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August 2nd, 2008, 7:14 PM
The Minami Trainer's Guild

Minami is different than any Pokemon world you have ever seen before. Here, Pokemon are not captured, they are bonded to a single trainer for a lifetime, and that trainer keeps only one Pokemon. The bond, the friendship that these two share is closer than can be imagined. In battle, they merge to a large degree, guiding each other’s actions more than giving commands and following them. Each Pokemon can communicate wordlessly with their trainer and vice versa. It is very rare that another trainer can speak so freely with other Pokemon, but it has been known to happen. However, this only happens if the two trainers and their Pokemon are very close.

It must be noted that Minami doesn’t follow the normal, canon Pokemon timeline of history. Minami’s timeline is completely different and unique. Where this bond between Pokemon and human was once considered a very beautiful and natural thing, over time, a new government (much like our modern day Chinese government) took over the entire area. This government viewed these incredibly close monsters and people to be an extreme threat. And for nearly one-hundred years, the bond was almost completely wiped out.

However, a time came when a new group of leaders took over said government. These people saw how useful these people and Pokemon, when bonded together, could be. Thus, the Minami Trainer’s Guild was founded. This dictator, instead of eliminating the threat, decided to use it to his advantage. The Guild was founded to take these people and Pokemon and train them as a special military force. These individuals became an elite force. The strategy worked. And now, just over a century later, the Minami Trainer’s Guild is the most respected academic and military institution in the country. Those accepted are trained in martial arts, math, science, English, history, art, dance, music, language, battle, breeding and more. Graduates are intelligent and entirely loyal to their leader. They act as the first line of defense in any attack from an outside force.

The Guild itself consists of seven areas surrounding a large arena where the highest-ranked Pokemon battles, matches, and melees take place. The Training Facilities (colored gray in the included map) includes a human gym and large studios for physical education classes. It also houses some amazing battle arenas and Pokemon training arenas with some of the most advanced technology in the world. These facilities are capable of generating hundreds of different opponents and terrains and other battle simulations for Pokemon and trainer to deal with. The amphitheater (colored yellow in the map, and spelled wrong, yeah) is where a lot of the general lectures and announcements are held for the entire Guild. This is also where the extracurricular theatre produces its shows and where the Guild will occasionally house live music concerts. The Meditation Gardens (colored lime green in the map) is a beautiful, quiet, and peaceful place constructed for the sole purpose of helping the bonds between the Pokemon and trainers grow ever stronger. The Infirmary (colored red in the map) is a combination of a hospital, clinic, and Pokemon Center. It is staffed with the best in modern medicine. The Academics Complex (colored sky blue in the map) is where all classes are held. The building is a full four stories high, and has a fully functional basement. This amounts to vast amounts of classes. All of the Pre-classes (those taken before the trainer reaches the age of 14) are located in the basement. The other four floors are for the education of the Elder Pairs (those bonded trainers and Pokemon above the age of fourteen having graduated the Pre-classes.) The Cafeteria (colored in light gray-green in the map) is actually not just a cafeteria, but a recreational area for the trainers and Pokemon as well. The three story building (not including basement) has a good few cafes and small restaurants of different food sorts. There’s also your standard cafeteria for fast and easy food without the need to wait for preparation. The third floor has a good few rooms for the trainers and Pokemon to just hang out with friends. The Dorms (colored pink in the map) are pretty self explanatory. The first building is six floors high with a definite divider in the middle of the building. On the side of the dorms closest to the infirmary are the female dorms, and the other side houses male humans. The large building in the center (colored purple on the map) is the Coliseum. This arena is enormous and houses the biggest, most amazing battles, brawls, and tests the Guild has to offer. Graduates are pitted to a final battle against one of the Guild Masters before they are allowed to fully graduate and join the Pokemon Militia.

Training at the guild begins at the tender age of ten for humans. These humans go through four years of general education, and at age fourteen, each child is given a chance to bond with a Pokemon. While 99% of these fourteen-year-olds bond with a Pokemon upon their graduation from the Pre-classes, there are very occasionally humans who need to wait an extra year before the Pokemon they are meant to bond with will find the human in question. After the bonding, the Pokemon and trainer enter the Elder classes and become known as “Guild Apprentices.” The Apprentices go through vigorous training for another six years, until the age of at least twenty. However, it is not uncommon for Apprentices to remain at this level until the age of twenty-four. Acceptance into the militia comes only with a successful battle against one of the Guild Masters. Since failure in these battles is an extreme humiliation, students aren’t rushing to reach that point in time and spend years preparing for the hour they’ll spend in the Coliseum.

Unfortunately, the Guild is in a state of alert. Numerous attacks have been happening around Minami, with no survivors. All signs point to rogue trainers, but such a notion is inconceivable. Furthermore, if they are indeed rogue trainers, the massive scale of the attacks would mean these rogues would number an army, and there have only been two students expelled in Guild history. The current leader has ordered your education and the Guild as a whole watched, for both national and your own safety. Everyone seems to wonder when the Guild itself will fall under siege…


This is a revamp of a roleplay myself and another member did a long time ago under different names. Eventually, we would like to take this roleplay to an entirely new level here on PC, but for now, we’re considering this setting and timeframe a test run. This, however, does not mean that this is any less of a roleplay. We are both VERY excited to see how things in this roleplay work out.


The following is a list of classes and teachers at the Guild to give you an idea of what you’re characters are taking and who’s teaching the classes. If you wish to play a teacher, you MUST PM either myself or my co-owner.

General Education Courses

Intro to Science—Your first science course. This class is designed to
give you a briefing on all the science courses offered at the Guild and
teach you the basics you’ll need to succeed.

Biology—The study of life. Here, you will learn about everything from
bacteria to Snorlax. Keep in mind that there will be mandatory

Chemistry—Here you will study chemical reactions and the properties of
elements. Math skills are a must for this lab-oriented course.

Astronomy—The study of the stars. You will learn to use the stars to
travel by, locate constellations, and also what all the stars are made of.
This course is also expanded to other natural wonders like galaxies,
planets, and comets.

Geology—The study of the earth. You will study rock formations and the
layers of the earth. Volcanoes, mountain formation, and oceanic marvels
are included in this course as well.

Zoology—The study of animals. You’ll study the classification of Pokemon
and why they are split up like that. You will also take a closer look at
many individual Pokemon.

Botany—The study of plant life. You will study the structure of plants as
well as more practical things. You will study what plants are edible in a
pinch and which to avoid at all costs. You’ll know what plants can heal
what, and more.

Genetics—The study of genes. You will take a close look at genes, DNA,
RNA, and how they all come together to form every living thing in the

Physics—The study of objects and how they interact with the world. Learn
about motion, gravity, momentum, and many other related topics. Math
skills required.

Arithmetic—Your introduction to math. You will cover basic subtraction,
addition, multiplication, and division. You will also look at basic
fraction and decimal work.

Geometry—The study of shapes, objects, and angles. You will study every
form a polygon can take! This course also includes an introduction to
basic formulas.

Algebra I—Your basic Algebra course. You will study expressions,
equations, exponents, and much, much more.

Advanced Algebra—Exponential and logarithmic functions? You’ll find them
here, along with an expansion of everything you learned in Algebra I.

Statistics—The study of basic statistics, charts, and graphs as well as
how they can be manipulated.

Calculus—The most challenging of all Math courses. Are you brave enough
to try?

Trigonometry—The study of the six trigonometric functions and their

Geography/Government—The basics of how the modern world functions. Study
landforms, how they influence society, and the basis on which modern
government is formed.

Minami History—The history of our proud land from inception to present day.

World History—A brief overview of the entire world and historical
influences on modern day action.

History of Human/Pokemon Relations—A history of humanity and Pokemon
interactions as far back as history dates.

Cultural Anthropology—An in depth look at human cultures and the
influences they have upon our societies.

Human Psychology—The study of the human brain and its functions. Learn
about emotions and mental disorders and how they affect our lives.

Economics—The study of money. An overview of investment, business theory, and an introductory look at how money influences politics.

Pokemon Mythology—An introduction to man’s relations with Pokemon from a mythological and/or fictional perspective. Also begin the discussion of
legendary Pokemon and whether or not there is fact in their existences.

Intro to Writing—A course covering the basics of good writing. Learn
about conventions, voice, grammar, and organization.

Intro to Literature—An overview of literature, the merits therein, and
basic analyzing skills.

Minami Literature—The study of native Minami writers and their works as
well as how their literature has influenced out culture.

World Literature—An in depth study of literature across the globe.

Poetry—The study of poems, including sonnets, limericks, the haiku, and
more. Lear to analyze and write a good poem.

Creative Writing—The study and creation of short stories, novellas, and
novels. Contains an introduction to the creative writing process.

Expository Writing-- The study and creation of essays including
persuasive, personal narrative, and descriptive.

Dramatic Literature-- The beginner’s look at the scripts from a dramatic,
non-literary point of view.

Speech/Debate—An introduction to writing and presenting a speech on a
variety of topics and a briefing on arguing coherently.

Journalism—A continuous study of the journalistic process including legal,
layout, editing, and writing aspects.

Script Writing—An in depth look at creating a script. Includes scenery,
dialogue, and blocking.

Intro to Drama—A beginner’s look at the dramatic process from an actor’s
perspective. Includes blocking, breathing, and interpretation of the
script presented.

Acting Study-- A more in depth look at the acting process. Expands on
what you learned in Intro to Drama.

Drama History—Looking at the world through a play write. How times,
culture, and materials available have influenced the stage.

Acting Theory—An introduction to acting styles as well as the advantages
and disadvantages of each.

Stagecraft—A beginner’s guide to the world of a techie. Covers the basics
of lighting, sound, and set building.

Directing—And introduction to the interpretation of a play from a
directorial perspective.

Theatre Company—The elite of the elite. Brings together aspects of all
other Theatre courses to write, produce, direct, and perform a
student-created play.

Intro to Dance—This course gives you a briefing on all areas of dance.
You will learn the basics of ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and ballroom.
(All dance courses will participate in a mandatory recital at the end of
the term.)

Ballet—For intermediate dancers. You will learn more advanced techniques
in ballet. This course is designed to prepare you for lyrical and Pointe.

Pointe—Do you have what it takes to fill Pointe shoes? This course is
open to only advanced dancers. Be prepared for pain because cement-toed
shoes are unforgiving. (Yes, you will be required to wear them, and
gel-pads are allowed only in special cases.)

Lyrical—The most expressive form of dance. Here, you will learn to use
your body as a storyteller. Combines elements of ballet, jazz, and

Tap—Learn to flap, shuffle, and maybe even bust out a wing.
Synchronization and rhythm are stressed in this up-beat style.

Jazz—Upbeat and full of bass, jazz is designed to really get you working
and letting you let go!

Modern—Dance for the free spirit. Every move is meant to represent
something. This course is mostly ballet, but with that free-spirit twist!

Ballroom—This course covers all ballroom dancing. It includes the tango,
foxtrot, samba, rhamba, waltz, as well as many more.

Intro to Music—Learn the basics of counting, reading, and playing a
musical piece.

Band—Your regular, concert band. Includes most instruments, excluding
strings and piano. (There is the option of smaller ensembles in all music

Orchestra—More advanced music making. Includes all instruments except

Pop Band—A band chosen by the director of Band and Orchestra. Includes
mainly brass and saxophone.

Choir—Large group singing. You will be split up in to four, main sections
according to vocal range.

Swing Choir—A group of selected singers. Dance and actions will be
incorporated with the widely varying music selections.

Composer History—An in-depth look at individual composers and their works
as well as how they were influenced by society, politics, culture, and
historical events.

Music Theory-- An in-depth look at counting and reading music. Be
prepared for vocabulary quizzes.

Music Composition—A look a writing and playing your own music. Mandatory
recital at the end of semester!

Intro to Linguistics—A beginner’s look at the study of languages, how they
develop, and how they relate to each other.

Offered Languages—You may choose from any of the following languages to
study. Each Language has a three year course offering. Not all three
years are mandatory. The languages offered are Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, Latin, Sanskrit, Arabic, and

FCS I—A look at true home making. You’ll learn many basic sewing,
nutrition, cooking, baking, and mending skills.

FCS II—A more in-depth look at everything you’ve learned from FCS I.

Intro to Art—Learn the basics skills of art in many areas including
drawing and painting. You’ll learn to see things with an artist’s eye.

Drawing—Learning to sketch and draw. You will learn to color, shade, and
sketch like a pro!

Painting—Learn to work with your art using watercolors and other “paint” mediums. You’ll learn to landscape and do portraits as well.

Sculpture—You’ll learn to sculpt with marble here. Chisel work requires much patience and dedication. You’ll have to pay close attention to detail.

Ceramics—Learn to use your artistic skills in making pottery and other ceramics. You’ll learn to utilize a kiln as well as how to use a pottery wheel.

Street Art—Art using anything you like. Scraps of metal, cement, sticks, stones, graffiti, or whatever else you can find. This is abstract art at its best.

Carving—Sculpture specific to wood and wood alone. You’ll learn to whittle with skill and ease.

Charcoals/Pastels—Using those two mediums to create works of art shaded to perfection.

Model Making—Stresses following directions to make models of everything and anything!

Calligraphy—Learn to paint, draw, and read differing kanji in Japanese and Chinese.

Photography—Do you have a photographer’s eyes? Give it a try, you never know! There are a few rental cameras available, but it is suggested that you have your own for this class.

Swimming—Just as it says. You’ll learn to swim better than a fish! The breaststroke, the front crawl, and the back crawl are all stressed. Diving is optional. You’ll also learn to tread water for at least 10 minutes to pass.

Court Sports—This includes volleyball, basketball, soccer, and baseball. You will have a “unit” of each sport.

Weights – A weights training class. You’ll be spending a lot of time building strength and endurance here.

Track – Track and Field! You’ll be able to train in any number of events from throwing to running.

Racquet Sports—This course runs much like Court Sports. You’ll have one “unit” of each of the following: Tennis, Badminton, and Ping-pong

Bowling—Just as it says. You’ll spend your time in this class attempting to get the elusive 300.

Parkour—A discipline teaching efficient and fluid movement through any environment. Learn to escape from unnecessary fights, improve core strength and flexibility, and make it to class on time if you’re running late!

Guild Education

Aikido—A form of martial art for the passive-aggressive. You will learn how to defend yourself using your opponent’s energy. It is one of the most spiritual martial arts, but don’t expect to slack!

Kyujutsu—Japanese archery. Here, you will be taught to use many types of bows with great skill. Good for those who don’t like close combat.

Ninjutsu—This form of martial art combines physical and weapon’s combat. You will learn strikes, counter-strikes, blocks, and rolls both physically and with a weapon. Best suited for the small and agile.

Sambo—A Russian form of hand-to-hand combat. This course will focus on the aggressive half of throws, strikes, joint-locks, and takedowns. It is an art of great endurance and discipline.

Armed Combat—Here, you will learn to fight with all forms of sword and staff. You may choose the weapon that best suits your form and style at the end of the course, and our Sensei will train you to use it deftly.

Human/Pokemon Relations—Develop a closer bond with your Pokemon through meditation and close companionship. Make your companion your best friend.

Intro to Battle—Learn basic strategy, tactics, and effective move sets as well as gain first hand experience in battling.

Battle Strategies/Tactics—A more in depth look at the strategies and tactics of a Pokemon Battle. Learn to manipulate type advantages and disadvantages.

Melee Battle—Learn how to effectively use your Pokemon in a situation with more than one opponent and/or more than one ally.

Terrain Battle—Learn to battle effectively in different environments. An overview of how environment affects a Pokemon’s performance. Learn how to use terrain to your advantage.

General Fitness—Improve your Pokemon’s strength, flexibility, agility, and coordination.

Intro to Breeding—An overview of the general aspects of breeding: Pokemon nutrition, health, first aid, and much more.

Nutrition—An in depth study of Pokemon nutrition. You will break down foods into specific types and what particular breeds of Pokemon benefit from them. You will also look in to what vitamins and minerals are vital to good performance in all Pokemon.

First Aid—A finicky look at Pokemon and Human first aid. You’ll learn to bind broken bones, cure poisons, and use all those wonderful things purchasable at a PokeMart. This class is vital, and no guff will be tolerated.

Mating—Yes, Mating. This is a look at how Pokemon mate. You will study their courtship habits as well as the actual mating. No perversion will be tolerated. Any hint at such will result in detention and the failing of this class.

Pokemon Health—A look at how to keep your Pokemon healthy. Learn to recognize disease and sickness within your Pokemon as well study Pokemon anatomy.

Grooming—Learn to keep your Pokemon looking its best. You’ll learn proper grooming techniques that extend into brushing, bathing, and more.

Pokemon Wellness—Learn to keep your Pokemon happy as well as healthy. This course will include Pokemon psychology, so you’ll learn what makes your Pokemon tick.

Evolution—A study of Pokemon and why they evolve. You’ll learn about the different types of evolution and what makes each of them happen. You’ll also learn how to deal with a Pokemon who has evolved and is becoming rather unruly.

Type Study—A study of all the types of Pokemon and attributes specific to each. You’ll study general personality traits as well as physical trends in those Pokemon.

Advanced Breeding—An extremely in depth look at all the previously offered breeding courses. This is a class reserved for only a select group of people and their Pokemon.


Mr. Micheal Alt- Chem, Phys, Geology, Astronomy, Intro to Sci
--A powerful-looking man, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a broad chest and shoulders. He loves his subjects and this love is apparent to his students, engaging them in the material as well.

Mr. Gregory Klein- World Hist, Anthro, Mythology, Econ
--An older man, with solid grey hair and a small frame. He prefers to teach through discussion, not lecture and takes an analytical look at history.

Mr. Carl Streinberg- Psyc, Geog/gov, Minami His, Human/Poke Relations Hist
--Curly brown hair and an average frame, nothing particularly exceptional. Though he speaks in an engaging manner, he prefers to lecture over anything else. Most students dread his class after figuring this out.

Ms. Melissa Hall- Into to Writ, creative, dramatic lit, world lit
--Tall, out there, and in love with life. She has a gift for bringing students together and engaging them in conversation on just about any topic.

Mrs. Beatrice Imada- Minami lit, expos, journalism
--A more conventional language arts teacher. Requires frequent papers and discussion of material read in class.

Mr. Fredrich Kron-Drama (all)
--Tall and dashing, that one teacher that many young girls have a crush on. Moderately shaggy bown hair extendfs to his shoulders and he has sparkling blue eyes. Loves his subject with an almost-unrivaled passion.

Mr. Johnathon Bywaters- FCS (all)
--A dry, reedy man who many think is stuck in the wrong job. Nonetheless, he knows what he’s doing. No one doubts his competence, it’s his interest level that keeps students away.

Master Nikolai Beyman- Sambo
--Big. Brown hair. Constantly grim. Most students are afraid of him, and he barely speaks except to instruct or criticize in a thick Russian accent.

Sensei Hatake Hayabusa- Armed Combat
--Although he seems strict at first, it’s really a matter of being hard to please. He expects a lot from his students, and most go home with a fresh batch of bruises nightly.

Mr. Sebastian Foucan- Parkour
--Muscle-bound, 6’ 6’’ and black, he hardly seems the likely choice to teach this class until you watch him in action. He’s all smiles and very friendly when not actively participating, and stresses the safety of his students at all times.

Mr. Brian Kula- All other Phys Ed
--A good guy, he certainly is, and he’ll constantly make wagers to work out shirtless to encourage his female students. Entirely unafraid to get in and participate with his students.

Mr. Roose Carvahall- All Battle Classes
--Carvahall has a slow smile, awarded only to the best of his students. He prefers to teach by example and demonstration, so most of his classes become more familiar with the arena than the nearby classrooms, even with subjects supposedly taught in them.

Ms. Alice Walker – Intro to Science, Botany, Biology, Zoology, Genetics
--A gentle, easy-going woman with emerald green eyes. Her hair is very frizzy and very orange. She is rather thin, but not very shapely at all.

Mrs. Gertrude Peterso – Math (all)
--A rather bitter, prune-skinned hag. She has never taken a liking to a student of a teacher. She has no children and no known family other than her bitter husband.

Mr. Chad Gifford – Intro to Lit, Poetry, Script Writing, and Speech/Debate
--A fairly young, handsome man with dark brown hair and bluish eyes. His hair has a very small amount of gray lacing it. He stands as a normal height and has a normal build. He always wears his glasses. He is an intensely intelligent man.

Mrs. Natalie Devins – Music (all)
--A bold, outgoing woman who is well versed in all areas of music. She can play nearly any instrument at a professionally advanced level. She is quite thin and has deep chestnut brown hair that she keeps in ringlets. Her eyes are also a deep brown. She has only recently married Mr. Jacoban Devins.

Ms. Sylvia Valtaklis – Art (all)
--A rather light and feathery blonde woman who loves her art more than anything. Her talent is amazing, but she’s terribly modest about it. She is hardly ever seen without her paint-clothes on, unless she’s running around with her camera. She’s quite beautiful with her intense sapphire eyes, and many of the males in the school take Art for just that reason.

Ms. Anye Kirstell – Dance (all)
--A thin, lovely woman who is quick to smile and slow to anger. Her hair is long and black, but hardly anyone has ever seen it down. She normally wears it in a ballerina’s bun, as she teaches all the Dance courses. She is hardly ever seen out of her leotards as well, and this entices many men to join her classes. Most don’t last long, however.

Mr. Alexander Pai – Foreign Languages (all)
--A rather harsh man, though only for he is difficult to impress. He teaches all the Language courses at the Academy, and speaks all of them fluently. He is a certified genius, but doesn’t show it off. In fact, he doesn’t show much at all. It’s rare to see the black-haired man around campus.

Sensei David Watkins - Aikido
--A limber, thin man who possesses a surprising amount of strength. Sensei Watkins instructs Aikido, and is a model of its teachings. He is very spiritual and passive-aggressive. His hair is rather long and blondish-brown, and his eyes are a light green.

Sensei Flannery Dougherty - Ninjutsu
--A very shapely woman whom most newcomers to the Ninjutsu field believe to be a joke. They learn quickly that they are wrong. This woman with the light-brown braided hair and burning crimson eyes takes no crap from anyone. She has a tendency to chew those staring at her up and then promptly spits them out with an order to give her another 100 sit-ups.

Sensei Keisuke Yamamoto - Kyujutsu
--A thin, older man. His hair is entirely white, thought still quite long and pulled back in a ponytail. His eyes are a light, but intense blue, and his clothing is always quite simple. He instructs Kyujutsu, and is more skilled with a bow than any the Guild has seen thus far.

Mrs. Maria Rosenbach – Bond Betterment
--A very floaty woman whom many would assume is not all there. She teaches the BBC (bond betterment center) course. Her hair is silvery and wispy, but she is not at all old. She tends to make light of a lot, but don’t try and get away with too much in her class. She can be surprisingly snappy if the need presents itself.

Ms. Rivalee Tam – Breeding (all)
--A woman with long, flowing blonde hair and strange lilac eyes. She is usually quite soft-spoken and easy-going, but knows more than enough to teach all the Breeding Subjects. She is a wonderful breeder, and has an intense love for all Pokemon. She has an affinity with all of them. She is thin and rather small all over. Though while her attitude is usually very quiet and easy, she is no stranger to handing out harsh punishments for misbehavior in class.


Now, you may be asking… Who are the Guild Masters? The Guild Masters are an elite group of men and women whom will be introduced later on. Promise!


Your character sheet needs to contain the following:

Age: (min 14)
Pokemon: (limit ONE, no legendaries)
Other: (the only optional field)
Class Schedule: (up to 8, min 6)



• Only one Pokemon per Character
• All dorm rooms are single
• Up to this point, legendaries are thought to be no more than myths. (Hence the mythology courses.)
• Any teacher not specifically claimed can be controlled by an individual within reason. (If you wish to play a teacher, remember to PM myself or my co-owner!)
• No “special powers” outside those included in your bond. (This means no clairvoyance, no telepathy between other people, no eye lasers, etc etc.)
• Unless playing a teacher, you may not have any more than 2 active characters. And only those who show us a very good roleplay sample will be allowed two characters. Remember, it’s better to have a single character and do an amazing job than having two characters and doing an average job.
• No god-modding or bunnying. (the taking control of another’s character or uber-fying of your own)
• Always use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. (No, absolutely NO l33t)
• Keep all actions age-appropriate. (Meaning that your character should act the age you’ve specified in your character sheet.)
• Make all posts a reasonable length given the circumstances. We stress quality, not necessarily quantity. Though we *do* ask that your posts are AT LEAST a paragraph – five complete sentences – long. (We’ll let you know if your posts are too short.)
• PM all questions to Phoenix_Mew or Master Electrician (try to stay away from OOC posts). Anything that needs to be taken to OOC can be discussed in the Lounge thread.
• Have fun with it


Okay! Now it's time to join! :D

Additionally, here's the map.


August 3rd, 2008, 7:44 AM
Oooo, this looks really interesting. I will join.

Name: Naiya (pronounced Nie-ya)

Age: 16

Appearance: Naiya is dark skin toned with deep, chocolate eyes. She has about shoulder length midnight black hair. Her usual outfit consists of tight, faded jeans or black miniskirts and a black or green tank top. She occasionally wears a red cap on her head if the weather permits. She either wears flip flops or tennis shoes, but her fav pair resemble black "skater" shoes.

Personality: Naiya is very collected and observative, and often quiet. She has a great sense of humor and an enjoyable dissposition. Naiya dosnt really follow trends and goes with her own style. She is often called "unique" and "different". She loves to read, write, draw and swim. She is very intelligent and open minded, but can seem naive at time. She can get along with nearly everybody, but there are some things that really tick her off. Mainly: ignorance, lies, preps, hot headed people and stealers. She rarley shows her temperment, but if you really push her buttons, she can become quite mean.
Her best friend by far is her pokemon, Nyx the Gengar. She would give her life for him.

History: Naiya grew up with an average Minami family. Her parents were big on pokemon, being that they had graduated from the Guide themselves. This lead to Naiya and her brother getting their pokemon earlier then the average kid. Naiya was given a Gastly named Nyx. Her little brother, Tyron, was given a Sandshrew. As her and her brother got older, so did their pokemon, and in many ways they became valued members of the family, treated no different then humans. Naiya was sent to the Guild because she had such a strong bond with her pokemon (Over the years, Naiya discovered she could hear Nyx's voice in her head--he could talk to her, and only she could hear his voice. She can only talk vocaly with him, but is working on communicating telepathicly.). Her brother wasnt as lucky. He just didnt have that special "edge" with pokemon that Naiya seemed to display. She hasnt heard from her family since.

Pokemon: Nyx the Gengar. Nyx can be pretty sarcastic, witty and hot-headed at times, but he is also very understanding and caring. He has complete trust in Naiya.

Other: Nyx and Naiya can get into big bickering fights at times. In the end though, they are the best of friends.

Class Schedule: Biology, Geometry, Pokemon Mythology, Creative Writing, Drawing, Human Pokemon Relations, Battle Strategies/Tactics, Pokemon Wellness

RP Sample: Naiya layed in bed, arms behind her head. She watched a spider slowly make it's way across her ceiling. Her eyes grew heavy...she felt her mind settle and she began to drift, sleep enveloping her. Her eyes were nearly closed when she felt a tingling sensation...like the air had just gotten a few degrees cooler. She turned over, covering her body with a sheet. She began to shake as the air cooled to below freezing. She grabbed the heavier blanket at the foot of her bed and snuggled into it. Her nose began to run and grow numb when she opened her eyes. She could see her breath, and also a large shadow in the corner of her room. She sat up, wrapping the blanket around her. She watched the shadow, not moving a muscle. Slowly, two red eyes began to appear from the shadow. They blinked sleepily, and a large mouth appeared in a great yawn. Naiya sighed. "Nyx, your doing it again." she whispered. The eyes looked up at her. The mouth didn't move, but Naiya heard his voice. I'm sorry, Naiya, I'm just nervous about classes tomorrow...you can't tell me your not. Naiya yawned. "I'm not worried, Nyx. We have battled before, and we're darn good at it. We already have a bunch of experience. Why do you worry?" Nyx looked down at the floor in dismay. I...I don't know. I'm just afraid I'll mess up... Nyx furrowed his brow. ...again. Naiya stood to her feet and walked over to the shadow, kneeling in front of it. She reached out and touched the shadow. Her hand met with something cold, yet velvety. Nyx's eyes met Naiya's. "That was a fluke, Nyx. We were battling a Honchcrow, a Dark type. Ghost types are really weak against them. It wasn't your fault. Thats why we are taking Battle Strategies and Tactics, to learn more about type advantages and disadvantages. Your a great fighter, anyways." Naiya stood up and returned to her bed, wrapping her blankets around her. "Just stop making the air so cold." She mumbled through her covers. Nyx looked at Naiya's sleeping form, then slowly the air grew warm again. He looked at the floor, pondering what Naiya had said to him. He yawned, then closed his eyes.

August 3rd, 2008, 11:24 AM
Willow-wisp: I'm glad to see you've taken interest in the roleplay. But I have to ask you to do a quick change in your history. (And then, of course, I'll need to see your RP sample.) If you'll note in my first (admittedly huge) post, the current system of trainers has been in place for over a century. And since your character isn't over 100 years old, she wouldn't have been alive when this regime took over the government. The Trainer's Guild doesn't "take children away." Those that get to go to the Guild are extremely lucky.

Also note that unless your characters parents were graduates of the Guild themselves, they would not have had a Pokemon with which to catch the Gengar and Sandshrew. If they WERE graduates, that's just fine. If not, your character would have gotten her Pokemon just like everyone else, upon Graduation from Pre-classes.

August 3rd, 2008, 11:26 AM
Name: Galvin Desmond
Age: Nineteen years old

Appearance: We start with Galvins head, which has a very soft golden brown mess of hair. Its not too long, but isn't extremely short either, and is more than enough to cause bed head, yet easily fixed with some water or gel. Usually water is enough, as Galvin likes to let his hair hang down slightly on the left side and covers his left eye. Speaking of his eyes, they are a fierce icy blue color and than pierce the darkest of hearts and pour calmness into anyone's soul. His left eye however does have a scar across it from a little run in back in his early Guild days, a scar which he does hide but wears proudly. A small detail is that he has his right ear pierced, just adding a little "bling" to his appearance.

Moving down, we come to Galvins upper body which, under his shirt, is toned slightly - a little muscle to show he's in shape, but nothin spectacular. The appearance of a four pack is definite, but a six pack is just barely peaking through and it would take some more work for him to reach it. Covering his naked body, is a brown t-shirt that has some odd tribal design that he doesn't even know the meaning off - basically he just picked out the shirt he looked best in and wore it.

Continuing the downward motion, we come to the lower body of Galvin. He wears a simple black belt that holds up his blue jeans in place. These jeans are light in color and are technically "baggy" but they aren't rapstar baggy where they hang down past his butt. The jeans themselves do slack slightly, but the belt keeps it in place as if they were normal fitting jeans. Finishing up his outfit, we come to Galvins shoes which are two shades of brown: light and dark, with white laces.

Personality: Dedication is all that Galvin is about and he won't ever give up on anything, its actually quite scary. Now don't get the wrong impression of him, he's not the type of trainer to keep going in a battle just because he wants to win - that isn't dedication, that's just stupidity. Galvin doesn't like to start anything unless he feels confidently that he can follow through and complete the obstacle. There was one time where he did become "stupid" and he let his devotion to winning get the best of him, and it was because of that situation that he earned the scar over his left eye. When he isn't studying for class or training with Fallon, Galvin is simply laying somewhere, a field, a bed, wherever, with Fallon and just soaking up their love and compassion for one another. Galvin makes all his decisions for himself, but when he gets caught during one and wants to know what to do, he goes to Fallon for the answer.

History: Galvin didn't have an amazing life, but his life was definitely far from awful. Both of his parents had neer been interested in training at the guild, but both agreed that as long as it made him happy he could enlist into the guild. And ever since he found out about the guild when he was seven years old, Galvin begin journaling about how he couldn't wait to come of age and be allowed entrance. And the day finally came and enlist he did, signing up for the Pre-Classes that were required in order to graduate, have the chance to bond with a pokemon, and move further into the Guild training. Galvin, being one for dedication, flew through the four years of Pre Classes and was one of many to graduate and bond with a pokemon. Galvin was lucky enough to be bonded with a wonderful partner, Fallon, who has been by his side through everything ever since.

So Galvin moved onward in life with the guild and begin to devote his time to everything that involved bettering himself in the Guild, aswell as better Fallon. Unfortunately, during a training session with another Guild member, Galvin let his want to win get in the way of thinking smart and the other trainers pokemon, a Staraptor, was going in for another attack but Fallon had no more energy left. So realizing that the battle should stop, Galvin rushed in and threw himself in front of Fallon and while the flying type swerved, the creature didn't avoid Galvin completely and recieved the scar on his left eye. And that is why he wears the scar proudly when it is seen, because he got in while protecting the one thing that matters to him most - Fallon.

Now Galvin is in his second to last year in the Guild, and he's starting to realize it will eventually end and he'll have to adjust to a new lifestyle.

Pokemon: Fallon the Persian.
Other: (the only optional field)

Class Schedule:
1. Speech/Debate with Mr. Chad Gifford
2. Swimming with Mr. Brian Kula
3. Aikido with Sensei David Watkins
4. Human/Pokemon Relations with Mrs. Maria Rosenbach
5. Battle Strategies/Tactics with Mr. Roose Carvahall
6. Melee Battle with Mr. Roose Carvahall
7. Advanced Breeding with Ms. Rivalee Tam

RP Sample:

The only sound that could be heard in the small room was something quite out of place at one in the afternoon: snoring. Also quite out of place, was the one emitting the snoring: Fallon the Persian. Her partner just turned his head, glanced her over real quick, shook his head in amusement and continued to write his brain storming for a paper on his yellow paper'd sketch pad. The large cat like pokemon rolled over in her small bed, the blanket she uses falling to the floor. Suddenly, a small Raichu alarm clock began going off - the mouse pokemon begins to charge itself, which is shown in two clear cylinders on the side, and then releases the charge, the cylinders flashing colors. The clock read 1 PM.

Suddenly, the alarm clock flew across the room and became silent. The funny thing about the alarm clock is that Galvin didn't fling it across the room, Fallon did.

"Fallon! What did I tell you about flinging the alarm clock after eleven?"

"You know I like to sleep late Galvin, I don't even know what time it is. Do you know? My clock seems to have been misplaced."

"Its one in the afternoon. You were supposed to get up at seven and go for a run with me, remember? I know its Saturday and I usually let you sleep in, but we wanted to start running and sleep in on Sundays."

"Its only one?! Are you serious right not, I should still be sleeping for atleast two more hours. I think you've gone mad. And you really think I'd get up at seven!?"

"What am I going to do with you Fallon? You're the greatest friend I have, but you like to sleep twenty-four seven!"

Galvin giggled to himself as he tossed the note pad on the end of the bed, getting up from the bed and walking over to where the Persian still had her eyes closed. Her partner grabbed the end of the blanket and pulled it off the cat like pokemon and tossed it into the corner. Walking back over to the bed, Galvin picked up his note pad and continued to brain storm. The claws of the Persian cam out of his paws as she used them to stand up and walk towards the bed.

"I strongly dislike you right now."

"I love you too Fallon."

August 3rd, 2008, 11:59 AM
Name: Amber Drayer

Age: 17

Appearance: Amber has dark brown hair. It is very thick, but has no waves or curls to it at all. Her eyes are big and emerald green. Her skin is fairly pale, but goes well with her skin and eyes. She is tall and skinny, being 5'7" and exactly 112 lbs. Her outfit stands out from the crowd with much layering and acceserizing. She wears a black t-shirt with the word "Angel" on it in silver text. The word "Angel" also has silver wings sprouting from it. Under that, she wears a white, long-sleeved shirt. She wears dark blue demin jeans, and a belt with silver stars all over it. Her shoes are black tennis shoes with silver laces. She sometimes also wears a plain black hoodie when she is cold. She also wears a pearl bracelet, and a necklace with a heart locket gem on the end, with no picture in it. Her makeup is very basic unlike her outfit, just being pink lipstick and black mascara.

Personality: Amber is very creative. She loves doing things like drawing, dancing, and taking pictures, or basically anything creative that isn't messy. Amber also enjoys swmming, because she doesn't get sweaty. She is a very serious student in her courses and is very smart, however, when she isn't being a serious student, she's can actually be very fun to be around, but only sometimes. Also, Amber is very quiet. She doesn't really like talking to people who aren't her friends, and almost freezes up around authority figures. She isn't very good at making new friends, and lacks social skills. She is also somewhat of a neat freak, and can't stand if her dorm room is a little messy, or when she gets a speck of dirt on herself. However, this was explained when she was 12 (see history). She is very uptight, but is fun around her friends sometimes.

History: Amber grew up with a mom, a dad, and an older sister named Katherine, or Katie for short. She was a very uptight child, and if it weren't for Katie teaching her how to have fun, Amber would probably be just as uptight as she was as a child. Her parents starting noticing strange behaviors out of Amber starting when she was about 6. It took them years to figure out why, but she wahsed her hands much more than the average child, cleaned her room very frequently, showered very often, and couldn't get dirty without getting very upset. However, when she was 12, they took her to a doctor who finally diagnosed her with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Since then, her parents and Katie have been trying to get her to be more easygoing and more ok with messes, however, they hadn't made much progress. So then, Amber got chosen to go to the guild. She begrudgingly went so she could be away from her family trying to "adjust" her, even though she didn't like the idea of being surrounded by 100's, maybe even 1000's of other kids.

Pokemon: Vulpix, Nicknamed Angel, with the quiet nature.

Other- For an unknown reason, Amber gets sick quite a lot. Whether it's a stomachache or a migrain, she always seems to be getting sick. However, she tries her best not to let it interfere with her classes.

Class Schedule: Drawing, Photography, Ballet, Mating, Intro to Breeding, Pokemon Health, Swimming, and Advanced Algebra.

RP Sample: Amber was in mating class. She was probably the only one who took it completely seriously, with maybe a couple exceptions. She found herself feeling sick. "Heh, guess that sandwhich I had for lunch didn't exactly agree with my stomach..." She also found herself getting the worst headache. She felt like she was going to pass out; she barely got any sleep the night before. She heard the teacher calling on her and asking a question, but she couldn't make out what she was saying. She heard the teacher say her name a few more times. Then, everything went black. She woke up on a bed in the affirmary. "Wh-what happened?" The nurse said, "Oh, you passed out in mating class. Amber, I think you may have a medical problem. After all, you've been in here more than any other student I can think of." "Oh great," Amber thought to herself. "Another medical problem besides OCD?"

August 3rd, 2008, 1:26 PM
Can I come out and play too?

Stewart Diggidy




Stewart Diggidy boasts a large body shaped almost like a perfect sphere, from which stick-thin arms and legs sprout; he’s indistinguishable from an inflated beach ball with skinny, gangling limbs sticking out. His hands are wide and flat like huge frying pans and his feet are long and pointed. Surprisingly, his face betrays not an ounce of fat, but is rather bony, bearing hollow cheeks. Diggidy has spiky brown hair and big russet eyes.

He wears dark blue tights, much like those gymnasts adorn, with sparkling silver gloves and boots. A pair of goggles sits atop his forehead.

Diggidy’s lips always seem to be moving, constantly talking; even when no one’s around, he has no reservations about verbally communicating with himself. He’s a very energetic, very bubbly soul who tries to be friendly with everyone he meets. Many people are often awed by his impeccable acrobatic abilities, especially taking the shape and size of his body into account. Diggidy is a hopeless optimist and believes nothing is impossible.

He considers himself comfortable in own his skin but doesn’t take criticism too kindly. More over, some people think of Diggidy as a loud mouth, and find his constant yapping excessively annoying. No matter how cruel people are to him however, Diggidy does his best to avoid making enemies and would rather wait for the other person to come around.

Diggidy was born with a rare condition that causes his body to concentrate all his fat content to his torso and mid-section, leaving his arms, legs, neck, and head severely lacking in mass. Naturally, while growing up his peers constantly gave him a hard time because of his appearance. Still, he refused to become a withdrawn, introverted individual, and instead, chose friends who bolstered his confidence, ultimately moulding him into the carefree, bubbly spirit he is today.

His first love has always been (and probably always will be) gymnastics but he also holds great appreciation for all creatures of the world, especially pokémon. When he was finally old enough to begin his pokémon training he was very excited. Now a Guild Apprentice, he’s happy to continue learning, taking chances and facing any challenges that may await him.

Bobo, the Makuhita. He’s nearly a perfect reflection of his trainer, Diggidy: upbeat, amiable, athletic and tough.

• Stewart Diggidy prefers to be called by his last name.
• His dream since childhood is to be fired fifty feet into the air from a canon.
• In his spare time, Diggidy’s known to break-dance and even invented a move called the ‘Bomb Diggidy’.

Class Schedule
Lyrical, Jazz, Mating, Terrain Battle, Photography, Parkour, Theatre Company, Pokémon Mythology

RP Sample (from another RP)


Melanie's desperate shriek knocked upon Sagi’s duty to act. His teeth ground angrily at the sight of the enemy charging towards Star. He focused his mental energy, churning it into the engine that fueled his Angel.

Omu started towards the Elyon look-a-like. Testament’s speed however, was troubling to the say least. The slice she suffered from the edge of Star’s scythe hadn’t affected her enough to wither her movements. Simon’s graceful Angel had made the mistake of being over-confident. Instead of having her follow up on the attack the second she landed, her Deus got sidetracked, leaving her open to the flying boot Testament forced against her cheek. The powerful blow sent Star on her way, soaring through the air like a suicide missile before meeting the rigid conclusion of the shop’s wall head first.

A twisted grin stared over the downed Angel. The crowd erupted with a song of gasps.

“Hehe, gotcha!” Omu took advantage of the position behind the enemy’s back, grabbing a handful of wild, silver bangs. His other hand took hold of its own share of Testament’s hair. White boots began to twirl in a slow, three-sixty revolution. Then, another one, quicker, another, faster. Omu’s momentum continued to build with each successful spin. Within moments, the velocity lifted the dark figure’s feet off the floor. Omu fought the dizziness sickening his stomach. He didn’t stop rotating the Angel by the strings of hair until he was satisfied the toss would be monumental. A loud growl escaped both Sagi and Omu’s lips as the white-cloaked Angel released Testament.

The launched Angel flew uncontrollable through the air. She was moving so fast. Sagi had only seconds to realize that he forgot to release the swing in a safe direction. Omu had swung Testament right towards his face. Sagi's quick reflexes took control, ducking his head out of the Angel’s path in the nick of time. The person standing behind him, lacking the position to see the crash-coursed Angel coming, took the dark figure straight in the face!

Testament rebounded off the girl’s features and bounced on the floor once. Sagi’s teal eyes widened at how quickly she recovered. She jumped right back to her feet, and ran between the Deus legs to return to the Angelic Battle. Sagi rose an eyebrow at the girl who got hit in the face. Even with her hands nursing her sore nose, he could recognize her.

“Enna!? What are you doing just standing there? You got to be quicker than that!” If he sounded a little angry, it was only because he had concern for his friends’ safety. As much as he wanted to tend to her and make sure she wasn’t seriously hurt, his Angel was still on the battlefield and he couldn’t abandon Omu in the middle of a battle. He patted Enna on the shoulder then turned back to face the battle.


August 3rd, 2008, 2:43 PM
Shaydeh and Chika are both accepted. :D Shaydeh, your character is just fine in my book. Chika, I'd just ask that you make sure you're putting the proper spacing between your paragraphs. Remember that every time a new person begins speaking, it's a brand new paragraph and needs a full space seperating it from the last.

But again, I urge everyone to do a thorough re-read of my first post. Minami is COMPLETELY different than any Pokemon world you have ever roleplayed in before.

August 3rd, 2008, 2:49 PM
Ok, I reread it. I hate to sound like a nag, but when will the RP start? =/

August 3rd, 2008, 3:47 PM
That was the biggest post I have ever seen on any forum. 0_o

Anyways, here's my sign-up.

Name: Kirov Mekrain

Age: 17

Appearance: Kirov has flame-colored red hair and wears a large piece of clothing that looks like a cross between a robe and a coat. This coat is mainly red, but is trimmed black on the edges of the sleeves, collar, and the bottom ends. It reaches down all the way to his ankles. This coat has many pockets in it where he keeps an array of seemingly random junk. Underneath it he wears a blue T-shirt, black dress pants and large black boots. Kirov is of average build, but quite tall. At 6'1 he stands higher than many of his classmates, but not quite tall enough to tower over them. His eyes are black, making it seem as though he has no pupils, and he will sometimes wear a pair of red sunglasses. He is occasionally made fun of for his outlandish attire.

Personality: Kirov is seemingly cold when you first meet him, but this is due to an innate shyness that keeps him away from having many friends. However, once you do penetrate his icy surface, Kirov is a person who loves to have fun. He loves action and doing potentially dangerous things, although the way his parents brought him up keeps the latter to a minimum. Kirov is a go-with-the-flow guy, preferring to tag along rather than being at the front, a follower rather than a leader. On the other hand, he is driven to his goals of getting good grades that his parents set him. But Kirov also has another goal: because of his lack of a great social life, he wants to make at least one friend in each of his classes. Kirov loves insect Pokemon and other creepy-crawlies, especially spider Pokemon, which he finds rather cute, unlike some of his other arachnophobic classmates who find spiders horrid creatures. In addition to bug Pokemon, Kirov also loves dragons, bird, and water Pokemon, but has a distaste for the rock type. His preferences are not easily explainable, it is just something he feels.

Kirov also prefers order and neatness in his life, but not quite to the point of obsession. He will often set an hour or two aside some days to clean up his dorm room an organize his school supplies.

History: Kirov grew up with only a father. As a small child, he lived in the lower-middle class section of the spectrum of wealth. His father was a janitor at a high school. Kirov's mother left him and his father when Kirov was only three, and his memories of his mother are dull and sparse. However, his opinion of his mother is not dull in the slightest, he detests the woman as much as any person can detest someone they never knew. His father was devastated by the divorce, and refused to talk about it under most circumstances. Kirov spent his childhood pretending he didn't have a mother. Especially not one who left and never even bothered to call, or write a letter. Their only hint of what happened to his mother was a single newspaper article saying she had married a wealthy entrepreneur. As a result, his father always drove Kirov to perform his best in academics.

Kirov entered the Guild at the normal age of 10 a very happy boy. The Guild provided better housing and food then he ever had before. At fourteen, he was given his very first Pokemon, a Spinarak. The Guild could not have made a better choice for him, and he bonded with the spider Pokemon almost instantly. At first though, the love was mainly one-sided, but eventually the Spinarak became as attached to Kirov as it could be to anything.

Pokemon: Airio, the Spinarak. A jumpy, naive, curious little Pokemon that loves to crawl around and explore new places, occasionally getting into mischief.

Class Schedule: Biology, Drawing, Pokemon Breeding, Battle Strategies/Tactics, Orchestra, Swimming, Advanced Algebra

RP Sample: (from another RP)

AIDSaCU-01 awakened from sleep.

Opening his eyes, he stared up at the underside of the canopy of a forest. Sunlight drifted down through openings in the leafy foliage. Organic smells wafted into his nose. Smells of dirt, of Pokemon, of the forest. He felt himself laying against the ground, covered in a carpet of dead leaves and fallen sticks.

Everything was wrong with this.

First off, AIDSaCU-01 did not sleep. He was not supposed to feel the warmth of sunlight on his skin. He did not have a nose. He could not smell. And he was supposed to be in a laboratory within Silph Co.'s main headquarters.

He sat up and stared at his legs. Something else that was wrong. Porygon-Zs did not have legs. They floated.

He had a chest of flesh and blood. His arms were tipped with fingers. He was wearing clothing similar to his coloration as a Pokemon.

I am a human, the former Porygon-Z, nicknamed Aida by a young female climatologist, thought to himself. The notion did not carry any shock or register any surprise. Without his emotion simulator program turned on, he was not capable of such things.

But now he was human. He did not have his EMS program. He did not have any programs. Not his personality profile, not his massive storage bank of memory, not the many many simulator programs that the lab used him to run. Not the internal chronometer that would have told him what it time it was. Not the GPS system that would have told him where he was.

For a long time, he sat there on the side of the dirt road, still as a statue, staring off into space with a face devoid of any expression.
Hours later, Aida walked along the road. He was already attracting occasional glances from the passerby. He assumed it to be his attire and the stiff, mechanical way in which he walked.

He did not know where he was going. He did not know where this road led. So far, he had spoken to no one.

Deep in thought, Aida walked along the road. His thought process was so painstakingly slow now. Where in his Pokemon form he could composed an essay in a fraction of a second, it now took several such seconds to string together a sentence. This change in chronology was the most disconcerting part of his experience.

How did he get this way? The first possibility that came to mind was that he had always been human, merely insane, believing he was a Porygon-Z. But he quickly dismissed that possibility. It was simply not feasible. There was too much evidence against it. But if he was insane, his logic would perhaps be flawed. So he tucked the possibility away in a corner of his mind.

A second possibility was that this was a simulation. Yes, that would be quite possible. The scientists may have erased his memory of the moments before starting the simulation, or made it inaccessible to him. While he could not think of a reason they would give him such a simulation to run, he did give this thought a high rating on the scale of possibility.

Yet another explanation would be the powers of a Pokemon. He had heard of certain Pokemon that could do such things. Manaphy and its Heart Swap ability. And then of course, any of the god-like Pokemon that resided in Sinnoh. Why they would single him out however, was beyond explanation. But mere mortals could never comprehend the mind of a god, he reasoned. Still, he did not think it a likely explanation.

Perhaps this was some new technology developed by one or more of the many criminal organizations in the world? Stranger things had been done, he knew.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of red sunglasses. Whatever the reason behind his sudden change of form, why he would have sunglasses in his pocket was beyond his comprehension for the time being. Even so, he put them on. If he had been gifted with sunglasses, it may be a good idea to wear them.

Aida stopped and stared at a sign up the road ahead. "Twinleaf Town: 1 mile," it read. He had heard of Twinleaf Town. It was as good a place to start unraveling this mystery as any.

August 3rd, 2008, 5:18 PM
NAME: Arlene Marie Sanders
AGE: 17
APPEARANCE: Arlene, despite not being human, is a sight to behold; a resonating beacon of pure beauty and perfection. Her fox-orange fur drapes downward smoothly across her enticing, flaring curves in a bright cascade, barred by the flawless candent-white vesture of her underbelly coat. Her large, captivatingly-deep emerald eyes stab out from her face, following naturally into the delicate curvature of her muzzle and ending in the two characteristic black markings of a fox and the obvious cold black canine nose. Her hair is a striking, lovely blonde curtain that follows her form, down to her mid-thighs, and hides her right eye partially. A clever instrumentation of her own beauty. Matching with the black gloves and socks of fur on her footpaws and hands, she normally wears a jet-black tanktop (which does little to hide her obvious, large-scale "development") and cargo pants - bunched at the shins - ending in combat boots that are so well-kept and cared for that they shine like pure ebony in the light.
PERSONALITY: Arlene naturally is a fairly neutral person by instinct. She normally is one to outright refuse conflict, but the bruises on her forepaws indicate a life of fighting and defending her life, to the contrary; she is ashamed of it, and ashamed of ever having to resort to violence. She believes in an ultimate balance of perspective, a final balance between the relative good and evil; it is a viewpoint that many think strange or outlandish, but Arlene is at the same time not without her sense of morals. She is lawful and will fight for what she believes in with fierce vigor, and will do little to stand in the way of others doing the same.
HISTORY: Arlene was born on February 25, 1981, to a married couple of presumably Russian origin (which may or may not stereotype to her actions when she's angry) who immigrated to Sacramento, CA (USA) several years prior. With what little memory she has, she recalls meeting her grandfather, who had a strange glow in his eyes and stark black hair, unlike her parents... This has led her to believe that her descendants were part of one of the northern Russian moon-fox tribes, who worshiped the moon as their god of life. Since her parents' murder when she was 3, she has been part of an orphanage near Minami until age 10. Being 17 now, she lives by the golden rule, and is generally minimalistic. She is also an underground death-metal artist with the band Doom, as lead guitarist, and writes all of the band's music.
POKEMON: Lucario called "Snake", age 17. She is considered a teenager for her species.
OTHER: She's perfectly comfortable with displaying her body in full nudity and believes that others should feel the same way. Natural is beautiful, she would say - but then again, she has a great body that not many are born with. It should also be noted that she is typically ridiculed for being one of very few - possibly the only - anthropomorphic students to attend the Guild.
1st: Astronomy
2nd: Physics
3rd: Trigonometry
4th: Human Psychology
5th: Ninjutsu
6th: Music Composition
7th: French
8th: Swimming


All was dark. Arlene had passed out cold from the sheer force of the electricity screaming through her body...

It was midnight when Arlene woke finally. She remembered little of what had happened, just... The raw fury that flowed through her, the immense hatred for that metal-clad assailant... Whatever he'd done, he would pay. When at first she opened her eyes, it was hard to tell if she had actually lifted her eyelids, due to the immense emptiness of the sky, the unyielding darkness that surrounded her. She couldn't even tell what direction she was facing at first. But once the feeling came back and the jolt returned in her sensitive nerves, she knew immediately. Snow was all around her, and the frigid cold was almost too much for her fur to keep away. She still remained relatively temperate beneath her pretty orange coat, but where exactly she was relative to her previous location was still a mystery.

She stood tenderly, adamant about being absolutely quiet. She did not want to alarm anyone or anything nearby, if an assailant was still near. She skillfully looked around at first, but suddenly, pain overtook her entire body. Her left leg buckled under just her own weight, and her right side went into spasms. She fell into the snow with a feathery "thud", and the blinding agony gripped her senses for a moment... When it subsided, she reached down, checking for abnormalities in her form. Fear drew her into a recessive state of mind as she passed a cold paw over her leg and noted that one part of her thigh was slightly off-angle; she had somehow broken a leg. And from the feeling in her chest, maybe a rib or two.

She forced herself to stand again, and limped a few agonizing paces over to a better vantage point to view her surroundings, clutching her aching side with one paw. She was barely able to stand, but despite the burning pain shooting at her, stabbing her from every direction, licking at her bones... She was still able to overwatch the area and think tactically. Her belongings were huddled up next to someone else's bag, and the person in question was out cold - or dead - in the snow, silent. Sighing, partially from pain, Arlene knew that whoever it was would not survive long without her help. She struggled along the snow path she had created by unintentionally dragging her broken leg through the loose mush, and carefully lowered herself down onto one knee. In the cold night air, the human in front of her would surely die of pneumonia and hypothermia if she didn't do anything.

Biting the immense, unimaginable pain rocking her to the core, the vixen gripped the boy intensely by the clothing and lifted him up onto her shoulders, at the same time dislodging him from the snow, and painfully carried him over to a nearby alcove formed into a rock face that spiked out of the snow. She then angrily fought against her own body to retrieve their bags, doing the best attempt she could to carry all three at once to their new temporary camp. She collapsed nearby suddenly, shocked as her vision became blurred and surreal... The gasping vixen coughed up a considerable amount of blood before regaining her composure and lifting herself up, and continuing to the campsite; where she promptly dropped everything from her shoulders. She was tired, very hungry, and filled to the brim - to the point where she could no longer withstand - with a fiery anguish unlike any she had ever faced.

Once again, unable to face the terrible agony, she doubled over and collapsed in the snow, though still conscious. Her energy spent, she knew that soon she would be far too weak to move. Whatever was wrong with her was very serious, possibly life-threatening. Once again, a dizzy spell overtook her, and she coughed until she expelled bodily fluids. Thankfully, this time, there was less blood. Or was it that she had lost alot already... And she was running out? Fearful, she struggled to stand again, forcing her weight onto her good leg, and shakily called out to the human boy, "Hey...! Get up!"


August 3rd, 2008, 8:51 PM
Lusankya -- Yes please. :D Thanks for joining the roleplay, and I am very happy with your profile.

Darkhaven3 -- Uhm... I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to say "no" here. America and Russia do not exist in this universe. Minami is a country in a universe all it's own. Also, no furries. I mentioned in the first post that no one was to have anything "special" about them. There is also the note that Pokemon do not bond with a human at birth. It happens after graduation from Pre-classes due to the government regulations.

I have two more people on the way, and then my profile to get up, and we'll start.

One more side note: Anything else that is NOT a character profile or an in-character post NEEDS to be taken to the OOC thread in the Lounge. Thanks! :D

August 3rd, 2008, 9:53 PM
NAME: James Cessily
AGE: 17
APPEARANCE: It almost requires a double-take to tell if he's male or female. His hips are carefully developed and his body is sculpted through years of forcing himself into a feminine physique, contributing to his vain nature. Of note are his pretty green eyes and long black hair that curtains down to his mid-thigh, usually worn down for personal reasons - his normal outfit varies far too much to narrow down to a daily dress, but he has been occasionally known to dress in a miniskirt and similar feminine clothing, just to see if he can get away with it. Despite that he normally does, it is rare to see him in this. The only pieces of apparel that remain constant through his fashion are a crystalline medallion that hangs always outside of the collar of his shirt, and several thin armlets and colored bands around his wrists.
PERSONALITY: The vanity of a valley girl and the intelligence of a college graduate have never quite come so cleanly together as with James. While he is indeed worried about how he looks (and by extent, he is very worried about the ramifications of him presenting himself certain ways around the Guild), he understands that his training is more important and that he must remain both practical and sexy to satisfy both sides of his ego, which is never satisfied. He also has been known to solve computer-logic-related problems for fun.
HISTORY: Born in a miniscule town near the guild, James has become the victim of a homophobic father. On his tenth birthday, the turn of his life, the memory of asking how normal it was to like other boys and promptly being sent away to the Guild has become a blur in the midst of drowning out his sorrows in his studies. The forgiving phase may be over, given his peaceful outlook on life, but forgetting will take more time than he has let the memory take from him.
POKEMON: Lucario called "Snake", age 17. She is considered a teenager for her species. NOTE: This does not mean they've been together since birth. This is just what I would like the setup to be when the roleplay starts.
OTHER: He's all over the men, if you know what I'm getting at.
1st: Astronomy
2nd: Physics
3rd: Trigonometry
4th: Human Psychology
5th: Ninjutsu
6th: Music Composition
7th: French
8th: Swimming
RP EXAMPLE: Well... You've seen what I can do.

Dark Cyril
August 3rd, 2008, 10:46 PM
Name: Karin Goddard
Age: 23
Appearance: Karin stands just a hair under six feet tall, with dark brown hair falling down to the small of her back, which she keeps swept back into a long ponytail. Her emerald green eyes sparkle with a deep intelligence and emotion. Her skin usually has a healthy tan as she spends a lot of her time outdoors when she isn’t in class. She dresses fairly conservatively favoring darker colors; browns as well as dark greens, blues, and reds. She dresses for comfort as well as utility, wearing pants with a lot of pockets along with belts made to carry pouches and bags.
Personality: While Karin seems distant and stand-offish at first, but that’s just frustration from having spent so long at the academy. She’s actually a very warm, empathic individual to those she lets get close to her. Unfortunately, she’s watched many of her classmates moving on to join the militia, many more since the attacks have begun. Many of the older apprentices have moved on to join the militia with the promise of action looming on the horizon and she’s lost many of her friends in the academy and as a result doesn’t get too close to many of the younger apprentices. Those that do know her love her fiery personality, kind of an odd match considering the pokemon she bonded with…
History: Karin wanted to attend the academy from the time she could speak. She loved pokemon and read everything she could her hands on. She had a voracious appetite for everything pokemon and was quickly shown to have a very bright mind. Her parents applied for her enrollment when she was 10 and she was accepted. She quickly showed herself capable in the classroom, but when it came time to bonding with a pokemon, she had trouble. It took her a nearly unheard of two years to finally bond with a pokemon, however, when she finally did, many said it was a deeper bond than many had seen before, like the two were made for each other. Watching them on the training field, one could hardly dispute that. However, because of the delay, she entered the upper level classes with a different group of students and was forced to make new friends. She still maintained a lot of the friendships she had with the students her age, but one by one they began to graduate. She’s given into a little bit of despair and discouragement about the whole thing, though she would never tell anyone about it.
Pokemon: A Wartortle by the name of Nizzix
Other: Karin loves to spend time outdoors, especially on clear nights when she can watch the stars. She still wishes upon the first star she sees in the night.
Class Schedule: Astronomy, Trigonometry, Minami History, History of Human/Pokemon Relations, Pokemon Mythology, Human/Pokemon Relations, Sambo, Armed Combat
RP Sample: Karin lay atop the small hill on her back, arms pillowed underneath her head. She breathed a heavy sigh. John was scheduled to have his battle against the trainers tomorrow. He told her he really wanted her to be watching for moral support. She had graciously said she would be there, but she didn’t know if she could. John was good… real good. He didn’t need anyone there for support of any kind. Anyone who had watched him on the battlefield would tell you that. He would have no problems winning the battle and graduating. She also knew that those were the same things that were said about her… she just didn’t have the experience. She knew she was good on the battlefield, but she also knew that she didn’t have the proper experience, despite the fact that she still had a lot of coursework to finish up. Another sigh escaped from her and was followed by a quizzical noise that she knew all too well. She looked over to her left where Nizzix was sitting up and looking at her, a worried expression on his face. Karin smiled a little despite the growing anxiety that was slowly but steadily building inside of her. Nizzix was one of the few truly good things that had happened to her in the guild, and was about the only thing that kept her grounded. She turned her head back to the skies and watched the stars.

“I’m okay Nizzix. I just have a lot on my mind right now.”

Nizzix grunted and lay back down beside her. The two contrasted so wonderfully, Karin’s inner fire matched with the usually detached coldness of the wartortle. She took a deep breath of the night air and exhaled loudly. She loved looking at the stars. It always seemed so funny to her that the one thing that could always make her feel so small always seemed to make her feel like she was on the top of the world at the same time…

August 4th, 2008, 12:00 AM
Pikalover: I'm going to have to decline on this one. You obviously didn't read the entirety of the first post. There is only one school in Minami for Pokemon. Pokemon are a rarity in Minami, and only those who graduate from the Guild get to have them. Those starting at the Minami Trainer's Guild start at age ten, not six. The fact that you don't know what an RP sample is worries me. If you were to look at the other profiles that have been posted, you would see what they are. An RP sample is where you give me a sample of how you roleplay so I can decide if you fit this roleplay or not.

DarkCyril: You're good.

Darkhaven3: That's a much better profile. Thank you for editing.


Here's my character.

Name: Chrysanthi L’rosa

Age: 19

Appearance: Chrysanthi has long, flowing silver blonde hair that she styles in a multitude of ways. Some days it’s all done in ringlet curls, and other days she’ll braid it in two pigtails. Some days it’s left completely straight, and others, she plaits it in one long braid that touches just above her rump. Her eyes are a hauntingly icy blue, and her skin is a naturally creamy color of moonlight. Chrysanthi is almost always clothed in floating dresses in varying shades, styles, lengths, and hues. Her form is very feminine and shapely, which tends to get her a good bit of male attention. However, that attention is nearly always superficial, as her personality tends to put most people off.

Personality: Chrysanthi is a very quiet individual. She is extremely intelligent, but not very physically adept. She is an amazing dancer, but not being one for the martial arts, Chrysanthi sticks to Kyujutsu. Her almost ethereal personality tends to put off most people, and she has absolutely no friends, despite her being so close to graduation. This will be her final year in the guild, and she has no desire to put off her battle with the Masters. She’s an extremely loyal individual, but having no friends, no one really knows that. Chrysanthi is also very shy, which only contributes to her lack of friends.

History: Chrysanthi places almost her entire focus on Pokemon and has for her entire life. Almost all of her training at the Guild has been building up to her dream of being one of the medics for the Pokemon used in the Militia. She grew up with a mother and father almost completely disinterested in her, favoring her older brother, now working his way up to becoming one of the most prominent General in the Minami Militia. This bothered Chrysanthi while she was young, but as she has grown older, it really stopped causing her so much distress. Now, Chrysanthi is content with herself and her Pokemon.

Pokemon: And Espeon named Taia. Taia is just as strangely ethereal as her trainer.

Class Schedule: Advanced Breeding, Pokemon Nutrition, Human/Pokemon Relations, Botany, Pointe, Pokemon Mythology, Drawing

RP Sample: Chrysanthi arched her back and dipped into a plie. Her muscles were aching from all the barre work she had been pushing herself through over the past couple of days, but it made no difference to her. Miss Anye wanted her in top form for the recital this year, and she would make sure she was there.

A quiet yawn disrupted her perfect triple pirouette.

The nineteen-year-old spun around and fixed her strange, icy stare on the purple-furred Pokemon that had taken up a quiet residence in the corner of the studio. “Am I boring you, Taia?” she demanded, trying to keep a straight face.

You may be, the Espeon shot back.

Chrysanthi smiled and walked over to her best (and only) friend. “I’m sorry, Taia. I just want to be in top form this year. You know how important this is to me.”

Taia’s tail twitched in a slightly annoyed manner. Yes, but it’s well after midnight, now. Can we please get to sleep?

Chrysanthi burst out laughing and drew the Espeon to her in a tight hug. This was going to be a tough year on both of them, but she knew that as long as they had each other, they’d come out all right.


I'm still waiting for Master Electrician, but after that, we'll get started. I may begin the roleplay before he posts his character sheet, but we'll see. We're starting tomorrow evening one way or the other. :D

August 4th, 2008, 10:08 AM
Hope you'll still accept one more applicant? D:

Name: Peter Saint-Cyr
Age: 15
Appearance: Very dark-skinned and of a lean, wiry build, Peter stands at about 5' 10" and is still growing. His black hair, which grows in tightly coiled, kinky curls, is shaven very close to his head in a no-nonsense crewcut. His facial features are mostly comprised of his serious, deep brown eyes framed by long lashes, a broad nose and startlingly white teeth - which he rarely ever reveals. Generally he wears simple, sensible clothing - a black T-shirt, jeans and a pair of red sneakers is one of his more favored outfits.
Personality: Generally intense and serious on most fronts, Peter has gained something of a reputation of being a humorless, cold individual who never wants to have any fun among most of those his own age who are acquainted with him. Being fiercely competitive and achievement-oriented, he does fit in better at the Minami Trainer's Guild than he probably would at a normal school environment. Though he fancies himself to be intelligent and sensible for the most part, he is still really just an impatient, untrained and naive boy underneath the collected, knowledgeable front he puts out. As far as it comes to relations with other people, Peter still alienates a lot of potential friends with his standoffish, occasionally snobbish attitude, but he is not unfriendly or unkind once you get to know him. Though he has a definite affinity for Pokemon, he isn't so keen on direct hand-to-hand combat or just combat in general. It's hard for him to admit this and though sometimes he questions whether he should be in the Guild or not, the privilege of being able to bond with a partner always overrides his doubts about his own ability as a soldier. Nevertheless, he still directs most of his attention within the guild to improving his physical and mental fitness in nonviolent ways, only taking the bare minimum of combat-related classes to prove to others (and himself) that he's not a complete wimp.
History: Born to two reasonably well-off and almost stiffly proud parents, Peter was raised to be a somewhat precocious, courteous child. From an early age he was practically groomed to be a future inductee of the famed Minami Trainer's Guild, as his father had had a military past, albeit not Pokemon-related. The boy didn't mind the high expectations of his parents too much as he was growing up - above all, he wanted them to have a reason to be proud of him. So he was as thrilled as they were when he was accepted into the Guild. Now, only a little more than a year after bonding with his Pokemon partner, he is progressing well through his classes, though he still subconsciously dreads the graduation battle and learning how to fight in general, fearing the possibility of incompetency and complete humiliation.
Pokemon: Yorick, a Zangoose - serious as his partner is at first glance, but with a more weathered, experienced feel about him - and more attuned to battling. He can come off as a bit stern, but in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek manner, with his gruffness often having a dry, humorous twinge to it. He seems to enjoy getting to know Peter as much as the boy does, which is a considerable amount. Though they are relatively new to each other, they show promise of becoming quite the inseparable duo over time.
Class Schedule: General Fitness, Parkour, Intro to Battle, History of Human/Pokemon Relations, Biology, Swimming, Track, Advanced Algebra
RP Sample: Peter tossed his head back and blew air out from between his lips. He lay sprawled out across a bench in the Meditation Gardens in an uncommonly relaxed position. Yorick, who was tracing one of his long claws along the bark of a young tree, perhaps considering the possible consequences of carving into it, turned his head to give the boy a look, part mock reproach and part gentle amusement.

Peter stared back blankly. "What? I'm meditating."

The Zangoose padded over on all fours and leapt up on the bench next to his partner. They sat next to each other in complete silence for a while - it was impossible to tell how long. Peter closed his eyes, while Yorick's remained open.

"This is actually relaxing," Peter remarked. Yorick just reached up to knock him on the head with a blunt paw, lightly and affectionately, as if to say 'Just shut up.'

August 4th, 2008, 10:33 AM
Yeah, yeah; is this still open? I thought it'd be fun to RP here. Sorry if it isn't; I'll just delete this post if asked to, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Name: Akira Hidori
Age: He just turned 19

Appearance: Akira’s shape has a mixture of pro swimmers mixed with basketball players. He stands at relatively mighty 6’5, which might not be all that tall, but not everyone gets past 6’3 sometimes. The muscles in his body aren’t really pumped, but they are very nicely excersized and they stand out through his somewhat tan skin. Biceps, triceps, abdonimals, pectorals, deltoids, and shoulder muscles are his muscles that stand out the most. He doesn’t grow them anymore because he’d rather have dexterity and flexibility over raw strength, matter he has achieved quite successfully. His legs also prove very strong, and they give him loads of endurance, something he things is one of his best traits. He can go for very long distances carrying heavy items and only get the minimal amount of tiredness. His limbs are also somewhat long, and his torso holds a nearly perfect V shape. His head is somewhat round, and all the features on it are a bit small. Eyes, lips, nose, all that. His eyes have a piercing honey-like colour which seem to sparkle under sunlight and dim on the shadows. His nose is small and slightly perky and his lips have a rosy and thin shade. His ears are pointed at the edges and his teeth are pearl white and straight. His hair if a dirty-blond color and it always seems to be spiked up. Another singular fact from him is that, aside his from his height, one of the first things people see from him is that he is always seemed to be blushing. Since birth, he ‘suffers’ from a medical condition known as rosacea, one that has his cheeks always tinged with a rubious colour. For attire, Akira doesn’t really vary the things much. A plain T-Shirt with jeans and sneakers is a default, shorts, excersizing pants, swimming outfits and very formal suits being the only things he’d rather wear. He wears a sporty, yet casual watch on his left wrist and few rubber bracelets on his right wrist. Some people might see him as good looking, others not so appealing, and others just another guy that blends a bit too good with crowds.

Personality: Akira is pretty much the definition of a friend. His whole way of being revolves around respect, chivalry, honesty and loyalty, probably in that order. When in a good mood, that is. He is a bit shy on first encounters, but getting him to trust and like you might be very, very simple of a task. He is always up for a chat with anyone and about anything. He is rarely seen in a down mood and is pretty much always smiling. He is somewhat extremely loyal and a good shoulder to lean on; having proved many times he’d go through excruciating amounts of bad stuff in order to protect his liked ones. When around people that like to talk much, he will hear much and talk much back; when around a quiet person, he will try to pull out small talk with some jokes here and there to make the person feel comfortable around him. He is also a very good listener; and many times he’d rather listen than talk. Akira also has the natural leader sorta touch, and isn’t afraid to be in charge of situations; he has a large desire drive and hates giving up. He is a profound lover of any form of art, whether it be painting, dancing, writing or music, the latter being the one he excels at. But, of course, this is when Akira is happy. When he is angry, he will go berserk and nothing will stop him from achieving his goal, whether it be getting to a place or breaking someone to chirps. When in a bad mood, Akira is also too cold, emotionless, logistic and calculative and will make others feel inferior; something not liked by anyone. Good thing is that he is very slow to anger.

History: There is not much about his life to be told. Born to an average family that punished him or rewarded him when deserved. He has for siblings an elder brother and a younger sister. He has been around Pokemon for many years, and is now very much used to it. Since he was young, he showed prolific skills at music, sports, and writing. Anything else of interest will eventually be told.

Pokemon: An Absol nicknamed NightSlash, Slash for short. His moods resemble Akira’s.

Other: Uh.. I don’t know. If I lacked anything it’ll come out sooner or later. xD
Class Schedule:
1.- Advanced Breeding: Akira’s mother always talked to him about the wonders of Pokemon Breeding; how a very powerful specie with unique moves and traits could be born from an egg impressed Akira, and breeding is one of his most favourite classes.
2.- Parkour: What a better way to start the day than wall jumping your way to class? His brother got him into this fine art when he was younger; though he is very far from perfecting the skill.
3.- Physics: Speechless.
4.- Music Composition: He love’s it even more. He has prodigious skills on almost any instrument; but prefers bass instruments.
5.- Swimming: Perfect butterfly stroke? Piece of cake. Akira is one good swimmer.
6.- Intro to Dance: He can play the music; why not dance it? Sadly for him, he has two left feet; and introductory classes are all he can handle at the moment. He is a fast learner, at least.
7.- Photography: An image says more than 1000 words, and Akira doesn’t feel like writing somethimes.
8.- First Aid: He wants to be useful whenever the sitaution calls for it.

RP Sample: (Another thread)
Marc was making his way in a straightforwards direction, never really taking the time to stare to see if the other 2 Pokemon were still following. He did want to do so, but a singular drive kept him moving forward; his face completely focused on the path and all his attention directing the road of dirt and stone they were about to go through. Maybe that force that kept him going was the fact that, while Leon now carried Radian, he had to ensure the way was clear and safe; guessing no Pokemon was really ready to start a battle. He could feel the presence and the heat emanated from Leon, anyway, so that was enough for him. As he walked, he hear Leon say something, though he didn’t really hear well. Either he had murmured it or the Totodile’s ears were losing all of his strength. The latter proved to be the most probable when he felt all of his body weaken out of nowhere.
His sight grew dim and his muscles weakened.
“Gah!” Marc exclaimed as he felt his knees shatter and his muscles flex unvoluntarily. His snout hit the ground with an impressive force; and he could barely move his body. He fought to keep his eyes open and to keep a steady breath pace. But his efforts were pretty much futile. He forced his weak head to move in the direction the otehr Pokemon were, but he couldn’t find them. His whole vision range then became blurry, and finally, he fainted. Unlike any of the other fainting experiences he had gone through, however, he felt this one was different. Like, not out of fatigue. More like if someone had induced sleep to him. A very strong sleep induction.

A while passed until the unconscious Marc managed to plop and eyelid open. What he saw was... Nothing. Nothing at all. He was in a completely white area that seemed to have no end. A scene he felt he had already undergone a bit too many times. Now not surpised at all by what might have been happening, Marc stood up and sighed, shoving his head from side to side and trying to find one imperfection on this white canvas. Soon, he started walking... In some direction. ‘Some Direction’ was all he could note, for this place probably had no north or south, or forth or back.

“Who might come here now. Darkrai’s act? This Groudon guy wanting retaliation? What if the Original One himself is calling me?”

All this Marc told himself jokingly, only letting time tell what was going on. He continued to walk forward in quite a relaxed mood; until colors started to form in the blankness of this areas. It was like three really large crayons, the primary colors, started to doodle on the ‘walls’ of this enormous cuber. As this happened, the ground beneath Marc started to move forward, like a threadmill, and he couldn’t do anything but go along with the current to see where it led him. The crayons then started drawing in a more artful manner. One so meticulous and precise that Marc immediatly recognized what they were forming. The images where portraying every single moment of Marc’s life since he became this Totodile. Frame by frame, second by second, all images drawn at the speed of light. All captured in perfect detail, some even drawn from a different perspective that allowed Marc to see details he didn’t see for himself when he was actually living the moment. Also, the happiest moments he recalled, most ones in which he was around Radian, were outlined with a mixture of pink and yellow colors, while other darker scenes in which he could only recall angery were tinged with blood red and black.

“So... What’s this all about. Some sort of psychotherapy?” Marc asked, now intrigued by everything that was going on aroud him. As soon as the images finished scrolling, a voice boomed through the corridor the images and threadmill floor has formed; so loud that even the images seemed to bend when the sound waves bounced from them. “No! It isn’t any psychological treatment...”

“Oh lord...” Marc murmured to himself. That loud voice in such an ambient could only mean he was about to engage in some chat with a legendary Pokemon. Not that cool. “Who’s there!!!” Marc demanded to know.

“Marc... What is the purpose of your existence?” The voice asked, still not hinting his identity.

“Oh, C’mon” Marc said. “I already had this chat with that pink duck thing. Mind just getting to the bottom of it? I’m kinda busy in the real world and all...” Marc continued, knowing that by teasing he would get the entity to reveal itself.

“Oh, really...” The voice boomed, then the moving floor stopped and the room became silent. “Not enough time? Not even for... ME?!?”

An enormous, majestic white Pokemon then appeared out of thin air in fromt of Marc, lowering his head to the Totodile’s level. The nostril of the Alpha Pokemon was large enough like to fit 3 Marc’s inside, and his potent inhalation and exhalation ‘cause the water Pokemon to sway back and forth. Marc’s eyes widened in shock as he realized how he had just spoken to the Orinial One. But that was what he did, and formalities now where to be spared. “Wow...” Marc said. “Arceus”

“How dare you talk like that to your creator?” Arceus teased as his eyes locked into Marc, even though the Totodile could probably fit into his eye socket. “Yeah, well, I... You know... Sorry. BFF?” Marc said playfully, actually spelling the last word letter by letter.

Arceus stared at the Pokemon confused, twisting his head to a side slightly, then snorting loudly. “I will repeat myself, young man. What is the purpose of your existance?”

As the question entere the Totodile’s ears, he took a deep breath and started to talk. “Well, Uhm, you see, this pink Pokemon kinda...”

“Cresselia” Arceus interrupted.

“Yeah, right, uhh, Cresselia. We kinda already discussed this. I had to, like, protect my friends and all and...” Marc started to say, staring down at the ground as he did; not finding enough valour to stare at Arceus in the eyes. Or in this matter of epic proportion, one eye. Also, before Marc would continue, Arceus interrupted again; quite abrubtly. As he did, the rings on his middle body section shifter from yellow to red.

“Ah, I see. So protect, ehh? Something like this?” Some seconds after Arceus finished talking, the pair was surrounded by photographs of Marc in various; such as Marc standing in between a fainted Radian and Leon, taking the heat, literally, for Tiffany and the whole guild running away as he stood up against the massive continent Pokemon, Groudon. “Is that what you mean?”

“I... I guess so. Probably. Yeah, something like that” Marc said as he scratched his head and stared around puzzled, but not wanting to question Arceus. “I’m guessing she meant something like that...”

“Hm... Ok, good” Arceus said. “Now tell me what do you think of this scenes”

All those images of Marc’s valour shifted to different pictures as Arceus’ rings turned blue.The first image was changed to that one of Marc lying on the beach on his first day here. Then, next to it, a picture of someone fighting on their own or protecting or healing Marc appeared. Then one to Marc being hurt, and that pattern repeated on all images. “So.. What’s up with this?” Marc asked confused as he stared around again; only looking for excuses not to stare at Arceus in the eye. It was so intimidating; mostly because Marc expected Arceus to be a good guy and not a Pokemon which would try to flip his brain inside out. But he obviously woudln’t be able to run away, and most definitely this wasn’t a nightmare he could just wake up from. It was a stronger feeling. A much, much stronger one. He felt like he was in th e actual Hall of Origin, the area said to lead to the Heaven where only worthy would enter. Human and Pokemon. If that was it, though; he had been scammed. Badly. But either that or eternity with Darkrai; and Marc had already seen Darkrai enough. Marc was pulled out of his thoughts when Arceus spoke again.

“You have no idea of this? Look closely, Marc. If you are supposed to protect, how come you’ve been in the brink of dying so many times. ‘What’s up’ with that?” Arceus said in a very serious voice tone, imitating Marc’s expretion in a burlesque way. “Huh? Tell me”

“Uh... Well” Marc started saying. “You know, heroes have their downs and all...”

“Who said you were a hero?!” Arceus exclaimed very loudly, the many images around them shattering and making a high pitched sound of glass breaking as he did; revealing again the blankness on which Arceus fur camouflaged perfectly. Marc covered his to protect his eardrums from the noise, but even then it hurt a lot. “You saw all that near death experiences, huh? Well, what if I told you that it wasn’t ‘caused by accidents or they were those downs heroes suffer? What is I told you I wanted you dead. What if I told you your goal is complete, or, even worse, you didn’t fulfill it?”

“Wha...” Marc said scared, fearing the words Arceus was saying. Did he really want him dead? Hadn’t they been picked for a reason? If they were supposed to die, what was the whole point of it? “No!” Marc yelled snapping back to his senses. “I don’t wanna die! Not yet!”

“It’s my choice, not yours! You have nothing left to do in the world. I will kill you now and you are coming with me! Now!”

“NOOO!!!” Marc retorted yet again, his eyes glowing in the red signature color it once was signature of him. “I’m not letting you kill me! WHY?! Why do everytime something good happens you Omega Pokemon break it down on me? Huh!? Why?! Do you hate me or something? Why make me the happiest creature on Earth, then tell me you’re going to kill me!? Why?! I do have a purpose, Ok? Look!!!”

After yelling this with all the strength in his lungs, Marc raised his arms in a possessive and comanding manner, quickly bringing the shattered ‘screens’ around the two Pokemon and getting them to portray images. All showed him helping some Pokemon out or being helped himself, as well as few other moments of good times and bonds of friendship being formed. And, most importantly, many frames of him and Radian scrolled. From the moment they first talked and she healed his wound on his head to when she came back to him when he was left alone with Groudon. “YOU SEE?!” Marc yelled.

“SHUT UP!” Arceus yelled ridiculously loud as on lightning jolt shout our of his rings and on to Marc. As the lightning appraoched, Marc pulled his claws out and launched himself towards the attack, letting out a potent slash and vanishing the lightning and landing unharmed. If Arceus wanted Marc dead, he woud have just needed to think of it and that would be it. But instead he launched an attack Marc could block. An indirect, most definitely. But Marc was too blinded now like to see.

“No!” Marc yelled again. “Can’t you see?! I’m not ready to leave! NO!”

After yelling the last ‘No’, the images dissapeared once again, but now, instead of shattering, they softly drifted away. The blankness turned into a prairie-like area and Arceus started to drift away gently. “Oh yeah, show me what you’ve got then, Marc. Prove yourself worthy” Arceus said this with a noble smile; his intentions of this whole thing turning crystal clear to Marc as he floated away.

“I will...”

Those were Marc’s last words before he felt his being drop down for miles and miles, eventually slamming what appeared to be his soul on his body. As this happened, Marc woke up and stood up immediatly. He dusted himself of and stared around. He wasn’t in the same spot he fainted in. It seemed like a place that was relatively far from the location. Nervous, Marc started running senselessly towards the Direction he thought the others where.

~Radian! Leon! Can anyone hear me? Guys!~ Marc yelled through telepathy, slashing vines on his way apart as he tried to re-encounter with the others; hoping his thoughts reach fainted Radian, or that if they got to Leon, he would respond and not pull out a tantrum in which he didn't respond, but instead let him get lost in the forest. In any case, he continued to run, and run, and run...

August 4th, 2008, 1:03 PM
OOC: M'kay, this roleplay will officially be starting now. Anyone else who wants to roleplay in here will have to post their character sheets in the OOC thread. From this point forward, ANYTHING that is posted in this thread MUST be in character. Any out of character talk goes in the OOC thread. I won't tolerate the remainder of this thread being cluttered up with random "OOC" bits at the top of posts.

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So, let's get going! :D

BIC: Chrysanthi's eyes fluttered open in response to the annoying buzz of her alarm. She mumbled incoherantly for a moment before finally managing to smash the "snooze" button for the second time already this early morning. With a yawn, she rolled back over in her bed and pulled the covers over her head.

No more snoozing, Chrys. It's time to get up.

"Hurmph nitgo crhostughph..." the nineteen-year-old muttered and curled up tighter under the covers.

All of a sudden, her covers were missing. Something had yanked them off the foot of the bed. Cold air suddenly rushed over the girl, sending a wave of gooseflesh over her arms and legs. In less than a heartbeat, Chrysanthi had bolted upright, her ice blue eyes searching for the cover-snatching culprit.

It didn't take long for her to find said theif. A slightly annoyed-looking Espeon sat on the floor with the corner of her cherry-blossom print comforter held firmly in her mouth. Chrysanthi growled a bit, and the Espeon growled back.

"Making me get up early on the first day of classes," Chrysanthi muttered. "Some friend you are, Taia."

Taia, the warm-covers-stealing Espeon merely gave a quiet huff and shook out her soft, purple fur. It's already 7:00, Chrys. And you're first class is at 9:00.

"Yeah, yeah, don't remind me..."

Chrysanthi sighed as she rose from the bed, pausing to give Taia an affectionate rub on the head. Her bare feet skittered across the carpeted floor of her spacious dorm room and to her bathroom. The Guild was wonderful for things like that. Each room was an individual room, much like an apartment. A tiny kitchenette and a small living area were partially seperated from the bedroom by a partial wall in each room. Each room also had a personal bathroom to help make the students as comfortable as possible. Chrysanthi absolutely loved the rooms. (Of course, these small apartments were only given to students after graduation from Pre-classes.) But since she'd gotten hers, she'd fallen in love. Chrysanthi very much enjoyed her privacy and indivualism that she got with this room.

The shock of the cold water against her skin as she prematurely stepped into her shower/tub combo woke her more fully. The water quickly warmed as she shampooed and conditioned her hair. After giving her milky-white skin a good rub-down with a honey-based soap, she stepped out of the shower and dried off with a soft towel.

Her very long, silvery-blonde hair stuck to her back as she perused through her wardrobe, attempting to decide on what she would wear for this first day of class. Since the weather outside was still so lovely as the area hung on to the warm summer months, she chose a lilac sundress with a creamy white trim that perfectly matched the hue of Taia's fur. She rather quickly dried her hair and let it fall into a cascade of shimmering ringlets.

After sliding into a pair of white sandle heels, Chrysanthi picked up her soft brown suede messenger back that she'd packed the previous evening and headed out of the dormitory complex.

It was a beautiful day to walk along the tree-lined paths of the Guild. A gentle breeze teased through her hair as she picked up a fairly brisk pace toward the Academic complex. Her first class was Botany, and she was very much looking forward to taking up the study of the plants she would eventually be able to use to help create more effective medicines for the Pokemon she so loved.

August 4th, 2008, 2:03 PM
Naiya awoke to the sound of a tittering Chatot. Light was streaming into her dorm from the window next to her bed. Naiya sat up as stretched, yawning and adjusting her eyes to the light. She glanced at the corner were Nyx usually slept for the night. No dark erie shadow floated there. Naiya scanned her room for the missing pokemon.

Suddenly, she heard a toilet flush. She looked at the entrance to her bathroom. A violet, cat looking creature with large red eyes and mouth stepped out. He saw Naiya looking at him and froze.

"Nyx...what were you doing in there?" She asked, suspicously. Nyx was known for getting into trouble, misplacing her things often. He had the bad habit of dropping things into odd places...the trash can, the sink, the toilet....she had no idea why he did these things. She supposed he was just fascinated with the dark drains.

Nyx floated over to Naiya's beside. I...um...did something... he stammered, twiddling his stubby little claws. Naiya moaned. "Please tell me you didn't drop something valuable of mine in the toilet."

Nyx looked up at Naiya, shocked. Naiya, I only did that when I was a Gastly. I told you, that was just a stupid childhood phase. I did drop something though...it was glass, what ever it was. I cleaned up the mess and put it in the toilet. I didn't want you to get all upset...

He floated over to the window and pulled the drapes shut. There, he said, wiping his forehead. All of that light was starting to bother me...

Naiya knew better then to argue with the Gengar. This only led to big fights, and she really wasn't in the mood for some Nyx drama. She knew she didn't have anything valuable with her that was glass, so she figured he had just dropped a cup or something.

Naiya got to her feet and walked over to her dresser, opening the drawers and selecting what she would wear for the day. Nyx floated about the room, poking and prodding random objects. She came up with a pair of jean capris, a tight brown tank top and a burgundy waist-high hoodie. She walked to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She brushed her hair, her teeth, put on deodorant, ect. She pulled on her outfit, then a purple and red beaded necklace to go with her outfit.

She walked to the kitchen, put together 2 bowls of cereal, and quickly wolfed it down. Nyx ate as well, requesting thirds.

She grabbed her gray shoulder bag and shoved her organizer and notebooks into it. She through in a few pencil, pens, sketch book, and the current book she was reading, Urban Ledgends of Minami.
Nyx watched her, hovering above her shoulder.
She threw a piece of gum in her mouth and left the dorm.

She headed towards the Academy, feeling the warm rays of the sunshine on her legs. It was a beautiful morning indeed. Naiya decided to recite her class schedule while she was on her way.
Okay, my first class is Biology, then Geometry, Pokemon Mythology, Creative Writing, Drawing, Human Pokemon Relations, Battle Strategies/Tactics, and Pokemon Wellness. Okay, I think I have it down.

Nyx floated next to her, keeping pace. Thats odd...I dont see any other people, or pokemon. Are we early or something?
Naiya had noticed this, too. "We might be early, but I'm sure we will see some people and pokemon soon."

August 4th, 2008, 2:16 PM
“Noctowl! Noctowl! Noctowl! Nocto... Crash”

“Sheesh, shut up already! I already hea… Oh God…”

Akira lied on his bed quite comfortably, letting all pains and worries from days before drift away on a good night sleep. No dreams, no nightmares, no noise, no movement around; everything was just pefect. Well, it was, until his Noctowl alarm clock started to beep loudly crying the Pokemon’s name. Akira took his pillow and wrapped it around his head hoping to mute hte noise, knowing it’ll keep on beeping until he stopped it; and that meant stretching his arm. Moving. A motion he didn’t want to do at this time. His pillow plan proved to be rather futile, anyway; so he had to retort to slamming the alarm clock, which, accidentally, ended up breaking as he hit it. The alarm broke, but the hour was still flashing.

“What time is it, anyway...” Akira asked hismelf as he rubbed his eyes to clear of his blurry vision. When the red, geometric, curveless numbers became indentifiable, Akira sat up in a rush, all the pillows on his bed and all the blankets covering him flying away. NightSlash, who was resting comfortable besides the human’s lap, only flew away alog with the blankets and landed abruptly on the ground. “It’s late!!” Akira scolded himself as he jumped out of his bed, all of his tiredness melting as he started rughing towards the bathroom on his room to start showering.

~Yes, good morning to you too...~ Slash said as he yawned. He proceeded to take his head to the ground and rub the small bruise that appaered on it after being slammed on the ground. Just a few minutes passed before Akira sprang out of the restroom with just a towel around his waist. “I’m sorry, bud, I thought I had set the Noctowl watch at the right time. God, I’m not gonna make it. What’s my first class, again?” Akira yelled to himself as he go dressed in a rather standard outfit consisisting of black jeans, a completely black t-shirt that only showed a small woven absol face near the chest and black running shoes.

~You should know already....~ Slash said bored as he stretched and got ready to part off with Akira. “I know, I know! I just forgot briefly! Was it Physics? No wait, parkour. Oh, no, I remember, it was photography!”

As Akira yelled all this, he pulled out a small backpack that hung across his chest with a single strap and ended on the side of his waist. Inside, he packed all of the books he needed; a lycra swimming short that stretched to his knees, and also his photography camera inside its case. ~It’s physics~ The Absol clarified to the anxious human as he silently walked towards the door and sat down, waiting for Akira to be ready.

“Physics? Oh, c’mon! I can’t be late for physics! Alt is going to be so pissed!” Akira whined as he walked over to the small living room area in his room and put on his watch and wrist accesories.

~Mr. Alt? Oh man, better get going...~

“I know, I know; I’m almost done!” As he said this, Akira pulled out one apple from the bunch he had in the kitchen and devoured it entirely quite quickly. This wasn’t his best pick of a complete and healthy breakfast, but he was sure he had no time to get anything else. He threw the core to Slash, who engulfed it like it was a true deliteful meal. Akira ran into the restroom once again to spike his hair up, get deodorant on and brush his teeth. After accidentally swallowing toothpaste and mouth rinse due to all of the adrenaline around him at the moment; the pair was out of the room. “Let’s go!”

Akira and NightSlash were running out of the dormitory area very fast, not even knowing that Akira’s watch and alarm clock had a wrong hour and that they had just a bit more time in hands than the one expected. As Akira rushed forwards, he noticed a Cranidos coming in the oposing direction, running at the same speed as he was. In a human chest Vs. Cranidos head brawl, money went on the latter. But not feeling like turning away, Akira, who had now tons of momentum, gave a large jump towards the wall, engaging in a succesful wall kick move and landing behind the Cranidos. “I’m so telling this to Foucan” Akira said mischievously as he continued to run. Slash, who probably didn’t have enough joints to copy the move, coudln’t help but to be bashed away by the raging Cranidos, who made his way to his owner pretty soon.

“Hey, NightSlash! Don’t fall behind!” Slash joked as he stared back at the Pokemon, who at the comment, laughed inwardly and quickly stood up, recovering his pace. The pair soon made it out to the outside, fresh breeze and beautiful aroma of plants and trees filtering into their nasal cavities. “Ah... The so fresh smell of flowers...” Akira said to himself as he stopped right on his tracks and decided to go the rest of the track walking at a somewhat quick pace, Slash always staying at his side and cosly scrutizing the surroundings as if it was the first time he ever saw them.

August 4th, 2008, 3:17 PM
i do apologize in advance i can’t spell
Name: Alistair Smith (nick.Alii)
Age: 17
Appearance: 6" 2 average weight. Alii has pail white hair that is fairly long wears a black t-shirt that is slightly baggy along with a pair of normal black jeans he is also known for never wearing a coat.
Personality: Alii is commonly known to be stubborn and spiteful but also to people that are close to him he is more calm and upbeat
History: Alii is all ready a confident fighter and knows many fighting styles and his only reason for taking the classes is to gain the right qualifications to teach it with in his spare time. He also has a strong voice and even though is known for his confidence still dose not dare to sing in public.
Pokemon: lucario, umbeon (shiny), swampert
Other: (the only optional field)
Class Schedule:
Armed Combat
Melee Battle
World History
First Aid
RP Sample: old rper site i use to rp on has been taken down
sorry its so short I’m on a time limit
sorry i missed your OOC as i said im not use to this any more

August 4th, 2008, 3:24 PM
Hey girl, it's time to get up. Seven o'clock. Any later and you won't get the chance to make that first impression.

It didn't take much more than that to awake from his peaceful slumber. That familiar, silky smooth voice echoed across the walls of his skull for a tiny bit, almost annoyingly, before James' eyes cracked open. It was still primarily dark outside, he gathered from his open blinds that hung on his right-hand window. Slightly confused, the young, curvy boy rose partially from his bed, allowing the comforter to fall halfway down his body as he sat cross-legged. He scanned the room for Snake - his Lucario - before nearly jumping out of his skin to find her sitting right next to him in the bed.

"Are you sure it's seven? It shouldn't be this dark by now," James articulated, sensing something amiss. Snake had been known to play friendly pranks on her trainer - not necessarily mean or nasty ones, but rather, ones that both could get a kick out of. This particular one wasn't very funny, though - James needed his beauty sleep for his first day of classes in the Guild. Every day of his life since he'd joined the Guild at age ten had been filled with laborious study and forcing himself to become the line between man and woman by looks; he demanded that every day he look great to fit the part.

Well, let's see... Snake started, taking a look at the watch wrapped around her paw. Just as expected, the digital face read seven o'clock, exactly on the mark. Shrugging, she finished, Yep, exactly seven. No mistake. You should probably start getting dressed if you're going to make it to your first class for nine, right?

Nodding and huffing a pout, the teen boy finally rose from bed and arched his back, at the same time stretching his arms and legs, and giving a light yawn. He then headed straight for the bathroom, to the west end of the room, just right of the entrance door. It occurred to Snake that something was dreadfully wrong with James going immediately for the bathroom... She noted that a mild amount of steam was filtering in from under the door into the main area of the appartment, and dissipating quickly. It clued her in that her trainer was going to be taking a very long shower for the dual-purpose of opening his pores (whatever the hell that meant) and to shave unnecessary body hair. She would be stuck with a full bladder for a half-hour!

At about ten minutes, Snake pounded on the wooden door worriedly. Are you going to be all day in there or what?! she echoed to her trainer, whom she doubted would answer in due time. However, almost on queue, her sensitive ears picked up that the shower had stopped, and that James was getting out. Some dripping on the floor, then a towel wiping across human flesh... Finally, the boy stepped out of the bathroom - which he had turned into a sauna with steam - and gave Snake a gesture as if to say 'It's all yours.'

Then came the wardrobe crisis. Snake had imagined that seeing as James had been planning his outfit for this day with gusto for about a month, she had at least hoped that he would be dressed by the time she got out of the bathroom. Come to find that he had spent a good twenty minutes searching for a "better" one. She entered the walk-in closet to find her trainer completely ass-naked, still searching for clothes. Maybe she wasn't so much shocked to see James in the nude - that she had seen before. But she had never seen him so impatient over clothing. God, I sure hope human females aren't as bad as you, she joked, clapping the boy on his shoulder before exiting. Hurry up though! You've got a great booty and all, but you can't go to class in just that, she noted as she walked out, to lay on the bed and look out to the half-risen sun.

Another half-hour passed without much event, until James exited the wardrobe clad in a short pink miniskirt - barely long enough to hide his gender - and form-fitting tanktop that showed-off his wonderfully slim, developed hips ans his small waist. His hair was as usual worn down, a long, smooth ebony waterfall of perfect locks. He was, to say the least, more than convincing as a woman. It was something that Snake respected - an ability that only James seemed to have - to completely throw gender out of the question when dressing 'formally'.

"Checklist," he said plainly, which denoted that Snake should briefly go over a summary list of things he should and hasn't done. She began hastily, Bath, teeth, hair, clothes, food? It was like playing a memory game with James, who quickly responded, "Check, check, check, check, fail."

Why not some of the tuna casserole?

"No way! That's bad breath to the max. If I'm going to be checking out boys I have to at least smell good."

Well what, then? Are you just going to live on breathmints for the rest of your life?

"Heh, silly, I'll just get a cereal bar and take it with me. No big deal," James noted, ending the 'argument'. It was common for Snake to worry about James' health via the foods he ate - he did occasionally not eat as he should, such as skipping breakfast or lunch (but never both). It wasn't necessarily that James felt that he was a pig and ate too much, but he just didn't have time on occasions or just didn't have the means.

Grabbing a bag of assorted school supplies, James then headed for the pantry to retrieve a cereal bar for himself and one for Snake, whom he tossed the fare to. With that, at eight thirty sharp, the two exited the dorm room and James locked the door behind him. With that, the day had officially begun, and James' strappy heels click-clacked all the way to his first class... Astronomy. The boy had always enjoyed the study of the stars, of the universe - it clashed angrily with his valley-girl reputation, but it was something he could live with.

August 4th, 2008, 3:38 PM
"Ladies, and gentlemen, I give you, Kirov Mekrain!"

Kirov grinned at the magnificent crowd from his position on the motorcycle and waved. The crowd cheered in response. What a wonderful way to start the school year.

He flipped down the visor on his helmet, placed both hands on the handlebars, and stared down the ramp. This jump would take him above the Academics Complex, over the Colosseum, and in for a sweeping landing on the front lawn of the Meditation Gardens.

He laughed maniacally. A camera took his helmeted face and placed it on a gigantic screen on front of the dorms. He gunned the dual engines of the motorcycle and rocketed forward. Leaning down to make himself more streamlined, he felt the wind push at his face and whip at his suit.

Faster, faster, faster. He hit the ramp and started going up. Up, up, higher, faster. he hit the end of the ramp and vaulted higher over the Academics Complex. But when he saw the gigantic amount of space between him and the landing ramp, he lost that self-confidence that had propelled him up the ramp.

He looked down. Time seemed to slow. It was a long, long way down.

But he shouldn't have worried. His motorcycle had sprouted wings and a jet engine. As the jet kicked in, he flew forward, across the Guild grounds. Screw the landing. He was gonna make the longest jump in the world. One for the record books.

But now there was something tapping on his head. He looked inside his helmet, crossing his eyes. Somehow there was a stick inside his helmet. And it was tapping the spot between his eyes.

He was about to ask "What the hell?" when the stick poked him in the eye.

Kirov shot up in bed. He looked around, dazed. Where was he?

Oh right. His dorm room. Sighing, he wished that someday he do daredevil stunts. Like in his dream. What was his dream about again? He couldn't quite remember. But he remembered it was exhilarating.

But what was with that stick? Kirov looked around for anything that could've poked him in the eye, but didn't see anything. Then he looked up. Airio was dangling from the ceiling by a silk thread, waving back and forth with a distinct, quiet, wheeee sound.

"Airio, did you poke me in the eye?"

His Spinarak stopped waving and nodded.


Airio stuck out a leg, pointing at the clock. Kirov took a look.

"Oh. My. God."

It was 8:19. Class began in 41 minutes.

Kirov shot out of bed like the motorcycle he had been dreaming about minutes before. Quickly, he rushed into the bathroom and grabbed his toothbrush and toothpaste. Brushbrushbrush. Rinse, gargle, spit. Turning on his sink, he dumped his entire head, letting the water run through it. He threw back his head, spraying water everywhere, and grabbed a comb and began doing his hair. It didn't take long, Kirov didn't have all that much hair. Grabbing a towel, he gave it a quick-dry and used a different towel to wash his face. He leapt back into his bedroom, threw on clothes, and rushed into the kitchen. Cereal and milk was all he had time for, so he dumped a bunch of the cooked grains into a bowl, poured milk, and devourered it as fast as he could.

When finished, he just threw it into the sink and poured in water to stop it from drying. He could wash it when he got back from first period. Luckily, he had already prepared his backpack last night, so he didn't have to do that. Kirov put it on, called Airio to hop onto his should,er and dashed out the door, almost forgetting to lock it. He thought he had enough time to get to Biology.

He really hoped he had enough time to get to Biology.

Master Electrician
August 4th, 2008, 6:33 PM
Name: Gavin Alderni
Age: 19

Appearance: Gavin is smaller than average, wiry, and blue-eyed. His skin is pale and he has auburn hair cropped into a classical military style. He dresses in surplused combat boots, dark jeans with a number of pockets and belt loops, a t-shirt, and a bomber’s jacket with yet more pockets. Completing the ensemble is a pair of mirrored aviator shades. Rumor around the school says that he carries a number of knives around him, but no one seems willing to try and confirm this.

Personality: When Gavin entered the Guild, he was noted as being atypically driven. He placed high expectations on his own performance and consistently pursued his studies before recreation. His behavior was excellent, his physical studies close to perfect, and his academics were solidly above average. All of this had him pegged for officer training in his chosen Corps after graduation. Recently, this has changed. He exhibits a barely controlled sadistic temper and has little to no regard for rules.

History: Gavin is one of few Guild students with a dynasty. His father graduated as well and served honorably for close to a decade. Gavin grew up in an environment where he was also expected to attend and once there, to excel. He showed an aptitude for spatial relations early on, and when he bonded to an offensive flyer, had him almost certainly bound for the Aerial Corps. The change in his temperament was brought about by the news that the rogues had leveled his hometown of Herald. Without the influence of the man he admired immensely, he lost direction and his only goal now is revenge.

Pokemon: Wraith (Skarmory)
Other: N/A
Class Schedule: Physics, Geography/Government, Sambo, Terrain Battle, Battle Strategies/Tactics, General Fitness, Human Psychology

RP Sample:

Gavin ran his hands through his hair. Another mostly sleepless night, the allergy medication had given him three hours of sleep at best. It was four AM. He’d been dreaming again. With a grimace, he hauled himself from his narrow bed and walked to the bathroom. He was clearheaded for someone who’d just gotten up. The nightmares left him like that.

The mirror in the bathroom reflected someone different than the man he remembered. He’d always been light-skinned, but now he was almost ghost-white. Dark circles rimmed his eyes, now sunken deep back into his face. He grimaced. Most of all, he felt a rage in him, rather than the drive he’d used to have. It never subsided and echoed off his partner in the corner. He had a larger room than most to account for Wraith’s bulk.

Wraith awakened with a small clank of steel-coated feathers. The thought was slow, as if from a fugue, but the ire was obvious. You need to sleep more, Gavin. Neither of us can handle much more of this.

Can it, Gavin replied. He dropped to a pushup position and began his morning workout. He hadn’t meant to snap, but ever since the news had reached him, he did, usually without thinking.

An hour later, he was done, pulling a wrinkled shirt from yesterday over his sweaty form and stumbling into pants. He thought, Sorry, Wraith. Want to go for a fly? His partner’s enthusiasm was apparent. He jumped from the roost he was provided as Gavin walked over to open the large window. The young man swung easily onto his partner’s back, years of practice making the action look casual. With a clatter, Wraith launched himself from the window into the slowly lightening sky.

They both returned at eight to finish the morning’s chores. Gavin decided to forego breakfast. His appetite was nowhere where it had been since the attack. He did however feed Wraith despite the disapproving stare, and then got into the shower. He didn’t wash; just let the hot water cascade over him for almost half an hour, trying to wash away the pain and the hatred. When he got out it was still there. He dried, dressed, shaved and washed Wraith down with ten minutes to spare. He checked his jacket pockets for everything they were supposed to hold automatically before leaving for his first class, letting Wraith out the window to spend the day as he would until their joint classes.

He began the walk to the Academic Buildings for Physics without speaking to anyone or bothering to look up from his path. A scowl was usually sufficient to stave off anyone who looked likely to try and greet him.

August 4th, 2008, 7:52 PM
I just don't see why you can't simply dress in something people would expect a male to wear, Snake started off, I mean, look at you. You could easily fool someone with that outfit. With a chuckle, James turned to face his Pokemon, who was a good foot and a half shorter than he; he stood at nearly five-foot-eight, and with the heels, an extra three inches or so. He flipped his hair about and instrumentally parted it so that some concealed one of his two big green eyes, to allow him a greater effect of feminine appeal. With a smile, the boy took note, "Now you're seeing the big picture, Snake. I do this because liking boys is looked down upon when you are yourself a boy. With this outfit, I have a better chance of a kind of shallow deception, if you will. I'll slowly let it come to light that I'm male if I ever even get that far in a relationship."

Silly humans, Snake thought, Never cease to astound me. The both of them shared a lighthearted laugh, before continuing on their way. A few stares here and there from girls and guys alike as the two headed for the walkway between the dormitories and the academic buildings - but no ridicule today, which James was thankful for. Generally, after being openly feminine for several years, one gets used to looks of either disbelief or of sexual interest... Not that the line was drawn thin, not at all - but it was hard to tell from just a glance, after all. It did worry him to think of what may happen if he were to encounter someone who hated what he was... To actually have to resort to his fists. Speaking of fists, James realized suddenly that he'd left without his armlets.

"Gah, I forgot my wristbands," James said worriedly, making his displeasure known. They always seemed so... Important to him; it puzzled Snake to imagine why those bits were more important than classes at times. Knowing it was futile to argue, Snake simply asked, Are we going back?

With a pout, James retorted, "No, no... It's too late. We're going to miss Astronomy if I go back." Quirking a brow, Snake then questioned, Are you alright?

"Yeah, I'm fine... These heels are just killing me," the human boy mentioned, before heading for a nearby bench and seating himself, dislodging his feet from the aforementioned footwear. Beneath were already red marks and signs of strain present, and James hissed as he crossed his legs, rubbing one foot in both hands tenderly. The sting was great and in all honesty, Snake had no idea how her companion had made it this far.

Whoa, Snake spoke up, looking towards someone nearby - a rather wiry-framed boy that looked to be roughly James' age, wearing mirrored aviator glasses and thick, taut brownish hair that had been cropped in something reminiscent of a crew cut. That guy gives me the creeps. You see that? With Snake's notice, the Skarmory that guarded its trainer shot a nasty look towards the Lucario.

"Hmm... Now would be a good time to show you what I'm talking about," James said with a rather naughty grin, slipping his heels back on and clacking them against the ground to make sure they were snug. They most definitely were. "A little test of my skill, if you will. I'll see if I can get that guy on a date. You in?"

Eh, I'll stick a little back. I'll be right behind you though, Snake finally answered, rather unnerved.

Hopping into step with the stranger that James had taken notice of, he spoke up in a rather bubbly voice that certainly ramped up the difficulty in discerning his gender. He sounded fluttery, and happy - quite a clash with James' supposed prey. "Hey there. You look down," he noted rather obviously, cocking his head slightly in the stranger's direction.

August 5th, 2008, 5:49 AM
Amber got up, stretched, and looked at the clock. She noticed it was 10:00 AM.

"Guess I have to report to drawing" She thought to herself. So she got up, threw on her outfit for today, which was her favorite outfit, and walked out of her dorm. She walked to her drawing class, and saw a cute guy who may have been her age. He had firey red hair and amazing black eyes. She couldn't help but stare while doing her little doodle. Amber's heart starting racing. She may have been 17, but she never felt like this before. He turned around. Amber looked down and blushed.

"Oops... my mistake. I really shouldn't stare..." Amber thought to herself. Before she knew it, drawing class was over. She saw the guy in the hallway. She gathered up some confidence and decided to talk to him.

"H-h-hi... my name is Amber... what's yours?" She smiled nervously, then blushed. She looked down, hoping she wouldn't think she was crazy.

August 5th, 2008, 6:14 AM
Kirov was standing in the hallway just looking at the students walk by after Drawing class. He had managed to get to Biology, but only just. 2 minutes before the bell rang, he had been the last person to class, and there was only 1 seat left at the very back. Kirov didn't much like sitting at the back, it made it hard to hear the teacher. But after that, he made it to Drawing with the rest of the class. Looking at his terrible little doodle, he wondered if he should quit Drawing and save himself some embarassment.

Can we head back to the dorm? I want a real breakfast, Airio said to him.

"Can't you just munch on some flies or something?" Kirov muttered back.

I would if there were any.

He rolled his eyes and turned around, preparing to walk back to his dorm room and fix his Pokemon some breakfast. Come to think of it, he could use a snack himself. In his rush to get to class, he hadn't really poured himself enough cereal.

A girl looking to be about his age with pale skin and straight brown walked up to him. She stammered out a hi and said her name was Amber, then looked down.

Kirov blinked twice in surprise. "Umm... hi. My name is Kirov." Did a girl just walk up to him and introduce herself?

August 5th, 2008, 6:32 AM
Amber was extremely embarassed. She had never talked to such a cute guy her age before; this was her first time. She looked up at him, cheeks bright red, body trembling, eyes nevously darting around. She had to make some excuse to get away.

"Well, um, gotta go photography class, bye."

"Uh, bye..." He said. Amber was running away from him, and to photography class. She took some pictures there, noticing that Kirov wasn't in it. She had mixed feelings about this. She was happy that she wouldn't have to talk to him again, sad that she couldn't stare at his gorgeous face, and hoping and at the same time not hoping he'd be in more of her classes. Maybe, just maybe, they could become friends. Amber would love this, but she wasn't getting her hopes up for it.

August 5th, 2008, 6:43 AM
Amber looked kinda nervous. Kirov smiled, trying to make her feel more at ease. Inside he was all clenched up. Don't screw this up, Kirov, you don't have many friends as is, he told himself.

"Well, um, gotta go photography class, bye."

And she ran off.

Kirov slumped over in defeat. What did he wrong this time?

Airio wasn't making things any easier. Bwahahahahahahaha! The Spinarak's body was shaking from the silent laughter, pincers clicking together repeatedly.

"Oh, shut up," Kirov said, brushing Airio off his shoulder with his hand. The spider Pokemon dropped from his shoulder, but refused to hit the floor. A silk thread was attached to his shoulder. Kirov considered to start carrying around a pair of scissors with him.

Oh god, I'm sorry, but that was just funny in ways I can't explain, Airio said as he climbed back up Kirov's arm.

"No need to rub it in," Kirov mumbled.

Alright, I'm good. The Spinarak rubbed a leg over his eye in imitation of the human gesture of wiping tears from one's eye when it collects there from laughing too hard. Can we go back and get food now?

"Fine," Kirov said irritably. "Let's go feed that belly of yours." He threw up his hands in defeat and started walking back to the dorms. There wasn't much time, he had Orchestra in a couple of minutes.

August 5th, 2008, 6:56 AM
In photography class, Amber had quite a lot of fun, taking pictures of various things. Whether it was her Vulpix, a picture of a fruitbowl, or a picture of one of the other students while they weren't looking, she had fun doing it. She loved photography, mainly because she didn't get dirty at all. Her Vulpix was hungry after class.

"Hey, Amber, I'm hungry. Can I get some food?"

"Sure, I'm pretty hungry too." She walked back to her dorm. She saw Kirov again. She looked so cute with his little Spinirac. She decided to talk to him again, and not run off this time. After all, she had some time.

"Hi Kirov. Sorry for running off earlier. I was late to photography class. So, um, what's up with you?" This talking thing was getting easier for Amber each time she did it, even though she was still quite nervous.

August 5th, 2008, 7:03 AM
Naiya had reached Biology and managed to finish a few assignments. Geometry was next, her least favorite subject. Nyx tried his best to help her, but all of those angles and equations just didn't "click" with her.

She decided to head to the Meditation Gardens to sort her notes before her next class, Pokemon Mythology. Nyx floated about, watching students and pokemon pass by. He sensed something was troubling his human friend.

Naiya, whats got you? I can tell something is wrong, he said, concern in his voice. Naiya sighed and layed back on the bench she was sitting on. "Oh, its nothing...I just realized that I don't have any friends here. I was thinking about how nice it would be to have a good friend I could talk to."

Nyx floated in front of her. You have me, Naiya. I'm your best friend! You can talk to me about anything.

She chuckled and patted his head. "I know, Nyx, but it's nice to have a friend that is your own species. Would't you like a pokemon friend to talk to?"

Nyx furrowed his brow thoughtfully. Now that you mention it....it would be nice...no offense though. She laughed. "Its alright. But now you know what I'm talking about."

Nyx turned around and watched the people and pokemon pass by, some talking to each other. But how do we make friends with somebody else?

Naiya stretched and started packing her notes back into her bag, realizing the time. "Thats the easiest part, Nyx. We just go with the usual flow until we meet somebody friendly. Once you get to talking to them and knowing them better, you begin to grow fond of them. Then you can call them friends."

She stood and hoisted her bag over her shoulder. "Its as simple as that. C'mon, we have to get to Pokemon Mythology. I'm actually looking forward to that class."

She trotted down the cement path leading past the Training Facilities , Nyx close behind.

August 5th, 2008, 7:30 AM
Kirov patted his stomach as he walked down the dorm stairs. A scrambled egg second breakfast was definitely better than cereal. Airio was clicking his pincers in a way that was the spider equivalent of a human smacking his lips after a meal. Airio liked eggs too. He also liked salt to the extreme, something Kirov found rather strange. But hey, salt was cheap.

He reached the end of the stairs and entered the dorm's main lobby. Class wouldn't start fifteen minutes, so he had some spare time. The Orchestra room was on the bottom floor of the Academics building, and wasn't very far from here. He had already brought viola there and left it in the instrument storage room. Maybe he would go for a walk in the gardens.

As he walked towards the front door of the dorms, he saw Amber walking towards him. "Hi Kirov. Sorry for running off earlier. I was late to photography class. So, um, what's up with you?"

Kirov smiled. So maybe it wasn't his fault after all. "Um, nothing. I have a few minutes before my next class, and was just going to the Meditation Gardens for a walk.

August 5th, 2008, 7:52 AM
"Ok, have fun with that, I guess... I gonna go get a snack and then I gotta go to ballet class... talk to you later, bye." Amber shot him a flirty smiled and waved goodbye. She went inside her get a snack. She pulled out a bag of chips. Angel looked at her with adorable eyes, sparkly and cute.

"Can I have some?"

"Fine, I guess... But you're a Pokemon, so you need Pokemon food. So only this once, ok?"

"Fine..." Amber gave her about 5 chips to Angel and some of her Pokemon food. Amber looked at her clock.

"Oh my god, I'm late for ballet class! Angel, hop on my shoulder!" Angel hopped on her shoulder, and she ran to where her ballet class was. She was late. The teacher looked at her.

"Amber, you're late!"

"Sorry..." Amber said, a little bit nervous, since she was around an authority figure. She got into her ballet shoes, and danced with all the other girls, along with some guys. After she was done, she saw Kirov again.

"Should I talk to him...? Nah, I think I'm late for mating class." She smiled at him and waved. She hoped maybe they could be friends, maybe even more. But she was not getting her hopes up, after all, none of her friends were guys, and she never had a boyfriend before.

August 5th, 2008, 8:33 AM
Peter was definitely a morning person. He enjoyed the freshness, the clean feeling a new day brought him - like shedding a dirty old skin for a shining new one. It wasn't a problem for him to get up in plenty of time for his classes, or to be alert during those first two or three, even if they happened to be fairly physically demanding. Yorick was not so lucky. He always had trouble shaking off sleepiness in the morning, and Peter had to urge and pester him through General Fitness, jogging alongside him the whole way.

Next was Parkour - Yorick was thankful for the break in which he could gain some alertness, and Peter actually looked forward to the class. He did pretty well in it, and he also felt a deeper respect and a somewhat closer bond with the teacher than most other students. After it was over, Peter and his Zangoose companion made their way down the path away from the Training Facilities building. Peter wasn't in a huge hurry to get to the next class (Intro to Battle) and while it was unclear whether Yorick's feelings about the course matched his partner's, he was patient enough to match the boy's pace.

Still feeling the high from his early morning workouts, Peter dance-jogged along on the toes of his faded red running shoes. He wore his workout clothes - a pair of dark gray, mesh athletic shorts that came down to his knees and a white undershirt that was soaked in sweat. He'd have to change - but only after Battle class, where they'd just become dirty again. The boy shadow-boxed, aiming a few fake jabs at Yorick. The Zangoose smiled, knowing that he was the only one who was ever privileged enough to see the teenager in such a playful mood.

Watch out, he warned, as Peter began to trot backwards. But neither of them were prepared for the girl and the Gengar coming down the path. Yorick winced as his human comrade crashed into the pair and quickly bounded over to see what the damage had been. Peter, meanwhile, whirled around to apologize, straightening and stiffening up his posture in embarrassment.

"Sorry, sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going, sorry, are you okay?" he panted in what seemed like one breath.

August 5th, 2008, 8:50 AM
Amber paid close attention in mating class. It wasn't her favorite class, but she did take it seriously. That meant she got good grades. No perversion from her, even though some people liked to screw it up. She was nervous. After all, she had passed out yesterday in mating class. However, this time, she hadn't eaten lunch yet and was well rested. She did have a small headache, but she ignored that and continued taking notes about courtship between different species of Pokemon. Then, the bell rang. Amber decided to eat. After all, she was starting to get hungry.

"Hopefully they won't have tuna sandwhiches... I made one for myself yesterday because I was hungry, and it didn't exactly agree with my stomach..." She got some lunch, and hoped to see Kirov. She didn't.

"Aww... crap, I was hoping I was gonna get to talk with him during lunch... after all, I'd be able to talk with him for more time." She ate her lunch alone at her table, hoping Kirov would come in and sit next to her. Amber realized- she was starting to get obsessed with Kirov. After all, this was the first guy she ever really talked to at her own will.

August 5th, 2008, 9:49 AM
Before Naiya knew what had happened, she collided with something hard. She fell backwards, trying to catch herself in time, but to her embarassment fell painfully on the cement sidewalk, butt first. She felt a pulse of pain come up from her lower back--she had fallen hard on her tail bone.

Nyx wasn't even phased--he had seen the boy comming and let him pass streight through his body. He was a ghost, after all.

He came to Naiya's side, concerned. Are you ok? He asked. "I'm fine," she said, getting to her feet.
She felt her temper rise for a second, then let it subside. It was an accident, he didn't see her comming.

"I'm ok, I'm ok. Watch where you're going next time..." she mumbled in embarrassment, looking up at the boy.

He was a tall and a some-what skinny boy, about as dark-skinned as her. She found him a bit...attractive. She also noticed the Zangoose standing next to the student.

"It was an accident, I know. Its alright." She held out her hand. "I might as well introduce myself. My name's Naiya....and this is Nyx."

Nyx floated next to her, eyeing the two. And what might your name be? He asked the Zangoose, eyeing the pokemon suspiciously.

August 5th, 2008, 10:03 AM
Amber was disapointed that she didn't see Kirov at lunch, but had a feeling she'd see him again. It was time to go to into to breeding class anyway. At that class, they learned the basics of Pokemon nuitrision. There was an entire class for this, however, this only covered the basics and that class was all about it.

"I sure hope I see Kirov again... he seems like all I ever dreamed of." Amber was incredably depressed away from her best friend, her sister, and her 2 other friends. None of them were quite smart or special enough to get into the guild. All of a sudden, she felt sick. She decided to take a walk in the Meditation Gardens. She sat down and started to cry. Amber was incredably lonely, and all she needed at this point was a good friend.

August 5th, 2008, 10:20 AM
Kirov looked at the sole clock in the enourmous Orchestra practice room. Orchestra was an extremely long class, as well as gigantic, as the entire Orchestra for the entire school had to practice together to get a feel for each other. But even that would strain everyone's schedules, so Orchestra was split up into two groups, Strings and Everybody Else. They would have lessons on different days, and occasionally have class altogether. Such as today. Being the first day, of course they had to all meet.

Kirov sat in the second row, as a violist. Music was one of his favorite subjects, and he really did excel at playing the viola. Now if he could only do as well in his other subjects, then he would graduate from the academy on the honor roll.

You're going too fast, Airio said, pulling on his leg. Since playing the viola meant having as much freedom of movement as possible, Airio couldn't perch on Kirov's shoulder. Kirov, unable to speak, merely adjusted his tempo. Airio closed his eyes and began to rock back and forth pleasantly. The Guild really couldn't have picked a better Pokemon for him to bond with. Airio also had a knack for music. Although a Pokemon composer was unheard of, Kirov though that his little Spinarak could become one if he really tried.

After class was over, Kirov headed out towards the gardens again. Airio was munching on a dragonfly he had caught earlier. Kirov wasn't hungry enough for lunch, two breakfasts had taken care of that. As he strolled through the gardens, looking around at the magnificent plants and other scenery, he thought he heard someone crying. Looking for the source, he walked across the grass, got on his tiptoes, and looked over a tall bush.

It was Amber. At least, he thought it was. She was sitting on a bench on the other side of the trail, crying.

Kirov felt an incredible amount of discomfort. He wasn't what one might call a "people person", and he certainly had no idea how to deal with someone who felt bad enough to cry. Especially if that someone was a girl. He had enough problems dealing with his own gender, let alone the opposite one.

(OOC: Hope you don't have any problems with how I set up Orchestra, but that is how it's often set up in big schools.)

August 5th, 2008, 10:45 AM
"Mr. Alt! Good morning!"

It was only a matter of very few minutes before the tall boy stopped skipping through flowers and he reached the Academics Complex, then he rushed in, among flips and stunts, to the Physics Class; where Mr. Michael Alt was waiting for all of the students to arrive to the classroom. Akira greeted his teacher; who proved to be quite intimidating, even when in a happy mood, and took a seat after getting a plain "Good Morning" response. ~I told you we'd make it in time, Slash.~ Akira communicated to his Pokemon, who immediatly replied with ~That's not true!! You were all 'Mommy, Mommy, I'm going to be late! Wah-Wah...~ NightSlash then burst out in laughter, a quiet one so he didn't bother the professor, and Akira just said ~Oh, shut up..~

Soon enough the classroom was packed with people ready to begin the wondrous course of learning, and of course the class started. Akira pulled out from his bag the supplies he would need for the aforementioned class and started doing whatever Alt said. Akira was a brilliant person; and he only needed to listen to the first few sentences of what the teacher said to get an idea of what this whole class would be about. He could take note of the first things and then just relax the rest of the class; but not now. It was the first day of classes and he didn't really want to screw up. As his black pen swiftly wrote the things the professor said, word by word, Akira examined the whole classroom; wanting to know if anyone he knew was there. He didn't know that large an amount of people, but maybe Slash's Super Luck ability could do something for him. Not. A whole new batch of unknown people had made their way to Physics; and Akira, not being the person that always starts a conversation, just decided to focus on the class. ~Yeah, Yeah; Inertia, Heat, Matter, Kinetic Energy; I got it...~ The somewhat bored boy repeated to himself; not letting his lack of interest show. He liked physics, but the first days of class seemed to be always, always the same. Slash, meanwhile, sneaked through the shadows aand over to the window of the classroom and stared outside. Though classes had already started, he could see a fair amount of people just walking around with a carefree expression on their face.

~Dude, you should like, totally skip next class~ Slash said as he turned to Akira; who had by now finished taking notes and all, and smiled with the most evil and mischievous of the smirks. ~No way; I'm not skipping any class. They almost decapitate me by getting 33 seconds late, do yo have any idea of what they'd do to me if I even thought of that? Plus, I bet the people out there aren't skipping classes, they either don't start the day yet or something or they have a class outside. Parkour is next, anyway; and I'm not missing that.~ Akira retorted as he scolded the sneaky Absol.

And minutes passed slowly, very slowly, but eventually, Physics class was over. Everybody inside stood up and ran away like no tomorrow; and in the end Akira was left alone, for he took his time to carefully arrange the stuff inside his backpack, stand up, accommodate his desk and chair, and say goodbye to Mr. Alt. Akira and NightSlash walked out of the classroom and again took a deep breath to enjoy the very fresh air. The boy then stared down at his watch; which in Physics class had been put to the correct hour, and noticed he had just more than enough time to make it to Parkour class. He didn't plan on changing clothes; for, even though he wasn't really in excersize attire, he felt very comfortable. Still; better hurry.

Akira finished all of his classrooms as the day went on; familiarizing with the new attitude of teachers towards students, possible physical changes that had occurred in this whole facility, and the people themselves; although he didn't really socialize with anyone today. He had just pushed through crowds, earning only a few stares from people, but not talking to anyone. Not like he was a complete loner; but none of those drew his attention like to start a conversation. And if they didn't talk to him; why would he? Anyway; Akira's last class had been Swimming; one of his favorites, probably only topped by Music Composition. He dried his body completely and switched from swimming attire to the clothes he wore all day. Now Akira had the day free, so he walked out of the swimming facility area and stood outside, just watching people pass and breathing fresh air. Akira saw this as a perfect chance to practice Photography; a class that had gone quite well today. The boy pulled out his photography camera and started taking pictures of pretty much everything around him. Landscape, Pokemon, even people. Though the positions he was taking, angles and all, made him look like a total pro; sometimes when he took a picture of people traveling in pairs big guys would come bully him going all 'Hey, you takin' pictures of my girl?' Everytime this happened Akira couldn't help but to laugh and take a fully upright position, his mighty stature and body frame making the guys give a second thought to their actions. "Chill man, it's art" he'd usually reply. Ignoring angry people around, Akira just conitnued to take pictures of everything in different angles; waiting for the end of the day to come...

August 5th, 2008, 12:34 PM
Peter stood there before the girl and the Gengar, suddenly stone-faced and stiff. He was deeply ashamed to have been caught moving around so carelessly and in such an undignified manner. Even as she forgave him, he mumbled an extended apology that was hardly intelligible, his eyes focused on the ground at her feet rather than her eyes. He gingerly accepted her hand in a shake as she offered it, still thrown off by their sudden collision and his subsequent embarrassment. Yorick watched impassively, unsure of whether to seem entertained by the incident or sympathetic to the boy's humiliation.

"Peter," he replied to her introduction. Then, realizing that his name was rather more common than hers, he added, "Saint-Cyr."

Yorick, the Zangoose replied calmly to Nyx's inquiry during the ensuing lull in the humans' conversation. And yours?

Peter, however, had a low tolerance for awkward silences and was already moving, feigning to check his watch - that was at least ten minutes off and which he rarely needed anyway. "Um, I'd better get going, I'll be late for class. Nice meeting you, see you around!" And he was off, grabbing Yorick's paw and practically dragging the Pokemon along the path. Yorick shot the Gengar an apologetic look over his shoulder as he went, but made no protest until they were out of sight and earshot.

We're not going to be late. And I know you don't want to be early either, he stated matter of factly. Peter said nothing, and the Zangoose decided not to push it.

The rest of the day went by fairly quickly. Peter tried to pay full attention in all his classes, but he found himself slipping by the end of the day during Algebra. All he could think of was how he must have come off as an uptight jerk (and a clumsy one at that) to the girl he'd met earlier. He'd pretty much blown his chance to perhaps forge a potential alliance, make a new friend. And as much as he didn't want to admit it, he needed friends - human ones, that is. He hadn't had a real one since his best friend from the Pre-classes had dropped out the year before.

The boy was still distracted, consumed in thought as the math class was released. He was slow to gather his books and materials and stuff them in his plain brown bookbag. And he walked slower than normal as he exited the Academics Complex. Yorick, beside him, knew better than to ask him what was wrong. He had a pretty good idea anyway.

August 5th, 2008, 3:10 PM
The blonde haired older teen, accompanied by his faithful companian Fallon, walked through the Dorm hallways making his way back to the room he has called home for many years. The Persian glanced upward at Galvin and then let out a giggle, this attracted Galvin's attention as nothing had been said that could have remotely been funny.

"What's up with you?"

"Oh..nothing. Just walking with you to your room."

Galvin squinted his eyes and released the smile that had been wanting to burst out, the feeling of suspicious filling his body. Not knowing what Fallon was up to usually meant that some kind of trickery was in store for him. The last time "nothing" was going on, Galvin ended up with shoes filled with fruit that took a week to fully clean out. Not wanting to push the issue, Galvin adjusted the backpack that was hanging on his left shoulder and let the red spiral bond notebook wave around as his right arm moved front and back while he walked. The Persian again let out a giggle, but this time Galvin didn't turn and look at the cat like creature - instead he begun running as fast as he could through the remaining hallway to try and reach the dorm room before Fallon could initiate her plan.

"HA! Try and catch me now."

Fallon had continued at the same pace towards the dorm room, not that Galvin would have noticed since he had yet to look back and was pushing open the door when the sudden feeling of defeat overcame him. What accompanied this feeling was a blast of flour that had been hooked up to some odd contraption that only Fallon could have thrown together. Galvin stepped back into the hallway and turned in the direction of his companion, who was now no longer walking and was rolling on the ground laughing at how well she had manipulated the situation to her benefit, and glared intently.

"You..you..I don't even know!"

All Galvin could do was point and shake his right index finger before busting out in laughter at the whole event. Every year, since they had become partners, Fallon would pull a practical joke on him the first day of classes to help release all the stress/fear he might have of all the new teachers and what not. He began dusting himself off as he walked back into his dorm room, flour now all over the floor from where he walked and shook himself off. The Persian strolled in a few moments later and used her head to close the door, a click signaling that it was shut completely. As Fallon turned around she stood face to face with two small squirt guns, both of which appeared to be completely filled with water.

"Now Galvin, lets be civilized about this. There's no need fo-," but she was cut off as jets of water began shooting out of the plastic toys and spraying her in the face and body. Shortly after, the sounds of spurting showed the both water guns were empty and Fallon was left dripping wet.

"Revenge is a dish best served cold, but sometimes its fun to do it when its still hot."

"After all these years, you finally got me back. Bravo!"

Galvin tossed a towel on top of Fallon and used the other one in his hand to finish cleaning the flour off his head. Then he walked over to the corner and used a mini vaccum to clean up the carpet and what flour remained on his clothes.

"This was a fun first day of classes. Now time for work! Lets go for a run."

"Okay sounds good, maybe a good air drying will give me a nice fluffy coat of fur."

Galvin changed into some shorts and then both of them took off out the door to go for a run.

Master Electrician
August 5th, 2008, 3:44 PM
Gavin glared at the woman? Man? Beside me, although most of the expression was lost behind the shades. He gestured to one of the newspaper vending machines displaying a prominent headline reading, "New Oldtown Destroyed!" accompanied by a massive color photo of the devastation above the fold. The name of the town offended his sensibilities, but the ruins twisted the dagger in his heart. It was almost indistinguishable from what had been done to his own home. Only the background was different, a seaside instead of mountains. He growled, "Not much to be happy about lately, is there?" He picked up up pace, stalking off to Physics.

The rest of the day passed without much event, classes seemed immaterial and he spent most of Geo/Gov perusing the paper for details about the attack. Nothing much had changed, at least that was being released to the press. No known survivors. Sambo was the only thing that really soothed him, he let loose his rage on the punching bags and plastic dummies, barely remembering to check himself when it came time for group sparring. Even then, he fought with a fury and a sadism that was completely unlike his former discipline.

Whwn class was winding down, Instructor Beyman came over to Gavin, looking at him with an odd mixture of approval and concern. He said very simply, "You will return here thirty minutes after your last class." Gavin nodded and saved the curl of his lip for after his back was turned.

Afternoon classes he was similarly indifferent to, barely noticing the transition of one to the next. When the last was done, he walked back to his room, Wraith flying in shortly behind him. From under his bed, Gavin pulled a map of Minami that had been glued to a bulliten board to keep it firm. From his desk, he took a red Sharpie and marked off New Oldtown, then sat down to think. It was odd. All the attacks thus far had been on small towns. That, of course, made sense. No commander, even a [i]rebel[/], he thought with a grimace would risk an unprepared army against anywhere with a sizable garrison. But all of the places attacked had been secluded as well. Places that few people visited, or had even necessarily heard of. No major historical sites. No major natural resources. The kinds of places that most people probably had never even heard of before it began. That was what bothered Gavin. Why take such effort to level these nothing settlements? Wouldn't something that would enflame the population, bring up old grudges and resentments make more sense?

He shook his head. It was time to visit his instructor. He walked back to the athletics complex alone, having told Wraith to stay put. He found the thick-necked, well-muscled man in their usual practice room. He said, "You are two minutes and thirty-eight seconds late, Gavin."

"Sorry," Gaving replied noncommitally.

"You were different today," Instructor Beyman replied. "I could feel your rage. It was good to have you break out of such strict self-control. Rage keeps you alive on the battlefield." The man would know, he had scars from his time in active combat duty. "But you must learn to control it as well. Channel it. What makes you angry?"

Gavin sidestepped carefully. "The attacks on our homeland."

"You have never been much of a patriot before this," the other replied, turning to face Gavin and stepping forward. "Is this something newfound? Or is it more personal?"

Gavin turned and left, saying coldly, "I'm legal, and class is over. I'll see you tomorrow."

As he walked out, he heard his instructor say, "I expect to see an improvement, Gavin, or I will find out these things the hard way."

August 5th, 2008, 9:08 PM
Chrysanthi's classes seemed to slip by more quickly than usual this day. The first day of class usually went so slowly for her, but she was already through the last one already. She spent a few extra minutes with her drawing professor, going over her latest sketches, and now she was slowly working her way back along the tree-lined paths to her dorm room for a little relaxation.

As she walked back, Chrysanthi found her eyes straying toward the clouds and between the leaves. She became quietly entranced by the way the sunlight was streaming through the spaces between the verdant foliage.

As she was walking, she bumped into something. Someone. She blinked at the surprisingly Pokemon-less boy about her age. She thought he was in the same year as her. Taia chuckled in her mind a bit.

"Excuse me," Chyrsanthi said politely. "I wasn't really watching where I was going."

Emerald Yoshi
August 5th, 2008, 10:13 PM
Name: Chann
Age: 14.8
Appearance: Young-Looking, smooth face, spiky hair, wears large T-shirts with baggy jeans, always carries his guitar with him.
Personality: Laid-Back. Even when he is in danger, he takes it like it's smoothly. He can take jokes, and doesn't mind just about anything, but only if it harms. When he plays his Guitar, people say that Pokemon dance to the melody, and his own Pokemon has learned to sing in Pokemon. His Pokemon, Flygon, is popular, and the female Pokemon LIKE him. However, Chann has a hard time with Female Trainers. But he can work it out. He has a girlfriend, her name is Shona, and although she doesnt train a Pokemon, she helps Chann through his adventures.
History: Chann was born to be a Pokemon Trainer. However, his family was killed in a casino while he was in the bathroom. Now he looks to his Pokemon for protection, and for a friend. He walks on foot to all places, and loves metal rock. His Pokemon also likes Metal rock. As a team, they have defeated legends, but legends who vanished and were forgotten of for eternity. Even though his life story is sad, he continues to be a quite happy person. He'll do anything to help anyone, espeically his Girlfriend.
Pokemon: Flygon. His name is Wasp. Wasp is a male.
Other: Favorite color is Emerald Green, loves Cheese, and favorite sport is Baseball. He cares mostly about Pokemon. Since he is young, he knows not to learn about Pokemon mating. However, he understands how it works. So, when learning about Pokemon, he cares about his Pokemon being at top health, being active, looking great, and being happy.
Class Schedule: Drawing, Journalism, First Aid, Script Writing, Zoology, Court Sports, Pokemon Wellness, and Grooming.
Chann and Wasp took a stroll through the park. "Wanna play Frisbee, Wasp?" Wasp looked quite happy and flew out into the field. Chann through it 500 feet in the air. Flygon caught it, but a Bird excremented on Wasp. "Oh buddy!" said Chann. "Let's get you clean"
Chann took Wasp to a lake. He got into his swimming trunks and swam with Wasp. They enjoyed splashing each other. Then Chann went to his backpack to get out the soap. "Good thing I go to Grooming class. C/mere Wasp!" Wasp flew over to him and put his back into his face.
Chann put the soap onto Wasp's back. Wasp looked relieved. Once the soap was apllied, Wasp dived into the lake. He was covered in bubbles. "Good boy!" said Chann. Wasp was very happy and flew to Chann. Then he licked him on the cheek to show his affection.
However, a girl with her Squirtle looked at Chann and Wasp. "He's cute, dont you think?" sthe girl asked her Squirtle. Squirtle nodded and said "Squir!" which in Pokemon talk, meant "I think the Flygon is a heartthrob!!!". Then Chann turned around and saw the girl. He blushed and dove underwater.
While underwater, Chann thought about what to say. "How are you?....Nope" He still thought. Then Wasp dove into the water, grabbed Chann by the shorts, and carried him to the girl. The girl was laughing and blushing. "Uhhh..umm. hi". said Chann. "What's up?"
The girl introduced herself. "Call me Lilee. I have my squirtle with me. Her name is BlueBerry." BlueBerry stuck out her hand to give a handshake to Flygon. Flygon blushed. Then he scratched his head. He shook her hand with a grin. "Hey", said Chann. "Do you want to join us on our adventure?"
The Shona appeared with them. "How are you, Chann? See you made a new friend". Shona knew Chann would never cheat on her. "Im fine" said Lilee. Shona took a look at Chann. "Went swimming?". "Yes", Chann replied. "Wasp needed a bath."
Shona said "How about I join in?" Then Shona got into her bathing suit, and her, Chann, and Wasp played together.
Lilee seemed upset Chann already had a girlfriend. But she decided just to be friends. So she got on her bathing suit and joined in the fun. Even BlueBerry played with the group.

August 5th, 2008, 10:41 PM
Kai awoke with a start to confront the thing he most despised: his alarm clock. He would have pounded the thing into silence as he so wanted to, but decided against it, seeing as his alarm was also the most sophisticated piece of military technology in existence.

“Porygon, I’m awake,” he mumbled towards his bed stand, where the completely code-based, bird-like pokemon perched. The creature had taken over a wireless speaker meant just for the purpose, and was emitting a high-pitched, wavering whine through it.

You don’t look awake, Porygon retorted, his personable but metallic voice coming through an earpiece that Kai constantly wore. He stopped the sound, relinquishing the wifi-based hold he had established on the speaker. You do remember that today is the first day of school, yes?

“Of course I do,” Kai retorted. “How could I forget?” he moaned, tossing violently on his bed to emphasize his displeasure. Another year. Another freaking year. One simply filled with the wonderful joys of education. The young man half-smiled, half-grimaced at his own sarcasm. It wasn’t that he minded school, but right now, it was interfering with sleep. “Try to guess which one I more enjoy,” he mumbled to himself.

Sleep, of course, Porygon answered. They had been over this before. But right now you need to get up. Shall I pull the blinds myself, or will you do it?

“Of course I’ll do it,” Kai replied, if only to save his eyes the agony of sunlight for a few more moments. He tossed off his covers, swung his legs over the side of the bed, and blinked for a few moments to clear his sleep-blurred vision. Then he stood slowly, stretched mightily, and padded over to the window.

Suddenly he remembered that he should be seeing something rather funny just about then, and flung open the blinds with gusto, nearly upsetting a cup of pens on the dresser nearby. Sure enough, there were a few students already roaming the campus sidewalks outside. “Nice,” he said, and smiled. “Exactly one hour early.”

It had been Kai and Porygon’s tradition since being together to set a select few students’ alarm clocks forward an hour on the first day of school. Since everything on the grounds was connected through wireless internet, this posed no trouble to Porygon’s code-based abilities. Kai of course never told anyone that he and his partner were the culprits, and thus secured them both from future suspicion as they repeated the prank. The trick had become somewhat of a legend among the other students: it had been blamed last year on a malignant ghost that could control time, one that did not appear despite numerous all-nighters hosted by the more gullible among them. Since these events were usually held in public places such as the amphitheater, where there was surveillance cameras, Kai had footage, which he couldn’t help but laugh at each time he watched.

You’re going to be exactly one hour late if you don’t hurry, Porygon scolded. I’ll make breakfast while you get ready, he added cheerily.

“Just some cereal today,” Kai said. His partner could not exactly be considered a chef. While Porygon worked in the corner-kitchen, he went to his dresser and pulled out a vibrant blue t-shirt with a white logo on the front and a pair of white cargo shorts. These he pulled on with practiced ease, followed by two plain low-cut socks and his beloved shoes. The shoes were brown, unpolished leather, and were designed to fit in no matter where they were worn, be he at an upscale party or walking on the street. They were practical as well, with a tough grip made to work in as versatile an array of environments as the shoes themselves. His outfit donned, Kai went to the bathroom, shaved quickly and precisely in both directions as was his custom, and brushed his teeth.

Ready to eat? Porygon inquired as Kai left the bathroom, flying a bowl of fruit-flavored cereal to the young man’s waiting hands.

“Ready,” Kai said, and then sat down at the small table in the middle of the main room. He took a bite, and grimaced: the fruit flavors from the cereal and the mint taste of the toothpaste clashed unpleasantly on his taste buds. The young man forced the rest of the food down regardless. “Maybe just plain grain cereal tomorrow,” he mentioned to Porygon as he stood, who bobbed his head.

Kai glanced at his watch, a simple silver digital: the face read 8:45. He had fifteen minutes to be in his Physics class. “Let’s walk today,” he called to his partner, grabbing his completely gray backpack from beside the door. Porygon could have teleported them to within a few millimeters of their desk, but the process felt strange and would waste an opportunity to catch some exercise besides.

As they walked and floated to class, Kai listened to Porygon relate the latest news while simultaneously opening his senses to the bustle of their surroundings. He noted that quite a few of the younger students appeared nervous: probably getting their pokemon today, he surmised, or trying to find new classes.

His partner began to talk to him about recent hostile activities around Minami, and he returned his full attention to the pokemon, his interest piquing. Being thus preoccupied, he almost stepped in a trail of molten lava that a Slugma had carelessly left behind. A warning signal from Porygon in his earpiece stopped him short, and his immediate response to seeing how close he had come to disaster was relief that his shoes were safe. He sighed, and then ducked into a nearby hall to grab a fire extinguisher. After cooling the swath of lava directly crossing the sidewalk, he asked Porygon to send the janitor an e-mail describing the situation and then continued on his way.

Classes that day were uneventful, the first day serving, as always, to acquaint teachers and students. Only about half of Kai’s mentors were in even the slightest way enthralling, although his physics teacher, a Mr. Alt, he felt he could get along with. The man was very passionate about the material, as was Kai himself, and he liked the man almost instantly. Ms. Valtaklis, his drawing teacher, he also liked. She had a silent kind of love for her subject that showed more through her actions than her sparse words, and her face lit up when she saw a sketch of Porygon that Kai had drawn on the back of the syllabus handed out during class. It was nothing extravagant, he explained, more of a doodle than anything, but she insisted on giving him a new page and letting her keep the drawing.

Porygon enjoyed their terrain battle class the most, even though they only learned a simple list of what types of attacks were effective in different settings. Kai sat stifling yawns through a session full of amazing bits of information such as “fire attacks are useless underwater,” and “electricity carries well in a wet environment,” but his partner was listening with enraptured interest.

That was quite enlightening, don’t you agree? Porygon offered as they walked back to the dorms: TB was their final class for the day.

“It was certainly something,” Kai responded, rolling his shoulders under his heavy backpack.

Just think, the pokemon said, missing the sarcasm in his partner’s voice. My body composition allows me to change quickly and efficiently between types, as long as I am placed in direct contact with an element.

Kai was slowly realizing why his partner was so interested. “Right…you just use Conversion 2 when you’re touching something or when you’re being attacked, and you become resistant to that type.”

Correct, Porygon continued. Therefore, I have no inherent terrain weakness: I can just change to suit the environment.

It was an interesting thought. A pokemon that could function anywhere would have a distinct advantage in battle. “But that leaves the problem of your attack spread,” Kai said and thought at the same time. It was a problem that had plagued their battling career from the outset. “Right now, you only know three damaging moves: Tackle, which doesn’t do much in the first place, Psybeam, and Signal Beam. That only hits plant, poison, and fighting for super effective.”

Those are only moves I can do myself…I’m sure I could do more with help.

“By ‘help,’ do you mean mods?” Kai asked, and was met with an affirmative nod. His pace slowed. Modifications were nothing new to either of them: Kai himself had built a few for Porygon, his alarm clock being a good example. All he had to do was create a contraption and attach it to a digital interface, which was a small black panel provided by the government for Porygon to use. The interfaces meshed seamlessly with the pokemon’s digital body, and allowed him to utilize whatever electronics where necessary for the mod to function.

But what Porygon had in mind was no alarm clock, nor was it anywhere near as benign. Kai wasn’t sure he felt entirely comfortable making mods with the sole intent of causing damage, nor was he certain the instructors would allow it. He supposed he could design the mods to mimic a certain attack, such as building a taser to allow his partner the use of Thunderbolt, but he would have to clear it first. He had Porygon send an e-mail on his behalf to Mr. Carvahall, their TB instructor, as they reached the dormitory building.

Instead of going in, however, Kai glanced over to the walkway by the female dorms: a bit of activity in the otherwise-deserted area had caught his attention. He saw two people standing there, one a woman and obviously on her way to her room and the other a man, both about his age.

The man seemed curiously out of place. The fact that he was so near the female dormitory wasn't entirely odd in-and-of-itself, as the pair could very well have been an item and were simply saying good-bye for the day. What really caught Kai's attention was the fact that this other boy had no pokemon. He decided to see what happened, and leaned against the wall of the male dorms to wait.

August 6th, 2008, 5:26 AM
Kirov ducked down behind the bush, hoping Amber hadn't seen him. That seemed likely, given that she had had her face buried in her wet arms, sobbing quietly. He wasn't sure whether he should go and talk to her. On one hand, he definitely was not good at helping people with their problems or known for saying the right things at the right time. In fact, just the opposite. He had only talked to Amber twice, and they had barely exchanged more than a few words. He was probably not the person she needed to comfort her. On the other hand, she really looked like she needed help.

But again, Kirov knew he wasn't the kind of person who was good at giving that kind of help. And he barely knew her. Deciding to leave it to one of Amber's other friends, he stood up, still crouching slightly to hide behind the thick bush, and quickly walked off.

You're not going to talk to her? Airio asked.

Kirov glanced at his Pokemon friend, perched on his left shoulder. "We've barely said three words to each other," he mumbled, which was a slight exaggeration, "and I'm not the kind of person who's good at giving help."

Airio nodded his head from side to side slightly in agreement. Well, that's definitely true.

"You're lucky I'm a nice guy, otherwise I wouldn't tolerate you making fun of me with every other sentence you say."

Which is why I make fun of you, the spider Pokemon clicked happily.

The rest of Kirov's classes were decidedly uneventful. All they did in Pokemon Breeding was a few exercises to get to know each other's classmates. Algebra was just review of what he had learned last year. Battle Strategies/Tactics was a just brief overview of what types were effective and weak against others, and what effects such as Poison or Paralysis did to your Pokemon. Stuff people learned when they were in elementary school, if not as part of their school curriculum, then just from the everyday gossip and talking. And they didn't even get to go into the pool today for Swimming, instead being lectured about Pool Safety and Proper Technique for the better part of two hours.

When the Swimming without swimming was over, Kirov rushed back to his dorm, eager to get in a good dinner before showering and going to bed. Airio was snoozing on his shoulder, firmly attached by a silk thread, so he wouldn't fall off. Hugging the wall of the dorms as to minimize the amount of distance he had to travel, he thought about how nice a good spaghetti dinner would be. Even a microwavable spaghetti dinner in a plastic container he had bought from the school store.

Airio awoke with a snort. Oh, is Swimming over already? A rhetorical question that Kirov didn't bother replying to. That was possible the most boring two hours of my life.

Kirov looked down at his partner, still walking briskly. "You're lucky you get to sleep through it." He glowered at the Spinarak. "I have no such luxury."

You can sleep too, you know, Airio reminded him. You'll just get into trouble.

"Which is exactly the problem."

Airio shrugged his front legs. Your choice.

"For a bug, you do an awful lot of philosophizing," Kirov snapped. It was true, Airio often spouted Nihilistic nonsense instead of helpful advice.

What can I say, I have an awful lot of spare time, Airio clicked, raising his head in glee.

Kirov shook his head in annoyance.

Hey, look out where you're going, 20/20! Airio cried in alarm.

"Huh?" Kirov was halfway through turning his head to look where he was going when he quite literally ran into a man leaning against the wall of the male dorms. Slightly dazed, he stepped back uncertainly. "Oh, sorry."

Master Electrician
August 6th, 2008, 1:46 PM
Gavin bumped into something warm and solid. Reflex took over and he settled into a fighting stance, weight shifted forward onto his left leg, hands up to guard and kept open to grab. He relaxed a little when he saw what he'd hit.

The young man was startled out of the shroud of immediate anger that his conversation with his instructor had left him in. A girl stood a pace or two away, having backed off after bumping into him. He supposed she was attractive, in an ethereal sort of way, but that kind of thing didn't catch his notice much anymore. He cocked an eyebrow above the top of his shades and growled, "That much is apparent, kid. Watch it."

He lowered the sunglasses, looking at her without interference for a moment. It might have been a mistake, she looked shy to begin with and he was very aware that his expression right now, always anymore, was very cold. He asked, "You need something?" and pushed the shades back up.

August 6th, 2008, 7:12 PM
“Snap, snap, snap”

As sunset was approaching, Akira and his Absol continued to take pictures of every single thing they say; no matter how dumb or senseless it was to take a picture of the item. Akira believed that many really good shots are hidden and would only be found out when you gave a second look on what you captured; so many times he just went around taking pictures to nothing. Yeah, kinda stupid; but he needed to spend some time doing, believing in something. The day had grown increasingly boring, and though Akira was nearly positive that it was his fault for not doing anything about it; he didn’t feel like acting upon it, at least yet. There was still a while of sunlight and sundown, probably Akira’s favrite time of the day, was approaching, the pair decided to stay there just for more of a while and continued to take pictures of everything surrounding them.

The duo walked around the place, focusing on every single thing that drew their attention, no matter how stupid or ridiculous it was. First, Akira noticed how above them a flock of Farfetch’d was flying in a perfect V shape. ~Hey, look, Slash. A flock of Farfetch’d. It isn’t that usual to see Pokemon travel in groups this days...~ Akira said to his partner as he raised to camera and locked the sight on the Pokemon; taking a very good picture in which only the silhouette of the Pokemon was seen, with very slight coloring. ~Yeah, what the flock~

At the comment of his companion, the tall male couldn’t help but to laugh; wondering where’d that come from. ~Ha, yeah; whatever. Let’s move on....~ Akira continued to take pictures of anything that came along in his path; whether it be the shade of a tree or a zoom on a pretty flower, until eventually he ran out of stuff to photograph. It was when he saw a female with an Espeon about to engage in a conversation with a male. Akira loved the Eevee evolutions; Espeon being one of his favorites, only topped by Leafeon. Not feeling like restraining the want of capturing the Espeon’s majestic image and poise, Akira took a picture of the three beings, sight focused on Espeon and the humans as a soft background. A soft, white flash shot out in their direction, but they probably didn’t notice that. Then; Akira turned around and saw two guys, one who had just bumped the other. Moving his hands at the speed of light, Akira took a picture of the moment; the position of the two making it obious of what had just happened. A quick picture for the laughs, apparently.

After this, Slash yawned. ~I’m tired, can we go now?~ Slash said.

~No~ Akira told to his Pokemon. I want to stay here for a while. After saying this, Akira walked over to a small found right next to where he was and sat down; waiting for the sunset to take a picture of it.

August 6th, 2008, 10:16 PM
Kai was still watching the two figures near the female dorms when he was abruptly struck from behind. The young man had been leaning his shoulder against the wall, hands in his pockets, and was sent sprawling unstoppably forward by the impact. “Well this is going to suck,” he thought, and then landed flat on his face. He stayed there.

Are you…okay? Porygon floated down to nudge the boy’s shoulder with his beak.

“Oh, fine,” Kai said sarcastically, picking himself up slowly off the ground, a nasty cut on his forehead just beginning to drip blood. “Get a potion out of my pack, would you?”

While his partner fumbled with the zipper on his backpack, Kai turned to see what had hit him. It was another boy, around his age if a little younger, who was currently mumbling an apology.

“Don’t worry about it,” Kai replied, accepting the green-and-purple spray bottle that Porygon was offering him. “Running into people seems to be a somewhat common greeting here.” He pulled back his hair, and then sprayed the pressurized contents of the canister he held onto his forehead. The resulting sensation Kai would have likened to having his face torn off by a Houndoom. “And besides,” he gasped to the other boy. “I was the one in the way.” As he said this, he glanced pointedly at the good five feet of open sidewalk next to him. Then, he returned his attention to the pokemon-less character that he had been watching before, the cut on his forehead visibly diminishing as the potion did its work. He didn't speak again.

After a moment of awkward silence, Kai’s backpack loudly crackled as Porygon took over a pair of wireless speakers housed inside. I’m Porygon, and this is Kai, he said to the others, his voice sounding strangely disembodied as it didn’t come directly from him. And you are?

August 7th, 2008, 4:07 AM
Kirov stared at the talking backpack for a few seconds, the thing momentarily taking his attention off the other student. Then it clicked. Oh, Porygon. In that case, there was probably some kind of speaker in the backpack, which would explain the disembodied voice. "Um, my name is Kirov, and this is..." he glanced at his shoulder, then looked around, suddenly realizing that Airio wasn't there.

A clicking noise drew his attention upward. The spider Pokemon had scrambled up the dormitory wall, presumably knocked loose by the sudden impact. Learn to watch where you're going while talking, midget.

"Uh, that's Airio," Kirov continued, pointing upwards, then looking back at Kai. "Sorry again about that, completely my fault."

August 7th, 2008, 3:43 PM
Chrysanthi was taken slightly aback, using the moment to brush a strand of her silvery blonde hair behind her ear. Hearing the guy refer to her as "kid" was a bit more of an annoyance than she would let go so easily.

It was about then that Chrysanthi realized who the person she'd bumped into was. His name was Gavin, and they'd had their first battle tactics class together. They were indeed in the same year.

"I'm not 'some kid', Gavin. You're in the same years as I am. We've had a few classes together, whether you remember or not," Chrysanthi huffed.

Taia looked at her human curiously. Chrysanthi wasn't usually this outgoing. But as her human folded her arms across her shapely chest, Taia knew Chrys wasn't going to back down easilly.

However, Chrysanthi's posture wasn't accusing. She had simply folded her arms across her chest and taken on a more contemplative look. "And no, I guess I don't really need anything."

She paused for a moment and reached down to rub her Espeon's head. "Have you gotten supper yet?" she asked carefully.

Master Electrician
August 7th, 2008, 4:14 PM
Gavin relaxed his posture completely, hands dropping to his sides. Of course, there was the dive knife strapped to his left ankle and the folder in his right jacket pocket if she changed her mind. Someone had to be supporting the scum, maybe she was a part of it... He shook his head. That line of thinking wasn't good. Suspicion, then paranoia, then a string of killings that would make him no better than they were. I dimly felt Wraith's approval in the back of his mind.

His tone was still a little terse as he spoke, but lacked the growl from before. He said, "I guess I do remember you. I'm not exactly the kid you knew from class." He took the sunglasses off and clipped them to his shirt, adding, "I'm bad company. You might want a different dinner partner anyways."

August 7th, 2008, 5:19 PM
Kai finally recognized the young man across the way as Gavin, a student one year his senior. He had been thrown off by the fact that Wraith, the boy’s Skarmory, was not with him. In fact, Wraith was the only reason Kai paid any attention to the pair in the first place: the pokemon was covered in razor-sharp feathers, a fact that Kai couldn’t help but appreciate. He would never dream of holding any pokemon above Porygon in terms of favoritism, but Skarmory was nothing short of cool. Without the steel bird, however, Gavin was just another face in the crowd. Although he did have a good taste in fashion, Kai noted, what with all the pockets. No telling what he kept in those. Maybe they should talk about it sometime.

The earpiece reserved solely for Porygon’s voice suddenly gave a piercing screech. Kai clapped a hand to the side of his head, and turned to his partner with a grimace. “What was that for?” he hissed.

I had to get your attention somehow…that was the third time I called you, the pokemon scolded. Could you at least acknowledge these two’s existence? They seem friendly enough.

Kai realized that the boy who had knocked him over was still standing there, and that a Spinarak was hanging just above him by a length of silk. “Um…hey,” he said lamely.

“Nice to meet you, Kirov,” he added as Porygon irritably fed the boy’s name into his ear: he hadn’t been paying attention while the others exchanged formalities. “And Airio.” He shook Kirov’s hand, and then Airio offered him one of his many legs. Kai hesitated for a moment, and then shook the leg between two fingers, the spidery pokemon bobbing around on the thread as he did so.

You eat, yes? Porygon asked of the others once they were acquainted. Kai imagined that it was probably the strangest question they had ever heard, but it made sense coming from his partner: the pokemon simply digitized food and then absorbed the nutrients he needed from the resulting ether. Physically eating was entirely foreign to him, not to mention an endless sense of wonderment. We could go to the cafeteria, or we have Ramen in our dorm. Hungry?

August 7th, 2008, 5:36 PM
Airio scratched his head with a leg in puzzlement. What kind of question is "You eat, yes?"?

Kirov didn't exactly know what to make of the question, either, but one didn't have to know why a person asked a question to answer it. "Uh, yeah, we eat. Don't you?" Maybe Porygon didn't eat food, being digital and all.

At the mention of the cafeteria, he stuck a hand inside one of the many pockets lining the inside of his coat, checking for his wallet. As usual, it was there with its reassuring leather. Losing things came more naturally to Kirov that it did for most people, so he often fretted about such things. To that end, Airio actually helped, as the spider Pokemon was capable of laying tiny strong but extremely stretchy silk threads leading from important objects which Kirov had a tendency to misplace to his web in the corner of their dorm.

Still, he wondered if it was a good idea to eat with Kai and Porygon. The Pokemon seemed quite friendly, but the human half of the partnership seemed to be incapable of caring much less. Well, it was them offering, so it was only polite to accept. Besides, Kirov could always use the extra acquaintance. "I guess the cafeteria would be fine."

August 7th, 2008, 6:02 PM
For some reason, Chrysanthi could see the pain hidden behind Gavin's eyes. "I'm not the kid you remember from class," he scolded her. She bit her lower lip quietly and took a fraction of a step backwards. As she did so, she felt Taia's head nudge gently into the crook behind her knee.

The reassurance from her partner was all she needed.

"Bad company is better than no company at all," Chrysanthi grinned.

Her face softened after she let the retort flow almost effortlessly from her mouth. She tipped her gaze upwards, looking to the sky. The sunlight felt good dappled against her silky skin. A soft breeze stirred around the pair, teasing Chrysanthi's dress about her form and extending her ringlets out behind her for a moment.

Her smile grew playful after she had relished in the momentary cool of the breeze. Chrysanthi reached out and snatched Gavin's hand. She turned decisively toward the cafeteria complex and tugged him along. "Do you like curry? That little resteraunt on the roof makes a wonderful curry. And since we're on the roof, Wraith can come and join us as well."

Chrys wasn't sure if Gavin would be weirded out by the fact that she knew his Pokemon's name or impressed by the fact. She just had a really good memory for that sort of thing.

August 7th, 2008, 6:51 PM
~Dude, dude, check this out, it’s like, totally awesome~

Akira continued to sit down in the bench, doing absolutely nothing but staring at the horizon; waiting for the sun to be in just the perfect position to capture a beautiful sunset. Slash, on the other hand, got bored and didn’t feel like not doing anything, so, using only his mouth, he started juggling with small, circular rocks. He had to throw one into the air in a way that it stayed in the same track back to his mouth, but without hitting the one that was already coming down. Not that easy of a task, but hey; boredom leads things into doing impossible tasks. ~Hey, Akira, check this out. Awesome, ehh?~ The Absol communicated to Akira without stopping the juggling.

~Yeah, yeah , pretty cool.~ Akira said without turning to NightSlash.

~How can you say it’s cool? You didn’t turn to see me!~ The Absol complained as he continued to throw the rocks up in the air. ~Hold on... It’s almost ready...~ Akira mumbled, in reference to the sunset. The boy prepared the photographic camera and locked the sight on the horizon, watching the sun go down a very small distance with each passing second. He fixed the zoom to capture the landscape but still emphazising the sunset and then took a large breath, holding it right there. Doing that helped so that when he tried to aim carefully and stiffen his hands, they wouldn’t succumb to those slight, involuntary shakes. “Three... Two... One...”


A very bright flash shot out from the small bulb within the camera, blinding the whole area for a second. This caused NightSlash to flinch and therefore drop the rocks he was juggling with. ~Aw, c’mon, man! I was aiming for 300 repetitions!!!~ NightSlash said in an angry and dissapointed mood as he shifted up to Akira, who was just staring at his camera. A perfect shot, it had been. The amateur could really capture moments like someone who had done this for many years. Smiling slightly at his great achievement, Akira turned to Slash.

~I thought you could only count to 100.~ Akira said as he smirked to his partner.


~ C’mon pal, let’s get going. ~ Akira said as he stretched his arm towards the white Pokemon and patted his head softly, motion to which Absol replied by smiling comfortably and nodding. Placing the camera around his neck, Akira stood up, Slash following from close behind, and made their way back; walking at a rather slower than average pace and examining their surroundings carefully.

Master Electrician
August 7th, 2008, 8:56 PM
Gavin asked Wraith, You wanna have some company for dinner? It's that girl from one of our old classes. Silvery hair, kinda dreamy. Espeon partner. He attached a mental picture of her to the thought, Wraith was usually better at remembering these things than He was. Especially lately.

He though back, Chrysanthi, Gavin. She goes by Chrys if you prefer something shorter. You really are hopeless. He was obviously pleased, though. The young man could feel him taking off, glad that he wasn't snacking on Pop-tarts and Coke for dinner again. He shook my head, the Skarmory had a protective instinct that always managed to baffle him. It took had taken a solid six months after their bonding to convince him to let Gavin fly even a short distance.

Gavin said, "Yeah, Wraith'll join us. And I really don't care where we eat, I'll just have something light." His stomach growled a little in protest, but anything me managed to actually get to his mouth usually tasted like ash his stomach would usually bring it back up. He'd taken to having four smaller meals a day and even then, he was losing weight. "If you want curry, that's fine with me."

August 8th, 2008, 5:57 AM
When Amber was done crying, she realized nobody noticed.

"Thank god..." Amber thought to herself. The last thing she needed was someone to notice that she had been crying, and to make fun of her for it. She went back to her dorm, and took a shower. Then, she went to dinner. She saw Kirov. Amber sat down next to him after getting her dinner. She decided not to talk to him, since he was talking to someone else. She just ate her dinner. However, after eating her dinner, she didn't feel so good... she felt similar to when she had a horrible headache and stomachache a few days ago in mating class. She felt like she was going to pass out. She felt like she was going to throw up, so Amber ran to the bathroom. However, on the way to the bathroom, she collapsed. Everything went dark, and she felt numb. So there sat her body, in the middle of the Cafeteria, completely passed out.

August 8th, 2008, 9:02 AM
Naiya watched the two go.
That was odd...said Nyx, slightly confused. "Yeah, it was. Oh well...we might meet them again sometime. Did you catch the Zangoose's name?" asked Naiya.

He said his name was Yorick. said Nyx, picking up Naiya's fallen shoulder bag. He handed it to her.
We better get going. We are gonna be late for Mythology!

Naiya took her bag. "Oh crap, I forgot for a second! We better hurry."

They headed towards the Academics Center, barley making it in before the late bell was sounded.
Naiya usually paid close attention to the lessons, but she just couldn't focus on her work. Her mind kept wandering to the two she had met earlier. Would she see them again? Did they have classes together? Would they be friends?

Naiya laid on her desk, face burried in her arms, deep in thought. Nyx, who was busy chewing on a pencil, noticed her odd behavior. He tapped her shoulder with one of his claws.
Naiya, whats the matter? You better sit up or your gonna get both of us in trouble.

Naiya brought her face up, her hair sticking to her cheeks. "Sorry. I'm just a little tired." she whispered. She pulled her sketchbook out and began to sketch Palkia and Dialga, the space and time ledgends. Nyx went back to knawing on his pencil, but he kept watching her out of the corner of his eye. Something was wrong. Naiya usually paid close attention in this class...he decided he would slowly coax the answer out of her, one way or another.

August 8th, 2008, 10:10 AM
Chrysanthi smiled as Gavin informed her that Wraith would indeed be joining them. She continued to hang on to his hand for another few feet before releasing her phalanged prisoner and falling into an easy pace beside Gavin.

The pair wound their way about the gently curving paths of the Guild toward the cafeteria complex. After a quick ride up the elevator to the roof, the wafting smells of deliciously spicy foods reached Chrysanthi's nose. She took a deep breath and turned to smile at Gavin. "Well, come on then."

She sauntered over to the stand and ordered a bowl of curry and rice. The little restaurant quickly made up her order and handed over the savory-smelling meal. Chrysanthi gave Gavin a sweet little smile before going to take up temporary residence at a little table near the edge of the roof, right next to a large perch, just about perfectly sized for a Pidgeot or Skamory.

Taia jumped up into Chrysanthi's lap and turned to face her human with a strange curiousity brewing in her glossy onyx eyes. What on earth has gotten into you, Chrys? she prodded.

I'm not sure, Chrysanthi replied telepathically. While Chrys usually poke with Taia aloud, being as Taia was her only real friend, when in public, the two spoke solely mind to mind. You've seen him around. He's changed so much since we started classes together. I don't know what's wrong, but I do know that he needs a friend.

Taia turned back around, seemingly satisfied with Chrysanthi's response. The girl smiled and reached into her bag, pulling out her personal chopsticks. Chysanthi ate almost solely with chopsticks, being particularly better suited to them with her delicate and dexterous hands. She brought the first peice of beef to her lips and savored it's delicious texture and the spicey sweet flavors of the curry sauce.

Gently, she placed the chopsticks back down across the bowl and swiveled about, looking to see if Gavin and Wraith were coming to join them.

August 8th, 2008, 11:59 AM
Kai ate mechanically, mostly in silence. He was used to eating on the run or while simultaneously doing something else: actually sitting down and focusing on a complete meal felt unnatural. He didn’t see why people enjoyed this…all they did was get together in a group and watch each other chew. Conversation was more or less impossible, unless one wanted to disgust his tablemates with a mouth full of food. Not that Kai was complaining about that.

Porygon, on the other hand, was having a great time. He floated a few feet over the bench directly next to Kai, slowly digitizing and downloading his wild concoction of a meal. The pokemon’s code-based body required a very strange mixture of nutrients: most of the plate in front of him was covered with ketchup packets…whole ketchup packets. Despite this, the process of Porygon taking sustenance was not revolting in the least, as Kai imagined such a meal could be: a glowing blue cube would simply appear somewhere on the plate, and then it would fade and leave behind a clean empty square.

Porygon could also talk while he was “downing”, as Kai called his eating process, using the backpack speakers. He did so with gusto, inquiring as to how Kirov and Airio’s days had gone, what classes they were in, and other such trifling matters. Kai didn’t really care for the conversation, but his friend seemed happy, so he didn’t mind all that much. He also noticed with a mixture of admiration and irritation that Kirov was wearing some type of long-coat which was simply covered in various compartments: he imagined with mild dismay that he was being outdone in the number-of-pockets department.

Maybe twenty minutes into the meal, a girl that had been sitting next to Kirov got up, walked a few paces, and suddenly went down. “Ummm…is she okay?” Kai asked, pointing. The answer was fairly obvious, however, and he got up and moved to her side with as much haste as the quickly-gathering crowd would allow. He knelt down, noting that her chest was moving: she was breathing, at least.

Porygon appeared at his side. Whoa, he said when he saw the girl, genuine concern layering his voice. She needs to get to the infirmary. I’ll teleport her.

“It’s a fairly long jump,” Kai replied with a bit of shock, the concern in his voice more for the pokemon. Porygon could teleport any solid object through the wifi system, be it living or otherwise: however, the safety of the trip decreased as the distance increased. They could come out the other end with some minor code scrambling, and whatever that implied once they were converted back to their physical forms. He saw the resolve in his companion’s eyes, however, and simply added “as long as you’re sure you’ll be safe.”

We’ll be fine, Porygon answered, and then he and the girl were gone in a blinding blue flash of light.

After a moment, Kai turned to Kirov and Airio, who had followed him over. “Well, that cuts this evening tragically short,” he said, although he couldn’t quite convince himself that he was thankful for the escape. “See you around,” he tentatively added, and then raced off to the infirmary after his partner.

August 8th, 2008, 5:55 PM
Kirov poked at his meal of ravioli with a side of some fries intermittently. Cafeteria food wasn't the best, but it was cheap. If he had wanted a better meal he could've gone to one of the guild's finer restaurants. With the Porygon asking so many questions, it was difficult for him to eat and answer them at the same time. Fortunantly, Airio was able to answer some of the questions, giving Kirov some time to gulp down some of the hot ravioli.

As a dinner partner, Kai wasn't exactly what one might hope for. Kirov continued to get the (mostly accurate) feeling that Kai was only even continuing to be in their presence because his Pokemon partner was dragging him along. The Porygon was quickly proving to be one of the most talkative beings Kirov had ever encountered. That was not the only unique thing about him, his diet of ketchup packets in addition to the very way he consumed food was wonderfully strange as well. Kirov couldn't help but look on in amazement as a blue cubewould magically appear on the plate and vanish, leaving behind one less ketchup packet.

Even though he wasn't hungry, after having caught several insects throughout the course of the day, Airio wondered if the plastic had any nutrional value, and snagged one of the packets Kirov had placed next to his french fries with a thread of silk he shot from his mouth. He nibbled on it. It didn't taste very edible. Whatever the nutritional value of plastic, he decided, it was only usable once transformed into data.

Kirov glanced at his ketchup-eating Pokemon. As the conversation turned towards Porygon and Kai's activities, he wondered if they had ever been involved with some of the many tech-related pranks played on the students. From what Porygon told of him, Kai certainly seemed intellectually capable of such things. Kirov was just about to ask if they had heard of the students that had wandered throughout the school earlier that day, arriving at their classes one hour early, to try and poke a reaction out of Kai, when a girl collapsed onto the floor nearby.

There was instantly a considerably amount of commotion in the area."Ummm... is she okay?" Kai asked as he pointed at the girl, then promptly getting up from his seat and kneeling next to the girl.

Porygon suddenly vanished and appeared at Kai's side. Kirov got up from his seat, craning his neck over the crowd that had appeared as suddenly as Porygon just did. Kai was exchanging some unintelligible speech with Porygon. As Kirov pushed his way through the crowd, Porygon and the girl vanished, and Kai stood up, turning towards them.

"Well, that cuts this evening tragically short. See you around," he said, then ran off.

"Bye," Kirov replied, not sure if Kai had heard him. He turned to Airio, who had managed to scuttle through the forest of legs and climb onto his shoulder again. "Did that look like Amber to you?"

Yeah, that did. Wonder what happened? the spider replied.

"Where did they go?" Kirov asked no one in particular.

Probably to the infirmary, we should go check. You docare what happens to Amber, don't you?

"Uhh, yeah." Kirov started pushing his way back out of the crowd.

Infirmary's other direction, numnuts, Airio said in a condescending tone.

"I knew that," Kirov murmered, and took off at a fast jog.

Kirov arrived at the infirmary mere seconds after Kai did. The girl, who was indeed Amber, was laying in a sickbed already, with a nurse using various medical instruments to check her over. She hadn't woken up yet. Kai was talking to the nurse, about what, Kirov couldn't quite hear.

Master Electrician
August 9th, 2008, 7:41 PM
Gavin went over to the small line and waited through it, ordering a plate of eggrolls and taking a glass of water. He walked back to the table took a seat just as Wraith clattered down onto the perch. The Skarmory thought at him Eat more. You're wasting away, Gavin.

Gavin flicked a glance at Wraith and thought back sarcastically, Yes, because bringing it all back up across the table would be so charming, yes? He took a bite of my eggroll and could already feel his stomach begin to churn and tighten. Swallowing quickly, he took a sip of water. With some liquid and taking some time between bites, he thought he should be able to keep it down.

Looking out northwest tightened Gavin's face. Somewhere out there lay the ruins of Herald. He remembered the small town, the close community, be beauty of the area around. It had been a good place to grow up, and he'd had every intention of raising his own children there. Someday. After he served his nation. Now that dream was gone. His face grew hard and the rage flared back up inside of him. Wraith threw him what he'd come to recognize as a warning look. With an effort he forced it back down so he wouldn't have to kick the crap out of something to blunt the edge again.

The clarity let him see something else. A plume of smoke rose from about where Naxos, the nearest city should be. A little odd, but Naxos did have some beautiful land nearby, campers were commonplace. A little late in the season, but he supposed that it could be a wildfire. He sniffed the air experimentally but detected no hint of smoke. You think we should check it out, Gavin?

The young man thought back, Nah, it's probably nothing. Besides, we're not supposed to be leaving campus without permission, are we now? I said, "Hey, Chrys, look behind you. Think that's a wildfire or something?"

August 9th, 2008, 8:22 PM
Chrysanthi looked at Gavin curiously as he sat down with nothing more than a few egg rolls. She watched him eat and sip the water before taking a few mouthfuls of saucy rice herself. Taia slipped up onto the table and gave Chrysanthi a reproachful stare.

Gavin seemed quiet and involved in some sort of conversation with Wraith, so Chrysanthi decided to get Taia settled with some dinner herself. Reaching into her pack, she pulled out a ziplock back of food she prepared herself and a small bowl, pouring about half of the bag into the bowl. Taia ate with the most voracious politeness she could muster, which made Chrysanthi giggle a bit.

Then, Gavin spoke to her. Crysanthi paused and held her palm out with a few morsels of her experimental Pokemon food formula in an offering to Wraith as she swiveled around to see what Gavin was inquiring about.

She saw the little bit of smoke rising from the west. Naxos was in that direction, she knew. Chrysanthi actually grew up in Naxos. Her mother and father and her elder brother, now a general in the fort stationed just outside of Naxos were all there. She knew full well that people from all over the country flocked to Naxos to camp around the beautiful forests and meadows surrounding the city. It wasn't uncommon for a campfire to get out of control, especially at this time of the year. It had been a dry start to the fall months.

"It could be as simple as a campfire getting out of control," Chrysanthi mused softly. "I grew up in Naxos, so I know tons and tons of tourists come to camp out in the forest and meadows around the city."

It doesn't look like brush smoke to me, Taia mumbled. It's not brown enough. Brush smoke is always brown. Organic material burns in a more brown smoke. That's black. Like rubber or metal burning.

Chrysanthi blinked at her purple companion. The Espeon was continuing her meal as though she had said nothing, but her quiet offering to the strange event caused a weird twisting in her stomach. Chrysanthi felt her insides knot up for a moment as she looked out over the horizon.

No need for such a depressing prophecy, Taia, Chrysanthi shot back.

"It's been a dry start to fall," the girl said aloud, trying to brush the strange feeling off. "I'm sure it's nothing important. The warning sirens aren't going off or anything. If it were something bad, I'm sure we'd have some sort of word here at the Guild already."

August 10th, 2008, 1:44 AM
Boring. Absolutely boring. That was the only thing James could think of as the classes stretched on, bringing with them a tide of sleepiness and "I don't care" syndrome. There had hardly been anything to discuss for the first day, yet somehow, most of the instructors had found ways to stretch one speaking point into a good hour or so of inane babbling. It frustrated him to the point where he could barely stand his new instructors much less tolerate them for the rest of the semester... Music Composition had been a different story. As he had been informed before the beginning of the year, he'd remembered to bring his Schuldiner Tribute Stealth guitar (http://www.harmony-central.com/ProductImages/Large/000032861.jpg) in for the class, for the purpose of getting acquainted with everyone's level of skill.

It had also as a side-effect told James who he should and should not befriend in the class. Some people had brought similar model guitars as James, showing their interest in the fine art - but had displayed rather pathetic post-hardcore antics when asked to display their skill on the instrument. It amused the young boy greatly to be taunted for being extremely feminine and to be told he was probably nothing on guitar - this coming from those obviously much less able than he. When his turn came around, he had chosen to play the main riff from a song he had commonly listened to, "Evil Dead (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYBVVzY_YJE)". Those truly versed in the field and as he had admitted, much superior than himself, had called this display "noise", and "aggravating, abrasive garbage". This had prompted Mrs. Devins to go into a short rant about the right of all musicians to play what they desire, regardless of butthurt critics. The class took a turn for the more interesting side as someone - a boy of about 19 - decided to challenge Mrs. Devins and continue the running gag that death metal is noise and nothing else. It was enough to keep James awake for the remaining 30 minutes of the class, certainly.

French had been just about boring enough to not even call it a class so much as a nursery, judging from the small group of sleeping people in the corner of the room. James knew better than this, though, as he'd known the instructor beforehand. The instructor, Mister Pai, had seemed to choose not to take notice on these individuals - it was hard for James to see how he could make that choice, as in the previous two years he'd taken French (bringing him to class III now), he had never seen his favorite teacher act that way. Generally James and Pai had gotten along very well the previous classes due to the fact that James was a very hard worker in classes he liked, French being one. The two had talked after class usually, and had become so-called 'friends' enough to speak of personal matters with little tension between them. James had always liked Mr. Pai for his classic attitude towards the class - difficult to impress, but perfectly reasonable. Giving Mr. Pai his full attention, James found that the class passed rather quickly, submitting to the injoke between himself and the teacher that the class was in the middle of a black hole of time.

Then, finally, came swimming. A chance to show off his curvy body, and to check out a boy or two. That would be so if this had not been the first day, he recalled, as he and Snake entered the pool area. Mr. Brian Kula - a man that notably neither James nor Snake had ever laid eyes on before - was heading the class, and nobody else was present. James quietly took a seat against the southernmost wall, with Mr. Kula situated at the all-too-known typical "randomly placed desk in a gym" setup. He was going through papers before the class started, James guessed, and Snake noted, Hey, wait... I've seen this guy before. Doesn't he teach all the phys-ed classes? With a huff, James replied in a whisper, "He's probably got biceps bigger than my ass." The two chuckled quietly, giving away that they had entered the pool area. Kula gave a smile and a small wave, and the two approached.

Kula gave James a quick professional once-over, sizing him up for god-knows-what. He then spoke, "What's your name, miss?"

With a sly grin on his face, the boy responded quite simply, "James," with a laugh. Snake even let out a small chuckle, and Kula joined in. "Haha, are you serious? You totally had me fooled," he said between laughter, and he then shook his head with a smile on his face. "I guess you meet all kinds at the Guild. Well, at any rate, good to have you in the class. Just hang out somewhere close and wait for everyone else." James followed the command without missing a beat, and took a seat with his back against the eastern wall to wait. Many others showed up soon after, and the lecture on pool safety began. It was to be expected, but it still almost made James want to paint eyes over his eyelids and catch fourty winks. Snake actually did take advantage of the opportunity and slept with her head in her propped up hands. The hour passed without much other event, much to James' discontent.

Finally, with the day over, James felt like a free man fresh out of prison. He knew that in time, the feeling would dissipate to make way for the classic good feeling that comes with knowledge from the Guild - it was like this every year, the boy knew, but for now,
he and Snake would get something to eat. He was starving after ingesting nothing but the cereal bar earlier, and was ready for real food just as much as his trusted companion was. The two headed quickly for the cafeteria after James stopped at their dorm to change into regular "manclothes", which was nothing more than a T-shirt, snug blue jeans and a set of jet black combat boots. As the two entered, they began to converse about the day. It was unusual that they had remained silent to each other for so long after class, and as such, she had initiated the conversation.

"So I take it you've got that gut feeling of being in a prison," Snake pointed out, falling into step behind her trainer as the two neared the back end of the line for lunch.

"Of course. That's the rhythm and that's how it's been for seven years. It'll always be like that, but I come out on top in the end, right?" James spoke back, a small smile painted on his pretty face. The two shared a chuckle, and Snake noted, Yeah, you're right. It's nothing to worry about I suppose.

James had ordered a cheesesteak sandwich - something of a foreign meal if nothing else that not many others in the guild seemed to enjoy - and one for Snake as well. Whether it was looked down upon or not to give Pokemon human food, James could care little. As far as he was concerned, Snake was just another person that deserved whatever food she wanted.

The two took a seat not far from the man that James had tried to hit on very unsuccessfully earlier that day - Gavin - though neither had taken notice. They ate in mostly silence, until James spoke up again.

"My mom wrote me yesterday, too," he spoke solemnly, seemingly distressed. To this, Snake responded with a question: What did she have to say?

"Dad's... He... He was sent away. He's been reported MIA," the boy said, rather flustered and close to tears. He dared not show it in public, but the stress and broken spirit in his face told Snake more than he'd let on. She understood that James was a very troubled child since he and her had begun the bonding process, and part of this process was to know her trainer's deepest feelings and to know the pain in his heart. It was something she had come to peace with that he was quiet about his past, but did speak up when asked. It was just that he preferred not to, and it hurt him a great deal to speak about his father in any light.

Snake gave James a very worried look and dared not press into the questioning further. Instead, she hung her head out of respect and took another bite out of her sandwich.

"I hope he's okay," James continued, a tear rolling down his cheek in the silence. Shocked, and not even thinking about her words before spitting them forth, Snake angrily responded, What? After what he did to you? How can you say that? Finally, after a moment, the Lucario realized what she'd let loose. She covered her mouth quietly and worriedly glanced at James, who was now in tears. The boy remained quiet, and simply continued working at his sandwich.

I... I didn't mean... Snake started, but James shook his head and interrupted, "It's alright. You're right I suppose. But I still love him... He's still my dad, even if he doesn't love me. And mom... Mom just stands there..."

August 10th, 2008, 9:14 PM
~Kinda... A strange day, no?~


Akira and NightSlash had succesfully (not like there were many obstacles..) made their way back to the human’s room and were now resting their bodies from all the activities each performed in this first, and rather uneventful, day of classes. Akira lied down on his bed staring at the ceiling of the room blankly, his hands rested on his own bass guitar. A custom-built instrument he made for himself not too many years ago. “A Precision body and neck with a 3 and 3 tuning knob style. Pretty plain desing, but all of the golden details and the lustrous orange color that engulfed the instrument made it a beauty to look at. In the graphite neck golden frets and diamond-shaped inlays on some of those frets were found, while the body consisted of also gilded volume control knobs (5 of them) and a shiny bridge. A pair of completely black presicision pick-ups and 1 luxury soapbar pickup. Finally, 6 golden roundwood strings. It looks amazing...”

~Um.. Akira... Who are you talking to?~ NightSlash asked to his trainer as he dropped the pear he was chewing on to the ground and raised his head curiously, a bewildered gesture located on his face as he locked sights with Akira.

~What?... Oh, sorry. Did I really say that out loud?~ Akira pondered with a laugh. ~I’m sorry. But it makes me proud to see this thing. I mean, it did take me a long time of strenous work to get money to buy all parts and all. This is the result, and...~

~Hey, hey; C’mon. I’ve heard your story tons of times. New one, please?~ Slash teased his trainer; a joking tone on his voice. While he said this, he jumped up to the bed the human was in, pushed the instrument away and curled himself beside his lap.

~You’re not getting any food for a month~ Akira replied with a laugh as he patted the white Pokemon’s head. ~Now, let’s get some sleep. Hope tomorrow is a more entertaining day.~

~But it’s not even that late. I don’t feel like sleeping. Let’s party!~ The Absol said as he got on his legs again. ~I know it was a boring day; but who says it has to be a boring night? C’mon; get up!~

“I say so. Now, I will go to sleep. You can go out and party if you want, or whatever. But I, I shall rest. Just don’t get back too late. Night; NightSlash.” Those were Akira’s last words before he unmade his bed and tucked himself in, falling asleep just a few minutes after the action. Nothing had happened today that would get him all in a thoughtful state and all, so that blankness of the dark room lulled him like a tired baby. Slash, on the other hand, opened his eyes in shock and let his mouth drop to the mattress in amazement.

~...Oh my my god. Are... Are...For real? Are you kidding? Dude, sweet! I get the night out?! Dude, I love you. I’ll behave, I promise... ... ... Though, let me say, if the whole guild is burnt down to ashed when you wake up, it was not me trying to spit fire. You have my word. Good night, Akira.~ The Absol said to his trainer as he jumped down from the bed. He wasn’t at all used to being more than a few meters away from his trainer, but maybe something fun would occur and he could tease Akira by telling him he’s having more fun and stuff to do than he was. He managed to open the door and silently closing it behind, not locking it so he could enter back later. Perhaps thumbs were needed, but probably he would sort out a way of opening it later. ~Let’s do this..~ Slash said as he gallantly walked away from the room.

August 11th, 2008, 5:26 AM
Amber laid unconsious on the bed. She couldn't feel anything. She felt like she had been there for what seemed like hours. After a long time of just laying there, Amber finally woke up. Her vision was blurry at first, but gradually got more clear. She saw some guy she didn't know the name of, and Kirov.

"K-k-kirov..." She decided now would be a good time to admit that she liked him. But of course, it would still be extremely awkward. But Amber didn't care. Her feelings had to him some time or another, so why not now?

"K-k-kirov, I had something to tell you..." She said, stuttering in a quiet voice.


"I know this is a little sudden, but I like you... a lot. You are rather cute, and I love your personality too. The way you smile at me, the way you don't ignore me like most guys, the way you went to the infirmary to check on me just now..." Her voice trailed off. Her normally pale skin turned bright pink, almost red. She had never admitted to a guy she liked them before.

"Well, way to go Amber," She thought to herself. "Way to probably ruin your friendship with Kirov, or whatever friendship you have. Way to go. You really screwed this one up."

August 11th, 2008, 7:26 AM
Kirov stood there by Amber's bed, staring, stunned by the sudden proclamation. He blinked several times, as though his vision had just become blurry. Was it just him, or had the temperature in the room just shot up several dozen degrees?

He felt a small tug on his shoulder, and a soft thud. Airio had fallen off his shoulder. He was now lying on his back against the infirmary floor, convulsing like a spider who was just sprayed with Raid. But he was in no danger; the rocking back and forth and spasms of his pincers and legs, flailing against the air, were signs of uncontrollable laughter.


Kirov took a step back, grabbed a chair, and sat down. For the first time in living memory, he had been shocked speechless. He couldn't think of a single time before where nothing came to mind.

"Uhh... come again?"

Oh, congratulations, he thought to himself, I'm sure that's exactly what she wants to hear. "Come again?" Your social skills are pathetic beyond belief.

"Well, uhh... Amber." Kirov leaned forward, placing his elbows on his thighs and interlocking his fingers, rocking back and forth slightly while thinking what to say. "I uhh..." Think, think, think! "I'm not exactly..." He suddenly became aware of stares behind his back. Turning around slighty, he asked, "Can you three umm, get out of here?"

Smirking, the nurse left the room, followed by Kai and Porygon. Kirov turned back to Amber. "Well, uhh, I'm don't exactly have a lot of experience with girls. But, uhh, you are pretty cute yourself." Looking into Amber's eyes, he noticed that they were a bright, lively, green. He continued, glancing down slightly. "So, umm, while I think I like you too." Yes, Kirov, that's good, whatever you do, don't say you're not sure, he thought to himself."I think I would like to get to know you a little better before we uh, do anything," he finished, saying the last part much more quickly.

August 11th, 2008, 8:22 AM
“Look, I know they’re expensive, but Porygon can’t see where he’s teleporting.” Kai was in the infirmary talking to the nurse that was always on duty, attempting to explain to her why his partner had crashed into, and therefore destroyed, a very costly piece of equipment after jumping in. The pokemon hovered just next to him, looking as embarrassed as a digital bird could manage. “Maybe if you didn’t move things around in here so much, he would remember where everything was. And besides, he was trying to get her here as quickly as possible,” he added, motioning vaguely in the direction of the bed that the girl Porygon had brought in was resting on. “It’s not like he destroyed the thing just for the fun of it.”

The nurse did not appear completely satisfied by this justification, but she didn’t pursue the matter. Instead, she began scribbling on the screen of a hand-held p.c. with a stylus, presumably part of her job.

“So…what’s wrong with her?” Kai asked, trying not to sound too interested.

“Can’t tell you. Patient confidentiality and all,” The nurse answered tersely, not skipping a beat with her scribbling.

“Right, right.” Kai couldn’t quite keep the disappointment out of his voice.

Suddenly, another voice sounded behind them. “Hey, can you three…umm…get out of here?” It was Kirov: he had apparently come in to see Porygon’s rescuee. Airio was flailing around next to the young man, and Kai wondered briefly if the thing had been smacked on the head or something.

“Uh, sure,” the nurse answered, an understanding smile crossing her face. She looked at Kai, who took the hint and marched out of the room followed closely by Porygon. They all three ended up in the lobby, and then took to standing in silence, the nurse continuing her incessant stylus-work.

Kai tried to keep quiet, but eventually he couldn’t help but ask. “Would you mind if I had that machine that Porygon broke? Seeing as it doesn’t work and all…I was just wondering…” The nurse’s glare quieted any further speech. He stood for a few moments longer, and then motioned for his partner to follow and left. “What a witch,” he said, after they were outside.

Porygon simply shook his head.

Master Electrician
August 11th, 2008, 6:33 PM
"I guess," Gavin said noncommittally. "We're supposed to the the elite-in-training and all." He took another bite, this time daring to try a little of the spicy mustard that had been served with it. To his surprise, his stomach barely objected. A distraction of sorts seemed to help, he really did need the food. A grumble in his abdomen reminded him of this, along with another superior look from Wraith.

The Skarmory looked at the proffered food for a moment, then sniffed it quickly. He decided that it was edible after all and in two vicious bites that barely avoided Chrysanthi's fingers, ate it all. From what Gavin could feel from him, it had been very good and the giant bird thought See? It's affected me too, but I can try and eat something at least.

Wraith, please Gavin thought back tiredly. I'm doing what I can, and I'm not going to starve, okay?

Trying to keep the conversation going so he actually could eat, he asked, "How was your first day back? I mean, I know nothing much happens, but..." He took another bite and chewed it over, swallowing before he continued, "Think the teachers will be decent this year?"

His stomach did act up a little then, and he swallowed, resolving to take it a little slower once again. He could still feel the anger in him, but having to be civil shunted it away a little and allowed his body to function almost normally.

August 12th, 2008, 5:19 AM
Amber was a little surprised. No, a little surprised isn't quite enough to describe her shock, it was more like very shocked. No guy ever thought, or at least admitted she was cute. It was beyond her belief.

"R-r-really...?" She stuttered.

"Yeah..." She could Kirov blushing.

"Well, I think I'll be going to bed now." The nurse walked back in.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay here for the night?"

"Yeah, I'm sure." After all, Amber liked the comfort of her own room. She hated laying on a sickbed, which had hardly any comfort in the comparison to her soft, cozy bed. She got up. It wasn't that late, but today tired out Amber quite a lot. Her legs were somewhat wobbly. She felt like she was going to pass out again.

"Good night, Kirov." She stumbled across the imfirmary, and then, when she got outside, Angel was waiting.

"What happened, Amber?"

"Oh, I passed out in the Cafeteria again..." amber sighed.

"You should really get medical help."

"Never mind that. I'm exahausted. I'm gonna go back to my dorm." Amber wobbled back to her dorm, opened the door, got changed into her PJ's which was a rather short-cut purple night-gown, and collapsed on her bed. She pulled the covers over her, and drifted off to sleep in hardly any time at all.

August 12th, 2008, 8:00 PM
Chrysanthi giggled gently as Wraith snatched the food out of her hand, watching him carefully to see how he would reacted to the morsels. Swiftly, she pulled a pencil and a notebook out of her bag and made a couple of notes on Wraith's reaction.

She went back to quietly eating her curry. Her chopsticks worked flawlessly in her hands. She smiled gently. "My first day back..." She paused and laughed a bit. "It was a first day back. Thus far, I'm looking forward my breeding classes."

She took another bite of curry. "When I graduate, I really want to get a job with the Breeding Centers. I feel like I'd be making such a difference if I could work with the Pokemon."

She smiled a little more sadly. "But I'm afraid I won't have that choice if these attacks don't stop..."

She shook her head and looked back out. The sun was setting and cast a beautiful glow over the roof. She finished her curry and smiled. "Would you like to walk back to the dormitories together?"

Master Electrician
August 14th, 2008, 3:52 PM
Chrys's mention of the attacks killed what little was left of Gavin's appetite. He pushed his plate away, took a long swallow of water, and said, "Whatever. Let's go." He stood abruptly and put his sunglasses back on, hardening his face against the emotions that were rushing through his body again.

Gavin... Wraith warned, ruffling his wings in preparation for their departure. Gavin gave him a look in return, hidden behind the mirrored glass of the aviators but the meaning was pretty clear for anyone who had as intimate a connection to him as Wraith did.

A moment of thought, and Gavin sighed. He thought, I'll keep it in check, Wraith. She's not responsible. Not gonna explode. He hefted he bag from the seatback where it'd been hanging and slung it over one shoulder, made a show of scratching my side to seat the folder properly and headed for the stairs back down without further ado.

August 16th, 2008, 4:57 AM
After Amber had left, Kirov scratched his head in confusion and tried to make sense of what had just happened. Amber just confessed to him she liked him, and he had just told her he liked her too and wanted to be closer friends... right?

He remembered several chapters in a book he had read titled How to Make Friends in 3 Seconds that had been devoted to the reading of body language. He rewinded the scene that had just passed in his mind and tried to reanalyze the actions of Amber and him to see if there were any hidden messages he could decipher.

No good, he could barely remember anything from the book, asides from the most obvious things, like "crossed arms means determination or skeptism", and "drumming fingers, tapping pencils, and other actions like these mean boredom, so you'd better move on quickly!"

Maybe he was trying to approach this too scientifically, though. Kirov would have bet all his meager amount of money that, for the author of the book, those abilities came naturally.

Airio was still having his convulsions on the floor, although now they were more of an effort to get off his back and onto his six feet rather than pure laughter. Kirov decided to be annoyed at his companion's behavior and kicked him across the room, sending the spider-Pokemon sliding on his back under beds, hitting the wall with a thump. It also managed to knock him onto his side, and as Airio clambered onto his many legs, he taunted Kirov a little more. "I guess there's someone out there for everyone, isn't there?"

Kirov grunted in reply, glowered at his Pokemon, and left the room.

"Hey, wait up!" Airio yelled, and scrambled after his human partner. Narrowly avoiding the door closing on him, he crawled up Kirov's leg onto his shoulder. "Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm happy for you, man."

"So you're not completely evil?" Kirov didn't look at his partner.

"No, I don't think so. I'd like to meet a nice lady spider myself, you know."

Kirov smirked at the thought of Airio getting a girlfriend. It was probably almost as funny for him as it was for Airio imagining him doing the same.

When they arrived back at their dorm, Kirov tossed Airio onto his web in the corner of the room. Not even bothering to change his clothes, he set his alarm clock 30 minutes earlier and plopped down on his bed. Sleep's sweet embrace took him within minutes.

August 16th, 2008, 5:09 AM
Amber got up. She got dressed into a very crazy outfit. She put on a plain, black tank-top, a plaid skirt with the colors gray, white, and black, and black fluffy ankle boots. Amber looked at Angel. She looked different. Instead of reddish-brown for, her fur was off-white. Angel was much bigger, and had nine tails.

"Did you get into my purse and steal my fire stone?"

"Yep. " Amber just realized, she needed to go to drawing class. She looked at her clock.

"Oh my god, I overslept! I only have 5 minutes to get to Drawing Class!" Angel ran one the side of Amber, and they both ran very fast to drawing class, Amber was almost tripping over herself while running. At drawing class, she drew a picture of Angel which was surprisingly good. She went into the hallways, hoping to see Kirov. She looked around, but didn't see him.

"Oh well, I need to get to photography class anyway..."

August 17th, 2008, 9:10 PM
The walk back to the dorms was quiet and a little uncomfortable. Crysanthi kept wondering what on earth she had done wrong. She must have said something. That was it.

She smiled and bade Gavin a fond farewell as she walked up the stairs to her dorm room. She sighed as she entered, stripped out of her clothes and flopped down onto the bed. She was asleep in moments.

She awoke to the sound of someone pounding on her door. "Chrysanthi. Open up. This is staff. Open up."

This was extremely unusual. She quickly pulled on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and opened the door. An official looking man stood there with an Electrike for a bond. She looked at him curiously. "Can I help you?"

And then the bombshell.

"There was an attack on Naxos last night. Your mother, father, and brother have all been killed. Your brother died an honorable death fighting to save the city. We need you to come to the Infirmary for a moment."

Before she knew what she was doing, Chyrsanthi had burst from the room, rushing down the stairs and bursting out the door. She ran off, fighting tears. She was hurtling toward her hide-out behind the amplitheater, only to run face first into someone along the way, tears streaming down her eyes, and a worried Taia following quickly after.

August 23rd, 2008, 9:55 AM
The evening began for James with the contemplation of a valid venting mechanism to get his mind off of his father; Snake had convinced him that a walk would be good for his heart at this point. Taking into consideration that Snake at times knew him better than he did himself, he simply sighed and exited his dorm with her. The dialogue between them was very short and carefully placed, as if James was gingerly avoiding any kind of contact at all - sensing this, Snake began probing him desparately for interaction. She worried for him constantly when he was in a state like that, generally unreachable by others - but she had also come to peace with the fact that he was lost in his own mind at times, fighting emotions she could never understand why he held dear to.

On the brink of tears for the third time that day, James made sure to keep ahead of Snake to hide his new, ghastly features; his eyes had been stained nearly pure-blood-red, and his eyes were sunken-in, hidden partly by his pretty long hair and by the fact that he hung his gaze towards the ground somewhat. The deep, carved channels beneath his eyes rested in patches of dark bruise-colored flesh, as if he hadn't slept for days. He seemed starved and gaunt, barely able to ambulate on his own power down the paved pathway as he aimlessly continued his walk. His Pokemon simply allowed him to keep his pace ahead of her, staying within four or five feet of him.

Apparently, James had been paying even less attention to his direction than he thought; he paused his gait near the amphitheater, taking a good long look at the building's entrance. He considered sitting in silence in there, though he didn't possess his guitar at the time and it would be ultimately fruitless to merely sit in desolation. Shaking his head, he turned to Snake.

"Is there anywhere we can go to just... Sit in peace... Besides the dorm?" he said shakily, barely holding himself from cracking down into miserable tears. Snake shook her head blankly, noting that she was unaware of any place at this time of night that would be good to admire the peaceful darkness within. James shook his head part-angrily-part-sadly, before turning resolutely towards the gym typically used by humans attending the Guild. It seemed a much more effective way to rid his thoughts of his father than simply walking around aimlessly, which in effect caused his mind to drift further into that realm.

Before he had made any mental connection to the sudden impact, someone had collided with him bearing enough force to nearly overturn him. Throwing his balance backward, James stopped his descent by shifting his leg backward and locking his knee, and he caught the person that had run into him with both hands on her shoulders. He pushed back gingerly, allowing her to regain her balance on her own accord as he did the same, and he took a moment to brush himself off before quirking a brow in her direction. He did not recognize the person, nor did she particularly seem to jump to any conclusion about him.

Juggling his depression for a neutral tone, he finally spoke up after a moment of tense silence, "I'm sorry, that was my fault."

August 24th, 2008, 4:02 AM
Name: Thaeo Miredan (Thay-oh (rhymes with “fey”) Mere-dan)

Age: 16

Appearance: Thaeo is a tall boy, about 5”11, with a moderate build. He has slightly tanned skin and pitch black hair, subtly streaked dark red, falling halfway down his back and gently curling up at the bottom. He has deep, night blue eyes, soft yet sharp. He has a small, thin nose and thin lips, a scar cutting diagonally across them. He has long, thin fingers, like a pianist’s, with short fingernails. He wears a black jacket with a large collar and a dark red trim, a black, long-sleeved shirt and black legs and polished black shoes. He also wears two small golden earrings and, under his shirt, he wears a small obsidian dragon-head necklace on a black string.

Personality: Thaeo is a quiet, laid-back person. Though he doesn’t mind being in crowds, he likes to be own his own and do his own thing. He is very intellectual and likes to learn. He would happily spend a day sitting in a corner, watching the coming and goings and reading a book. He prefers to hang back in conversations, getting the measure of the people around him. He sometimes gets teased for his long hair, but he waves it away every time. He has an outstanding memory and god attention to detail. In all of his doings, he likes to be calm, quiet and subtle.

History: Thaeo was born in a quiet town a few miles from the guild, Thaeo is an only child. He often spent his time hiding in the forests on the edge of the town, reading or making some elaborate base with traps made of whatever he could find and carved-out shelves for his books. He knew all the quiet spots and all the places he could retreat to when the world overwhelmed him. As he grew older, he tended to be a quiet intellectual that suggested maturity before its years, sitting thinking with his hair gently flowing in the wind. He almost had a relationship with a girl, Farah, once, but he was whisked away by the guild. The town has since suffered numerous attacks and, while the people are unharmed, they have been forced to scatter and leave the town abandoned. He still keeps in contact with his parents and Farah, with which is a good degree of friendship now but no more.

Pokemon: A Sneasel called Erebus. She, like Thaeo, is a calm and collected person. She likes to set herself challenges, and will push herself to achieve them. She, like Thaeo, is very strategic and uses all her subtle skills to win a battle.

Class Schedule:

Human Psychology
Terrain Battle
Human/Pokemon Relationships
Pokemon Wellness
RP Sample: Thaeo sat on a bench in the training facilities, making the finishing touches on his latest greyscale while Erebus trained a few metres away. Erebus glanced up from his sketch, pencil in hand, and checked his watch. About 11. HE glanced up at Erebus.

“Ok, Erebus. Remember, not one touch the floor. Ready?” The Sneasel nodded back, her eyes slits. “Ok. Go!”
He slammed a button next to him. Five clay disks shot into the air, and Erebus jumped. She slashed a disk, which exploded in a rain of clay shards. The force of her jump drove her into a wall, and she rebounded at a second disk. Her claws glowed purple-black and, spinning to gain momentum, she tore through the second disk, shooting onwards, she began to kick out. A third disk she shattered with an upwards kick, and a fourth with a sideways one. Glancing round, she saw the final disk about to land on the floor. No. Inhaling deeply, she shot a blast of ice-cold wind, sending the shards of the fourth disk smashing into the fifth, which broke. Yes. She landed nimbly on one knee and stood up, glancing over her shoulder. She didn’t have to say a word. Thaeo brushed dust off his picture.

“Ok, so what if I’m not as quick as you? At least I can draw. I’d like to see you try.” He brandished his half-finished sketch. She snorted slightly.
“So? What use is that in a fight?” She waved her claws?
“What use is preening your feathers or grooming yourself?” he counter casually, stashing away his sketch.

She made a dismissive flick of her claws, then wandered over and curled up at his feet. He gave her a scratch on the head and she made a contented purring noise. His lips witched into a small smile, then he opened up his case and pulled out his laptop. Giving Erebus another small scratch, he opened his mail. Nothing new. He paused a second, then flicked open a folder labelled “Zoology”. He’d do his homework now, then see what time he had later. He idly tossed a scrap piece of paper into the air, and Erebus lazily flicked her claws. A blur shot past and single ice shard stuck in the wall, nailing the piece of paper there. It juddered in the centre of a pencil-drawn crosshair.

August 27th, 2008, 11:45 AM
Name: Kate
Age: 14
Appearance: Kate is tall with long brown hair and green eyes. Her usual outfit consists of a black tank top with a red flame on it, black jeans, red belt, black sneakers, a black beret, and black fingerless gloves rimmed with red.
Personality: Kate is a bit of a loner. She seems cold and indifferent except to those that know her. When she is mad or upset, she pushes everyone away so she can figure things out on her own. Kate is extremely independant. She is also persistent. Even though she seems negative at times, she can be really encouraging. She is incredibly sarcastic and sometimes has a dark sense of humor. Kate tends to be late a lot and worries about everything.
History: Kate's mother died when she was young and her father left her. She lived with some family friends until they noticed how much she loved pokemon. They shipped her to the Guild on her tenth birthday, with an Absol she got from her mother's best friend, who had graduated from the Guild. She loves singing, writing, and her Absol.
Pokemon: Shadow (Absol)
Other: Nothing now.
Class Schedule:
Minami History
Human/Pokemon Relations
Pokemon Mythology
Creative Writing
Music Composition
Armed Combat
Battle Strategies/Tactics
Type Study
RP Sample:
Shadow tapped Kate on the shoulder to wake her up. Kate hopped out of bed and looked at her clock, which read 9:00 AM.
"Oh no! We're going to be late for Minami History!" she wailed, getting dressed fast. Why didn't you wake me sooner?! she thought to Shadow while pulling on her shoes. You needed the sleep, Shadow replied. Not as much as I need to get to class! Let's go now, Kate shouted in her head. She grabbed her backpack and headed out of the dorm with Shadow by her side. Kate sat down just as the late bell rang. The teacher glared, but started class. Kate took notes as the teacher talked about the origin of Minami. Between History and Relations, she took out a snack and gave a Poffin to Shadow. Shadow was happy with the Poffin, since Kate had rushed out the door so fast neither of them had time to eat. Kate munched on her chips, then ran to her next class with Shadow.

Slave to the Poké-Rave
August 27th, 2008, 1:08 PM
Name: Konrad

Age: 18

Appearance: He has long black hair, tied back in a pony tail, with some hanging from his fringe over his face. He has light stubble on his chin. He has a muscular body, with strong arms and legs. He is around about 5'9. Konrad wears baggy jeans or combats, with t-shirts that have a gothic edge to them, or no shirt at all. He wears large skater shoes, or boxer boots.

Personality: Konrad is a very deep person, and thinks many things through. He is very stubborn however, and when he has formed his opinion, it is hard to make him change it. He does not seek conflict, and tries not to get angry at others. He will do what he thinks is right and nothing to him is an obstacle, simply a challenge to be traversed. Or destroyed. Towards friends he can be lively, but has a very dry wit and cannot stand immature people. He does like some good food.

History: Konrad was brought up in a family of soldiers. His great grandfather had fought in the war to claim the region, and his grandfather, and father, were also in the army. They lived a few miles from the guilds, in a small complex. His family was the kind that believed women and children were to be seen but spoken and therefore his father only talked to him at dinner or when practicing fighting techniques. His father fought with a Hariyama, and had massive muscles. He often fought with his pokemon. They were called away to fight a few weeks before Konrad was taken to the academy. He took great interest in the biology as pokemon, and seemed adept at fighting classes, having had minor training from his family. He was gifted Akashi at 14, and they often spar with each other, the razor sharp claws of his pokemon like blades, his body armoured.

Pokemon: Akashi the Scizor. He too is very head strong and determined, and not known for getting angry fast. He also likes his food.

Other: other what?

Class Schedule: Biology, Zoology, Creative writing, Calligraphy, Weights, Armed Combat (Weapon [if im at that stage] - Wakizashi & Tanto), Ninjutsu, Type Study

RP Sample:
Konrad shook his head, closing his eyes to focus. The sand beneath his feet was cold, soft powder on his firm, bare feet. His blades rang as he drew them from their scabbards.

'Lets go!' he said, rather loudly, and ran forwards, blade pointed behind him. He brought his tanto up, blocking the scizor before spinning to the right and ducking low, the wakizashi above his head to block the double downward attack of his pokemon, and prodded the red abdomen with his tanto.

'Alright, you're good, but can you do this?' Akashi said mentally, looking deep into Konrad's eyes, suddenly launching a flurry of jabs, the claws snapping open and shut. Konrad moved back slowly, a foot at a time, his blades a blur to stop the onslaught of his pokemon. He rolled right, then whipped right with his leg, sending the scizor crashing to the floor. He rolled again, getting to his feet, before turning to see Akashi standing. He nodded, the scizor mimicking him. He put his blades back. He soft sand was like grit beneath them, and he slipped his sandals on as he left the training room.

'I need some food.' Akashi said mentally.

'Plan, my man.' Konrad replied, laughing as he clapped the pokemon on the shoulder.