View Full Version : My Event (Not Very) Super-List!

July 21st, 2008, 4:42 AM
Ok, ok, you caught me. I don't have many at the time. But I am taking requests that may be granted by next week. I am also posted my good but not event pokemon, plus shinies. MUST READ RULES BEFORE MAKING OFFERS!

Event List:
UT ALAMOS Darkrai, Cherish Ball, Classic Ribbon, Timid, June 1, 135/99/97/153/106/154
BT Concert Chatot, Oct. 28, 2006, Timid, 77/35/32/57/27/57
BT Battonage Darkrai, Apr.29, Calm, Classic Ribbon, 142/91/107/143/108/134

I will post my shinies and rares later.

Do not pm me with any offers except events, all other offers need to be posted.
I am looking for different dates and natures ONLY on the Darkrai's. Don't give me one with the same date anhd nature. (I will still except other pokemon for them.)
Don't ask for freebies, they will NOT be given away.

My Special Wants:
Lvl 100 Bryant Park Latias
Shiny Wingull, preferably named "Flybie".

Shiny Level 100 Chimecho (named MECO), Brave, 260/161/189/234/208/145
Level 100 Pichu, Naughty, 179/118/66/101/85/153
Shiny Level 100 Tyranitar, Hardy, 310/273/225/195/205/127
Level 100 Clefable, Pokerus, Holding Lucky Egg, Impish, 319/147/194/185/193/148
Level 100 Mudkip, Careful, 210/151/127/101/130/93
Level 100 Banette, Brave, 263/ 284/165/201/134/143

Even MORE will be posted later.