 favorite characters It would be good if there was a online co-op mode, or some kind of one player as Batman one player as an enemy type of game.

November 4th, 2009, 2:24 PM
Name: Rockman0

Character: Spectre

Description: Spectre was a once well-known and respected business owner. His business could top even Wayne Enterprises. He was well on his way to taking over Gotham.

Every gang and crime family in Gotham and the surrounding areas got together for a meeting. They had to get rid of the man. If he gained control, he would overthrow and take over them also. They were meant to enslave, not become enslaved. They had to do something, and they did.

Dinner tonight was especially great. The steaks were nice and juicy. The vegetables were roasted to perfection. Everything was perfect. Tomorrow he would be recieving the Key to the City. Life was good. No one expected what would happen next. Five minute after he took his first bite from the steak, he was dead. The only problem was, he didn't stay dead. The mere shock of being poisoned caused his spirit to leave his body before it actually died. He could hear mumbling in the distance. It was the butler. The butler was paid off to kill me? It couldn't be, but it was. He wished he could exact his revenge, but he could not lift solid objects as a human could. What to do?

As the butler retired for the night, he heard the door slam. Then the lights flickered and the windows opened. From a distance, he couold see his old master's body. How did it get there? As the body came closer, he backed away from it until finally, he fell through the open window from the top floor of the estate.

??? had gotten his revenge. He knew what he had to do. He was angry. He could reclaim his mansion and take care of those who had betrayed him. He was the Spectre.

Spectre is basically a wandering spirit. He has to possess people in order to stay within this world. It has to be a living person. However, he can also possess dead bodies. He wanders the city of Gotham and possess others who he uses to do his bidding. Currently, he has taken possession of his own body and leaves it stored in a special chamber that prevents it from decomposing.

SIDENOTE: Yes, I got my inspiration from Geist for the Nintendo Gamecube. Also, the story would be easier to understand if there was a name for the villain, but as I am terrible with coming up with names, I left him unnamed. Feel free to give suggestions though, so that I can edit it in because a name would be really great. Thanks!