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August 6th, 2008, 6:39 AM
Catching will be based on Post detail. (That way you don't spend forever on a post and end up not catching the Pokemon.



Hello, young soon-to-be trainer. My name is PROF. ELM; I am the POKEMON professor here in JOHTO. Next week is your birthday and you are invited to stop by and choose your starter POKEMON. There are five others, remember it is first come first serve, so show up early to get the POKEMON you want. Keep this in mind and decide on your preferred starter, we have the following for new trainers:

Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Swinub, Houndour, and Mareep.

I shall see you then.



A few years ago a trainer defeated the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni, and saved the Pokemon World from utter destruction. That trainer has since retired and moved away to the Hoenn Region, the only protectors of the Johto and Kanto Regions are the hopeful youth of tomarrow. The only problem is that Team Rocket has returned, stronger than ever, and determined to catch the elusive time-traveling Pokemon, Celebi, to go back in time and take over the world before anyone can stop them. So how can six beginner Pokemon trainers ever hope to defeat Team Rocket? Perhaps with some help it will be possible. The heroes must hurry though, Team Rocket is getting closer to Celebi every waking minute, and there is no telling what evil will emerge when they find it.

1.) Forum rules apply
2.) You cannot Catch/Own Legendaries….Although we will work with them later.
3.) Have fun, it kills when you aren’t having fun RPing.
4.) Godmodding is prohibited! We can’t all be invincible! Everyone has a weakness.
5.) Be literate, No “TyPiNg LyKe ThIs”, “OR THIS”, “or this for every word(in lower case)”, “0r thi$” Is annoying, hard to read….I’m not asking for much….INCLUDED in this is a minimum of two paragraphs per post. I DO NOT WANT ONE LINERS!
6.) To be included with above… Paragraphs are NOT like this
“Mary woke up and got ready.
She ran all the way down the road and saw a man.
‘Hi I’m Mary!' she said, the man blinked.
They battled and she won. Her Charmander was powerful.”
I WANT FULL PARAGRAPHS! Don't forget details!!! (I Don't mind if you take sentence breaks, as long the full post is the same as two paragraphs)
7.) Be Active.
8.) Special starters require a better sign-up
9.) Please PM me your profile, and don't OOC post in this thread


Name: (First and last)
Age: (10 & up)
Gender: (obvious I hope….)
Personality: (At Least one paragraph)
Biography: (At least one paragraph)
Appearance: (Same as above)
Other: (Anything I May have missed)
Preferred Starter: (Out of the ones available.)

Name: Chikorita
Type: Grass
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Gender: Male
Taken By: Joey Dee
Name: Cyndaquil
Type: Fire
Attacks: Tackle, Leer
Gender: Female
Taken By: Kozoi Kaishi
Name: Totodile
Type: Water
Attacks: Scratch, Leer
Gender: Male
Taken By: Koichi Kimura

Special Starters:
Name: Swinub
Type: Ice/Ground
Attacks: Tackle, Sand-Attack
Gender: Male
Taken by: Azure “Zuri” Souma
Name: Houndour
Type: Fire/Dark
Attacks: Leer, Ember
Gender: Male
Taken By: Jayson "Jay" Minell
Name: Mareep
Type: Electric
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Gender: Female
Taken By: Chelsea Bright

I will be participating as a player in this RP...Unlike many RPs, but I shall also play as NPCs (Elm, Nurse Joy etc....) I will allow (meaning you must ask)a few select people(Those I see fit) to play as characters like Team Rocket Bosses.
I will post in chapters, In each chapter introduction I will add what you have the range to do. (Battling, Shopping, etc...)
You may post your first post as soon as you are accepted, but we won't start chapter two until all slots are filled. You may battle a wild POKEMON, and try to capture it, but I Overall have the say into whether it is caught or not.

** Catching a Pokemon will be based off of Post Detail.

You must make a Trainer card from: pokestadium.com (http://www.pokestadium.com) (Because I Can't view Pokecharms or most image hosting on my computer)

Chapter One: All Trainers Start somewhere!

(One post)

Description: Professor Elm carefully set out the six Pokeballs he planned for the new Pokemon trainers to choose from. Pacing back and forth, nervous to give away these starters, he was oblivious to the stranger outside his window. The residents took no notice either, which was odd for such a small town. Everybody was awaiting the new-comers and took post looking out for them.

Professor Elm checked the returned trainer cards and placed each in front of a Pokeball, each name of a trainer in front of the selected Pokeball. The sun shined, and the wind blew, nothing seemed likely to go wrong today.

What you do: You have received a letter from the professor explaining to come to his lab so he can start you, and five other trainers, on their pokemon journeys. Explain how you woke up and got to the Pokemon lab, waiting for Elm to allow you to choose your preselected Pokemon.

August 7th, 2008, 6:53 PM
"Jay. Jay, wake up."
The scrawny redhead turned over on the floor and pulled his pillow over his head. He had just gotten to Johto from Sinnoh yesterday, and he hadn't slept at all the night before. He was now fast asleep on the floor his cousin's house in Cherrygrove. Today was the day he would recieve his first pokemon.
His cousin, a tall, strong looking 19 year-old, stood over him with a Pokeball in his hand.
"Don't make me do it."
"Leave me alone, it's okay if I'm late.." Jay yawned from under the pillow.
"Allright." His cousin laughed, ripping the pillow out of Jay's grip. "Staryu, hydro pump him till he gets up."
Jay didn't open his eyes to see the star-shaped Pokemon emerge from his Pokeball and fire a high-pressure blast of water at him, but he definitely felt it. In the blink of an eye he was up on his feet.
"Hahaha, thanks Staryu. Allright Jay, you better get a change of clothes, you've already had your shower. I fixed your bike up about an hour ago. Elm's waiting for you, I'm sure."

Jay had quickly changed into his normal clothes after drying himself off, eaten a bowl of cereal faster than he had ever inhaled, and jumped on his bike. He may not have looked very strong, but he was definitely fast, and the anticipation of finally getting a pokemon was keeping him going. He remembered when he had gotten the letter, his cousins had asked Elm to send it to him in Sinnoh. He had replied back after a day of straight overthinking about which Pokemon he wanted. Finally, he had chosen Houndour. More than one type was a bonus, and dark and fire types were both strong.
"I hope I didn't make the wrong choice..." Jay muttered, he couldn't even hear it over the air rushing past his face. Good thing Cherrygrove was the closest town to his destination. Too much thinking like that and he wouldn't be getting the pokemon he asked for, he'd be sitting there forever until the Pokemon were all gone.

Soon Professor Elm's lab was in sight. Jay parked his bike outside of the door and stood there staring. It had taken him a while to get away from everyone in the small town greeting him in excitement. He was nice to them but didn't tell anyone his name, simply that he was in a hurry and he would like it if
"Maybe it's not a good idea.. What if it's dan- Oh, get a hold of yourself. You sound like Mom."
It took about five minutes but he finally stepped in the door.
"Professor Elm? I'm Jayson Minell. I'm here to get my first Pokemon."

August 9th, 2008, 5:32 AM
Supaso: Great! I love your rude awkening into the picture, and also bringing a bit of your past (moving from Sinnoh) into your post.

Acha and _One_Winged_Angel_: Thank you.

August 9th, 2008, 5:50 AM
Name: Okyria (Oak-I-Ree-a) Age:10 Gender:Male Personality: Outgoing and helpfull but always has a fuse that is lit and ready to go off. Bio:He was always under his brothers shadowtrying to catch a bit of light so he could begin to shine and he thinks pokemon is going to help him do that. Apperence:Blonde hair, blue jeans, Red shirt with a grey and light jacket along with a green backpack and a grey-blue tuque. Prefered starter:Mareep

August 9th, 2008, 6:35 AM
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Weatherman, Kiyoshi
August 9th, 2008, 7:05 AM
Joey woke up late morning. He slowly creped his eyes own.
"Today's the day," He said.
The Slipped on his glasses and sat on the edge of his bed. He gazed at the entire room.
This would be the last time he would be seeing it for a long time.
He got off from his bed, and got dressed. He heard something.
"Joseph! Get down here! You got mail!"
The voice was none other than Tina, the care taker.
Joey opened the door to his room, looking at it one last time.
He walked downstairs into the kitchen.
"There you are, here." Tina said as she stuck an envelope at his face.
Joey grabbed it. He peered inside.
It was a letter from Professor Elm. The letter read about starter pokemon, and a chance to travel with five others. He also realized, to his misfortune, it's on a first come first serve basis.
He looked outside. It was decently deep into the morning. His heart pounded.
He ran toward the door. Tina pulled his collar.
"And where are you going...?" She said with a stern look on her face.
"I'm going to start my own journey. I don't need this place anymore. So long!"
He tugged Tina off him and ran out the door.
She sighed.
"They always run off. Poor thing."
Then she got back to work.

Joey was running as fast as he can. If he were to ever get there in time to choose a pokemon, He would have to go faster. He ran for what seemed like an hour.
Finally, he got to Elm's lab. He panted.
He slowly and dizzily walked to the door of the lab. He cracked open the door.
Though his faintness, he say that the five other trainers were already there, and already have pokemon.
"Ah, your here." Elm said.
"Unfortunate for you Joey, The other trainers picked out their starter. There is only one you can choose. Hopefully it was the one you want."
Joey stood up. He saw the pokeball. He stood still and quiet.
He wondered...
"If the others took their starters, then... what was left for me?"

Hopefully I didn't go overboard when I got to the lab :D
I just wanted to point out that he was the last one there.

August 9th, 2008, 7:57 AM
Acha: Good, I Like it.

Azure, or Zuri as she is known, ungracefully pulled herself out of bed, falling to the floor from the top bunk. "Ouch that hurt, aha..." she mumbled, starting to stand. "Zuri! Hurry up, do you want to be late after all the time it took getting here from Goldenrod?"
"Yes..." Zuri rubbed her throbbing head and stretched out, long aqua-blonde strands of hair covering her large brown eyes making nearly impossible to see. "Mom, it's time for you to leave!!! You're gonna get behind schedual! Go, like now!" Jennifer sighed and death-hugged Zuri, nearly squeezing the life out of the small girl. "Mom!!!"
"Sorry honey, I just can't believe you're finally leaving the nest!! It makes your mom so sad!"
"Bye mom! I have to get ready!" Zuri blew a few strands of hair away and pulled away from her mother, and tiptoed a kiss to her mother's cheek. "Bye!" Jennifer smiled and left, ready to journey back to Goldenrod.
Zuri rushed around getting ready, and double checking. Zuri left the sleeping area and walked to the front of the Pokemon Center, "Thank you so much Nurse Joy!"
"No Problem, please be careful!" With that Zuri turned to the exit and left.

After running at a decent pace from Cherrygrove for what she felt to be an eternity, she reached the entrance of Newbark town. She had to slyly move about, avoiding residents, and noticed the lab, "Good, these people are scary, aha..." She slipped in and saw the professor. "Hey, Dude! No-one took my Pokemon, right?"
"No, you sent in you card, it was saved just for you."
"Awsome, aha!" Zuri smiled and walked over to the table, and found her trainer card next to a Pokeball, "Awsomeness!" she picked the Pokeball up and let it open, letting a small shaggy Pokemon appear, "Kyaa!!! Soo cute! To bad you didn't have a Bird-Pokemon though..." she smiled and scooped up the pig-Pokemon, rubbing it's head lightly.

"Thank you soo much Prof. Elm!" she exclaimed, twirling the poor Pokemon around carelessly. "I should tell you...That Swinub is very stubborn, it doesn't always listen to people...it'll take a lot of trust for him to fully listen to you."
"Aww! That makes him totally cuter!" She set Swinub down and placed the empty Pokeball into a slot on her belt. "That's better, huh Swinub?"
"Swi Swinub, Swi!"
"I knew it!"

Kung Fu Ferret
August 9th, 2008, 8:30 AM
Koichi had just woken up. He lived alone, and headed out to the lab. He thought "I can't wait to meet my Totodile.". He had recently heard about Team Rocket coming back, and now was a few steps away from the lab. He opened the door, and saw one of the aides grinning at him. It was quite creepy. Koichi then said "I'm here for my first Pokemon, a Totodile."

(sorry if it isn't long enough, but my grandpa died yesterday morning, and we are moving all his stuff, and preparing for the funeral)

August 9th, 2008, 8:48 AM
OWA: It's Okay, and sorry to hear that! >:
I'm putting OWA From now on...cause it takes too long to type out *ImjustaverylazypersonxD*

August 10th, 2008, 3:07 PM
Kyu woke up with a particular ringing in his ears, he opened one eye and grabbed the ringing object, his alarm clock. He threw the alarm clock as hard as he could, it smashed against the wall as Kyu began to awake.

Kyu jumped up, squinting his eyes and rolled out of his bed. He was late to get his very first Pokémon. He dressed and grabbed his backpack, he dove down the stairs, almost tripping at the bottom stair.

He ran out of his house, and ran towards Prof. Elms lab. A small man in glasses stood outside of this building wearing a white labcoat. This was undoubtibly Prof. Elm.

Kyu greeted him, and said in a tired voice: "I've came for my first Pokémon, please."

Prof. Elm looked at him and said angrily: "Maybe you should of came an hour earlier, most of the good Pokémon are gone."

Kyu looked at Prof. Elm, and said: "There has to be another Pokémon, come on!"

Prof. Elm said: "Well there is one, but i wouldnt reccomend it... Very bad tempered, doesnt work well with trainers. Are you sur--."

Kyu interupted Prof. Elm and replied: "It doesnt matter, I have to have a Pokémon today! I cant wait any longer!"

Prof. Elm replied: "Fine, please follow me into my lab and i will let you meet this Pokémon, heheh."

Kyu followed the Proffessor down a narrow passage in his Labratory which led to a small room, there was a desk in the middle of the room with a lampshade gleeming down from above, illuminating a Pokéball on the table with a fire symbol on it.

Kyu ran upto the Pokéball and picked it up: "Hmm, i wonder what Pokémon is in here?"

Prof. Elm replied hesitantly: "Please do not open it here, I just got this place cleaned after its last break-out!"

Kyu looked down at the Pokéball and said: "Its fine for me, thanks!"

Prof. Elm looked at Kyu and said: "Please take these, Your Pokédex and Pokeballs. They will proove useful on your travels."

Kyu knew what this small red box was as he took it from Prof. Elms hands with his Pokeballs, it was as light as a feather yet as sturdy as a brick; A Pokédex, an encyclopedia of every Pokémon known (Minus the undiscovered ones).

Kyu thanked Prof. Elm and walked out of his lab, ready to begin his journey through the Johto Region.

OOC Note:

I am sorry if i have done anything wrong, i havent really Rped before as a trainer. Only in PMD roleplays.

August 11th, 2008, 5:41 AM
OOC- Sorry for the delay in post. Well, here it is!

IC- Chelsea woke up, knowing today was the day she'd finally go out on a Pokemon journey. She could have technically gone out on a Pokemon journey 6 years ago, but her mother didn't think she was mature enough, so she made Chelsea wait the extra 6 years. It didn't really matter though, since Chelsea was just as immature as she was 6 years ago, as a 10 year old. She rushed out the door without even eating breakfast. She'd probably regret this later when she was too hungry to train and had to pay for her food, but Chelsea often did things without thinking. Her mom opened to door after her.

"Goodbye, sweetie!" Chelsea didn't even hear her mom. She just kept running towards the lab. She opened the door and stumbled in. "Hey Professor..." She was out of breath dispite the fact that it wasn't a long run.

"Hello Chelsea. We only have Mareep left because you overslept."

"Really?!" Chelsea realized that she must have slept past her alarm. "Well, Mareep is fine! Mareep is so cute!" The Professor handed her the Pokeball. "It's a female, right?"

"Yes, Chelsea." The Professor said, handing her some Pokeballs and a Pokedex.

"Well, in that case, I'll name it Clara!" She ran out the lab, even though the Professor was telling her to wait so that he could explain how her Pokeballs and Pokedex worked. She was running towards her first route, the first step towards her becoming a Pokemon master. She was never this excited before. She continued running, even though she was out of breath. At this point, addrinaline was the only thing keeping her running.

August 11th, 2008, 8:04 AM
Elm had given Jay his Pokemon, five Pokeballs, and a Pokedex.
"Now Jayson," Elm had told him, "From what I've deducted about your personality, I'm not sure if this Houndour is the right Pokemon for you. Where you are passive, he is passionate, and instead of thinking things over, he acts very quickly. It might be a while before he completely listens to you. There's still time for you to change your choice in Pokemon, you know."
"Um... No sir, no thank you. I've already thought about this too much."
Elm explained how the Pokeballs and Pokedex worked, but Jay was too excited to listen to any of that. He was just thinking of how he was finally really doing this, how he finally was going to have some excitement in his life.

So, by the time he had his Pokemon and most others had come and go, he was outside, standing by his bike. He was holding his Pokeball with his right hand, his left was in his pocket.
"Well. Here goes." He mumbled to himself and pressed the little button on the front. A translucent red laser fired out of it and took the shape of a puppy. Soon it materiaized into the little black dog with small bits of what looked like bones for armor on it. Houndour.
"Um... Hi. I'm Jay. We're partners now." Jay said quietly. His voice was a little shaky, he didn't really know what to say. He slowly dropped to his knees and stuck out a hand to Houndour, who looked him over for a minute and then licked his hand. Well, they were getting along for now, at least.
"So.. Now we're supposed to go out and just battle wild Pokemon and try to catch them, right? But I don't even know what you can do... Wait, the Pokedex should tell me!"
Jay pulled the red mechanical encyclopedia from a bag hanging from a handlebar of his bike. He now just stared at it.
The Houndour rolled his eyes. He jumped up and knocked the Dex out of Jay's hand, pressed a couple buttons, and stepped back. It then let out a little bark.
"Oh.. Um. Now what?" Jay asked and he picked it up. There was a thing on the backside of it that looked like a lens, and when it was facing Houndour, a picture of the Pokemon came up on the screen. Information started popping up and Jay eventually found out how to look at what attacks it knew.
"Leer and Ember. Okay. Um..." Jay picked a rock up from the ground and tossed it in Houndour's direction. "Use Ember."
The Houndour opened his mouth and a little stream of fire shot out. It hit the little chunk of rock with enough force to knock it backwards. Jay caught it in his hands and gave out a little yelp, dropping the stone. The shape of the rock was burned into his hand.
"Um.. Good job." Jay smiled sheepishly, wondering what the staring townsfolk thought of him. For that matter, what would the other trainers think. Were they even watching?

He saw one trainer running off towards the route to Cherrygrove. A girl who was just barely wearing enough to protect her own modesty. There were more, too, a male who was also going off in that same direction. Jay wasn't the most outgoing person but it seemed like nobody was really even talking to each other.
Houndour let out a little bark and started sniffing around towards the front door of the lab.
"Um, Houndour, we were just in there."
The doglike Pokemon still continued, pushing on the door.
"Um. I think the journey's the other way."
Houndour barked again.
"Okay, okay! Jeez, grow some thumbs." Jay muttered and opened the door. There was a girl with a Swinub there. Jay ran into her and nearly knocked her over.
"Um. Hi. Sorry, I was trying to figure out what my Pokemon is even doing." He said the last part with a glare at Houndour, who was sniffing the little Swinub on the ground.

August 11th, 2008, 11:45 AM
People: I'll comment on your post if there is something wrong with it..okay.
It doesn't make sense to post "Oh, okay good" For everyone's kay??

Chapter 2: Route 1
(1 Post)
Description: .
Route 1 is quite small, but the only way to get to CherryGrove. There are few trainers that stay on this route to fight, only one or two. The Pokemon here are all quite gentle and prefer not to fight. The walk is mostly in grass and there is an entrance to what seems to be a dead end.
Wild Pokemon:
Lv; 2-4
Moves; Tackle
Lv; 3-5
Moves; Tackle, Growl

Lv; 2-4
Moves; Tackle
Lv; 2-3
Moves; Tackle

Things of Interest/To Do
-Berry Tree (Visit to get four Oran Berries)
-Battle trainers
-Battle Wild Pokemon
-Catch Pokemon
-Find Items (Pokeballs, TMs, things within reasonability)
What You Do:
Explain Getting through Route 1 to get to CherryGrove. Anything you may have done, Battling, finding things, and meeting up with other trainers.

P.S When trying to catch a Pokemon post everything up to throwing the Pokeball. I will tell you if you caught it and what level it is.

August 11th, 2008, 2:13 PM
Kozoi walked out of Town with his first Pokémon, he walked into the tall grass. The grass was very dense, it reached upto his knees as he strided along the path.

Kozoi felt something hit his leg and then he heard a noise, "Hoot-Hoo" said the noise, Kozoi looked down and noticed a rather small Owl-like Pokémon peering at him with round-open eyes.

Kozoi lept back from this Pokémon and grabbed his Pokédex, "Hoothoot, the Owl Pokémon." Kozoi grabbed his Pokéball and released his Pokémon in a flash of scarlet light.

Cyndaquil looked up at Kozoi, and then looked at the Hoothoot gleeming angrily. Kozoi was supried the Cyndaquil didnt try to claw one of his eyes out by now, Prof. Elm said it was bad natured.

Cyndaquil jumped infront of Kozoi in a battle stance, Kozoi shouted to Cyndaquil: "Quick, use your tackle attack!"

Cyndaquil lunged at the Hoothoot and rammed into it with force, sending the Hoothoot flying backwards.

Hoothoot growled at Cyndaquil as it jumped back up, Cyndaquil looked at Hoothoot angrily as the noise rang in his ears. Cyndaquil tackled Hoothoot with as much power as possible, knocking it back to the ground.

Kozoi grabbed a Pokéball off his belt and tossed it at the Hoothoot, the Hoothoot was locked inside with a scarlet light ; the Pokéball shook from left to right and then locked in place with a particular noise that sounded like a puff of sorts.

Kozoi returned Cyndaquil to his Pokéball and picked Hoothoots Pokéball off the floor. He had captured his first Pokémon and he felt very proud of himself in doing so.

Kozoi peered off into the distance and noticed a small fruit tree, he ran towards the fruit tree and noticed berries growing on the stumps of the tree. These berries were oval and seemed to glow blue. He picked two berries off the tree and then wondered off.

Kozoi peered into the distance and saw another town, Cherrygrove City.

OOC Note:

Adding Hoothoot Lv. 5 to my trainer card.

August 11th, 2008, 2:40 PM
Kozoi: I May not have made it clear, and I'll let it slide, but You only post up to throwing the Pokeball. I will decide if it's caught and what level it is. Such as so:

"Now Anjou, use Tackle one last time!" Skitty ran at her full speed, getting hit with an opposing tackle, sending both Pokemon backwards. "Okay Anjou, use Tackle!" Skitty recovered her sense and tackled the still down Pokemon. "Come back Anjou, and go....Pokeball! Wurmple you're mine, aha!" She removed a Pokeball and sent it out at the worm Pokemon. It was sucked inside and the ball started to quiver.

To Dai-tan: That was a great first route post!
You caught a Level 4 Female Wurmple!

The now airborn Starly flew down and tackled Piplup again, seding it into a nearby tree. "Com'mon Pocha, use pound one last time and I'll try catching it!" Piplup went foreward and jumped, hitting the Starly in the side before getting out of the way of a Pokeball. "Pokeball go!" Zuri threw a empty Pokeball at the falling Starly, the Pokemon was sucked inside and the ball fell to the ground. It started to quiver before releasing the Bird. "Starly!"

It attacked the penguin Pokemon and the attack was returned with another pound. Starly fell unconsious momentarily and Zuri used this opportunity. "Pokeball go!" She threw another Pokeball, it sucked Starly in and began to quiver, the center flashing red every time it shook. "Is it caught?" Zuri questioned....

Dai-tan: That must have been a hard desicion, you won't see Azurill in a while, but you will see Marill soon :O You caught the Starly!
You caught a level 4 Male Starly!

*I Wanna keep the thread kinda clean xD* That's all (Not trying to be mean >.<)...You caught a Level 5 male HootHoot

Weatherman, Kiyoshi
August 11th, 2008, 2:44 PM
Alright, here we go, chapter two:

Joey walked up to the pokeball.
"What are you afraid of? Just take it." Pr. Elm said
Joey picked it up.
He stood still looking at it for a moment.
"What are you waiting for? get out of here and start your journey!" Pr. Elm said as he tried to push him out the door.
Joey walked out of the door, letting Elm fall on the ground.

"I wonder what poke'mon I got?" He questioned.
Joey stopped in his tracks.
"Go, Poke'ball!" He exclaimed as he threw it at the ground.
Out came a red beam that unleased- a Chikorita.
"Chiko!" It exclaimed as it looked up to Joey.
"Hi there!" Joey said to the little creature.
Chikorita smiled.
"Well, anyways, let's go Chikorita." Joey said as he started to walk into Route One.
Chikorita quickly followed.

"Hm... I wonder where this trail leads?" Joey questioned.
He reached into his backpack and pulled out a map of Jhoto.
"It says that it leads to Cherrygrove."
"Chiko!" Chikorita seemed pleased.
Just then, Joey heard a cry-
"Huh?" Joey turned to look at the tall grass. There was something in it.
It was shaking.
The creature quickly scurried.
"Hey! Get back here!" Joey ran after it with Chikorita trailing behind.
He started to catch up to it.
"Chikorita, use tackle!" Joey pointed at the moveing creature.
Chikorita jumped up and smashed the target with the leaf on it's head.
The creature flew out of the grass onto the field. It was a Sentret. Chikorita stood infront of it.
Sentret looked up to Chikorita and blushed. Joey looked confused. Did this thing have a crush on Chikorita? ALREADY?
Chikorita felt embarassed.
"Well... I would hate to break up such a cute couple..." Joey said with a slight evil grin on his face.
"Chikorita, use tackle again!"
Chikorita quickly followed. direct hit!
Sentret looked like it was weakening. It got up, looked ready to battle,
and blushed... once more. It was completely still.
"Okay!" Joey reached into his bag and got an empty poke'ball.
"Go! Poke'ball!"
It smacked Sentret on target. Sentret was sucked right into it.
Three shakes. It pinged.
Joey picked up the poke'ball.
"Alright Sentret, come on out."
Sentret was sent out. it instandly walked right next to Chikorita and hugged it.
Chikorita probably had its most embarrasing moment of it's life right then and there.
Chikorita looked up. Joey was gone.
It looked further down the road. He was walking towards Cherrygrove.
He raised his hand without looking back.
"Just tell me when you two love birds want to catch up, okay?" Joey said as he walked further.
Chikorita ran towards him. Sentret followed without demand.
This should be good.



Lv. 3
Moves: Tackle

to trainer card.
Posting in OCC.

August 11th, 2008, 3:03 PM
Acha: Same as the note I Added for Kozoi.
You caught a level 3 Female Sentret.

August 12th, 2008, 6:07 AM
OOC- If I capture this Sentret, I think I'll name it... Erin.

IC- Chelsea continued running towards the first route. She saw a sleeping Sentret. It was a female.

"Aww... it's so cute I think I'll try to capture it! Go! Clara!"


"Use tackle!" The Mareep charged towards the Sentret and tackled it.

"Sent?" The Sentret said, waking up.

"Use tackle while it's still down, Clara!" Clara charged towards the Sentret, and tackled it again. The Sentret got up.

"Sentret!" The Sentret cried. It went charging towards Clara. It was using tackle now. Before Chelsea had time to tell Clara to tackle it again, the Sentret had already charged into the Mareep.

"Mar!" Clara cried.

"Use tackle one more time!" Clara went charging towards the Sentret again, however, the Sentret dodged it, and Clara fell on the ground, missing. It then used tackle on Clara.

"C'mon Clara, use tackle again!" It tackled the Sentret sucessfully this time. With that, Chelsea threw a Pokeball. The Pokeball envoloped the Sentret in a red light, and it disappeared. Chelsea stared at the shaking ball eagerly, hoping it would click, hoping she'd cpature the Sentret. She was waiting for something to happen.

August 12th, 2008, 9:43 AM
Chika: You caught a Level 3 Female Sentret "Erin"

August 14th, 2008, 3:09 PM
Kozoi walked into Cherrygrove City and noticed two buildings towering above him. One had a blue roof and was labelled "Pokémart" and the otherone had a red roof and was labelled "Pokécenter", Kozoi decided that resting up would be the best idea.

He walked into the Pokécenter and noticed a petite woman standing behind a counter with pink hair, there was a rather Oval-looking pink Pokémon stood beside her that seemed to be a Chansey.

The woman looked at Kozoi and said: "Hello, i am Nurse Joy. Please take that door on the left to enter the lounge."

Kozoi walked through the door on the left and noticed a large oak table with many wooden chairs around it, the room was lit by candle-light and the candles flames flickered off the wall.

Kozoi released his Hoothoot and Cyndaquil out of their Pokéballs. Cyndaquil jumped up and curled on the chair next to Kozoi and Hoothoot flew onto the table and lay down, tired after the battle.

They rested for a while and then left to find the exit of town, Kozoi noticed an old man with a walking stick stood outside and he thought it would be a good idea to ask him for directions.

The old man happily told Kozoi where the next Route was and said: "You've been such a joy to talk to, i think i should give you this." and the old man handed Kozoi a Great Ball and hobbled off, clutching his walking stick in both hands.

Kozoi went to the exit of town, he was hoping to encounter new Pokémon in this next Route, he walked off out of the town and into the distance.


I am requesting you reply to me the info of the next route, wild pokemon and such.

August 15th, 2008, 11:25 AM
Kozoi: I'm trying to get ahold of Supaso...I'll post up the next chapter and have Supaso catch up...I'll reply with my post as well....Okay, I'll post up the info in about a half an hour.