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Twilight Wolf
August 11th, 2008, 2:56 PM
I will put this nicely angrily, and nicely angrily I will.

Thank you.

Sinnoh is a supposedly a calm, safe, region. But it's all in the newspapers. The illegal slaughter of Pokemon for their fur and medical properties is all in Sinnoh. The poorly enforced law of poaching has fallen away, but so has a newer, more enforced law that protected the shinies. The clever and cunning poachers find ways around the law. So now, the new game is shinies.
Their fur is rare and can be worth thousands, even a shiny Weedle pelt can be worth around three thousand. Illegal underground markets are everywhere in Sinnoh, and there is a poacher usually around every corner. Shinies and legendaries alike try to keep away from civilization as much as possible, for the sentence of being in a city or town usually ends up being death.
They are well on the brink of extinction for sure, and will be gone soon if something is not done. Everyone is fighting, either Pokemon and humans against the poachers, including the shinies, or poachers and their Pokemon against the shinies and the people with them.
Your Role
If you are a shiny, your role is to fight back and resist capture and being killed. This role will be challenging and there will be many difficult obstacles.
If you are a poacher, your goal is to make a living or be rich(er) by illegally selling the pelts. The police will always be hot on your tail and most shinies will be difficult to poach and will put up a huge fight that will sometimes attract attention(that's bad, of course...).
1. No God-Modding and just poaching in one hit.
2. No bunnying unless given permission.
3. Keep spam at a minimum and use the disscusion thread. A link will be put (here) soon.
4. Everyone in this RP is equal and should be treated that way.
5. We will have to work together in this RP at times of hardships and hunting sprees.
6. Only three shiny legendaries are allowed, not counting mine, it's a first come, first serve ordeal for them.
7. If you are a Pokemon, you are either a normal Pokemon who is helping the shinies, or a shiny.
8. If I ban you, and you keep piosting, I will contact a moderator. I do not ban for no reason.
9. Brushing poachers off of you as if they were Magikarp will not be tolerated.
10. Please keep swearing at a minimum. I myself am only ten. No swearing in every sentence please.
11. Posting frenzies are what we want to AVOID becuase people will be left behind.
12. You do not have to be a Pokemon or poacher. You may be a human trying to help the shinies too. Maybe a ranger? Your choice.
13. There are guns, but keep it simple. No machine guns, bombs, bazooka, ect. Keep it at a shotgun minimum.
14. Put this in your SU or it will not be accepted: Kiba the Wolf

Legendary Reservation List
You may reserve a legendary spot, but you must have your sign up done in two days, or your position will be given away. You may reserve it again, but chances are, someone will get to it first. There cannot be two of the same legendary, shiny or not.
Sign Up Sheet(s)
Shiny Sign Up
Appearence: (if it is a Fakemon, show the normal and shiny version if shiny. If no picture, describe throughly. If shiny, provide picture anyways unless you can write out two four line paragraphs about their appearence. Even if there is picture, provide a short description anyways. Pictures dont tell you everything!)
Personality: (At least three lines)
History: (At least two, fairly, sized, paragraphs)
Shiny or Normal:
RP Sample:
Human Sign Up
Pokemon(up to six):
RP Sample:
The Shinies and Helpers:

Vanessa the Shiny Suicune (played by PokemonKnowItAllVanessa)

Amber the Shiny Latias (played by Lusankya obviously a shiny Latias)

Artemis Livingston (played by Chabz with Lugia as legendary)

Volt the Shiny Pikachu (played by Raibutai)

Xylon the Shiny Kingler (played by lookalikealagaler)

Tavil the Shiny Arcanine (played by El Capitano)

The Poachers:




No one on the list! Let's keep it that way, shall we?

Twilight Wolf
August 12th, 2008, 2:52 PM
Well, here's my SU

Shiny Sign Up

Name: Vanessa

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Species: Suicune

Appearence: http://http://www.gtsplus.net/files/images/art/shiny/245.png
Vanessa stands at four feet tall and weighs about 157 lbs. Her claws are tinted silver a bit and she has deep blue eyes.

Personality: Vanessa is wise and thoughtful, but reckless too. She is outgoing, intelligent, and will stand up and protect a shiny Pokemon in danger at any given time. She will sometimes judge people, and Vanessa often gets into trouble because of it. She will lash out at any time with her claws. Vanessa is also friendly and warm hearted. She is agile and quick in her feet. She can fly like a bird. Nah...

History: Vanessa is the daughter of the original (making it unique) Suicune, making her female instead of genderless. Her life was peaceful and she was a bit pampered. She never expected humans to start hunting shiny Pokemon. When they did, she was absolutely outraged. Vanessa became determined to put a stop to it, though with little prevail.

To start out, she would just give the poachers a good butt kicking to teach them a good lesson, or as so she thought it did, but they never gave up. Vanessa had to resort to mauling badly, killing a few times by accident, and mangling their guns into a mass of metal. The word about the shiny Suicune spread, and she herself was in great danger, but Vanessa still revealed herself to stop the poachers, almost losing her life about four times.

Shiny or Normal: Shiny


RP Sample: (Yes, I must do it too:\ This has nothing to do with this RP)

I tread slowly though the dew matted grass, my mane and tail burning fiercely. I stomped the ground a few times. Flame was supposed to be here already! The Charizard was always late to even her assigned meeting times. A voice from behind made me look back.

"Hello, Starlight. How are you today?" Vanessa was right there behind me, looking tired from flying.

"I'm bored after waiting for you, what else?" I retorted in a smart alec way. I tossed my head a few times. I always I wished that I could see the white star on my forehead. All of the other Ponyta's that that it looked pretty.

"Well sorry! Lot's of trainers around here lately! You know how that works!" she yelled.

"Okay! Okay! I get it." I said roughly. "Now, why did you say we meet here?" I asked.

"I wanted to give you something that I was only able to get today." Vanessa said with a slight smile on her face. Vanessa walked heavily over to me and helg out her small, clawed hand.

In it was a Fire Stone.

"Really? For me?" I asked in disbelief. This was my dream; to be the only Rapidash with a star on my forehead. I gingerly touched the stone with my nose as Vanessa nodded.

August 12th, 2008, 3:05 PM
Can we be a human who helps the Shinies? I'd like to reserve a spot for a legendary if not, and it'll be up before the days over.

EDIT: Okay, I'll be playing a pokemon ranger if I get accepted.

EDIT2: Sorry about that, I've been doing that by accident a lot the last couple days - missing one section of my sign up. Oh I edited my pokemon, I took out Buizel and I have a Scizor instead. Oh one question, can I have a legendary pokemon for my one of my pokemon? It doesn't need to be shiny, but I'd like to have one if I am allowed.

Name: Artemis Livingston
Age: Twenty years old
Gender: Male

Appearence: We start with Artemis' head, which has a very soft golden brown mess of hair. Its not too long, but isn't extremely short either, and is more than enough to cause bed head, yet easily fixed with some water or gel. Usually water is enough, as Artemis likes to let his hair hang down slightly on the left side and covers his left eye. Speaking of his eyes, they are a fierce icy blue color and than pierce the darkest of hearts and pour calmness into anyone's soul. A small detail is that he has his right ear pierced, just adding a little "bling" to his appearance.

Moving down, we come to Artemis' upper body which, under his shirt, is toned slightly - a little muscle to show he's in shape, but nothin spectacular. The appearance of a four pack is definite, but a six pack is just barely peaking through and it would take some more work for him to reach it. Covering his naked body, is a brown t-shirt that has some odd tribal design that he doesn't even know the meaning off - basically he just picked out the shirt he looked best in and wore it.

Continuing the downward motion, we come to the lower body of Artemis. He wears a simple black belt that holds up his blue jeans in place. These jeans are light in color and are technically "baggy" but they aren't rapstar baggy where they hang down past his butt. The jeans themselves do slack slightly, but the belt keeps it in place as if they were normal fitting jeans. Finishing up his outfit, we come to Artemis' shoes which are two shades of brown: light and dark, with white laces.

Personality: Artemis is probably one of the kindest, loveable and sweetest person anyone could come into contact with - of course, until you get to know him you don't realize it. His book cover appears to others that he's quiet, keeps to himself and doesn't have many friends. And most people judge the book known as Artemis by said cover, and its quite a shame - if they had just opened up the book and read a few pages they'd know they were wrong. Artemis is a very helpful person, always willing to lend a hand or put himself in harms way to protect someone. His siblings were the ones that got the majority of his love and affection, him being the only thing they all had to survive, and they were all extremely close. However, Artemis' personality does change, like most, when he gets angry and his siblings, who have witnessed said anger, know how serious and scary he can be. Such violence escapes him when enraged, but its to be expected - when one bottles their emotions until finally the cap pops off on its own.

History: Artemis was born into this world the oldest of four children, them being Artemis (20), Archimedes (16), Leslie (14) and her twin Vivian (14). Their parents, Rachel and Marcus Livingston, were both Pokemon Rangers when they were alive and they taught their children the meaning of human and pokemon relations as a Pokemon Ranger. Sadly though, Artemis was the only one who seemed interested in becoming a Pokemon Ranger when he was old enough and his parents did not bother to waist their time teaching to the three younger siblings. Archimedes devoted all his time into studying to become a big time executive to work in the business of making new devices like the Pokedex, Poketch, etc. Leslie and Vivian both agreed that they had love for pokemon, but it just wasn't as a Pokemon Ranger that they wanted to showcase it - both agreed they'd become a tandum double contest battling team.

And so this was the way of life that they all chose: Archimedes was sent to a boarding school that specialized in the Business field at the age of 16 and he is there until he turns 20, after that he'll be given his papers to show he is a graduate and will be allowed to set out into the wideworld of Business. Leslie and Vivian decided it would be good to wait to start their traveling and became trainers but did not leave home - instead they stayed and trained all day everyday perfecting Contest routines and then they started on new ones, finally coming up with multiple routines they could use whenever. After training for so long the girls, along with Leslies Furret and Vivians Cherrim, finally left home to go off and become famous Contest Coordinators.

Now all we have left is Artemis, who had been home all these years and had been training since he was 14 years old with his parents to one day become a Pokemon Ranger - that day being when he turned 20. And so off into the world the three of them went, doing battle against all who hurt pokemon for their own selfish gain - but then everything changed after a couple of months, Artemis' parents were both gunned down when trying to rescue some shiny pokemon. And it is now that Artemis has dedicated his life to helping the Shiny pokemon of this world from poachers.

Pokemon(up to six): Lugia, Zangoose, Persian, Swampert, Espeon, Pidgeot
Other: N/A

RP Sample: "Whatever we're gonna do let's do it soon."

Jacob suddenly snapped out of his daze and took in the information that Danny had just spoke to him, Jacob had almost forgotten that he had been with someone. Jacob turned around and walked over to the window and looked into the sky and saw the giant A, the blue color making it quite obvious that Team Alpha was responsible for the event. Jacob glanced back at Danny before making his way in the direction of further into the Pokemon Center. Jacob spotted the phones and began jogging over to them, wanting to get his new pokemon and then heading out of here with Danny as fast as possible. Jacob pulled out his pokevice and looked up the number for Professor Willows lab and punched in the numbers, a few seconds later her face appeared on the screen in front of him.

"Ah Jacob, how may I help you? I hope everything is going -"

"No time Professor, I need you to transfer five of my pokemon to me and I'll be sending the ones I have to you. Do you think you can do that?"

"Uhh..yes that should not be a problem, please insert your pokevice into the phone - since your pokemon are all in the storage device, instead of having to send each pokemon through the normal transporter I just transfer the pokemon out all at once."

"Hold on one second, I need to place my Dragonair into the storage portion of the device."

Jacob pulled the pokeball off the chain that hung around his next and repeated the process of storing the pokeball in the pokevice that he had learned to do earliar. Jacob then inserted the pokevice into the phone and waiting for Professor Willow to acknowledge that the device was connected properly.

"Okay so your connected correctly, which pokemon would you like to be sent?"

"I'd like for you to send me my Weavile, Zangoose, Metagross, Aerodactyl and Scizor if it isn't too much trouble."

"No not at all, it should just take a few minutes. When your pokevice ejects, check the storage section and make sure every pokemon is there."

A few minutes passed, with whurs and buzzs echoing off the small hallway walls, and Jacobs pokevice ejected itself from the phone. Taking the pokevice, Jacob flipped it open and examined the storage section - the images of Cresselia and all the pokemon he asked for were accounted for.

"Thank you so much Professor. I better get going, I need to grab Danny and we need to get the heck out of here - Team Alpha is up to something and it does NOT look good at all."

"Alrighty, take care of yourself. Good luck."

Jacob hung up the phone and then pushed the image of Zangoose, a white light shooting out of the pokevice and the white and red clawed creature appearing seconds later - a look of confusion appearing on her face, not expecting to appear in front of Jacob.

"Hey there old friend, right now we don't have time to catch up but we definitely will later. For now we need to get going."

Zangoose nodded her head and then both of them took off running back to Danny, who was laying on the couch and appeared to be "sleeping," but occassionally his eyes would open.

"Danny, we need to go. Where are we going? Cinnabar Island, Indigo Plateau or are we going to stay here in Virdian and figure out what is going on with that A in the sky? Whatever we do, we need to figure it out now and get to it."

Twilight Wolf
August 12th, 2008, 3:44 PM
You're reserved. I think it was Rule #13 that said you dont have to be a Pkoemon or poacher and that you can help the shinies.

August 12th, 2008, 5:04 PM
I'd like to reserve a legendary as well.

Twilight Wolf
August 12th, 2008, 5:45 PM
Reserved. Chabz,yI see that you edited. You forgot the history, though.Add that and you're accepted. Do you cancel your registration for a legendary since you're a ranger?

August 13th, 2008, 7:47 AM
Okay I finished my edit, and I put an EDIT2 section in it that I'd like you to check out - I had a question.

August 13th, 2008, 6:27 PM
Name: Amber
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Latias
Appearance: Amber is a shiny Latias. This means where the markings would be red on an “average” Latias, she is a bright golden color. Her white sections are slightly brighter in color as well. Differentiating her from both shiny and normal members of her species, Amber’s eyes are a deep, almost glowing purple.

Personality: On the outside, Amber is an extremely cheerful, optimistic Pokemon. She often looks on the bright side of things, and tries hard to make other people she cares about happy. She’s very affectionate to her friends, and loves to cuddle. Amber is kind, and not unafraid to sacrifice her own things for others.

On the flip side, she is also what one might call a coward. Extremely timid, she has solved most of the problems in her life by running away from them or asking for others to help, and is not a good fighter. Inside, she knows this to be one of her flaws, and hates herself for it, but is again, too afraid to do anything about it. In unguarded moments, Amber reveals her truer self. Since her brother died, she has had difficulty making friends(though not from lack of effort on her part), and has felt extremely lonely. For her species, the bond between twins exceeds all others, and she knows it is a relationship she can never replace. Therefore, when alone and left to think her own thoughts, she is usually sad and lonely.

History: Latias and Latios are always born in pairs, twins, a female and a male. For this species, this one relationship supersedes all others in its importance and intimacy, greater than the bond between child and parent, friends, or mates. This is because of the psychic bond that begins to form between the two embryos in the womb, the influence of another mind so close remains a permanent structure in their minds for all of their long lives. Amber could experience everything her brother, Jacen, did from his perspective, could hear his thoughts and feel his emotions even from vast distances.

To lose a brother, or a sister, for their species, is the absolute worst wound one can inflict upon them. When they were 14, Jacen was killed by poachers outside Mauville in the Hoenn region, defending his twin sister to the last. Amber blames herself for his death.

Both of them were orphans growing up. Their father had died of an illness, a rare event among Pokemon, and their mother died of grief only one short year after Amber and Jacen hatched from their eggs, simply losing the will to live, going to sleep and not waking up again. For the longest time, Jacen had been Amber’s only constant companion and protector. They traveled throughout the world, exploring new places and regions, making many friends along the way but never staying in one place for too long, yet never meeting another one of their species. Their lifestyle, however, was just a tad bit too open. When poachers finally caught up to the pair, Jacen threw himself onto the barrel of a shotgun to buy his sister time to escape. Escape she did, but she feels that it may have been better if she hadn’t.

Since Jacen’s death, Amber has become slightly more of a risk-taker, sometimes deliberately throwing herself into life-threatening situations, caring less about her own safety. Yet her cowardly nature often takes over, and she runs when the situation gets too untenable. Thanks to the Latias ability to become invisible or take on the form of a human for a short amount of time, she often flits in and out of the dangerous cities. So far she has avoided being spotted, but a new technology in the form of a pair of glasses has enabled humans to spot her while disguised…
Shiny or Normal: Shiny
RP Sample: (will edit, as Pokecommunity keeps crashing on me)

Twilight Wolf
August 13th, 2008, 9:20 PM
@Lusankya: Accepted. You dont need an RP Sample becauseI know from the short time you spent roleplaying in Through Our Eyes: Pokemon Adventure that you wont go under four lines. You're more trustworthy with that than I am. Tell all of your friends!

@Chabz: You're Accepted! Tell all of your friends! Yes, you can have a legendary. Which is it?

August 14th, 2008, 1:17 AM
Lugia will replace Scizor. Thanks! Can't wait to start the RP! =]

August 14th, 2008, 6:31 PM
Thanks! Now just to wait for more people to sign up...

August 15th, 2008, 10:44 AM
Name: Volt

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Species: Pikachu

Appearence: Volt, a shiny Pikachu, is pretty much your average (shiny) Pikachu, except for his cheeks, which are orange. Anyways, being a shiny, Volt himself is orange.


Personality: Volt is... kinda different from the rest. On the outside he's a really pessimistic and depressed Pokemon. He really doesn't show that he cares about anyone else, and he doesn't want to be friends with anyone, fearing that they might get hurt, thanks to him.

But if you look closely enough, Volt really wants friends, and he wants to have fun! Unfortunately, he's really a pessimist. Although he doesn't admit it, Volt is unusually adept at battling. Perhaps this is because of his past?...

History: Suprisingly enough, Volt grew up in a caring, loving family. His parents still live today, and they weren't captured or anything. How could Volt have become a uncaring pessimist?

It was because of his own actions. About 6 years ago, Volt was unsurpassed in fighting prowess. Nobody in his village could defeat him. So, a request from an outsider asked him to participate in a fighting competion. But, to his parent's dismay, Volt declined. He realized that he didn't want to fight for rewards, he wanted to fight to protect his friends and village. Unfortunately, this made his village begin to look down upon him as a coward.

Thus, Volt went into a state of depression and isolation.

Shiny or Normal: Shiny

Other: Volt has an extreme weakness for sweets. Coincidentally, one of his strengths, is well, eating sweets.


Kiba the Wolf

RP Sample:

(This is from one of Lusankya's RP's, The Final Level.)

"Welcome to the game."

"Ugh..." Pika sat up, his vision blurry. Scratching his head, Pika began to wonder what had become of his nice, cozy camp and how it had been replaced with this menancing metalic room.

Standing up, Pika's cheeks began to spark.

"Wait... that means that there's something powered by electricity nearby... But why would there be anything here?"

Pika tried stepping forward.

Instead, he was greeted with a gun turret slamming into his forehead.


Dazed, Pika could have sworn that there was some kind of beeping noise coming from behind him.

Then he looked.

15... 14... 13...

"A-a timer? What is this? Just give me tim-"

Pika was cut off by several bullets pounding the ground inches away from his feet.

Then it hit him.

It's either life or death. That is all.

Looking at the gem hanging on his neck, he whispered,

"Please, grant me your power. I want to survive!"

The sphere hovered in the air for a moment, then glowed a brilliant green.

Then he ran. Nothing but a blur being chased down by bullets going faster than the eye can see, Pika focused all of his energy and will into running...


Desperately running for dear life, he could finally see the exit! Not caring about anything else, he leaped forward.



Leaves? How could there be leaves in the... forest?

"Where am I? Why am I here?" Pika had just began to panic.

Wishing for an answer, Pika looked up, and was blinded by the light coming through from inbetween the leaves.

This couldn't be an ordinary forest, not after what Pika had seen from earlier. Pika finally decided to sit down and think...

A loud, booming voice came from nowhere, startling the exausted Pokemon.

"Welcome, players! We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, congratulations! For those of you who have not passed Level One, we apologize for the great deal of pain and suffering you must be feeling right now. That is, if you are still alive enough to hear me."

This... is a game? What kind of cruel creature would do this for his own enjoyment?

His pondering was soon interrupted by the mysterious voice.

"The Game is simple. Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level. Death means you lose."

"As for rules, there are very few, and most of them are for you to find out on your own. Certain actions will be looked upon favorably and increase your score, and some may allow you to proceed to the next level. Death or injury will subtract from your score. On occasion, we may provide you with helpful advice to guide the way. For example, fire is hot. Do not touch it unless you wish to be burned. On other occasions, a helpful pixie may appear to point you in the right direction. That is all for the moment."

"Now, are you ready for Level 2?"

Twilight Wolf
August 15th, 2008, 2:55 PM
Shimmy on over to the accepted list, and check it out! :)

August 15th, 2008, 7:21 PM
Name: Xylon
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Kingaler
Appearence: As with most shiny kingaler where there is normaly red its a drak green color. The only differnce is he has two large pincers in stead of one.
Personality: Normaly he is lazy and sleeping, but is always alert to whats around him. But when he feels that danger threntens him and his friends he is pushed in to an uncontrolable rage so powerful that the only way to calm him down is to wait for him to calm down himself. After wards he has no mermory what happened.
History: The last time this rage thing happened every one around him was killed, by him. And not just the things that threntend him but his friends too. The first time this happened(an this is kind of the reason too) some pochers killed his mom, dad and all 45 of his brothers and sisters. This caused the first of only five times that this rage thing happened.Another thing that happens is he can only see what happened that first time.
Shiny or Normal: Shiny
Other: He usaly travaels alone, and away from anywhere there are pokemon or humans.
RP sample: This is from one of the other rp's i am in. hope it's good enough:
"Well isn't that intersting," Xaki said. He creaped his hand around to the pouch under him and pulled out a small water sack and said "I need some water, even Fire types need some small amount of water." Of course it wasn't water in that sack, it was moo moo milk. He didn't think that little trick would fool them so he chuged it down choking on some. Xaki felt compleately revitalized and leaped into the air. He landed about tewnty feet away and called out "I am an Undercover and my name is Xaki. And now I bid you fair well." After that he took off at incredable speed. He had to find Nim. That was his last friend.

Twilight Wolf
August 16th, 2008, 3:46 PM
Accepted. God dang twenty five character minimum. =P

August 16th, 2008, 3:59 PM
Uhh...Never been in a Pokémon Roleplay. But I'll do my best to fill in the Application. If you require more, PM me.

Name: Chris
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Chikorita (Were you expecting anything less :laugh:)
Appearance: Slightly smaller than most Chikorita but has a Largely Dominating Leaf to cover up for it.
Personality: Chris is usually Laid back when he senses no Trouble. But if he hears a Poacher approach, he will not back down to stepping aside so easily.
History: Chris was always the 'Lone Wolf' type. He usually lived alone. If he detected a Shiny in Danger, Chris was always there to Shield it. The whole Reason he started protecting Shinies was after giving a Shiny Rattata time to flee from a Poacher. After realising what Poachers were, Chris swore to himself to defend as many Shiny Pokémon as he possibly could. No matter how much Damage he took, he would fight on to the end.
Shiny or Normal: Normal
Other: Like I said, Chris is a Lone Wolf. But fights like one as well.
RP Sample: Umm...I don't know what to put here. From any Previous RP, make one up or from a Previous Pokémon-Related RP. Please Pend me and I'll try to deal with that ASAP. Oh, and give an Answer to my Question Please. Via PM if Necessary.

Edit at 23:43: Huh...I thought I put a RP Sample here. It must have been removed when the PokéCommunity went under Temporarily. Oh well...Like I said last time, it's Partially Remembered and Partially made up:

Foxy nested in the Tall Green Grass, content that everything was fine. She thought that their Ancestors picked a Lovely spot for their Haven. There was plenty of Land, Large Shady areas etc. Foxy closed her eyes, sure that nothing was wrong. But she thought Wrong. Little did she know that the Dangers coming would cause an Infinite Bodycount if she and the others did not act soon. Little did she know that Snowflake was the only Answer to Averting the Incoming Crisis...

Well, that's as much as I can think of right now. Hopefully it tickles your Fancy. If not, tell me and I'll extend it or think of something else.


Comic Tragedy
August 17th, 2008, 7:43 PM
Ok here it goes!

Name: Tavil
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Arcanine
Appearence: Everything about Tavil doesent quite meet the status quo of the common Arcanine. And there is one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb. Tavil's fur is a piercing shade of gold, making him what most Pokemon specialist call "shiny". Along with this Glamorous hide, Tavil's mane and tail are a tad more bushy than the average Arcanine. Tavil's sharp yet short teeth, are framed by gleaming, fire red eyes. Tavil is one of the most glorious looking pokemon in all of Sinnoh.
Personality: Despite Tavil's beautiful appearance, he thinks nothing of it. Survival is the onlything in the mind of this rare pokemon. Constantly on the move avoiding poachers, this Arcanine has been hardened by his treacherous past, and fears his own future. Tavil has known no true home, and knows nothing of love, making him a less agreeable person than an angry Tyranitar. Unfortunately this makes it hard for him to find one whom he truly cares for, and vice - versa.
History: Tavil's history is a dangerous mix of brutality, and depression. Nothing more than a mere glimmer of hope is all he knows of happiness. As a pup Tavil was seperated from his mother when they were both captured by a team of poachers and haled of in a small truck that smelled of fish (to this day Tavil hates fish). When the poachers opened their mobile cell, Tavil and his mother were ready and desperately leaped over there captor's heads and made a run for a near by forrest. Many shots were taken, all of them misses as the two pokemon sped away. Just as the two were about to find refuge within the lush forest foliage, a speeding bullet pierced through Tavil's mother.... Killing her.

After finally finding security within the interior of a hollowed log, Tavil softly cried himself to sleep. Unable to free himself of the thought of his mother's unreasonable death, and their disgustingly immoral captives. He first thought these memories would pass, instead he forgot the time with his mother, and could not escape the devastating poachers that persistently hunt him. Not a single dream since the death of his mother has not been tainted with sanity threatening memories and thoughts. Making him the hardened pokemon he is today.
Shiny or Normal: Shiny
Other: Because of all of his close encounters, Tavil has slightly heightened senses and abilities, compared to the average Arcanine. Not because he is shiny but because of the unintentional training from encounters with poachers.
RP Sample: Sorry. My first RP!

Ok, I hope I get accepted. I am so sorry this is my first RP..... but I suppose everyone has to start somewhere. I hope my entry will suffice!

Twilight Wolf
August 21st, 2008, 1:43 PM
Both of you are accepted. Cappitano, your SU was outstanding for your first RP and I'm truly honored to have you as a part of this. No one post oneliners when we start, is all I ask of. I have two more shiny characters for me, but I dont really need an SU. They are both silver Ninetails with blue eyes, the male being Silver, the female being Flash.

Amplified Ampharos
August 21st, 2008, 1:47 PM
Can I plz be a SHiny Shuckle who is 9 funny never serios always screaming or laughing and lastly always sitting lol

Twilight Wolf
August 22nd, 2008, 1:44 PM
Fill out the SU sheet. Just highlight it, then Copy and Paste it.

August 22nd, 2008, 2:51 PM
Name: Amber
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Latias
Appearance: Amber is a shiny Latias. This means where the markings would be red on an “average” Latias, she is a bright golden color. Her white sections are slightly brighter in color as well. Differentiating her from both shiny and normal members of her species, Amber’s eyes are a deep, almost glowing purple.

Personality: On the outside, Amber is an extremely cheerful, optimistic Pokemon. She often looks on the bright side of things, and tries hard to make other people she cares about happy. She’s very affectionate to her friends, and loves to cuddle. Amber is kind, and not unafraid to sacrifice her own things for others.

On the flip side, she is also what one might call a coward. Extremely timid, she has solved most of the problems in her life by running away from them or asking for others to help, and is not a good fighter. Inside, she knows this to be one of her flaws, and hates herself for it, but is again, too afraid to do anything about it. In unguarded moments, Amber reveals her truer self. Since her brother died, she has had difficulty making friends(though not from lack of effort on her part), and has felt extremely lonely. For her species, the bond between twins exceeds all others, and she knows it is a relationship she can never replace. Therefore, when alone and left to think her own thoughts, she is usually sad and lonely.

History: Latias and Latios are always born in pairs, twins, a female and a male. For this species, this one relationship supersedes all others in its importance and intimacy, greater than the bond between child and parent, friends, or mates. This is because of the psychic bond that begins to form between the two embryos in the womb, the influence of another mind so close remains a permanent structure in their minds for all of their long lives. Amber could experience everything her brother, Jacen, did from his perspective, could hear his thoughts and feel his emotions even from vast distances.

To lose a brother, or a sister, for their species, is the absolute worst wound one can inflict upon them. When they were 14, Jacen was killed by poachers outside Mauville in the Hoenn region, defending his twin sister to the last. Amber blames herself for his death.

Both of them were orphans growing up. Their father had died of an illness, a rare event among Pokemon, and their mother died of grief only one short year after Amber and Jacen hatched from their eggs, simply losing the will to live, going to sleep and not waking up again. For the longest time, Jacen had been Amber’s only constant companion and protector. They traveled throughout the world, exploring new places and regions, making many friends along the way but never staying in one place for too long, yet never meeting another one of their species. Their lifestyle, however, was just a tad bit too open. When poachers finally caught up to the pair, Jacen threw himself onto the barrel of a shotgun to buy his sister time to escape. Escape she did, but she feels that it may have been better if she hadn’t.

Since Jacen’s death, Amber has become slightly more of a risk-taker, sometimes deliberately throwing herself into life-threatening situations, caring less about her own safety. Yet her cowardly nature often takes over, and she runs when the situation gets too untenable. Thanks to the Latias ability to become invisible or take on the form of a human for a short amount of time, she often flits in and out of the dangerous cities. So far she has avoided being spotted, but a new technology in the form of a pair of glasses has enabled humans to spot her while disguised…
Shiny or Normal: Shiny
RP Sample: (will edit, as Pokecommunity keeps crashing on me)

As I looked at your Picture of Amber, Lusankya, I noticed that you said Amber's eyes were a Deep Near-Glowing Purple, yet in the Picture, they are Green (Then again, it might be my Colour Resolution. But if not...). Which is it going to be?


August 22nd, 2008, 3:19 PM
Text has priority over picture. I got that image off of Google, didn't have time to edit it to fit the description.

August 22nd, 2008, 3:21 PM
Oh, Okay, fair enough. Guess that Answers it.

So, when do we begin?


Twilight Wolf
August 22nd, 2008, 4:24 PM
Simple. When we get at least one poacher.

August 24th, 2008, 12:38 PM
Maybe you should make the little label saying that only poachers will be accepted bigger.

Comic Tragedy
September 4th, 2008, 2:12 PM
I hate to revive an already dead thread, but I just want to confirm that it is........well.........dead.

September 4th, 2008, 2:35 PM
Well, unless Vanessa feels like starting even without a poacher, I suppose it'll be dead unless someone joins as a poacher.

Twilight Wolf
September 5th, 2008, 1:13 PM
OOC: Ya, I dont want this to die, so we'll just have some that are NPC's. Let the RP, BEGIN!!! We all start in Floroma Meadow. I gotz 3 people, too. ^^ Oh, and one more thing: you can use chat speak, but only on your OOC's.


Vanessa the Suicune
Floroma Meadow

I strode quietly through the flowers, intent on getting somewheres in this meadow. I stared down at my paws. Then, there was the troden path that Silver and Flash had told me of. My head jerked up. Over this long strip of flowers that were pressed to the ground was the only way to the ther side of the meadow.

Heck, for all I know, a gun may be pointed at me.

I hesitated before crossing. I sniffed the air curiously, then leaped across the strip.

The second my feet left the ground, there was bullets coming at me from my sides.

An ambush.

I made it to the other side of the strip and skidded to a stop as I whirled around. I growled and then shot a Hydro Cannon at the poachers who were now visible. They were blasted back, and I strutted away silently. I still couldnt see the two silver Ninetails anywheres!

I head clicking behind me. I whipped around to see a bullet barrelling at me, aiming between my eyes. I closed my eyes, and awaited the pain.

Then came the immense heat.

I opened my eyes to see a Fire Blast meling the bullet into thin air. There were two, actually, one coming from each side.

Flash and Silver.

"Oi! Now there's two silver Ninetails, and a shiny Suicune! Get 'em all!" one of the poachers yelled.

"Run." was all I had to say. The two Ninetails began to bolt, and I followed the procedure with glee.

September 5th, 2008, 1:42 PM
"Huh." Volt sat down on the ground, wondering what to do. Unfortunately for him, he really didn't have much of a choice of what to do.

I'm really bored at the moment, maybe I should go and train my skills.

He was about to chop a tree in half when... a bullet flew past him and pounded into the ground with a loud THUNK!

"Oh crap, great timing!"

Yes, he was ambushed.

Using Agility to up his speed, Volt dodged from side to side as a poacher fired bullets relentlessly at him.

What are my choices? I can run, and I can... run. That's all, unless I fight...

Yes! That was it! He could use electric attacks to stun the man!

"Okay... Here I go!" Charging up a powerful Zap Cannon, Volt fell upon his back as the giant blast engulfed his foe.

Yes! Direct hit! Oh crap. I must have roused a bit of a commotion... RUN!

Volt was caught offgaurd as several others rushed at him, guns pointed at him.

Volt had no choice but to continually use Agility until he could barely outrun the group.

Oh no... This is not good. I better hide, fast!

Dashing aside, Volt watched as the poachers ran off in the direction he had been running. It seemed like it was something out of a cartoon.

Turning around, Volt began to think of his options...

September 5th, 2008, 4:09 PM
Amber streamed through the air, her sleek aerodynamic body cutting through the atmosphere like a hot knife through butter. The wind whistled around her, almost drowning out all other sound.


A roar sounded behind her, and she momentarily turned her head slightly to aim one eye to her rear. Her pursuers, two humans riding a Salamance and a Pidgeot, were steadily becoming closer and closer.

How? She should have been able to outspeed them easily. Yet no sonic boom had sounded as she cruised over the cityscape.

And how had they found her? For weeks she had hid in the city in her human form. There had been no suspicion toward her. So how did they two know she was a Pokemon?

If she continued like this, she would be caught. And Amber knew full well what happened to those who fall into the hands of poachers. All too well, in vivid detail from the perspective of the victim.

She dove into the city, hoping to evade her pursuers by agility rather than speed. Weaving between buildings, she did her best to set up a route that the devil himself couldn't follow.

A mere half a minute of trying told her it was no good. Instead of following her into the city as she had hoped, they merely cruised above the rooftops, more than able to keep a bird's eye view on her.

So what then? Perhaps it was time to give up and surrender. They all had to die someday. No, she reminded herself. They all had to die, but she wouldn't go down without a fight. But what could she do about it? Scanning the ground, she spotted a manhole. A lightbulb flickered on above her head.

Opening her mouth and letting out a cry, she aimed a Hyper Beam at the manhole. The ray of destruction blew through the road, causing several cars to swerve. But she had accomplished her objective. A gaping hole now existed in the road large enough for her to fly through. And fly through she did, straight into the sewer system. Slowing down considerably due to the tight space, she weaved through the sewers. After a few minutes, she decided to wait and see if she had lost her pursuers. Settling down against the side of the sewer wall, she closed her eyes and rested. The rank smell of the waste of thousands of humans almost erased all thought from her mind, but she managed to block it out, partially.

For a long time, she waited. Just when she was about to decide that her little plot was successful, she heard footsteps, and voices, not too far away, echoes bouncing around within the sewer.

"Look, she went this way," said a small, tinny voice.

"Yeah, I can see. I have eyes too, you know. Not blind," sounded the other, an older, gruffer tone.

Her veins froze. How had they followed her? Opening her eyes, she looked down at her body for the first time since the chase had began, and instantly understood why.

A large crater, an empty pocket where there had once been flesh, existed in her side. The blood that was streaming out was no small amount. She had laid a trail for the poachers, a trail of her own blood. But when had she received the wound? Try as she might, she couldn't remember.

Willing herself to be silent, she covered the wound with one paw, the best she could manage, since the other one couldn't reach that far. Cruising through the undercity, she looked around for something, anything, that could help her. She didn't know what she was looking for, but she knew she would know it when she saw it.

Perhaps Fem Fortune was on her side at last. She spotted box floating through the sewer, filled with what looked like bottles of dye. And one of those was red, from what she could see in the dim light. She took it, used her telekinetic psychic powers to unscrew the cap, and tossed it into the sewer as far as she could. She took a wad of crumbled paper, also in the box, and stuffed it into her wound, ignoring the sharp shriek of pain that shot through her nerves. Praying that they would fall for the deception, she streamed off in the direction opposite to that which she had thrown the bottle.

She doubled back to the hole in the ground she had come through, although taking a different path. Emerging from the sewers, she willed her feathers to bend as to refract the light around her, effectively making herself invisible. She cruised just above the heads of the people walking through the streets. The wad of paper had done a good job of keeping her from dripping blood, but now it was throughout saturated, she had to get rid of it. She ducked into an alley and tossed it into a dumpster. Blood once against streamed from her wound.

Hovering in the air, she suddenly felt tired. Beyond tired, she was completely exhausted, all the energy sucked from her body. Perhaps part of it was the blood loss. She fell from the air and collapsed onto the ground, and her feathers returned to their normal position, making herself fully visible again. She could barely muster the strength to drag herself behind the dumpster, out of sight, and prop herself against the wall, sitting with her back to the cold, lonely brick.

Sitting against the side of the building, she looked up at the sky. The smokey, polluted, smog-filled sky. Oh, what humans have done to this world...

A sound bounced from her mouth, a tiny sliver open, just barely agape. She began to sing, quietly and softly to herself.

Notice me...
Take my hand...
Why carry on without me?

She was completely drained of energy. She could no longer fight or run. All she could do is hide. And if those poachers found her now, then there was nothing she could do to prolong her life.

Every time I try to fly
I fall without my wings
I feel so small

But perhaps that was for the best. What had she ever done for anyone? What had she done to be deserving of life? Her entire family was dead. Perhaps it was destiny that she would share that fate. Maybe it was meant to be, that a poacher would walk down this alley, point a shotgun at her head, and pull the trigger, splattering her brains against the cold, dark asphalt and the uncaring brick.

And every time I see
you in my dreams
I see your face
your haunting me

She closed her eyes and turned her head downwards to the ground. A trickle of liquid flowed down from her right eye. A single drop rolled down her face. She felt the tear's pressure against every single feather it touched. It reached the tip of her nose, and fell off.

It was the first of many.

I make believe
that you are here
It's the only way
I see clearly

Oh, Jacen, she thought. The gaping void in her heart, where her brother had been, had always been, as everpresent as the sun and the Earth, as reassuring and solid as the strongest rock, seemed to swallow her entire existence. It was a wound that pained her far more than any physical hurt ever could.

I may have made it rain
please forgive me
My weakness caused you pain
and this song's my sorry

She closed her mouth. Sleep would come, or not at all.

Twilight Wolf
September 5th, 2008, 5:42 PM
OOC: Wow. Touching and fabulous post, Lusankya. Also, the two shiny Ninetails know extrordinary moves due to many moves passed down through the generations. But Silver and Flash are not brother and sister, though. A little reminder, that's all.

IC: I saw what had to be a shiny Latias faintly in the distance, fleeing from two poachers.

"Wow." was all I had to say. She was being pursued by two poachers, one on a Pidgeot, the other on a Salemence.

"We have to help!" Silver cried.

"Yes! Please, Vanessa! We must!" Flash begged.

"As long as you two can keep up. I'm not sure if I can keep up with the Latias. Come on!" I exclaimed. The two shiny Ninetails nodded.

I started torwards the city where I caught a glimspe of the Pokemon that had to be a shiny Latias.

Then there were bullets.


I sighed, and weaved back and forth through the grass, Flash and Silver following the manuever. I leaped, ending up landing on hard and black asphalt. The blood I saw was dried, but that didnt mean it was made a long time ago. It led to a manhole cover.

"Even I'm not going in there." I said. Flash and Silver silently agreed. I felt a rush of air hit me hard.

I was guessing that the Latias was using the invisibility trick again, casting light in different ways to make he illusion she was not there. A wad of bloody paper dropped near an alleyway.

That's when I remembered I was standing at a manhole cover in a city.

"Frick!" I yelled, running to the alleyway that the Latias must have entered. As I neared the alleyway, I heard sad singing. I paused and stopped abruptly in the shadows.

It was the Latias, singing a song. The singing stopped as it ended the song. That's when I approached. My eyes glinted blue as I stepped out of the shadows.

I could see the Latias clearly, strangely enough. I approached slowly and carefully.

"Hello?" I whispered, that's when I saw the gaping hole in the Latias' side. I couldnt belive it.

This Pokemon may be hanging by a thread on a rocky ledge on Mt. Death.

September 5th, 2008, 7:03 PM

The noise jarred Amber back to consciousness. Had she been asleep? She didn't know. The world was black, as though someone had turned out all the lights. Why was everything so dark? Amber didn't remember a single time when the world was so dark. Except when...

She opened her eyes, just a tiny crack. A sliver of light shone in through the darkness. Ah, there it was. The light. As the light widened, she could pick out an image. A lot of color, a nice glowing gold. What was it? It looked familiar. Amber spotted a splotch of red against the gold. Ugly red, it marred the beauty of the gold. What was it? There was a hole in the gold, a red hole. Absurdly, Amber wanted to poke the hole, to stick one of her claws into it.

Her claws? The thought reminded her of what the gold was. Her lower body, that was what she was seeing. Herself. So the red was hers too?

She couldn't think straight, Amber realized. Her thoughts were all jumbled up, mixed together like ingredients in a gigantic melting pot. The imagined pot, where all her thoughts would pour into, and would boil over an open fire as a stick stirred within it, making thought soup, made her giggle. In her mind at least, for no motion was transferred outside it. The melting pot reminded her of one of the giant chocolate mixers she had seen in a factory. She liked chocolate. But apparently she was allergic to it or something, because it made her drunk. She didn't like being drunk. She didn't know why humans liked getting drunk. Clouded judgment wasn't something she thought was wanted. But then there was so she didn't understand about humans. They were so very strange. Nobody else built cities and did all this strange things. Pokemon didn't hunt each other so they could use each other's pelts for coats to keep warm. Did they? Humans were so powerful, even if they relied on Pokemon. They could do anything, if they set their minds to it. Amber remembered a plan she had heard, put forth by some important human, to make a ship to put a person on the moon. Amber liked the moon. Sometimes she would just stare at it at night and wonder. It was pretty. There were other pretty things too. She remembered beautiful places she had been, that Jacen had taken her too. There were beautiful Pokemon too. She remembered seeing a single flash of a Lugia, when Jacen had taken her flying to an island a friend had told him about. Where was Jacen? Amber didn't know. He didn't seem to be nearby. But there was someone nearby. Yes. Who was it? Amber tried to look up, but she couldn't. She didn't know why. But that someone had made a sound. Yes, a sound. No, more than a sound. What was it? A word. Yes, that was it. A word. "Hello?" it had said. No, asked. The tone had been asking. But "hello" wasn't a word used for questions. Was it? Amber wasn't sure.


Was that her voice? It might have been. She remembered thinking that word, and when she had thought that word, it had appeared. In the air, outside. She had heard it. Yes, heard, that was the word. The voice had been high-pitched, but not shrill or squeaky. Amber thought it was pleasing to the ear. She thought it might make a good singing voice.


There was that voice again. Quieter this time, barely more than a whisper. Amber thought she should be quiet too. She was tired. So tired...

Twilight Wolf
September 5th, 2008, 9:07 PM
The Latias mumbled 'Hello' twice. Poor creature. Too much blood had been spilled. I approached the Latias, and kneeled by her wounds.

"Wow. You're pretty beat up. Let's get you out of here." I said.

Silver, Flash, and I combined our mind power and used Teleport to get us back to a deserted part of Floroma Meadow. Now we could possibly help.

"Let's see..." I mumbled. I glanced around quickly. There were a few herbs that grew among the flowers, and I could treat her wound with this. I spotted two things I needed. I saw the herb. It was bright red and was filled with moisture.

I crushed it to make a thick cream. I then spotted the bullet. I picked it out slowly; if I didnt take it out now, it would get infected later.

"Ok, I'm going to have to rub this cream on your wound. Just relax and close your eyes. Try not to look." I said reasurringly.

I spread the cream gently around and on the wound, being careful not to hurt her anymore than she was. This should ward off infection and help it heal quicker.

"You poor thing..." I mumbled once more.

"Will she be ok?" Flash asked. I shrugged.

"Depends." I said uncertainly.

"What do you mean by 'depends'?!" Silver demanded.

"Well," I started. "if we must run from poachers, she can only be lifted; she cant move on her own hardly, or so it seems. We have to let her settle and rest. I'm afraid that she only has a 50 50 chance of surviving this." I said sadly.

"As long as we do our best, she should pull through it all." Flash said, trying to cheer Silver and I up. I turned back to the dillusioned Latias.

"So, can you tell me your name?" I asked. There was so much I wanted to ask, but she needed rest. But before rest, I needed to know her name.

September 6th, 2008, 5:04 AM
The world flew by as Volt ran his hardest.

This is hopeless... I'll get caught eventually.

Then, an idea struck him. Rolling to the side, Volt hid behind a nearby rock to charge his signature move: Volt Tackle.

"I'll make sure you'll never hurt another Pokemon again!"

Suddenly, the poachers stopped and looked around.

"Did ya hear that? I could of sworn it was a Pokemon talking!"

Volt used this time to finish charging the move. "Take THIS!"

Volt tore through the group like a bullet, heading for a deserted part of a meadow he had seen earlier. After a while, Volt looked back. The poachers, lying in a pitiful heap, were all down.


Continuing to speed along, Volt spotted some gold, blue, purple, and red across the horizon.

What is that? I should investigate, just to make sure.

Keeping his pace, Volt closed his eyes to avoid getting things in them. When he finally decided that he had ran far enough, he stopped and opened his eyes...

There was a Suicune, two Ninetails, and an injured Latias. All shiny.

The Suicune was treating the Latias' wounds, and the two Ninetails looked at him with suspision.

"Uh... I don't mean any harm... I just came here to look around... But anyways... My name is Volt, what's yours?"

September 6th, 2008, 5:19 AM
Amber closed her eyes again, letting the light leave and the darkness fill the void. She heard soft pitter-patters. Footsteps?

"Wow. You're pretty beat up. Let's get you out of here," said a voice. Not hers. Or was it? No, she thought it was the one from earlier. What had it said? "Hello?"

She suddenly felt energy rush through her body, and then she felt herself lying against a soft, fluffy ground. Amber opened her eyes. Halfway, for that was the best she could manage. Where was she? Although her head wouldn't move, she scanned the area with eyes only. She was in a meadow. Grasses and flowers as far as the eye could see, and a few trees here and there.

And there were others. Pokemon, yes. That was what they were called. Two Ninetales, and one she couldn't identify. Yet she felt she knew the name of this Pokemon. It was on the tip of her tongue. She felt that it began with an S. Su, Su, Sui...

Suicune. That was it. It approached her, its paws covered with some white substance, and spread the substance on her. What was it doing? The sounds around her had become indistinct. The Suicune was saying something. Amber thought it looked extremely fierce this close. A little aggressive? What did Suicune eat?

The Suicune was talking again. Amber couldn't pick out just what it was saying, but she managed to understand a single word. "... name?"

Name. What did that mean? Something a thing was called. A word. Her name...

"Amber," she murmured, and let out a groan. Where had the groan come from? As she looked at the Suicune, her vision became blurry. Why? But the Suicune was looking a lot fiercer now. Demonic, even.

"Are you going to eat me?" she asked.

Twilight Wolf
September 6th, 2008, 6:30 AM

The Latias murmured quietly.

"Amber? What a nice name." I said with a soft smile.

"Are you going to eat me?" Amber asked. I was a bit stunned by this question.

"Never would I eat another Pokemon." I said. Amber had lost way too much blood.

"Ok, Amber. You may not remember what happened back in the city, but just letting you know. You are more than safe in our hands than any other. Just try to relax. You have a gaping bullet hole in your side, and it will take a while to heal. I spread some cream on it so it would heal quicker, ok?" I asked.

I took a few steps backwards, and turned to Flash.

"Watch her, and make sure she gets lots of rest, ok? I'm going to go find some food, alright?" I asked Flash in a low whisper.

"Got it." the silver Ninetails replied.

September 6th, 2008, 1:53 PM
The Suicune seemed to be taken aback by her question. It had retreated a step. Or was that just her imagination?

"Never would I eat another Pokemon," the Suicune answered. Its face seemed to be filled with some emotion... was it pity? But that didn't make any sense. What was there around to pity? Amber watched the Suicune's mouth continue to move as it went on mumbling about something. She wanted to tell it to talk louder and more clearly so she could understand what it was saying, but that would be impolite, and Amber didn't want to come off as rude.

"That's nice," Amber murmured, and closed her eyes. The Suicune was saying something to one of the Ninetails now. Something about food. Had it been lying when it said it wasn't going to eat her? Oh well, nothing she could do about it. She was kinda hungry herself. When had she last eaten? Amber racked her brains out, but couldn't remember. In fact, she couldn't seem to remember much of anything.

Sleep came upon her, and with it, blissful unconciousness.

September 6th, 2008, 2:20 PM
Volt stood there, patiently waiting.

Hm... I wonder if they heard me...?

After a while of waiting, Volt heard the injured Latias speak. "Amber..."

So Amber was the Latias' name! But Iwonder what happened to her brother. Aren't Latias supposed to have brothers? What were they called?... Latios, that was it.

"Amber? What a nice name." The Suicune responded, smiling.

Are they going to notice me yet? I guess not, considering an injured Latias surely has more priorty over a plain old Pikachu. Oh... I forgot, I'm shiny as well. But that's not too much of a suprise.

"Are you going to eat me?" Amber asked. Volt almost toppled over at the question.

Of course the Suicune wouldn't eat you! You're a fellow legendary, and you're injured, too!

"Never would I eat another Pokemon." Volt wanted to sigh in relief when his thoughts were confirmed.

"That's nice..." Amber replied, and... went to sleep?

U-utterly ignored! What's happening? I guess I don't exist! That would be fun. Then no poachers could come and try to kill me...

Shruggging this off, Volt turned and decided to sit down and rest.

September 6th, 2008, 11:13 PM
Xylon saw the comotion and started to head over there, all the while thinking
wonder whats happening. that looked like a Latias, and i think i saw a Suicune earlyer. man what a wierd day. He had also heard alot of gunshots all day. deafinatly a wierd day. As he walked he saw the suicune take off into the forest alone. at least thier will be someone to tell me whats happening. As got to the clearing he noticed two Ninetails and the Latias in the clearing. What he didn't notice was the pikachu laying on the ground. He saw the pokemon just in time and only steped on it tail. "Oh man sorry about that. Thats got to hurt. My names Xylon. Whats yours? Any thing i can do for that tail of yours."

September 7th, 2008, 5:03 AM
A drop of water fell onto Amber's head, disturbing her black, dreamless sleep.

She opened her eyes. The world was darker. Black clouds had moved in overhead, and just the tiniest amount of rain was falling from the sky. A few drops here and there, but it looked like it would get a lot heavier very soon. She watched as the clouds were lit up by a bolt of lightning within them, as though someone had tossed a giant firework into them, and winced as the boom of thunder sounded.

Amber raised her head off the ground and looked around. Where in the world was she? The last thing she remembered was propping herself against a brick wall in a city, and now... she was in a meadow, with soft grasses and flowers. Trees dotted the meadow here and there, and she could see a forest not too far off. How had she got here?

As she turned her head, scanning the surrounding clearing, and spotted a Ninetales, fast asleep not three feet from her. It's coloration was strange, for it was a silver color rather than the yellowish-white most Ninetales were.

Taking a deep breath, Amber tried to will herself into the air. Her body rose off the ground two, three feet. But the strain was too much for her mind, and she collapsed back onto the soft dirt with a quiet thud. Another raindrop fell onto her head.

Amber closed her eyes, and inhaled again. Reaching forward with her paws, she dragged herself along the ground. Her sleek coating of feathers slid smoothly across the soft grasses, but she had only made it a dozen or so feet before she was too tired to go on. Glancing down at her arms, she regretted never working on upper-body strength. Her paws were a little half-oval with three stubby little claws on the end, attached by a little stick of bone and just a tiny bit a muscle to lobes on the side of her body. They weren't going to win any weight-lifting contests, or even a simple arm-wrestle match.

She rested for a few minutes, then continued to drag herself forward, using her claws to embed themselves in the dirt for better traction. She didn't know where she was going, or why she was going, she just needed to move.

Comic Tragedy
September 7th, 2008, 6:07 AM
Tavil bolted through the forest. He maneuvered around trees as if he knew the location of every single one. He was moving at "Extreme Speed" a technique that he had learned over the years, and had served him well. Because of the sheer velocity of his movement, his vision was limited to directly in front. All his peripheral vision was being pulled behind him like a vacuum. To the untrained eye Tavil was only a beautiful golden glimmer in apearing only for a second, then vanishing.

Despite his ridiculous (quasi dangerous) speed, wich was still increasing Tavil showed no hesitance in his fiery eyes. No, this shiny Arcanine would not stop for anything. He would not let his treacherous pursuers find the satisfaction of holding his hide. He would not let it happen, not like it happened to his mom.

After minutes of running Tavil slid to a less than graceful stop. He knew his pursuers could not be near. He had at least ran a couple of miles while traveling at extreme speed. He hadn't found anything yet (human, pokemon or machine) that could best his speed when preforming that ability.

Tavil desperately looked around for shelter. He knew if he did not want to come encounter with the wicked men again he would surely have to find a good place to hide (or at least stay dry because storm clouds were coming in). His piercing red eyes beamed back and forth, scanning his surroundings for anything.

Finally he spotted a hollowed trunk on the other side of a clearing. He swiftly moved across the clearing, and strode toward the trunk in a cautious fashion. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, beside the fact that it was completely hollow. Wurmple larvae must of had feast thought Tavil to himself. After a few last sniffs, and inspections of the make-shift shelter he put one paw in.

"SNAP!" Searing pain shot up Tavil's front left leg. Nothing prepared him for that so he fell over in pain. He started to howl in agony.

Tavil decided to glance down to inspect the thing clamped on his foot. It was a small bear trap. They were usually used by poachers to trap Tediursa and small Ursarings. Tavil growled ferociously watching blood trickle down from his leg. He knew something was suspicious about the perfect hollowness of the tree. It was a trap created by the scum of the earth, poachers. Rain started to poor down on him everywhere except for his leg wich was still inside the trap shelter. Tavil kept growling to keep his mind of the searing pain, bu t couldn't help thinking of amputation........................................

September 7th, 2008, 7:40 AM
I wonder when anyone is going to notice me...

Volt sat up, only to have his poor tail stepped one by... A careless Kingler.

This DID NOT leave a good impression on Volt.

Volt turned to it and glared at him menacingly.

The Kingler apologized immediately, although Volt could have sworn he was smirking.

"Oh man, sorry about that. That's got to hurt. My name's Xylon. What's yours? Any thing I can do for that tail of yours?"

Volt decided that he needed to teach the ingnorant troublemaker a lesson or two... "For starters, you can get the heck out of my sight, or you'll regret crossing paths with me. I'll give you five seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Still not gone? You asked for it..."

Since the Kingler was a water type, a simple Tundershock would probably hurt a bit.


To Volt's amazement, the Kingler stood there, unfazed. "This is pointless."

Volt turned away for a moment, noticing that Amber was crawling across the grssy plain.

He scampered up to her quickly.

"Where are you going? That Suicune told you to stay put, so she could get some food for you. Anyways, isn't that making your wound worse?"

As if Volt didn't exist, the Latias kept at it. Crawl, crawl, stop, rest. And so on.

Volt sighed, and sat down.

No one aknowedgles my existance...

September 7th, 2008, 7:57 AM
From the corner of her eye, Amber saw a flash of electricity. It wasn't from the sky though, and was much smaller, so it couldn't be because of the storm. Mildly curious, she turned her head towards it. A Pikachu had just attacked a Kingler. Amazingly, despite the apparent use of an electric attack, the Kingler appeared to be unaffected.

Shaking it off, she continued to crawl. She smelled fresh water nearby. A river, maybe? Or just a pond?

The grass rustled behind her. She noticed that the Pikachu from earlier was running up. She liked the Pikachu evolution line, they were cute and cuddly. This one was probably curious of why she was dragging herself through a meadow. Well, she couldn't answer that question too well...

"Where are you going? That Suicune told you to stay put, so she could get some food for you. Anyways, isn't that making your wound worse?" The Pikachu's voice was a bit squeaky and tinny. Well, what did one expect from an electric rodent?

But Suicune? What Suicune? Amber didn't remember anything about a Suicune. They were Legendary, like herself, and so extremely rare. What would one be doing around here?

As she thought these things, she had continued to pull herself along the ground. Now she stopped, and craned her long neck around to look at the Pikachu. "What Suicune? What are you talking about?"

September 7th, 2008, 9:02 AM
As the Latias continued dragging herself across the ground, Volt assumed that he had been ignored once again. It wasn't until the Latias stopped when Volt realized that he had been noticed. "What Suicune? What are you talking about?"

I've been noticed for a change! YAY! Wait a second.. She doesn't remember the Suicune?

"What do you mean? The Suicune helped you escape, and even nursed you back to health! She even was nice enough to go gather food for you! I can't believe you forgot."

That is really odd. How in the world could you forget your savior?

Tapping his foot impatiently, Volt turned to the Kingler.

Still there? Hm.

Charging up a Tunderbolt, Volt let it loose.


This time, the Kingler winced a bit, but it really didn't do anything.

"Wow, Xylon, you've got some pretty impressive defnese against electric attacks." Volt commented.

Now, I'll just wait and see what happens.

Twilight Wolf
September 7th, 2008, 9:05 AM
I turned to find some food in the forest. I plunged deep into the trees just as rain started to pour down. I looked up at the dark sky. I stopped abruptly at a clearing of dirt.

The rain.

It masked all scents.

But were they there? Waiting with their guns, hoping to get me? Hoping to see my pelt on their wall or be traded for a million riches?

If I needed the food, it was in this clearing. It was filled with mushrooms and many tasty herbs.

"I'll go for only the mushrooms this time." I mumbled, taking a step forward. Nothing. Another step foreward. Nothing. Another, nothing. One more step until I reached all I needed. I took that step.


Out of instict, I leaped. In my place came a net. I grabbed a bundle of mushrooms, then leaped onto the tops of trees, and back to the meadow. Then there was growling.

I stopped on a thich canopy of trees, and leapt down, right in front of a growling, shiny Arcanine.

It was caught in a bear trap made to capture Usaring and Tediursa. This Pokemon was in danger. I set down the mushrooms and pried the trap open with a lot of difficulty, and gently grabbed his bleeding leg with my mouth and lifted it out of the rap, my paws holding the trap open. Then I gave him a shove out of the way with my back leg.

Then I let go over the trap, pringing back just as it went flying into the depths of the forest.


Amber was pulling herself across the ground.

Before the two Ninetails could see it, a shiny Pikachu addressed the dillusional Pokemon. There was a Kingler that the Pikachu called 'Xylon', but the Pikachu's named hadnt been mentioned. Flash and Silver noticed, and came to the Latias' aid.

"Who are you?" Flash demanded.

"Are you fleeing from poachers too?" Silver asked, taking the nicer approach. Flash set a paw in front of the Latias' path, keeping her from moving. She also set a paw gently on Amber's back, so lightly that it could hardly be fekt.

"Stay put, Amber. Vanessa told you that you need to heal, which involves staying in one place. Dont go anywheres, unless you wish to be nothing but a pelt on a wall because of poachers." Flash said.

September 7th, 2008, 3:45 PM
(OOC: It's spelled "delusional". Firefox spell-check FTW!)

"What do you mean? The Suicune helped you escape, and even nursed you back to health! She even was nice enough to go gather food for you! I can't believe you forgot," the Pikachu gabbed, tapping his foot on the ground as though Amber were a disobedient child, then turned around to face the Kingler. He glowed yellow for a second, and another zap of electricty struck the Kingler, who merely winced. The Pikachu commented on the Kingler's resiliance, but Amber wasn't listening too well. Her insides seemed to have just tied themselves into a knot, and it had nothing to do with that hole in her side.

Fighting back tiers, she curled her neck forward and closed her eyes. Why did she have to be so dependent on other Pokemon? Even a complete stranger was nice enough to bring her to this meadow (so she assumed), dress her wound, and go look for food. Why couldn't she do something for someone else for once? For that matter, why couldn't she just be able to take care of herself?

A soft rustle sounded in front of her. Amber opened her eyes, and saw that a paw from a Ninetales and planted itself in front of her face. Another touch, barely registering even against her sensitive feathers. The two Ninetales spoke, asking who the Pikachu was and whether he was running from poachers.

"Stay put, Amber. Vanessa told you that you need to heal, which involves staying in one place. Don't go anywhere, unless you wish to be nothing but a pelt on a wall because of poachers."

Why not? I'd be more helpful as decoration, Amber thought bitterly to herself. At least if I were a coat I could help keep someone warm.

Thunder boomed again overhead, and the rain started coming down hard. It was just as well, for it disguised the tears that streamed down from her eyes.

September 7th, 2008, 4:13 PM
Volt had been waiting for a while, and the Ninetails approached him.

One of them seemed nicer than the other, though.

"Who are you?" one of the Ninetails demanded.

Apparently the other noticed this, and attempted a nicer approach.

"Are you fleeing from poachers too?"

At last! Everyone's noticing me at the same time, though.

Turning her attention away from Volt, the meaner Ninetails spoke to the Latias, who was still, well, crawling across the floor.

"Stay put, Amber. Vanessa told you that you need to heal, which involves staying in one place. Don't go anywhere, unless you wish to be nothing but a pelt on a wall because of poachers."

Hm... If you look closely enough, the Latias seems to be crying... Why should she be? She's got really nice friends, and... Oh, I forgot... She doesn't have a brother anymore... That must hurt a lot...

Volt felt like crying, too, for Amber's lost brother, and apparently, family as well.

It was at that moment when Volt heard a loud rumble from the thunder nearby.

Ugh... I guess everyone here really doesn't feel very happy right now... I guess we can help each other?...

September 8th, 2008, 4:46 AM
OOC: I might post 1 or 2 times about my Character before I let Chris run into all of you. That way, I show HOW Chris met up with all of you or what Chris was doing BEFORE he met the Group. If anyone has a Problem, don't beat about the Bush. It doesn't need beating anymore, thank you very much.

IC: "Aww, No Fruit on this Tree either," complained the Disappointed Chikorita, looking up at the Large Tree.
"And I really could do with some shelter. I was told there would be Sun, not Rain and Thunder! I suppose I'll have to keep moving. No Hunter ever captured a moving Target. Whatever that means!"

With that, the Chikorita continued through the Woods.
"Name of Chris and no Shinies since that last Arbok I encountered. Poor thing had its Tail Jammed in a Trap," Chris muttered to himself as he proceeded. He had no Idea where he was going and be damned if he knew of any Resources.
"Not a single Fruit! How can this be? where is every--" Chris started, then stopped as he noticed a Small, but satisfying Apple nearly fully Hidden. With that, Chris sent a Single Razor Leaf to collect this small wonder. This small, Juicy, Reddish-Green piece of Goodness. The Apple plonked to the Ground and Chris gladly ate.

"Well, that's my Dinner. Last time I trust a Meditite to bring out my Endurance. Pushed me to the Brink of nothing but a Cheri Berry. I know I eat almost anything, but having something Spicy and nothing else for a whole day is somewhat paining. Well, at least I finished the Course. Oh here I am, talking to myself again with no one here to hear!". Mumbled Chris. "Well, I'd better get some sleep and keep searching for Civilisation or Pokélisation tomorrow. Ugh. I hope I'm not in the Middle of Nowhere...". With that, Chris found a Shady area under a batch of Trees so no Rain could pass and with that, attempted to sleep. For now.


Twilight Wolf
September 10th, 2008, 4:23 PM
Silver looked up expectantly at the darkened sky. Flash turned to the Pikachu again.

"I repeat. Who are you?" Flash asked, trying not to be as offensive. The rain began to pour down. It ran down Silver and Flash's silky coat with ease.

"Before we continue with our slightly unpleasant chat, we need to get out of the rain, but there's one problem; Amber needs to stay put." Silver commented.


I turned my back on the shiny Arcanine, and sped off.

To my dismay, Amber had drug herself a distance, where I saw a shiny Pikachu conversing with Silver and Flash. I approached them just as rain began to pour out of the clouds.

I looked up and saw the bright flash of thuder zip across the black sky.

"Let's get you all out of the rain." I said, forming a bubble around us, that stretched pretty far, allowing us room to move. It sheltered us from the rain. Silver and Flash's combined heat that they were releasing caused the water in the bubble to evaporate.

Now, the bubble was warm and cozy.

I smiled, satisfied with our work.

September 10th, 2008, 4:43 PM
"I repeat. Who are you?" Flash asked, apparantly trying not to be as offensive.

Volt was about to answer, but Silver stated what was to be done.

"Before we continue with our slightly unpleasant chat, we need to get out of the rain, but there's one problem; Amber needs to stay put."

"True. We need to get out of the rain. Any ideas on how to get Amber out of the rain?"

His question was answered by a rustle of leaves, and the Suicune from a few minutes ago jumped into view.

"Let's get you all out of the rain." A bubble formed around the group, enclosing them in a warm and cozy sanctuary.

Wow! It's like magic! Well, enough of that. I really need to answer the question...

Volt finally decided to face the music and answer. "Hey everyone; I'm Volt a shiny Pikachu as you can tell, and I'm running from poachers, like you guys are, I guess. I recently took about a dozen to the magical world of unconsiousness." Volt said all of this while keeping a straight face. Then he grinned freely, waiting for a response.

September 11th, 2008, 4:42 AM
The Sound of a Rifle Fire cracked through the Atmosphere. Chris jumped about 5-10 Feet.

"What in the name of Mewtwo?"

Then the Voices sounded:

"I heard it! Over here!"
"Don't get your hopes up, they're not always Shiny you know."

Chris knew whom they were hunting: Him! And they were unsure of Chris's appearance as well, judging by the Second Voice, a Gruff and Firm Voice, cold as Steel. With that, Chris took off instantly. He had no Reason to fight and the Grass was long enough to Tower over him.
"They know not who you are! They know not who you are!" Chris repeated to himself as he stealthily attempted to get out of Harm's way.

"It's this way!" Cried the First Voice, very excited.
Indeed, they knew where he was and were looking to bring him down. Chris ran and ran; occasionally looking back to check whether they were following him.

CRASH! Chris, not looking where he was going rammed head-first into a Tree Trunk with a dull thud and collapsed, unable to tell which Direction was which while the Hunters closed in. Chris shook his head and turned round in time to see the Hunters emerge: One of them was Average Sized, wearing a Hunter's Hat and wielding a Rifle. The Second was Taller and had a Blunderbuss (A type of Shotgun that fires Buckshot Fragments).
"Aww, it's only a Normal Chikorita,” groaned the First Hunter,
"Told you not to get your hopes up" the second Hunter reminded him.
"Aww, whatever, we can still get a couple of 10s for this!" the first Hunter pointed out, raising his Rifle at Chris.
"It would be pointless to take this single pelt to the Underground, Phil" the second Hunter told him.
Chris continued to stare Phil down until...
"What do you mean by that?" Phil asked, turning his attention to the Second Hunter. Chris saw his Tiny window and grabbed an Ankle of each Hunter with a Vine and then pulled them off their feet. Phil's Rifle went off BANG, as Chris bolted away.

After clearing some good distance between the Hunters, Chris noticed he was Slightly Pained. He looked down...To see a Rifle Bullet just above his Claw. The Blood Loss wasn't great but it was enough to acquire Chris's attention. Fortunately, it wasn't trailing across the floor otherwise the Hunters would have detected it. But he wouldn't last forever, especially with a Bullet in its Leg. If he tried to pull it out with a Vine Whip or Razor Leaf, not only would it be very Painful, but it might Increase the flow of Blood. With that, Chris slightly Limped away from the Carnage he laid a Couple of Minutes ago. Backing away slowly, until something pulled him into a Bush.


September 11th, 2008, 12:42 PM
One of the Ninetails was talking to the Pikachu again. "I repeat. Who are you?" Amber watched as the rain streamed down their coats smoothly, although not as smoothly as they did her own feathers. Poachers were often surprised when she revealed that her species was as home in water as on land.

"Before we continue with our slightly unpleasant chat, we need to get out of the rain, but there's one problem; Amber needs to stay put," the other Ninetails said. Amber was about to say that she was fine, that she could move, when a beautiful Suicune jumped out of the bush. That must be the one, Amber thought.

"Let's get you all out of the rain," the Suicune, which Amber remembered the first Ninetails had called "Vanessa", said. And it promptly generated a massive bubble around them, deflecting the rain.

Amber eyed the bubble, her eyes wide. Suicune weren't called Legendary for nothing. She remembered doing something similar herself once, back in Hoenn. Creating a bubble underwater to help a drowning Taillow. One of the few things she was proud of doing. They were few and far inbetween.

"Hey everyone; I'm Volt a shiny Pikachu as you can tell, and I'm running from poachers, like you guys are, I guess. I recently took about a dozen to the magical world of unconsiousness." The Pikachu finished his short speech and grinned.

More like running into poachers, Amber thought of the line "running from poachers, like you guys are." How had those humans seen her anyways? Some new technology, perhaps.

"A dozen? You're tougher than you look," Amber commented softly, raising her head slightly off the ground to face Volt.

September 12th, 2008, 2:37 PM
Volt wondered if he had said the right thing when he gave his mini-speech, because everyone was looking at him as if he was a crazy maniac...

Ah, who cares. I really don't care much for first impressions, anyways. Now to get some food... I'm famished! I wonder if the Suicune would share... Nah, she wouldn't the food is for Amber only; she's injured.

Volt continued to argue with himself as the rain pounded on the 'magic' bubble.

Ah, I should stop thinking... it's just making me even more hungry.

Volt looked back up, and noticed Amber looking at the bubble.

Suddenly, she spoke to Volt, who was NOT expecting this.

"A dozen? You're tougher than you look," Amber mused.

Now, I really need to be modest here.

Volt stretched, and shook his head. "Not at all. It's only because my intense training and Volt Tackle that I'm here today... Even though I've suffered many wounds from that double-edged sword." (Which is, in fact, Volt Tackle.)

After a few minutes' silence, Volt voiced his concerns: his growling stomach. "Er... does anyone know where I can forage for food? Just wondering..."

September 12th, 2008, 9:09 PM
My application!

Name: Kazam

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Species: Mudkip

Appearance: Like other shiny Mudkip, Kazam is purple with a cream stomach and tail fin. He has a scar on his leg from an encounter with a poacher.

Personality: Kazam is normally positive, friendly, and likes to chat. However, he is becoming increasingly less talkative and much more serious. He will be more likely to think than speak, and tries to remain calm. He will always dislike humans, and can’t stand the thought that there is a possibility that he could be caught by a trainer.

History: Kazam grew up in a large family, as the youngest child. He is the only shiny to ever have been in his family. His older brothers were already Marshtomp when he was just five years old. He was always kept back with his father when his mother and brothers went out for things. He always called it being “held back”; while his parents insisted it was for his protection. He was desperate to see the world, and so when he was ten, his parents finally gave in.

He was allowed to come along on a walk with his brothers and mother so he could get to know the area. After quite a while of walking, something very upsetting happened. During the walk, a bunch of poachers had ambushed them. Kazam’s mother told him to run, but he couldn’t. He wouldn’t have made it out if his mother hadn’t thrown a punch that knocked one of the poachers over. Unfortunately, he had been shot on his right front leg on his way out. His mother was killed, and he couldn’t find his way back to the swamp where he lived. He wandered aimlessly, doing what he could to evade the poachers now he has done so for a year.

Shiny or normal: as previously stated, shiny.

RP sample: Um… I haven’t done any other RPs before…

Edit: hmm... it appears that my history might not be long enough. I did it on Microsoft Word,so...

Twilight Wolf
September 13th, 2008, 9:41 AM
Only accepting poachers, sorry! Have enough Pokemon.

September 14th, 2008, 4:46 AM
Volt stretched, and shook his head. "Not at all. It's only because my intense training and Volt Tackle that I'm here today... Even though I've suffered many wounds from that double-edged sword."

"Intense training?" Amber giggled, but quickly stopped as pain shot into her lungs. She winced, and tried to slow her breathing. The pain faded away.

"Er... does anyone know where I can forage for food? Just wondering..." Volt said. Amber thought she might have heard his stomach growling. She glanced over to the pile of mushrooms and a few berries Vanessa had dropped onto the ground besides her. She was quite hungry herself, but really didn't want to be the first one to start eating. It wasn't polite, especially since she didn't gather the stuff.

She looked up at the Suicune. Had she eaten yet? And what about the Ninetales? She hadn't seen them eat either, and they must be hungry. "I don't know, I don't think I've ever been here before. Where are we?"

September 14th, 2008, 6:48 AM
"Intense training?" Amber giggled, .soon stopped, for a reason unknown to Volt,

"Er... does anyone know where I can forage for food? Just wondering..." Volt asked. He looked around, and noticed the pile of mushrooms.

So... hungry...too good to resist.... Volt began reaching for the food, but he stopped himself. His stomach growled again. "Aw, come on! I'm not that hungry!" Volt yelled at his belly. "Oh well, I'll go fetch some food for myself."

Volt scampered off, and noticed an apple tree. It was stuffed with apples, and that scared Volt.

It might be a poacher's trap.

Netherless, Volt used Thunderbolt to knock a few apples from the tree. He ran away quickly with the cooked fruit because he heard rustling from the bushes.

Running at full speed, the poachers weren't following him. He finally stopped next to the group, catching his breath.

"Huff...huff...I got...huff...some food." Volt sat down, and chowed down.

September 14th, 2008, 6:51 AM
I would like to reserve a spot for a shiny rayquaza

September 14th, 2008, 8:27 AM
Only accepting poachers, sorry! Have enough Pokemon.

^ Sorry Darkly. Vanessa hath spoken.

September 15th, 2008, 2:20 AM
Chris started to shout out but a Voice hissed "Shhh!". Chris recognised that Voice at once: The Shiny Arbok he had helped some time ago.
"Arbok? What are you doing here?"
"This is Eterna Forest, you know. What I want to know is what are you doing here?" Questioned Arbok.
"I've been lost for some time now," replied Chris, a little relieved and Disheartened.
"Hmph! This place IS a Maze after all. I can point you in the right direction. However, more Poachers might find and chase you!"
"Thanks, but what about you, Arbok?" It was Chris's Turn to ask a Question.
"I'm going to hold off here for a while. Those Poachers will come back and after what you did to them, they'll have a Reason to Hunt you!"
"Alright, wish me Luck then!" Chris told Arbok as he headed out of the Bush.
"Just a Minute..." Arbok Started. It used its Tail to Grab Chris's Injured Leg and Stared at the Bullet in it.
"Oh that's not much concern," Chris assured him, Lightly.
"I think it is!" Arbok replied, "A Major Concern. They've hurt you and now they smell Blood, they'll attack harder this time!"
"So, what do you imply?"
"I have a Friend who might help. Oi! Caterpie!"
A Normal Caterpie Slithered down from a Tree Trunk and entered the Bush.
"Something wrong?" Asked the Caterpie,
"Yup! This Chikorita saved me from a Trap a Couple of Weeks ago, and is now Injured. You Boast about how you can patch up Wounds, so let's see it!"
"Erk! Erm, well..." Started the Caterpie.
"Something wrong?" Arbok asked, mimicking Caterpie,
"You know I don't like being Mimicked! Okay. Let's see what I can do..."

*5 Minutes Later*

"Thanks for the help, Caterpie," Chris thanked Caterpie, staring down at the Leg which had been Bandaged with a String Shot.
"My Pleasure!"
"How do you feel?" asked Arbok.
"Like a Bar of Gold!" Chris answered.

With that, Chris headed out the Bush right beside an Apple Tree chocked full with Apples. He'd seen a Flash of Lightning while Caterpie was Finishing off, but didn't want to Mention it. He checked about and noticed something hurrying off. Chris followed it and saw a Large Circle with small Coloured Dots inside. Chris hurried over. As he did so, he noticed his Quarry was a Shiny Pikachu, and in the Circle (Which seemed to be some sort of Bubble) was a Shiny Ninetales (2 of them!), a Shiny Kingler, Shiny Suicune and Shiny Latias (OOC: Forgive me if I missed anyone). But as he got closer, it looked like something was Wrong. He bolted to the Shinies as Fast as he could!


September 16th, 2008, 4:03 PM
So, in an effort to get this RP moving, I'm making another character.

Name: Natasha Volkova
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Appearance: Natasha is a tall, curvy sort of woman with long, straight, brown hair that falls down to her shoulders and extremely dark brown eyes, almost to the point of black. She normally wears a two-piece suit made of a material similar in appearance to leather, but much stronger, resilient, and is smooth so that any dirt or oil just slides right off, something that proves very helpful while out in the wilderness. The top part is black and trimmed with red on the edges, long-sleeved, and has two red circles on the sides of the sleeves. Her pants are also black and made of the same material as her shirt, and she normally wears black boots, on the bottom of which is covered with an extremely soft substance that enables her to walk without making almost any sound at all. She will sometimes be wearing a red beret.

Personality: Natasha's life has transformed her from a happy little girl into a cold, deadly woman. She is incapable of feeling happiness, only a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. Another emotion alien to her is love, and she neither wants it nor gives it. What she wants from others is respect. Self-confident, and rightfully so, she treats most other people as beneath her. Extremely patient, Natasha can wait for almost anything while doing nothing, and has trained herself to fall asleep almost on command, as well as sleep very lightly, waking up to the slightest disturbance that might be a threat. Natasha is also pragmatic, and although she does have a somewhat romantic streak, buying things that serve no real purpose other than her liking their appearance, she will ditch those things without a second thought if the situation calls for it.

History: Natasha was born in far north of the Johto region, far from major cities. As a child she lived in a small farm with her mother and father. Her father died of disease when she was only 6, and her mother remarried a terrible husband of a man, who, although appearing charming at first, quickly revealed himself to be extremely mean and abusive, abusing both Natasha and her mother verbally, physically, and sometimes, sexually. But for all his faults, Natasha's stepfather did do something for her: He taught her the art of the hunt and how to use a gun. But eventually, both her mother and new stepfather died of the same disease that had killed her father, the virus laying dormant inside her mother and transmitting it to her stepfather, although for some reason, never infecting Natasha. It was out of pure necessity that Natasha first took up poaching. After a series of what some might call "beginner's luck" catches, she gathered the money the buy some real equipment, and made her mark in the black markets as one of the best poachers around, and certainly the best female one.

Pokemon: Magnezone, Blaziken, Garchomp, Blastoise.

Other: The gun that Natasha normally uses is a custom-made magneticly-accelerated rifle, and can fire virtually any type of ammunition, including, if she runs out of real ammunition, rocks off that ground that fit in the barrel. Natasha has discovered that if one has the proper contacts, live Pokemon can fetch much more than dead ones, and as such usually employs tranquilizers and other non-lethal weapons to capture her prey. Her favorite catches she keeps for herself.

Twilight Wolf
September 20th, 2008, 8:39 AM
Accepted, Lusankya. Sorry I've been neglecting this, but now I cna get back into it a bit.

September 20th, 2008, 7:12 PM
Natasha bent down to examine the gaping hole in the road. Witnesses said they had seen a Latias made it as it ran from a pair of humans, diving down into the sewer.

Those two humans had been poachers, Natasha knew. Rick and James, they're names had been. Overly confident but non too competent, they had a tendency to underestimate their prey.

It was a flaw among many poachers. Humans so often forgot how incredible, how powerful, how intelligent the creatures were that they hunted. But Volkova knew she was above such things. More than anything else, she respected her opponents.

But that didn't make them any more likely to survive.

The Latias had been trailing blood. Others, afterwards, said they had seen two Ninetails and a Suicune come into the city. If so, then there was quite a bit of money to be made here.

Rick and James said they had followed the trail of blood, but it had suddenly stopped, with no trace of the Pokemon in question. Natasha thought it likely the Latias had doubled back on its route, then headed back out from this manhole. It had to. Seeing as how their wings didn't bend, there was no way the Pokemon could have fit through any other manhole. So it had to have come back out of this one. But after that, where would have it gone?

Volkova's attention was drawn to a nearby alley. She walked across the road towards it. In the dumpster was a paper towel soaked with blood. More blood, spilled across the asphalt.

She smiled grimly, knowing she had been right in her assumption that the Latias had come back out the same way it had went it. Now the question was: Where was it now?

The trail of blood went nowhere. A few matted feathers, both golden and white, lay here and there. Of course, she could have grabbed another paper towel. But Natasha didn't think that likely, if the reports of how weak it had looked had any validity to them.

Don't worry about how it moved, she told herself. Think about where it went.

If she was an injured Pokemon with limited range, where would she go?

Floaroma Meadow.

Natasha smiled again. Crossing the street, she entered her SUV parked along the curb. Inserting her keys into the ignition, she started the car and headed out of the city.

Less than an hour later, she was on the edge of Floaroma Forest. Snapping her high-powered rifle onto its holster on her back, she took out the rest of her equipment, placed it on the various belts and pockets attached to her suit, and walked right in.

Within minutes she had reached the Meadow. Rain had started pouring, but she ignored it. Her suit and hat were waterproof anyways. Looking through the scope of her rifle, she examined the meadow.

Bingo. There they were. A Latias, a pair of Ninetails, and a Suicune. But that wasn't it. There was also a Pikachu, a Kingler, and a Chikorita.

Natasha smiled. My, my, it looks like I'll be making the big bucks today.

The Suicune appeared to be generating some sort of bubble that blocked the rain. That was bad, it might block her bullets too. She took out her seeker drones, to keep them handy just in case the Pokemon decided to run. She then loaded her gun with several different rounds. Taking aim at the only Pokemon outside the bubble, she fired a single round of a special bullet she called "Tag".

A tiny puff of smoke appeared against the Chikorita's hide. It made no motion to show that it had felt it. The rain probably drowned out the sensation. Tag, you're it.

She fired a second round, this time, an armor-piercing round, at the ground next to the Suicune's right foot, and waited to see if it would penetrate the bubble. She did not want to kill either of the two Legendaries. They were far more valuable alive. The other ones, on the other hand, did not matter much to her.

Twilight Wolf
September 22nd, 2008, 6:16 PM
There was a strange sound as a bullet began to seep through the bubble. Mid-way, it was caught and stopped. My ears pricked up.

"Stay on guard." I said caustiously. I growled loudly, a sound that easily made it past the bubble. Flash and Silver quickly rushed to my side. I surveyed the flowrs, and I could just barely see a small lock of brown hair.

"There." I said. "Guard Amber."

They are after Amber and I.

"I will not flee, Vanessa, Silver. I will stand and fight." Flash said firmly.

Same here. I will either prevail with the two of you, or die trying." Silver stated. This could even be heard through the bubble.

"6487 manuever." I commanded.

"Right." Flash and Silver together, Flash breaking to the right and Silver to the left.

September 23rd, 2008, 1:18 PM
Human Sign Up: Poacher

Name: Dusty Cloudashian

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearence: Warm brown carmel colored eyes. Jet black-brown hair, with a pink stripe on the bangs. Unlike most poachers, he doesn't have a constantly cold,
atmosphere about him. He is kindly featured, with a warm, loving smile. He had strongly built muscles around his body, but not so much to wear it is obvious at first
notice. He keeps a weapons pouch around his waist. He wears a black, short-sleeved shirt with a picture of a Pachirisu on it. He wears black, skinny jeans, with black and hot
pink checkered shoes.

Personality: Kind and warm hearted. Though he enjoys cathing and selling shiny pokemon, he never truly wants to hurt them. Though he is kind hearted, he is very greedy. He would
do anything to get a quick buck. He hates to lose a catch, and will hunt down the lot victim until it is caught, and he is paid.

History: Dusty was born in Kanto. His father was an old friend of Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. Dusty learned his skills from Giovanni and has been able to make a successful capture
everytime he is assigned. He was taught how to jump over a cliff, run as fast as a Starmie can swim. He is very talented in pokemon training, as well as co-ordinating. He is able to think five steps ahead
in every battle. He knows all of the moves of every pokemon, thus, making him a highly ranked poacher, as well as a trainer. He has been challenged by other poachers, and has won each of them. He refuses himself to
In the last four years, since he was thirteen, he left Kanto, and moved to Sinnoh, and his bounty grew ten times than it was before. He has escaped every enocounter with police, unskathed, and unharmed. He uses smoke
bombs to distract them whil he makes his escape. He does not kill the pokemon himself, instead, he found that people buy higher for a live shiny pokemon. He has made over twenty million dollars by selling these special pokemon,
and has no intention of stopping. His bounty, at the age of seventeen, is now set, and one hundred billion dollars. He is being hunted by every police force, as well as all Pokemon League Officials, including gym leaders, as well
as most members of the Elite Four. The only shiny pokemon he has not sold or killed, is his first ever pokemon, his shiny Pachirisu.

Pokemon(up to six):

Other: no

RP Sample: (Not related to this RP, or pokemon if that's ok)
"We all want something. Money, family, love, luxury, whatever. Some of us want to save the world, save the environment, save an animal, whatever it is, we for some reason want it.
I wanted something, and I got it. I wanted fame. I yerned for it so much that I would do anything to get it. I didn't think I would get to where I am now. I fight. I don't fight in a ring, on the streets,
not even in an honorable fashion. I don't fight crime, I just fight. What do I fight exactly you ask? Cameras, safes, lasers, plexi glass cases, motion sensor devices, and last but definitely not least, security.
If you have yet to figure it out, I'm a thief. An art thief, jewel thief, money thief, you name it, I'll steal it. I'm not your typical thief. I don't point a gun, I dont barge in through windows, I don't shoot at cops,
I don't do it in the open. By the time that I'm out of the targeted area, they don't know what hit them. Just what could be better than that you ask? Well, I'll tell you. The cops have no way to prove that I did it.
They have their conspiracies, their theories, their guesses, and even though they are right about it all, not one has been able to prove any of it. How you ask? Like I said, I make sure I'm not seen when it happens.
I have stolen approximately two hundered billion dollars in total. Millions of people think that I have indeed stolen most of the precious items of the world, the Hope Diamond, the original Mona Lisa, the Declaration of Independence,
and believe it or not, part of the Great Wall of China. All incredibly difficult feats, all very much worth the trouble. I have been given many names, "the not-so-common thief", "the sneak", but my most popular and most labeled name,
My thievory started about two years ago, when I still went by my birth name, Trent, and when I was still, only fifteen years of age. If you can do even the simplest of math, then you would know that I am only seventeen.
Still young, still a minor, and yet, I have outsmarted over three hundred super computers. All simple, it was like working with a pre-schooler's playtime computer.
I have only but a few friends who will sometimes help me on these tasks, mostly only when I need it, but they are incredibly talented in what they do. Spring, my computer's and history expert. Alli, my breaking and entering
wiz. Tabitha, my closest friend, who is also my evading genius. We are masters of disguises and no one has ever made a safe that we can't get into. They haven't yet, and they never will."

Kiba the Wolf

Hope it's ok!

September 23rd, 2008, 2:01 PM
"Hah... This is nice, I'm full, and... Eh?"

Volt's ears perked up at the sight of a... bullet?

What the... it's just stopped... in mid-air! This bubble is really magic...

"Stay on guard," the Suicune ordered. The two Ninetails, Flash and Silver, both appeared beside her in a bodyguard-like fashion.

The Suicune peered at the flowers... and she seemed to have spotted something. "There." she said. "Guard Amber."

Agh! Poachers, here? Oh well. I might as well as fight. If I get cornered, I always have Agility on my side...

"I will not flee, Vanessa, Silver. I will stand and fight." Flash announced.

Okay... at least someone's thinking along the same lines as me.

"Same here. I will either prevail with the two of you, or die trying." Silver responding, as she held herself confidently.

So they both want to protect the Suicune... I wonder why. I guess it wouldn't hurt to help...

Suddenly, the Suicune issued a single order, never taking her eyes off a pile of flowers. "6487 manuever," she whispered.

"Right." Flash and Silver broke apart, closing in on the pile of flowers.

Hm. I assume that's where the poacher(s) are... Okay! Here I go!

Volt decided to use his specialty for this battle. That is, Double Team and Substitute together.

Volt spilt into about ten of himself, and suddenly began dashing away from the flowers.

I'll support them from behind. This poacher won't huet me without a fight!

September 23rd, 2008, 3:53 PM
Amber perked her head on her long neck, looking around, as a strange sound reached her ears. She saw Vanessa's attention had been drawn to a point on the bubble. Something had impacted it, and now ripples were spreading out from the impact point. The ripples faded away. Amber squinted at the thing. It was small and copper. The shape was distorted by the force of impact, but she knew what it was.

Bullet, she thought. And that means poachers. But there was no sound of a gunshot...

"Stay on guard," Vanessa growled, approaching the edge of the bubble. The two Ninetales dashed to her side. Amber couldn't remember which one was which. "There. Guard Amber."

Great, another chance for me to show my uselessness, Amber thought bitterly to herself.

"I will not flee, Vanessa, Silver. I will stand and fight," one of the Ninetales said.

"Same here. I will either prevail with the two of you, or die trying," said the other.

"6487 maneuver," Vanessa ordered.

"Right," the two Ninetales replied, breaking off to the sides of the Suicune.

Volt dashed off to the side, splitting into ten, probably through the use of both a Substitute and Double Team.

And meanwhile, Amber just laid there on the ground in the rain, unable to defeat so much as a Wurmple.

The armor piercing round was stopped by the bubble, Natasha saw through her scope. The Suicune turned at her and growled. The Ninetales were talking too. Interesting...

Magnezone would do well here, especially with the rain soaking everything through. Blaziken, not a chance. He would be of no help here. Garchomp, a maybe, although his Ground type might make him weaker against the Suicune. Blastoise was a yes, he had no disadvantage here. Except maybe that Pikachu, but that little probably wasn't too much of a threat. So Natasha quickly let those three out of their Pokeballs as the other Pokemon charged towards her.

She smiled. This was going to be fun. Shoving a box into her rifle, she quickly sprayed five tranquilizer rounds at the incoming Pokemon. Not waiting to see if they had hit their targets or not, she backed off into the bushes and readied another series of rounds. Her Pokemon were more than capable of fighting by themselves. More than anything else, she looked for intelligence in a Pokemon. Strength could be trained. But true intelligence could not be taught.

Magnezone began to glow with the yellow light of electricity, while her Blastoise trained his cannons on the enemy. "Stun the Suicune if you can," Natasha ordered. "Don't touch the Latias. The others I don't care about." It of course, went without saying that if they really had their lives on the line, then killing, even of the Legendaries, would be preferable.

It was too bad, really, that they decided to fight instead of run. Natasha so enjoyed hunting.

Twilight Wolf
September 23rd, 2008, 5:21 PM
OOC: Accepted, Pink Lopunny.

IC: "5433." I commanded as the tranquilizer darts sped torwards us. The two Ninetales blast Fire Blasts at the darts, melting them.

"9400236!" I called out. This was one of the most demanding and most difficult manuevers we had practiced. Flash and Silver nodded, speeding out of the bubble with Extremespeed.

The two Ninetale's histories were very amusing. They had more Egg Moves than you could count.

"Volt, get the Blastoise. Hit 'em with Volt Tackle, and put your all into it." I ordered. I turned my attention to Flash and Silver's manuever. They were quickly closing in on the three Pokemon. I grinned.

90 Degrees Flash, come on!!

Flash leaped up into the air, and did an impressive flip, blasting a Blast Burn hard at the Magnezone. It was a direct hit. Silver's attack did not go all correctly. I observed carefully as he miscalculated the degrees and flipped at 91 degrees, but he was still able to Blast Burn the Garchomp. It wouldn't do the most damage in the world, but it would help a lot.

"Back!" I yelled. An Agility from each of the Ninetails got them back in the bubble.

"Poacher!" I called out. "You may try to hunt us down, and kill us all, but no matter what, we will not go down without a fight!!!"

September 23rd, 2008, 5:58 PM
Volt stopped a couple of meters away from the poacher.

Hm... The only one who poses a threat to the others is that Blastoise. Maybe a Volt Tackle times ten will knock him down... Hehe...

"5433." The Suicune issued another order to Flash and Silver. The two used Fire Blast at the same time, melting two tranquilizer darts.

"9400236," the Suicune called out again. Flash and Silver nodded, and sped out of the bubble at an amazing speed.

Woah. These two have done a lot of training...

Suddenly, the Suicune noticed Volt, and issued an order to him. "Volt, get the Blastoise. Hit 'em with Volt Tackle, and put your all into it."

Already charging the deadly atack, Volt shrugged. "Alrighty, Commander!"

Volt was near finished with his preparations when he noticed the two Ninetails. The both jumped up, and spun 90 degrees, and used a Blast Burn to a painful effect. Or at least it looked like it.

The two Pokemon whom got hit were pretty much knocked out.

"Back!" The Suicune commanded. The two Ninetails almost teleported back inside the bubble.

"Poacher!" she called out. "You may try to hunt us down, and kill us all, but no matter what, we will not go down without a fight!!!"

This reminded Volt that he needed to attack.

Oops, I forgot. It's only Volt Tackle times nine. But who cares?

Volt began running with his clones, but then dissapeared into thin air.

Hah. Now, I can watch Amber. Let's see that Blastoise run from my tracking!

September 23rd, 2008, 6:11 PM
Blastoise leveled its twin cannons on the bubble and fired off a Hydro Pump at it. Magnezone, badly hurt from the highly effective fire-type move that had been used on it but far from incapacitated, backed off slightly and let out a massive stream of lightning bolts into the Hydro Pump. The current carried down the column of water into the bubble, which was already wet from the rain, and the bubble was suddenly lit with an orange glow as electricity arced around and through it. Arcs of lightning streamed out from the inside of the bubble into the ground, and those inside it had to actively dodge them or get shocked as the electricty jumped to find the shortest route to the ground. The Garchomp, who was only slightly burned from the mostly ineffective fire-type Blast Burn, rammed the bubble with a Dragon Rush at almost the exact spot the Hydro Pump was hitting the bubble (being a somewhat inaccurate move, it didn't hit at the precise spot), then jumped back. The bubble, greatly weakened, looked as though it were ready to pop.

Magnezone couldn't keep up the stream of lightning anymore, add the effort to his previously taken damage, he simply didn't have the strength. He dropped back behind the Blastoise to rest for however long he could.

Amber watched all of this at a distance from her position back in the center of the meadow with fascination. The incredible choreography of attacks and defenses on both sides was stunning. These guys obviously knew how to work as at team.

Inevitably, just about anything in the world would remind her of her painful past. She remembered how she and Jason had worked together so well in the past-

A tiny prick on the back of her neck disturbed her thoughts. The world went black.
During the fighting, Natasha had snuck around the edge of the meadow. Her Pokemon were doing as well as could be expected in a battle against a Legendary, outnumbered and outgunned. They would still probably lose. But if Natasha couldn't have her two-for-one deal, then she'd take the normal one-for-one deal. One Legendary would satisfy her temporarily. So here she was, at the edge of the meadow, looking through her sniper scope at the injured shiny Latias. Pretty little thing, it was. Pretty pathetic, too, injured like that. Maybe she should just put it out of its misery. But no, she could always decide what to do with it later. Firing a single tranquilzer dart, the Latias fell asleep almost instantly. Hitting a stationary target was like shooting fish in a barrel.

The Suicune roared something into the air. Probably showing its defiance to Natasha, and something about not going down with a fight, she guessed. Natasha smiled. If that is what you're saying, then all the better for me...

She looked back towards the battle between Pokemon behind her. They were still doing fairly okay. But she noticed the Pikachu, using multiple Substitution, making a run for Blastoise. If Blastoise took a blow like that, then any hope of earlier victory would vanish altogether.

Emerging from the bush to grab her clear shot, she fired a series of explosive rounds at the Pikachu. Not worrying too much about accuracy, small detonations sounded around the Pikachu, who, although he had escaped unscathed, had to break off his attack to avoid being hit. For a larger Pokemon, the exploding rounds would have meant very little. After all, there was only so much explosive you could pack into a bullet. But for a creature the size of a Pikachu, it would mean a world of hurt.

Although now, Natasha was standing out in the open. She didn't like that. A sniper at heart, she liked being away from the front lines, and now they could very easily come to her.

The whirling of blades sounded overhead. She turned around. A beacon of light shown through the darkness, and the silhoutte of a helicopter showed against the black clouds.

No! Natasha thought visciously. They were either poachers or wildlife protection. And either way, it meant bad news for her.

(OOC: Not that you have to or anything, but I'm really hoping you'll take Amber and run. But if you don't, I have a back-up plan anyways.)

September 24th, 2008, 4:46 AM
OOC: Hmph! I would have replied sooner if I hadn't had a Major Cold and Cough. The only reason I'm here in School is because [my] Parents insisted I came for the Rest of the Week! I've still got the Cough and Cold. But enough of that...

IC: While the others were Battling, the only Pokémon, apart from the Latias that hadn't entered the Fray was Chris. He didn't know whether to work with them or not. He'd worked with Shiny Pokémon that didn't give their Name, only to find out it was working for a Poacher, and had found himself 10 Minutes Later Unconscious in the Grass. Meanwhile, he'd felt a slight Tickle on the Side of him but thought of it as a Raindrop. Chris watched all the Pokémon at War...Until a Salvo of Explosions by the Pikachu whom he had followed went off. Surprised, Chris ducked for Cover inside the Large Bubble where the Latias was. As Chris turned to the Latias, ready to ask who they all were, he Noticed the Latias was asleep. Judging by the Large Wound, Chris was not Surprised.
"Poor thing," Chris told himself Quietly, "Of course it'd need to Sleep to get over that Nasty Gash!".
If Chris had checked the Latias more closely, it would have Noticed the Tranquilizer Round in its Neck. While all the Chaos reigned, Chris checked his Options: 'Assist the Shinies' or 'Play it Safe and Walk away'...


September 24th, 2008, 7:14 PM
"I'll offer you two million to catch that pokemon." said the shady man with a dark brown trenchcoat. It was raining, the sun was hidden, the wind blowing, and the air was cold.

"Sorry pal," Dusty began "You need to offer more for something THAT rare." he finished greedily. "I didn't get such a large bounty by being chep, if you want that pokemon right there, it's going to cost you about ten mil."

"What!? Ten million dollars!? Do you take me for an idiot!?" the dealer asked angrily.

"Well for you to come to someone who is half of your age, yes. Yes I do." he said mockingly.

The man growled a low grunt, pull out his briefcase, and paid Dusty his money.

"I'll have it to you in the next three days. It shouldn't be too difficult to get my hands on this here shiny Metagross. If you don't mind me asking, what do you plan to do with it?" Dusty asked out of pure curiousity. But before he could getan answer, the man had left. No trace of him anywhere.

"Ok Gardevoir, I guess it's time to go." he turned, and the both of them Teleported to where the shiny Metagross was last seen.

He reached their destination, Mt. Coronet. Dusty looked up at it's peak, admiring it's size and glory. He saw an opening leading into a cave, and went inside. He searched for hours. He looked under every knook and crany looking for a silver and gold Metagross.

Finally, after what seemed like endless searching, he found the pokemon he was looking. The Metagross spotted him, and fled. He chased after it. His own shiny, the only one he wont turn in, his Pachirisu, ran by his side after Metagross.

"Pachirisu, use Thunderwave!" commanded Dusty. Pachirisu responded with a positive result. The Metagross was left stunned, and could not move. Dusty took out a Masterball. "Your mine now, you little gold mine."

He threw the ball, and nabbed his goal. He returned to the city where he and his client met the first time, exchanged the pokemon for the rest of his pay, and headed home, back in Eterna Forest.

Twilight Wolf
September 27th, 2008, 3:46 AM
"Teleport us out of here." I said. We combined our psychic power, and teleported elsewhere. I found that we were in Sandgem Town. Even better, we were right in front of the door to Rowan's lab. Somehow, it got even better, as Rowan walked out of the door.

Please notice us and help Amber. Please notice up and help Amber.

"Oh my!" the professor cried. H ecalled out one of his assistants and whispered in his ear. Flash, Silver, and I pricked up our ears.

"... the Pokemon Center, and fetch Chansey and Blissey. Tell Nurse Joy not to capture them, though. Let them live free." he said. The assistant nodded, and ran to the Pokemon Center. A second or so later, he rushed back out, a Chansey and Blissey right behind him. Nurse Joy also came out.

"Blissey! Chansey! Try to use Heal Bell on all of them, but put most of it on the Latias." she said. The two Pokemon began to glow, and healed all of us. I felt rejuvenated, and looked over at Amber.

She was healed.

OOC: An easy fix to her injuries, I believe. XD

Metal Sonic
September 27th, 2008, 8:43 AM
Hey there Vanessa. Remember me? Heheh, I would certainly hope so. *looks for an opening to sign up* Reserve me for the moment

September 27th, 2008, 11:30 AM
Volt kept a careful eye on the poacher as his clones rushed towards the Blastoise.

Hmph. I don't think a Pokemon of that size will be easy to miss.

Turning away, Volt heard a series of explosions. His clones swerved to avoid the shots, but had to cancel the attack.

Agh! I didn't expect the poacher to interfere... Then again, they don't play fair.

Suddenly, Volt fell down. "Ow... I must have used too much energy to control the Substitutions..."

He turned to look at the Suicune. At that moment, she mumbled, "Teleport us out of here."

This certainly did happen.

They reappeared in some kind of village. Volt sighed.

A village? That means... humans. Oh crap.

"Oh my!" a nearby man wearing a lab coat exclaimed. He called out one of his assistants and whispered in his ear.

"... the Pokemon Center, and fetch Chansey and Blissey. Tell Nurse Joy not to capture them, though. Let them live free." he said. The assistant nodded, and ran to a odd building. A second or so later, he rushed back out, a Chansey and Blissey right behind him.

"Blissey! Chansey! Try to use Heal Bell on all of them, but put most of it on the Latias."

Volt suddenly felt energy surge through his body. Suddenly awake, Volt jumped onto his paws, ready for action.

September 27th, 2008, 3:47 PM
The Suicune roared, and in a flash, both Legendaries and the rest of the Shines had teleported away.

Natasha swore, loudly and vehemently. Should've netted that Latias when I had the chance...

She glanced up at the helicopter. There were guns waving out the side door. Competition, she thought. Well too bad, there's nothing here for them anymore.

"Return, you three," she commanded, sending out three Pokeballs and recalling her Pokemon. A Pokemon Center would fix them up in a jiffy. In the meantime...

Her frustration needed a target. And the most convenient target around?

She loaded several more explosive rounds into her rifle and started blasting the helicopter with them. Natasha watched as pieces of the helicopter fell down, the rotors desynced, and the helicopter twirled to Earth, landing with a satisfying crunch. A small fire erupted, but it was quickly put out by the rain.

Smiling, Natasha headed back to her car. She would find those Legendaries again someday. Oh yes...

Amber woke up lying on the hard pavement. Where was she? She felt... better than she had in eons. Amber rolled over onto her side from her stomach and curled her neck down to glance at her body. The gaping bullet wound was gone. How?

She metaphorically (since the wings of a Latias can't actually bend) stretched her wings, and pulled herself into the air. She was strong enough to fly again!

She scanned the area with her two large eyes. They were in a town, in front of a Pokemon Center. A pink-haired human in white clothing- she believed them to be called "Nurse Joys"- and a Chansey were standing nearby. That would explain it. Also there were Volt, Vanessa and the two Ninetales.

Amber cheerfully chirped her thanks to Vanessa, then said to the Nurse through her psychic powers, "Thanks!".

September 30th, 2008, 4:53 AM
Just as Chris had decided his Option: "Assist the Shinies" and started to Proceed forward, a Bright Flash came out of nowhere and Swallowed Chris whole! He had no idea what was going on and doubted he would by the end. For now, he was losing his Consciousness, slowly, like it was being sapped by a Leech Seed...

When he came to, he looked around. He knew that he was well away from the Meadows and that Poacher. Why? Because he'd found himself in an Alleyway between 2 Buildings. And an Alleyway between 2 Buildings meant he was in Town. But which one? Chris couldn't figure it out. Then a Shout came from overhead: "Oh my!".

Chris carefully and Cautiously creapt to the edge of the Alley and peeked around the Corner. There they all were: Each of the Shinies from the Pikachu right up the the Latias and all in between. There was also an Old Man with someone else in a Lab Coat. The Old Man whispered something to the other Person. Something that was Inaudible to Chris. A Minute or 2 Later, a Woman came running with a Chansey and Blissey. The Woman commanded her Pokémon to use Heal Bell (Mainly on the Latias) and so they did. Chris felt a slightly Warming experience pass through him. He felt Stronger, more Better than he had 5 Minutes ago (Or however Long before he was Knocked Out). The Latias was awake again and all the others were looking fine.

Chris thought that it was time to officially Reveal himself. Mustering up some Momentum, he stepped out of the Alley Entrance and Proceeded towards the Shiny Pokémon. One of the Ninetales noticed and turned towards Chris. Chris stopped for a Moment, half worried about what it was going to do.
'But you've come this far!' Chris thought to himself, 'Keep going'. With that small Voice in his head, Chris Cautiously stepped forward.


Twilight Wolf
October 3rd, 2008, 2:23 PM
OOC: Strike one, Marksman. You bunnied. Will edit later.

October 6th, 2008, 2:14 AM
OOC: Bunnied? What do you mean? May include RP Extract if Necessary.

Edited at 13:45: Huh...In the 2 RPs that I've been in (Including this one), I wasn't informed of...Bunnying. Well, at least I now know what it is. Something you want to avoid. Also, Firstly, I've dealt with that so these posts might as well be deleted. Second, what's wrong? What's holding you back from the Role-Play?


Twilight Wolf
October 10th, 2008, 9:10 PM
The Ninetales stepped towards Chris (The other Shinies took notice of this and turned in the Ninetales's Direction) and asked: "Who are you? Identify yourself, please!".


OOC: Bunnying right there. Bunnying is controlling someone elses character without permission. I can't keep up with PC you guys. I'm sorry.

December 6th, 2008, 7:38 AM
Is it too late for admission? Please tell me.

Name: Henrietta
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Species: Cherubi
Henrietta is a special shiny. Instead of being the normal shiny ones, with orange skin and lighter-coloured leaves, her body is blue, like a blueberry, and she has black leaves on her head. When she is in Overcast Form, she is peach-coloured.
Because of her strange colour, different from other Cherubis, being it shiny or not, she is always left out. The abandonment from her own species cause her to become quiet and docile.
History: (There is very little violence and PG stuff, please bear with me.)
She was a fairly normal Cherubi at first. Though still shiny, she was a normal one, with orange skin and a light-coloured leaf on her. She gets along well with other Cherubi, particularly a Cherubi named Isabella, also a shiny.
One day, Isabella and Henrietta were playing hide-and-seek in Eterna Forest, when suddenly, a claw took the two of them. It was a poacher, controlling a Kingler mecha.
Henrietta used SolarBeam at the mecha, causing it to explode. However, the explosion caused a chemical change in Henrietta. She turned blue, and her leaves turned pitch black. She was overwhelmed with power, but it disappeared after a while. She was smeared with blood. The poacher escaped.
However, Isabella was nowhere to be found. Henrietta looked around frantically. She saw a shimmer, but only saw a torn leaf and a shiny Cherubi with no leaf on its head. Henrietta screamed in sorrow. Isabella was dead.
When she went back to the group, the others saw her drastic change and mocked at her appearance. Henrietta was abandoned by her friends.
Shiny or Normal: Shiny
Other: Henrietta has a strange power dominating her, deep down in her body. (Like Naruto's Kyuubi.) Once she is in deep danger, the power protects her, causing her to be dangerous and "loved" by poachers.
RP Sample: (I'll post one later, my mom is trying to get me off the computer.)

December 18th, 2008, 3:13 AM
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