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August 9th, 2008, 6:21 AM
Open To Bad Guys Only
(I will only be accepting Sign-Ups for bad guys unless it is exceptional :))

Through out Time and Space, Pokemon have advanced and created new and powerful technology. So powerful it could save a race or start a war. Some pokemon use this technology for good, some use it for evil. This technology could let a Pokemon travel through time and space. It could even take them through the void into other universes and dimensions. But time and space are not to be messed with. You may travel through time and space but it is at your own peril, for there is a force much stronger than any Pokemon could harness. It can split atoms and make matter its self fall apart. it can change Time and Space and all within the click of a finger.

This force has been awoken by the meddling of the universes. Pokemon have been traveling through the Void and causing Time to change its path. The force doesn't like this and it is a viperish creature. It experiences pain when people travel at their will and the Force wishes to get revenge. Anyone who has traveled through time or has interacted with anyone who has done so will die, along with the rest of the universes.

You are a Pokemon who has traveled through time or met a traveler and you are in great danger. You must stop the force from killing the innocent and battle foes on your way. Your journey accross the Universe really starts now. Travel through cosmoses and planets, meet aliens and stop old foes to get to the force first and make it stop. Who ever wins the race will be able to tell the force what to do but there is a time limit. The force lives in the void and it will soon cause all of the universes destruction as it is getting impation of your fiddling. the winner can use the force for good or for evil. it is up to you to save the universe. You and some tohers are mysteriously telported to the same place. In teams, you help fight all the foes you meet and get to the force.

All PC rules apply here (Obviously)

No Godmodding but bunnying is alowed after permission from the owner

Max 2 characters per User. I get to use 3 as I am special :D

Put "1s9c9o6t2t" in the Other area of your sign-up sheet to confirm you agree to the rules :)

If you have recently been in an RP with me and have interacted with my character, Trika, please make at least one of your characters the same one from that RP.

Sign-Up Sheets:
Time Traveler: (please put yes or no. Remeber the last rule ;))
Good or Evil:
Personality: (Please make it at least 4 lines long :))
History: (The same again, 4 lines.)
Appearance: (At least 3 lines.)
Other: (Anything else? ;))
RP Sample:

This RP is in chapters so on each chapter there will be a Title and someinfo on what happens :)

August 10th, 2008, 6:54 AM
Here's my little reused character... as requested.

Pokemon: Flygon

Name: Lusitania

Nickname: Lusi (pronounced like "Lucy")

Age: 16

Time Traveler: Yes

Good or Evil: (things aren't always so black and white, but...) Good

Appearance: For the most part, Lusitania has the appearance of an average Flygon. However, there is a red triangle-shaped marking on her chest, and the tips of her antenna are also red. There are two yellow diamond-shaped markings in the center of her wings. Her eyes are a bright golden color, but it's difficult to tell due to the covers over her eyes, which make them appear red or reddish-orange. The covers on her eyes can become lighter or darker in different brightnesses of light or depending on her mood, (ex. at night they become much more transparant)

Personality: Lusitania is an extremely curious, somewhat naive Pokemon. She enjoys poking her head into things and examining them closely, often pressing them up against her eye covers or turning them over in the little claws she has for hands. This has gotten her in trouble in the past, but for the most part she knows when to back off of a dangerous object. An affectionate Pokemon, Lusitania enjoys touching things and people that she likes, rubbing various body parts against them.

History: Lusitania lived in the southwest regions of Hoenn before the Biopurge incident. An orphan, she doesn't know what happened to her parents. She traveled throughout her little niche of Hoenn, making friends all over the place but never staying in one place too long. Due to this, while she has many friends, she's never had a "best" friend, one who she could pour her heart out to. She's never had a truly close relationship with anyone, though not from lack of trying. She just can't stay in one place for long.

There was a point where she thought she could have a best friend when a Swellow named Traiko she met in Mossdeep had promised her he would travel with her as she flitted around from place to place. Traiko was another orphan, his father had been killed protecting him from humans and his mother had died of grief afterwards. Lusi and Traiko bonded well and spent two happy years together, but when Traiko was ambushed at night and captured by a Pokemon trainer, Lusitania found herself alone again.

It was during the BioPurge incident that Lusi met Trika. After the incident, Trika gave her her own time travel device and she started teleporting throughout the universe.

Other: She has a slight obession with cleaniness. She will often go out of her way to make things neat. She's been told it's borderline OCD (obsessive-compulsion disorder), but she feels she has control over it.


August 10th, 2008, 7:57 AM
Lusankya: That was a very good sign-up... Accepted :)

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
August 10th, 2008, 8:25 AM


The Silent Pidgeot (Prefers Ace According To His History)


Time Traveler:

Good or Evil:

Ace Is Very Brave And Can Sometimes Get A little Too Brave. he Rarely Listens To What Others Tell Him To Do And He Would Never Try To Hurt His Friends. He Does Get Angered Easily And Hates When Others Speak Of His History. He Almost Wishes he Was Away From The World For A While. After His Sister Died He Started To Get Very Silent,And Gained Nicknames Such As "The Silent Pidgeot". The Name Reminds Him Of His Past,And Never Wants To Hear It Again. He Tries Not To Think Of It,But Feels Lonely When He Doesnt. He Tries To Make Friends But Usually Fails Because Of His Awkward Appearence.

Ace Was Abandoned With His Sister After Thier Mother And Father Died In A Forest Fire. Luckily,They Survived Scince The Nest Was Outside Of The Forest. He Hatched First And Wasnt The Normal Colors Of A Pidgeot. After He Hatched His Sister Hatched. About 10 Years Later His Sister Was Caught By A Pack Of Arcanine And Mightyena. After That He Was Beginning To Become More Silent Then Most Pidgeot. The Other Bird Pokemon Called Him "The Silent Pidgeot" And Started Rumors That It Was Him That Killed His Sister. A Year After That He gained Some Strange Markings On His Wings. He Flew far Away From That Region To A Region Where A Lot Of Bad Things Have Been Happening So He Could Clear his Name.

Ace Looks Like A Regular Pidgeot Except For The Awkward Marks On His Wings. The Marks Look Like A Red Triforce Mark. The Red And Yellow Feathers On His Head Are Longer Then Most Pidgeots. His Talons Are Also Much Larger. His Eyes Are A Cloudy Emerald Color. He Wears A Pendant Aound His Neck That Has His Lucky Stone On It.

RP Sample:
(Im Thinking)


August 10th, 2008, 10:34 AM
hey! toxic! good to see this got accepted!

Pokemon: Flygon

Name: Darkly


Time Traveler: Yes

Good or Evil:Evil

Personality: He is quite evil, and travels through dimensions just to destroy them. He is a genius and creates machines such a the zap o matic, the Darkly destroyer and the S.S Dark Star. He dislikes some of his minions, especially the fat salamence, and has no problem punishing them.He oddly loves cake, and will do anything to get it, that could be why he destroys dimensions. He absolutely hates trika, because he always wrecks Darkly's plan.He is willing to do anything to get the force, even if it means destroying the entire universe.....

History: He once was a flygon scientist, who swallowed giratina dna, which made him oddly colored and gave him the ability to use the attack known only as Shadow force. he then gathered a team known as team Dark sky. Then, he went to the land of tyurma falls, which he tried to blow up with the zap o matic, but was stopped by trika the sceptile, so he fled to several other dimensions and tried to blow them up, but each time he was stopped by trika....

Appearance: He is a black and grey flygon with red eyes that can hypnotize other pokemon, he wears a red cape that he can use to vanish on the spot. his wings are not like that of a normal flygon, and are more like the wings of giratina, he always carries a lazer known as the Zap o matic mini. which he can use to blast through solid walls. he has long claws, which can cut through steel, and he wears a watch which can track trika's movements

Other: 1s9c9o6t2t
he has 2 minions which are kind of like npcs they are:
Glitchy the porygon z
Fat salamence

RP Sample:Come on toxic! Do I even really need one?

oh, and because we are friends, can I be a co-owner of the rp?

August 10th, 2008, 5:58 PM
Pokemon: Pikachu

Name: Pika

Age: 11

Time Traveler: Yes

Good or Evil: Good

Personality: Pika is very reserved, never does anything without thinking it over first, and tries not to put his friends in danger. (Be warned, this can go against him as well) However, he has a certain fondness of candy and generally anything sweet. He is very patient; however, if you do make him mad, you're done for. Otherwise, he's just your average Pikachu.

History: Up until one year ago, Pika was not involved in any conflict of any kind. His parents sent him off when a mysterious visitor from another dimension came to their village. For one year, Pika crossed several continents until he stumbled upon a mysterious gem that magically warped him into the future. Ever since, he has wandered from place to place, not willing to settle down.

Appearance: Pika is a normal Pikachu except that his his ear-tips are jagged, and his cheeks are orange instead of red. He also wears a green gem around his neck (the gem that allowed him to travel through time, and a green headband, because he likes that color.

Other: 1s9c9o6t2t

RP Sample: Pika grunted as he tripped over something. "Ugh..." Feeling around, his paw hit something... slimy. "Wh-what's this?" Pika screamed in horror as the dark figure reared up to strike.

I hope this gets accepted... I spent 30 mins. on it...

August 12th, 2008, 6:26 AM
Toxic! please visit this topic and approve us already!!

August 12th, 2008, 7:27 AM
Silent Pidgeot: Accepted Very good sign up... though can I ask you to do one thing? You tend to start all your words with a capital letter... I'm sure alot of people here find it slightly annoying so if you could fiz that it would be great ^^

Raibutai: Accepted It was very good and worth the effort ^^

Darkly: Accepted But about the Co-Owner thing; I will see how you do (I know that you're good) but I wanna see you RP to the best of your abbilities, so it's fair on the others.

Just a few more sign-ups and we can get on ^^

good characters are now closed

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
August 12th, 2008, 7:58 AM
Sorry About The Capital Letter thing.
Its A Bad Habit That Im trying To Get Rid Of.

August 12th, 2008, 8:19 AM
You can start right now. Reading your posts is a pain. -.-

August 12th, 2008, 8:22 AM
I was about to suggest the same thing... Hehe... ^_^

But... how did you get that habit in the first place? It's so slooow to Type Like This.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
August 12th, 2008, 10:00 AM
It Isnt For Me Because Im Used To It.
Its Quicker For Me.

Alter Ego
August 13th, 2008, 8:31 AM
Wow...already? -.-

Thread Warning 1

One-paragraph posts, please.

EDIT: Oh, and Darkly, hun? Deleting your post doesn't let you avoid your infraction or make the thread warning go away. ^^

August 14th, 2008, 4:31 PM
Entering as a minion sigh
Pokemon : Absol
Name : Chaos
Age : ???
Time Traveler: Yes
Good or Evil : Evil
Apperance : Like a normal Absol except for a diagonal line scar on face the scar has been a symbol of suffering he has faced. He also weares a red cape that can help him retreat as a tribute to Darkly whom he serves.
History : The scar on Chaos's right eye was made by a Ursaring that attacked his parents. Left as a orphan he discovered how great hurting something felt which lead to him finding Darkly. Darkly and his minions decided to take in the child Chaos and that is what happened quite recently.
Personality: Chaos is very sinister he hurts things for the sport of it whatever good that was in him is now gone. Darkly and his fellow minions are the only beings that he ever trusts. Always somewhat cold and evil he is sure to never abandon his comrads even if treatend with his own life. Though he will always bail when told to by his master Darkly.
Sample RPG : The quartet of evil are conversing there newest plan which involves traveling through time. Chaos says coldly "don't worry I'll deal with our old foe Trika in time while we have the time in the world to prepare ". The quartet exploded with evil laughter Chaos laughing the hardest of all.
Sorry its short its just that its hard making a minion.

August 16th, 2008, 7:22 AM
Pending- The sign-up is okay but i'm still waiting for that RP sample :)

Accepted- It's not bad for your first time Note: Darkly and his team could travel in time already ;)

Alter Ego
August 16th, 2008, 1:49 PM
Closed on thread owner's request.