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August 15th, 2008, 1:50 PM
Pokemon Special: Winter Vacation?
So here we are! The Pokemon Special roleplay! Thanks to a mentioning in the Pokemon Special/Adventure Club (created by SilverSmeargleSplatter. <3) We thought of a roleplay, plot, and everything else. Now, here it is!

P l o t
After all the events in the Sinnoh region with Dia, Pearl, and Platina, all of the Pokedex Holders and a few others decided to get together and go on a little vacation. There were two choices: The Beach at Slateport or the Ski Resort up at Snowpoint City. After a bit of discussion (and perhaps some arguing between some of the members), they have chosen the Ski Resort up in Snowpoint. That night, the members of the group went home to go and pack. The next day, after they all met up again and everything was situated, they made their way over to the snowy city in Sinnoh. Now they have arrived, planning ot just chill back and relax, perhaps try a little skiing.

However, during their trip up to the Ski Resort, it seemed that they had heard from rumors from the folks back in the main part of the City. It seemed that the Pokemon in the area have been a little irritated. No one knows the reason as to why it was so, but the group wasn't going to back down. They were going to enjoy their vacation, and try to forget about the rumors that they have heard of. However, as the accended the mountain to the resort, they had an eire feeling about the place. Are the rumors true? Or are they false? With the fact that evil and mishappens follow the Pokedex holders like shadows, there is no telling what the future is going to have instore for them. If the rumors are true, then they're going to have more on their hands than just a 'break'...

R u l e s
o1 || This roleplay is for Members of the Pokemon Special/Adventure Club only. If you are not part of the club, then you're not allowed to post a profile to join. Sorry.
a - This does not mean you can just walk into the club, post, then post your profile here. You need to be a member for a certain amount of time before joining. Again, sorry.

o2 || We're aiming for about 2 decent paragraphs per post. That's longer than what the rules asks, but this is to make sure we don't get warnings on this.

o3 || As we're using canons characters, stay in character. I'm not too worried about this rule, but you're too out of character with your PokeSpe Character, we will sadly have to give you a warning.

o4 || Remember the General Roleplaying Rules. No Powerplaying, Godmodding, or any of the sort.

o5 || Try to post every so often. We don't want this roleplay to die, ni?

o6 || HAVE FUN! And just remember these rules and (again) the general rules.

May add rules in the future, as I know I'm missing one that I had before.

C h a r a c t e r s
Characters in Italics with username is reserved by said person until they post a Profile. :3
Red: Binary Peaches
Blue: Masakanotoki
Green: Snoaz
Yellow: chamo-chan
Gold: ValentineUmbreon
Silver: Cyan Goggles Crystal: Soluna
Ruby: Ruby-Chan
Sapphire: Silverdragonlaura Emerald: Chanchimi
Diamond: Falling Star Pearl:
Wally: SilverSmeargleSplatter

P r o f i l e F o r m
Name: (Name of Character Here)
Gender: (The Gender)
Age: (His or Her current Age)
Appearance: (Image of Description on what they look like.)
Personality: (How they Act. 1-2 Paragraphs.)
History: (Their journal so far. 2-3 Paragraphs unless you have to type more. )
Pokemon: (Their Pokemon.)
Other: (Anything else we must know )
RP Sample: (To Prove that you'll literate and all that jazz. Two Paragraphs or more please. )

M y (Red's) P r o f i l e
Name: Red

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: [x] (http://i124.photobucket.com/albums/p14/StarLe19/Pokemon/Manga/illust44.gif)

Personality: A happy-go-lucky shonentard, Red does his best to help whenever help is needed. He's not the type to just sit still on the action, even if he had gotten hit with an Explosion attack he will do his best to try to overcome any obstacle in his course (but is there a shonentard who won't?), not matter when and what the consequences. Red can also be your typical teenage boy who thinks of certain things as 'weird' or 'boring' and such. It would all depend on what it is. (For example: A man with bandages around his face he would call weird, and lying in bed he would most likely call boring.) He gets confused a lot, but not as much as in the past. He has also matured a bit since when he has first begun his journey, but he is still typically the Red that people know in the past also.

He's a very kind and cheerful person, and doesn't like seeing people saddened by anything (especially if he knows the person well.) Spoken before, Red will do whatever it takes to cheer the person up, even if it's going to a very dangerous place. He isn't one to be saddened very often, but when something terrible happens to someone very close to him, like everyone else, he can be a mixture of angriness and sadness at the same time. Also if he is beat down completely by someone or something and completely wiped out, be may think different of himself for a while until someone slaps some sense into him.

History: When Red was little, he always had his first Pokemon, Poli with him. They were pretty much best friend, and he claimed to be a very good pokemon trainer before he went onto his actual Pokemon Journey. What sprung that was when he missed catching Mew, and was not very happy. So as a result, he went to Professor Oak's Lab to see what he can do to become a better trainer. Affter a little Pokemon chase and getting a Bulbasaur, Professor Oak gave him a Pokedex, and off on his Pokemon Journey he has went.

He faced many obstacles on his journey, most of them leading to the big event with Team Rocket. A few of those moments would be a Mount Moon, Vemillion City, The Pokemon Tower, and the islands between Fushia and Cinnabar islands. While those events were happening, he was also catching more pokemon (not many), and gaining badges. The big event then struck in Saffron, facing off against the Gym Leaders that were part of Team Rocket and the combined Legendary Birds. Luckily, with the help of Green and Blue, they quickly defeated it. Afterwards, they all went to the Pokemon League, where Red managed to defeat Green in the final battle, winning himself the title of Champion.

Two years later, he recieved a letter from Bruno challenging him. Accepting it, he went battled, only for the battle to be stopped by two other members of the Elite Four, Lorelei and Agatha. First they had asked him to join them, but after he rheard of their plan, he disagreed. As a result, Lorelei used a move that should have been used on a Pokemon on him, and after he told Pika to go and find someone to help him out and tell them what happened, he completely froze into ice. It was week later when he was broke out of the ice by a mysterious person, and was given some
Elemental Stones and a Destiny Spoon. With those two items, he went and helped out on Cerise Islands, helping the others defeat the Elite Four.

After year after that event, Red went to go and do the Gym qualifications. He managed to defeat the six Pokemon, but at the end he turned it down because he was having trouble with the battle due to the injury he had. After Green came by and pretty much told everyone of the injury, Pokemon struck. Once Green finished the Pokemon off, Green told him where he can possibly get his injury healed and gave him Charizard so he can get there. He gave him Gyarados to borrow, then made his way to Mt. Silver. While he was there, he managed to cure his injury and met a few people there. Once he got off Mt. Silver, he went to go and help with Pryce and the current enemy. They, as usual, defeated the enemy, and Red finally realized that Yellow was not a boy, but a girl.

A while later, Red and Green went to go to the Sevii Islands using a Pass. While there, they were faced with some more dangers, like Deoxys and Team Rocket once again. Red's Venusaur was able to learn the move Frenzy Plant. After meeting Lorelei and escaping (after getting hit) by a Forrestress' Explosion, Red (even though injured), went to Island 5 to face whoever was there. However, the battle was interrupted by Deoxys, on who he battled and was defeated miserably.
After some downtime, he gained his confidence back up, and with the help of Mewtwo, he defeated Deoxys and learned why he had a strange feeling when he was near. They then saved the plan from hitting Vemillion City, but his and the others' Celebration was stopped when they were petrified. Red was then unpetrified eventually during the wedding Ceremony.

Pokemon: Pikachu (Pika), Venusaur (Saur), Poliwrath (Poli), Gyarados (Gyara), Snorlax (Lax), Aerodactyl (Aero), Espeon (Vee -- Currently in the PC)

Other: N/A

RP Sample: As Red marched up the snow in order to get the to Ski Resort, he had some throughts in his mind. He didn't mind being here for Vacation, but he was one of the trainers who would have rather spend their vacation on a Beach than up here on the mountain. It wasn't like he disliked the cold, but he would rather be down there in the sun than be here cold on a mountain. Especially with those little rumors going on here and there, and the weather doesn't look that great either. He did not want to be frozen in ice again. No way. Not after what happened the last time he was frozen in ice. That injury took one of the dreams he had away from him, and he didn't want that to happen once more. Not to mention that he was petrified for Six Months. He really didn't want more of his life to fly by him, and it seems to like to do that. The small Pikachu was on his head, narrowing his eyes as he tried to look forward. They didn't know how much longer until they make it to the Ski Resort, but Red certainly didn't want to be in this cold weather anymore. Whatever conversation the others were having right now, he was not paying attention to it. Only thing he was really thinking of is the fact that his snow was bothering him, and he wants to go and get into the warmth of the building they were heading towards.However, the rumors back down at the city wasn't to be just washed away either. He was one that said they should just head on up there, since they were already at Snowpoint City. For a moment though, he could have sworn he heard the voice of an ice pokemon. It must have been one of the Sinnoh region, as he didn't have much information on those, even with the National Pokedex. Eventually the male couldn't help it but sigh. "How much longer until we're there?"Now, if he was frozen in ice for a few weeks, he was sure he would not be as moody about this little icey trip. Perhaps it'll chance while they're there, but for the moment Red would rather be on a beach soaking up the sun instead of walking up a mountain full of snow and perhaps dangerous Pokemon. Not to mention the weather. He couldn't even see the sun right now. Red should have really brought warmer clothes, but he really didn't have many warm clothes to pack.Why did the others choose this over the beach confused the boy, but he wouldn't want to argue about it now. He already did enough while they were discussing it...

Cyan Goggles
August 15th, 2008, 2:06 PM
Name: Silver

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Appearance: [x] (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a360/Chispicutes/monsilver.jpg) [x] (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a360/Chispicutes/thsilvericon.jpg)

Personality: Generally, Silver is pretty cold to most people, save for Blue. As a cynic, he tends to see people at their worst, and is classified as a pessimist. He does give the benefit of the doubt to some people, but said people are few and far between. He trains hard, and his pokemon are strong due to his drive for revenge earlier in his life. Low patience and an intolerance for idiocy leaves him with very few friend options, but he seems to get along at least fairly well with the other Pokedex holders. He's quiet for the most part, liking nothing more than to curl up in the lounge sofa with Sneasel and watch the other people go by.

History: At the age of two, he was kidnapped and trained by the Mask of Ice along with Blue. Together, Blue and he trained, became friends, and eventually ran away from The Mask. While Blue went back to Kanto, Silver stayed in Johto, and trained. Years later, he stole a totodile from Professor Birch, only to have Gold right on his tail. This lead to the final showdown with the Mask of Ice, which gave Silver the resolution and revenge he had searched for.

Starting from there, he began to search for his parents. The few clues to his past he had, namely a handkerchief with his name embroidered in the corner, lead him to the city of Viridian. There, he met Yellow, and later, was confronted with the truth of his past. At first, he was not so keen on accepting the former leader of Team Rocket as his father. However, with some convincing from Green, he did, only to be turned to stone for six months. After the others freed him along with Red, Yellow, Blue and Green, they've all decided to catch a ride to the mountains of Sinnoh.

Pokemon: Sneasel, Feraligatr, Kingdra, Gyarados (Shiny), Ursaring, and Murkrow.

RP Sample: He had lost six months because of it. Six months. A lot of things could happen in six months. Kids could start new journeys, people could be born, and people could die.
People could die...

Silver tried not to think about that though. They where going on vacation. Where you're suppose to forget your worries. Plus, he was going to a region he'd never been before. Exciting right?

Whatever. As long as he could relax, he didn't care. While he probably wasn't going to be out in the snow much, he had brought a book he has picked up. It was just a little tourist book, but it had some useful information about the pokemon around Snowpoint. In all honesty, he picked it up because it featured Sneasel in it. He was always interested in new ways to train his pokemon.

Actually, he was a little interested in the current conversation. The blizzards and wind of Snowpoint were too much for their pokemon, so certain people where debating how to actually get there. Silver was staying out of it and quiet, as usual, but was still listening. Some of the others were also still complaining about the fact that the ski trip beat out the beach vacation in the voting process. He was glad it had though. No way you where getting him in a swim suit. No way, period.

August 15th, 2008, 3:42 PM
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Appearance: Emerald is a strange looking boy who wears platform shoes and a green shirt with very long sleeves. His hair is shaped like a croissant, and has very long eyebrows. Emerald has what seems to be and emerald on his forehead. Because of his short height he uses a “magic hand extensor” to reach, grab, etc.

Personality: A proud boy who is also very mischievous. Emerald has a problem with his height, and as result wears his platform shoes. He's frank and will deliver answers right to someone's face. He's a determined kid and though at first he may not seem it, is very knowledgeable when it comes down to pokemon battles. According to Emerald, it's not the pokemon he likes, but the pokemon battles. As Emerald is very proud, he hates being told what he should do. He can also be a bit unpredictable sometimes occasionally shooting confetti out of his sleeve. Get him too angry and you'll find yourself being slapped by his magic hands!

History: Emerald arrived at the Battle Frontier in Hoenn to initially take on the Frontier Brains. Emerald was met by Todd, a member from the press when Todd was attacked by and angry Sudowoodo. Emerald was able to calm down the wild pokemon with a special gun he owns that shoots soil bullets that have the power to mellow pokemon out when hit.

Emerald caused a mess at the Frontier's opening ceremony, but was eventually allowed to take on the Brains. Emerald, took down the Frontier Brains with his amazing skill in pokemon battles. Emerald borrows pokemon from older pokedex owner, Crystal and was met by two other pokedex owners known as Ruby and Sapphire. Emerald is also able to communicate the two legendary pokemon, Latias and Latios, who are Emerald's protectors. And Emerald and four other dex holders, Ruby, Sapphire, Crystal, and Gold are out to revive their four senior holders Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Johto pokedex holder, Silver from their stone status with the help of the wishing pokemon, Jirachi. But capturing Jirachi becomes complicated from Team Aqua leader, Archie, and Guile Hideout.

Pokemon: Sceptile, Sudowoodo, and Dusclops.

RP Sample: A winter vacation at Snowpoint, huh? At first, Emerald wasn't very excited to go on a vacation anywhere if it didn't involve a battle arena or place to battle pokemon for a prolonged period of time. Until he got a newsletter from the Hoenn Battle Frontier regarding the opening ceremony date of a new Battle Frontier in a region known as, Sinnoh.

Snowpoint City is in Sinnoh right? So a vacation there could prove useful to Emerald! He could relax in Snowpoint with the other pokedex owners (whom he wasn't so fond of-except for Crystal), and as soon as their little “vacation” was done and over with, he could make his way to the the new Sinnoh Battle Frontier!

Only one thing had bothered him about the vacation.... What if he gets forced to ski? Or snowboard? His attire would make it impossible to put on the ski's and ride a snowboard! Hopefully he wouldn't have to be forced into it, especially since he still hasn't fixed the problem with his platform shoes that always fall off. What if he wiped out snowboarding? His platform shoes would surely fly off and then everyone would see how short he really was! As bad as his thoughts were, Emerald decided that if he wanted to go to the grand opening of the new Frontier, something he just couldn't miss out on, even if it meant possible embarrassment at his awkward skiing and snowboarding skills (he has no skills), Then he has to go on the vacation, no matter how many times he may wipe out before the vacation ends.

August 15th, 2008, 3:45 PM
(( Alright! Both of your are accepted. ^_^ We shall wait for a few more before starting this roleplay. :D ))

New Age Retro Hippie
August 15th, 2008, 5:58 PM
Not the biggest thing ever, but I worked with what I had~

Name: Diamond; “Dia”
Gender: Male
Age: Twelve
Appearance: At first glance, one would probably write Dia off as a simpleton, thanks to his eyes. Sure, they’re just normal eyes – a sort of metallic blue at that – but due to the fact the upper lids are drooping he just looks like your common idiot (rather than perhaps the mysterious guy he sees in the mirror). His skin is of a rather pale colour- not really surprising, seeing as Sinnoh is the coldest region. His hair is a rather dark colour and quite short. It has quite the tendency to frizz up at the crown of his head and near his ears, and to cover this he wears a red beret.

Moving down, we see that Dia is of average height and weight of his age. He has a large, fluffy white scarf tied around his neck that he cherishes greatly. Visible underneath that is a red and black sweater, but only barely because a large blue jacket covers the majority of that up. This jacket is of a rather dimmed down shade of blue, with thick grey bands at the elbows. Moving down again, his pants are a light shade of black, yet they don’t seem quite grey. He wears dusty-blue coloured sneakers.

Someone has compared his overall look to a Honchkrow.

Personality: Dia is a very gentle, carefree young boy, allegedly never losing his temper. He’s happy with life, finding most things to be relatively enjoyable. His favourite activity is cooking, which he is actually quite talented at, Poffins being of particular interest to him. This ties in with his love of food- he’s rarely seen not eating. He's not exactly the brightest lightbulb on the Christmas tree, being a bit slow to recognise and realise things. He can, however, be surprisingly insightful at times. He has manzai duo with Pearl (with our favourite little chef as the funny man- boke), due to a treasured childhood memory. Speaking of Pearl, said boy is his absolute best friend in the whole world- and even though he has a tendency to get yelled at or even physically hit by the blond-haired boy, they have an inseparable brotherly bond. Despite his age, he is currently in the middle of a full-blown crush with one Platina Berlitz- he’s completely smitten.

History: Dia has lived his entire life in Twinleaf town, smaller than its name suggests. So small, in fact, that there was only one other child within his age group to play with, a young blond named Pearl. The two instantly clicked, even in preschool. It was during this time that two famous manzai performers visited. The two absolutely loved the performance, and ever since then they aspired to be as good as them; practicing every day and night.

Fairly recently, he and Pearl entered in the Funny Grand Prix, and though they didn’t win due to a fault on Dia’s part, they obtained the Judge’s Special Merit Prize. When they opened their prize envelope, they discovered that they were to escort someone to Mt Coronet… and gain $10,000,000 as a reward! Eventually, they come to believe it’s a reality TV show. As they approached the place where the instructions dictated, two Pokémon pounced upon them. As Dia sat up, unenthusiastic, he caught sight of the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. She seemed to maybe be the host of this show…

And thus began their journey, brushing with Team Galactic, helping Ms. Berlitz defeat gyms and Contests (the latter helped by Dia, he made Poffins to boost the condition of her Pokémon). All journeys must come to an end, and eventually theirs’ did as well.

Pokémon: Torterra (Ru), Snorlax (Be), Bastiodon (Pu), Lucario (Rio), Steelix (Nei), Dusknoir (Wa) [Rio and Nei are coined nicknames based on his naming style to a point, and Wa is just an extra to fill his team]

Ah, the snow. Dia hadn’t exactly suggested it himself, but he had been thinking it. Mostly because he burnt easily, really, and he wasn’t exactly the fittest person which meant he looked pretty bad in any swimming outfit. Except maybe that new Speedo, the one that sucked in flab. Perhaps he would buy it someday, but then again it was very expensive…

Dia recognised most of the places as he walked through the wintery town, like the large temple dedicated to a legendary titan in the distance. He and Pearl hadn’t been enough of a trainer to enter, and though Dia took this judgement with good grace… Well, he would not have been surprised if someone mistook the blond for a Primeape. Eventually he and The Lady had removed him, and they had stayed at the hotel… over there, he remembered as the large neon sign advertising The Bed of Angels hotel lit up.

He wasn’t staying there again, however. He was to meet the other Dex Holders at a ski resort. Dia wondered if Pearl was there already. He had lost sight of him about ten minutes ago and was left to wander the streets. But it was okay, he reasoned with a little smile. It was very serene at the moment, with little puffy flakes coming to rest on his jacket. Sometimes he found Pearl a little irritating, what with his commitment to practicing their Manzai act twenty-four/seven. But he wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world, not even a lifetime supply of food.

He noticed a few Pokémon sitting in a tree, eyeing him strangely. Dia smiled at them and waved. Apparently the Pokémon were a little feisty at the moment, but he didn’t believe the rumours. They had no reason to be, so why would they? With that thought, he continued on with a slightly quicker pace, the Pokémon staring daggers at the back of his head…

August 15th, 2008, 6:22 PM
Name: Yellow

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Appearance: Yellow is a fourteen year old girl, with long, blonde hair and dark Yellow eyes. Yellow wears a yellow dress, with a black undershirt; she also wears purple boots. Once in a while, she wears a large hat with two feathers sticking out of it (they used to be the Silver Wing and Rainbow wing, but I'll talk about that later.) Although the hat makes her look like a boy, she is actually a girl. Most of the time, she carries a fishing rod and a sketchbook with her, along with he pokedex, which used to belong to Red before he obtained the fourth version of the pokedex.

Personality: Yellow is a relitively shy girl, mostly alone in the Viridian Forest. Other besides her Pokemon, Yellow likes to be with her friends. She rarely gets mad and is a very caring young girl, especially towards pokemon, wild or trainer raised. Because of her friendliness towards Pokemon, she dislikes battling with them, but will battle is she has to; although, she isn't very good at battling. Because of her unique ability, she sleeps often, to her friend's dismay, because her special ability wears her down.

History: Before she actually went off on her own journey, she stayed in Viridian City by herself, with her Uncle visiting often. When Team Rocket began to leave experimented Pokemon in the Viridian Forest. One day, she wandered into the forest and was attacked by a Dratini (and experiment by Team Rocket). Luckily for her, Red saved her from the Dratini and was able to catch a Ratata for her, whom she named Ratty. After Red battled with Giovannii, she found him collapsed on the ground to heal him.

Two years after she met Red in the Viridian Forest, Blue found her fishing in near the river, where she witnessed Yellow's power: She can heal Pokemon and hear their thoughts. After seeing her powers, Blue informed Yellow about Red's disapperance. Imediately, Yellow, along with Ratty and Dodosk (a doduo given to her by her Uncle), set off to find Red, but not before Blue gave her a hat, making her appear like a boy as a disguise from the Elite Four. Yellow soon went to Pallet Town to pick up Pika, Red's Pikachu. After an attack from Lorelei, Yellow traveled to Celadon City, saving Pika from a Super Nerd working for the Elite Four, obtaining Omanyte (Omask) and Graveler(Golosk) from Misty and Brock, and encountering Green. She stayed in a desolate area to train with Green; she also caught a Caterpie, whom she named Freesk. During the battle with Freesk, Ratty evolved into Raticate, frightening her. Soon after her training, Yellow went to Vermillion City, facing off against the Elite Four Champion, Lance. Yellow was able to avoid her first confrontation with Lance and soon, along with Blue, Green, Blaine, Sabrina, Koga, and Lt. Surge, went to Cerise Island to defeat the Elite Four. While in the island, a wave knocked Yellow off her feet and knocked her hat off, revealing her true gender to Blaine. Soon, she was left to face off against Lance by herself. She attempted to trap Lance, but failed to do so. Lance revealed his plan to take control of a powerful bird pokemon, and Yellow went after him. In that instant, all her remaining Pokemon evolved into their final stage. In the end, she defeated Lance using a powerful attack from Pika, the Megavolt, and was soon re united with her friends and Red.

About a year after the incident, Yellow's uncle arrived at her home, asking her to help him try to find the Pokemon Lance tried to capture at Cerise Island. Before she left, she went to watch Red (still oblivious to her true gender) compete in an exam to see if he was worthy of running the Viridian Gym, which he won, but turned down to heal his body at Mt. Silver. Leaving Pika in her care, Yellow, her uncle, Pika and Chu Chu ( a female Pikachu she caught earlier) set off to the Johto Region to find the legendary Pokemon. While at Ectruteak City, Yellow accidentely released the Legendary Dogs (Raikou, Entei, and Suicune) from the Burned Tower. Afterwards, she encounter another trainer named Crystal, who decided to go with her to find the legendary Pokemon, later revealed to be Lugia. Lugia attacked her Uncle's boat, sending everyone aboard, and herself, into the ocean. The day care couple found both Yellow and her Uncle unconncious on the shoreline and let them stay at the daycare. She and her uncle, along with the two Pikachus and the egg they produced stayed at the center, until they were attacked by Team Rocket. Fearing for the safety of the other and the pokemon, she and Dodosk distracted Team Rocket by making them chase after her. She soon found herself with all the other trainers, who needed to help Gold escape from the dimension Pryce trapped him in. Gold noticed Yellow's hat and the feathers on it, which turned out to be the Rainbow and Silver Wings. Yellow attempted to take them off, but couldn't, so she had to take of her hat and reveal herself to Red. After the battle in the Illex Forest, and an akward moment between her, Red, and Misty, she returned home.

A few years later, Yellow and Chu Chu decided to go to the Viridian City Gym to see if Red and Green returned from the Sevii Islands. Though she did not find them, she battled the Virtual Green, losing the battle. Later on, she encounters Silver in the Viridian Forest, who is looking for his family. Yellow helps him out by reading Sneasel's mind. After the clue lead them back to the old statue of the old Gym Leader, both trainers were attacked by the Beast Warrior Trio of Team Rocket, demanding to take Silver to his father. Yellow and Silver teamed up to try to defeat them, but ultimately, lost and the Beast Warrior Trio took off with Silver. Yellow followed them to the air ship and tried to look for Silver, only to find Red, Mewtwo, Deoxys and Giovannii battling. She began to hear Deoxys' thoughts, which revealed a hidden past to Deoxys' creation. The constant use of her attack wore her down and she was begining to get tired. Before she fell asleep, Yellow told Red the rest of Deoxys' story and then fell asleep from exhuastion. She, along with Red, Blue, Green and Silver, were turned to stone after a run in with Storc.

Pokemon: Raticate (Ratty), Dodrio (Dodosk), Omastar (Omask), Golem (Golosk), Butterfree (Freesk), Chu Chu (Pikachu)

Other: -0-

RP Sample: It's been a while, since she turned into a stone statue with her friends; since she was soon un frozen and fought a long battle at the Battle Fronteir with other trainers. Time flies by so fast.
At last, she could take a break from the hectic events that took place six months ago. She can finally rest, relax, and be with her friends in peace.
Yellow began to walk up the snowy mountain side, carrying with her a bag of some of her belongings. Her prized fishing rod was tied up to the back of the bag, along with some pokeballs, containing her team of Pokemon. She was careful not to tire herself out, not risking falling victim to the harsh cold weather in Sinnoh's mountainside.
Yellow didn't care about the cold though, she was only happy that she gets to be with her friends on this winter vacation. Yellow caught a snowflake in her palm, fascinated by it. Snow rarely fall in the Viridian Forest, so this is the first time she has ever seen so much in one place. The Viridian Forest held many unique pokemon, but she was astounded by how many pokemon could live in such a cold, unforgiving place such as Route 216.
She snapped out of her train of thought as soon as she heard noised on the road ahead of her. The laughter of vacationers at the resort was a relief to her; she has reached her destination.

August 15th, 2008, 6:23 PM
Name: Pearl

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Appearance: [x] (http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e223/Raine_Faye/pearl-back.gif) [x] (http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e223/Raine_Faye/pearl-back2.gif)

Personality: Pearl can have a slightly overbearing personality to those who don’t know him well. Hasty and headstrong, Pearl is the complete opposite of his calm companion, Dia. He is quick-witted and intelligent, easily becoming irritated when things don’t go according to his plan. Pearl is prone to overacting and rushing through situations without waiting for an explanation. He hates when people keep secrets from him, and will always try to find out the answer himself.

Although abrasive and opinionated on the outside, Pearl is a kind person at heart. When he sets his mind on something, he is determined to see that task through to the very end, no matter what. Pearl is a born leader and strategist. His confidence and determination can guide him through many tough situations.

History: Pearl grew up in Twinleaf Town along with Dia, his neighbor and childhood friend. When the both of them were little, they saw a Manzai group that had them laughing so hard they thought they would die. Ever since that performance, the two of them have decided to become the best comedy duo in the world. The two of them entered a comedy competition and won the Judges’ Special Merit Prize. Instead of receiving the prize they were supposed to receive, a mix-up occurred, and they ended up traveling with Platina Berlitz under the misconception that the Lady was a tour guide for a trip on a reality show to Mt. Cornet.

Pearl is the son of Palmer, the leader of the Battle Tower. Although he isn’t actively interested in battling (except to protect the Lady), he does know about the strategy behind them, as he was taught by his father. He hasn’t seen his father in a long time.

Pokemon: Chimlord (Infernape ♂), Chatlord (Chatot ♂)

Other: Although Pearl beats on Dia much of the time, he actually cares for the boy a lot. They are as close as if they were brothers. Although Platina originally grated on his nerves with her aloofness, he grew to respect her and her skill in so many fields. He tends to address people by their full names when he turns serious. One of Pearl's most notable talents is his ability to tell what attack any Pokemon is preparing to unleash beforehand, just by watching the Pokemon's movements.

RP Sample:

Well…this was a massive waste of his time.

Pearl trudged up the steps to the resort, his suitcase slung over his shoulder. First, he was dragged all around Sinnoh on a trip to Mt. Cornet, and now this? He scowled, crossing his arms and tapping his fingers.

It had not been his idea to go on this trip to Snowpoint. Professor Rowan and Professor Oak had suggested it to the three as a way to learn about the Pokedex holders from the other regions. The other two had agreed readily, but Pearl would much rather be practicing his Manzai with Dia. Their failure at the Funny Grand Prix still stung; moreover, the two of them hadn’t had any time to practice since they joined up with the “Lady.” He ran through new routines in his head everyday, but they were still painfully far away from their goal at being the best comedy duo around.

He looked up at the massive resort, pausing for a moment. At least they would have a wide audience to practice for.

Speaking of practice...The blond glanced around, unable to spot his dopey companion. He sighed; the boy was probably still trying to catch up with him.

August 15th, 2008, 7:23 PM
(( All three of you are accepted. ^__^ ))

August 15th, 2008, 9:49 PM
Name: Blue

Age: 16

Appearance: [x] (http://panic.in/raimu/kisi13.jpg)

Gender: Female

History: Blue’s hometown is Pallet Town, which she was kidnapped from by Ho-Oh at five years of age. Brought to the land of Johto, she was raised by the Mask of Ice as one of the six Masked Children. She was taught many tricks on how to survive, as well as information on the evolution of Pokemon. Blue befriended another Masked Child, Silver, who she later on escaped with. She treated Silver like a younger brother, and the two became very close.
Heading back to Kanto, she gained knowledge of two other boys’ Pokemon journeys and wanted to do the same, resulting in the theft of a Squirtle.

Later on her journey through Kanto, Blue participated in the Pokemon League Tournament, in which she became entrusted with a PokeDex from Proffessor Oak. She had developed a fear of birds due to her childhood kidnapping, and therefore set out on a quest to overcome her phobia by catching Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. Finally, two years later, she was reunited with her parents although it took many trials from Team Rocket to get back to her family.
Blue was eventually frozen in stone by Deoxys along with Red, Green, Yellow, and Silver.

Pokemon: Wigglypuff/Jiggly, Blastoise/Turtly, Nidoqueen/Nidory, Ditto/Ditty, Clefable/Cleffo

Personality: Blue can be very crafty at times, but normally maintains a gentle yet upbeat personality. She is a bit girly and enjoys things like clothes-shopping and gossip, but when the going gets tough, she gets going. Usually a quick thinker, she likes to be optimistic about things. Although her trickiness has died down a bit after being reunited with her parents, sometimes she still likes to have a few tricks up her sleeve.

RP Sample: White. The first thing Blue saw when she landed was the whiteness of the snow, blanketing the calm, silent town of Snowpoint City. Small flakes gently drifted down and melted upon hitting her clothes. She inhaled, savoring the crisp coldness of the snowy surroundings, then continued heading towards the resort, luggage in hand. It was great to escape from all the past few events that had occurred within six months; she looked forward to spending time with the other Dex Holders, maybe even trying some snowboarding. But of course, Blue loved vacations, regardless if it was hot or cold.

She was close to the resort now, and suddenly grew more eager to meet up with everyone. She quickened her pace, her shoes crunching through the fresh snow.

She couldn't wait to meet with the other Dex Holders. For once, there were no evil teams to stop, no life-or-death situations...Or were there? Although she was optimistic about the holiday, there was something in the back of her mind that kept slowly inching its way to the front: The rumors she had heard. As a trainer's instincts, it was only natural to be cautious. Irritated Pokemon were no big deal, but when no one knew the reason for their irritation, that was another thing.

Emerging from her thoughts, Blue realized she had reached her destination. At last, she had finally reached the resort. It was large and grand-looking, but had a warm atmosphere to it. Blue smiled to herself. This was going to be fun. There was probably nothing to worry about.

August 16th, 2008, 5:49 AM
Name: Crystal (Crys)

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Appearance: Crys usually wears a cropped, long-sleeved white jacket over a dark pink turtleneck shirt, along with yellow bike shorts trimmed in black and a yellow headband. She sometimes wears a short, pleated, straw-colored skirt over her shorts, and when she in working with Professor Oak, she wears a long white lab coat. Crys usually wears the same pair of red, black and white sneakers, with white ankle socks. She carries a rectangular pink backpack with her. She also sometimes wears small star-shaped earrings. For the trip to the ski resort, however, she wears long black pants and a white winter coat, along with fur-trimmed brown boots, gloves, and a pink wool turtleneck sweater.

Crystal has glossy, very dark blue hair, which she always wears in twin, upward-angled pigtails. She has navy blue eyes.

Personality: Crys is brave, intelligent, logical and extremely determinded. Once she sets her mind to something, she won't stop until the job is done, especially if it involves capturing rare Pokemon. However, she also has a serious and no-nonsense personality, and Gold has a tendency of calling her "the Chairlady of Club Serious." She can also be very aggresive and overly enthusiastic when it comes to Pokemon capturing. However, she is usually polite, kind, and quite friendly.

History: Crys was born in Violet City, Johto, on April 30th. At a very young age (around when she was 6 or 7,) Crys's mother took her to Mt. Mortar to begin her training as a capture specialist along with her first Pokemon, a Smoochum. While she was on Mt. Mortar, she fell and broke both her arms when she was frightened by an Arcanine. She was nursed to heath by several wild Pokemon, who healed and protected her, including a wild Parasect, Hitmonchan, Natu and Cubone. All these Pokemon, including the Arcanine, eventually joined her capture team. As her arms healed, Crys developed the habit of kicking her Pokeballs instead of throwing them, which gave her more power and accuracy.

Several years later, when she was 11 and working at a private school, she answered an ad asking for someone to complete the Version II Pokedex. She met Bill and Professor Oak, recieved the Pokedex and her starter Pokemon, Chikorita, and set off on her journey. Along the way, she encountered Suicune, the legendary, and made capturing it her new goal. She chased it across Johto, meeting Eusine along the way and eventually befriending him. She lost her confidence after Suicune escaped at the Tin Tower, but after training more returned. She met Yellow, a fellow Pokedex holder, at Olivine City, and shortly after encountered Lugia, Gold and Silver. After meeting with Professor Oak, she and Gold headed to the Indigo Plateau to find Mask of Ice's identity. Suicune chose her to be its new partner and she headed off with it, Raikou and Entei to take part in the final battle, after which she finally completed the Version II Pokedex.

2 years later, when she was working as an aide to Professor Oak, Crys was sent to assist a Hoenn Dex Holder, Emerald, at the Battle Frontier. She lent him her whole collection of Pokemon to use in his challenge, eventually arriving herself, with Gold in tow, to stop the masked man and restore the five petrified Dex holders. They met Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire at the Battle Tower and together defeated Guile Hideout and restored Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Silver to their original state.

~ Meganium (Mega), Arcanine (Arckee), Xatu (Natee), Hitmonchan (Hitmonee), Parasect (Parasee), Smoochum (Chumee)

Other: Her Pokemon all fit a common "star" theme.

RP Sample: Crys winced in the bright sunlight as she held up the ski resort's brochure next to the real thing. She was here, all right. She folded the map and brochure up neatly and tucked it into her jacket pocket. As she hefted her suitcase and dragged it up the stairs leading to the front door, she wondered why she ever had decided to come here. There was so much to do at home, and Professor Oak could need her help...

I am helping him, coming up here to catch some Sinnoh Pokemon, she reminded herself. I'm working. Not a vacation.

As Crys heaved her bag over the final step, onto the porch, she began to wonder about the rumors she had heard about the area. Berating herself quietly, she put it out of her mind.

As long as it doesn't interfere with my job, she thought, it's probably nothing to worry about. Irritated Pokemon will be harder to catch, though. Maybe I should call Professor Oak about it...

She forgot temporarily about her worries as she looked up at the ski resort. It was huge, perched precariously on top of the mountain. The snow was falling softly, blanketing the forest all around in white. It was beautiful, like a winter paradise.

Maybe I should relax a bit, Crys thought. After I catch all the Pokemon in this area. A little skiing wouldn't hurt, but work comes first.

That was it, then. Tomorrow, after she was settled, she would go out into the forest, finish the job she had assigned herself, and then attempt to enjoy the first vacation she had ever had with her fellow Dex Holders, as... frivolous as some of them were. Unless, of course, something unpleasant happened.

"Nothing's going to go wrong," she said aloud, firmly, to convince herself.


Note: I'm using the alternate spelling of Crystal's nickname, instead of the English "Chris."

August 16th, 2008, 5:50 AM



Appearance-Ruby is about 5feet 8inches tall. He has black hair but normally wears a red and white spiky hat which many assume is his hair. He has two scars on the right side of his forehead from a previous accident. Ruby wears black framed glasses to read or sew but he normally doesn’t wear them. He wears a black and red shirt and black shorts with a pair of the Deavon Corp. running shoes.

Personality- Ruby pretty much just acts girly. He likes to compete in Pokemon Contests and is very good at them. Other than Pokemon Contests Ruby enjoys sewing, grooming his Pokemon, and making Pokeblock. He has this habit of yelling beautiful whenever he sees a beautiful Pokemon. He normally doesn’t like Pokemon Battles but when he needs to he will battle as long as no one is around. He inherited his battling skills from his father Norman, the Gym Leader of Petalburg City.

History-When Ruby was six his father took the gym leader test but sadly he failed because he was covering for Ruby. Ruby was playing with his father’s friend’s daughter and a wild Salemence attacked Ruby, being the tough battler that he was leapt into action sending out his Pokemon, Ralts, Skitty, and Poochyena. Ruby eventually won the fight but got two cuts on his forehead later turning into scars. The wild Salemence then attacked the Goldenrod City Research center and ending up letting the giant Pokemon Rayquaza escape. Since battling so hard Ruby relized that he had tainted this little girls heart upon seeing her so frightened Ruby decided not to battle unless no one was around. Now that Rayquaza had escaped Norman, Ruby’s father, took the blame for it and he had to find Rayquaza and bring it back and he wasn’t allowed to take the Gym Leader test for five years.

Five years later Ruby has now moved to Hoenn and he runs away from home to compete in Pokemon Contests (his father doesn’t like contests). On his way he makes a bet with a “cave girl” named Sapphire Birch, who was focused on winning gym battles, they each have 80 days to complete their goals. During the journey Ruby learns that Sapphire is the girl he frightened many years ago. In the end Ruby beats Sapphire back to where they first met.

Pokemon-Ruru the Kirlia
Nana the Mightyena
Coco the Delcatty
Mimi the Milotic
Zuzu the Swampert

Other-Ruby was originally from Johto but his family moved to Hoenn for his father’s job.

RP sample-

“Beautiful!” Ruby yelled as he gazed at the glittering snow of northern Sinnoh. It seemed like ages since he had seen something so beautiful, well aside from his Pokemon. Ruby began to trudge through the soft Snowpoint snow which was still as “Beautiful” as ever. Snowpoint wasn’t exactly his first choice he would have rather been someplace warm, sunny, and close to home like Slatport, but none of that mattered now that he was in this “Beautiful” snow.

Ruby stopped and looked around, something wasn’t right he was all alone he thought there would be more visitors but there wasn’t. They must all be in Slateport, he thought to himself. Anyway that wouldn’t matter now he would be meeting the others soon and besides had had his Pokemon to keep him company. Ruby reached into his pockets and pulled out five Pokeballs, “Come on out everyone and let’s take the stage!” Ruby yelled as he threw the Pokeballs into the air. His five Pokemon, Mightyena, Delcatty, Kirlia, Milotic, and Swampert landed gracefully as if in a contest. Each was wearing a matching red, cotton scarf.

Everything seemed right now he had his Pokemon and he was soon to meet his friends. Something wasn’t right though, the time that he took to stop and think his feet had been covered in snow and had gone a little numb. “Well lets keep walking, to the Ski Resort!” Ruby exclaimed as he pointed forward. He and his Pokemon took off walking heading North!

August 16th, 2008, 9:44 AM
Name: Sapphire
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Appearance: Average sized for a girl, long slender legs, blue shirt, dark blue shorts, blue bandana, brown hair, Dark blue eyes. Her hair is usually tucked under her bandana except for the sides which sitck out.
Sapphire is not your typical girly girl. She has a strong will and even stronger determination. She is a bit tempermental but at the same time very nice and sweet. She hates dressing up as a regular girl (or even dressing up at all) She prefers natural things over things created un-naturally. She treats her pokémon with natural medicines and remedys (she doesn't like pokémon centers too much.) Though she says she hates girly things, at one point, she did say "well, I AM still a girl..." (or something along the lines of that. ) She's outgoing and has the spirit of a fighter. She doesn't like contests due to thier connection of being girly and delicate. She prefers gym battles over contests any day.
Her father being world renowned Professor Birch, Sapphire has always been used to the sight of pokémon. At one point in her life her father took her to the Johto region to meet up with a good friend of his and his family. That's where she met Ruby. They played together for a long time as good friends (incidentally, she began to develop feelings for him) Unfortunately, one day a wild salamence attacked them in the place where they played. Having no pokemon of her own, the salamence tried to attack Sapphire. She froze up while Ruby threw himself in front of the salamence and got hurt. After Ruby defeated it, she felt horrible for what happened to him and blamed herself for being so weak and fragile. After that day, she vowed never to be weak agian and abandoned all thoughts of participating in contests.
Years later, She found herself helping her father do field work for research. She was completely different by then, she no longer wore dresses (nor clothes at all really) and prefered not to be "civilized". One day while out in the forest, she noticed a boy having trouble with a couple of mightyena. Seeing the danger he was in, she saved him and took him back to her secret base. When the boy woke up, he mistakened her for a monster and attacked her. Offended, Sapphire began to yell at him only to have more insults returned to her. Angered, she challenged him to a battle. She was shocked and amazed at his answer for not wanting to battle: his pokemon would get dirty. She insisted he take a lab pokemon from her father. He ended up taking mudkip but still wouldn't battle. During thier arguement, a seviper attacked them out of nowhere. Seeing a chance to prove her strength, Sapphire used all her power to defeat the seviper. Unfortunately for her she got herself injured in the fight but hid all signs of it from him. She made a bet with him: 80 days for him to collect all the ribbons in Hoenn and 80 for her to collect all the gym badges from Hoenn. After the bet was made she lost conciousness from the injuries recieved earlier.
When she awoke, she finds he accepted her challenge and as another insult (or perhaps a compiment) he made her clothing to wear while on her journey. She later found herself wearing his clothes and keeping the letter he wrote to her. During her journey she finds many dangers she'd never imagined. With the sudden appearance of Team Aqua, she realizes that something is going on in the Hoenn region. She finds herself investigating further and is often reunited with Ruby, (usually by accident.) As the plot moves forward, she discovers the dangers of both the Teams taking over Hoenn and wants to help out as much as possible to save the region she loves dearly. During her journey, she finds herself growing feelings for Ruby and his way of being (though it annoys her.) At one point in Fortree city, she learns of Ruby's true strength that he has hidden for so long. At first she is delighted to know how strong he really is and asks him to join her to defeat the teams together. Her spirits fall when he tells her he only cares about his own region (Johto) and about finishing the bet. Upset by this, she yells at him and throws away the letter he wrote her and tears away the clothes he made for her. Fueled by anger, she trains with gym leader Winona to get strong enough to defeat her. Through another chain of events, Groudon and Kyogre are released into the world and cause havoc throughout Hoenn. Sapphire finds an injured pokemon and recruits it into her group. Sapphire desperately tries to find a way to go underwater, (finding out that theres a place there where she can find the team leaders.) While looking for a way to reach the underwater cavern, Ruby returns with new clothing for her and apologizes to her. He also explains to her that the pokemon she saved earlier (relicanth) could take them underwater to reach the cavern. Though still mad at him, she changes into her new clothing and goes with him underwater to defeat the team leaders. After a series of battles they're taken to the heart of all the action: Sootopolis, where Kyogre and Groudon continue thier battle. During the battle, Sapphire and Ruby are taken to Mirage island to train for their last battle against Maxie and Archie. After their training is complete, Sapphire confesses her love for Ruby. As the last battle begins, Ruby locks Sapphire away telling her that he loves her and always has. Ruby then reveals his scar to her and she realizes he's the same boy she has loved all those years ago. Eventually, the battle has come to an end and Ruby ends up saving the people who have lost their lives in the battle by using Celebi.
Later, Ruby and Sapphire are called to the battle fronteir to meet up with the last pokedex holder from Hoenn. They were sent there to befriend him, but find it much harder than they thought. Meanwhile, Sapphire is angered with Ruby because of an apperant memory loss he has had making him forget his confession to her and vice versa.
This is where it leaves off so far.

Pokemon: Blaziken, Agron, Tropius, Wailord, and Relicanth (at one point, she had a minun )
Other: N/A
RP Sample:
Sapphire got out of the car the other trainers took to the ski resort. She was glad to be out of there, normally she was used to traveling by using pokemon, this was new to her; of course, she didn't like it one bit. She stretched as she stepped out into the snow, her legs sank into it. It startled her, this was her first time seeing snow. She looked around, the other trainers were stretching their legs and getting their things out of the car. She stepped forward, kicking snow up into the air, and breathed in the icy fresh air. "I could get used to this." she said under her breath. The scenery was incredible, the mountians rose up all around, the trees covered lightly under a blanket of white snow. She began to feel the cold sink into her jacket and held it tight to her chest. She noticed it had a bit of fake fur around the hood and sleeves. Typical. She knew Ruby couldn't help himself in making the jacket as "girly" or "fluffy" as possible. "At least it's warm" she thought. She remembered the night before they left he went up to her room to deliver it, along with some snow outfits for each other. She remembered he wanted them to try them on to see how they'd look on her. She refused (which caused a bit of an arguement on the way up.) But still she brought them all along seeing as she didn't have any clothing made for the cold of her own.
She sighed, and walked up to him, he already had his pokemon out. She smiled at him, "of course he'd be happy, he always is."
the end? xD;;;;
(sorry if it seemed kinda long..... or short, I can't tell xP )

August 21st, 2008, 2:20 AM
(( Accepted! We may start the roleplay now! Someone else can do the first post, or I'll do it if no one wants to. :3

EDIT: I are starting it. ^-^))

As Red marched up the snow in order to get the to Ski Resort, he had some throughts in his mind. He didn't mind being here for Vacation, but he was one of the trainers who would have rather spend their vacation on a Beach than up here on the mountain. It wasn't like he disliked the cold, but he would rather be down there in the sun than be here cold on a mountain. Especially with those little rumors going on here and there, and the weather doesn't look that great either. He did not want to be frozen in ice again. No way. Not after what happened the last time he was frozen in ice. That injury took one of the dreams he had away from him, and he didn't want that to happen once more. Not to mention that he was petrified for Six Months. He really didn't want more of his life to fly by him, and it seems to like to do that. The small Pikachu was on his head, narrowing his eyes as he tried to look forward. They didn't know how much longer until they make it to the Ski Resort, but Red certainly didn't want to be in this cold weather anymore. Whatever conversation the others were having right now, he was not paying attention to it. Only thing he was really thinking of is the fact that his snow was bothering him, and he wants to go and get into the warmth of the building they were heading towards.However, the rumors back down at the city wasn't to be just washed away either. He was one that said they should just head on up there, since they were already at Snowpoint City. For a moment though, he could have sworn he heard the voice of an ice pokemon. It must have been one of the Sinnoh region, as he didn't have much information on those, even with the National Pokedex. Eventually the male couldn't help it but sigh. "How much longer until we're there?"Now, if he was frozen in ice for a few weeks, he was sure he would not be as moody about this little icey trip. Perhaps it'll chance while they're there, but for the moment Red would rather be on a beach soaking up the sun instead of walking up a mountain full of snow and perhaps dangerous Pokemon. Not to mention the weather. He couldn't even see the sun right now. Red should have really brought warmer clothes, but he really didn't have many warm clothes to pack.Why did the others choose this over the beach confused the boy, but he wouldn't want to argue about it now. He already did enough while they were discussing it...

August 23rd, 2008, 5:43 PM
My turn!

Emerald made his way to the front entrance of the resort. His shoes kept sinking into the snow which was driving him absolutely crazy. “This vacation better end soon” He grumbled to himself.

“Where is everyone else?” Emerald said as he looked around for the other pokedex owners. “Don't tell me I'm the first one here! And now I gotta wait for those slowpokes to get here!” He said angrily.

An older man walked up to Emerald, giving Emerald an odd look. “Where are you from, boy? You look like you came from a circus.” the old man said to Emerald. But Emerald wasn't amused.

“Shut it, I'm from Hoenn, not a circus! Don't make fun of me you old geezer!” Emerald hissed at the old man.

“I didn't mean to upset you, m'boy. But, hey. Wait a minute! You're that Emerald kid who defeated those Brains at the Battle Frontier, eh!” the old man said excitedly. “So what're you doing here at Snowpoint, laddie?”

Emerald hesitated before answering the old man, who was making him feel uncomfortable. “I'm here for a vacation....” Emerald was embarrassed to say that. It seemed so lame.

“A vacation, you say? My, my, but with your skills in Pokemon battles, you could probably fight off those irritated Pokemon....” the old man said in a hushed tone.

“Irritated Pokemon? Like what do you mean? Pokemon are getting violent around here?” Emerald questioned.

“Well I'd best be on my way.” the old man said as he walked away and disappeared along the snow path.....

Emerald stood silent as he watched the old man walk away. What was going on? Why did he bring up irritated pokemon to him and just walk away? Emerald decided if he was attacked by angry pokemon he could calm it down with his gun and soil bullets. Emerald shook a little and stood at the resorts front entrance, waiting for the others to show up.

August 23rd, 2008, 7:48 PM
Well…this was a massive waste of his time.

Pearl trudged up the steps to the resort, his suitcase slung over his shoulder. First, he was dragged all around Sinnoh on a trip to Mt. Cornet, and now this? He scowled, crossing his arms and tapping his fingers.

It had not been his idea to go on this trip to Snowpoint. Professor Rowan and Professor Oak had suggested it to the three as a way to learn about the Pokedex holders from the other regions. The other two had agreed readily, but Pearl would much rather be practicing his Manzai with Dia. Their failure at the Funny Grand Prix still stung him to this day; moreover, the two of them hadn’t had any time to practice since they joined up with "the Lady.” He ran through new routines in his head everyday, but they were still painfully far away from their goal at being the best comedy duo around.

He looked up at the massive resort, pausing for a moment. At least they would have a wide audience to practice for. The Professors had suggested that the three of them try to beat the rest of the kids there, since Sinnoh was their home region. They could show them "the amazing sights" in Snowpoint.

Pfft. Yeah right.

Pearl hardly knew anything about Snowpoint himself. He and Dia had hardly ever traveled away from Twinleaf Town, until they met the Lady.

Speaking of Dia...The blond glanced around, unable to spot his dopey companion. He sighed; the boy was probably still trying to catch up with him. "That Slowpoke...I bet he got distracted by some food-stand...OUCH!" Out of the Blue, a Buneary catapulted off his head, scurrying off into the forest. Pearl rubbed his head, grumbling. "What was that for...?" He had heard that the Pokemon had been skittish lately up in the mountains, but that fact was temporally lost in his irritation. He shivered involuntarily, heading inside toward the warmth.

((I expanded on my RP sample, huzzah! 8D))

August 23rd, 2008, 7:52 PM
Okay, MY TURN!

"C'mon, let's go you guys!"

Yellow sent out her pikachu, Chu Chu, and her Raticate, Ratty, as soon as she got very close to the resort. Many trainers and families were outside having a blast in the snow. Several trainers lets their pokemon out to play in the snow; some of the pokemon looked at bit bewildered by the strange white, cold substance surrounding them. Some trainers played with their pokemon, while others battled other trainers from different areas.


Yellow began to walk slowly now, watching everyone having fun. When she looked to her side, she noticed both of her pokemon were gone. Where are they? That question was soon answered when Yellow looked behind her and noticed Chu Chu and Ratty rolling in the snow, attempting to make snow angels. The result, however, were two deformed figures in the snow. "Haha, okay guys, I'll show you how to make one".

Without a word, the blonde haired trainer jumped into the snow, and began to move her arms and legs in an up and down motion. She soon got up and revealed the figure of an angel. Ironic, since her own pokemon and the pokemon living in the Viridian Forest consider her their guardian angel.

"That ought of do it."

A shiver ran down Yellow's spine, causing her to wrap her arms around herself. "Did it get colder?" She looked to her pokemon, who nodded in disagreement, saying that the temprature is still good. She turned her attention to the forest in Snowpoint. Something didn't feel right in her mind. Something was wrong.

"........I shouldn't let that bother me. I came to relax...."

Without looking back, Yellow entered the resort hotel.

August 24th, 2008, 9:15 AM
As she began to walk up the steps to the resort, Blue noticed a bird-like silhouette eerily perched on of the nearby snow-covered pine trees. Was it...watching her? Out of curiosity, Blue dug into her bag and pulled out a Pokeball which held a pink, rabbit-like Pokemon; Wigglytuff.

"Jiggly, go see who's watching us over there," she told it, pressing the button and releasing the Wigglytuff.

Jiggly inspected its curious white surroundings, then gently inflated itself one size bigger and drifted up towards the rather tall pine tree. Blue saw that it couldn't tell what its trainer was talking about. There was nothing up in the tree.

Floating back down again, the green-eyed Pokemon shrugged. "Wiggly," It commented.

Blue glanced up at the tree, noticing that the Pokemon had vanished. "Huh. There's nothing up there anymore?" She said, then turned back to Jiggly, who was looking awfully cold. "Hmmm. It must've fled or something. ....Are you shivering, Jiggly? If you return to your ball, I can let you back out when we're inside."

The Wigglytuff looked happy to oblige as it was beamed back into its Pokeball.

The brown-haired girl inspected the tree one last time, then continued to head up the large steps of the resort. Oh, well. It's probably just shy, she thought as she entered the resort and felt the wonderful warmth against her body.
Or maybe it was afraid of Jiggly! Blue almost giggled. It must be pretty weak if it was scared of such a sweet, pink-colored Pokemon.

All suspicious thoughts aside, it was time for her vacation to begin! Now if the other Dex Holders could just hurry up...

Cyan Goggles
August 24th, 2008, 2:55 PM
He didn't know why everyone had been complaining. It wasn't that cold.

Well, then again, Silver did dress warmer than the others most of the time. Not that he knew them too well. Or some of them, not at all. That was part of the purpose of this trip, he guessed. Why they where required to get all nice and comfy with these people, simply because they held similar devices, was beyond him. But, he didn't have much of a choice in the matter.

Yes, he'd have to settle with sitting (Or rather, sprawled out across) the couch in the lobby. Silver had already stopped by his room and left what little things he had in there. Among those things, his boots. The strongest pokemon on his team, and Silver's first, was curled up in his lap, very comfy. Sneasel had been somewhat fidgety, and Silver guessed it was because his species was native to this cold, dark area. In all honesty, it was for that very reason that the red-head had voted for the winter trip instead of the beach vacation.

August 26th, 2008, 11:09 PM
(Finally my turn to post the profile.^^)

Name: Gold
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Appearance: (X) (http://fc06.deviantart.com/fs17/f/2007/146/d/e/Gold_by_stardroidjean.png) (X) (http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs22/300W/f/2007/355/b/b/gold_and_aipom_by_chikyuuchan.jpg)

Personality: Gold is daring and temperamental. He act rash and sometimes mindless. By times it can happen that he runs into a situation without a plan. He is noisy and gets angry very easy. He’s good-hearted, but somewhat perverse. And he has a weakness for pretty girls. He play cards and billiard very good. (Sometimes he cheat to win) Silver is his best friend also Crystal. In Red he sees some kind of a mentor since he trained with him at Mt. Silver. As a breeder he has a strong bound with his pokemon. He see them all as buddy's.

History: Gold lives in New Bark Town with his Mother. His neighbours in refer to him as "the Pokémon Boy".He took Cyndaquil from Professor Birk to run after Silver as he stole Totodile. Gold fought the mask of ice in ilax forest. Together with Silver he got frozen in the lake of rage and later rescued by the legendary pokemon Entei. Gold got partner with Raikou and finally beat the mask of ice as he tried to catch Celebi to chance the time line. From Professor Oak he got the Pokedex and the title “The Breeder” as he found out Gold has good ability's in hatching egg's and raising strong pokemon.
Gold trained some time on Mt. Silver together with Red.

Pokemon: Aipom (Totaro),Typhlosion (Explotaro), Politoet (Poltaro), Sudowoodo (Utaro), Togepi (Togetaro), Pichu

Other: He usually wears a pair of goggles and travels on a scooter. Instead of throwing/kicking his Poké Balls, he uses a billiard cue to shoot them out. Gold's hobbies include gambling, skateboarding, and trying foods from different cities.

RP Sample: Snow… That was not what Gold wanted. It crunched under his feet while he was walking up to the hotel. Who the heck got the idea to go on vacation at the coldest point of earth? He moved his head up and looked to the sun. It didn’t bring warmth to the place were he was going.
The Pichu that was sitting on his cap was shuddering in the cold air.

“We’ll arrive soon, dude.” Gold said. He took the pokemon from his head and hold it warm under his jacket.
His skills of pokemon breeding comes always out to the strangest moments.

The beach. That’s what he imagined for Vacation… Not this.

Anger begins to raise up in him. That’s what the others always do. Telling him what he had to do and what not. They never let him make his own choices. He remember Red’s words: ‘If the others go to Snowpoint, I'll go too.’ Oh yes. Red was the only one Gold was listening to. And if Red goes there Gold would also go.

He reached the top of the mountain and saw the hotel lying between snowy trees and grey coloured rocks.
The smoke of the hot springs was floating to the cold air.

“There we are” Gold sighed and holding his arms a little bit stronger around his Pichu. So he step through the snow right to the hotel.

August 27th, 2008, 6:35 PM
(( Accepted. :D You may now join the fun~ ))

August 29th, 2008, 10:37 PM
omgomgomg, I never posted D: -bad persons-
here I am now!
Sapphire quickened her pace, still holding the jacket tightly to her breast, to try and catch up with Ruby (who was already some distance away.)
she tried to step in the already made paths the other trainers took so she could go around easily. Of course, the snow was still deep and made it a bit hard for her to move around.
As she began to catch up, she felt a strange presences. She quickly turned and looked around.
Nothing out of place.....
She turned back on to her path, but couldn't help but think someone or something just passed them by....
even so, she trudged on.
She finally caught up to Ruby, who was happily walking up casually to the resort with his pokemon while she practically ran up.
"oh well" she thought, "he's more used to stuff like this than I am" she said.
Ruby had always wanted to take her on vacation.
He said she was to "stiff" or something. (maybe it was just her heightened senses that made her aware of every little thing.)
she asked him to stop so she could catch her breath.
The cold air seemed to make it harder to breathe.
a bit short >.=.<;

August 31st, 2008, 5:25 PM
(( It's alright, SilverDragonLaura. It still meets the requirements. ^_^ ))

It wasn't long until Red noticed the lodge ahead of him. He looked up at the Pikachu on his head. "We're almost there, Pika! When we get inside, let's find a fire so we can get warmed up." Pika nodded his head in agreement. The male stomped on forward towards the lodge again, before heading something from the distance. Spooking the male just slightly, he turned to see if it was perhaps one of the other members of who was coming, or if it was just his imagination. Pika also looked around, it's ears perked as it did so.

The male looked up at the Pikachu. "You heard that, right?" "Pikachu..." Pika replied, looking around once more. Neither of them saw anything, so they plundered forwards towards the lodge once again.

However as they continued forwards, they felt the wind suddenly getting much colder. Almost like an Ice Wind attack. Red almost cursed as he tried to keep himself warm, knowing that he should have at least brought a jacket with him. He heard rumors about what was happening up in the mountains, but he didn't really want to believe any of it. Especially not after losing the battle of weather or not they should go to the beach or up to a ski resort. Red was going to find a way to have fun here, though he would probably want to spend most of his time around a fire.

Being frozen in any type of way is something Red doesn't not want to go through again.

Finally, after trudging through the snow and icy winds, Red managed to make it to the lodge. Walking in, he shook off the snow that was on his clothing and looked around for the fire, and other members of the Pokedex holders and such.

September 1st, 2008, 9:09 AM

"AHHH!!!" Yellow stretched; releived that they were finally out of the cold and snow.
Next to here, Ratty and Chuchu both stretched, as if imitating their trainer.
"Let's go sign in and wait in the lobby for the others."

Yellow began to make her way towards the front desk, where she was greeted by the receptionist.
"Hello. Do you have a reservation?"
"What is your name?"
"Alrighty then. My goodness, you have a large group with you as well.."
"Yes, we're all on vacation."
"I see. Well, here is the key to your room. Thank you for staying with us!"

Yellow slowly made her way to the lobby, filled with trainers and pokemon alike, sheltering themselves from the cold weather outside. Before the blonde haired trainer can go any further into the lobby, she stopped to listen on a conversation.

"Hang on buddy, let me get that."
A young boy was busy trying to hold his Growlithe's paw, which seemed to have a small cut. The growlithe pulled away in pain, licking it's paw.
"Aww, don't do that Griz, it can get infected..."

Yellow couldn't let that trainer try to heal his growlithe all by himself.

"Excuse me." She said "What's wrong?"
The boy looked up at her and began with his story. "While on our way up the mountain, Griz scraped his paw on a sharp piece of ice and cut himself. Now, he won't let me heal it.."
Yellow gave the boy a soft smile. "It's alright, I can help."
The boy beamed with happiness. "Really?"
"Yes." Yellow kneeled down to the growlithe's size, petting the puppy pokemon on the head to soothe it. Griz seemed very relaxed now. "Okay Griz, hold still......" Yellow put her hand over the pup's paw and closed her eyes. A dim light eminated from her hand to the pokemon's paw, closing up the wound. The boy stood in amazement as the cut disappered from sight.
"Alright, he should be okay now." Yellow said as she stood up.

"Thank you!" The boy exclaimed.

Yellow walked away from the two, heading towards the couches in the lobby. "It's good to see such a close bond between pokemon and trainers, isn't it Chuchu?"
The yellow mouse nodded in agreement.

As she got closer, she began to notice a familiar face. A red-haired boy in a black coat was laying across one of the couches, petting his Sneasel as they began to fall asleep......


Cyan Goggles
September 6th, 2008, 1:04 PM
Silver was snapped from his reading world, by all the sudden (to him) noise. When did all these other people get here?

Well, whatever. The boy closed his book, sat up, and shoved it into his back pocket. Time to start looking fro some familiar faces. He had not been told what the new dex holders looked like, or names, even. Just that they would all be meeting up to have "a wonderful, well deserved vacation"! Who even came up with this idea anyway? Silver's eyes scanned the now crowded room. Maybe there was a convention this weekend or something. Very unfortunate for them.

Sneasel tugged at his pant leg. Right. This weekend wasn't about pouting around being irritating. It was about going with the flow and relaxing in the hopes that the other's would be happy. But Sneasel wasn't tugging his leg to remind him of that. His claw pointed to across the room, to the blonde.

Oh, that was Yellow, right? Oh, who was he kidding, of course it was. The only blonde he knew. His hand raised to wave a little, unsurely. At least he recognized someone

September 6th, 2008, 4:21 PM
Blue stood in the lobby near the doorway, surveying the resort. She lowered her heavy bag to the floor. There wasn't anyone recognizable among the crowd of people that had suddenly gathered. She glanced at the PokeBall she was holding in her hand. From inside it, Jiggly looked at her expectantly.

"Oh, right." Blue released the pink Pokemon, smiling. The Wigglytuff's ears perked up, listening to the many noises and mixed conversations of the people in the resort.
Blue patted Jiggly's head. "I'll release the others when we get the key to our room."

"Tuff." Jiggly nodded.

The girl continued to glance around the spacious room until something caught her eye; a lone figure sitting on one of the lobby's couches. Long red hair, black jacket, accompanied by a Sneasel. Blue recognized that face anywhere! She grinned, turning towards the boy's direction.

"Silver!" Blue called happily. She picked up her bag again and headed to the lobby's couches, followed by Jiggly.

September 6th, 2008, 4:51 PM
Pearl was never prone to shyness, but if there was ever a time to catch some stage-fright, it was right now.

Pearl leaned against a wall, watching as the PokeDex holders gathered one by one. He glanced at his own Pokedex, checking the pictures against the people gathering. "So, the red-haired one is Silver...the blond is Yellow...and the brunette is Blue..." Pearl scowled to himself, his heart pounding in his chest. Why was everyone older than him? He had his doubts about the one named Yellow, but the Pokedex said her age was 14.

He fiddled with his green scarf, wishing that he could merge with the shadows. What was he supposed to say to all these great and famous trainers?

'Why hello, my name is Pearl! I'm not that good at battling yet, but wait until you hear my jokes!'

Pearl sighed, tugging at his blond bangs. He wished that Dia hadn't taken his time in making his way to the resort...he could use a little back up.

Movement at his side tore him from his thoughts; he looked down, spotting Chimlord thrashing in his Pokeball. A small smile spread across his lips; he released the Infernape, the Pokemon smiling at the boy. "Okay, okay. I get it." Even without Dia next to him, Pearl and Infernape had been through a lot together. Pearl clenched his fist, grinning determinedly. "This is nothing compared to the Grand Prix!" The vacation would only last for a short while. He would grin and bare it.

Pearl approached the three trainers, an easy smile on his face. If he was forced to be a good host for the trainer's vacation, he could at least act like it. "Welcome to Sinnoh!"

September 7th, 2008, 10:26 AM
Crystal made her way down the stairs of the lodge to the lobby, hoping she wouldn't have to stop and talk ... dang. The lobby was full of people, including some familiar faces. She spotted Yellow, Blue, and Silver in the mix, and chewed her lip irritatedly. Maybe she could make it outside, finish her job, and come back inside before anyone noticed her and realized she was famous. It wasn't that she didn't want to talk, it was that work came first. She saw Yellow had noticed her and was waving her over. Crystal made her way resignedly over for politeness's sake and hoped this would be quick.

A blond-haired boy with a green scarf whom she hadn't noticed before was leaning against a wall, fiddling nervously with a Pokedex. Crystal waved back to Yellow and sat down on the edge of the couch, pulling out the notes Professor Oak had given her on the other Pokedex holders. She already knew Blue, Yellow and Silver, but not the other boy ... ah. His name was Pearl, and he was from Twinleaf Town. She watched him glance up at them, then back at the machine, and resolved to ask him about the Sinnoh Pokemon sometime, and perhaps even copy the data from his Dex into hers. It would certainly make her life easier.

Again, she found her mind drifting upon the rumors she had heard. Agitated Pokemon... She frowned. Anything getting in the way of her on the job would be in trouble. She just hoped it wasn't another villain...

September 7th, 2008, 11:57 AM
Finally after tromping through the snow, which seemed like forever, Ruby was finally at the Ski Resort. Looking back on how far he walked he saw Sapphire running with all her might up behind him.

She always was like that always in a hurry or trying to beat someone. At least she remembered to wear clothes to a place that had snow. I might have to remind her not to eat the yellow snow. Ruby thought to himself.

She finally caught up and they walked in the door together. Upon emerging into the lobby he saw a big group of people, PokeDex holders, thats what they had to be, well he knew thats who they were, he had seen statues, which turned out to be them petrified, at the Battle Frontier.

Ruby casually walked up to them and sat down his bag, then he looked up at everyone and reached into his bag and pulled out 13 snowsuits all the same design, but each a different color. "I Made you all matching snowsuits!" Ruby exclaimed as he handed them out. The snowsuits were pretty big and fluffy Ruby still wondered how he fit them all into his bag. It reminded him of a clown car, how a bunch of clowns fit into one small car. It's no wonder he didn't pull Emerald out of his bag too, he is so small.

ooc-You guys can pick which color snowsuit you want mine is red.

Cyan Goggles
September 7th, 2008, 2:15 PM
Urk. URK! Too many people!

Before Silver knew what was going on, he was pulled into a group with Blue and Yellow. Damn. Now he couldn't just sneak away when he had had enough. Blue would certainly make sure of that. When the crowd got to be just too much, the red-head recalled his Sneasel. Wouldn't want him to get lost/stolen/uncomfortable.

Inching closer to the one person he knew, comfortably, Silver took another look around the lobby. People seemed to be arriving around the same time. Somebody would start conversation eventually. Right?

Before Silver knew it, there was a boy (Ruby... right?) Shouting in the middle of the room something about snow suits. Ignore. That was another person to add to the list of "People Who Have No Shame," Gold holding top spot.

September 7th, 2008, 3:13 PM
Everyone was trying on the snowsuits that Ruby had made. Ruby looked through the crowed of people he saw Silver(he had made sure to memorize everyone) standing there being quiet(as usual). Ruby grabbed a black snowsuit and threw it on Silver.

"Like it?" Ruby asked talking fast. "You must I made it myself!"

Silver just did nothing.

"I'll take that as you like it!" Ruby exclaimed.

Am I being wierd, maybe he thinks I'm girly, I don't know why though? I of all people acting girly?
Nah he must just be in a bad mood.

September 9th, 2008, 3:35 AM
Gold throws open the door and stepped in without closing it. Also he didn't clean up his shoes so that he leaves a couple of snowy footsteps behind him as he walked through the lodge right to the lobby. He was still in a bad mood and even the warmth of the fireplace couldn't raise it up. Pichu began to struggle under his jacket and Gold opened it so that the pokemon could jump out. "PI-CHU" It yelled out and runs direct to the other edge of the lobby. Yellow's Pikachu was there and Gold knows that his Pichu just wanted to welcome his Mother. He passed some unknown people as he makes his way through the lobby so that he could reach the group of other pokedex holders. They were standing on the other site of the room. Gold realized some familiar faces and his mood raised up immediately. He joined his friends and poked Silver's cheek. "Guess who is here!" Gold grinned. "Your good old buddy." Then he stepped between Blue and Crystal where he put his one arm around Blue's shoulder and his other arm around Crystals shoulder. "And now I'm going to enjoy my vacation together with you all." Maybe this could turn out better then he first thought...

September 9th, 2008, 3:50 PM
Having reached the other side of the room, Blue dropped her bag on the floor. Jiggly wandered off to where Yellow's Pikachu was, which Blue didn't mind. Obviously it just wanted to chat with other Pokemon.

After watching her Wigglytuff drift to the spot where Yellow's Pikachu was, a light blue jacket was suddenly flung at Blue. She caught it, then looked around to identify the coat-thrower. After a minute of looking around, her eyes rested on a boy. Not just any boy, it was another PokeDex Holder! He had scarlet red eyes, and looked about twelve. Remembering the list of Dex Holder's names, Blue realized his name was Ruby. Obviously, this kid had a lot of guts tossing coats at his seniors. A bit of an eccentric, this boy.

Before Blue could respond to her fellow PokeDex Holder, an arm wrapped tightly around her shoulder. She turned around, startled, then realized the arm belonged to yet another one of her peers; Gold. Blue wasn't exactly fond of him. She didn't have very many pleasant memories that came to mind when she thought of Gold, either. Ugh.

Remembering how protective Silver (who was nearby, apparently) is in the situation of other boys coming near her, Blue shook Gold off, in hopes of sparing him a few injuries.

September 9th, 2008, 4:05 PM
Yellow seemed caught off guard.
One minute, she's waving hello to Silver.
The next minute, she's surrounded by her friends, and a boy she's never seen before.

She looked down at her feet, looking at ChuChu and Pichu playing together. A happy reunion between a mother and her son.

She noticed Gold has wrapped his arms around both Crystal and Blue, agitating Silver a little bit.
She also noticed Ruby, who like always, was his eccentric-self. He even went to the trouble of making them all matching snow suits.

She turned her attention to the boy named Pearl.
He seemed a bit annoyed with the fact that the attention was turned away from him to Gold.

Yellow walked up to Pearl and began to talk.


Cyan Goggles
September 9th, 2008, 4:15 PM
Oops. Lost Yellow. But gained... ugh... Gold. Lovely.

Before Silver could protest to Gold getting all too friendly with his "big sister," he was forced into one of the suits by the younger Dex holder.

... He didn't have to wear it, did he? It might not be as bad if Silver didn't already have his jacket on, and they weren't indoors. In a small attempt to be at least polite, he did mutter an honest, " Thanks," before turning back maybe talk to someone sane. Was that too much to ask? Really? Just one sane person? There was always Blue, but she was busy, and Silver didn't blame her.

But he never did.

Man, now it was getting hot. Again, as not to offend, Silver unzipped his new jacket. At least it was black, right? Not a bad color. With so many people, he didn't really know who to talk to, who was going to be distracted, and who was waiting for other people. He noticed, however, the stairs that went up to the upper deck where mostly bare. He'd climb those in an effort to see who got there when, and to see when people where alone and approachable.

September 15th, 2008, 7:34 PM
Emerald made his way into the hotel, which was packed with people. Could there really be that many people there for vacation? He wasn't to sure. He decided to go to the check-in counter.

“Excuse me, Miss. Have any of these people checked in yet?” Emerald asked the woman while handing over list of the other pokedex holders names.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, there have been quite a few.” she answered.

“Do you know where they might be right now?” Emerald asked.

“No, I'm sorry, sir.” she said to Emerald.

“Oh. Really? You don't? Oh well.” He turned to walk away when the woman started to say somehting.

“Wait! If I recall correctly, I think a young man named Red just checked in. He may be somewhere in the main lobby.”

“Red? Yeah, thanks for your help Miss! Laters!” He walked away and went deeper through the crowd and into the main lobby.

“Red, Red, Red. Well I'm assuming he's wearing the color...red.” Emerald said to himself as he looked around the lobby.

"I don't see him.... I guess he left somewhere. Oh well." Emerald said to himself. He kept walking along when he saw a blonde-haired boy with a green scarf around his neck....Pearl? He never met the Sinnoh dex holders, but he had been told about them.
Emerald made his way over to him.
"Hello, Pearl!" Emerald said while shooting confetti at Pearl out from his magic hand.