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August 6th, 2008, 7:28 PM
Midnight Jobs
It is year 2099,
In a world shrouded with darkness, a world contaminated with vampires, werewolves, and ghouls…a world where we also exist alongside humans; as Belmonts, a world that will soon end. We are the only sane beings alive, and as determined as we are, we set out at twilight as the masquerade vigilante…as we are the only ones capable of eliminating them, we are not ‘new talk’, but we are surely ‘top talk’…

In the year 2035, the US government began to notice the shocking increase in cannibalism around the globe, and they probed this. Within a year they had ‘liquid’ proof that it was as a result of the indiscriminate migration laws that held the world, and so, they took it up. But unfortunately, deaf ears were turned on them. Insulted by this, they decided to try their theory within their nation, and prior to that time, curfews were set up, the US military patrolled the streets of America and all forms of migration in the nation were futile; or so their laws stated. The United States became a solely independent nation locked up in a cage.
In the year 2049, all parts of the world including the US were thickly populated by cannibals who portrayed distinct characteristics from regular human beings…and in 2051; they were declared vampires by the 15-year old World Community; WC, as their traits matched that of the Sci-fi fantasies 96.7%. The United States re-opened their borders, but kept their curfews…as it was custom for all nations now.
In 2052, there was a ‘Call Home’, all people were allowed to go to wherever they wanted, but on a permanent stay, this drew most people back to their homelands, and some how, it didn’t work for others. The world was divided into 7 countries namely; Americas (consisting of the N and S America), Alps (consisting of all Europe), Sahara (consisting of N Africa), Africa (consisting of the rest of Africa), Asia (consisting of all of Asia), Australia, and the Icelands (consisting of Greenland, Antarctica, and the Artic region).
In 2069, migration began again, and ‘fully-blown’ men were becoming extinct, and the presence of vampires so to say, became more proficient as the probability of they being exactly what had been in the movies was 100%. This led to the obvious rise of werewolves and ghouls. Something had to be done…
In year 2078, research on these extra terrestrial beings had been fully completed in the Syphon labs; Americas east, Latitude 40 degrees and longitude 11 degrees as far as the new ‘Earth’s geography science” was concerned, even though it was absurd, our world was at 270 degrees to becoming upside down, and so, this combination would be Canada/USA.
This new-born research had brought forth a break-through in history and man’s continuity; Project Belmont. Some human beings who gone under conditions ‘W’, ‘X’, and ‘Y’ were injected with a constant ‘V’ to produce the long desired products…the anti-vampires; Belmonts…but it is said, that when constant ‘Z’ is applied, even more desirable qualities would be gained.

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