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August 8th, 2008, 11:16 PM
The room is silvery and metallic, made bright by artificial lighting. Mechanical devices of all sorts lie abut in various places. Some, simple computers. Others, nuclear mechanisms capable of destroying everything within a thousand mile radius. In the back of this room, there is one such device. A huge archway, complete with wires and advanced electrical equipment, reaching all the way up to the high ceiling of the laboratory. Gathered around this machine-like structure are several people, each wearing what could be described as the predictable lab coat of a scientist. And each of these people also wear a grim expression of strict, serious determination.

Long ago, when this world was young, there were two unique varieties of creatures born into existence. Where they came from or why remains a mystery, but these beings appeared, and to this day, exist. One group was the Pokemon; creatures who had supernatural powers and abilities that allowed them to adapt to their environment in ways perviously unimagined. The other was humans, whom with their superior intellect were capable of incredible feats with the aide of cooperation and teamwork.

This is something they have all been working on for years. Something they had put all the time and effort they had into. The greatest scientific achievement imaginable. Something so grand few had ever dared consider it as a possibility. And yet, so much can go wrong... There are so many consiquences... So much to fear. But, of course, they'd gone into this project knowing the risks. The hardships. The doubts. If they'd come this far, there was no backing down.

Originally, as the two species were born onto the same area of the same continent, they lived in relative peace with one another. However, as time went by, humans began to develop superstitions and beliefs regarding the strange world they inhabited as well as the yet-stranger Pokemon. They became frightful and suspicious, knowing that the Pokemon were much stronger than them, and before long the creatures were believed to be "demonic".

"Alright," the scientist says. He is a large man who has hair turning gray with age. His eyes are a stonelike shade of cobalt, and his face is creased after what felt like ages of stressful work. "Everything comes down to this. We've all worked so hard, and now it's time to see if what we've done will make a difference."

Humans as a whole decided that the world needed to be rid of Pokemon, before the Pokemon decided to destroy thier kind. They had learned of a place. An alternate dimension, connected to their realm by a Pokemon of great power called Giratina... Of course, one human could not defeat the mighty Giratina, but all humans, together...

"Project Otherworld," he continues, "... was created to discover more about not just the universe we inhabit, but ourselves. There is so much we as a species do not yet know. So much left to discover. This project, if successful, will be a great leap in the history of science. But, it is a risky leap at that. We all are aware of the dangers and uncertainties that lie just beneath the surface. And that is why we must all be prepared."

They found the beast and trapped it, using its power to open up a portal to the dimension known as the Torn World. A realm of darkness and silence, where no life exists. As soon as it was opened, though, chaos erupted. Humans trapped Pokemon in the alternate dimension, but many of them ended up lost to the Torn World as well. The world's balance was disturbed. Climate changes and natural disasters broke loose. Slowly, as the portal closed, things began to return to normal... But the world would never be the same, even after the portal had closed.

"Now... this archway should open up a portal, so to speak, into the dimension scientists before us have believed to exist. We can't be sure what to expect. All the same, there's no turning back now. So... whenever you're ready..." He turns to a woman at a computer, who watches and listens intently to his words. "... Start the opening of the portal."

All Pokemon had been sucked into the Torn World, never to return. The humans that did remain were scattered and lost, though some managed to band together and survive. With Pokemon gone and forgotten, humans began to rebuild. They spread to other parts of the world. They colonized. They creates societies. And before long, the fact that Pokemon had ever existed faded into story, then legend, then myth, then nothingness. But, in another reality, the Pokemon and the lost humans remained. A land of shadow, where life was barely possible... They managed, though. Through the ages they learned to live in a realm with no light. And then, it happened.

The command is made. The archway begins to hum with the sound of running electricity. And, in another realm, something starts to stir. The beings of the Torn World look up at the sky, and start to notice peculiar patterns in what is normally a black abyss. Waves of energy that haven't existed in millenia spread across this alternate dimension, while in the lab an eerie white glow forms in the center of the archway. Machines start to spark with electricity. Error messages appear on computer screens as devices develop malfunctions. The portal grows wider, and wider... One of the scientists is suddenly lifted off of his feet by some unknown force, then thrust into the ever-growing gateway to the Torn World. There is no time for the others to save him, though, and his desperate cries for help go unheard.

Realizing that something is very wrong, the scientists begin to flee in terror from the monster they have created. Objects fly in and out of the portal, to and from, between dimensions. And while it seems this is all contained within the lab, already clouds outside are making strange formations. Wind blows faster. Unpredicted cold fronts fly into warm areas in an instant, seeingly from out of nowhere. History is repeating itself. Only now, humans have brought this upon themselves as an accident...

Within around twenty-four hours, the lab has been destroyed. A gray fog surrounds its crumbled ruins, and not even the archway remains. Just a portal, wide and rimmed with glowing light, that displays a world overcome by darkness. Slowly, figures begin to slip out of the portal. Some humans, unaware of the development thier species has made over the past few thousand years. Some Pokemon, creatures this world has complely forgotten about. By this point in time, the world is in an uproar. Just as before, nature has fallen into panic, and humans are feeling her unforgiving wrath. This time, though, Pokemon and humans have a clear slate to start with. Will they choose to help each other and seal the portal, before it's too late? Or will they meet as enemies, once again clashing as the worst of foes?


So, where do you come in? You are either a being from the Torn World (human or Pokemon), or a human from the original world. Though the main thing on everybody's mind is to close the portal and put and end to the chaos, you may be unfamiliar with this new land, or perhaps you blame the Pokemon for this whole ordeal. Maybe you just want peace in the end, or hope that Pokemon will help to save the world from destruction. Or, for some unknown reason, perhaps you actually are hoping for the end of the world...? Who knows. It's all up to you. The main goal, though, is to seal the portal somehow, perhaps with the aide of Giratina (who remains in the Torn World), or through some other means.

This RPG takes place in the Pokemon world, except, Pokemon have been completely forgotten, and aren't even a franchise as they are in our reality. Humans in this alternate-plot world are much like those in the world we know. Rather than routes to travel along or a pleasant, down-to-earth setting, here the land is overrun by concrete and buildings. There are already pollution problems and the belief of global warming, but now that nature is out of whack, it seems the climate has completely gone haywire already. Imagine our world with hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and fires running wild. Yeah. Pretty chaotic, right? That's pretty much what's happening here, except instead of our familiar continents, we have Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, etc.
((Note: The laboratory where the portal was created is/was in Lilycove, Hoenn, just in case it needs to be known.))

Now, if you are a human in the original world, you can be someone like a "president", or other important person of high recognition. This would probably make more sense than a bunch of kids running around trying to "save the day", and allow for far more interesting plot development. If you are a human from the Torn World (or the original world, for that matter), remember that Pokemon training and anything like it does not and never has existed here. You do not have Pokemon, though other characters being RPed who are Pokemon may "join" you. No, this doesn't make your character their trainer. It simply means that person is RPing a character who travels with yours, or has a similar situation.

Finally, on with the rules of this RP. These will be strict and serious, so if I were you I wouldn't take any of them lightly...

Obey the rules of the RP Forum. If you haven't read them, HERE IS A LINK (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=78898). Go do it now, before you make a complete fool of yourself.
PLEASE READ THE WHOLE PLOT. This shouldn't have to be a rule, but you'd want to make sure, too, if you'd seen the number of sign-ups people make that don't go with the plot. Make sure your character's looks, traits, and history fit with the plot. What's the point of RPing if you're not going to read what you're RPing about...?
This RPG will be literate. If you even think about posting something that's right on the minimum four-lines and obviously took little effort, ignore grammar, or make posts with a general low quality, I have no problem with cutting you from the RP.
That said, USE GOOD GRAMMAR. It isn't hard to do, but so many people seem to ignore the fact that it's important... No Typing Like This.0r th1$.Put Spaces Between You're Commas And Periods,Dont Capitalize Every Word,Use Good Sentence Structure,And Appropriate Punctuation,Otherwise,U Look Bad Like This Does.
No overpowered characters. Humans are humans, in a normal human world. No legendary Pokemon, and no special nonsense powers, especially not ones that aren't explained in any way. 'Nuff said.
You are allowed two characters to RP.
Have fun? ^^

And the Sign-Ups... Since so many people tend to make a sign-up, then keep reposting it with minor if any edits, I think there is a rule about this I'd like to set in place. You may only re-post your sign-up TWICE after it has been rejected. This means, if you don't get accepted, yes, I'm giving you a couple of chances. BUT, you'd better use those chances wisely. If you post again, after re-posting and being rejected twice, regardless of quality you will NOT be accepted. Sorry to any of you who can't seem to get accepted easily, but most decent RPers don't need to be rejected five times before they can make it in. Carrying on...

Name: Duh.
Gender: Duh.
Age: Duh.
Species: Human (Original World), Human (Torn World), or Pokemon?

Description: Personally, I have to admit, I hate limits. They're a bit too concentrated on "Quantity over Quality", which seems a bit innacturate. However, I will say you need at least a paragraph here. Prefferably more. Any lists of adjectives, single lines, or sorry incomplete sentences will be burned and rejected on the spot.

Think of your character's origin. A human from the Torn World, for instance, probably wouldn't be wearing jeans and a T-Shirt. They'd have more primitive cloth-woven clothing, or something along those lines.

Personality: Pretty much the same guidelines as the Description. How your character acts, with a minimum length of a detailed paragraph to sum it all up. Any lists of adjectives, single lines, or sorry incomplete sentences will be burned, stabbed, and rejected on the spot.

History: Your character's past. The length will depend on their age, of course, but I'm serious about effort and length here. How you write a History tells a lot about your writing style, and your character as well. Any lists of events, small and uninformative paragraphs, or sorry incomplete sentences will be burned, stabbed, dumped into a pit of acid, and rejected on the spot.

Other: Anything else we may need to know? Any government ranks or unique traits? Anything at all?

RP Sample: Perhaps one of the most important determining factors in whether or not you get accepted. Yes, it is a requirement. You can either link to/quote a post you've made in another RP, or write out an example of what a post you'd make in the RP would look like.

So, for now, please join and enjoy... I'll be posting my Sign-Up later.