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August 14th, 2008, 7:52 AM
Hello everyone!

I'm here this time to show you that getting rare items/berries couldn't be simpler! In Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green you can only get one Pokemon with the ability "Pick Up" early on, and that Pokemon is Meowth.

Now in Pokemon FR/LG when you have a Meowth (or any Pokemon with the Pick Up ability) and you defeat a Pokemon in battle, you have a small chance of getting an item. Well if you wish to take that to the next level please read on:

Note: I know there is a much better way to exploit using Emerald's high leveled Zigzagoon way, but this is for those of you who still only have FR/LG such as myself =P

You can do this as soon as you are able to go to Vermilion City.

What I did was:
1. Catch 5 Meowths (6 if you want)
2. Hunted Wild Pokemon between Saffron and Vermilion (for easy Meowth kills with Thief)
3. Had my lead Pokemon (who knew Thief) kill the Wild Encounters using a move besides Thief (to not waste it's PP)
4. Every time I encounter a Meowth I use Thief because there is a 5% chance that Meowth will carry a Nugget.
5. After each wild battle the Meowths in your party might have Picked up an item!
6. Make sure to check your party after each battle to see if any of them have an item.

1. The PPups you find use on the Pokemon's Thief so that they may Thief more so that you don't have to go to the Pokecenter as often.
2. Make sure to always check your Pokemon after EVERY wild battle.
3. Pick-Up only works if you defeat a wild Pokemon, so NO fleeing.
4. It's good training early on, and very good for acquiring a bunch of Rare Candies.

List of Pick Up Items and % chance:

Video made by me detailing how I do it:

I hope that helped you exploit what you can do very early on! (Plus it can be good training, my 'Mr. Nido' went from Lv.34 - 40) And showing off all those Nuggets and Rare berries would do you good yea? And it'll make you richer earlier on!

Good hunting,