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Twilight Wolf
August 4th, 2008, 8:08 PM
There are so many Fan Fictions out there, arent there, Solar Beam?

You're right about that, Vanessa. And so many fabulous ones with the most awesome characters at that!

Thanks, Solar Beam. Ok, well. Now to cut to the chase. You may see them go along with everything in Fan Fictions, you know, the characters! But they never got to communicate with other character from other Fan Fictions. I decided to make a thread just to let our characters set free and strut their stuff!

So we all get our own thread?!

Yes, Wildfire. That's Solar Beam and Wildfire, characters of my Fan Fiction, which is new to this forum. Wildfire is a character we dont have yet (she's the daughter of the real Entei), but she's anxious so why not.

Anyways. Let your characters in your Fan Fics chat here! Introduce yourself, and try to color your writing. It's a heck of alot easier to see who's talking when they habe their individual color! Chat away, Fan Fic characters!

I'm Vanessa, same as the one who just talked, and here's my girl Pokemon:

Well, I'm Wildfire the Entei, I'm a girl, mind you.

I'm Solar Beam, the Rapidash!

I'm Flame!

Harmony the Torterra, at your service!

I'm Hypno the Alakazam! *waves*

I'm Sassy the Lopunny!

I'm Maylon the Gyarados!*bows* Pleasure to have our own thread.

No problem, Maylon! Now for my last Pokemon! It's Rampage, the male Rampardos! And yes, I have a team of eight.

Hello all!

JX Valentine
August 4th, 2008, 8:52 PM
Introduce yourself, and try to color your writing. It's a heck of alot easier to see who's talking when they habe their individual color!

Yeah, but it's a heck of a lot harder to read. Harmony nearly blinded me. (I had to tilt my screen and highlight that bright green just to read it. Just keep in mind that not everyone can read colored text. You may want to go with something a bit less bright -- or simply try the following suggestions.)

Wouldn't it just be easier to use chat or script format? Or even prose?

For example...

Jax sits back and motions to the character who randomly appears next to her. The latter blinks in confusion and nudges a pair of glasses up the bridge of her nose.

"Um." Viola seems to be particularly eloquent tonight.

Noticing her companion's lack of communication skills, Jax opts to speak for her. "This is Viola DiAngelo, main character of the infamously irregularly updated and equally shoddy epic of yours truly, A Midsummer Knight's Dream."

Viola blushes and lowers her blue eyes. "It's not that bad, you know."

Ignoring her, Jax continues, "Of course, the only good thing about the fic -- aside from the fact that I learned I can, in fact, BS politics -- is the fact that the characters are decently fun to write. From the seductive Olivia to the hyper Mercury, I'll have to say I've enjoyed letting these characters wreak havoc on the defenseless people of Verona City."

At once, Viola appears a little uncomfortable. "H-hey. I'm good, aren't I?"

"Huh?" Jax blinks, but her expression appears to be one of pure indifference. "Yeah, uh, sure. Whatever."


Or, alternatively, another conversation, done in chat format. Or script format, if I bother to code stage directions decently.

Viola: Oh! I'm... I'm alone. Right. Uh, hi. Oh. There's... there's a lot of you out there. Oh. Wow. A lot of you. [She clears her throat.] Right. Uh, I'm Viola, and I... well, I guess you can call me a toymaker, but I haven't really... done much of that lately. [She clears her throat for a second time.] A-anyway, oh. I've never really met an Entei or anything before. You're... you're not really supposed to exist, you know. Oh boy. This is harder than I thought. Um...

[Suddenly, Mercury storms in from stage left and shoves her aside.]

Mercury: You're killing yourself out here. Stop it before you hurt yourself. [She turns to the others.] Hi, I'm Mercury, I'm a Midsummer Knight, and among other things, I'm an alcoholic. There. That's not so bad. Now, you try.

Viola: But I'm not an alcoholic.

Mercury: First step of the twelve step process is admitting you have a problem!

[Sebastian stands off to stage right, but he pokes his head onstage and scowls.]

Sebastian: She doesn't have a problem!

Mercury: Denial is not a river in Egypt!

[Turning his head, Sebastian addresses someone in the wings behind him. The rest of the Midsummer Knights cast is apparently backstage, unseen and engaging in both legal and illegal activities.]

Sebastian: Wasn't one of you supposed to keep her off stage?!

[There's a chorus of grumbles from the other cast members backstage. None of them seem to want to confess... whatever it is they're confessing. On stage left, near the wing, Jax stands back next to Bill, who shyly peeks past the curtain. He doesn't seem to have stage fright. Rather, he shifts on his feet awkwardly and rubs the back of his neck, as if he's embarrassed to be there.]

Bill: I'm not entirely certain why I'm here. Strictly speaking, I'm not one of your characters, isn't that so? I have some fairly important research to--

Jax, interrupting: You're close enough, and we have free beer and rare Pokemon.

[There's a moment's silence, after which Bill turns to the others and smiles politely.]

Bill: Hello. My name is Bill, and it's a pleasure to meet you all.


So, yes. If we could ditch the colors, that'd be great. If we could have a topic or something like that, that'd be better because otherwise, my characters are a bit shy. Or drunk. You know. Same thing.

August 5th, 2008, 2:58 AM
-claps hands together- Oh I like this. Now let's see...which fic, which fic...well, seeing as I have My Name Is Fuega up on PC, I suppose those characters should appear here...


Fuega: Eh...wha?

Freesk: Eep!

Kevin: -blinks-

Aqua: Hi!

[all stare]

Kevin: Wait, who are you?

Fuega: -snort- Moron. That's the authoress.

Freesk: Ohh.

Kevin: The who? And...wait, why are you talking?!

Aqua: -sigh- So, these are the current characters of My Name Is Fuega -

Kevin: Your name is Fuega?

Fuega: No, my name is Fuega!!

Aqua: There's Kevin, the newbie Trainer from Pallet Town; Fuega, his irritable, pessimistic (female) Charmander; and Freesk, the upbeat and almost creepily cheerful Butterfree. More characters are to come, but these are the protagonists as of Chapter 3.

Fuega: Do you want me to take a chunk out of your arm, you -

Freesk: O_O Um. -Sleep Powder-

Aqua: ...Thank you.

Kevin and Fuega: -snoring-

Blue Screen of Death
August 5th, 2008, 6:38 AM
SupahFunk: Yes hello there, I"m afraid I have no choice but to use the characters from my story Absol tales.

Darren: You say that like its a bad thing!

Saul: Darren, he didn't mean it that way, he said that he had no choice because we are his only characters right now!

Darren: Oh. Sorry, SupahFunk.

SupahFunk: It's alright Darren, I understand. You aren't depressed at all?

Darren: I would prefer not to talk about it.

SupahFunk: Oh, alright, I understand, again.

Saul: Good, now how did we get here?

SupahFunk: Someone created a thread on the site where your story is displayed, where the author takes their characters from a story of theirs, like now, and has them talk to each other and other people, I think.

Saul: Okay, good, well I'm going to leave now.

Darren, grabbing Saul: No, you're not.

Saul: Oh, come on Darren, I know you don't want to be here!

Darren: That is not true.

Sable: Saul, don't be in such a rush to get out of here, otherwise you might wind up with a berry in your face, right Annette?

Annette: Right!

Sable: Hey SupahFunk, you need a nickname, so we don't have to say your whole name all the time, maybe something like 'Supah' or maybe just 'Funk'. Does that sound fine?

Funk: Fine by me.

Darren: Hey girls, and guy, Saul just snuck off the stage!

Funk: I had better go get him, you guys stay here!

August 5th, 2008, 11:08 AM
txteclipse: Trippy. I'd almost say this belongs in RP, but it really can't because it's all fanfic stuff.

Everyone from Eon Chronicles [staring at txteclipse]: Trippy?

txteclipse: Oh...it means weird. Strange. Paranormal. *motions his hand to all others present, drawing their attention* May I present the gang from the Eon Chronicles? They're from the past. Please do not say yes if they wish to perform sword tricks for you.

Kairn: Awww...

Ren: Gang?

txteclipse: Group! It means group.

Ren [muttering]: why not just say that...

August 5th, 2008, 11:48 AM
IceDragon2439: Well this is different...I wonder how Maxi and Rebecca will see this.

Maxi: Huh...what I was just...at Prof. Elm's...where am I?

IceDragon2439: Well, this is an area where we can talk to each other and other writers and their characters.

Maxi: So your the one who made me...why didn't you give me hair like yours, I want your long hair.

IceDragon2439: Well...yes I did create you but didn't feel like describing my long hair, so just go with it. Where's Rebecca?

Maxi: Still at the Professor's, where I should be.

Rebecca(popping up next to Maxi): Hey eveybody!!!

Maxi: Oh my god, you scared the living bejesus out of me!

IceDragon: Bejesus?

August 5th, 2008, 12:03 PM
I... kind of like the sound of this.

[The ever hyper, gung-ho brunette, age 17 here if we go by roleplays and not the Fic, comes bursting into... the white abyss?]

Lauren: Wh-where are we? It's large an'... white in 'ere... where's th' furniture? O-or the food?

Me: And now we see your accent shine through, kiddo. [Here, the Narrator cracks a retarded and dorky grin.]

Lauren: 'ey, not m' fault tha' people keep tellin' ya tha' accents are a no-no in stories! D: ... Can we let Taunter out? An' where's Collin?

[Still grinning like a fool, the Narrator looks about herself and blinks.]

Me: Taunter; Pokeball. Collin... pigging out somewh--

[But what's this?! Just then, a skinny lad about Lauren's age, with gravity-defying ebony hair akin to a Juggler, boring old jeans and a green T-shirt, comes charging into the abyss! ... Oh, look, he has a sandwich! The Narrator was right.]

Collin: I do not pig out! In fact, I'm quite fit and healthy.

Lauren: An' I'm Arceus. Now then... food.

Collin: What? You expect me to give my well-made sandwich to common riff-raff?

Lauren: ... Collin, we both come from middle class families. 'ow am I riff-raff?

Collin: . . . [Quite clearly, the teen has been stumped, despite the whole thing being a joke.] I was joking.

Me: Right... You know what? I'm... going to leave.

[Exit-- almost.]

Collin & Lauren: Narrator!

Me: Dangit, almost there... WHAT?

Collin & Lauren: ... Where are Doctor Twit an'/and Gruntwit?

Me: [Clearly befuddled.] Eh? ... A-ah, the doctor and Rehen? Wrong time period, you two. You're seventeen here, and fifteen in the Fic.

Collin & Lauren: ... Oh... yeah... Ehehee. [And thus, the nervous chuckles and sweatdrops are cued for the pair.]

Me: [Pointing towards them both.] Anywho, that's Lauren W. and Collin S., from Hoenn and Kanto respectively. They've been rivals--

Lauren: --G' friends!

Collin: Best friends.

Me: --for a long while now. Right guys?

Collin & Lauren: Right!

August 5th, 2008, 12:23 PM
Fuega: -looks up at other posts, crosses arms belligerently- Yeah, just what we need. A buncha human characters stinking up the place.

Kevin: -face falls-

Me: Oy, lizard! Be nice!

Fuega: -aggressive tone- Why?

Me: I'll cut your paycheck if you keep being mean.

All: ...

Fuega: ...What paycheck?

Kevin: Is there something we didn't know about?

Me: Er. I said nothing. -whistles-


Me: Uh...uh...Freesk? Help me out?

Freesk: -glares- What paycheck?

Me: ...-curses-

August 5th, 2008, 12:35 PM
Lauren: [Peering through the abyss at the others.] 'umans stinkin' up th' place, huh?! I'll show ya... [She brings forth a Pokeball and throws it out, without the semi-corny "Go ____!".]

[From this abyssialness of Pokeball world springs forth a Haunter, darker in coloration than is normal for his kind. Oh dear, Pokemon oddities? I'm sure we've seen those before, aye?]

Taunter: Moorrrning! [Waving his disembodied hands in greeting to one and all, he grins all goofily and is just happy as can be to be free.]

Lauren: . . . Is it mornin' 'ere?

Collin: It's hard to tell in... White Abyss City.

Taunter: We're in a new city?! Waahoo! Where is it?

Collin & Lauren: The region of Abyssial.

Taunter: ... [The poor Haunter looks utterly befuddled, and for good reason; his trainer and her best friend aren't making sense to his poor gaseous brain!] ... I can hear you. [He glares at the Narrator, who's busy eating popcorn, and snorts.] Twit.

Me: Your a twit. Twittery twit.

Taunter: D:

August 5th, 2008, 12:36 PM
Scyther: Hey, what's going on? Last I knew, we were all separated by a Voltorb explosion and were about to each get into a battle.

Mark: Hmmm... well, judging by the fact that I understood that and that the only characters here are the ones from Chapter Seven, I'd guess that our author dropped us in that 'Character Chat' thread at Pokecommunity to up his postcount and plug the fic that we star in.

Scyther: Well, could he at least send me back? I'm not going to wait for my fight just for this waste of time.

Mark: I'm gonna have to agree; I'm not big on fame, and Bladed should know that by now.

BladedScizor: Oh, come on, can't you at least pretend you're enjoying this?

Pidgeotto: Well, I think that meeting all of these other trainers and Pokemon could be fun.

Poliwag: Wow, there are some neat Pokemon here!

Scyther: Look, Mark may have started as a self-insert, but you're getting to be different people now, so I really have no inclination to listen to you.

BladedScizor: Well, if your presence here can draw in more readers, I might get more reviews; if I get more reviews, I'll be more motivated to write faster, and if I write faster, you'll get to your fights sooner.

Scyther: ...Okay, fine.

Mark: Well, there might be some pretty experienced trainers here; I suppose if I can get some advice from them, I can keep this from being a total annoyance.

Pidgeotto: Well, good to have that settled; let's go around and see who else is here.

Poliwag: Hi everyone! It's good to meet you all!

Blue Screen of Death
August 5th, 2008, 1:54 PM
Annette: Hey I only got one line last time, and it was only one word!

SupahFunk: Sorry, I just didn't have many things for you to say!

Sable: Hey, you dropped your nickname!

SupahFunk: So, I just didn't like it as much as my normal nickname.

Sable: Normal nickname? That isn't your actual name?

Saul: Of course it isn't his real name, did you actually think someone would name their child SupahFunk?

Sable: Well, I thought maybe he had a name change, or something.

SupahFunk: Why would I change my name to SupahFunk, and not something else, like 'Roy' or 'Garet' or even 'Darren!'

Darren: Why would you steal my name?

SupahFunk: Well, I uhh.. Actually uhh.. Use names that I uhh... came up with when I was little that I named my characters from pokemon Red and Blue.

Darren: Wait, so you're saying you swiped my name from a game based on my universe?

SupahFunk: Uhh... Yeah, I never reall come up with names that I haven't had help with. Like Saul, he is an Absol, see?

Darren and Saul: No.

SupahFunk: Well, do you see how the name Sable and her being a Sableye are related?

Everyone else: No.

SupahFunk: Do you at least get how Annette's name is realted to her being a Bannette?

Everyone else: Still no.

Annette: Hey, I though you were going to give me more lines! I do carry berries with me wherever I go!

SupahFunk: Okay, okay, don't throw any!

Annette: That's what I thought.

Darren: Well, SupahFunk, how much longer until we figure out why I'm being hunted down by an angry Espeon?

SupahFunk: I am not at liberty to tell.

Darren: You don't know, do you?

SupahFunk: No. It will be soon though, I think.

Darren: You think? You aren't certain?

SupahFunk: No. Just be patient, not that you really need it. It hasn't even been a week since you found out someone was trying to kill you!

Saul: Besides, you haven't even stopped for lunch yet!

Darren: I thought you where supposed to decide that.

Saul: No, you were.

Darren: Well, alright, I'll get out your oran berries. Wait, where are they?

Sable and Annette: How are we supposed to kn-
[The berries fall on the floor behind them] Crap.

Darren: Okay, Fork them over.

Saul: Wait, where are we?

August 5th, 2008, 2:23 PM
Me: Sorry guys, it’s been awhile since I've posted a chapter. I've been busy lately.

Latias: Busy?

Nadroj: Doing what? You're on summer vacation right now! You've got nothing to do.

Me: Ah, but I do...sort of.

Latias: What?

Me: Trance.

Nadroj: The music?

Me: Yes, the music. It's distracting, I'll admit.

Nadroj: But it's cool, you have to admit. 130 BPM! synthesizers! Progressiveness! Tiesto!-

Me: I know, I know. Now if you'll please be quiet for-

Latias: What's trance? It’s a type of-

Me: Enough! Both of you! It's no wonder why the next chapter has been sitting in my computer for the past four weeks.

Latias and Nadroj: Sorry...

Me: Thank you. Once I finish the next chapter (which will be the first of the sequel of the fan fiction that you both originated from), I plan to start posting the…prequel of this sequel, if you will. However, before I can do that, I must do some editing. I realize now that when I started my fan fiction, both of you seemed a bit…lacking in terms of character. I’m not insulting you guys; I’m just criticizing the writing style of my former-self.

Latias: Yeah, kind of like when we started out. We could hardly do anything but create energy-based shields and shoot orbs of light. Now…we can jump really high and we have cool swords and cool clothes.

Me: Exactly. People have a tendency to change over time.

Nadroj: So you’re going to post it here at PokeCommunity?

Me: Yes, once I edit it. Let’s hope that we’ll pick up a few more readers.

Nadroj: Sounds good to me.

Latias: Me too. I like the idea of broadening our audience.

Me: I thought you would. Alright guys, I have to get back to writing. Nice…breaking the fourth wall with you.

Nadroj and Latias: Bye!

Nadroj: Wait! I didn’t even ask you-

Latias: I think he’s gone…

Nadroj: Darn, I was going to ask him if he likes Tiesto.

Latias: What’s that? Some kind of pasta? It sounds…tasty.

Nadroj: No! Heck no! It’s not pasta, it’s-

Me: Quiet down there! I’m trying to write!

Nadroj: There you are! Do you have anything by Tiesto? Do you like him?

Me: Yes! Happy? Good! Now be quiet please. The more you interrupt me, the less I can write.

Latias: He does have a point.

Nadroj: So maybe he does. Let’s just leave him in peace. He’ll be more cooperative when he’s not writing…probably.

Elite Overlord LeSabre™
August 5th, 2008, 3:38 PM
DP479: Crap... what if Astinus sees this and it's against the rules and we all get banned?

Lisa's Dad: Oh, come on, don't be a wimp! I sent Lisa out to be a trainer, didn't I?

DP479: Yeah, but...

Lisa: Don't be stirring up more trouble, Dad! You sent me out there only to be attacked by one of your old enemies and a guy who barks too much!

Lisa's Dad: Um...

Lisa's Mom: Okay, simmer down. Just wait till DP479 puts out a new chapter.

DP479: Actually... I'll be gone for the next two weeks or so...

Lisa: So, no updates?

Meowth: Are you surprised? The kid hasn't posted a new chapter since MAY!


JX Valentine
August 5th, 2008, 5:10 PM
[By chance, Mercury overhears Fuega and immediately jumps into a fighting stance with a Poke Ball in hand.]

Mercury: What was that?! Say that to my face! Pokemon or not, I'll show you who's stinking up the place

Sebastian: For the love of--

[He slaps his forehead.]

Benvolio: On behalf of my companions, I would like to apologize. All of them are irrational idiots who do not actually mean to offend or threaten you.

Puck: Relax. It's not like she's much of a threat anyway.

Mercury: I heard that! Want me to come over there and mess you up?!

Puck: This coming from the dead girl.

Guildenstern: Hey! That's right! Merc, aren't you supposed to be dead right now?

Mercury: Shut up!

Rosencrantz: So, does that mean that she's, like, a zombie or somethin'?

Mercury: How about I come over there and crack open your head so you can find out whether or not I'll eat your brains!

Benvolio: ...That doesn't actually make sense.

Mercury: Bite me!

Rosencrantz: Isn't that your job?

[Mercury continues into a string of threats towards Rosencrantz's manhood. Meanwhile, Viola joins [s]the Greek chorus Bill and Jax off to the side.]

Viola: I'm confused. How is Mercury here?

Bill: I wish I could offer you a reasonable explanation, Viola, but I don't believe this situation is meant to make any particular sense. Technically, I should be dead by your time.

Cesario, unseen from the wing: It's true. The man is old enough to be my great grandfather's great grandfather.

Olivia, unseen: It's a wonder the maggots haven't eaten clean through his skull yet. The brain is the tastiest part.

Orsino, unseen: My sister knows this from experience.

[Viola and Bill turn their heads to stare blankly at the Trio for a moment. Finally, Bill turns to Jax, who seems to be looking around eagerly. He motions towards the fighting between Mercury and the boys, which seems to have escalated into a wrestling match.]

Bill: Jax, it would be wise to intervene with--

[Before he can finish, Jax holds up a hand.]

Jax: Hold on! I swear to God I just heard Sho Minamimoto somewhere around here.

[She heads off in the direction of Lisa. Viola crosses her arms and sends a sidelong glance towards Bill.]

Viola: So is this why neither of us get updates frequently anymore?

Bill: Unfortunately.

August 5th, 2008, 6:01 PM
Maxi: Wow, were surrounded by a bunch of people who we don't know, and whoa, look at that one girl.

IceDragon2439: Yeah, she's wrestling with those guys.

Rebecca: *puts hands on her head**mutters boys*

IceDragon2439: Okay, so about your story, I'm a little stuck.

Maxi: Stuck?!? You're not the one thats stuck. Me and Rebecca here have been in Professor Elm's lab for the past week. I haven't even gotten my starter!

Rebecca: It's oky Ice, you'll be inspired soon.

IceDragon2439: Thanks Rebecca.

Rebecca: No problem, plus you made me so I'm more than proud to be here for you. *Smiles*

Cstorm: Hah, that's what you think! I've been stuck in snow for over seven months! And it's because of you two losers!

IceDragon2439: Cstorm! How did you get here?

Cstorm: I don't know!? And I have some choice words for you *motions me over to him and parades me with vulgar language*

Maxi: Who's that punk lashing...hey I'm not a loser!

Rebecca: *Watches as me, Cstorm and Maxi get into a huge arguement* *mutters* Boys

Scarlet Weather
August 5th, 2008, 6:17 PM
[As the other characters argue, a shadow slowly makes its way across the thread and a man drops down onto the stage that the Midsummer characters are on top of. Slowly, he makes his way across it, careful to avoid their sight, until he reaches an extremely shiny jewel. He grins before lunging for it, just in time to be tripped by a fairly sleepy-looking teenage boy who is typing something on a lattop and completely engrossed in it.

Gale: Owww.... Whadidya do that for?

Thesis: [not looking up from the laptop] Because it amuses me to cause you pain. Observe. [Thesis immediately pulls what appears to be an anvil from the space behind him and drops it on Gale's foot.


Thesis: See? It amuses me. Greatly. In fact, I think I'll try-

[A large, disgruntled Pidgeot swoops onto the stage, knocking Thesis head over heels and sending his laptop flying out into the "audience".]

Thesis: No! My laptop! [He attempts to dive off the stage, but is restrained by a large Rhydon wearing a flower necklace]

Thesis: [Struggling] Let me go! Without my laptop, life is not worth living!

Aristophanes: Tha latop has goone oover the aedge, ye daft idiot! Yer life is nae worth losin' o'er a piece o' equipment!

Thesis: [Sobbing]: No! You don't understand- the third chapter of my fic was on that laptop!

[The cast of Thief in the Night, who have all by this time assembled on the stage and gathered around Thesis, step back in alarm]

Gale: You mean...

Thesis: Yes! Thanks to that idiot Rhydon... [He points accusingly] Chapter three has been delayed until I can get that laptop replaced! And why do you have a chain of flowers around your neck, anyway?


Augustus: He thought you were on vacation a few weeks ago. I had to explain the difference between that and "hiatus" at least three times, but he wouldn't listen. Ran off and went to Hawaii looking for you.

Thesis: You thought I could afford a trip to Hawaii? Jeez, how daft are my characters these days? [looks at assembled]. Oh... hi. Umm... I'm Thesis, that's Gale [he jabs a finger at the thief, That's his partner, Augustus....

Augustus: [Settling down on Thesis's shoulders to deliver his line before taking off] And the only one who can keep the idiot from getting us all killed...

Thesis: Laertes is brooding over in the corner....

Laertes: [sobbing] Why? Why did I have to use stereotypic samurai terms to refer to myself? Is that all I am to him? A stereotype being placed here to fill in for a character? WHY!?!? [He breaks down, forcing Aristophanes to comfort him.]

Thesis: The Rhydon who just delayed the next chapter of my already nearly-dead fic for you all is Aristophanes...

Gale: I can't believe it! Another delay? Now all the fans will have to wait untold months to hear about my next hilarious exploit!

Augustus: [Breaks into hearty laughter until Gale notices him, then changes it into a coughing fit]

Thesis: And General Michael's out back, being all "mysterious-like" and trying to seduce the girls from other fanfics.

Michael's Voice: [From someplace offstage]Come on, babe... you know you want me... I'm a decorated soldier, and so far all my actions have been morally ambiguous, making me a man of mystery with the potential to draw readers... you like readers, right? Come on, don't be shy....

Thesis: And that's pretty much everyone important so far, I suppose. Excuse me, I have to go replace my laptop now. [Bows and leaves the stage]

[Gale glances around furtively before rushing over to the pedestal seen earlier and grabs the jewel from it, triggering an alarm.]

Gale: Oh no! Here comes the other major character in "Thief in the Night"- the army of nameless security guards!

Guards: [Offstage] Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! [They flood onto the stage, surrounding Gale and co.]

Gale: Hey, look! An orchestra pit!

Guards: Where?

As the guards turn to look, Augustus, Laertes, and Aristophanes spring into action, pushing them from the stage into the "audience" along with the pedestal that Gale stole the jewel from.

Gale: You know, is it just me or is the only purpose of the security guards in this fic to be outwitted by us?

Augustus: Well, they did capture us in the first chapter...

Gale: Hey, that was a cheap shot! If Laertes hadn't screwed up, we would've gotten away with it scot-free!

Laertes: I screwed up? I'll have you know that-

[The group begins arguing among themselves as Augustus detaches himself from it and hops over to the Midsummer cast end of the stage, where he plunks himself down beside Bill.]

Augustus: So... exactly who was it you traded... er... information with last week?

August 5th, 2008, 6:41 PM
[Outside the sun is heating up and the windows are open wide, a small boy sits perched, typing away at a laptop on his lap while he sits on a small stool. A black-haired boy who is probably the same size as the kid on the laptop walks out from behind a velvet curtain.]

David: Where am I? What's going on? [The kid feels into his pocket for a Poké Ball, thinking that this might be some sort of surprise training exercise set up by the organisation he is part of.]

Oni[Looking up from the laptop]: Be quiet. If it wasn't for my charitable nature you'd be written in colours right now.

David: What? Who are you? [he turns around to see a brown-haired boy fall through the curtain and land beside his feet.

Jacques[Gets up and brushes the dirt off of his clothes]: Aha! Rain, you're here as well! Excellent, excellent. Do we have the booze?

David: For what?

Oni: Hardly. I don't believe in underage drinking.

Jacques: For what? Ahahaha. David, you're gonna be a comedian when you're older.

David: No, seriously, what's going on?

Jacques: You don't know?

David: No.

Jacques: Are you sure that you don't know?

David: Positive.

Jacques: So you don't know?

Oni [Frustrated at being torn away from his typing]: He doesn't know!

Jacques: So you don't know?

David: No.

Jacques: We've been invited to the biggest forumwide party of the century!

David: What?

Oni [throwing up his arms in an exasperated manner]: Here we go again!

Twilight Wolf
August 5th, 2008, 7:24 PM
Wildfire: *snickers*

Hypno: What's so funny?

Flame: *snickering* You.

Hypno: Why? How?!

Solar Beam: No reason.

Hypno: Whatever.

Vanessa: You guys!!

Harmony: I miss being green. I liked that blinding green!

Maylon: Blue's better!

Harmony: Nuh uh!

Maylon: Uh huh!

Harmony: Nuh uh!

Maylon: Uh huh

Harmony: Nuh uh!

Vanessa: *whispers to Flame* How long do you think they can keep this up?

Maylon: Uh huh

Harmony: Nuh uh!

Solar Beam: Enough already!!!

Maylon and Harmony: *quiets*

Vanessa: Wow, Solar Beam. I could hardly ever do that!

Solar Beam: Why thank you!

Sassy: Hi, everyone out there!

[Sassy always fights with a single Pokemon on the team.]

Rampage: Wow. It's an event to commemorate; Sassy speaks!

Sassy: Shut up, Rampage! *punches Rampage*

Rampage: *dodges punch*

Vanessa: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down or it's back in your Poke Balls for you two!

Sassy and Rampage: Sorry...

Bay Alexison
August 5th, 2008, 7:26 PM
(Probably did this wrong, but whatever. XD)

[Four people and a Ninetales came inside the Character Chat thread, each one looking at their surroundings. It seemed that they were not alone and everyone was engaging on something]

Bunny: Bay, you know what is going on here?

Balin (the Ninetales): [nods] Nine!

Bay: [shrugs] Seems like this is a place where writers and their characters interact. As a writer, I should be writing the next part of your adventure. I decided that not only me but you guys need a break.

Jacob: [chuckles] Sounds like a grand idea!

Jenny: Does this place have beer?

[Bay shakes her head]

Jacob: Well, this place seems like a good place to relax, espcially with us trying to run from the police.

Bunny: [Eyes went wide] Relaxing! This place is chaos!

Jenny: [Laughs] Hey, it's at least better than nothing? Would you rather keep running away from Lucas and Timmy?

[Bunny shakes her head and then her Ninetales chuckled.]

Jacob: It settles then! We'll stay here for a little while!

Bay: [grins] Yep.

August 5th, 2008, 9:45 PM
Taunter: [Peering about at all the other people and posts of the thread...] Look at all the people~. Where did they all come from~?

Me: Beatles ref. Sweetness!

Lauren: [She snorts at her Haunter, clearly not impressed by the raspy singing of the Ghost/Poison Type-- he appears to be tone-death, much to her chagrin.]

Collin: ... You know what?

Me: I know what. It's hard to keep you all In Character so late at night.

Collin: . . . Then don't try it?

Taunter: Mweehehehehe....

Me: Well, Taunter's easy; I just have to turn my brain off and cease to think.

Taunter: DD:! [Clearly offended, he tries to float away to another post and another group of people.] Fine! I can tell when I'm not wanted!

Lauren: . . . 'E isn't even watchin' where 'e's goin'. ... This outta b' fun!

Collin: Agreed, Lauren. [He sits back in the Abyss of Whiteness, eating kettle corn and dipping it in chocolate on occasion.]

Me: Chocolate... @@

Collin: Back off; it's mine.

August 5th, 2008, 10:14 PM
txteclipse: Back!

Latias: Finally! We were being crushed by a wall of text.

Kairn: Yeah! We were about to start making room with our swords! [Ren nods in agreement]

txteclipse: Seems I got here just in time. Now give me those. [takes swords]

Both boys: Hey!

Houndoom: [wakes up from one of his much-beloved naps and glares at everyone, flames curling around his jaws]

Everyone else: [backing away from Houndoom with nervous smiles] "We're done. You can sleep now."

[Houndoom goes back to sleep]

txteclipse: [tosses away swords, which narrowly miss some innocent bystanders] You'll get those back when I put you back into the Eon Chronicles. For now...just chill, alright? I'll steal some music from P_M_0 if it will make you feel better. [does so]

P_M_0 (from a long way off): Hey! That's mine!

Nadroj (also from a long way off): Who the heck was that?

Kairn: What kind of music is this?

txteclipse: It's trance. Tiesto, specifically: it's all P_M_0 had on him.

Latios: Oh...so...interesting...

Latias and Ren: Agreed...

[Everyone's innate sense to head-bob kicks in]

txteclipse: Latios, try to tone it down a bit. You're going to snap your neck.

Latios: I can't help it...

August 5th, 2008, 10:25 PM
Diamond and Pearl enter Character Chat.

Diamond: ....


August 5th, 2008, 10:30 PM
Taunter: [Still not paying attention to where he's going, the dark violet Haunter floats into the above post-- Turtleking's post.] ... Oh, HI! [Grinning that trademark Hauntery grin of his, the Ghost & Poison type waves to Diamond and Pearl in cheerful greeting.]

[Meanwhile, back in the Abyss...]

Lauren: 'Eeeyy, th' scenery's changin'!

Collin: ... It looks like... a theater?

Lauren: Who cares? S'long as it's not 'aunted, I'm good t' g'! :D

August 6th, 2008, 2:22 AM
Hey, I am late to something as usual. But here are the characters that have been introduced so far.

KC: go say hi

Taylor: *blushes* um... that’s okay *sneaks over to corner to hide*

Alva: wow!! so many people

Mew: look at all these humans and pokemon that I never meet

Mai: many new smells to smell,

KC: whoa calm down y'all, except Taylor, if you calmed down anymore you’d be dead,

Taylor: leave me alone

Alva: oh yeah, guess I got carried away

Mai: but, but...

Mew, oh right, hi, I'm a Mew

Mai: but, but...

Alva: come on Mai, now your getting on my nerves, oops.

Mai: hey my name

Alva: sorry

KC: for those of you who don’t know why my characters are picky about ther names is because in the story it is considered rude to know ones name with out that person telling you.

Mew: hey I wanted to tell them that

KC: well you should of said something

Mew: not fair *pouts*

KC: keep it up and I will write you a death scene

MEW: *attitude changes* hehe, your so nice

Mai: I'm not scared of death leave her alone

KC: no, but how would you like to fall in the middle of a lake?


KC: uh huh that’s what i though

August 6th, 2008, 3:13 AM
Fuega: YES. Thank you. More Pokemon.

Me: -bound and gagged- Mmmph!

Freesk: Ooh! Do you think any of them will want to play with me?

Kevin: ...

Fuega: Eh? What's up, moron?

Kevin: ...over there...

[Some distance away from the Fuega characters, a plothole opens in the white abyss and a Torterra steps through. He looks around.]

Twiggy: Hey, is there a party going on in here?

Kevin: ...who...?

Twiggy: 'Coz NOBODY starts a party without ME.

Fuega: Oh, I remember you. You're that annoying Torterra from the fic Aqua's rewriting.

Twiggy: And when she's done, the fic will ROCK your SOCKS.

Fuega: ...?

Twiggy: Because I'M in it!

[The plothole opens again and the female protagonist of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl sticks her head out.]

Kalia: Twiggy! What are you doing?!

Twiggy: Partyin'.

Kalia: -looks around at the assortment of (strangely acting) characters- Uh, no. Get back here.

Twiggy: Aw...

[both go back through the plothole]

Fuega: -sticks her tongue out at Twiggy as he leaves-

Blue Screen of Death
August 6th, 2008, 6:00 AM
Darren: Wow, its getting crowded in here.

Sable: Me and Annette can cover them with berry juice, if you want.

Annette: Yeah, especially those people wrestling over there, and that charmander looks like it could use a good smack in the face.

Saul: Hey, those are my berries, you won't throw any!

Sable: That's okay, we have our own.

Saul: Fine, whatever, just don't throw mine.

SupahFunk: Hey Sable, go ahead and get anyone not in our story. I could use a good laugh.

Sable: Deal!

August 6th, 2008, 6:05 AM
Don't you have to use color? no one is using color lol anyway let me try with the characters for my new fic...

Pokefan32: This is weird isn't it Evan?

Evan: Sure is, I really don't understand it...

Pokefan32: You never understand anything do you? It's in one ear and out the other with you.

Evan: Whatever......at least I'm not as stupid as Ashley over there!

Ashley:!!!!!! Evan I hate you!

Evan: Love you too ;) (sarcasim)

Pokefan32: Will you two stop fighting! Oh my god, I really wish my friends weren't this spastic...

Kinda like that? I hope I did it right!

The Bringer!
August 6th, 2008, 6:20 AM
[Mr. Person and his only character appear in an expanse of white, filled with many people and varying species of pokemon. There also appears to be a stage there for some odd reason]

Shane: Hey, is this a dream or something, where am I? And more importantly, who are you?

Mr. Person: I'm the person who wrote you as a character.

Shane: Well, if you wrote me why isn't anyone else around us?

Mr. Person: Well, you see...

Shane: What! Are you saying that I'm the only person you've managed to write. For god's sake you've barely even developed me as a character!

Mr. Person: Hey, I've also written the nameless guy who attacked you.

Shane: Yes, that was very "kind" of you to do.

Mr. Person: I had to make you have some conflict, if I didn't you would be a Gary Stu of some sort.

Shane: Gary who? I thought my name was Shane?

Mr. Person: Never mind. Anyways, since you're so keen on having another character around, here you go. *Porygon materializes beside Shane*

Shane: But porygon can't even talk. Which is just showing that you're lazy if you ask me.

Porygon: My programming limitations are of no meaning in this state of being at pokecommunity.

Shane: Oh, well then, what do you think of having me as an owner?

Porygon: You seem to have no innate talent at anything whatsoever.

Shane: Thats it! You little...

Mr. Person: As you can see, I still can't even control my own characters.

JX Valentine
August 6th, 2008, 7:02 AM
[Bill gives a blank glance towards Augustine. He's almost tempted to ask where he came from, but instead, the expression is more geared towards the question itself.]

Bill, seemingly offended: A perfectly respectable young woman!

Orsino, offstage: Oh yes. I know perfectly respectable young women like that. I employ some of them frequently. Nice girls, really.

Bill: Right. She was nothing more than--

Orsino: Except for the dominatrix, of course, but that's to be expected.

Bill: ....

Cesario, also offstage: Orsino, my lord, I wasn't aware you were in that kind of business.

Orsino: A businessman must always seek out new opportunities, mon ami. Perhaps you should consider dappling in the business yourself. You're not at all unattractive.

Cesario: You flatter me, my dear companion, but I'm an actor of a different sort, I'm afraid.

Orsino: Oh, nonsense! Acting is acting, and you could be a very wealthy man, considering your abilities. Have you ever gave thought to becoming a dominatrix yourself?

[Both Bill and Viola give the unseen duo horrified looks.]

Viola: Why are we talking about this?

Jax, from somewhere in the audience: Because it's hot!

[Ignoring her, Orsino pokes his head onto stage to address Augustine.]

Orsino: In any case, mon ami, if you happen to be interested in the companionship of a delightful young woman, I can give you a few names and locations, and the woman attached to both would be more than happy to escort you to a variety of new and exciting places and states of mind. However, I'm afraid I can't guarantee that I can provide the same woman as our young scientific companion pursued recently, but I can possibly offer better.

[As his face turns bright red, Bill hides his eyes with his hands.]

Bill: She was not a prostitute!

August 6th, 2008, 7:39 AM
[While Taunter is off being what constitues as "himself", Lauren and Collin have decided to have a meal... in the middle of the randomly-appearing-stage... and it's all picnic style.]

Lauren: [Pausing with a cup of tea at her lips, she tilts her head backwards to stare off in Bill's general direction.] Who's dabblin' in prostitution?

Collin: L-lauren, that was blunt. [Sweatdropping, he reaches across to pull her head forward, by her hair.]

Lauren: Ow, ow, ow! Stop tha'!

[In the meantime, the Narrator's been busy eating popcorn and juggling Pokeballs; fortunately, it isn't simultaneous.]

Me: You know what? It'd be great if I had the game Portal. [She's busy listening to the song "Stil Alive" as well.]

Lauren: Wassat?

[The Narrator crosses out "Me" and puts in her screename, out of boredom.]

DGexe Me: Hm? Ah, it's this game with... portals.

Collin: That's not conductive or whatever to an explanation.

DGexe: [Grinning slyly.] You'll have to play the game to find out.

Lauren: Aaw, man, not cool! Hmph! [Right after taking a sip of her tea, the trainer tilts her head back at Bill and grins.] Who's dabblin' in prostitution?

DGexe and Collin: Here we go again....

August 6th, 2008, 8:28 AM
I have my own fanfic as well
Lvl99rayquaza:Today you are about to meet Blaze from the Sinnoh Guardians.

(A pure Black charizard walks in from backstage)

Blaze: If I see a tank I will destroy It

Lvl99rayquaza: So Blaze what is project Blaze?

Blaze: That information is classified and i do not knowwhat project Blaze is

Lvl99rayquaza: so is your armor real gold?

Blaze: No it is not, it is painted a metalic gold

Lvl99rayquaza: is your armor heavy?

Blaze: no it is not, it is light but strong

(A tank crashes into the room)

Lvl99rayquaza: oh a tank

Blaze: excuse me for a moment

(Blaze flies to the tank)

Lvl99rayquaza: could you thow us how you destroy a tank?

Blaze: sure

(Blaze picks up the tank and tears the turret off)

Lvl99rayquaza: well thats a wrap for today's chat with Blaze

(Blaze cripples the tank by hitting it with its turret)

Blaze: and that is how you destroy a tank

August 6th, 2008, 1:06 PM
Me: Huh? *stops typing*

Latias and Nadroj: What?

Me: My music stopped... *checks Windows Media Player library* No way...my Tiesto's gone! It's all gone!

Nadroj: Really? You sure about that?

Me: Dead sure. I can't even find it in My Music...

Nadroj: *hyperventilates* Those-those CDs that you promised me! I-I-

Me: We'll have to get the Mp3 files back, that's the only way.

Nadroj: But...but...you bought the music in print! Parade of the Athletes, ISOS 5, Elements of Life...you have the originals, right?

Me: Ah yes, I do! However, there are a few singles that I downloaded off the net that I don't have in print, and I know that there's a particular one that you want. What's it called?...Ah yes, Love Comes Again (Featuring BT).

Latias: *squints at Nadroj* Just what type of music is this?

Nadroj: It's...um...trance. It's a type of electronic dance music that originated in Europe.

Latias: And where is this Europe?

Nadroj: To be honest with you, I don't know myself. P_M_0 told me about it.

Me: Just...forget about Europe. Thinking about it will make your head hurt. It'll also break the fourth wall.

Latias: But aren't we breaking the fourth wall already?

Me: Yes, yes we are. I just don't want to break the fourth wall anymore than what we have to.

Latias: *blinks* Well...okay, I guess. *looks to Nadroj* *Nadroj shrugs*

Me: Alright...let's sort through this logically. One moment my music was here, the next it was gone. Did anything happen between those two events?

Latias: Well...I did see a shadow kind of creep up behind you. It vanished really quick though. I thought it was nothing, but I could have been wrong.

Me: *looks on the floor next to computer* The USB cable...it's disconnected. He stole it through the USB cable!

Nadroj: But how could he have-

Latias: Shh! Both of you, listen!

*All three stop talking and strain their ears. An electronic beat can be faintly heard*

Nadroj: What song is it?

Me: Shh! I know I've heard it somewhere before...No way! It's Tiesto's mix of Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek!

Nadroj: But you don't have that song...Wait!...Something else now...it's Adagio for Strings!

Me: The unmixed version too! That's definitely mine! *clears throat* Alright guys, I know who's behind this. It's txteclipse! He's the only other author here (as far as I know) who likes Tiesto.

Latias: So this guy's an author like you?

Me: Exactly. And not just any old author. His fan fic features a Latias as well.

Nadroj: So let me get this straight...his characters stole our music so that they could party?

Me: I think so.

Nadroj: Then let's go get them!

Me: Yeah, I think it would be a good idea to get our music back. However, we have to be...gentle. We cannot tear apart his characters.

Nadroj: Why not?

Me: They're good characters. txteclipse also showed me Tiesto...in the form of a video in which he performed Adagio for Strings. A week later, I went out and bought Parade of the Athletes. If txteclipse hadn't shown me Tiesto...I would still be listening to sub par DDR music.

Nadroj: *shudders* You do have a point. We owe txteclipse and I didn't even know it!

Me: We do, but that still doesn't give him the right to steal my entire library of Tiesto music.

Nadroj: Right! We'll just go over there and demand its return.

Latias: Sounds easy enough. Can you burn me a CD as well? I've never heard this...trance.

Me: Sure, as soon as we get it back. *jumps into imaginary void with Latias and Nadroj*

Me: Your swords. Give them to me.

Latias and Nadroj: *hesitantly hand swords over to me* *swords disappear into thin air*

Latias and Nadroj: Woah! Are you psychic too?

Me: I'm the author, I'm beyond psychic. I can do whatever I want with my writing. Now come on, let's go.

*All listen intently*

Nadroj: *points toward far off sound of music* That way!

August 6th, 2008, 2:15 PM
Lvl99rayquaza: Ok we are back with Blaze

Blaze: hey today we have another guest.

Lvl99rayquaza: and who would that be?

Blaze: my twin, I call him flash bomb

(Blaze's twin walks onto the stage)

Flash Bomb: Hello

Blaze: ok we will talk about training

Flash Bomb: our training grounds are on the route to the west of vielstone city but i forgot the name of the route

Blaze: route 215

Lvl99rayquaza: and what aboutroute 210?

Blaze: still open

Flash Bomb: during training we do anything to get stronger

Lvl99rayquaza: is that it?

Blaze: yes

Lvl99rayquaza: Well until next time

August 6th, 2008, 4:21 PM
txteclipse: Crap. We've been found out.

Latias [stops head-bobbing]: By whom?

txteclipse [pointing off into the void at a rapidly approaching P_M_0 and gang]: The person I stole this music from.

Kairn: Don't worry! We'll fend them off with our swords! [runs off to get them]

txteclipse: Oh no you don't! [writes swords out of existence]

Kairn and Ren: But why?

txteclipse: Killing people is illegal here. I can't have you in jail in another time period when you belong in the Eon Chronicles.

Ren: We wouldn't kill them, just...discourage them. You know we don't like killing things.

txteclipse: True, but they're unarmed. How do you expect to not kill them when they can't defend themselves?

All: [silence]

txteclipse: Right then. I have another plan, a better one. First, change the music to this country song I just downloaded. Oh, and you'll want these. [hands out earplugs]

Latias: What are they?

txteclipse: They're earplugs. You stick them in your ears to block out unpleasant sounds, such as this song.

Latios [eating earplugs]: Ohhh... [spits them out]

txteclipse [staring at Latios]: Ummm...yeah. [hands him another pair]

Ren: So now what?

Everyone else: What? We can't hear you!

Ren: What? I can't hear you!

[P_M_0, Latias, and Nadroj all run away, repelled by the country music]

Latios: Well that worked well. [eats earplugs]

August 6th, 2008, 9:08 PM
Rebecca: Okay, enough is enough. You boys have been fighting for over a day!

IceDragon2439: *Wipes sweat from forehead* My god, my characters have gone crazy. *Collapses*

Maxi: No! The writer! Without him, we'll continue to be stuck in Professor Elm's lab!

Cstorm: At least its warm in there, I can't feel my body!

Rebecca: Really!?! *Slaps Cstorms face*

Cstorm: Nothing.

Rebecca: *Slaps two more times* Cool!

Maxi: Guys, come on! What about IceDragon?

Cstorm: Leave him, I'm hungry! *walks off to the stage where a picnic is being held*

Maxi: Ooo! Wings! *Runs to catch up*

Rebecca: But, we can't just leave him here! *Starts to drag me by my legs* Is that eclair cake!?!!!! *Drops me and runs up behind Maxi and stuffs her face with cake*

August 7th, 2008, 10:55 AM
*Latias, Nadroj, and P_M_0 all hidden behind a pile of dirt in a forest*

Nadroj: Didn't even see that one coming.

Me: Neither did I. That country music can be pretty horrible.

Nadroj: No kidding.

Latias: I can't say I liked it either.

Me: We have to come up with another plan. *paces*

Nadroj: Didn't you say that you could do anything because you're the author?

Me: Yeah, I did. Although I'm not sure what I could do to get our music back.

Latias: What if you played country music back to them?

Me: I don't have country music. However...that does give me an idea. Wait here! I need to get some music.

*exits void, comes back five minutes later with music*

Nadroj: So what kind of music is it? Isn't dance music the only stuff you have?

Latias: I don't think dance music would scare them. I mean...just listen.

*all hear the far-off sound of a throbbing bass*

Me: True, but we're going to do more than play dance music. We'll also give them a light show. You have your sunglasses on you, right?

Latias and Nadroj: Yes. *put them on*

Me: Great. *puts on pair of sunglasses*

Me: Alright, so here's what we'll do...*schemes with Latias and Nadroj*

*fifteen minutes later, on the way to txteclipse and company's camp*

Nadroj: You sure we can't get the space helmets with the LEDs?

Me: I'm sure. Besides, you won't even be playing. You two will be going after the music.

Me: Almost there...Remember, we're just joining their party. Nothing more and nothing less.

*arrives at camp where the music is in full swing*

txteclipse: *Turns off trance. Reaches for country music.*

Me: Wait, wait, wait. We figured that if we can't beat you, why not join the party? It is my music, after all. The least you could do is to let us listen to it.

txteclipse: *looks to group, group nods hesitantly* Well...okay. Remember though, we have country music. If you try anything funny-

Me: Right, right. We know. Before we listen to trance, we have something a bit...different to show you.

Me: *untilizes creative powers to make a black rave pyramid pop out of the ground*

txteclipse: It's-it's Daft Punk!

Ren: Who's daft?

Latias (EC): and what's a punk?

txteclipse: Daft Punk! It's a French collaboration that makes dance music.

Kairn: What's French?

Latios: Do they make trance?

txteclipse: *sighs* French...it's something that you wouldn't get, and no they do not make trance. They make house. Anymore questions?

All EC characters: No.

*P_M_0 appears in window at the top of the pyramid*

txteclipse: Hey, where are Nadroj and Latias?

Latios: Beats me.


txteclipse and characters: Robot! Human! Robot! Human!

*Latios bobs head*

txteclipse: Latios...the music hasn't even started yet.

Latios: I can't help it! *continues to bob head*

*1 minute, 30 seconds later*

Daft Punk Music:

*rave pyramid strobes*

Ren: Ooh...Pretty colors.

Latias (EC): My eyes! They burn!

txteclipse: It's a trap, darn it! It's a trap! Run! Take the music with you!

*all flee the scene with Latios bringing up the rear*

*Latias and Nadroj jump out from behind pyramid and tackle Latios*

Latios: Hey...guys, I could use a little- *Nadroj shoves hand over mouth*

Nadroj: *pinning Latios down* Latias! His claw! he has something in his claw!

Latias (OL): *Pries claw open and removes a micro SD card*

Latios: *breaks out of Nadroj's grip, lunges forward, and bites Latias's hair*

Latios: This is pretty good! *while chewing a mouthful*

*Latios flees into the underbrush*

*P_M_0 comes out of pyramid*

Nadroj: Sorry...we only got this. *gives SD card to P_M_0* *P_M_0 pops it into mp3 player*

Me: We got Elements of Life, that's good. They still have the rest, though. We'll have to confront them again.

Latias (OL): They went that way. *points*

Me: We need a new plan first...one that doesn't involve Daft Punk or rave pyramids. Any ideas?

Latias (OL): Can you fix my hair first?

August 7th, 2008, 6:26 PM
[txteclipse and all of the EC characters are collapsed in a heap in the middle of the forest, trying to catch their breath]

txteclipse [panting]: They got Elements of Life!?

Latios [still munching Latias (OL)'s hair]: Yeah. Sorry. [and then, muttering to himself] Hey...this stuff has a kind of sweaty taste...although it isn't at all unpleasant...

Ren [sadly]: Those were good songs...

[Everyone bows heads and a moment of silence ensues out of respect for the lost tracks]

txteclipse [standing to his feet]: We can't give up! We have to be vigilant and keep the rest of this music out of P_M_0's hands! Although we were technically the ones that stole it from him...

Kairn: But what can we do? Where can we go?

txteclipse [thinking for a moment]: For now, we're simply going to have to run. Everyone that can, make yourselves invisible. Houndoom, you revert to your shadow form, and I'll use you as a cloak.

[everyone does as instructed]

txteclipse: Dang it's hot...Anyways, I have good news! We can still listen to music while we run! [hands out pairs of Skullcandy Double Agent headphones]

Latias (EC): What are these?

txteclipse: They're mp3-playing headphones. You put them around your ears, and you can listen to music without it being heard by anyone else.

Latios [chewing on headphones]: ... [spits them out]

txteclipse [sighing]: You really need to stop doing that. [hands him another pair]

[everyone starts head-bobbing to the sonic goodness that is once again pumping into their ears]

txteclipse: See? Now we're covert! It will be extremely hard to track us when we have these!

Ren: But where are we going to run to?

txteclipse [with complete enthusiasm]: Pending on when I get my next chapter out, that could vary! [runs off into trees]

[Everyone else glances at each other, and then reluctantly begin to follow]

Kairn [mumbling to himself]: Why do we have to run all the time?

August 7th, 2008, 6:42 PM
IceDragon2439: Wha...where is everybody? *Looks around while rubbing his eye sleepily*

(Across the way at the picnic area)

Cstorm: I'm finally warm again *Puts down twenty-first cup of hot cocoa*

Maxi: That was a lot of cocoa!

Rebecca: Does this mean I can't slap you anymore?

Cstorm: Most definitely!

Maxi: I feel like we are forgetting something.

Rebecca: I feel it too *put another forkful of eclair cake in her mouth*

Cstorm: *Thinks for a moment* Not me!

(Back to IceDragon's spot)

IceDragon2439: The second I pass out, they leave me. See if they go anywhere for a while.

Cstorm: *Yelling from picnic area* I know I'm not!!!

IceDragon2439: *Chuckles* He has a point.

(Back at picnic area)

Maxi: Wings are good *Smiles*

August 8th, 2008, 2:06 PM
Latias: I don't hear them.

Nadroj: Neither do I.

Me: I think it'll be awhile before they party again.

Nadroj: That stinks. How are we going to get the other tracks back?

Me: Hm...If they aren't partying, do you think that we could throw a party of our own?

Nadroj: I don't see why not.

Latias: Maybe they'll come join us!

Nadroj: Then we can take back our music...but the pyramid has to go. They aren't going to fall for that one again.

Me: Yeah, it will. First though, I want to play one last track.

*Goes into the pyramid. Puts on the track "Elements of Life" from Elements of Life.*

*All three bow their heads out of respect for the missing Parade of the Athletes, ISOS 5 and other miscellaneous Tiesto tracks.*

*music comes to a close*

Me: Alright, I am going to go back to my computer, make a super-awesome mix of the remainder of my music, and come back here to play it. Hopefully it will attract txteclipse and his party.

Nadroj: What will it have?

Me: Daft Punk, Justice, the Benassi Bros., the Chemical Brothers, and 1200 Micrograms...I think.

Nadroj: Woah...

Me: I'll be back in a bit. *walks off, leaving Nadroj in shock*

Me: Maybe I'll do some writing as well...

Scarlet Weather
August 8th, 2008, 2:08 PM
[Augustus glares at Orsino, though he can't see him, and preens his feathers in a dignified manner.]

Augustus: I, sir, am not in the market for a mate, human or otherwise. I was merely expressing my curiosity in the information this man gathered, as the knowledge of the locations of valuable objects is integral in my profession. In addition, I, sir, am a Pidgeot, and therefore unlikely to pursue your business any time in the near future. If you desire an easy target, I suggest the soldier attempting to seduce everyone.

General Michael: [Offstage] Come on, don't be shy, ladies! You know, I'm not just strong, handsome, and morally ambiguous- I'm manipulative too! Come on now!

Thesis: ....

Gale: I think he's smashed on something. Possibly illegal.

Thesis: He has a history of abusing illegal substances? News to me.

Gale: Whoah, whoah, whoah, wait! Aren't you the author, and therefore the one who determines all of our backstories?

Thesis: Well, I sorta just take ideas as they come... hmm, might be interesting... but nah, scrap that one. He's probably just boozing it up.

General Michael: [Sings something obscene raucously]

All: ....

Thesis: You know, what's funny is I don't even know what half those words meant.

Augustus: Is that even possible?

Thesis: Hey, don't blame me for giving you guys some autonomy! Blame my fractured psyche for projecting some measure of my own consciousness into you!

Gale: .... Okay, so you're saying that we're basically alive in some bizarre form because you think for us?

Thesis: Yes! I mean, no! I mean... you know, screw this, I'm getting a drink. [Thesis walks offstage, before calling back audibly] Hey, Michael! Pass that mug of beer! Tonight, we drink!

Laertes: Isn't Thesis underage?

Aristophanes: Yes, but... hey, what happened to my bad Scottish accent?

Thesis: [Offstage] I scrapped it temporarily because I made it too hard to understand! Besides, you won't be speaking much anyway, since I don't know how to write a convincing Scottish accent, so enjoy your freedom to talk while you can- Hey, Michael, gimme that pint back!


Laertes: Wow. That's harsh.

Gale: Well, um... [Crosses the stage to Viola and sits beside her] So... you're a main character too, right? Well, what exactly is your story like? Mine's a little short, still, so all I know is that I'm an obsessive thrill-seeker with a military background who gets his kicks by stealing stuff.

Augustus: Got that right. And by the way... why is it that I get the feeling that someone has confused my name, which is a reference to Caesar Augustus, with that of Augustine, a bishop and leader in the early Christian church famous for praying "Lord, make me chaste- but not yet"?

Aristophanes: I think you need your head checked.

Augustus: [Glares at Aristophanes before returning his attention to Bill] Alright, sorry for asking about the information... I had no idea you were willing to trade with- well, we'll save that for later. I was just wondering what you wanted to know, is all.

Thesis: Catch me! [Now thoroughly drunk, Thesis runs onstage and leaps towards the audience, only to land with a sickening "Thud!" on the floor next to Jax, thus sobering him up considerably] Oh... the incredible agony... ugh... Okay, no more beer for me.

Gale: And that, kids, is why you shouldn't drink before you're of legal age. If you're really that desperate to get alcohol before you're twenty-one, move to Europe because the drinking age is much lower. Or you can just do what I did- lobby to have the international drinking age lowered! Hey, I succeeded!

General Michael: [Offstage] Only because I was the one who convinced the speaker to do the actual lobbying. You just suggested it to me in passing.

Gale: Whatever! I was still the one with the original idea, so that makes me responsible!

Augustus: And here, children, we have a remarkable example of **** Imbecilius in its natural habitat. Watch as these two males fight it out to the death over a meaningless trifle! [He hides his head beneath his wing, and pretends not to see anything.] Please, tell me this is all just a bad dream..

August 8th, 2008, 5:41 PM
Augustus: Watch as these two males fight it out to the death over a meaningless trifle!

Latios [taking off headphones and perking up ears]: Truffle?

txteclipse: Nevermind! Put those back on and keep running! ...Floating! ...Hovering!

Latios: Fine fine. [replaces headphones]

Kairn: Hey...text apocalypse?

txteclipse: It's "txteclipse."

Kairn: Whatever you say. Can we, perhaps, take a breather?

txteclipse: No! [collapses on ground a few seconds later, chest heaving] ...yes...

Everyone else: Alright!

Ren [pulling off headphones]: These aren't working anymore...

txteclipse: You're probably *gasp* out of *gasp* batteries *gasp*.

Latias: Are you alright?

txteclipse: Not *gasp* really...

[suddenly, extremely loud electronic music begins to fill the air]

Ren [hearing music and trying not to head-bob]: I need to...ummm...polish my sword. Over there. [runs off wildly in the direction of the music]

txteclipse: But I took your sword! [Ren acts like he doesn't hear, and disappears into the trees]

[everyone else's headphones die simultaneously, and they all take them off, looking very sad]

txteclipse: Great. Just [I]perfect. [hears loud music] Ohhh...

[all run off after music]

August 8th, 2008, 6:34 PM
Taylor: oh look thanks to our LAZY writer, we have been missing out

Me: hey I have been moving

Mew: why must you move, every where is nice

Alva: where have you moved too

Me: Kansas

Mai: whats Kansas

Taylor: it’s a state *mutters “I hate Kansas”*

Mew: whats a state

Alva: it’s a piece of land that has a name

Mai: ah

Me: it’s a long way from New Mexico

Mew: New Mexico?

Alva: also a state in America

Mai: America?

Me: a large piece of land made up of many states

Mew, Mai: ahhh

Taylor: *notices a group of people and pokemon pass buy to fast to get an accurate description* Who was that?

Mew: a Latias and a Litaos and I have never seen those humans before.

Mai: they smell weird, they haven’t cleaned themselves recently.

Alva and I : didn’t need to know that

*second group passes in a slightly different direction*

Taylor: should we tell them…

Alva: na, lets watch the fun!!

August 8th, 2008, 9:51 PM
IceDragon2439: (Still by himself) *Watches as many forms run past him* Woah, they run fast. And I hear weird music, hmm.

Maxi: Yeah, it's not my taste.

IceDragon2439: You have a taste in music? I never gave that to you.

Maxi: Well I just think that the music that hear playing while you write about me is cool. My head always wants to move up and down.

IceDragon2439: Headbang?

Maxi: There's a word for it!?

IceDragon2439: Yeah *turns on The Crimson by Atreyu**Then begins moving head at a very past pace**Hair goes crazy*

Maxi: Wow, you're good! *Copies me*

IceDragon2439: *Sings, "Crimson and red, my heart is dead and so are you**Then collapses and breathes heavily*

Maxi: *Falls as well with a look of amazement*

Cstorm: (From a distance) And that my friends is my writer *Lowers head and shakes it*

Rebecca: Well it did look cool and the words are awesome *Sings, just live and breathe, try not to die again*

Cstorm: Like writer, like character!

August 9th, 2008, 2:41 AM
Shinrai glares at the ten-year-old at her side. "It's your fault that I'm here with these people."

"Nu-uh! It's his fault!" Aden, the ten-year-old, points at a middle-aged man trying to hide in the background.

"Don't blame me!" Angel exclaims. "It's Hanako herself doing this! She was supposed to take Andy shopping for furniture before he got too pregnant, but she had to stop over here first to make sure that this forum didn't explode without her here. And, well, Andy's eating breakfast now."

I sit down next to Angel, a "look" in my eyes. The only one of the three that knows the "look" is Angel. He's seen it before, when I'm controlling him and his husband. In fact, it was Andy who yelled at me for making him carry the next Wiggin heir. It's a devious look, one that shows that I get pleasure out of ending the fun simple times for others.

"Well, look at this. Seems like people think that just because I leave for a few days, they can create pointless threads. I wonder if they danced around singing 'Ding-dong, the ***** is gone'? She's back now, and bored. And when I'm bored, someone gets hurt."

Angel whimpers.

I blink at him. "No, you're safe for now. I want to write some fluff about you and Andy." I grin, embarrassed, and giggle like the OSC-obsessed fangirl I am. "It's time to bother other people now.

Your little escapades of getting more posts with this thread are over," I say to the masses spread before me. "You want to talk to your little characters? Then do so elsewhere. Create a social group for all I care. Send me vile PMs whining about how mean I am.

Just, you know, remember that I hate pointless threads. And that I'm peeved most of the time now anyhow."

I hold open the door to allow my own three characters out before taking my mod key out of my pocket. With a smile, I lock everyone else in the room.