View Full Version : Weather Co. Presents - FREE Fr/Lg Trainer Sprites!

August 12th, 2004, 12:54 PM
Ohh... Yeah! I've seen LOTS of threads asking for Fr/Lg Trainer Sprites.
And here is Gian-Sama, aka Castrainer, from the Weather Co. to give the FREE Ripped Fr/Lg Trainers! Soem of them I found around the net, but half of them I ripped! so please, give credit if used!

August 12th, 2004, 1:17 PM
There really cool Casty^^

August 12th, 2004, 2:13 PM
yeah, they are! ^^ those are amazing! XD

August 14th, 2004, 3:46 AM
Niiiice... you mind if I rip them from you into single files for my site? O.o

August 15th, 2004, 4:13 PM
No prob JKaizer! Do what ya want XD

August 15th, 2004, 4:29 PM
Castrainer Your Too Late I Have Had Those Sprites For Months!!!
I found Them @ PPN...
So Do I Have To Give You Credit For Trainers I Have Had?
The Only Trainer On That Pic I Dont Have Is Bill...
(Funny Huh?)

August 15th, 2004, 4:33 PM
Check them better. PPN dont have all of them ;p

August 15th, 2004, 5:39 PM
is it okay if i use some for some banners?

August 15th, 2004, 5:48 PM
Casty Great JOb!Hope you dont mind if I use them for my spriting purposes!
Casty Can I join Weather Inc.I was the poorest spriter in PC 2 months ago!Now I can makedam good trainer sprites and also am learning to make trainer cards!!!
And some deadly cool banners!

Careful With That Axe, Pichu!
August 15th, 2004, 5:52 PM
oh great sprites, like everybody said^^

August 16th, 2004, 7:20 AM
Sure! Ya all can use! See the title? FREE! XD ^_^

August 16th, 2004, 9:27 AM
hey cas long to time no see (or read lol) those are awesome do you have any more???

October 30th, 2004, 11:58 PM
nice job ripping. Takes ages to rip.

Tim Scoville
February 11th, 2005, 5:21 AM
how do you rip things...?
(yah i havent made a trainers card yet and was wondering if someone could teach me how...? yah i know its a stupid question and you will probably mangle me for it) :dead:

February 11th, 2005, 6:33 AM
Just.... Dont post in threads over one month old~
Read the rules, and ask about Trainer Cards at the TC forum, not here~

Forest Grovyle
February 11th, 2005, 7:11 AM
Yes, don't post in threads over one month old. I'll close this since it hasn't been posted in since October 2004!