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July 30th, 2008, 7:35 AM
Dude, where’s my tail?

It was just another normal morning day in the calm region of Sinnoh. The blazing sun peeked over above Mt. Coronet on everyone in the region’s western side, while the east side could enjoy the sight of it rising above the ocean. Flowers and Grass-type Pokemon all turned towards the sun to bathe in its rays. Humans, whether trainers or not, jumped from their beds eager to start a new day; either to come one step closer to becoming the Pokemon Master or to make a living to sustain themselves and their families. Yes, yes, everything was wonderful in the Pokemon World. Ever since a nonchalant duo of trainers which went by the names of Lucas and Dawn defeated Cyrus, Team Galactic’s leader, no crimes had been committed. Some rumors even say the team disbanded. If that was true or not, no one knew. All everyone could be sure of was that life was great. Technology and medicine made progressions people could only imagine possible in dreams 5 years ago. Sinnoh had some 'changes’, such as a few waterways built, energy plants, and much more. Yes. Pokemon and Humans. They were all thankful to be alive. You weren’t the exception.

You are a Pokemon of any specie, living wild and free, able to roam the glorious grounds, or skies, or waters, of glorious Sinnoh. No worries in life. No trouble. No angst. Being able to move freely and untamed to wherever you wanted. No need to earn money, as everything you need could be found easily in trees, or bushes, or water. No need for a home, for even the base of a palm tree could be the best place to spend the night. No need for that technology and medicine every human talks about, because there’s nothing a Lum Berry can’t heal. You are one lucky Pokemon.

Oh, wait, sorry. I mean, you were one lucky Pokemon.

Another merry morning in Sinnoh, and you wake up in hopes of another fabulous day. You stand up and stretch while your still blurry vision doesn’t allow you to recognize the area. After taking a deep breath, you head over to the closest body of water for a drink or a refreshing face wash. But something is different. You feel clumsy all of a sudden, and somehow feel your body has been distortioned. Greatly. ~Maybe it’s just all those Sitrus Berries I ate last night~ you think. But as soon as you take your hand (or fin, or wing, or paw) to your face and rub your eyes you see something. Are... Are those fingers?!

You rush to the water to stare down at your reflection, and guess what. You’re a human.

Now you have got a head with hair, ears, two eyes and ears, one nose, one mouth. Two arms with five fingers and two feet with five toes. But why? Why is this happening? What’s going on? Is this some bad dream or something? No, it’s all real. Taking it easy and meditate for answers, going berserk and destroying everything in your path as you search for answers, or simply burst crying into the ground hoping for someone to save you; no matter what your reaction was, you want answers. And they better get here quick.

The solution to all of your problems, though, lie spread in 16 different locations all over Sinnoh. What does this mean, you ask? Well... Arceus. If anyone had the power to do something as radical as turning Pokemon into Humans, it had to be the Original One. But why would Arceus do that? You have to ask him. And how do you get to him? There are only two ways. The first one, and probably the one everyone knows and beleive it is the only one, is to find and play the mystical Azure Flute. Sure, that sounds easy... Until you realize the Azure Flute it locked away in a Museum that was built in Kanto not too long ago. The item is one of humanity’s most valuable possessions, and it is heavily guarded by all means possible. Team Galactic tried to steal it once. The result? Two-hundred grunts caught and locked into prision. And they couldn’t even reach the room with the flute. The second method, however, is unknown by most.

A legend says that if a person or a group of people with good intentions manage to gather the 16 Elemental plates that are said to contain Arceus’ power, the Alpha Pokemon will be summoned. Maybe finding sixteen items is harder than robbing one. But there is not much of a choice. And not everything’s easy, of course. When team Galactic disbanded, few knew that Cyrus gave his reputation of leader to Saturn, one of the commanders. Saturn, deciding not to follow Cyrus’ footsteps, which he now considered un-fulfilling and miserable, create a new team. Team Andromeda. Andromeda, unlike Galactic and Cyrus itself, didn’t want to ‘remake’ the universe. Andromeda wanted Arceus power to do something else with the universe. They wanted to destroy it. Plain and simple. Maybe after that, they would tell Arceus to create another universe with them as deity. Who knew. They were plain crazy.

Anyway, Team Andromeda knows the secret of the plates too. Cyrus told it to Saturn before disappearing. Such a bad move. Now, not wanting to face the loss and humiliation they faced with the Azure Flute, they are set on getting all 16 plates; and destroy everything and everyone that gets in their way...

Will you, Pokehuman, unveil the secrets of the elemental plates? Can you meet with the others like you and work to achieve a like goal? Can you make friends, both human and Pokemon to aid you in your quest? Can you handle the pressure? Can you deal with carrying the needs of a human? And can you do it before Team Andromeda finds them? Who knows. In the meantime, the only thing characters are asking each other is ‘Dude, where’s my tail?’


1.- First of all, grammar. Good capitalization is a must. not like this. Not Like This. aNd DefInitElY NoT liKe tHis. Correct spelling of words is very important, too. Yeah, I won’t go berserk by a few typos, but try to keep your posts as ‘clean’ as possible.
2.- Try to make your posts as intricate as possible. Take your time to make a good post, and don’t just rush through happening events. Posts that aren’t good enough will be asked to be edited, and they might get you a warning.
3.- All rules of the Roleplaying Forum have to be respected, of course.
4.- There is nothing to add at the end or before yor bio in order to be accepted.
5.- Don’t try to bring up a plot twist or some change into the storyline unless we’ve discussed it previously through PM’s or other means. Also, stay at my pace. If you like to rush through a thread and hop from one important event to the other in one post, then you’ll have to step it down. I’d rather go slowly and explain every single happening with loads of detail instead of moving quickly.
6.- You can fill a Bio Application to joing or go Non-Bio entrance. If you’re filling the Bio, I want a lot of detail. If you’re adding a picture on appearance, you’ll have to complement it with text, too. None of the areas are optional, and even though I haven’t really thought of an entrance limit, maybe I will soon, and I’ll only accept the best applications. If you’re going non-bio, you must include all areas asked for in the Bio application. Also, I’d appreciate you sent it to me through PM before actually posting. If you don’t know what a Non-Bio entrance is, it is when you don’t fill an application, but instead make a post that explains your character and filter it into the plot. You can look at mine for an example.
7.- Try to stay with the group.
8.- I will control major happenings, like moving to a different location or finding a plate; or allow you to do so.
9.- You can’t catch Pokemon. You will have to rely on socializing skills to have a few Pokemon help you throughout the trip. Pokemon can’t be held inside Pokeballs, because, well, being a PokeHuman, you wouldn’t want to be inside one.
10.- You can’t be a legendary Pokemon
11.- Your character must have some physical trait, at least the smallest one, from the Pokemon it once was. But remember you are a human, so no Charizard wings or giant trees sprouting on your back. Just keep it realistic.
12.- Only one Human per Pokemon specie. If the Pokemon you wanted to be is already taken, then just choose another one.
13.- Be aware that your characters can’t know anything about this whole situation. So in your first post, don’t go all ‘Oh man, I think Arceus did this. I have to find the plates!’. ‘Kay? Everything will start making sense eventually.

I’m pretty brain-dead here, so I’ll stop here now. These are pretty simple rules, so I hope everyone sticks to them.

RPG Info

1.- As mentioned in the rules, you character must physically resemble a Pokemon. Also, however, you are allowed to keep a power or abilty of the Pokemon. An example would be a character who was once a Machamp. He could have enhanced strength, but not as much as a real Machamp. Ok? It can’t be something too big, like a fire type Pokemon being able to spit out fire at will, or controlling the element of fire itself. Maybe make temperature rise in the room, or maybe lighting very small flames, but no more. Same goes for water, electric, and such. If you aren’t sure if your power is too much, don’t hesitate to ask.

2.- The location of the plates will be revealed once we’re near one. Though it’ll be pretty obvious when we’re near one, you’ll see ^^.

3.- Characters have to start somewhere around Twinleaf Town.While we’re at the beginning, that is. Later on, if Sign-Ups are still open, the starting Location will change.

4.- The clothes you start with are probably the ones you will be wearing the most, so pick wisely:P

5.- The OOC (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=148394). Post your bios over there and discuss or ask anything about the thread.

6.- This takes places in a near future in Sinnoh. As the introduction said, there are a few changes that were made to Sinnoh. A few of this are:

The three lakes aren’t open towards visitors anymore and are guarded the 24 hours of the day. Some rumors say this is because the three emotional beings have returned to their locations.
Mt. Coronet is now restricted property and is also heavily guarded. In essence, underground paths were built for travelers that need to get across it. One that links Route 207 to Route 208 and anotehr one that links both ends of Route 211. Also, Route 231 was built, and it links Eterna City to Route 216.
There is a Pokemon Center in the beggining of Route 217. As in the Anime, Pokemon Centers supply free food and lodging.
All of Sinnoh’s electricity is now produced by small Solar Panels distributed all over the region. Before this, however, a large Power Plant was built east of Route 221 on a small island. New-built routes 232 and 233 were linked to Route 212 for easy access. Those routes lead to the Power Plant, but is now desolated and torn down. Many have suffered accidents exploring because either they were caught by a loose cable or an explosion on the structure emerged. Why it hasn’t been demolished yet is unknown.
Some of the strongest Pokemon of all regions, as well as the largest ones, are now almost exclusive to an artificial island called Dragon Island. The island is located east of Snowpoint city, and access to the island is only given to the strongest trainers of the region.
Iron Island is still open for visitors, though there is no ship service that provides access to the island now. This is because the island was struck by a potent hurricane and the insides are now all torn up and flooded. Many Pokemon species still inhabit there, however.
In the south east part of the Region, a mysterious island appeared out of nowhere. People that try to reach it never come back, or so the myth says. Some expect it to be Team Andromeda’s hidden base.

Other changes are going to be added as the story progresses. Need to think of something xD For now, this changes are going to be present in this Sinnoh map presented below.


Bio sheet: (It’s pretty simple and direct)
Name: (No last names are needed, ‘cause you’re Pokemon. Try to check the character list before picking a name so you don’t copy anyone.)
Apparent age: (The age your character looks like as a human)
Pokemon Specie: (493 Different Pokemon minues 35 Legendaries= 458 Pokemon from which to pick)
Ability/Power: (Described in RPG Info)

Appearance: (As a human. You can also tell your appearance as Pokemon, but unless the character had something that differentiated, there’s no real need to include Pokemon appaearance. We all know how Pokemon look like. Clothing and accesories are to be put here)
Personality: (Simple enough)

History: (Simple, too)
Other: (Something else you want to add)

Character List: (User/Character Name/Specie/Age)

Diegoyayi/ NightSlash/ Absol♂/ 18
GhostPrincess/ Dawn (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3814834&postcount=8)/ Espeon♀/ 16
Jax Malcolm/ TIRA-23 (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3814960&postcount=15) "Tira"/ Porygon♀/ 23
Earl1375/ Raging Eau (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3815288&postcount=17) "Crasher"/ Feraligatr♂/ 16
SupahFunk/ Dwayne (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3816449&postcount=18)/ Scizor♂/ 20
Lusankya/ AIDSaCU-01 (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3816629&postcount=20) "Aida"/ Porygon-Z♂/ 19
Umbreongirl/ Venomous (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3817886&postcount=28)/ Umbreon♀/ 17

Current Missions! (What's everyone doing; or supposed to do ;D)
-Thread is starting. Start your character out somewhere around Twinleaf Town and start interrogating yourself or something. Soon we'll start getting the characters to meet each other.

Here goes my intro (a more detailed personality and history will be revealed at the story progresses) and the RP’s first post. Post away!

“Run! Run, guys! There’s no time to lose! We can’t stay here!”

It was a cloudy, gloomy day in Iron Island, the once prosperous ore mine that was now completely dry of ore. The gray clouds casted their reflection upon the surface of the waters surrounding the island; and the wind, which seemed to be harshening every passing second, produced waves that were growing in size continuously. Trainers inside the mine and hikers on the outside were doing their everyday activities ignoring the fact that the weather was quite blunt. “Just another forlorn day...” The humans repeated to each other and to their Pokemon as they continued to do their jobs. A Machop and Machoke stared at each other worried. This didn’t feel like another sad day. There was something strange about today. The two Pokemon, however, couldn’t help but to move along with their trainer. In the inside of the mine, the workers swung their maces and pickaxes with great strength at the rocks, hoping to extract minerals and ore to make a living.

“It is feeling sorta chilly, eh, Jonah?” A man with a rough build said to another one as he picked up a large rock in his arms. “You said it, comrade!” The man who went by the name of Jonah replied. “Have you found anything good yet? I’ve been having such a bad luck today”. “Tell me ‘bout it.” As the two men continued to work, one stopped abruptly as he heard a splashing sound when he gave a step forward. The two men looked down at their feet and noticed water was filtering to the insides of the mine. “Water?” One inquired to himself. “How did water get into the cave? Is there a leak or something? Not even a drop of water has touched this grounds since that flood centuries ago. Could it.. No, it’s impossible...”

Back on the outside, a hiker was sitting down on a boulder enjoying his lunch. The man was weary and old, as well as overweight and with excess body hair. After eating two of his three rice balls, he pulled out a bottle of water that had juice in it. He removed the lid and then placed the lid on the ground. As soon as he did this, though, the lid was blown away with an immense strength in a spiraling motion. “Huh?..” The hiker asked himself as he stared at the lid flying away. Just then, his hat was torn away from his head and sent flying in the exact same direction and motion as the lid; and then the water bottle did the same, spilling all of the contained juice. “What’s going on?!” The hiker asked out loud as he saw his items being blown away. He stood up and started to walk away, but before he could give more than 10 steps, a sound called his attention. The sound was that one produced by small rocks being kicked away. “Who’s there!!” the man exclaimed angry. It was pretty obvious, though, that the angst was being produced because the man was at the same time very scared and nervous. After exclaiming his question, an Absol jumped from behind the rocks.

“You have to get out of here! There is no time to lose! Warn everyone! You have to leave right now!”

That was everything the Absol was trying to say. His voice was strained, like if it had been a very strenuous task to climb up to the mountain where the hiker was. The so-called disaster Pokemon was panting heavily. His legs were shaking and gave the appearance they were about to break. His eyes were almost closed, signaling his inevitable need for rest. Despite the Pokemon gave the sings of not wanting to cause danger or hurt to anyone, the hiker had a shocked expression on his face when he saw the Pokemon. “It! It is an Absol! The Disaster Pokemon! He is causing all of this! He is the one responsible for the tough winds and tides! I can’t stay here!”

The voice tone in which the hiker said this expressed ridiculous amounts of worry; like if his heart was about to explode. Struggling to breathe because of how loud he yelled the past few sentences, the man threw his steel lunchbox at the Absol, then ran away to the bottom of the mount. The metallic box struck the Absol on his left shoulder. A critical hit. The sharpened edge of the object pierced into the Pokemon, causing large amounts of excruciating pain. “Agh!” The Pokemon yelped as he fell to the ground. That hit didn’t at all aid his need to rest. “I do not... Cause the disasters...!” The Absol exclaimed in a mixture of raging and sad emotions. To everyone, though, it just sounded like ‘Absol! Sol, Sol, Ab!’ Everyone hated him. Everyone always ran away before he could explain anything. Why couldn’t they understand Absol didn’t cause the disasters? They tried to warn everyone about them, so that was why the always appeared near one. But that’s the story of his life. Whenever he tried to make a ‘friend’, everyone ran away. He had grown lonely because of that, but he was still caring, nevertheless. The Pokemon had no energy left to move, so his lied there on the ground, staring at the lunchbox that would cause a cyclone to engulf him.

Meanwhile, as the hiker ran down, he stared to a side to notice his nightmare becoming real. As he expected, a large tornado formed in the distance, size and speed increasing as he swallowed water and clouds and everything else it came near. Magikarp and Goldeen were seen spiraling inside the twister, along with a had, a bottle cap and a bottle. “No!!” The hiker told himself as he quickened his pace. In the docks, the sailor responsible for taking all hikers and miners there stared in awe at the incoming cyclone. “People!” The Sailor yelled worried. “Hurry up! If we don’t leave now, we aren’t making it back!!”

The hiker, which was now approaching the boat, stopped and stared at the entrance of the mine. In a rush of heroism, he walked inside and then yelled loudly: “Guys! We have to get out of here, now! There is an Absol on this island! He brought a typhoon over! We are going to die here if we don’t make it back to the boat right now! Let’s go!!”
In the bottom of the mines, Jonah and his friend were struggling to make it back up. The water that was once just a thin layer on the ground was now up to their waste. “Jonah! Let’s move! Hurry!”. “I can’t! The water doesn’t allow me to move! I’m to heavy! We’re not making it!”

Back at the docks, the sailor only stared at the hiker that was warning the other men. “Oh, you know what, I warned them. I’m not dying!!!” The sailor’s voice tone now sounded like it came from someone with dementia. After saying this, the sailor rushed to the captain’s cabin and started the boat. Before anyone could said “Wait!”, the boat rushed away to mainland, and the dock was destroyed as a giant boulder fell from the top of the mountain and right above it. “Noo!!” The hiker said as he stared at the boat go away. A tear then ran down his eye. It was all over for him and the other men. It was obvious. He stared up and saw the Absol, which was nearly dead, and yelled something at him. “You.. Stupid thing!” After yelling this, the hiker stared down at the mines. Below him, a pit with sharp stalagmites stood. “That cyclone is not killing me...”. In an act of extreme desperation, the man took walked to the edge and then took a step into oblivion.

“Stupid thing... I’ve been called worse.” The Absol thought as he heard the tornado approaching. “This... This is over, I guess.” He said to himself with a sigh as he closed his eyes, feeling how a strong current of wind dragged him through the ground.

“It’s over...”

~Gah... Ow... My head... Ow....Ick!~

In the middle of Twinleaf Town, a male figure of apparent 18 or 19, years was lying sitting down asleep, resting his back on the signpost placed in the middle of the very small town. He seemed to be really tired, for his position, which appeared to be rather uncomfortable, didn’t at all cause him to wake up. Out of the blue, however, the figure opened his eyes in shock and stared around the area cautiously. “Whe... Where am I...” He spoke, then immediatly he stood up. “Wow... I don’t remember being this tall” he whispered to himself as he continued to stare around. He turned back and saw a signpost, which would obviously tell him where he was. If only he could read. After a failing attempt at decoding what the signpost said, the guy stared down in disappointment. What he saw at that moment confused him to no end. He saw a waist... And legs... And feet. “Wha...” He said to himself as he then noticed he also had arms and hands. “No way... Wha.. G... Ahhh!” He desperately ran to the body of water located directly in front of him, the one at the end of TwinLeaf. When he got there, he stared down at the water and realized that, effectively, he was now a human.

He stood at around 6’0, with his body frame being slender and with slightly elongated limbs. His body had almost no fat on it, and his slightly marked muscles were visible through his somewhat tan skin that revealed a slightly reddish tone on his arms and face. His face was relatively round, and all of his facial features were small. His eyes were tinged with a very deep blue color which can go by black if you don’t stop to examine them carefully. In the nights, under the light of the moon, his eyes change to a light red color, much like the ones of an Absol. His nose was small, too, and his lips were thin and had a rosy color. His hair was slightly long and messy, and it was completely white and clean. The hair in his arms, which was quite scarce, was white too; but his eyebrows were black. On his right temple, right where Absols have their ‘scythe’, there is a small, gray, circular mark. For attire, every piece of clothing on him was black. He wore a plain black T-shirt with no apparent design or image on it. He also wore plain black pants that had an expensive looking, white, expensive looking chain hanging on the right side. On his feet he wore black combat boots, and over his shirt he wore a black, thin, leather jacket. His nails also seemed to be painted with a permanent black nail polish. Finally, on his left wrist he wore a black rubber bracelet.

“What happened?!?!?” The male exclaimed as he leaped back a bit, horrified at the image he had just seen in the water. In shock, he continued to take a few steps backward as he thought many things to himself. ~Is that me?! What happened? I was a Pokemon! Ok, Ok.. Relax.. Let’s take a moment to think. My name.. My name is NightSlash, but others called me Slash for short. I was an Absol and I.. I...!~ Slash was pulled out of his thoughts when, as he walked backwards, his back hit a tree. Slash took his hands to his butt in a hurry and then asked the most important question he had ever asked himself or anyone as he felt the whole world break down upon his shoulders.

“Dude... Where’s my tail?”.

~Ok Slash, calm down... This is just a nightmare of some sort~ The desperate PokeHuman reiterated to himself in thought. Words can’t describe how scared he felt. His skin was turning each time more pale and his legs shook in pain. But Slash knew that being scared would take him nowhere. ~So I was an Absol.. And... And... Every disliked me. I had always been a gentle, courteous, and concerning Pokemon, but my fame of bringing natural disasters never allowed me to socialize with anyone. I... I can’t remember my parents, and I raised myself in the wilderness by myself. I have been in the brink of being captured by humans by many time, but always fought my way through it. I’ve explored Sinnoh since I was little, for I have no place to call home. I’ve always been a traveler and I do it alone. Being a Dark-Type, I’d much rather be active under the moon that below the sun rays, but I have to move, nevertheless. I...~ Here, Slash stopped using words to describe himself and just concentrated on recalling images and memories. He could see himself as an Absol barking lonely at the new moon; running away from tough fighting type Pokemon that threatened to end his existence because their human trainers tricked them into believing Absol caused natural disasters; and even helping out wounded Pokemon he found while traveling, offering them food, deeply listening to everything the Pokemon had to say, and even offer advice sometimes. You know, trying to be a friend.

But before Slash could continue, he was interrupted by a loud growl emanating from his stomach. ~I... Meh, it doesn’t matter... No matter how hard I try, I can’t remember an event that turned me into a human... I’m hungry. I wish I had something to eat.~ As he thought this, Slash hit the back of his head slightly on the tree he was reclining on; and despite it didn’t have the look of a fruit bearing tree, two apples hit the floor as he did. Apparently, his Super Luck ability was still with him. ~Oh, rad!~ Slash thought to himself as he bent down to pick the two fruits, then went over to the water to wash them. As the fresh water moved in undulated motions and passed his hands and the fruit, NightSlash couldn’t help but to sigh to himself and whisper something.

“What is happening... What is this all about... Why me? What is the point? Are there others like me? Who did this? What am I supposed to do? I don’t know. But freaking out isn’t going to solve anything... Calm down, Slash. Take is easy...”

Too many interrogatives, not enough answers. After washing the two fruits, Slash stood back up, facing the exit of the town, which led to Route 201. Slash took a very profound breath and stared at the route, wondering what he should do. “I guess there is only one way to find out answers to all of my questions...”

July 31st, 2008, 4:54 PM
this seems insainly cool! please can i reserve a spot?

July 31st, 2008, 4:57 PM
Don't worry about reserves, I still don't know the limit of people that are going to be accepted. You just have to make a good Bio that will outclass all others and post it on the OOC to be accepted, for now.:P

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Pikalover; sign-ups are to be posted in the OOC. Could you please delete your post and post it there? By the way; the application ends in Other. Characters list and Current Mission are for me to fill. xD Also; your character woke up apparently all aware and normal regarding his human-ness, while I actually expected everyone to wake up in their first day or first moments of human.

August 1st, 2008, 1:27 PM
(OOC: Shall I make the second RP post? Considering that Diego's intro for his character is the first one.)

AIDSaCU-01 awakened from sleep.

Opening his eyes, he stared up at the underside of the canopy of a forest. Sunlight drifted down through openings in the leafy foliage. Organic smells wafted into his nose. Smells of dirt, of Pokemon, of the forest. He felt himself laying against the ground, covered in a carpet of dead leaves and fallen sticks.

Everything was wrong with this.

First off, AIDSaCU-01 did not sleep. He was not supposed to feel the warmth of sunlight on his skin. He did not have a nose. He could not smell. And he was supposed to be in a laboratory within Silph Co.'s main headquarters.

He sat up and stared at his legs. Something else that was wrong. Porygon-Zs did not have legs. They floated.

He had a chest of flesh and blood. His arms were tipped with fingers. He was wearing clothing similar to his coloration as a Pokemon.

I am a human, the former Porygon-Z, nicknamed Aida by a young female climatologist, thought to himself. The notion did not carry any shock or register any surprise. Without his emotion simulator program turned on, he was not capable of such things.

But now he was human. He did not have his EMS program. He did not have any programs. Not his personality profile, not his massive storage bank of memory, not the many many simulator programs that the lab used him to run. Not the internal chronometer that would have told him what it time it was. Not the GPS system that would have told him where he was.

For a long time, he sat there on the side of the dirt road, still as a statue, staring off into space with a face devoid of any expression.
Aida walked along the road. He was already attracting occasional glances from the passerby. He assumed it to be his attire and the stiff, mechanical way in which he walked.

He did not know where he was going. He did not know where this road led. So far, he had spoken to no one.

Deep in thought, Aida walked along the road. His thought process was so painstakingly slow now. Where in his Pokemon form he could composed an essay in a fraction of a second, it now took several such seconds to string together a sentence. This change in chronology was the most disconcerting part of his experience.

How did he get this way? The first possibility that came to mind was that he had always been human, merely insane, believing he was a Porygon-Z. But he quickly dismissed that possibility. It was simply not feasible. There was too much evidence against it. But if he was insane, his logic would perhaps be flawed. So he tucked the possibility away in a corner of his mind.

A second possibility was that this was a simulation. Yes, that would be quite possible. The scientists may have erased his memory of the moments before starting the simulation, or made it inaccessible to him. While he could not think of a reason they would give him such a simulation to run, he did give this thought a high rating on the scale of possibility.

Yet another explanation would be the powers of a Pokemon. He had heard of certain Pokemon that could do such things. Manaphy and its Heart Swap ability. And then of course, any of the god-like Pokemon that resided in Sinnoh. Why they would single him out however, was beyond explanation. But mere mortals could never comprehend the mind of a god, he reasoned. Still, he did not think it a likely explanation.

Perhaps this was some new technology developed by one or more of the many criminal organizations in the world? Stranger things had been done, he knew.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of red sunglasses. Whatever the reason behind his sudden change of form, why he would have sunglasses in his pocket was beyond his comprehension for the time being. Even so, he put them on. If he had been gifted with sunglasses, it may be a good idea to wear them.

Aida stopped and stared at a sign up the road ahead. "Twinleaf Town: 1 mile," it read. He had heard of Twinleaf Town. It was as good a place to start unraveling this mystery as any.

JX Valentine
August 1st, 2008, 3:33 PM
"Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do
I'm half crazy all for the love of you…"

Blue eyes rose to the equally blue sky. Sunlight played across pale skin, and a warm wind tugged at pink hair.

A pair of lips parted, and a voice sang another line.

"…It won't be a stylish marriage
I can't afford a carriage…"

Any passerby at that moment gave the young woman in the shadow of an abandoned house an odd glance but nothing more. She sat, her thin hands folded neatly over her black-clad lap. Her hair rustled against the back of her white shirt as she craned her neck skyward. She stiffened, straightening her back to prevent herself from leaning against the wall of the building. Now and then, people tossed her coins, mistaking her for a vagabond. She paid no attention to them. After all, she had other things on her mind.

TIRA-23 was lost.

"…But you'll look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two."

Tira swallowed. It was an odd thing, swallowing. The mouth formed sweet saliva, and it was propelled painfully to the back of the throat. The throat seized in a spasm, emitting a clicking sound as the warm spit slid down it.

She felt a lot of different things at that point. Confusion, yes. Or what she thought was confusion. It felt like all kinds of things darting through her mind, all kinds of questions, but on the other hand, that kind of thing happened a lot. The emotion felt like it wanted to be called confusion because there were no answers to the questions that she was forming by herself. She didn't often form questions. She was fed questions that she was to save in herself for later. They weren't hers; they were the Professor's.

But these questions were hers. Her mind asked them, and she had no answers for them. Where was she? What was she doing there? What was this body?

That wasn't the only thing in her mind right then. Oh no. There was tiredness, that feeling where her head felt light, and her eyelids felt painful. It felt better to close them. The pain went away then. But then she swayed, unable to keep herself straight. She faded in and out then, a feeling where she could hear the noises around her for a moment just before they faded slightly. She would feel her head tilting back by itself until she finally jerked herself awake. Her neck hurt because of that.

There was also something cold and unusual in her chest. It made her skin feel wet and clammy. (Her skin. That was odd.) She shivered and drew her legs up to her chest. (Bony. Flat. Her arms felt warm.) That thing in her chest she couldn't define. It wasn't as easy as confusion. Confusion she could remember from the training simulations and from the Professor. This was something else. It made her want to get up and run. Run where? Run why? She knew she wanted to go home, back to the Professor, but where was home from there? And even then, that wasn't why she wanted to run. Why then?

She felt her eyes sear at that point. Something wet formed at the corners. Carefully, she drew her hand to her face (Her hand. That long, awkward thing she used to see reach out to her. It belonged to the Professor. It meant something good.) and touched the wet things on the corners of her eyes. She drew it away and found a clear liquid coating her finger. Unable to define it, she brought it to her nose (Nose. The breathing apparatus on the face of a human. Why did she have one?) and sniffed it the way she saw the Professor sniff flowers and the morning air. It had no scent, not like the dirt around her or the warm breeze that carried the smell of something fresh and sweet. Instead, she brought it to her mouth and slipped it past her lips. The rough tip of her tongue (Muscle. Tasting apparatus. Vital to speaking.) brushed against her delicate fingertips. She tasted salt.

Quickly withdrawing her finger, she blinked. The wet things gathered in her eyes and continued to blur her vision. Unable to stop it, she wiped her eyes with her sleeve. Her mind commanded her eyes to stop producing the liquid, but they seemed to refuse to listen to her.

For the first time, she experienced something else. It was hot and painful, something that gathered in her throat and made her clench her teeth. She felt like she wanted to lash out, to hurt something even though she knew she couldn't. Instead, her jaws pressed together, and she breathed. She closed her eyes.

Where was she?

"Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do
I'm half crazy over the love for you…"

Opening her eyes again, she felt the hot emotion subside, giving way to nothingness. That was better.

Now then. Answers.

Carefully, Tira rose, gingerly putting her weight on her legs.

A tingling sensation rushed up them. They'd fallen asleep. They'd fallen asleep.

Tingling quickly gave way to pain. Both legs felt like the muscles suddenly turned to hard rocks that pressed against her joints. She opened her mouth and screamed as her body collapsed. Her legs throbbed.

Tilting her head back, she closed her eyes. Wetness glistened on the corners again, and the hot, painful emotion returned. She wanted to hit something. She wanted to hit something.

"It won't be a stylish marriage
I can't afford a carriage…"

She'll wait.

Blue Screen of Death
August 1st, 2008, 4:24 PM
"Whoa, rough night." Dwayne said as he stood up. He felt rather odd, such as the standing up. He couldn't stand, not with those tiny stubs he called feet. He seriously missed being a Scyther. He looked down and saw something he did not expect in any way, ever. Feet. He had feet! "What's going on here?" He nervously thought, looking at himself. He wasn't red anymore! He was an extremely light pink, and he was missing so many things. He looked at his pincers, which had mysteriously turned into flat stubs with bony appendages sticking out of them. He still had his fake eye markings, but he doubted those would help. "How did this happen? The last thing I remember is getting a drink, then going back to my bed. The water! How could the water do this? Those humans and their pollutants, that must be how. Wow, they must be dumping some pretty powerful chemicals to do this." He then decided he wanted a look at the new him, so he decided to fly to the nearest pond, which happened to be the one he drank from, to see himself. He stood there, trying to fly, but only moving his shoulder blades back and forth. "NO! My wings are gone!" He shouted, falling to his knees. Suddenly, he realized what he was, a human. He was horrified, he started freaking out, everyhting around him started to spin, he felt light-headed, he couldn't stand any more. Everything went black.

When he woke up everything was the same, even his human body. He decided not to think about it to much, and he scratched himself because of some wierd tingly feeling on his body. When he reached the top of his head he felt an odd sensation, like something furry had planted itself right there, and stuck. Then he thought, "I have to get a look at myself." He decided to try walking on his new feet. Considering he had more balance than he was used to, he found walking relatively easy. He tried running, and found no problem with that either. Until he had to stop. He was looking around at the countryside zipping past him, only to find a tree not far in front of him when he looked forward. He tried to stop, but he was going to fast, and he couldn't stop. he just kept going, and when he was a foot away from the tree, he figured out how to stop. He tried keeping his legs still, but that discovery was to late. he hit the tree at near full force, and suddenly had a metallic taste in his mouth, only to have everything go black again.

When he re-awoke, he decided to take a slow, easy pace to the pond. He had no trouble this time, seeing as stopping when he was walking was relatively easy. He made it to the pond, still having that metallic taste in his mouth. When he saw himself he realized what that fuzzy feeling was. He had fur, but only on the top of his head. Also, his head no longer had anything sticking out of the back. He decided he needed some time to think, so he laid down and went to sleep.

August 1st, 2008, 10:16 PM
"Espeon!" Dawn cried out happily playing with a toy the some humans had left behind. Her beautuful pink/lavender eye followed it intently. Her tail wagged intently and she played with it using her Psychic powers, but then her dismay the ball popped under psychic pressure.

"Well there goes my fun for the day.." Dawn said which the words took the form of "Espeon..Espeon." Her eyes scanned the cool crystal pond that she was living at. She was content with her living but she wished to have an adventure of some sort.

"Its been boring lately..I wonder what the old man is doing in Heaven.. Probably have a good ol time.." Dawn said through pokemon talk. As she starred at the ake a bidoof came and looked at her uestionably.

"Still thinknig about the old man Dawn?" The bidoof said questionably taking a sip from the pond.

"Yah I guess..." Dawn mumbled looking at her reflection.

"Too bad he had to kick the can..I really liked his Poffins." The bidoof laughed as his tummy growled..Dawn glared at him angerly.

"Beaver get out of here." Dawn spat out at him which created a rather humourous site.The bidoof quickly scurried on its way leaving dawn to her thoughts. Her ears twitched slightly as she heard a party going on in the nieghboring town..Twinleaf town it was called. The young Espeon decided it was time to peek in and see whats up. As she sneaked past the guards..Which were guarding the lake in which Mespirit hid.. The espeon darted across the vario obstacles and made her way into the town. .Her nose twitched and she smelt..Berries!..And a cake? What was going on?

Dawn hid from he captors as she saw a festival was going on. It was to honor the legendarys of Sinnoh.. And the town was covered in banners of Azelf, Mespirit, and Uxie.. Some of girantina. soem of heatren.. but one large banner draped across a play stage.. The banner had a large picture of Arceus on it.. Dawn decided this was worth sticking around to stay..Maybe loot a few berries for herself.

"Heh..Who knew this could look so fun..Makes me wish I was a human sometimes..Nah.." Dawn gigled to herself and used her psychic powers to bring herself a pecha berry while she watched the people perform a play which honored the 3 emotion being.. It was a terrible play, but Dawn saw people dancing a formal dance that you see when a person goes to the balls..Like in cinderella..

"Wow there dresses are beautiful..Wish I could join!" Espeon giggled grabbing another berry..Fun can only last so long.. Unfortunetly the festival came to an end and little Dawn had to leave..This is where things go hectic.

~The next morning~

Dawns eyes were very groggy from the festival last night..And her belly was knots. "Ugh..My sto..OH MY GOD!!" Dawn yelped as she looked at herself in the water. She was now a human.. Her her hair dangled into the water, which had turned to a pale lavender.

She rran around pancing not knowing that she was living in a lake that was supposedly shut off.

"Hey you!!" A guard yelled as Dawn yelped and ran off into the forest.. The guard sweatdropped and asked the other guard. "Why was that girl..Naked?" The other guard chuckled and called him a perv and they continued on in their chat..


Dawn ran fast as she could.. She was scared and freaked out.. And soon felt herself on he ground notop of some clothes..and to her embrrassment..She FINALLY noticed she was naked. She paniced in embrassment and noticed some clothes hanging on a nearby branch.. The shirt was a lovely lavender with soem butterfly markings on it and the pants were a pure white color. Dawn hurrid to put the clothes on.

A little bit later

After struggling a bit, she managed to get the shirt and pants on but felt very uncomfertable. "Why me.." Dawn hung her head in shame.

"Jirachi if you can here me, why did you grant my wish?! Grrrr!" Dawn cried out which startled the starly and the flew off into the sky.

Dawn was very frustrated with this whole "pokemon turned human thing." But she decided it was best not to worry about it for now. As she wandered onto the route outside of twinleaf town she heard the two guards wolf whistling at her..

"Gr.. I wonder if I still habe my Psychic powers.." Dawn pondered.. but gave no thought to it and wandered into Twinleaf town.. It saw no trace of the festival that had happened the previous night. She looked at the small village and remebered what had happened the night before..The beautiful elegant gowns.. The beautuful and handsome men and women dancing.. Dawn dreamed of something like this.. In fact of course..she then pondered about wanting a boyfriend.. But then her cheeks flushed when she thought of such a thing.. After her cheeks lost all color they were soon back in color with a bright red blush wondering what it would be like to have a man to love but shook the thought off her.. She was still blushing still and looking down it gave her the whole innocent girl look.

Her pointed ears twitched as she noticed a man walking onto 201.. She looked shyly at the man. He seemed to have a little bit of traights as an absol. Dawn actually quite this man was quite handsome for his age but shook off the though.. She was a pokemon..She couldn't fall in love with any human..nor even THINK about it , let alone act upon it, but she thought it was best to introduce herself anyway.

She walked cautiosly up to the 18 year old who looked quite confused.. She looked at him and said. "Uhm.. Hi..I'm uhm..Dawn..Nice to meet you..." Her tone was shy and scared.. The man looked not a year above 18 and she was scared of what would happen.

oc: *cough*Diego my character just introduced herself to you*cough*

Game Over1375
August 3rd, 2008, 7:42 PM
Crasher woke up in the morning as usual: hungry and wanting to eat that instant. He got off of his cotton nest and stood up. As soon as he stood he fell back down. " I knew that Qwilfish wasn't good to eat, and those Sitrus Berries were way too ripe," he thinks to himself while standing back up. Crasher's sense of balance was way off this morning. "I should get some water," he says to himself in complete and perfect English. He doesn't realise it yet, until he sees his reflection in the water. At first glance, he thinks he is still half asleep. Until he dips his head completely in the water and comes back up. "Oh crap..." he says to himself. Questions go zooming through his head. "How did I turn into a human?" "Who or what did this to me?" "What have I done to deserve this?"

Suddenly, he realized he had to get away from here, before the other members of the tribe wake up. He dived into the water like an expert swimmer and swam to the shore on the other side to a human village known as Cinnabar Island, where he hid in an abandoned mansion. It wasn't long before explorers came in looking for the lost diaries of a dead scientist. Crasher spotted them and knocked both of them out. Crasher knew he had to wear something to cover himself up. He didn't understand why humans wore clothes. Figuring out the clothes on the smaller explorer didn't fit him the hard way, he took the clothes off of the much bigger and fatter explorer. They fitted him perfectly, and he liked how the clothes looked on him. The white t-shirt, black denim jeans, and brown leather boots felt nice to him, so he left the two explorers in the mansion. Before he walked out, he saw a hat and office jacket that looked perfectly fine. He put them on, pleased to know they were perfect for him. He walked out of the mansion, wanting answers for what has happened. He decided to stay at a building he had seen many times while swimming around Johto, the Pokemon Center, knowing people came here many times with their Pokemon. He decided to stay for awhile, thinking.

Now looking for a way to normally leave Cinnabar Island, Crasher was in a bit of a bind. He knew the guys he knocked out would be looking for him. He also knew he had to find someone with a big Pokemon or a boat to get him out of here. He pondered this while sitting by a coffeemaker in the Pokemon Center.

"Well, better drink some more of this miracle drink," he said to himself, getting another plastic cup to fill with this drink, what did the kind lady call it, oh yeah, coffee. He liked the bitter taste of it and loved the fact it kept him energized.

"You visiting?" asked a sailor who looked to be about forty years old.

Crasher, being at a loss of what to say, just nodded his head. "Well then, the name's Charles," the sailor said to Crasher, reaching out his hand. At first Crasher didn't know what to do, so he decided to just introduce himself. "Name's Crasher," said Crasher, not shaking hands with Charles. Charles, thinking that was kind of rude, just sat down and got him some coffee.

"You like it straight black too? Don't see a young man drinking coffee straight black anymore," Charles told Crasher. Crasher just smiled. "Doesn't need anything in my opininon," he told Charles. There was a long pause after Crasher said this.

Breaking the silence, Chrales asked, "So, where are you from?" Crasher, knowing what to say, just said he was from New Bark Town in the Johto region. The sailor looked surprised at Crasher. "Bit of a trip from there to here, eh? You come by Pokemon?" the sailor asked, looking for the cream and sugar, the coffee being too bitter to him. Crasher, again at a loss, knew what it felt like to be owned by a trainer, so he made a decision. "No, I don't believe in capturing, and using, Pokemon," he told Charles. Charles was shocked to hear something like that. He soon dismissed the thought.

"So you came by boat. I didn't see any other boats," Charles told Crasher. Crasher, thinking fast, came up with an excuse. "Well, a sailor, like yourself, brought me here. He was taking me to a place I needed to go, but he drove off when we got here. He said he had to stop here. Greedy no good scum," Crasher told Charles, mighty proud of himself, but not showing it.

Charles then started feeling sorry for Crasher. "Well, I can possibly help you," said Charles, "I'm going to Sandgem Town in the Sinnoh region. Going anywhere along that way?"

Crasher couldn't believe his ears. Figuring out what to say, Crasher told Charles that Sandgem Town was where he was originally heading. Charles, being the kind sailor he was, let Crasher come with him.

A few hours later, Crasher and Charles are halfway to Sandgem Town. Crasher is not use to riding a boat, he is used to swimming, but he eventually got used to it. He liked riding a boat alot more than bumping into them when he was a Feraligatr.

While riding, Charles stopped the boat, saying something about the engine overheating. He went to the engine room below the deck, complaining about how cheap his ship was. Crasher just ignored the complaints.

Crasher, all of a sudden, saw something in the water. He couldn't tell what it was, until the thing popped its head out of the water. It was a Lapras, a Pokemon Crasher had seldomly seen in Johto.

The Lapras just stared at Crasher for a little while, until it swam away. "That was weird," Crasher thought to himself, until that Lapras came back with a friend. The friend was a Gyrados.

"Holy Crap! We're in trouble now!" shouted Charles, coming up from the engine room. Crasher had seen many Gyrados in his life. Heck! It was after beating one that he evolved from a Crocanaw to a Feraligatr.

Crasher could tell why the Gyrados was mad. Charles and him were invading its territory. Crasher knew if he was still a Feraligatr, he could beat this thing in two minutes, but he was a human.

"Go Lanturn!" Charles shouted, throwing a ball out towards the water. The ball opened and out came a Lanturn, a Pokemon Crasher had never seen before. "Lanturn, use Thunder!" shouted Charles. Suddenly, Lanturn's body released a huge amount of electricity towards the Gyrados. This instantly knocked out the Gyrados when it connected. The Lapras was also hit by the huge attack, but it wasn't down for the count just yet.

"That Lapras is stronger than I thought," said Charles. Crasher then looked at Lanturn and Charles strangely.

"Why is that strong being letting this human bossing him around. It doesn't make sense to me. I mean, this Lanturn could easily destroy this human, but why hasn't it?"

Crasher then looked at the ball Lanturn came out of. He suddenly connected the dots, realizing this was the thing he got captured in when he was a Totodile. He remembered how uncomfortable it was, and how dark. Shivers went up his spine while he was thinking. He was glad THAT human did not own him anymore.

"Lanturn, use Thunder Wave!" were the words that snapped him out of his thoughts. Crasher saw Lanturn send out a small bolt of electricity at the lapras. The Lapras was hit by it, causing it to no longer move. Crasher thought the Lapras was dead, but when he heard the Lapras cry, he was relieved of his worries.

"Go Pokeballs!" shouted Charles. He then threw two red and white balls out into the water. The first one hit Lapras and opened up, causing red energy to surround Lapras. Lapras then disappeared into the ball, causing the ball to shut itself. The same happened to the Gyrados. Both balls fell into the water, floating when they came back up. Crasher saw a red light on both balls, blinking while the Pokeballs wiggled. Eventually, the wiggling stopped on both of them.

"Nice, got me a Lapras and a Gyrados on the same day. The boys back home are not going to believe this," said Charles a few minutes later when he had the Pokeballs on the boat. He then looked at the Pokeball Lanturn was in. "You did a great job Lanturn," he said to the Pokeball. Crasher just watched, feeling sorry for the Lapras and the Gyrados.

"Well, now that that's done, let's continue," said Charles, going back to his quarters.

Three hours later, Crasher and Charles had arrived at Sandgem Town. They bid farewell to each other and went on their seperate ways, Crasher going west and Charles going to the Pokemon Center.

While Crasher was walking, all he could think of was how a significantly stronger being like that Lanturn be bossed around by a human. He kept on thinking this until he walked into a sign. The sign pointed south, saying "Twinleaf Town." Crasher was surprised he knew what the sign said. He had never read markings like this before.

"Well, might as well start looking for answers here as any other place," said Crasher to himself.

August 6th, 2008, 9:22 PM
"Who is she?"

"Heck, I don't know or really care. What I wanna' know is why she's just laying there like that."

"Maybe she had just a bit too much to drink last night?"

"...Should we help her?"

Almost instinctively, Venomous' acute ears twtiched, perceiving the sound of two Humans nearby. The first thing she was aware of was that the two voices were unmistakably male, juvenile male at that. The second thing.. her ears hadn't swiveled. It seemed such a silly thing to take notice of, such a small, insignificant thing. But her ears.. Her ears had been the most reliable sense to her, such as a Houndoom might prize his nose, or a Lickitung his taste. Venomous had always relied on her sharp, yet delicate ears for detection.. And now, they seemed not to be working.

"Help her? Why would we do that?" The first male who had spoken continued, letting off a bit of a short laugh. His voice was low, and gruff. Venomous strained to keep it within range.

"You're right."The other one spoke, a voice high in pitch, Venomous noticed as slowly, she drifted back to consciousness. She grimaced once, her face screwing up in pain as she finally seemed to take notice of a burning sensation, occuring not on just one part of her body, but raging hellishly all over the front of her. Squeezing her eyes shut against the pain, unaware of several hot tears working their way out, she dug her front teeth down into her lower lip, grinding the soft flesh until a salty-sweet metallic taste filled the interior of her mouth. Trying not to disturb any other part of her stilled body, Venomous lifted her head up, blinking her eyes open as she did so.

"It's not everyday that a naked girl appears randomly in front of you. It must be a sign. Either way, we can't waste this most grand opportunity.."
At these words, Venomous felt an instant panic leaping into her chest, constricting her rapidly beating heart, but she knew not why. As her pale eyelids fluttered open, at the same time her chest extracting a deep breath of air, she gasped, sitting straight up, and wrapping her arms around her.

Wait.. Arms?! Venomous thought as she took notice of the strange, elogonated appendages stretching briefly out at her sides before pausing to curl about her bare chest. Her eyes hadn't completely focused yet, and her vision was obviously blurred from hour upon hour of sleep. She squinted them then, peering earnestly down at her chest, where the strange limbs had curled themselves around what was a bust of the same hue. Or.. the tops of a bust as Venomous could see.

What.. is this?! She demanded inwardly, her eyes widening suddenly as she drew the thin arms tighter around her, and immediately cast her gaze upward. The sky above her was a startling sky blue, strung sparesely with thin wisps of white cloud, passing slowly before a bright ball of gleaming light.. one that Venomous knew as.. the sun. Before she could even think to turn her gaze otherways, Venomous was enveloped with a sudden scorching pain, one that seemed strangely to eat away at the energy granted her, and not only that, but bake the fresh pelt of skin now coating her body.

"GOD!" Venomous cried out, her mouth falling open to form words, or a single word, rather, one that sounded foreign to her ears, but strangely enough, she knew in her mind. Quickly raising a hand to close across the contraption, Venomous fell backward, overcome with the wave of heat beaming down upon her combined with her new shocking discovery.. Was it too ludicrous to even think? As she hit the ground quite forcably, Venomous' ears again twitched. They didn't pick up the usual soft scraping of grass she was all-too familiar with due to her common fainting encounters, but instead, she recoiled as they were met with a heavy splashing sound. Had.. had she fallen into water? Instinctively almost, Venomous attempted to hurl her arms backward to propel her body up, but instead, when they just met the hard, compact earth soundly, lifting her thin frame several inches off the ground, making her appear like a flailing Magikarp.

The good news.. She wasn't drowning, or drowning anytime soon in the puddle she had awaken in. The bad news.. She now looked like a complete moron. In an instant, the two owners of the voices responsible for her awakening were standing above her, peering down into the face of the bewildered girl. Feeling a little overwhelmed, Venomous shrunk back away from their hovering forms, attempting to appear smaller. Both boys wore looks of red shame, two naughty boys caught peeping into the girls room, and looked slightly apologetic. One opened his mouth, and began to utter a long apology, but he shouldn't have bothered. Venomous only blinked dumbly at his feeble words, for how should she know that they staring upon her fallen form was bad? She had been a Pokemon, and who were Pokemon to think in those ways? The boy finished his apology with what appeared to be a friendly smile. Venomous copied the gesture, and both boys seemed relieved at her actions.

"We can.. take you to the hospital if you like, miss. There's a Pokemon Center not far from here, up in Sandgem.."

Sandgem? Venomous thought,still not completely aware of the going-ons surrounding her, feeling more like someone watching a play or a movie than someone actually participating. Slowly, she moved her gaze from the grassy expanse she sat upon, up to meet the prying gazes of the two boys.

"Hospital?" She spoke, trying the word on for size. It felt funny passing over her tongue, and sounded even stranger to her ears her voice saying it. For a time, she had been able to say only variations of her own name, and even then, she hadn't spoken often, for fear of the brutal consequences if she did. Now.. She was speaking an entirely different language, one that was borrowed, and didn't seem to belong to her at all. Eyes marring with confusion, she just continued to stare straightforward at the two young men.

"Why.. would I need to go there?" At her slow words, the boys exchanged glances, eyebrows arching up in obvious disbelief as they again looked at her body, this time not seeming to notice her chest, but instead silently surveying her whole body.

"Were you.. raped?" One of the two asked carefully, in a much softer tone than he had started out with. He now seemed.. concerned for her feelings of sorts, and Venomous couldn't understand why.

"No.." She muttered in response, in that dreamy, detached sort of way. It was only after she stole a look down at her own form that she suddenly seemed to snap back to attention, the fog dispelling from her mind as her pale eyes snapped immediately open, widening as her jaw clenched nervously, bare body overcome by a serious of violent trembles. As her limbs spasmed uncontrollably, and her knees buckled, threatening to give out and send her crashing to the ground, the boys rushed to her side, hovering around her worriedly, waving thick hands before her face in an attempt to get her attention. Venomous, however, didn't seem to see the hands passing across her line of vision. She wore a haunted gaze, as she traveled back to an earlier time, a previous place.. She was no longer standing in this grassy expanse of meadow, surrounded by two concerned if not slightly perverted boys near a route that was commonly traversed by trainers of all shape and size, she was in the middle of the Eterna Forest, the Forest she had been released, and then later on abondonment.. And she had been lucky to get away with that. She was starting to remember what she hadn't wanted to remember, those final grotesque moments before she had fainted, and soon after that, coldly left to die. Images passed through her mind at a fleeting pace, images that were blurred at the edges, but still strangely clear to her eyes.. her tortured eyes. Two Espeons leered menacingly over the fallen form of a limp Umbreon, cowering helplessly before them, weakened already from the sickening heat beaming down upon her, and the acidic venom washing over her stilled body evoked from that same heat.. "Finish her off" Dante had snarled, and ever so eager to follow his malicious orders, his pets, the Espeons she had called "Mom" and "Dad" had attacked her, flogging her mercilessly, beating down upon her. Hungry eyes and sharpened incisors tore at their offspring's flesh, ripping it, tearing, grinding it up with teeth dripping with gore, slicing it to the point of it bursting, until it finally began to ooze crimson fluid, spilling her blood all over the grassy ground. And throughout the whole ordeal, Venomous hadn't uttered a single whimper or whine. She hadn't tried to fight back or even run, as most Pokemon whose life hung on the balance would've. She really hadn't cared either way if she lived or died. She had just lyed there, quietly like the weak Pokemon she was, willing it all to end, and finally thinking herself dead when she finally passed into unconsciousness. She as well as her parents hadn't noticed the tears pooling at the corners of listless, miserable crimson eyes as she faded in and out of reality, tears evoked not from the harsh pain being forced upon her, but drizzling down sunken cheeks solely for the reason that she knew she was dying, dying in a hot place in a world where no one had grown to love her, or care for her.. Where no one would miss her, or probably even think of her ever again.

"Hey.. are you alright, girl?!" One of the boys asked loudly, snapping Venomous back to the time-being. Startled, she inhaled a sharp breath, bringing a delicate hand to the corner of her eyes, not at all surprised when a single round tear was extracted onto her soft skin.

"Do I look like i'm alright?!" She cried out, suddenly filled with a flood of new emotions, anger, along with surprise, along with obvious sorrow from the discovered betrayal.

"For starters, I don't know where in Arceus I am right now, i'm practically gushing blood all over the place, and YOU aren't making it better by permanently locking your eyes onto my chest!" The girl spat, to which she instantly felt guilty for doing so. These boys.. these boys had meant her no harm. And she was taking all her combined pain and fury out on them. The two seemed speechless at her little outburst, and as they only stared silently at her, she moved her arms guardedly out in front of her, slowly beginning to back away, lower lip trembling as she was flooded with a guilty sensation.

"I'm.. I'm sorry.." She apologized, the tears finally welling over and splashing down onto her pale cheeks.

"I just.. I just can't.. do this!" She cried out, flinging her arms down to her sides as she whirled around, away from the two boys, away from everything. She just wanted to be alone.. Alone now, and alone forever. Just as she had been when she had been captive within the confines of her Pokeball. That dark, circular room.. Forever her home. She wanted it back. Even though she now had the birds, and the trees, and flowers, and water, and.. and food, she didn't care. When she was locked away, she couldn't hurt anyone. When she was out, she seemed to do nothing but just that. Engrossed in her thoughts, Venomous hadn't seen a rather large out-of-place gnarled up old tree standing in the middle of the path. If she would've been observing more closely, Venomous would've noted that at the peculiar tree, the path forked, one leading off to the left somewhere, while the other strayed to the right. But Venomous, whose mind and body had been seemingly disconnected from one another, continued on in her straight path, colliding face-first with the peculiar tree, slamming powerfully against it, not even slowing in the slightest. The tree stopped the sprinting girl, as expected, and with a harsh, "THUD", she was tossed carelessly backward into the dirt. Rubbing gingerly at her stinging red face, Venomous looked up in what could only be described as a desolate manner, up at the strange tree looming above her..

"Who put you there?" She muttered angrily at the ugly old thing, which was devoid of all life, leaves, blossoms, even birds didn't flock near the barren old tree. The only thing that did seem to grow upon the tree were a strange satiny black dress hanging over one of the lower limbs, accompanied by a tiny, plush backpack in the shape of a roaring little Absol. Upon one of his extended razor claws hung the keychain of an Eevee. Resting near the massive roots of the tree were a soft pair of black boots, imprints of Houndoom placed upon it near the top, and tucked neatly within them, what appeared to be a pair of black and yellow stockings. Venomous didn't have to think twice before pulling the garments down, and after discovering with half delight and half obvious embarrassment that matching undergarments were included, she hastily slid them all on.

God.. I really hope these clothes aren't used! She thought to herself, before scoffing at such a silly question. Of course they were. What would a brand-new ensemble of clothes be doing laying randomly across an old tree branch. No.. they had to have belonged to somebody. Though Venomous wasn't completely informed on the subject of Human clothing, she knew that they didn't spontaneously appear out of the blue.. No, someone had to have worn them at some point, and left them here. Either that, or they knew that a naked Pokemon gone Human would come streaking down this way. That sent shivers down Venomous' spine. ..But who? After Venomous was fully clothed, she began rifling through the strange little backpack included with the dress. A pair of earrings shaped as silhouettes of Murkrow, a black leather collar fitted with a Mismagius charm which she strapped over her neck, and most oddly of all.. A large, plush Buizel plushie. Slowly, Venomous shook her head. The tag attached to the stuffed Weasel-like Pokemon's ear read "Blake". After surveying it for a moment and finding no other indication of what this stuffed Pokemon was, or what it meant, she just brought it up close to her thin chest, cuddling it gently there as she arose from her spot on the earth, slinging the Absol backpack over her shoulder and continuing down the route. She paid no notice to the Starly flitting past her, to the Bidoof rolling across her path. She was feeling.. strangely out of it again. Oddly light-headed. Venomous clutched at the head sporting her new wild mane of ebony hair, pale eyes half-closing as she stumbled down the thin dirt path taking her somewhere unknown, kicking up small clouds of dust that escaped her notice. Anyone who bothered to glance at the girl could tell that something was obviously wrong.. Not only by the zombified way she revered everything, her lack of response to the bustling world around her, but also the twin thick streaks of blood progressing down her thighs, spiraling down her bare legs. Various bite and claw marks were visable across her pale flesh, but the more mortifying parts were the gaping flesh wounds flesh wounds she now sported. To be honest, just exiting the woods, she looked like she had been mauled by an Ursaring. No one could ever have guessed that the girl had been shredded by two slender little Espeons. Someways down the route, Venomous' eyes settled upon two forms.. One strikingly beautiful, appearing young and seemingly innocent, as well as bouncing with energy. She sported a strange marking upon her forehead, one that.. oddly resembled something Venomous knew she was very familiar with, but couldn't quite place at the moment. Her rainbow-colored shirt was what drew Venomous in, Venomous had never seen such a combination and random array of colors all at once. The boy at her side, in direct contrast to the first figure, was dressed completely in black as Venomous was, from a black-leather jacket, to peculiarly painted black fingernails. Venomous' crimson eyes lingered over the duo momentarily, before a fatigued gasp passed through parted lips, and she knew she couldn't take it anymore. As the boy and girl both turned to face her, Venomous was struck with an instant intense searing pain, one that split through her head, and, what she wouldn't notice, light up a strange circular ring on her forehead that had been nearly invisible just seconds before. Her eyes falling shut, she sunk quietly to the ground, head falling over atop her bare arms to sport the light burns on her neck from the earlier sun's rays, and also a particularly nasty bite mark that had already begun to turn a deep, bruised purple.

August 7th, 2008, 10:10 AM
NightSlash was barely taking his first few steps to the outside of Twinleaf Town when more doubt and confusion slowly crawled their way to the deepest parts of his cerebellum. Slash, who was trying very hard to keep his cool, could only feel ambiguity growing inside his head. This wasn’t an easy event to go through at all. Everything so random, strange, new... Why? Why him? What was going on? Had he done something so bad to the deities that he actually deserved all this punishment? Wow, they must be pretty pissed then. The male payed one large, heavy sigh before he shook his head violently and tried to shake the thoughts out of his head. Yeah, yeah; chill... Take it easy. In the end, it might only end up being a bad dream or something. And if it isn’t, well, everything happens for a reason. But Why?

Slash took a deep breath again, now slowly moving his hand through his hair and finishing by letting it rest on the back of his neck and rub it slowly to relieve any slight pains that the stress that this situation might cause. It felt so strange to actually be able to life his paw above his shoulder, really. But for some strange reason, all this new movements... All this possibilities of physical actions with new joints seemed to be easy. Walking on two legs wasn’t as hard as he thought; and boy, did it feel awesome to have thumbs. Still... Why?

Slash turned again to the exit of Twinleaf Town. Would leaving be any good? Yeah, he was familiar with the surrounding sites, and as a human, other people wouldn’t go around throwing lunchboxes at him. He had waited so much for this moment... But this defnitely wasn’t at all what he had in mind. Hmm... Lunchboxes.

“Agh!” Slash yelped quietly as he was pulled out of his thought by a piercing pain on his shoulder, the muscle directly across his scapula; right under his clavicle. Right, how could he have forgotten, a hiker attacked him as an Absol. Slash placed his hand on the neck of his t-shirt and then pulled it back, allowing him to see his torso. It was a pretty bad wound, still fresh and bleeding slightly. How the pure corner of the lunchbox punctured his flesh made it seem like a bullet wound. He took his hand under his chest and touched the wound, causing a burning-like pain to dart throughout his body. “Gah..” he exclaimed as he pulled his hand away with great speeds, rubbing his index and thumb together and feeling how different the blood of a human was from the one of a Pokemon. This one was more liquid-like and had a lot less viscosity; meaning he’d die because of lack of blood faster than if he was an Absol. But still, he ignored the wound for a moment and stared back. The fact that he ignored it didn’t mean it hurt like hell, anyway.

Slash stared around Twinleaf Town nervously, examining his surroundings. He stared at the sign he woke up at and tried to codify the meaning. “Twi.. Tawi...Too... Screw that...” Slash never learned how to read. Why would he, anyway? Not like it was a skill needed to survive as a Pokemon. Yet, he knew he was in Twinleaf Town; he had been there many times, and he knew the surroundings. Right there, he noticed a fair amount of people. They all had some strange dressing... Or strange eye or hair color, or plain out seemed strange. Like if he hadn’t stared at himself...

~Hm...~ Slash thought to himself as his dark eyes scrolled through the people. As he did, he took one of the apples he found to his pocket. His pants weren’t tight, but neither were they baggy. Miraculously, the apple fit; and as it sunk deeper into his pocket, he bit the other one. It felt strange to eat. His tongue was much wider than when he was an Absol, and now all of his fangs weren’t meant just to rip stuff apart. He had a few trouble positioning the apple chunks on the molars to be chewed down; but eventually he managed to do so. Devouring the apple somehow relaxed Slash, even if it was for the slightest bit. In this simple moment of relaxation, images from his Pokemon past involuntarily struck his head.

It was a cold night, and an Absol was rushing through the streets of a far away town to one large source of black smoke that could be seen in the distance. He struggled for breath and fought against the gravity pulling his limp body towards the ground; trying to get him to give up. But no; Slash kept running and running, dodging humans, Pokemon, and vehicles of all sort as he approached his goal. Through a dark alley, Slash made it to a small building that was totally engulfed by fire. Electricity had been cut on all of the block on which the structure was, and the bright red flames were the only source of light. Of course, Slash had predicted this disaster hours before it happened; but he was far from the location, and he ran miles and miles just to see if could help in some way. But it seemed to be too late. Pokemon and humans used water, sand, and some sort of strange foam to try to put the flames of the structure that was probably 4 or 5 stories tall. Police officers and paramedics made a barrier that stopped people from getting close to the fire, and, even when the noise was loud, cries of a desperate woman were heard. “There’s someone inside! A child! He’s still inside!”

That was just Slash’s entry signal. Through the back of the structure (Because he didn’t want to be seen), the Absol used a fierce Razor Wind attack to blast the heavy doors open. The insides were a mess; everything was scorched and there barely was any space to move. There was little no air inside, and probably all the oxygen that could be found was being consumed by the fire there. But that didn’t stop Slash; for he used a Psycho Cut attack to cut and push away all heated furniture and skillfully made his way to the stairway. His fur caught fire many times, and there was definitely no space to stop, drop and roll, so he just had to hope for the minor burns to go out by themselves. Running through the fire and flames was no easy task; but soon the Absol, whose fur was now more black and gray than white, made it to a room where a young kid lied wrapped in a blanket and crying.

“Follow me!” Slash exclaimed loudly, but to the ears of the kid everything that could be heard was the Pokemon repeating his own name over and over. The boy, who each time cried more loudly and gasped for breath, soon passed out due to all the smoke entering his little lungs. Slash ran towards the creature and, by his blanket, pulled it up above him so that he lied horizontally across the Absol’s back. A race for life started; Flames Vs. Pokemon, and Slash surely felt in disadvantage. Like the kid, it wasn’t going to be long before he too fainted. Oxygen was finished by now, and Slash had to inhale and exhale almost 4 times in 2 seconds just to get enough air. In the end, knowing that they wouldn’t make it out, NightSlash had to break through a window on the second floor and land quite abruptly on the ground; the kid dropping from his back and on to the ground with no major wounds. One lone voice cheered for the Pokemon who had risked his life to save the kids stranger, and that voice was the one of the woman who initially was calling for help. “Look! The Pokemon has the kid! Thank you!” With this words, the female rushed to the Absol, but before she got there; police officers tackled her and moved her out of the way. After this, the officer took the kid away from Slash and walked away.

“Wait, don’t get any closer! That Absol! He was going to kill the kid! And he probably caused the fire too! Get him!”

“Oh Arceus, why do this to me?” Slash said as he saw how a lone human armed with a baseball bat started to rush towards him; and, fighting his exhaustion and burns, the Absol ran away, a mad sprint chase starting between the two of the creatures. But Slash obviously wasn’t going to get very far, seeing as he just went through a flaming building and all. It was just a matter of minutes before he collapsed on the ground and the human caught up to him. With a very deep voice, he started teasing the Absol. He put his face directly in front of Slash’s and said;

“I gotcha. You think its funny to start fires? You’re lucky we saved that kid, because if you did something to it, your death would be much more worse. Any last wishes, scum?”

“Yeah... Just brush your teeth before getting so close to someone...Absol, Sol”

“No? Fine then, let me tell you something... I’m, uhm, Dawn”


The male’s voice all of a sudden turned to a soft, nervous feminine one, and Slash was pulled out of his imagination and memory cloud when he felt the presence of someone around him. His sight focused back from nowhere to a girl seemingly around his apparent age that was standing right in front of him; and she had a somewhat shy, maybe nervous expression on her face. “Hi, uhm.. I’m... Uhm.. Dawn, nice to meet you”

Wow. A human was talking to him. And she didn’t have intentions of lynching him. Too good to be true? Yes. Because he wasn’t an Absol anymore, he was a human now. Anyway; Slash proceeded to discretely examine the girl from head to toe, seeing as she was radiating some sort of strange, yet somewhat familiar vibe. The soft lavender color of her hair and attire, the pink eyes and irregular ear shape, and that pendant that glowed with the colors of the rainbow everytime NightSlash stared at it... She strangely resembled an Espeon. A very crazy idea then struck his head. He noticed that like him, hair color resembled original Pokemon fur; eyes were similar and attire and accessories matched other Pokemon traits. Could it be? Maybe.. No, no, it wasn’t possible. Or was it...?

“Hi... Dawn... Uh... My... My name is NightSlash. Yeah, NightSlash. I.. Uh...”

The male had ran out of words. He wasn’t used to socializing with humans (Who, anyway, he couldn’t really communicate with), introducing by names and doing greeting gestures and all. He scanned his mind for every single event he had witnessed when two humans met each other. Images of people shaking hands, hugging, kissing, patting their backs, and some other actions entered his mind, and it was costing him much to pick an appropriate one. Hoping maybe Super Luck would kick in and guide him into choosing the adequate one, Slash stretched his arm, took Dawn’s hand and then shook it; not knowing the gesture had to be mutual. Yes, yes, he prayed that his greeting had been appropriate, but even then he couldn’t shake the thought of the female of his new race resembling an Espeon in the same way he did to an Absol.

NightSlash continued to stand there; unsure of what to do or say. He did wanted to react some way, anyway, but he just was not used to communicating with anyone. As he felt the girl’s sight focused on him, a warm sweat drop drooled down from his head and to the back of his neck. Too much pressure on him; even if she wasn’t making any move. That, and the fact that there was a chance, no matter how small it was, that she knew something about PokeMorphs or was one herself just ate him on the insides. Something, however, drew his attention. The feeling of another presence examining the pair that stood facing each other directly. A feeling that wasn’t really the most comfortable. The male then shifted his attention to a side, noticing that in a very short distance another female figure stood staring at them. She was dressed in a mainly black attire, like he was, but instead of white, the second color he noticed on her was yellow. As he locked sight with her, Slash's eyes flashed their rubious color momentarily; something strange because he wasn't in a dark area. Then, he saw a yellow ring glow on the girl's forehead, and soon after that, she passed out. Wow, what had that been? The yellow glow... It seemed familiar. Unmistakeably the one Umbreon had on their forehead. Hey... Now that he thought about it... Slash examined the girls body from the distance and realized she too resembled a Pokemon in the same way he and Dawn did. What surprised him more, though, was the fact she was wearing an Absol backpack.

Slash turned back to Dawn and taking a deep and nervous breath.

“Uh... Yeah... Well... I.. Uh..Bye... I have to go.. Do something... Now... And... Absol!”

Slash, feeling more nervous than any other time he could remember in his life, was just trying to conjure some words up that would allow him to go away from the girl before he fainted from anxiousness. But he didn’t want to just go away like that. He knew, by what he had studied from humans, that was such an impolite move, and now that he was human; he really didn’t want to have enemies. The first words that came out sounded like if he was having a heart attack; for he lost it after the ‘Yeah’ and he couldn’t control what was coming out of his mouth. This was more obvious when he un-intentionally cried out his Pokemon name. Right there, quite loudly. The word ‘Absol’ echoed all over the small town and the route, again and again, earning him the stares of most people around, and even some of those strange hair color humans. It couldn’t get worse. Too many eyes on him. "Yeah, I'll see you later!"

The ex-Absol started a sprint away from Twinleaf and the people that had heard him call his name. He was going to run as far as his human legs allowed him too, but instead stopped to the side of the Umbreon girl and kneeled down beside her. Whether she was a PokeMorph or just another human, she didn't seem Ok.

"Hey, Hey, Are you Ok? Are you O... Ow.."

Slash took his hands to the back of the girl and shook her slightly, pondering if that would wake her up or make her react in a way, and then he noticed from a close distance all the wounds and bruises. Non seemed lethal, not for a human, but wow, they probably hurt like hell. Talking about wounds, the blood coming out from his wound had just increased, and now a small stream of red liquid drooled down from his arm. He wanted to help her, in some way, but the anxiousness of running away in fear people might see him didn't allow him too. As he saw people coming out of Twinleaf town and towards them, Slash thought it might be better just to give up; make up and excuse of why he had imitated an Absol cry so well. He'd have to cooperate with humans sometime to get somewhere, and he was sure of that. He sat down, right on the spot, and stared at the people coming.


August 7th, 2008, 1:59 PM
Dawn stood there for a few moments..she could here her heart rate rise as the few tense moments between Dawn and the absol-like man arose.. She waited for himto reply..

At that moment it looked like he was confused about how to greet her. After another few tense moments he grabbed her hand and shook furiously. Dawn sweatdropped..but she had seen the old man greet people this way.

“Hi... Dawn... Uh... My... My name is NightSlash. Yeah, NightSlash. I.. Uh...” The man who was now revealed to be NightSlash stuttered..He seemed just as confused as her.

It grew silent again.. The situation was becoming very uneasy “Uh... Yeah... Well... I.. Uh..Bye... I have to go.. Do something... Now... And... Absol!” NightSlash yelped and ran off.

"Oh..Okay.." Dawn mumbled. "That went probably as well as Beaver trying to fly.." Dawn thought to herself and sighed and continued onward into Twinleaf town. She remembered the old man and her would often go shopping in the small town..and stop by to have some fun..Dawn sighed once more and looked at her hands which used to be paws... Then to her surprise she was a swingset..

"Hmm.. the old man always used to push his grandaughter on these..I wonder if I can.." Dawn mumbled approaching the swingset and quietly sitting on it, or at least trying too.. It was quite a humourous sight to see that dawn couldn't even figure how to sit on a swingset. after a few hundred tries though she figured ut how to sit on aa "human" swingset."Now how do i start..hm..uhm..lets see.. She usually kicked her legs off like this.." Dawn mumbled and the swing tarted to sway to her movements.

"Oh wow it worked!" Dawn giggld as she cotinued to make the swing sway back and fourth, her thoughts then swayed to the man named NightSlash. "Meh he probably has better things to do then have anything to do with me." Dawn whispered but then she was startled by a voice,a male voice.

"Not at all.Your very beautiful Miss." The man said.

"Huh? Oh.. its just another human whew.."

"Well Miss..I think its not everday I see a beautiful girl with lavender hair on the swingset." The man complimented her.

"Oh well..Thank you." Dawn mumbled.

"Well miss would you like a push on this lovely swingset?" The man asked her.

"Oh uh ...sure.." Dawn mumbled..and with this he young man began pushing her on the swingset.The two kept talking and introducing themselves. Dawn was learning the ways of social interaction with humans but didn't know what to do after the young man had said something about meetign his girlfriend earlier. And once again her thoughts drifted away, to the reasons why she was now a human..Why was the question that kept popping up though. And the man named NightSlash that she had met. She pondered about the absol-like man...And then sighed at the thought of how he just rushed off.

"Guess there goes my chance of making my first human friend." She sighed once more and got off the swingset..She heard her tummy growling..and figured it msut be the way humans tell if their hungry or not.

"I guess I'll go look for some berries.." Dawn mumbled walking out of Twinleaf town and looking for some berry bushes..

"Lets see oran or pecha berries, oran or berries...Ah heres ab erry bush..oh only oran berries...Oh well.." Dawn mumbled picking a bunch of oran berries and putting them in her pockets..which not surprsingly then didn't fit all that well.

As she looked around for some pecha berries she noticed the absol-like man was shaking an umbreon-like girl...

"Uhm..well..Hello again.." Dawn mumbled and saw the umbreon girl. "She doesn't look to well...Maybe she needs an oran berry.." She mumbled unsure of what to say.

August 7th, 2008, 4:07 PM
Aida was attracting quite a bit of attention as he walked along the road. He supposed it was because of his formal attire, straight-backed and stiff way of walking, neither of which suited the dirt road he was walking on.

Well, he could work a bit on his way of walking. Watching those around him walk, he slumped over slightly and tried to mimic their movements.

No good. Now he was attracting even more attention for walking like an idiot. He briskly returned to his normal gait.

As he walked, he considered what he would due upon reaching Twinblade Town. If this was a simulation, no doubt there would be something there to point him in the right direction. But if this wasn't, then he needed to figure out something to do. But without money, there was very little he could do. In fact, without money, he couldn't even properly feed himself.

Upon the thought of food, his stomach growled. A human, organic reflex that AIDSaCU-10 had never had to put up with before. He did not want to go into the forest to pick berries. Without proper knowledge of the wilderness, he could easily eat something poisonous.

He spotted a house up the road. It looked abandoned. Perhaps the previous owners had left something he could use. It was worth a shot. Aida felt no qualms about breaking into a house. After all it, was abandoned.

Walking up to the house, he noticed a woman lying on the dirt, crying. Aida thought this strange. Why would a person lie next to an abandoned house and cry?

No matter. Aida picked up a rock from the ground and prepared to throw it through a window. He swung his arm, and the rock went flying from his hand throw the pane of glass.

Then it hit him. Like a ton of bricks. An immense tsunami of emotion, washing over him. Drowning him. He was dying in an ocean of his own feelings.

Aida fell to his hands and knees and screamed. A purely human reflex, with no relation to his former life as a Porygon-Z.


Then, as suddenly as it had come, it went away. Aida sat down, trying to catch his breath. What in the world was that?

If he was a Porygon-Z, he would have put it down to an EMS malfunction. Except he wasn't a human. Still, perhaps traits of the program carried over to his human form.

Closing his eyes, he searched deep within himself. After a time, he found himself capable of exerting a slight degree of control over his emotions. Willing them in and out of existence.

Perhaps the tidal wave he had just experienced was due to pent-up emotions being released. The order of the emotions made sense, being what a normal Pokemon with feelings might feel upon becoming a human. What seemed inexplicable was the amount of red-hot anger he had felt.

Hopefully, if he allowed his emotions to come into being more, such a release would not happen again.

The girl was looking at him now. Aida supposed, that if he were in the same position, he would be looking at himself too.

"Who are you?" he asked the girl.

(OOC: Jax, that's Tira he's talking to.)

August 15th, 2008, 9:42 PM
Venomous was falling, but falling where? As her thin body cascaded rapidly to the compact ground she tread upon, her mind began to spin, whirling round and round and round, ebony hair twirling about her slender form as she fell, fell like a monotone leaf of Autumn descending from the high branch of a royal tree, the tree itself mourning as it balded, becoming desolate and ugly, the leaf despairing, as it fell frantically, spinning beautifully in its dying moments before it fell silently, catching the notice of nothing or no one as it fell atop the pile. This was how Venomous felt, and in a sense, she was. She had fallen from the tree of life, and now in those brief seconds traversing downward to the ground, she was a sight of broken beauty to behold. As her brittle bones made contact with the hard ground, her crimson eyes fluttered briefly open momentarily, locking upon the boy's dressed in black, as his gaze was now upon her form. She could've sworn that now, as pain unfurled throughout her mind and body alike, that his eyes brightened momentarily, to a strange bright hue of red, somewhat similar to her own, but surprisingly different. She had only a wavering moment to examine this phenomanon, before her body bounced slightly from impact, then again settled into the dirt, a dry, choking cloud of dust erupting from the path as she did so. Eyelids fluttering close again, she remained conscious, but only barely, as she refused to give up yet. She didn't realize how much weaker and more susceptible she was to her injuries now that she had become Human, and maybe that's why she wouldn't let herself pass on just yet.

I can best this, i've survived worse.. She told herself firmly, hoping that if she got this thought through to herself, then her body would accept it, and maybe refuse to give out as well. She struggled to keep her head up at least, not wanting to let it fall to the ground, because then that would make her completely vulnerable to others.. to others. to.. Everytime this word passed throughout her mind, all Venomous could see where her parents; Sona and Kai, the whole reason for her existence. And Dante.. Dante Itachi. Her trainer. He was the mastermind of it all. Of her. He owned her.. No, correct. He HAD owned her.

I'm not yours anymore.. Venomous thought between gasps, a slow smile settling over her lips as slowly, she moved a slender polished hand to clutch at the opposite arm, the arm the weight of her body had crushed harshly down upon.

I may be homeless now, with no food, water, or even a place to sleep. I may die here right now, choking on dust and my own blood, but i'm not yours. I belong to no one but myself, and if anything, I won't have to hear your repulsive laughter.. or glimpse upon your disgusting face as I pass on. I'll do it right here.. quietl-

"Hey, Hey! Are you okay? Are you o..Ow.." Venomous flinched harshly, eyes squeezing shut in a moment of instinctive terror, her delicate frame passing into a series of shudders as instincitively, a wave of purple acid began trickling as a means of protection from her pores. She suddenly felt wet, very wet, and that was because of the venom Umbreons naturally concealed within them as a natural means of protection. It was a Last Resort means of defense, and as the toxic venom trickled down her body, Venomous grimaced, her heart accelerating in the slightest as she felt a rough hand, presumably the hand belonging to the owner of the voice who had just spoken to her, slide gently across her back, and lift her tiny form in the slightest. He shook her, trying to get her to stir, and as he did this, her crimson eyes snapped immediately open, peeling to reveal the boy she had first laid eyes upon earlier, holding her against his arm, several stray tendrils of platinum hair falling across his dark eyes as he just stared, seemingly concerned down at her. The first moment she saw him, Venomous' eyes widened in fear, emanating an ovbious terror as petrified, she froze up. He stopped shaking her, and as his eye locked upon her own, her mouth fell open in the slightest, lips parking to reveal an elogonated pair of pearly incisors. Upon closer inspection, after surveying his body, Venomous caught sight of a thin stream of blood indiscreetly snaking its way down his arm. An anxiety of sorts causing her to shift anxiously as best as she could, as Venomous cocked a single eyebrow upward, slowly lifting her hand to her face as began to fill with a peculiar tingling, numbing sensation. She had the sudden urge.. to put it somewhere. No, not somewhere. Put it on.. something. Biting her lower lip, Venomous ducked her delicate head, her ebony mane flipping over to half-veil her face, hiding it behind the thick sheet of black curls. But what? She darted a glance around her, and after quick inspection, noticed nothing or no one even remotely near her.. Besides this boy, of course. Her solemn eyes locking down upon his own, Venomous silently raised a pale hand, the one that had started tingling, and almost instinctively found it being drawn to his own arm, as if by magnetic force. Before it could reach its destination, though, the sound of reverberating footsteps caused Venomous to jolt away from the boy and around to look up at a herd of impending Humans.

They seemed to be stampeding the area, much like wild Tauros, and immediately, Venomous felt her muscles tighten, her entire form tensing up as she forgot momentarily about the strange occurance she had just experienced via her newfound limb that seemed to have a mind of its own, and concentrated completely upon the people charing toward the duo. The people were randomized in shape, and size, and class. There were old, and extremely young, young trainers obviously just starting out (there were lots of these) equipped with Chimchars, Turtwigs, Piplup, and occaisionally, even Pikachu. There were lads and lasses, trainers who were more of young socialities, tittering daintily just slightly behind the group, moving at a much slower pace in order to prevent breaking into a sweat, getting dirty, or anything else that would diminish their self-proclaimed charm. The young ladies wore silken dresses and leather gloves Venomous shuddered sympathetically to lay eyes upon, and their primped Pokemon wore collars composed entirely of jewels. The young gentlemen worse suits composed of the same material, accompanies with ruffles in the collar, and shiny, high-topped leather boots. Their Pokemon wore quaint little hats with feathers, and eyeglasses, along with shining collars with plates of gold and silver.These pampered Pokemon were the opposite of the battered Umbreon girl who lie, looking so miserable, and utterly defeated, down in the dirt. Meanwhile, stealing another peek at the boy behind her, Venomous was stunned to witness the boy looking so scared, so fearful at the rapid approach of the Humans. Not startled, and a just bit overwhelmed as she had been, but scared and desperate, as despairingly, he glanced first to her fallen form, and then to the narrow dirt path leading back to where she had just come from, eyes filling with desolation as he struggled to decide between the two. Venomous just blinked once, watching him, seemingly transfixed for the time being, her own heart beginning to speed up as she was filled with anxiety for the poor boy. It was obvious that he wasn't comfortable being around these people, who were lessening the ground between they and the two odd Humans by the second, but his obvious desire to do what was right and stay and help her was obviously overpowering it. Finally, distressed and unsure of what to do, the boy sat down on spot, eyes flashing worriedly as he stared down the approaching Humans. The gaggle of people slowed as they approached the pair, huffing and puffing, red-faced as they ran frantically toward the sound of the boy's strange Absol cry. All these people had one thing in common, and that was that their eyes shone with an obvious hatred, not seeming to see the people laying on the ground for more than what they now were: Humans.

"Where is it?! Where is that wretched thing?! I swear to God, if I find it, i'll skin it alive! We lost the farm to one of those beasts last year.."

Venomous' eyes widened at the ludicrous accusation, flashing their crimson hue at the crowd as she looked from them, to the boy who had been at her side huddled against the ground. Could he.. could he be? Just like her? Now that you mentioned it, his hair was just that peculiar shade of Platinum silver associated with an Absol's fur.. His eyes, they had flashed at the same time she had been struck by that intensity-packed headache..

"And one took my Timmy away! One walked right past the house the day the tornado struck, taking my poor, precious Timothy with it. It's because of those vile.. things that i'm a Widow. We won't let any more bring any bad fortune upon our little town. We'll put an end to this right now!"

Former Absol or not, Venomous didn't care. Something didn't seem right to her about this whole situation. Before any of the people could take notice of the boy sitting just behind her, Venomous struggled to her feet, shaking not once, but twice as the trickles of venom dispersed from her body in fat droplets, and crouched somewhat, as best as she could in this Human form, jumping instinctively into a fierce battle-stance as she stood protectively before the boy. Her eyes flashed once, and mouth falling open just slightly to expel the huffs that were being emitted from her spasming chest, she just hunched her shoulders, awaiting their first move.

"Bre!" She called out defiantly, flicking her mane back behind her shoulders. Faintly, the yellow ring shone faintly across her forehead, and upon seeing this, a sole person burst excitedly through the crowd, all the while the other people just stared on in clear surprise. The person pushed his/her/its way to the front of the crowd, and Venomous sweatdropped to see that she, as it was now quite apparent, was dressed up as a Clefairy. The scantily-clad young girl wore a Clefairy-themed tank-top combined with matching short shorts, and slippers fashioned to look like the Fairy Pokemon's feet. Bright red circles were painted across her dimpled cheeks, and to top her ensemble, plus a pair of Clefairy ears, and tiny wings jutting out from her back. She wore a radiant grin, and sprinting over to Venomous, wrapped her tiny arms around her.

"They're cosplayers!" The girl giggled happily.

"Can't you tell?! This one is an Umbreon. She even painted a little ring across her forehead. And the one behind her is supposed to be an Absol.. You can tell by his hair. And the red contacts."

"Oh, I see it now." The man who had made the first accusation laughed, cheeks burning with humiliation, moving a gnarled hand to wipe across his brow in relief, approaching the two teenagers more readily now, laughing as he first observed Venomous, then snuck a peek back at the boy with the Absol traits.

"Those were some pretty authentic-sounding Absol cries, son! We could've almost swore they were the real thing, as you can tell! Where'd you learn how to make those?"

Venomous was stilled tensed, her entire body breaking out in a nervous cold sweat now as the small girl still clung to her rigid body.

"Cute pair of fangs!" She laughed. "Perfect for an Umbreon's mouth. I've been looking for some to add on to my Clefairy costume, but none of the costume shops in town supply any that look as real as that. Or any costume shop i've ever been to, as a matter of fact. Where did you get them, again?"

Venomous wasn't used to so much attention, positive attention, at that. She smiled in confusion down at the child, then glanced helplessly around her, wild eyes finally settling upon the energetic girl she had spotted standing beside the platinum-haired boy earlier.

"She doesn't look too well. Maybe she needs an Oran Berry.." The girl mumbled over to the boy, and growing even more confused, Venomous looked down at herself. That was when she remembered the various incisor and claw marks she had been branded with. Shuddering once, Venomous looked around for a means, any means of escape from the throng huddled around her.

August 25th, 2008, 10:32 AM
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NightSlash couldn’t do much about the approaching crowd, so he just sat there next to the Umbreon girl and continued to stare. Like the girl in lavender he had spoken to just a very short while ago, and even other ‘strange’ humans inside Twinleaf, this female radiated a very strange aura that kept Slash intrigued whereas she could be a Pokémon. Ignoring the sound of incoming persons and the pain his wound was causing; NightSlash just stared, getting no response from the shaking he had done. For the first seconds, at least. Soon, a viscous fluid started to come out of the girl’s pores, one that NightSlash noticed was denser and in different coloring that sweat. But since he had not idea it was some sort of toxin, he decided to go with sweat. Slash hadn’t ever known what sweat felt like; for, as many mammal-like and furry Pokémon, he panted to cool himself down. The liquid soon came in contact with his fingers, and to his surprise, the touched started to ache in the way strong sunburn would. Wow. So that was what sweat felt like. How the hell did humans manage to resist it? Just a small droplet had reached his skin and it caused loads of pain. Humans who chased him running usually had sweat all over their faces, legs, and arms. It’s surprising how they resisted so much pain. Now Slash was sure of something; by all means, he would avoid running so he never had to sweat. While lost in an imagination cloud of what sweating was like, NightSlash snapped back to the present when he felt someone was staring at him. Not a raging crowd, but the girl in the ground. Her eyes were scanning the male’s face, and for some moments their eyes met.

“Uh... Hello?” NightSlash thought it would be a good idea to introduce himself so that the girl on the ground wouldn’t yell at him for trying to wake her up, even if it was for a good cause. Maybe that “Hello” would get her to respond with the same word instead of going all “Who are you!?” and slapping him across the face. Anyway, before he could say anything, he saw the girls mouth open slightly, revealing a pair of lengthened fangs; similar to his own. She turned away afterwards, and the male just raised one eyebrow in confusion. He tried to say something; again, but now he was stopped when Venomous’ hand started moving towards his bleeding shoulder; thing he was trying to ignore. He was unaware of what she was trying to do, though, and, in a burst of nervousness and anxiety, he took her hand with his and shook it gently. He actually thought she was trying to give him a handshake; so he completed the motion. It was, though, much softer than the one he had with Dawn; for this girl’s condition wasn’t the best.

Now, even though the Absol boy hadn’t really said or done anything to get the female to say something; he was unsure if this girl could speak. If he was lying down in the ground with all those wounds, he would’ve at least squealed or something. Yet again, he was about to say something, anything, but was stopped when she flinched quite harshly and pulled away her hand. Immediately then, footsteps were heard approaching; and just seconds later, the two were surrounded by a large amount of people and tumult.
"Where is it?! Where is that wretched thing?! I swear to God, if I find it, I’ll skin it alive! We lost the farm to one of those beasts last year...”

"And one took my Timmy away! One walked right past the house the day the tornado struck, taking my poor, precious Timothy with it. It's because of those vile... things that I’m a Widow. We won't let any more bring any bad fortune upon our little town. We'll put an end to this right now!"

~Oh man. Game Over Slash. Game Over. ~ In a sad, pessimistic mood and showing a face that very clearly expressed “Just finish me now”; NightSlash let his eyelids close and stared in the ground in shame. Why did those Absol cries had to come out. That sucked, and now humans were somehow going to find out he was really an Absol and they were going to lynch him mercilessly. He continued to stare down and wait for something to happen. But after a minute passed, he was surprised to be alive (or being able to move his limbs, at least). He was also forced to open his eyes when he heard a distinctive Pokémon cry being yelped by the Umbreon girl; and it was just as good as his own cry ‘imitation’.

“Bre!” This Pokémon cry could only be emitted by three Pokémon. Breloom, Lombre and Umbreon; and the girl’s appearance did sure express a hint towards the correct answer. The female also then stood in a somewhat strange stance; a protective one, apparently. The position also seemed to be the one that a four-legged Pokémon would take when feeling threatened. He should know, anyway; for it was something he was most used to. With everyone wanting to attack him here and there and all. This, along with the Pokémon sound and the attire were just clues that were slowly adding up inside Slash’s new human and more potent brain. For a moment, he was mesmerized by her Absol backpack, but he came back to reality shortly afterwards. Letting her strange position aside, Slash started pondering why she had taken that stance. Her condition didn’t at all seem like one capable of taking down a group of humans. Those persons could seriously pummel them both if they wanted. While a pessimistic Slash waited for the humans to make the first move into taking him and the female into oblivion, a small girl dressed in what he thought was a Clefairy outfit sprung out of the crowd and threw herself wildly around the Umbreon girl. The white haired boy then slyly moved closer to the female in black in search of some sort protection, believing that humans wouldn’t attack someone with a young one of their species around her. Then, indiscreetly, he took a peek from above her shoulder and towards the little girl.

“They're cosplayers!” She yelled out.

~Humans are so strange. I’m completely confused because I am a human now; but they want to be Pokémon? What the hell is a cosplayer, anyway? I think I heard of those once I broke in into a circus...Probably...~

Before he could continue on with his thoughts, he heard more voices speaking out.
“Can't you tell?! This one is an Umbreon. She even painted a little ring across her forehead. And the one behind her is supposed to be an Absol... You can tell by his hair. And the red contacts.”

“Oh, I see it now. Those were some pretty authentic-sounding Absol cries, son! We could've almost sworn they were the real thing, as you can tell!”

The man that seemed to have start and led this whole tumult started talking to NightSlash with a bright, rubious surrounding his cheeks and a thick sweat drop slowly drooling down from his hair to his nose. Slash started to examine his face from behind the Umbreon girl, confused.

~Why is he red? Is he bleeding? What does that mean? And how come that sweat drop isn’t burning him!~

“Where'd you learn how to make those?"

The man confidently started walking towards Slash, stretching his hand in a way that it was suggested he was going to pat his shoulder or perform a similar action. The white haired boy instinctively stepped back, hissing at him like a wild cat. He wasn’t letting any human get close to him; unless he approached first. Despite acting like he was angry, clear fear was shown in the boy’s eyes. The man, now in a nervous and bedazzled manner walked back to the crowd, his sight locked on the boy and with a facial expression expressing “What a freak.”

"Cute pair of fangs! Perfect for an Umbreon's mouth. I've been looking for some to add on to my Clefairy costume, but none of the costume shops in town supply any that look as real as that. Or any costume shop I've ever been to, as a matter of fact. Where did you get them, again?"

An interrogative, perfect. Slash stepped in front of Venomous and tapped the little girl on the shoulder to get her attention.

“There… Uh… There is a good… Cosplayer shop… In… SunnyShore city! Yes, over there. You should go try it out!”

NightSlash used this question as an excuse to speak out and try to get everyone, all the humans, away. It proved to be very stressing to him to be around anyone; and being one of the centers of attention didn’t help his nervous system at all. The farthest place he could think of right now was SunnyShore city; and while it was rather apparent that that bunch of humanoids would not stampede to the city right now just because he said so; he might as well just say that to end this conversation. By what he had examined from humans when he was a Pokémon, he could probably get that young girl to listen to him and force her parents to go to the city. Whenever he saw a child cry because he or she wanted something, their parents would do so, so he hoped that little girl actually believed a word he said. It was a risky move; but Slash really wasn’t in a state of deep thought and consideration.

“SunnyShore?” The girl said to herself as she stared up and locked gazes with Slash; action that caused a sweat drop to slowly make its way to his spine. The girl’s eyes shone in hope now that she had received and answer from the man; and with a very large, satisfactory grin, she unwrapped her petite arms from the teen in black’s body and in a sequence of jolly skips and hops went back to the horde. “Mom!” She exclaimed happily as she grabbed the dress of an adult woman and started tugging on it very rapidly; her Clefairy ears shaking back and forth as she did. “Where is SunnyShore city? Can we go there right now?”

With a laugh from the mother and giggles from every other human, the pack soon turned back to the grassy path that led back into the small town and walked away. “Nice outfits and sounds, again.” Some exclaimed with their last turns back at Venomous and Slash as they walked away. All of their Pokémon, however, seemed to have their eyes focused on the pair, like if they hadn’t ever seen humans before. Clearly, they could see something humans couldn’t. When the last members of mass walked into the city and awkward silence enclosed the area for some seconds, just before a female voice smeared the silence.

“Uhm...Well...Hello again...”
NightSlash turned around to find the source of the voice, which sounded very familiar, to see that near them the girl in lavender and bright colors he had spoken to just a short while ago was greeting him. Slash flashed a broken and uneasy smile at the girl, but a smile nevertheless.

“…Hello, Dawn.” The young man almost mechanically took his hand to his neck and unconsciously wiped a sweat droplet away

“She doesn't look to well...Maybe she needs an Oran Berry..."

“Yes, yes, I think an Oran Berry would help her” NightSlash said as he stared back at Venomous and her wounds. An Oran Berry always helped replenish energies of injured Pokémon, so maybe it would have a similar effect on humans. He seemed to zone out, however, after a quick sight alternation back and forth between Dawn and Venomous. The two of them, if examined closely, seemed to share a few similar facial features. Shaking his head hastily to the sides, NightSlash snapped back to the present and without another word started a visual search for an Oran Berry. Every time Dawn or Venomous came into his field of view, he couldn’t help but to think that they were just like him; but apparently they were taking the situation easier than him. Dawn seemed all nice and energetic and didn’t mention anything about this; and the Umbreon girl didn’t say anything at all. Except for that “Bre!” exclamation, which was kinda enough. NightSlash discretely took his hand to his hand to his pocket and frisked the fruit inside; the apple he grabbed right after he woke up in Twinleaf Town. An apple wouldn’t help as much as a berry, though; and he was sure of that, so he continued to search around. He took the apple out of his pocket, in any case, and held it tightly with his hand. He slowly walked away from the duo of girls into some shrubs a few feet away and started searching thorny bushes and short trees.

“There’s something strange about those two…” NightSlash said to himself out loud; confident that the distance between him and them was more than enough so they couldn’t hear what he said and vice-versa. Something very deep inside his human mind was ordering him just to approach and go all “Hello, I’m NightSlash and I was an Absol not long ago, until I got here as a human. What Pokémon were you?” And something even deeper told him he would get an expected answer. He was feeling lucky, anyway; but no, it was too risky. It took somewhere around five minutes to pluck a berry out of the thorny hedge plant, and every time his skin was punctured by a thorn, he would emit a slight Absol cry as yelp. Now, with a lightly pierced left hand and a bleeding left shoulder, Slash walked back to the girls with a big, round Oran berry on his right hand and an apple that, despite being in the punctured hand, was sparkling clean and not touched by blood. Ignoring all of his abrasions, Slash positioned himself in a direction that left Venomous at his right side and Dawn on his left side; and after a deep breath, he stretched both of his arms to the front. The left one was somewhat limp because of his shoulder wounds and it took him a bit of work to get it up, yet he managed to get both up at the same level. Immediately afterwards, he stretched his hands wide open, motioning for the girls to pick the fruit of them. Then, Slash showed a modest smile, for once, and revealed his sharp fangs.

Slash had taken those light amounts of pain in his hand and taken the time to find an Oran berry for Venomous because he, even though he wasn’t sure this was really her goal, was thankful that Venomous had stepped protectively in front of him and in between the humans, though it was obvious the crowd as a whole would annihilate him. And the apple to Dawn was just a friendly gesture; plus, he believed that, if he was in a right assumption about her being a Pokémon like him, maybe she got here hungry, like him. He alternated his sight between the two of the girls again and waited for them to accept the food. He knew almost nothing about them, but even just his wild assumption of them being PokéMorphs as well gave him more than enough reasons to try to be friendly…

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August 28th, 2008, 2:55 PM
Dawn looked at the umbreon girl and smiled.. "Did humans do this to you..? Cause..Well ..Humans did a similiar thing to me..when I was.." Dawns voice stopped but then continued. "When I was an Espeon.." Dawn mumbled.

~flashback times~
"That poor old man..All he wanted to do is help the pokemon.. AND THAT THING KILLED HIM!" The son of the man yelled and pointed at Dawn

Dawn whimpered at the time and looked at the incoming crowd.. They all happen to have sticks , bats, broken class, anything they could find. They were closing in on her. Dawn was frozen her legs wouldn't move.

"Kill that thing! KILL IT!" The son shouted..and on that everyone attacked. Dawn yet otu a cry but no one would stop.. They wouldn't stop..Empoty fury..and Dawn was caught in the middle of it.

"Es..peon.." Dawn whimpered and fell unconscious. Tears in her eyes..The people that once embraced her and played with her..Were now killing her.. For mere moments..dawn had stopped breathing..Everything stopped..for mere minutes..dawn was..dead.

"Its..dead..Don't do anything more..I'm sure my dad is happy." the son said in a cold tone.

As dawn lay there her body battered and beaten.. A ghastly figure appeared before next to her lifeless body.

"Dawn..You have done nothing wrong..Why my son tryed to kil lyou..Is his own matter..Dawn you msut continue living.." the figure said and dawns..heart started again and her breathing was faint but it was there.

"I'll never trust humans again.." Dawn said..

~end flashbackies~

By the time dawn had finished her short little story.Nightslash came back with an oran berry in hand. Nghtslash stretched out his arms..one being filld with thorn-like puncture wounds wghich had an oran berry for the girl..And an apple for her.

"Y-Your arm..? Doesn't it hurt..?" Dawn said worridly lucking at the crimson blood that was falling from his arms..

"But..Thank you for the apple.." Dawn mumbled taking the apple from his hand. "I'm surprsed..you went through all this trouble to get her an oran berry..and brought me back an apple..Well I was saving this berry for me but here maybe you'd like it.." Dawn mumbled. She pulled out a pecha berry she had saved from the night before.

"Its a pecha berry there very sweet...I used to eat em alot! When I was well..never mind that! Eat up!" Dawn smiled putting the pecha berry in his empty hand.

"Es..peon." Dawn said before taking a bite from the apple.

JX Valentine
August 29th, 2008, 5:33 PM
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Tira looked up at the sound of a scream. She felt something go cold inside her, something in her chest. On instinct (Instinct. Defense mechanism of the living. A primal drive to execute certain behaviors.), she shivered and turned her head towards the source. The tears stopped, but she didn't bother drying the corners of her eyes or the sticky patches trailing down her face. Instead, she stared blankly at the other human as he crumpled onto the ground. Then, as if nothing happened, he righted himself.

Behavior confused Tira. It was a contradiction. A reaction to a negative stimulus leading directly into an expression of neutrality. What was this stimulus? From where did this user originate? Why did the output not match the input?

He asked her a question. "Who are you?"

Who. Question word. Implies a request of identification.

Are. Present tense form of the word be. Implies a state of is. That is, the state in which the subject is currently.

You. Pronoun, second person. The subject. Implies the person in direct conversation with the speaker. In this case, me.

Who. Are. You. Who are. You. Who are you? Request for identification of oneself.

"I am TIRA-23," she recited. "I am the twenty-third unit of the Technological-Intelligent Research Assistant Series, programmed by Silph Corporation for human interaction and computational services. My activation time is three years, two months, twenty-one days, four hours, and sixteen minutes. My current registration point is the Meteor Falls Pokémon Research Institute of Fallarbor Town, Hoenn."

She tilted her head. For a long moment, she was silent, as if she was trying to remember something. The face of her personal user floated through her mind, yet her expression hardly changed.

"Who are you?" she asked. Her tone mimicked her companion's.

August 29th, 2008, 6:04 PM
(OOC: I had to go back to the OOC thread to check my sign-up to remember everything...)

The female human stared at him, her face expressionless. She appeared to be engaged in mental computational activities, but Aida was not within the safe range of confidence that would be allowed for an activity such as this. He had run many programs through his massive amount of computing power, but he had never been programmed with sufficient information on human facial expressions and body language, nor had he had enough test data to draw a valid conclusion for his own.

At last, the female human spoke, her facial expression non-changing. "I am TIRA-23. I am the twenty-third unit of the Technological-Intelligent Research Assistant Series, programmed by Silph Corporation for human interaction and computational services. My activation time is three years, two months, twenty-one days, four hours, and sixteen minutes. My current registration point is the Meteor Falls Pokémon Research Institute of Fallarbor Town, Hoenn."

The female was an artificial intelligence. But of what functional catagory? There were many types of intelligence made by human hands, some more intelligent than others. But there was only one type of artificial intelligence known to Aida that was capable of functioning on a near-human intellectual level, and that was the Porygon series. The female human could simply be an automaton, however, with intelligence only slightly higher than that of a personal computer, programmed to respond to simple voice commands with pre-recorded messages. Aida decided to conduct an experiment to see how intelligent the artificial intelligence was.

"Who are you?" the female asked, not long after Aida's thought process was complete. A tone and sentence put forward in imitation of his own. Still very possible for a simple intelligence to perform. Mimicry was in no way relegated to the higher tiers of intellect.

"I am AIDSaCU-01," Aida replied, "initial functional prototype model of the Artificially Intelligent Data Storage and Computation Unit series. What catagory of functional artificial intelligences do you fall under?"