View Full Version : Digimon: Mystery Dungeon Dawn and Dusk

August 16th, 2008, 11:15 AM
Hi im here to just to give someone an idea of a game.

You wake up as a Digimon (of which was chosen by the quiz at the begining) and theres a giant Digimon ( a big Devimon) is reking havok in the digital world. you meet up with another digimon you chose after the quiz and he/she wants to start a rescue team to help other digimon in danger.

Digimon you can be and chose for a partner

All the digidestineds digimon and black agumon and black guilmon.

Other Stuff You Could Add

You could requite by the scan data like in digimon ds.
Digiegg hatching (you could find them or get given them)
the ability to go to the real world after you beat the digimon king (you chose the supieror digimon when you make the game i cant think)

Can a person close this thread now please.

Pm me for any other ideas.