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August 5th, 2008, 10:22 PM
Pokémon Adventure: The Kanto Journey

Welcome to “Pokémon Adventure: The Kanto Journey”. This is the thread in which your journey will take place; you must begin by visiting Professor Oak’s Lab and picking up your Pokédex and Pokéball’s.
I’m assuming you all know how to RP, if not simply watch some of the more experienced people and learn from them.

Without further ado, here is Pallet Town and the beginning of your Pokémon Journey!

Pallet Town

Pallet Town is a small peaceful, seaside town. It hasn’t got much... attraction wise, but it is home to world renowned Pokémon Professor, Samuel Oak. Professor Oak is the leading man in Pokémon research here in Pallet Town and probably the whole of Kanto.

1 – No Pokémon battles of any kind.
2 – You may receive/find items. But don’t go overboard and nothing too elaborate.
3 – Number of posts: 1

Places of Interest:
Professor Oak’s Lab – Beginner Trainers from all over Kanto stop here on their Pokémon Journey. As a Beginner Trainer, you too should stop here to pick up your Pokédex and Pokéball’s.

August 6th, 2008, 4:54 PM
Chapter One: The Adventure Begins!

"Ash, are you ready yet? Ash?!"

"Umm, I'm coming. Just give me a second."

Ash tossed the last items in her bag quickly and ran downstairs. Then, after clicking the pokeball that contained her new partner, Krabby, she ran downstairs. A young man who looked around eighteen was waiting for her.

"Finally," he groaned. "You asked me to give you a ride to Pallet, but I didn't think it would take this long.

"Sorry," Ash said. "Well, I'm here now, so let's go."

The man nodded and lead Ash outside. A large bird was waiting for them. "Yeah, well, hop on," he said. "Don't want to be late, do we? I mean, this is the day you start your pokemon adventure. Pretty important, right?"

"Oh, yeah," Ash responded. She hopped onto the back of the bird pokemon behind the boy and clinged onto him tight.

"Alright, Pidgeot, let's go," said the boy. The bird pokemon kicked off of the ground and soared in the air. Ash felt the great thrill as she hung on tight. They passed many towns overhead and Ash wondered how important they would be later. Then she wondered about her friend, Andrew. He took off without Ash, so she didn't know how he was getting to Pallet. The two had been best friends growing up, but now they were also rivals. Ash really didn't mind; it would only make her journey more interesting.

"Well, here we are," said the boy. Pidgeot got closer and closer to the ground until it finally landed. Ash slid off the back and looked around. There wasn't much to see. The town only contained a few homes and a large lab.

Ash turned around and smiled at the boy. "Thanks for the ride," she said.

"Don't worry," he replied. "I'll see you again in Vermillion soon, hopefully." Ash smiled and turned to face the large lab as the boy left to to return to Vermillion. She couldn't help, but feel nervous. This would be her first major step in her journey.

Don't freak out, she told herself. Andrew wouldn't. Taking a deep breath, she walked inside, mustering as much confidence as possible.

The lab was extremely large inside, large enough that it looked like it could fit all the homes in Pallet town inside. Ash walked a little farther inside and saw a few trainers, probably newbies like her, inside, but they seemed to just be hanging out. They were all in groups talking about their excitement to be trainers finally.

A man who looked to be extremely intelligent in his lab jacket walked up to Ash and shook her hand. "Hello, I'm Professor Oak. I'm guessing you've come to receive your beginner pokemon and items to start your journey?"

"My name's Ash," Ash introduced. "And I- I don't actually need a starter pokemon. I already have a Krabby."

"Okay..." mumbled the professor. He handed Ash something that looked like nothing more than a mechanical red box. "This is a pokedex," he explained. "You can use it to record data on pokemon. Try to fill it with pokemon you see on your journey."

Ash nodded and pocketed the device without looking at the professor as he pulled out more things. He held his hands out and dumped five miniture pokeballs in them. "I'm sure you know what these are," the professor said. "Use these pokeballs to capture wild pokemon. Just note that you may have to use that Krabby of yours to weaken them first. Build your team as much as possible to make it stronger and harder to beat. That should be everything to start your journey."

"Thanks," Ash mumbled. Knowing that she was done, she began to head out of the lab to begin her adventure and hopefully run into Andrew.

August 6th, 2008, 6:06 PM
Pika_Master414: You're off to a good start. I like how you made Ash fly to Pallet Town. XD
You got the Pokédex
You got 5 Pokéball’s

Episode 1 - A Perfectly Normal Beginning

The sound of Zeke's alarm clock rang loudly in his head, his eyes shot open and he turned off the alarm before leaping out of bed.
In record timing Zeke was fully dressed, he grabbed his backpack which he had packed the night before and raced out of his room. Cubone yawned and rolled over in his bed, noticing that Zeke was gone he crawled out of bed and grabbed his bone making his way out of Zeke room while rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

Zeke came thundering down the stairway while Cubone slowly climbed down, one step at a time. Zeke's mother stood at the foot of the stairs, knowing that he would skip breakfast she had prepared a sandwich which she held out in front of her.
Zeke grabbed the sandwich, "Thanks mom," he said quickly before grabbing his hat off of the hook next to the door. He raced out the door, slamming it loudly behind him only to reopen it and peer inside, "Cubone?" he questioned
The small ground Pokémon had finally reached the foot of the stairs and was waddling over to Zeke.
"Hurry up!" demanded Zeke impatiently.


Zeke burst through the doors of Professor Oak's Lab, nearly running into a teenage girl who was on her way out. He swerved to the side, nearly toppling over a pot plant to the side of the door.
Zeke was too excited to apologise, he pushed through the group of fellow beginner trainers and soon found himself standing before Professor Oak, his hands on his knees as he huffed loudly.

Professor Oak scanned his eyes across a piece of paper in his hand and then glanced down at Cubone, who was only just now catching up.
"You must be Ezekiel..." said the Professor slowly. Zeke nodded intently a huge grin upon his face. By now Professor Oak probably thought that Zeke was crazy, but against his better judgement he placed a small red device and 5 small Pokéball’s into his hands.
"Here is your Pokédex and Pokéball’s..." he said, still giving Zeke a strange look.

Zeke was overjoyed, he grasped the Pokédex and Pokéball’s tightly and jumped into the air, before leaving the Lab as quickly as he had arrived.
Professor Oak blinked a few times before coming to the conclusion that this year’s group of trainers was going to be a little... different.

Zeta Sukuna
August 6th, 2008, 6:06 PM
Chapter 1: The Boy from Orre

"So this is Pallet Town, a lot tamer then anywhere else, but that's why this town is named for." Said Chris before walking towards the lab. "The purist town in the world, but I sense taint seeping in." In moments, Chris saw a kid walking around, probably going home from school.

"Hey mister." Said the kid before running to his friends. Chris smiled at that.

"In Orre, if a kid did that they'd be kidnapped or killed." Said Chris to himself before entering Oak's laboratory to finally get a good pokemon.

Professor Oak then looked at Chris, seemingly reading whether or not he was ready to be a trainer. But after ten minutes Oak walked over to Chris and said. "You must be a beginner ready to get a pokemon."

"Yes, I am ready to start an adventure." Said Chris, bored with the talk. Oak nodded before holding out a pokeball with a pokemon inside of it.

"This pokeball contains a Pikachu, do you want it?" Asked Oak. Chris nodded before grabbing the ball. "Now, here's your pokedex, and five pokeballs." Oak then gave Chris the equipment, leaving Chris to wonder where he got them.

"How did you get those items when you didn't have them earlier?" Asked Chris, refurring to the pokedex and pokeballs, but Oak ignored him and walked over to another trainer hopeful to see if they could be trainers. "That was weird." Said Chris before leaving the building.

August 6th, 2008, 7:40 PM
Episode One: The Beginning

Having been at the Oak laboratory for around fifteen minutes, Professor Oak was in the middle of going through everything that Benjamin would need to start off on his Pokémon journey. "Here is your starter Pokémon, one that I think you will be well suited for." Professor Oak said to Benny, who was just one of the many trainers that would be coming to the laboratory to receive his or her starter Pokémon.

After Oak handed Benjamin five extra Pokéballs as well as a Pokédex he continued talking. "This will give you a complete record of all Pokémon that we know about so far, but you must first point it at any Pokémon that you see to get full data on that particular species of Pokémon.

"Thanks, I’m sure it will come in handy." Benjamin replied as he put the Pokéball that contained his Charmander to his belt. Benny had almost got to the door to leave when Professor Oak interrupted his departure. "There is one other thing you must know. If you happen to catch any Pokémon before you reach the next town, you will find a Pokémon Centre there that you can go to if you need to restore them back to health."

"I will." Benny replied picking up his backpack exiting through the door from the lab. Standing on the doorstep of the Oak Laboratory, Benjamin took in the sights and sounds of Pallet Town; including many of the buildings that made up the town, such as the shop that was owned by an old woman. Looking further down the road, Benny could see a medium-sized house as the person who lived there was returning the doll of a Bulbasaur back inside. Thinking of this, Benjamin reached for the Pokéball on his belt as he was eager to check out what starter Pokémon he had got. With the Pokéball in hand, Benjamin simply yelled "Come on out!" Soon after the words came out of his mouth some sort of lizard-like creature appeared that seemed to have a bright flame at the tip of its tail.

"Charmander! the fire Pokémon said proudly, its tail flame burning brightly.

Pointing the device that Benny had in his hand at the Pokémon that stood in front of him, the Pokédex immediately activated and within seconds it told the new trainer everything he needed to know.

Charmander: the lizard Pokémon.
The fire on the tip of its tail is a measure of its life. If healthy, its tail burns intensely.

"Cool! You have a Charmander." A obviously young resident of Pallet yelled with excitement. Wanting to know where the voice had come from, Benjamin looked up to realise it had come from a boy who lived in the town. "I hope to have a Pokémon like yours someday." The little boy said happily.

"That’s good." Benjamin whispered smiling as the boy’s mother called out to her son, prompting him to come back inside their house, just one of the two that was closest to the Oak Laboratory.

August 6th, 2008, 7:44 PM
As soon as she arrived at Pallet Town, Harleen easily spotted the lab. It was the largest building in the place, and that really wasn't saying much. She took a few steps forward and stopped a couple yards from the door, losing her nerve a little. This was a major chapter in her life she was beginning, after all.

While she mentally prepared, a boy walked out with his Pokedex in hand. She took a deep, nervous breath, nodded, and pushed herself through the door.

"Ah, another one?" he smiled at her. "Are you ready to begin your Pokemon journey?"

"Um, yes," she nodded timidly.

He smiled warmly again. "Don't be afraid. I know this can be frightening, but I think you have what it takes to be just fine."

Harleen smiled back, even if he was just saying that to make her feel better. She brushed her limp, blonde hair behind her ear and adjusted her glasses.

"Now, then, you'll be needing a Pokedex, a few Pokeballs, and your starter Pokemon..."

"Oh! Um, actually..." she trailed off, fumbling with something on the belt on her white jeans. She took a Pokeball from it and with a click released a fuzzy little Venonat. "I already have him."

"Ah!" he said with surprise. "Well done. Then, this is all you need." He handed to her the shiny new Pokedex, and five empty Pokeballs. "I wish you the best of luck."

"Thanks," she replied, returning her Venonat. "I think I'll need it." And with that, she left.

August 6th, 2008, 9:15 PM
Rubii Naruto: That's a good post to start with and i like the mystery surrounding Chris.
You got the Pokédex
You got 5 Pokéball’s

Bigwig: That was alright, but i got the impression that you made Benny go to Viridian City. You aren't suppose to be that far, notice how none of the other characters have actually left Pallet Town yet. I'd appreciate it if you could edit your post and pay attention to Pika_Master414, Rubii Naruto and myself, for we have got more roleplaying experience.
You got the Pokédex
You got 5 Pokéball’s

Miss_Harleen: You aren't part of this RP, you can't just post and have your character suddenly come in. Sign-ups closed a while ago, but i'll let it slid if you write up a sign-up sheet based off of the profiles in the OOC Thread. Because i don't think Loopy is in on this anymore, he hasn't logged on in a while.

Route 1

This is the small road that connects Pallet Town to Viridian City, budding Pokémon trainers travel along this route to train their new Pokémon.
Small patches of grass scattered along the road house wild Pokémon, perfect targets for beginner trainers.

1 –Trainer and Wild Pokémon battles are allowed.
2 – You may capture ONE wild Pokémon.
3 – You may receive/find items. But don’t go overboard and nothing too elaborate.
4 – Number of posts: 1

Wild Pokémon:

Level: 2-5
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Sand-Attack (5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-5
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Run Away or Guts
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack (4)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

August 9th, 2008, 4:41 AM
Chapter 2: A Crab as a Partner?!

Ash set out off into the new route to begin her new adventure. For some reason, it felt a little awkward to be doing something like this, especially on her own. It was just suddenly a new thing she had to learn all about.

Oh well. With a little time, I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it, Ash said to herself. She wasn’t trying to be optimistic. She really thought that it was true, and she really could do it with a little practice.

Ash began to get a steady pace on the new route. She knew about all the other trainers, and how they were all heading to the same destination as her. She couldn’t get too far behind and be considered a total loser.

Then, suddenly, a small boy jumped in front of her, blocking her path. “Hey, I challenge you to a pokemon battle!” he said. He held a pokeball right in Ash’s face; almost close enough to where it touched the tip of her nose.

“No, no… I’m busy right now,” Ash responded. She tried to get past the boy and be on her merry way.

“Nope, nope,” said the boy. “I challenged you which means you have to battle me!” Without any consent from Ash, he threw the pokeball he was holding in the air. It hit the ground, and cracked open in a burst of red light. A small rat pokemon formed onto the field as the light dimmed away.

Great, Ash thought. She really hoped this wasn’t going to get her behind everyone else. But then when she thought about it again, this training would be good. It would put her ahead, even if she was behind.

“Okay then… Go, Krabby!” Ash shouted. She threw her pokeball and it burst open, just like the boy’s did. Her small crab pokemon appeared.

The boy looked for a second and then began to laugh. “What, are you serious?” he laughed. “You have a crab as a partner?! They must have ran out of good pokemon!”

Krabby began to bubble at the mouth angrily. Ash looked at her little pokemon and felt a little courage from him. “Hmp, my partner is really powerful. Why do you have a rat as a partner?”

This shut the kid up for a moment before he held up his hand. “Rattata, let’s start this battle with tackle!” The rat ran forward towards Krabby at a hard speed.

“Krabby, hit Rattata with bubble!” Krabby hit the rat pokemon with multiple bubbles making it fall back. Ash beamed at her first successful attack. The kid, however, looked angry. Ash smirked thinking that he was remembering his comment he made about Krabby.

“Rattata, come forward and use tackle again!” shouted the kid. Rattata rushed forward again towards Krabby, just like their master ordered.

“Krabby, dodge and use bubble again!” Krabby leaped into the air out of the way, and then shot bubbles again. They hit the rat, once again, making it fly back again.

Ash stood there on her side of the field thinking that the battle was way too easy. She almost wondered if it was just natural to her, so the battle was easier than she thought. On the other side, the boy looked frustrated at Krabby, and then looked up at Ash. “You must think you have this battle won, but I have a secret weapon that will shut both of you down!”

Great, a secret weapon, Ash thought. As she thought this, she didn’t know if she was truly scared, or if she was just sarcastic.

“Rattata, use quick attack!” Rattata came forward at Krabby just like the tackle attack, but it was almost ten times as quickly. It zipped forward and slammed right into Krabby hard.

“Krabby!” Ash shouted. She looked up and saw the rattata already on its side of the field again. She couldn’t believe how quick it was.

“Now, do it again!” shouted the kid. Rattata zipped across the stage again and slammed into Krabby, making it fall back again.

“I have to stop this,” Ash mumbled to herself. She thought about all of Krabby’s moves, and smiled. She held up her hand bravely. “Krabby, use mud sport!” Krabby shot mud all over the field to where it turned almost into a mud swamp.

“Rattata, finish this off with one last quick attack!” Rattata tried to rush across the field, but it immediately began to stick in the mud, slowing it down tremendously. It then stopped almost directly in front of Krabby. The kid looked shocked. “Ah, no, Rattata use tail whip!”

“Krabby, use vicegrip on its tail!” Ash shouted. As Rattata tried to whirl around to hit Krabby with its tail, Krabby grabbed it with a pincher. It held on tight and used it to throw Rattata all the way in front of its trainer. Rattata fell down hard and collapsed almost immediately.

“No!” the kid shouted. He sighed and returned Rattata to its ball and walked over to Ash. “I- I’m sorry for calling your Krabby a loser. It is way more powerful than I thought.” He held out a hand to Ash in apology and just to congratulate on a job well done. Ash shook it without hesitation and smiled at the boy’s kindness.

A few minutes later, Ash began her journey on the road again and soon came to sign that read: Welcome to Viridian City. She had made it to her first town with one victory already under her belt.

August 9th, 2008, 11:47 AM
Chapter Two: Encounter of the Rattata

Setting off on his travels out of Pallet Town, Benny saw many of the town’s residents outside of their houses as well as the shop that was an important part of the town, due to the fact that it was the only shop that existed there including the little boy and his mother who he met the day before. It wasn’t long before Benjamin and Charmander who was following his trainer close behind, turned a corner onto this new route which was known as route one. Little did they know that a Rattata was watching the Fire Pokémon closely through the long grass, waiting for the right time to make use of a Tackle attack. Then a few moments later, the mouse Pokémon Rattata leapt out of the grass directing a Tackle attack straight at the Charmander that was on the side of the path nearest to it.

“Char!” Charmander squealed in surprise as he was knocked over to the ground. “What is it buddy?” Benjamin looked down to ask his friend what was wrong when he suddenly saw a purple blur running away before turning around heading right back towards him. But by this time, Charmander was on his feet and ready to defend against the unknown attacker. “What was that?!” Benjamin said to himself as the Pokédex once again came to life.

Rattata: The Mouse Pokémon
Bites anything when it attacks. Small and very quick, it is a common sight in many places.

“A Rattata huh.” Benjamin said with a smirk. “Well don’t think you’re going to get away from attacking my Charmander that easily!”

“Charmander, use Scratch! Benny yelled as Charmander ran up to the Rattata, who was n the middle of using Tackle once again when Charmander’s attack made a near-hit as well as Rattata having returned a hit with it’s last attack. “We’re not going to get anywhere like this.” Benjamin thought.

“Scratch once again!” Benny commanded, as Charmander made it’s first direct hit on Rattata as it began to stagger because it had used both Tackle and Quick Attacks several times.
Knowing it was time to end this, Benjamin and Charmander for the last time used Scratch, hoping it would be enough for the Pokéball that he had in his hand to make a successful catch since Charmander too was beginning to show signs of tiredness.

“Pokéball Go!” Benjamin said as he threw the ball at Rattata when it bounced on its head bringing the mouse Pokémon inside the Pokéball which quickly fell to the grass where it began twitching around with the button in the middle blinking red on and off - all the while Benjamin had maintained his glance at the spot where the ball had fallen, patiently waiting wondering whether or not he would get to hear the low ping-like sound that meant that that Pokémon is now part of the team.

August 9th, 2008, 2:52 PM
Umm how do i start up in pallett town and not on the route?

August 9th, 2008, 3:49 PM
Pika_Master414: Great post! I think i see a slight hint of Ash being full of herself. XP
Krabby grew to Level 7!

Bigwig: That post was alright.
You caught a Rattata!

Atlin: Simply? You don't... This RP is full right now, i am not excepting anymore people.

Episode 2 - A Boy and His Pidgey

Zeke walked out onto the route which he knew all too well, he used to travel to Viridian City with his mother when he was younger. He breathed in the sea air which could still be smelt this far from the beach.
He looked down at Cubone who was checking out the route for himself, he had never seen this much open space before, always having to be cooped up inside the house.

Zeke bent down and patted the small Pokémon on the head, "Ready to see the world, little buddy?" he asked, a cheerful smile spread across his face.
"Cu-bone, Bone!" chirped Cubone happily. "That's the spirit!" replied Zeke as he rose to his feet and turned toward Viridian City.

"Hey, hey, hey!" screamed a loud voice. Standing in front of Zeke was a young boy, he was jumping up and down madly with a Pokéball held tightly in his hand.
"I challenge you... to a Pokémon battle..." the boy said, a sheepish tone in his voice.

Zeke smirked; "Alright!" he said clenching his fist. He looked down at Cubone, "You ready Cubone?" he asked. Cubone nodded and jumped out in front of Zeke.

"One on... one?" asked the boy, who was now standing about five metres away from Zeke. He tossed his Pokéball out in front of him and in a flash of light a small bird Pokémon appeared.

Zeke nodded in response to the boy's question. The bird Pokémon that the boy had sent out was now hoping up and down, he knew this Pokémon all too well. It was a Pidgey, he'd seen them scattered around Pallet Town early in the morning.

"Pidgey, use Sand Attack!" said the boy quietly. The Pidgey stared at Cubone and kicked up a flurry of sand, which didn't seem to have any effect on Cubone.

Zeke laughed, "Cubone is a ground Pokémon... a little sand won't stop him."
"Now Cubone, give it a Growl attack. Followed by a Tail Whip," Zeke ordered. Cubone nodded and growled angrily at Pidgey, who got scared and began to back away, but Cubone ran over and struck the bird with its short tail, causing it to topple over backwards.

The little boy, started getting nervous, "Pidgey! Use your Tackle attack!" yelled the boy. Pidgey jumped to his feet and began running towards Cubone.

Zeke looked at Cubone and then to Pidgey, who was gaining speed as it grew closer to Cubone. Then Zeke remembered, Cubone doesn't have any offensive moves.
"Uh... Cubone, do... something!" screamed Zeke out of fear of losing. Cubone glanced back at Zeke then turned to face Pidgey; he closed his eyes and stuck his bone out in front of him.

A few seconds later Cubone opened his eyes, Pidgey had collided head on with his bone. The small bird Pokémon blinked once before falling over sideways.
"We won!" cheered Zeke, running over to Cubone and picking him up.

The boy walked over to Zeke and held out his Pokéball. "I don't deserve this Pokémon," he said quietly. Zeke looked down at the Pokéball in his hands; he placed his palm upon it and gently pushed it back towards the boy.

"Keep training..." he said with a warm smile. The boy's face lit up and he turned around and began running toward Viridian City.

After the battle Zeke and Cubone continued their journey towards Viridian City and after a few minutes of walking they were finally there. "Viridian City has a gym," started Zeke, "I'm going to challenge the gym leader and win!"

Zeta Sukuna
August 10th, 2008, 6:11 PM
Episode 2: Chris Vs. Ashley

After about fifteen minutes into his journey, Chris had sent out Pikachu, since he wanted to get to know his pokemon. "You don't look too strong for an electric type." Said Chris to Pikachu who took great offence to this.

"Pika? Pik Chupik pika!!" Yelled Pikachu before zapping Chris. (T: Weak? I'm not weak!!)

"Okay, I get it." Said Chris before falling to the ground, probably glad for his thick skin. But to his dismay, a trainer saw all of that.

"Hey kid, do you think you can really be a pokemon trainer with a disobediant mouse like that?" Asked the trainer. Chris slowly got up to face the female trainer.

"Why yes, I think I can." Said Chris before staring at the trainer's belt. "You have two pokemon?"

"Yeah, I caught my second one today. How about a match?" Asked the trainer, confidence evident on her grin.

"Why not? But it will be a one-on-one match." Said Chris as Pikachu took the stage.

"Fine, come on out Oddish!" Yelled the girl. In a flash of red, the weed-like pokemon emerged.

"Pikachu, use Thundershock!" Yelled Chris. Pikachu dashed up and sent a bolt of electricity at the Oddish, but the weed didn't feel much pain.

"Oddish, recover your energy with Absorb!" Yelled the girl. Oddish started running towards Pikachu, but the rat just started running around.

"Pikachu, turn around and use Thundershock!" Yelled Chris. Pikachu jumped up, turned around in midair, and shot a bolt of lightning at Oddish once more, but this time small sparks of electricity were circling around Oddish. "Yes! Now use Growl!"

"Pika!" Growled Pikachu, but since he was still pretty small the growl just lowered the Oddish's attack.(T: Grrr...)

"No, use Sweet Scent Oddish!" Yelled the girl. Oddish was able to release the sweet smelling scent.

"Pika... chu?" Murmured Pikachu as he smelled the scent. But that was what the girl needed. (T: What's... that smell?)

"Oddish, use Absorb!" Yelled the girl. Oddish jumped up and started running towards Pikachu, but at the last second fell to the ground fully paralyzed.

"Pikachu, use Thundershock while Oddish can't move!" Yelled Chris. Pikachu then shot the bolt of lightning at oddish, knocking it out.

"No, return Oddish." Muttered the girl in shock. Chris then returned Pikachu. "My only other pokemon is Magikarp."

"Do you want to come with me?" Asked Chris. the girl glared at Chris, but then sighed.

"I have no choice but to, I need to get home since I wasted too much time out here." Said the girl. before getting up.

"What's your name girl?" Asked Chris not wanting to be left in the dark.

"My name is Ashley Edwards. Who are you?" Asked the girl known as Ashley.

"My name is Chris, and I will be the next champion." Said Chris before running towards Viridian City.

"Hey stupid, wait for me!" Yelled Ashley as she ran after him. In thirty minutes and no incidents they made it to Viridian City.

August 10th, 2008, 6:22 PM
Rubii Naruto: That was a good battle post, i like how you show what Pikachu is saying and the fact that he is disobediant. You're showing more depth into Pikachu then you are to Chris. XP
Pikachu grew to Level 7!

Viridian City

Viridian City is a small place which is only classified as a city because of its Pokémon gym. But, the gym leader isn’t usually seen around the town. Some people say he has abandoned his gym and won’t be coming back, others believe there is no gym leader and there never has been.
Despite this well known fact, people from all around Kanto still travel here in search of their eighth gym badge.

1 – No Pokémon battles of any kind.
2 – You may receive/find items. But don’t go overboard and nothing too elaborate.
3 – Number of posts: 2

Places of Interest:
Pokémon Centre: A place for you to heal your Pokémon and stay the night for free.
Pokémon Market: A store full of useful items for any type of Pokémon Trainer.
Items – Pokéball, Antidote, Parlyz Heal and Potion.
Viridian City Gym: Trainer’s from all around come here to challenge the gym leader and earn a... what? The gym leader isn’t here? Oh...nevermind then.

August 11th, 2008, 3:01 PM
Drat too late i really wanted to rp here

Darn im too late. i really wanted to rp here and started to fill out the character sheet

August 14th, 2008, 4:02 AM
Chapter Two: New Place, Old Friends

(ooc: Sorry it took so long. I've been EXTREMELY busy)

Ash took her first step into her first city slowly with Krabby's pokeball in her hand. She shyly looked around, trying to figure out what to do. She had completely no idea. After a few moments, Ash put the pokeball back in her pocket and walked more into the city, hoping that she would figure out while going along.

Ash didn't feel as afraid after walking for a few minutes. This town wasn't nearly big as Vermillion City. But Ash still didn't know where everything was or what everything is. She sighed as she sat down on a bench to rest and clear her head.

Just then, Ash saw a familiar figure just standing a little off. He was a tall boy who looked around fifteen with red red hair. He was in a new set of trainer clothes, looking around the town.

Ash ran up to Andrew and gave him a small hug from behind. Andrew jumped and then turned around to see Ash standing there. He smiled at her.

"Hi, so you made it too," he said, He looked around the city. "Boy, this sure is challenging. Much more than I thought. I had to ask for directions and information through the city."

Andrew looked at Ash. "Do you need directions?" he asked. Ash smiled and nodded. Andrew nodded and took off into the city. "Okay, there are only two buildings we need to worry about, he said. He stopped in front of a large blue building first. "This is a PokeMart," he explained. "You can buy items for your adventure here like potions, pokeballs, and some other stuff."

"Okay," Ash said. She followed Andrew to the next building just a little away. It was huge, red building in the shape of a dome in the front. "Whoa," Ash went.

"Yeah," Andrew responded. "This is a Pokemon Center," he explained. "You can get your pokemon healed here, and you can even get a room and eat here for free. I'm actually stopping here now."

"Okay, then I will too," Ash said. She followed Andrew through the sliding doors into the entrance of the building. Ash handed Krabby over to the nurse behind the front counter and in exchange was given a room key.

Ash and Andrew ate at the same table together after they settled in a little bit. "Ash, why don't we go to the gym tomorrow for our first gym battle," Andrew said. "We can see how good the other person is."

Ash thought for a moment. "Okay," she responded. "I bet I'll get my badge, but you won't won't."

Andrew laughed. "Yeah right!" he shouted. The conversation between the two best friends continued all through dinner.

August 14th, 2008, 9:07 AM
The First Mission

Aero was standing on a tree branch not that far away from Pallet Town. As the phone started ringing in his pocket. He took it out and a voice came on. "Are you beginning the mission?" asked the person on the phone. "Yes start mission objective: Steal Starter Pokemon from Oak's Lab." said Aero as he hanged up the phone and jumped from the tree branch and headed closer to the lab. As the Professor was taking care of the other Pokemon. Aero landed right on the roof and he then spotted something coming his way. A Fearow he then took out a Pokedoll and threw it behind him. Then the Fearow chased the doll as he put on the rope and tyed it to the flagpole on the lab.

He dropped down from the open window and looked around to see a teenage boy to busy to keep an eye on the starter Pokemon in their pokeballs. He grabbed Charmander's Pokeball as Squirtle and Bulbasaur started freaking out. Tracey got up and spotted Aero. Aero pulled out knockout gas and sprayed it at Tracey causing him to fall asleep. Aero then got to the roof and jumped from tree to tree. He took out his cellphone and pressed call and a voice came on the phone. "Did you get the Pokemon?" "Yes Mission complete."
"Good proceed with Mission Three Legends."