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August 1st, 2008, 10:20 AM
Looking for Legit, Untouched Event Pokémon Not On My List.
All events listed have been checked Legit and are Untouched unless otherwise specified. If Legit is next to the event, it means I had them checked and confirmed legit by DGee, khllpwn4g3, pokemonbeast, and/or myself.
I can hack you a custom for an event, clone your event and send a copy back, or I can edit your current Pokémon.

NOTE: Some items will make the Pokémon evolve so please specify if you want the item or not. My list is in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to find things. You can also just post your list and I’ll find what I want/need from you. Also, as you can see, my event list is huge. Not all of my events fit on my game so you may have to wait while I put the ones you want on my game to trade to you. An * means it is not on my game at the moment. Please be patient with me while I get them on the game. Also, anything that I got myself is not for trade.

10 ANIV - Complete+Legit
Bulbasaur (5/30/07)
Bulbasaur (7/17/07)*
Charizard (6/20/07)*
Charizard (7/14/07)
Charizard (9/5/07)*
Blastoise (5/25/07)
Blastoise (8/6/07)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-5/31/07)
Pikachu (Light Ball-7/10/07)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-Without Fly)
Alakazam (5/5/07)
Alakazam (6/10/07)*
Alakazam (7/20/07)*
Articuno (7/9/07)*
Articuno (7/12/07)
Articuno (8/5/07)*
Zapdos (5/27/07)
Zapdos (6/15/07)*
Zapdos (7/23/07)*
Zapdos (10/4/07)*
Moltres (Hasty-7/12/07)*
Moltres (Naughty-7/12/07)
Moltres (7/13/07)*
Dragonite (6/4/07)
Dragonite (6/15/07)*
Dragonite (8/7/07)*
Typhlosion (5/15/07)
Typhlosion (7/21/07)*
Typhlosion (10/27/07)*
Espeon (6/2/07)
Espeon (8/2/07)*
Umbreon (6/13/07)
Umbreon (7/17/07)*
Raikou (5/19/07)*
Raikou (6/27/07)
Raikou (7/20/07)*
Entei (6/7/07)
Entei (7/17/07)*
Suicune (5/19/07)*
Suicune (6/27/07)
Suicune (7/5/07)*
Tyranitar (6/6/07)
Tyranitar (8/22/07)*
Celebi (6/4/07-Impish)*
Celebi (6/4/07-Jolly)*
Celebi (6/4/07-Naughty)*
Celebi (6/4/07-Quirky)*
Celebi (6/29/07)
Celebi (8/11/07)*
Blaziken (5/27/07)
Blaziken (7/10/07)*
Absol (5/6/07)
Absol (6/1/07)*
Absol (8/5/07)*
Latias (5/23/07)
Latias (7/16/07)*
Latios (1/18/07)
Latios (7/9/07)*

10ANIV (Spain) - Complete+Legit
Pikachu (Light Ball)
Ho-Oh (7/20/07)
Ho-Oh (8/15/07)*

10ANNI (Italy) - Complete+Legit
Charizard (8/19/07)
Charizard (9/4/07)*
Pikachu (Light Ball)
Raikou (8/21/07)*
Raikou (9/6/07)
Suicune (8/11/07)*
Suicune (8/12/07)
Lugia (6/13/07)
Lugia (8/18/07)*
Ho-Oh (8/12/07)*
Ho-Oh (9/11/07)
Latias (7/10/07)*
Latias (8/23/07)

10ANNIV (English) - Complete+Legit
Pikachu (Light Ball-8/8/07)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-11/28/07)
Articuno (8/9/07)
Raikou (6/28/07)
Raikou (8/23/07)*
Suicune (7/23/07)*
Suicune (8/17/07)
Lugia (5/12/07)
Lugia (6/28/07)*
Lugia (7/21/07)*
Ho-Oh (7/12/07)
Ho-Oh (8/22/07)*
Latias (7/28/07)
Latias (8/21/07)*
Latias (9/3/07)*
Latios (8/22/07)

10ANNIV (France) - Complete+Legit
Dracaufeu (Charizard)
Pikachu (Light Ball)
Artikodin (Articuno)
Raikou (7/23/07)*
Raikou (8/4/07)
Entei (8/1/07)*
Entei (8/5/07)
Suicune (8/5/07)
Suicune (8/14/07)*
Lugia (7/25/07)*
Lugia (8/4/07)
Ho-Oh (8/4/07)
Ho-Oh (8/23/07)*
Latias (8/5/07)
Latias (9/7/07)*
Latios (8/5/07)
Latios (8/22/07)*

10JAHRE - Complete+Legit
Glurak (Charizard)
Pikachu (Light Ball)
Arktos (Articuno)
Entei (4/26/07)
Entei (7/22/07)*
Lugia (5/23/07)
Lugia (7/23/07)*
Ho-Oh (7/17/07)
Ho-Oh (12/31/07)*

10th (Cherish Ball) (07147) - Complete+Legit
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/23/07)
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/24/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/25/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/26/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/30/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/1/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/2/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/3/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/4/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/5/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/6/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/7/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/8/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/9/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/10/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/11/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/12/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/13/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/14/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/15/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/16/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/17/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/18/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/19/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/20/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/21/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/22/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/23/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/24/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/25/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/26/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/27/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/28/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/29/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/30/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/31/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/1/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/2/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/3/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/4/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/5/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/6/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/7/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/8/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/9/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/10/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/11/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/12/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/13/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/14/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/15/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/16/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/17/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/18/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/19/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/20/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/21/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/22/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/23/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/24/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/25/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/26/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/27/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/28/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/29/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/30/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-8/31/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-9/1/07)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-9/2/07)

AGETO (Agate) (31121) - Legit
Celebi (6/10/07)*
Celebi (4/19/08)

ALAMOS (05138) - Complete+Legit
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/20/08-Brave)
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/20/08-Quirky)
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/21/08-Relaxed)

Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Adamant-Capable of taking hits.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Adamant-Quick to flee.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Bashful-Alert to sounds.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Bashful-Capable of taking hits.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Bashful-Loves to eat.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Bold-Capable of taking hits.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Bold-Loves to eat.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Brave-Good endurance.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Brave-Thoroughly cunning.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Brave-Very finicky.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Calm-Highly curious.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Calm-Scatters things often.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Careful-Alert to sounds.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Careful-Often scatters things.)* ~Got Myself~
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Careful-Quick to flee.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Docile-A little quick tempered.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Docile-Likes to relax.)* ~Got Myself~
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Docile-Mischievous.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Gentle-Proud of its power.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Gentle-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Hardy-Alert to sounds.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Hardy-Likes to thrash about.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Hasty-Hates to lose.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Hasty-Strong willed.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Impish-Good endurance.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Impish-Hates to lose.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Jolly-Highly persistent.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Jolly-Somewhat vain.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Lax-Scatters things often.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Lax-Somewhat vain.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Lax-Strong willed.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Lonely-Highly curious.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Lonely-Mischievous.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Mild-Capable of taking hits.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Mild-Often dozes off.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Modest-Hates to lose.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Modest-Highly persistent.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Modest-Somewhat stubborn.)
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Naive-Good perseverance.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Naive-Mischievous.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Naughty-Often dozes off.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Naughty-Quick to flee.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Quiet-A little quick tempered.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Quiet-Loves to eat.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Quirky-Likes to relax.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Quirky-Sturdy body.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Rash-Hates to lose.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Rash-Mischievous.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Relaxed-Mischievous.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Relaxed-Often dozes off.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Sassy-Proud of its power.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Sassy-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Serious-Good endurance.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Serious-Very finicky.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Timid-Proud of its power.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-5/31/08-Timid-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Adamant-Good perseverance.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Adamant-Hates to lose.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Bashful-Good perseverance.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Bashful-Mischievous.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Bold-Good endurance.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Bold-Hates to lose.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Brave-Capable of taking hits.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Brave-Impetuous and silly.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Calm-Capable of taking hits.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Calm-Often lost in thought.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Careful-Loves to eat.)
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Careful-Mischievous.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Careful-Thoroughly cunning.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Careful-Very finicky.-Shiny)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Docile-Likes to run.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Docile-Strong willed.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Gentle-Likes to fight.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Gentle-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Hardy-Impetuous and silly.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Hardy-Often lost in thought.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Hasty-Likes to fight.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Hasty-Loves to eat.-Shiny)
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Hasty-Scatters things often.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Impish-Loves to eat.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Impish-Somewhat vain.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Jolly-Capable of taking hits.-HP 130)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Jolly-Capable of taking hits.-HP 138)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Lax-Loves to eat.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Lax-Proud of its power.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Lonely-Capable of taking hits.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Lonely-Strong willed.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Mild-Likes to fight.-HP 137)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Mild-Likes to fight.-HP 143)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Modest-Good endurance.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Modest-Likes to run.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Naive-A little quick tempered.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Naive-Likes to relax.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Naughty-Impetuous and silly.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Naughty-Quick tempered.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Quiet-Quick tempered.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Quiet-Sturdy body.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Quirky-Hates to lose.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Quirky-Quick to flee.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Rash-Alert to sounds.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Rash-Proud of its power.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Relaxed-Capable of taking hits.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Relaxed-Impetuous and silly.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Sassy-Somewhat vain.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Sassy-Very finicky.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Serious-Hates to lose.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Serious-Quick tempered.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Timid-Likes to fight.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/1/08-Timid-Likes to relax.)*

ALAMOS (07038) - Legit
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/3/08-Modest-Often dozes off.)
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/4/08-Rash-Sturdy body.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/4/08-Sassy-Impetuous and silly.)
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/5/08-Quirky-Highly persistent.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/5/08-Rash-Likes to run.)

Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/13/08-Modest-Often lost in thought.)

Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/23/08-Naive-Likes to thrash about.)

ANA - Legit
Pikachu (Light Ball-7/24/07)

ARUMIA (03208) - Complete+Legit
Darkrai (4/26/08-Adamant)
Darkrai (4/26/08-Quirky)*
Darkrai (4/26/08-Rash-Likes to relax.)*
Darkrai (4/26/08-Rash-Mischievous.)*
Darkrai (4/27/08-Naughty)*
Darkrai (4/28/08-Naughty)*
Darkrai (4/29/08-Lonely)*
Darkrai (4/30/08-Gentle)*
Darkrai (5/1/08-Hasty)*
Darkrai (5/2/08-Sassy)*
Darkrai (5/3/08-Quiet)*
Darkrai (5/4/08-Hardy)*
Darkrai (5/5/08-Careful)*
Darkrai (5/6/08-Gentle)*
Darkrai (5/7/08-Calm)*
Darkrai (5/8/08-Bold)*
Darkrai (5/9/08-Modest)*
Darkrai (5/10/08-Hardy)*
Darkrai (5/11/08-Adamant)*
Darkrai (5/12/08-Brave)*
Darkrai (5/13/08-Relaxed)*
Darkrai (5/14/08-Naive)*
Darkrai (5/15/08-Calm)*
Darkrai (5/16/08-Hardy)*
Darkrai (5/17/08-Hasty)*
Darkrai (5/18/08-Naive)*
Darkrai (5/19/08-Quiet)*
Darkrai (5/20/08-Rash)*
Darkrai (5/21/08-Adamant)*
Darkrai (5/22/08-Hasty)*
Darkrai (5/23/08-Sassy)*
Darkrai (5/24/08-Calm)*
Darkrai (5/25/08-Adamant)*
Darkrai (5/26/08-Docile)*
Darkrai (5/27/08-Bashful)*
Darkrai (5/28/08-Naughty)*
Darkrai (5/29/08-Bold)*
Darkrai (5/30/08-Naive)*
Darkrai (5/31/08-Hasty)*
Darkrai (6/1/08-Timid)*
Darkrai (6/2/08-Impish)*
Darkrai (6/3/08-Naughty)*
Darkrai (6/4/08-Hardy)*
Darkrai (6/5/08-Bashful)*
Darkrai (6/6/08-Rash)*
Darkrai (6/7/08-Naive)*
Darkrai (6/8/08-Careful)*
Darkrai (6/9/08-Modest)*
Darkrai (6/10/08-Gentle)*
Darkrai (6/11/08-Gentle)*
Darkrai (6/12/08-Adamant)*
Darkrai (6/13/08-Modest)*
Darkrai (6/14/08-Sassy)*
Darkrai (6/15/08-Rash)

AURA - Complete+Legit
Mew (Bold-8/5/07)*
Mew (Naive-8/5/07)*
Mew (Quirky-8/5/07)*
Mew (Relaxed-8/5/07)
Mew (Sassy-8/5/07)*
Mew (Serious-8/5/07)*
Mew (8/6/07)*
Mew (9/2/07)*
Mew (9/13/07)*

Mew (8/4/07)
Mew (9/6/07)*
Mew (10/5/07)*
Mew (10/16/07)*
Mew (1/2/08)*
Mew (4/14/08)*

Mew (9/2/07)

Mew (8/15/07)
Mew (2/4/08)*

BABA (07018) - Legit
Flygon (Yache Berry-7/1/08-Likes to run.)*
Flygon (Yache Berry-7/1/08-Often lost in thought.)
Flygon (Yache Berry-7/2/08-Likes to relax.)*
Flygon (Yache Berry-7/3/08-A little quick tempered.)*
Flygon (Yache Berry-7/4/08-Thoroughly cunning.)*
Flygon (Yache Berry-7/5/08-Scatters things often.)*
Flygon (Yache Berry-7/6/08-Very finicky.)*
Flygon (Yache Berry-7/7/08-Impetuous and silly.)*
Flygon (Yache Berry-7/8/08-Very finicky.)*
Flygon (Yache Berry-7/9/08-Strong willed.)*
Flygon (Yache Berry-7/10/08-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Flygon (Yache Berry-7/11/08-Capable of taking hits.)*

BATORUYAMA (Battle Mountain) (10048) - Legit
Ho-Oh (Bold)*
Ho-Oh (Jolly)

BRYANT PARK (06808) - Complete+Legit
Pikachu (Light Ball-7/10/07)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-9/29/07)
Moltres NFT
Suicune (5/1/07)*
Suicune (7/19/07)
Blaziken (6/27/07)
Blaziken (8/21/07)*
Latias (4/28/07)*
Latias (8/26/07)
Latias (9/2/07)*
Latios (5/17/07)
Latios (10/7/07)*
Latios (4/21/08)*

English - Complete
Jirachi (Salac Berry-7/27/07)
Jirachi (Ganlon Berry-8/21/07)

Jirachi (Ganlon Berry-12/8/07)*

Jirachi (Ganlon Berry-7/31/07)*

CONSAATO (Concert) (10286) - Complete+Legit
Chatot (Soothe Bell-10/28/06)
Chatot (Soothe Bell-11/5/06)
Chatot (Soothe Bell-11/12/06)
Chatot (Soothe Bell-12/10/06)

DAISUKE CLUB - Complete+Legit
Magikarp (12226-Lv. 4-2/14/07)
Magikarp (12226-Lv. 4-2/15/07-Heart Mail)
Magikarp (01256-Lv. 5-Heart Mail)
Magikarp (07076-Lv. 5-Heart Mail)
Magikarp (02226-Lv. 6)
Magikarp (03126-Lv. 7-Heart Mail)
Starly (08311)
Bidoof (17336)

DOEL - Legit
Deoxys (8/2/07)
Dexoys (9/20/07)*
Deoxys (1/20/08)*

DUKING - Legit
English - Complete


France - Complete



E4ALL - Complete+Legit
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/18/07)
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/19/07)
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/20/07)
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/21/07)

eCard - Complete+Legit
Togepi (08756)
Mareep (08756)
Scizor (08756)
Togepi (12681)
Mareep (12681)
Scizor (12681)

EIGAKAN (Movie) (07147) - Complete+Legit
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/1/07-Good endurance.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/1/07-Quick tempered.)
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/2/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/3/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/4/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/5/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/6/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/7/07)

Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Adamant)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Bashful)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Bold)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Brave)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Calm)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Careful)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Docile)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Gentle)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Hardy)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Hasty)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Impish)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Jolly)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Lax)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Lonely)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Mild)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Modest)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Naive)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Naughty-Good perseverance.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Naughty-Quick to flee.)
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Quiet)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Quirky)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Rash)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Relaxed)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Sassy)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Serious)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/14/07-Timid)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/15/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/16/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/17/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/18/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/19/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/20/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/21/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/22/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/23/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/24/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/25/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/26/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/27/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/28/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/29/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/30/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/31/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/1/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/2/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/3/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/4/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/5/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/6/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/7/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/8/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/9/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/10/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/11/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/12/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/13/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/14/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/15/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/16/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/17/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/18/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/19/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/20/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/21/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/22/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/23/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/24/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/25/07-Docile)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/25/07-Naive)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/26/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/27/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/28/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/29/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/30/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-8/31/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-9/1/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-9/2/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-9/3/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-9/4/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-9/5/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-9/6/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-9/7/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-9/8/07)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-9/9/07)
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-4/5/08-Hardy)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-4/5/08-Relaxed)*

EIGAKAN (Movie) (07198) - Legit
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Adamant)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Bashful)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Bold)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Bold-Somewhat vain.)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Calm)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Careful-Highly curious.)
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Careful-Often lost in thought.)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Docile)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Gentle-Proud of its power.)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Hardy-Good perseverance.)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Hasty-Good endurance.)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Impish)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Jolly)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Jolly-Often dozes off.)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Lax)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Lonely)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Mild)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Modest)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Naive)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Naughty)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Naughty-Impetuous and silly.)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Quiet)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Quirky)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Rash)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Relaxed)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Sassy)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Serious)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/20/08-Timid)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/21/08-Adamant)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/21/08-Gentle)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/22/08-Relaxed)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/23/08-Brave)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/24/08-Adamant)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/24/08-Hardy)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/24/08-Impish)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/24/08-Lonely)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/24/08-Naive)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/25/08-Hasty)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/26/08-Sassy)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/27/08-Naive)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/28/08-Adamant)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/29/08-Timid)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-6/30/08-Timid)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/1/08-Quirky)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/2/08-Modest)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/3/08-Lonely)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/4/08-Bashful)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/5/08-Gentle)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/6/08-Mild)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/7/08-Naughty)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/8/08-Adamant)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/9/08-Rash)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/10/08-Adamant)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/11/08-Hasty)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/12/08-Adamant)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/13/08-Jolly)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/14/08-Docile)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/15/08-Lax)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/16/08-Careful)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/17/08-Lonely)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/18/08-Bashful)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/19/08-Mild)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/20/08-Naughty)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/21/08-Jolly)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/22/08-Impish)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/23/08-Naive)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/24/08-Quirky)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/25/08-Relaxed)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/26/08-Gentle)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/27/08-Bold)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/28/08-Gentle)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/29/08-Modest)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/30/08-Docile)*
Regigigas (Custap Berry-7/31/08-Mild)*

Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/6/08-Bold)
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/6/08-Calm)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/6/08-Gentle)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/6/08-Hasty)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/6/08-Lonely)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/6/08-Modest)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/6/08-Naughty)* NFT
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/6/08-Quirky)*

Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/19/08-Hasty)
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/19/08-Serious)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/20/08-Sassy)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/21/08-Bashful)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/22/08-Calm)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/22/08-Quiet-Shiny)* NFT
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/23/08-Calm)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/24/08-Relaxed)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/25/08-Lonely)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/26/08-Careful)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/27/08-Hardy)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/28/08-Timid)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/29/08-Hardy)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/30/08-Impish)*
Shaymin (Micle Berry-7/31/08-Serious)*

Ho-Oh (9/2/07)

EUKALIA (01000) - Legit
Pikachu (Shuca Berry)
Ponyta (Passho Berry)
Shroomish (Kebia Berry)
Wailmer (Tanga Berry)
Staravia (Yache Berry)
Shellos (Rindo Berry)
Buneary (Chople Berry)
Croagunk (Payapa Berry)
Finneon (Wacan Berry)
Phione (Docile)

EULALIA (01000) - Legit
Aerodactyl (Kasib Berry)
Mew (Relaxed)
Pachirisu (Chilian berry)
Phione (Mild)

EULALIE (01000) - Legit
Pikachu (Shuca Berry)
Vulpix (Fire Stone)
Ponyta (Passho Berry)
Lickitung (TM44)
Tangela (Coba Berry)
Eevee (Haban Berry)
Aerodactyl (Kasib Berry)
Mew (Serious)
Yanma (Charti Berry)
Miltank (Moomoo Milk)
Shroomish (Kebia Berry)
Wailmer (Tanga Berry)
Wynaut (Colbur Berry)
Staravia (Yache Berry)
Combee (Occa Berry)
Pachirisu (Chilan Berry)
Shellos (Rindo Berry)
Buneary (Chople Berry)
Finneon (Wacan Berry)
Snover (Babiri Berry)
Phione (Bold)*
Phione (Jolly)

FESUTA (Festa) (11256) - Legit
Electabuzz (Electirizer-11/25/06)*
Electabuzz (Electirizer-12/16/06)
Electabuzz (Electirizer-1/6/07)*
Electabuzz (Electirizer-1/31/07)
Magmar (Magmarizer-11/25/06)*
Magmar (Magmarizer-12/16/06)
Magmar (Magmarizer-1/31/07)

GAMESTP (06218) - Complete+Legit
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Adamant-Highly persistent.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Bashful-Very finicky.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Bold-Scatters things often.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Brave-Likes to fight.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Calm)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Calm-Loves to eat.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Careful-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Docile-Alert to sounds.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Gentle-Capable of taking hits.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Hardy-Somewhat of a clown.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Hasty-Hates to lose.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Impish-Quick tempered.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Jolly-Often scatters things.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Lax-Likes to fight.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Lax-Somewhat of a clown.)
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Lonely-Quick to flee.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Mild-Strong willed.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Modest-Quick to flee.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Naive-Proud of its power.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Naughty-Thoroughly cunning.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Quiet-Good perseverance.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Quirky-Capable of taking hits.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Rash)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Rash-Quick tempered.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Relaxed)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Relaxed-Mischievous.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Sassy-Mischievous.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Serious-Somewhat vain.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/20/08-Timid-Likes to thrash about.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Adamant-Thoroughly cunning.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Adamant-Very finicky.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Bashful-Highly curious.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Bold-Quick tempered.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Brave-Good endurance.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Calm-Quick to flee.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Careful-Good perseverance.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Careful-Somewhat vain.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Docile-Proud of its power.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Gentle-Often dozes off.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Hardy-Quick tempered.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Hardy-Sturdy body.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Hasty-Alert to sounds.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Impish-Sturdy body.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Jolly-Strong willed.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Lax-Sturdy body.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Lonely-Mischievous.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Mild-Likes to relax.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Modest-Capable of taking hits.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Modest-Strongly defiant.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Naive-Strong willed.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Naughty-Likes to thrash about.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Quiet-Likes to thrash about.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Quiet-Quick tempered.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Quirky-Somewhat vain.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Rash-Highly curious.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Relaxed-Likes to thrash about.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Relaxed-Quick to flee.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Sassy-Highly curious.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Sassy-Loves to eat.-Shiny)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Sassy-Quick to flee.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Serious-Mischievous.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/21/08-Timid-Highly persistent.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Adamant-Very finicky.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Bashful-Often dozes off.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Bashful-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Bold-Likes to run.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Brave-Somewhat of a clown.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Calm-Often dozes off.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Careful-Quick to flee.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Docile-Somewhat vain.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Gentle-Loves to eat.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Hardy-Quick tempered.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Hasty-Strongly defiant.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Impish-Good perseverance.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Jolly-Alert to sounds.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Lax-Quick to flee.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Lonely-Highly persistent.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Mild-Loves to eat.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Modest-Somewhat vain.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Modest-Sturdy body.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Naive-Somewhat of a clown.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Naughty-A little quick tempered.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Quiet-Good endurance.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Quirky-Strong willed.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Rash-Quick tempered.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Relaxed-Highly curious.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Sassy-Somewhat of a clown.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Serious-Often dozes off.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/22/08-Timid-Proud of its power.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Adamant-Likes to run.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Bashful-Good endurance.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Bold-Mischievous.)* ~Got Myself~
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Bold-Scatters things often.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Brave-Good perseverance.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Calm-Sturdy body.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Careful-Strongly defiant.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Docile-Mischievous.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Gentle-Quick tempered.)* ~Got Myself~
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Gentle-Strong willed.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Hardy-Likes to run.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Hasty-Very finicky.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Impish-Alert to sounds.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Jolly-Scatters things often.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Lax-Capable of taking hits.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Lonely-Strongly defiant.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Mild-Often dozes off.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Modest-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Naive-Capable of taking hits.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Naughty-Capable of taking hits.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Quiet-Often dozes off.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Quirky-Very finicky.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Rash-Likes to relax.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Relaxed-Often dozes off.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Sassy-Likes to fight.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Serious-Often scatters things.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Timid-Likes to relax.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/27/08-Timid-Strong willed.)* ~Got Myself~
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Adamant-Often lost in thought.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Bashful-Scatters things often.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Bold-Quick tempered.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Brave-Somewhat of a clown.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Calm-Thoroughly cunning.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Careful-Often scatters things.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Docile-Somewhat vain.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Gentle-Likes to run.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Hardy-Quick tempered.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Hasty-Sturdy body.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Impish-Somewhat vain.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Jolly-Somewhat vain.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Lax-Impetuous and silly.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Lonely-Often dozes off.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Mild-Often dozes off.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Modest-Very finicky.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Naive-Very finicky.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Naughty-Highly curious.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Quiet-Mischievous.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Quirky-Quick to flee.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Rash-Very finicky.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Relaxed-Likes to run.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Sassy-Hates to lose.)* ~Got Myself~
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Sassy-Often lost in thought.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Serious-Capable of taking hits.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Timid-Quick to flee.)* ~Got Myself~
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/28/08-Timid-Strong willed.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Adamant-Impetuous and silly.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Bashful-Highly curious.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Bold-Alert to sounds.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Brave-Often dozes off.)* ~Got Myself~
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Brave-Scatters things often.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Calm-Often dozes off.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Careful-Highly persistent.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Docile-Likes to relax.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Gentle-Good perseverance.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Hardy-Highly persistent.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Hasty-Alert to sounds.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Impish-Sturdy body.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Jolly-Alert to sounds.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Lax-Capable of taking hits.)* ~Got Myself~
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Lax-Likes to thrash about.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Lonely-Hates to lose.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Mild-Highly curious.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Modest-Sturdy body.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Naive-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Naughty-Capable of taking hits.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Naughty-Mischievous.)* ~Got Myself~
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Naughty-Often lost in thought.)* ~Got Myself~
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Quiet-Likes to run.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Quirky-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Rash-Quick tempered.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Relaxed-Somewhat of a clown.)
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Sassy-Very finicky.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Serious-Hates to lose.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/29/08-Timid-Often dozes off.)*

GOLGO (05138) - Complete+Legit
Octillery (Focus Band-5/13/08)
Octillery (Focus Band-5/14/08)*
Octillery (Focus Band-5/15/08)*
Octillery (Focus Band-5/16/08)*
Octillery (Focus Band-5/17/08)*
Octillery (Focus Band-5/18/08)*
Octillery (Focus Band-5/19/08)*
Octillery (Focus Band-5/20/08)*
Octillery (Focus Band-5/21/08)*
Octillery (Focus Band-5/22/08)*
Octillery (Focus Band-5/23/08)*
Octillery (Focus Band-5/24/08)*
Octillery (Focus Band-5/25/08)*
Octillery (Focus Band-5/26/08)

GW - Legit
Pikachu (Light Ball-9/18/07)

HADOU (Wave) - Legit
Mew (Impish)
Regirock (6/6/07)
Regirock (7/7/07)*
Regice (6/6/07)
Regice (7/7/07)*
Registeel (6/6/07)
Registeel (7/7/07)*

HAMANATU (10147) - Complete+Legit
Octillery (Focus Band-10/14/07-A little quick tempered.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/14/07-Capable of taking hits.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/14/07-Proud of its power.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/14/07-Quick tempered.)
Octillery (Focus Band-10/14/07-Quick to flee.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/15/07-Impetuous and silly.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/15/07-Strong willed.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/16/07-Capable of taking hits.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/16/07-Strongly defiant.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/17/07-Highly persistent.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/17/07-Somewhat vain.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/18/07-Quick to flee.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/18/07-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/19/07-A little quick tempered.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/19/07-Somewhat vain.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/20/07-Likes to thrash about.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/20/07-Loves to eat.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/21/07-Alert to sounds.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/21/07-Often scatters things.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/22/07-A little quick tempered.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/22/07-Highly curious.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/23/07-Very finicky.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/24/07-Likes to relax.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/25/07-Impetuous and silly.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/25/07-Somewhat of a clown.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/26/07-Somewhat vain.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/27/07-Highly curious.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/27/07-Somewhat vain.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/28/07-Likes to run.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/29/07-Likes to thrash about.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/30/07-Alert to sounds.-HP 139)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/30/07-Alert to sounds.-HP 143)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/30/07-Somewhat vain.)*
Octillery (Focus Band-10/31/07-Good perseverance.)

HAYLEY (01000) - Complete+Legit
Pikachu (Shuca Berry)
Vulpix (Fire Stone)
Ponyta (Passho Berry)
Lickitung (TM44)
Tangela (Coba Berry)
Eevee (Haban Berry)
Aerodactyl (Kasib Berry-6/18/08)
Aerodactyl (Kasib Berry-6/26/08)*
Mew (Adamant)*
Mew (Bold)*
Mew (Brave)*
Mew (Docile)*
Mew (Gentle)
Mew (Lonely)*
Mew (Modest-6/15/08)*
Mew (Modest-6/16/08)*
Yanma (Charti Berry)
Miltank (Moomoo Milk)
Shroomish (Kebia Berry)
Wailmer (Tanga Berry)
Wynaut (Colbur Berry)
Staravia (Yache Berry)
Combee (Occa Berry)
Pachirisu (Chilan Berry)
Shellos (Rindo Berry)
Buneary (Chople Berry)
Croagunk (Payapa Berry)
Finneon (Wacan Berry)
Snover (Babiri Berry)
Phione (Bashful)
Phione (Docile)*
Phione (Hasty)*
Phione (Lonely)*
Phione (Quiet)*
Phione (Quirky)*

Birthday Charmander (07207)
Charmander (Lucky Egg-7/20/07)
Charmander (Lucky Egg-7/21/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-7/22/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-7/23/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-7/24/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-7/25/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-7/26/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-7/27/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-7/28/07-Likes to fight.)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-7/28/07-Mischievous.)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-7/29/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-7/30/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-7/31/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/1/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/2/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/3/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/4/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/5/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/6/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/7/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/8/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/9/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/10/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/11/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/12/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/13/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/14/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/15/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/16/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/17/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/18/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/19/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/20/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/21/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/22/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/23/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/24/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/25/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/26/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/27/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/28/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/29/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/30/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-8/31/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-9/2/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-9/15/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-9/20/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-9/21/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-9/28/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-9/29/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-9/30/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-10/1/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-10/3/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-10/13/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-10/25/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-10/31/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-11/22/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-12/25/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-12/27/07)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-1/1/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-1/2/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-1/7/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-1/15/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-1/17/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-1/30/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-1/31/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-2/15/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-2/18/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-2/29/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-3/4/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-3/9/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-3/13/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-3/21/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-4/2/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-4/16/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-4/17/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-4/22/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-4/28/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-5/10/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-5/11/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-5/26/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-5/29/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-6/18/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-6/22/08)*
Charmander (Lucky Egg-7/14/08)

Birthday Charmander (07208)
Charmander (Lucky Egg-7/20/08)*

Chansey (60114)
Delibird (60114)
Smeargle (60505)
Minun (60321)
Seviper (60321)

Mantine (60114)
Sableye (60321)
Plusle (60321)

Pikachu (60321)
Growlithe (60114)
Magmar (60114)
Qwilfish (60114)
Houndour (60505)

Pikachu (50701-Light Ball)
Cyndaquil (51224)
Totodile (51224)
Sneasel (60114)
Skitty (60321)
Zangoose (60321)

Bulbasaur (60227)
Pikachu (60114)
Pikachu (60321)
Bellsprout (60114)
Chansey (60114-11/25/06)
Chansey (60114-3/20/07)*
Electabuzz (60114)
Tauros (60114)
Chikorita (51224)
Cyndaquil (51224-10/14/06)
Cyndaquil (51224-4/18/08)*
Murkrow (60114)
Misdreavus (60114)
Sneasel (60114)
Treecko (51126-11/15/06)
Treecko (51126-7/19/07)
Mudkip (51226)
Surskit (60321)
Sableye (60321)
Chimecho (60321)

Pikachu (50319-Light Ball)
Shuckle (60505)
Skitty (60321)
Plusle (60321)
Minun (60321)
Zangoose (60321)
Solrock (60321)

Japanese Egg Move - Legit
Poliwag (09998-Sweet Kiss)
Pichu (02624-Wish-Shiny)
Absol (58738-Wish)

JBHF - Complete+Legit
Manaphy (Red Scarf-11/7/07)
Manaphy (Red Scarf-11/8/07)
Manaphy (Red Scarf-11/9/07)
Manaphy (Red Scarf-11/10/07-Adamant)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-11/10/07-Relaxed)
Manaphy (Red Scarf-11/11/07-Modest)
Manaphy (Red Scarf-11/11/07-Naughty)
Manaphy (Red Scarf-11/12/07)
Manaphy (Red Scarf-11/13/07)

August 1st, 2008, 10:22 AM
Ekans (6/28/07) *Touched*
Vulpix (6/4/07)
Vulpix (6/15/07)
Vulpix (4/16/08)
Psyduck (5/11/08)
Growlithe (6/28/07)
Machamp (6/28/07)
Gengar (6/15/07)
Gengar (6/28/07)
Staryu (6/28/07)
Staryu (5/17/08)
Tauros (6/15/07)
Tauros (6/28/07)

KITE - Legit
Jirachi (Salac Berry-10/20/07)

03208 - Complete
Riolu (3/26/08)
Riolu (3/27/08-Likes to run.)*
Riolu (3/27/08-Often lost in thought.)*
Riolu (3/27/08-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Riolu (3/28/08)*
Riolu (3/29/08)*
Riolu (3/30/08)*
Riolu (3/31/08)*
Riolu (4/1/08)*
Riolu (4/2/08)*
Riolu (4/3/08)*
Riolu (4/4/08)*
Riolu (4/5/08)*
Riolu (4/6/08)*
Riolu (4/7/08)*
Riolu (4/8/08)*
Riolu (4/9/08)*
Riolu (4/10/08)*
Riolu (4/11/08)*
Riolu (4/12/08)*
Riolu (4/13/08)*
Riolu (4/14/08)*
Riolu (4/15/08)*
Riolu (4/16/08)*
Riolu (4/17/08)*
Riolu (4/18/08)*
Riolu (4/19/08)*
Riolu (4/20/08)*
Riolu (4/21/08)*
Riolu (4/22/08)*
Riolu (4/23/08)*
Riolu (4/24/08)*
Riolu (4/25/08)*
Riolu (4/26/08)*
Riolu (4/27/08)*
Riolu (4/28/08)*
Riolu (4/29/08)*
Riolu (4/30/08)*
Riolu (5/1/08)*
Riolu (5/2/08)*
Riolu (5/3/08)*
Riolu (5/4/08)*
Riolu (5/5/08)*
Riolu (5/6/08)*
Riolu (5/7/08)*
Riolu (5/8/08)*
Riolu (5/9/08)*
Riolu (5/10/08)*
Riolu (5/11/08)*
Riolu (5/12/08)*
Riolu (5/13/08)*
Riolu (5/14/08)*
Riolu (5/15/08)*
Riolu (5/16/08)*
Riolu (5/17/08)*
Riolu (5/18/08)*
Riolu (5/19/08)*
Riolu (5/20/08)*
Riolu (5/21/08)*
Riolu (5/22/08)*
Riolu (5/23/08)*
Riolu (5/24/08)*
Riolu (5/25/08)*
Riolu (5/26/08)*
Riolu (5/27/08)*
Riolu (5/28/08)*
Riolu (5/29/08)*
Riolu (5/30/08)*
Riolu (5/31/08)*
Riolu (6/1/08)*
Riolu (6/2/08)*
Riolu (6/3/08)*
Riolu (6/4/08)*
Riolu (6/5/08)*
Riolu (6/6/08)*
Riolu (6/7/08)*
Riolu (6/8/08)*
Riolu (6/9/08)*
Riolu (6/10/08)*
Riolu (6/11/08)*
Riolu (6/12/08)*
Riolu (6/13/08)*
Riolu (6/14/08)*
Riolu (6/15/08)

Manaphy (King’s Rock-3/30/08)*

Rayquaza (Dragon Scale-6/1/08)*

KOROSHIAMU (Colosseum) (31121) - Legit
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/10/07)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/26/07)

MACK (05308) - Complete+Legit
Pikachu (Light Ball-5/30/08-Scatters things often.)
Pikachu (Light Ball-5/31/08-Capable of taking hits.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-5/31/08-Likes to relax.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-5/31/08-Sturdy body.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/1/08-Likes to relax.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/1/08-Likes to thrash about.)*
Piakchu (Light Ball-6/1/08-Mischievous.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/2/08-Impetuous and silly.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/3/08-Highly persistent.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/3/08-Often scatters things.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/4/08-Likes to fight.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/5/08-Likes to thrash about.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/6/08-Good perseverance.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/6/08-Thoroughly cunning.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/7/08-Loves to eat.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/7/08-Proud of its power.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/8/08-A little quick tempered.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/8/08-Strong willed.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/9/08-Proud of its power.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/9/08-Quick tempered.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/10/08-Often scatters things.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/11/08-Highly persistent.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/12/08-Highly curious.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/12/08-Scatters things often.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/13/08-A little quick tempered.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/14/08-Capable of taking hits.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/15/08-Loves to eat.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/16/08-Scatters things often.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/17/08-Hates to lose.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/18/08-Proud of its power)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/19/08-Sturdy body.)

MATTLE - Legit
Ho-Oh (Adamant)*
Ho-Oh (Brave-6/28/07)
Ho-Oh (Brave-7/17/07)*
Ho-Oh (Hasty)*
Ho-Oh (Impish)*
Ho-Oh (Jolly-6/17/07)
Ho-Oh (Jolly-10/13/07)*
Ho-Oh (Lax)
Ho-Oh (Mild-7/6/07)*
Ho-Oh (Mild-5/18/08)*
Ho-Oh (Sassy)*
Ho-Oh (Serious)*

MITSURIN (60720) - Legit
Celebi (9/16/07)

MIZUNOTAMI (12226) - Complete+Legit
Manaphy (King’s Rock-12/22/06)
Manaphy (King’s Rock-12/23/06)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-12/24/06)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-12/25/06)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-12/26/06)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-12/27/06)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-12/28/06)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-12/29/06)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-12/30/06)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-12/31/06)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/1/07-Lonely)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/1/07-Relaxed)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/2/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/3/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/4/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/5/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/6/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/7/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/8/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/9/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/10/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/11/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/12/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/13/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/14/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/15/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/16/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/17/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/18/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/19/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/20/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/21/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/22/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/23/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/24/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/25/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/26/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/27/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/28/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/29/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/30/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-1/31/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/1/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/2/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/3/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/4/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/5/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/6/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/7/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/8/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/9/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/10/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/11/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/12/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/13/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/14/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/15/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/16/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/17/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/18/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/19/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/20/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/21/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/22/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/23/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/24/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/25/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/26/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/27/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-2/28/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-3/1/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-3/2/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-3/3/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-3/4/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-3/5/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-3/6/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-3/7/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-3/8/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-3/9/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-3/10/07)*
Manaphy (King’s Rock-3/11/07)

MONTE L - Legit

MT BATA - Legit

MYSTRY - Legit
Mew (Adamant)
Mew (Bashful)
Mew (Bold)
Mew (Calm-5/1/07)*
Mew (Calm-2/29/08)*
Mew (Careful)
Mew (Docile)
Mew (Docile-6/24/07)*
Mew (Gentle)*
Mew (Hardy)*
Mew (Hasty)
Mew (Impish)*
Mew (Jolly-6/11/07)*
Mew (Jolly-PKRS Cured-7/27/07)*
Mew (Lax)*
Mew (Lonely)*
Mew (Mild)*
Mew (Modest)
Mew (Naive)*
Mew (Naughty)*
Mew (Quiet)*
Mew (Quirky)
Mew (Rash)
Mew (Sassy)*
Mew (Serious)*
Mew (Timid)

NWS - Complete+Legit
Darkrai (05318)
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/2/08-Jolly-Good endurance.)
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/3/08-Serious-Quick tempered.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/4/08-Modest-Likes to thrash about.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/5/08-Modest-Sturdy body.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/6/08-Rash-Somewhat of a clown.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/7/08-Impish-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/8/08-Serious-Strongly defiant.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/9/08-Calm-Likes to relax.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/10/08-Lonely-Quick tempered.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/11/08-Naughty-Likes to thrash about.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/12/08-Bashful-Likes to run.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/13/08-Joly-Very finicky.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/14/08-Jolly-Thoroughly cunning.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/14/08-Rash-Mischievous.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/15/08-Calm-Likes to thrash about.)*
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-6/15/08-Timid-Likes to thrash about.)

Deoxys (06218)
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/23/08-Sassy-Hates to lose.)
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/24/08-Sassy-Very finicky.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/25/08-Quiet-Often dozes off.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/26/08-Gentle-Quick to flee.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-6/30/08-Lonely-Mischievous.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/1/08-Adamant-Often scatters things.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/2/08-Careful-Very finicky.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/3/08-Naive-Hates to lose.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/4/08-Docile-Quick tempered.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/5/08-Relaxed-Likes to thrash about.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/6/08-Naive-Strong willed.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/7/08-Gentle-Often dozes off.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/8/08-Gentle-Likes to fight.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/9/08-Timid-Good endurance.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/10/08-Lax-Mischievous.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/11/08-Rash-Highly curious.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/12/08-Serious-Quick tempered.)*
Deoxys (NeverMeltIce-7/13/08-Relaxed-Quick to flee.)

Manaphy (10017)
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/1/07)
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/2/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/3/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/4/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/5/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/6/07)
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/7/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/8/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/9/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/10/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/11/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/12/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/13/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/14/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/15/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/16/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/17/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/18/07-Bold)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/18/07-Gentle)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/19/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/20/07)
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/21/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/22/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/23/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/24/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/25/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/26/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/27/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/28/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/29/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/30/07)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-10/31/07)

PALCITY (07147) - Legit
Mew (7/15/07-Transform-Good endurance.)*
Mew (7/15/07-Transform-Often scatters things.)
Lucario (Metal Coat-7/15/07-Proud of its power.)
Lucario (Metal Coat-7/15/07-Sturdy body.)*
Lucario (Metal Coat-7/16/07)
Lucario (Metal Coat-7/17/07)
Manaphy (7/15/07-Likes to relax.)*
Manaphy (7/15/07-Often scatters things.)
Manaphy (7/15/07-Strong willed.)*
Manaphy (7/16/07)

Mew (8/3/07-Mega Punch-Highly curious.)*
Mew (8/3/07-Mega Punch-Quick tempered.)*
Mew (8/3/07-Mega Punch-Somewhat vain.)
Lucario (Metal Coat-8/3/07)
Lucario (Metal Coat-8/4/07)
Lucario (Metal Coat-8/5/07)
Manaphy (8/3/07)

Mew (8/11/07-Psychic)
Mew (8/12/07-Psychic)
Lucario (Metal Coat-8/10/07)
Lucario (Metal Coat-8/11/07)
Lucario (Metal Coat-8/12/07)
Manaphy (8/10/07)

OSAKA - Complete
Mew (8/31/07-Lax-AncientPower)
Mew (8/31/07-Lonely-Ancient Power)*
Mew (8/31/07-Naughty-AncientPower)*
Mew (9/1/07-AncientPower)*
Mew (9/2/07-AncientPower)*
Mew (9/4/07-AncientPower)
Lucario (Metal Coat-8/31/07)
Lucario (Metal Coat-9/1/07)*
Lucario (Metal Coat-9/2/07)*
Lucario (Metal Coat-9/4/07)
Manaphy (8/31/07)
Manaphy (9/1/07)*
Manaphy (9/2/07)*
Manaphy (9/4/07)

ROPPONGI - Complete
Manaphy (7/21/07)
Manaphy (7/22/07)

SAPPORO - Complete
Mew (7/28/07-Amnesia)
Mew (7/29/07-Amnesia)
Mew (7/30/07-Amnesia)
Lucario (Metal Coat-7/28/07)
Lucario (Metal Coat-7/29/07)
Lucario (Metal Coat-7/30/07)
Manaphy (7/28/07)
Manaphy (7/29/07)
Manaphy (7/30/07)

Mew (8/17/07-Barrier)
Mew (8/18/07-Barrier)
Mew (8/19/07-Barrier)
Lucario (Metal Coat-8/17/07)
Lucario (Metal Coat-8/18/07)
Manaphy (8/18/07)

Pichu Egg (55957-Adament)
Pichu Egg (55957-Mild)*
Pichu Egg (55957-Rash)*
Pichu Egg (55957-Quirky)*

PCNY - Legit
PCNYa Pikachu (00159-Thunder Stone-Lv. 52) *Touched* NFT

PCNYb Staryu (00302-Water Stone) NFT
PCNYb Shedinja (00093)
PCNYb Wailord (00377-Lv. 100)

PCNYc Kingdra (00062-Lv. 45) *Touched*
PCNYc Exploud (00605-Lv. 50)
PCNYc Aggron (00601-Lv. 100)
PCNYc Wailord (00610-Lv. 50)
PCNYc Flygon (00161-Dragon Fang)*
PCNYc Seviper (00459-Lv. 30) *Touched*
PCNYc Crawdaunt (00600-Lv. 100)
PCNYc Crawdaunt (00609-Lv. 50)
PCNYc Salamence (00025-Dragon Scale-Lv. 52) *Touched*
PCNYc Salamence (00109-Dragon Fang)*

PCNYd Gloom (00339-Sun Stone) NFT
PCNYd Seadra (00069-Dragon Scale)
PCNYd Kingdra (00087)
PCNYd Flygon (00077-Dragon Scale)
PCNYd Altaria (00071-Dragon Fang)
PCNYd Zangoose (00060)*
PCNYd Zangoose (00089)
PCNYd Zangoose (00165-PKRS)*
PCNYd Seviper (00088)
PCNYd Seviper (00673)
PCNYd Milotic (00091)*
PCNYd Milotic (00207)
PCNYd Milotic (00676)*
PCNYd Salamence (00072-Dragon Fang)
PCNYd Salamence (00079-Dragon Scale)*

PKTOPIA - Complete+Legit
English (06257)
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/25/07)
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/27/07)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-10/14/07)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-11/22/07)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-7/12/08)* ~Got Myself~
Electivire (Magnet-9/24/07)
Electivire (Magnet-9/25/07)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/22/07)*
Electivire (Magnet-7/12/08)* ~Got Myself~
Magmortar (Charcoal-10/20/07)
Magmortar (Charcoal-10/21/07)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-11/22/07)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-7/12/08)* ~Got Myself~

France (12077)
Pikachu (Light Ball-12/9/07)
Electivire (Magnet-2/25/08)
Magmortar (Charcoal-2/25/08)

Germany (12077)
Pikachu (Light Ball-2/24/08)
Electivire (Magnet-2/24/08)
Magmortar (Charcoal-2/24/08)

Italy (12077)
Pikachu (Light Ball-3/9/08)
Electivire (Magnet-3/9/08)
Magmortar (Charcoal-3/9/08)

Japan (12146)
Pikachu (Light Ball-12/14/06)
Pikachu (Light Ball-5/8/07)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-6/27/07)*

Spain (12077)
Pikachu (Light Ball-2/21/08)
Pikachu (Light Ball-3/1/08)*
Electivire (Magnet-2/22/08)
Electivire (Magnet-3/2/08)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-2/23/08)
Magmortar (Charcoal-3/3/08)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-3/11/08)*

Pokémon Box: Ruby & Sapphire - Legit
Zigzagoon (04267)
Zigzagoon (23606)*
Zigzagoon (34016)*
Zigzagoon (34411)*
Zigzagoon (41924)*
Skitty (04267)
Skitty (18765)*
Skitty (33262)*
Skitty (34016)*
Skitty (48965)*
Swablu (04267)
Swablu (31989)*
Swablu (34016)*

France - Complete
Pichu (55003)
Zigzagoon (40220)
Skitty (40220)
Swablu (40220)

Zigzagoon (31812)
Skitty (31812)
Swablu (31812)

Zigzagoon (17311)
Skitty (17311)
Swablu (17311)

Zigzagoon (56144)
Skitty (56144)
Swablu (38014)
Swablu (56144)

POKEPAAKU (PokéPark) - Legit
Psyduck (58738)
Whismur (58738)
Minun (58738)

Mew (60510-9/22/07)*
Mew (60510-4/20/08)
Celebi (60623-11/14/06)*
Celebi (60623-4/20/08)
Taillow (30311)
Whismur (18510)
Corphish (13331)
Jirachi (60731-8/16/07)*
Jirachi (60731-4/20/08)
Jirachi (60830-4/20/08)

Egg - NFT

Charmeleon (Thunderstone)
Marshtomp (Fire Stone)

ROCKS - Legit
Metang (Adamant)*
Metang (Brave)
Metang (Impish)*
Metang (Serious)*

English (30317) - Complete
Zigzagoon (Ruby-Liechi Berry-6/6/07)*
Zigzagoon (Ruby-Liechi Berry-8/10/07)
Zigzagoon (Saphire-Liechi Berry-6/1/07)*
Zigzagoon (Saphire-Liechi Berry-6/6/07-Modest)*
Zigzagoon (Saphire-Liechi Berry-6/6/07-Naive)*
Zigzagoon (Saphire-Liechi Berry-6/22/07)*
Zigzagoon (Saphire-Liechi Berry-8/10/07)

France (30317
Zigzagoon (Saphire-Liechi Berry-9/12/07)

Japan (21121) - Complete
Zigzagoon (Ruby-Liechi Berry-7/3/07)
Zigzagoon (Saphire-Liechi Berry-7/3/07)

SAIKYOU (Strongest) - Complete+Legit
Dragonite (01158)
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/15/08-Mischievous.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/15/08-Proud of its power.-HP 152)
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/15/08-Proud of its power.-HP 164)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/15/08-Somewhat vain.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/16/08-Good perseverance.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/16/08-Highly curious.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/16/08-Often dozes off.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/16/08-Often lost in thought.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/16/08-Quick to flee.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/16/08-Scatters things often.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/16/08-Somewhat vain.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/17/08-Good endurance.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/18/08-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/19/08-Loves to eat.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/19/08-Often lost in thought.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/20/08-Impetuous and silly.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/20/08-Mischievous.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/20/08-Very finicky.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/21/08-Hates to lose.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/21/08-Very finicky.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/22/08-Often dozes off.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/22/08-Thoroughly cunning.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/23/08-Good endurance.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/23/08-Strongly defiant.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/24/08-Good perseverance.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/24/08-Often dozes off.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/25/08-A little quick tempered.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/25/08-Scatters things often.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/26/08-Often dozes off.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/26/08-Strongly defiant.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/27/08-Alert to sounds.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/27/08-Likes to run.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/28/08-Somewhat vain.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/28/08-Thoroughly cunning.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/29/08-Highly persistent.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/29/08-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/30/08-Impetuous and silly.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/30/08-Often lost in thought.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/31/08-Good endurance.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-1/31/08-Strong willed.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/1/08-Likes to fight.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/1/08-Often lost in thought.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/2/08-Hates to lose.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/2/08-Sturdy body.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/3/08-Somewhat vain.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/4/08-Mischievous.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/4/08-Strong willed.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/5/08-Capable of taking hits.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/5/08-Quick to flee.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/6/08-Good endurance.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/6/08-Often dozes off.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/7/08-Often scatters things.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/8/08-Sturdy body.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/9/08-Good endurance.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/10/08-Sturdy body.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/11/08-A little quick tempered.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/11/08-Very finicky.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/12/08-Mischievous.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/13/08-Capable of taking hits.)*
Dragonite (Yache Berry-2/14/08-Somewhat vain.)

Milotic (12157)
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/15/07-A little quick tempered.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/15/07-Highly curious.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/15/07-Likes to fight.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/15/07-Often dozes off.)
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/15/07-Strong willed.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/15/07-Strongly defiant.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/16/07-Impetuous and silly.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/16/07-Likes to relax.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/16/07-Likes to thrash about.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/16/07-Very finicky.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/17/07-Highly curious.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/17/07-Often dozes off.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/18/07-Often dozes off.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/18/07-Thoroughly cunning.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/19/07-Very finicky.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/20/07-Loves to eat.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/21/07-A little quick tempered.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/22/07-Good endurance.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/22/07-Good perseverance.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/22/07-Hates to lose.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/22/07-Likes to run.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/22/07-Scatters things often.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/22/07-Sturdy body.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/23/07-Sturdy body.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/24/07-Alert to sounds.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/24/07-Often scatters things.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/24/07-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/25/07-Likes to run.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/26/07-Hates to lose.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/27/07-A little quick tempered.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/28/07-Somewhat vain.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/29/07-Likes to fight.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/30/07-A little quick tempered.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/31/07-Hates to lose.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-12/31/07-Mischievous.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-1/1/08-A little quick tempered.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-1/1/08-Hates to lose.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-1/2/08-Often lost in thought.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-1/3/08-Good perseverance.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-1/4/08-Proud of its power.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-1/5/08-Very finicky.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-1/6/08-Capable of taking hits.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-1/7/08-Likes to thrash about.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-1/8/08-Scatters things often.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-1/9/08-Mischievous.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-1/10/08-Good endurance.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-1/11/08-Mischievous.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-1/11/08-Somewhat vain.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-1/12/08-Thoroughly cunning.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-1/13/08-Loves to eat.)*
Milotic (Flame Orb-1/14/08-Somewhat stubborn.)

Salamence (02158)
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/15/08-Likes to fight.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/15/08-Often scatters things.)
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/15/08-Quick to flee.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/16/08-Impetuous and silly.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/16/08-Often dozes off.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/17/08-Often dozes off.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/18/08-Strong willed.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/19/08-Good endurance.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fand-2/20/08-Highly persistent.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/20/08-Likes to fight.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/21/08-Often lost in thought.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/22/08-Quick to flee.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/23/08-Likes to fight.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/24/08-Alert to sounds.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/24/08-Likes to thrash about.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/25/08-Likes to fight.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/25/08-Strong willed.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/26/08-Highly persistent.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/27/08-Proud of its power.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/27/08-Strongly defiant.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/28/08-Somewhat of a clown.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-2/29/08-Loves to eat.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-3/1/08-Loves to eat.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-3/2/08-Somewhat vain.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-3/3/08-Proud of its power.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-3/4/08-Good perseverance.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-3/5/08-Highly curious.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-3/6/08-Often scatters things.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-3/7/08-A little quick tempered.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-3/8/08-Likes to relax.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-3/9/08-Mischievous.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-3/10/08-Sturdy body.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-3/11/08-Alert to sounds.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-3/12/08-Likes to fight.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-3/13/08-Capable of taking hits.)*
Salamence (Dragon Fang-3/14/08-Strongly defiant.)

Electivire (11157)
Electivire (Magnet-11/15/07-Capable of taking hits.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/15/07-Hates to lose.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/15/07-Likes to thrash about.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/15/07-Mischievous.)
Electivire (Magnet-11/15/07-Quick to flee.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/15/07-Sturdy body.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/16/07-Very finicky.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/17/07-A little quick tempered.)
Electivire (Magnet-11/17/07-Alert to sounds.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/17/07-Quick to flee.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/18/07-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/19/07-Likes to thrash about.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/19/07-Loves to eat.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/20/07-Likes to run.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/20/07-Quick tempered.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/21/07-Highly curious.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/21/07-Strongly defiant.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/22/07-Alert to sounds.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/22/07-Good endurance.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/23/07-Impetuous and silly.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/23/07-Mischievous.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/23/07-Very finicky.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/24/07-Loves to eat.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/24/07-Scatters things often.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/25/07-Capable of taking hits.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/25/07-Loves to eat.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/26/07-Often dozes off.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/27/07-Good endurance.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/28/07-Hates to lose.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/28/07-Impetuous and silly.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/29/07-Proud of its power.)*
Electivire (Magnet-11/30/07-Loves to eat.)
Electivire (Magnet-11/30/07-Sturdy body.)*

Magmortar (12017)
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/1/07-Capable of taking hits.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/1/07-Likes to thrash about.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/1/07-Often dozes off.-HP 148)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/1/07-Often dozes off.-HP 150)
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/1/07-Scatters things often.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/2/07-Very finicky.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/3/07-Alert to sounds.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/3/07-Good perseverance.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/3/07-Likes to relax.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/3/07-Somewhat vain.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/4/07-Alert to sounds.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/4/07-Mischievous.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/5/07-Often dozes off.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/5/07-Sturdy body.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/6/07-Likes to thrash about.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/7/07-Strongly defiant.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/8/07-Often lost in thought.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/9/07-Hates to lose.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/9/07-Loves to eat.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/10/07-Capable of taking hits.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/11/07-Mischievous.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/12/07-Quick tempered.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/13/07-Mischievous.)*
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/14/07-Quick to flee.)
Magmortar (Charcoal-12/14/07-Strong willed.)*

SANDEE (Sunday) (50701) - Complete+Legit

SPACE C - Legit
Deoxys (Careful)*
Deoxys (Gentle)*
Deoxys (Hardy-4/29/07)
Deoxys (Hardy-5/1/07)*
Deoxys (Jolly-5/25/07)*
Deoxys (Jolly-6/25/07)*
Deoxys (Quirky)*
Deoxys (Rash)*

STAMP (30821) - Complete+Legit
Absol (Ganlon Berry)

SYOKOTON (02027) - Complete+Legit
Tropius (2/3/07-Capable of taking hits.-HP 169)*
Tropius (2/3/07-Capable of taking hits.-HP 178)
Tropius (2/3/07-Likes to thrash about.)*
Tropius (2/4/07-Good endurance.)*
Tropius (2/5/07-Proud of its power.)*
Tropius (2/6/07-Highly curious.)*
Tropius (2/7/07-Highly curious.)*
Tropius (2/8/07-Scatters things often.)*
Tropius (2/9/07-A little quick tempered)*
Tropius (2/10/07-Likes to relax.)

Jirachi (40707-Apicot Berry-9/21/07)
Jirachi (50707-Petaya Berry-7/8/08)
Jirachi (60707-Ganlon Berry-12/23/06)
Jirachi (60707-Salac Berry-7/8/08)
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/1/07)
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/1/07)
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/2/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/2/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/3/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/3/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/4/07-Naughty-Alert to sounds.)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/4/07-Naughty-Highly curious.)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/5/07-Bold)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/5/07-Quirky)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/5/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/6/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/6/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/7/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/7/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/8/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/8/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/9/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/9/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/10/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/10/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/11/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/11/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/12/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/12/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/13/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/13/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/14/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/14/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/15/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/15/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/16/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/16/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/17/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/17/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/18/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/18/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/19/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/19/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/20/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/20/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/21/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/21/07)*
Jirachi (07077-Ganlon Berry-7/22/07)
Jirachi (07077-Salac Berry-7/22/07)

TCGWC - Complete+Legit
Pikachu (Light Ball-8/12/07-Likes to fight.)* *Touched*
Pikachu (Light Ball-8/12/07-Mischievous.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-8/12/07-Somewhat stubborn.)
Pikachu (Light Ball-8/13/07-Likes to relax.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-8/16/07-A little quick tempered.)
Pikachu (Light Ball-8/16/07-Likes to relax.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-8/19/07-Likes to run.)*
Pikachu (Light Ball-8/21/07-Likes to thrash about.)*

TRU (Toys"R"Us) - Complete+Legit
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Adamant)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Bashful-Mischievous.)* ~Got Myself~
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Bashful-Very finicky.)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Bold)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Brave)
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Calm)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Careful)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Docile)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Gentle)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Hardy)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Hasty)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Impish-Highly curious.)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Impish-Loves to eat.)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Impish-Quick tempered.)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Jolly)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Lax)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Lonely)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Mild)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Modest-Capable of taking hits.)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Modest-Mischievous.)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Naive)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Naughty)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Quiet)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Quirky)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Rash)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Relaxed)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Relaxed-Often dozes off.)* ~Got Myself~
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Sassy)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Serious)*
Manaphy (Red Scarf-Timid)*

WISH - Complete+Legit
Farfetch’d (36204)
Drowzee (04267) NFT
Drowzee (47431)
Exeggcute (04267) NFT
Exeggcute (47431)
Lickitung (10628)
Chansey (03925)
Chansey (04267) NFT
Kangaskhan (04267) NFT
Kangaskhan (47431)
Blissey (Korobeniki) (31487)*

Chansey (08115)

Drowzee (08115)
Drowzee (41990)

Chansey (08115)

Jirachi (Ganlon Berry-Bashful)*
Jirachi (Ganlon Berry-Bold)*
Jirachi (Ganlon Berry-Calm)*
Jirachi (Ganlon Berry-Careful)*
Jirachi (Ganlon Berry-Hardy)*
Jirachi (Ganlon Berry-Impish)*
Jirachi (Ganlon Berry-Lax)*
Jirachi (Ganlon Berry-Modest)*
Jirachi (Ganlon Berry-Naughty)
Jirachi (Ganlon Berry-Quirky)*
Jirachi (Ganlon Berry-Sassy)*
Jirachi (Ganlon Berry-Serious)*
Jirachi (Ganlon Berry-Timid)*
Jirachi (Salac Berry-Adamant)*
Jirachi (Salac Berry-Careful)*
Jirachi (Salac Berry-Docile)*
Jirachi (Salac Berry-Gentle)
Jirachi (Salac Berry-Hasty)*
Jirachi (Salac Berry-Jolly)*
Jirachi (Salac Berry-Lonely)*
Jirachi (Salac Berry-Modest)*
Jirachi (Salac Berry-Naive)*
Jirachi (Salac Berry-Quiet)*
Jirachi (Salac Berry-Rash)*
Jirachi (Salac Berry-Relaxed)*
Jirachi (Salac Berry-Serious)*
Jirachi (Salac Berry-Timid)*

YAMAMOTO (03217) - Complete+Legit
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-3/21/07-Likes to fight.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-3/21/07-Likes to run.)
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-3/22/07-Proud of its power.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-3/23/07-Often dozes off.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-3/24/07-Strong willed.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-3/25/07-Strong willed.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-3/26/07-Likes to relax.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-3/27/07-Often scatters things.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-3/28/07-Likes to thrash about.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-3/29/07-Strong willed.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-3/30/07-Often dozes off.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-3/31/07-Somewhat stubborn.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-4/1/07-Likes to relax.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-4/2/07-Likes to thrash about.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-4/3/07-Mischievous.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-4/4/07-Strong willed.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-4/5/07-Proud of its power.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-4/6/07-Often scatters things.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-4/7/07-Mischievous.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-4/8/07-Scatters things often.)*
Whiscash (Rindo Berry-4/9/07-Strong willed.)

YUKARI (01000) - Complete+Legit
Pikachu (Shuca Berry)
Vulpix (Fire Stone)
Ponyta (Passho Berry)
Lickitung (TM44)
Tangela (Coba Berry)
Eevee (Haban Berry)
Aerodactyl (Kasib Berry)
Yanma (Charti Berry)
Miltank (Moomoo Milk)
Shroomish (Kebia Berry)
Wailmer (Tanga Berry)
Wynaut (Colbur Berry)
Staravia (Yache Berry)
Combee (Occa Berry)
Pachirisu (Chilan Berry)
Shellos (Rindo Berry)
Buneary (Chople Berry)
Croagunk (Payapa Berry)
Finneon (Wacan Berry)
Snover (Babiri Berry)

Post what you have and what you want for It. If it turns out that something on my list is hacked and I traded it to you, show proof of how it is hacked and you will get a refund.

I do not collect Fan Made events, Distant Land Pokémon, EV trained or shiny Pokémon!

August 1st, 2008, 10:48 AM
I'm interressed for movie shaymin 30th july I've got movie shaymin 23rd july serious

August 1st, 2008, 10:54 AM
I would like your French, Italian and Spanish Darkrais...

Would you list the natures/IVs of your Wish Chanseys?

CMT for offerings...

August 1st, 2008, 11:42 PM
Do you interested in these pokemon?
france alamos darkrai 6/jul sassy
EULALIE mew phione

I want
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/13/08-Modest-Often lost in thought.)
Darkrai (Enigma Berry-7/23/08-Naive-Likes to thrash about.)