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August 26th, 2008, 2:58 PM
Reality Check: Bringing Pokémon Into Reality
(Rated "PG-15" for Violence (Warfare, Gangs, etc.), Some Strong Language - you just can't sugar-coat reality...)

Section I: Plotline

Imagine, if you will, waking up one morning. It's a normal day wherever you are, be it Moscow, Washington, London, Sydney, or wherever else you may live. The sun is out, clouds streak across the sky... but you want to wake up a bit yet, so you grab some breakfast and turn on the television. The specialty channels are all business-as-usual, but the news networks catch your attention somehow...

“Reports are coming in from all across the Mid-Atlantic states, all describing multiple rolling blackouts. Accompanying them are what appear to be many floating metallic masses, resembling steel balls with protruding screws and horseshoe magnets. Hundreds of witnesses thus far have all reported seeing these strange things, and it is likely a full investigation will be conducted by the Department of Energy-“
“The English Channel now seems to be home to a very peculiar type of goldfish, according to one local fisherman. The specimen he managed to reel in is about two to three times larger than the average human hand, and appears to have a more elegant figure than its smaller cousin. Scientists at Cambridge will be studying this new fish in an attempt to ascertain exactly what it is and where it came from-“
“’We are not conducting genetic experiments on animals, nor are we attempting to force their evolution. To do so would be completely inhumane, and to insinuate such is ludicrous!’ Those were the words of Army Medical Corps Gen. Douglas Reynolds, spoken shortly before the videotaped press conference encountered an entity that seemed to teleport wildly around the hall-“
“An official statement from the Japanese government indicates that a research team from Tokyo has managed to isolate an abnormally large bird strongly resembling descriptions of the mythical phoenix, yet shortly after it was contained, it was able to break free and escape all detection. All attempts to radio-tag the bird failed, as they disintegrated before even making contact with its body-“

If you actually saw these reports coming over CNN or SKY News, what would you think was going on? The end of the world, maybe? Or perhaps the start of a new one?

Welcome to Reality Check, a real-world implementation of the concept of Pokémon. The people and places are real, and current events are all real with slight alteration to account for the existence of Pokémon. The only fiction is your character and the Pokémon of the world, plus any NPCs created for the sole purpose of this RPG. So come on in, establish yourself in the world. Set it straight or push it into a downward spiral. The choice is yours.

Section II: Character Sheet

For your character sheets, you'll need to go into as much detail as possible. Certainly, there are some fields that will only have a one-word or one-line item, but for those centering around your personality, appearance and occupation, you'll need to be as specific as you can be.

Your Name
Character Age/Birthday
Location (City, State/Province, Country)
Appearance (DETAILS!)
Personality (Again, DETAILS!)
Other Items of Note (Pieces of information such as what first clued you into events, what sort of Pokémon you first encountered, etc. - be reasonable! If something doesn't fit into a particular category but still needs to be mentioned, feel free to put it here. If you don't have anything to include in this field, go ahead and omit it.)
Pokémon Parties will be picked up as you go through the RP. Again, be reasonable, but remember that in this world, Pokéballs do not exist - that said, not all of you will be out to "catch 'em all." You'll need to use other methods of convincing them to join you in your quest.

Species (its actual name)
Nickname (if applicable)
Nature (Akin to your character's Personality)
Where'd You Meet? (Keep this reasonable; no Geodudes found in the middle of the ocean or anything)
Any Other Information (Same as the similar field from your character's description. Use as necessary.)
Movelists will be reasonably inferred based on Pokémon elements, body type, and other influencing characteristics. Parties are not restricted in size, but local law enforcement and/or military forces may, at the very least, look more closely at people with a multitude of Pokémon in their group.

And, if you ever have any doubt, feel free to ask a GM or a seasoned player. We're here to help, and above all else, have fun!

Section III: Policy and Rules

When posting in one of the roleplay's story threads, use the following format, in addition to the Rules-dictated paragraph system:

Bold - Your current location in terms of city, state/province, and/or country. (Ex: Washington, DC, United States)
Italic - Further detailing of your location, in terms of landmarks and such. You can utilize tools such as Google Maps to help in this. Also use this to note down air/sea travel, while still indicating a land-based or sea-based landmark that can be referenced. (Ex: Washington Monument, Reflecting Pool)

Your actual roleplaying post will follow two lines under the landmark detailing. Again, observe the paragraph rule as written in the forum rules.

This will be very straightforward: you will receive one warning for violating the Pokécommunity Roleplay Rules. If you continue to violate the rules, you will be reported and your character will be removed from the story in a manner that does not disrupt the flow of the roleplay. If, however, you are making a serious effort to correct any deficiencies, we may be lenient, to a degree. Do not mistake this for naivete.

(Note for the Mods: This is designed to be a largely multi-thread roleplay, and will require a lot of organization. Likelihood is that this will become the primary thread for North America, and the OOC/Roleplay Rules/Joining content will be moved to a thread in the Lounge, along with links to all relevant and active threads. If further changes need to be made, feel free to advise me via PM.)

August 28th, 2008, 7:00 AM
Scott Musgrove

12/2nd Feburary


Scott is very tall for his age, standing at 169 cm. He has a regular build, not that muscely, yet not fat. He has farely tanned skin and brown hair that he ussually flicks so it looks like an "Elvis" flick. He has bronze glasess and his face is slightly spotty. He ussually wears bright, fashionable clothes. A stripy top and blue denim jeans are his fairoute items of clothing. he also wears blue, denim baseball boots. if it gets cld, he wears a long, brown coat and if it is even colder, he wears a stripy scarf, similar to his top. At formal events, he wears a black, buttoned top and black trousers with a white, velvet tie.

Scott is always happy. he can laways be seen with a large smile on his face, unless someone is in danger. he hates it when people are upset and cares about everyone dearly, may they be his best firends or his arch nemesis. He is also very intelligent for his age with an IQ of 131.5. He can also be a bit of a show off, which gets on peoples nerevs. He is also very funny and likes cheering people up.
Scott was sitting in his house at night when suddenly, a huge mothim flew nto his living room. Later that day, he was watching the news when a Spinirak was found in his bath tub.

Mismagius is very mischievous, making people scared all the time and occasionally running off, but never from her trainer.
Mismagius was the first pokemon Scott captured. As a misdreavus, she was found in the thick, extremly big forest near his house, at night.
Scott found her fainted, so he took her back to his house, secretly, and restored her to full health, that is why she is so fond of him.

Ninetales is very secritive. She is not shy, but mysterious, not running up or attacking oncoming Pokemon or People straight away.
Ninetales was met as a Vulpix, also in the forest near were Scott lives, at night.
Ninetales is his second Pokemon.

Yanmega is very tough. He is cool and is sometimes arrogant but extremly strong. He is one of the "it" crowd.
Scott met Yanmega as a Yanma at a pond not far from his house.
Yanmega is his third Pokemon.

Drapion was very jolly as a Skorupi, but became mean as a Drapion, not a bully, but very determined.
Drapion was met as a Skorupi. it was lost and Scott helaed its wounds. he is sure it was another Trainers Pokemon.
Drapion is Scotts 4th Pokemon.

I am gonna catch some more Pokemon, but I'm, not sure what they are yet. if you want me to put them down aswell, just ask. I can't be bothered right now but I might be if I have to ^^

August 28th, 2008, 8:50 AM
Your Name: Johan Lindh
Character´s Age/Birthday: September 9th, 1991 (17 yo.)
Location: Finland/Konstu
Appearance: Johan is very colourful personality who doesn´t hesitate to show it up and he often does it trough his clothes. His favorite clothes are a non-sleeved gray t-shirt that has an orange coloured cross in it and dark orange coloured tight jeans. Sometimes he wears also a jacket and a scarf but he never wear anykind of hat as it would ruin his hair style. His hair are grass green and he loves to dye his hair depending on the time of the year. As he is a dancer and model he often changes his hair style but mostly he likes to have a tuft of hair on his head that point up a bit and others always likes to joke aboyt it which makes Johan very angry.
Personality: Johan is into fashion and and dancing as he is in fit and he´s got eye for mode and he is also very good at drawing and in many other school subjects as he is studying in the High School of Lauritsala and has just started out the second year. He is very kind and he respect older people but he also has the rebellion side that doesn´t come out that much as he is a bit shy around not-that-familiar people. He loves to joke and he has only few friends who to hang around with but he doesn´t feel himself lonely at least not in the school. He has the dark and ambitious side that lurks inside him and Johan is usually afraid to show it to others but sometimes it comes out naturally.

Species: Glameow (female)
Nickname: Nyarma
Nature: Timid
Where'd You Meet?: Johan would meet Nyarma for the first time in his life when he would be walking at the closest bus stop on his way to school when he would see Nyarma lying on the grass and carry it at his home into his room. Johan would take care of it and give it a proper home where to rest as it clearly wasn´t fine and laterwards Nyarma would join Johan as it would be very graceful. Johan´s parents would accept it as a part of the family and build it a house where it could train and gain its powers back and where it would be able to play without breaking anything important.

Species: Eevee (male)
Nickname: -
Nature: Relaxed
Where'd You Meet?: Johan would meet Eevee near in the forest where he likes to walk everyday as it would be beaten by some other pokémons and rescued by Johan. It doesn´t care that much of training or practising like Nyarma would as it considers itself to be enough strong to beat anyone or anything. Normally Johan would take it with himself into school too as it would be enough small and would fit in his bag just fine.

Any Other Information: Johan has lived all his life in Finland and he loves the nature and the four seasons of Finland but he also wants to travel around the world. His two big brothers and three big sisters live all around Finland but he still lives in the house of his parents with his little brother and two cats as their pets. His parents doesn´t hang around the house that often as they work almost 16 hours in a day and they doesn´t have time for their children.

Say if I have to improve some parts in my sign-up... :D

August 28th, 2008, 8:54 AM
this seems intresting but im confused on how we obtain pokemon. Do we start with one or two or will we get them later in the RP? And if we do start with pokemon how many can we have?

Slave to the Poké-Rave
August 28th, 2008, 11:43 AM
Seems interesting, but I dont think we shuld start with pokemon, as they are supposed to only be appearing now. More a story of our characters meeting and befriending them.

Zeta Sukuna
August 28th, 2008, 12:07 PM
Your Name: Christopher Notte
Character Age/Birthday: March 11, 1990(19 yrs old.)
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Appearance: Being a High School grad looking for work, he makes himself look more professional. His hair is a dark brown and is a little wavy, and his eyes are a light shade of blue. His skin tone is a light tan from living in Phoenix and always being outside. He wears a long tan shirt with the word 'lost' on it. His pants are a light tan and reach down to the laces of his shoes.

Personality: Chris is kind of adventurous and wants a career that involves travel, but since he doesn't have enough money to go to college, so he travels the country to look for work, and doesn't really mind it, as long as he holds enough money to travel. Chris hates the kind of person that puts down on other people because of social status, or race. In reguards to beliefs, he isn't sure if there is a God or not, but he really doesn't care. Chris also hates his brother since he thinks that Akira, and Trapinch are demons that should be destroyed... and for accidentally killing his dog when they were seven. (Chris's brother was scarred for life)

Other Items of Note: Chris found out about this whole phonomonon by saving Mudkip at Lake Mead. Also, Chris has played the first generation of Pokemon.

Species: Mudkip
Nickname: Akira
Nature: Bold

Where'd You Meet: On a trip to Las Vegas, Chris found Mudkip near Lake Mead getting beaten up by a couple of kids of around 14 years of age. So, feeling sorry for the creature Chris helped it out and lectured the kids, and when that didn't work he grabbed the Mudkip and drove off. After restoring it to full health, Chris let the Mudkip go, but the pokemon didn't want to leave, so he stayed with Chris and kept him company as they went back to Phoenix.

Any Other Information: Akira doesn't like very many kids because of the two punks that beat it until it nearly died. Chris's brother tried to burn Akira at one time... but it obviously didn't work.

Species: Trapinch
Nickname: N/A
Nature: Timid

Where'd You Meet: After leaving Las Vegas, and thirty miles from home, Chris's car ran out of gas, so he had to walk back a few miles to get some gas. On the way though, there was an attack by a robber who had obtained a pokemon and was intending to steal everything of Chris' using his Trapinch, but Mudkip was able to beat the sand bug. The robber cursed before running away, leaving Trapinch there. So Chris helped Trapinch out and healed it to full health, but that caused him to stay and fight off other pokemon, coyotes, ect for a few days, and it got him fired from his job, but Chris didn't find that out until he got home.

Any Other Information: Chris's brother never tried to kill Trapinch, probably since he is trying to kill Akira.

August 28th, 2008, 7:35 PM
Ooohhhh I want to join and yeah how many pokemon cna we have at first???? Here is my SU

Maximillion Grovesbeard
11/13 August

Max is short for his age. He is about 4 foot 2 and weighs about 90lbs. He has blonde hair that is about jaw line. He wears a red shirt, black pants, white shoes, a red hat, and a necklace with an alligator's tooth on it. He also has a bite mark on his right arm from the alligator he got the tooth from. He also has a pair of goggles he wears sometimes but usually has them around his neck.

Max is very creative. He usually is found reading books, writing stories, day dreaming, or writing in his journal. He prefers to be in the South(Florida,Georgia,Alabama,etc.) rather then in the West(Arizona, New Mexico, California,etc.) due to the fact that his dad was in the military and was stationed out there and he hated it other then the friends he made. He loves the South with it's musty smell and it always rains. Alot more there then in Arizona atleast.

Max has 2 brothers both older then he is. One is 16 who jsut got his license and the other one is 15.

Pokemon Team:

Species: Pikachu
Nature: Pikachu is very serious. He will be goofy when there is nothing to do but when he has to he'll get very serious.
Where'd you meet?: Max met Pikachu one day when he was out in the rain and noticed a weird animal that was hurt. He took it in and bendadged it up, gave it food and water, and gave it a place to sleep when he heard the news about the weird animals.
Other Info: Max's brothers tried to get Sparky out of the house because they were jealous that he had a pokemon and they didn't.

Nature: Treeko is very laid back. He is very good at battling but usually because he is very flexible and can move in all kinds of directions.
Where'd you meet?: Max met Treeko when him and his family(including Sparky) went on a trip to the Everglades in Florida. Treeko was being chased by an alligator because he was to close to it's nest. Max then ran and got Treeko out of the way. Treeko wouldn't let go of his pants leg then and still wouldn't leave by night's fall.

August 28th, 2008, 7:53 PM
Seems interesting, but I dont think we shuld start with pokemon, as they are supposed to only be appearing now. More a story of our characters meeting and befriending them.
Agreed, and I thought that I noted this in the initial post - rather clearly, at that. Keep any parties that you posted in mind, as you'll have to go through the RP itself before you even get anything. Until then, you're all more or less "... wtf?" about what's going on.

August 28th, 2008, 8:13 PM
Name: Kade Blake
Age/Birthday: 26th January, 1993 (15)
Location: Sydney, Australia

Appearance: Kade stands at 6'1, weighs 65 kilos and was a rather sturdy build. He has pitch black hair which is shorter at the back and grows into an "emo" fringe at the front, covering his right eye. He has sky blue eyes, which really stand out with the help of black eye liner.
His lightly tanned skin is slightly weathered from years of mistreatment. His usual attire consists of a tight black t-shirt accompanied by a beige scarf, dark blue skinny jeans held up by a black studded belt and converse low-tops worn over white ankle socks. When it's cold he wears a tight white, grey and black striped jumper.

Personality: Kade is rather quiet and doesn't like to talk much, he has lived on the streets for 3 years and usually steals for survival.
His current "home" is actually anywhere that he can get comfortable, for warmth during cold nights he sleeps on night trains... trying to avoid the security guards.

Other Items of Note: Kade first became aware of the "Pokemon" when he was wandering through the back streets of Sydney and he ran into a Pichu, who was looking for food in an overturned garbage can.


Species: Pichu (Male)
Nickname: N/A

Nature: Pichu is the complete opposite to Kade, he is cheerful and friendly. He loves hugs from Kade, even though Kade never hugs back and wants to be the centre of attention all the time.

Where'd You Meet? - In a back street of Sydney's inner city, Pichu was looking for food when Kade stumbled upon him. Pichu became scared and scurried off, but chose to follow Kade... they both didn't have any true "home" so Kade decided to let Pichu stay with him.

Any Other Information: Pichu has a tuft of fur on the top of his head which is longer than the rest of his fur. He also has a black spot on his right eye which resembles the eye liner around Kade's eyes.

August 28th, 2008, 8:18 PM
ok thats what i thought. i was just confused because people were adding their teams. You can expect a sign-up tomorrow!

August 28th, 2008, 10:45 PM
Your Name: Nathan Specter
Character Age/Birthday: 18, November 16th, 1989
Location: Surprise, Arizona, US
Appearance: Nathan stands at approximately six feet and weighs an average 194 pounds. His slim appearance off-sets his choices to wear mostly baggy clothing consiting ov t-shirts and jeans. He ocassionally wears an over shirt or something to that effect. His hair is brown, short, and flipped at the forehead where his hairline forms a slight widow's peak. His equally brown goatee frames his chin as his blue eyes seem like jewels on the contrast of his tanned skin.

Personality: Nathan is pretty easy-going. He has been a long-time lover of the arts and a marginally successful actor. These endeavors of his contribute to the quirky aura he exudes. Playful and never afraid to have fun, Nathan attends many social events and never really has much trouble enjoying life.

He wasn't always like this, however. Through elementary school and junior high, he was a timid little kid. He never got many friends and he just stayed incredibly introverted. This behavior has stated to show again now that he has left high school and has started college. He will eventually be out of this phase, but it is something he doesn't really like about himself.

His easygoing personality, however, has led him to be ill-prepared for the sudden outbreak of odd creatures around the world. Not knowing what they are, he starts to live life in sudden fear. Hoping that they don't come to a measly little state like Arizona. He doesn't understand them and therefore fears them. He will soon learn they are not to be feared, but for now he is bordering on terrified.

Other Items of Note: Nathan, as stated before, is scared of the POKeMON events on TV. His first encounter nearly makes him flee the school campus until he realizes Ralts means no harm. (How this message is brought across... you will see. ;))


Species: Ralts
Nature: Quirky
Where'd You Meet?: His college's performing arts stage while he was cleaning up. (Hasn't happened yet, but it will.)
Other Details: Ralts can be... well.... Ralts. Like most of them, he is shy, but if you get him to open up then he is, oddly, a huge party animal. Kind of like how Nathan was at the start of high school and is now that he is starting college.

August 28th, 2008, 11:43 PM
This looks cool!

Name: Tobias 'Ace' Enigma
Character Age/Birthday: 15/11/1993
Location: Palmerston North, New Zealand
Appearance: Toby stands at about 5 ft 11, has a slim build. His eyes are deep blue, and his ruffled long brown hair is greasy. He wouldn't be classed as classically 'handsome' but is a reasonably good-looking. When looking at him, the first thing you notice about him is his eyes. They differ as he changes moods. When hes happy, they light up. When hes bored, they glaze over. When he is particulary curious or unrelenting, it is said to be like he is looking into your soul.
His normal clothes include a pair of black-denim jeans, a light shirt imprinted with a Flight of the Conchords Logo and a pair of NIKE sneakers. He also wears a pair of birght yellow fingerless gloves.
Personality: Toby is usaully an upbeat happy guy. He is extremely imagnitive, creative and smart,inventive and resourceful. Hes also mischevous, and gets into trouble for it. He enjoys relaxing though, and is not uptight. However, being the age he is, he can get a bit moody, and lose his temper easily. He's not as patient as he'd like to be, but is working on this.
Other Items of Note:

Toby became aware of pokemon after he caught an Aipom stealing fruit from his fruitbowl.
Toby can drive cars and motorbikes well.
Toby trains in his garage, and does Kung Fu 2/3 times a week.
(OOC: Tell me if this isn't Ok)Although he doesn't know it, Toby's computer, has a Rotom inside of it.

Species: Aipom
Nickname: Dan/Danny/Theiving Dan
Nature: Mischevous
Where'd You Meet?: One morning, Toby caught Aipom stealing rotten fruit from the bowl. He fed him some fresh friut, and hes been staying with Toby ever since.
Any Other Information: Dan picks fruits often.

Species: Machop
Nickname: Marc
Nature: Bold
Where'd You Meet?: Marc wandered in on Toby training one day. He was itching for a fight, and charged at Toby. Toby flipped him, and pinned him into the ground. He struggled under Toby's weight, and couldn't get out. Toby released his grip, and helped him up. He didn't have anywhere to go, and Toby let him stay.
Any Other Information: He joins Toby at Training.

Species: Houndour
Nickname: Sidney
Nature: Mild
Where'd You Meet?: One night, while walking home from a friends place, Toby came across a pair of wounded Shiny Houndours, surronded by a gang of Older boys, who were taunting and hurting them. Toby charged the leader of the gang, shoving him to the ground. He got to his feet, and charged at Toby. Marc and Dan jumped into the fray, and attacked with speed while Toby grabbed the Houndours. They ran back to the Friends house, after subduing the gang. There He nursed them back to health along with the help of his friend, Emily. When they recovered, Toby took Sidney, and Emily took the other (nicknamed Erica) so that if the gang was looking, They wouldn't find both. Toby takes Sidney around to Emily house often, and Sidney has stayed with Emily before.
Any Other Information: Sidney is Shiny, and has a twin named Erica..

Species: Porygon
Nickname: Virus, Poly
Nature: Serious
Where'd You Meet?: Virus was found on Toby's Computer. He received a email, and attached was Virus (hence the Nickname).
Any Other Information:Virus can 'speak' English and all other langauges of the Earth(including Binary). This is because he was created on the worldwide Web as a Langauge software. However, 'speak' is used as an unliteral term. He can write, rather than actually speaking. Now he lives in Toby's Phone, when not in a physical form.

Finally finished! Took me ages..

August 29th, 2008, 8:31 AM
· Altin
· 18/1990
· No set location
· Altin is a tall man, 6'5" with medium length black hair, not spiked but mildly gelled so it stays put. He wears fingerless gloves with a design of a pokeball with skull and crossbones on it; his shirt is a sleeveless red bordered black shirt with the Pokémon logo on the back and somewhere on the shirt. His jeans are the exact length of his legs and pretty baggy with spikes going up the leg and a chain that wraps around his arm for his bike. If you've seen the Terminator he also has his sunglasses.

· Altin is the kind of person who stays back and watches. Though he has few friends, he will do anything to protect them. He is also a bit too curious, if anything intrigues him he will explore it till satisfied. He is naturally optimistic, but will, (if annoyed), become hostile at everything. Altin has a sort of careless stick to it attitude to everything who also doesn't take no for an answer. He will search out his enemies if they give him reasons to, but not usually. Once in a while he will be up for helping others if they are friends of his existing friends, (which is few in any rp he will ever be in)

Species: Eevee
Nickname: N/a
Nature: Laid back. Not much other than it doesn’t like to fight but is still pretty powerful.
Where'd You Meet: It was injured in the forest so Altin nursed it back to health. It's been with him ever since
Any Other Information: The fur has black streaks that were with it since birth.

Species: Mew
Nickname: N/a
Nature: Naive. Usually it will try to go one way and then go the other way. Likes to play tricks on people and LOVES to be chased.
Where'd You Meet: Met in home while doing nothing in particular. It came up to his window and wanted to play. Once satisfied it stayed with Altin out of friendship.
Any Other Information: Shiny. (Blue) tip of tail is blackened by a volcano erupting and it was singed.

August 29th, 2008, 10:25 AM
Name:Bobby Baker
Birthdate: 11/03/91
Location: Snohomish, Washington, U.S.A
Appearence: Bobby stands at 5'ft 5'in and is about 120 lb. He constantly wears a brown hoodie with a tan shirt underneath. He has a mess of short curly black hair and deep brown eyes. With tan skin he looks like he dosen't belong among the white skinned people of Washington. He wears long dusty blue jeans which skim the ground and his black and gold shoes constantly trip over them.
Bobby is a very upbeat guy tempered by his very low self-esteem. Having constantly moved since birth he has a no trouble making friends, but knows he will probally lose them again so dosen't try to be close to people though this happens anyway. Is very helpful and caring but can get very angry if prevoked
Bobby first became clued in to the recent outbreak of Pokemon when he was exploring the nearby forest. He was climbing a tree when a Zigzagoon jumped on him curious to what Bobby was.

Stripes is very open and just like any Zizagoon, is very curious. Makes friends very easily. Slow to anger quick to forgive, Stripes isn't the sharpest tool in the box.
Stripes met Bobby when Bobby was exploring a nearby forest. Curious as to what Bobby was he jumped Bobby while he was climbing a tree. Loosing his grip on Bobby's head Stripes fell to the ground. Bobby managed to grab Stripes's tail just in time. Feeling gratfull Stripes decided to stay with Bobby.
Insted of a zigzag striped pattern on his back, Stripes's stripes goes up and down his back.

Slave to the Poké-Rave
August 29th, 2008, 10:48 AM
Name: Konrad Jones
Birthdate: 29/12/90
Location: St Peter's Port, Guernsey (Channel island), English Channel, United Kingdom
Appearance: Konrad is 6 ft and has shoulder length brown hair, which is generally straight but curls when unwashed for a few days. He wears combat 3/4 shorts, with large skater shoes or no shoes. He always wears a black or blue t-shirt. He has muscular arms and legs.
Konrad is rather fun loving, enjoying surfing, boxing and martial arts. He can get very upset by the slightest comment, which leads to his rather dark side. He can be very jealous of people and undermines peoples trust in each other. He thinks that if he can't be happy, no-one can. Can become violent if provoked.
Konrad first realized pokemon were popping up after watching the new. However, his first meeting was when he saw a krabby scuttling along an old wave breaker off of a beach. He first thought it was a normal crab, but its large eyes, strange carapace and spikes gave it away, and he took it home. Later, his dad caught a magikarp. It tasted delicious.

Krabs is a very kind pokemon, and is very curious. He will investigate without thought for his safety, and will try anything to get Konrad's attention.
Krabs is coloured like a usual Krabby, but his right claw is larger than his left.
Crimper is the opposite to Krabs. He is lazy, and isn't bothered with most things. He has a bizarre friendship with Krabs however, and both compete for Konrad's attention, but are never violent with each other. Crimper is quick to defend Krabs or Konrad.
Jericho is a very stupid fish, as are all his kind. He seems to have a brave streak however, and sees Konrad as his safety net (pun not intended)

August 29th, 2008, 4:16 PM
Eletj, your discovery of a Porygon is not exactly what I would call "permissible" at this point, at least. In the real world, there's no known origin of what would become the Porygon program. I'd leave Porygon alone for now, as it's a Pokémon that would likely be discovered - or at least analyzed - by a hacker or other programmer.

August 29th, 2008, 8:04 PM
Shouldn't some of our characters be in the same region so that they can meet? D:
*steals someone else's location for this reason*

Your Name: Nicolette Raevin
Character Age/Birthday: 15, October 17th, 1993
Location: Surprise, Arizona, US
Appearance: Nicolette stands at about 5'7'', a bit tall for her age. She has a slim build, small waist, narrow shoulders, long, thin legs. Born with a slightly albino complexion, Nicolette has almost abnormally pale skin, and nearly white blond hair that curls gently around her neck, ending a little above her shoulders. Her eyes are a crystalline, almost translucent blue, that stands out in her pale skin. The right eye is usually covered by her bangs, that have been brushed over to the side, slightly long, thusly covering part of her face.

On her ears are many piercings. Two silver studs in each earlobe, one small hoop in her left cartilage, and two in her right. She also been seen with a lip ring on occasion, but doesn't wear it often.

Nicolette's clothes keep a consistent style. Black, tight tees usually with colorful skulls, hearts, or music notes on them. Occasionally, she will wear a vest over them. She wears dark blue denim skinny jeans, usually held up by a simple belt. On her feet are either black flats or converse, depending on her mood.

To finish off her usual attire, Nicolette wears a variety of accessories. Usually she wears pink and black striped arm socks, with a large amount of purple, pink, and black bracelets over them on one wrist, and black and white patterned star bracelets over the other. She sometimes wears a black choker with a cross that hangs down slightly.

Personality: Nicolette is an observer. She stands back from the fast moving flow of the world and watches the world. She notices small things about people, how they act around certain people, how they stand, what their true natures are. This of course, makes her the quiet type. A loner. Someone who is alone, and wants to keep it that way. She wasn't always so silent, however.

When Nicolette was 12 years of age, she was completely different. She had a bubbly, cheery attitude, and had tons of friends. She was very happy. Then tragedy struck.
While walking home from school, Nicolette and her friend Katie were assaulted by a man in an alleyway. The man, obviously drunk, pulled out a gun and nonchalantly pointed it at Nicolette. Freezing up, she closed her eyes and waited for the bang.
And it came. But there was no pain. When she opened her eyes, Katie was standing in front of her, facing the man, who held the gun, now smoking at the barrel. Katie collapsed. Realizing what happened, Nicolette darted home, not caring that her friend had been shot, or that she was probably dead, all she wanted to do was get home. And she did.

After that, Nicolette was never the same. Somehow, she feels responsible for Katie's death. She feels like she was a coward, that she could have saved her. She was also exposed to the true state of the cruel world she lived in. This changed how she thought of everything. She had always said that she would protect a friend with her life, but when the time came, she was the one protected. Her true self was nothing more than a coward. Now she searches for the "true self" of those around her. What they're really like. Who they really are.

Other Items of Note: After the news of the sudden appearance of these new creatures, Nicolette has been secretly going out into forested areas in search of one of them. So far she has only met one.

Species: Eevee
Nickname: Nicolette calls it the "tiny fox" every time she sees it. It has no real nickname yet.
Nature: Jolly
Where'd You Meet?: In the forested area behind her house. She went there often to see if she ever found one of these strange creatures, and she did.
Other Details: Nicolette doesn't own the tiny brown fox creature. She's only seen it in the forest, a few times. It's there every time she comes in the forest, and it seems interested in her, but has so far kept it's distance. It seems like it wants to play.

August 30th, 2008, 12:17 AM
Am I accepted? And, could I get porygon later, from a message from a mysterous stranger? or something like that? If so I'll leave it in my sign up for later, and bring it in later in the Rp.

Slave to the Poké-Rave
August 30th, 2008, 9:47 AM
Well I'll be taking a trip to america then, to meet you lot, but its really because I kow the island, and it has lots of shellfish.

August 30th, 2008, 10:34 AM
Name: Adam Aldridge
Birthdate:26th September 1992 (15 years old)
Location: Reading, Berkshire, England
Appearance: Adcaro stands at 6'1" and has long black spiked hair with red and white highlights. His hair covers his right eye but Adcaro can see Clearly. He wears a Black Lab coat made of Denim Reaching his Knees, The labcoat has many hooks and buckles on it to adjust tightness, He Has a pair of black fingerless leather gloves. On his Face he wears Lightly Brushed Eyeliner and has a red stripe going down the middle of his left eye which looks rather like a scar. He wears a red and white shirt underneath his coat and a pair of black skinnyfit jeans. Acompanied by a Pair of newrock boots.
Adam had been bullied for nearly all of his life taking teasings attacking and all sorts of things and brutal commenting person. He though has a lot of loyalty and will help his friends when they are in the need. He has a long temper and can often be rash with his decisions usualy doing before thinking. He has a motto where he believes that he should defend the people he cares for with his slogan
"I'm the 1st to arrive and the last to leave". Adam is rather snide with his comments he makes and thus have made him several enemies but his loyalty has redeemed himself helping often when his friends are injured or in need of help
Can be very dangerous If he is messed with by the wrong person

Kadabra (its actual name)
Anbrada (His nickname)
Rash (Akin to your character's Personality)
Adam met Anbrada when he was a mere Abra sitting all alone in a park corner, nobody approached him since they were afraid on what he was, He met him a few days after the news was broadcasted but before anybody realised what they were Adcaro shortly befriended him though it was hard at 1st they clicked rather quickly
Any Other Information (Same as the similar field from your character's description. Use as necessary.)

Adam, was practicing his acrobatics near an abandoned factory with Anbrada when playing with entered the factory, trying to find it, Adam and Anbrada whom followed with him to retreive it were supprised to meet a Lairon living in the Factory, seeing that the Lairon was lonely Adam Mannaged to convince the Lairon to join them to see what was going on around them all
Lairons Back is Incredibly dull due to eating the Slag metal from the factory

August 30th, 2008, 12:16 PM
At this point, all initial characters are accepted. Pokémon will have to be found/met/stolen/etc. along the way, so you will all start out with absolutely none.

Pikalover10, you are on a very short leash on this one. If your posts aren't well-written and grammatically correct (at least to the point of being able to clearly understand what you're trying to say), you will be warned. If you don't shape up after that, you'll be removed, no questions asked.

After this post, all posts will be in-character. Remember, at the start, it's just you and no Pokémon, so post appropriately or face a warning.

For people looking to join: Create a profile using the method listed in the first post, but instead of posting it here, have it messaged to me. An OOC thread will be created for this purpose later.

Zeta Sukuna
August 30th, 2008, 1:24 PM
Phoenix, AZ, United States
Route 10, over 7th Street

"Man, I can't believe I have to start travelling for a job recommendation. I mean, it's weird enough with those creatures out here, but I have to get my dad's signature to get me the job." Said Chris as he tapped the steering wheel behind at least two dozen cars. Suddenly Chris's phone started ringing. "Hello?" Asked Chris answering the phone. On the other line was his dad.

"Where are you? I thought you would be here by now!" Yelled Chris's dad. Chris just sighed, but as he and his dad were talking, the line started moving, allowing Chris to move.

"Don't worry, I'm on my way." Said Chris before hanging up and exiting the highway. After an hour of driving, Chris had made it to Wickenburg, and since he had no buisness except for getting gas, he went on.

Outside Wickenburg, AZ, United States

"Well, I'm surprised I didn't see any of those creatures yet." Said Chris after leaving the Wickenburg city line, but as he said that, a small floating rock with arms tossed a rock into the road. "Whoa! That's not good!" Fortunately for Chris, the rock didn't stop on the road, saving his life. "Wow, that was lucky. But unfortunately for Chris, the Geodude followed him.

"Machop!" Yelled a Machop from the distance before jumping on the car and tearing a hole in the roof.

"AAAHH!" Yelled Chris as he stepped on the brakes, flinging Machop off at high speeds, AND smashing Geodude into the back of the car. Geodude got out of the car and flew over towards the Machop where they started to fight over who gets Chris.

"I'm out of here." Said Chris before driving off.

After a few more hours of driving, Chris had made it to Lake Mead where he saw two kids hanging over a Mudkip(not that he knows what a Mudkip is).

(Yeah, kind of short, but it really begins next time.)

August 30th, 2008, 2:00 PM
Mobile,Alabama,United States:

It was raining like crazy outside. Max had run out to sit in it. He loved rain and had missed it. He sat there for a few hours until he heard a loud "THUD." Max looked around but didn't see anything. He went and looked behind trees and bushes. He still didn't see anything. He heard a ccry and looked around again. This time he saw a yellow animal on the side of the street. He ran over and picked it up. It was hurt very badly. He ran inside with it and nursed it back to full health.

When he was finished healingit the animal woke up. It sat there looking at Max. Max put a cold washcloth to it's head and then sat on the couch and turned the TV on. It was the new. "How boring." Max thought. He was getting ready to change the channel when the news was actually talking about something interesting. "We come to you live with information about new mysterious creatures who appear to have special powers. As you can see we have caught one of these creatures and are going to test it in a laboratory." the news repoter said. Max changed the channel to a channel that did expirements to stuff. This week's show was about the new mysterious creatures.

They were toturing a weird animal. Max changed the channel to a baking channel and then looked over at the animal in his house. (srry cant finish)

August 30th, 2008, 2:29 PM
[[Sorry, about the OOC, but I had to... Pikalover, he JUST SAID you can't start with ANY AT ALL. So you can get all of them on your list later, but you start with nothing. .__. So deleting some will do nothing. You still start with nothing.]]

Surprise, Arizona, USA
772 Seveo Dr., Nicolette's home

It was still on the news. And it not the news, it was on almost every talk show there was. The new, mysterious creatures that had suddenly appeared. And there were lots of them. No one knew where or what they were.
I sat in my small room and sat on my bed, looking at my appropriately small television. The bad reception made it cut in and out constantly, but after two years of this, I got used to it. The slightly blurry image showed a news channel, discussing this new phenomenon. A man's voice spoke as a shaky video taken by someone's cellphone showed a number of floating rocks with arms and faces moving around the city, fleeing back to the forest.
"These strange creatures seem to be able to speak one word, and each type of these creatures speaks a different word. Officials have began to call each type by the word they say. The strange floating boulders seen here say something along the lines of ' Geodude.' That is what this type is now called." said the man's voice.
How strange that these things can talk... sort of. There is no other animal that can talk. And these things can actually speak, even though what they are saying doesn't make any sense.
"People have seen creatures similar to this all over the world. Reports come in daily of unknown species that can speak one word found in forests, mountains, beaches, almost everywhere..." the man continued.

Everywhere? The forest behind my house crossed my mind. I wonder if I would be able to see one of these things there? I doubt it.
I looked out my window. A cloudy Saturday. There was really nothing better to do on such a day than go for a walk, given that it doesn't rain. I stood up and grabbed my iPod, sticking the little speakers in my ears and clicking off the "lock" button on the top. The little screen lit up and showed the main menu. I clicked shuffle and turned it up almost as loud as it would go, and made my way outside into the backyard.

The backyard was actually pretty small, the forest blocked off by a low wooden fence. Mother always told me not to go in the forest after she saw the reports, but I went anyway. I easily hopped over the fence and strolled in the forest. The only thing I could hear was the blaring music in my ears. My eyes scanned the area. Nothing. No strange and mysterious creatures, no nothing.
"How boring," I said out loud. Maybe I would see something farther in. I turned slightly to see how far I had gone. The back of my house was still in sight. I quickened my pace and turned back to my path.

I had been walking for a while now, not knowing that I had been taking turns here and there. I walked in beat with the song that played, no longer paying attention to to forest around me.
And then I saw it. It had leaped right out of a bush and stopped dead in front of me, obviously as surprised to see me as I was to see it.
A tiny brown fox. Or, that's what it looked like. It was very, very small. A little taller than my ankle. It had brown fur, with white fur around it's small neck. It's abnormally long ears were forward, listening. I paused my music and slowly bent down.
"Come on... say something..." I quietly said. I wasn't able to tell if this was just a little fox, or one of the newly discovered creatures. This was the only way to find out.
I took one step forward. It darted off. I watched it run. I was both disappointed and excited. Whatever that was, it wasn't normal. What a shame that it had run off like that...

Slave to the Poké-Rave
August 30th, 2008, 4:13 PM
Guernsey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom
Portelet Bay, Harbour Wall

Despite the rain, Konrad was out to see the catch come in. The island was known for its abundant shellfish, and as the boats unloaded, he could see the the crabs roiling in their rope cage. They looked awfully out of place, being tipped up into wooden containers to be driven away, their last days to end on people's plates. They were the same, a dull orange, with black tipped claws. Another boat, with fish, was hauling the net from its hold. The wet sound of slapping fish met his ears and he sighed in the comfort of the familiar sound. He could hear the course voices of the men. Some had the hint of a mainland accent, the rest definitely of English origin, like himself. The clouds were coming in, and he could see the rain lashing down on the ocean's waters. A strong ocean breeze was carrying it this way, and he gathered his flapping coat around himself. He turned, his curiosity piqued as the men seemed to string up a rather lively debate.

'Its one of those fish! I saw it on the news!'

'Yeh, me too! The Islander's Pride brought one of them in!' another one spouted up. Konrad dashed along the old harbour wall, the growing tide lashing at its walkway. He leaped down onto the sand and hurried to the fish. It was flapping around with the rest of them, but appeared able to breath well enough. It was big, very big. About the size of a salmon, and three times as wide. It was a deep gold-red, and had a spiky yellow fin. It also had yellow whiskers, like a catfish. It seemed to be saying something.

'Karp! kaarp!' it moaned.

'Ho boy! Keep away, this fish looks dangerous!' the captain warned, holding him back with his arm.

'Sure, and a cod scuppered your vessel last week!' Konrad retorted, pushing past. He reached in, to the audible gasps of the crew, and touched it. It was scaled, and wet, just like any other fish. This one, however, seemed much tougher. He put one hand under it, completely unperturbed by the fish flapping in their death throes below. He lifted it. It was rather heavy, and flipped around weakly in his hands.

'What are you doing boy? Thats our catch!' the captain said, quickly walking up next to him.

'Somehow, I don't think you want to be eating this.' he said quickly, grabbing a plastic tub from the nearby jeep, and sloshed some seawater into it. He dropped the fish in, who seemed content to splash around. Ignoring the disgruntled cries of the crew, he turned, and began to run up the stone walkway to the road. He stopped however, as the crab fisherman cried out, jumping back. A jet of water sprayed them in the face, and a large red claw punched its way through the planking of its wooden container. A wave of crabs fell through the hole, who, after a good waving of their many limbs, began scurrying back to their watery homes. The men shouted in anguish, rushing to throw the shellfish back into the original rope pots. Konrad noted, however, a single, red crab, with spikes along its back, and eyes on its body, begin, slowly, sideways, walk up the beach, towards the abandoned house set up from the beach. It was ignored by the men, yet he was intrigued. The rain began to fall harder, and, with a splash from his new pet, ran to his bike. He threw the bucket into the basket at the front. He tipped his coat up, and flicked the hood onto his brown mop. The load on the front made it harder, as did the rain, but the going was steady. He peered out from the under the hood at fort grey, its white tower dull in the lacking light of the storm. His house was around the corner, and he peddled ever harder.

OOC Woo! Magikarp!

August 30th, 2008, 7:40 PM
Snohomish, Washington, United States of America
12625, Bobby's House, 8:00 AM

"Deet! Deet! Deet! Deet!..."

"Morning already...?" Bobby muttered as he rolled out of bed. Throwing on an old shirt, the boy wandered down his stairs and into his kitchen and began to pour himself a bowl of Peanut Butter Crunch. Glancing over at the T.V he saw and episode of Spongebob on that his brother was watching. "Dude, can't we watch something else for a change? You've seen this one like 1900 hundred times!" Bobby whined.

"Bobby, I was up first so I get to pick first!" Bobby's annoying brother said.

With a sigh, Bobby plopped himself down on the couch and began to eat. Suddenly the boy's mom came rushing down the stairs in her bath robe, looking like she was in shock. "Quick! Turn the channel!" She cried.

A news reporter was on the T.V saying "and these are just a few of the mysterious creatures that have apeared with out warning over the last few days." He pointed to what looked like a floating rock with eyes and two arms and a orange chimp with fire for a tail. "Scientist have tried to capture some of these creatures to study them, but these creaturs prove hostile if provoked. The goverment has issued this statement."

A voice came on the screen and said "We do not know where these creatures have come from nor do we have anything to do with them. We advise the general public to stay away from these creatures!"

"You can recoginze these creatures by their resemblense to known animals and their ability to say only one word." the news reporter said.

"Isn't this exciting! Unknown creatures!" Bobby's mom said excitedly.

"Mom it's prolly just a drunk college guy prank." Bobby said wryly.

"What makes you say that?"

"Isn't this on Fox News?"

"Yes." Bobby's mom said.

"There ya go." Bobby said as he wandered out of the house.

As he walked into the forest near his house, his mind wandered back to the mysterious creatures. Lost in thought Bobby didn't notice the brown streak that launched a tree branch at him. "OW!" Bobby cried out.

"Zig Zig Zig!" the brown streak cried. Bobby looked up and saw a racoon like creature with brown and white stripes running up and down its back. "Zigzagoon!" the creature cried as it ran up a nearby pine tree.

"I'll show you to attack me..." Bobby muttered and began to climb up the tree after it. Soon he was near the top and the creature. "Now I have you!" Bobby cried.

"Zigzagoon!" the creature cried as he lept at Bobby. Bobby hugged the tree to dodge the attack. "Zigzag!" it cried as it began to plummet to earth.

"Why did I have to have a concious?" Bobby muttered as he lept after the creature. "Gotcha!" Bobby cried as he grabbed the creatures tail.

"Zig..." it sighed.

Bobby lowed the creature to the ground. "Go on now little guy. Go away now." Bobby said as he began the walk home. The creature however lept onto his shoulder and reached into into the air plucking a berry from a tree. It gave it to Bobby whose stomach had growled. "Well thanks!" Bobby said with a smile, deciding to keep the creature. For now anyway.

August 30th, 2008, 10:44 PM
Northern City, Sydney, Australia
Bradfield Park, 5:45 AM

The tracks above Bradfield Park rumbled under the weight of a large train carrying tons of coal, probably on its way north after filling up at Coalcliff.
Kade's tired eyes opened slowly and the teenage boy looked around to see that the sky was still dark, "Great..." whined Kade, "Another unwelcome wakeup call..."

"Hey you!" yelled a familiar voice. A man with a flash light in his hand approached Kade in a slight jog, "I thought I told you to get lost!"
Kade rose to his feet, placing a hand on one of the sandstone pillars that was holding up Sydney's Harbour Bridge.

"I'm not too good at taking orders, Dennis," replied Kade with a slightly croaky, yet cocky, voice. He glanced down at the flashlight in the man's hand, "You mind shutting off the light? People are trying to sleep," he said sarcastically.

"You're trying to make it look like I'm in the wrong here, Kade," argued the man who had been identified as Dennis. He pulled a pair of handcuffs out of his back pocket and held them in clear view, "Don't make me do it, son..."

Kade looked at the handcuffs and then turned to Dennis, "Don't call me son, you're not my father," he said in a slightly angry tone. "I'm done here anyway..." he assured, placing a hand on Dennis' shoulder, "Stay safe," he said before walking away.

Inner City, Sydney, Australia
The Rocks, 7:25 AM

Kade made his way through the back streets of The Rocks looking for leftover food. He wandered down an abandoned alley and turned into another which was blocked by a two metre high fence, "Dammit..." he muttered under his breath, turning around to head back the way he came.

Suddenly there was a sound of scurrying feet followed by a crash that sounded like flimsy metal falling onto concrete, Kade turned when he heard the noise. There was what looked like a rat rummaging through an overturned garbage can.
Kade made his way towards the strange creature, this wasn't any ordinary rat... this one was at least twice the size of a normal rat and its fur was bright yellow.

The strange rat-like creature turned and looked at Kade, "Pichu," it squeaked. Kade stomped his foot and the rat went scurrying off down the alley.

Kade scoffed and turned around, "Jeez..." he whispered, "What are these rats eating?" He walked off back down the alley he had come from... little did he know, the rat-like creature had decided to follow Kade and was staying close behind the teenage orphan.

August 31st, 2008, 2:46 AM
Palmerston North, New Zealand.
11pm, 367 College Street,Toby's House.

Toby lied in his bed, his thoughts wondering over his head as his eyes glazed over the ceiling. He looked at the little monkey-like creature, curled up at the botom of his bed, its body, ever-so slightly rising and falling as it breathed in and out, in a regular sleep. How had this happened? This little lifeform was living proof that different creatures exist, that not every animal/creature had been documented or discovered. His life had changed so much over the day. He smiled as he remembered how he'd met it.

Palmerston North, New Zealand.
7:50am, 367 College Street, Toby's House.
Four Days Earlier..

....Silence crept over the Enigma household.Only one sound could be heard, and it was Toby's light breathing. A single noise pierced this silence.
Toby's eyes flew open. A look of fear crossed eyes. He grabbed his phone, turning off the alarm as he went. He was going to be late for his exam! He quickly changed, and raced into the kitchen, quickly scanned the counter for a note, when it hit him. Today was Saturday, not Friday. He open a window and fell into a chair, falling to sleep instantly.

3 hours later

Toby yawned as he slowly opened his eyes. He rubbed them, and blinked a few times at what he saw. A purple monkey with a hand tail was chomping on some rotten fruit. It noticed Toby, and scurried up the wall in fright, hiding in a small compartment. Toby grabbed some fresh bananas and walked towards the compartment.
"Here, come here. I'm not going to hurt you."
The monkey poked its head out the compartment.Now it was curious. Toby grabbed some more friut.
"Come on, Come out, you little troublemaker", Toby laughed. The monkey leapt from the compartment, and scurried towards Toby, eagerly chomping down the fruit. Toby ruffled its hair, and scracthed under the chin.
"I think I'll call you Dan" He said, smiling at the petite monkey.

August 31st, 2008, 4:54 AM
Camden Town, London, England
9am, 32 Arthur Hill, Adam's Parents House

Adam woke up much earlier than he usualy did
"What the hell can this noise be at this time of day" Adam thought to himself
opening up his bedroom window he shouted "its on 9 'o'clock on a sunday morning, Whats your problem mate!"
"Mate look at the news its big" one person shouted while he was walking with the large crowd.
Adam shut his window and decided to turn onto the BBC News Channel
"This is BBC news with John Sopel Reports have been made from all around the world. Creatures such as these -
Television shows images of random Pokemon
- have been appearing all over the world, China, Russia, Ethiopia -
The Television Switches to the countries of the world showing Many pokemon
- All over the world. Scientists have no idea what they are. Military organisations have no clue what they are. People are baffled about what they are. Well pass the news on to a group of fishermen from the channel -
The Television switches over to The seaside where a group of fishermen They seem to have midly french accents
- yeah weve been catching all these weird fish, these weird Sea horses -
The man picks up a Horsea which says Horsea, another picks up a goldeen
- its weird weve never had anyhting like this before i wonder what the hell it is -
Back to the studio the news goes
- Well scientists are still trying to understand these creatures More on this after the weather
Adam turned the TV off

"That was weird i wonder what they are"
to notice that there was an an armoured yellow Fox sitting sleeping in the corner of his room.
Approaching it the Thing suddenly Teleported away
"What the heck" Adam thought approaching it at its new location
The thing teleported away again
"Ok thats just messed up"
Adam went to his Kitchen to find his house was empty and grabbed a hanful of food from a box of cereal he has lying around
He approached the Creature once again.
"Come on little guy im not gonna hurt ya" Adam said to the creature offering him some food
"Abraaa" the creature said taking a small hadful of the cereal and eating it
"So your called Abra" Adam said in confusion
"Braaaa" The Abra said nodding his head happily
"Do you have any idea why your here little guy"
"Abraa" Abra replied with a sad grin taking more of the cereal
"Well we'll just have to find out then" Adam said picking up his new friend and walking to the door
Opening the door He saw people look shocked at Adams new friend
"What is that?" a neighbour said to Adam
"This is my new Friend Abra"
"Ah right those creatures are dangerous you know" the neighbour replied
"Oh well this guy hasnt been dangerous to me yet" Adam Replied
"Ok but be careful out there ok"

Walking down the street he sees other Creatures some grey with mucles some looking like red chickens. Others looking like oversized bees. Adam was amazed by the many Creatures around and was given mean stares by several people
"He's nuts being near one of those" a mother said to her son "Stay away from them until we know what they are"
"Yes Mum" The boy replied

After walking around exploring what the heck these creatures were Adam was confronted by a small group of youths whom were wearing tracksuits (OOC - to the brittish you have an idea that these kids are chavs)
"We dont like nutters" one of the kids said whom seemed to be the ringleader
"Lets bash his head in and that screw up of a fox" said another kid
The teenages were about to attack Adam and Abra when suddenly all of the kids except for Adam fell to the ground covering their ears, flinching
"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SOUND!" The ringleader said
"What sound" Adam said confused
"That messed up high pitched sound" Another of the kids said screaming in pain
Adam looked confused to see his abra was in a focused state

Picking up Abra Adam looked at the abra and in a flash of a second Adam was standing in the middle of Camden Market which buisiness was quieter than usual.
Confused Again, Adam ran to an alley with his Abra
"Was that you who teleported us way from that"
"Abraaaa" Abra Replied nodding his head
And was that you who got those kids to fall to the ground
"Abraaa" Abra replied nodding his head again
"Wow you saved my life mate, I gotta show you to my friends" Adam said looking glad for his newly made friend "But i could of handled them but thanks anyhow" Adam said bitterly
"Abraaa" The abra said happily
So on they walked to Adam's friends house