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August 11th, 2008, 9:32 PM
Name: Pokemon: Legend of Kuromi Island


Plot: Humans and pokemon have learned to co-exist happily.. Except for Team Rocket which uses Pokemon as tools instead of treating them like companions.Team rocket used them as secret projects.. To try and find a way to mutate human DNA so that they can create the ultimate weapon.. This was called.. Project PokeMorph..Although many rocket admins tried their best to find a way to successfully mutate legendary pokemon DNA into humans they never could..So the project was put on hold for several years.. Time passed and Project pokemorphs file slipted to the back of the team rocket files.... Long forgotten.. The attempts and deaths of humans and pokemon alike were forgotten... And hopefully the torturous plans would STAY forgotten... And for a long period of time they did..Due to Team Rocket breaking up thanks to one hero..But a new threat was rising...A new Team Rocket.. A much more THREATENING team rocket..because these Team Rocket members were made of violent crimnials that had escaped from a maximum security prison..They were the worst of the worst..The baddest of the bad.Outcasts from society.. Ahem..Anyway this new reforming team rocket still had the various plans that the team rocket before them.. And..Well...Project PokeMorph..was rediscovered..All of its research and data..all of the documents..Even the DNA samples were in that file..That project was created 50 years ago..when Team Rocket didn't have the resources nor the knowledge to perform such a dangerous project..Now they did..

Well as soon as the plan was rediscovered the new team rocket which we will dub Team Dark for now.. Began working on the project..Kidnapping young children and pokemon to try out their new project.. We won't go into the details of what happened to the children and pokemon..Well Anyway... This time.. Project pokemorph...Was a success.. Several of the "projects" survived.The projects were young children who had been taken from their home and mutated with legendary pokemon DNA. The children were now half-human..Half-pokemon.. Only those that have been heard in legends. Every since the dawn of time these legends spoke of half-human half-pokemon people or creatures..they would look like ordinary humans..except they would have various marking or distinctions that made them resemble the pokemon that they had been infused in..usually these markings consited of "birth marks.." Eye colors, hair colors, and sometimes a variation of skin tone.But even more interesrting that these "Pokemorphs" could use their abillities to their will, on occasion though..When they are angry or sad..They would loose control of their power..and go on destructious rampages.. They only snapping out of this state by coing to their senses themself..or love from a friend..In which it would snap the pokemorph out of this "state" but it would leave the poor girl/boy in an exhausted/fatigued state afterwards. In the most worst case scenerio..they would be..dead.

In other news..

Proffeser Oak has disappeared and hasn't been seen for several weeks..People question if this is some type of scandal. Rumours say Team Dark captured him because he was the only one who knew about the PokeMorph gene, and how to demutate any human/pokemon dna.. But its rumour..it was never confirmed..And after so long Proffeser Oak..was presumed..dead. The searches stopped and his family weeped,and Gary Oak took over his lab work..Discovering all about the PokeMorph secret.And after this many death threats were made against him. The 4 regions... Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh... Were in mass hysteria.. Everything was in chaos.. Although..

There was one place that was at peace... Kuromi Island.. Which interestingly was at the exact place where all 4 regions intersected..But it is said that anyone who goes there..disappers..Some says the island is cursed.. Some say that a monster dwells there.. Or.. Maybe even.. A type of Wish granting power.. However.. The only way to get their is to gather the crystal shards..That has been guarded by various legendarys throughout time.. Few people have accomplished this task..And each of those people has turned up..Dead. Kuromi Island is said to be an untouched vastland of wildlife..Anything can thrive there..And appearently in the very middle of the island..is a spring..It is said that on the night of a Lunar Eclipse if you have the Crystal shards and drink the water from Kuromi Island that anything you wish for shall come true.Sounds to good to be true right? Well another thing comes along with collecting the crystal shards.. The crystal shards are infused with Pokemon DNA too... (So if they were to find a crystal infused with dragon pokemon dna it would be called the dragon crystal.) These crystals..react to pokemon of the same type..multiplying its power...by 10 times..no 100 times... But only if it is retrieved by a pokemon or.. maybe a PokeHuman.. They would react and triple the weilders power enourmesly.. This can be a good thing or a bad thing.. If the crystak is retrieved by the pure of heart and they have good intentions with the crystal..The crystal would grant peace..and turn a snow white..But if retrieved by an inpure heart.. The crystal would turn a sickly black and cause chaos.. .So legendarys guard these crystals with their lives... Oh scratch that..USED to.. All the legendarys have disappeared from their homes..And are no longer to be found..


You wake up..In a glass tube..Filled with a strange liquid and oxygen forced down your throat and int your lungs.. You've got no memory of what happened.. You have no memory at all..You have no name.. your arm has been branded with a random number.. You along with other children/teenagers.. Are in glass tubes..not knowing how lnog you've been in such a deep slumber.. but to your surprise..You..Have..Pokemon Features?!!!! You begin to struggles with your containment unit.. Trying to kick it and break free..And finally with your effort you manage to escape.. Along with several other PokeMorphs..Your goal namely your want..is to rediscover your memory and figure out WHO you are..You don't even have a name!!! Your memory is a blank slate..Nothing..but as you manage to escape the lab you find yourself..Alone..in the woods. Scared and not even knowing where or who you are you wander blankly around the woods..Trying to find some hint..

As you wander you see carving on trees..Depicting some type of legend..And as the legend states..

"Dear child..Your memory has been lost?
Thats a shame.. if you were to find
the crystals of power then maybe
you could keep your troubles at bay..
The pure of heart shall save us..
The dark heart shall cause destroy us..
But don't fret..
The darkening of the moon shall be the time..
When all your dreams shall be granted..
To destroy or create..
That is the crystals power..
But be wary..
Any who try to take the crystals..
Without great thought..
Shall suffer upon what they sot..
Are you brave enough?
To try this task..
Withought making a mask of fear.
If so..
Then go to starting point of Johto.
And then..We shall meet again."

A strange legend no? Well..if ou want your memory back then find a way to "the starting point of Johto." But wait..whats this? Your pokemon feautures..they resemble..that of a legendary..How can you go to the start without being seen? Well.. Try your best and figure something out.. Before its to late. Before you loose control of you conscious and your sanity.. And try to find the crystal shards...and find a way to Kuromi island..


Okay now that were done with the plotline we can focus on some other things..Rules and regulations.And other stuffs.

Okay first off.

-This rp wil take place in Johto for the most part..and after we get through the storyline we shall move over to Kuromi island.


-Don;t just say "Oh my gosh a crystal shard." No..i wil lcontrol when we fidn a crystal shard and the events that will happen afterward.

Now extra info

-The tin towers are shut off from vistors..Rumour has it that their is something "important." there.

-Lake of Rage has been shut off from vistors as well due to pollution there.

-Cinawood city is only accesible by boat now due to rough waters.


-No flaming me if you get don't accepted. I do not tolerate anything like that.. Its nor like nor neccesary. If your going to flame me, I won't tolerate it. If you try and argue with me about it I will make sure the fight ends with the first post.. I gurantee that.

-Don't flame or spam the thread if you don't get accepted..Again I won't tolerate it.

-No GodModding another persons character if the owner of that character didn't authorize it.If its a minor goof-up and you didn't read the post right thats okay but make sure to edit your post to fix that.

-This role-play does allow legendaries and I won't be to harsh on the sign-up but I don't want the sign-up to jsut be lazy and then you think your going to get a legendary. That won't be tolerated.

-You can be a reguler pokemon if you wish thats fine with me.

-If you don't post by the 4 line rule..your automatically kicked out..I don't tolerate people who post less then 4 lines because then they obviously didn't read the rules.

-Don't be flat about a post! Cause soem excitement or drama! It makes it fun for you and possibly other Role-players to respond to. (I personally like responding to rather dramatic posts.)

-If your going to be away for a long period of time then make sure to let me know.

-Have fun with it ;D

-Any storyline changes go through me first.. If I don't like it.. Its not going through..plain and simple.

-PM if you've lost interest or if you have reasons you can't be in it.

- I do allow a bit of lovey dovey stuff to go on between characters, so if you want your character fall in love thats okay.

-Only minor swearing please? Kay, Kay thanks.


Number: (This is the number that has been branded on your characters body.)

Name: (This is the name your character has given themselves, because they have lost their memory.)

Personality: (crucial to ever rp sign-up)

Pokemon features:( what your characters features are.. this will be based on what pokemon you have been infused with.)

Pokemon you have been infused with:(Legendarys are acceptable in this role-play. Except Arceus..for obvious reasons. No one can retrieve arceuses dna..If you want arceus's dna your gonna have one hell of a sign-up.

Clothing: (details discription please!!)

Powers: (What your characters powers have.. Don't make them to outrageous please.I don't mind a bit of fantasy.. I.E. if you were a vaporeon you gain fins and a tail in water.. Thats fine with me but.. This is what I will not accept.. If your character was infused with a flying type..That doesn't mean you can literally fly!I don't mind short leaps of being able to fly in the air. But being able to fly non-stop is no... Ih and no walknig on water and anythig of that sort..keep your powers within what your characters been infused with.. Kay thanks.)

Rp Sample: (This is crucial to get accepted because the sign-up sheet isn't very long... You must give me an rp sample.)

Extra: (Anything extra you want to add to your character.)

Sign-ups in the ooc thread please :) Which can be found Here (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=3851378#post3851378)

Umbreon-Umbreongirl (Reserved)
Raichu-(Akira)Rubii Naruto

August 12th, 2008, 4:04 AM
Reservespotplx?! I think you already knew I wanted one, though. Lol. Oh, and would it be possible for me to be a normal Pokemorph? I want.. Guess who.. Bidoof, duhplx. ;P Srsly, I want Umbreon instead. <3

Zeta Sukuna
August 12th, 2008, 7:56 PM
Hey, is it okay if you reserve Raichu(If it has to be legend, then Zapdos) for me? Oh and do you have to be good through the whole thing, or can you be temporarily evil?

August 13th, 2008, 8:49 PM
ooc:Alright lets get this party started! I shall start after my girl was kidnapped but not a PokeMorph yet. (Hopefully PC will stay working long enough for me to post ^-^;.. It usually acts up on me now-a-days its really annoying >.>)

a young girls..eyes slowly fluttered open."Unn where am I.." the frightened quickly looked around..barly able to move due to the oxygen being forced down into her lungs. Shuri looked around through what was visible from her "containment chamber." As her dark blue eyes shifted around the room she saw others in tubes in the same semi-coma state as she was.

"So the projects are a success?" A voice called out..It appeared to be a man..With a large...R.. No it was D.. Definetly a D.

"Yes all the future PokeMorphs are stabalized, Sir." Another voice called out.

"Any luck finding the...." The mans voiced faded as Shuri slipped into a state of unconsciousness once again. the girls boddy trembled a little bit. Because before she faded out of consciousness she saw her body being taken out of the glass containment unit.
"Where am I?" the girl mumbled. She walked into the pure darkness. It was very eery..Almost ghostly. The young girl merely looked around..alone and frightened. Before knew it she was hit with extreme pain. She screamed in pain. "AAAAIIIIIIIIII" She shrieked and before she knew it she was on thr ground screaming..Everything was spinning,before her.

"W-whats happening?!" The girl stuttered in pain. She hugged her chest..it was on fire.As she sat there hugging her chest in pain.. It was becoming evident that something was happening outside of her.

"I don't wanna die.." The grl mumbled..As a thick fog covered the room, and loud roaring could be vaguely heard.

"A-A Pokemon....?" the girl stuttered tears rolling down her eyes.

The pokemon looked rather eery...thick fog covered its details.. It revealed only a large sillhoutte of a wormlike pokemon with bat wings and deep red eyes. Her hand reached out to the silhoutte..And after that nothing..
"Unnngh.." The girls eyes fluttered open once more.. Her eyes were now a deep red..and she had bat wings..the girl also looked seemingly paler, and older. She was about by the looks of it 3 years older..which made her about 15 maybe 16.

Her eyes glowing a deep red scanned the room.. She squirmed as the oxygen tank forced air down her throat. As she squirmed her feet began cracking the glass..And after a few attempts the weak glass broke and whatever force was holding the girl up broke and she fell to the ground..and the oxygen was released from her throat.. The girl began coughing and taking in breathes for fresh air.

"Ouchies..." The girl whined as she tryed regaining her balance. As she walked around she saw other people in tanks as well except they were all fast asleep. As she looked around an alarm went off and she paniced and began running. The rooms were flashing red and the girl paniced and surprisngly went straight through the wall.

She gasped and looked at herself..Her pale skin which looked quite faded had just saved her." I can..walk through walls????" the girl asked herself as she looked around the lab eagerly.

"Lets see.. Whats my name..My name...Wait I can't remeber my name.." The girl looked over at arm..It was branded.. "51104... Is that my name..?..No no no! That won't do at all! Lets see.." The girl looked around the room and looknig for various names.. One name caught her eye though.. it said "Shuri."

"Sh..u..ri.. Shuri! That will be my name.. Shuri i like it!" The newly named "Shuri." She looked around once more and her body faded once more and she fell through another wall.

"Owie.." Shuri giggled a little bit as she ran through the walls and finally emerging from the building and into the Ilex forest. Light shand through and she began burning, her skin was turning a bright red. "OWIE! ow ow ow hooooootttt!" Shyri yelped and ran into the darkened shade.

As she backed against the tree she noticed a rather odd carving.

"Dear child..Your memory has been lost?
Thats a shame.. if you were to find
the crystals of power then maybe
you could keep your troubles at bay..
The pure of heart shall save us..
The dark heart shall cause destroy us..
But don't fret..
The darkening of the moon shall be the time..
When all your dreams shall be granted..
To destroy or create..
That is the crystals power..
But be wary..
Any who try to take the crystals..
Without great thought..
Shall suffer upon what they sot..
Are you brave enough?
To try this task..
Withought making a mask of fear.
If so..
Then go to starting point of Johto.
And then..We shall meet again."

Shuri began reading he legend aloud."The start of Johto..which would be uhm..uhm..NewBark Town..?" Shuri mumbled. "But I guess I'm not going anywhere till the sun goes down..." Shuri mumbled sitting in the darkened shade. As she looked around the Ilex forest she noticed a little caterpie crawlong on to her.

"Why hello there! Are you lost too?" Shuri giggled petting it eagerly.

"Catttterpiiie!" The little worm pokemon laughed with her and crawled up her arm.

Shuri smiled and gave the caterpie a pat on the head while looking at the forests beauty. "I wonder..how long was out.." Shuri mumbled.

August 13th, 2008, 11:43 PM
sigh reserve a spot please don't wanna be to late just a regular gallade

August 14th, 2008, 3:44 AM
The sound of crunching leaves echoed throughout the forrest, as the young man ran for his life closely followed by men - these men all bearing a large D on the center of their uniforms, gun in their hands. Occassionally, there would be the sound of snapping - the sound coming from the many tranquilizers being fired at the boy. Just then, the boy gained sight of a clearing and he knew that if he reached it he'd be able to get awy - but fate did not let this happen, the boy being hit in the neck and crumpling to the ground into an unnatural sleep.

Awaking sometime later in a tube, the boy looked around confused and bewildered - not knowing where he was, and his memory was slowly fading as well. A voice began talking from somewhere that the boy could not locate, the last thing he heard being:

"Any luck finding the...." the voice belonging to a man, but he hadn't heard the rest - sleep suddenly being the only option his body seemed to have.


His eyes snapped open, the boy realizing that he was no longer in the tube - a small darkened room appeared to be his new home. Glancing around, he could not seem to adjust his eyes to the dark enough to be able to see - now finding the courage to speak, he figured he should ask some questions.

"Hello? Is anyone there? Where am I? Who am I? Can someone -"

The boys words were cut off by a piercing scream, a scream that could only have come from a pokemon - and by the sound of the yell it was a very large pokemon. Searing pain suddenly started surging through the boys body as he crumpled to the floor, the overpowering feeling of water began to fill his mind - it was as if he was drowning in a waterless room, but slowly the drowning feeling began to disappear and it became much easiar to breathe.

Eyes opening one last time, the boy peered into the distance to see a large white pokemon with wings - the look of pain filling its eyes as it slowly fell unconcious. Shortly after, the boy drifted into yet another sleep along the pokemon.


The sound of smashing glass caused the boy to wake up, as he began looking around to find the source of the noise. For a quick second, he could have swore he saw a human with pokemon attributes - but before he could figure out for sure, the "person" had vanished through the floor. It was then that the boy caught his reflection off the glass in front of him, total and utter shock filled up his body - the boy only remembering what his appearance was before, and the eyes and body looking back at him were not his. White hair, bright baby blue eyes and he felt something on his back - gils perhaps, seeing as he was able to breathe underwater after knocking his mask off in the jerking motion he awoke.

Anger began surging through him though, wanting to know who did this to him and why they had done so - the rage boiling over as energy began building up in his body, a very large attack (hyper beam) being launched from his mouth - the glass tube that had been incasing him smashing everywhere. Falling to the ground, the boy rested for a second before standing up and walking around to find some clothes - coming across a duffle bag, he picked through the clothes till he found an outfit he found suitable: A plain white t-shirt, a red hoodie that said lifeguard across the chest written in white with a matching cross, some dark sweat pants and black sneakers. Walking a little further in the small room, he came across a black jacket and he threw that on aswell - figured it would be better to have more layers to not need than want.

Rushing footsteps suddenly caught the boys attention as he spun around, the room became filled with two men in white lab coats and four men with the large D's on his chest - a memory of him running through the forrest being attacked by men with large D's flashed through his mind. Again his anger began to rise, the boy this time pointing his hand at all six of the men who had entered the room - a purple aura surrounding them as they were levitated into the air, shortly followed by them being forced backwards into the wall with a slamming sound. His anger began to lower and the boys mind took over, well actually his feet did, as he took off running. Sometime later, after trying multiple doors to reach freedom, the boy burst into the outside world - the blinding light of the sun caused him to cover his eyes, but a few seconds later his vision adjusted.

Glancing around, the boys sight rested upon a tree - but it wasn't the tree that was fascinating to him, it was actually the "person" that was sitting under it in the shade with a Caterpie climbing on its body. Whatever it was, it appeared to have red eyes and possibly wings on its back - a look of paleness flowing throughout her skin. Wanting to make sure the rest of the area was safe, the boy looked around and then came across the sign that had an arrow pointing to the right and it read: Artemis Istaki's Legendary Studies Wing. The sudden realization that he did not know his name, the boy felt Artemis would be a good fit for him and decided to take it. Returning his attention to the "person" sitting under the tree, Artemis called out. His eyes again looked this pale ghostly creature up and down, his eyes darting between it and the carvings on the tree that he just noticed.

"Excuse me, but who and what are you? And what the heck are those carvings?"

August 14th, 2008, 7:46 AM
Pain. Suffering. A boy awoke from a troubled sleep to see a blinding light above him. He closed his eyes tightly to feel another shot of pain course through his body. His eyes quickly opened and he saw a blue silhouette near him. He attempted to make it out but his body convulsed as the experiment continued. He saw seven yellow dots flash but couldn’t remember where he saw them before. His eyes began to feel heavy, the pain too much for his body to handle. It was as if death was beginning to fill his veins and muscles. The boy would have rather death to take him. But it wouldn’t happen. He was planned for something. Something…


The boy began to regain consciousness as he heard glass shatter. It was the tank next to him. A figure then disappeared from the room. He looked forward to see a flashing red light. He felt cold as he looked around the room; the tanks that surrounded him were full of half-living humans. He felt a yearning to escape but his energy was gone. “What happened to me?” he asked himself. As he pondered the question he glanced at the glass again to see his reflection. “My hair…it’s blue…and spiky,” he said to himself in shock.

No memory what so ever was present, not even his name. At that, an explosion sounded off to the right of him and heard more glass breaking. He looked to see one of the humans had escaped but what was that power. A door opened across from him and he saw six humans. Some wore lab coats, the others, black uniforms. His memory flashed, he had seen them before.

“Professor, what do we do?” one of the uniformed men asked.

“First, chill out, and then…” he was cut short, the human had his hand out and a purple energy lifted the men up and threw them against the wall. They laid their motionless as the boy who attacked them escaped. He went back to the short-lived conversation, chill, I like it. He then tried to muster up energy, when an outburst of anger began to flow through him. His chest began to tremble and a yellow ball of energy began to form. Electricity flowed through the sphere of energy and he shot it at the tank. It easily broke the glass and he jumped from the tank but was yanked back. He landed against the back of the tank with a thud. The tubes that fed him oxygen were still attached to him. He flung them off and they began to freeze over.

“Whoa,” he shouted.

He didn’t know how or what, but he now had powers as well. He went through the door that the other boy had run to. He just followed the opened doors and reached freedom, the outside. He looked around to see two humans, the boy from earlier and a girl sitting under a tree, with a Caterpie on her shoulder.

“Hey, you two, who are you?” he asked coldly. Even though his memory had vanished, his personality was still there.

Zeta Sukuna
August 15th, 2008, 4:41 PM
Pain, that is all 71258 felt as his eyes opened inside the tank. The experiment saw a few people watching his reaction. "Subject is now waking up, prepare specimen for experimentation." Said one of the people, but 71258 was glaring at the humans who dared to capture him.

"AAAHHH!!" Yelled the Raichu morph before shattering the tank. Suddenly alarms started blaring, and seven humans came in, each holding a tranquilizer, but 71258 sent off electricity, shocking the humans for instant death. 71258 looked at the scientist humans with a glare before saying. "Heheheh, I...am...now...GOD!" The scientists all started running away, but were all struck down by lightning, and one guy even bled a little. "Hahahahaha! Spill your blood for me... spill it for your new god!" After saying those words, he ran off into the building.

"All units report! Subject 71258 is out of control and is loose in this building!" Yelled a guard who was injured badly. "All monitering the specimins are dead." And then he fell down dead as well.


71258 stared down the humans with dart guns. "Wait until our target makes his move." Said the appearant leader of the group.

"Hehehehahaha HAHAHAH!" Laughed 71258 causing the soldiers to back up. "All shall feel God's judgement! Thunder!" And with those words, the troops started firing the darts before being incinerated, all except for one.

"Heh, looks like you're too powerful to control. You weren't like this when we brought you in. But it's too late to stop us now, I am the last one here." Said the captain before falling unconscious.

"Heh, well it looks like taking over the world will be a piece of cake." Said the experiment before leaping out of the window, but just as he landed, he fell asleep from the tranquilizer darts in his person.

Welcome to


Pokemon: Legend of Kuromi Island

Chapter 1: The Boy with no Memories

Seven hours after the whole lab incident...

"Urgh, where...am I?" Asked the boy as he got up and looked around. "Wait, I think I hear voices." And the boy did hear a couple of voices. Being a little curious at who was coming, the boy went over to the trees and looked over to see two boys with a lot of money, and a manga book.

"Hey, can you believe we actually were able to pull it off? We were almost caught." Asked the first boy, but the second one slapped his head.

"We were almost caught you imbicile thanks to your manga obsession. What is it now, Naruto?" Asked the second boy, but the first boy seemed insulted.

"No, for your information this is a series known as Dragon Ball, I never read it but it is said to be good." Said the first boy. The second boy turned around and saw the boy from earlier.

"Wh- what the heck is that?" Yelled the second boy before falling on the ground. The first boy looked at the amnesiac boy and gasped.

"Dude, what are you?" Asked the first boy, but before anyone else spoke, the manga loving boy was knocked into a tree. And in seconds, the manga lover was naked as the attacker was now wearing his clothes. The second boy gasped before running away, leaving the amnesiac there alone. But in moments, the amnesiac looked at the book before reading the name.

"Akira Toriyama... I like it, I guess since I don't know my real name I'll christen myself Akira, now to find someone else." Said the boy now named Akira as he headed southwards. After an hour of walking, Akira went through a small building before walking into a deeper forest, he was now in...

Ilex Forest...

"Hmph, maybe I should go the other way." Said Akira, but with his hearing, he heard a small conversation going on. "Hm? Maybe I can get some answers." And faster then any human, Akira ran towards the voice he heard... in a minute he stopped running and looked into the clearing, there were three people there... all looking different then the two boys he saw earlier, so wanting to meet the strange new people, he went into the clearing.

"Hello, my name is Akira." Said Akira before leaning on a tree. "Does anyone know where we are?"

(ooc: That's it, hope you liked Akira and his alter ego Enel.)

August 15th, 2008, 7:01 PM
Shuri giggled happily as the caterpie crawled up and down her arm. As she giggled happily her pure red eyes shifted and her batlike wings twitched mildly.

"Who's there!!" Shuri said rather harshly As her pure red eyes scanned the area she saw a boy who was walking over to her..He had pokemon features like her. His white hair, light blue colored eyes , and seemingly gills on his neck seemed to make him stand out.

"Oh its just you!" Shuri giggled happily. One flaw about shuri is that she always thought everyone was nice and good.

Shuri got up.. The caterpie still on her arm who was nuzzling her happily. She walked up close to the white haired-boy. Her face very close to his. After a few moment Shuri backed up and had a triumphent look on her face. "You don't seem to be bad. So I guess your okay!" Shuri giggled. Shuri held out her hand as an introduction. "Nice to meet you white haired boy! I;m Shuri! Well..Thats my made up name you see..well um..I don't know who I am! Hehe" Shuri gigled and sweatdropped a little bit.

"Do you think I'm strange?" Shuri asked the white haired boy.. Her red eyes were in puppy eye form and she looked like she was about to cry. As she looked abnout to cry, suddenly a new boy appeared. He had a very icey stare.. It seemed to chill her to the bone. His hair was a light spikey blue. It wasn't his hair that caught her attention..it was just his icey stare that scared her.

“Hey, you two, who are you?” The boy asked coldly. Shuri shuddered and hid behind the white-haired boy in a childish fashion.

"He scares me...." Shuri whispered her eyes once again eadying to cry. As she hid behind the white-haired boy, yet another boy emerged.

"Oh come on am I th only girl here!?" Shuri thought to herself and her cheeks huffed up in an odd fashion.

"Hello, my name is Akira.Does anyone know where we are?" Tghe boy formally dubbed as Akira said as he leaned against a tree.

"Well Akira I'm Shuri! And uhmm these are..uhm... Well I don't exactly know.. But okay I will give them names! Okay thats the white-haired man... And that is the icey , scarey dude!" Shuri said as she turned to the blue haired boy she froze..He was scary..

"W-well uhm..Yah..I'm Suri and..Yah.." Shuri mumbled his icey stare made Shuri very nervous. As a moment of silence fell over the group.

"Well uhm.. Shuri's going to go look for berries! Shuri's hungry.." Shuri mumbled as she disappeared deeper into the forest. The sun was settign faster then Shuri had noticed so it was safe for Shuri to exit from outside the shade of the tree. As she wandered through the forest, with her "pet" caterpie on her arm, she noticed strange carving once again on the trees.

"Someone hurt the poor tree Caterpie-kun.." Shuri mumbled. At this Shhuri froze..Her red eyes, turning a crimson,blood red. Her dna was reating to something on the tree.. It was a carving of Giratina.

"Cowyrieee?" The caterpie mumbled.

"Its..familiar..So very familiar.." Shuri mumbled.

"Gir...atina.." Shuri closed her eyes and had a frightened look on her face. The caterpie was nuzzling her trying to snap her out of it. Shuri was no on her eyes..her eyes still closed. She muttered 3 simple words that not even she knew.

"I am...Gir..atina..." Shuri muttered. At this an awkward silence fell upo the forest.. The silence that the night had come.. A heavy, torturous night.

Shuri opened her eyes, which had turned back to their reguler redish color and got up..Her personality beng quite blank though.. With the caterpie on her arm she went back to looking for berries..her personality seemed to be blank though..

"Huh..What happened.." Shuri muttered..as her eyes blinked several times. Somehow Shuri felt a great wave of exhaustion coem over her..Her eyes had gotten heavy and she wanted to sleep.

"Shuri wants to sleep now.." Shuri mumbled..