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July 25th, 2008, 2:54 PM
I might change the name until further noticed. Maybe you guys could help me with it?
Anyways, heres the scenario:

A peaceful place, inhabbited by people and pokemon. All is well...until the outbreak.
At first, it was merely nothing...children would get something that looked similar to chickenpox. Then...adults would get it, those who would already had had the chickenpox. Now this called the scientists attention. They studied the virus and found that it looked nothing like chickenpox, or any type of pox for that matter. It was undocumented, and certainly not of this planet. It wasnt called an epidemic until...the mutating.
People began having raging fevers, well over the temperature of 107, and oddly they werent dying. Instead, they would go into sesure like fits, screaming like they were undergoing horrid pain. They began changing shape under the path of 48 hours...and soon, they were completley changed, no longer resembling humans, or pokemon for that matter. They were turned into blood-thirsty beasts, having no other emotions or thoughts. Their only method of reasoning were their primal instincs. Soon, an epidemic was called for. The new virus was called DHD--Double Helix Death. The virus had the power to distort and deteriorate DNA, creating entirely new creatures. It was passed from human to human by saliva--in other words, being bitten.
The odd thing--it seemed only humans were affected by it.
At first, the virus was only found to be in Kanto, but soon it spread to all other regions. Pokemon began making there own communities in order to survive the now caotic world. Some decided to help the humans survive, but most perished.
The few humans and pokemon that managed to escape these destructive new creatures flocked to Sinnoh; the least infected region. The goverment of Sinnoh then put up a huge wall of renforcement around the region to protect the people within it. The Survival Island was also given a wall of protection, but it soon failed, and due to lack of resources, the people and pokemon their were left to fend for themselves. Nobody is sure if anything still survives their, but nobody has the courage to find out.
Scientists within Sinnoh franticly search for a cure, but so far none has been found. Some beleive the cure lies in a particular plant in other wrecked regions, but nobody is brave enough to venture there.
News soon swept through Sinnoh that the virus has mutated enough so that it can be transmited to pokemon. Sinnohs wall of defenses is weakening, and humans and pokemon are running out of time.
Now humans and pokemon must band together to survive their now chaotic world, and to find a cure before it is too late for all species.
Bum bum bum bummmmmm....

Mkay. Here are the rules. Please read carefully.
No godmodding.
No bunnying unless given permission.
All basic RP PC rules apply.
I allow swearing, but to a minimum.
No ledgendaries.
I will allow a few shinies in this RP-too many is annoying.
I will allow some romance, as long as it isnt R rated.
I will allow a few people to be diseased humans. It all depends on how you fill out your form.
RP samples are optional.
Have fun and be creative. =)

Human Form

Nicname: (optional)
Persons job/life before outbreak:
Persons currnet life after outbreak:
Quirks: (optional, but it would be fun to make some up =))
RP Sample: (optional)

Pokemon Form

Nicname: (optional)
Age: (toddler,pretean, juvenile, adult, senior)
Pokemons life before outbreak:
Pokemons current life after outbreak:
Quirks: (optional, but it would be fun to make some up =))
RP Sample: (optional)

Blanch Sil (Joey)
Lusankya (Lustiania)
Darkhaven3 (Elric)
Orangejediman (Glacier)
Swampert Trainer (Medity)
Skullie (Mirinda)
Toxic0345 (Trika)

Note: Those of you who sign up, please make sure you are active. Its no fun having people who have applyed, then never contribute!
If you have any questions, ask meh. =)
I will fill in my form later...and I will start the RP when enough people have been accepted. If something comes up and I cant start it soon, I will post it here.
Until then, sign up! :3

Edit: Sorry all, forgot to add the gender in the forms. Those who have aleady posted their forms dont have to edit theirs.

July 27th, 2008, 5:04 PM
Hello, Wilow-Wisp. I'll sign up as a human, I suppose.

Name: Blanch Sil

Nicname: Joey

Age: 18

Appearance: Joey (what he prefers to be called by) stands near five feet and seven inches. On his head, he wears a red and white bandana, with fabric spreading out the back of it. This gives a sense that he has long hair, though he doesn't. Under it, you can see spikes of pure white hair that jut out from underneath it. He wears a red T-shirt, and blue, slightly baggy jeans. His eyes are a light, crystal blue that shine brilliantly in the sun. His eyes have a menacing look that add to the effect of his coldness. His shoes are white, with some white laces.

Personality: Very quiet and smart. He knows advanced forms of Martial Arts, and will use them at any cost. He isn't withdrawn, though, like other shy people. He will confront anyone that is causing problems. He has a strong sense of justice, and will sacrifice nearly anything for friends. His one weakness is his bandana. If he loses it, he will try to get it at all costs, for some odd reason.

Persons job/life before outbreak: Joey was a Pokemon trainer, going for the gold. He was fairly close to finally reaching the Elite Four, when the league was called off for the year due to the outbreak of.. whatever it is. Other than that, he lived a normal live, but lived alone. He almost had a job, but the owners fled to some other part of the world. Now, Joey is on his own again with only his Pokemon.

Persons current life after outbreak: Joey works as a scientist to discover a cure. Like many others, he believes that the only cure is a plant in another region, already deeply infected by the scourge. He is the only one in the lab he works at that is willing to leave and obtain the plant.

History: Umm.. Pokemon trainer?

Joey was a Pokemon trainer, going for the gold. He was fairly close to finally reaching the Elite Four, when the league was called off for the year due to the outbreak of.. whatever it is. Other than that, he lived a normal live, but lived alone. He almost had a job, but the owners fled to some other part of the world. Now, Joey is on his own again with only his Pokemon.

Quirks: He is very obsessed with losing his bandanna. He will try to get it at all costs if he loses it, for some odd reason.

RP Sample: Of course, it's from a different RP.

The wave blasted Diego and the Arcanine sending them backward. Whoever this foe was, he was angry. The shock wave from Piny's Explosion technique didn't seem to stop him. If that didn't, what would?

Suddenly, Blazer jumped down in front of the Lucario. He lit up his fists and claws with flames, but he didn't want to use them.

"Stop, now! Just what do you want from these guys?" he asked, a small growl in his voice. The Combusken knew it would take more than just him to take out the Lucario, seeing as how it survived the Explosion. Then Piny, covered with burnt parts, strained through his charred body.

"blazer.. look out.. that.. thing.." he muttered. Blazer turned around, and there it was: the same beast in the center of the island. It was the one the Pokemon of this world referred to as..

"Kyogre!" yelled the Arcanine, "Now we're all dead!" The Kyogre started to swirl his arms, sending a pulse at the ship. It was instantly swallowed by a vortex of water, sinking the ship. All who were on it also disappeared into the bay's depths.

Some time later, Blazer woke up. He was still on the ship, but it was dark out now. In fact, it was pitch black. He looked around, seeing nothing but small light rays coming down from above. The five of them and the ship were in a huge air bubble under water. Blazer knew not what was going to happen now. He got a horrible headache, making him double over. He grew slowly unconscious, finally, everything going black.

July 27th, 2008, 6:21 PM

Name: Lusitania

Nickname: Lusi (pronounced like "Lucy")

Age: Juvenile

Pokemon: Flygon

Appearance: For the most part, Lusitania has the appearance of an average Flygon. However, there is a red triangle-shaped marking on her chest, and the tips of her antenna are also red. There are two yellow diamond-shaped markings in the center of her wings. Her eyes are a bright golden color, but it's difficult to tell due to the covers over her eyes, which make them appear red or reddish-orange. The covers on her eyes can become lighter or darker in different brightnesses of light or depending on her mood, (ex. at night they become much more transparant)

Personality: Lusitania is an extremely curious, somewhat naive Pokemon. She enjoys poking her head into things and examining them closely, often pressing them up against her eye covers or turning them over in the little claws she has for hands. This has gotten her in trouble in the past, but for the most part she knows when to back off of a dangerous object. An affectionate Pokemon, Lusitania enjoys touching things and people that she likes, rubbing various body parts against them.

Pokemon's life before outbreak: Lusitania lived in the southwest regions of Hoenn before the outbreak. An orphan, she doesn't know what happened to her parents. She traveled throughout her little niche of Hoenn, making friends all over the place but never staying in one place too long. Due to this, while she has many friends, she's never had a "best" friend, one who she could pour her heart out to. She's never had a truly close relationship with anyone, though not from lack of trying. She just can't stay in one place for long.

There was a point where she thought she could have a best friend when a Swellow named Traiko she met in Mossdeep had promised her he would travel with her as she flitted around from place to place. Traiko was another orphan, his father had been killed protecting him from humans and his mother had died of grief afterwards. Lusi and Traiko bonded well and spent two happy years together, but when Traiko was ambushed at night and captured by a Pokemon trainer, Lusitania found herself alone again.

Her favorite location is a little valley in one of the uninhabited (asides from Pokemon) islands south of Ever Grande. The island was called "Creation Island", and it was a place where she would fly to in a time of depression, such as when Traiko was captured. It was a beautiful place, with fantastic rock formations, covered in forests that possessed truly gigantic trees the size of skyscrapers. Was.

Life after outbreak: When the virus hit, Creation Island managed to escape its insidious grasp for a long time. The virus was only transmitted by humans, and there were no humans on Creation Island, and people rarely came there. But that changed when a group of humans searching for refuge from the virus landed on Creation Island. One of them was carrying the virus. That one bit the others. At this point the virus had already mutated enough to infect Pokemon. Lusitania knew all this, and also knew that Creation Island would be safe no more. She told the other Pokemon this, and those that could left Creation Island. They, the bird and water Pokemon, arrived at an overcrowded and resource-strained Sinnoh. But the people and Pokemon of Sinnoh couldn't say no to more hapless refugees, and took them in.

Lusitania now travels the world as a willing volunteer to gather scientific data and research on the virus. She will attack mutants to gather virus samples for scientists in Sinnoh. It's a dangerous, risky job, but Lusi has avoided being infected so far. But she knows as long as she continues to do this, that won't last. Still, her desire to help other people keeps her at this job.

Quirks: She has a slight obession with cleaniness. She will often go out of her way to make things neat. She's been told it's borderline OCD (obsessive-compulsion disorder), but she feels she has control over it.

Swampert trainer
July 27th, 2008, 6:27 PM
Nicname: Medity
Age: juvenile
Appearance: Medity is a special medicham that is black and red instead of the average pink and yellow.
Personality:Medity is a bold pokemon that always wants to adventure to new places even though he is a tad shy and doesnt like humans much.
Pokemons life before outbreak: medity was a pokemon that belonged to a trainer but he was abused so he forced himself out of a pokeball went back to the wild ever since then he never trusted humans.
Pokemons current life after outbreak: Medity is secluded in a underground cavern in MT cornet.
History: medity was a pokemon that belonged to a trainer but he was abused so he forced himself out of a pokeball went back to the wild ever since then he never trusted humans no matter how much he is injured or how much trouble. (sorry i wrote my history in the Pokemons life before outbreak section)
Quirks: Medicham loves sour poffins he will go insane if he gets one.
will edit if needed

July 27th, 2008, 6:45 PM
Well I may join up as well ^-^

Name: Riku

Nickname: N/A

Species: Ralts

Age: teens

Appearance: Riku looks like a reguler ralts. .White dress...Green helmet..And an overall helpless and weak appearance. There is one thing that stands out about her..She wears an odd necklace on her neck.. Its a wooden necklace..Seemingly carved and hand made. It was given to her by her "former" trainer.. It has many charms on it.. A mew , a heart , a star, and various other random shapes. The msot interesting charm was the mew charm which was carved with precise detail.. It actually looks like a reguler mew only miniture and in wooden form. Another thing that would intrigue someone is a scar on her right cheek.. Cause by some type of physical struggle.. No one knows..Her demeanor is very frail and weak.. She looks so weak that no one every dares battle her just for the fear that the poor pokemon might snap right in two.

Personality: Riku's personality can vary from time to time depending on the situation. In a very happy situation she will pose as the sweetest pokemon in the world in a sad situation Riku can become overdramtic and burst out crying for no reason.. You could call Riku an actor if you wish.. She puts on different personalitys for different situations.. Such as situation if you wanted to catch Riku..She will put on a sickly act and pretend to faint..Which in turn would cause the trainer to pick Riku up and try to take her to a pokemon center... Well.. She used a psychic on them before they could ever move a step..In which it would cause the trainer to go flying in the air along with his/her pokemon.. It is a truly humourous site to watch though.. Cause afterwards she would have a triumphent smile on her face as if to say "Hah! No one can beat me!" Riku also has the tendancy to be cocky and overconfident, and also quite stubborn. Her over confidence and cockyness comes from the fact that EVERY trainer she meets falls for her "acting" skills of her various personalities. her stubborness probably comes from her the fact that she has never had a trainer and would never want one. Which is another humourous thing about Riku.. She is indeed a very funny pokemon. If you were to get past her many personalities though she would actually be very kind and compassionate to those around her.. She puts on various personalities because she wants to "prove" herself and see how many trainers she could fool before oen trainer finally sees through her "acting" and finally acknowledge her for the true pokemon she is.

History before the virus: Riku live at the day-care center in Johto for quite a long time. Always being a pampered "Pokemon" as they would say she could get everything she wanted which meant.. Toys..Toys..and toys. But there was one thing that she recieved that Riku could never replace. The two elederly day-care runners had a grandaughter who was about the age of 10.. She had carved Riku a wooden necklace (see appearance) that showed of there friendship.. Riku happily accepted the item and the two quickly became friends.The two played together in the outer reaches of the daycares "look out" guarden.. Playing hide and seek and tage quite often the two were inseperatble until..The girl Riku played with..changed. She entered the day-care center..dressed in black and appeared very gloomy.. Her face had lost all color and her arm was covered in needle marks..She had been doing some "things" that if heard would make you sick.. Riku had forseen this and knew that she was 16 now..where the girl would get into various "substances" and become a common criminal. She would also loose her innocence and become a teenage mother..Riku never knew why this happened but after that day the girl stopped seeing little Riku and Riku became frightfully lonely. A few years passed and the two grandparents had received a note that their grandaughter was found dead in an ally.. Raped and murdered..The grandaughter had been selling herself on the streets to feed her addiction to all the drugs she was on. Riku was devastated by this..Her one true friend was gone..and would never returned..Well at least she WAS Riku's friend.. Things only took a turn for the worst when the grandparents of the daughter died in a car crash 2 and half months later. The day-care was shut down and later demolished.. Riku knew her life was in a down-ward spirel and everything he knew was gone. So Riku finally got the guts to leave her old "home." And find a new place to live..And thuse to find a new home she learned how to act..and find ways to cope with loosing everything dear to her.. 2 years later Riku had found a home in a nearby Viridian Forest..She still held the necklace dear to her,but now it was a reminder of what was..and instead of what is.As she was exploring the forest to look for food..She noticed a human having one of these "seizure-fits" and ran to help to poor human. But to no avail..The poor man wouldn't snap out of it. He was then..starting to transform..in to a grotesque creature. Riku looked in utter horror at what had happened. She soon found herself running away from the once former "human."

Current History: Riku is now running and trying to get the horrific images of what she hd just saw out of her head.. She ran so far that she soon found herself on the outskirts of "Pallet Town." Still nervous about what she had jsut seen she nervously walked in to town. Reports of the mutating virus were all over the news..This frighted Riku very much and she ran into an abandoned building on the outskirts of the rather small town. She hid there quietly unknowing of what to do..Or what to think..She just began pondering the virus..Is it some type of bio-weapon? Or just some superhuman staph infection? That night she walked around town..And she heard more screechs of pain and suffering from the disease...At this Riku became very very scared and hid..Waiting for the horrific screeches to end.

Quirks: Riku has an odd addiction to candy. Give her a piece of candy and she'll go insane with a suger rush.

RP Sample:

(From Charizard_Mans role-play)

Rin sat there for a few minutes as the bustling of the city streets her rage torwards Tai still stood firm but this was not the time to get angry at someone, her arms were throabbing..She couldn't move them at all but then someone startled her.

"It's okay. Come on, let's go back to the Pokemon Center." Tai said to her and Rin flinched, he was surprised by her limp arms.

"What do you want..?! Are youjust here to throw sand in my eyes wile I can't defend myself!?"

What happened to you-" But Tai never got to finish his sentence. A large, firm net was thrown over Tai, Adelina, and the injured Rin immediately closing its bonds around the group tightly.

"Gah!" Rin yelped as she heard her arms give a loud crack. Tai still held firm to her most likely looking around to see where the net had come from.

“What is this? A trap?” Tai hissed.

“A trap he says….how dare he infer that we are trapping something.” A voice called out and a figure appeared behind the trees, It was a man with long, light green hair, his eyes the color of blood and narrow, adorned in the same uniform that Rin had seen two men walk by while she was in the tree who had mentiond Giovanni. Rins body hurt to much to say anything..

"I thought that pink-eyed young girl was supposed to hate everyone and anything..How come she is so quiet?" The rocket voice said taunted at her..Rin said nothing.

“Oh, don't be so harsh. Children, we could have done better….” A smooth, high, girly voice came from a woman with bright pink hair in two ponytails with elaborate curls, her eyes a deep cerulean. The women also wore the attire she had seen earlier.
She had obviously the one who had shot the net.

“Unless you people want trouble, let us out of here.” Tai hissed at the 2 Rockets. Rin had never see Tai becme so serious..was it because he was... Protecting Adelina and Rin..Rin looked down and thought how she had been so cruel to him..

“Our names are Jane and Luther. We’re highly respected members of Team Rocket, and our boss was waiting for you three to leave your sniveling hometown….He’d like a word with you.” The two Rocket members said in a commandive tone.

”Tell you’re boss he can go to hell.” Tai spat on her face, the spit sliding down her cheek. Jane’s smile faded rapidly and she hit him violently, then wiped the liquid off of her skin, stepping back and bringing out a pokeball.

"Tai!" Was all Rin could mange to say before the young Rocket women kicked her stomach which silenced Rin.

“Let’s get out of here. Go, MAROWAK! Drag the net now!” The women yelled.

“Maro!” Marowak smirked, then picked up the ends of the net, hauled it over his shoulders, and proceeded to walk away.

“Who cares? Giovanni said bring any you could find. No more orders than that.” The wome shrugged not really caring about Adelina.

“Let’s just be sure there are no eyewitnesses. Go, Hypno!” Luthar yelled as it revealed a Hypno., and one word would send them into world of dreams... "Hypnosis!"

The Hypno began swinging the penjulem back and forth muttering and odd chant and Rin began to feel sleepy..Rin collapsed to the ground into a deep slumber..

Rin stood in a dark room. "Am I dead?" Rin mumbled as she looked around. Then she noticed something.. a same start to te same nightmare that would haunt her dreams every night. Visions from her past... She would relive them..every night..and feel the same pain, but before the horror of nightmares could start she felt herself waking up.

Rins eyes shot up and before she knew it she was awake and laying down next to Tai who was waiting for the two girls to wake up. She saw a man standing before them and he looked..powerful. Rin managed to sit up even without the use of her arms to help her up.

Rin looked at the man then back at Tai.. And managed to say something so simple but it was very hard to say.

"I-I'm...sorry...I just..Why did you save me..even after I treated you so cruelly...?" Rin asked him quietly. The things Rin had said to him had seemed so cruel. She looked at her arms which were turning red by this point and were becoming a bit swollen from them being broke. Rin made sure to cover her arms and make sure no one saw the extent of her injurys all though it was quite visible without actually seeing them.

"I won't tell them..Not yet.." Rin thought to herself, but flinched when she saw her mother seemingly smirking at her but dare not approaching because she was with Tai,Adelina and the man with the dragonite. Then something her mother mouthed to her sent shivers down her spine.

The mother seemingly mouthed. "Your blood will be on my hands..be prepared.." Rin shivered slightly at her mothers gaze and new that in one point her mother would either kill Rin herself or hire an assasin..Her eyes still fixed on her mother..Then her mother approached the three. Rin became frozen and turned away.

"So are you Rins friends..? Surprising she made friends..Someone like her has a difficult time making friends..She's got no social skills really.." Her mother said in a sweet et harsh tone.

"Well Rin ever since you ran away we've been looking everywhere for you.." Her mother said..And Rin looked back her mother..Her eyes literally petrified in fear.

And before she had time to react..She was hit with a slap by her mother..Rin had no reaction..as if you could tell she was used to this.

"Thats for runnning away my dear..Next time I will call your father if you try a stupid stunt like that..and he'll break your legs instead of your arms this time." he mother said coldly forgetting about the 3 other trainers and strolled off.

Rin looked down in sadness.She had no rwaction once again and merely spat out. "Now you see why I'm like this..why I don't like making friends.." She looked back at her limp arms and sat silent..She knew they would hate her now..for hiding such a thing...She could feel the lump in her throat...but forced back the tears. "I'm sorry you had to witness such a thing..I guess its my fault for running away.." RIn said in an obviously fake happy tone


And there you have it. my sign-up~

July 28th, 2008, 1:34 AM
Human Form

Name: Elric Xavier Sullivan

Nicname: Defender (callsign in special-ops), Dark

Age: 20

Appearance: Elric is by human standards a very typical man of about six feet tall, a fine olive complexion, and a decently muscular build without being overly-bulky; what makes him stand out are his eyes relative to his hair. His hair is short and brown, carefully trimmed down to barely a half-inch long, and his eyes are a shocking bright green. Other than his garb, he does not stand out in many other areas of his body.

Notably, he wears a skintight arctic-camouflage wetsuit which has been customized specifically for his use, complete to pockets and straps where he has designed himself. It is a very practical suit, complete with an articulated backplate and kevlar-weave hard points for the elbows, knees and feet. It's a solid one-piece overall, save for the balaclava mask he wears, which is the same arctic color as the rest of the suit. pouches of equipment and gadgets line his body, particularly around his belt, including of note a 6-inch Ka-bar military issue knife, a Five-seven silenced pistol, and a since-defunct OPSAT - a PDA strapped to his wrist that would (if functional) detail mission updates and points of interest in his deployment.

Personality: Elric does not tolerate pessimism, though he himself is one. He uses his grim sense of humor to allow for some distinct level of comfort in the heat of battle that only he may give it seems, and at other times he is cold and demanding. He knows where the limits lie for each, and seems to know exactly when to place a 'death joke'; however, he is scared that he will die in the most horrid way imaginable, to be slain only to rise again as the living dead.

Though cynical and devoid of emotion during a gunfight, Elric will be the first to dive between a bullet and a comrade. He sees himself as rather useless and obsolete due to the outbreak, finding that no-one has much use for the military now that they fight for their own benefit and none else. He has been seen in the dead of night, awake, feverish, crying in silence; he would look to the moon, and mouth the word... "Why?"

Persons job/life before outbreak: Military. Second-Lieutenant Sullivan of the 101st was ordered along with Commander Andrew Cassatt and Specialists Clark Wilson and Ryan Schuldiner (yes, kill me) through the Dark War in years past - at least, so he says. He hints at another comrade, perhaps lost in battle, that he dares not ever speak of in true light. Vivid dreams and haunting nightmares of these battles keep him from ever speaking any more of his past.

Persons currnet life after outbreak: Elric's personality hasn't changed a whole lot; generally because his life hasn't changed much either. He fights for his squad which was deployed with him, though now only Schuldiner and himself remain; they stave off hunger for as long as possible before it becomes too tactically unsafe to continue (usually about three or four days) and take shifts sleeping, then as soon as nightfall drapes over the sky they raid and steal food if they cannot politely ask. The days begin to run in circles with this routine, with the occasional corpse inspection and scrounge for ammunition.

History: Explained above.

Quirks: He's gay. Quirky enough?

RP Sample: Will come in due time.

July 28th, 2008, 2:42 AM
Name: Glacier

Nicname: N/A

Age: Juvinile

Spiecies: Glaceon

Appearance: Glacier looks like a normal glaceon. the classic blue hat-thing, the diamond shapes on his back which are of course, blue. But, there are two differences. One,he wears an orange scarf given to him by his owner when he was first born. Two,he has the last remaining pieces of ice rock stuck to his underside.

Personality:A curious Pokemon, he often sticks his nose into places it doesn't belong. he tries to protect pokemon and people, but doesn't kill any infected. He believes a cure can be found, and will be. His spirit is so strong it is said to cheer up his friends.

Pokemons life before outbreak: He lived a rugged life with his trainer, Candice, in Sinnoh. Candice decided to take a "break" from her gym and go to Kanto. That meant... To The Peak of mount Silver to train! One day, there was a terrible snowstorm. so thhey went back to battle Red. Guess what? Red was the firt one to mutate. Candice was bitten as a giant bat-thing with red's cap on dropped from the ceiling.

Pokemons current life after outbreak: Candice knew about the out break, but glacier did not. So she would not endanger Glacier, she threw herself off a cliff. Then red attacked him. He froze REDBAT and ran. He ran back to the gym, only to find it destroyed. then he ran to ice rock and tried to save it. all he got were a few pecies stuck in him. Now he is in the Safe Area, trying to get pokemon to look for a cure.

Quirks: He can make rock candy in a few minutes. He also loves to eat pie.

July 28th, 2008, 6:27 AM
Blanch Sil, Lusankya, GhostPrincess, Darkhaven3, Orangejediman you have all been accepted.

Swampert Trainer: I dont have a big problem with your form, its just the Azelf part--no ledgends will be in the RP. Just edit that and you will be accepted. =)

After a few more people join, I will start the RP.

Human Form

Name: Jasmine Martinez
Nicname: Jazz
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: Jasmine has tan, almost bronze skin and hazel eyes. She has black, thick hair that is most of the time up in a ponytail. She usually wears a tight brown tanktop and faded jeans with black flip flops. She wears a pendant that apears to have some sort of tribal symbol enscribed on it. She also has a tramp stamp (tattoo just above the but) of a tribalized Absol.
Personality: Jasmine is a very thoughtful and caring person, contrasting to her tough-girl appearance. She has a real bedside manor, and knows just what to say to calm a person (or pokemon) down. She is calm most of the time and easy to talk to, but her quick temperment gets in the way.
She loves taking care of pokemon and people.
Persons life before outbreak: Jasmine worked as a pokemon breeder in Jhoto before the virus hit her region. She owned a small ranch full of pokemon, but was only able to save a few (her Glameow, Mightyena and Cacnea) and from the savage creatures her neigbors had become. She quickly boarded a boat and left her life behind in search of a safe place to live.
Persons life after outbreak: Jasmine now serves as a nurse to injured pokemon and people in Eterna City, Sinnoh. Her pokemon help out with the injured an weak too. Jasmine wants to help out with finding the cure for the horrible virus, but knows the government wont let her becuase she only qualifys as a caretaker. She plans to escape Sinnoh, one way or another.
History: Jasmine's family was famous for their amazing contest running pokemon. Her parents tried to push her into contests, but she never took to them. They were all considerably wealthy (not to mention snobby), but Jasmine felt like she never fit in with her family. Her mother when she was around 12 died from a freak contest accident, leaving her with her stolid father. He soon gave up contests and took up drinking instead. He came home drunk and out of his mind many times, and Jasmine's gentle cousling never helped. He went too far one night and injured one of his own pokemon. Jasmine, now 18, had had enough. She enlisted her father into rehab and left her families mansion to its maids and caretakers and set out to create her own life.
Quirks: Jasmine either carrys her pokemon with her on her belt in pokeballs at all times, or they roam around the make-shift hospital she works at.
She never, EVER lets them go outside though, in fear some infected pokemon might infect them. She is an avid chocolate lover and has it almost on a daily basis.

I might play as a diseased human as well from time to time...

Swampert trainer
July 28th, 2008, 7:43 AM
I have edited my post for the RP

July 28th, 2008, 8:08 AM
Ok, your in now. :)


July 28th, 2008, 5:45 PM
could I join ^^?

Name: Mirinda Delivence

Nicname: Miri



Appearance: Short orange hair with bustling green eyes. She carries a locket given to her from her mother,in memory of her. She has a porcelain skin tone, and is sort of sensitive to light. She bites her nails, making them look jagged and disrupted. Her hair is most of the time frizzy and rarely gets blemishes.

Personality:Sort of depressed. Shes always been this way ever since the new of the breakout. Shes full of no hope. The only thing that keeps her going and having the will to live is her beloved Pokemon, Elizabeth the Gastrodon(sp??) Before the outbreak, she was a tomboy in a girly world. She was constantly made fun of because of this.

Persons job/life before outbreak: She was hired to do Pokemon research in kanto along the best professors in all of the regions. (read history for more)

Persons current life after outbreak:Like previously mentioned, she is always depressed. She has no friends that lived through the outbreak, or family for that matter. She tries to find a friend, but this is a difficult task when you are on the lookout 24/7.

History: Just your average girl. She worked hard in school and again, like said, worked among the best Pokemon scientists in the kanto region. She way born and raised there. At an early age, she showed an unique affection for Pokemon. She was inspired by many gym leaders, and always dreamed to become one. Around the beginning of her teen years, she was inspired by a new thing. The discovering and research of Pokemon species, especially The gastrodon.


RP Sample: -(i cant seem to find any the forum i rp'ed on.... Im pretty sure they couldn't pay, therefore they lost their domain :*(.)

July 29th, 2008, 6:59 AM
Hello Skullie. ^^

Yes you can join, but I have a small problem...

Girantina is a ledgend, and Im not allowing ledgends in this RP. If you could just edit that and put in a different pokemon, you'll be accepted. :)

July 29th, 2008, 7:52 AM
This reminds me of an English film I've watched. Anyway I think it's good that you include Pokemon and Humans... anywho

Pokemon Form

Name: Sceptile
Nicname: Trika Sugmori
Age: ???
Gender: Male

Appearance: Trika looks like an average Sceptile. He has bright green skin and the same yellow orbs on his back. He carries a brown bag that hangs of his shoulder and dangels just below his waist. It contains all sorts of gadgets and weaponary.

Personality: Trika is very serious. He looks down on weaker Pokemon than him but he is very careing and selfless. He may seem arrogant and unkind but he is very nice and looks out for others.

Pokemons life before outbreak: Trika has had a very eventful past. He grew up in Tyruma until it was destroied. He travels across universes with a gadget in his bag which can teleport him through time and space, to any universe, in any place at any time. He travels space helping others and battling his arch rival, Darkly the Flygon.

Pokemons current life after outbreak: Trika wonders Sinnoh helping people and Pokemon who are in danger. He has no idea that there is a cure for the virus and he has no intention of getting it, but he still tries to fend off the beast and to help others.

History: (Read Pokemon life before outbreak...)

Quirks: He can occasionaly be rather Rash and his teleporter scrambles his brain waves which may make him gets sentences mixed up or do involunary things...

RP Sample: He stood in the middle of the Forest. Tears were building in his eyes as he waved a sorrowful goodbye to his companion, Glacee. He reached into his bag, pulled out a small, round, yellow device and slamed the centre of it, making him dissapear before Glacee's sad eyes. He felt the fammiliar darkness and tight squeezing on his chest as if he was being sufficated. Just before he felt as if he was going to die due to lack of air, it stopped.

Inbetween the towering, gloomy canyons emerged a dark, rotating sphere. It began to grow larger and larger, shooting bolts of purple lightning. The ball expanded and then exploded into a wall of luminous, violetic smoke. It then faded away along with the sphere to reveale a glowing figure; Trika the Sceptile.

He winced as he streched his back, cracking it. He rubbed the back of his neck and moaned. He realised he must of traveled along way through time as the Teleport ride was extremly painfull, well, less painful as what it normally was. He reached into his bag once more and pulled out a device which showed when and where he was, yet it did not tell him. The screen was bair. He reached into his bag another time pulling out a green gun. He pulled the trigger yet no beam or twindel of fire emerged. Trika was puzzeled. When and where could he be?

(This RP Example is from a different RP, not for this one)

July 29th, 2008, 8:49 AM
Toxic0345 you are accepted, but as long as your character dosnt use the teleportation device thing too much. You see, thats pretty close to godmodding...

Edit: Well, enough people have joined, so I will now start the RPG!

July 29th, 2008, 9:05 AM
Ok, it edited it to a gastrodon. :). Want to start the rp?

July 29th, 2008, 9:08 AM
He won't use the teleport too much, it takes a few dasy to recharge and he can't choose where it takes him, it's random. Anyway, who's gonna post the first 1?

July 29th, 2008, 9:37 AM
OOC: Okay Skullie, sounds great. I will post the first one, Toxic. Sorry if it took a while, Im not the fastest typer...

Prologue: Off the coast of Sinnoh...

A large, deserted boat loomed in the distance off the shore of Sinnoh. A thick fog surrounded it.
A creature stood on the boats top deck. It seemed to be studying the nearing bay with neon green eyes, swishing its long, scaly tail from side to side. The creature was very dark in color, nearly black. It had long, muscular arms and legs. Spiny scales ran up its back. It blinked with its second eyelid, then curled its lips back, exposing 3 inch long teeth. Saliva began dripping from its deformed jaw in anticipation. A deep, guttural growl escaped from its nose slits.
As the fog cleared, the bay came into view. A 50 ft tall lighted barbed-wire fence could be seen, lining the whole bay.
The creature tightened its grip on the boats guard rail, its nails making the metal whine and bend in protest. The metal snapped easily in two with a metallic clang, and the creature casually threw the pieces into the ocean. The creature then gave a short grunt as it leapt on all fours with surprising speed towards the captains quarters.

Eterna City

Jasmine carefully wrapped a mans arm in gauze. Her pokemon, Cacnea, handed her a thicker protective gauze. She took the guaze, wrapped the mans arm a second time, then secured it with a safety pin. " There." she said. "All better." The man sighed with relief. He looked at his arm, then relaxed on the cot he was laying on. "Thanks." he whispered weakly. "No problem." said Jasmine, readying a syringe with a pain killer. "You know.." began the man opening his eyes. "...That pokemon arnt immune to the virus anymore?" He was watching Cacnea who stood next to Jasmine. Cacnea grew fidgety, nervously avoiding the mans eye contact. Jasmine patted Cacnea's head reassuringly. "Yeah, I heard. I take good care of my pokemon though. They arnt allowed to stray far..." Cacnea watched as Jasmine walked over to the mans side, held out his arm, and began dabbing his shoulder with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball.
"Cac cac...?" Cacnea said nervously. "Cacnea, you dont have to watch." called Jasmine over her shoulder. She leaned closer to the man and whispered, "Sorry, he donsnt like needles, even though he's a cactus." The man laughed. "Just do it fast, and he wont see." Jasmine nodded and stuck the needle quickly in the mans arm. Cacnea quickly covered its eyes. Jasmine pulled the needle out then rubbed the area with rubbing alcohol, then placed a band-aid over the injection mark. She threw the syringe away, washed her hands and looked out the window of the makeshift hospital. She could see the bay far in the distance.
" It sucks though..." grunted the man, nearly asleep. "That both our species is...well, screwed." She could hear his breathing slow, and he began to snore softly. Jasmine crossed her arms and continued to stare out the window. The guy is right...we are in trouble. But I know a cure will be fond. I know it. She sighed and sat in nearby chair ,Cacnea already snoozing in the chair closest to the patients door. She watched him for a while, but her thoughts wandered. I wonder how the other people and pokemon have survived this long...

July 29th, 2008, 9:54 AM
Am I too late?

Name: Raichu
Nicname: Shadow
Age: teenager, 15 in human years
Gender: female
Appearance: Shadow looks very dark and mysterious. Her fur is jet black, and her stripes, stomach, inside of her ears, paws, and tip of her tail are white. Her eyes are interesting too- they are plum colored.
Personality: Shadow has the lonely nature. She is a lone wolf; she hates being around most people. She is very shy, and doesn't have great social skills. She is very hard to earn trust from, however, if you do earn her trust, she will give her life for you. However, if you don't know her, she might seem very cold and anti-social. Shadow is also very indepentant, and doesn't need others to carry out her life.
Pokemons life before outbreak: Shadow's egg was abandoned by her parents, so she was alone ever since birth. In fact, she had no name for the quite awhile. Shadow never even met her parents and 2 sisters. So because of that, she became very independant. She didn't even get exposed to other Pokemon until she was about 6 in human years, when she evolved from a Pichu to a Pikachu. That is when she met a black Eevee named Midnight, who gave her the name Shadow. They became very good friends, and then, when they were both 13 in human years, Shadow evolved into a Raichu and Midnight evolved into an Umbreon. Nothing major happened for the next 2 years, except for the disease beginning to spread.
Pokemons current life after outbreak: Nothing major happened, except what happened in the RP sample.
History: See the upper two sections.
Quirks: Shadow has an extreme fear of the fire type.
RP Sample: Shadow and Midnight were simply sitting down, eating some berries. "Mmm... these Pecha Berries sure are good, aren't they Shadow?" Shadow only nodded. Then, they heard a noise. "Oh no! It can't be!" Midnight said. Shadow then said without much emotion. "It's a dieseased human. I just know it." "Well in that case, we have to run!" Both of them used their quick attack. However, because of much practice, Shadow could run faster.

They were running for what seemed like forever. "I think we lost him, Midnight!" No responce. Shadow stopped very quickly. "Uh... Midnight...?" There was no sign of Midnight anywhere. "M-m-midnight?! Look, this isn't funny. Show yourself!" Still no answer. Shadow ran back. And then, she saw it- the one thing she didn't want to see. She'd rather be dead then see what she just saw. A body of a black Umbreon with red stripes, her emerald green eyes closed, a bloody mess. "Midnight!" Her eyes opened. "Ugh... just go on without me... go away... before he kills you too..." Her voice was weak. "Don't worry Midnight, I'll get you some Oran Berries!" "It's too late for that. Just go on... forget about me..." "No! Just hold on!" "I can't. Goodbye... Shadow..." Her eyes closed. Shadow knew she was dead. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" This was her best friend, and she was just killed. She never felt so sad in her life. This gave her another reason to survive, even though she didn't want to- she had to make Midnight up in heaven proud.

July 29th, 2008, 9:58 AM
Miri looked at her 6 last pokeballs, all filled with a Pokemon. She shed a tear looking over the boat she was traveling on. She threw a pokeball out onto the rotting deck. "Elizabeth," she started to say. " If I'm in trouble, please, take care of the other Pokemon. Don't try to save me." Miri grasped the pink creature, and sniffed constantly. She let go and looked away. The gastrodon etched towards her. "I mean it! And don't you ever forget!" She called for Elizabeth to go back in the damaged pokeball and out it back into her belt. she drug her finger across that pokeball. Before she could glance over and realize what was happening, she boat made a sudden stop. "Everyone! Get inside the boat!" a mans voice said. "We are about to reach our destination!" Sinnioh... hmm, dosent sound to bad after all she thought as she was walking towards the stairs that lead to the inside safe quarters of the boat. "Wha.... what the hell is that?!" A bewildered man said. "Its... a boat?" A woman with a baby said. "No... the thing on it." he replied, with a quiet gulp. "Oh my god...it cant be! Close the doors! Close them now!" The captain said. Everyone franticly tried to close the large metal doors. The captain locked all of the locks, and everything went silent. There were few whispers. The boat rocked back and forth. You could feel how scared everybody was. Something made a thud on the deck. The woman, holding her baby, ran to a corner, apparently trying to protect her baby from harms way. The boat rocked back and forth, slowly etching towards Sinnoh.

July 29th, 2008, 10:00 AM
OOC:Nope, your not too late Chika, just in time. Im about to close the sign-ups.
I like your RP sample. ^^

IC:The creature shook itself off, wet from the short swim to the new boat. It sniffed the air and detected the strong, salty scent of human flesh. It slowly began to circle the boats deck, looking for the source of the scent. It began salivating as it crept, the smell growing stronger. It stopped just outside of a large metal door. The creature looked at the door, curiously at first, then slowly walked up to it. It sniffed the door...human scent was all over it. It crouched, placing its claws gentley on the door, pressing its ear slit up to the cold metal. It closed its eyes and concentrated. Thumpthump...thumpthump...thumpthump... The creatures eyes shot open. It instantly recognized the sound of a frantic heartbeat. Its lips curled into a menacing smile as it backed away from the door about ten feet, then shot towards it with amazing speed.

July 29th, 2008, 10:07 AM
Trika sat on the branch that sprouted from the tree, looking at the bay. It was a foggy evening, the sun was not visible for two reasons. The 50ft concrete wall that towered above the island blocked visibility of the horizon and the dark clouds that hung from the once blue sky were inpenitrable by the sun. Eterna forest was Trika favourite place to stay. He had is own home there, a small underground cave that was dug by him and kept up by branches. He liked to have dinner there with Pokemon that he knew from the forest, as if they were leading normal lives, as if not to be aware of the fear that all Creatures of the island held.

Trika jumped from the tree. He longed to see the beauty of a sunset, but had to make do with the sun drifting below the concrete wall. He walked through Eterna Forest, occasionally plucking an Oran berry of a branch and slicing overgrown bushes from his path. The Forest was more like a jungle now. Humans were a rare site amongst the trees, yet Trika had saw a young girl come through here. He also noticed she was heading towards Eterna City. That was were Trika was to go now, if he could find his way. He passed a swarm of Ninjask that swirved between trees, emmiting a loud buzzing noise and the occasional Skiploom seemed to twodled past him. A very tall mansion came into view. It was run down and it was barely visible as it was covered in Ivy and Vines, making blend in with its surroundings. Trika knew he was close to Eterna city now.

The trees seemed to become much less dense. A small lake with a winding bridge lingered infront of him and Trika was sure he could make out some buildings. He reached into his bag and pulled out a small device with a glowing green screen. He touched the centre, it emmited a loud beep as a radar rotate on the screen which told Trika there was humans near. He walked over the wobbly bridge and across a muddy expanse until he came to a worn, concrete path. Several buildings stood infront of him and an ancient statue was visible in the distance. Behind all of that was a very tall mountain. It seemed to shade Eterna City from Moonlight. He looked to his left to discover a tall, blue building with spikes jolting from the sky. It was tangeled in vines and the entrance was hidden benithe the canopy of several trees.

A house caught Trika's eyes. A light was on in one of the windows and he could see shadows trail across the wall. Then a figure stepped upto the window and caresed there hands as if washing it. The face seemed familiar. Could it of been the girl he saw wondering through the forest? There was only one way to find out. Trika lolloped up to the door. He was very tired as he had recently been wandering around Floroama Town in search for some other strong Pokemon. He knocked on the door, very slowly, and looked at the ground, kicking a stone against the wall.

OOC: There you go ^^ Hope you all like it...

July 29th, 2008, 10:10 AM
OOC- Thanks. ^_^

IC- Shadow just felt like she got killed on the inside. With her best friend dead, she needed to go on alone. She heard a voice. "Hello?" Shadow didn't turn around, afraid it was a dieased human. "HELLO?!" She decided to turn around. To her surprise, what she saw was not a diseased human, but it was the next worst thing- a fire type, a Vulpix to be exact. She may have just been a baby, maybe 3 or 4 in human years, but Shadow ran away, being terrified of the fire type.

"Don't be scared, I'm not big like you. I'm only 7." Okay, Shadow was a little off. "What's your name? My name is Pixie." She didn't seem too evil. "My name is Shadow. But can you please leave me alone? My best friend just got killed by a diseased human." "My mommy just got killed by one of those. She was a big, beautiful Ninetales. I've never seen my daddy before. I was just looking for someone to protect me, but everyone beat me up. Your my last hope..." Despite being anti-social, Shadow couldn't help but feel bad for her. She was only 7, and had no one. Shadow knew that feeling since birth. "Ok, you can come along with me. After all, we both need someone." "YAY! Thank you Shadow." Shadow smiled. Maybe she could protect this young Vulpix from her otherwise sure death, despite her fear of her type.

July 29th, 2008, 10:15 AM
Lusitania flew over Eterna City, looking down below at the buildings. She had just returned from Kanto. It was a long, long trip from Sinnoh all the way to Kanto, and she was exhausted. Her wings felt like they might fall off any second. It didn't help that she was carrying a heavy package of tissue sampels from infected Pokemon either.

She decided to land on the rooftop of a building to rest for a few minutes before flying the rest of the way to the science center. There she would drop off the box of tissue samples she had collected in Kanto. Attacking infected Pokemon was dangerous work, but Lusi knew she had to do whatever she could to help stop the virus. Only if the world gave its all could they survive.

Yet the world was far from giving its all. Poking her head out from the roof, she looked down at the street below. Humans wandered through the city, looking at the many displays in shop windows. A tiny voice, that of a little child, drifted upwards towards her. "Look at all the pretty colors, mama!"

Lusitania sighed. Statements like that made her wish she didn't see the world in shades of red. Dark red, light red, bright red, black red. Her eye covers made everything red.

The people of Sinnoh continued to go about their everyday business, most of them much the same way before the virus outbreak. Lusi couldn't blame them, after all, this was what she was working to protect. But it wouldn't hurt if everyone would do a little more.

Sighing again, she picked up her package and beat her wings, taking off into the skies of Eterna City again.

July 29th, 2008, 10:24 AM
(i may talk in 3rd person or my character sometimes.)

I was scared for my life. I took a good look around. It appeared that everyone else here was too. Then, there was a large thud at the front of the boat. This must have meant that we have reached our destination. But how did anyone expect to get off? There was something up there, and it had to have had DHD. I told the woman with the baby, it would be fine, but even I didint know that. The captain gave everyone a weapon, and told us to run as fast as possible. I volentered to go first. I took a deep breath and ran like there was no tomorrow. I got a good glimpse at the creature. This is the first time I have ever seen one of these specimen up close. I jumped off the boat onto the wall. This was way to high. I couldn't jump down. I would have broken my legs. So I jumped on to one of many trees around. The tallest I could jump to was about 15 feet from the wall. I jumped. "Ouch..." I began to say. I climbed down to the ground waiting for anyone else to appear. No one ever came. I began to cry at the thought of the baby, the new born, barely used to life, dead. I ran as I thought franticly. This must be Eterna forest. I'm going to be safe! But As I was thinking that, I heard rustling in the distant trees. It only made me run faster. In the distance, I could see buildings. It was hard to see, but I only seamed to get closer and closer to the tall figures. I ran up to a random building. One that looked if it used to be a hospital. "Please," I begged, "Let me in!"

July 29th, 2008, 10:25 AM
Shadow smiled at Pixie. She was glad to know that she could help the young Vulpix. "Well, I'm tired, how about you, Pixie? "Yeah, I'm pretty sleepy!" It was not safe to sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time, however, ever since diseased humans invaded the world. "Well, we can rest in that cave over there, but not for too long, ok?" "Ok!" Shadow walked towards the cave, and Pixie followed her. They laid down. Pixie laid down very closely to Shadow. Shadow didn't like being too close to others, but she knew that this was for Pixie's own safety. Just as Shadow was beginning to relax... "AAAAAAAAH!" She heard it. It was a high-pitched scream, coming from Pixie. Then, she saw it, a diseased human. She stood in front of Pixie. She was NOT about to another person die due to her carelessness.

The human stared at her, and she could tell this person was blood thirsty. Shadow needed to do something, and fast. Without thinking much, she used her thunder. Though this sent the human flying, it also hit Pixie. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry Pixie! Are you ok?" "Ugh... I think I'm paralyzed." With that, Pixie collapsed to the ground. "Oh no!" Shadow picked up Pixie, and ran as fast as she could outside while still holding on to the young Vulpix's body. She then found a Cheri Berry tree after running around for about 15 minutes or so. She placed the limp Vulpix body on the ground, picked a couple of Cheri Berries, and forced her to eat them. "Thank you mommy..." Shadow was shocked. "Did she just call me "mommy"?"

July 29th, 2008, 10:35 AM
I turned to another building banging on it. I repeated the previous statement. Theres gotta be someone out here to help me! I thought sadly. This cant be happing to me! "Help!" I screamed in blood curdling way. I looked around, and without thinking, I climbed onto one of the buildings waiting for someone to come out.

July 29th, 2008, 10:37 AM
There was no awnser... He heard the screaming of a young girl behind the house he was beside. He walked round the corner to see a girl outside of a large building with a PC sign on the side. She was pleading for someone to let her in. Trika walked over the path towards the Forest so he could get back to his cave, he wanted to continue search tomorrow.

He was now in the forest. It was rather dark now and it was much harder to find his way. He walked past the towering masion and looked around to find any sign of his cave. He saw the same swarm of Ninjask so he knew he was near and not completely astray. He could see chopped branches which were done so by Trika and footprints that had flatened the grass. Then he saw to Pokemon. A Raichu and Vulpix. The Raichu was holding the Vulpix in his arms, as if comforting it. Trika ran over and looked sweetly at the Vulpix, then turning his attention to The Raichu. Trikas facial expression changed to a more serious look. "Is she okay?"

July 29th, 2008, 10:48 AM
OOC- My Raichu is a she, just to let ya' know.

IC- Shadow looked up. It was a Sceptile. "Yeah, she's fine, I think. She just was paralyzed, is all. I gave her some Cheri Berries, and she should be fine." She didn't really want to talk to this Sceptile, but she pressed on. "Wait, you are ok, right Pixie?" "Yeah, I'm fine." "Good. So anyway, what's your name?" She asked the Sceptile. "Trika. And you?" "My name... is Shadow. Uh... nice to meet you, Trika." Shadow was having a tough time talking to this Sceptile, but now, for a slightly different reason- he was kinda cute.

July 29th, 2008, 11:02 AM
OOC: O.o You guys made some progress in that short time..

Joey was walking in the gigantic field for what seemed like forever. The silence overwhelmed him. It seemed like he was walking in a cycle; the neverending field kept going. Finally, the silence got to him. He reached at his waste, and grabbed a red and white Pokeball. Tossing it up into the air, and without a word, it started to glow. A bright light unleashed from it, revealing an Absol. The Pokeball made its way back to Joey's hand. He then stuffed it back onto the holder on his belt.

"Absoool!" It roared. It had one fang sticking out of its mouth, the rest concealed.

"Hi, Absol.." Joey murmured. He was tired of looking for the stupid plant, "The silence was getting to me. I needed someone to talk to," he said in his usual cold tone. Absol nodded at him, turned away, and rolled its eyes. Just then, Absol jumped into the air for a split second, and came down with a thud. It looked keen and alert.

"What is it!?" Joey yelled, "Is it one of them?" he said, quieter. Absol looked at him and growled a bit, signifying him to keep it down, so she could tell. Absol then glanced, squinting, into the woods on the side of the field. Then, it came out at them.

July 29th, 2008, 11:05 AM
"Nice to meet you too." Said Trika kindly as he looked deep into shadows eyes. "Well I've got a cave near here so we should be safe there. By the looks of it Vulpix here has been paralyzed." Said Trika as he smiled at the Vulpix sweetly,"And the rash just below the eyes tells me that it was a Thunderbolt from a Raichu." Trika looked at Shadow and raised his eyebrows. He then leant down and picked up the fragile Vulpix elegentaly in his arms. "C'mon. We better be getting to my cave."

Trika led them both to his small home where a dead body was lying face down, scorched and limp. Trika lent down and inspected the corpse. He seemed interested and was not showing any signs of fear or disgust from the stench emnating from the body. "Get inside quickly. It could come back to life and we don't know much about these. Well, you don't."

July 29th, 2008, 11:12 AM
"Oh yeah, that. I used thunder on a diseased human, and hit her too by accident. I don't have much control over my thunder attack, it really controls itself." She felt safer inside of the cave. She was still tired because she really didn't get much sleep before the scream of Pixie and diseased human. "Well, I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Good night." Shadow laid down. It had been a few hours since the death of Midnight, but it still haunted her. She kept thinking of Trika. He seemed nice. She also thought of Pixie, and how she called Shadow "mommy". Well, there was no point in just thinking about it all, so Shadow cleared her mind to the best of her ability and fell asleep.

July 29th, 2008, 11:19 AM
Lusitania saw a human trying to climb on a building. Doesn't that guy know climbing buildings is illegal in Eterna City? She swooped down and chirped angrily at the human. "What do you think you're doing?" she asked. She couldn't be sure, but the human seemed agitated. Frightened. But then again, it was always hard to tell with humans.

July 29th, 2008, 11:21 AM
Trika stared at Shadows peaceful, still body. She seemed much more beautiful away from the tangeled mess that is the forest and into the dim candle light. Trika shook is head and quickly stood up. Don't get involved. Trika thought to himself. You know what happened with Flisica and Glacce, DONT GET IN- Trikas trail of thought was lost as he stubbed is toe on the table. He cursed as the Oran Stew fell of the table and splattered on the floor. He bent over, scrambling to get the bowl and wipe the Stew, knocking the table making it screech awfully against the floor and knocing the shelf on the wall, making ordaments fall off.

July 29th, 2008, 11:28 AM
Trika appeared in Shadow's dreams. He was extremely cute, and she wanted to know him better. When she woke up, she found a feast of berries waiting for her. "I got them!" Pixie said happily. "All by yourself?" "Yup!" "Pixie, that's dangerous and you know it. You could have gotten killed!" Trika got up. "Did you get those berries, Shadow?" "No, Pixie did. All by herself. Which she could have gotten killed doing." "Well, she's alive, and I'm hungry, so can we eat?" "Sure." Shadow said, smiling at Trika. Shadow sat next to Trika while eating. She found her tail wrapping around his back it was an impulse. She couldn't help it. Embarassed, she quickly pulled it back. "S-s-sorry..." She said, embaeassed. She ran away out of embassment.

July 29th, 2008, 11:39 AM
Jasmines eyes shot open. Cacnea was attempting to look out the hospital window, making quite a racket. She realized she had drifted off to sleep for a few hours. The man with the cut arm was still asleep. She stretched, got to her feet, and went over to the window. "Cac! Cac!" chatted Cacnea, jumping up and down, pointing with its green arm out the window. "What? Is there something out there?" Jasmine leaned out the window. All she could see was the setting sun, and the small glimmer of the bay in the distance. She looked down and saw a girl franticly trying to scale a building. Next to her was a chattering Flygon with a bag in its hand. "What the...hey girl, what are you doing?" She called towards the two.

July 29th, 2008, 11:41 AM
Pixie looked up at Trika. "I think someone fancies you." Pixie said in a childish voice. Trika rolled his eyes and plodded out of the cave and out were Shadow was sitting, whimpering and looking up at the stars. "It's a good place." Said Trika slowly. Shadow just turned around and gave Trika a puzzled look. "Round here. The trees aren't as thick and you can get a view of the night sky." Trika walked slowly towards Shadow and sat down beside her. He gave her a look of sorrow. "Last time I looked at the stars like this it was with-" Trika stopped and sniffled as if he were fighting back tears. "It was with a freind" A tone of dissapiontment was clearly audiable in his voice.

July 29th, 2008, 11:44 AM
OOC- Ok, I'll be out for Wedensday and Thurday. Bunny my character, as long as it's within her personality.

IC- Shadow looked at him. He was obviously sad. "Who? You can tell me. That is, unless you don't want to talk about it." "Yeah, I'd really rather not." "That's fine. I had a good friend once. an Umbreon. She died recently. Got killed by a diseased human. Her name was..." Shadow's voice trailed off. Tears started to form around her purple eyes. Before long, she was crying hysterically. "Midnight..." It was very tough to talk about Midnight, now that she was dead.

July 29th, 2008, 11:52 AM
A window had opened in a nearby building. It looked like a hospital. A lady was calling out to the human trying to scale the building. "Hey, girl, what are you doing?"

Lusitania flew over to the window. "Could you call the police or something? I don't know why she's trying to climb a building, but she's going to need help!" she chirped, hoping the lady would get the gist of it.

July 29th, 2008, 11:58 AM
Trika reached into his bag and pulled out a blue sheet. It seemed like paper yet it didnt flop. It was like a panel in his hand, paper thick and solid. He help it underneathe Shadows face until a tear dropped on it. It began to glow a vivid blue and a sparkly essence, like glitter, began to glow blue and dance in the air. It swirled around each other then came away from the paper, circling Trika and Shadow and dancing in the Midnight Breeze. It then beagan to swirl and settled in the shape of a Pokemon. Trika did not recognise it but Shadow definetly did. It was the freind she had just lost. "I was given this by Chief Ferno of the Blazer tribe of the planet Mulacassaro. It is used when one is under great sorrow from a death. A tear will restore the life of that departed soul so that one may talk to them but only for a while." Trika looked over at shadow who seemed amazed. Trika raised his eyebrows and nodded towards the lights"Go ahead. Talk to her/him"

July 29th, 2008, 11:58 AM
It was one of the deformed humans. Joey had never actually seen one, and hoped he never had to. It was bound to happen, he thought, because he's in the forsaken region, cursed region. It was Johto he was in, and planned on returning home to Sinnoh very soon. He just hoped he could live until then.

"Absol, quick, Razor Wind! Don't make contact with it!" he shouted. Absol instantly whipped up a mini-tornado, and sent it into the foe. The humanoid.. thing was sent reeling backward, and slammed into a tree. Absol made use of the situation, and ran beside the dazed thing. With the blade on the side of her head, she cut down the tree, and it slammed on top of this thing.

"Holy.. I never imagined them to be so horrid.." Joey muttered, stunned as to what just happened.

July 29th, 2008, 1:26 PM
Tears gushing from her delicare face, Miri replied,"The Fawns Horizon(occ: Could think of a name for the ship :P, I know,its REALLY a tacky name o_0) arriving from the kanto reigon was invaded by one of the creatures," She batted a bug off of her dirty blouse. "We had no choice but to run. I waited for any of the remaining survivours, but none came." She looked away. Im pretty sure that the creatrures have amazing abilities, that is, if my fellow peers were right after all..." "What im saying, is that if these people were speaking the truth, that the biomass(occ: biomass=infected person) could be here any minuite. Dose your city have any other line of defence?" She asked in wonder. "Because if they dont, I think we may have to leave. That is, if you want to live." Miri was going insane at this point. Most of these caculations were probably incorrect. She was going in circles with this, and was frankly tramatised.

(occ: Insane in the membrain! Man, my character has sicotic(sp?) problems XD)

July 29th, 2008, 1:54 PM
(OOC: It's spelled "psychotic". Firefox's spell check really comes in handy ^_^

By the way, can humans understand Pokemon in this RP? Probably not, but it might make things simpler.)

Lusitania looked from Miri to Jasmine and from Jasmine to Miri again. As far as she knew, Eterna City had no defenses asides from the Pokemon and the trainers that lived within its boundaries. If there was some other, government defense systems she wasn't aware of it.

Lusi chirped at Miri in a questioning tone. "Who are you?" she asked, hoping again that the human could guess what she was asking.

July 29th, 2008, 2:04 PM
OOC: No Lusankya, I dont think they can, but they can be pretty good at guessing what they mean. ^^

Jasmine looked at the Flygon, and understood that it was concerned with the girl on the ground. She listened to what the girl was saying. Jasmine felt her heart skip a beat. "Wha...no way...not here." she whispered to herself. She regained herself and called out to the girl. "Eterna has some armed guards and trainers, but most of the guards are repairing a brake in the wall around Sinnoh...near Snowpoint. I will issue the city alarm, and you can come inside. This hospital is probably the safest place...either here, or the new storm shelters that were installed near the Statue off to the east."
She turned around, shushing Cacnea who was running about in a panic. "Wait, whats your name? My names Jasmine."

July 29th, 2008, 2:07 PM
"Mirinda. Mirinda Delivence. But you two can refer to me as Miri if you would prefer to. Nice to meet you." Miri answered in a now casual voice. She looked around, hearing a faint rustle. "Do you have any biomass ever in these parts? If not, theres got to be something that brought it here."

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July 29th, 2008, 2:15 PM
Lusitania zipped off towards the lab, her exhaustion fading away as adrenaline coursed through her veins. She had to get these samples dropped off and tell the scientists.

The virus research laboratory was located at the edge of the city, right next to the wall. It was far enough away from the residential and commercial districts of the city that if there was an accident here, the authorities would have time to contain it before it spread out into the rest of the city. Lusi landed outside the door and hit the doorbell. The double glass doors, large enough for her to fit through without having to squeeze, slid open. A man with brown hair and huge thick glasses was standing in her way, arms crossed and tapping his foot impatiently.

"I saw you coming a mile off," he said, pushing his glasses up his nose. "What took you so long?"

Lusitania chirped for a few seconds and dropped off the tissue samples in a bin. "There's a lady on the edge of the city saying we're about to be attacked by infected creatures."

The man looked at Lusi for a few seconds, then turned around. "Glados! What did she say?" he yelled at an Alakazam.

The Alakazam, dressed in a miniature scientist suit, turned around. It repeated what Lusitania had said through in English, through the power of telepathy. It depends on how many there are, but I doubt Eterna City is ready for a full-scale attack, Professor Emanual, Glados added.

Professor Emanual's eyes widened. "We might have to start evacuating the materials. Years of research is in this labratory, we can't possibly let it be destroyed!"

Lusitania let out one last chirp and flew back out the door, back towards the hospital.

July 29th, 2008, 2:25 PM
"Oh, hi Miri..." Jasmine trailed off as she heard the bushes rustle in the forest close to the hospital. The rustling grew louder, and a small twig snapped. Something was coming out of the bushes... oh, please dont be a Creature...she prayed as her heart raced.

July 29th, 2008, 3:04 PM
"Is there anyone in the hospital besides you that cant make it on their own?" I asked in worry. " On the contrary, we need to gather as much supplies as everyone and every pokemon can hold. Shall we go into the iron defence room you mentioned or evacuate to another, stonger city? If my cacualations are right, we could actually probably save the city. Let me see...do you have mesh, metal rods, and wepons?" I said in a gentle voice. I had a feeling that we could all be safe if this plan worked. I let out all of my pokemon and told them the plan. (Occ:Elizabeth the gastrodon(pink,west side), Emma the Lucario, Raizelle the Charizard, Anna the jynx, Lola&Rose the dodou, And Varonica the ninetails)

July 29th, 2008, 3:08 PM
Lusitania zipped back to the hospital quickly and perched on the roof, resting and listening to the conversation. If she could help in any way, she could. Pokemon lived in this city alongside humans, they needed to do as much for its protection.

The woman in the hospital window, Jasmine, looked slightly distracted from Miri talking. Lusi looked in the direction Jasmine was looking, towards a group of bushes. What's she looking at? Lusi thought.

July 29th, 2008, 3:29 PM
A low growl could be heard from the bushes. A chill ran up Jasmine's spine. She was so sick of running...of hiding, and praying things would get better...it was about time she did something about it. She ran out into the hallway, opened a latch on the wall and pressed a red button. Bars started sliding in front of the hospitals windows, and the doors started locking. Jasmine returned Cacnea, grabbed a hospital key and ran outside to Miri. She stood next to her, facing the woods. "No. We cant issue an alarm. Its time I stopped running and do something about it. Im gonna fight back. We can do this." She hurled a pokeball a few feet in front of her. A large Mightyena, Kole, appeared in front of her, growling and ready for battle. "Alright Kole, we are going to take on a Creature. Just use long-ranged attacks and dont come in contact with it." Kole growled in response and sniffed the air, using Odor Sleuth. His eyes widened and he began barking and snarling at the moving bush.

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July 29th, 2008, 3:34 PM
Lusitania watched Jasmine run out of the hospital and deploy a Mightyena from a Pokeball. They faced a shaking bush. As a growl emanated from the bush, Lusi let out a soft, quiet, chirp. She sincerely hoped that Jasmine and her Mightyena could handle this creature. But if there was more than one hiding somewhere back there, she had her doubts in their abilities. After all, Jasmine was a doctor, not a fighter. But while she shouldn't judge a book by its cover, it couldn't help to be cautious. Beating her wings quickly to create a soft, melodious sound, Lusitania dove down from the roof of the hospital towards the group of bushes, looking to see if there were any other creatures down there.

July 29th, 2008, 3:45 PM
Miri let out Rai and Emma. Guys, get ready. Miri whispered. Then one of the biomass came out of the bushes, vile as ever. Puss was gushing all over it. "Damn, this thing smells! Emma, use dragon pulse! Raizelle,use heat wave! " She said as she pulled out her worn 2" swoard. She was scared to death. She took the first slash and missed. Another swing got it, but just by a minor cut. Her pokemon did the commanded moves, however, bothattacks missed. "Hes too fast!" Miri exclaimed as the creature slashed her. "Ouch!" She said as she was bleeding. "Heck, at least it wasent that bad..." she proclaimed as the creature took another swing at her.

July 29th, 2008, 3:48 PM
From behind the bushes the Creature stared at the humans and pokemon. It longed to sink its teeth into one of them...to taste their blood. The Creature snarled as a Flygon flew close to it. This made it very angry.
"What is that Flygon doing?" said Jasmine, worried for its safety. Kole continued to bark, more so when the Flygon appeared.

July 29th, 2008, 4:06 PM
Lusitania flew right by the creature, narrowly avoiding an attack as it swiped at her. It occurred to her that she was being a pretty good distraction right now, and called out for Jasmine and Miri to attack the creature while it was still distracted. Keeping one eye on the creature and the other out for more creatures, Lusitania looped back around in a wide semi-circle and...

Crashed headlong into a tree trunk.


As she slid down the trunk, she decided that she was probably more tired than she had thought was was.

July 29th, 2008, 4:23 PM
"Emma,Raizelle, Attack it with the most powerfull attacks possible!" I said as I ran over to lusi. I pulled her up onto a bench. "Are you ok?" I asked in a concerned voice. I looked onto her scalp. "Oh, god. Jasmine, she has a severe cut on her head. Do you think you can sew it up? Are there any materials in the hospital? Ill keep them occupied if there are materials."

July 29th, 2008, 4:30 PM
Lusi tried to touch her head with one of her stubby little paws, but they were much too short. "Just a scratch," she said to Miri somewhat weakly, and look at the tree she just crashed into. Note to self, pay attention to what's ahead of me and not just what's behind me. Perhaps she needed three eyes.

Her vision was rather blurry, but as the tree trunk came into focus she saw there was a splatter of blood on it. Probably hers. Drake always did say I had a thick skull. Shaking her head, she got back up onto her hind feet and glanced at the human.

July 29th, 2008, 4:44 PM
Jasmine had witnessed the whole thing. "Mightyena, use Nightlash on it and don't let it touch you!" She jogged over to Miri and the Flygon. " I do have some string and a needle in my pocket. I carry it with me all the time." She kneeled next to the Flygon and gentley touched her head. "Its alright, relax. Our pokemon have got it under control. You should go back to were you came from when I fix you up...your in no condition to fight..."
The Creature dodged multiple attacks, only getting hit a few times. It was bleeding from many cuts, but anger fueled its movements. It let out a horrific shriek and tackled Emma head-on, knocking her on her back.

July 29th, 2008, 4:54 PM
Lusitania clenched her claws as Jasmine began sewing her head back up. Not from the pain, but from the inability to do anything. Crashing into a tree was probably the dumbest thing she could've done at the moment. Not to mention embarrassing.

But there was nothing to be done. She's a doctor, Lusi thought, she knows what she's talking about. She hung her head in defeat, watching Mightyena, Emma, and Raizelle fight the creature.

July 29th, 2008, 5:05 PM
"Emma!" Miri shreiked as she doged over to the passed out creature. Miri filled with rage. She pulled her blade out and stabed the creature in the heart, or where the heart used to be. It fell to the ground groaning in pain. "You can mess with me, but when my pokemon get into it, your dead!" She shouted loudly. She comferted Emma, and then put both of her pokemon back inside of their pokeballs. "We need to leave imeditaly. If there was one, theres bound to be more. Gather as many materials as possible." Miri said in a stable voice.

July 29th, 2008, 5:19 PM
Kole walked over to Jasmine as she put her supplies back in her pocket. He nudged her hand with his snout and Jasmine patted his head, looking at the dying Creature. She was relieved that the battle was over, but it pained her to see the thing in such horrible pain. After all, it was once a human...
Jasmine nodded her head in agreement. "Yeah, we should have the city sleep in the shelter for the night...those things are tough to defeat..." She returned Mightyena and walked over to the now still body of the Creature. A gaping,bloody hole was left in its chest. Its body was littered with gashes and scrapes. Its mouth hung open, its neon-green eyes still open and glazed over. "I'm...I'm sorry, who ever you once were..." she whispered. She gentley pushed the creature over on its side. People had gathered around the area, sensing the tenion. Jasmine told as many people as possible to gather thier things and head to the shelter. "Im going to go to the Alarm Tower and sound the bell. Be back in a sec..." she jogged towards the Statue were the newly installed Alarm Tower stood.

July 29th, 2008, 5:23 PM
I grabed as much suplies and wepons as I could. I brought many loads of baracades to protect ourselfs over night. As soon as Jasmin was back, I asked, "Is there any way we could comunicate with the other towns? So we could travel there tomorrow."

July 29th, 2008, 5:29 PM
Lusitania buzzed alongside Jasmine for a few seconds and gave a chirp of thanks. She nuzzled her patched head against her back, chirped her thanks again, and flew off towards the laboratory.

Back at the lab, Professor Emanual, Glados, and the other scientists were busy moving the precious scientific materials into a hidden bunker underneath the laboratory. These were invaluable research into the virus, and had to be protected at all costs. Glados and a few of the other Pokemon would stay and guard the bunker, while the scientists would head into the city bunker along with the rest of the population.

"What happened to your head, Lusi?" That was Drake, her best friend. Professor Nomi to everyone else.

Lusi chirped in reply. Glados translated. She ran into a tree.

"Really? You must be tired." Drake patted her on the back of her neck. "No worries, you can take a nice long nap with the rest of us in the bunker."

"I'm not going to stay and guard the bunker?" Lusi asked.

Drake smiled, guessing what she said without translation from Glados. "Don't worry, Lusi. I'm sure the rest of the Pokemon will be fine without you. You're not in any condition to fight after just flying in from Kanto. Besides, you have a big gash in your head."

July 29th, 2008, 5:33 PM
A tornado-warning like siren sounded in the backround as people lined up to go into the two shelters. "Um...we do have a radio thing in the hospital, but what about the other people here?" Jasmine didnt really like the idea of leaving Eterna. She had just began to piece together her life again, and leaving it all behind again made her heart ache. She had grown close to the people their, and she had admired the cities large forest and monument. She was also worried about the people...how would she get all of them to another city if they did move? She couldnt just leave them all behind...

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July 29th, 2008, 5:53 PM
"We will all go at the same time tomorrow. We must leave, unless you want to die." Miri said. "Is everyone here?" Miri shouted as she looked around. Enough suplies? check....Enough wepons...check..."Ithink were all set for leaving tomorow." Miri told Jasmin.

July 29th, 2008, 5:59 PM
Lusitania looked around in the shelter and saw the two humans from earlier. She flew over to them, easily clearing a path through the crowd thanks to her size.

"Hi," she chirped at the two humans. "Thanks again for sewing my head back up."

July 29th, 2008, 6:03 PM
Miri tilted her head in confusion. She threw the pokeball containing her lucario. "Could you translate what she said?" The lucario nodded with a slight smile. After she translated it, she put her back into the pokeball. Miri just smiled. "No problem. Thanks for helping distract him." she replied, petting the creatures head.

July 29th, 2008, 6:08 PM
"How do you know so much about the creatures?" Lusi asked again. "And you might want to keep that Lucario out," she added, pointing to the Pokeball in question.

July 29th, 2008, 6:20 PM
I nodded, letting Emma out of the ball once more. "I studied pokmon originaly," I said looking down. "With the best scientests in the world. It was the last few days before we had left for Sinnoh. I didint just study with pokemon scientists. I studied with doctors that knew all about morphing human and pokemon alike into diffrent things. Aka, blood structure,and the study of changes in DNA. These doctors told us their DNA structure had changed compleatly. It had a hunger for blood, and flesh like some wild animals. They told us how we could kill them. They told us everything they found out, untill most of us got murdered." I sighed, "I never found out everything about them. It was my mission to bring the news to Sinnoh, and study blood samples from all of the reigons. Exept Sinnoh. There seems to be a diffrence in the Blood samples from each reigon. Im trying to understand why theses samples are diffrent. Maybe it could give us more clues. Or maybe they are more/ less evolved in diffrent reigons."

Swampert trainer
July 29th, 2008, 6:26 PM
OOC: sorry i havent posted yet i had to resolve wrighters block.

Medity was training in a cave at route 206 when he sensed a strong evil presence ariving.As he walked out of the cave he saw a beast that wasn't a pokemon he has ever seen,the beast started to charge at medity with all it's might. Medity jumped out and on to the cycling road where he got hit by a trainer on bicycle while trying to get to eterna and escape the beast.Once he got to eterna he started banging on the hospital doors pleading for help.

July 29th, 2008, 6:28 PM
Miri Glanced at the flygon. "Do you...Hear that?" She asked in confusion. Miri grabed a pistol. "Whos there? Where you bitten?" She said as she was slowly opening the door to find a pokemon of unusual color.

Swampert trainer
July 29th, 2008, 6:32 PM
Medity established a telapathic link with miri "help! i have been hit by a bicycle while trying to outrun a beast please help!"medity said as he started to clutch his side and wobble.

July 29th, 2008, 6:32 PM
"By the way, my name's Lusitania. Lusi for short," Lusi told Miri. She peeked her head out the door to look at Medity. "Who are you?"

Swampert trainer
July 29th, 2008, 6:35 PM
"I am medity a medicham and i dont normaly ask for human help but im in intense pain!"Medity said as he started to get dissy and fall.

July 29th, 2008, 6:39 PM
I grabbed the madicham and re-locked the door. I handed him to Jasmin. "Please check If he has any bites. We need to turn the lights out soon so we dont attract attention... Ill on guard." I said in a sad voice. I turned to lusi and smiled. "Well, you already know me as Miri, so hi lusi." I smiled once more.

July 29th, 2008, 6:45 PM
Lusi looked at the medicham sadly, then returned her gaze to Miri. "If he's been infected... then we'll have to... terminate him."

Swampert trainer
July 29th, 2008, 6:48 PM
"i havent been bitten all that happened was some idiot plowed into me with a bike when i was escaping the monster." Medity said weakly.

July 29th, 2008, 6:53 PM
Lusi tilted her head and poked Medity with a claw. "Is it... following you? How many were there? What did it look like?"

Swampert trainer
July 29th, 2008, 6:56 PM
"The beast gave up the chase when he ramed his head into my cave.But i fear there may be more on the way.also these beast look like no pokemon i have ever seen."

July 29th, 2008, 6:59 PM
"That's because they most likely weren't Pokemon." Lusi poked Medity again and turned to Miri. "I think we may have to get out of here..." Lusi's eyes glazed over as she thought about how they could evacuate an entire city while it was under attack.

Swampert trainer
July 29th, 2008, 7:04 PM
"If these beast's arent pokemon then what are they?"Medity said as he tried to comprehend what happened "Also i sense a dense mass of evil energy traveling towards eterna that meens there is more to come."

July 29th, 2008, 11:18 PM
Still hiding in the depths of the forest Riku heard loud screeches coming from various houses.. She covered her ears but her Psychic abilities were still able to pick up their pain.. Riku let out a scream of insanity..As she ran into as far as she could..She was running so fast she didn't know how far or where she was going..then..She was at a port.. Riku looked around..no knowing what to think or what to say but she could still hear the low growls and screechs in which people were letting out.. Riku clsoed her eyes and kept running..but then ended up falling into a crate.. And passed out there.. Little did she know the crate she had fallen in to was heading to Sinnoh's Eterna city and she was being loaded into the ship at this very moment. Riku fell asleep in the carte and was soothed by the boats swaying of the waves under it. She felt like something was rocking her..Like her old friend used to..like the daycare. Her breathing slowed and a slight happy small creeped across her face.. The necklace she wore around her neck still on looked like it was about to choke her while she slept.

"Riku! Come on lets go play!" A little girls voice calld out and a 10 year old girl stood before here and an outstreched hand. A big grin acoss her face.

"Y-Yuki...?" Riu whispered and put her arm out reaching for the girls hand. Riku's eyes welled with tears. "Your..A-alive..But you died..How?" Riku shouted.

"Heh.." The girls smile turned to a smirk and she became the inhuman person she was the day Riku last saw her.

"Y-Yuki.Don't..Please" Riku cried out. The image faded and Riku stood in a rather snowy room..Her body temperture falling she..Shivered and wandered through the darkening snow.. The snow was thick and each step she took the snow became thicker and thicker..and also.. becoming a deep black.

"Whats that up ahead..? Its..pretty." Riku cooed trying to maker way torward it but was then interupted when the crate was placed on some concrete and it made a loud thud.

Riku rubbed her eyes and looked within the crate..it was full of berries. And had a sweet scent. Riku took a bite of a pecha bery and used her Psychic powers to exit the crate without anyone noticing.

"Where am I? I've never seen this place before." Riku asked her said wandering through the city streets. The city was covered in beautiful colorful flowers. Riku smiled and remebered the flowers and then remebered what Yuki had told her.
"I want to go to eterna city! The city of flowers!! You gotta come with me one day okay Riku!" the little girl Yuki giggled.

"So I'm in eterna city?" Riku yawned and wandered through the streets eagerly.

"R-ralts..Ralts..ralts.." Riku whined a bit wandering the streets. Looknig for anytype of trainer to help her.

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July 30th, 2008, 4:43 AM
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Lusi tilted her head. "Where have you been the last few years?" She shook her head in amazement. "Wow, you don't get out much, do you?" She stared at the door. "There's a virus. It spreads through bites. At first Pokemon were immune to it, but now... there's no escaping it. It changes people and Pokemon alike. Makes them... insane. Powerful. And their appearance completely changes as well." She looked back at Medity. "You must really not get out much if you still haven't heard of it."

July 30th, 2008, 6:15 AM
Jasmine sighed. Miri was right...more Creatures would come, and infect more people and pokemon. It would be hard, but they had to leave the next day.
Jasmine saw the oddly colored Medicham arrive. She held its abdomon up and inspected its side. It was baddly bruised and some-what scraped. She touched its side softly and the Medicham squirmed in pain. "It looks like it might have a broken rib...we should let it lay on a cot and let it relax. I have some pokemon pain relievers upstairs. I'll go get them." Jasmine climbed up a flight of stairs, leaving the Flygon, Medicham and Miri on the main floor.

July 30th, 2008, 6:28 AM
Trika looked sorrowfully at Shadow and then back at the glistening figure. She was shocked and couldn't speak and it made Trika think of how fortunate he was to be alive. Suddenly Trika began to glow. He hadn't noticed until Shadow looked at him in alarm. Trika was glowing vividly now until he deterarated into nothingness.

Trika gasped and pulled alot of air from around him. It was as if he had just been killed and then brought back to life again. He stopped glowing and realised where he was. It was a small rome, lit by a lamp above them and the moonlight from outside. In the room with him was a Flygon, Medicham and a young girl. They all looked very shocked. Trika stood up as if being viewed by a waiting audience. He looked around and rubbed his neck as he gave an embaressed look to the Pokemon in the room.

July 30th, 2008, 6:39 AM
Lusi sighed. "The other cities won't be happy about taking in more refugees from their own region. The resources of Sinnoh are badly strained as it is from housing and feeding so many people from the other regions. But I suppose we can't stay here either." Lusitania knew all too well what could happen when Creatures attack a city. "Do you think we could come-" her line of thought was interrupted when a Sceptile appeared in front of them out of nowhere.

The Sceptile gave an embarrassed look. Lusi just looked astonished. "Where- where did you come from?"

July 30th, 2008, 6:47 AM
Trika looked at the Flygon then seemed to catch is trail of thought. He began to pace backwards and forwards and mutter under his breath,"Oh no! Oh no! That's bad! That's emensly bad! I've gotta find out what is happening!" Trika kept muttering as if the Flygon had never said a word. he chucked his bag on the floor and began rumaging through it, pulling out different gadgets and gizmo and jabbing different buttons whilst still pacing backwards and forwards. He then ran over to some cupboards and began looking through them, as if they were his own.

July 30th, 2008, 6:51 AM
Lusi looked at Miri. "Sceptile can't learn Teleport... can they?" While the Sceptile was busy rummaging through cupboard, Lusitania stuck her head in his bag. There were a lot of high-tech-looking gadgets and devices of a kind she had never seen before. Whoever this guy was, he definitely wasn't a normal Pokemon.

She flew over to the Sceptile and poked him with a claw. "Hey, answer my question!"

July 30th, 2008, 6:58 AM
Trika turned around and stared at the Flygon for a dozen seconds. He looked at her as if she had just asked a stupid, pointless quiestion. He walked straight past her and began rumaging through his nag again. He began to mutter under his breath once more,"I think I may be in a Universe without men. I've only met women. God this is like, truely hell." He stopped rumaging in his bag and swirved around on the spot, clapsed his hands and began to talk in a serious tone of voice,"Can I ask you a question?"
"Not until you've awnsered mine." Replied the Flygon. Trika completely ignored her and continued,"Have you ever heard of the phrase, We can never die, we can never live? 'Cause if you have, we need to go..."

July 30th, 2008, 7:04 AM
(OOC: Could you please not bunny my character in the future? <.< I understand you kinda needed to make you post of a decent length, but still...)

Lusitania tilted her head in confusion. "We can never die, we can never live?" She looked thoughtful for several seconds, searching her memory for any mention of a phrase like that. Try as she might, she'd never heard of it before. "No... can't say I have. It doesn't make any sense. If you're not dead, and you're not alive, what are you? What does it mean?" Lusi was rather confused about his comment of a universe without men. "What do you mean a Universe without men? Do you come from another universe?" She had never heard of such a thing before.

July 30th, 2008, 7:14 AM
OOC: Sorry :S I'll try not to in the future :)

A wide smile grew on Trikas face. "Thanks. That means we'll be safe 'till mornin'. Hopefully." Trika became wide eyed as if he were tired and his smile faded slowly. He had not awnsered Flygons question and had no intention of awnsering any more. He walked up to a seat, sat on it and pulled out a device that looked, and was, a radio. he plonked it on the table beside hima nd began turning the dials and pressing buttons. The noise clearded and a radio station was audiable. "And we remind you to stay in your home, if you are on the east side of Sinnoh please be extremely viggalante and get tohe the west side as soon as possible. For listeners who have just tuned in, Sunnyshore City has been completely destroied, it has been over run from diseased humans and has now been declared as "un-safe". The wall has been infiltrated there. One of our news reporters was there at the time and is now sadly deciced but he did send us a message. "One of the diseased is talking. He is surrounded by others. He says "Let us feats bretherin, for we have conquered and the darkness provailed" He has now raised his arms. "We cannot live, we cannot die.""

Trika looked up and gazed at the Flygon. "We have to get out of here right now!" Said Trika. He stuffed the radio in his bag, put it round his shoulder and stood up.

July 30th, 2008, 7:22 AM
Lusi shook her head. "We can't leave now, we'd have to evacuate the entire city. That would be almost impossible to do at night." She thought of Glados and the other Pokemon back at the lab. "Besides, there's years worth of scientific data on the virus in this city, and we can't possibly move it all in one night. And if we don't save it, it'll be a setback of several years in finding a cure. We can't force these thousands of people to walk all the way to the next city. And what about the people who can't walk all that way? The old, the crippled, the babies, those poor people in the hospital." She jabbed the Sceptile in the chest. "You may not worry about them, but I do!" With that part of her rant over, she also decided to take offense at a previous comment. "And what's wrong with women anyways?" She jabbed the Sceptile in his chest again.

Swampert trainer
July 30th, 2008, 7:26 AM
Medity heard all the comotion and started to get up and walked to lucy on his hands."Hey why is there a sceptile here and why do you look steaming mad lucy?"Medity said while trying to stay balanced"another thing why does sceptile have a bag?"

July 30th, 2008, 7:33 AM
"There's noting wrong with women!" Shouted Trikas aa he brushed the Meditite beside,"Oh and I am sorry if your years worth of scientific data is chucked down the drain but I know it's pointless and I know that if we don't get out of this city, we'll die!" Trika raised his voice louder than he had in a long time. He was getting very fustrated and taking out all of his anger on the innocent Flygon."Oh, and who do you think you are to tell me what to do. And this chest has more value than five of you does. If I wanted I could just get out of this pathetic universe right now but I care about these stupid humans and I care about Pokemon! Now you're either gonna leave with me or die in this dump!" Trika raised his eyebrows and panted. He had it all out of his system and he began to speak again, only with a much softer tone,"Well?"

July 30th, 2008, 7:42 AM
"Hey, careful with him!" Lusi cried when Trika brushed aside Medity. "Lie down, Medity. You heard what Jasmine said, you shouldn't be doing anything but resting right now." She turned back to Trika and simply looked at him for several seconds. "Just who are you anyways? How do you know so much, and where in the world, or the universe, or the multiverse, or wherever you came from, did you get all those... things in that chest? Knowing who or what you are just might make people think you're more worth listening to." Lusi hoped that the Sceptile would understand that random Pokemon teleporting in from nowhere that refused to say anything about where or maybe even when they came from didn't appear to be the most trustworthy of people.

July 30th, 2008, 7:49 AM
Trika stared at the Flygon once more for several seconds. Now was his time to make a move, he quickly reached into his bag, pulled out a silver circular disc with a yellow button in the middle and grabbed the Flygons hand and slammed the button. Trika felt the familiar tight squezing on his chest as if he were being suffocated. He could still feel the grip of the flygons hand as the turned and twisted until there chests were releaved and they could breathe again. They hit the ground with a bump. Trika stood up and looked around,"Eterna Forest! It worked HAHA! IT WORKED!" Trika was jumping up and down and was extatic from happiness. "Welcome to 3 years ago. This is the world before it was infected!" Trika was still smiling. The forest was much less dense and it was day. "Now we can find out how this all happened!"

July 30th, 2008, 8:01 AM
Lusitania was on the ground gasping for breath. Once she had caught her breath, she looked back up at the Sceptile. A chill ran down her spine.

"What... what are you?"

She climbed back up onto her hind legs and looked around. "Next time, could you give a little warning before you do that?" She shivered. "You said we were three years in the past?" she asked, staring at the Sceptile. "And... what do you mean, 'it worked'? Does it normally not work?" If the Sceptile had just risked her life by using an untested technology that didn't work properly most of the time, she was going to be very annoyed indeed. This guy didn't seem to care too much about the feelings of those around him. Scanning the surrounding forest, another chill ran down her spine. If they were in the past, then could they change the past? She had read stories (fictional, of course) about time travelers. And she completely agreed with the authors that time was not something that mere mortal humans or Pokemon could understand. Even the smallest actions could influence the future in big ways. On the other hand, we may be able to stop the virus before it starts! she thought excitedly. But would that be good for the future? She didn't see how it could be bad, but then again, she was one of those "mere mortals" she had just thought about earlier.

July 30th, 2008, 8:08 AM
"It does work! Most of the time...-ish. But it's not exactly life threatning. It just normaly takes me to the wrong time and place... Anyway, I wouldn't get your hopes up. If your wondering about changing the apst then tough. We could try but... Bad things will happen! Very- Very Bad." Trikas eyes began to fill up with tears again. He sniffed and wiped his eyes and cleared his throat. He chuckled as if he were trying to hide his emotions,"Ha. Well we best be off. Now Eterana City. That way?" He pointed towards a mansion,"I just hope we're still in the right universe." He began to walk towards the mansion.

July 30th, 2008, 8:15 AM
Lusi sighed and resigned herself to never knowing anything about the mysterious Sceptile. Buzzing her wings, she rose from the ground and followed the Sceptile at a stately pace. It was actually harder to keep aloft at such a slow speed than it was to cruise high in the atmosphere.

She decided asking further questions about who he was would be a futile effort. But there were other questions. "Why did you bring us here?" Another thought occurred to her. A bad one. "And I hope you can get us back." She did not want to spend her life traveling between universes.

July 30th, 2008, 8:22 AM
"Don't take this with offense," Began Trika,"But your not very intelligent are you? We're obviously here to find out how it happened, not to stop it from happening. See? I'm not all selfish and nasty. And of course I can get you back. I just hope it will work again. It takes about two days to recharge so we've got plenty of time to find out how it happened. Now, I think I can trust you enough for you to ask me more... Personal questions. So, fire away." Trika really didn't want to regret saying that. He kept walking towards the mansion picking up his pace to keep the Flygon aloft.

July 30th, 2008, 8:29 AM
Lusi had always considered her intelligence level decidedly average. Maybe average wasn't good enough for this genius of a Pokemon walking besides her. And maybe he wasn't all selfish and nasty, but she decided he was rather rude. And arrogant. On the other hand, if she had the ability to travel between universes and pass through time at will, that would probably make her pretty arrogant too.

"Who are you? Where did get all these... devices? What are you doing in... our universe? For that matter, where did you come from?"

July 30th, 2008, 8:41 AM
Occ: holy crap! You guys got really far :P. 100th post!! w00t!

I took a look at the new pokemon and coughed. "And whom might you be? Im Miri. Your devices are....fimilair...fimilair to what scientests taught me about some various machines...were you the one who stole our blueprints?!" I said in a rage of anger, without thinking. They looked fimilair, but not in the same way. I finnaly laughed. "Ha, how could they end up in the hand of you? If you were the one to stal them, that is." I said in a unstable tone. I looked away. Years... we tried to find these... and now what? In the hands in a pokemon? I thought, just assuming that it had stolen it.

July 30th, 2008, 8:45 AM
(OOC: you might want to make mention that he's gone right now, since apparently he left took Lusi on a journey back in time <.<)

July 30th, 2008, 8:50 AM
Jasmine returned to the main floor with a little bottle of pills. She stood at the flight of the stairs, confused. "Wha...I just heard a commotion down here. It sounded like two pokemon were arguing...and what happened to the Flygon?" She sat at the foot of the stairs and opened the bottle. "This should be the right amount for a pokemon Medicham's size..."

July 30th, 2008, 8:58 AM
"Well," Trika paused for a moment. He wasn't sure if he should continue yet he still did,"My name is Trika Sugmori. I was born in Tyruma Falls in the universe B-038457 and abbondoned as an egg. I travel universes meeting and saving different people collecting souveneirs as I go. Some are gifts from freinds, some i make and some I steal. Oh and just to make things clear, yes, I am an Alien and no, I won't hurt you." They were now walking towards a small expanse of water. Eterna city was now in view."my Universe and home has been destroyed and I didn't pick this universe. I came here because my teleport is random, well, that was until today." Trika looked 'round. He had a feeling he was being followed.

July 30th, 2008, 9:00 AM
Occ: Im such an idiot XC! *asks when you guys get back :P*

"That pokemon took lusi back in time apparently...Was he bitten?" Miri asked Jasmin.
Miri took a look at the medicham. "You'll be better soon little guy" Miri told the exausted looking medicham. "Are you a Diffrently colored Pokemon? My god, This must mean that all the reports are true...about newly or oddly colored pokemon...Im sorry, but I didint quite catch your name. Im Miri. And what might yours be?" Miri said to the medicham.

July 30th, 2008, 9:05 AM
Lusi looked around nervously when she saw that Trika was doing the same. She had the same feeling of being stalked. She couldn't remember if the virus was around at this time, but if it was, they might be in trouble. Oh come on, if I attack and kill diseased people and Pokemon as part of my job description, surely I can handle this.

What had Trika meant by "How this all started" anyways? As far she knew, the virus didn't originate in Sinnoh...

"What's it like in other universes?" she asked Trika, wanting to know more about what life was like outside the universe. She was keeping a close eye on her surroundings. Her eye covers made it more difficult for her to spot things than it was for other Pokemon or humans.

Swampert trainer
July 30th, 2008, 9:06 AM
"I am medity the medicham and i know im odly colored but i think nothing of it if anything i like it . also the pokemon that took lusi away was very strange it sounded like he was from another universe.The pokemon didnt appear to be bitten but he was just to unlogical.Also Miri do you have any sour poffins on you because im starving."

July 30th, 2008, 9:12 AM
OOC: Can Medity communite telepathicley? That would make things a lot easier...>>

Jasmine looked at Miri. "How should I know...wait, a pokemon took the Flygon back in time? And the Flygon's name is Lusi?" Jasmine was some-what flabergasted. Note to self--dont leave a room for more then 5 seconds.

July 30th, 2008, 9:13 AM
"It's not all that different. I mean some times the people and pokemon are weird but it's the strangest when you go to different planets. I once whent to this planet and the people were red. Oh and there was this Universe were water was lime green. At night you could sit at the bay and the ocean would glow. It's amazing out there. It would be good if you came with me sometime. Now that I can control were we go we won't get into as much trouble." Trika was smiling now. He had never traveled with anyone else before. There was a rustling in the tree beside them. Trika swiveled on the spot and began slowly walking towards the tree cautiosly.

July 30th, 2008, 9:22 AM
Lusi was quiet as she watched Trika approach the bush. She wouldn't be able to tell the difference between lime green water and blue water. And to her, everything, including people, were red. Even Trika, a green Sceptile, looked red. At least, people told her Spectiles were green. She couldn't tell the difference.

She had been traveling for most of her life. No, traveling was a much more upbeat word. What she had been doing was running. Running from life's problems, going from one place to another. Until the virus hit. Then she had started traveling. Traveling across the world to help find a cure for the virus. She had been close to getting infected many times now. What dangers awaited those who travel to other worlds?

"That might be nice in the future," she said, approaching the bush cautiously as well. "I see everything as red, so colors don't make much of a difference to me."

July 30th, 2008, 12:46 PM
Most was quiet... For that time. Lieutenant Sullivan and Specialist Schuldiner had been watching one named "Trika" and another named "Lusi" (Elric guessed Lusitania) conversing beneath the tree that they had stayed hidden in for days now. One of the two spoke of strange alternate multiverses with lime-green water and red people; Martians, maybe? Either way, it gave Elric the creeps, and Ryan could sense his superior's troubled expression. Quietly, they watched as the Sceptile and Flygon trade remarks on accounts of these wonderfully disturbing images, and Ryan looked like he was close to bursting out in laughter. The human adult clad in the snow-white suit spoke up finally, "Ryan, what do you think we should do with the visitors?"

"Dunno sir, but they're great at telling fantastic lies," the Specialist retorted, a smirk growing on his muzzle. The wolf's look returned to a serious expression, one that demanded knowledge of why 'Lusi' and 'Trika' had trespassed on the territory that the two had held as secure for the past two weeks.

"Alright, we're going down. Follow my lead," Elric whispered, immediately withdrawing his pistol from it's holster and cocking back the hammer, prepping it for combat. Ryan also readied his Type 05 Submachine-gun (http://world.guns.ru/smg/type05smg1.jpg) and followed the Lieutenant's lead, jumping down from their perch and pointing their weapons at the two Pokemon.

"Both of you, explain your business here. This is a secure area," the Lieutenant barked, his aim unflinching.

July 30th, 2008, 1:50 PM
(OOC: Is Ryan a Pokemon? If not, how do they understand Pokemon speech? And if Ryan is a Pokemon(I'm assuming he is because you called him a wolf) how does he carry a gun?)

Lusi jumped upon hearing the voice. She quickly turned around, looking away from the bush. Standing there was a human and a Pokemon. Both with guns pointed at he and Trika.

The way the human carried himself, along with the heavy-duty-looking gun the Pokemon was carrying, suggested they were military men. Either that or some special police officer. Lusitania didn't care much for the military- it's not like they ever did anything to her, but from what she had seen they didn't do much good in the world either. Unlike her job, which was to kill dangerous infected people and Pokemon that had lost all sentience and would only harm more people, the military killed people. Average, everyday people with mothers and fathers and sometimes spouses and children.

She thumped her tail against the ground. "I wasn't aware Eterna Forest had become government property."

July 30th, 2008, 9:55 PM
ooc: this rp is just too cluttered..I can;t understand who is who and what is what, and you get to far ahead.. So I'm going to withdraw from this rp.. Sorry but is jsut to cluttered to deal with v_v; good luck.

July 31st, 2008, 7:48 AM
(OOC: Eh? Since when does Miri time travel? <.<)

July 31st, 2008, 7:55 AM
OOC: Er... Skullie... We're sorta in the year 2005 right now, we traveled in time...

Trika slowly put his hands up. He gave a side way glance to see if Lusi was doing the same. "Do it." Whispered Trika from the corner of his mouth,"It's a Human thing." Trika turned back to face the guards. No fear was showing on his face yet he didn't dare turn to see if Lusi was frightened. Trika slowly moved his hand towards his bag, with his left hand still susspended in the air. Within a second he had pulled out a small handgun and shot at the Pokemon and Officer. They were not shot, or hurt in any way. They were frozen in a red bubble, stopped in there tracks. Even the bullet was floating in the air. Trika slowly stepped towards the two beings. He squinted and peared closley at one of the badges. "Time Agents..." Trika looked suprised and turned to give Lusi a questioning look. "They must of known we traveled here."

July 31st, 2008, 8:08 AM
Lusi tilted her head in confusion. "Time Agents? What are those?" She thumped her tail against the ground again. "They said they were holding this place secure... secure from what? What were they protecting?" She peered inside the bubble. "That gun must come in handy. It's odd, they just look like normal soldiers to me." She turned to Trika to ask her next questions. "How long does the bubble last, and can we get inside it without freezing?" She had an idea to maybe take their guns away from them so they could ask them about what they were doing. Maybe it wasn't a completely safe idea, but she thought it was the fastest and best way to learn what they were protecting. Unless Trika had another one of those near-magical devices up his sleeve that could do that for them.

July 31st, 2008, 8:18 AM
"No we can't get in. It's a time bubble. I've been working on it for a while, I wasn't sure it would work." Trika looked at Lusi who seemed slightly anxious. "Well I think they're Time Agents. The badge looks similar to the symbol. Oh and I wouldn't say anything secret, I think- think- they can hear us. But if they know we'vge landed it means they've got a Vortex Manipulator Lock-On Device so they can follow us anywhere." Trika looked concerned. "C'mon, we better get going. We'll have to get near Mt. Coronet. We can hide there. It should stop in about 5 mins." Trika started walking quickly towards Eterna City. He was slightly anxious that some Trainers will see a Flygon and a Sceptile walking through a City without a Trainer. There was a high chance they would get caught.

Eventually, they came to a large Statue. It had a figure of a large, ancient Pokemon. Trika squinted."I've seen that Pokemon before. There was a battle. It was a big battle. It tore apart Earth. Don't worry! It's not this Earth. Different Universe."

Trika kept walking. It was a very warm day and they had been walking for quite a while. The sun was scorching and it was hard to find shade. They came to two small lakes. One of the lakes seemed to be disturbed. There were ripples and water had splashed over the edge. Suddenly a sparkling Vaporeon came pouncing from the water. Trika tried to ask what was wrong but it just ran into the city. Trika edged close towards the Lake. He was ready to be attacked when suddenly a ginormous Crawdunt leaped from the lake. Landing on top of Trika and knocking him down.

July 31st, 2008, 8:33 AM
Lusi was still deep in thought about the two men with guns. A curious Pokemon, she didn't like leaving such mysterious unsolved. She was just about to say to Trika that they should go back and try and talk to the two "Time Agents", as Trika called them, when she heard Trika shout.

Looking up, she saw an enourmous Crawdaunt standing on top of Trika, moving against him with both pincers clicking angrily. Thoughts of the virus and infections rushed through her mind, but she realized those were irrational fears. The virus wouldn't be able to infect Pokemon yet. This Crawdaunt had to be just a normal one. Well, normal except for its size.

Wings abuzzing, Lusitania rushed the Crawdaunt with a Tackle, knocking it off Trika as her head collided with the Crawdaunt's body. A sharp pain pierced across her head. The cut that the human Jasmine had so kindly stitched up for her was far from being completely healed. Shaking her head to clear her mind of the pain, Lusi made a mental note to not let anything touch her head until the cut was healed.

She looked down at Trika, lying on the ground just beneath her. Keeping one eye on the Crawdaunt, she leaned over and offered a hand to help Trika back up. "Are you okay?"

July 31st, 2008, 9:04 AM
Trika accepted the help. "Thanks." He said kindly as he was pulled up. He stood beside Lusi. They were both keeping a sharp eye on the Crawdaunt. "Now we can either do this the hard way or the easy. The Easy is for me to just zap you with my gadgets and gizmos until you spontaneously combust," Trika seemed to be enjoying this. It was as if he was making a joke out of it,"or I can battle you." Finished Trika. They both stared at each other for some moments until the Crawdaunt made a move. It zoomed towards Trika. It's pincers were snapping and it had an angry expression on its face. Suddenly, Trika's eyes began to glow. He put out his hands and several blades of grass began to tangle and entwine just infront of the charging Crawdaunt. The crab like creature tripped on the knot and flew through the air, landing just infront of Trika.

Trika put his foot on top of the Crawdaunt. "Now you're gonna tell us why you did that!" Said Trika as he smiled.
"I-I was hired." Said the crawdaunt feebly.
"Who by?" Said Trika as he put force on his foot."Oh but your not a normal Crawdaunt are you? You've evolved again. looking at the size of you and that blue dot on the centre of the star on your forehead, your from the year 5069. You're from the time agents!"
"B-But how do you know?"
"I'm clever. Very... Very clever. Oh, I am good aren't I?" Said Trika smugly as he turned to look at lusi, with his foot remaining on top of the carcass. he turned back,"You've been hired by the Time Agents haven't you?"
"Y-Yes. and I take it -cough- you're T-Trika?"
"Oh. That's me!" shouted Trika happily. He pulled out a device from his pocket, stuck it on the Crawdaunt and slamed a button, making him dissapear instantly. Trika clapped his hands together,"There we are. All done."

July 31st, 2008, 9:45 AM
Lusitania looked at Trika with new respect. And new fear. A chill ran up her spine. Just who was this alien Sceptile? Why were all these people after him? And just who kept going after him anyways.

"What did you do with him?" she asked Trika, staring at the spot where the Crawdaunt was mere moments before. "Why are these Time Agents after you anyways? Does this happen often?" She thought for a few seconds. "Are you some kind of criminal?"

July 31st, 2008, 2:06 PM
Meanwhile, 3 years ahead in time...
Jasmine walked over to the oddly colored Medicham and put two pills in his hand. "This should help with the pain. It might make you a bit drowsy, though..."
She walked over to a vacant chair and collapsed into it. She stared into empty space, deep in thought, twirling a piece of her ebony hair around her fingers. "Its getting pretty late. We should spend the night on the top floor of the hospital. We need to think of a plan to get all of the people out of here by mid-day tomorrow...and if any cities nearby will take us in."

August 1st, 2008, 5:19 AM
OOC- Ok, I obviously missed a lot. Can someone fill me in?

August 1st, 2008, 6:12 AM
So far, a Creature (infected human) outbreak has infected Eterna city. Jasmine and Miri fought one off, the rest of the city was sent to storm shelters. Trika apeared in the hospital Jasmine worked at, argued with Lusi the Flygon, then took her back 3 years in the past. There they discovered something called Time Agents...they tried to shoot at Trika and Lusi, but Trika paralyzed them. Also, a crawdaunt tried to attack Trika, but he took care of it.
Oh yeah, and Medity the odd colored Medicham showed up at the Eterna hospital. He was chased by a Creature, then hit by a bike rider (fracturing a rib or something). Jasmine is currently taking care of him...and now things are at a standstill. :D

August 1st, 2008, 6:25 AM
OOC- I'm dropping out. This is just too confusing, sorry. But I'll make my character die.

IC- Shadow looked around. She saw a diseased human. It was heading straight for Pixie. She stood in front of Pixie, as if to protect her. The diseased human attacked her. She simply stood there. She wanted to die anyway. Pixie was shocked. "Mommy, no!" "Pixie, you'll find someone. Go after Trika, he'll protect you. I'll be fine... I'll be with Midnight now." Shadow felt the life being sucked out of her. "Run away from here, survive Pixie. You can do it. I know you can..." "No!!!!" "Pixie... please... It was nice knowing you. Please... survive. Do it for me." Those were Shadow's last words before death hit her. She felt her angel going to heaven. Shadow felt so peaceful, without pain. She looked over earth, seeing Pixie, crying while running away. "Good girl, Pixie..." And finally, she saw the light. She heard God's voice. She ran towards it- and finally, her and Midnight were reunited in heaven. Finally, Shadow was no longer suffering. Finally, Shadow was at peace.

August 1st, 2008, 1:24 PM
[[ Ryan is not a Pokemon, FTR. He is an animal, in a sense; furries are considered half-human-half-animal, and based on preference, they may retain more or less of their root species' traits. I chose to have Ryan retain most of his animal features. Either way, I kind of stole my explanation for how he can understand Pokemon speech from a different story, but the gist of it is that animals and Pokemon are connected on a limited level, and that his knowledge of the 'Pokemon language' is more transposing than it is translating. ]]

In a split second, Elric's life flashed before his eyes. How could he be so stupid as to just let that Pokemon pull a gun on him...? It was the most unsafe thing he'd ever done, and now it would cost him his life. He watched as the assailant fired, and he thought it was all over. Time slowed, and the world around him vanished. But he was still alive...?

Suddenly, a harsh, cold and wet feeling overcame the young Lieutenant. Looking all around himself, his vision was blurred and dark crimson, and there was no ground under him. It was almost free-falling... And he couldn't breathe. He intook some of the water, and immediately attempted to spit it back up, only to intake more; the foul taste reminded him of sewer water that had stagnated for a few days, but the color he could not place... He had no idea which direction was up anymore, and he didn't even know if it was possible to break free of the enigmatic sludge. It was thick and felt like he was swimming in glue, and it was hard to tell exactly how far he was from the surface, if there was a surface.

Struggling to hold on to dear life, he kicked to what direction he hoped was 'up', and forced himself to hold onto whatever breath he had left. As light streamed down from the surface, Elric made a final push towards the light - and finally, he was free of the gooey slime. Though, come to think, at first he could not tell that he'd left the slime's grasp; the air was thick and salty, and it was raining. Looking up, the realization dawned that he was no longer in the world he'd known as Earth...

Dark, brimstone rock faces conjoined at the cheek stared down at him and encircled each other, creating a massive dome of stone and allowing no sunlight to escape. Thick, blood-red clouds hovered over the sea of crimson that the boy had just surfaced from, and in the center of the sea was a small island, a good thirty feet from Elric. Bones weak and his muscles aching, he forced himself towards the spot of land, where a glowing artifact of seemingly inhuman design rested. Conjuring what little strength remained, he gripped at the dark, scorched sand with one hand.

"The Exmortis has come for you, for all... Our immortal legions will purge the world of your sick disease you call human being..."

The voice echoed from nowhere and everywhere at once, allowing Elric little solace as he surfaced fully and removed himself from the sea of blood. Before him floated in mid-air a bright cyan artifact shaped as a ring with a demon's face designed into it, as if the face were carved out of a pentagram; it's eyes seemed to stare back at the boy as he reached to grasp it... His will was weak against the strange artifact, and he did not know if he was able to touch it. His fingers pryed at an unknown force that surrounded the object, and finally, his hand neared it. As he did, his world became a bright flash of white light, blinding him...

And just like that, as quickly as the dream had come, it had left without a trace. Elric tumbled down and impacted with the grassy ground face-first, and with a groan, he realized that the world was real again. He coughed a bit, sweaty; and rose to his feet on stiff, shaky legs. Ryan was already awake, and trying to figure out what had happened.

"What... What the hell happened?" Elric croaked, unsure of what to make of his strange vision.

August 1st, 2008, 3:27 PM
OOC: I'm sorry I haven't Posted. I've been at camp.

IC: Glacier was walking when he saw a Flygon and a Sceptile next to a defeated Crawdanut. They seemed... odd. Like... Like they wern't from here. and not just Eterna. Or Sinnoh. Not fron this time and space or something like that.

He yelled, "Hey! What's going on?! why is that crawdanut fainted? Do you need an Oran Berry?"

August 1st, 2008, 4:35 PM
Lusi heard a voice shouting from up the road. "Hey! What's going on? Why is that Crawdaunt fainted? Do you need an Oran Berry?"

Turning around from Trika to look for the source of the voice, Lusitania saw a Glaceon walking down the road.

I've never seen a Glaceon before, she thought. Something she had been missing out on, she now saw. For some strange reason, she had an affinity for the entire Eevee evolution chain. A girlish delight in that type of Pokemon.

"Oh, we're fine," she called back, glacing at Trika, who had finished making the Crawdaunt disappear.

August 1st, 2008, 5:35 PM
Jasmine carried sleeping bags, assorted food, flashlights, and weapons to the top floor of the hospital. She also helped the Medicham up the stairs, being the elevators were malfunctioning.
She set up camp in an empty patients room. She set up lanturns around the room, sleeping bags, and anything else she could find that would give her new friends some comfort. She let her pokemon out to socialize and relax a bit.
She pulled a chair up to the window and looked out at the city, ghostly and erie in the full-moons shine. She released a long, sorrowful sign. It was a darn shame she was leaving this beloved city behind...she had grown so close to it in the short years she had lived here. Her eyes began to water as she thought of all of the fond memories...she quickly blinked them away. Now was defidenlty not the time to get all mushy. Not when so many peoples lives were at stake.
She jumped as she felt a sudden pressure on her lap. She looked down to find her Glameow, Smokey, curled and purring on her lap. She smiled and gently stroked the cats heads. Smokey had been her very her first pokemon. She and Smokey had grown up together in that big mansion. Smokey had helped her through some tough times in her life. She had always been there when nobody else was.
She looked down warmly at the content cat. "We will get through this. We will all get through this." she whispered.

August 2nd, 2008, 5:39 AM
OOC: Chika, that death was touching :'( Oh and Lusankya... Sorry about the tiny bit of Bunnying I'm about to do here :S its not much :D

Trika pointed at the enterance to a cave that was hidden beneathe some vines and ivy. "We're just going now... We're fine." A smile grew on Trikas face as if to show that he was okay. Trika and Lusi had made there way into the cave and sat down beside a large rock. Trika sighed. He felt as if something had been ripped out of his body for no apparant reason. As if he had lost a limb... He tried to hide the look of sorrow on his face. Suddenly there was a loud beeping from his bag. He pulled out a gadget which was glowing and beeping. It looked like a lump of metal kept together by chewing gum and sheer luck. "What's that?" Asked lusi. "It's a device that tells you if someone has traveled through time and landed near by... That means either someone is looking for us or the time agents have found us..."

Trika and Lusi ran out of the cave. It was dark now and the moon hit of the water near them. The wind began to pick up and dead leaves began to sway about. There was a bright flash and the sound of lightining. Trika had to shield his eyes it was so blinding. The light dissapeared immediantly and a Pokemon came running from no where. It was a beautiful Ninetales. "Hello, Trika." Said the Ninetales. Trika had heard that voice before. It was elegant and sassy yet it had a hint of childish happiness in it. "Pixie?!" Asked Trika as he raised his voice.

August 2nd, 2008, 6:02 AM
Lusi couldn't help but wonder how many more people were going to jump out of seemingly nowhere. As long as she stayed with Trika, she suspected, it was going to be a lot more.

She sighed. Being kept in the dark about so many things was hard for her. But it certainly didn't stop her curiosity. "So... who is this?" she asked Trika, looking over the Ninetales with suspicion. She wondered if it was going to part its many tails and reveal a gigantic laser cannon.

August 2nd, 2008, 7:15 AM
"Lusi, this is Pixie," Said Trika Gleefully,"Pixie this is, Lusi. Pixie is a freind of mine. We've only known each toher for about 3 hours. But how did you find us. I can see it's been a while since you've seen us but not since I've seen you."
"I can time travel." Said Pixie with a smile on her face. "I've been following in your footsteps. I've been traveling the Universes helping people when I eventually realised I needed you. I was told to find you, Trika."
"Who told you?" Asked Trika with a puzzled face.
"Shadow. She told me to look for you. She told me to travel with you and help you find the cure. Those were her dieing words." Replied Pixie. Trikas smile faded and a deep frown was showable on his face. Tears began to fill his eyes as he stared at Pixie. He sniffled and tried to conjour up words.
"What killed her?" He said quietly.
"It was a diseased human. Just after you left one found us and she sacrificed herself to save me. She told me to find you and to help you."
"So it was my fault?" Asked Trika.
"Don't say that. It was no ones fault. c'mon. Let's find some shelter. I can feel the rain." Replied Pixie sorrowfully.

They all walked back into the cave as the rain began to fall. Trika didn't say a word whilst Pixie reached into her own bag and pulled out a small dairy. She began to scan until she eventually found what she was looking for. She began to quote from the Diary, "The high Priestess of Galaosh told me about Trika. She said that he was a Hero amongst Hero and had saved many souls in his life time. She also said that my task was to find him and hellp him for I and a winged girl shall help him overcome his fears and restor peace amongst time and space." Pixie stopped reading and looked up at Trika.

August 2nd, 2008, 7:50 AM
Lusi silently shook her head to herself in the cave. All this talk about Priestesses and restoring peace in time and space was driving her nuts.

Time and space...

She had heard of a attempt by Team Galactic to capture the two Pokemon that represented time and space. What were their names again?

Oh right. Dialga and Palkia. Did Trikia have any connection with them, of even the least significant ties? Who knew.

"Who's Shadow?" Lusi asked no one in particular.

August 2nd, 2008, 1:06 PM
Before he knew it, Joey was running through the woods, his Absol right behind him. They fled from what they thought was a horde of mutated humans. Suddenly, Joey tripped. Absol tripped over her, and the two were on the ground, disabled momentarily. Joe could hear the pack getting closer, until soon he heard the growling and grunting. Finally getting control over himself, he recalled Absol, and ran for his life. The helicopter to Sinnoh was going to leave with or without him, so he had to hurry. He tripped again. In front of him was a small leaf that was almost clear. He could see right through it. He went to pick it up, when he heard the monsters again. He ran, leaving it behind.

The helicopter was in view as he left the woods, running full sprint. He hopped on it.

"Go! We're being chased!" he yelled to the pilot frantically. The monsters ran out into the sunlight, but the copter was already in the air. It was now that Joey could finally see the hideous things. And they truly were disgusting. He turned to the front of the copter, and sighed, feeling quite a bit of relief.

August 3rd, 2008, 2:21 AM
Trika ignored her question. He had better things to worry aout that curiosity and things he could deal with later. "So you've been searching for me. You've traveled through time and space for centuries looking for me. Well that just tells you everything doesn't it." Trikas frown became a smile. "We're brilliant." Pixie began to chuckle and Trika was very gleeful now. He was always good at getting over things. Suddenly, breaking the happiness in the cave, there was a deafining explosion. The roof of the cave clapsed and rubble was falling to the ground, making an awful lot of noise and nearly pulverising Pixie.

"I've been looking for you." Came a mysterious voice. A gigantic Pokemon began to decend from the dust. It was a Rayquaza. "You've got to be kidding me." Mummbled Trika. "We've scoured the Universe to find you and now that I've found you both, Trika and Pixie, I can kill you both!" The Rayquaza ad descended completely and the voice was coming from a man ontop of the Pokemon. A Time Agent. "You've been using illegal technology. Those Universal Travelers are illegal by penalty of death." The rayquaza began to charge up something in its mouth. "NOW RAYQUAZA!!!" A ginormous beam of energy came hurtling towards Trika, Pixie and lusi.

August 3rd, 2008, 3:02 AM
Whatever Elric had been waiting for, apparently that had been his queue to step in. He had watched from the sidelines unnoticed for the entire trade-off - he cared little for the group's personal matters, but death was a whole different story. Perfectly timed and finely executed, the human expertly lobbed a spherical fragmentation grenade between the group and the Rayquaza's blast. Exactly as expected, the impact of a great force caused the grenade to explode into a rough shrapnel rain, spraying every way forth from the blast point. The fiery cloud erupted forth, burning out the oxygen in the air, and effectively suffocating the Rayquaza's blast in a vacuum. The eruption of energy fizzled out at the point of impact, leaving nothing but billowing smoke.

From the smoke and mist of dust, Elric emerged, victorious. His pistol in hand and his brow furrowed in anger, he stood defiantly between the two opposing factions. His sharp, piercing glare cut at his new enemy, the Rayquaza; for the moment, Ryan was indisposed on the sidelines, watching. He would be the translator from inane grunts from the Pokemon to something he could understand.

"You're pathetic, you know that?" he began, pointing his gun in his enemy's direction. His fingers worked around the grip tentatively, as if he were a bit unsettled - perhaps by his recent coma-induced nightmare? His eyes told the opposite story, but then again, humans were mysterious creatures. "Squabbling over things that don't make sense. Time travel? Universal influx? Galaxy displacement even? You're worse than the entire human race. You should be ashamed, punishing others for something so ridiculous... Though I doubt these allegations are true at any rate, it's something that should be exalted, not squashed down like a bug."

August 3rd, 2008, 4:26 AM
Trika simply stared at the Human. He was not grateful that he saved their lives, nor was he frightened. He had a plan. H elooked over at Pixie and niodded. He was indicating her to Teleport. They both pulled out a small device. It was not the same a sthe usual yellow button pad that they used. It was a metal cube with antena like aerials with blue orbs on the end. They both thrusted them together and within seconds they had dissapaered, along with Lusi.

This telport was much worse than the Universal Travelers. He felt as if he was going to be crushed. As if he had been squeezed through a hole the size of a pin head. Just before he felt as if he were going to implode, they landed with a hard thud against the cold ground. Trika was the first to get up. He was in immense pain yet he didnt let that distract him. He rubbed his neck and looked around. They were in the middle of a forest. It was very cold and Mt. Coronet was in view. It had smoke belowing from the peak as if it was erupting. There were helicopters cicrling the area and several officers could be seen scaling the side of the mountain. The Time Agents were onto them.

August 3rd, 2008, 8:19 AM
Lusi shook her head in disgust. "That is it. I have had it with you and random Pokemon attacking. Being around you is more dangerous than facing off against twenty diseased creatures." She thumped her tail on the ground in anger.

Her wings began buzzing as she lifted off the ground. "What is with these people anyways?" she asked, gesturing to the helicopters. "And what's with you? Taking me away from my own time and home, putting me regularly in mortal danger without so much as a hint to why you're doing this. Can't you send me home?"

August 3rd, 2008, 8:36 AM
Trika simply stared at Lusi. He seemed slightly upset. He thought they would become good freinds, that they would travel the universe together, but he was wrong. He thought that they were good freinds, but yet again, he was wrong. "Fair enough." He said quietly. He reached into his bag, slowly taking out a small, blue disc. He looked up at Lusi. "goodbye." He said sorrowfully. Then he threw the disc towards lusi and she vanished, landing back in the room she first dissapeared from. Trika put his head down as Pixie watched from the sidelines.

August 3rd, 2008, 8:46 AM
Instantly Lusitania felt regret. The look on Trika's face when he tossed out the blue disk made her feel horrible inside. What had she just done? Trika had probably been through things that warranted his actions. He must have been used to being chased. He had probably been chased for a long time.

Lusi realized her anger wasn't so much at being attacked randomly. She was used to that. Working in territory infested with diseased humans, being attacked without warning happened all the time. What she had really wanted was just answers. The great big question of "Why?".

She looked at the blue disk. Maybe there was a way she could use it to get back. Who knew. Trika's array of gadgets was all but magic.

August 3rd, 2008, 11:35 AM
The helicopter landed in Sunyshore, a long way from the original target, Jubilife. Apparently, the copter had some damage on it, and they needed to land urgently. Joey didn't mind, however, because he was at least safe in Sinnoh.. or so he thought. He went to open up the hatch to the helicopter to exit, but the pilot stopped him, placing his hand heavily on Joey's shoulder.

"You didn't get that cure, did you?" he asked Joey, with an extreme look of disgust in his eyes, and the heavy sound of defeat in his eyes that were common in any survivors today.

"Uh.. no, unfortunately. Sorry," he said briefly, eager to get off the copter and start on his way to Jubilife. He reached for the latch, but was stopped again. Or rather, he was never let go of.

"Joey, I hate to break it to you, but.. Do you know how this disease is easily spread?" he asked, still a slight bit of weariness in his voice.

"Yeah.. why?" he said, not liking where this was going.

"Well, we can't take a risk, and we must detoxify anyone who has had even eye contact with the beast, please come with me," he said. Joey didn't move, now knowing what was going to happen.

"You can't kill me! I didn't even get spit on by one of those things!" he yelled. The pilot gripped his shoulder and tossed him onto the ground. Joey flipped upward, and kicked him in the face, disabling him. Joey ran as fast as his legs would take him. He was stopped shortly afterward by a Crobat, and a figure in the dark. Joey could hardly see, however, because it was nighttime now. Joey called upon his Crawdaunt to get this obstacle out of the way. It looked like this was going to be a battle.

August 4th, 2008, 11:23 AM
That night, Lusi dreamt of her parents.

The dream was a complete fabrication, of course. She had never known her parents. She had hatched from her egg as a Trapinch in the shelter of a cave in the desert. There was no one around. She had been left to fend for herself, and the learn the ways of the world alone. Perhaps it was the way all Flygon treated their kids. Lusi didn't know. But she didn't like it.

Deep inside, she was still that little Trapinch, wandering through the great sandy desert.

Lusitania woke up with a start. She looked around, dazed. Where was she?

Oh right. In the shelter. Where Trika had sent her.

The thought of Trika made her ashamed of herself again. Whatever he had done to her, she probably shouldn't have left on that.

She lay on her back, remembering her dream. It was a good one. She had dreamed of a happy family.

Then a thought occured to her. Trika could travel through time. Trika could have sent her back in time. To when she was born. Then, she could at least know what her parents had been like. She didn't want to interfere with her own past though. Too risky.

Lusi sighed. Another reason to regret.

She looked around. Light was peeking through a slit in the door. She went ahead and opened it. It was a day again. The diseased creatures had not attacked through the night. They would be beginning the evacuations soon. But for once, Lusi didn't feel like helping. Even though she knew she should. If there was only a way to apologize.

But there wasn't. Lusi sighed again. She would do what she could, right now. For the good of all the people who lived in Eterna City.

August 4th, 2008, 4:55 PM
Joey started the battle off with his trusty Crawdaunt. He had been through a lot with it, since it had been a Corphish. Now was not the time to reminisce, however, as he was being chased to be killed.

"Crawdaunt, use Crabhammer!" he yelled. Crawdaunt's claw lit up a bright blue, cutting through the night, and started to expel water. It lunged at the Crobat, and smashed its pincer into it for a direct hit. The Crobat went hurdling back, but managed to stay aflight. The stranger whispered something, then the Crobat shot a bunch of gunk at Crawdaunt, making it slide backward, dust arising in its tracks. It was a dead-on Sludge Bomb. Crawdaunt acted instinctively, and ran up to the bat. It grabbed its wing, and smashed it into the ground. The Crobat looked up at Crawdaunt, who was getting weaker from a poisoning. A glare of pure evilness was cast at Crawdaunt, somehow making it eager to fight more. During this whole battle, Joey never heard anything come out of the stranger's lips.

"Crawdaunt, use Vicegrip!" Joey yelled. Hopefully, this would bring the Crobat down. With a swift jump and snatch, Crawdaunt threw the Crobat down into the ground again. This was sure to end the Crobat's battle. But alas, it was back up into the air again.

"This is enough! I have to run, or I'm gonna die!" he said, calling upon Crawdaunt to return. Oddly enough, the beam of red struck Crawdaunt like normal, but was deflected, "What the heck is going on!?" Joey demanded to know. The stranger laughed evily.

"My Crobat's Mean Look prevents your escape, doomed one!" he said. The Crobat seemed to smirk, as if showing the stranger's emotions for him. This was a bad situation to be in, as they couldn't run. Crawdaunt wasn't very fast, and a Crobat would easily catch up to it. This was not a good situation. He only had minutes to win this fight.

August 5th, 2008, 3:48 AM
"Hello again, Flygon." said Glacier as he walked into Lusi's shelter. "I'm Glacier. What is it with you and getting attacked? I was sleeping and then heard a big booming voice. I saw you, a Ninetales, and that Sceptile being attacked by Rayquaza. So I rushed in to help but then this light enveloped you., and chaught me, too. I don't think i landed in the same place as you. So, I kept wandering, and found you guys! Then, when i was right behind you, you dissapeared, and took me along. but i got thrown off again. So now I've found you again. Let me ask you: Why do these people keep attacking you? Who or what are you?"

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August 5th, 2008, 4:44 AM
Lusi sighed and chuckled. "I can't really answered that any better than you can. I'm Lusitania, Lusi for short, just your average Flygon. But that Sceptile, Trika, took me through a wormhole or something three years into the past... he wouldn't say what for, except that it was 'finding out how this all started'. Anyways, random people kept attacking. A human with a gun and a furry little thing, a gigantic Crawdaunt, a Rayquaza, of all things, and finally a bunch of humans with helicopters." She sighed. "I got fed up with being placed in life-threatening positions without being told why I was being attacked and asked to be sent home." She shrugged. "I'm not really proud of running away."

August 5th, 2008, 11:16 AM
The Crobat looked over Joey's shoulder, and looked surprised, then smirked again. Joey wouldn't look.. he knew who was approaching behind him. He continued the fight.

"Crawdaunt, Payback!" he shouted. The Crawdaunt jumped up to the Crobat, and smashed it in the face. He came down successfully, but the Crobat came down after it and bit it hard on the arm. Crawdaunt recoiled, and was nearing exhaustion. "Crawdaunt, we have to finish this fight!" Joey yelled. This final command would determine the fate of Joey and his Pokemon.

"I forfeit!" he said. The stranger recalled his Crobat, and Joey recalled his Crawdaunt. The ones who were after him were right behind him. Joey had to run again. He started to think while he was sprinting away.. Why would the stranger, clearly working for the ones who were after Joey, let him pass? Maybe it was just to test his skill? Maybe not.. Joey was out of his trance as he tripped. He was very far away, and the mysterious people had given up the pursuit. He sighed.

"What was that all about?" he said, remembering that he had to go back to Jubilife. There, he would return to the lab, where he lived. Hopefully, he would get there in a few days.

August 5th, 2008, 1:48 PM
"Oh... That's interesting, Lusi. I... don't know what to say. but... Trika was your friend, wasn't she? You should always stick with friends. It's safer and a lot more fun! Do you know where she might be?" Glacier said, "Hmm... you said Trika was tring to finding out how this all started. Could she mean... the sickness?

Glacier looked around the shelter. He saw the blue disk.

"What is that disk? what does it do?" Glacier asked.

August 5th, 2008, 3:36 PM
(OOC: Trika is a he.)
"It's... complicated. After all, he did sorta... abduct me. When I left him he was on Mt. Coronet 3 years ago, but, knowing his capabilities, he could be anywhere right now." Lusi looked up at the ceiling. "I don't know why Mt. Coronet would be the source of the sickness though. I don't think it started in Sinnoh. If it did, wouldn't it be the most heavily infected region?" She sighed, and looked down. Things were so confusing now. "I don't know what the blue disk does. He just threw it at me, and then... I was back here."

August 7th, 2008, 6:41 AM
Trika stared at the spot where Lusi dissapeared. He was used to sudden goodbyes and it didn't take that long for him to get over the departure of Lusi. Suddenly, the ground began to shake. There was another explosion from the top of mount Coronet. The Time Agents must of thought that they were still in the moutain. Trika turned to Pixie. It was as if Pixie knew what Trika was saying without him having to say a word. Suddenly there was a loud bang. It was not like another bomb, it was as if something had hit something. They both looked up. At least 5 metorites had entered the atmosphere and were now hurtling towards the surface. "Where did they say the infection started?" Asked Pixie. Trika looked at her and smiled. He reached into his bag and pulled out the same yellow disc. Within seconds they had dissapeared and unpleasently warped to Kanto.

They both got up immediantly and looked around. The glowing rocks had hit the ground just near where they were. They were still pulsating red light and were scortching. They bagan to change colour, glowing a beautiful blue. Trika watched in awe as Pixie stood back and had a slight worried look on her face. The rock began to ooze a blue essence which warped into a human-like shape. What appeared to be its head looked around. It could not see Trika and Pixie but spotted a human near by. it jumped towards it, covering the humans body with itself. Screams of terror could be heard from the remains of the human as it writhed about, trying to get the blue creature away from it. the gooey liquid began to diisapear to reveale a disseased human. "So they're alien hosts. The beings are obviously using humans as hybrid hosts to survive. Their home world must of been destroied. no we know how it started." said Trika happily. pixie didn't semmed intrigued nor disgusted. They both dissapeared and landed with a thud in Eterna forest.

He looked around. He knew there was a plant that would make the beings leave the humans, returning them to their original forms. He noticed a small shelter. That was were he had stayed for a while. He looked and wondered. Maybe the universal Disire Disc (The Blue Disc) took Lusi to his home. He knew that he shouldn't go and see but his heart told him so. If Lusi didn't want to travel with him well tough. He ran to the shelter, craweled under some branches and looked up. Infront of him were a Glaceon and a Flygon: Lusi.

August 7th, 2008, 8:44 AM
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August 7th, 2008, 11:25 AM
Lusi picked up the blue disk. It looked rather small in her clawed hand. She couldn't find any seams in it, nor any buttons that might activate it. Her instincts told her to take it apart to find out what made it tick, but without something obvious like a seam or a screw, she didn't have to slightest clue on how to without breaking it. It just seemed to be a solid blue disk.

Sighing, she put it in a little purse she kept on the floor nearby, and picked up the purse. It was simply yet another one of the fantastic and magical things Trika could do. Stepping outside into the sun, she felt the strange sensation of being watched. Lusi looked around, but didn't see anything. Her tail twitched. Was there a diseased creature lurking in the bushes? They were known to do such things, hunting and ambushing their prey.

She turned one eye on Glacier, and kept the other scanning for threats. "I think we should get out of here," she told the ice Pokemon. "There might be diseased creatures hiding around here. I'm going to head into the city to help with evacuations. Feel free to follow." Flapping her wings rapidly, she took off in a cloud of dust. Hovering several dozen feet above the ground, she called to Glacier, "Eterna City is this way, in case you don't know," and began flying at a stately place in that direction.

August 7th, 2008, 6:26 PM
Glacier watched as Lusi examined the blue disk. He wondered how it worked. Lusi put the disk in her purse. She said,"I think we should get out of here. There might be diseased creatures hiding around here. I'm going to head into the city to help with evacuations. Feel free to follow." As she started to fly away she said, "Eterna City is this way, in case you don't know."

"Right!" Glacier called. "I'm coming, but slow down !the shards of Ice Rock are hurting me, slowing me down!" Glacier ran after Lusi.

August 9th, 2008, 7:35 PM
*sorry for not posting*IC:Miri looked at Jasmin in alert. She heard a low growl outside of the building. "W..w...What the heck was that?" Miri said to Jasmin as she heard a slow, blood curdling screech. "Oh my god...omh my god...get something to firght with quick! It may be part of the Bio-mass!" Miri excalimed in full alert now. She grabbed her swoard, and griped her pokeball with her sweaty hand, in a ready position. "Get ready for anything Jasmin..."Miri said as the Screaching stoped. "W...Was that human?" Miri said as she thought twice.

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